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  1. I don't know how to tell you this... but you may have picked a terrible time to join.

    1. Nobilis


      You misspelled 'the worst time to join'.

    2. amenities


      @L0ZER882 Or maybe you picked a great time to join! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Check out the Announcement on the main page (if you ever come back lol)


  2. C-c-combo breaker!



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  4. If you want to invade a site and harass people you really can do better then using a Nazi war criminal as your moniker.

    1. Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Höß

      Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Höß

      I've done nothing wrong, officer.

  5. Welcome to Valucre!

    1. Kxyla


      Thank you!



  6. Lore Blurb:

    The Order of Force Majeure were developing three other new lines of weapon systems concurrently.

    Codenamed in development with the names of three of the Major Arcana of esoteric tarot, the third system was:

    The Chariot: A protective device, the Chariot is a personal shield generator that works on principles of “conversion”, to change the kinetic energy of any incoming attack of sufficient velocity into a relatively harmless, if blinding, flash of light. Projecting a small bubble (of around three to four feet in radius) of influence around its wielder, it is relatively ineffective against most melee weaponry, due to the fact that melee attacks can be made from within its sphere of protection, and is ineffective against ranged attacks made from within that distance as well.

    Highly advanced and costly technology, armor or devices with the Chariot system are used only by the mostly highly ranked or regarded Custode Captains or Knights. Chariot devices are often built into pieces of armor or amulets.



  7. Work it harder
    Make it better
    Do it faster
    Makes us stronger

    More than ever
    Hour after
    Our work is
    Never over

  8. Lore Blurb:

    Codenamed in development with the names of three of the Major Arcana of esoteric tarot, the second weapon being developed was:

    The Hierophant: A polearm-style weapon, built for use by OFM Custodes of the Greatsword aspect. With one end terminating in a deadly axe head, and the other with a counter-weight shaped for use against armor, the Hierophant is a deadly, heavy weapon intended for use only by the strongest of individuals of enhanced strength, or wearing strength-enhancing wargear such as power armor. The Hierophant incorporates a built-in energy system that allows it to fire blasts of power through a port typically placed forward near the weapon head. This energy system typically takes the form of a generator that is configured either to fire blasts of electricity, or blasts of fire, and can be charged for a more powerful projectile. An alternate mode for each enhances the bladed edge with either an electrical charge, or superheated blade. The Hierophant may also take the form of a large two-handed sword or lance, and extremely rarely, as a war hammer.

    Through the trials of events such as the Harrowing and battles against Fuererkonig's elite guard, the Kreigmeisters, revealed the need for more potent weaponry, with regular melee arms all but impotent and the vibroblade arsenal faring as ordinary against the enchanted steelskin of their enemies, it is hoped that the Hierophant line will allow a Custode to tackle and harm the toughest enemies.

  9. Lore Blurb:

    In the depths of the Dawn Komturie, James Eredas and several engineers, Custodes Militants, and scientists oversaw the development and testing of various weapons systems both existing and new.

    The variety of enemies the Order Of Force Majeure were called upon to answer to and the variety of their forces called for many specialized developments. The magical and supernatural had many advantages over the mundane and conventional, and whilst Knights were usually the ones to deal with the most fantastic threats, Custodes of all types had to be able to hold their own, or at least survive in the face of them.

    Now, the Order of Force Majeure were developing three other new lines of weapon systems concurrently.

    Codenamed in development with the names of three of the Major Arcana of esoteric tarot, the first weapon was:

    The Hermit: A powerful pistol that fires 12-gauge shotgun shells. Built as the pinnacle of personal defense weaponry, the standard Hermit comes as a double-barreled pistol that is loadable with up to four shotgun shells, two in each rifled barrel. Somewhat larger and bulky then many other pistols due to its construction, and the need for recoil compensators, nevertheless the pistol is ideally to be fired with both hands, and only by individuals of enhanced strength, or wearing strength-enhancing wargear such as power armor due to the severe recoil. The design is to be used against and be capable of stopping the likes of even a dire bear in its tracks, and its primary disadvantages are its low number of available shots, and short effective range, which can be somewhat extended with sabot slug ammunition.



