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Panda Kid

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  1. I used to be Youngblood_Rebelle now I'm Panda Kid

    1. Trevor Wisegem

      Trevor Wisegem

      I like the profile pic!

  2. I'm gonna change my username to Panda Kid

    1. Trevor Wisegem

      Trevor Wisegem

      How do you change your username?


  3. A Ball For Everyone

    (Sorry just started junior year and I had a lot on my plate) Serenity was more nervous now why does he want to know. She decided to tell him anyways "s-she's a demon"" the girl under her breath.
  4. I may have only known Linkin Park for five months but those five months were enough to make me love and appreciate their music and relate to some of their songs (mainly their old ones) it became my therapy. So when I found out that Chester Bennington, front man of Linkin Park had died I was heartbroken. This video truly made me cry and really wish I was there with those fans.

    R.I.P Chester Bennington


  5. A Ball For Everyone

    Serenity's eyes went wide in a mix between surprise and fear. How did he find out she was hiding from someone? Was all this just a ploy to get her to reveal herself. It wouldn't hurt to tell him SOME information. She whispered in his ear "My mother" she simply said. Even though there is more to the truth then that. (Sorry it took along time I was having writer's block)
  6. A Ball For Everyone

    She smiled shyly when he called her beautiful "Well I guess I would expect that answer from someone like you, I enjoy reading and listening to music". Trevor's next question came she simply nodded, "y-yeah of course".
  7. A Ball For Everyone

    Serenity shook her head at the question "I don't have any siblings, I'm an only child" she said. With every swift movement strands of her black hair flew so beautifully. She thought it was time for her to ask a question "so Trevor, what do you like to do for fun?"
  8. A Ball For Everyone

    It's fine you can just jump in thaton what it's about
  9. A Ball For Everyone

    She remained lost in his eyes, and his oh so charming mannerisms. "Oh I see, I guess you could say I came from a pretty crappy place too" suddenly the joy in her face faded for a while but then she shook it off. She wasn't gonna ruin her night with stupid memories of the past. Instead she was gonna focus on the dance.
  10. A Ball For Everyone

    @Trevor Wisegem It was perfectly fine I really didn't mind, but @supernal has a bit of point, I'm fine either way.
  11. A Ball For Everyone

    Everything seemed almost too good to be true. Almost like a fairytale, but then Trevor asked her where she's From. Maybe if she didn't tell him the full truth he wouldn't know about the life she's been trying to escape. "I'm a traveler so I don't really have a place where I'm from, but I was born in Genesaris" she replied, "you?".
  12. A Ball For Everyone

    The melody guides them through the dance as she continued to stare into his eyes while they dance. Smiling every so often, though she has never danced before following his steps just felt so natural, for once she forgot of her reality. She forgot about being hunted, she forgot about her past. This moment felt not like reality, but like dreamland where everything was perfect. It felt like paradise she never wanted this to end.
  13. A Ball For Everyone

    Serenity nodded in agreement. As they slowly danced she looked at him. As she began to look her self in his eyes, in his steps, and the music that played.
  14. A Ball For Everyone

    She shook her head, "I-I danced before, I don't really know how" she said honestly, as she blushed harder in embarrassment.
  15. A Ball For Everyone

    Serenity looked straight into Trevor's bright blue eyes as he held out his hand and asked her to dance. She blushed. After everything she's been through, after running, and hiding for a big part of her life, never had she ever imagined this happening to her. A boy standing before her with a smile asking for her hand to dance with him. "U-uh, of course" she said as she took his hand, with a nervous smile, and a blush on her face.