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  1. Haha, when the giant evil boss monster rolls a one. >_> Well, thats why James has his enchanted armour. Just so he can facetank something like that and survive.
  2. Use a picture of a big explosion.
  3. Tiandi Wushu Wants You! (Martial Arts Adventures)

    James will visit one day. See to it that they are teaching his apprentice well, and to have a friendly match.
  4. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Happy Chinese New Year, fellow Chinese person
  5. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    How evil we talking? Talking at the movies evil, or not washing your hands in the public restroom evil? @Dolor Aeternum Nice.
  6. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Whats going on in the league of bad dudes and dudettes today?
  7. [ Ravenspire ] A Chance Encounter

    James simply took a deep breath on the matter of "more Kadian rounds then what she had suffered from". It would take more then a few blotched shots from a supposedly elite assassin to rid him of the nagging suspicion that something was wrong in that entire affair. To prove it would require him to stick his hands in something he really preferred not to. These politicians and their relationships, intricate tales of love and deceit, loyalty and backstabbery. Despite being the leader of a worlds-spanning organization, James disdained realpolitik and still preferred to be in the field, to be personally at the forefront of the fight. He brought a cup of the requested house tea up to his his lips, enjoying the peasant waft of its vapors first before taking a long sip. He would say nothing more either about Rowan, Raveena's "King Consort". A lofty title to be sure, to entrust to a man who kept many outright secrets from her. Then again Raveena's relationships, like Red's, were her own. The same reason he didn't care about the Red Queen's dalliance with the devil was the same reason he didn't care about the so-called Spider. At least, until Rowan tried to claim his head. That would be a fun fight. "Her nation will be fine" James replied finally, with the sort of assured nonchalance that could only mean that he was more up to date on that specific bit then she was. "Even the plague afflicting the nation was resolved, by me" he added. The Daemonslayer put down his drink and took one of his ordered sandwiches in both hands, neatly breaking it in two before setting one half down and tearing into the other with the feral grace of a lion. A majestic lion? A king of beasts? Whatever, he was hungry, and eating daintily was something he'd probably never do. "As for Roen's League, I'm fairly certain I can cause them more trouble then the other way around. Most of his old allies were believers. It remains to be seen if the new ones are as well", he referenced the devil's old retinue. Ace was not present. Bellatrix Nox left him long ago, and Rou Ji was seen in the arms of a certain Kadian prince back at the royal wedding reception.
  8. Reaching Out

    The inn staffer bowed to Red as she took the Queen's order, before turning to James, who gave her a nonchalant wave, "Your house tea, please". As the young woman left to fetch their drinks, James unlocked the briefcase, and began pulling out stack, after stack of papers. It might seem strange to Red, having always known James as a warrior of considerable martial might, to see him here in a capacity that might more be more befitting a diplomat. As he organized the documents, he added in an off-hand comment. "It might also please you to know that the city's plague problem has been dealt with, what might not please you is to know is the attention it attracted" James would explain a little of it. The plague that had hit her city and its surrounding lands was supernatural in origin. He had traced the source and destroyed it with the help of a group of adventurers, and religious fanatics. It was the fanatics that he was concerned about, as they did not seem too friendly when it came to foreigners, which Predator's Keep was a city full of, relative to them and the land of Valucre. The Gaian (ironic name, considering the shared world Red and James hailed from) fundamentalists were a risk to her nation and her people. To help discourage any heavy handed intervention by them, or any other power, James proposed allowing him to set up an outpost on the edges of Predator's Keep. He passed the documents to Red. They were neatly organized and well-presented, clearly much thought had gone into these plans. They detailed several locations, which Red only needed to grant the Daemonslayer one of for his boon, as ideal locations for him and the Order of Force Majeure to construct a fortress outpost to act as a recruiting ground, barracks, and staging point. The Order needed to be ever watchful throughout many realms they were scattered across, always vigilant against eldritch or chaotic threats. Although the Order itself was typically apolitical, their military presence would be a reasonable deterrent, as anybody who sought to attack Red's kingdom itself would provoke their wrath if it brought instability, hardship, and death to innocent civilians. The waitress would return with their drinks as he was explaining all of this. James sat back in the comfortable couch and allowed Red some time to peruse the documents and come to a decision, or ask any questions if she needed.
  9. Souzou, Enraged

