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  1. Apparently it's my birthday or something.

  2. I really just wrote a four page (personal) essay about why I have little-to-no interest in love and sex.

  3. Has anyone seen my ball? I need to get it rolling again.

    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      By ball do you mean milkshake?

    2. amenities


      roll hard, my friend


    3. elixir


      @Die Shize I don't want my milkshake to bring people to my yard unless they'll mow the lawn.

      @amenities This is exactly how I envision myself going through Hell's gates. Now I'm pumped.

  4. I'm pretty indifferent to this topic (maybe I'll throw in a cent or two later), so I'm just here to show off an article I lived by when I was administrating GCs. Note how there's more negatives than positives but it is possible to "positively" work with those negatives, imo.
  5. elixir

    General chat thread

    It's really amazing what you can learn from other people. I've only known a few, new individuals for about a week or so but I consider them more like family than my actual one.
  6. If no responses are given by the end of August, I'm making all of this null and void.
  7. elixir

    Public AFV Thread

    I figured I should post here than making a status. Also a fair trigger warning. I admitted myself to the hospital for depression so I don't know when I'll be discharged. I'll be away until I feel safe with myself.
  8. Kestrel’s response was one Andromeda had expected but it offended her regardless. What occurred in the river was no mere spectacle for petty amusement. It was a real side effect, and hopefully, a temporary one. If she touched a body of water—big or small—it would turn into those things or a dark, sticky substance. Andromeda reckoned it was a poetic blight, in a way. Water was life, and what better way than to eclipse that with what was death. Truthfully, the nymph did not mean to scare Kestrel but rather to let her see the reason why her invitations were declined. Was there not a saying of ‘seeing is believing’ amongst them? She pondered about this for a bit whilst her companion got dressed—; only, it was the questions that brought back the coldness in her heart. “Yes,” replied Andromeda, closing her eyes once more. She reclined back onto the ground with a woeful sigh. “I do not condemn them for doing so. After all, I did have a hand in… a hand in neutralizing the One who ruled us all—my father.” It was strange. Andromeda had thought about the cruel act after her beloved had died and felt vexation. When the act was done and over with, she felt nothing; not even sadness. Yet, now after time has passed (how long had she been away?) and she was in a situation where it was better just to come clean on her sins, the nymph felt an overwhelming wave of regret and sorrow. It had to be done, she told herself. It needed to be done. But was it all worth it just for her own heart’s sake? She caressed the grass apologetically. “My father created a law that forbade us to marry a mortal or someone who does not possess divinity,” the nymph explained. “I’ve always hated that law, thought it was silly but I understood and respected it. Until I met a remarkable human on this very planet, that is. Perhaps I was a fool to let him charm me but I will always cherish that he did.” “I did not lie about my origins to him and made it perfectly clear that he would die if he chose to marry me. However, he was a carefree soul who saw me beyond what I am. It was then that I made a promise to keep him from harm,” Andromeda paused. “I did everything I could but I should have known better than nothing goes over my father’s head.” Another pause; a pregnant one. “It happened so quickly and when I let my guard down. Before I knew it, I was cradling his lifeless, bloody body against me and I held him for hours until I knew I had to let him go. Out of grief and anger towards my father, I vowed to get rid of him without thinking of the consequences.” She opened her eyes and looked up at Kestrel. “Now that the deed is done, it has upset the Order and everyone has their claws trained on me. Those who are after me are not only doing their jobs but they’re making way for a new, dreadful ruler to take over.” Her eyes glanced up at the sky. “And what a better way than to take out the apparent heir to the throne, do you not agree?”
  9. elixir

    General chat thread

    Good thing I'm just a magical potion and a programming language.
  10. elixir

    Vanora Rising

    I thought loremaking said lovemaking and all I could think about for two minutes was lovemaking with the coconut people - which would be midkey interesting. Besides that, please take my ? and ? (cause you might catch me splashing in those waves).
  11. elixir

    General chat thread

    Is Jessica Jones worthwhile at all?
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