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  1. Fierach

    Redemption is for Everyone

    Mori awaited Ilyana in the lobby of one of the inns the latter acquired. The techno-operative could be seen typing away at a small laptop on the table before her, one hand tapping at the keys as reams of information flickered over the screen, reflected in her glasses. In the other hand, a drink of sweet tea. She needed the sugar to keep active. Already, the electronics specialist built a network connecting all of the businesses Illyana acquired with access available only to her and other members of their "family", and right now she was busy creating backdoors into the systems, cameras, and infrastructure of all spots of interest inbetween.
  2. Fierach

    Re-Introducing Myself

    Welcome back to Val. I'm Fierach.
  3. I'm just saving my post for the monster move on my side. Going ahead of them just leaves me open.
  4. Fierach

    The Harrowing | Kadia Event

    James would finish supervising the loading of more supplies, and ordinance onto the Imperator Bellum. The ship even possessed a few experimental and prototype pieces of wargear and other such valuable cargo, as the expedition would need every advantage possible. Speaking of advantages, the sound of a dropship heralded the arrival of another guest that he was expecting. "Lady Inquisitor" James called out in greeting as she disembarked and approached. When she was before him, he clasped his hands before him and bowed slightly in mirror of her gesture, a neutral smile upon his face, before accepting her letter. "You are welcome aboard, Lady Caelestia. Your abilities will help our navigation in the storm greatly", he replied mildly as he broke open the seal upon the letter. James thought that she seemed slightly timid for a so-called Inquisitor, but he knew that she was new. Still, despite being well trained, the flight crew of the Imperator Bellum were also relatively novice. Having a Kadian-sanctioned psyker to guide their navigator through the rifts that engulfed her home nation was an edge they could ill-afford to pass up regardless of Alexa's inexperience. He began to read the letter.
  5. Also, note that you don't know what the other potential choice of missions are. I will tell you that theres another two missions to choose from at the Barkeep's contact, but three choices total, and these two missions wont be available anymore.
  6. Fun fact. Ryncol is actually strong enough that some Auroran warriors use it in their fighter's engines, claiming that it gives them an extra edge in speed. Its probably the fumes talking.
  7. Fierach