    1. Fierach


      James Eredas possesses an advanced prototype of the Hermit he calls the Ascetic. Originally an corrupted officer's sidearm found in the aftermath of the Harrow-ravaged Kadia, the chassis has been purified, rebuilt, reengineered and refurbished. Featuring a longer, single rifled barrel, advanced recoil compensators and capable of storing up to five shots, it is a gilded weapon of destruction, with the Daemonslayer favoring use of sabot slugs to extend striking range and accuracy to nearly that of an ordinary rifle but with incredible stopping power. Runes and enchantments on the weapon allow it to resist high heat and damage, allowing James to use the weapon safely while actively channeling his flame abilities.


  10. Lore Snippet: On the subject of killing daemons


    The assorted students in the class before him were from multiple branches of the Force Majeure, both Auxiliary and Militant, Vanquishers and Guardians, captains and freshly graduated troopers alike. James set down a tome on the subject on the table before him. He had gone over with them the whos and whats of the subject. Now it was time to get to the most relevant aspect of them. 

    How to kill them.

    James placed two more items on the table. The first of which was a revolver-style pistol, built by a company in contract to the Order of Force Majeure. The weapon was large and weighty, a favored backup weapon for many Custodes and packed by a few Knights as well for its reliability and stopping power even against larger creatures. The second was a gladius, often used as a sidearm by Guardians and Greatswords for close-in work. The weapon had a stark, naked honesty to it, deadly in its simplicity, well-shaped for both slashing and thrusting.

    "Now, it is well documented that more advanced weapons such as firearms are less effective against daemons then blade and flame. Can anyone explain why it is?" James asked his audience, pointing to each respective weapon.

    Silence. An uncomfortable silence. To think that higher tech actually became less useful when confronting the terrors of the void made such technological advancement seem pointless.

    "Because they are not of this world, sir?" ventured one Custode.

    James nodded, "Partial credit for a partial answer. That is but one aspect of it. The truth is not fully understood, and may be stranger than any of us know, but the current working belief is that of the primordial origin of daemons lends their vulnerability to the things that first spawned them" He would proceed to expand upon the subject at length.

    "After all, what is a daemon other than a shadow made manifest? They are stories made flesh... our stories, the stories of our ancestors and descendants. It is up to you to interpret that story, and make what you will of it. You must be able to think beyond the story, and recognize that to be corrupted is to be bound by a parasite, devoid of any true sentience, and become nothing more than a hollow puppet."

    He held up the gladius, displaying it for all to see. "Thus, daemons are injured not on the physical plane, but on an ideological one. This here is a symbol, a constant throughout cultures past, present and future, familiar, or alien. The warp is a place where our reality echoes... where notable events, themes and deeds churn the primordial psyche of mortal species. The most primeval of actions, of objects, they have the most power as they are closer and more charged with the raw emotions to which the daemon is but a mirror of."

    He laid the gladius down, and gestured the pistol next. "Of course, the power of firearms cannot be denied. Perhaps in time they will be more effective as our most base instincts reflect such. But the origin still remains, and will always remain. Now... who can tell me how does this correlate to the concept of True Names?"

    One of the Vanquishers answered this time, loud and clearly. "Daemons have True Names, exactly because they are not of this realm, my lord. As the reflections of consciousness, they have no form, and therefore, no identity in the sense that we know."

    The Master Knight smiled and nodded in response. At least one of the assembly was doing their scholarly work.

  11. Reroll!

  12. Going to go on vacation in a week for a while. I'll try to get my posts out before then, no guarantees though. Cheers everybody.

  13. Am I to understand that Norkortia is declaring war on an independent city outside its borders and engaging in the slaughter of innocent civilians and refugees? 

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    2. Tyler


      You can explain in PM or DM in discord then. I can still block you from the thread if I want, bear that in mind.

    3. Tyler


      Okay, ya'll that are paying attention to this, looks like a mass misunderstanding, and this isn't what it looked like based on Fie's initial comment. So we're good.


    4. supernal


      That’s even MORE interesting! 

  14. Lore Snippet:


    Order of Force Majeure

    Custodes Militant: Greatsword Customs


    "Who's like us?!"


    "Damn few, and they're all dead!"


    -Warcry and Answer of the Greatswords


    The Greatswords of the Order of Force Majeure are elite shock infantry, clad in ornate powered armor and armed with deadly weaponry for both close and ranged combat. As the best of the Force Majeure's Custodes Militant, they are employed in many, varying roles, taking advantage of their expertise in manners diplomatic as well as warfare related. Greatswords are allowed to create and display their own heraldry on their armor, along with marks of honor, trophies, or other badges earned.

