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Voting has reset for the month of August. Valucre is in the top 10 but we aim for the top 3 for maximum visibility when people land on the home page of the topsite. If you want to help new members discover Valucre, vote for us daily.

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    • supernal

      Vote for Valucre [August]   05/16/2017

      Voting for the month of August is open on TopRPSites! Vote for Valucre daily and help new members searching for a place to roleplay discover the same joys you have in Valucre. You can vote daily, so make voting for Valucre a habit. Discussion thread
    • supernal

      Poachers and spammers   08/18/2017

      Please report anyone that tries to use Valucre to get you to go to another RP site.  Since Valucre started getting popular people have tried to piggyback on Valucre's success. Once, the admin of another site made a fake account and spammed 50 members at a time in mass PMs, trash-talking Valucre and linking to their own. Another time, the admin of a different RP site just pretended to be me by name to convince people I had made that site too. There are more examples than it's worth getting into. The point is to remind our members that anyone linking to other RP sites is infringing on Valucre's Code of Conduct.


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  1. Corner Cafe

    Serenity looked at the waitress as she realized that she was trying to talk to her. So she immediately calmed down, maybe there's no one here that will take her back. "I-uh, yeah some tea would be great" she said.
  2. It's almost been three years since I've been here. UGH how time flies

    1. supernal


      Agreed! Happy Valniversary!

    2. Youngblood_Rebelle


      This Saturday will be my valniversary 

  3. A Ball For Everyone

    Unfortunately the event couldn't take place on the expected day, so it will be once again reschedule. To a farther date.
  4. A Ball For Everyone

    The event has been rescheduled
  5. I might be gone for awhile cause school is starting in two weeks and I still have a summer reading 

  6. Drunks in a field (A night to remember OOC)

    Guys so what do you do if your character is not the type to get drunk cause mine is like that.... I don't know what to put cause I want to go with the flow, but I don't want to stay out of character.... help me
  7. A Ball For Everyone

    Of course you can join
  8. A Ball For Everyone

    (This is just an idea I had it's pretty crappy I know) A gala shall be put in place, there are no invitations. Everyone is invited to attend rich or poor, young or old. The ball is for everyone. starts August 25 Where: elendron https://imgur.com/gallery/KPAHX https://imgur.com/gallery/G4QTk https://imgur.com/gallery/Ldztw
  9. Alright so I flipped a coin. So I choose Serenity
  10. What about me?
  11. Yeah my characters are underage so... yeah that's a problem... So so what can I Do? Cause ALL of my characters are underage. Most of them being teenage boys (maybe cause I watch to much shounen anime)
  12. Alright so I have a couple of characters so I'm gonna use either one cause they're my pride and joy Ethan or Serenity . You can choose which one to use, depending on which one you like better. You can tell me what senerio you perfer for each character
  13. Corner Cafe

    I just posted
  14. Corner Cafe

    Serenity sat in the couch and waited for a waitress to take her order, then she realized that no one is going to take the order of a mysterious girl wearing a hood over her head. So before taking it off she looked around to make sure that no one familiar was around, she also made sure that there weren't any lost child posters. Once that was over she took off her hood, maybe if she could blend in no one would know that she is a half demon runaway. That's IF no one here has talked to her mother. As she took her hood hood she reveal her pale face, and bright blue eyes. The girl was wearing her hair tied up under her hood she undid her hair as her straight long black hair fell down to her shoulders. The girl sigh as she kept reminding herself that right now the only way to survive is to blend in and she can't do that if she's suspiciously hiding her appearance. Serenity's hands nervously trembled at the thought of showing her face in public and the possibility of putting herself in danger.
  15. Looking forward to it