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  1. To catch a falling star [OOC]

    I am waiting slowly drooling over a possible Lamb post~
  2. [Mo Chroi - Mess Hall] Where You Are

    ℣ Å Ⓢ ℍ "Doing our best to stay out of trouble. For the most part i've just been keeping this place running; It's tedious but it keeps me busy at least. The occasional training session for our militarized assets definitely keeps me entertained." Guard 1: "I'd hardly say we stayed out of trouble really." Guard 2: "Agreed; With all the illegal activity orchestrated by Harvey in the second level as well as that terrorist incident at gate 23 last week. I'd say trouble can't stay out of us rather than the other way around." "You know just once, i'd love if you guys went with the flow of things." Although Vash tried to maintain order in Mo Choi and make it seems as though his plans were going smooth. They were certainly anything but smooth. A massive jump in crime on the second level and the explosion at gate 23 on the 3rd level left a few casualties and much to be investigated by himself and te silver guard. He was hoping to keep that sort of information out of Yonatans visit; However he couldn't exactly sensor the words of his 'esteemed' special ops forces. "Yes there is a bit of issue on the second level as far as increased use of illegal materials and the occasional gunfight between racketeers and disgruntled citizens. We have a bit of a lizard issue. New guy in town; Came through and took over operation of most of the cartel assets after we disposed of the last bit of their leadership. There also may or may not have been a large explosion toward the entry district of the 3rd level last week that is still under investigation." Guard 1: "By investigation you mean who was piloting the ship full of high level liquid exploives and crashed it into the side of the city." Guard 2: "There is also the issue of why the ship was not shot down when they refused to give reason for docking or an access code for that dock. Considering it was one of our military staging docks and not a civilian landing or commercial dock." "Why do I feel like with how big your mouths are; That you divorcing your wives would cause a government liability issue?" Guard 1: "Well my wife works in the palace so... She would already be a liability. Plus she probably heard half the stuff before it even got to me." The two silver guards shrugged at each other and then looked back to Vash and Yonatan. They weren't just nonchalant about what they said; They were also cocky as far as the information they let out. It was a common trait among the S.G.I to think that the city was nearly invincible and so were they. An unfortunate flaw in character however considering they leard most of what they knew form Vash; It wasn't entirely surprising. "Regardless; The issues are being dealt with. Glad to hear that i'm not the only one dealing with backlash still though. Our rise to power wasn't exactly without ripples in the pond. So theres no reason for you to worry about me. At least no more reason than usual." Vash in no way regret what he had to do in order to get to where he is. It just left him a bit unsettled knowing that there was no other way for this sort of outcome to come to pass. Any other course of action could have come with great consequences. At least now he had created a safe haven for those not accepted in the world; Even if as of late those people were criminals of many varieties. Vash moved forward and put his hand on Yonatans chin and his forehead to hers. "In any case; I'm very happy to see you."
  3. [Mo Chroi - Mess Hall] Where You Are

    ℣ Å Ⓢ ℍ When she ran to him and wrapped her arms around him; It was a moment of bliss. It was true that to say that Vash and Yonatan had been distant from each other for some time since the estalishment of the primary Kadia cities. He would be lying if he said Mo Chroi didn't have him with more than his hands full near the beginning. However this distance and both being utterly busy didn't really affect them, The love they shared was different from most. Much harder to kill and throw to the side; It would take one massive un believable event or even his own death to have even Consider not loving this woman. "Vash!" "Hello Yonatan; I've missed you." Guard 1: "Hello Yonatan, Nice to see you again." Guard 2: "Agreed" Vash wrapped his arms tightly around here the same way she did to him. It had been months since he'd seen anything by a picture from her lets alone be able to have any physical contact. Even if she was only able to stay for a couple of days; He was glad she could make it. He wondere what brought her all this way; Vash knew she was a very busy woman nowadays with all the responsibilities she'd taken on. His work had dwindled down since full establishment; He had to keep track of financial spread and mining operations but other than that he just had to make sure the city defenses were in tip top shape. Of which they were. "I didn't think you'd be here today." "Did you really think that i'd hear 'Oh btw Vash the love of your life is here currently residing in the military district!' And that i'd just... not run over here first thing?" Guard 1: "He certainly didn't stop talking about coming over here." Guard 2: "I think it's a 50/50 his brain is doing half the talking and his..." "I swear ill pull rank on you two." It was true that along with his true adoration of Yonatan; That there was also Lust. It only made sense really, One night in the castle went ahead and hammered that nail into his coffin. Like a drug he couldn't quit at this point; She was about as inseperable to him as his rifle. Almost as if they were designed for each other; The couple of deadly love drunken killers in essence. "How has everything been? No one keeps me in the loop anymore; Just leaves me to my own devices here in Mo Chroi."
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    2. Alexei


      True. Many provinces and the cities within them are greatly different  from each other. This is recognized by the State government and Church. However the authority of either cannot be absolutely dismissed by anyone.

      As part of the Imperium of Man it must place the Emperor's edicts above itself even if it has been given the right to self-government. This is primarily for the benefit of the humans within the empire. As they're the main focus and integral to it's continued existence and growth.

      Mo Chroi must respect the Church as it is inseparably intertwined with the overarching Imperial government. It's word is the word of Julius and he is the Logos of the God-Emperor made flesh.

      Just be mindful of what species you take in. Vampire, were creatures etc are strictly forbidden unless as a delegation from say the Carmine Empire.

    3. Grizzly


      That is fully understood. Although the full military and mining state of Mo Chroi is oasis to many that are not eccepted elsewhere. It still holds prejudice to the laws of the church and the carmine empire. Although it does not entirely embody and follow thos specific beliefs; The city of Mo Chroi still acknowledges the rules they set forth.

