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  1. Good to see you around!!

    1. Ayumi


      Hi! I just pop in once in a while to see what's happening. I might start joining some things eventually, who knows!

  2. The Darkness in Dougton

    Ema could only watch as the party members continued to tear apart the darkness they were trapped in. It sounded like Ivas caught on to her idea, because Kasai's firecracker ended up helping the party instead. Barric's followed up by slashing the darkness with his own kind of magic, but quite literally fell short of just escaping. Luckily, Carter was able to escort Barric to the outside. Just when she thought she was in the clear to make her escape, a large explosion sent Ema running. There was no way she was going to get crushed by the rubble after coming this far! Around them, the room began to shrink in size. There was not much time left for them. The frogs that tried to touch the light were engulfed and quickly offed. Ema's head snapped to the side as Kasai wrapped her arms around Ivas. A sudden feeling of rage boiling up in her. Despite the room closing in on them, Ema darted forward to help Ivas. Her leg instinctively sprung forward to kick Kasai in the face. This wasn't the first time she had ever gotten into a cat fight with someone. This is what she was best at. If the kick missed, Ema resorted to just slapping Kasai in the head until she got the idea to let go of Ivas. "You stupid toe fungus monkey! What is your problem! We have to go!" Ema cried out, pulling on the arm that was wrapped around Ivas. Ivas was not going to get dragged into the darkness because of some choke hold. "Can someone please help me rip her off of him? Break a few body parts if you need to! She might like that," Ema called out, now panicking. The light was so close, yet so far away at the same time. There wasn't enough energy left in her to pull off another poisonous kiss, so that idea was off the table. The darkness was beginning to suck all the life out of the plants that she had grown in her bandages. Ema had nothing to save Ivas with except her little arms. Compared to Kasai's grip, Ema had no chance to pull her off of him.
  3. The Darkness in Dougton

    "What the! Excuse me! Don't you Reeeee me!" Ema protested, slowly backing away from the large frog. Just when she thought that their combined attacks actually meant something, the frog had to go and ruin it for them! While the other's were going about their activities in defending themselves against the frog, Ema willingly let one of the frogs latch on to her arm. The shenanigans that the others were displaying were not really her business to interrupt. If they wanted to make out in the middle of all this, have at it! Who was she to judge, after all? "I wouldn't do that! Oops! S-Stop! That tickles! Haha! Hah!" Ema squealed as the frog latched on to her skin. After a brief moment, they would start seizing on her skin, eventually falling over and hitting the ground. As more of the frogs latched on, Ema focused more of her power on pushing a thin layer of poison to the surface of her skin. To the naked eye, it would appear that her skin was in completely normal condition, but there was actually a very thin, clear liquid coating her limbs. "Poisonious skin! Ivas has to gamble every time he wants to kiss me!" Ema yelled over her giggles. Once the frogs had finished with her and moved on to another target, she quickly rose to her feet and darted towards the barrier that Jack was mentioning. The plants that grew out of her bandages sent out large vines that smashed themselves against the darkness. Behind her, Kasai was getting ready to create another war within their small arena. Maybe someone else could sedate her, because it wasn't worth her time or effort. Looking at Kasai made Ema sick! "I mean, she's about to kill us all, but that's besides the point!" Ema told everyone over the commotion, her vines slamming into the wall once again. This wall had to come down, and maybe a giant explosion could do just the trick! "If she applied her skills correctly, she might even be able to help us. In a different universe, I guess!'
  4. The Darkness in Dougton

