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  1. I don't even have the energy and motivation to produce usable codes for this site. I guess I know what that means.

  2. Just call me Danny Phantom because I'm always goin' ghost.

  3. elixir

    General chat thread

    I don't know if you two are still looking for [couch] co-op games but these are what came to mind: Divinity: Original Sin Spelunky Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Death Squared A Way Out Hidden Agenda Streets of Rage Nex Machina
  4. The Oracle © At long last, AEDA had finally arrived. She hovered the wide yonder, a billow of rotten smog oscillating underneath her feet. Valucre. How obnoxious. Renouncing one’s kin for this sorry planet almost made her laugh. It’s name trickled off the tongues of many throughout the millenniums, bitter and resentful. Strict laws forbade any linkage with the inhabited festers. At long last, Aeda sensed the lawbreaker. Yet, the spoor was faint. The ○○○○○ was good. Her brothers would soon reach their destinations, and then the game would be over. In the meantime– Aeda drifted in Ursa Madeum’s skies, ancient eyes fixated at what appeared to be a reception of some variety. It’s shimmering regality and joyous atmosphere suffocated her… a curious sensation. Her prey would be more of a fool than she thought if this is what caused them to go astray. Her kin originated the fantastical image that these ants try so hard to recreate. There had to be something more, something that she was missing. Her curiosity bubbled. Aeda made her descension at a careful, unhurried pace and brows crinkled instantaneously at the tenderness stench, fraudulent and authentic. She shifted through the walls of the manor. Concealed and cankerous. Blessings squawked in her ears before long and eyes took in the sight of the matrimonial couple. A shared kiss. Thunderous caterwauls. Is this what attracted ○○○○○○○○○ ? Is this the forbidden love? Utterly sickening. Yet, she was anchored by the possibility of having her inquisitiveness answered here. The diverse insects that roamed the corridors undoubtedly had some. She always learned new things from them – that’s probably why she’s kept them alive for so long, thus far. Aeda lingered through the halls, camouflaged and her usual reek masked by floral aromas. She observed the one donned in green, frowned at the man picking at his cavities and wandered past a queen drowning in shades of blue. Alas, she gave attention to the newly celebrated king and queen. How strong was their endearment to each other, truly? What values did they hold and retain for the sake of these peasants, if not for their own? There had to be a reason – a clue, a lead – to where ○○○○○○○○○ was and what enticed them to disrupt The Balance. Since lust and affection are the roots, perhaps this ceremony was a stem. She did have time, after all, to investigate. Aeda had several ways to obtain the sought answers out of the people here but hand-picked an optimal, fun choice. She traversed to the gallery, whisking away idle visitants except for one. Smog encased the person right away and she entered them– © Unseen from probing eyes, the hapless figure was warped and distorted into a new one by her bidding. Possess. Recollect. Granted. Aeda manifested two embellished chairs, placing an ornated table in between that exhibited riches and wonders. An eccentric crystal appeared in the centre of the table, along with a blank book and wine-like substance contained in a decorative glass beside it. Rolling her shoulders and relocating her jaw back into place, Aeda made sure the decorations matched the room’s décor and perceptions were put back in place. The entity had transformed into an alluring oracle: cordially invited to be an ear for troubled thoughts, to bear advice and predictions. That is the notion that seeped into everyone's’ minds. Now, she only had to wait for the weak to come. – LOCATION: THE GALLERY
  5. Apologies for the delay with my wedding sub event.

    1. vielle


      No problemo bro, you know I'd wait a million years for you. 💖 Take all the time you need.

  6. Apparently, I have a bachelors in Playwriting and Screenwriting now. It's like I finally graduated or something.

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    2. supernal



    3. Malintzin


      Ballleerrr. Congrats on that. When I see yo name in the credits I'll fangirl.

    4. Praetorian


      Super congrats. What's next?

  7. I'm actually majoring in playwriting and screenwriting, as well. It's funny how I brought up doing the same format for a solo thread a while ago, so I'm interested to see how this turns out!
  8. I don't even know who to toss in this lot or how much damage I can do, but colour me intrigued.
  9. The end is nigh.

    1. Malintzin


      You are missed. ❤️ Be well!

  10. It's really exhausting when you're feeling happy at one moment then really depressed in the next. Makes me wonder how long can I keep this up, lol.

    1. The Hummingbird

      The Hummingbird

      Sometimes I get moments of depression that really hits me hard in times when I should be happy. Stay strong!

    2. Metty


      I was just starting to feel better myself then depression hit me like a rock myself.

      I can relate to it.

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