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  1. Fallen Joy

    Act, and Witches will act.

    “Yes, I am ready.” The Matriarch entered the misty air of the washroom, closing the door behind her. Wordlessly she knelt down and brushed her snowy fingers on the surface of the water. At the point of contact, incandescent lily pads manifested under her fingertips with a melodic frequency of magic ascending into the air. “We must access the spiritual realm where the coven’s soul exists. I will cast the spell to open the rift. Then through the guidance of ours fellow sisters, you will transition there. Feel from inside yourself, and allow your soul to be taken to us." She tipped the crimson vile and allowed the blood to slither in a clear circle around Namiko's body. It swirled esoterically through invisible currents. The Matriarch rose dripping fingers and reached for Namiko’s. Their fingers entwined like so many times in their journey, but the moment they did, the surrounding candles burst to life with violet flames. Here me, Sisters. Her voice echoed and vibrated as if they were in the deepest of tunnels, resonating through flesh and spirit. Her locks became onyx ribbons gliding in invisible enchanted zephyrs. Here me, Great Spirits. The artificial light slithering through the window and underneath the cracks of the doorway faded. As did the white background noise. Gradually but dauntingly, the senses around them disappeared. There was suddenly nothing but they and the violet flames that seem to exist on nothing. The Matriarch exhaled deeply, opening eyes that glowed bright with maelstroms of the arcane. When she spoke again, there were sudden many voices; a chorus of chanting women from miles away. Our sanctuary we open for our sister anew Guide her soul through the gate Uplift our storm and let her through To make her be one with the storm we abate We uplift her soul and your fury we sedate The ultra-violent flames suddenly burst into a furious storm, ascending from their stems in bright rivulets. To Namiko, they went. They embraced her, taking the Matriarch from her sight and drowning her vision with fire. They were neither hot nor cold, but still saturated her skin with a shivering sensation only calmed by the warmth of the water. Suddenly she’d feel weightless, detached. Her body was fading from existence. Though gravity pulled, she ascended. It was as if she were caught between the fine lines of dreams and reality, life and death, this world and the next. Illusions poured across her vision, colors transpiring but then suddenly bleached. They only stable thing in the confusion were the hands of the Matriarch. Though she could no longer see the witch, she would feel the hands tightening around her own. Her touch told her not to be lost within the surreal experience. However, nothing the Matriarch could do would prepare Namiko for what she would suffer next. As if a thousand swords suddenly existed within flames, a horrible piercing sensation invaded her. It was burning, sharp, noxious, and everything one could describe torment to be. As the agony came, so did the twelve hands. They reached around and embraced her body. Like a man tearing into the virginity of his lover, they comforted her through the pain. Their hands like the Matriarch’s were full of the promise that it would all pass. The granules of the hourglass could not be counted, because the moment was timeless. How long it lasted dependent on her perception alone. The spell was shearing a piece of her soul. There was no plausible charm, but there was eternal comfort of her Sisters. It held adamantly onto her pain, as if trying to tear it away. Suddenly it stopped. The pain gone. Namiko's vision rekindled gradually like the dawn and the sunrise was breath-taking. She would see the astronomical world through hues that did not exist. She saw through and within herself. She was the world, but still somehow stood within it. There was a feeling of omniscience yet endless confusion. Complete control, but utterly powerless. The spiritual energies of the realm flowed like butterflies in a meadow around her. The air was arm and light, pregnant with inviting whispers for her to travel towards the center of her own existence. The stroll would be weightless as if walking on water and luminescence blossomed under her metaphysical tread. She was "walking" through the roads of the Coven’s Soul; the ghosts whispering around her the conjoining souls of her Sisters. The closer she came towards her center, the more intense she would feel. Rivers of arcane power streamed within her body, stronger and more potent with each decisive step. The energies of all the souls spilled into the atmosphere and flowed into her. Likely hers equally within them. The Collective grew in her presence. The sensation of being not as one but as many would find its way towards her, but it was up to her to accept it. To do that, she had to find herself within this realm. At the center of the complexity, if and when she found her own existence, another soul appeared. Its polychromatic aurora held a cape of wizened power; old but embracing like a great mother of all. It twinkled with outstretched hands of light, beckoning her closer. If she came, it turned into a sinuous woman of emerald hair and bright mauve irises. She smiled, extending her hand for Namiko to take it. “Sister, Namiko.” Her voice resonated not from the woman, but the entire domain. “I welcome you unconditionally into our hearts. . . But know that once this seal is done, it rarely can be undone. “You will be become powerful with endless potential “You will be loved unconditionally and faithfully “You will be protected even beyond death “And you will never be alone “But you may lose parts of yourself….Your secrets no longer only yours to keep…Your life no longer only yours to protect and cherish...Nor only yours that needs protection and love. It is not be taken lightly, Namiko.” A single soul encircled Namiko's head. It was unusually pearl compared to the rest. Its warmth radiated with love. The emerald haired witch smiled softly. “Will you be with her? With us? If that is your decision, take my hand…And don't look back.”
  2. Fallen Joy

