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  1. Name: Sheryl Wainwright HP: 5/5 Sanity: 4/5 (Starting with 4) Normal skills: Taunt, Meditate, Defend Special Skills: Mass Healing (3 uses), Counter-Attack (3 uses), Area Attack (3 uses) --- Name: OFM Guardian Barristan & OFM Seeker Junia HP: 6/6 Sanity: 5/5 Normal skills: Attack, Defend, Heal, Meditate (4 uses) Special Skills: N/A
  2. As the Abbadon team laid the mighty Cerberus low, Mori's efforts turned from battle to research. Sensors and scanners purred on the drone as they examined the downed beast, and the machine's micro-fabricator kicked in again as she ordered it to synthesize a healing compound. A high-powered light turned on, illuminating the way into far darkness. There were still strands of arcana that tethered the creature to its former master all the way at the end where the light did not reveal. Taking the initiative to then make the rounds, Mori would offer the more injured and harried members of the team the option to be sprayed with a light vapor of anesthetic, unpleasantly warm due to its recent manufacture, but reinvigorating and smelling distinctly of disinfectant.
  3. Sure whats the worst that can happen? -cut to two weeks later, PK is a smoking crater-
  4. @Enk Razorwood Oh? What are you interested in?
  5. Sheryl looked over at the people getting into a scuffle over a chicken, and finally using some sort of spell on it. ... it seemed to the Knightess that Yh'mi was already driving people absolutely bonkers. Or maybe they were already wierd and the oppressive land just exacerbated things. She sighed, and mentally prepared for more future setbacks. Such eventualities seemed difficult to avoid with these members of the expedition.
  6. I vote anybody currently involved with the shenanigans with the chicken to have -1 sanity to the next section of the quest, because they have clearly lost it 😂
  7. XD. Nah, different weeks.
  8. A snapshot of the first two dozen weeks. Some of us are spending too much time in the Brothel... not surprising considering who they are >_> @vielle I actually found a skin to use for Jorahel! @Alexei There's your Man At Arms. Heh, flawed release. <_< @-Lilium- Capria and Eshara are already workin' well together!
  9. Mori eyed the great beast on her monitors. "Good doggy", she muttered, hopefully too quiet for the microphone to pick up. Her drone fired a few more spikes into the struggling construct, and transferred more scrapcode in along the lines connecting them to the machine. Every passing second brought the construct more under Mori's control. Every moment her scrapcode grew more efficient, altered on the spot by the technomancer herself to overcome the construct's innate defenses... until at the last it was all hers, its origins and secrets laid bare. "Reconstruct" she commanded. The drone harbored a small synthesis unit that was limited by the amount of material it had access to, but here was a magical creation to be reassembled! Pulling the limp creature close as though it were some sort of voracious alien predator, the drone quickly set about the task of reconfiguring the entire body. A portion of the construct was turned into a set of capacitators for the drone, storing power and fuel. The great majority was immediately reshaped into the length of a giant javelin. Mori had to admit she took inspiration from some of her colleagues when it came to this design. Whereas Rodan reshaped the biological, Mori reshaped the mechanical, to say nothing of the oft-considered philosophy that the body was just a biological machine. The Cerberus was likely probably paying little attention to the drone. It would come to rue such a decision, as instead of small, piercing crystalline needles, it might find a large bone spear launched into one of its (many) eyes.
  10. All along the lines, there were acts of valor. On one flank, a Greatsword Mortis had to hold by himself as the Guardians ordered fell back to support the Inquisitor as she healed. The heavy machine gun in his hands roared, scything down the hounds of Chaos like a farmer upon his autumn harvest. Elsewhere, the halbardiers worked in concert, using teamwork and the lengths of their weapons to take down numerous beastmen before they could come to grips. One soldier found himself yanked out of formation however, a dying monster's grasp pulling him out through his own grip on his weapon. The Guardian went sprawling, and looked up to see two hulking figures loom over him, ready to smash him to a pulp with brute strength. They never got the chance. With a single thunderous discharge, their upper bodies were snatched away in a storm of blood and steel, a Greatsword lumbering up in a deceptively casual gait, reloading a titanic, smoking, four-barreled shotgun with one hand, and hauled the wayward Guardian back into line with the other. The Force Majeure forces were not swamped, not yet. Their weapons and the firepower of the Imperator Bellum struck great ragged holes in the first wave, vast as it was, but that was about to change. "I see it!" James snarled in reply, to the communication from Lena, ducking under one beastman's blow and gutting it in half with his nodachi. The blade alight with the power of his flames and his fury, Amaterasu flashed again and again as the Daemonslayer clove through the oncoming brutes. Neither their musculature nor their armor threatened him in the slightest, each swing cutting through both as though only air were there. James redirected communications back to the ship. "Helm! New target! Priority Alpha" The gunners upon the frigate retrained their weapons and opened fire upon the daemon engine, for even whilst grounded the airship was as a fortress. It was for naught however, as the fire burst across what seemed to be an dome of energy shielding the Tower of Skulls from harm. Whatever arcane, shimmering protections lay upon the daemonic war machine warded it from the fury of the Imperator Bellum's salvoes as it drew ever closer, and lined up its first shot. Aboard the frigate, the