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  1. The Bellines? They sound interesting. They should meet my clan of demon hunters, the Eredas, and swap notes or something. Also your photobucket's not working.
  2. Tenkai! Its coming true! Fight two bosses at once! (Injoke)
  3. Skills: Spell List Classification: Sorcerer “A sorcerer is a natural spell caster who gains the ability to use magic without formal study. Unlike a wizard a sorcerer does not have to spend hours in study to leam to cast magic they get this ability with rest and reflection. But the path of a sorcerer is not perfect.” Risa has incredible reserves of magical energy and the natural talent to tap into and wield them. Her mana manifests as arcane energy, an extremely basic and raw form of magical energy, possessing much raw power and potential. Risa then can choose to wield the arcane energy directly, or use her natural talent as a sorcerer to mold it into one of a great variety of spells. Risa's spells fall under the following categories: Abjuration: Abjuration spells are usually used to shield the user from magical, or physical harm. Conjuration: Conjuration spells are designed to create objects or summon creatures using raw magical energy as the fuel. Transmutation: These spells are designed to transform the recipient, either subtly or obviously. Enchantment: Enchantment spells involving gaining control over another creature, or imbuing a recipient with special properties. Evocation: These are spells that manipulate energy or create something from nothing. Divination: Divination spells are capable of looking forward in time to anticipate what will happen next. Although mostly useful for gathering information, several divine spells help the caster in combat situations. Illusion: Illusion spells alter perception, the most common of which is the ability to go invisible. With the following subcategories within if applicable: Creation: The arcane energy is molded into white energy, capable of being used in healing spells and the like. This positive energy is also required to create or conjure objects or creatures. Spirit: The arcane energy is largely unchanged, and is used as the fuel or the catalyst. Spirit spells have the highest potential to be the most powerful due to the raw energy inherent in them, if more limited in their use. Primal: The arcane energy is molded into a power representing an element, be it that of fire, water, earth, lightning, air, or otherwise. Entropy: The arcane energy is molded into black, or death energy. Often used in necromancy or decay spells. Risa's arcane energy loses a portion of its power when molded into anything other then a Spirit category spell, making spells of the same power relatively weaker. Risa possesses 30 mana at the start of battle, and this amount does not recharge during a fight. Risa uses one spell per post, with all mana required for said spell. Basic spells cost 1 mana to use. Creation, Primal, and Entropy Spells cost another 1 on top of that. Abjuration: One of Risa's most commonly used spell branches. Despite having knowledge of a wide variety of abjuration spells, their power is limited, as Risa has never devised or used more powerful versions of them. Abjuration spells do not suffer any special modifiers to mana use. Spirit: Arcane Shield: A basic shield composed of arcane power. It is capable of giving limited damage resistance against all magic spells and physical attacks. More effective against magical attacks. Single-directional coverage. Spirit: Mirror Force: A shield that reflects a single low level magical attack taken back onto the enemy. Single-directional coverage. Primal: Elemental Shield: A slightly more advanced shield composed of an elemental power, granting bonuses of that element, and a defensive advantage when facing that element in combat. Single-directional coverage. Creation: Glyph of Resistance: Creates a large glyph on the ground that increases the magic and mental resistances of friendlies within it. Large area coverage. Creation: Glyph of warding: Creates a large glyph on the ground that allows friendly units to detect stealthed or hidden enemies within it. Large area coverage. Entropy: Negative Shield: A slightly more advanced shield composed of negative energy, granting defensive bonuses against death magic. Single-directional coverage. Creation: Healing Light: A wave of restorative energy, capable of healing wounds, reducing the effects of toxins. Creation: Invigoration: A wave of restorative energy, that restores stamina and reduces fatigue. Conjuration: Another of Risa's most common skill trees. Despite the relative lack of spells, Risa is very skilled with what she has. Conjuration spells require no special modifiers to mana use. Creation: Conjure Weapon: Creates a basic weapon Creation: Conjure Armor: Creates basic armor Primal: Conjure Elemental: Conjures up an elemental and places it under Risa's control. Due to Risa's inexperience. Conjure Elemental does not gain bonuses from Planar Binding or Synchronization yet