    Dancing Through Deserts

    As silent as he was deadly, the assassin leaped so impeccably into the sea that barely a splash broke in his wake. He approached as a rippling shadow in the depths and the princess watched reticently as he arose at the shell with black slick hair framing his face. The princess crawled over the shell of the beast, reaching out to help him onto the shell. He rose, raining with sea water and glistening with the crimson streaks of the dusk. The water had draped his cloth close to his body, producing shadows and crevasses and places that reddened the princess’ face like the sky. She turned her head away, lowering her lashes. It was frustrating how instantaneously her heart pounded. It ticked like a time bomb she was sure would explode on day if she didn’t control her emotions. But the image of their lips drawing so close only minutes ago was burned behind her eyelids. She suddenly wished she was back in the cold water. “We’re all good on this end.” The princess snapped from her clouded mind, realizing he had already tied his rope to the shell. Shaking it all away, she returned to her spot at the head of the turtle. The captain stood there for a moment, scratching his head at this unorthodox situation. He contemplated whether he could tolerate his precious vessel being tugged across the eastern seas. Plain unnatural, he thought. Then again, the tension between the assassin and the princess at this point could make this trip much longer than necessary. Ah, to be young. Eventually, in seeing how he was already outvoted, he sighed in defeat. Over the course of a few minutes, the captain had attached the line to a hook on the cabin wall of the ship with several durable knots. It was at an angle that wouldn’t instantly cause the ship to nose dive into the ocean, but it ultimately depended on how fast the creature moved through the seas. If the tales were true, they would be in for quite a ride. “Alright mates, let’s get sea sick!” The princess nodded and reached down, stroking the scaly rim around the creature’s gloss onyx eye. “Will you take us east across the ocean? To Terrenus?” Though the creature clearly didn’t have human language, it swayed its head to her soft voice and cooed small ripples into the brine. “Chase the dawn and flee the dusk.” The princess whispered, focus suddenly rising to her face. She grasped the makeshift reigns of the beast, staring towards the horizon most starved of light. Then with a single snap of the chain, the turtle slapped her massive flippers against the ocean and whipped her paddle-like tail. Waves blossomed like pedals from the spring of the creature, spreading beautiful patterns that could only be appreciated from the skies. The princess would have been thrown back if she hadn’t already braced her feet into the grooves of the shell. Her newly shortened and free hair flew back in the wind and danced wildly. Meanwhile, the ship at first lurched down from the force, sending a cursing sailor off his feet. Even as the turtle's speed became uniform, the ship rocked in the aftermath of the waves, bouncing off the peaks and landing into the troughs. It was definitely enough to make anyone nauseated. The captain seemed to tolerate it enough, despite making snide comments about preferring to be swept off his feet by a bottle or a beauty. Into the darkening horizon they went. Splitting the seas until the stars twinkled like shattered glass in the skies. A few hours into the night, the moonlight now bright, the princess felt her lack of sleep and the bitter cold wind of the ocean gnaw at her tolerance. Thanks to a complaining hail from the captain above, who had now fed the fishes twice, the princess finally pulled the reign back. The jetting speed of the turtle slowed. It was time for a break. The creature still moved, but easy like a strong wind against sails. Cici sat on the turtle's shell, goosebumps riding every inch of her skin. She hugged herself and rubbed hands up and down her naked pimply arms. Her breath was in the air. They were undoubtedly far from the warm waters of Genesaris now. The eastern sides of Terrenus were cold and powdered with snow. It was a good sign that they were on the right track. “It’s getting colder,” she commented. “I wonder how many more days we’re out from the continent. Even when we land, I wonder how many days it will be before I see my father. . .” The thought made her stomach give an extra twist. She exhaled a great cloud of white and looked over the shell to her breaking reflection. Her shorter hair, leather armor, natural face; she had changed so much outwardly but still struggled to imagine putting an end to her father. No, I can’t think about that right now. Perhaps it was cowardice, blatant ignorance, or cognitive dissonance, but she was determined to find proof that the king was traitorous before she humored the thought of. . .doing was she refused to think of. She stood and turned back to Tyveres. If he returned to the ship (needing to take the attached rope, if so) she called out to him. “Let’s train some more!” Training on the turtle’s shells would provide a new challenge of balance for the princess. Not to mention the many palisades and island like terranean that adorned the beast; plenty of obstacles to dance around. It was a perfect opportunity for advancement; an even better one to pull all the tribulations from her mind.
  3. Fallen Joy

    Act, and Witches will act.

    The Matriarch’s long lashes lowered as Namiko's words flowed like silk ribbons and caressed her troubled mind with comfort. As she glissaded close, the white witch neither blushed nor tensed. She melted into the gesture, leaning softly and entwining their fingers like the ravenous roots of a tree into soil. The emotions seeped through the magical pores of their enchanted bodies and caused the flora of emerald and violet light to intensify. The sorcery manifested around them like auroras in the northern skies, embracing their intimacy. The Matriarch’s misted eyes swirled and illuminated; deep within the obscurity were specks of carmine and sapphire, hinting at historical hues long lost. Her forehead was cool and hard to Namiko’s lips, but her breath was moist and warm when she exhaled onto her sister's exposed neck. In those precious moments, their ebony tresses dancing in the currents of colors, the universe seemed to anticipate their union with bated breath. Namiko pulled away, and it all settled back into its mundane state. For now, the world would have to wait. The Matriarch smiled and nodded. “Alright.” Tap tap tap. Someone was knocking at the door. With a single flare of her nostrils, the Matriarch knew who it was and nodded for Namiko to open it. Tana was on the other side of the door, looking grumpily down at the witches. Her biceps twitched with their bulging veins as she extended out a fist carrying a stuffed bag. It was the materials the Matriarch sent her to retrieve. Inside were several herbs from the clinic, along with candles, a long pointed blade, and a vial. After her delivery, Tana was assigned to sit outside the door, which she did The Matriarch went over the materials with Namiko in case the orc messed up, but they were accounted for. “Good,” she said when they finished. “I sense the sun has already begun to set, so let’s get started.” The Matriarch continued to give instructions to her sister. Handling artifacts or maneuvering items not directly infused with magic was an impossible task without her Bodyguard; they sank deep into the void of her vision along with the rest of the mundane. “Normally this ritual requires a pool of water to ease the transition of the soul. While the purified fountain at the clinic would have been preferable, we’ll make due with a bathtub.” There was no time for luxurious surroundings. When the ritual started, they would be completely unaware of their surroundings for a time. This was another reason they needed Tana to keep a close watch. “Fill the tub with warm water, full but not enough to spill if a body were in to go into it, purify it, and put all these herbs into the water. Place the candles around the tub, but leave them unlit. When you’re finished….” She paused. It didn’t mean much to her because she was blind, but she understood how people with vision could feel about such things. “I need you to undress and sit in the water.” Whatever expression Namiko made to the concept was lost on the witch, she cleared her throat and then took the blade and vial into her hand. Sitting on the floor as Namiko set to work on her directions, she laid the blade against her upturned hand. Squinting her eyes together, she pressed the sharp edge into her palm. Her pearl skin was naturally and magically hardened due her childhood upbringing, it took quite a bit of force to split the skin. She flinched when it did and then exhaled deeply. Squeezing her hand in and out of a fist, she started to drain her blood into the open vile. ****** Outside of the room, Tana grunted and picked at a healing wound from the previous battle. The orc listened absentmindedly to the muffled voices beyond the door, not hearing anything particular to her interest. The sound of footsteps rising down the hallway drew her attention to the left. She made an ugly face as the bouncy, perky waitress skipped up the staircase and strolled down the hallway. “Oh!” She gasped at the sight of the imposing orc. Tana grunted. “Oh my…” She placed her hand to her lips, eyes traveling rapidly up and down the orc’s figure. “I don’t remember seeing you in the café. Are you a guest?” Tana narrowed her eyes, and the waitress took a step back. “Of-of course you are! Wouldn’t be diddle-daddling in the hallways if you weren’t. Is that your room there?” She flashed her eyes at the door to the orc’s right. “Are you locked out?” “No,” the orc growled. “Go away.” “Ah…okay!” She said with a slight paling to her skin and squeak to her voice. “Just need to squeeze by you…yes…excuse me.” Tana’s eyes trailed the waitress as she while hugging the opposite wall as close as possible, walked passed her and hurried down the hallway to disappear around its end corner. Tana flared her nostrils like a bull then closed her eyes and went back to leaning on the wall. She already missed the battle on a rainy night. At least she wasn’t bored. The waitress continued around the corner, sneaking a peek over her shoulder as if to make sure the orc didn’t follow her. “Well that was just creepy,” she said turning her attention back forward to continue on her way. However, she was suddenly frozen on site by what was awaiting her. A trail of black smoke had seeped through the ceiling vent and was dangling before her with like a jungle vine. She only had time to grasp before the serpentine figure lashed out and shoved itself into her mouth. She wanted to scream but couldn’t. The smoke invaded completely into down her throat and eventually vanished, leaving her coughing violently. “What was-“ she started through a fit of horrid coughs. She brought her hand to her mouth, and black smudge squirted into her palm. Her eyes widened and trembled. She didn’t know what to do. Trying to breathe through the panic, she dragged herself to the employer’s sleeping room, fingers trembling with her keys as she unlocked it and disappeared inside. Back down the hallway, Tana opened an eye at the coughing, but her apathetic concern for the wellbeing a human made the incident slip her mind as easy as it entered. She shrugged her shoulders and closed her eyes again, lapping a bit of drool from her tusk as the witches continued to work within the quarters. ******* “Are you ready?” The Matriarch called out towards the bathroom as the last inch of the vial filled with her blood.
  4. Fallen Joy

