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  1. "Oh Ivas! You probably aren't even past the silver ran-" Ema snapped, but was shortly stopped when Ivas pushed her down to the ground. Her head collided with the floor, hard. Her conscious suddenly snapped back into place, and the anger that flooded her system returned back to it's normal state. She let out a groan and slowly raised her hand to softly touch the back of her injured head. She was bleeding. "Ow...some welcome back hug," she muttered, slowly rising from the ground. Things were going haywire, fast. An axe flew through the air, causing Ema to duck down once again. This room was too small to have to deal with this kind of issue! "Noscope 360, bitch!" "Wha?" A confused Ema questioned. In seemingly a millisecond later a fire sensation infected all parts of Ema's body, causing her to yelp and kick in pain. As the fire rained down on her, the pain grew more intense. Some of the bullets hit so hard that small bits of flesh were ripped off of the once flawless, beautiful legs that she had been so proud of. "Stop! Ow! Can everyone just stop!" Ema cried out once again, wiping at the burning parts on her legs. Blood soaked her hands and she was sure she was about to pass out. This whole time she had thought that finding the people above them would help out the party. Little did she know that a big group inside a giant building that can change how people feel in an instant probably wasn't the best thing to do in this time of need. Ema rolled out of the way of the bullets and dove past Kasai, hungry for the pain to be over. "We have to get out of this room! It's making us crazy!" She cried out, limping towards the stairwell door. The heat was slowly starting to build up again, and she didn't want to stick around for it. GETOUTGETOUTGETOUTGETOUTGETOUT Her shaking hand reached to pull open the stairwell door, and she felt her heart drop at the jammed handle. The door had been jammed closed, and refused to open.
  2. Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick The void surrounded Alice, welcoming her into it's loving arms. Father and mother were here, too. A warm hand reached up to stroke Alice's beautiful porcelain face. It was a touch she had felt many times before; her father always had a niche for comforting her in these hard times. Her mother smiled down at her, her jet black hair nearly blending into the blackness behind her. No more agony, no more pain, no more hatred. Dying had always seemed to be such a scary idea to herself, but just felt right. There was no point in going back to that place, going back into the pain. When her mother reached over to touch her shoulder, an icy coldness ran down her spine. Alice was taken back by this sudden effect, but didn't hesitate in placing her hand on her mothers face. It felt frozen to the touch. "Mother? Are you feeling okay?" She inquired, her breathing steadily increasing. Her mother didn't respond, but instead kept smiling at Alice. Something was very wrong her. Alice quickly removed her palm from her mother's face and backed away from her. All the two of her parents did was stare. No talking, no affection, no anything! Her eyes fell upon the bottom of her mother's dress. It had several burn marks that had singed there way into the fabric. Her fathers pant legs sported the same aesthetic. When she glanced back up, her parent's once beautiful faces were replaced by something sinister. Something that could once be called skin clung loosely to their skin, revealing the bones hiding underneath their skin. The smiles on their face were replaced by frowns that Alice remembered from her childhood. "Stop! Let me go!" Alice screamed, pulling away even farther from her parents. Her father clung to her arm, refusing to let go of her arm. He was ready to snap it! "Stop it! Stop!" She screamed once again, forcefully pulling back. Her father finally released her, and she turned and sprinted into the darkness. All she could here was the rapid sound of her feet slamming against the darkness. She ran towards the darkness, wanting to escape from this nightmare she had so easily welcomed into her heart. As she ran, her feet became heavier and heavier against the nonexistent ground. Finally she came to a complete stop. She was not able to move. Her parents glided towards her, their feet never leaving the ground. Wicked smiles plastered their face. "Leave me alone!" Alice begged, crouching down to pull at her feet. Cold hands grabbed at her arms, they had finally got her. Alice jolted awake, a cold sweat coating her face. Injured people laid all around her, and a woman seemed to be healing her. "I'm fine, I'm f-fine!" Alice whimpered, reaching over to touch her once injured side. It was completely healed. Her other hand reached up to touch her face. The acid wound had been healed as well! "My bag, it has h-healing supplies in it. I can help!" Alice assured Videntia, slowly standing up. Her figure was a little wobbly from the trauma, but she had to stay strong. "You look weak, be careful," Alice said, referring to Videntia's face.
