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  1. Into the Spider's Web, Weland A New Place

    Morgan looked looked at them for a moment. He's been living in the streets long enough to know a slaver when he sees one. He thought about what to do well I could just get the fuck out of here, and not meet up with this man, but I can't let her get taken. Letting her meet a similar fate as to what I did would be hypocritical So he acted fast. "Don't worry" he said as he grabbed the girl's wrist "I'll take care of her" he said not listening for any protests from either parties, as he ran. Once they reached a safe place where he was sure no one would follow them, he leaned against a wall to breath. "H-hey I saved your ass back there, I know slaver when I see one" he said once he caught his breath he looked at her "I'll let you go, but only if you promise me you won't sell me out again, trust me jails not where am going if I get caught in fact I'd prefer that AND hell over where I'd be going once they find out who I am" he said, if she said no he'd have no choice but to kill her "better hurry up and make the promise though I'm pretty sure that man is gonna catch up to us anytime soon" he said.
  2. Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw

  3. Into the Spider's Web, Weland A New Place

    Crap he thought how the hell did she know it was me to be honest despite taking his mask and hood off if he wears the same clothes people will know it's him. "You must have me confused for someone else ma'm" he said "I was here all day". When she asked him if he was ready for a 'fun ride' he raised an eyebrow "the way you say that sound pretty weird, am fifteen, you could get arrested" he said "whatever 'business' you have with me, I gotta pass" he said.
  4. requesting romance roleplay

    I would say yes, but could you maybe age her down at east about a year.
  5. Into the Spider's Web, Weland A New Place

    Morgan looked back at his injury as soon as the man pointed it out. He couldn't tell him what REALLY happened or else he's turn him in. "I got into a fight" First lie that popped up in his head, and the best one he could come up with. I mean one look at him and you'd believe that he got into a fight. He considered putting his hood back up, but the man will probably know he's the blue wolf, and turn him in. "Oh and the market is just that way" he pointed.
  6. requesting romance roleplay

    I decided to do a romance FxF roleplay, because I just feel like it, cause fuck it. So it starts out simple, so my character sort of loner type girl, who's parents both died so she lives with her drunk aunt that is neglective. Your character who's whatever kind of character you'd like meets my character, and then both of them start bonding over the equally rough life they've had. That summer they decide to run away from home, and that is when they start developing feelings for each other. I'll just pick the first person that wants to do it, but they have to give me here a character sheet. Just follow mine. Name: Kimberly Hunter Age: 17 Appearance: Personality: Kimberly is pretty closed off from people she usually doesn't open up to anyone, she's not very friendly she will always try to avoid a conversation. She's sarcastic, and will hardly say a word to anyone. The most she will ever say to a stranger is "thank you". She doesn't care what she wears as long as it's what she likes. Though Kimberly acts very apathetic, she is sensitive and she over analyses things. She likes to think that everyone is the protagonist of their own book, and there's a deeper meaning in everything. History: Many years ago she had a perfectly normal life, that was until she was five years old and her parents died in an accident, she then went to the custody of her aunt and uncle everything seemed once again normal until her uncle died of lung cancer and she her aunt now depressed and emotionally unstable, so she turned to drugs and alcohol, and started neglecting her niece because she wasn't emotionally able to take care of her. This caused Kimberly to have a sense of independence, and to develop a sort of I-look-out-for-number-one kind of attitude.
  7. Into the Spider's Web, Weland A New Place

