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  1. Fierach

    Grand Mainframe and OBELUS: what we know so far

    Csl and Artificer are labeled as instigators. You two are gonna die. Its been a pleasure knowing the both of you brave souls. -salutes-
  2. Fierach

    Mapping the Depths

    Selene was brave, she thought on her feet and approached the ghoul with something other then raw power. It was the smart thing to do. ... but she was wrong. The Ghoul was not Death. For how could Death be the one in debt? Death was the one who collected debts, the debt of life, and returned it to the ashes from whence it came. The Ghoul could not pay its debt of life... for it was forever bound to an unnatural undeath. The scent of blood only invigorated the Ghoul. It masked its excitement however, approaching Selene slowly, as though perhaps she had other tricks up her sleeve. Only at the end, she might have realised her folly, as the creature raised up one taloned arm and drove it at her. She would be the dead. She could make her payment in blood. And there was much of it. The great claws would find themselves halted before her, dripping with fresh life. James Eredas managed to superimpose himself between the ghoul and Selene at the last moment, taking the blow that would have ended her life, impaled straight through his right shoulder in three places, as if his armor was not even there. His face was twisted pain, and determination even as he attempted a counter-stroke, stabbing forth at the ghoul's face with the longsword in his other hand, but to no avail. For the ghoul, one life was as good as the next. With some effort, its next move saw it toss the Daemonslayer off its claw, crumpled in a heap. At the center of the arena, the Heart of Darkness waited in anticipation.
  3. Fierach

    Bagels, Donuts and Feedback

    I'm grateful that you'd want my feedback, although to be honest I don't think I've read enough of your writing. That'll change though, hopefully! I would have to agree with the essence of combat roleplay being balance though. Because I hail from the more technical side of combat roleplaying, balance to me is very important, as for what to balance, those aspects would be: Conciseness: Nobody wants to read four paragraphs for a single punch. Clearness: Nobody wants to have to muddle, through, read, and reread your post just to figure out that you threw a punch. Conclusiveness: If you dashed forward to throw a punch, absolutely intent on it, positioning wise, mentally intent on seeing it through, nothing stopping you, and your opponent legitimately managed to get out of the way or block it, or otherwise stop your attack, don't change your actions on a dime. Selling: Selling is a professional wrestling slang term that describes the act of making wrestling look believable to the audience. This also applies to roleplay. Make your opponent's attacks feel believable. Make your attacks feel believable. What would your character do? Have them do that. Although personally, I think story mode fights with a preset ending are more akin to wrestling, and competitive fights are more akin to playing poker. This is also part of the reason I use pictures in my posts often, to showcase a particular move or to call attention to particular details. Makes it both fun and clearer if there would be trouble visualizing. Reality is unrealistic: And vice versa. You don't always have to make the flashy move. Normal maneuvers can be flashy too, if done with the appropriate gravitas (potato chip, anybody?)
  4. Fierach

