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  1. Twitter has both arms up. I'm assuming this means he needs neither of them. Tzak enters next round with no arms then!
  2. Vadrian Dawnwood (Player: @Die Shize) Arthur Uskglass (Player: @Voldemort) Tzak "The Ripper" Bishop (Player: @Twitterpated) Mōmoku Akuja Kenshi, "Senjō no Ōkami" (Player: @Etched In Stone) Caeceila Glasmann (Player: @The Alexandrian) Dauner Light (Player: @Dauner Light) Yall got day left to vote, or else I'm restricting shields by default.
  3. Kosvo eyed the new entrant to the fray. The giant lupine was hard to miss, to be honest, and the young knight made a show of staggering a few feet to the side of his party, almost stumbling over as he stepped over the fallen corpse of one of the wolves. Hunched over for a second, he took a deep breathe, subtly sucking in the spray-mist of blood from this fallen enemy as well, before standing upright and readied as if all was right in the world. "Big alpha, no guarantee his fur will be intact when I'm through with him, so take your pick now!"
  4. The way Isaac travelled, he appeared more like a curious child then a hardened mercenary, his gaze darting around from one point to the next, always looking, always thinking, filing away notes made in his mind for possible use later on. His antique-looking rifle lay cradled in his arms, a breathe away from being brought up to sight if needed. Isaac looked bemused, as if the answer was obvious. “The job” It was hard to tell whether he was joking, serious, or asking a question. His statement and expression could have been parsed as all three. A remnant of the time when his language skills and understanding were dramatically poorer than they were now, nonetheless, Isaac managed to weaponize it to his advantage. Isaac was a man of few words, and he always preferred watching others react and talk. He looked off to the side again, as if seeing a particularly interesting hill. His eyes narrowed, he thought he saw something out there. Well, there was always something out there, but he was more-so looking for threats like these insect-men they had been briefed upon earlier.
  5. @notmuch_23 Aveline's request presented a complication, but only a slight one. If Aveline was not confident in teaching the skills that would be learned, and her brother was neither, then... well... For only a small increase in price, mostly to cover travel and board, they would send a small cadre of Custodes, along with a Knight to act as instructors to the Lunarian squad in person, and hope that one of them were capable of acting as a teacher and passing the learned skills on in turn. It may even turn out to be better that way, as the Order of Force Majeure themselves would become more familiar with the Lunarians, and especially with their combat kit and overall military strength and capability.
  6. Fierach

    [GS] Baal.

    Even as James was pushed back momentarily, Selene took the moment to attack, leaping over the Daemonslayer with her sword outstretched like a piercing lance. Azure streams of power swirled from the tip of her blade as she buried it deep into Baal's chest, bypassing his guard. Dealt a grevious wound, the godling reached up and grabbed her with his free hand, intending to pull her away and hold her for a killing blow. Unfortunately for Baal however, James already reentered the fray at that point. Tracking his swing with a killer's precision, James shifted the head of his spear into the path of the swing, cutting off the attack in its entirety as Baal attempted to follow through and instead wounded himself, his sword falling nervelessly from his slashed wrist. With a grunt of effort, Selene pulled her sword from flesh and cut herself free from Baal's grasp, adding the loss of several fingers to the godling's mounting injuries.
  7. Fierach

    General chat thread

    Hijacking for more art. I had been waiting on this commission for almost a year. It is done. James swooping down on some beastmen in style.
  8. It is strange! But this is cool nontheless. I shall be keeping an eye out. Welcome to Valucre by the way 😃
  9. Some of you may have noticed, the stages for the next FoB are up! Two things of note however before I run the randomizer and everybody gets assigned a stage! @Etched In Stone You forfeited your match, but as the tournament is two brackets, you may continue on in the loser's bracket, or you may confirm that you opt out completely, in which case I will have to do something with regards to your opponent. The next round may feature an additional item restriction, voted upon by all current participants only. Polearms have already been restricted, but I am looking to restrict shields next. Voting will remain ope. For three days, and please post here with an aye for the presence of shields or nay for restricting shields.
  10. Tomorrow is TODAY! -ANTICIPATION-
  11. Resonance Chamber: (Computer representation of the room) Deep within the Dawn Komturie and every other Force Majeure fortress lay several rooms referred to as resonance chambers. Each is a dark room in the shape of half a perfect sphere with a 10 meter radius, dimly lit by a single crystal pillar in the center of the room. Light is sparse, barely enough to make out your opponent, and suddenly the meaning of cloak and dagger becomes clear to you. Subtlety and thoughtfulness is just as necessary for battle as force and raw strength. Less reliant on vision, you'll need to heed sound and feeling; the brush of air upon your skin, the hiss of your opponent's breath under your blow, the clash of steel.
  12. Hit the Deck: The Agrippa class destroyer is the newest, and smallest warship in the Order of Force Majeure airfleet. You would be fighting upon the main deck of one of them, weaving inbetween the large guns that dot the deck. Anchored upon the high docking booms next to the Dawn Komturie, its quite windy up there, but the greatest thing to watch out for is the gentle sway underneath your feet. A solid foothold will serve you well here, jumping and other maneuvers that require less balance will take a hit. Be careful to not fall at a critical moment in battle, it may be your last.
  13. Holy Ground: A relatively simple stage within the Komturie’s training grounds. Appearing as the emptied interior of some abandoned chapel, you can feel a holy aura about the place, a solemnness reflected in the statue idol of a nameless knight positioned at the front of the chapel. The ground appears to be smooth, solid, cold marble, cracked in many places from battles past. Impacts are going to hurt but at least you have plenty of space to maneuver around, even with the stone pews and pillars. The Custode escorting you tells you that religions of the Knights and Custodes themselves differ and vary greatly, and that this room was more to pay respects to the Unknown Soldier, for everyone who has ever fallen in service defending humanity against the only enemy that ever truly mattered.
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