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  2. elixir

    OBELUS General Discussion

    I dunno if any of y'all noticed this yet but: Edit #
  3. elixir

    Mr. E General Discussion

    What if amenities is Mr. E? Dun dun duuun.
  4. elixir

    ɓuıɯoɔ sı ɥʇɐǝᗡ

    Ahem. Is it time?
  5. elixir

    OBELUS General Discussion

    Well, that's kind of why I was thinking about the bluebird adjective. Look outside + time of clear sunny weather = something and probably nothing. It also made me think about Noma teaching Davant astronomy.
  6. elixir

    OBELUS General Discussion

    It could be neither and we're just overthinking it! Honestly, when I first read the status and watched the Bluebird video, my mind initially thought of the adjective bluebird.
  7. elixir

    OBELUS General Discussion

    I have a hunch that Bluebird may incorporate both the ship and MKUltra since that feels like that's vibe we're surfing on. With that said, I only know of the Bluebird in use via this thread - which I'm pretty sure @supernal is referring to.
  8. elixir

    General chat thread

  9. elixir

    General chat thread

    I can't believe that I've beaten DMC5 in one (1) day. Nero's hot and everything but he would be hotter if the actual narrative was sizzlin'. #thankscapcom
  10. elixir

    OBELUS General Discussion

    Maybe they can't keep up with our imposing brainpower. But, like I've been speculating, I believe these pages are just context clues rather than actual puzzles. You never know with ARGs, tbh.
  11. elixir

    OBELUS General Discussion

    Just a quick note of something I noticed: The first 'poem' is structured in open heroic couplets. The adjacent is in a 'tightly rhymed scheme' (abbcdd) - which is kind of interesting because that form is usually used to control and deal with the pain and anger the character/poet feels. The 'grain, pain, rain, drain' stanza is on its own, I believe. If it is, then it's a quatrain structure/monorhyme (aaaa). I'm speculating that the stanza is by itself because I'm not 100% what the rhyming form is for the rest concerning their mother. Especially if it's broken apart like that. It kind of looks like Keatsian. Granted, poetry isn't my forte so I'm just making myself look like a donkey. I've been kind of reading in-between the lines and I feel like, Shackles and chains Formulaic and stale No longer, no more Piques my interest more than the rest of the poem since they're just, like, there. I'm just rambling at 7AM so I don't even know if any of that is actually useful and/or needed.
  12. elixir

    OBELUS General Discussion

    I feel like these documents are just to provide context rather than solving them. I had the same feeling with the last set of documents sent to us, especially since we didn't 'solve them' (I think). I could be wrong.
  13. elixir

    Somnolent Nova

    Many years ago, Andromeda was asked if deities slept. Did they lay their heads on downy pillows and eased burdens from their shoulders, such as humans do? It is rare for them to do so, she had answered, because they are preoccupied with their watchful eyes. Then, she was questioned whether or not if deities could dream, if she could dream. Andromeda replied that the gods cannot dream because they can effortlessly convert fantasy into reality. She fails to have that luxury as she is not a deity. Therefore, one can say that she does dream but it is not dreaming by any means. No, they are visions – moments that transpired in the past which the Firmament witnessed. She is a nymph: the child of the heavens who is the cosmoses itself and dreams Her memories, observing and experiencing. Andromeda’s consciousness drifted after she spoke those last three words. Although she was in an inert state, her mind was not easily conquered as she dreamt for the first time in a century and outlived another memory. It was, however, not in her Mother’s voice. ● On the twelfth day after the Expansion, I summoned the leagues to Infinitas. Gathered, in our province, are the Architects, the Keepers and the Ante. Through my eye, I have seen the extinction of them all; their handsome faces painted with blood and gore, indistinguishable. As I looked out to them, I saw the enervation in their eyes and the aeons etched into their skin. We are immortal… but what is being eternal but a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Our annihilation shall be merciful. This is what I told them: “I, Boljimir, the first of His name, shall conceive children in the forthcoming years. While they will not be gods, they will be treated as such. They are the rightful heirs to sovereignty, and I have no doubt that they will lead everything I have created to greatness until the end. Among them will be my first born and I have seen the chapters in her story. She will love and be broken. Her hands will be dipped in blood and when the time comes, she will obliterate us with the hatred cemented in her heart. To our end will usher in a new beginning – a beginning that we should all welcome.” Aralim bore his sly grin, naturally, and Sofiel’s disappointing gaze was more acetic than wonted. Siblings as they are, I know they seek to control what I have built. Though their dead-end path has been laid bare, they will go against it, but it will be useless. Even their own children cannot save them. To you, I apologize on behalf of the tides of fate. I believe that this is your destiny. Once you have seen this from your Mother’s perception, my death has already been achieved. Yet, for right now, as I am still alive – ra'a'nn ra'm ho hooam, a' maghh faau smoaaghh. LOOK FOR THE HEART, NOT RIGHT BUT STRAIGHT. ● Andromeda awoke with a jolt. She lurched forward whilst a hand pressed against her chest, gasping for air as if she had been submerged. The crackles of fire echoes in the cabin, accompanied by a welcoming scent of roasted meat and it is enough to calm the nymph for a moment. Her eyes reverted back to their natural hues, opening soon after and gandered around the room, making sure that she was not still dreaming. Luckily, that was the case. An initial attempt to call Kestrel failed, her words morphing into horrid retches and she quickly moved onto her hands and knees. Andromeda heaved numerous times. Each time she did, still and all, her strength returned. Skin illuminated brightly once again, no longer vitreous but youthfully pale and plump all the same. Her violet mane cascaded over her face whilst she shivered in absolute excitement that she could hear the universe – this planet – anew. Andromeda smiled. She had missed their endless talks. Perhaps now she could ask the heavens what that memory was. Beneath her was a medium pile of dust, decayed matter, and Andromeda frowned. She sat up on her knees, fixing the coat and swiped a finger over her lips. That is when she realized something. The Ultima was already trying to execute her from the inside; a silent assassination attempt that began from the second she entered the black hole. Andromeda looked away. She gazed at Kestrel for a long moment (searching, or maybe trying to tell her something) before sighing. “It appears I was at death’s door this whole time.” she chuckled sadly.
  14. elixir

    OBELUS General Discussion

    I literally just woke up and was slapped in the face with this: Back at it again with another diary entry and my PM title is '6'. I will... do something later once my eyes aren't stuck together.
  15. elixir

    General chat thread

    This is the main reason why I'm going to buy DMC5: