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  1. Unnamed land, sure. He might've deserved that one even with his original response. At least she put her weapons away. However, he didn't take her hand in greeting just yet. "Simple, Miss Addison of an unnamed land. I walked." he stated as he reached up to remove his helmet. "Call me James" He was a somewhat older man, in his early thirties. Youth hadn't quite left his cheeks yet, an advantage of his Oriental descendance that permeated through every other facet of his features. His black hair hung in his face as if it was the most natural thing in the world, concealing light scars from a lifetime of battle, and shadowing his eyes. His eyes were the most remarkable thing. Though they were plain dark brown and black they glinted with a touch of bestial strength, almost as if they burned with an inner flame. The Daemonslayer was very much a man who was utterly comfortable and confident with every aspect of himself.
  2. If only they could see James's look of amusement. Whoever these people were they clearly were not a united front; bickering and even on the brink of assaulting each other. Noticing @Xoco one of them's actions, James declined to answer the woman immediately, instead nodding in his direction to Tenkai. "Seems like telekinesis, or magnetism, your would be thief?" he murmured in an aside tone. Then he turned his attention to the woman, and even without seeing his eyes she might feel as though he was gazing right through her. @Phoebe "Why, we are from beyond the gateway" he replied, careful not to let it sound too glib. "Or do you mean the lands we ventured from? Or do you mean the lands we originated from? Or do you mean from where we entered this portal?" She would have to be much more specific. After all, they were but mere travellers. "But I have answered your question and yet mine is not yet answered. If you are the leader of this... group, I would like your name"
  3. The helmed warrior zeroed in first on the masked woman. Her voice was familiar, for reasons he did not quite understand yet, as was her mask and her weapons. The former looked like some variant of his Harlequin mask. A cursory glance around told him the technological level of their surroundings, and there was some hint of magic in the air that wasn't from the portal up behind them. There were a lot of guns here. Enough to make fighting their way out problematic if it should come to that, and James did not want to resort to bloodshed if it could be avoided. Clearly they had been anticipating something else coming through the portal as much as the Force Majeure had been ready for the same on their side. His gaze passed over the immediate VIPs once again. @Phoebe The woman with the mask clearly was in a position of some power. He could sense the power from her anyway. @Hawk @Jack Howard Two men of relatively high standing, notable officers perhaps from their dress and gear were behind her. Over ten feet behind, a significant space when it came to close quarters. Either they were very confident in her, very sloppy with their positioning, or very afraid. Could be some combination of all three. Then there was the man who was the closest to them, @Agent Knockout, with the friendliest greeting. He was clearly the leader, or the boldest. He was likely not the leader, or if he was, he was of another faction as his outfit differed greatly from the others. That explained the mixed reaction they were receiving. Had the two Knights just stepped into some kind of foreign political powder-keg? Time to find out. At least they spoke the common language. If the Daemonslayer showed any sign of being bothered by any threat, be it words, blades, or barrels aimed at him and his fellow, his body language didn't read it. "Greetings." he stated, his voice deep and reaching although he clearly only addressed the closest person to him so far. "We do not mean any harm. We are but simple travelers, who are lost. Pray tell, where are we?" All technically true.
