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  1. I tried responding to things but I guess all the threads im a part of died. oof.

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  2. Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and girls; Of all ages.

    I am officially, Off of Hiatus.

    I've already begun making posts to those I do owe them. If anyone is interested in starting up anything new. Please do inquire within.


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  3. Zion thought for a moment and tapped the fingers of his right hand on the table in a one after the other pattern. He needed her assistance in this current moment; It wouldn't be easy for him to just barge into the building and cut away at anything that tried to stop him. These people were smart, they had technology he couldn't compete with alone. He gave out a deep sigh and rested his elbows on the table spread apart with his hands interlocked and resting under his chin. "I suppose it can't be helped. Do whatever it is you have to do and then we will meet back here in your 5 days. But not a minute longer; I've a got a tight enough schedule to keep as it is. If theres anything you need from me; Say so now." "Heeey, How come you never ask me what I want?" Zion did his best to ignore the little voice in his head while he had his conversation. He scratched at the front of his chin with his fingers. Not hard enough to scratch the metal of his face but enough to make an audible scraping noise. He had not real intention of doing this alone so he was going to play as nice as he possibly could with this woman until their goals had been reached. He wondered what exactly she would be getting out of this after it was all said and done. Was there something within the institute that she wanted as well?
  4. Life has been one hell of a roller coaster lately. I feel terrible for all the people that I've not replied to and threads that have missed my posts. My lack of content is due to a vast amount of things happening. 

    Working a full time job, Also being a full time student at Universal Technical Institute. As well as of course juggling life with my beloved and my family and friends in-between.

    When I was younger i couldn't understand how someone could become an alcoholic. As an adult i'm beginning to realize just how easy it would be to not notice.

    XOXO, Grizzly.

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      Don't even joke about that, Grizzly. You take good care of yourself and don't feel bad about not posting, this is a hobby after all. <3<3

  5. So I am being dragged out clubbing tonight. Those of you who know me passed all the threads and characters know that I am not a "going clubbing" sort of person. 

    Help me please.

  6. Seems likejust about everybody has a status like this lately. Sorry about my absence and lack of new posts or joining new threads. 

    This last couple months has been riddled with holidays and a death in the family. 

    So as you can imagine I have been pretty busy.

    Nonetheless, I just await your posts, I'll reply when needed (may need some reminding some times) for those of you in threads with me know that I'm not ignoring you and you are not forgotten.

    I've just had to collect myself from the emotional rollercoaster of recent past.