    Escape Velocity Resurgence

    RJ decided they could afford the delay. Anything to keep the crew (sole crew anyway) happy. “Well, I think we can make the time. Slow and easy does it?” “Ah, thanks Cap’n. You won’t regret this, I promise!” Kiera cheered as she got back to her seat, and started strapping herself in. Within a few minutes, after double-checking a few routines and making sure they got the go-ahead from the ground crew, RJ then awaited permission from the flight tower. “Free Trader One-Zero-One, you are cleared to proceed”. The young captain’s lips quirked up upon hearing his call-sign and clearance. That was never going to get old. --- The next day saw the shuttle Cardinal Virtue flying toward the orbital Kane Band of Earth. The vessel had made stops here often in the past month. There was always something worth doing or seeing at the mecca of humanity, the center of civilization in the known universe. This trip was no exception. Whilst his engineer passed the time happily chatting with one of the scientists, discussing something about the mechanics of terraforming and the need to manufacture equipment specialized for every world such an activity was attempted on. RJ paid attention to matters that were more his forte, that of the various screens, sensors, buttons and dials critical to flying the laden down vessel. Much of the jargon was incomprehensible to him really. There was a strange energy signature on the radar today though. Focusing on it seemed difficult, it seemed to blink in and out of the scanners, although whatever it was had to be larger than even a light capital ship. Tapping the ship’s external cameras, RJ brought it up to fill the majority of the main cockpit screen, whilst zooming in and enhancing the scope in the direction of the ghost on the sensor. It was one of the most vibrant and beautiful vessels RJ had ever seen, as much a work of art as a craft to traverse the cosmos. Shimmering a brilliant blue, with a core of metallic silver, separate from its “energy” wings, the ship seemed to glide through space, flanked by a pair of smaller craft of similar texture and look. “Ah! A Vell-os Javelin!” RJ was startled as the visage of Dr. Renge shoved itself up next to him, eagerly eyeing the construct on screen. “Vell-os?” RJ echoed. He had heard of them before. They were all but legends to the common people of the Federation, a race of powerful telepathic humans who once lived somewhere far to the Galactic West. They were almost all extinct now, defeated in some cataclysmic war over one thousand years earlier. RJ had heard that some Vell-os survived, now serving the Federation in such capacity as being supreme judges in matters of law due to their telepathy being capable of ascertaining guilt and truth, but he had never seen a Vell-os vessel before, the manifestation of their psionic power capable of creating a psychic barrier perfectly formed and capable for hyperspace travel. “Fascinating people, the Vell-os. I once wrote my university dissertation on them and their telepathic powers. There is so little information about them that has been lost to the ages. Did you know that the ancestors of the Vell-os first left Earth almost three thousand years ago?”, the scientist started babbling in excitement at the sight. RJ looked faintly amused. This was all somewhat above him. The young captain could only recall that his old mentor Barry once mentioned to him all those months ago that he'd be lucky to not encounter a Vell-os, and that he should be more wary of them then the mysterious Polaris to the Galactic East. The keen insight of his engineer brought him back from his musings. Kiera pointed out that she had heard of a important case today in the Supreme Federal Court, the highest judicial authority in the Federation. A civil servant from the space station of Port Kane was standing trial for a charge of treason, in what was expected to be a domino ruling that would expose a major Auroran spy network. Personally, RJ rather thought the charge of spying for the southern savages was crazy, as Port Kane was on the Eastern Fringe, quite far from the Auroran front, although it was a great hub of activity. Some estimates for the massive station had it being more populous then the planets in that region of space it serviced, so he guessed that it was a possibility, if not a probability. There was no more time to think on the matter however. They were approaching their designated landing ward. --- After the refueling, and scheduling was arranged, both RJ and his Chief Engineer set off to meet the latter's contact. The individual Kiera wanted to meet was a short, dumpy looking man by the name of Marvin Goyle, with the grease of starship parts adorning his overalls and the swagger of an experienced mechanic. Kiera would assure RJ that he was trustworthy, if socially disinclined, as the man hugged first the other engineer and then shook RJ's hand, before sheepishly offering both of them a clean towel to both to wipe themselves off with. "I used to work with him a few years back on some real racing machines", she explained. They had both been crewmembers on the mysterious Viper D racing team that popped up a few years back, whilst they were attempting to set records for fightercraft, and they had worked on some innovative outfits to hotrod those ships. Kiera had always been sort of a little sister on their team, and Marvin had promised her that if she had ever picked up her own ship, or a captain crazy enough to float her in one, to stop on by and say hi and he'd hook her up. "Sigma Shipyards Shuttle" Marvin mused gruffily looking at the Cardinal Virtue as they led him over to it, "Good, solid choice. Got any choice adjustments to it? No? Well, I owe Kiera a few favors, and seeing how her home is your home at the moment, those favors extend to you. I got an interesting line of outfits I developed over the years, Kiera can call in the favors, and upgrade your rust bucket. No offence of course, its a nice bucket, but a shuttle won't get you anywhere big without some whistles attached to it." Marvin's offers weren't bog standard but they were pretty unique. He had three choices of outfits to pick from. One was a direct modification to the ship called the cargo retool. What it did was it turned space that would have been used for outfits and weaponry into space for cargo. While there were many of these on the market, his seemed the most efficient, and would result in a hefty boost to even his small shuttle's carrying capacity. It would take up only a small amount of weapons space (that they were not using at the moment anyway), and would give them the ability to take on extra bits of freight or passengers in addition to anything major they might haul. It would be pretty economical to make extra coin on the side. The second offering was a battery set. It was an ancient idea, created with modern technology, a storage cell for energy that allowed starships to extend their hyperjump distances. The basic version was cheap, and available almost anywhere, and was barely changed in over two millennia of spaceflight, but recently backyard tinkerers and professional scientists alike have begun to look into upgrading existing systems. Marvin's seemed more efficient then most here as well, and it always seemed to have a little fuel left over for emergency measures. The third offering was called a stellar grenade launcher. Appearing as small airlock mounted on the underside of a ship, it fired simple mines with a simple proximity fuse at pursuing ships. Alongside a simple homing system built in, they could make life very complex and painful for any unwary attackers. Best of all, it was completely legal, as RJ's exotic ships and weapons license circumvented any such difficulties that might come across from being in possession of such an outfit.
  5. Fierach

    Nu Martyr Goes to War

    @Aleksei Since Veluriyam has a port in Nu Martyr, and given the scope of the threat, the Order of Force Majeure can be called upon to save the city and spank Lilith for being a bad girl. @Tenkai Matsumoto @Twitterpated
  6. Fierach

