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  1. "Hmmm! MMM! So-HA! Ow! You're rea-HAHA-strong!" Ema exclaimed as the other man went to grab her mask. She placed both her hands on his shoulders and pushed, hoping with the combined force of him pulling and her pushing the mask wouldn't be able to hold on any longer. Behind the man, the floor suddenly caught on fire, illuminating the room in an orange like glow. If the floor wasn't hot before, it certainly must be now! A few moments later, Ema felt the mask that clutched to her face fly off in one sudden motion. Since she was still pushing on the man, she went falling backwards behind the counter. As soon as her back hit the solid wood floor, Ema felt the burning floor slowly seep it's way into her skin. She let out a cry of pain and quickly rolled over to prop herself on her knees. The stairs were closer to her now, if she could just leap off the counter with a high enough force, she would most certainly land on the bottom step. It was then Ema noticed that a rope was dangling perfectly between her and the boards. If she could run and grab onto the rope, the chance that she could get to the steps was even higher. "Okay, I got this! Everyone hold on!" Ema yelled out. With a running start, she jumped from the counter and wrapped her hands around the rope with almost perfect technique. The force was enough to send her flying onto the middle step of the staircase. She made it! Now the only problem was getting everybody else across. Bending over, Ema pressed her hand into the ground. "Um. How do I do this again? Grow, please grow. I don't know! Water, please spilly?" She panicked, after a brief moment. A flower would rise from the ground, it was small at first, and then grew about the same height as Ema. "Okay, step one done. What now! Plant, please.....hydrate this place?" Ema pleaded. In one swift motion, the plant stiffened and water began to shoot from it's petals. It came out in a sprinkler like motion, covering the whole room in a nice, refreshing mist. "Everyone! Hurry! Get over here before something else goes wrong!"
  2. Robbie Rotten Ayumi @EpicRome23 Reinholdt sorainvoked jaistlyn
  3. "Nope! He's not mine. His owner is somewhere around here so I'm just kind of hanging out with him for the time being," Alice explained, cupping her hands in front of her. This women seemed oddly interested in getting to know Mr. Squiggles. Alice herself was terrified of the thing when she had first come into contact with it, but now she felt that her relationship with him was much better than before. Alice raised a eyebrow at the woman when she made a comment about Alice being ticklish. Was this some type of insult? Before another comment could come from Alice's mouth, the book the woman had suddenly sprung to life, causing Alice to let out a cry. "That's neat! What's it suppose to do? Scan me or som-" Alice couldn't finish her sentence, the pain that soon sprung to life from her body wouldn't let her form basic sentences. All she could do was let out a scream of pain and anger. Her legs felt like they had just been chopped off and her torso was just hit with a large hammer! Alice quickly sat down to try to subside the pain that was terrorizing her body. "Why did you do that? Ow! Owwww!" Alice cried again, clutching her side. Was she the first person to be tested on? If so, they had some serious configuration that needed to be done. Couldn't they just take her word for it? Was injuring her to the point where she wanted to die really worth it? After a few moments of deep breaths and reconsideration, Alice stood up, a bit shaky. "Am I good? I'm not a twisting, cool. What do you want me to do now?" Alice muttered, hand still placed on her side. She had finally reached the insides of the wall, and it felt like a large burden had been lifted off her shoulder. Now all she had to do was take down all the monsters and then get out of this place alive. This all sounded easier when she thought about it to herself, but some things are easier said then done. Another thought entered her head. Where is my bomb?
  4. i believe you forgot to add me sir
  5. so yeah I just decided to let everyone enjoy a nice game of the floor is lava
  6. "That's so mean! He's making funny gestures at us and talking in a voice like that? So rude!" Ema yelled at the thing before it sent out it's mask. The fact that the one thing that came out of it's mouth was so mean made Ema sick. She had barely been in this building for more than five seconds and things already had it out for her. In fact, she was so distraught that the mask flying towards her didn't even register until she felt it wrap her face. "Hey! Stop, someone help me!" Ema cried, her voice now distorted by the mask. The gas soon entered her system, causing her to burst into random fits of uncontrollable laughter. She pulled and pulled at the mask, her nails slowly digging into the soft flesh on her face. "Get. This. Off!" She screamed. Blood now slowly trickled down her face. If one thing bothered her, it was her face being covered up! She worked so hard to apply her makeup, and now it was ruined! No one would even to be able to look at her now, she was ugly! What were the side effects of this gas? Couldn't she pass our? Or maybe she could even have a heart attack. Glancing around, Ema looked at the new people that had entered the building. One of the people that was just with her was lucky enough to have the mask knocked off of him. If she had to wear this stupid thing for the rest of the quest, there was no way she would survive this place! "Please, I can't! Haha! Please, get it-HAHA-off!" Suddenly, the floor heat up underneath her feet. After a few moments, it felt like hot coals were singeing her new flat pumps. Without much thought, Ema leaped onto the nearby counter to release herself from this horrible pain. "Let's play a new game! This one's called "The Floor is Lava", have fun!" the creepy voice said again, ready for everyone to bow down to it's new game. It seemed the only way outside of the room was the stairwell, but who knew, the elevator might work!
