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  1. James Eredas versus New Challenger

    @Mag The rose didn't hurt. There was no gash. It was surprising, but welcome. However, if James hadn't already been braced already for the vampire's impact, the sudden force that acted on the side of his head might've toppled him over. As it was, it threw off his spear thrust. Instead of piercing through Arzada's sternum, it would impale her deeply through the shoulder. In some ways, it was an even better wound then what he was originally attempting, it would hamper the vampire's attempt to use her arm attached to that shoulder. The daemonslayer fought against the force pushing him, even as his right hand let go of his sword and shot upwards, past his head to punch Arzada square in her eternally youthful face. He felt something shatter against his right fist. It was the Earth projectile the vampress had been firing. It was a clever plan, to assault him from multiple angles, but even the best laid plans went awry in battle, falling to a lucky intercept. His spear would keep the vampire pinned and unable to make any overly complex evasive maneuvers. If his armored fist met its target, Arzada would find her world exploding in more ways then one, the daemonslayer expelling a concentrated, point-blank blast of sacred flame from his hand at impact, effectively double-tapping her face with a single strike.
  2. James Eredas versus New Challenger

    @Mag The vampire heiress was even able to immediately redirect herself despite her plummet through the air. It was all James could do to brace himself and bring his sword up, as if to run her through whilst she sailed down, bringing down her rose staff at him. It would not be enough as she demonstrated her great strength and reflexes, gripping the edge of the Rending Blade and forcing it out of the way. So James just had to be trickier. Pressing a button, and thrusting the baton in his left hand forward, the object extended itself into its full length, revealing over five feet of solid black spear plunging straight into Azrada's unguarded sternum. James would trade that as the elongated rose came down on his head, opening a nasty gash down his cheek from the sheer speed of the makeshift weapon. It was a small price to pay to impale his foe, keeping her from simply landing on him. Fury was the wordless mask on his face as he was forced back anyway from her momentum... until he suddenly gave way and rolled onto his back. He brought up his right leg, and leveraging that and the spear, he hefted the (quite frankly, relatively light) vampress over him to unceremoniously dump her on the ground some distance away. It was a rough, bastardized version of the traditional judo tomoe nage throw, but it'd do.
  3. James Eredas versus New Challenger

    @Mag The first thing he did, was wipe the blood, dirt, and grime from his face. The vampire's particle cloud did superficial damage to him, but blood was blood, and it would hamper his ability to see if he didn't clean it off. Observing his opponent climb into the sky, it seemed as if the vampire could walk on air. That would prove troublesome. She already had greater base speed then he did. In fact, she had many advantages over him. James drew his sword with his right hand, and with his left, he reached into his jacket and pulled out a large baton-like object. His longsword, the Rending Blade, sprung alight with a dull blue sheen the moment he unsheathed it, marking him clearly under the moonlit sky. He took a deep breathe and steadied himself. The ground cracked next, as he channeled his aura through himself, empowering himself. It was a common enough feat amongst martial artists, making use of their spiritual energy to bolster their physical form, and utterly necessary to engage in melee combat with a vampire. He wasn't about to block an opponent in freefall however. Lunging forward, he dashed into a roll on his shoulder, expertly coming back up some nine feet away to face Arzada as she presumably landed where he had been standing. No doubt she was ready for that however, given what agility he had seen of her so far.
  4. James Eredas versus New Challenger

    @Teyler As the match ended, and the false James withdrew his blade from his opponent's corpse, he faded away, returning to the nothing from which he came. The god who created this shadow of James as his pawn for this scenario claimed victory. It was a fleeting victory to be sure, when compared to the permanence of the deities that be, but they entertained themselves however they liked. They passed their goals and ideas to mortals in whispers and dreams, a stray thought nestled into the back of one's head, or a sudden inspiration with divine origin. Sometimes the mortals, their favored board pieces heeded them... and sometimes... well... --- James turned in bed, getting more comfortable. He was unshaken by the bloody dream that came to visit him in his sleep. His subconscious would make note of it, file it away for reference if it was really needed, but there was no need to wake the whole machine for a minor glitch in the system. It was just another day.
  5. James Eredas versus New Challenger

