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  1. Echo

    The Calling

    A deep silence washed over Akaru for only a moment. He watched her as she spoke and faded into thought and spoke again. He smiled to her and nodded as she spoke. While she spoke and paid no attention to what he was doing, Akaru simply wrapped her and himself, engulfing them both in dark twisted tendrils. They wrapped about the two beings and blotted out any light that could reach them. In a moment, the tentacles that wrapped about them then dispersed and faded away completely. A moment before, they were in the Desert, surrounded by ruins and ageless black sand. Now, they stood atop a mountain, overlooking the sea. He looked to her and smiled. "I am sure the view is much more preferred from here than from that pit where we stood moments ago." Silence again befell him as his eyes scanned out to the horizon, where the Sea met the Sky. Eons had gone by since his kin had been seen or heard of. The legacy had died and all the remaining Darkfires were scattered in the wind. Even though he was now bound to this woman, he made a silent vow to track down and locate each remaining Darkfire, if any remained at all. In that short moment, a darkness formed behind Akaru. It latched on to his shoulders and ribs with sharp talons. Sinking into his form as if becoming a part of him. The darkness began to take shape. Like the back of a dragon, wings emerged and spread wide, shuttering and shaking from it the remaining miasma; like dried powder being blown from a smooth surface. The wings flapped two times, pushing forth winds forged with great power. After that, they wrapped around him and molded themselves to his form to then resemble a long black coat of the sorts. "Why infect when you can conquer?" Before them was the Sea and the horizon. Behind them, up the ridge to the peak where they stood, shadows emerged from the ground to take the shape of fully clad warriors. There must have been tens of thousands as by just one glance, it looked as if the mountain and the plateau below was blanketed in darkness. As they all formed simultaneously, they also all took a knee and bowed before Myrlande.
  2. Echo

    The Calling

    The woman had a certain aura about her. She gave off a sensation that was familiar to him, a sensation that he hadn't felt in almost ten thousand years. Watching as she sat before him, not requesting him to stand or injecting any formalities to follow. The stoic expression along his face did not waver nor alter, though she did perk his interest. The woman reminded him of a woman who once brought him through the birthing fields the very first time his feet touched this realm. A witch doctor of prophecy, superstition and untold mysteries. At the time, Justice was Queen of the Darkfires and Akaru was her most prized son. Her blood mixed with the blood of Set and resulted in the strongest and most resilient of the Darkfire brood to ever walk the Nine Hells, the Void, Midgar, Valucre, and many more. At one time his name carried the weight of the lineage and spoke volumes across many regions with just a whisper. It would seem, like most all things, the knowledge of his race of Devils has faded over the passing ages. Seven thousand years in the pit of the Nine would most likely be the root cause of such atrocities, never-the-less. "I am... was, King of the Darkfires.. Many many moons ago. Before the universe ever thought to construct your DNA. My kind and I shaped these lands with our own hands. We ruled the Kingdoms that ruled the lands here and in many other Realms. I am of a race of Devil, from deep in the Nine Hells. My kind is among the strongest in all shapes of reality to ever have been created. It would seem I am among a single few that remain in existence, save for my father, Set. " Silence befell him for a moment. Memories of Justice, Jade, Solaris Prime, even Scarlet began to flow through his mind. His lips tightened slightly to this recollection as his eyes blinked to once again refocus upon the woman before him. She was beautiful in every sense of mortal desire. She was inquisitive and sharp. She was the catalyst in which his release from the Void was granted. She may not know it now, but their fates are now and forever entangled. "I am now your first and last defense. I am your wrath and I am your mercy. I am a Devil and now a Prime of the Void. My abilities have become limitless. I have become more than my creator, more than my father, more than the Primes even if they channeled all their strength into one...." His words trailed off for a moment as silence again befell him. In the silence, he allowed the jet black spiky hair to grow back to the length she pronounced to prefer it. "I am the most powerful being in all the universe, in all realms and all versions of reality... And I am Akaru Darkfire and I am yours to command." His voice was gentle through all of this. The tone he used was soft and reached out to grace her rather than to gloat or be boastful of himself. He spoke only to answer her properly and utmost correctly. His gaze, save for a few blinks, never broke from her own.
  3. Echo

    The Calling

    His skin would tingle in reflection of her wandering gaze. A smile crept along his lips, vaguely revealing ivory white razor sharp fangs. Her words came through as a jumbled mess. He wasn't sure if this was her language or if she was stammering because of him being materialized before her. Through his eyes, the light that was seen to be the woman now before him could still be seen. It poured from her being like a bulb with an overcharge of electricity. Pure white with random streaks of purple's and blue's, red's and orange. The woman was of pure heart, but she had fallen down a path that has scared her spirit. Surely stepping into the void didn't do any good for her. His smile faded as knowledge of the dark purple in her aura was caused by him. She would forever carry a mark unseen by anyone else. "Of course" He replied to her request of getting dressed. A thought is all it took to set things in motion. Starting from the bottom, going up, boots formed on his feet as armored leggings materialized up his legs to the waist. Black armor with Dragon like horns upon the shoulders then appeared, covering his upper body. A glance down to himself and back to the woman was followed by a moment of silence and thought. "This wont do.. not yet". If she would have blinked at this time she would have missed it. The armor covering his body suddenly shifted to the form of a black silk short sleeve shirt with leather rope tying the collar's v-cut. Dark pants and boots replaced the lower extremities armored covering. His long jet black hair grew shorter and shorter still until it was just long enough to be left spiked up. "Is this better?" He asked politely. For a moment, he forgot the entire reason he was here, free from the void. It was her. She called him, she free'd him. A life's debt was owed. Upon this thought, he all but fell to one knee with his head bowed. "Forgive me, Myrlande. My rudeness is direct result of eons of solitude. I owe you an unpayable life's debt." He was proper and tame in a way most monsters from the Nine never could be. Akaru was more than just a Devil from the Nine Hells now, he absorbed the void and all its power. Akaru was more than a Darkfire now, more than a Devil... He was now a Deity of unfathomable power. A metaphysical unnatural force of controlled chaos and destruction and she now held the key to the beast within. "My Lady" With hand to chest, knelt on one knee with arm across leg and head bowed, he slowly looked up to her. His eyes trailing her form until locking gaze with her. "I am yours to command"
  4. Echo