    Love you all,



  7. Happy Thanksgiving everybody. I think I'm all caught up on posts but if I'm wrong than call me out on it.

  8. It seemed that this past year had held misfortune and pain for the both of them; It gave hi a great discomfort to hear her speak of what had happened to her. He found himself already growing a great distaste of and possibly ill will toward a man he had never even met. The sweet girl wanting nothing more but a life for herself back on that beach to this woman who stood before him. She had everything and nothing all at the same instance. He interjected quickly when she tried to apologies for comparing his misfortunes to hers. "You owe no apologies to me. I dissapeared just as quickly as we had met. Maybe if i had stayed as a companion for travel I could have helped. This man sounds like he doesn't know the pain he causes; Or he does and holds no care of it." Truth be told he had a heat within his chest as she spoke of the way she was being used for name and appearance. It was almost unbelievable; For someone like him, He couldn't be used for anything more than a quick example of tragedy and lonely aspirations. This woman could have been upheld and shown to the world for many accomplishments. Instead she was paraded and used for the plan of another. "I fear I would be far more unwelcome in Orisia than I am here. I would however travel with you if you so wished. I may seem like a sad husk of a man at times; I do however have my uses. It is the least I could do for your continued generosity after all this time." It was no mistake to assume that Harun was a broken man; He'd suffered much and been made happy by little. However he still saw his life as much more fullfilled as most others. For a thousand misdeeds and terrible instances to befall him; He knew that at least one large abundance of good fortune would come his way. This sort of philosophy made his life much more enjoyable than it had any right to be, after-all; This year had been torment and yet his misfortunes led him here. When she extended her hand to him he had no right to deny here generosity. He grabbed it and listened to her talk of getting him cleaned up and possible getting him a fresh set of robes. Perhaps he could get his hood and clean and get new wraps for his hands. It wasn't until she spoke of getting him someone of a meal that he stopped his movement with his hand rested in the palm of hers. "They must be willing; Know exactly what they do." What he said was more for principal than anything. He would infact not feed on someone and leave them alive while they were unwilling. In this past year he had been forced while caught in war time to end the lives of those who would have otherwise seen him meet his. He now made it a point to himself; If they were not a willing participant, It was because they would not survive the endeavor. He looked into her eyes with a level on seriousness when he said it; Also noticing that unlike the last time they met, She did not offer herself to him. However after hearing of the man she was tied to; He could understand why she wouldn't. Or rather why she couldn't. Much had changed about Harun in the time since their last meeting; Although he thought her too timid to think of such and end. He would gladly remedy a friend of someone that ailed her or at least attempt to; if only asked. A morbid thought the he would never utter out loud. It was not propper in though or application. If there was a reason she put up with this man, than perhaps it was best for him not to question it.
  9. "You know we could alw---" Howard spun on his heel a moment to throw out a witty comment to their fearless leader whom he'd so nonchalantly flirting with all this time; His words being cut short when the force he put into the ground beneath his feet was just enough to kick lose a stone and start a cascade of material from under him. He was far from ready for the fall; Catching himself or even using his power to stop or slow his descent was far from his mind as each individual brick seemed to fall one after another like a full circle of dominos falling outward with him standing at the center. "Oh shit!" He mustered from his lips for only a moment as he began to fall through the newly created crater beneath him. Dust kicked up and enveloped him as he fell, obscuring all sight of him on the way down. Only a yell and the fall of rubble could be heard above the blinding cloud. He fell a good 20 feet down before hitting a slant of stone and banging his head good enough to make him dizzy. The hole above him caved in and closed itself only moments after his entry, Would make it nearly impossible to come down the same way he did. After hitting the slant; he began to slide down it, Disoriented and in pain he tried to cling to the steep edge he was sliding on. Shadows shooting from right hands trying to grasp onto anything other than sheer rock to no avail. "Fuuuuck!" He yelled out as he flew from the twisted stoned slide into an opening of nothingness, It was pitch black and the echoes of his yell and the sounds of stones falling from above him were nearly deafening while bounced off of the areas of stone surrounding him. After another 10 foot fall he hit a fairly deep body of water and sunk into it like the very stones that collapsed beneath him. The concussed sound air bubbles and bricks hitting the water above him acting as a sort of sobering agent to his dizzy and disoriented mind. He panicked for a moment and spun around in the murky deep, only the slightest hint of light coming in from somewhere outside of the water. Howard had hit the water unexpectedly and with no air in his lungs after releasing his panicked cries. In his panic he inhaled a large amount of water, The murky and tainted water burned his lungs with a fury as he began to hurried swim his way to the top of the water. He came splashing out of the water and onto a nearby area of stone pavement coughing and retching. Trying as hard as his body could to purge the unwanted fluid from his lungs. After several minutes of intense coughs and heaving; He was able to come to a calm realization of where he was. It was a sewer of some sort. He shakily pulled himself from the water out onto the paved stone walkway and laid flat on his back, catching his breath for a moment before turning his head to look around. He was at an intersection of four different tunnels converging into one large round pillar. He'd managed to fall smack dab in the deepest body of water in the whole thing. He had gotten particularly lucky. "Where the fu... What is this." He rolled over onto his chest and slowly pushed himself up onto his hands and knees with a pained grunt. His body was sore and his airways burned from the unwanted intrusion of water that had been sitting undisturbed for who knows how long. He shakily pulled himself to his feet and cough a few times while beginning to steady himself. He felt a sharp pang of pain on his head and reached up to feel a decent sized gash above his left eyebrow, He'd hit the stone pretty hard on the way down. He spun around a moment now getting his bearings