    Ema was still investigating the marks that formed across her arms when the floor dropped. She hit the ground and let out a loud cry. Before her balance could be regained, she started tumbling down the slope. When she landed, it appeared that she was farther away from the creature than most of the others. The darkness around her would be suitable for her to plant some offensive plant types. While the thoughts ran through her head, she swore she heard someone else talk to her for a moment. Could they really hear each other think? "Um, ding dong ling long booty cutie?" Ema thought to herself, cartoonishly glaring over at her friends to see if they could hear her. Maybe she just misunderstood the assignment and was being extra for no apparent reason. Kasai had managed to wake herself up, and was now attacking the frog with some type of large fire mech. Ema reached into her pocket, digging around for any seeds that she could have just left laying around. Her bag of flowers had flew across the room, leaving her defenseless. Some loose seeds would be really helpful right now. Her hand finally brushed against three smaller seeds in her left pocket, judging by the texture and size, they were ceiling plants that shot poison darts at the target. The only problem was that they wouldn't be able to hang from the ceiling, so it looks like she would just have to stuff them into her bandages! She put one where the bandages on her eye was, and put the other two on her knees. After a minute or so, three small plants grew from her legs and eye. All she had to do now was get close to the creature before the plants would start firing. Lock onto the large creature at the end, please. Ema told the plants, jogging towards the frog. Once she was about 10 meters away, purple darts started firing out of the stigma's of each flower. Each carried a poison that slowly built up over time, and would cause the target to be paralyzed after a certain amount of darts were thrown in. "Get a load of meeeeeeeee! This frog has no chance!" Ema cheered, watching the darts fire towards the frog.
  5. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    I don't have anything to add, I'm glad I was able to come back and participate in this, though! It was fun, everyone!
  6. The Darkness in Dougton

    Ema smiled happily and hugged Ivas back. She was glad to know that he was doing well and wasn't beating himself up for the little accident that happened earlier. It really was a shame that they hadn't got to kiss yet. It may not have been the best time to bring kissing up after she had just knocked someone out with her own, but she was just curious. "Hey, Ivas? Do yo-Hey!" Ema couldn't even get her thought out before the ground started rumbling again. This hotel really was against them! Ivas quickly grabbed her hand and everyone slowly began to latch on to each other. One minute earlier they were working hard to knock Kasai out, but now they needed to work just as hard to wake her back up! Using her free hand, Ema sent an extra bandage out to latch around Kasai's leg. She pulled on the bandage until Kasai directly sat at her feet, she then dropped down to her knees and wrapped her free hand around Kasai's. This girl needed a babysitter or something! "Barric! Grab her hand, and apply a bunch of pressure so she WAKES UP!" Ema said, shouting in Kasai's ear during the last part. Of course the moment she was knocked out she would have to be woken up again. "What's the point of the circle? Is this suppose to be a blood oath or something?" She asked. A scared look painted her face. The floor and walls rippled around them, and she could only hold on to Ivas for reassurance. What if they started to sink into the ground? A quicksand type attack would not serve well with Ema's bandages. The sand could get in between the slits, and she didn't even want to think about it getting into her booty shorts. "Can we leave yet? This is really scary!"
  7. The Darkness in Dougton (OOC)

    I'll be replying some time today!!!
  8. [Quest] Black Destiny

    Alice nodded and moved to pull out her bag to collect the bandages that she had been waiting to use. Since she never had the chance to use them on herself, there was an abundance just stuffed into her bag. Without much more thought, she began to silently work on people's wounds. With her supplies limited, Alice focused on cleaning out the wounds and wrapping them up to prevent infection. It wasn't until she got to her 5th patient that she realized someone had dropped something off for her. It appeared to be a small makeup compartment, but when she opened it, an engine type device rose. "It looks like an EMP, or maybe a laser gun. Maybe both!" She said quietly, placing it in her pocket. The chaos outside was enough for her to take notice. How could she forget that the wall had still been destroyed and that there were creatures that still needed to be taken care of! But the people inside needed just as much attention, too. After a brief moment of thought, Alice went back to working on the people's wounds. Most of them were in such a critical state that there was nothing much Alice could do for them, but if she could keep them going until help arrived, then they still had a chance. Guts were spilling out of her own corpse, so there was still hope that these people could be saved. "Excuse me. Mr. Spider. Could you run these things outside to the people defending the wall? It's a few chemicals that could be used as molotovs to hopefully create a wall between the creatures and defenders," Alice handed Mr. Squiggles her whole bag, leaving her with some bandages, a few wet rags, and her new makeup compact. If she was going to stay inside, there was no way she couldn't at least try and help the fighters outside. If she could find some people that were in somewhat okay condition, they might even be able to get outside and help. Maybe she would make some criteria! If all your limbs were still in one piece, you could still help! It may be a little harsh, but that's what this whole mission was about!
  9. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    Oh, she will!
  10. The Darkness in Dougton