    @Mag The vampire's mastery of her telekinetic powers exceeded what he had previously even thought. As he landed from dodging the cube, it exploded into a cloud of dust, chasing him, no doubt thanks to her influence. He closed his eyes, shut his mouth to stave off the worst of it, although worst was strictly subjective at this point. He was cut in a hundred places on his exposed skin, to say nothing of the heavy cosmetic damage his clothing would suffer. He was not able to see her coming, but he knew that she was. He had that hunter's instinct as well, and if it were him, he would be coming. If Signy had labored under the impairment of vision all her life, James labored under all of his, inferior mortal senses, and developed a sixth sense, beyond instinct. He crossed his arms up in a defensive stance as she closed in, and right before she was on top of him, James threw out his arms with a roar, unleashing a powerful wave of flame off his body in all directions. Short-ranged, it was an effective, if draining defense, and would solidly obliterate the dust cloud around him, and throw Arzada back, the woman being caught squarely not in just the flash-fire itself, but the outwardly rolling dust explosion she unwittingly created. His flame would be anathema to the vampire to boot. The members of the Eredas clan have been slayers for thousands of years thanks to their heritage, the bloodline that allowed them to manifest their aura as sacred flame, supernaturally effective against all unnatural beings. At the very least, it would likely give the vampire heiress pause.
  6. James Eredas versus New Challenger

    "Caring and admiring are not inseparable" He didn't answer when she spoke about bravery however. He was not brave. To be brave meant to be able to overcome fear, to do what frightened one. James had no fear, none that the vampire could taste in the air. It meant that he was more broken then the vampire even knew. "Earth magic?" James thought, when Arzada levitated the block of soil? "No that's not it" When she crushed the earth to a small cube, and shot it at him, James deduced that the vampire actually possessed telekinetic powers. He threw himself to the side, dodging the stone projectile with quite some space to spare thanks to the distance between the two, and glanced back to make sure it wasn't homing or being redirected to come back after him. His left hand went to grip his sword's sheath, his thumb digging into the place where the guard met the scabbard. His gaze returned to the vampire, more heated now. Only the eldest, most powerful vampires possessed telekinesis, so she must've been an ancient and old creature indeed, completely at odds with her youthful and pristine appearance. No doubt she had other advantages as well; speed, raw strength, and other powers unknowable. James drew upon his own power, welling forth his aura, a soundless scream. Arzada would be able to see the minor details, his muscles tensing, the veins standing out in his temple, the very atmosphere around him seemingly thickening as he prepared to fight the vampire on slightly more level terms.
  7. James Eredas versus New Challenger

    @Mag Perhaps it was fate that drew him to the Inevitable, although James was a man whom knew the end always came. He even raced toward it at times. For now though, he walked; slow, deliberate steps with no sound despite his war gear. Yet she would know he was coming, even without her enhanced senses. The daemonslayer had a presence to him that was unmistakable, and though he might be as light-footed as a demigod, he hid little else. He was handsome, the man the approached Arzada. The strength of youth was reflected in his eyes, the temper of experience in his smile, and yet, there was a certain mayhem to him that told her he knew exactly what she was, where they were, and why they were here, and that he looked forward to it. James was dressed in a similar fashion to Arzada, that is to say, not exactly what one would usually picture for battle. A rather tough-looking, but fashionable jacket clung to his muscled form, pants, and steel-toed boots filled out his wardrobe. A longsword with winged handguards sheathed at his side, and as he paused over a dozen paces from the woman, unbuttoning the front of his jacket, hints of a further arsenal within could be seen, a sheathed knife, and a blackened rod. "Vampire" he greeted softly, reaching behind him to unclasp one more part of his arsenal from his waist, and put it on, a pair of silver and black reinforced gloves, clearly armored and custom designed. "It is quite beautiful out tonight"
  8. James Eredas versus New Challenger

