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  1. James be moving to the south side for hunting after the elites. If anybody wants to team with me, he'll be there.
  2. Dice Rolling Thread

    Reroll (4th attempt) on D1 as per rules for King's Feast.
  3. Dice Rolling Thread

    Reroll (3rd attempt) on D1 as per rules for King's Feast.
  4. Dice Rolling Thread

    Reroll on D1 as per rules.
  5. Dice Rolling Thread

    Roll for King's Feast: The Daemonslayer: Post 16 Rolling for Combat: D6 Against Dimfyre Elites
  6. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    I hope you are well. Lets not downgrade too much though. Plasma weaponry, and power armor is a thing in Valucre
  7. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Aleksei@Alexei It was well that James had spent much of his last hour in the presence of Darim. It made entering the void-space around the Kadian Emperor much more bearable, as a wave of revulsion and wrongness assailed him once again, stronger then ever. It was as if his senses were blanketed, closed off entirely. It was as if he looked at a black hole, sensing it only by the absolute nothing that was there. It was almost peaceful, reminding James of a meditation session where the universe was reduced to nothing, with him at the epicenter, a lone burning candle surrounded in darkness. But still he burned. James's posture became slightly aggressive for one moment, before he noticeably relaxed, and simply smiled. The Daemonslayer's body reacted instinctively to perceived threats, and the God Emperor certainly deserved his title. There were precious few the stalwart warrior had ever met to elicit the same subtle hostility, the same desire to challenge himself and engage in a duel of fists and blades. It would be a fun fight, with Corvinius and with his son Nero whom he sized up earlier, but James wasn't here for that, at least this time. Clasping both hands before him in the traditional salute of martial artists everywhere, a closed fist in the palm of an open fist, James gave a small bow to both Emperor and Empress. "Yes, indeed your Imperial Majesty. First, allow me to introduce myself, and congratulate the two of you on a most auspicious day." He stood upright proudly and offered them what could only be described as a professional smile. "My name is James Eredas. I am the Master Knight of the Order of Force Majeure, and I have come to tell you that you are not alone against the Archenemy".
  8. The King's Feast [NS0]

    Standing up from the corpse of his latest kill, James surveyed the area. To his surprise really, the two Dimfyres he had run through earlier were still moving. Seemingly against all odds, the two insectoid automatons had gotten up on their feet, and were now advancing on James, intent on finishing the battle, no matter the cost. The Daemonslayer simply snarled. Why wouldn't these things just die yet?! As if to expel his frustration at their resilience, James kicked up the head of the decapitated Elite at his head, and catching it firmly, he hurled it the first of the two creatures. He wasn't sure what he expected really, as the creature blocked it with an metal arm. It would've left a bruise had the Dimfyre been made of flesh and blood, but no. Its comrade, similarly damaged, circuitry sparking from a hole in its chest, stepped up besides it, and as one they attempted to use their chain whips on James, to lash him and keep him at a distance. Wielding his longsword two-handed once again, James defended the blows expertly, warding off the crack of the whip's bladed tips as they came at him. He was unable to find an opening for the moment, with both Elites working in tandem. --- The Daemonslayer: Post 15 Post 15: Combat Roll
  9. Dice Rolling Thread

    Ignoring repeat D6 Roll 1 as per event rules
  10. Dice Rolling Thread

    Roll for King's Feast: The Daemonslayer: Post 15 Rolling for Combat: D6 Against Dimfyre Elites
  11. Guess I have to roll some more to kill off the Elites. Oh well. Good thing they're durable.
  12. The King's Feast [NS0]

    "I guess that's enough fun", James mused. Angling his sword slightly to catch the Elite's weapon, in one swift motion, James wretched it out of the way, overpowering the creature. Stepping in close to prevent the automaton from resorting to his chain whip, James swiftly headbutted it, demonstrating his immense fortitute despite the impact of flesh on steel, and bringing his longsword back up, chopped off the dazed Elite's head, overcoming the monster's durability and metal frame through sheer strength. --- The Daemonslayer: Post 14 Post 14: Combat Roll
  13. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    I call dibs on Henchman 21 and 24
  14. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Mori is interested in power through knowledge, and theres a specific reason behind that lore seeking. Suffice it to say that she caught a glimpse of things man was not supposed to know, and is trying to acquire either the knowledge, or power to stave off the consequences of having done so