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  1. I was trying not to give the 'solution' away in my comment to their status because I wasn't sure if this club was still breathing, lmao. Obelus wanted you/us to refer to their about me section. The redirection to their third tip (i.e. hover over da text, lads) is an accompanying hint to their 'listen closely' bit, which is ultimately that speaker symbol in the definition. (The 🔈 emoji really stood out but that could just be me.) When you 'linger' over it, it says "about me." Therefore, that brings us to their about me section. The first thing you're going to see is this: I'm assuming 2020 is the impending date of their so-called return. But, the 2020 seems out of place. And, why have a big ass box if you're just going to display a year, amirite? So, if you highlight the content(s) in the box, you'll get this: Good ol' binary text. Pop that into a translator because we're all lazy and you'll get this [at first]: Obviously that doesn't make sense so just switch the 2's into 1's and you'll get the message of:
  2. Whatever entertainment I was going to achieve with #TUC is null and void, unless someone changes my mind.

    Once I have the motivation to post the remaining lore, it will serve its contextual purpose.

    ADAM will return.

  3. I kind of figured all your friends were dead, especially since John Dies at the End.
  4. Unless you're having a Midsummer Night's Dream, then all that 'ado' is really something.
  5. Well, I may have stroked a joystick or two of MK when I frequented an [actual] arcade in my neighbouring town back in the day. But, SF? Nah. Never touched it, probably will never stroke it, don't understand the hype behind it so fite me.
  6. Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Catch me on Tekken and Soulcalibur though.
  7. Rococo is my favourite in terms of style. It's aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes, namely Lemonyne's piece in the Salon d'Hercule at Versailles and Watteau's Voyage to Cythera. However, I can stare at The Wedding at Cana by Paolo Veronese for hours and still be in awe.
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    General chat thread

    Tell that to NASA.
  9. elixir

    Honor I

    It occurred to Lavinia, for a fleeting moment, that humans did not see the harm in most things. How often did they see the harm in killing innocent lives? How often did they realise that every ridiculous word that slipped from their mouths caused more harm than good? Their minds worked in mysterious ways, she mused, and if Andross wanted to justify his silly question with the basis of seeing no harm, then she was more sympathetic to those he commanded. She sighed and rolled her shoulders delicately. Minerva, on the other hand, remained in the tree's canopies, indivisibly shrouded as it hopped from one branch to another in silence. It grew restless, bored with the mindless chatter and peckish since its recent meal was almost digested. Lion claws tapped against the bark as the snake-of-a-tail hissed in wait. Minerva's face twisted in a Cheshire grin, it's human face stretching accommodatingly. “Let him search for me, Lavinia,” it insisted telepathically. “I am tired of the words that escapes his lips, and he is much too handsome not to play with.” Minerva's tail rattled in excitement, ready to sink its teeth in Andross’ flesh — when the time was right, that is. “If he fails, may I eat him? Just a finger or two?” Lavinia rolled her eyes, but her companion’s suggestion did piqué her interest. The deity peeked over her shoulders to look at the man. Frankly, she could have left as soon as he offended her and travelled elsewhere, dragging Minvera by the tail. Something kept her here and the curiosity of how Andross would fair underneath her strict guidance marginally heightened. She saw his yearn to refine his so-called skills within those hazel eyes. It was oddly satisfying to see the veracity of it, the truthfulness to become more suitable in the name of honour, rather than thirst to wickedly squander it. Thus, she unhurriedly turned around. “I’ll tell you what, commander,” Lavinia began, seriously. “If you can successfully find my darling cat for me, I will become your mentor.” She plopped on the ground, her legs and arms crossed. For a brief moment, Lavinia weighed the pros and cons of her proposal. If this was to be a mistake, then she would tear his life and this planet asunder. If it was the most genius choice she made this millennia, then not only would Andross be the finest warrior of his lifetime but also someone to finally make changes to this forsaken planet. Well, maybe. She could just be wrong on both accounts. “Consider this a test to see if you’re actually worth my time, because if you can’t find and capture a creature that is not of your realm, then how can you possibly fend yourself from others of the same manner?” Lavinia questioned. Andross didn’t sense her arrival and if he had any sense at all, Minerva’s (who traversed further into the Archwood) presence had been closer than he realised. She already knew the work cut out of her if he prevailed. “Her name is Minerva, and she loves to give love bites, especially to good-looking men,” Lavinia winked and glanced up as an indication. “Heights are her go-to places to lounge and hunt for prey. Doesn’t help that she can turn invisible but I’m sure that won’t be a problem once she knows you’re playing with her.” She yawned. “Do you accept?”
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    General chat thread

    The pizza rolls are handmade - stuffed with chicken and bacon and a light garlic glaze. I also have parmesan cheese dip on the side. So, the only one who's gonna eat shoe leather is you, @supernal. #facts
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