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  1. Don't care if anyone already has him am taking him Male?dl=0#f:stopa_edp__let_there_be__light__by_kaytseki-d4nhtkg.png
  2. Sorry it took me along time I was internally arguing wether I should reveal Ethan's secret already or hold it off for a bit. So I made a random choice and wrote a short and crappy post.
  3. Ethan looked at the door. He realized that the sooner he proceeded then closer he could get to Mathias first and keep an eye on him. Ethan is pretty sure the other boy knows his secret, therefore. It seemed as if he had to be careful, since he had information that could cause his death. It is not his individual life he cares about, what he cares about is the safety of the others. Other then him there is only one person that knows about Mathias plans and that person is too caught up in her desire for power to realize what he's trying to do. If Ethan dies there will be no one to be able to stop Mathias. So he realized it was best to stay out of his way, yet still keep an eye, and wait patiently for him to make a move. The teen took the pair of shoes and put them on, he was ready for whatever challenge layed ahead.
  4. I am not certain
  5. You mean me?
  6. I edited it
  7. Ethan knew he had to keep an eye on Mathias, right now the best way to do so is by listening through the closed door. He narrowed his eyes as he heard every word the older boy said. He has been living in on his own long enough to know what Mathias is trying to do. Mathias was obviously just lying about taking Zarine somewhere where she'll strength her abilities. He wanted to use her for whatever he was planning. Ethan knew tricksers like the back of his hand his bumped into a couple of them in the past. Ethan stood by the door waiting to hear if Zarine was gonna fall for Mathias's trick, until he heard Lark call after him. He turned around he checked his injury he covered it with his hand as he couldn't let her see it considering it hasn't been long enough after he's received it. "Yeah am fine" he replied then he looked back at the door asking himself if he should go on with her or stay and listen.
  8. Am so sorry I know I promised I would post yesterday, but a lot of stuff came up it was crazy, I promise I'll post THIS week.
  9. Today am gonna post I promise
  10. I understand I'll post whenever I have time cues today I have school.
  11. Two things

    1. I just turned 16 yesterda yay!!!!

    2. Am I the only one that imagines characters voice acted by certain voice actors. Cues I do that all the time, most of my male characters I imagine the voice acted by Bryce Papenbrook.

    1. supernal


      Happy birthday :)

  12. @Ayden am sorry if I sounded rude, I just wanted to say this cues Ethan is following them cues he wants to keep a close eye on Mathias at all times.
  13. Ethan followed Mathias and Zarine, didn't you read my post
  14. I am so sorry I've been busy with school ALL this week