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  1. Okay. General call. Would anybody like a 1 week extension to your bout? Both fighters must agree of course.
  2. HEY -- I loved the post! Do you have any particular desire for where you want it to go? Or do you just want us to shove off now out of the thread somewhere else. xD

  3. @The Hummingbird @Pasion Pasiva He was a Guardian of the Order of Force Majeure, a superb combatant, elite amongst warriors and hero of the people. Or so he liked to imagine. Only being a Guardian was true, and though he was one of the vaunted Custodes Militant, the paramilitary support for the Knights of the Force Majeure, his true posting was more akin to that of a rank and file grunt. With hard work, training, and diligence he might actually become a great soldier, maybe even make Captain to his peers one day, but as of yet his future was fluid, his task thankless if necessary, and he could only look forward to the glories that may yet come. At least he looked good in his armor. Women loved a man in armor... and speaking of women... He was one among several Guardians tasked to oversee this fight in the underground arena, to make sure there was no foul play in the match, or from the crowd, and to monitor for perhaps other such unsavory activity. Out of the corner of his eye he spied a woman, who seemed to be being manhandled by some ruffian. His eyes narrowed underneath his helm, and he sent a quick coded message to his colleagues over their communication systems with his intentions. The soldier approached the two. She was a comely looking woman, dressed more plainly then the gentleman accosting her, who seemed to have all the bearing of an arrogant nobleman. The upper class preying upon the lower class? Typical. The soldier frowned under his helmet, a stray thought running wild about slapping the uncouth nobleman with a gauntleted fist and carrying the woman off in the manner that befitted a conquering hero. No. He was a Guardian. He would be professional. "Is everything alright here?" he stated softly, but firmly, coming to attention before the two, planting his halberd before him as he stood at ease. "Is he bothering you, miss?"
  4. Full disclaimer of course, as Thotification mentioned, a certain character of mine makes use of antimagic (more broadly defined as anti-supernatural really). He has a sword and grenades that can exert antimagic influences. For him it is a weapon, a tool to use against opponents who are extremely powerful magically in comparison to he is. It is a two-edged sword, because his own powers would be dampened in the process of using the antimagic.
  5. It does boil down to context, and I think we are envisioning different definitions of anti-magic. To use a past action I've been in, lets say an enemy used magical fire on me. If I had some sort of antimagic, I could nullify, or compromise the effects of the attack so that it doesn't hurt me (or doesn't hurt as much, I usually opt for "resistance" over "immunity"). If I had similar powers that granted me fire resistance, I can also nullify or compromise the effects of the attack, albeit in a somewhat different manner. Badly written, both can be "no u". To use Arashi's character for example, some characters have different magic/energy/supernatural-energy-name-of-choice-insert here systems. Lets say somebody devised an antimagic system that targeted more traditional magic users who rely on mana. Yes, Arashi would not be as affected, if at all. What if another antimagic system was devised that targeted those who used spiritual energy and auras? That would surely be effective. To be, its sort of like, if I had a sword. Sword’s nice. Kill plenty of people with it. Except there’s this guy who wears well-crafted, fluted plate armor that’s all but impenetrable to the sword. So instead of the sword, I get a mace, or a war hammer. It is more effective against the plate armor. I digress. Antimagic is a sort of power. Powers can be extraordinarily varied. And of course, powers can be abused.
  6. I would disagree with that, because I believe powers can inherently just as easily fall into the category of "no u".
  7. @zackrobbman The archer leaned back into her alcove. It wasn’t the best outcome. One of them was sharper than the other and had managed to avoid a crippling hit, but a 50 percent reduction in volume of fire was better than nothing. “One distracted, in the open. Better now then never!” she voxed. “Split!” came the response. The Seekers did. Two of them on the ground leapt to their feet and hauled off in different directions, making sure that any gunfire that might’ve been able to take them down would have to be done in two motions to get both of them, while the archer leaned out of her window again to provide more covering fire. One of the heavy soldiers was wounded, attempting to pick up his weapon again, but he foolishly stood out in the open still. The world slowed for the female Seeker as she brought her breathing under control and took careful aim. She had only two armor-piercing arrows left, each shot would have to count. She planned to put this one straight through the man’s faceplate. And she let loose.
  8. So, what do we get out of surviving this realm? We got +2 sanity or +1 ability charge in the other realm...
  9. Can we dodge or otherwise defend against the dragon fire?
  10. Yhmi claimed them in real life. Truly a harrowing experience.
  11. Fierach

    ... Hi c:

    I mean your post is basically what I would write if I wasn't typing at work on my phone.
  12. Fierach

    ... Hi c:

    I'm not a midwesterner but I have been accused of such from saying howdy too much Howdy. We're all nerds here. You'll fit in just fine.
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