    Beyond the Mysterious Beyond

    Stepping onto the creaking boards of the dock as they filed into the masses like herded sheep, the demon drew the mysterious mirror closer to her body. She coiled it like a boa to her breasts, encasing it with her second arm as well. For the first time, she considered the dangers of boarding a crowded ferry with two artifacts that could crave human souls. The mirror had been in a sedated state since their last communication, but how long did it need to hibernate? An hour? A day? Lux, or so the mirror called itself, claimed it was the savior of this predicted disaster. The demon still held it as if to protect the humans. The gem within Persephone’s possession was the much more prominent danger. The demon did not know where the vampire held it on her person, but she'd have to be careful not to let it come into contact with the current of flesh flowing around them. A weak-minded man like Derek would but the perfect target to coerce into a suicide. If that was now the armor possessed its victims. It was imprisoned, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t reach between the bars to grab a neck. The demon followed close behind Persephone, stepping in the way of anyone that attempted to cut between them. She curled her chin over the mirror, keeping it clutched like an infant from the public. The vampire’s bright and colorful hair easily stood out from the others, making it a simple task to keep her in sight. As luxurious as the city appeared to be with pearl white building shining like diamonds in the daylight, the dingy condition of the ferry seemed out of place. Perhaps it was because only the less noble could afford this route, travelers seeking refuge for example. Thus the city did not endorse much into the comfort of their travel. The demon instantly swayed, threw a hand out into the wind, and caught the railing with the first lurch of the boat. She stood there for a moment, clenching the railing almost too hard until the vessel settled. When she released, a permanent shadow was left on the metal. She then slowly embraced the mirror again. She had minimal experience with the sea. “Arikara.” The demon shifted her eyes towards the vampire to indicate she was listening. “Can you find a way to create a distraction so we can slip below deck? Something…Interesting.” The demon slowly blinked as this. “Ideally we want something that will disrupt the other passengers and move them into a different area, perhaps a wild animal has gotten onboard and is terrifying the other ferry users?” The demon was silent for a moment, perhaps thinking. She stared forward, feeling the mist thicken even more on her skin. It was ghostly, eerie. Much like the atmosphere of her world. She spent a few more moments in contemplation before speaking. “Be ready.” Then without another word she walked away. She moved swiftly through the humans like a ghost herself, her charcoal threads riding in the mist and eyes glinting subtle flickers of gold in the right light. Perhaps it was the thickness of the white surroundings or the demon’s hyperfocus to protect the mirror from contact, but she passed right underneath the ferry captain’s nose. The tips of her floating hair tickled his nose with her scent. “Brimstone?” The demon suddenly paused as if encased in ice. She glanced over her shoulder, the captain taking a few steps towards her. “You carry an interesting scent about you.” The demon didn’t respond, but she shuffled away slightly as he approached her with flaring nostrils. “Haven’t smelt that since the crusades, where I shoved my brass knuckles into the black heart of demon fifteen years ago.” He took a few more big steps towards her. The demon sudden spoke. “I still can’t get rid of it.” She said slowly. The captain paused with a quirking brow. “ Two days ago my parents were slaughtered after being possessed by demons. I’ve haven’t been able to get the smell from my hair.” The demon, keeping to her shy routine, hugged her mirror like a teddy bear. “This is all I have left of them.” The captain silently approached her. She felt his shadow cascade her body, pregnant with the smell of beer and cigars. A lesser person would have tensed, but the demon didn’t move. She shifted her eyes towards the captain and down continuously as if she wanted to look at him but was too frightened. The captain got closer still. Underneath all those baggy clothes was a militant body, the bulging veins came into details on his biceps. Then suddenly he placed his hand on her shoulder. The demon’s eyes sharpened liked a lion as if she were only moments from breaking his arm. “It takes at least a week to completely get rid of it.” He gave her shoulder a small squeeze and then turned to walk away. Arikara watched him continue, soon yelling out an order to another ferry worker. She stared long into the direction, then turned and rapidly walked away. She searched and inside of the cabin for a place of privacy. The seats inside were full and still with too many eyes. She continued, having to occasionally brace herself on a wall when the boat tangoed too vigorously with the waves. Finally, she found an isolated corner of the ship at the rear. She leaned on the railing casually, shifting her eyes to her surroundings before whispering something inaudible into the ocean waves. Sudden the mist around her thickened, and she vanished. “AGGHHHH!” “What is that!?” “Run, RUN!” A horned beast stampede into the rows of passengers. It was a Pariki only the size of a large canine. It announced itself with a bellowing cry and rushed towards the nearest set of humans. They scrambled form their seats in a storm of panic, dodging seconds before the animal rammed the seats. To their surprise, it passed through them like a specter. When it turned and charged, they still ran. At times the beast would suddenly vanish, charging out of the mist in another location of the ship to frighten more guest. It seemed chaotic, but it was methodical. All the humans were drawing towards the front of the ship, so much that the vessel began to rock forward. The captain of the ship was in a furious uproar, his eyes starting to glow a scary crimson that ran through the veins of his neck. Before anything could transpire, the beast was suddenly gone. A total of five minutes passed. That was how long Persephone would have to get Derek under the ship. The demon was amongst the crowd in the front, at the outside boundaries of it where the mist suddenly thinned out. The captain was huffing angrily, stomping along the deck for any more signs of the beast. He stared suspiciously at the crowd, who looked just as bewildered as himself. “Alright,” he finally said. “Is anyone hurt?” The crowd exchanged looks. “Good. Get back to your seats before you capsize the boat. It looks like just some spook got on the boat.” The crowd slowly dispersed back towards their seats. The demon crept amongst them. She didn’t see Persephone, so she hoped she succeeded. The demon thought it best to stay above. She had to make sure the suspicious captain did not go lurking under the deck until Persephone reappeared.
  5. Fallen Joy

    Act, and Witches will act.

