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  1. That would be Vash.
  2. Both are; It just depends whether or not you're looking for a deadly and experience psycho or a deadly and experienced level headed mercenary
  3. The Anarchist is quite literally a machine with a bit of a racism toward humans, That would be Zion in my character profiles. The jolly man like machine is my main and most popular character; Vash.
  4. I am always interested in writing~
  5. Either you or me; I am quite good at starters when i am told the topic.
  6. Do send me a PM ;3
  7. Well be warned. Samael is particularly fucked up. Like messed up in the head kind of fucked up. If that is what you're looking for then by all means shoot me a message.
  8. Aldrin is quite easilly hated so i can imagine it. Message me and we wills et things up.
  9. A story with the hulking piece of loveable metal aye? Do message me, I always love using Vash. He is my favorite by far~
  10. Then you are either looking for Aldrin or Carson in my character list~
  11. Well I have characters at the level of petty crime and spending all their money at the bar. Then i have characters willing to slaughter people with their bare hands and wear the aftermath to the bar. So that is why i ask specifics lol.
  12. @supernal Their you are, Liking and lurking on my desperation posts.
  13. Interesting. I am not sure just which of my characters are applicable to each of these in their own right... However if you have any in mind for each of these endeavors. I'll gladly join.
  14. Quite a few. What kind of crime are we talking?