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  1. Me @ the ARG fam: Yeah, each "chapters" are going to get more difficult so hold on to your knickers
    Also me: God, why is this so difficult whatsgoingon i m losing my marbles#whatyearisit[morecomplaininghere]

    It's worth it though.

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    2. elixir


      @vielle See, bro. I was just trying to wait until you made your fabulous return so you can have something juicy to read first thing, bro. I was just tryna be nice, bro.





    3. vielle


      @elixir alrighty bro, imma wait on it fam ❤👌

    4. Csl


      All the stuff you put out is super worth it. I support wholeheartedly. *waves pompoms*

  2. elixir

    Honor I

    The archwood had long since been a… Lavinia wouldn’t know what to call it, really. Majestic? No—the numerous rings that adorned her fingers were more splendid than these woods and granted, she hasn’t paid much mind to this planet until her darling sister, Andromeda, started to make a commotion. We don’t need to go into details about that again. Nah. Lavinia didn’t even know how to pronounce the name of this world (Val-oo-cree? Va-lew-cer?) but she was drawn to it just like everyone else. Well, perhaps not like everyone else because truth be told, she was merely here to look for her pet. Yes, her lifelong companion: a sphinx-like creature with the head of a woman, a body of a lion and lively snake for the tail. It had been gifted by one of her brothers who had initially sought it to be a prank (“This is what your children are going to look like, ‘Nia”). After she had instantly trained the creature to bite his nose off anytime he was in close proximity, they soon became close friends and it was named Minerva. What can she say? ‘Nia’ is an awful nickname. You see, Minerva is perfectly obedient and stays by Lavinia’s side days on end; however, once it vanishes without a word—or a growl, in this case, maybe a hiss too—it’s quite distressing. Lavinia interrogated her brother at first, under the impression that he had his revenge for all those times of being de-nosed until he spat in her face and told her to put a leash on “that thing”. That was the wrong answer so let’s try this again. Lavinia tortured her brother within a timeless realm until he eventually cried out that he saw Minerva fly off to that godforsaken planet called something she can’t pronounce. (“You are supposed to be a god of death and your little sister just made you cry, man.” “Being related to a nutcracker is not fuckin’ funny.”) If it wasn’t for Minerva disappearance act, Lavinia would have never set foot on this world and definitely not in these woods. Yet, there had to be a reason for this inconvenience. There was always a reason. Hence, she trudged through all the dirt and redden leaves, the area’s sacredness felt clearly and loudly. If there was anything she knew Minerva was attracted to—apart from handsome men because they were delicious—was revered locations. Even still, Lavinia didn’t think this place was all that special and plus, her outfit was getting dirty from all this walking around. “Minerva, I swear to everything that isn’t holy,” Lavinia murmured, careful not to trip on anything. “I will shove that snake tail down your throat and—” She stopped abruptly. It was faint but she knew the sound well enough: a blade cutting through the wind. Being a born-fighter herself, literally, it would only be natural that Lavinia’s curiosity piqued as she followed the resonance. Since there was no clash against another metal, it could be assumed that someone was practising alone and it can also be assumed that this called for a break in her search. She had always wondered how other entities fought. Probably like headless chickens. Lavinia had reached the person, not before long, her gaze fixated on them whilst she watched from afar. He changed stances with ease, from seemingly balanced to apparently defence to whatever he thought agile was, cutting down no one in sight. The execution was there but from her perspective, yeah, he just looked like a fool. And was the thunder and lightning really that necessary? God, he reminded Lavinia of her mother. She had to admit that his sword was pretty exquisite in its own way. Her arms crossed as an eyebrow arched in amusement, her gaze also averting to the sky above. And what do you know? There was Minerva, cloaked in its invisibility and perched in a nearby tree, watching the man intently like a predator to prey. It glanced at its owner apologetically, who wagged her finger, before returning to admire the stranger once more. Lavinia was about to turn around and let whatever events unfold in whichever way but once she heard him name the sword Myolnir, she couldn’t help but to double over in laughter. “What a stupid name,” she called out to him with a generic wave of her hand. Short tresses were smoothed down by her fingertips as she made her presence known and ambled towards him, subtly motioning her companion to remain unseen. “A weapon such as that deserves better name but I suppose it’s fitting for someone who barely parries correctly.”
  3. elixir


    The thing about Lavinia is that she’s a blessing and a curse. Like, a double-edged sword. I don’t know what her deal is nor do I know which side her loyalty lies, honestly. In short, since our family tree is already tangled enough as it is, she’s the child of the All-Creator (not the one from Renovatio, the other one) and, uh, whats-their-name through the surrogation of Heaven. Do you have any idea what that means? Lavinia is the hybrid of restoration and destruction, the bridge between order and chaos. This makes her essential as any other nymph but just as dangerous as those who reside in the void. I would take caution with your interactions with her. Rumour has it that she reanimates the dead to their former glory only to slay them again and again. It doesn’t help that Hezak taught her all she needs to know to survive, as well. - Written by Lavinia, who is much better than Evalise Dossier Appellation · Lavinia O'Anno Height · 5'8 Age · Immortal Hair / Eye Color · Icy ✦ / Jade ✦ Location · Ursa Madeum, Terrenus Complexion · Olive, fair Birthplace · the Cosmoses Personality · Dominant Connections Father · Boljimir, the All-Creator Mother · N/A Siblings · the Nymphs & [UNKNOWN] Pet / Companion · Minerva, a Sphinx Martial Status · Single Threads i. Honor I ii. -
  4. Who needs wealth when you can make a woman laugh?

    1. Praetorian


      Me*. Laughter isn't a very useable resource. I'd much rather have wealth. Tyrion is a romantic schmuck.

      *gingers and robots, as well as robogingers(tm) have no desire for laughter in their life.

    2. elixir


      I respect Robogingers™. Laughter can kill you and I just want money*.

      *money is power and that beats any schmuck any day. 

  5. elixir

    General chat thread

    Unpopular opinion but I feel like we, the Valucre community, could have written a much better season eight for Game of Thrones. I'm convinced that D&D was playing D&D while writing the scripts. Ideas were there, just poorly executed and that's the tea.
  6. Starting next week, this programme will be broadcasted regularly.
    Gonna be less of 😪🤢🐒 and more of 🍆 🦹‍💩.

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    2. Csl


      @elixir Yup! I've sort of returned. We're returnee buddies now. 

      And sorry, I don't get the reference (uncultured swine, I am)

    3. elixir


      @Csl It's (♩) a quarter note in music so I was trying to say that you've been away for a eternity and 'three quarters'.

    4. vielle


      @elixir as a musician, i appreciate your music puns 🎵

  7. elixir

    Custom user title 20

    I would like to thank my tarot reader for predicting I'll have good fortune this month. Good luck to everyone else in the next raffle!
  8. elixir

    General chat thread

    Reading this really stimulated me.
  9. when will this semester end cuz i cant feel my brain

  10. elixir

    General chat thread

    Even though I'm still thick in the right places? 🤔
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