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  1. Ethan was about to say something, but the demon was comming closer. There was no time, if he stands there and keeps arguing about it they'll both die. "Alright fine then, but don't blame it on me if you get hurt" Ethan said, before taking off his hoodie revealing two holes cut out on the back. "Let's fight this bastard" he said as his gray eyes turned golden, a pair of wings grew out of his back, one black one and one white one, and black lines appeared on his skin.
  2. Ethan didn't turn toward Trevor, instead, he looked towards the direction of the demon, his eyes seemed lost in thought, as he started mumbling something under his breath. The entire time Ethan only showed very faint hints of emotion, however right now though he may still be hiding it, his emotion could not be unseen. The emotion of fear, concern, anxiety, uncertainty as hard as Ethan tried to put on a poker face, it could be seen clear as glass. "Trevor" Ethan speaks without looking at him "you promise you won't look when I fight this thing," he said reminding him while they waited for the demon, about thirty seconds later, the hear a groan and a sniff from the other side.
  3. Hey so I've been working on something on Wattpad, here's the link if you wanna read: https://www.wattpad.com/story/159115114-white-noise

  4. Hey guys sorry I'm been gone for along time, I've been really busy, this weekend I may be busy too cause it's the end of the grading period and I got to get stuff in, I  will come back next weekend 

  5. (Sorry for the late post stuff happened IRL) "You know you don't have to close them now" he said "you can keep them open while you'ryou're luring the demon in and close them as soon as you come back" Ethan said "we know the plan right? You lure it here and I kill it" he said. He waited until he could be alone, once he was he sighed then suddenly his hands started shaking but he griped his left wrist hard. "You have to do this, Ethan" he whispered to himself in a shaking voice "j-just try not to hurt him". He said before taking in a deep breathe and waiting for Trevor to return
  6. Tomorrow is my last day of summer AND my 4th anniversary of joining Valucre. Man four years pass by so quickly.

    My inner self: when you waste them on Netflix, and never reply to your RPs

    SHUT UP! 

  7. "Just do it okay!" Ethan said raising his voice before sighing "I just don't want you to see"
  8. "Just follow me" Ethan continued walking to a cross path in the cave. "The demon has to be at the end either one of these roads, I have a plan" he said "you have the dagger so you'll be acting as bait, go to either one of these roads if you find it draw out blood, then run over here and I'll be the one to kill it" he said. Ethans next words were said in the same monotone voice, however his eyes held a hint of self-loath, and secrecy "one more thing" he said "when I fight this thing, do me a favor, and close your eyes or atleast turn around"
  9. That awkward momment when you're going into senior year and you still don't know what collage to go to...

  10. Ethan looked at the knife, almost as if he was giving consideration to something. He then looked back at him "alright then, but I'll tell you when" he said as he continued walking "try to keep up" (Sorry this took a long time stop happened IRL)
  11. "Well I do know some about it I've only heard about it in books, but I never thought they were actually real" Ethan responded in an honest voice, "I heard they're attracted to the sent of blood so try not to cut yourself" he said, "also try not to get scared" he said as he continued walking, his next words sounded more like he was talking to himself "this thing feeds off of negative emotions".
  12. Morgan smirked about his victory. "Good call" he called out "better being a pussy then being dead, huh?" he finished taunting the older man he was pretty sure he was gonna go somewhere to brood about being beaten by a fifteen year old. He wasn't an idiot though he knew that if Esben ever found the girl by herself he'd take her, so he ran off to look for Haley and make sure she was okay.
  13. Ethan turned around back to Trevor, he looked at him with a look of concern, for once in the entire trip he was showing some kind of emotion. "Shit" he whispered under his breath. After a couple of seconds his face turned back to a serious one as they kept walking, "come one it can't be far, we need to take out this thing" he said as he kept walking.
  14. Why is every cute guy taken, why is every cute girl straight. Why am  I so lonely....... 

  15. "You shouldn't underestimate demons, the bastards are caplable of anything" the last part of his statement was said with anger, if he didn't have his face turned away from Trevor he would have seen a mix of anger and self-loath in his eyes. Once they reached a small carven Ethan whispered something inaudible under his breath. Then he turned to Trevor once he noted that the trail ended there. "Expect getting tricked or something like that, you might die" Ethan responded. As he continued walking, "try to keep up" he said.