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  1. So I've been on this site since I was in eighth grade, two years before I came out of the closet. As I am reading shit I posted here in the past, I have a few questions for anyone who knew on here between 2014-2016


    1. Did anyone think I was straight? Like who the fuck was I trying to fool?

    2. Did I really name a character NOVEMBER?

    3. Did I really name myself YOUNGBLOOD_REBELLE?!?!???!?!?!

  2. Shit, I keep coming off and on and now Fracture which was once Terrenus has been changed to Lagrimosa, WHAT THE FUCK?!?! I love this site! Believe me I have the fondest memories of being on here, but OMG can yell pick a name??

    1. Vesper


      I think it was a pretty recent name change. It caught me off guard too!

    2. supernal


      It was a time of change and upheaval!

      I’m pretty sure the current name is the one it’ll stay as ... no guarantees 

  3. I kinda wanna die but at the same time I don't cause it looks like the world is about to end and I wanna be a side character in the young adult dystopian novel

    1. Ataraxy


      I've always wanted a side character. What kind would u be

    2. Heroshima


      You end up the main character, it happened in the Walking Dead telltale and The Last Of Us, now it's your turn B)

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