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  1. Is the rp waiting on me? Idk, it might technically be my turn, but I haven't mentally connected with much to reply to without just treading water... I could have missed something, though.
  2. I'm shifting my OOC attention solidly to PGRP, and starting to join new threads there.  Will only be checking Valucre now for activity on ongoing roleplays. See you there! 

  3. Posted out of order, hope that's okay. I hope it might be the push we need.
  4. "I agree, the tracks leading into the woods are a distraction. I think we should let that one go. If these are pack creatures, it will return to their den eventually." Even one of those creatures could inflict tremendous wounds on the village, its people unarmed and not well trained in protecting themselves--certainly not from aberrations like the beasts they pursued. She briefly considered bidding the demoness, Dia, to follow the village-bound trail, thinking she might have the speed to easily catch up to the creature, but then Mia recalled her efficiency in putting down the monsters that had tried to ambush them. No, the scout decided. Those with the most stopping power should head to the nest, where they would surely be outnumbered. There was so little time to deliberate. Care to avoid offending her cohort was a luxury they could not indulge. "I'll go after this one. The rest of you, follow the tracks to the mine. I'll catch up. If one of you is fast, you can come with me, but I think we should concentrate our strength on the den." The ranger would wait very briefly to see if anyone would accompany her, and then take off at a remarkably quiet, fleet-footed run after the creature whose tracks led back toward the village.
  5. Dorothea's face looked ashen with dread. Nothing against Cole's smile; her partner's charm act was usually impressive. But what the receptionist saw through the crack in her door was a white man come around to ask about her white boss, and with everything that had happened.... The young woman squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head abruptly. "P-please, leave me alone." She entreated softly. Gina heard the accent in her voice. It was subtle, suppressed from the woman's years in American schools and jobs, but still there. Just as Dorothea started to push the door shut, Regina interjected. "¿Hablas español?" It did the trick. The door froze. Dorothea's wide eyes were fixed on her, a sliver of hope gleaming amongst the fear in them. "Si..." Regina touched her partner's arm, a silent gesture for him to step aside. To extend a moment of trust and let the junior investigator try. She smiled and took a step forward, placing her hand on her chest as she soothed and introduced herself to Dorothea in the immigrant's native tongue. They spoke rapidly for a few minutes; Gina's voice warm and reassuring as she gestured from herself to Cole, Dorothea's gradually relaxing. The secretary nodded finally and turned her dark, maple syrup eyes back to the man. "Okay. Come in..." she acquiesced quietly, stepping back to allow the investigators entrance into her neat but meager apartment.
  6. I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. 

  7. What omg thank you! I'm sorry @500bees, that is an all too familiar pain.
  8. Y'all, I just want to say, we have a month. You don't have to say goodbyes tonight. 

    1. King




    2. Praetorian


      Well yes but.no, but actually yes


  9. Whaaat I don't want this to be the last time we talk. 😥

    1. Ataraxy


      PGRP is actually a rather interesting site so I'm probably gonna migrate lmao

  10. Just as a general plan for the future, I plan on investing most of my time in 1x1 and 3-player threads only for..... pretty much the forseeable future. So a story-driven setup rather than a world-expansive one is going to be kind of great for me. 🙂
  11. I assume @Fierach will tell us when the thread over there is ready.
  12. Yup. She's just been hustling the nightlife scene for her shot at the big-time ever since striking out on her own. She aspires to be the next Rogue Amendiares, so as well-known as Rogue is, she's at least partway there. Also, just background flavor, she's this weirdly charismatic/enigmatic presence in that scene in particular, which is what has really helped propel her success as a fixer and in making connections. I based that part off of Motorcycle Boy from Rumble Fish (and the sort of "influencer" vibe of Jack Fairy from Velvet Goldmine) ..... dude, I could have just said that. She's 2077's version of an Instagram influencer. LOL
  13. Updated the front page. Reducing to 3 slots total, 2 of which have now been filled! Also, I'm no longer offering the vector illustration through Valucre. It's still something I offer on my Ko-fi, if anyone is interested. On a semi-related note.... I have no desire to fuss openly about the move to prpg. But there is one thing I'm sad about, and that's losing this thread. 😞 There won't be any selling of goods and services on prpg, so I don't know yet how I am going to manage that. So if anyone of you have been casually thinking about commissioning me for something but were waiting for whatever reason, you should consider taking that last slot now while you still can.
  14. There, edited. I officially have all slots open again.
  15. OH HEY, today is a day of crossing things off my to-do list. I'm now offering membership to Poison & Well's Discord server for monthly subscribers, where I will be holding art livestreams and so on. To stay within the Valucre ToS, click the Ko-Fi link in my signature or message me on Discord for details. (username in profile) But the post image is pretty so I'm puttin that much up. 😂
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