Spirit: Planar Binding: Allows more powerful weapons, armor, or creatures to be summoned. Saps an extra 1 mana per turn while active. Spirit: Planar Synchronization: Allow even more powerful weapon, armor, or creatures to be summoned. Planar Binding must be active. Replaces Planar Binding, saps an extra 2 mana while active. All Conjuration abilities take 1 extra mana to cast. Planar Binding must be active to maintain conjurations of that tier power. Planar Synchronization must be active to maintain conjurations of that tier power. Risa appears visually distinct when PS is active. Conjuration Effects/Statuses: Weapons/Armor: Basic weapons and armor conjured count as summons and are more vulnerable to magic attacks then normal. They are only durable enough to survive three minor hits, or one heavy hit before breaking and dissolving back into mana. Basic armor include reinforced wooden shields, studded leather, or visors. Basic weapons include wooden staves, and light one-handed weaponry like daggers or batons. Planar Binding: Planar Binding gear are more complicated, and also more resilient then basic gear. Shields and pieces of armor may be made out of metal in their entirety, and weapons go up to medium-sized in their complexity, resulting in the likes of long swords and bows, or hatchets. They are also more durable, capable of surviving up to 5 minor hits, or 2 heavy hits, before breaking and dissolving back into mana. Planar Synchronization: Planar Synchronized gear does not appear like ordinary gear. PS gear appears as if they are made out of pure light, but they possess physical properties like the weaker variations. They are the most durable, capable of surviving up to 7 minor hits, or 3 heavy strikes. Transmutation: Another of Risa's most common skill trees. Despite the relative lack of spells, Risa is very skilled with what she has. Transmutation spells require no special modifiers to mana use. Creation: Alchemy: Using her energy as the fuel, Risa transforms one object into another. Can only be used on inanimate objects. The Law of Conservation is in effect, and the transformed object retains the same overall mass, and material as the object it was made from. Currently castable only on small objects. Spirit: Dispel: Nullifies an opposing enemy spell or nullifies immediate magical effects in an area. Creation: Disguise: Risa can modify aspects of her own appearance with relative ease. This means her hair, her eye color, and her clothes. Enchantment: A relatively unfamiliar spell tree, Risa uses just a few spells in Enchantment. All enchantment spells cost an extra 1 mana on top of existing costs. Spirit: Reinforcement: Strengthens the physical characteristics of the recipient. Entropy: Sleep: Strikes the target with a spell meant to put them to sleep, or to make them sleepy. Spirit: Banishment: Strikes a target with a spell to render them incorporeal for a short amount of time. Incorporeal targets become more susceptible to magical attacks. Highly effective against summoned creatures and objects. Spirit: Silence: This spell muffles a target, or target area temporarily. Spirit: Strengthen Enchantment: Amps up the power of Risa's next enchantment spell. Can be stacked up to three times. Evocation: Risa's primary spell branch. Evocation spells require no special universal modifiers to mana use. Spirit: Arcane Blast: A ball of arcane energy is used offensively against a target, inflicting magical damage and physical force. Spirit: Great Arcane Blast: Spirit: Grand Arcane Beam: An extremely powerful attack. Arcane energy is collected and focused into a beam of devastating power, inflicting massive magical damage and physical force. Spirit: Great Arcane Prison: A restricting enclosure composed of magical energy is formed around a target, inflicting physical and magical damage. Primal: Fireball: An explosive ball of fire is launched at a target. Primal: Great Chain Lightning: A bolt of lightning is thrown at a target. The lightning bolt can arch between up to three targets in close proximity, losing power with each jump. Primal: Great Lightning Bolt: A single, powerful bolt of lightning is called down to strike a target. Primal: Ice Blast: A freezing beam of frost magic is projected at a target. Primal: Great Ice Nova: A short-ranged wave of freezing magic is projected. Primal: Great Petrification: This spell attempts to encase a target in stone and restrict movement. It also renders the target very resistant to physical assault. Primal: Air Vampire: This spell attempts to draw the air out of a single target, to leave them gasping for breathe. Creation: Sunsphere: This ball of energy simulates the sun and produces a steady source of light. Costs 1 extra mana per turn to keep active. Can be destroyed for a blinding attack. Spirit: Mindblast: This spell creates a wave of physical force, and causes a backlash on any telepathic abilities in the area. Spirit: Words of Power: Words of Power is a phrase that needs to be spoken in order to use a single Great level Evocation spell. Words of