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  1. Just want to make sure you're still game for our role play -- if so, I can start a new thread tonight? 

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    2. Grizzly


      A child you say? RIP the little unspoken thing they had. She got a man now. 

      He would however surely be very intereted in all of the details he has missed out on. How long as we saying this expanse of times was since their last meet?

    3. Grizzly


      Also... this will be new to see how Harun is with kids.

    4. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      Very close to a year, I would say...

      Also, you did say you didn't mind them being in Terrenus when they meet up again? Gabriela is currently in a compound that is very densely guarded. I can put her just beyond the compound so we can write around him having to sneak past guards. Is that alright with you?

      As for having a man... lol.

      She kind of does at this point in time, but she's about to leave him. Still, she is spoken for! But I had no idea they had a "thing" -- I'll have to go back and reread our old rp. Did Gabriela throw herself at Harun? Jesus...

  2. Would you perhaps be too busy for a weary traveler?

    1. -Lilium-


      I would love to entertain the idea, only if you are okay with a delayed posting time. Maybe a post every three to four days. I currently lack the ability to stack multiple posts in a shorter time frame than that.

      Is this agreeable to a weary traveler?

    2. Grizzly


      In all my travels i've never found a proposal more agreeable.  

      Shall we talk the details over a cup of tea? I'm a might bit thirsty,

    3. -Lilium-


      I sent you a PM.

  3. Sorry for being missing as of the last couple months. I had a work injury and started my classes for my welding certification all in the same stretch of weeks. So it's been a little tough to juggle my free time. I however will be as close attention paid to this thread as possible. If it seems im missing something or i'm taking too long, Just message me directly and you'll have a post up in no time. Again my deepest apologies. The last thing I wanna do is miss out on dragons.
  4. Grizzly


    Reese had followed silently up until this point. Although excitement overwhelmed him it was impossible to say that this place didn't give him the creeps. If anything hopped out at them he'd be quick to put a cantaloupe sized hole in it, However he still didn't know the full scope of what they could run into. Reese stopped walking for a moment when a curious scent his nose. He stood and rested his rifle over his shoulder; Taking a deep breath to take it in. 'Sulfur?' he thought to himself as he looked to the sky. It was hard to distinguish anything from the smell of rot and brimstone that plagued this place but his half blindness had given him a sort of heightened perception to the rest of his senses. He could heard what sounded the sail of a large ship flapping intermittently and the smell of sulfur seemed to be all around rather than coming from any specific direction. Reese picked up a rock from the floor and tossed it at the back of the person in front of him to get their attention. When they did look to him he would give them a motion as if he was wafting a scent to his nose to see if they smelled the same thing he was. 'Not a good thing to smell from what I understand. Doesn't dragons breath have a similar smell?' Reese thought to himself and he looked to the clouded sky intently. Where were they? What was that guys name the intense one with the heavy eyes. He could call his name regardless but it bothered him that he'd forgotten it already, Or did the man ever even introduce himself?
  5. I'll throw up a post tomorrow to more introduce Reese to his fellow dragon hunters on the team. Want to keep this one active if I can.
  6. Grizzly

    Fury of the Gods

    Howard 'Bezaliel' Lasoto "Well this isn't this just paradise? You know I can feel whats in the darkness around me. I'll give you a hint; they aren't bunnies. Just a whole lot of bad." Howard stuck his hands in his pockets once again; His right hand pulling out the pack of ciggarettes from earlier and placing one in his mouth. It was a bad habit for sure but considering he'd already died once before, he had no real worries about it. When he reached into the inner pocket of his jacket his eyes grew wide as he pulled his left hand from it's pocket to frantically search for something. "You've got to be kidding me", He said aloud as he began to rub his fingers on his temples while holdin the unlit ciggarette in his mouth. He held open his jacket and lifted the pocket up to eye height before sticking his hand through to spread it open. He closed one eye and peered in to see a sizeable hole in the bottom of the pocket. He could clearly see Wrens face through this hole which was a tad bittersweet for the moment. His lighter was in that pocket. "Guess it's just there to make me look good now." Howard spoke with a grunt before turning around to check out their surroundings. Damn this place had really become a dump since it felt it's own personal apocalypse. He stepped forward past Wren, lightly rolling his teeth ont he butt of the unlit ciggarette. He could feel movement all around them for a good distance; The shadows weren't accurate enough to tell him how many and what exact positions but it was enough for him to know that they were almost completey surrounded in their current position. 'It started at hello and ended at Hey! lets go to possibly one of the most dangerous places left on the planet!' Howard thought to himself as his eyes darted around through the darkness. He removed the ciggarette about an inch away from his mouth in order to speak. His words were directed mostly at Wren but of course that wouldn't stop Issac from releasing any annoyingly enthusiastic comments. "So should I work for my pay and take the lead? Or is this a ladies first sort of deal?" Howard was already standing ahead of the other two and spoke again after placing the cigartte back in his mouth. "You've obviously got some superhuman eyesight; However i'd like to think I see better in the dark." Howard spoke as the ciggarette shook up and down in-between his lips.
  7. @Maverick Ya still with us lad? We gotta keep the posts flowin like liquor on Karaoke night.
  8. Grizzly