    The waitress seemed to pout for a moment at their response, but immediately perked up at the prospect of them staying. She clapped her hands together in utter delight and nodded. “Oh that’s fantastic! I shall get your food wrapped and placed in your room then!” The Matriarch ignored the waitress, seeming lost within her own thoughts. The next few hours were going to be monumental for both the coven and herself. Her snowy fingers caressed along the curve of her nape, as if hoping for a premonition into her own future. The Third Eye never allowed for such selfish desires, and she wouldn’t attempt it with such obstacles in their wake. But she felt this tremble of apprehension. This would be the first time she led an inauguration ritual into the coven. She’d need the help of her sisters from many miles away to safely guide the transfer. She was nervous, jumping from a proposal to standing on the alter with shivering feet. The subtle jingle of keys caught her attention. “Room 103! Just take the stairs when you’re ready!” The waitress returned several minutes later with two old fashion keys. She placed them sat their center. “Enjoy your stay!” She then left with a perk to her step, obviously proud of the transaction. “I want to be clear,” The Matriarch began, still rubbing her fingers nervously on her clavicle. “ This process will be vulnerable and disabling. It involves fragmenting a small piece of your soul and incorporating into the coven’s spiritual vessel. You’ll go from one person to a collective. It can be both overwhelming and intoxicating.” She slowly stood, reaching her hand out for Namiko. “Let us go into the room and prepare. It’s best not to talk around others. Tana should have no problem tracking us and when she returns with the materials I sent for, we’ll get started.” When her sister took her hand, she awaited for them both to be guided into the Inn associated with the cafe. The Matriarch was silent as they traveled unless Namiko presented with questions. When Namiko guided them to their room, the clicking of the door once more drew the Matriarch from her esoteric thoughts. Their room was quaint but simple, the curtains decorated with violet tints and green shades on lamps; perhaps to continue the theme of the cafe. The complexity of the white witch's eyes did not allow her to appreciate it. She detached her hand from Namiko, feeling with the other to make sure the door was closed. “Namiko,” she began when she confirmed the doorway was closed. “When we are bonded through our souls, I’ll have a greater understanding of this mysterious light I sense inside of you. I may also be able to help draw it and further premonitions from you concerning the outcome of this battle.” She suddenly seemed nervous. “I...I must ask you of something important.” She drew closer to her sister. “If my premonition reveals there is no hope of preventing the summoning of this great demonic iniquity, we will have to fight it on our own. If its power if as great as I am suspecting, this might end in the complete exhaustion of our magic to destroy it.” She inhaled once. “As in our deaths." A tense silence passed for ten seconds. "I have faith in our great spirits. They led me to you because there was a possibility of us succeeding together...but the future is always fickle. So, I must ask again.....Are you willing to do this?”.
  6. Fallen Joy

    Dancing Through Deserts

    Bubbles spun around her body like a ballerina’s skirt, blossoming in foams of spherical white before scattering as she dolphin kicked her thighs like a mermaid to the depths. In truth, it was her first time swimming in the ocean without a storm to ravage her body. She was a princess of sand, but the sea felt so natural. Her body was light like the dancer she was. It made her want to spin and flip with freedom. Those cerulean eyes opened as the curtain of bubbles lifted. Through the aquatic colors pierced by the dusk skies with pillars of crimson and gold, a serpentine figure dove underneath the surface of the ship to pursue a sail of panicking fish. The princess was astounded. From the surface it appeared to be a great dragon-like beast, but it was nothing of the sort. In fact it looked more like a sea turtle morphed with a serpent. Its anatomical features were scanned by the princess with great speed. She had little time to act. She knew all the potential vulnerable points to look for in a beast. Though a sea creature was a new entity, beasts were all the same essentially to a tamer. She couldn’t help but notice how the creature’s eyes glittered at the sparkle of the fish. She closed her eyes and concentrated. From her body came a shimmer of silver light, altered from her signature amber glow. Then the aura scattered into swarming ovals shapes, resembling the very fish the beast was chasing. They shined with such utter brilliance that the surface glittered like the reflection of the moon in the night. The turtle paused, caught by the beauty. It diverted its tract from the depths and gazed up at the delicious sight. Floating midst the swarming light, the princess gazed down with determination. She gripped the hooked rope tight within her hand. Without further hesitation the beast ascended, opening its out wide for the meal. The princess waited with the patience of endless training with fiercer beasts. Despite the maw of darkness quickly approaching, she floated without fear. Then when the beast was only five feet away, she pressed her hands together firmly and the swimming fish around her explored into a white blinding sheen of light. A screeching noise with bubbles exploded from the turtle’s mouth. For a moment, the surface of the sea turned silver. The princess opened her eyes and waved her body around with a pivot, the white light condensed, surrounding the rope she held and giving it life. She whipped it through the water at the complete of the turn, the magic effortlessly guiding it against the weightless void and encircling around the turtle’s beck. She pulled, clamping it shut, and then tugged to jet herself through the water until she was on the turtle's beck. The creature thrashed and struggled. The panic drove it fast towards the surface where it would be able to breathe…. Suddenly the surface burst, rocking the boat in a great waves of water. Within its split the turtle emerged, body high and heavy in the air like a humpback. The princess rode its scalp. “What in the bloody hell!” The captained yell out, reaching up to cover his head. The ship’s head crashed into the wave, the sharp edge splitting through the wall and drenching the deck. The boat rocked widly, but the turn prevented it from capsizing all together. Cici crouched down, her beautiful eyes narrowed with focus as she placed her hand on the scales. Inaudible whispers coming form her carmine lips as she raven hair began to rise with their inevitable fall. From her hand came a second glow, running from her finger tips like threads and flowing into the beast’s eyes. As if suns blossomed from within, the turtles eyes lit up bright. Its body crashed back into the sea, creating more waves around them. But then everything was suddenly still. The turtle floated calmly on the surface, its eyes stuck in that bright glowing state. The princess kept one of her hands tight on the binding rope and the other on the turtle. She continued to whisper softly to the beast. Gradually the glow left the turtle’s eyes. The shifted its head slightly but remained uncannily at peace. The princess smiled widely, loosening her hold on the rope and sitting back comfortably. She glanced up at Tyveres and called out. “Hey! This gentle gal might be able to speed up our ride to Terrenus! What do you think? We should tie her to the ship for a boost!” “Well…I’ll be.” The captain said lowly. He leaned on the rail in disbelief, he dripping with sea water. “She’s caught a serpous. Whales of the sea they are, mighty gentle but devilishly evasive.” The serpous hummed a low voice and the princess giggled, continuously petting just over the eye of beast.
  7. Fallen Joy