Power cost an extra 1 mana. Great level spells cost an extra 1 mana to cast. The phrase in Words of Power must be completed. Spirit: Words of Annihilation: Words of Annihilation is a phrase that needs to be spoken in order to use a single Grand level Evocation spell. Words of Annihilation costs an extra 2 mana. Grand level spells cost an extra 2 mana to cast. The phrase in Words of Annihilation must be completed. The effects of Words of Power can be held up three turns before the effect ends. Spells from any other magic branch can be freely cast, but casting a lesser evocation spell will cause the effect to end prematurely. The effects of Words of Annihilation can be held up to three turns before the effect ends. Spells from any other magic branch can be freely cast, including that of the evocation branch, but casting a Great level evocation spell will cause the effect to end prematurely. Risa appears visually distinct when WoA is active. Divination: Risa is very unfamiliar with Divination class spells. All Divination spells cost an extra 2 mana to cast on top of existing costs. Creation: Oracle: Risa gains temporary sight in a distant place, but loses sight wherever she currently is. Illusion: Risa is very unfamiliar with Illusion class spells. All Illusion spells cost an extra 2 mana to cast on top of existing costs. Spirit: Invisibility: Risa renders the recipient nearly invisible to the naked eye. The invisibility is not perfect. Spirit: Changeling: Risa creates an illusion about the recipient, making them look like something else to others. Personality: Risa is a bubbly, and very cheerful young woman, often described as the light in the life of others, shining the way. She is very polite, and loves to make friends, whom she treasures immensely. She has an extremely acute sense of right and wrong, and virtuous morals, which give her an almost unparalleled ability to sense lies and evil intent.
  4. Name: Risa Isawaki Age: 25 Sex: Female Birthday: November 21st Birthplace: Durem City of the world called Gaia Primus Physical Details Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Usually black Height: 5'7 Weight: 120ish pounds Blood Type: AB Race: Metahuman Other Patron Diety: None Martial Status: Single Ethnicity: Japanese Asian Appearance: Risa is a physically attractive young woman of Oriental descent. A former model, she is slim, well-toned, and lithe. Through the use of magic, she can change certain aspects of her appearance instantly, like her hair, but her hair's usually left short. Her dress is often extremely fashionable. Weapons/Armors: When fighting, Risa can magick weapons into being with her powerful magics. Usually however, she wields a powerful magic staff. Spire of Light: Risa's magic staff. The Spire of Light is a five foot long white staff crafted from the wood of an ash tree. The staff helps Risa focus and conduit her magical powers. This translates to a 1 mana reduction in cost of her spells. The cost of her spells cannot be reduced below 2 mana. The Spire of Light is quite sturdy, and more then capable of blocking attacks from conventional weapons.
  5. Clash would find his claws not sinking far at all into the reinforced gloves James wore. He would have to aim farther down on James's arms to find flesh, and if he did that, he'd lack the leverage to try and pry him off and break the slayer's hand. Sensing the holy magic Clash began to call down upon him from the sky, the veteran daemonslayer simply moved in closer to get his center of gravity below Clash, to better hoist him, and use him as a shield against his own magicks. The thunderbolt would strike and knock James away breathlessly... but only after it passed into him from hitting the angel imp himself. Unless the creature found himself supercharged by electric magic, he'd bear the worst of it, being the lightning rod for his own attack.
  6. Good evening. I am Fierach. I will be running an event that I currently dub Castlemania, inspired by this short clip of the Netflix Castlevania anime. It will be a fairly dangerous event. I will be throwing you in harms way often, be it dangerous monsters, tricky situations, or deadly traps. Not that I'm trying to kill you (well, I am), but I'll try not to kill. Do not expect that to mean this event will be easy. The event takes place in another world, don't worry about how you'll get there. It will also many multiple stages, which means yes, you will storm the castle eventually, and go on to fight Not!Dracula, er, I mean the Firstborne. Ultimately, I'm scaling this encounter for a small group of four-six people, with the ability to scale higher should interest be high. I'm also taking people interested in helping play some monsters. Current List of those Interested in being: Good Guys (Mostly) @Tenkai Matsumoto @Roen Current List of those Interested in being: Bad Guys (Completely) @Mag @Diremast === Notes: Alright, inbetween me, Mag, and Diremast, I think Tenkai's gonna have his hands full. Anybody willing to join him and fight evils and save innocent townsfolk?
