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  1. To those who have not replied to the threads we have had together (A few acceptions to be had; You know who you are.) I will be attempting to move forward in the story of the threads in order to spark interest. If it doesnt work and the thread has truly died well... Can't say I didn't try right?



    Also for those wishing to start anything new. Im always here. I check Valucre constantly. Just haven't started anything new myself due to a massive amount of changes in my life the past 6 months. It seems however that it's all beginning to settle in and calm down a bit. 


    I missed you guys/gals.


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    2. Grizzly


      Chappu that would be much loved. Do send me a private message so we can throw some ideas back and forth. See what we can come up with aye?

      RIN! ;D I do owe you a post I believe. If you are still interested in continuing with our thread that is. I know I've been away for quite a while. So if you wanted to scrap it and start over or do something completely different I'd understand completely. <3

    3. Rin


      We need to continue it. Though can rewrite or start it over if you like. I feel its a bit not so good at parts lol

    4. KittyvonCupcake
  2. Someone plz. My boredom has reached critical mass.

  3. Where'd you go. I miss you so. Seems like it's been forever; Since you've been gone.

  4. AFV-ish.

    Discord is the new an improved skype and teamspeak. Im on it constantly.
  5. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN. BOYS AND GIRLS OF AAALLLLL AGES. I have finally posted up the thread. You are free to post in it whenever you want as far as your first post. After that i'd be happy if we can follow the posting order that this sets up. I will also be posting the OOC after we get a post from everyone in the thread. Here is it is boys and gals. Your long waited thread
  6. (Mo Chroi) Hired Help

    Time: 12:37 PM Location: Ironwood Library second floor overlook. Carlile Saul Carlile sat in a chair near the center of the surrounding area. The chair sat at a long wooden table with five chairs on either side. The furthest end of the table sat only a few feet from the balcony overlooking the libraries first floor. Carlile let out a deep sigh and clasped his hands together; placing his elbows on the table and looking at the 'person' across from him. The librarian had already yelled at him about the fact that he could not just light up a ciggarette in the middle of the library. More so he had tried to and she smacked it out of his mouth with a bible. "You best quit lookin at me like that. It's your fault we're even here." Only low gurgling and clicking could be heard from the person across from him. The figure was fully cloaked and rather oddly shaped compared to Carlile. His hands also at on the tbale with Carliles but it was very obvious that this figure was not human. The hands on the table seemed to be covered moss and algae with almost a wood like texture. Some amount of knuckles bone could be seen from gaps in the fungus like material that made up the hands. It was obvious that this figure was the earlier explained lifeform 'Saul'. "These folk gonna be here any minute now and then you're gonna be there probem for the remainder of this here situation." Carlile pulled out his flask and quickly glanced around to make sure that the librarian wasn't anywhere within eye shot. When he saw that the coast was clear; He took a long drink from the flask, tilting his head back a bit and letting the flask go vertical to his mouth. The fungal man slowly moved his hand up toward Carliles flask out of curiosity. Carlile didn't notice it until the curious saprophyte had his hand fully around one side of the flask. Carlile quickly reacted with a startled look and cheeks bulging full of high grade liquor. Franticly moving his arms around and swatting at Sauls hand with a sort of angry look on his face before swallowing his alchohol and coughing a bit. "No touch!; Ya can't jus be touchin people. Bad; Bad mushroom." Saul just sort of sat there for a moment with his hands close to his chest and began to lightly kneed them together; This of course lets some of the greenery dust off from him and fall lightly onto the table. All in all; Saul was very docile and just wish to explore new things. Carlile had been the only person in contact with him these last 15 days and so Saul saw him as the only real sort of friendly face in his short life so far. "Where the hell are these sons a bitches. They're late."
  7. Yes it can be a pain. although it hinders my time. My creativity has not dulled! Will get the thread up tomorrow for those still interested in the venture. I will also set up an OOC that way we can keep posting order together and such.
  8. Yeah i'm sorry about that. Today was my friday so i do have the next three days off. I will try to get the thread up tomorrow so we can get everyone going on the first posts and set up a posting order. Sorry for the wait all. Love you guys.
  9. I’m baaaaack~ Long time no see, Grizz!

