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  1. Oh wow you're actually right! I didn't notice it either but Alice could definitely be a darker side of Alice from Alice in Wonderland! I'm probably going to steal that just saying ;)
  2. i've had the idea of using the serum since the beginning of the RP but I had no idea how I could incorporate it in. I'm so happy Alice finally had a chance to use it, whoop whoop! She's probably going to die but im at peace with that Robbie Rotten Ayumi @EpicRome23 Reinholdt sorainvoked jaistlyn
  3. Alice had made a mistake. It was obviously not a well thought out idea. If she saw him with the bomb, then why didn't she just blow it up? Instead she wasted all of the time telling him about it. Innocent people were dead at her own idiotic decisions. This wasn't something she had planned on doing. As Remissio charged through the crowd, Alice barely avoided one of his swings and reached down into her bag. A black liquid filled bottle then emerged, it's cap sealed tightly on. Of all the times Alice would have to use Serum #2141, it would have to be when everyone was against each others. "Hold your nose," Alice mumbled to herself, placing the tip of the bottle against her mouth. In one quick motion, she took a sip and quickly stashed the bottle back into her bag. Things were about to get interesting. Alice let out a loud screech and fell towards the ground. Another headache attacked her body, except this time a searing pain rose throughout her. Her limbs stretched to abnormal lengths, causing her once beautiful dress to tear at the legs. Her face contorted as the muscles hardened. After a brief moment, the transformation was over. Serum #2141 had done it's job. Alice shot into a sprint, her legs carrying her steadily through the crowd. Anything she ran into would feel like it was just hit by a train. Remissio was just ahead now. This was going to end; nobody made a fool out of Alice, nobody. Remissio would feel a heavy weight press into his back as he ran, Alice had jumped at the last moment and landed directly behind him. One hand attempted to wrap around his throat to hold him into a vice like grip. Her other hand reached down into her pouch and pulled out another container. This one was a light green color. Acid. Alice wrapped her long legs around Remisso's waist and began to slam the bottle against his head. The idea was to break it so it would spill on top of him and hinder his progress. She had gone absolutely crazy. Fury had taken over. After all the horror and nightmares everyone had gone through today, there was no chance Alice was letting anything else happen. She was stalling like it was the last thing she'd ever do.
  4. I should be replying tomorrow! I may or may not have forgotten but that's besides the point
  5. I remember that!!! It's the first rp I ever completed!!! Those creatures....yikes
  6. im just saying rupauls drag race season 9 is on and if you aren't watching it then you probably should be
  7. "You're so stupid! We have to wait for the others!" Ema cried out as Kasai ran past her to head to the second floor. Everyone was still down on the first floor! The woman was like a ticking time bomb that would explode any minute! Ema took one final glance at the ground floor and let out a whine of confusion. Kasai could get killed up there while everyone could get killed down here. "Okay! Just keep coming this way. The dummy went upstairs!" Ema yelled over to the others. She would then turn and slowly begin to make her way up the steps, two at a time. When she did reach the second floor, what she heard was an intense sobbing. Oh great! Another rain cloud that would quite literally drown her! Instead of going to save Kasai, Ema frowned and began to look for a way up to the next floor. If that dumb little flame sprouting psycho wanted to be crazy, so be it! But Ema was not going to stick around and prolong the girl's death. Glancing down the hall, Ema saw that she was lost in complete darkness. The sun from the outside world refused to shine. "Okay! Dummy went to the right, I'm going to the left to find a way up. Pick your poison!" Ema shouted down the stairs. Now that the others were notified of what she was doing, Ema continued to search through the hallway for another set of stairs. It wasn't until she reached the end of the darkness that she saw what she was looking for. A metal gate blocked off the stairs! What kind of inn has metal gates? Ema let out another whine and proceeded to slam her fist down on the metal. All she got in return were sore knuckles. She would have to use her powers! By the time she reached the top, she might be dead on the floor. A green like coating would slowly begin to wrap itself around Ema's fist. It was a metallic mixture of grass and metal! With the protection on, Ema slammed her fist against the metal again, this time denting it slightly. "I found the way up!"
  8. I'll be replying tomorrow!
  9. "Sounds good to me! This time we won't have to worry about getting ambushed by some type of demon! I might be able to do some more dances, back where I come from, the women were required to take dancing lessons. It was a must have in everyone's eye," Nara said, stretching before moving to make her way back through the trees. In the short amount of time she had stayed here, it felt like she had memorized the location of each of the land forms around her. Soon the two emerged from the forest back onto the beach where the lake laid. A celebration of sorts. The sins were defeated, and all of the people that were affected by them would soon hear the news that they were gone. "Well, might as well jump in," Nara said, dipping a toe in the water. For once, they wouldn't have to worry about anything else except having fun. Since they arrived, this whole thing had been about chasing down the sins and putting an end to their terror. Now that that was done, they could finally focus on themselves. Something Nara hadn't done for a long time. "You should teach me how you meditate sometime, it's quite interesting," Nara said, hoping to discover more of Azure. The mystery behind his anger, the mystery behind all the scars on him, and most importantly, the mystery of Azure, himself.
