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  1. Orion the Lost

    Justice Recruitment and Evaluation Center

    Forgive me, is there a thread I should be posting in?
  2. Orion the Lost

    Justice Recruitment and Evaluation Center

    yes, the holidays hit hard this year. Are their any missions in need of my character that have begun?
  3. Orion the Lost

    Justice Recruitment and Evaluation Center

    I've fallen out of the loop, what should I be doing at this moment?
  4. Orion the Lost

    A mission for mercenary's (OOC)

    just to let you know I am around just slightly work busy expect posts friday at the latest!
  5. Orion the Lost

    Looking to start again.

    I'm looking to do a little slice of life stuff in the future. Prior to my leavin....... 2 years ago I was a bartender at some of the locations here and so on. So laid back stuff is more my speed tho I'm happy to do whatever.
  6. Orion the Lost

    Looking to start again.

    lol I'm teasin
  7. Orion the Lost

    Looking to start again.

    darn guess i can't write with ya then.....
  8. Orion the Lost

    Hey, Listen!

    Dormant, forgotten, peaceful was to kind a word to describe the place, for great violence had been committed in its halls in the name of science. Much time has passed since, no longer to footsteps echo in the sterile corridors, has it been years, centuries, more? Less? It’s hard to say, the lights still hum and flicker as they had when the place had been inhabited, another marvel of technology deep within still powering the abandoned subterranean lab echoes of the life hidden deep within. The halls are marred with the occasional signs of violence, the halls pockmarked with signs of gunfire, in some places doors removed from hinges, but beneath it all the floors still shine as if fresh wax had only a day before been laid across clean white tile. The dull thrum of electricity keeping the threat of eternal silence at bay in the forgotten place. This unhallowed ground stretches for miles beneath the ground, many a dead in marked by labs filled with equipment geared towards inhumane purposes. Metal glistening sterile, waiting to be used again as if there masters had only just stepped away. However deep within the heart of this place it becomes apparent that even those who at one point laid siege to this place could go no further. Great metal doors barred the entrance to the heart of the place. Before them were strewn bodies. However signs of what had laid waste to them were not to be seen, as if the corpses had all died peacefully where they had stood. The environment had not allowed decay to claim the post mortem cadavers instead mummifying them with time, dry gaunt skin hung over skeletons. All of which stared intently at the doors, still waiting on what was on the other side. Perhaps they’d sought to claim what was behind them, maybe destroy it. It was impossible to know now. It was however evident, that they had failed in their duty, and now their corpses stood sentinel over their failed task, eternally standing vigil over their failed task. Behind the doors lay the scientists final heresy they reason that they’d needed to be cleansed. Within the heart of the lab slept a girl. Of flesh, of bone, of meat, and blood, but none of it human, men of science had replicated the human form, with inhuman materials, a weapon raised from their hands to cleanse the world of magic and it’s filthy users. However could something created by the heresies they so opposed be used cleanse further malevolence. The answer had been no… the rest of course was history. Thus the girl sleeps to this day in the heart of the great forgotten tomb suspended floating in stasis, created, but never born from the artificial womb. Eternally supported by the last automated powers of the lab. All hidden beneath the mountain, all hidden behind the great steel doors, forgotten by time and man alike.
  9. Orion the Lost

    A mission for mercenary's (OOC)

    So are these events... happening at different times in... the same city?
  10. Orion the Lost

    A mission for mercenary's (OOC)

    Uhm... So what? One moment I'm getting a burger, now what exactly is going on?
  11. Orion the Lost

    Looking to start again.

    I'm also around as a returning writer
  12. Orion the Lost

    Mystery to solve

    what kind of posting speed are you after?
  13. Orion the Lost

    Justice Recruitment and Evaluation Center

    @Praetorian That was a good line, tho it leaves me wondering, should I wait on everyone else to be finished until i post again? Ps thanks for the head pats, I knew you cared
  14. Orion the Lost

    Omagatoki | Recruiting

    it is neither important to me or my pc, assign them as you will.