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  1. Rekindling the flame.

    Those days are now such a blur to me given the life I've lived lol. I don't talk to anyone from Ayenee anymore, matter of fact the last time I was on was two years ago and even then it seemed that everyone I grew close to or even accustomed with the style of had vanished or simply lost interest.
  2. Rekindling the flame.

    I started into the Darkfire clan in the YIM user rooms and grew into the role of Akaru Darkfire, Justice's favorite son and later King of the Darkfires.
  3. Rekindling the flame.

    Solaris Prime, he is a long time friend to Akaru and I would like to try and track him down to see his level of interest in getting involved again
  4. Rekindling the flame.

    Not just yet. I was actually just now browsing the home screen to find a suitable location.
  5. Rekindling the flame.

    What was what about? The Darkfires? Well, I'm not 100% sure, but there may be some lore still here on this site. Some from Scarlett, Destiny, and Vash Darkfire. You would just have to read up on it all really. Most i can sum up for you is this: The Darkfires were a clan of Devils spawned from the darkest depths of the Nine Hells one could ever imagine, though in the Realms they were in a controlled human form. They were powerful and ruled ruthlessly over a few different regions for quite some time. Their Queen stepped down from the thrown and elected her favorite, Akaru, to rule as the King. There was a great war and lets just say the Darkfires did not come out on top that day.The remaining brood was scattered to the wind as they went on their own path while Akaru accepted the defeat and turned recluse. He went dormant for decades only to appear later for a short time before vanishing again. Now I am bringing him back and plan to get things moving again. I hope to rebuild what was lost and maybe even rebuild the Darkfire clan itself, granted i can reconnect with the remaining family that may or may not still be on this site.
  6. Rekindling the flame.

    I would like to get Akaru back into the action. I know its been a long time and my writing skills may be bit rusty at best, but nevertheless, I miss this and I miss those of you whom i interacted with most of all. I may do a thread solo as a sort of return to the Nine Hells for Akaru just so to get back in the swing as well as build a little more to his character. In any case, I am posting this to get some response on who would like to join in with me or possibly help me along as I reconnect with my character and try to breath a second life into the Darkfire name through a possible new clan. Thoughts, questions, concerns, opinions, suggestions; they're all welcome.
  7. Making a comeback

    Will do!!
  8. Making a comeback

    Awe :) well I'm back! Maybe we can get some to started soon. I gotta get the WiFi working at home and get on so to publish a worthy return post for Akaru.
  9. Making a comeback

    Hey! Long time no see. Miss meh much? :p
  10. Making a comeback

    Thank You! And I am glad to see you still at the reigns here.
  11. Making a comeback

    Thank you Saber. The Darkfires are an old clan that ended up taking a turn for the worst when under the rule of a tyrant named Varsinax. A woman named Justice later took command and tried her best to recover the honor and grace of the clan, but it all soon failed and the remaining brood was scattered in the wind. Scarlett and Akaru and maybe a couple others were the only ones to make appearance from time to time. I'm looking to bring Akaru back as my sole main character.
  12. Making a comeback

    Thank You!
  13. Life has it's many ups and downs and I seem to have experienced them all. I have been away for quite a while and looking to make a considerable comeback. Gonna take it slow while I get back in the groove of things. Until then, what's new or popular? Have the Darkfires made a return?
  14. A world gone to Sh**

    As you all know, Paris has been attacked along with Lebanon, an earthquake in Japan, a funeral bombing in Iraq and much much more has been going on. This world we know is going to shit.. All out war is imminent as the wolves are nearing the doors here in the US and other countries. I feel obligated as a trained veteran to reach out to my people in this time and make sure you/we all have contingency plans, food, supplies, ammo, guns, etc. I know we all only meet on here for role-play, but this shit is real. I live in the Raleigh County of West Virginia. If and when shit hits the fan, if some or all wants to make the trek they can find me here in the mountains. I am in contact with a few different pockets of militia in the surrounding areas and will be training with them regularly. If and when shit hits the fan, I just want to make sure all my folks here are safe and well taken care of. If anyone wishes to, they can contact me here, email, or Facebook in the times ahead. scooter4276@gmail.com Harley JesseJames (Facebook) 304-222-0346 Ps. Stay strong, stay vigilant, stay alive.
  15. Hey guys, sorry for the delay. I will be on later this evening to read and maybe even jot down a few posts here n there with various characters It is 930am here now haha..