    Escape Velocity Resurgence

    The first thing that was apparent when the duo entered the Crimson Hawk bar was the noise. The latest hot tracks on the SpaceNet coursed through the air, the bass vibrating through the souls of the patrons. Honest workers and questionable entrepreneurs rubbed shoulders here, and that smell in the air was a mix of alcohol, smoke, and opportunity. RJ was in no particular hurry to meet his contact however, even if Kiera was agitated about it. The man was able to give the young Captain tips on hot, upcoming jobs seeking an independent trader was a regular in this bar, a constant fixture. so well-known that he even slid behind the bar sometimes to make his own drinks and none of the staff seemed to bat an eye. For that reason, almost everybody here worth anything, and even those worth less then nothing only referred to him as Barkeeper. The old man wasn't the only individual worthy of note however, the Crimson Hawk attracted all manner of figures. Looking over to a particularly thick knot of patrons, RJ spied one of the most infamous "privateers" holding court. The "Buxom Bandit" she was more commonly known as, Rou Ji. Said to have robbed over a thousand civilian captains, she had never been captured, and never would be, with her souped up ebony-colored Pirate Valkyrie, the Womanizer, always disappearing before the authorities could arrive, and powerful jamming systems preventing her ship's ID from being logged. At one point there had even been talk of some Federation task force created specifically just to hunt her down and prove that she was the perpetrator of the crimes, but it just so happened that they never succeeded. Scandal-ridden rumors of the leader of the task force, some young up and coming Captain, falling for the bandit's charms himself likely didn't help matters there. Clad in an exquisite silken dress, the bandit lady caught RJ's roving eyes for a moment, and the young Captain could almost swear she gave him an encouraging wink. His mind ran with the possibilities for a second, RJ McReady, Commander of a vast pirate fleet, skirting the governments of the universe and living the good life. He was brought out of his reverie by a tug on his sleeve, Kiera motioning to two seats near their contact, the Barkeeper. He was expecting them. Barkeeper was an older man, with the lines of time etched deeply into his face, wrinkles around his eyes and short white hair, he appeared to be in his mid 60s, somewhat rotund with age, but not grossly so. He was dressed strangely, more casual and homely clothes as might have befitted a vid of an Old Earth show. One might have saw him as a kindly old uncle, if it were not for the keen, cold calculating malice ever-present in his eyes. As always when dealing with his sort of people, there was the requisite small talk, the polite necessities that they liked to paint themselves with the illusion of civility. Once that was done, it was down to business. "Yeah I heard of a few jobs that need a ship", he began, gruffly, "Higher pay then your average milk-run. There's this band, fresh out of Kania. Local manager says that they're a hit there. Might be the next big thing. Me? Not into that new-wave stuff. Hurts my ears somethin' fierce and its all synthesizers and no real skill to me, but if they can pull the in the crowd then they can pull in the credits. They need somebody to arrange security and shipping. I can drop your name, if you're interested." Barkeeper looked down, taking a deep sip from his mug. An earthly smell wafted over to RJ as they awaited him to go on, which the man finally did at length. "If you prefer somethin' more respectable, at a glance, I also got some egg-heads who need deliveries. Take a lot of sensitive, costly equipment out to the Procyon system. Not sure what for though, ain't nothing out there but barren rocks and a planet ain't habitable. They part of some new company, called Nirvana. If that's more your gig, just say the word" Looking around almost conspiratorially, the Barkeeper put his mug down. "One more thing, as thanks for the other day. The stock of ryncol you got for my friends was a big favor, and I'm payin' you back now. On Sol, I have a friend. He's also got some contracts in need of an independent captain. If the band or the science boys don't suit your fancy. You may be able to head over and see what he's got lined up." The Barkeeper left RJ with plenty to think about. First there was the fact that he apparently got some important people a few barrels of ryncol. Then there was the fact that he had apparently gotten into it as well, and as a result, didn't remember a damn thing. Lastly, there was the fact that he had been apparantly out for two days! Oh and there was the choice of potential missions too.
  8. Fierach

    Mapping the Depths

    At last, Praetorian gave a screech of its own as it felt its unlife ebb away, crushed in Jinsoku's hand. The undead creature dropped its sword weakly, and laid its hands on the young man's shoulders in a weak attempt of some sort before finally expiring, its light fading away. With that, the battle was over. The Fallen Knights were defeated. Their monstrous summon, the Chhitten Magnus was bested. James could be seen withdrawing his curved sword, flicking it to the side to rid it of some of the ichor before stabbing it back into the Magnus's head. With a grunt, he twisted the blade and jammed it through its hard skull, into what he surmised was the brain, and the beast gave an involuntary twitch. The Daemonslayer was thorough, and had to make sure the creature was dead. Satisfied with his work, James laid down and leaned against the corpse of the creature to rest. Now came the medical work. His own injuries wiuld have to wait, the only thing he did was engulf his arms in brilliant flame to burn away the drool and ichor on his limbs. The Magnus had venoms in its bite, and he wanted to lessen the chance they might find their way to an open wound, of which there were many. The battle with the Magnus added a handful of fresh cuts and bruises, and a score more rends and dents on his armor. Well, that was what it was for. James went to go check on the status of his party. For Dan, he'd praise the kid. He found his powers interesting, and compliment him on their usage. They were similar to those used by another Knight of the Force Majeure. For Jin and Selene, concern for their injuries. Accounting for loot could come after they all rested up.
  9. Holy shit its an EVR post. Also a cameo. Don't worry guys, the next post with a poll will be up soon. This latest one is just flavor.
  10. Fierach

