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  1. "What makes you think it was me" Ethan asked not in a defensive tone but more like a challenging one, mix with sarcasm. "Also no am not a wizard, I won't tell you what I am, if I do you'll be scared" he said as he turned heels away and started walking "go on your little demon hunt, my top priority is getting the hell out of this island" in his tone of voice there was a small hint that he was putting up this facade of apathy, however one has to be very keen to catch. As Ethan was making his way out he cursed under his breath as turned around to catch up on them. "Don't look to much into it" he said, "my top priority is still getting out of here, but am not a monster who's gonna let innocent people die, plus having to fight a bunch of demons will make the journey out of this shit hole longer then it needs to be" he said as he followed them.
  2. Ethan turned his head towards that direction, as he ran towards that direction. Once again he stopped when he was behind the crowd and he had a perfect view of what was going on. There was a demon attacking a plaza. Everyone went in there to attack it but they were later thrown back or killed. Ethan's eyes turned golden for a second and another demon appeared and attacked it. Once the other demon was dead the demon that attack that demon, was immediately engulfed in flames.
  3. Morgan stepped forward he wasn't gonna stand for this. "I have a better idea" he said, "if she wins you leave, but if you win you have to fight me, and if you won the fight you can take her AND me" he said, "if I win I'll choose whether to kill or spare you, but I really hate slavers so chances don't look good for you, besides I am a lab freak, you better hope she wins" he finished. There was no way in hell he was gonna let this guy take her he was gonna die. Not only cause Morgan would never let himself live for seeing Hally go through the same fate, but if he got taken they'd find out about his secret. If they did his life would be hell. (Sorry it took a long time for me to post personal stuff happened but yeah hope it's not dead)
  4. Ethan shrugged in response "I don't know I just heard about it, am guessing it's the beast type since I saw one earlier, I didn't come here nor was I born here, I'm just a guy that was brought here" he said "I did see a demon attack a plaza though it seemed like someo kind of savage beast" he looked away whispering something under his breath. The boy raised an eyebrow when Trevor said he was fully human "suuure" he said.
  5. Hey I'm sorry that I haven't been active, I have bad news am quitting Valucre because of it, it's kind of weird leaving the site I've known and loved for three years, this site really helped me bring up my writing skills, and it's helped me and it's still helping me grown as a writer thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the amazing people I've role layed with for editing my attitude and my shit long time to respond, most of all for giving me great memories. One last thing I'd like to say..... APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!

    I'd NEVER leave this site sure there are a couple of crappy people but hell no am going anywhere. And to everyone whom I haven't responded to yet am sorry am getting to that right now.

  6. Ethan shook Trevor's hand. "Pleasure to meet you" he said, "point being I wouldn't piss off the people here they're vicious" "Anyways you still haven't answered my question, what are you?" He said in a semi-serious tone.
  7. Ethan sighed "it amazes me how stupid mortals can be" he said, "then again you DID just fall from the sky" he said. "This is Talia, I wouldn't draw too much attention, the people here are as about as advanced as a cat" he said exaggerating his opinion of them, "first of all if I were you I wouldn't piss off anyone here, they're at war with their sister island and I've seen what war does to people, second here in Talia it would suck demon around here, Talia has had a demon problem for awhile and they've been attacking cities so the citizens here would kill any demon that comes into their view" he said. Then he looked to his side. "If anyone heard our conversation they'd come after us like a stray dog at the sight of bloody fresh meat" he said "maybe NOW they're not touching you, but keep this up and you'll be dead, if you give them a reason to think you're dangerous they'll kill you, right now it's just stares, but if you don't watch your back you'll find yourself with a blade on your neck" he said.
  8. "Oh you're the guy that feel from the sky" he said "never thought I'd meet another strange kid in this close minded island" he said he looked aside "I thought for sure they'd kill you, turns out I was wrong" he then let out a dark chuckle "guess they're witch hunt is only after demons, the question is if they're after those with demon blood too" the he turned to look at him. "The name's Ethan" he said as he extended his hand. "So what camp are you in" he asked, "are you a necromancer? half beast? Lab freak?" He asked.
  9. Talia, the Land cannot Linger ooc

    Cool beans
  10. OOC Quest of Babdol

    Can I get the link to the rp
  11. Talia, the Land cannot Linger ooc

    Is anyone else gonna respond? Who's gonna be the guy that was following my guy who's name am not gonna reveal until later cause I love mystery
  12. After he walked off from the crowd the mysterious black haired boy was walking on in he street of the city. He took a turn in a back alley he didn't stop walking. Even when he reached a group of thugs it didn't take much to beat them up, or scare them away. He continued walking as if he was trying to get somewhere secret. Eventually he reached a place where there was no one around and no one would hear anyone the boy stopped in his tracks. "I know you're following me" he in a cold voice said "come out you bastard" he said with the same blank voice tone as he turned around"what do you want?".
  13. The black haired boy from earlier was the one who approached the bleeding male. "Everyone back off" was all he said, yet his voice sounded disinterested, almost cold. Everyone looked at the myserious teen, there was just something off about him... He approached the other boy, once he was close enough he inspected him injuries he lifted a hand over the boys his eyes once again turned changed to a golden color. Suddenly he was able to close part of the wounds and stop a bit of the bleeding. He stood up and said "he'll be fine take him to an infirmary his wounds need healing" he responded. As he walked off again.