  10. There will be a little bit of a delay on posting that thread considering i work 10 hour days and am re-adjusting my sleep schedule for said 10 hour shifts. I will try to have it up as soon as possible.
  11. Alright. I'll try to get the thread up around tomorrow night and will post the link here!
  12. [Mo Chroi - Kerosene Capital]

    ℣ Å Ⓢ ℍ Vash sat at on a bar stool with his elbows rested onto the counter of the bar. He was here for both buisness and relaxation; It was sad to say that even a place such as a bar here in Mo Chroi cae with its fair share of work to be done. Vash had his hands together and fingers interlocked while awaiting the bartender to walk up to him and spark up the conversation of both work and pleasure. 'How's my husband Mr. Premier' "He's fine; Last contact with him was two days ago. He's been giving good information on this Harvey character. He had this for you. Not sure what it is and it's truly none of my buisness." Vash pulled a small envelope from one of the pockets on his tactical vest before handing it to the woman behind the bar. Her husband had been arrested some months ago and had agreed to be an undercover mole in the criminal undergrounds operations from inside the prison. He did this in order to have his sentenced shortened to only 6 months of time. Although their meeting had started with broken laws and hatred. Vash and the bartenders wife who now ran the bar had grown close enough to be called friends. 'Thanks; I appreciate what you did for him. You're welcome here any time. Can i get you a drink?' "Bourbon would be nice. No ice or chilled glass; warm is fine." Vash spun around in his stool and sat backwards with his elbows leaned back and propped on the counter. He looked to the TV mounted on the far wall of the bar that was currently playing the news from Mo Chrois info station. They had gotten on Vash' nerves in the past weeks. Although Vash loved this city an everything in it; It was impossibe for him to make a true paradise. Trying to hard to make things perfect is how you became labled a 'tyrant' or 'dictator' especially when it comes to the media. It would just be nice if they kept their noses out of his buisness for just a single 24 hour period. At least they didn't follow him around like papparazi. He was able to enjoy a normal night like this every once in a while. Very few people living here in Mo Chroi knew what he actualled looked like so it gave him the ability to somewhat blend in. It had always been difficult to keep a low profile when travelling around all those years before. Considering he was a 7 foot tall metal man with a gun big enough to mount on an airship. It seemed like his bounty hunter days were so long ago; The war had truly changed a lot for him. He was in a place now where a giant metal man blended into the crowd. It was fairly normal to see people that weren't normal. Mo Chrois diversity was immense to say the least. "So this is what every day life is like." Vash laughed a little bit before the bartender tapped his shoulder and slid his drink across the counter. He nodded to her as a form of thanks and swished the alchohol in his glass a little bit while watching thinking to himself. 'I kinda miss the bounty hunter days.' He though to himself before taking a drink. In truth after all this time of hoping for a normal life; it was difficult to find a normal life even the slightest bit entertaining. No more explosions or sleeping with one eye open waiting for someone to kill him in his sleep. No more airships and firefights, No love quarrels with the many dangerous women of the world. Everything was different now; Even the woman he loved was far away and was only able to see him few and far between. Of course there is no woman that could ever replace her. He just missed the old days when he and her were exployed by Valiant as a primary source of work. Always travelling the world together and getting into trouble. "I suppose that's what i get for picking the life of a politician." What he would give for just one last hurrah. One more time to sleep to the sounds of a warzone. In a way that was probably a testament to how fucked up his head was. To find peace in pulling together with a group of utter psychopaths and raising hell. If the city knew their premiers past; Would they be so comfortable living here? If they knew what he'd done to make this place a reality.
  13. Sounds good to me. Maybe 1 or two more people and i'll post up the thread and link you all to it.
  14. I am inclusive to all who are interested. Just waiting to see if i can get a group of 4 or so.
  15. Put up an interest in the water cooler for anyone who may be interested. The thread will take place in my board of Mo Chroi. The idea is rather fun and it will involve Vash but the bulk on the interaction will be with 1 that is a brand new character and two that is one of my classic characters that I don't often use.

    For anyone intrested. Check it out.