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  1. Birth Name: Morgan Mcdaniels Preferred Name: Morgan Nickname/Alias: the blue wolf Gender: crossdressing female Age: 15 Sexuality: asexual panromantic -- Race: experiment Height: 5'3 Weight: 120 Body Type: slender Facial Structure: look at the pic Coloring: look at the pic Hair: look at the pic Identifying Marks: small #10 tattoo on her upper back Physical Strengths: really damn fast, and really damn strong, and could outrun a cheetah Physical Weaknesses: none Physical Ailments: none -- Apparel: look at the pic Arsenal/Weaponry: twin pistols Additional Equipment: none Skills: martial arts, one hell of an accuracy, and the speed of sonic Incompetencies: tba -- Brief Personality: seemingly cold hearted, edgy, spunky, and serious Expectations: tba Religion: tba Likes: tba Dislikes: tba Phobias: to be found by the scientist whom she escaped from Mental Ailments: none --
  2. Alright I'm message you as soon as I can Before I do I really want to see your characters.
  3. You could rp with me, I have a couple of characters, thought most of them are under 18. Probably because I'm more used to playing young characters, so i don't RP sexual content, but I do a lot of gory and bloody content, I'll also fine with cursing in fact to me cursing is nothing, so you could say my content is more like 16+. Hope that's okay.
  4. It's official Fullmetal Alchemists has taken over my life

  5. open

    After a lot of resting, Allen was bored out of his mind. He looked around for anything to do later he spotted a boy around his age about to fight an older person outside of the tavern. As the teen dashed outside he pulled up his slevee that hid his markings as they glowed which showed that he was a druid. The he used a spell to push them away from each other. "stop it you two idiots you don't know what you're doing. You are putting everyone in there in danger if you're gonna fight a suggest you take it far away from here where no one will be hurt" he said in a serious tone "but if you must stay then go inside, sit down and don't do anything that might harm everyone else" as he spoke he pulled up his sleeve to once again cover his markings. Before leaving the two.
  6. open

    Allen walked into tavern the seventeen year old druid took a seat in a table all on his own. He was tired from so much traveling. It was pretty hard to make a good living and find a good place to settle in when you were running low on cash he really just wanted to relax and maybe meet someone. The brunnette pulled up his right sleeve covering up his hand and arm, hiding the marks on his arm that gave away that he was a druid. It's not that he was afraid of someone fiding him out, he just doesn't have the energy to answer any questions that any fool wanting to know about druids might want to ask.
  7. Like to go to the tavern okay.... can I get a link or do I go to the one in the new members thing?
  8. Birth Name: Aloise Allen Charles Carter Preferred Name: Allen Nickname/Alias: Gender: male Age: 17 Sexuality: Asexual and homoromantic -- Race: Druid Height: 5'5 Weight: 117 Body Type: average Facial Structure: look at the picture Coloring: look at the picture Hair: look at the picture Identifying Marks: none Physical Strengths: TBA Physical Weaknesses: TBA Physical Ailments: TBA -- Apparel: as seen in the picture Arsenal/Weaponry: shadow staff Additional Equipment: none Skills: fighting Incompetencies: none -- Brief Personality: intellengent, quirky, stubborn, and carefree Expectations: TBA Religion: TBA Likes: tba Dislikes: tba Phobias: tba Mental Ailments: tba --The reason why I put tba's in most of them is because I want to develop him as I roleplay
  9. The boy looks at him for a bit then looks away. There is a moment of intense silence between them "my name's Ethan Mayer, but I can't tell you what I am or else I'm pretty sure you'd kill me" he said. A hint of fear could be heard in the teen's almost cold hearted tone of voice.
  10. Just found out that am actually 5'3.5. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 I feel so short😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  11. How did I not know that All Time Low just released a new album

  12. Just recently made a thread and I'm hoping someone would want to reply here is the link I don't have a specific plan for this, and I really just want to role play and see where it goes. There is no plot.
  13. Summer is just around the corner, this upcoming week is finals week I can't wait to start summer

  14. The link is in my last post don't worry
  15. There is no actual plot, I just wrote down something, basically you can do whatever you want. I forgot to put the link.