  3. Hey hey everyone! I'll reply today don't worry I'm not dead.
  4. Sounds good! It'll be cool to see these characters going from a light hearted/silly issue to a really disastrous one!!
  5. Ema raised her eyebrows and smiled at Ivas as he backed away from her. This seemed to always be the case with him! Every time destiny threw them together in some type of bad situation, Ivas would always think Ema hated him or something. There was no way Ema was going to let any romantic tension cloud her view of what was happening! "Sorry. Next time I'll keep the screaming to a minimum. Being stuck in a haunted hotel with a sociopath that can burn this place down in an instant really isn't the most comforting thing. Wait! I'm not an illusion! I don't think I am. Oh jeez." Ema explained, holding her head as the thought of not being real crossed her mind. This place was really starting to get to her. "That's the sociopath I mentioned! She lit the first floor on fire, blinded us on the second floor, and now I can only imagine what she's going to do to us now. I hope your wearing flame resistant clothing," Ema warmed, moving forward to place a hand on Ivas's arm. It was mostly just an excuse to touch him, but now's not the best time to bring that up. Finally, she pulled him into a hug. Whether he wanted it or not, Ema just wanted to make sure he knew how she felt about him. Talking about it in front of an audience might not be the best decision. Turning away from Ivas, Ema turned back to Kasai before she made any more stupid decisions. "Listen. You need to stop. You're going to get us all killed if you keep it up. Just shut up for a few minutes, please," Ema told Kasai, a hint of bitterness in her voice. A sudden anger filled her head, like she wanted to hit and punch someone. "You stole my kill! Good game! Reported for feeding the other team!" Ema hissed, wrapping her hand tightly around Kasai's arm. "I didn't say that!" Ema cried out, releasing her grip. The anger hit again, this time more fierce and demanding. The room they were in heated up. Could the others feel it? This was horrible! "Be careful! It would be horrible if you had to play with a salty team of individuals." An almost demonic voice boasted, it's voice echoing throughout the room. Once the voice finished, the anger emitting from Ema would begin to slowly infect the others in the room. This thing was trying to make them hate each other, and it was working!
  6. Some cool new gadgets for Alice would be pretty cool! Some new chemicals to experiment with are always welcomed.
  7. I'll be replying today!
  8. Yeah it was your turn but since you didn't reply you got skipped. I can wait for you to reply before I do tho @Kasai Uchiha
  9. Wait a second! It seemed that the people above them had been closer than Ema had originally thought they were, and one of them sounded suspiciously like Ivas! Was this just another dark entity that was trying to fool Ema to just toss herself into the pits of the darkness. Or maybe he was really here, and she was only seconds away from seeing him. Another voice entered the stairwell, this time it was a deep country accent. Maybe this person could serenade these things into not killing them? "No, please don't that!" Ema warned as she saw Kasai proceed to do another one of her tricks. She was right behind Kasai now, so the sudden bright light that engulfed the stairwell caused Ema to let out a surprised gasp before she used her hands to block her view. They had to get out of this stairwell, now! Ema used what she had remembered the stairwell looking like and began to slowly climb, one hand covering her eyes while the other gripped the rail. "Ivas, if you're really here, I'll be on the third floor! They've blocked the entrance back down" She said one final time. The rest of her thoughts went to getting out of the stairwell without falling off. Everyone behind her couldn't see what they were doing, so it looks like they would have to have some type of markers so everyone could get up safely. An idea suddenly hit Ema. Her purple sunflowers emit light! They're a dark purple so they're pretty hard to miss! As she went up the stairs, Ema laid down the plants, allowing everyone in the stairwell to be able to make it up safely. The whispers were replaced by loud screams that threatened to make someone go deaf. These things did not like the light. Finally, Ema pulled the handle open to the third floor and seemingly fell into the hallway, grateful to just be out of the blinding light that was causing more trouble than the creatures were. Crap! She had completely missed Ivas! "C'mon guys! Up here! Your eyes will explode if you stay down there!" Ema shouted down, closing her eyes against the light. Ivas was down there, and he was ready to fight for her. He had to make it up here, he had to.
