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  1. Fierach

    Blood & Steel

    No, James could not see it. It was an unnatural kind of blackness beyond the light of his Sunsphere. He did sense the creature however, a floating malice at the edge of his consciousness, the only audible response Jin would get would be his master uncoupling his spear, the razor-sharp snikt of his specialized spear deploying to full length in his free hand. ... "I sense it" It remained to be seen if the monsters of Whispernight would have the audacity to try and strike first.
  2. If in Soviet Russia, the latter
  3. I think there's a time and a place for purple prose. Personally, sometimes I feel like writing "Outside the cockpit was a swirl of various shades of blue, painted with ripples of shadows and brilliant specks of light from stars that were stretched out to infinity". Sometimes, I like writing a flat 'what" Consider it this way If it were art, this: Is able to tell as much of a story as this: In my opinion, anyway.
  4. Don't worry, there is no Jar Jar in this story.
  5. Fierach

    Escape Velocity Resurgence

    System: Pollux RJ made the decision to check out the derelict. "I figure", he began, explaining to the older spacer, "that if I were to ever need the help of strangers, that somebody would be just as kind to me in my hour of need. What goes around, comes around eh?" he echoed Barry's words with a smile. Docking with the derelict vessel was a precarious event. If the other ship was responsive, the was a multitude of things that could've been done to ensure a safe coupling, but since only the Cardinal Virtue had power (and was intact, there seemed to be damage to the outside of the ship rapidly filling his windshield) all of the minute adjustments would be on him. First order of business was aligning his shuttle and matching velocity. Once that was done, as he felt the shudder of the maglocks clamping into place, then the most frightening part would be upon him. Putting on his hand-blaster holster and other assorted utility gear, he pulled his weapon and checked it over, making sure it was operational. RJ was a daft hand at the classic arcade game Instance Calamity, but shooting a living being was different. Venturing into an abandoned ship meant that he had to be ready for the worst type of situations. He fought his rising sense of dread all the way to the airlock as the remaining doors in the airlock between the ships disengaged themselves and he ventured forth. The inside of the other ship was empty, a pitch blackness illuminated only the faintest of crimson auxiliary lights. RJ quickly pulled out a flashlight from his utility belt to illuminate the way. Eventually, he found his way to the cockpit, where upon booting the other ship's computer up from its low-power, emergency state revealed to him the details of whomever once owned this vessel. With their ship crippled in a pirate attack, the captain and the crew of the Laurie-Anne were stranded for a number of days before being finally rescued by a passing Terrapin freighter. As the Terrapin did not have any weapons however, and due to the Laurie-Anne being of some sentimental value to the previous captain, they opted not to scuttle the ship. Perhaps one day after getting back on their feet they could come back and salvage the shell of the derelict. Whatever the case might actually have been, RJ decided to leave the distress beacon on, in case the previous captain did come a calling one day. Aside from the shell and chassis of the vessel itself, there was nothing else really to salvage (and his shuttle would be hard-pressed to haul a ship bigger then itself) but RJ did manage to pull some things of value, the other ship's navigational data, and a keen eye found a curious-looking add-on for his hand-blaster that would increase its energy efficiency, allowing for more shots per battery pack. Upon returning back to the Cardinal Virtue and reporting the fate of the other crew, Barry would just nod. "I hope they got back to civilization just fine." Before long, RJ readied his shuttle for the next hyperspace jump. The lack of any celestial bodies in the Pollux system made jump calibrating significantly easier, and before long, he and his passenger found themselves on the way to the shuttle was on its way toward the system Nesre Primus. --- "All roads lead to Sol" was the common starfarer saying. The birthplace of humanity was still the center of the galactic map, and one of the most active systems in known space. Of the many hyperspace routes out of Sol, there were the five major arteries that led to the major systems: Nesre Primus, Nesre Secundus, Tichel, Alphara, and Kerella. Nesre Primus, like its brother system, was named after the first Colonial Council President, Nesre, and was home to three major docks, the idyllic planet of New Babylon, the resting place of President Nesre, and home to much of the Federation Elite, the colder ice world of Georgia, mostly settled by those descendants of the now-ancient Russian Federation, and the ever-busy Spacedock IV, one of the oldest, still-active spaceports in Federation space. It also saw constant action. A battle raged in the distance, far beyond the range of the spacedock's heavy blaster batteries. From the dots of data on his navcomp and other instrument feeds, RJ could tell that there was a skirmish between one of the many Federation patrols operating out of the spacedock, and some pirate forces. It didn't take advice from Barry for the young Captain to steer well away from that battle. The older man took a glance at the fuel gauge however, and whistled. "Now, we could just jump right to Sol if you want. You seem to have enough fuel left to make one more jump, and stay well clear of that scramble. Even one stray missile might damage this shuttle heavily. But..." he eyed the spacedock. The battle was between the shuttle and Spacedock IV, if they wanted to reach it, they'd have to skirt the edges of the engagement. "Spacedock IV is good for free traders like yourself. There's always something to do there, in fact, the merchants make their headquarters there rather then groundside on New Babylon. It works out, the old guard keep their paradise retirement and museum planet nice and clean while the merchants make bank. Do a quick fuel up, and pick up some jobs" Of course, there was an even more potentially lucrative option. There was always salvage to be had in the aftermath of any skirmish. Even riskier then the idea of running through battle to land at Spacedock IV was the idea of sticking around the battle, and getting potential first, or second pick of the remains. After all, the Federation usually don't, for "professional" purposes, instead leaving their messes for their Engineer Corps to comb over. Under modern salvage law, an enterprising and daring Captain could pull some choice hardware if they managed to get to it first.
  6. Pure? Us? -evil laughter- I mean, welcome again.
  7. Fierach