  7. Rooted like a mountain in his horse stance, James could not dodge. Like the mountain however, he would endure. Crossing his arms up before him in the moment before he was enveloped by flame, the torrent of fire swallowed James up, obscuring him from view from any onlookers. Clash should've recalled their earlier exchange however. As potent as Clash's holy flame was, it possessed less effectiveness, given that the daemonslayer wasn't some undead, or demon, and even less then that given the man's own affinity for flame, the reason why he fell back on simple fisticuffs, and alternate usage of his powers when he saw Clash had similar abilities. The angel imp would find an angry fist stretching out from the torrent, seeking out the source, to grab Clash by the throat and hoist him up into the air. The flames he spewed would slacken then, revealing a smoking, and thoroughly pissed looking James Eredas, his fire-resistant garb having taken the brunt of the torrent and almost all scorched off and left in blackened tatters. The parts of him that were exposed suffered patches of relatively light, first degree burns. If the daemonslayer was successful in hoisting and strangling his opponent, he'd cut loose with a direct punch to the face with his other hand, simple and clean.
  8. Locations: The Bastion The Bastion Located in the City between the Realms, Sigil City, the Bastion is the Order of Force Majeure's headquarters. Over sixty stories of steel, glass, and concrete rise into the Sigil landscape, and the indomitable building is surrounded by fields dotted with auxiliary buildings, dormitories, armories, forges, and storage spots before melding into Sigil itself. Custodes man each of the four entrances to the complex, and although the Bastion seems indefensible at a glance, it is perhaps one of the most well-protected locations possible, for anybody mounting an attack on the Bastion must first acclimate themselves and wind their way through the City of Doors itself, and deal with the various militia, merchant guards, magic guild sentries, Sigil's own Enforcer Guards, as well as the various heroes and villains who may call the city home. The Bastion's location is also uniquely suited for the Order. The portals in Sigil and easy travel they grant allow Knights to quickly reach any number of worlds across the multiverse, allowing even a small number of Order representatives to have tremendous influence. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The Keep: The HQ complex itself is referred to as the Bastion, but the central building is more often referred to as the Keep by Order personnel. Knight's Quarters Located within the Bastion, quarters for Knights are simple, but comfortable large suites in the Western and Eastern Wings of the Keep. All of the suites consist of four rooms, a living room, a bed room, a small, but full-utility bathroom, and an empty room to do with as the owner pleases. The rooms are highly modular, and there is ample space in the Western Wing to carve out additional rooms for each suite or additional suites at a cost. Knights are allowed to claim a suite, although they are not required to claim one. With time, personalization of the suites turn them into magnificent quarters, with many common modifications including personal armories, resonance chambers, libraries, or entertainment areas. Master's Quarters The rooms for Master Knights are simply that of regular knights, made extravagant over time by ownership and upgrades by the owner of the rooms. James's suite, for example, includes a large armory, his main room converted into an office, a combination library and arcane sanctum and a possesses a tech system that taps into the Keep's security network, enabling him to monitor alerts throughout the Bastion. Great Library: The Order (or rather, its Founders) consider the phrase "Knowledge is Power" to be one of the central tenets of the organization. In the central of the Bastion and reaching out to the North Wing, taking up many floors, is the great Library. Containing precious knowledge, both mundane and fantastic from many worlds and realms, the Library is a font of knowledge surpassed only by the more dedicated Sigil Bravot Library, but the Order library is often considered to better for those of a more martial nature. Manuscripts on warfare, entries of magical creatures, and whispers of magic are found everywhere within the Library, and there are many side halls and corridors leading to classrooms where meditation and book learning are often performed. The Library is taken care of by the Chief Librarian and