    Beyond the Mysterious Beyond

    It was clear that the concept of seducing a human into her claret concubinus was unbeautous to Persephone. Her voice was silent, but her revolted thoughts vomited through the increasing fissures and wrinkles aging her normally beautiful and jubilant face. The demon observed the disgust wither her immortality like a flower smothered by summer heat and drought. Arikara’s apathetic expression did not soften nor deter; as usual it was hard to tell if the demon actually felt emotion to the situation. For a moment she glanced up at Persephone did, as if attempting to grasp the sympathy in the wind. “Arikara, I shall comply but I shall not maintain his presence by my side once we have gained access to the city. In truth, I am not those of my kind who enjoys creating servants to have by my side…” The demon listened quietly, taking the words but having little to give back. When the vampire finished the bout of her feelings towards the plan, the demon’s head canted just mildly, deviating her eyes from the vampire and towards the male behind her. She stayed there for a moment then snapped her gaze back to the vampire. “Dread…” she slowly repeated the word. “Have humans became noxious to your breed of vampirism?” She took an additional step towards her partner, taking the frowning contours of her face into deeper consideration. “...You are brave.” Her unvarnished delivery was relentless, but at times became adorned with unorthodox flattery. “We shall have to work together to make sure he remains in check, can I count on your assistance partner?” The demon rose a hand and touched per partner's shoulder. “I will strengthen your pillars to bear this human poison. When it is too much, I will dispose of him for you.” Without another word she strolled past Persephone and back into the light of the man’s view. The vampire’s initial bravado was daring considering if the demon was wrong, they’d be caged and shot within moments. It exemplified her trust in the demon’s intuition and observation, which turned out to be well placed at the moment. Even as the mystifying demon with her smoky hair, sensual curves, and luminous eyes approached, the man did not take his eyes off Persephone's shadowed contour in the background. It was as if her glint of fangs hypnotized him in own their way. He struggled to decipher if what he saw was real. When the demon came within a few feet , the man flinched and jerked toward her, rekindling his broad and intimidating position. “You’re diddle-daddle is delaying other passengers. I have the paperwork done, do you have the money or not?” He was clearly frustrated under that sheen of sweat. The demon slouched her body ungracefully, fulfilling her shy role to an outsider's eyes. But she coyly glanced through her fickle locks, giving him a feline’s glance through shadowed curtains. It was anything but shy and submissive. “How would you like to be paid?” The demonic lure she possessed was natural and instinctive, fueled by endless generations of the supernatural seduction required to draw humans in even at their best judgement. Thus when she spoke, her voice was uncannily laced with velvety licentiousness that melted from her tongue like chocolate. It fluttered like flames to the mothy senses of the man and he suddenly forgot everything she was supposed to pretend to be to focus on all that he wanted her to become. He stared at her with a trembling longing gaze, deeper than classic arousal. This ravenous sensation dug deep into his fantasies, driven by a culture that only accepted one mundane species his entire life. He craved more. Still his training was imprinted and he had to be cautious. “What...do you mean?” he said lowly. “Payment is---” “Payment is riches exchanged for favors and services...What payment do you want from us in favor for access to the city?” She accentuated the two words, isolating him the rules of his occupation, his city, and his expectations. Instead she singled out that dark and secret obsession she had previous sensed within him. He wanted them to be more than simple humans. He almost needed more. Not just to see it, but to touch it and experience it. There was another long silence. Tension bounced from him and drowned in the calm apathetic tranquility cocooning the demon. “I…” He started, extremely hesitant but eventually giving in. “I want to know what you are.” “Take us onboard.” She was careful not to confirm his suspicions; only to give him hope to chew on. This time there would be no room for silence. A fellow much older ferryman noticed the lingering and called with loud vexation. “Derek!” The man before them startled into focus. “Are those two boarding or not?! We’re ready to set off, you’re holding the line!” The other ferryman’s annoyance further emphasized their luck. This one named Derek must have been new to job and his young absent-minded behavior was likely a routine annoyance to his fellow workers. It put pressure on Derek, who nervously looked at the seasoned ferryman then decisively at the demon and Persephone. Two seconds passed before he answered. “Yeah they’re boarding. " He called back. "Just had some confusion on payment, but I‘ve gotten it from them.” Perfect. “Then hurry and bring them over!” The demon snuck a glance at the seasoned ferryman. The difference was striking. The man was trained through many decades of required battle and honed prejudice and suspicion against all but other humans. He looked at the demon with striking and intimidating indifference. Though she was not frightened, the demon immediately broke eye contact. He was the type of person in this town, they did not want to draw the attention of. The older man snorted gruffly, muttering something about flirting with the tourists, and then continued about his business. As far as Derek went, the rest would be up to Persephone. The vampire threw the lure, the demon wiggled it until he bit, and now she had to reel him in. If Derek wasn’t convinced that every bit of his supernatural fantasies could come true in their company, he could ring an alarm where there’d be no hope of escape. Derek’s slap of reality seemed to rekindle his fickle training. “We’ll see if you know what I really want,” he glanced back at his clipboard. “Adalia.” He roughly signed the final lines of the paperwork glanced at Persephone--with a nervous flicker in his irises no less--then walked towards the ferry openway. The demon glanced at Persephone, nodded to her, and then waited for her to follow after Derek. She trailed behind in tow.
  8. Fallen Joy

    Act, and Witches will act.

    “You wish for me to connect with the entire coven, to take and give myself up completely.” The Matriarch visibly flinched, her raven hair bouncing over her hunching shoulders. The impact of her reflected words accentuated the solemnity but made it no less true. She believed in her coven's merit. The Matriarch went from enslavement to unrivaled loyalty, and while one could argue it was one pair of shackles to another...it felt more like love. Binding, consuming, but euphoric and precious. Her thoughts flickered through her orbs like storm clouds pregnant with lightning, misted irises practically trembling from the emotion. Still the white witch cut curtly through the silence with a nod. “Yes, I am.” The granules of time fell so gradually in the remaining moments, each was heavy with tension. When Namiko’s touch broke it, the Matriarch's hand stiffened under hers as she braced herself. She watched the dancing tendrils of magic that made her sister witch so beautiful, waiting to hear that melodious voice resonant from them. “I will join the coven in full, I will give myself to them all.” At first the Matriarch appeared frozen, as if she didn’t hear her at all. Then gradually the porcelain of her skin shifted and her countenance transformed into pure joy. “What must I—” “Sister!” A sudden clamor rang through the air, drawing the attention of the patrons. They turned, blinked, and grasped at the site of the Matriarch springing across the table. The metal of her body dismissed the wood and china as she wrapped her arms around Namiko. Her cheek compressed against hers with a smile plastered upon her face. The thrill came out of her in explosive thoughtless action, tightened coils of anxiety releasing before her mind could comprehend the rest. “I’m so glad…” she whispered gently. She pulled back only for a moment to kiss their foreheads together. Her hard cool hands curved around the backs of Namiko’s neck and head as she sighed deep and grateful into the space between their faces. Though her initial movement was explosive, she suddenly seemed submerged in a a sea of tranquility. “Uhm….” came a voice beside them. The Matriarch opened her eyes. She was blind and consequently quite oblivious of her position. Her body laid plastered across the table, feet in the air, and table cloth crinkled between her breasts. The waitress had just been approaching when it all transpired. She stood uncomfortable with the plates in her hands and scarlet plastered across her freckled face. The rest of the patrons mimicked in their own way, giggling underneath their hands or shifting their eyes away. “Uhm…” the waitress said again with a cough. “I can’t place the food with you on the table, ma’am.” “Oh.” The Matriarch responded, drawing back into her seat. She suddenly seemed embarrassed, hand threading through her hair and manipulating it into twirls between her fingers. It wasn't their viewers, but her behavior toward Namiko that flustered her. The waitress present with a sly smile as she placed the food, nodding to their satisfaction and strolling away with a brisk step. The Matriarch ignored the large steak before her for moment, despite her stomach tightening with desire at the time. She held little interest in a the chatter around them as well. “After we eat, we’ll need someplace private to inaugurate you. It will be a vulnerable process, and will require the magic of the coven to perform. Tonight is the new moon and the shine of the celestial stars may give us the power to do it tonight.” The Matriarch mulled on their timing. If her premonition was true, the summoning too could take place this night. They would be pushing it, but if Namiko gained the power of the coven’s soul, her magical purity could defeat this threat with greater odds. The fact that they held the amulet also favored them. It was clear that the iniquity needed it to complete the ritual. She had to risk it. “Yes…Let's secure a room.” The rest of their meal would go relatively uneventful. At one point, The Matriarch stood and strolled to an open window in the edifice, Tana’s face appearing uncannily on the other side. The Matriarch sent Tana on errands to gather materials, the orc seemed uncomfortable leaving them alone but obeyed nonetheless. As the meal drew to a close the waitress returned to them. “Will you be staying with us? It’s half off your meal if you do! And might I recommend trying our wicked potion? It seems to be a hit!” The waitress pointed out several of the costumers indulging in a large bubbling purple drink within a chalice. “Created by a new cook just a week ago!”
  9. Fallen Joy