for the situation he now found himself in. "Hey! Can you guys hear me?" He yelled to the dark ceiling above; only met with his own echo as a response. The echo itself rang in his ears and caused him to wince from the pain; He likely had a concussion and he'd be lucky if Pneumonia didn't follow suit. "Guess I'm on my own down here. So which tunnel to take then?" He said with a cough, He was still mildly out of breath and short of balance. He did a turn or to before coming to see a tunnel that was much more lit than the others. It seemed like his best bet in the current situation. He let out a sigh and reached into his pocket to grab his pack of cigarettes. Upon pulling them out he felt the water drain from the package and the certain squish that told him that his lights were surely ruined. "God dammit. Worst city in the world to get caught alone in and I don't even have a cigarette. Figures." He angrily tossed the pack of moist mulched tobacco into the water he had pulled himself up from and began his walk down the dimly lit tunnel before him. The pool behind him bubbling an unnaturally large amount; this however went unnoticed to Howard himself.
  10. She spoke to him with a surprising amount of calm considering he had essentially stereotyped and insulted her form the get go. One of Zions charms came from not thinking much of anyone without a metallic complexion. She seemed mildly scattered; not in mind but in personality. Like a lot of bits and pieces of other people had been put together to create her mind. That thought at least gave him a sort of hope for her, it was an idea of a manufactured mind. "Yes; It's a frequent area of commune for the insects. Thanks for reminding me." "You mean like a bug zapper? zap zap!" Zion uncrossed his legs and leaned in forward to put his elbows on the table and interlace the fingers of his hands. She talked to him as if they'd really had extensive contact. She seemed to focus a lot on nitty gritty detail, He wasn't yet sure if that was a comfort or a curse. He was curious as to the small animal that stood at his feet but didn't care enough about it to go prodding for answers and get this woman talking more. "No; Can't say i've heard that from you. The lower of life tend to feed on what gives them power, The things that help them continue their short and empty lives a little easier. You look rather human; Yet you speak as if you hold no claim to them. So maybe after answering me that; We can part ways to re-convene in a days time." He changed his posture and leaned back with his arms wrested on the arms of the chair. He truly wanted to hear what she was going to respond with. He'd hate to think that she was pretending to shy from the cattle just to fit his ideals.
  11. "Is that her Mr. Z? she's kind cute." Zion grumbled to himself as he began to fold the newspaper in half and then once again into fourths. He set it down on the table in front of him and set his arms on the arm rest of the chair, his leg still crossed as he looked over to the woman who had joined him across the table. She didn't seem much like what was advertised in their previous conversations nor did she seem the evil henchman type. Some looks could certainly deceiving, perhaps it would remain to be seen. "So; You understand the implication of this? Consequences, dangerous chance of horrible disfiguring death and gore? Or were you expecting a tea party?" Zion said as he looked below the table to the small animal that now occupied it. He reached down gently to pet it if it would let him. Strange to think that mankind sickened him down to his very wires but a creature such as this left him with no unease. They didn't take more than they were allotted, humble creatures with not a care in the world. "If you're still up for the task at hand, I'm willing to see what you're capable of. If not; Then you're wasting your time warming that seat."
  12. He couldn't say he was entirely surprised to hear of her nobility; She did seem rather out of place on the beach for a number of reasons. Her attitude at first also came off a little snobby and entitled; She did however soften up a bit the more they talked. Seeing here now almost seemed fitting; He didn't mean anything by commenting on her attire other than to say that it's difference was noticeable. She looked beautiful and modest. “A queen; Not filled entirely of surprise to that notion. I do however know the feeling of running from your past and looking to a new future. Not always the best choice, Trust those words coming from a man with a very distant past.” Her comments on where he had ended up in his journey were much more of a surprise to him than her nobility. He didn't know how long the battle in the ships above last or how much distance they had traveled during. The drift of the sea current was surely not kind to reach his destination either. He did not intend to be so far from his original goal. “Seeing as though you are a queen; A vampiric queen, I assume that this area may not be the kindest to someone like me.” He had his hopes for hospitality in a near town or village; Those hopes however were easily dashed when realizing that the majority of the populace would see him as a menace. He let out a deep sigh for a moment and brushed his hair from his face to look up to the light cast upon him. Although he had not fed in months and was weakened as he currently was. He still looked to be fit and muscular, The darkness of his skin had however become slightly dulled by his major lack of nutrition. “Are you well, Crusnik? The last time I saw you – you seemed better.” He looked down from the light above and instead looked back to her, Into her eyes in fact. Hers seemed much brighter than they were back than; troubled no doubt but happier. He could only imagine the horror and pain his eyes portrayed from a simple glance. “It seems almost a lifetime ago; Where as you have gone through many changes, I have remained the same. The wondering vagabond. In this long year I have been witness to war and famine, death, and betrayal. A good friend of mine who had been giving me financial support for my journey was forced to hide his ties to me in due of political views. After a life so long; One forgets just how much can happen in a short period. Does it really show that boldly?” He raised his hands and arms to take a better look at them; Perhaps he had just grown blind to the changes she easily noticed. He hadn't bathed or fed in well over 6 months. Any longer and he'd probably be on his death bed. A tombstone with only a death date, lord knows his date of birth was lost to time. He was very much in need of rest. Rest it seemed he would not soon get. He stared blankly at his hands as if bringing to mind memories of the more recent past. "Despite it all, I'm glad to see you."