    @Teyler Her attack was the purpose of his taunt, seeking to draw out the last vestiges of resistance she possessed. Had she used such an attack earlier, she might've seriously wounded James. While he could block and parry single large projectiles, even bullets, a literal storm of shards would've left him quite shredded. There was no way he could defend against that with just his weapon alone. But now that he had charged his nodachi... James angled his slash before him so he cut the air in a half moon arc, his sword blazing with fire. It created a wall of flame trailing after the blade, shining like so many fireflies in the otherworldly light. It was an effective screen against the hail of needles coming at James now, most of the energy shards intercepted by the particle trail. What did pass through peppered James relentlessly, drawing blood from dozens of pinpricks, but it wasn't enough to stop the daemonslayer. "Kuh! Die!" His energy on Amaterasu spent, he then opted for pursuing Victoria, leveling his nodachi pointed forward at his chest, and running her through the neck with the quickest and simplest of attacks, a thrust.
  9. Goblin Slayer's profile is now complete. Time to make him and his cohorts permanent NPCs in the Tavern of Legend, and host level 0-1 quests for goblin slaying for new PCs. Fighting goblins or giant rats is part of newbie adventurer tradition after all. Muahahaha~
  10. Goblin Slayer

    Goblin Slayer's Allies: "... Goblin Slayer has friends?" -some random adventurer, on Goblin Slayer's social life Priestess: "Protect, heal, save" -Priestess, on her purpose A young rookie adventurer, she first set out with another band of rookie adventurers on a quest to hunt a goblin nest. When the quest went horrifically wrong, she was saved by Goblin Slayer, and has since accompanied Goblin Slayer ever since. Described as both a fragile, yet plucky girl, she has since grown from a naïve fledging into one of Goblin Slayer's most reliable allies, pragmatic, level-handed, and capable of using her Miracles for offense, as well as defense and healing. High Elf Archer: "Ignorance is bliss, for learning is the highest joy" -High Elf Archer, talking about her reason for adventuring A silver ranked adventurer who left her elven home to explore what the outside world is like, and came to the Guild in search of Goblin Slayer along with the Dwarf Shaman and Lizard Priest to ask for his assistance to stop the goblins threatening their lands. She is young by elven standards, and is quite naïve to the outside world, having lived a sheltered life despite her centuries of age. Despite often being exasperated by Goblin Slayer's antics, she nevertheless holds him in high regard and works often to try and rehabilitate him into a more functional being. Dwarf Shaman: "Before they're polished, jewels and precious metals all look like rocks. No dwarf would judge a thing by its appearance alone" -Dwarf Shaman, studying rocks A silver ranked adventurer who desires to sample the world's cuisine, and came to the Guild in search of Goblin Slayer along with the High Elf Archer and Lizard Priest to ask for his assistance to stop the goblins threatening their lands. Although he does keep an axe on hand for combat, Dwarf Shaman prefers to use spells, fighting with an affinity for earth-based magic. He is an older, stalwart and very experienced member of Goblin Slayer's party, and enjoys engaging in spars of wit with High Elf Archer. Lizardman Priest: "A Naga does not run" -Lizardman Priest, facing an Ogre A silver ranked adventurer who wants to earn the experience to become a high-ranking Naga, and came to the Guild in search of Goblin Slayer along with the Dwarf Shaman and High Elf Archer to ask for his assistance to stop the goblins threatening their lands. A strong and competent frontline fighter, he is also capable of casting draconic magicks and healing spells. He is very pleasant and soft-spoken despite his intimidating size and visage, and often takes it upon himself to ensure High Elf Archer and Dwarf Shaman's verbal spats don't get out of hand. Cow Girl: "The only things that matter to her are the weather, the animals, the crops...and him." -Cow Girl's Uncle, on Cow Girl's motivations Goblin Slayer's close childhood friend, and only other surviving member of their village. She lives and works on her uncle's farm, where Goblin Slayer also stays. Obviously in love with Goblin Slayer, yet she is never able to properly confess her feelings to him, knowing that it would be a futile effort. Regardless, she cares for him deeply, and provides some measure of a stable relationship for him, being the subject of Goblin Slayer's concerns when it comes to her safety and well-being, and represents a home and peaceful life for him to return to. Guild Girl: "How can you go adventuring without pen and paper? " -Guild Girl, admonishing a rookie adventurer A young woman who works in the Adventurer's Guild office and hands out contracts to adventurers. She is concerned with the many villages pleading for help against goblins and exasperated at how few experienced adventurers are willing to take the jobs, leaving inexperienced rookies to possibly die from them. She is greatly enamored with Goblin Slayer, due to him being willing to take the many goblin contracts the others won't touch.
  11. Finding Rocks