her charges, a large network of Custodes, Initiates, and fellow Knights who understand the importance of information. In the upper levels, there are rooms restricted to all but Master Knights and Knights with the appropriate permissions, filled with lore too forbidden and monstrous for free access. Charnel House: The Charnel House is the name given to the giant, and sophisticated training area, located primarily underground in the giant first sub level underneath the building. In the center is a series of chambers connected by a central hallway in the shape of a cross, most of the Charnel House chambers features gladiator-like pits, whose walls are lined with weapons and doors for opponents to emerge from. The hallmark of the gladiator pits are the specially designed robotic sparring partners. Each robot is designed differently, many with multiple limbs to simulate not a human attacker, but a completely alien entity. These chambers are simply referred to as "The Pits". The heady scent of coppery metal fills the air in the Pits, as blood shed here is rarely cleaned out of respect for the intense training conducted here. Other chambers in the Charnel House feature large galleries not unlike that of a shooting range, but taken much further and turned into entire obstacle courses and mock-ups of battlefields. These chambers are referred to as the "Ranges". In special circumstances, these chambers can be connected for a large scale training operation. The Ranges are also all equipped with special projectors and settings capable of simulating a wide variety of environments and conditions from extremes like an ice world, a deadly humid forest, or even the caverns beneath a volcano. The final and largest chamber Charnel House is a giant gym, with many types of workout equipment, weights, and simple sparring mats. There are partitions present for privacy, as well as several smaller rooms leading from the chamber, all of which are particularly well-shielded from magicks, noise, and other disturbances, allowing peaceful and uninterrupted practice of more arcane arts if necessarily. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Spots of Interest: The Bastion maintains a large armory and forge out on the fields that is primarily overseen by the Forgemaster. They supply and maintain basic weaponry, armor, firearms, and war gear for the Order, and can provide more esoteric and specialized equipment should the need arise. At the top of the Bastion is a large and advanced greenhouse garden. Taking advantage of Sigil's unique day/night cycle, or lack of, the Bastion's garden raises many rare, medicinal, and poisonous plants under careful supervision and care. Notable specimens include blood orchids, assassin vine, gillyweed, and a single black lotus plant. Located on the Bastion grounds are numerous barracks, dormitory rooms for the various members of the Order. Initiates, and Custodes are typically housed in the Barracks. The barracks are divided according to rank, but otherwise are coed with respective showers as well. The barracks feature many tables and chairs, as well as rows of large lockers for personal effects.
  9. Notable Figures (PCs) within the Order: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The Daemonslayer, The Demon Phoenix Fist James Eredas: Status: Active: Master Knight, Co-Founder =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The Empress, The Fujin Ryu, The Psionic Bloodhound Raveena Senaii Hithar’sidd: Status: Active: Knight =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The Babyface, The Raijin Jinsoku Hayabusa: Status: Active: Second =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The Psionic Prodigy Gloria Isabella Ruinen: Status: Excommunicated =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The Sorceress Chef Supreme, The Magic Girl Risa Isawaki: Status: Active: Custode =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  10. ! James saw the foot coming and attempted to flinch away. "Unngh!" Not in time thanks the imp's range increased with the head stand. The heel left a bloody gash on his left temple. If it was over his brow, James might've had blood leaking into an eye. The daemonslayer staggered back and let go of Clash's leg, caught off guard by the strike, and the dull throb of the fresh cut. Immediately James resumed his first stance, before quickly shifting into a horse stance to prepare for his next assault. "Come on then! Is that all you got?" he challenged Clash. He didn't know the imp was preparing an attack, but a man like him was ready for anything, or so he believes.