    New To Valucre

    Welcome! May your adventures here be plenty and full of wonder. Hope to see you out there.
  5. Echo

    The Calling

    In the vast darkness of the void a great power swelled and raged like the Ocean amidst a hurricane. A silence so loud it overtook all within it. Akaru could recall his time here before as a detached soul after his first death. It was then that Solaris was the leader of the Prime's and he himself reach in and pulled Akaru's soul from being eternally lost to the Void. Now, the Prime's were just campfire stories told to misbehaving children in order to keep them well mannered. They had all gone, Solaris as well. Tendrils of dark miasma bunched and released, pulsing through and etching the landscape for a realm unborn. An echo then disturbed the silence, rippled through like a stone cast into the water. Tendrils that once moved with a serpent like flow now twitched and receded to whence they crept. Within the dark, the black of night gave way as if washed over with a grey. Far off in the distance there was a light. A single light, spreading its aura to infect the darkness and break the silence. The once slithering serpentine miasma coiled up upon itself, creating a mound. Solidified and still in the fading dark. Just then, the heap gave way and broke free like a rush of water letting loose from a dam. The black washed away like a tide rolling out then faded away due to the ever present grey that had been set upon the realm by the one single light so far away. From the shadows that still remained came forth a tall figure of a man. He had long flowing black hair and bright green eyes. Stepping forth into the grey light, his form could be better seen. The man pressed on toward the light as if answering a sirens call to shore. No emotion rested upon his visage save for his wide eyed curiosity for that which laid ahead. "You're a brave soul to come so far from your own body....... Myrlande" His voice was soft when he spoke out to the woman daring to enter the void. It was from her that the light was cast. Her pureness, or what was left, shined brighter than the darkness of the void and fought it back. She had disrupted the flow of energy with her own. "Pray tell.. What business does a woman with such light as you have in a dark place such as this?" Within a fraction of a second he covered the space between and stood before the woman. Reaching out with his right hand, index finger extended while the others fell relaxed, he touched her cheek. Even as a spirit in this realm, he felt her warmth, the life that flowed through her. "You have strayed too far from your body to return on your own." The same right hand fell to be placed between her breasts and make contact with her in a shove. With his shove, she would have been sent back to her body with enough force to more than likely knock her physical body for a tumble upon her re-entry. "I will see you soon, Myrlande" His voice trailed through the void and echoed through the physical realm. His body then collapsed and melted away, back into the slithering miasma. Like a tidal wave crashing against the shoreline, his power flowed through the void. This caused a chain reaction to which there was a rift torn open or even left behind by the woman. The darkness then spilled through the rift and into the physical realm. Upon leaving the void, the miasma altered its form. No longer could it be seen, nor did it have shape. The atoms and molecules within that gave it a solid state, all faded away. Leaving Akaru to exist ominously. His being was everywhere and nowhere all together. He could manifest at will, and so he did. His full form took shape before Myrlande, who would be waking up from her out of body experience. Of course, he was in the nude, and fully unaware. In the void, there are no terms of decency or shame, and of course.. no clothing either. "I suppose I should thank you instead of devour you.... You did preform well as the catalyst for my freedom from that... well... Void" Emerald eyes shined bright as he peered down at her.
  6. Echo

    My Fifth Return..

    My discord name has changed to Echo#0572
  7. Echo

    Interest Check

    Oh, sorry about that. I didn't realize I was over-stepping a boundary there. I'll edit it out.
  8. Looking for someone to RP with.... :/

  9. Echo

    My Fifth Return..

    I am starting a new character that may end up looking for a brave, fearless, blood thirsty Shield Maiden.. If it wasn't given away by that, my new character is going to be a Viking. Not much is put together yet. He is a work in progress. Discord : Delta#0572
  10. Echo

    Interest Check

    So, I have been thinking of picking up a second character outside of working Akaru with Aleksei. This character will need to be developed fully. His name is Delta Wulfheim. A Northman from a small coastal tribe of Vikings. They have been lost to time itself and still exist in a primitive way of life. Delta is the son of the North King, Ulfrik Wulfheim. His father has bestowed a quest upon him to travel the unknown, uncharted, world and find a new land in which their people may flourish. Many adventures await him along the way. Right now, I am attempting to put together a group to travel with him. I have five roles that need filled. A younger brother (name to be chosen by the one who plays him), a Shield-Maiden, and three devoted followers.
  11. Echo


    Who here has a Discord? I just got mine and need friends, especially friends who are willing to RP with me lol. Add me and maybe drop your own Discord below? Echo#0572
  12. I finally got my discord going. Delta#0572

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    Soooo... My discord is Delta but on my profile it says Echo#0572
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    I guess im gonna check out this Discord while I wait on a response to our thread in the Desert. :/
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    I guess i need to get my discord re-downloaded and get to figuring it out haha