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  1. Fierach

    General chat thread

    If you are not physically here, we can't give you cookies.
  2. Alright, so we got a Techie (Danzilla), a Borg (500bees), a Fixer (Ace), a Netrunner (Magnus), and a possible second Fixer or Netrunner. My character will be a Solo.
  3. If you'd like to join, please also note what class you'd like to play. Not looking for 1:1 representation, like if we have a full team of Reflex characters things will still get done. There would just be more... gunfire.
  4. It will help, but not necessary. I'll generally give as much relevant info during each rp itself.
  5. Status of the Squad: Eurodollars: Fame: The Crew: --- Hall of the Fallen:
  6. This RP will involve dice. If you are the highest in the party with a specific trait that is being rolled for, you will auto-succeed, if not, you will have to roll for success. For example, if a strong enemy needs to be grappled or heavy obstacle moved, if you are a Warlord, you will auto-succeed the roll. However, if as a Warlord you find that a door is unexpectedly in the way, and you are unable to have your Engineer assist you, you will have to roll, and suffer the consequences if you do not succeed. If in the same scenario, you have a Specialist with you, while they will not auto-succeed the roll, they will gain a strong bonus to the results. Your character archetype will determine your overall role in the team, and the types of cybernetics, weapons, and augments will be available to you. There are Five Primary Attributes, with four Subclasses each depending on secondary Attribute. ---- The Borg: Primary Attribute: Body The flesh is weak. Chrome is superior. Not many can afford full body conversions, even fewer do it, or come even close. It is often said that the man (or woman) whom replaces the majority of their flesh, blood and bone completely with steel, plastics, and circuitry are always teetering on the brink of of cyber-psychosis and the the truest indication of the dangers of cybernetic enhancement. However, even your greatest naysayers balk when you whether a storm of fire that would have killed teams of lesser mercenaries however, or unleash the devastation that only being almost entirely machine can bring. Cyborgs are the most straight forward expressions of mankind's greatest technological advancement, and our greatest sins. -Warlord Body > Reflexes -Boss Body > Tech -Vanguard Body > Cool -Paragon Body > Intelligence --- The Solo: Primary Attribute: Reflexes You were born with a gun in your hand - the flesh and blood hand, long before you likely replaced it with chrome. Whether as a freelance guard and killer-for-hire, or as one of the Corporate cyber-soldiers that enforce business deals and "black operations", you're one of the frontline fighting machines of the Cyberpunk world. Hired hit-men, bodyguards, and mercenaries, everybody with a piece of lead-spitting iron can be a Solo, but only the most notable survive to earn their pay. A man with a gun in his hand still has everything left to lose, and everything to gain, so take your best shot. With some luck, it won't be your last. -Commando Reflexes > Body -Specialist Reflexes > Tech -Deadeye Reflexes > Cool -Templar Reflexes > Intelligence --- The Fixer: Primary Attribute: Cool As small time player, you knew you had a knack for figuring out what other people wanted, and how to get it for them. For a price, of course. Now your deals have moved into the big time. Maybe you move illegal weapons over the border. Or steal and resell medical supplies from the Corporations. When you talk, people listen, you can bend truth, spin fiction, some call you a desperate, attention-loving sensationalist, others a demagogues and a con-man. Others have their guns, or tech, or daemons, but you have something much more important; a sense of subtly, of fashion, of style, and the connections to bring it all together. -Stalker Cool > Tech -Assassin Cool > Reflexes -Shade Cool > Intelligence -Hunter Cool > Body --- The Techie: Primary Attribute: Tech You can't leave anything alone - if it is near you for more than five minutes, you've disassembled it and made it into something new. Half the chrome you have on you you've made yourself, the other half has been modded far beyond any original specifications, and probably contributes to the innumerable copyright fines you've accrued over the years. You make your living building, fixing and modifying - a crucial occupation in a technological world where no one person really knows how half the stuff works. If you're any good, you're making a lot of money. And that money goes into new gadgets, hardware and information. But for the serious eurodollars you have to tackle the big jobs. Illegal weapons. Illegal or stolen cybertech. Corporate espionage and counterespionage gear for big boys' "black operations". Your tech hasn't failed you yet. And you know if it does, its because you failed it first. -Sentinel Tech > Body -Terminator Tech > Reflexes -Engineer Tech > Intelligence -Augment Tech > Cool --- The Netrunner: Primary Attribute: Intelligence Netrunners define cyberpunk. Computer code is in your blood, and you got your first neural interface plugs when you were drastically underage. Now, nothing can stop you with your direct mental link to the computer, you can plunge headfirst into the data-winds of the Net. As an electronic wraith, you are the ultimate "hacker", brain wired into special modems and computer links. You slip into the "hardest" mainframe systems with ease. Your defense and offense daemons are arrayed at your mental fingertips — a quick jolt of Demon or Vampire and the data fortresses fall. One day the electronic countermeasures will catch up to you, or a faster Runner will reach out, fry your mind or stop your heart. Until then however, the world is your digital oyster. Dominus Intelligence > Cool Savant Intelligence > Tech Warlock Intelligence > Reflexes Overseer Intelligence > Body ---