    Lost In Translation

    Abasi What the hell was going on. Everything about the last 12 hours of his existence had been completely mind boggling. First he was pulled from his home into a world from his own in whatever way. Then he was shot and force to wander aimlessly while bleeding profusely only to find himself hiding in a bunch of bushes and being rescued by a small woman who turned into another being like himself and then turn back into a small woman; Then after operating on him and removing what ailed him she tried to offer him jewelry. He grabbed it with his right hand while he held his left tightly over his wound. He didn't know why she was giving him this. It seemed like gold and jewels were the last thing on his mind; He was dressed in gold and had weapons of the same complexion. He could harld hold it in his hands let alone lift his head and put it on which she seemed to be wanting him to do. He held it up to her as if to give it back. If things continued as they were he would probably bleed to death and not be able to appreciate the gift either way. He lazilly put the necklace against her chest; Very unfortunately resulting in much of his own blood smearing from his hand onto her upper chest and her clothing.
  9. I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts~ They're all a standing in a row~
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    Reese Tenement As the other group departed on their own journey toward the airships; Reese stretched his arms out high with a sort of relieved grunt. He leaned forward when doing so and propped his chest on the barrel of his still covered rifle, It acted as a sort of prop to keep him from falling over while he stretched. She spoke of the dragons and how she would prefer to keep them alive rather than sunder their ties to the living world. He didn't have any real opinion of it; It seemed mildly irresponsible and a tad bit suicidal but he didn't really care what she did with the dragons. He just wanted to take a crack at the fire breathing armored beasts. Reese raised his right hand stiffly to his forehead and gave her a bit of a sloppy salute as if to say 'Aye aye captain'. He'd figured a few sperate agendas would come into play with this job. After-all why have two teams for only two objectives? One larger team could have easilly taken the airships and subdued the dragons with good planning. It only made sense that there was a more difficult plan in action. He picked up his rifle and began to untie the strings that held the burlap like wrap around it. As the strings came loose and the weapon began to show itself; It was obvious that the piece could do some damage. Almost as long as he was tall and the barrel being the size of your average golf ball; It looked like quite the piece of equipment. It was primarilly made of a polished lightly stained red wood. It shined in the light almost as brightly as the chrome finish to the outside of the barrel. It looked more like a trophy piece than an actual weapon to be used in combat; Truthfully it was made to look that way. If a woman ever entered Reese' life; They would have to accept that he treated the rifle almost like a lover. He took good care of it in every way possible. The rifle was strangely designed but well crafted for it's purpose. Instead of sitting against the shoulder like any normal rifle, This had a curve at the butt of the weapon of which you sat on top of your shoulder. The sight for it lay on the side of the gun at perfect eye level for his one good eye. The firing mechanism at the top seemed to resemble the striker to an old powder rifle. This of course was no normal black powder rifle; It was a weapon of alchemic design that took advantage of the low burnin temperature of the oxygen surrounding it's projectile. A healthy mixture of both black powder and alchemic sulfur meant that the weapon would blow a grapefruit sized hole in nearly anything it was pointed at. Reese seemed to carress it as he mounted it atop his shoulder. He was immensely ready for their endeavor. It seemed however that the dragons would likely come after some less than savory company from the undead. Reese could smell them, hear them creeping in the shadows that hid even the most grotesque of their kind. Reese pulled out what looked like a golf ball sized ball bearing that seemed to be made of multiple metals and popped it into the top of the barrel. He pulled the striker from it's down position and primed it to fire upon his trigger pull. He then placed a small red pill sized object into the hole the stiker would come down on. This was the gun powder and alchem-sulfur mix. Although he found it almost impossible; Reese attempted to hide how excited he truly was. He began to whistle with a bit of a smile on his face as he looked to the woman that was giving the orders and his other teammate who hadn't really spoken to him as of yet. 'At least the atmosphere seems to have lightened up a bit.'
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    Come at me...

    Gonna enjoy reading some of this.
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    Come at me...

    More for my samurai to take a stab at aye?
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    Fury of the Gods

    Howard 'Bezaliel' Lasoto It seemed as though their time for conversation and calm irritation/flirtation had come to a halt. Howard picked the ciggarette from between his lips with his thumb and index finger and threw it to the ground at his feet before stamping it out with his shoe. He let out a sigh before raising his right hand to his forward toward the wyverns. His left hand sat comfortably in his pocket and he let out a quick smirk. "Holding them by their shadows huh? A nice tactic. Mine is a little more aggressive though." Howard snapped the fingers on his right hand and each individual finger became enveloped in a dark purple shadowed material. Moments after it covered his fingers, It shot out in long shadowed lines. spearing through several of the wyverns that had been held in front of them. He was powerful no doubt but far from god like; He couldn't tear through all of them as much as he wanted to. However he could certainly dwindle their number. "The world cant exist without a little darkness and someones gotta thrive in it right?" The shadows pulled back from the chest of the wyverns and dispersed into his fingers from wence they came. He held his hand up with his fingers in a gun like formation and blew a small stream of shadows from the tip of his index finger like a smoking gun cowboy. "Im not exactly a fan of lizards but i've gotta say i'd prefer scales over rotten flesh." Howard pulled his left hand from his pocket and held both his hands out with fingers guns and shadows enveloped his index fingers. "So eagle eyed beauty. How many we dealing with? Also; You gonna jump in on this Mr. Charisma?" He first spoke to Wren with what was supposed to be a sort of flirtatious compliment; followed by a genuine question of the situation. He couldn't help but address Isaac as well considering he had no real idea what kind of abilities the man was bringing to the table. He had only seen a fraction of what Wren was capable of as well. It seem each of them would probably be pulling their punches in the beginning to keep their true power a mystery.