  7. I'm fine with either doing a post order or leaving it open. We all seem to reply pretty quick so idk???
  8. Robbie Rotten Ayumi @EpicRome23 Reinholdt sorainvoked jaistlyn
  9. "Woohoo! C'mon! You got it!" Alice enthusiastically cheered as Mr. Squiggles climbed. The sooner he got up here, the faster the duo could get away from the ruthlessness outside. People were dropping one by one, and the thought that someone could end her life in a matter of seconds made getting inside seem more desirable. She was about to turn to drop into Inns'th when she saw two men appear. They needed her to be tested for something. "I'm not poisoned or anything. At least I'm pretty sure I'm not," Alice assured them, continuing to watch Mr. Squiggles climb the wall. After seeing that the men probably weren't in the mood for fooling around. Alice moved from her position, bolting to the two men. "What am I being tested for? You guys a very vague. I mean I am covered in blood, but let me assure you it's not my blood! It's me, Alice! I was recruited for this thing, although I don't think we did a very good job," she commented, glaring down at the army below. Another quake sent Alice falling backwards, landing on her butt. "Not cool! Can we go inside now?" Alice whined, glaring back at Mr. Squiggles. Hopefully they didn't kill him instinctively. He was actually really nice and wayyyy more sane than his owner. By the way, where was his owner? Maybe she had been killed already, what a shame. Now wasn't the time to reminisce! Alice needed to figure out what these "Twistlings" were. The only thing she knew they were good at was making go crazy on each other. Maybe she should have studied a little bit before she arrived. Judging by her needing to be tested, Alice could only assume something bad had been leaked in. "Okay, can we please get inside now? I swear, every time I breathe something goes wrong," Alice muttered, slowly picking herself up from her seat on the wall. Pretty soon the invaders would get in, so she would have to help in any way she could!
  10. Ema strutted down the street, her loose ponytail bouncing as she moved. Life had been boring ever since Ivas had left for some kind of job. Ema decided that she would just have to do a job as well! It couldn't be that hard, dark forces could mean a lot of things! Like tiny bats, or maybe wolves. Ema could really take on anything at this point, but she was still unsure of herself. Her confidence in herself had definitely went downhill since she lost most of her powers. She wasn't completely defenseless, though! She had taken lessons on some self defense classes. The sight of the inn sent a chill down her spine. It's darkened structure seemed almost obsolete against the buildings she had seen beforehand. The instructions were pretty clear, just get to the top in one piece. Should be easy enough. The cold air in the tavern hit Ema like a shock wave. Maybe today was the wrong day to wear her favorite pair of booty shorts and skin showing top. A pair of pants would have done her well. "Hellooo? Anybody here?" She questioned loudly. The darkness was intense, consuming her small frame in a matter of seconds when the door shut behind her. Oh great! "Please, just work this once," Ema pleaded quietly to herself. She then opened up the palm of her hand and stopped her breathing. In a matter of seconds, a coating of vines covered her hands, followed by a large pink flower. The flower would then light up, putting the area she was in in a pink light. After she was done with that physically demanding activity, she began slowly creep along the floor, barely noticing that someone was already in the inn with her. A high pitched scream could be heard from all around the inn, maybe even outside the inn, too! Ema had just collided with someone, or something! What were they going to do to her? They could kill her and she would never see the light of day again. This was already too much! She flung her arm forward just enough to light up the area where the person had been. "Oh. My. Goodness! You scared me! I thought for sure I already failed this mission," Ema said, taking a deep breath and fanning herself. It was just an ordinary person like her. They had a light source as well, just a simple lighter. Why didn't she think of that? "Are you here for the quest, too? Get to the top of this place? One more question, is that man sitting over there with you?" Ema asked, pointing to the figure in question. It looked like a normal man. He was dressed in all black, and a large, teeth showing smile crossed his face. He was staring intently at the two girls, almost in a creepy way. "That's a little strange, don't you think?"
  11. I'll be posting tomorrow!!!
  12. I feel like I need Ema's overreactions in my life, but at the same time Nara's ditziness really is fun. hmmmmmmm choices
  13. Hi Catz. I'm only in one RP right now so I'll probably hop back in this one. i promise I won't disappear again xoxoxo wink
  14. Robbie Rotten Ayumi @EpicRome23 Reinholdt sorainvoked jaistlyn
  15. "Stop! Get back here! You're handicapped. You'll get killed!" Alice screamed at Ilpholin, trying to grab for her. The woman wasn't in the right state of mind, and Alice knew she needed to get inside the walls for a nice checkup. It was no use, though. Mr. Squiggles made a sharp turn and went towards the side of the wall that was bare of creatures. She quickly hopped off the spider and made a bolt to grab for the looming wall. They needed to get up fast. The more time she spent outside the walls, the less time she had left in her life. "I don't know how I'm going to do this," Alice quickly mumbled, rummaging through her bag. All she could find that was closely related to climbing was a rope. The rope was strong enough to hold her, but there was no way she would be able to attach it to something to climb up. Maybe she could improvise somehow. Oh, that's right! The force field generator! Letting out a gasp, Alice pulled the device out and tied the rope around it. She would then set it to go off in ten seconds, it was light now, but in a few moments that would change. Without much more thinking, Alice chucked the device over the wall. She knew she had sucessfully hit the top of the wall when a loud bang could be heard. Her other hand was tightly wrapped around the other end of the rope. She counted the seconds in her head, and just as she reached ten, she saw the familiar blue sphere shoot up. This caused the device to weigh down against the ground. "Awesome! I'm sure you can get up with your sticky spider stuff, right?" Alice asked Mr. Squiggles. With that, she began her climb to reach the top of the wall. A few minutes later, a exhausted Alice hoisted herself over the wall. She hit the top with a loud thump and let out a loud cheer. She had successfully reached the top! Just in time, too! The device let out a beep and shut off. Alice shoved it back down into her bag and glanced over the side. "C'mon! You got this, Spidey!" Glancing over at Remissio, Alice let out a cry as he shook the wall with some type of special ability. "Stop him! Don't let him do that again!"