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  1. I'd be fine with either one but I'd prefer one without much fighting cause I kinda want to fill his relationship list, but I'd really like some good action. So what do you want.
  2. Probably shouldn't do this since I just started college but fuck it. I have grown quite an attachment to my character Ethan. Everyone on this app that knows me: YA THINK?! And I'm thinking maybe find people for him to talk to. You know let him have friends, maybe a mentor, maybe a lover, maybe a rival, or maybe a villain. Either way, please roleplay with me
  3. I've been looking for someone to add to Ethan's list of people he knows.
  4. "I'm sixteen, because of my human blood, I age normally" he responded, "in case you were thinking of asking no am not immortal, I can die, it's almost impossible to kill me unless you rip my soul of off me. Other then that I have regenerative powers" he said
  5. I wanna appologize that I keep going on Hiatus, and that this month was my eighteenth birthday and I didn't make a big deal about. Lately my mental health has not been the best and I'm trying to get better.

    1. Trevor Wisegem

      Trevor Wisegem

      Hey, your needs come first. Take all the time you need!

  6. (Sorry I keep disapearing) Ethan nodded "I do, I can heal injuries by holding my hand over them, but I can also kill someone by keeping eye contact" he responds "I know, people who are like me, I wouldn't call myself special, just rare"
  7. Ethan chuckled darkly "figured that'd be it" he said "am not any specific creature, I'm really a vaguely human mix between two beings" he said. "A bastard of two worlds that should've never crossed, I do have demon blood in me, but that's not all" he said before sitting up "think hard, what is the opposite of a demon, some humans are born with angel blood in them, the reason for their birth is to watch over and protect humans, my mom was one of them, she fell in love with a human man, it wasn't until she married him, that he got possesed by a demon, but she didn't know about it until she had me, so she kicked him out and married my dad. One night the fucker broke into our house and killed mom, and dad. I managed to get away but ever since then that dick's been trying to kill me" he said
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