  11. Notable Figures (NPCs) within the Order: Dithakar Yodasun: (Formerly a PC, played by Gaia Username: Slash Zinrai) Dithakar is the seldom seen co-founder of the Order. An ancient warrior monk, he looks as a man firmly in his late 60s, but possesses a body and constitution of warrior in his prime. His eyes shine with wisdom, and those in his presence often feel calm and soothed, that is, when Dithakar is not in combat. The monk is said to have transcended normal mortal limitations long ago, one of the few to have overcome the internal corruption that could threaten every mortal being. In combat he is an unmatched whirlwind, laying waste with either immortal fist, or through his monk's staff. If pressed for questions on his fellow founder, James Eredas would merely state that he has the greatest respect for Dithakar, and that their fight to determine the true champion of the Grand Tournament was one of the bloodiest, most brutal, and most fun bouts he's ever had. Tenris Stromborne: A giant of a man, Tenris Stromborne was the last survivor of a group of magic knights from another realm before he joined the Order. Nicknamed "the Fell-Handed", he is arguably the strongest man in all of the Order, and is often considered a candidate to become a Master Knight, were it not for his own stoic and reserved nature. He acts as Forgemaster for the Bastion, overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of the Order's armories with the help of his apprentices. In battle, he is a intimidating opponent, wielding his oversized chopping sword Soul-Lio, and bearing heavy plate armor, all enchanted for his special use. What truly makes him terrifying however, is his ample magical ability. Possessing the ability to manipulate and cast spells from arcane, or raw magic energy, allows him such feats as to cast Haste on himself, giving him unsurpassed speed despite his size, weight, and weapon, cast Armor Break, to destabilize and debilitate the strongest of fortifications, or even Dispel enemy magicks before proceeding with a physical beat down. Sheryl Wainwright: The soft-spoken, but proud Sheryl Wainwright is the Order's Chief Librarian. Usually found teaching initiates or categorizing books in the Bastion's Great Library, she is oft admired for her traditional blonde-haired beauty, soft eyes, and pleasant manner. Sheryl's presence radiates calmness, and there always seems to be a gentle breeze around her. Many underestimate her to their peril however, as the unique blend of her mastery over air and her martial arts make her an extremely formidable fighter. With a flick of her wrist, Sheryl can create a torrent of localized tornados, or cutting blades made from air. She has even been seen to fly freely, and there are rumors of blood regents involved in her most powerful abilities, to say nothing of the cutting power of her keen mind. Mark Kang: Cynical, competitive, and absurdly confident, Mark Kang is the Order's leading Craftsman, a student of the Hidden Schools who specialized in law. That is to say, laws of the universe and of the multiverse. Whether be it trapping a nature goddess in a contradiction, doing pro-bono work to free a demon in an unfair work contract, or simply besting you at cards, Mark Kang could never be said to be a boring man. Not a fighter, strictly speaking, he and other Craftspeople in the Order's employ provide legal representation and add political clout to the organization, combining peerless minds with a dash of soul manipulation, the result of the dark necromantic art known as the Craft. Instead of enchanted armor, and master-crafted weapons, his preferred arsenal was that of a well-pressed suit and tie, mortar and pestle, and a copy of the Codex Necronomicon: Volume V: Voidspace Boogaloo, from the Great Library. All of that along with the trademark silvery contract knife every Craftsperson possesses makes them the most powerful and influential people in all of the Order. Not that Mark feels that way of course. He still has to pay his student loans in soul stuff.
  12. A roundhouse kick, even in the best of situations was a heavy risk, heavy reward maneuver. Attempted while not looking out for a counter, it bordered on reckless. James snapped up his left arm, and absorbed the blow directly, a look of pain twisting his handsome features. Had the kick landed cleanly, he might've been knocked out. Hell, a lesser man might've had their arm broken just from blocking it. But James Eredas was no lesser man. He was daemonslayer. Clash wouldn't be able to attempt the head butt as the young warrior bent his left arm outwards to snake around the imp's calf, and he brought his other hand in to assist in grasping and holding him tight by the lower leg. Roaring and displaying his strength, James would pull the angel imp off his footing and slam him into the ground, attempting to put him face first into the dirt. Feathers and all else be damned, Clash would be hard pressed to ward off this kind of attack!
  13. Quotations Attributed to James Eredas: "Gods and goddesses can be respected, but never relied upon" "What is the terror of Death? That we die, our work incomplete. What is the joy of Life? That we die, knowing our task is done" "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty" "All things being circular, we shall meet again. If either of our times are to come before then, there is always next time" "No Gods or Kings, only Man!" "Question everything, even yourself. But do not doubt. A bad decision is always better than no decision." "Know your opponent. Know yourself. Know how to create, and you will know how to destroy. Know how to cherish life, and you will learn how to take it." "Give me whatever I desire, daemon? You haven't the power or imagination give me what I desire" "They say a man is measured by the worth of his enemies. That is why I let you live. Come kill me again anytime"
  14. That Order of yours could be a strong ally with the Kadian Empire and the Corvinite Ecclesiarchy.

    1. Fierach


      I'll take a looksie.

    2. Fierach


      I don't think they'll mesh quite well. While the Order definitely does have its inspirations include that of WH40k's Inquisition, there's also plenty of Grey Warden, and the Jedi Order influence. A vast majority of Knights are also metahumans, technically mutants. 