    Mapping the Depths

    The duty cave floor trembled as the stag-like beast began thundering toward them all. The scout and his pets would be first in the path, and they would have to fend for themselves. For the rest however, when the Saevion roared, announcing its impending charge, James knew that their bid to escape without a violent encounter had failed. It was only a split second later that he made his decision, having already made note of the rest of the party's possible reactions and positioning. As the party's "leader", this beast was his responsibility. He would not be able to reach the scout, but the rest of them, he could do something about, and prevent the charge from touching them. Perhaps the subtle shift in the atmosphere around James would be missed, such a detail would be easily overlooked as the air itself seemed to vibrate from the force of the beast's roar and charge. The daemonslayer dashed forth, ahead of the rest of the party, a grim snarl etched across his face, and arms outstretched, having discarded his torch off to the side. He seemed to radiate an unearthly power, and it was only when beast and man collided with each other did it manifest in a brilliant explosion of light. When the light-blindness cleared for all a moment later, they would see the pair of them locked in furious embrace. James was enveloped in a fiery aura of power as he held back the Saevion. The impossibly sharp antlers punctured his armor lightly in half a dozen places on his arms and upper body, prevented from going in deeper by the daemonslayer's sheer force of will and audacity of strength, holding onto the massive beast by the base of its great horns. As the moment dragged on, all could see that James was losing the contest of power, his heels dug into the ground, but were slowly being forced back through the dirt. Even wounded, the Saevion was still a primal force of nature unto itself, and then Jinsoku would see one of his master's many basic maneuvering lessons in action. Control the head, and you could control where the body went. Giving a guttural, challenging roar, the Demon Phoenix Fist called upon all of his empowered strength, and redirected the stag-beast, throwing it off to the side, where its continued momentum would lead it straight to flying off the raised path and crashing into the ground near the entrance of cave where the party had all entered with a resounding thud. --- @Grapple Fiend  @Off Topic @Cheezeegriff @-Lilium-  @Twitterpated  @HollowCipher
  8. Feeling his left foot being swept, and with the rest of his weight shifted in anticipation of grappling with and tossing his opponent, Ruska was unable to recover his stance, simply stumbling backwards onto his rear with his grapple uncompleted. Propping himself up with both arms, he could make out Tirkas with increasing clarity now, and although the flesh under his left eye began swelling and turning dark red, it would remain be to seen if that was a result of the jeers and laughter of the crowd, or the attempt to close the distance between them into a backhand (it was likely both). Swiftly, Ruska torqued his body to the left, bracing himself upon his left hand, and lashed out with right his right foot into the back of Tirka's right leg at the joint, before swinging it back around to strike the side of the elf's left leg from the side, using the heel. Hopefully it would unbalance his foe temporarily, and prevent him from executing any sort of finishing maneuver with ease. @Spooky Mittens
  9. Closed the Barry poll a day early since it was overwhelmingly in favor of ferrying.
  10. Fierach