  4. "There are a few things I want to point out first." James replied back, as calm as ever. One, if it had lead to the warp, they would already be knee deep in daemon blood. Whilst there were exceptions, most denizens of the warp were not the patient kind, and would take advantage of any breach of reality to flood in and cause havoc. Two, James did not intend to pull any sort of "inane self-sacrificing stunt". Granted his track record on such actions was pretty bad, with the Daemonslayer having undertaken so many quests, adventures, and actions that would rightly be classified as completely suicidally insane to others to actually warrant Tenkai's concern, but he never thought of them as such. Defeat was a concept never entered James's mind during even the dire situations he had been through. Three, was that the Daemonslayer would actually welcome it if Tenkai accompanied him. James would remind the monk, that the mission of the Order of Force Majeure, their mission, did not end at Valucre, or Sigil, or Earth. It was under their charter to guard all the mortal realms, and if this was going to be one more then it could stand for them to take a glance for now, and he had no intention of abandoning Valucre. Finally, there was another reason as well, a strange feeling James had about what lay beyond. "... you've read my statement on what happened within that crystal mountain Tenkai" James said, suddenly looking somber while referring to the after-action of the report of retrieving the Genesar Space Cornerstone. There was a section detailing the events that was redacted and revealed only to other Knights within the Force Majeure. "I believe that whatever there is on the other side has some sort of connection to me. You should trust me more Tenkai. For a monk, you have very little faith." he chuckled wryly and turned to gather his things and a few provincial supplies, and to give the order to Jinsoku to keep the fort held down. "We'll be back shortly," When they were both ready, James Eredas would enter the portal, taking a running leap. --- For everybody on the other side of the portal, they would see a man leap out, landing on the ground. He was like no man any of them had ever seen before, clad from head to toe in masterwork armor, and he stood up tall and challenging as he faced down the army that seemed to be awaiting him. Every facet of his war-gear spelled out a story, a record of fierce battles and terrible trials engraved into its very appearance; the bones of monsters and dragons, the tailoring of armor plates and reinforced leather. All of it was completely summed up in the appearance of his helmet. It was an attention-catching thing, although in retrospect that would seem like it was the point. The wings on either side of the helm stretched up beyond what would be practical, even for ornamentation, but they caught the light brilliantly. It was a heroic and warm contrast to what otherwise would be a cold visage; the glare of the sharp and angular face-plate suggesting that of an implacable being behind it, somebody who was uncompromising and unyielding and perhaps more idea then flesh. The man carried no obvious weapons, but he was dangerous. Indeed the very world might have seemed to shiver at his step, as if he was somebody who did not belong there. There was no telling what the helmed warrior was thinking as he turned his head slowly to take in the sight before him, but he did not appear to be cowed by the appearance of an army in the slightest. When the monk appeared next and moved up beside him, the helmed warrior would nod at him in acknowledgement. "Seems like we have quite the reception" he murmured.
  5. @Phoebe @Veloci-Rapture The instant before Mel's boiling jets of ink made contact, the Wake's eyes rolled back in their sockets. Sharks were known to do that as a protective measure against close threats to guard their vision and senses. Combined with his other natural senses, he had complete knowledge of the knightess closing in, even as he shook his head in irritation. He held firm and readied to counterattack. Addison would find her head rebounding off with an extraordinarily painful clanging noise. If she had the presence of mind to think after that, she would realize that she managed to headbutt a large metal codpiece under the Crimson Wake's clothing. As it was, any presence of mind would be better served as the pirate warlord growled in pain at the sword slash, and clamped down on the woman before him with both meaty arms, grabbing her by the shoulders and pinning her arms to the side. His headbutt would be far more lethal in return, as it was lined with dozens of large jagged teeth, but instead he would hurl Addison into the enemy juggernaut that would be right ontop of him by now. @FunOnTheBun --- Most attacks made against all the ships from the land fell short, inadequate due to the distance, especially the harpoons that were launched. However, the defenders on the mainland would find themselves a boon. The grievously wounded vessel, the Blackpool, would run aground on a small reef some hundred feet off the coast. There were few direct paths to the beached vessel, and most of the land was covered in shallows and rock pools, but a ground assault was possible. The air around the ship filled with the alarm of stranded pirates, and it was apparent that despite the damage it had taken, they were still ready to fight, and they were bringing some of the damaged weapon systems back online. It was as a small fortress out in the shallows. --- Artistic Depiction of Mel and Addison versus the Crimson Wake
  6. Meanwhile on the Valucre side of the portal... "Not in Kansas anymore. This is unexplored territory, Tenkai", James replied deadpan and sighed. He hadn't really wanted to open a portal. It had just been one of the investigative pathways into understanding the stone's abilities. James trusted in the scientists and engineers of the Force Majeure, many of them were skilled professionals who gave up more potentially lucrative careers to work on cutting edge technology for the greater good of humanity. Many were often eccentric, or odd in only the way actual genius accompanied. Well, so far, nothing really bad was happening at least. "Portal reads as stable sir" came the report from one technician. James decided to trust one more time. "Do we know where does it lead?" Another technician replied. "Unknown, Lord. Although readings suggest that the environment on the other side is habitable." Contrary to some circles of thought, things already started to pass through most types of portals when they were opened. Very few portals were what some called, "true" rifts, complete wormholes that were effectively sealed from either end until something of sufficient mass entered them. This appeared to be one of a less stringent types of dimensional pathway. Tiny air particulates flowed through, and were detected by some of the advanced sensors that had been set up, and tested to be... benign. Ordinary even. Whatever was on the other side seemed to be normal. It might've even led elsewhere right back in Valucre. The magitech scientists and engineers came up with a variety of possible methods to shut the portal down. These methods ranged from using mana bombs to siphon and starve it of energy, to trying to use the space stone and will it closed, and to simply contain it with a powerful shield of both physical and supernatural design. One engineer even suggested to just "shoot or sword it", a suggestion that was silenced by a couple of very disapproving glares. "If its stable..." James began slowly. "I'm just going to stroll on over and take a look. See where it goes and if it can be closed from the other side."
