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  1. The rough thing is I wanted to do a traditional Arkham-ish setting. (Did I say that?) So "supernatural magic demon girl" doesn't exactly fit the setting. If you wanted to modify her, we could retain like, weak powers as someone who's touched by the mythos in some way that they meet on their investigation. Or you could create a new character--either way is up to you. Or if you or Danzilla have another story idea to propose, feel free.
  2. @danzilla3 What if we ran a scenario where we play partner detectives investigating mysterious occurrences around our city. You could be a war vet who later joined the police? In this case, it might better to do post WW-II, if you're interested in that.
  3. Hey there... Space Cowboy 🤠 

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    2. Ace


      Ahh I can't maintain that level of cool. -tackles and hugs!- ❤️ 

    3. carrionjackal


      *is tackled and adds a twirl* How’s you?! Fancy seeing you pop in 🙂

    4. Ace


      Hopefully more than popping in. Add me on Discord~ 

  4. Hey folks, apologies. My brain is mush this week. Inspiration too. Honestly, I'm not feeling grabbed by the BB world... sorry 😓 So now would be the time for me to post something to grab y'all, but honestly, I would just generate a random story hook because I feel so bleh atm.
  5. Ace

    Draw and chill?

    Uhhh k, if anyone's interested, my Discord username is in my profile.
  6. Ace

    Draw and chill?

    I'd be interested in designating a Discord VC somewhere for people to hang out and share screen, or just stream music and chat, while we work on art. Would this interest anyone?
  7. That's what I had in mind, why?
  8. Ace

    General chat thread

    But yeah, anyway. Here, have a subject change, on me! That'sagoodmlem ❤️❤️
  9. Ace

    General chat thread

    UGH that's the fucking truth lol I'm a rhetoric student and I teach Argument. if I couldn't carry on a civilized argument, I deserve to be unemployed. 🤣
  10. Ho~opefully someone else will wander in interested in playing. Generally, in the past when I have tried to just enter a setting on my own, it never picks up. That's part of the reason I was looking for alternative rps to begin with, and if I wanted to do a solo quest I would. xD So I'll stick around and see if any other fish bite.
  11. -makes a half-shaved hacker with blue synthetic hair because fuck yes to that- 🤣
  12. @Houndy Poochykins I'm not familiar with the BB world. Wanna tell me more about it, and about your already made character?
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