    Escape Velocity Resurgence

    Current Date: June 23rd, 1177 NC System: Porta Rillia Port: Planet Ryll Barry smiles as RJ agrees to his proposition. "It'd be good to pass on some of the things I've learned" he says, a distant look in his eyes, "And I think old Griff, bless his heart, will be smiling, wherever he is" "Well"... he concludes, coming out of his reverie, "enough living in the past, let’s get to it! Eventually I want to head over to Dunroamin in the Journey's End system, but tell you what, lets head over to Earth in the Sol system and we'll take it from there. You give me an hour or so and I'll get my gear stowed and readied, and I'll enter in Sol's coordinates for you in your navcomp." --- Two hours later found Barry stressing to RJ in the cockpit of his shuttle the importance of the preflight checklist. "This, in my opinion, is the most important part of a flight. You take care of your ship in the preflight, it will take care of you. Space is a dangerous place, if you're lenient or you cut corners, you'll pay for it sooner or later, with credits, or worse, your life. I always found the checklist relaxing myself, in a routine sort of way. The one constant for your ship is you, Captain MacReady" As the shuttle eased out of the orbital docks once more, the old spacer hooked up his pocket-comp to the ship's navcomp, and transferred a wealth of navigational data. "You'd want to accelerate out to a safe distance from any large body of the system before you even attempt to jump" he grunted in caution, "Out at Port Kane, I once saw very early on some poor sod's ship that didn't escape the gravitational well before attempting hyperdrive. That mess left that part of space nearly unpassable for a few months, before salvage crews cleaned up the mess." Pushing the shuttle's engines forth to maximum, the Cardinal Virtue sped out from the planet of Ryll, eager to carry its owner to new worlds. There was no Leviathan freighter traversing space today. Instead on scanners, in the far distance, RJ saw the IFF signature of a massive Federation Carrier, accompanied by a swarm of fightercraft, passing through in patrol, an imposing sight. No pirates or marauders would be operating through Porta Rillia while that was here. Checking the navcomp, RJ silently counted down the miles it would be before he reached minimal distance for hyperjump. Noticing the younger captain doing so, Barry asked genially "Is this your first jump, son?". "First time making the jump myself, but I've been on ships before" RJ explained. Barry nodded, "The jump differs from ship to ship, larger heavier ships tend to traverse hyperspace slower, or take longer to calculate the jump coordinates. Some theoretical physics mumble jumbo that I've never figured out personally. I'll leave that for the scientists and engineers. A shuttle like this should only take half a day to reach... the Pollux system" he pointed at the system in their path on the navmap. Once the tiny shuttle reached the hyperspace jump point, Barry made to sit down in his seat nearby, and gestured for the newly minted Captain to have the honors. Throwing switches and prepping the shuttle's hyperdrive, RJ initiated the countdown when it was ready. "..." "Five" "Four" "Ready" "Steady" "Go!" --- It was a strange feeling, being in hyperspace. Although RJ could move freely within his craft and act normally, it was as if everything was muted, or on a higher plane of existence. Outside the cockpit was a swirl of various shades of blue, painted with ripples of shadows and brilliant specks of light from stars that were stretched out to infinity. It was said that there were those who developed an addiction to simply being in hyperspace, the feeling of being in an transcendent state of existence was intoxicating to many. Some of those pilots could actually make a living out of the addiction. Centuries ago, the first starship captains who took the plunge into the unknown with hyperdrives did so at massive risk, testing unproven technologies and relinked the lost worlds of humanity in the aftermath of the Artemis terrorist group's hypergate attack with little more than a hope and a prayer. They had no way of knowing where their coordinates would lead them. Most were lucky to have exited a jump off course, but safe. Others collided with celestial bodies in realspace, with the expected results, amd still more were never heard from, ever again, with their fates lost forever. While hyperspace technology has been refined and hyperspace routes made more precise since, with all of the existing worlds from before the Collapse reconnected, the borders of habited space were always expanding. Government survey teams, and self-made independent captains always pushed the boundaries. The most zealous of whom were often referred to as hyperjunkies, masking their addiction to hyperspace travel with the veil of mankind's manifest destiny, to reach all of the stars in the universe. --- All too soon, the hyperspace jump would be over. RJ felt as if he was coming down back to reality as the Cardinal Virtue exited hyperspace in the barren Pollux system. Strictly speaking, the Pollux system was empty, a stepping stone to the more important Nesre Primus system, which led directly to Sol. There was no celestial body, space station, or anything of that sort to be found here, but that didn't mean that there weren't any dangers. Pirates often lurked in such unoccupied systems to ambush the unwary trader and relieve them of their cargo. RJ breathed a sigh of relief as there seemed to be nothing hostile in sight. His Alpha-class shuttle would be completely helpless before all but the most poorly armed and inept marauder, and he was not confident enough to remotely attempt a dogfight yet with his piloting skills. There was a brief blip as two unidentified craft left the system, leaving only their faint lingering jump signatures, but as they were going and not coming, it was of no worry to him. All of a sudden, his ship's voice comm crackled to life. "..." "This is vessel K7289-I9, the Laurie-Anne, to any friendly vessels within range, we in need of assistance, please respond" "..." "This is vessel K7289-I9, the Laurie-Anne, to any friendly vessels within range, we in need of assistance, please respond" "..." The male voice in the message looped, even as RJ turned down the volume slightly. A subtle motion out of the corner of his eye was his passenger Barry uncoupling himself from his seat and moving up to check out the commotion. "A derelict vessel?" Barry rubbed his beard as he studied the navigational computer. The two men quickly identified where the signal was coming from, a lifeless-looking ship floating quite a distance away. "Could be worth checking out. Could be a trap. Pirates do this sort of thing quite often. Folks need helping though, then you help them, is what I think, try hailing them?" Any attempt to raise the distraught ship through the comm does not appear to work. It was possible that their comm system was damaged, or power was running low, only sufficient enough to send a repeating distress call like the one they were receiving now. He turned to RJ. "Well, the decision is yours Captain"
  11. Looks like everybody overwhelmingly wants the old hand's advice.
  12. Time for Captain MacReady to find himself a job, folks.
  13. Fierach

