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  1. "There's a fine line between bravery and stupidity. I had hoped you trusted my judgment on that". There was nothing more to say then that. James had promised Raven, promised her and attempted to move Heaven and Earth itself to protect her, only to have her go sacrifice herself anyway... willingly. Granted, here she still was, Raven Kanzaki, but she was only a fraction of what she used to be, and the memory loss was the most infuriating thing of all. When she flinched, James glanced over at Malik. The daemonslayer knew Raven was an empath, and therefore restrained himself when he was around her, lest he influence her to some end outside of her control. Of course, he was no empath himself, but he was good at reading people, and besides, Malik was... pretty obvious in his dislike of James. It was possibly because he was so much better looking then the merchant. Well, couldn't fault him for that. A faint smile flitted across James's lips. Men of his station hardly took such feelings (or even attacks, with a one free attempt at killing him for everybody!) personally, but he was a social shark, enjoying cultivating both allies, and enemies. Particularly enemies. After James appraised Malik again as if he were a choice piece of meat at a butcher's market, James leaned into Raven. "I would hold out for a better offer, I think" He would give her his opinion, whether it was wanted or not. "It seems too generous, and you know what they say about things that appear to be too good to be true".
  2. Wait... was she warning him off? The corner of his lips turned up, amused. That was almost adorable, like a little, amnesiac kitten chesting up against a fully grown pitbull. "Well yes, being attacked because of your past is nothing out of the ordinary, I agree", the look on his face turning insufferably smug for a moment before he turned to Arashi and Malik. "neither of you have anything to fear from me, I thank you two actually, for ensuring the safety of Ms. Kanzaki". He could indeed sense the former's demonic heritage, but it didn't concern him. He was a daemonslayer, not a psychopathic mass murderer. He fought daemon lords trying to take over realms, played mind games with eldritch powers beyond the comprehension of most mortals, and occasionally rescued beloved family pets from trees. Ordinary people living their lives and adventures were quaint little going-ons that the likes of him sought to preserve, regardless of what blood ran through their veins. "I will most definitely watch over you in Hyperion. All the wisdom in the world and you still have a poor track record in, not getting kidnapped"
  3. "Just checking in on you" James replied smoothly, with a quirked brow as he came closer, as if it was the obvious answer. The daemonslayer was certainly an enigma to most, and Raven could hardly say she knew him well even before she lost her memories. Whatever she could recall probably consisted of one word when it came to James. Intense. Not of any particular feeling or emotion really, but in all things. Whatever James did, he did with conviction, and utter self-assuredness. Raven could think James Eredas the single most arrogant son of a bitch throughout both Gaia and Valucre combined, and she'd probably be right. Of course, it didn't help matters that it was a confidence most assuredly deserved. He stood before Raven, standing at just six feet tall, clad in his battle regalia, brigandine braced with dragonbone, custom made vambraces and greaves, studded dragonhide skirt, boots, and his signature plated gloves. A closer look would reveal him to be of Oriental descent, and relatively young, in either his late twenties or early thirties. The dark-haired warrior carried no visible weapons as he rested a hand on his hip. He carried no visible weapons, but on the other side of his hip there hung a tome, bound by chains. James cast a critical eye at the few people around Raven, studying them for a moment before looking back at Raven, waiting for her reply.... as well as her inevitable exasperation at his exhausting presence.
  4. James Eredas strode toward where Raven was. If there was any type of business being conducted, legal, shady, lewd, or anything else inbetween, it had better be done quick, before the amnesiac woman's commander burst onto the scene, and caused... well... a scene.
  5. Kallisa eyed the dreadlocked individual curiously for a moment. The way his armor melded into him was.... quite unlike anything she had ever seen. And the white-haired girl had strange ears. Somehow, she didn't seem the "same" as the two men. Well, they were already quite different to begin with to the native woman. So many questions she wanted to ask, but she remained on topic with their apparent leader. "I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with the blue moon, as you call it." Bel'shir had two moons, neither of them really visible at this time of the day, and neither of them blue either. She took it literally. "If you are here to look for something, I'm afraid I'm not capable of helping you much further then telling you about the sea and the best fish to catch for garum". She shrugged. "Perhaps my village's elders can help you" She gestured for the trio to follow her. "As for the stone ones, we call them Raknarg, or crag crabs. Do not worry about them, it is more that they make life difficult for other creatures. In fact, I might have to thank you strangers, a few of my people were thinking of trying to bring one down for its shell, a dangerous task, but I believe we can salvage the remains instead." Yes, crag crabs were masters of their limited domain. Mangroves and shallows were hotly contested territories for them, but they hardly ventured much deeper into the waters, except for their young. Freshly hatched crag crabs had none of the armor, and were often driven into the sea in their oversized larvae state, forced to swim against the tides and survive in the unforgiving seas until they could find some shallows or reef to claim as their own home.
