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  1. Robbie Rotten Ayumi @EpicRome23 Reinholdt sorainvoked jaistlyn
  2. "Stop! Get back here! You're handicapped. You'll get killed!" Alice screamed at Ilpholin, trying to grab for her. The woman wasn't in the right state of mind, and Alice knew she needed to get inside the walls for a nice checkup. It was no use, though. Mr. Squiggles made a sharp turn and went towards the side of the wall that was bare of creatures. She quickly hopped off the spider and made a bolt to grab for the looming wall. They needed to get up fast. The more time she spent outside the walls, the less time she had left in her life. "I don't know how I'm going to do this," Alice quickly mumbled, rummaging through her bag. All she could find that was closely related to climbing was a rope. The rope was strong enough to hold her, but there was no way she would be able to attach it to something to climb up. Maybe she could improvise somehow. Oh, that's right! The force field generator! Letting out a gasp, Alice pulled the device out and tied the rope around it. She would then set it to go off in ten seconds, it was light now, but in a few moments that would change. Without much more thinking, Alice chucked the device over the wall. She knew she had sucessfully hit the top of the wall when a loud bang could be heard. Her other hand was tightly wrapped around the other end of the rope. She counted the seconds in her head, and just as she reached ten, she saw the familiar blue sphere shoot up. This caused the device to weigh down against the ground. "Awesome! I'm sure you can get up with your sticky spider stuff, right?" Alice asked Mr. Squiggles. With that, she began her climb to reach the top of the wall. A few minutes later, a exhausted Alice hoisted herself over the wall. She hit the top with a loud thump and let out a loud cheer. She had successfully reached the top! Just in time, too! The device let out a beep and shut off. Alice shoved it back down into her bag and glanced over the side. "C'mon! You got this, Spidey!" Glancing over at Remissio, Alice let out a cry as he shook the wall with some type of special ability. "Stop him! Don't let him do that again!"
  3. What a plot twist!!! Amazing post @jaistlyn
  4. Feels good to be back and getting my creative juices flowing!!
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      I saw you like OW so I sent this. What do you play it on?

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      I play on PC

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      I play on PC too xD

  6. "Okie dokie! Whatever floats your boat, I guess," Alice commented, slowly following Ilpholin as she climbed on top of her spider creature. Once aboard the creature, Alice would turn and cross her legs in a very lady like fashion. Some of the princess was still left inside of her! It was kind of cute, but now was not the time for her to dwell on her crossing her legs. "What happened to the bomb I gave you?" Alice asked again, this time a hint of frustration in her tone. The bomb was one of the strongest devices she had brought with her, so if this woman had just given it up...she wouldn't know what to think! Turning back to look at her bag. Alice took notes at the items she had left. A few bottles of acid were scattered at the bottom, followed by a extremely powerful stun gun Alice had gotten a few weeks ago. On top of all that was some medical items with a few other little gadgets. She was just about to give up her search when she let out a gasp. "Just in case you lost my bomb, I have the self destruct butttttonnnnnn," Alice cheered, sliding it inside the pouch where she could easily retrieve it. "What now? What do you plan on doing when we get there? There's no way we're going to be able to get in when all those things are attacking!" Alice realized, gazing in the direction of Inns'th. Both of them were injured, but Ilpholin's missing arm might be a little more important that a sore leg. Hopefully she could hold here own when they had to fight. This whole time Alice had been getting tossed around like there was no tomorrow, but now she was a little more confident in her abilities. She was faster than most people would assume, so maybe she could use that to her advantage. "Well, what's the plan?" @Reinholdt
  7. hey hey hey everyone i should be able to reply by tomorrow or friday
  8. Shoot! Will fix that when I get home today
  9. Hey guys, if you see any mistakes in my writing please let me know! I have been out of it for a while and might have made a mistake!
  10. "You can run for a long time, but sooner or later, God will cut you down..." Alice's limp body laid on the field she had become oh so acquainted with. How long had she been gone for? The Chitten Magnus was no where to be seen, and neither was her group! The moment she tried to return to standing, her vision once again failed on her, and back to the ground she went. Before her vision blacked out again, Alice swore she could make out the figure of Mr Squiggles running off with that woman Alice had given her bomb to. Where was she going? "S-stop..." Alice tried to release some type of whimper through her throat, but all she got in return was a heavy silence. They couldn't leave her! She would die! Before she could argue with herself any longer, her vision cut out. She awoke once more and stood, if Ilpholin tried to stall the army alone, she would die! Maybe Alice could get there in time, maybe she could save her! In Alice's opinion, it was dumb for Ilpholin to try to stall the army by herself! It was a death wish in disguise! Alice had been able to get past the horses being eaten alive easily, but getting past the army would be a different story. She stopped a few yards behind Ilpholin, the army most likely would not have seen her small frame yet. Looking around, she saw that a dead monster laid a few feet beside of her. "Perfect," The smell was absolutely putrid, but it did add a nice touch to her death. Even more blood was smeared on her face, and a giant "gash" ran along her stomach. Organs protruded from the injury and created a gruesome scene. She completely stopped herself from breathing for a few moments and watched as the army menacingly trotted off down the plains. "Ninety-five, one thousand. Ninety-six, one thousand.." Ripping the organs off her stomach, Alice quickly stood up and made her way to the armless woman she had helped before. "Well, well, well! Looks like your little plan of action didn't go so well. A little arm missing never killed anybody! Here, this a special coating I brought with me! It'll seal up your arm and stop the bleeding. You're lucky I showed, otherwise you'd probably bleed out soon," Alice teased in a sinister tone, it didn't help that she was covered in blood, either. "Get up! We have a job to do, where's my bomb, by the way? It'll be really useful when we make it back to Inns'th," Alice asked, holding a hand out for the woman. "We can take your spider back, then we can meet up with everyone and take down that dude! We will really get them!" @Reinholdt
  11. Hey everyone!! Sorry for dropping this thread everyone, I became very stressed out but I think I'm ready to come back! There might not be much left but might as well join back in anyway
  12. Hey everyone. I'm Ayumi and I decided to leave Valucre sometime last year. I didn't tell anyone because at that point I just felt so stressed out and unmotivated with my writing and life in general that I felt like a couldn't talk to anyone about it. I just really needed a break to help get my thoughts together and decide what my next move will be. I'm in a much better place now, and I know some people won't appreciate me suddenly disappearing. I dropped so many RPs and good relationships that I probably won't be able to get back, but I hope I can rebound from last year and start this year off much better! My personality is much less toxic and aggressive like it was before. So for the next few days, I hope I can get to renew the relationships I had before I left. So, I don't have much more to say than sorry and that I hope some people can forgive me for my recklessness. Hope to see everyone around, toodles
  13. Ok im trying my best smh