  10. The chemicals going through Alice's body heightened her senses dramatically, but the sword plunging through the side of her stomach. A splash of red tainted her vision and she flew back, slamming into the ground. Her bag of items flew off her side and landed somewhere beside her. After the adrenaline stopped, Alice could feeling the agonizing pain plague her body. She kicked and screamed, the pain almost too much for her to handle. "No, no, no!" Alice screamed, grabbing her side in horror. The transformation was happening. A new burning pain erupted through out her body as her flesh and bones morphed back to their original state. Her bag had all the medical supplies in it, and there was no way she could survive much longer without some type of care being administered. Once the pain from transforming back was gone, Alice crawled slowly towards her bag. Her injured side left a trail of blood that would allow anyone to easily find her. Her hand rummaged through bag hurriedly, her vision going in and out by the minute. Around her, chaos erupted when the magic lady entered the area where Remissio had just died. Alice blocked this out, though, and continued to search. Hold out a little longer, you got this. Finally, her hands caught hold of what appeared to be bandages. Alice pulled them out of their resting place and slowly began to unravel them. Her arms growing weaker by the second. She was so close, this couldn't happen to her! Her hand's dropped, her head slumped, her mouth hanged open. The bandages fell from her hands and rolled in front of her, providing to be useless against her wound. Y-You did good. Just relax now. Y-Y-You d-d-d-d-did...... Finally, she stopped blinking. The fire that once burned her eyes were now gone.
  11. Hey hey hey everyone! I should be able to reply tomorrow if things go well!
  12. "The only reason this gate is here is to keep up from going up! If anyone, or anything, has a problem with us going up, then they would've said something," Ema replied to the man questioning the gate. As Leon worked his magic on destroying the gate, Ema heard a familiar voice echo down the halls. It had been logged in her head as the voice of someone that had no clue what was going on. She might get it confused with herself sometimes, but this time the flames that followed sealed the deal on who it was. Oh, you have got to be kidding me! The moment Kasai slammed into the gate, it seemingly disintegrated. Almost like it was never there in the first place. Now that the gate was gone, Ema took lead once again and slowly ascended the stairs to reach the third floor. The gamer girls behind them still whined and complained, but it seemed like the weren't following them. "Someone has to be at the top, right? Let me check. HELLLLOOOOOO?! ANYONE UP THERE?" Ema yelled up, her voice bouncing and echoing off the silent walls. The group really needed some assistance at this point. Between gamer girls and burning hot floor, she knew they wouldn't be able to last much longer. They needed backup, now. A sudden whispering filled the stairwell. Ema turned to look at her partners, but to her surprise, none of them were speaking. She finally glanced up and let out a small gasp of terror. It looked like the figures had extremely long black hair, which was accompanied by razor sharp nails that seemed almost inhuman. The climbed up and down the walls, their whispers never stopping. "Oh my god. What are those things?" Ema whispered, coming to a stop at the top stair. Finally, a whisper came through that Ema actually understood. "They're talking about catching someone outside? What does it mean?" She asked, slowly starting to climb again. "I don't think they can see very well. They're wearing sunglasses indoors! Let's try to sneak past them and see what happens," Ema suggested, her hands gripping the railing for dear life.
  13. Hey hey hey! I'll be replying today don't worry
  14. Oh wow you're actually right! I didn't notice it either but Alice could definitely be a darker side of Alice from Alice in Wonderland! I'm probably going to steal that just saying ;)
  15. i've had the idea of using the serum since the beginning of the RP but I had no idea how I could incorporate it in. I'm so happy Alice finally had a chance to use it, whoop whoop! She's probably going to die but im at peace with that Robbie Rotten Ayumi @EpicRome23 Reinholdt sorainvoked jaistlyn