    "Shit" Morgan whispered under his breath. He was wearing his hoodie, and his mask that covered the lower half of his face. He looked at the deep injury in his shoulder. He had his back against a wall as he hid from the cops that were searching for him. Ever since he escaped the lab, he's been known and feared as the famous thief, 'the blue wolf'. Now he's been on the wanted list for three years and he's only fifteen. This kind of life was hard, but they deserve it. This whole country deserves it for putting him through hell and back. No one knew who he really was because he kept his appearance hidden. Once he takes off his hoodie and mask he's just, Morgan, and no one knew who THAT guy was. Once he was sure the cops were gone, he continued went some where else to hide so he could take off his mask and hood. Though his body and clothes where very masculine his face, voice, and height often throws off a lot of people because he's 5'3, has a feminine looking face, and the voice of a twelve year old. People often ask him if he's a 'real guy' in which he often sarcastically answers "No I'm a potato". As he continued walking he bumped into a man "excuse me", he may be an angsty, gun toeing, sarcastic, thieving street thug, but he's polite enough to say excuse me during this kind of situation.
  8. When you want to join a roleplay but you can't chose which character to use

    Image result for frustrated anime gif

    1. supernal


      Use a random number generator!

    2. Trevor Wisegem

      Trevor Wisegem

      Lol, this is why I made my character able to go anywhere. XD

  9. Madeline Rivers

    Person -- | Name: Madeline Rivers (real last name is Garner) | Alias: the living doll | Sobriquet: Madie | Title: the living doll | Actual Age: 18 | Apparent Age: 18 | Date of Birth: Mystery | Race: vampire | Gender: female | Height: 5'6 | Weight: 120 lb | Dominant Side: right | Physique: slender | Joints: ? | Eyes: purple | Hair color: black | Hair style: differs from day to day | Skin Tincture: soft | Domicile: Terrenus | Region: rouge | Affiliations: none | Occupation: none | Nature: hostile at first but once she warms up to someone she can be sassy, sarcastic and even a bit playful | Alignment: neutral | Diety: | Soft Spot: she hates seeing innocent people suffer especially if it's at the hands of someone else. If she sees someone torturing an innocent person she will immediately resort to killing. | Likes: Wreching havoc, furry animals, freedom, reading, tea, and eating | Dislikes: feeling trapped, cruelty, people that can't handle sarcasm, waiting, and following orders Attire -- | Shoulders: none | Torso: torn up shorts and a black sweater | Arms: nothing | Hands: black nails, and leather fingerless gloves | Hips: none | Legs: black and white stripe stocking that go up to her knee | Footgear: combat boots Gear -- | Blade: none she uses guns Alias: Length: Hilt: Blade: Recognized Owner: Rumors -- ________
  10. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Morgan noded and thanked to the person who gave him the key and made his way to his room. He later down in his bed to to rest yet and he looked at the ceiling.
  11. Someone should start a no more homework revolution 

    1. Trevor Wisegem

      Trevor Wisegem

      Currently working on it. I'm actually not kidding. I've written 3 essays so far on how homework doesn't do anything

  12. Lights, Camera, Crime!

    "Hope I'm not too late" a voice that sounded much like the voice that sounded a lot like a twelve year old boy's spoke. However the owner of that voice was non-other then fifteen-year-old Morgan Mcdaniels Or known to the whole world as "the blue wolf". The kid that was known for being a hooded thief that could run faster then lightning. There were many rumors about the boy the only one that is true however is that he's not 100% human, and that he spent most of his life in a lab. The boy approached the group as he took of his hood. "I risking my life by doing this but sometimes you have to take risks to survive" he said. His face seemed feminine in contrast to his body, wardrobe, and mannerisms. He then extended his hand keeping his blank expression "In case you haven't noticed I'm the Blue Wolf, but my real name is Morgan Mcdaniels"
  13. I decided that to make this easier am only gonna use one of them for this
  14. An opportunity true to La Ultima

    "Before I show you this you're gonna have to promise me to to try an kill me, or tell anyone, if you do I'll have no choice but to kill you" The boy said in such a cold voice. Then he took off his hoodie, and suddenly a large pair of feathered wings emerged from behind his back, one was black the other was silver. He stared up to look at the man in front of him "that's not all remember what I said earlier" he said. The suddenly a small demon climbed up the roof top, "I brought him here" the boy said "there's one more thing I have to show you" he walked up to the man, "Do you have any recent injuries, that need healing?" he said. "any cuts? scratches? Gashes?" the teenager said holding out his arm.