    Mori cursed to herself silently as the feed came in. They were going to need much, much more firepower then she had originally imagined. The beast absolutely dwarfed most of the buildings in the city, and it was causing much destruction just by its mere presence, if not by any actual action. "Nothing concrete, unless you wish to use legend and prophecy. If you require a way to get out of the city, I can send some armored transports your way" Opening up the tab to the drow military, Mori input the codes to open a direct link to the vehicles. The original program was a design for a commander, allowing him to maintain greater control and awareness over the armored cavalry under his command in the field and conduct proper exercises of fire and maneuver. Coopted, it allowed the intrepid hacker to take remote control of them. "So I'm guessing that Souzou can either teleport, or tunnel underground. How'd it get in the city?"
  10. Reaching Out

    James turned and gave Red a polite, if short bow, clasping both hands together before him in a martial artist's salute. "Your Highness. I've been well enough, thank you". The Slayer gestured towards a set of plush couches next to a warm, well-lit fireplace, accompanied by a fanciful coffee table. "Please, take a seat. I understand you've been quite harried lately. The duties of a sovereign never cease, no?" he smiled. "Would you like some refreshments before we get to business?" Another gesture, and one of the inn's wait staff came, a young woman in uniform, a practical thing. Striding over to the desk, James reached down the side and picked up a brief-case, setting it on the desk. "I have asked you here to call in the boon I was granted upon the cleansing of the temple" he began in a nonchalant tone as he fiddled with the brief-case's locks, not looking at the queen at the moment. "I have an idea that may be of great interest and benefit to you"
  11. You might wanna edit that roll post and make it a 2. 3's were first form not the second. The second are 2's 

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      I think I get it now. Post editted.

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      Yeah so you can add or negate 3 to your dice roll for the proper amount. He allowed us to do so because naturally in D6 you aim for high rolls not low. Doing it so preps add or negate helps up survive really. He has more chances to hit us than we can hit him.

  12. The King's Feast [SS0]

    James guarded himself with his arms, shying away as the monster seemed to collapse in upon itself in a catastrophic event. However, he was wary as the beast's power signature did not seem to fade with it, as It seemed as if the monster had multiple forms, each at least different, if not deadlier then the last. For James Eredas however, the transformation into a golem dissuaded him little. Borne with the power of the sacred fires of the Demonslaying Eredas clan, James was a being touched by flame and heat, and as far as he was concerned, the molten golem was relative childsplay. Its first form was more threatening to him. As the reborn creature roared a challenge to the city and the hunters that sought to bring it down, the Master Knight of the Order of Force Majeure answered, bellowing a challenge in response whilst lunging forward across the cracked ground. He stepped upon the safer patches of ground with no molten rock as light as a demigod, and when he was close enough James sought to drive every inch of his magic-dispelling longsword into the golem's chest, before it could consider taking the initiative and gain some momentum in a renewed assault. --- Combat Roll Total Preps: 3 Roll + 1 = 1 + 1 = 2 Total Preps Left: 2
  13. Dice Rolling Thread

    James Eredas Battle against the Lich Roll 3
  14. Oh? This was interesting. One of his opponents (the larger one, Aoi was gleeful at that), stepped forth to challenge him. And then his sword burst into flame. Aoi tsk'd. It was so typical. A man as large as he was resorting not to good old fashioned flesh and steel combat, but the unnatural magicks of the tournament that never belonged to him to begin with. Luckily, he had a teammate who could aid him in dealing with these odd spells and sorceries. It seemed as if his opponent's steady, controlled advance left him open to fighting the very atmosphere itself. That very wind would aid Aoi next. Roman might've swore Aoi gave him a thumbs up as the so-called Raging Blue Storm lunged forward at the Duke, throwing himself into the slipstream left by the Gust. What was capable of stopping a 280 plus man in full ceramic armor was more then capable of pulling along a man who didn't quite weigh as much, and Aoi was already possessed of a quickness that was at odds with his stature and size. The good Duke of Sicamendes would hardly have the time to react before he'd find Aoi ontop of him, seeking to rush within his guard. Defiant, or perhaps uncaring of the man's blazing armor, one hand reached out to pin Evaristus's sword arm's movements, the other, his left hand soared in for a deadly strike into the Duke's solar plexus, Aoi deciding to use the magicks that he was given to help even the odds. The Duke would find himself knocked clean out of breathe in that single strike. His physical armor, his infernal armor; Aoi's buffed up strength, channeled through the steel gauntlets he wore, and focused even further through the simple, but powerful close range magick he employed, would render both of them useless, Penetrating through any defense he had. To boot, being trapped in melee combat would render the Duke's partner unable to take a clean shot and render easy support unless he was an expert marksman. Aoi would find himself ignited, but it would be a small price to pay to be able to land such a decisive blow. --- Prep used on punch strength