bridge crew was in a frenzy. When Captain Daekian Clavis saw what was happening, he snapped to an ensign immediately. "Raise the shields!" he roared. "We don't have enough power to maintain the shields and the energy cannons!" the subordinate voiced, but Daekian overruled his objections, "If we don't raise the shields we're dead! Do it now!" Outside, those in close proximity could feel their hair raise as the airship's shields powered up with a warbling hum. A belch of fire erupted from the barrel of the Tower of Skulls as it fired an infernal projectile that hurtled across the battlefield with the power of a thousand damned souls behind it and slammed straight into the frigate's void shielding, and all on the Force Majeure vessel felt the impact rattle their bones. Flaming pieces of shrapnel rained down, catching one Guardian on fire. The return fire of the vessel redirected itself back onto the beastmen army, but the damage was done. Without the brilliant lance flashes of its energy weaponry, they rushed the position being held by the Custode Militant in greater numbers. James grit his teeth. They would just have to die in greater droves then! His keen eyes detected a figure leading the way ahead of the daemon engine. A beastman of greater size then the rest, over ten feet of bronzed muscle, with horns and a bullish face, wielding a eight-tailed flail in one hand and a horn in the other, bellowing exultations to the horde. There was a crimson aura about the creature, more than visible thanks to an artificer machine on its back. The aura seemed to swell with the blood-thirst of the horde, which was fueled by the monstrous leader's war cries, and this in turn fed the shimmering shield of the Tower of Skulls, a cycle of death. "Out of my way" the Daemonslayer snarled. As a throng of bestial bodies loped toward him, the flames upon his blade burned ever brighter. James channeled his formidable aura through it, and swept it forth, unleashing a devastating wave of sacred fire that charred the earth and reduced anything caught in its path into scorched ruin. A brief respite was earned as he then sought out the monk. Getting his attention, the Daemonslayer pointed out the leader of the beastmen as updates chattered in from the officers aboard the Imperator Bellum. "I do! We need to slay that creature! That machine on its back, its drawing upon the horde and shielding the Tower! Take it down and the frigate can rip that thing apart!"
  11. @SweetCyanide I'm probably not gonna download any genderbent skins, so I put in Tommy for now as a Hellion 😃
  12. Can you gimme a profile for both? I'll see if I can pick a palette resembling them xD
  13. I'll be willing to judge, given my familiarity with the style of tournament you want
  14. Fierach

    General chat thread

    We could use a Valucre Wrestling League
  15. Alright ladies and germs. I am going to continue (or start) a brand new Darkest Dungeon game, because I haven’t played that since the Shieldbreaker and the Color of Madness came out. Incidentally, I’m going to start naming all this cannon fodd- er, I mean noble sacrifice-, sorry, brave adventurers I’m sending into the dungeons. Therefore, I’d like you all to throw your character’s names into the hats for consideration! Don’t worry, I’m actually quite good at the game, so you guys won’t die horrific deaths… too often anyway! –evil laughter- So pick a class (or custom class, since I’m playing with mods now, but be aware space for them is quite limited), and have the name of the character you want represented. List of Classes: (and sacrifices) The Crusader: A stalwart frontliner, he has both a strong sword arm and righteous fury. Reynauld, Fidelitas, Eshara The Highwayman: A thug, a thief, a skilled duelist, with dirk or flintlock he kills his enemy. Dismas, Jinsoku The Bounty Hunter: An efficient executioner, a competent tracker, he is always ready for battle. Teddy, Ebris The Plague Doctor: The best place to learn medicine is the battlefield, using her toxic plagues and healing vapors. The Vestal: A sister of battle, with holy light and divine condemnations. Shishidlean, Risa The Abomination: A cursed existence, a man trying to keep the monstrous beast within at bay. Ragnar The Antiquarian: She is a scholar, researcher, and archaeologist, she can see what others can’t. Kalmuli The Arbalest: Definitive backline fighter, an anchor with her powerful crossbow and support abilities. Jorahel The Houndmaster: A lawman working outside the law, bringing justice with the help of his faithful beast. The Jester: Deadlier then any bard, a performer to the last, he wishes for his final performance. Leontias The Leper: Adversity and existence are the same to him, felling foes at the end of his executioner’s blade. The Grave Robber: A fallen noble’s daughter, she prefers the glint of gold and dagger point, a nimble rogue. Capria The Man-at-Arms: A veteran of battle, he has survived where others have not with shield and mace Corvinus, Seigfreid The Occultist: There are some things should not be known, there are those who study that lore and turns them upon their mad creators. Senvarin The Flagellant: A madman, he seeks martyrdom, blood drawn by his flail, from him, or his enemy The Hellion: Death or honor, with glaive in hand, the barbarian princess seeks both at the fore of battle Tommy The Shieldbreaker: Deadly as a viper with her spear and shield, she hails from the shifting sands, pursued by her dreams. The Musketeer: A markswoman of renown, she seeks a new challenge and new targets. Alexa List of Custom Classes: The Falconer: A defected criminal, she now hunts her former kind with the aid of her hawk. Available! Khalan The Thrall: N/A The Cataphract: Adept in the front lines or as support, he fights with his spear, and calls upon the spirits of his fell horse, . Available! The Lamia: Viviana The Wraith: Tenkai The Acolyte of the Sun: N/A The Omen Seeker: Rou The Abysswalker: Tenris, Azytzeen The Dragonslayer: James
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