    Ema followed the group down the stairwell, occasionally wiping her mouth to get the taste of Kasai out. Never in her life had she thought she would have to makeout with a psycho to knock them out. Oh well! She'd rather have bad breath than a burnt up corpse! She silently kept notes on everyone's names. Barric was the one with the country accent, Carter was the one that didn't have a name-Wait, no! Jack was the one that didn't have a name. Carter was the one she had meant on the bottom floor. Nieve was the strange woman who Ema probably shouldn't try to kissing with her poison, and Martin was the one with the fedora! This wouldn't be so hard! All of them had such defining character traits that she was sure she wouldn't be able to forget any of them. "Hi everyone! I'm Ema! I use poison and plants to my advantage. Oh, I'm also very petty! Ivas is my boyfriend, but we haven't really seen each other lately, so that's what that crazy meeting interaction was. Other than that, I enjoy screaming at nothing and wearing booty shorts. The bandages on my legs are from bullets being shot at me, and the bandage around my head is from being pushed into a wall. I mean, you guys were there, but I just felt like clarifying," Ema announced, moving to sit cross legged beside Ivas. It would be nice to finally talk to him without some crazy problem occurring. "How are you doing? You look good," Ema said quietly, smiling over at Ivas. She had a feeling that he still felt bad for pushing her into the wall earlier, but there was no reason for her to be mad at him. He would never to do something like that to her without something else happening in his head. Ivas wanted to protect her, that much she knew. "I forgive you for the wall thing, by the way. I think the bandages are a good look on me!"
  11. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    So am I subtly being given permission to make the miniature engine makeup compact be able to do whatever I think it would do? @jaistlyn
  12. The Darkness in Dougton (OOC)

    Sure! I'd love to move on to the fungus event after this!
  13. Confession Thread

    sometimes i tell people that i have watched all 7 seasons of dance moms, but i actually skipped a few episodes of season 6. im a survivor and im here to tell my story.
  14. The Darkness in Dougton

    Ema felt overwhelmed. People were telling her to leave the room, while others needed help subduing Kasai. Her foot took one step in one direction, but her mind was still focused on the girl with flames sprouting out of her side. Her thought process was clouded even more by the lingering rage that was still present in the room. As much as she wanted to leave the girl behind so they rest of them wouldn't suffer, a part of her still felt like leaving her wouldn't be the optimal choice. "I got her!" Ema finally announced, moving past the others in the room. She sat in front of Kasai and quickly pushed Carter away, careful to avoid the small flames that still protruded out and threatened to burn her legs. Before the flames could grow any larger, Ema placed both her hands on the sides of Kasai's head. A final tinge of hesitation ran through her body, but this would be for the better of the group. She leaned in a pressed her lips against Kasai's. If someone was looking close enough, they would see a faint purple smoke rising around the edges of Ema's lips. After a few seconds, Ema released her grip from Kasai. Her vision was hazy from focusing so much on releasing the sedative, but Ema still rose and made her way towards the exit. If the poison was effective as she thought it was, Kasai should pass out any second now! At the very least, the poison would make it very hard for her to walk and process things. "It was a sedative! No one else was going to do it! By the way, you might want to help her down the stairs. She's going to be out of it for a while," Ema whined, turning to go down the stairwell.