  13. Birds chirped and water splashed at the center of this circular array of shops and conversation. One of many beautiful areas of the city that caught Zions eye. The sun shown brightly on the artfully crafted masonry in all directions. Reflecting so brightly that even the stone of the floor underfoot seemed to glow with a sort of effervescent movement in the suns heat. The only things spoiling the view of this beautiful city was the creatures that called it home. "Look at them; Like insects, Scurrying to and fro devouring whatever they can get their hands on. A plague of locust on this world that was never kept in check. The bottom of the evolutionary chain and yet they see themselves at the top. Sickening." Zion sat in a chair at a small ornamental table outside of a coffee shop along the outer wall of this beautiful center plaza His left ankle perched atop his right knee at a resting position. leaned back and holding a newspaper, Slowly crushing and ripping the edges in his hands from his growing frustration with the parasites that walked around him, Consuming and destroying everything they touch. "The resources in this world are finite and yet they destroy them; Parade them around like a burning torch ever growing more dim. They should be wiped from existence." "That's a little harsh mister Z" "Shut up; They deserve it, Their time is coming to and end and they don't even know it. This planet is long overdo for a new chain of evolution. Better, stronger, smarter." The little voice in his head chimed in on his raving against the humanoid populace. She was an assistive A.I in his system. The voice of a small girl in the mind of an evil genius. Only he could hear her and most times she was hardly useful to the way he thought. "Where is your little friend Mister Z?" The voice chimed in cute and questioning. "They'll be here soon." "Are they cuuuuute? Do you have a date?" "Stop your infernal gossiping; There is work to be done." He looked to the paper seeing so many useless bits of information. Even the paper it was printed out was torn from the earth all for their convenience. A living being that provides for them the natural element they breath and still they tear it from the ground, cut it, burn it, warp it into whatever form they see fit to use for their own pleasure. Going against their own survival to make their insignificant little lives easier. Zion sat there brooding as the tea the overly bubbly waitress brought to him grew cold. Even the contents of that cup mutilated and twisted into something it was never meant to be. Clothing designed from resources scoured from the earth; Wedding bands made from irreplaceable materials all for some sort of mental connection to another parasite. New sciences have made even the most basic resources in danger of going extinct. For when humans can no longer strip the precious metals and materials from the earth they turn to devilry like Alchemy to turn even the more basic materials that they take for granted into things they've exhausted their end. Even the dirt beneath their feet was in danger from these People.
  14. His eyes shot open and he turned his head to look through the matted strands of his hair. He had be struck with surprise; His sense had been so dulled from his recent travels he had not smelled her coming. During their last meeting he could smells nothing else but here; He supposed it was a testament to how rough his recent times had been out on the road. "You say it as if I am unwelcome. Time is never kind to me nor me to it; That's why I traveled remember?" He snickered with his dull and hardly changing facial expressions. As serious as ever even though his mind had been struck with a great sense of relief. He slowly stood to his feet with a grunt as he did so; Cracking his neck and rolling his shoulders. Not feeding regularly had a way of beating the body to a pulp. Straining it and forcing usefulness from a husk. "But travel has it's disadvantages. It seems so long ago; Your attire makes that seem even longer." It was true that Harun had lived a fairly unnatural lifespan. With that in mind and constant travel; Time had begun to blur for him. Could it have been a year? Or maybe 7? He remembered her and their encounter on the beaches. He just didn't know how far from that encounter he had gone. "Where am I?" He turned about to look at their surroundings; Water still flinging from the matted tips of his hair. He looked rather miserable in this state, Like lost and unkempt puppy. He looked to her and examined her thoroughly. She was still beautiful; More than likely smelled just as so. However she looked so different. Where he had made time his enemy; She had dawned it a friend.
  15. Ursa Madeum; An ever bustling island paradise filled with nature loving creatures and benevolent mobility. Or at least that was how Harun would have described it during his last visit those many years ago. It seemed to lack that kind bright and sweet atmosphere now. The bulk of the world had become a darker more dreary place. He had hitched a ride on a wayward airship that went down just off the coast of Ursa Madeum and now he found himself abandoned here. He hoped to make the best of his accidental visit to say the least. He remembered someone speaking of this place as of recent; He didn't remember who however. "I didn't intend to be travelling this far without shelter. I wonder the odds of finding kind tidings here." He was still wet from pulling himself from the water onto the outer shores. He saw what looked like a nicely groomed kingdom before him. Harun didn't want to bet all his chips on finding comfort in the castle like structure. It was better that he took to the kindness to those in the town adjacent to it. He didn't know the changes that this land may have undergone since his last visit. Laws, wars, and crime all had likely changed from what he had once known. He was tired and the circles under his eyes showed that fact plenty; He seemed to step one after the other in an exhausted slump rather than a walk. He looked up to the stone masonry of what he could only assume was a castle; It was beautiful to be sure, He however had equal certainty that less than savory characters found it to be their home. Although he had nothing specific against politics; Travelling parasite such as himself just had no place in a room full of politicians. He had seen too much of the real world for their plans and ideals to make any sense. He snickered for a moment at the thought of himself having some sort of power over a country; Those poor people, they'd be safe and well fed but their daily lives would be so bland. "I hope the town isn't as far away as it would seem." He bore the same loose and open clothing that he always had; His hair scruffy and unkempt as per his natural charm. His darkened skin ever growing darker under the harsh light of the afternoon sun. He stopped walking for a moment to grab some of his hair and sort of twist it to drop the leftover salt water from it. He would certainly need to bathe soon. He smelled like a travelling garbage bag; Which did offended his heightened senses and didn't allow him to smell anything else around him. "I think im going to rest a bit." He said with a deep breath in and out as he sat on the ground legs crossed and head lean forward with hair draping around his face. He just needed a moment to collect his thoughts.
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