  10. Nara nodded and turned to lay against Azure in the tree. Her head resting on his shoulders like it had been the previous nights, and her hand was wrapped tightly around his, just like it was for all the nights they rested in the forest. Sometime during the night, Nara jolted awake. The sound of silence echoed throughout the land; it was no longer plagued by the eeriness that the sins had caused it to have. It was just a calm, normal forest. Turning to look at Azure, she saw that he was peaceful in his slumber. It seemed nothing could wake him up in that moment. Now's your chance! Do it! Taking a deep breath, she leaned forward, her breath caught in her throat. He really couldn't take a hint. Nara needed to do this. After all he said about her, one final thank you. He didn't need to even know what happened. He wouldn't know what happened, he's asleep! Finally, Nara crossed the boundary that was blocking her. She put her lips gently against Azure's, so gently that she could barely feel it, but she had done it. It lasted for a few moments, and then Nara leaned backwards. What had she just done, she felt better, but this was total invasion of space! Shaking off the feeling of regret, Nara leaned back against the tree. Her head resting on Azure's shoulder; her hand wrapped ever so tightly around his. Soon, the light came pouring into the tree. Nara slowly opened her eyes, welcoming the light into her system. She would turn and give Azure a light shake. "Hey, you want to go for a swim? To celebrate?" She asked, standing up to exit out of the tree.
  11. "Oh yeah. The kisses! I just thought they were for good luck, you know. Every time I kissed you, something would go in our favor. So it was just a good a good luck charm. Not that minded kissing you that is," Nara replied, smiling back at him. He was so close now, she could almost smell his breath. "Remember what I said? All I did was ask you to take the shirt off, you were the one who agreed to do it, sir," She teased again, brushing the hair from from her face. I wonder if he knew how insecure she was. The warmness of the tree engulfed Nara, and she let out a slight giggle. "I think it's funny, on the first night we were out here in the forest, we slept here. Now here on the last night, we're back here. It's almost welcoming, in a way. Her eyes gazed at Azure, someone she was crying about fearing a few moments ago, and now they were so close. He was right, she shouldn't let her emotions get the best of her. He knew who she was, and he would never hurt her. "I don't think I'm scared of you anymore,"
  12. Nara's smile grew as Azure spoke. He actually thought she was a good partner! Nara listened carefully while he spoke, and when he finished, she would begin. "Well, that's good to hear. I'm very slow sometimes, and I don't always have the best decision making. I'm glad you like me. I just think if some people would take the time to get to know me they would learn so much about me. People just look at my cute little face and my personality and brush me off. I want to be more than that, I want to be taken seriously. I'm not just someone who's just going to let someone boss me around, well, most of the time. "So, one other question," Nara said, scooting closer, "if you could go back, and pick anybody else to be your partner, would you?" Nara asked, watching closely for Azure's response. How unsure of herself was Nara?
  13. Robbie Rotten Ayumi @EpicRome23 Reinholdt sorainvoked jaistlyn Hope no one minds that Alice blew up Remissio. It was a really good opportunity that alice certainly couldn't pass up! it might not have even hurt him I have no clue alice @ remissio
  14. "Ooooo! Twenty questions! I use to play that game all the time with my cat. I never really got any response though, tough," Alice said as she watched the scene in front of her. Two twins were fighting each other, each one accusing the other of being a twistling. Who raised this two? Certainly a cow could do a better job then what happened to these two idiots. Close to her, a skeleton flopped down on a young, injured women. Quite the sight, really! Alice shrugged her shoulders but flinched when she heard the cry of Catherine in the distance. Something much more entertaining was going on and Alice wasn't involved: A true crime! "I'll be back, ladies. I need to go powder my nose, by that I mean go see what all this chaos is about!" Alice called out, turning to head out of the alley and towards the area where she thought the most chaos was happening. This was going to be good! ... That lying little no good two faced idiot! She didn't have the bomb! SHE GAVE IT TO REMISSIO! This was disrespectful, horrible, a strike against all Alice stood for. Someone had given one of her items away. The shock on her face told it all, this was going to end, now! "You have never lied more in your life!" Alice screamed, pushing through the crowd towards Remissio. She was upset, distraught at the fact she could've ended this battle ages ago! All Ilpholin had to do was tell her where the bomb was! Remissio could've been dead by the time he reached the wall. "That bomb is not going to blow us all up. It only has a radius of around 7 feet. I would know, I bought it!" Alice cried again, now standing at the front of the crowd. Something shined in her hands, something she should have used a long time ago. The self-destruct switch. "We win, you lose! You took the bomb, dummy!" Alice said. With Remissio holding the bomb directly in his hand, this would be the perfect opportunity to hit the button. Without further ado, Alice pressed her fingers together, slamming down the switch. In that moment, a large boom would sound, followed by a large cylinder of fire that would engulf Remissio. The heat was so intense that Alice was forced to move backwards into the crowd. Had she done it? Had she killed the evil they had been hunting down this whole time. Only time would tell, and Alice felt like this was something that she wouldn't be able to wait for.