    Mount Ariadne

    "To new bonds!" "Yes!" Luna exclaimed, gliding her way to the fountain to refill her chalice. "To new bonds!" She rose her glittering cup high, allowing it to dazzle in the lights. Alexandria's brief protest to Natasha's lack of acknowledgement was lost within the haze of Luna's rising intoxication and bubbling glee over their reunion. The ancient witch took a full mouth of the crimson liquor, welcoming the further haze upon her usually thought engorged mind. However, Morwenna's silent position did not escape her perspective despite her whimsical mood. Her youthful face stones just for a moment, mauve irises glistening with a concern and contemplation on the situation. With a second wave of her finger, another chalice self dips into the fountain of inebriation and dances flawlessly to the lone witch's hands. "Drink with us sister! Let it free your mind from life's burdening weights." Then suddenly Luna herself paused. Her head tilts up to gaze as if spellbound to the endless lights vibrating in the atmosphere. She seems to be peering through an invisible window, becoming ecstatic of the sight she witnessed. "Oh sisters, something wondrous about to happen. Come, come!" She strode to the fountain and looked to the crimson and bronze pool bouncing with the ripples of falling water. "Another sister calls to us from distant lands. I believe it is our Matriarch. Let us see what she needs, open your coven souls and listen."
  10. Fallen Joy

    Beyond the Mysterious Beyond

    They traveled behind the shadows of abandoned and forgotten luggage. Once there the demon turned swiftly, black waves of hair spreading like a raven's wings over her shoulders so her bright eyes could inspect the young ferryman as narrowed his gaze at their withdrawing forms. “You certainly have my attention, please, enlighten me to your idea.” At first Arikara didn’t respond, her stoic expression piercing the attendant until their eyes made intimate contact. For a fragment of a second she dropped her shy performance, going from nervous lamb to ravenous lion and hunting for something deep within his shivering green eyes. Instantly he averted his gaze , perhaps not to be rude or just escape the predatory tunnel she trapped him in. There was reasoning for her behavior. She shamelessly continued to glance at him after her bold and clearly demonic challenge, once more scrutinizing his demeanor. His boots ruffled through the moist dirt like a deer grazing for buried grass, and his forehead glistened despite the chill rolling into the late season currents, and there was a curious tension in his trousers. This all oiled the whirling gears surmising an idea for their future success. “And hurry, I imagine we do not have much time before out luck runs out.” The demon gradually blinked, the sharp edges of her demeanor crumbling into that esoteric forest of apathy. She turned back to the vampire. “There are many lore of vampire, I know not of which you are but there is one I've heard that may assist us. Both in your need to feed and our need to blend in.” She shifted her head with a cant to indicate the fidgeting attendant. “He acts like a spirit lured into the Pariki’s antlers. There have been times where I've watched them intentionally impale themselves for the sake of experiencing the sweet smell. Vampire have…humans that do the same thing too, yes? “An intoxicated attraction to become one of you, arousal from being fed upon and longing to serve until vampirism is granted as award.” She paused, perhaps trying to gauge if her partner understood the implications of what she as suggesting. Then all at once made it very clear. “Can you see his fascination?” She leaned back to the luggage, opening Persephone's view to the attendant. He was writing on his clipboard with a fine tremor within his fingers, his eyes constantly shifting up towards their location. He seemed to completely ignore the others around them. He shifted foot to foot, his shiny boots now muddied from the task. The demon bent close to the vampire, whispering delicately into her ear to preserve their secret. “Can you make him your servant?” A denizen obsessed with vampirism, pleasured by being feed upon, and thus unconditioned loyalty would be incredibly helpful. He would know the land, have a sense of authority, and provide them with an endless supply of blood until they deemed him unnecessary and finished the job. However, the demon realized that if she was wrong and they revealed their identity to him without the required arousal from the truth, they’d risk having to prematurely terminate him and create more trouble and suspicion. They could even completely dismantle their plans. However the way the demon spoke and behaved, there was no hesitance. Be it overconfidence or just a feature of her apathetic nature was to be seen. The choice would be Persephone’s. The vampire would be tasked with converting him. Some vampires relied solely on the art of seduction, others could control men mentally, and some used the addictive sweet taste of their own blood to influence humans into living blood bags and slaves. Either way, she’d have to do it. The demon stepped back away from her, waiting for her to turn around and give her the answer.
  11. Fallen Joy

    Act, and Witches will act.

    Within the lace of her slender and warm fingers, Namiko would feel a tremble whispering between the pale nature of the Matriarch’s palms. The white witch’s shoulders hunched a tad, her porcelain expression cracking with hesitance. A soft carmine lip rolled between her teeth in a moist search for a proper response to Namiko’s well warranted inquiry. The subject was delicate, and she knew she had to delivered it in the way her sister deserved to hear. A way that would inspire her to open up all her vulnerable points and in doing so become unfathomably stronger. Then Namiko drew her hand away. It caused such cold apprehension and the Matriarch could have shivered from it. Under the crown of orc animosity, the Matriarch was domineering and commanding with merciless apathy and borderline sadistic in nature. It was amazing how before this graceful woman, she felt so nervous. In truth, the Matriarch was soft and tender in nature. She simply couldn’t afford such expressions in the presence of her orcs. “Well…” she began, mentally taking a breath and stealing herself into the hope that Namiko would feel the same sense of freedom she did within the coven. “There are no expectations….But simultaneously you must make the decision to give us perhaps the greatest part of you.” The intimidation of the remark was not lost on her. The Matriarch remembered when these words were spoken to her. She closed her eyes and took a breath; souls were as precious and sacred as purity, love, and willpower. Things that could be defined as one’s inner sense of freedom. Namiko seemed to have been alone for so long that the Matriarch wasn’t certain if she’d be willing to share it. “Our coven is connected not through blood or promises, but through the vessels of our magic.” She touched her sternum. “Our souls. Our entire existence stems from the foundation of our collective soul fragments. We have conjoined them to make something more powerful than I have ever experienced. You’ve already felt it, Namiko, during our battle with those abominations...” To this she smiled warmly, finding a ray of joy in even such a frightening night. “You called to it. You’ve already connected by bonding with me." She sighed deep. "It is...hard to explain for it is an experience. Everyone of our sisters describes differently... ” She paused for the waitress that returned with their drinks. The Matriarch fiddled her fingers across the table until she grasped the rim of her cup. Her sip was long, stretching the pause to allow Namiko to understand what she was saying to her, and prepared for what her initial response would be.
  12. Fallen Joy

