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  1. Being a Resident is hard. I'm going to try and start posting again soon though. Miss you all.

    1. princeben07


      I misss you TOO joy!!



    2. Raptor



  2. Who has officially completed Medical School? THIS GAL!!!! ??❤️❤️??

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    2. Die Shize

      Die Shize


      Now about those hands..?

    3. Fallen Joy

      Fallen Joy

      I mean...I can recommend a good surgeon followed by a good psychiatrist? 

    4. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      THAT WOULD BE GREAT I have some phone numbers but they never answer me anymore and I heard one of them jumped out a window after our last session so you're the best talk soon and fair weather friend

  3. Finally! I am officially a 4th year medical student :angry:. February 2019 I’ll be Dr. Fallen Joy. :bigsmile:

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    2. supernal


      Truly and utterly FANTASTIC

    3. Abigail666


      Well done! 


    4. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      Congrats!  :smile:

  4. Just took my last exam on this island yesterday! Going home Monday, wooooo!! I'll be posting again soon! <3

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    2. Armade-hime <3

      Armade-hime <3


      You went out of country to study abroad?!? Interesting.

    3. Fallen Joy

      Fallen Joy

      Yessuh I did. I spent about 20months away from home ;) If things go my way, I'll be going to the UK for my 3rd year

    4. Armade-hime <3

      Armade-hime <3

      You're traveling around some good amount. London is the one place I want to visit, but never did when I lived in Europe.

  5. I love your avatar, it earned hard giggles from me! Just wanted to say that.

  6. image_zpspopvpb8y.jpeg

    Until Monday...

  7. Exam week! No posts from me until Tuesday!

  8. Freedooooooom!

  9. In the middle of finals, bear with me on posting for the time being.

    1. Aleksei


      /waves good luck flags!

    2. Fallen Joy
  10. My laptop went out in a puff of smoke (literally), so if you yahoo chat me, it's gotta be Skype now. 

  11. Screw you, hurricane Danny, you better not ruin my vacation!

  12. Almost on break! Would love to roleplay with someone for two weeks ;)

    1. princeben07


      COUNT BENNY IN!!!! IM DOWN FOR WHATEVER JOY!! How is school going 4 u ?


    2. supernal



  13. Thank you for the like, deary =]

    1. Rin


      Welcome. I enjoyed reading your stuff. So be on the look out for more likes

  14. What's a girl gotta do to get some passion?

  15. Thanks for the rep! =D

  16. No worries hun, take your time. I am kinda afv right now anyways. Nice to know you survived your surgery =D

  17. Well, thanks for the <3!

  18. Why thank you ma'am!!! =D

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