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  1. So it would seem I am officially in need of threads. Anyone care to start one with me?

    1. supernal


      Welcome back to it 

    2. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      You know I'm always available for you! 😉

    3. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      Welcome back.  I’m thinking of starting a new one.  Might have it in the interest check tonight.

  2. I tried responding to things but I guess all the threads im a part of died. oof.

    1. Aleksei


      HEY U.

      If you want I got a fun little event going on. You get to kill a god~

    2. Grizzly


      Awww man, I miss this when i went through my work transfer.

  3. Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and girls; Of all ages.

    I am officially, Off of Hiatus.

    I've already begun making posts to those I do owe them. If anyone is interested in starting up anything new. Please do inquire within.


    1. Aleksei



      confetti throw!

  4. Zion thought for a moment and tapped the fingers of his right hand on the table in a one after the other pattern. He needed her assistance in this current moment; It wouldn't be easy for him to just barge into the building and cut away at anything that tried to stop him. These people were smart, they had technology he couldn't compete with alone. He gave out a deep sigh and rested his elbows on the table spread apart with his hands interlocked and resting under his chin. "I suppose it can't be helped. Do whatever it is you have to do and then we will meet back here in your 5 days. But not a minute longer; I've a got a tight enough schedule to keep as it is. If theres anything you need from me; Say so now." "Heeey, How come you never ask me what I want?" Zion did his best to ignore the little voice in his head while he had his conversation. He scratched at the front of his chin with his fingers. Not hard enough to scratch the metal of his face but enough to make an audible scraping noise. He had not real intention of doing this alone so he was going to play as nice as he possibly could with this woman until their goals had been reached. He wondered what exactly she would be getting out of this after it was all said and done. Was there something within the institute that she wanted as well?
  5. Life has been one hell of a roller coaster lately. I feel terrible for all the people that I've not replied to and threads that have missed my posts. My lack of content is due to a vast amount of things happening. 

    Working a full time job, Also being a full time student at Universal Technical Institute. As well as of course juggling life with my beloved and my family and friends in-between.

    When I was younger i couldn't understand how someone could become an alcoholic. As an adult i'm beginning to realize just how easy it would be to not notice.

    XOXO, Grizzly.

    1. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      Don't even joke about that, Grizzly. You take good care of yourself and don't feel bad about not posting, this is a hobby after all. <3<3

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