  6. "My name is Kallisa. If you do not know what a Walker is, then I must assume you are not even of this world". Jinsoku did read something about magic in Bel'shir after all. If he attempted to recall his memories, he'd remember that those with magical powers on Bel'shir were referred to as Walkers, with the elements of fire and water being the most prevalent. There was no mention of magic other then that, well, not belonging to the people of Bel'shir anyway. She tilted her head at them, as if sizing up the party. "You seem to be honest enough. Why are you here?" she asked bluntly. The last otherworlders who came to Bel'shir had forever changed the world for the worse. That was a long time ago though, a time shrouded more in myth and legend. She would give these strangers the benefit of the doubt, if only to satisfy her own curiosity. What harm could three strangers do anyway? @Kalmuli@Trexasle@ImNoHero
  7. James didn't like spiders. There was hardly anything to like about them in his opinion, from the way their eight eyes looked at one with an alien menace in them, to the fact that he had been seeing too many of them lately, to the presence of an one particularly overgrown, yet skinny, specimen clinging onto the front of his jeep, furiously gnashing through the metal hood to damage the engine within. Hopefully the military forces of Predator's Keep didn't miss their vehicle too much. James had "borrowed" it out from under their noses, and used it to follow the signal on his magitech tracker. The signal had so far led him to this backwards looking bit of forest near the base of some mountains. At one point, he decided to go off road, in case there was any opposition on the more commonly traveled paths. Of course, his idea of opposition had been more along the traditional lines of checkpoints, patrols or other human obstacles, and less, rejects for a casting of Eight-Legged Freaks. "Fuck you" was the thought as James steered his vehicle right into a tree, pulping the giant spider's lower abdomen against the piece of foliage with a crunch. Few creatures could survive being struck by the half a ton application of car fu, armored or not, and the daemonslayer would leave the dying critter pinned there as he walked away from the car intentional with hardly a scratch, the result of taking good safety measures whist driving. Always wear your seat belts. Surveying the immediate area, James took a quick sitrep of his situation. The bad news was that now he was short of some transportation. The good news was that the signal had stopped moving, and while he could've reasonably gone off-road a little while longer, he would've had to eventually ditch the vehicle anyway if he wanted to get through the mountainous regions in the direction of the signal. He didn't know however, if the OXY vessel had reached its destination, or if this was just a brief layover. James supposed he'd find out, but without any easy way to get around, he needed more detailed information on the lay of the land. Luckily the hint of civilization was carried to him from another in one direction, flowing on the winds. Course set, the daemonslayer set out for what he would come to know as the city of Dawngate.
  8. The claws of the giant crustacean attacking Terrance caught on the steel wall, piercing and buckling it even as it stabbed into the hard shell in turn, sparing the metalmancer from being torn apart. Hopefully, the young man would lose his scientist attitude toward a foreign world where the crabs had already exceeded the bounds of evolution and grown to a size unheard of in the realm he had come from. Else he might lose something more physical then his pride, like another arm. Jinsoku's spear wretched itself out of the claw it had been embedded in, the crab either dead or completely unresponsive to resist in the face of being struck by lightning. The crustacean that had spat at him however, spewed forth a bubble storm once more, as if to hasten the apprentice slayer's departure. A sizeable amount of crabs were littered alongst the path between Terrawilya and her gear, but although most of them stirred with a frenzy, they all but ignored the white-haired half-dwarf as she darted between them to grab her gear. The pheromones given off by by dead and dying crustaceans were maddening, but combined with the smells she had rubbed on herself earlier, they were unable to distinguish the half-dwarf clearly as an opponent, dripping as she was in crab ichor. Out in the water, just off the shallows, the intoxicating smell of the dead crabs caused a stir in the water that would likely go unnoticed by our retreating band of adventurers. Probably for their own good. === Once they were a safe distance away from the nesting grounds of the crag crabs, the native woman turned to regard the three warily. "You strangers fight with skill, and strange powers. Not even the strongest hunters of our village step so lightly against those rock-shells". Now that they were closer, they could get a good look at her. The woman was quite possibly one of the most loveliest sights possible. Tall, and toned, she possessed sun-kissed skin, taut against her athletic frame. She wore no shoes, her only clothes being simple lengths of clothe wrapped around her chest and hips. Not much was left for the imagination, especially with the way water and sweat clung to her curves after the day's exertions, but if she considered her appearance at all, she made no note of it. Besides, she still stunk like crab. "And you, you are a thunderwalker" she pointed straight at Jinsoku, her voice turning cautious. "Who are you?"