    @Gaheris Down the roads of the Cold South, James Eredas traveled, roughly following the landmarks of a geography map. He had procured this map from a local miner in Shrine City, parting with a few coins, and some advice. There were a number of small mines around Shrine City, but James recalled the smith's words, remembering that it was less an actual mine and more of a cave. It helped him mark a few locations off as less likely, and today James would venture forth to the locale that seemed to have the most concentration of caves. It would be a short while before he reached that a mountainous area however, so he whiled away the time reading an abridged history book of the lands he was in. Hopefully nothing attempted to ambush a lone wanderer like him. Well, he wouldn't mind the entertainment.
  12. [Baaj Island] The Golden Coronation

    At the sound of somebody addressing her, Risa turned around... into the mid section of a woman much taller then her. It might seem comedic any onlooker as the sorceress craned her neck up look up at Titian, both hands occupied by skewers of grilled shrimp and seafood, whilst still chewing on the succulent delights she had previously sampled. After a moment's more chewing, and then with an audible gulping, she would reply to the other lady. "Quite a few I think, but none quite so imposing as you. How tall are you? 8 feet? 9 feet?"
  13. James Eredas versus New Challenger

    @Teyler Even if James didn't continue the fight, it wouldn't take long for her to weaken and bleed out from an injury like that one. To be honest, he hadn't expected the deepness of the cut himself. Not being able to feel pain seemed like both a blessing and a curse. Despite her injury however, James wouldn't take it easier on her any bit. In fact, as his nodachi burst into flame, it looked as if he treated her as an even deadlier opponent. After all, old adages such as the one about cornered beasts came about for a reason. He spoke for the first time in the match however, his words as arrogant as ever, perhaps downplaying the level of his focus toward the fight. "Don't tell me that's all you got" Or maybe perhaps James knew that it was best to keep an opponent on the back foot mentally as well as physically. Perhaps he could bait out some last ditch attack. After all, a clean shot would do more damage to him then it would to her, since he was practically unarmored in comparison.
  14. James Eredas versus New Challenger

    @Teyler Victoria's powers and weapons were unique. Being versatile and capable of handling everything was an excellent advantage in battle. James was more specialized; he was deadlier close in with his nodachi, hand-to-hand skills, and larger physique. If his opponent could calm down and use her head, she could play keep away and wear him down over time, taking advantage of the fact that he had no true ranged weapons or abilities to deal with the woman. Now that his technique was prepared, James would not give Tori a moment's more respite to turn the momentum of the fight around. "Tsubame Gaeshi" the daemonslayer intoned in his mind, his expression a mask of wrathful serenity. Of all the sword strokes throughout the ages, the Tsubame Gaeshi, or Swallow Return, was one of the most famed. Many swordsmen and women have tried to replicate it, and James's variation likely came the closest to the original. In essence it was merely two strikes, the first one curving down from (his) left to right, with the second strike almost instantaneous in follow-up to the upper right, the whole technique forming a distinctive "V" shape. As James lunged forth to execute the strike, the first slash intending on cleaving through Tori's spear, and the second up through her side. The strike had three key elements to it: Reach, thanks not only to Amaterasu's natural length, but also James's height, being at least five or so inches taller than his opponent. The angle at which the sword would come in would also catch more simple dodges to the sides, and the last time somebody attempted to jump over it, they lost their legs. Speed, the technique being a result of unyielding drive and ceaseless training, executing the blow over and over until all hesitations and inefficiencies were eliminated, leaving the two strikes that seemed almost as one. Power, the weight of the nodachi combined with James's two-handed strength, twisting his body into the strike, to bring the nodachi arcing down from overhead and transfer that power immediately into the second slash. If Tori could not find a way to otherwise stop or avoid this attack, she would likely be mortally wounded. It was not something she and her energy lance could take head on.
  15. XCOM 2: Victims Required

    As a matter of fact, I do have a Reaper. She will be renamed.