    Mount Ariadne

    Caught off guard from behind, Luna released a loud startled squeal as she was scooped under the impressive strength of the zealous Alexandria. A plethora of giggles followed, the ancient six century old witch converting into an excited toddler as she flailed her buckle shoes and waved her arms wildly until sat on the edge of the wine fountain. Exhaling away her laughter, she waves a finger to send a chalice into her gloved hand. Synchronously dipping her cup into the wine as Alexandria did the ale, she lifted her drink to kiss Alexandria's before downing it. Flush and heat flew upon her face, and she leaned back with sheer glee. Her sister suddenly mentioned Natasha and Luna raised a curious brow with a pause before laughing again, waving her hand in the air at the thought. “Oh sister, surely you jest. These orcs have no finesse for such celebration. They sooner beat their chests and grunt than dance and be merry. We’d accomplish nothing but tainting the pleasant air with their horrid odor.” She paused to take another gulp and then placed her free leathered hand on Alexandria’s shoulder. “But I am proud her obligations have not tarnished. She’s been a bit worrisome, that one. A bit intelligent for a blimey orc." Suddenly the floating lights above them starting to ring with music; celtic melodies filling the air with wondrous sounds. Luna perked up with joy, grasping Alexandria’s hand. “Come poppit, let’s not think of orcs! Let us dance!” The witch stood, grabbing Alexandria hands and pulling her with such momentum that when she swung her body she took the witch in a whirl around her. “Oh my dear sister,” she sings as she whirls the redhead around the table. “My high spirits are in sync with my thrill for being home.” Magic levitating her body, she came off the ground, lifting Alexandria's hand around her tall head and spinning her around. She watched her crimson hair fly like a blossoming rose. “My travels took me far to the west, where I came across soldier and rider of dragons. An intriguing man of simple gesture. With a spot of pizzazz and charm, I convinced him to trade for an amazing gift.” She descended close to her sister, interlocking their fingers. “One I shall now bestow onto you,” she whispered with velvety charm before pulling away, bridging them with one of their arms. Her other hand slyly removed the hat from her hand and when she pull them together again, she offered the inside of it to her. “Reach inside and retrieve it.” With their next pull away, Alexandria would have a beautiful sword with her grasps. Within its sheath was a matte obsidian blade with the finest sharp edge. To Alexandria, Luna gifted the legendary Sable Sword. Luna released her hand, standing back to watch Alexandria take in the blade. As she did so, another very welcome guest brushed her way into her periphery. “May the stars shine on our meeting, I am Jadis, new to the coven but eager to become one of you. “Jadis,” Luna breathed out warmly as she turned to her. Without another word, she glided into her space and swooped her up into her arms. “Sister, you’re already one of us.” She pulled back, pressing her forehead onto hers, connecting their eyes and smiling wide before separating and addressing the others. “Sisters, this is Jadis. I found her during my search for the sword. She is the true treasure I bring back to our family.”
  13. Fallen Joy

    Beyond the Mysterious Beyond

    Molding into the cadence of the vampire's firm direction, the demon found herself behind Persephone’s animated performance. After a few choice words, the vampire scowled her down. Mocking as it was, the demon’s eyes glinted slightly at the expression, blinking once slow but then three times rapidly when the wink followed. Her eyes shifted back to the officer. “I apologize,” she said lowly. The rest of the time, her eyes were fixated on the space between Persephone’s shoulder blades. Despite her animated and charismatic front, there was tension rolling between her muscles like a crumbling rock slide. Being raised with wild animal spirits, Arikara read body language better than voices and words. The vampire was ravenous and tense about something, her words traveled slyly between deep inspirations to solidify her desire for control. The vampire leaned in close to the man, the demon rose her eyes to see if drool would leak down the corners of his mouth. The glimmer that appeared was from the man wetting his dried lips. Tension rolled off him as well, seen in his jawline and shoulders, rolling down to a small tremor in his fingers. His hands seemed eager to grasp something; perhaps he did have weapons at one point in his life and his fingers itched to hold it again. Though the demon wouldn’t have recognized it, perhaps the man’s fingers itched to hold something else so incredibly close to him. The demon watched intensely, observed the sway of her hips, the sudden silk of her voice, and the flutter of her hair across her shoulders as she moved. It was an act of seduction that came so naturally to her kind. She pirouetted around him like a siren’s tune and the man’s stiff and resilient facade could not help but begin to dance to it. “Well, this is highly irregular, but I suppose I can make an expectation. The vehicle will be removed and put into the care of the car park outside the city till you leave.” Humans seemed to respond to this language of seduction. The demon folded her fingers in a lace, rocking her hips like waves in the ocean, curving her spine to accentuate her contours, and glimmering her lips with a lap of her tongue. “Thank you for your kindness,” she whispered, just long enough for him to hear. Her voice traveled through the air and caressed up his spine like the tip of a finger. He visibly rattled from it. The man, who had already started his trek towards the ferry, glanced over his shoulder to the demon, tightening his lips with a visible bead of sweat on his temple. He grunted and nodded his head before continuing on. As they reached the station of the the ferry, the hustle and bustle of the potential passengers was like an alarming bee hive. The city of enlightenment was obviously desirable, but the visitors able to enter were limited. People fought for their right to enter, fluffing and preening themselves as much as possible to the ferrymen, much like their own guide. The demon’s shift eyes momentarily to their surroundings, taking in the sights of people filling in paperwork or debating with the guards on their right to be let on the boat. Others lingered on the outskirts, pestering other potential passengers for money to afford entry. The demon turned her eyes back on her partner. The previous tension jumped from a rock slide to a damn near meteor shower of tension in her body. A hand lifted and touched her shoulder, the demon meeting the vampire's vibrant eyes with her eerie apathetic expression. “You seem bothered.” She whispered. The ferry guardsman glanced over his shoulder. He noted the whispering but didn’t seem to comprehend the words through the buzzing of the hive around them. “You remind me of a Pariki tempted by a flock of spirits. Is your blood-lust becoming overwhelming?” Their guide pulled his own clipboard, flipping through several inked in pages before reaching some blank ones. “Even for visitors,” he began. “We need to know your names, purposes, and powers.” He turned towards them. Immediately there was a whisper of annoyance around them, the two ladies had already bypassed the extended line and crowd. It emphasized on the favoritism the guard placed on them. It made sense; in a city that emphasized on perfection of a species, they likely selected their visitors like a bouncer in a club. Glancing around, it was the old, dirty, dingy and unattractive passengers that were on the side lines, arguing, and begging. More than once, someone seemed to accuse a guardsman of charging them more than another passenger. The city was a shallow, pompous, and cruel culture but it worked in their favor. “Are you both human?” The demon looked back at the man. Reminded she was supposed to be the silent and shy type, she only nodded. Persephone likely responded similarly. The man narrowed his eyes, as if skeptical. “What powers to you have?” He did not ask if they had powers. The demon merely shook her head at this line. The man narrowed his eyes even more. "You’re new so I’ll let you in on something you should know. Shine City has strict laws of honor and honesty. We don’t tolerate mendacity, and if you’re lying to me, you’re not the first to try and weasel their way into the city on false pretenses. If you’re caught lying, you’ll be punished severely.” The demon's face did not change to these admonitions. Her lack of emotions were impeccable. She blinked once, slowly. The man flinched in the face, tightening his jaw then shifting his look to Persephone, maybe hoping to crack something there. It would have been a dead silence if not for the crowd. The demon was noting something increasingly loud within the man's demeanor. He wasn't only suspicious of something within the two of them, he appeared almost....longing for it. Mysterious thoughts began to whirl around the demon's mind. Her stare became more intense. The ice upon her expression froze even more as the specks of emotions that had shifted through the cracks of her face withdrew into the gravity of her thoughts. The man became instantly frustrated. “There’s something different about you both.” Once more he paused, as if trying to get a response from them. “Hmph. Well what are your names, and do you have the entrance fee for the ferry?” The demon, still taking her place behind the vampire, whispered very softly to her. It fit her 'shy' nature. "I have an idea. We need to find a way to talk privately for a moment."
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    Dancing Through Deserts