  7. Players: Only Accepting up to 5 Players at this Time, not including me: Me: GM and Starting Mercenary Slot: Filled @Ace Slot: Filled (Maybe) Slot: Filled (Maybe) Slot: Empty Slot: Empty
  8. Cyberpunk Setting - The Long Burn This is an experimental RP to be fleshed out in a cyberpunk setting, taking much from inspiration of Cyberpunk 2077. Permadeath is enabled. This RP centers around a small-time crew in a dystopian cyberpunk city, hoping to make the big leagues and earn fame and fortune. Pick one of the twenty different sub-classes below to join the crew with. --- Story: The setting is Night City, 2078. In the aftermath of the events wrought by the now-legendary mercenary V, the power vacuum left by the downfall of the Japanese megacorp Arasaka has led to an unexpected bloom in Night City from the increased competition between the corporations causing a ripple effect and a renaissance of opportunities for freelancers and edgerunners, the mercenary gloryhounds of the City of Dreams. As the wealth and population of the city grows, so does its greed, a fact that you are well positioned to take advantage of. Joining a newly formed mercenary crew, you set out in the footsteps of many others and perhaps join the ranks of the Afterlife mercenary legends. Or die trying. This is cyberpunk. Welcome to Night City. ---
  9. @-Lilium- -interest intensifies-
  10. The Custodes of the Force Majeure were also undergoing a reorganization. Individuals with unique powers or abilities became more common, although they were usually assigned to being noncombatants or support staff as part of the Auxiliaries. The Custodes Militant remained the domain of most nonpowered beings, well-trained and elite no matter what their division was, and Auxiliary and Militant officers were paired together in leadership roles throughout the whole organization at all ranks to further communication, understanding, and cooperation. The Guardians remained the face of the Custodes Militant, the first and last line of defense in their silvered armor and professional ranks, armed with their polearms and shotguns presenting a capable arsenal against any threat. Their repertoire had now expanded to include tower and kite shields, along with matching short blades for the close quarters work of airships and narrower hallways. They also had the pride of having the most Greatswords promoted from their ranks, indeed many of the higher ranked Guardians were a match for the Militant elite in all but equipment, but chose to lead and guide the initiates and the rank and file instead. The Seekers were expanded, not only acting as spies, undercover operatives, or information gatherers, but also as a detachment of reconnaissance and saboteur specialists working closely with other units or Seekers as the need arises. They were now the most versatile and varied branch of the Custodes, but had only just adopted an official uniform and outfit to mark themselves out when operating with mixed groups of Custodes. The Greatswords were still the overall best, the tip of the spear, the crushing vanguard. Both in and out of their iconic armor they were amongst the most veteran of the Militant, skilled in various forms of melee and ranged combat, and armed with the most advanced technology and weaponry the Force Majeure could field. Their likeness was well-known throughout Lagrimosa, and their reputation was beginning to spread abroad as well. Master Knight James Eredas would have favorably wagered on each Greatsword being the equal of ten or more soldiers from nearly any other fighting force.
  11. The abomination took notice of Dia. It had been commanded to scout the village, and see if it was ready for a larger raid. Away from the horde and the domineering effect of the abomination alpha however, the feral instinct was more present. All it saw now was a lone target away from the herd. It salivated, and crept closer, as close as it could get without revealing itself. Its recklessness revealed a scattering murmur of a few others, five in total, more then that had attacked before but still understrength in the amount necessary to take on the adventurers. They revealed themselves, snapping at each other in a display of infighting, undecided on whether to join or rein in the reckless one. Just over fifty meters away now, the lone abomination broke out of cover snarling, loping across the ground to try to pounce upon Dia. It was vaguely humanoid, much mutated, and it was fast, many arms and legs working in unison to propel it quickly.
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