    When Greatswords perish, they are honored by their fellows who sculpt a small statue to honor and remember them, and who write a set of verses of their deeds and accomplishments that often borders on the vulgar, if not insulting.

    Recorded below are examples of two such inscriptions before their statues, written for Greatswords who fell in the Harrowing Crusade:


    “Here lies Davath Kosov

    When he left Sigil City, every merchant guildsman breathed a sigh of relief.

    And every merchantman's daughters and wives had to settle for what was left.

    He was ugly as an Infiltrator’s asshole after losing his face in the Battle of the Desert Sea.

    We were tempted to carve him that way”


    “This is Asil Bruce, who was ordered to fall back to fight another day.

    He always said the word “retreat” was never in his vocabulary.

    Now, it never will be.

    Rest well you stubborn bastard.”

  15. Coth is still around, I'm sure you can pick it right back up. If not, you are always welcome... practically everywhere

  16. It has been over one year since the quest Mapping the Depths has started. For those of you who have persevered, I hope you've had as much fun on our little jaunt as I have had hosting it.

    Please look forward to more such adventures in the future!

    1. supernal


      congrats on the milestone! 

  17. Desecrator

    1. Grand Mainframe

      Grand Mainframe


    2. Grand Mainframe

      Grand Mainframe




    3. Fierach


      Every time I open my device, it asks, "password please", and I give it my password. Does that count?

  18. Where can I get some really occult tech on Valucre. Need some mad scientist levels of stuff. 

    1. supernal


      What’s an example of occult tech?

    2. Fierach



      Weather machine

      Psionic amplifiers 

      Magic nulling or dispelling

      Golem creator

      Magical Tesla oscillator 

      Alchemic weapons

      Displacement generators 

    3. supernal


      I'll speak for Terrenus and let others chime in for different areas. Note that this is in terms of specialization and not sole availability

      Weather machine - Dougton 
      Psionic amplifier - Not treated different from "magic" but in terms of sub-specialty I'd say Dougton (they have a psychic orphanage over there) or Hell's Gate
      Magic nulling / dispelling - Blairville or Hell's Gate
      Golem creator - Monroe foundation specializes in golemics, so Hell's Gate
      Magical tesla oscillator - idk wtf you mean 
      Alchemic weapons - Blairville since they focus on both old and "modern" magic systems, but outside of Terrenus I know Alterion is known for its combat alchemy. Back in Terrenus there's also the "cap and bells" market in the Wild
      Displacement generators - What kind of displacement?

      Any more detailed questions find me in the Terrenus AMA

  19. Due to circumstances with my family, I will not be available, or have limited internet during Dec 29 to Jan 10. Happy New Year to you all during this time.

    1. Artificer


      Praying that everything is alright man, and I wish you a happy holidays and New Years!!

    2. Phoebe


      Merry Christmas, Fierach! What Peter said, and I hope to see you on the site soon ?

  20. Public service announcement. I am going to start naming future Order of Force Majeure airships after a mix of Coheed and Cambria songs and Wh40k Titans.

    Dark Sentencer


    Faint of Hearts


    Queen of the Dark

    Deus Tempestus

    Figured y'all should know.

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      C & C have a new album out, the Unheavenly Creatures.

      Its very good


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      My knigga ?

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      I'll have to check it out while I clean.

  21. If I stare at the screen hard enough, maybe the posts will appear...

  22. So many posts, so little time.

  23. Psst, your turn to post in Mapping.


    Escape Velocity Resurgence: Chapter 2: Star Jockey

    Mapping the Depths: A beautiful threat

    City on the Hill: Ruska

    Groundwork: Legacy of Reiko (aka, stop cradle-robbing my apprentice, Rou!)

    Harsh Training: Two Masters

    1. Twitterpated


      Poker night? 

    2. Fierach


      I did not forget about that, in fact.

    3. Malintzin


      Laughed way harder at cradle robbing than I should have. >_> Rae slapped his ass and he turned red as a lobster. Err'body wants babyface.

  25. Not feeling well. Pretty sick from the weather. It will take me longer to get posts out 

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