    When Tyveres first spoke, his words were as sharp as the daggers driven into his victim's hearts. The Princess tightened her gaze and clenched the rail tighter, feeling a coil twist and quiver within her stomach. Her anger only rose with disappointment she was ashamed of. Of course he wouldn’t comfort her, he seemed incapable of acknowledging any of her feelings. Instead he took her vulnerability like a pincushion and stabbed chastising needles through it. Like...like she was a child. Cici rolled her lips into her mouth, turning her head slightly more away from him. He just didn’t understand. It wasn’t the compliments, it wasn’t the desire to quit, it ultimately wasn’t even her appearance. It was him. All him. Why did he make her feel such ways? The things he did, or rather didn’t do, it skinned her emotions…She hated it. The assassin suddenly came closer, his daunting presence casting an invisible shadow over her body. She tensed, but was desperate not to demonstrate her fragility. She was so absorbed in maintaining her strength, she didn't catch his rising hand until it was too late. He touched her. Touched with a warm finger curling delicately around her chin. Her flushed and frustrated countenance canted to his, and as she met his gaze...Everything within her shattered. Her thoughts and anger fell and broke into shards within a maelstrom of confusion as he absorbed her within those iced irises. His gaze was normally like the dead heart of winter, but in that moment it mesmerizing like melting glaciers in the sunset. They were filled with mysterious thought and emotion. Her cheeks suddenly flushed a deep scarlet, swallowing her cerulean orbits like the dusk into the sea. He was doing it again...purloining her heart with snippets of tenderness she couldn’t comprehend. "I've seen you do amazing things in the short time that I've known you. If I did not think you could win the hearts of your people, I would not have accepted your request to train you. You are a talented young lady. It will be tough to adjust to being a Queen, but I believe you can do it." Her eyes widened, chest racing into a hum she could feel oscillating throughout her entire body. The vibrations rang in places that made her feel weak and spellbound. How could she be so enraptured in such a wintry gaze and chilled voice, yet simultaneously feel as if her entire body was being consumed with fire? Her irises melted in the heat, shimmering wildly like diamonds scattered across the ocean bed. Her breaths were short and her fingers had a small tremble. Did he really think that? Did he really think she could do this? Tears threatened to descend, but she held strong in her promise. Her countenance softened and her lips gently glided into a grateful smile. Extravagant beauty flourished in her joy; the sun painting pools of gold on the curves of her face, casting stars within her eyes ,and dressing corals of the sea upon her plush lips. Then through the esoteric nature of the ties between them, appraisal evolved into something deeper. Tyveres’ thoughts, though undefined, painted upon his visage and orchestrated the cadence of her enamored soul. She became thoughtless, body puppeteer-ed by the burning flames consuming her body and mind loud with the pulse of her heavy heart. She suddenly felt his chest compressed upon her fingertips, unaware of how her hand lifted and rested there. Her mouth drifted gap, tongue peeking a shining pink through her lips and feverish breath. Their proximity was so close that their shadows had already kissed on the deck of the ship. The strings on her body would not allow her to go further, frozen within her own hesitance and confusion. Was the desire seeping through his gaze real? It was a mystery how far their lips reached for each other under the blushing sun, but in the end his hesitance was eventually daunted by time. A whisper of sibilant sounds of splashing water drew her away from the moment. It wasn’t abrupt, but gentle and tantalizing. The princess slowly withdrew away from him, turning her face away. Her lashes lowered, bedazzled or bewildered by the moment, before she glanced towards the source of the sound. Familiar winged silver fish were crescent leaping from the sea, heading towards the boat. Taking the sight within her eyes instead of the man beside her, she pulled back her mind. “Thank you…” she whispered out. “I’m sorry, I was foolish.” The dreamy haze drifted slowly more and more away, and as it did...everything was replaced with sudden embarrassment. Wait...did they almost kiss? Her stomach jumped to her throat and she suddenly became fidgety. Looking around the ground frantically for a distraction and finding the sword to be the nearest thing. “I uh...uhm..let’s….let’s continue! W-what do we do now?” She didn’t look up. No, there was no way he was thinking about kissing her. That wasn’t what that was. Was it? No...No. No. She repeated to herself. She needed to do something. Now. She attempted to look up at him through her bangs. Electricity suddenly rang through her and she shot her gaze back down. She couldn’t even look at him right now. “AH! Here’s comes another big bloke! Might want to stand back from the edge!” The voice came from the captain, who somehow found his way to the wheel of the deck. Who knew how long he had been there. The princess looked to him to see that he was pointing to the sea. She faced back to the ocean. The flying fish were getting closer, and beyond them, a great shadow of a serpent. It was perhaps the same one as before, traveling in the currents of their ship. Or it was a different one. Perhaps the beast was common in these part. Either way, it was the perfect excuse. “I...I have an idea!" she suddenly said. "Find a way to catch as much of those fish as you can!” “What are you, talking about lass?! We got plenty of food for tonight!” “Trust me!” The princess didn’t look at Tyveres; instead she ran towards the fishing lines and hooks the captain used to lug in fish. She found a sturdy hooked rope amongst the pile. As she did, the boat suddenly bumped and rocked. Fish were flying onto the deck, slapping madly against the wood with their bodies. Slithering around the boat was the green reflection of the sea serpent. The princess ran across and towards the back of the boat. Her thoughts were ringing with the past events, driving her impulsive actions. She didn’t know how to face all these new and frightening events that penetrated her life in the past few weeks. From leaving her kingdom, being kidnapped, and being told unspeakable truths to training to become a queen and melting under the gaze of a man...She was rattled. But there was only thing she could do, that could always do. It was a skill risen by instinct even she couldn’t explain. Beast taming. She ran just ahead of the gliding creature and without warning she climbed the railing at the back of the ship and dived soundlessly into the water. “WHAT IN THE LIVING TARNATION?!” The Captain screamed, slamming his hand on the engines level to haul the propellers to a stop. “Fold the sails mate or we’ll sail clear away from her in this wind!”