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  1. Iba scratched his head, "I don't think that's a good idea..." he trailed off, and Roxanne just scoffed. "What he means is, he doesn't want you to see him getting his ass handed to him." The Order of Force Majeure had a bit of their budget come in from their educational programs of all kinds. Advanced magic, and melee courses were common. Bestiary compendiums and arcane histories were free to find in their Library. Philosophy classes took place opposite engineering classes. The noble family of the Singlances and the bodyguards that they founded were one of the graduates of their grueling mixed close-quarters training programs. "You wouldn't be a bother. I'd encourage you to go" Roxanne beamed. "Yeah yeah, let me finish my food" Iba groused. Although the reason why he had brought Thyphainne here to begin with was to get her further help and training.
  2. I don't know how to tell you this... but you may have picked a terrible time to join.

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      You misspelled 'the worst time to join'.

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  3. You guys can keep rping in this thread. We have a month until the site closes and I got much to move over. Won't hurt to give it a try.
  4. -starts packing his characters into a suitcase- Really would've appreciated at least two, three more months notice.
  5. I'm just playing one of my oldest, most legendary characters. A sentient, walking berry, Elderberry Tom. Well second oldest. The oldest was his brother Elderberry Jim, who was snatched away by a hungry bird ten seconds after he left his home.
  6. Mark surveyed his gathered guests coolly as they bantered. When the last of them came in, he coughed, and motioned for them all to sit and be at ease. A black and white pouncer of a cat came up besides him, leaping onto the table. It eyed the boot before giving a low meow, and the man gave the creature a scritch behind the ears before addressing everybody. "Good. Now that all seven of us are here." Mark pulled a data shard from his code, and keyed in some instructions while he continued to address the assemblage. "You're here because I have a job that needs doing, a lucrative job. You're here because I need a crew that is competent, capable, or you're insane enough to think that you are... which is good enough for me." He turned to slot the data shard into a nearby screen, and before turning it on, he back to the rest for a moment. "I'll tell you all only two things first. If neither of these issues meet your approval, you're free to go. But if you stay, that means you're in." Mark paused for effect. "The first issue is there is no fixer. The second issue is that the target is Militech". Both were red-flags, so to speak. With a real fixer, a middleman in place, there was a unspoken guarantee that they would be taken care of in the worse case scenario, if the employer didn't play ball. Not that having one was a true guarantee, the annuals of mercenary history was littered with fixers who overreached, or weren't savvy enough to know when to step out of the line of fire, but this was something else. Now they would know why the potential payout for this job seemed so lucrative. There was no middleman to take a chunk of their earnings. Less rules meant more eddies, but also more danger. And then there was Militech. One of the foremost megacorporations in the world specializing in weapons manufacturing and private military contracting, Militech was one of the natural successors in the aftermath of Arasaka's fall from grace. The megacorp provided equipment for hundreds of nations, and especially for the NUSA military and police forces. Although Night City was an independent city, Militech used to be the second largest presence. Now they were the largest. This was a very big, and dangerous target they were going to tangle with.
  7. The problem however, was that the trail split apart dramatically at this juncture. After following the it for a little while, it separated into three distinct scent trails along with footprints. Usher was right that they could pick up the trail easier, but which was the right one? Or were they all the right one? The houseguard knelt by the parting of the tracks. One seemed to veer off far around, he noted that it was a long way back to the stream, which serviced the village that they had left no so long ago. Another went off into the deepest parts of the woods, where few ever traveled, while the one that went straight ahead was still on a path for the mines. -Mine -Village -Deep Woods There was an undeniable advantage in numbers, and they knew they were already outnumbered. Were the monsters trying to split them apart? They would have to decide on a course of action.
  8. James kept pace just ahead of Selene, but slowed now, waiting for her to come up abreast with him. He had visited her home with her after the Harrowing, and he had seen the pictures of the family she mentioned. Lilian and Germain Belfreid. He reached out to her for her next handhold to pull her up. "I'm sorry. I would have liked to meet them". He murmured close to her once she was up. James couldn't imagine her father's heartbreak, losing his son and his wife. He squeezed her hand. "Their legacy is in you. Hardship... yes, but they would have loved you as I do. They would be proud." James knew he was. Selene was beautiful without equal, wise beyond her years. She was as fierce as a Kadian winter, and gentle like a spring rain. Delicate and softspoken, with a will like silken steel. With her voice, Kadia changed for the better in the aftermath of its ordeals, no small feat. Selene was as a diamond, handcut and imperfect yet truly unique and arresting because of it. Up ahead their guide called for them to keep following.
  9. Roxanne opened her mouth, but a more familar voice cut in. If somewhat garbled. "Weave hooh. Nan ooomarmo foge". Iba chimed in as he appeared at their table, piece of pastry in his mouth. "Don't talk with your mouth full Iba" Roxanne chided him, scowling. He leaned down near his platter far enough that sawing through his food didn't cause a mess and wiped his chin with the back of his hand. "As I was saying. We do. An armor forge. I can take you there". He glanced at Roxanne. "What?" He asked. "I can see why your diplomatic and etiquette scores are amongst those holding you back". "Hey. I need to fuel up before I meet Lord Stromborne. You know how tiring his close combat sessions are?" Iba defended himself. Roxanne made a dismissive gesture. Despite their would-be differences in rank, the two seemed to be familiar with one another. "Iba and I both grew up in a town surrounding Predator's Keep. He wanted to be a soldier. I wanted to be a merchant. This was the next best thing. I receive schooling while I am employed." She explained to Thyphainne.
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