  7. @Twitterpated @jaistlyn James tilted his blade, this way and that way. His sword moved very little in actual reality, it was his footwork that helped place him and find the right angles to counter every attack. The horizontal swipe was met with the tip of his sword "piercing" through Jin's wrist. The diagonal swipe was met with a slash that was near identical to his first move. The last one he moved in close, too close for the sword to connect effectively and blocked the blow outright with one hand, to reverse the grip on his sword and hammer the pommel up into Jin's arm' joint. He pulled back at the last second of course, leaving it as no more then a simple tap in the end, but the actual result would've been obvious, he might've broke or otherwise crippled the sword arm. "I prefer the hard fist application myself. Deals with armor better, and my opponents are usually armored. Same principle, difference in application" he would explain to Volentia of the apparent difference between his counter maneuvers. Training would go on, she would learn the principles behind the way of the intercepting fist. --- @The Alexandrian Sometime after the match between Arthur Uskglass and Caeceila Glasmann... In an infirmary room set up specifically for Caeceila, once she was stabilized, rested a little bit, and awake, James Eredas would come to visit her. He ordered everybody out of the room, and yes,that included Ms. Glassman's associates, although they may remain at the door if they really wished, escorted of course by a large complement of Custodes. Pulling up a chair next to the bed (if she was in human form), or thing-that-served-as-a-bed-but-was-really-more-of-a-pit (if she was in dragon form), he'd fold his hands over his lap. "So... mind telling me what happened?" he began mildly, somewhat downplaying the fact that she had turned into a dragon and half-destroyed an expensive training arena and lots of equipment at the end of that particularly troubled match.
  8. Eshara was hard-pressed. He was among the most skilled of the Custodes who had accompanied the Knights on this dangerous venture, a Greatsword of the Force Majeure. His deeds were numerous, his skill prodigious, a previous winner of the in-service tournament the Feast of Blades. Now his class poleaxe was chopped in half, victim of having blocked one too many blows from the hellblades of the monsters facing him now, and the only weapons he relied upon now was the Black Blade that was symbol of his status as a veteran officer, and his base desperation. It was easier to defend with, faster, and lighter with the sword, but the ultimate end was going to be no different. One Bloodletter he might've been able to defeat, but two was out of his ability. He was forced to give ground steadily before the onslaught of both daemons, barely staying alive by weaving through the tangled mass of consoles and bodies, pushing his damaged powered armor to its very limits. He nearly tripped over one obstacle, and one of the bloodletters pounced instantly, bringing its hellish blade dangerously close to cutting through his helmet and killing him. Evading was the wrong choice, Eshara threw himself forward and gripped the incoming sword hand with one empty fist while cracking the daemon in the face with the guard of his Black Blade in the other, before barely bringing it around to parry a wicked slash aimed for his flank. Kicking out with one armored boot, Eshara staggered the monster, and then took the opportunity to back away to reset. Out of instinct he glanced down to look at what he nearly died over, the body of a Guardian who had accompanied them. With him was a demolition satchel, the one that Master Knight James had saved by tearing through the bulkhead to the bridge himself. Without a second thought, the Greatsword kicked the satchel mightily, sending it soaring through the air between the two spawns of Khorne, and drew his pistol, firing a single shot even as he yelled to take cover, hoping the others heeded him in time. And then at that moment, the bridge exploded into a deafening light and fury. --- The tide turned for the bloodletter. It should have just