    3. Alexei


      Fair enough. Warhammer is a definite influence though it is a mixture of the Great Crusade and post Horus Heresy eras. Then of course there is ibfluence from the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodoxy. 

      On the mutant subject it is a matter of degree as psykers and the like are technically mutants. This even includes the Transhuman soldiers. 

  15. Hierarchy: Custodes of the Order The Custodes: The myriad of support staff, guards, cooks, clerks, janitors, custodians, and other people carrying out mundane, but important tasks to the Order are known as Custodes. They make up the great majority of most Order personnel at all of the sites they have a presence in. The more militant Custodes are referred to by the title of their position. All Custodes are usually universally overseen by a Captain of the Custodes, or by a Knight with the title Head of the Custodes. Guardians: Guardians are the front line, and the face of the Custodes. They are well-trained and drilled soldiers, proud and resilient, armed with versatile poleaxes and powerful shotguns for defense of Order facilities. Clad in head to toe in plate armor, Guardians often work in teams of four to promote cooperation. Often a test for Seconds and Initiates is to defeat a team of Guardians, but more often then not, the Guardians win thanks to their superior teamwork and capable weaponry. Teams of Guardians may be requested by Knights, often as escort work when visiting foreign governments as dignitaries. Seekers: Although Guardians and Seekers are of technically the same rank, the word of a Seeker is often given more weight, thanks to their more rigorous and intense training and role. Many Seekers were trackers, or hunters in their former professions, and they serve the same role in the Order, as scouts and trackers. Trained in long range weaponry like rifles, crossbows, and bows, as well as stealth, reconnaissance, and close combat, Seekers are the eyes and ears of the Order in lands friendly to them, and deployed to ascertain conditions in lands hostile to them. In pitched battle, rarely do teams of Guardians fight without the watchful eye of a Seeker nearby, picking off targets and warning of threats. Greatswords: The most elite Custodes bear the right of the Greatsword, the right to wear a powerful full-body powered armor often armed with the namesake weapon. Even larger then most ordinary greatswords, the weapon that Greatswords possess are only truly wieldable by the Custodes thanks to the armor. Greatsword armor is powered by a small magetech reactor, and provides full NBC protection. Within the limbs and joints of the armor are myomer fibers and the armor grants increased strength and speed along with durability to its wielder. Often, the Captain of the Custodes is a Greatsword. Greatswords are divided into three aspects: Greatsword Mortis: Mortis suits often have their armor modified to employ more and greater ranged weaponry to devastating effect. Stabilizers and targeting systems built into their armor provide a perfect balance for the Greatsword Mortis Custode within, allowing them to bring destruction at any range. Greatsword Furioso: Furioso suits often have their armored modified to employ more mobility. Jump-jets, stronger myomer fibers, and sturdier joints allow Greatsword Furioso Custodes to wield not one, but two of Greatswords at once, or any other, often specially crafted melee weapon such as a vibroblade. Greatsword Ironclad: Ironclad suits often have their armor modified to employ sophisticated defenses. Sensor jammers, psychic shielding, and reinforced plating are only a few of the options available to an Ironclad. All Ironclads otherwise wield a specially created shield called the volcano shield, an ordinary, if sturdy large folding metal shield that hides a built-in flamethrower to break defenses. Craftspeople: Officially not members of the Order, every large organization needs lawyers. The Order has Craftsmen and Craftswomen in its employ, scholars of the dark art known as the Craft, students of the Hidden Schools. A thousand years ago, these people would've been burned at the stake for learning the Craft, how to raise the dead from their graves, how to hold the power of gods in one's hand. Then the Gods came for the upstart mages using their power, and the mages won. They formed the Hidden Schools, a place that was like college for necromancers and warlocks, witches and wizards. The Craft was the art of manipulating one's soul essence, and under certain circumstances, the soul essence of others. After all, what is the universe but a set of laws and rules bound together. Writing contracts, enforcing them, finding loopholes, cracks between the realms, and negotiating for and against Gods and Goddesses are all within the purview of the Craftsperson. Mark Kang is one of the most notable Craftspeople in the Order's employ, a young, but cunning and sharp-witted man who had made partner at the elite law firm of Varkath Nebuchadnezzar Stone, but left to seek other opportunities. Because of their station, Craftspeople are often afforded the same respect as Knights.