    Ultimate Fighting System (UFS) Open Discussion

    Ah you sweet talker, engaging in the battlefield of love. Valucre has a lot of battle systems. Even where I come from battle systems are constantly being devised and refined. While I don't think we'll ever reach the "perfect" system, being able to think about all the differing systems and adapt to them, modify them, or just attempt to make them better is a worthwhile endeavor for roleplayers who need to peaceably resolve matters, or otherwise improve their writing and interaction with others when showcasing combat.
  7. Fierach

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    The mighty Magnus was slain, and Sheryl turned to see how the rest of the expedition fared, to venture forth and come to their aid if needed. Unfortunately, the battle seemed to be already over, with most of the wagons in ruins, and the Knightess tossed her head in frustration, cutting loose with a most unladylike snarl. The majority of the creatures left looked to begin fleeing in earnest. A more bloodthirsty warrior might vent their anger upon them, but Sheryl's intentions were to help restore what semblance of order was possible. And, well, she might vent a bit of her anger that way too. Taking flight to the remnants of the expedition by the ruins of the wagons to ascertain the details, she would come across a ranting and raving man, whom she recognized as the reporter assigned to cover the group. Landing lightly a short distance away, the blonde woman strode up to him as he finally fell silent. There was a regality in her step, beauty and presence that was evident despite her injuries and torn clothing, or perhaps because of it. With much more strength then her frame might have suggested, she gripped Soryn firmly by the shoulder with one hand... and slapped him across the face with the other, hard. "Get a hold of yourself, sirrah" she spoke low and sternly. "We are bloodied, but not lost. We still have our lives, those of us who stand still. Whilst we still stand, we still fight. I'll not suffer you to surrender the blood we've spent to despair. So get a hold of yourself, and stand tall sir, or so help me I'll slap you again and this time it'd really hurt" she added the last bit mentally. Knights of the Order of Force Majeure did not give up. Sheryl Wainwright was no exception. @Dolor Aeternum
  8. Fierach

    Grand Mainframe and OBELUS: what we know so far

    -dons tin foil- "You don't treat us like real people." Like, half a person? Half a life? Three images. A conversation between 3 beings. Mentions of dimensional failure. You know what else deals with different dimensions? Half Life. We also found out that vortigaunts are indeed not the enemy. Time to wake up. For who? The G man tells the Freeman to wake up. Grand Mainframe starts with a G. G Mainframe. There are only four letters in any of the codes. G main (four letters). The "i" was removed from Zengi, the cure. G man. Grand Mainframe is the G man! The Saint King is Gordon Freeman! HE IS CAUGHT BETWEEN DIMENSIONS AND ONLY DEATH CAN SET HIM FREE TO HIS REBIRTH. HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED.
  9. Fierach

    Where does your character live?

    James originated from the Myrama mountains of the world of Gaia. He has since rented apartments in metropolises and citizens everywhere, camped outside, favoured inns of various qualities, and now has a semi-permanent residence at the Dawn Komturie, fortess of the Order of Force Majeure at Predator's Keep. Mori grew up in Patia, daughter of a well to do middle class family. She still has an apartment there, but more crashes at her workplaces, the Abbadon base and the Nature's Respose Inn in Hell's Gate.
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  11. Should reduce hp of all player characters by one for this failure. Anybody reduced to 0 are narratively unconcious and wounded are dragged or carried back to camp. 👀 anybody already at zero, well. Maybe is flesh wound.
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    Isaac was very aware of his position in the rear-guard, and the fact that they had been traveling in was more or less, single file. It was the most effective way to march, but it fared poorly in an ambush, or when surrounded. "Already cornered. Close in!" he shouted, and hoped his fellows would heed his call. They needed to form up into a defensive ring to prevent themselves from being easily flanked. Turning his back to the others and looking outwards for threats, Isaac uncoupled a long, thin spike from his side, a piercing bayonet, and affixed it to the end of his arquebus in anticipation for close combat. Perhaps if they survived, he might tell Dan that against wild beasts, Isaac found that shelter was usually preferable, even if it meant being boxed in. It would mean that the wolves would have only a few ways in, and those paths would be lined with blades and bullets. Being surrounded in the midst of a storm was, in comparison, far less ideal. Right now, it would take too much effort and too many words for the unpolished mercenary to verbalize. "Stay clear!" Isaac warned instead. A moment later he uncoupled and uncapped the wyvern skein again from his hip, judged the wind and squirted a thin line of the amber fluid before him in a short arc, if he could determine that the storm wouldn't gust it back at him. One last bit of insurance to help hold the rear. He had to trust the others in the front to play their part, even if that thought was rather unnerving. Who else was at his side at the stern?