finished Selene when it had the chance, and now the woman seemed to have tapped into a fresh reserve of strength that she used to drive the monster back. Impossible! was what the daemon likely thought. It attempted to rally as well, throwing itself into back into the weight of combat, laying about with its burning hell sword. Swinging it around in a wide arc, it would attempt to lock weapons with Selene, and then try to overpower the Kadian knightess with its natural advantage in strength. And then at that moment, the bridge exploded into a deafening light and fury. --- In the chaotic melee between James, Rakzan, and the Bloodletter, it was only a matter of time before somebody slipped. The daemon stepped in to hammer the pommel of sword into the Daemonslayer's brow. James slipped the blow even as he parried a shrieking slash from the Khornate warlord. With a roar, James thrust the sword in his right hand directly at the bloodletter's chest... Only for it to grab the blade with one steely, muscular hand. It leered even as it bled corrupted flame from the sword's edge gouging through its flesh. It raised his sword for a killing stroke, but James read the move ahead. Letting go, he continued the thrust in the form of a thunderous hook to just under where the brass skinned demon's bottom-most ribs would be, eliciting a bellow of pain from his enemy as the strike crunched through its tough body almost impossibly, the demon arching over in pain. His powers were channeled through him, and they manifested now at the apex, brilliant golden red flames burning around his right hand. Even the close proximity of his Rending blade couldn't dull away the power the Demon Phoenix Fist was outputting, and James proceeded to follow up by punching through the bloodletter's chest in a breathtaking display of strength. With a roar of triumph he ripped out the blackened heart of the monster before crushing it and kicking the beastly corpse into Rakzan. The Chaos warlord hardly broke his own stride as he finished off the third combatant with a swipe of an over-sized axe, cutting the lesser daemons head clean off to have it disintegrate completely. He brought both his chainsword and axe together down on James, who blocked it with a horizontal parry with his remaining sword, both hands braced against the enemy weapons pressing in, meeting strength with strength. "WHAT SWEET RAGE BROTHER. I CAN TASTE IT IN YOU. YOU WERE TOUCHED ONCE BY LORD OF SKULLS." Rakzan howled madly over the raging scream of his chainsword. "GIVE IN. JOIN ME. TURN THIS WORLD INTO AN OCEAN OF BLOOD" James didn't reply, letting the growl in his own throat served as reply as it steadily built into a crescendo. And then at that moment, the bridge exploded into a deafening light and fury.
  9. @Veloci-Rapture @Phoebe @FunOnTheBun "Dinner brought itself to me" he growled, clearly referring to his retreating prey. He was an extraordinarily witty chap really. Mel might've liked him in another world, as he was a stern, highly capable man of the sea, very smart despite not being well learned, with a good sense of humor. And besides, he was a shark, Mel was calamari, and oh there he goes on the move again, with a speed and fury that could only be described as: Oh LAWD, he truckkin'! When the lesser crew of the ship were looking nervous and were backing away, it was because they didn't want to get in the mutant captain's way when he showed up. The Crimson Wake chased after Mel like a fat man on a jelly donut, which to be fair, she probably was to him. Electroreceptors in his flesh, courtesy of his Carcharodon heritage detected Addison flanking him, and farther behind her the presence of another imposing fighter closing in, but first he had to deal with the one who dared to call him out on his ship. As Mel attacked him with his remaining tentacles, he chomped down on two of them in his jaws, and grappled with the others. As strong as she was, it was highly likely he was stronger still, and although Mel managed to occupy his limbs, it was a simple matter for him to flex and snap his arms, cracking the limber octopus lady at Addison as if she was a living whip.