    Escape Velocity Resurgence

    He was kicked in his side. More like tapped really, but hard enough to feel it through his haze. RJ then felt a palm patting him on the side of his face. "Boy I picked the best captain to work under" the figure before him muttered as his alcohol haze finally began clearing up. Standing before him was one Kiera Lansley. A former chief engineer for a local powersled racing team, she eventually got to fly the machines she worked on. A couple of flights, and incidents later however, she became of the belief that she was better off maintaining them then piloting them. The Alpha-class shuttle RJ flew was a reliable workhorse for small traders, but it needed constant care to get the best out of it, and there were few others with Keira's experience and know-how (and relatively low asking price). The short-haired brunette sighed at the sight of her... unsightly captain. "You are damn lucky I came by first. Some other scruff would have gladly liberated ya of all your credits first before gettin' you awake." she crossed her arms. "We get a job yet? Or were you and the regulars playing at buying rounds for each other 'gain?" "Its socializing Kiera. Building connections" RJ groaned as he got up off the floor. He recognized the space around them as belonging to the restroom of the hangar where they had parked the Cardinal Virtue. "And so did the connections pay off?" Kiera asked impatiently. "They did.... just... just let me get my bearings for a moment" RJ finished, as his erstwhile crewmate shook her head and walked away to let him collect himself. Ten minutes later saw the two of them strolling through the bustling outskirts of the main landing zones for the planet Viking. The main power on this world was the megacorporation known as Hal Corp, a highly successful Federation-owned company whose trade in the world's extensive reserves of iron, aluminium, and other metals made it one of the key resources supplying the war machine of the Federation, and to many other civilian companies. It was long ago that the planet's greenery had been replaced by the smoke and smog of heavy industry, mining and manufacturing. Quite surprisingly for a planet so thriving and vital to the Federation Navy (or quite possibly because of it), Viking also hosted the biggest gathering of pirates, privateers, and other, independent-minded individuals throughout Federation space. There were extensive black markets and outfitting centers filled with maverick technicians, engineers, and shipwrights, many of them who were tolerated as long as credits flowed and they didn't interfere with the Federation themselves. The possibilities on Viking were limitless, as long as one was able to keep their wits about them. A fact that they were easily reminded of when the doors to a nearby bar was suddenly smashed by the figure of a man flying out of it. Landing in a heap, the bruised and battered individual attempted to crawl away, but what was left of the bar entrance would part to the sight of a hulk of a man, old and grizzled lumbering his way over, armored foots crunching upon the glass. Keira seemed to recognize him, and she shrunk closer to RJ, pointing at the giant and indicating that they should take wide berth of him, even as the grizzled instigator held up a badge. "Rathing piss off y'all lot. This be Bounty Hunter Guild business. G'wan git" he rumbled to the crowd that was quickly forming, as he drew an oversized blaster-pistol and pointed it at his target. Ebris Dhifi. Said to be one of the roughest and toughest agents in the Bounty Hunter's Guild, and an extremely fearsome mercenary. Certainly not one to cross, and best hope they never incurred a bounty worth him going after them for. The stories RJ had heard of him, and his crew aboard his highly customized Pirate Enterprise, the Profit Margin, seemed like legend, but a single glance at the old killer's bearing alone told him that much of the stories were true. RJ took Kiera's advice. Wasn't wise to sightsee too much and get in the way of a bounty hunter's mark. Besides, the sooner they could get to their own usual haunt, the better.
  11. Fierach

    What's your favorite class to play?

    World of WarCraft: Retribution Paladin Mass Effect Series: Soldier Insert MMO Title Here: Insert Two-Handed Warrior Type Here Planetside 2: Everything. Particularly Heavy Assault Team Fortress 2: Soldier Overwatch: Soldier 76, Reaper, Reinhardt, Torbjorn Dragon Age: Warrior For Honor: Vanguards. Particularly Warden ... I think you can see a trend.
  12. Fierach

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    Spotting the horde of chhittens, Sheryl descended upon them from her perch up in the skies. A storm gathered on her fingertips, and she was readying to tear into the first of the horde in pitched melee when a shield erupted about her. Tracing the faint signs of magic to Azytzeen, she gave the other knight an appreciative smile, allowing herself to take advantage of the shield to increase the intensity of the winds about her.
  13. Fierach