    Escape Velocity Resurgence

    Current Date: June 23rd, 1177 NC System: Porta Rillia Port: Planet Ryll --- "Freelancer One-Zero-One, you are cleared to proceed" A simple line, the like of which was repeated many times over by the traffic officers monitoring the space docks, yet profound enough to drive a man to tears. It had been forever a dream of his to explore the stars, and RJ MacReady had managed to achieve the first step of his goal the hard way. The worn-looking, boxy little craft now floating through space wasn't much to look at, but it was his and his alone. First designed over 200 Earth years ago, the Sigma Shipyards Alpha-class shuttle changed little since its conception, a short-ranged vessel best for in-system transportation. He might've had a better ship, but there were slim pickings on his home planet of Ryll, and the alternative would be to join up as one of the employees of one of the spacefaring corporations like United Shipping, Sigma Shipyards, or perhaps even the vaunted Federation Navy with all of their rules and regulations. No, this was much preferable, MacReady thought to himself as he leaned back in his captain's seat and shut off all ambient light, just admiring the view. Freelance Captain, independent trader. It was a large step for him, his first into the wild star-speckled abyss, and yet he already felt insignificant. It was a feeling not at all helped by the massive looming bulk of a Leviathan maneuvering in to dock at the spaceport's highest orbital booms, the size of the giant cargo vessel almost comparable to largest stations known to man and utterly dwarfing his vessel a thousand times over. In fact, its bulk was all-compassing, as if it'd swallow up his ship any moment now. ! --- Three hours later, RJ MacReady trudged out of the Shipmaster's Office on Ryllsland. It had been his own damn fault, with the ambient lights off and the autopilot disengaged, his shuttle had barely floated into the Leviathan and scratched it. He had just barely managed to argue his way out of a hefty fine, and a charge of being negligent to proper docking procedures and traffic was knocked down all the way to merely being a stern warning to never let it happen again. He was thankful that the Leviathan captain was at least forgiving. If he had seriously damaged the massive freighter, his career as a starship captain would be over before it had truly begun. Only the wealthiest of corporations and families owned Old Earth Model Leviathans, and they would have sued him until he and his eventual descendants would be stuck working the opal mines until the heat death of the universe. Although he was eager to get back to his shuttle, the Cardinal Virtue, RJ could not help but slow down as he strode through the starport, gazing at the amount of ships about, dry-docked with their captains and crews bustling about, dockside workers loading or off-loading cargo, and technicians working on the vessels in some manner or other. A weather-beaten man, looking in his late fifties catches his eyes as he comes over, waving at the newly fledged captain. "You look at little lost m'boy" the older man drawls in a gravelly voice, "you look like I did when I had just taken my first flight as a ship captain. Mind you, that was nearly thirty years ago, but I never forgot that day. Tis a grand feeling being the captain of a starship, and that first landfall is something you'll never forget." RJ could only smile, and nod, admitting that he had just indeed made his first maiden voyage, to which the old timer slaps him on the back with a wide grin. "Congratulations, son!" he says, slipping his hand into RJ's with genuine regard. "When I first made landfall, I remember running into a guy by the name of Griff, and he was just looking to settle down after plying the spaceways for a few decades. In exchange for passage and a few credits of course, he showed me the ropes, and how to get started in this crazy universe." He steps back and regards you with an almost calculating look on his face, scratching his beard. "Well, I guess what comes around goes around." The older man smiles and nods at you. "The name's Barry, and I guess I'll make the same offer to you. What do you say?" RJ looks over the older spacer. He seems trustworthy enough, and there would be a fare for Barry's passage, despite being a low one. Any money sounded decent when one only had a paltry sum of 15,000 credits in their bank. It was said that experience was the teacher of all things, but there could be an arguement made for experience gained first hand, instead of being coached. Perhaps it was more wise to look for a more lucrative first errand?
  14. Setting up maps and other resources. Seems like MacReady is the clear victor.