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    General chat thread

    No gods? No monsters? James is interested.
  11. @Truthless @notmuch_23 @Phoebe @Zashiii @FunOnTheBun @Agent Knockout @Veloci-Rapture Masuda's maneuver, as overblown as it was, did in fact save the lives of Addison, Thurgood, Natalya, Mel, and possibly that of the armored juggernaut as well. With the Gorgon distracted, and the original anti-air defenses aboard the ships spent or otherwise preoccupied, only one vessel might've served in the defense of the Red Royal against such artillery strike. Had the Red Royal been targeted with the full barrage, it would have been destroyed, with any attempts to capture the Gorgon or the Crimson Wake wasted, and all the treasure aboard destroyed as well and sunk beneath the waves. As well, Ivan might want to reconsider his statements about knowing what he was doing and the innocence of his pilots. If the ordinance they had fired was precision and would've led to very little collateral damage, then it took only sheer stupidity to have flown right back into their pinpoint path when they were redirected and destroyed by the ninja's efforts. --- The hull of the ship under Mel shuddered. She would be able to feel, and hear rapid thundering vibrations coming her way. In the next few seconds, a giant monstrosity of a man came crashing through the weakened hull of the ship coming straight at her. Moving with a speed that belied his bulk, the Crimson Wake himself joined the fight. He was the Captain of the ship, leader of the pirate tithe fleet, not the Gorgon. Weighing more then five men put together and with a maw of razor sharp teeth, he was among the most mutant of the ship's crew, an amalgam of shark and man from the depths of any sailor's nightmares. With overwhelming power, he would seek to bite into Mel, shake her about like a rag doll, and then throw her overboard. --- The Gorgon was alerted to the grenade mere moments before Thurgood managed to get it off, thanks to one of her men screaming a warning. She dove for cover just in time, but still took a wound due to the blast. Hurt and furious that these assailants had managed to get so close, she stumbled away to regroup while barking orders for the rest of the crew still standing to bar their path.
  12. Fun fact: Did you know that Force Majeure is the legal Latin phrase used in place of "Acts of God?"

    1. Fierach


      Yup! That, its other definitions, and the fact that it is intended to be a reference to my very first WarCraft 3 clan are the reason why the Order is so named. 

  13. @Agent Knockout Unfortunately for the snipers, the vessels were far beyond the of conventional man-portal sniper rifles. The cruisers had been at bombardment range after all, many thousands of yards away. Hitting the Gorgon, or indeed any of the pirates with small-arms from the mainland was a matter more akin to luck without any particularly over-specialized wargear or skills to match. For now, it seemed like the mercenaries would have to rely on the machinations and efforts of their allies. If the Gorgon was taken out, that would remove a great deal of the pirates' offensive and defensive capability...
  14. How does one describe the sun to a blind man? With heat. That was all Eshara felt as he dived down back after Capria. The inquisitor was a strange, capable, mysterious woman, but he had no doubt she would require additional help yet. Even if he knew nothing else of her, it would be enough for the moment. Blinded underwater by the searing light of her powers, Eshara floundered, pushed to the breaking point, in an environment as unfamiliar to him as land was to a fish. After a brief sensation of weightlessness, he became exactly that. Beached upon the muddy bottom of the well, Eshara winced as he rolled over on a bone, attempting to clear some of the muck from his face so he could see better. He winched again attempting to stand up, stepping on yet another protruding bone, the end point of it jabbing into his legs. For now, he sat down next to Capria next to the bone-white remains of their makeshift bouyancy device. "You wanna help me do some digging?" He cast an eye at Capria. If only he had the energy left to run away screaming. "... one minute. I'm still bleeding somewhere". The soldier replied, sounding impossibly tired, nodding down at him, where blood still dripped from a number of wounds from his body onto the ground. She could go ahead and get started. True enough to his word, in a minute's time, Eshara got up from his seat and stepped over gingerly. He had spotted and picked up his short sword, dully impressed by the miracle that it was still around, and used it to help Capria dig, prying deep into the mud. "What are we looking for? Child bones?" It was probably not what they were looking for.
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