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  1. Group 3: Sheryl was annoyed. In the group's haste to escape the flames they blundered into a fresh ambush of monsters. To boot, Sheryl was distinctly displeased that she was not at the forefront, although the Knightess was surely alone in that line of thought. She was more then confident she would be able to handle whatever was attacking the group. As she slipped out from behind the some-what panicked engineer, her thoughts were rather vindicated by the sight of the half-destroyed zombie that was still stumbling forth. A simple breeze looked like it would've toppled it over. "Steady yourself and pick your shots. Aim for the head and finish it off" she advised, hoping to steady the young man with her insight. She did not want to unleash her winds in such close quarters, for fear of hurting him as well.
  2. Sounds good. You can PM me! Or Discord at me. Fierach#2948
  3. Canon is still relatively undefined though. How would I define a notable canon thread or appearance. How many threads would be required? Two? Three? Probably two is good.
  4. Yeah, I guess canon is just a better word. Lengthy pieces of canon that further one's rep, not just quests. 🤔
  5. @King Wouldn't the act of participating in a war or killing a god usually be part of a quest? Or is am I misusing the nomenclature. Edit: To elaborate: --- Gimme one sec while I write up my elaboration.
  6. Would taunting break grabs? And what are the rules on moving past/through people/monsters?
  7. Barristan and Junia conferred silently amongst themselves as the rest of their new companions talked, or began making their way out on the rickety-looking bridge. Without Knight Sheryl Wainwright to give them direction, they were on their own, and thus reverted to their own authority, taking advice and cues from their fellows where they could, but ultimately remaining autonomous. Staying on the plateu didn't seem like it'd be of much use, even if conventional thought was to stay where one was if they were lost (which they most definitely were). They decided to take their chances and tromp on over to join the procession crossing the bridge. Best to get out of here and find out more about their surroundings. Thusly, armored Guardian and lithe Seeker went.
  8. A. No requirements for the second and third events. Your warrior does not have to have any kind of affiliation, but it helps with the reputation. After all, using Grubb's character as an example, Knight Commander Marshall Gamesly of House Uldwar's Dogs of War, sounds much more reputable then, Marshall Gamesly, random warrior of unknown accolades. There's a certain kind of prestige to be had when a character is known to be as one of the deadliest combatants across the land. B. Almost all kinds of weapons are allowed. I'm not letting you bring a rocket launcher, but smaller firearms will be allowed for second and third events. C. Magic is allowed in limited amount for second and third events as well. I expect people to use their judgement. Obviously I'm not going to deprive you of your weapon if you have to summon it, but if you call down meteor on the creature you're hunting or the enemy team I will be disappoint.
  9. The Trueblade portion is specifically for characters with some history behind them. I am thinking of swapping one of the A rank quest requirements with being in a canon organization.
  10. Welcome to the Feast of Blades. A biennial competition of athleticism, martial prowess, hosted this year by the Order of Force Majeure to further cooperation, and a healthy competitive spirit among-st the nations and warriors of the Terrenus nations, and beyond. Invitations are made for all the Terrenus nations, and are also open to outside nations or entities on a by-request basis. The Feast of Blades is divided into three aspects, only one of which can be entered by each participant. The Individual Event: Trueblade: Combat in its purest form, a contest of skill and strength between two combatants. To compete in the event of the Trueblade, one’s character must be an acknowledged warrior of no small skill or renown, having completed at least 1 S rank or higher quest on Valucre, or at least 2 A rank or higher quests. Standard issue armor and weapons. No magic. No killing. I have not decided on the system with which to do this competition with however. I have also not solidified the "reputation" requirement as stated, and I would like all of your thoughts for it. Aiming for a total of perhaps eight contestants tops. === The Team Event: Swornblades: Trust in your allies, work together, overcome your trials and best your enemy, a contest of strategy and skill. Honor is won or lost as a whole. Teams of three compete in the event of the Swornblades. Surmount a number of stage obstacles, and in the end, participate against an opposing team in a team battle. Armor and minor magic allowed. No killing. Think Ninja Warrior combined with a bit of strategy and then ending in a team fight. === The Hunting Event: Wildblades: Seek your enemy, hunt your enemy, destroy your enemy, may the greatest hunters win. The greater the trophy, the greater the glory. Teams of three compete in the event of the Wildblade. Hunt your foe, a powerful and dangerous wild beast. No magic allowed. Your partners cannot be anybody from the same affiliation as you. I will need people to play the beasts that will be hunted in this event as well. === Going to work on some suitable rewards for all three events.
  11. You know what. I'll cross the bridge. Before the elephants try to.
  12. Fierach

    General chat thread

    I think the opinion that S8 of GoT is shit is a pretty popular opinion. I'm also pretty sure that the majority of us here can write better stories then S8. Well, at the very least our watch is ended.
  13. I look forward to it! I hope you won't mind if I shake things up too with some of my forces heading to Landonia.
  14. "Captain Dominic," said Tenkai, "Rather than accompanying the Invictus Nova, I would have you and your Greatswords make way to Primaria. It's a small port, but vulnerable, and if the enemy takes it by the inland sea, Nu Rosinder will be lost. Take half of our Guardian squads and the Seekers with you. Should the enemy be thwarted, you are to reinforce Nu Rosinder against the enemy's southern forces." His orders had been received. Eshara Dominic nodded and turned, already disseminating Knight Matsumoto's commands down the line. He had his misgivings of course, Eshara rather thought that they were being spread a bit thin. but he recognized the need for their skills on every front. To that end, he commanded his half of the Guardians to remain on the Invictus Nova, to act as their deterrence against boarders. Air superiority was good, but wars were won with boots on the ground. The rising of the dead was a problem, but they left that to the immediate militia and the PRIME's forces. They could not afford to be bogged down at the very onset. The Greatswords would seek other transport to get to Primaria. It was of no consequence, with either the local nations, or Kadia forces lending their aid. And thus the Order of Force Majeure went off to war. On their way to Hungary however, the Invicutus Nova received word of action at the nearby island of Landonia. It was clear to the Custodes aboard that the enemy had moved on from Hungary. If they diverted, they could strike the enemy assault in the flank, and bring aid to the beleagered Landonians. The Order of Force Majeure valued more then just violence and strength of arms. They valued wisdom, and strength of character. The Captain of the cruiser Invicutus Nova, in conjunction with the ranking Guardian on board, made the executive decision to change course and aid the islanders to the south, sending a reply back to the rest of the Order of Force Majeure forces as they did so. Hopefully they were not too late.
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