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  1. Come at me...

    Clearly we should just have a battle royale.
  2. Come at me...

    Sollie seems like the best fit. Go ahead and quote or @ me in your post. I'll likely be using a toned down version of James.
  3. Come at me...

    Sure. My thread or yours? Also, rules?
  4. Come at me...

    I was tagged. I assume something needs its ass beat?
  5. Mapping the Depths

    @Grapple Fiend @Off Topic @Cheezeegriff @-Lilium- @Twitterpated @HollowCipher
  6. Dancing with Devils

    Damian was quite resilient to have been able to take a hit like that, but James was no amateur when it came to vampires. The jagged piece of wood left in James's hand, the remnants of the chair, was all that he really needed to finish the job. "No he wont, you will die before he gets to m-!" Wasting not a single second, James dashed after the vampire's tumbling form to interpose himself between his prey and the vampire's recall, and lashed out, one arm out to push Jay away, the other to ram the length of wood straight into the vampire's heart, good enough as a makeshift stake. Damian far underestimated the Slayer's abilities, for they could not possibly be called anywhere like that of an ordinary human. In that way, he was quite similar to Jay, a monster, a man who some called the Demonslaying Demon. "Dogshit doesn't speak", he reminded the vampire of his place in the world with the mayhem manifest in his eyes.
  7. Dancing with Devils

    "Very well" In the brief moment of hesitation from Jay, James wedged his feet under the table before him. As Jay lashed forth, the Slayer flung the entirety of the table at her, to catch her from below, mid-kick. She was strong, but still only possessed the mass that one might expect of a physical fit female warrior, and while the piece of furniture would not bar her path long, it would knock her away and bar her path just long enough. Just long enough as James lunged from his seat at the vampire. He didn't even bother to draw any of his weapons, instead pulling behind him the chair he had just been sitting on, armrest gripped in his hands, and he swung it around with brutal force to club Damian into the bar's walls.
  8. Blood & Steel

    James studied the diverging pathways, first bending down to light the ground, and see if there were any fresh footprints headed in either path, then he closed his eyes, and reached out with his aura sense, seeking the direction of a stronger, or stranger emanation, if there was one. If there was any distinct sound, that would help too in making a decision. "Coin might be good, but first let us make sure nothing can come up the un-ventured path and ambush us" The lengths at which James went to ensure this however, might leave a few eyebrows raised. Cutting a length off the rope he had brought along, James then retrieved a grenade from within his pack, one of two that he carried along, and created a very simple, yet effective trap. "Do try to remember that we have it here" he added dryly.
  9. Dancing with Devils

    James maintained the thin veneer of politeness, for now. Provoking the daemonslayer was a most foolish endeavor, because it didn't matter if he acted first, he would always act last as well. "It looks like you have her well-trained. Even animals know their place... but you? You are less than that" the last line was ground out amidst intense eyes that spoke of impending murder. His posture relaxed in his chair though. James seemed completely unthreatened physically by Jay gearing up for battle before him. "You're right though, I am new here. You are not new to me however." he cocked his head, looking the vampire up and down with an almost lazy sort of ease, "New blood, by most standards, I'm guessing you left your coterie early, likely lost a power struggle, and wanted to establish yourself elsewhere. Perhaps spent some time in the cells even, but less than you would claim, and ventured on minor scores until you got a lucky break. What are you now though? A petty thief with delusions of standing? Sad little king of a sad little hill." He smiled toothily, and there was no mistaking the malice in his bared fangs. "You have a choice, vampire. Either you give the man an extension on the money he owes, and medical treatment for the pain you have inflicted... or if you sic your dog on me, I will churn you into dogshit." It was most definitely not an apology.
  10. What is your favorite starship?

    My two absolute favorite starships are: Light Capital Class S-25 Starbridge, and its numerous variants, from Escape Velocity Nova SSV Normaandy SR-2 from Mass Effect 2 and 3
  11. What is your favorite starship?

    What is your favorite starship across all of fiction? Fighter? Capital Ship? Cruiser? You can have multiple favorites, but all entries must come with pictures, or else.
  12. Dancing with Devils

    James watched her shuffle away, his expression curiously neutral. It didn't seem like a joke. The look in his eyes hardened as he observed the business of the other individuals around him, particularly as he noticed the true purpose of the collar that Jay wore. Slavery wasn't that common around these parts, with less offensive terms such as "indentured servitude" preferred, but it still existed in the back alleys and in the underground. He grasped the rest of the details relatively quickly, just a loan shark recovering his cash. Still, the whole action rubbed him the wrong way, and he acted. His voice flooded through the room like nails on a chalkboard, his tone altered, barely suppressing an undercurrent of rage. "I think you should reconsider that, sir". Even without being called directly, the vampire would know that he was the addressee. "As the saying goes, you catch more flies with honey then with vinegar. Hurting this man would not be conducive to your future income" James added sternly, as if he were a professor and the vampire an errant schoolboy. He sometimes liked to get involved in the business of others.
  13. Mapping the Depths

    Before long, the party would reach the entrance to the cave. The ground gave way to a large hole in the side of a cliff, and a preliminary check of it indicated that it seemed to descend rapidly. With nothing to it, James unwrapped one torch from his pack, the device springing to life with a warm, orange flame after he cupped the oil-soaked head, and held it forth to light the way. Kneeling down, the Daemonslayer examined the soil around the entrance to the cavern. There didn't seem to be much disturbance, and nothing in the way of human-looking tracks. Perhaps the cave was unused by humans since the last scouting force, or small army that had supposedly trampled through this way. The inside did show signs of past habitation though. The entrance chamber a dozen meters after entering was large, and there was rusted, discarded gear and debris about; wood, torn canvas, whetstone and blackened pits, the remnants of an abandoned war camp. A foul smell assailed the party as well, coming from a narrow crevice far off to one side of the chamber, as if it were a cesspool gone stale. For his part, James wrinkled his nose and shied away from it, lighting more of the cavern instead. The walls were far too smooth and there was a steady-looking path that looked far too deliberate to have been crafted by natural means, no doubt carved out by mortal hands. It led around the edges of the cave, going higher, before seeming to drop off further into the depths. The place seemed abandoned enough.
  14. Dancing with Devils

    "A mug of ale, and something hearty to go with. Steak and fries?" he replied evenly, looking up as the cursed woman approached him. He was far too perceptive to have not noted the way she sat and blocked his view of another man. Somebody important perhaps? Not really his concern, unless they were doing something incredibly evil at the moment, and it certainly didn't seem so. Besides, he didn't hold it against her. People had reason to be on edge when he was around. He took in her appearance. She appeared taken-care of, if not exactly happy. The smile didn't reach her eyes. The garb was a bit provocative, but it was nothing that didn't really fit his original impression of Ms. Bourne. His own gaze flickered to the walls, where a picture with her likeness hung. "So, a goddess of pain, and barmaid at the same time?" James queried. @Dark Silver