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    As the dual-swordswoman fled, Sinaaq ignored her and moved on. There were far too many other threats present to spend her time on somebody who ran. However, the noose tightened. As the Legion flooded into the town in earnest, there were fewer places to hide, fewer places to ambush from, fewer places to retreat to. Soon, Sinaaq was cornered as she attempted to avenge one family that had been slaughtered. The attack had gone well at first, she used the advantage of surprise to quickly slay two Doom Legionaries with heavy strikes, and knock out a third, but there were too many this time, and their reinforcements were too quick to respond. Bleeding and bruised, the fur-clad warrior maiden slowly backed up against the wall of a house, being hemmed in by the warriors of the Legion of Doom. She would not go down easily as she warded them away with her halberd, a proud lioness surrounded by hyenas, but the end seemed inevitable.
  14. Fierach

    Order of Force Majeure: Dawn Komturie

    "As I've said, I'm a Craftsman" Mark replied, as if that answered everything. A pause later however, and he corrected himself sheepishly. "Ah, I'm sorry. You gentlemen don't exactly have Craftsmen or women here do you?" Mark fished out a cigarette from within his pockets and a lighter, and made a “Don’t mind if I do?” motion, before lighting it. "In simpler terms, I'm a lawyer for them. My family sent me to a certain school when I had the talent of the Craft. There, I drank, partied, studied, passed my exams, got employed. That's how it came about. Professionally, you don't deal with me. Should hope you never do." he smiled. It was not a threat, more of a statement. Legal matters had a tendency to get complicated, quickly, especially when it involved laws of the universe over laws of men and mortals. The Order of Force Majeure kept a few Craftspeople in their employ as consultants, and representation if they needed it. Mark worked closer with them then most others, but then again, he was paid more. He was basically an in-house lawyer at this point. Any other questions about his particular status and the nature of his job would be turned away. @LastLight
  15. Fierach

    Mapping the Depths

    The monstrous Magnus recovered quickly from its the blows dealt to it, but its fate was set the moment it stood against the Daemonslayer. Sticking close to the beast even as it retaliated in fury, James pushed forth, parrying aside and dodging through blows from bone-scythes almost as large as he was. With an impressive display of agility, he seemed to dash past the creature, reaching out to grab a hold of his spear that was still sticking out of the front of the Magnus, and used his speed and momentum to vaunt around and up the massive creature's back, pulling out his spear in the process. Wasting no time at all as the Magnus began to try and shake him off immediately, the Daemonslayer sunk his weapon into the soft side flesh of its neck, earning himself a new, strangled scream from it. James clung on as the Magnus grew more violent in his motions, even going so far as to slam itself up against the cavern ceiling, leaving him bruised and aching. Repeated slams almost dislodged James, but he held on, determined to the last to bring the creature down, finally unsheathing the curved sword across the small of his back, and reaching around to carve a fatal wound into the neck from the other side. With a last rasping roar, the giant Magnus chhiten's struggles weakened, and it slumped over, quickly choking on its own ichor flooding into lungs, and finally falling to the ground with an earthshaking thud. Praetorian was ready for Jin after their latest mutual exchange, but he was not ready for the aid the young knight-apprentice was given by his ally. Speeding him up, Jin reached Praetorian before he could mount an adequate defense, and the Fallen Knight found himself being forced back by what looked like single strikes, but were in reality many, until it was pressed up against the wall. Befuddled by its opponent's new speed, Praetorian attempted to slip away to the sides regardless of the damage it would take in the process, only to find itself being struck by a blast of air as it encountered Dan's wind mines, and being knocked back before the relentless human fighter, dazing it in the process. At last the repeated strikes to Praetorian's armor had shown their results. From James's very first strike, to the spear-thrust by Jin, to the knee, and now this final barrage, the cracked shell of the Fallen Knight's enruned armor fell to pieces, revealing to Jin the skeletal warrior'sundead heart underneath in a brittle cage of bones, sickly green in color, beating, but pumping no blood.