      The city looks to be outside of the norm but not outside of the law. It fall within all parameters set by said laws. It just does not force it's citizens to the same standard. Their system of belief remains free despite the beliefs followed by it's government. By no means will Mo Chroi be a hermit country that ignores all law and organic restriction however it will not be a hub for the spreading of a specific ideology. 

      Creatures of the bottom feeding sort like Vampire and were creatures are frowned upon not only due to the law but the views of Mo Chrois premier Vash. He is not a fan of things that either take over the body of another or force genetic mutation into another species.

    4. Alexei


      Fair enough. 

  4. [Mo Chroi - Mess Hall] Where You Are

    ℣ Å Ⓢ ℍ The city of Mo Chroi; Vash' pride and joy finally come to exist through a vast amount of circumstances. Some of them he would have liked to forget; Others that he held in remembrance to the monument of a city they helped build today. After so many years of being a nomad through the various land masses of this world and yet he had never had a place to call home other than anywhere Yonatan had been present. Now he had built his home from the ground up; A home for not just himself but for thousands that could not find a place in the rest of the world. He used to remember walking and all he saw was fear and confusion in the eyes of on lookers. Now; Here in this place, He saw smiles, The salutes of men in his employ and service, Laughter and greetings. It was surreal to think that he had finally done it, He had finally created a place to call home. Vash walked steady at a walking pace; Giving a firm but sweet hello to those that waved and passed by. Walking to either side of him but a few paces back were two silver guards. It was not his choice to have them there but rather at their request and the request of the higher political powers of Mo Chroi. Most of them did not know him before the founding of this great city and with the fact that he built each silver guard with his own two hands; They did not know what he was capable of or what he had been through. As far as they were concered he was a leader to be protected whether he could handle himself or not. Vash had taken a short walk through one of the housing districts of Mo Chroi. He liked to be prominent in the society; To show that he was not just a leader but a man who intended to be a part of the populace. His silver guards were also very kind and caring as they were designed by Vash himself; He wanted them to be as close to himself in mind and morals as he possibly could. He did also however give them free will and thought; They were machines like him but he did not want them to be mindless war machines. Out of the few guards he was able to produce, Some of them had even chosen to find loved ones. They had families and friends outside of their duties and that is all that Vash could have ever hoped for. He never really had the chance for those things early on in his life; Most of all he tried to be there for them the way his creator was never able to. Upon leaving the housing district, Vash and his two guards stepped into a large public lift, This left ran through the center of the city connecting all of the levels and districts to one another. It made for very easy travel and for even easier communication between the population. The life rose from the second level to the first and the doors opened at all for corners in order to let people get where they needed to go. Vash however was no longer just on a leisurely stroll; He had someone to see and he had an idea on where they would be at this time. Guard 1: "Where are we headed sir?" "To the corner military district." Guard 2: "Whats there?" "Happiness beyond compare." Guard 1: "Ahh yes; She still has you hooked like a fish sir." "You say it as though she needs to go hunting for me." Guard 1: "Yes; You may as well have just hopped onto dry land for that one." "Sometimes you sound as though you don't like her." Guard 2: "Oh we all like her; Personally she just scares the shit out of me sometimes." "Yonatan? She's never scared me any; Worried plenty, but never scared." Guard 1: "Didn't you two meet at gunpoint sir?" "Yes; On the rooftop of a crumbling building. She intended to kill me. I like to call it our first date." Guard 2: "You know i met my wife while i was taking out the trash; She was in pajamas and said she liked that I was shiny. She didn't try to cut my head off." Guard 1: "Then again Vash isn't exactly your average man; After seeing your closest friends; Meeting Yonatan didn't exactly surprise me." "When did this become you two insulting the way I make friends?" Guard 2: "Hey it was your call to give us free thought." Vash laughed at the two of them before looking around at the progress their walking had made. They were almost at their destination. Vash and the two guards walked up to a heavilly fortified gate and gave a wave to the men manning the defenses before being let in to continue their walk. It was a big jump going from housing to military like this but it showed the diversity of Mo Chroi quite well. "Excuse me soldier have you seen and girl about this tall, Sort of angry but happy at the same time, maybe insulted your once or twice?" Guard 1: "Fairly accurate" The soldier Vash asked pointed them toward the mess hall of the military district and so Vash began his walk once again. He heard laughter and a flurry of talking and noise as he walked along the wall of the mess tent to the door. Upon peering into the door he saw Yonatan there; Lowering the morale of his troops through strenuous challenge and words. God he loved that woman. "Each one of these men is one of a kind you know; If you break them i can't find another." Vash stood with a laugh in the door way of the mess hall. He crossed his arms and looked around as he chuckled; It looked like Yonatan had really stirred up quite the competition.
  5. To catch a falling star [OOC]

    As usual; I will post whenever and wherever needed. Is it requested that I become a part in any of the threads other than Lamb of which I am already apart of? Vash is fairly Versatile but my other characters of whom are in debted to Vash are always fun to use. Just keep me updated on when it is my turn and i'm all in~
  6. That would be Vash.
  7. Both are; It just depends whether or not you're looking for a deadly and experience psycho or a deadly and experienced level headed mercenary
  8. The Anarchist is quite literally a machine with a bit of a racism toward humans, That would be Zion in my character profiles. The jolly man like machine is my main and most popular character; Vash.
  9. I am always interested in writing~
  10. Either you or me; I am quite good at starters when i am told the topic.
  11. Grizzly Character List

    Do send me a PM ;3
  12. Well be warned. Samael is particularly fucked up. Like messed up in the head kind of fucked up. If that is what you're looking for then by all means shoot me a message.
  13. Aldrin is quite easilly hated so i can imagine it. Message me and we wills et things up.