  9. The creature's unnatural deterioration only confirmed to James the beast's eldritch origin, and of the action he would take next. After all, he couldn't let the remnants pollute the land. He created a spark of flame in one hand, holding it up in his palm as he studied the spider queen turn to dust, her massive frame crumbling as if it she had been ash, and was returning to ash. The spark of flame grew quickly in size and intensity, changing from a dull red glow to a blazing golden light as James channeled his power. When he judged it sufficient, the daemonslayer clutched the flame and leapt up in the air, slamming his fist down into the ground. A brilliant explosion of flame erupted from the point of impact, the ground cracked open with split with the fissures glowing golden as James consecrated the immediate area with his spiritual fire. Proper corpse disposal was one of the things rarely thought about when cleansing eldritch places, but it wasn't something the slayer overlooked. These foul things took root insidiously and had to be cleansed thoroughly. With that done, James would first look if there were any other survivors of the spider battle. Finding none, the slayer shook his head sadly. It was a hard life. The daemonslayer would head to the sunken temple alone.
  10. And then her dress sprouts claws and stuff because I'm training her to be the most gosu zerg player in the world, a true Queen of Blades. Holding her little zergling plushie while outmicroing pro Koreans. Britty dislikes D.VA, but we'll be raising one!
  11. Well that's just the thing wasn't it? Corvus needed Raven. James... didn't. These types always thought very highly of themselves and talked too much. Gave away too much. He could see through the bullshit she was attempting to peddle. Daring him to kill her, to kill Raven by proxy, all the while declaring of the futility of life. Didn't she know? It meant her life was futile too, as was Raven's. Her hypocrisy and self-delusion was one reason Corvus would never be able to bloody the daemonslayer with her tongue. James would gladly sacrifice Raven, or a thousand Ravens, to utterly destroy OXY and Corvus. Even her "perfection" was fleeting, Out of the corner of his eye, James spied some kind of aerospace vehicle appearing into thin air in the distance. He didn't believe that the forces of Red's kingdom had any such technology, so it could only be that of the enemy. "Kill you? No." "T̙̳h̀é̼̣̥̬r̘e̻͚̼ ̬̬̭͙ar̤̖̹̰͉͟e̥̦̱̮͟ ̤̀f͉͡a̰t̜̮̝̬e̟͕s͢ m̘͠u̡̙̳c҉͔̪h̸͚̝̹ ̺͈̯w̨̜͈͓͕or̰ṣ̹͙͔͎͓͈e̜͔̫̺̙͈ͅ ̸̭͕̬̘̹̜͈t̼̘͙̪͝h̫͉͍͎̥͚̖e̼͕͜n҉̟̭ ̙͓̰̠d̵̥̼͖͎̯e͓̹͎̝̟a̷̙͙̺̮̮t͙̹h̲̺͕" he promised her, falling upon her the same weight of his gaze he had wielded earlier against the OXY sharpshooter. Corvus was cute to him, in much the same way an ill-tempered housecat was to a tiger. As Corvus disappeared, James kicked into a dead sprint in the airship's direction, leaving flaming footprints on the ground where he stepped. Corvus had been an interesting encounter, but if the dread spirit's goal was to delay him, well, fighting the RAPTRS was a more time-consuming task. Despite that however, by the time the daemonslayer arrived in the vicinity, the large transport was already beginning to lift off. Not one to be caught unprepared however, the Master Knight reached into his jacket and pulled out a small magetech tracking device, and hurled it at the leaving vehicle. The device would affix itself neatly to the transport's hull, and begin broadcasting itself with a specific pulse of magical energy. Subtle enough that only the strongest of magic-sensitive beings could detect it in close proximity, but distinct enough for him to follow with the other half, a tracking device attuned to the magic's "frequency".
  12. Hi Fiend. Lets wrassle
  13. James kept his balance on top of the spider queen, riding her impact into the ground with as if she were a cow and he a most experienced bull rider. He tightened his grip on the embedded knife, proceeding to rip it out of her spine. His next move found him pulling the queen's head back by her hair with one hand, whilst channeling his ki into his knife with the other, manifesting it as spiritual flame, anathema to supernatural beings like the spider queen. A brief moment of paralyzation was all it took for James to plunge his empowered knife into the queen's throat, working the burning point into the soft flesh between her chitinous plating. She would die gurgling on her own bile as the daemonslayer ripped her throat out.
  14. Had it been another day, another time, indeed, another man, Corvus might've driven him to murderous rage with her mention of Akimee. As it was, James just laughed. The second RAPTR was disabled with a few precision slashes, and James now stepped toward Corvus, taking deliberate care to crush the creature's metal skull under one foot as he went. James was far different from the sort of man he was back when Akimee was in his life. His foe's words rang hollow against him, useless. Akimee was far from the only failure he had in his life, but there was no regret, there was nothing to mourn from any of his failures. All of his experiences, good or bad, made him the man that he was now. Despite everything, he still made his own choices, he was still himself. "So you must be Corvus" James addressed her with an alarmingly pleasant tone. "I guess you would know all about eking out an existence, wouldn't you? You look just like Raven, what are you? Her half life? Her shadow? A figment of her imagination? You don't even have a life for me to slay" he finished with a smirk. Corvus coveted that which she did not have, her own existence. James knew her type. "I'm not here to play hero, I'm not here for Red. You can keep her, as far as I'm concerned, bring her to your lair. It'd make finding OXY much easier"