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  1. It seemed no matter what she did, no matter where she went, misery would follow. Rae had done all she could to keep Mariah from succumbing to her sickness. Most of the time, Jonathan would bark at her to stay away, despite her having some knowledge with medicine thanks to her specialty with alchemy. All she could do was stand by most times, and when Jonathan was away, she would move to Mariah's side. She shouldn't have gone with Mariah, or maybe she should have. Maybe that was where she was destined to die and she had prevented it? Had she destroyed this timeline now with her meddling there? When would she encounter Alexander again and somehow be forced to jump timelines? Where was Marishi from this timeline? By now she should have... She began to think. If she hadn't met Marishi yet, but all other times she appeared near her, why not this time? Why was this timeline different? Maybe... maybe it wasn't that different at all. Rae recalled what Marishi told her of her history. She was born to an impoverish family. A husband and wife in the beautiful lands of Coerthas where the winters we cold, but the spring and summer were lovely. Her parents' names were never mentioned, but she knew her mother was weak and sickly upon Marishi's birth, and it was at that moment that her sickly mother finally died. Her throat tightened. Was Mariah Marishi's mother? Rae was sleepless most nights upon this realization, and her desire to ensure Mariah was able to deliver her baby grew exponentially with each passing hour. She constantly checked upon Mariah, though at a distance as her husband sat at her bed side, sleeping lightly, and would grumble threateningly to her if she drew too close. Over time, he gradually grew more willing to let Rae near her, though he kept a watchful eye over them both. One night, Jonathan sat up and groaned while stretching his back. "I can sit watch, Jonathan. You need to rest," Rae offered softly. His head had jerked towards her before he agreed to her statement, but instead of going to bed, he went to change her small rag from her forehead while Rae sat in the chair. As he left, it was then that Mariah finally awoke. Rae's ears perked up and she sat up straight in her chair. "Mariah, you're awake. Jonathan! She's back!" She called out, but not too loud. Her heart raced with excitement, maybe things wouldn't turn out so bad after all! As the questions poured in, however, the excitement left Rae's eyes. Replacing it was a certain misery, a sorrow without end, an unfathomable depression. Rae barely noticed Jonathan return and speak softly to his wife, soothingly. She stared emptily at the quilt on the bed for a moment before taking a deep breath. "I... I believe I know you as well, Mariah. Not directly, but indirectly through the stories of a woman who misses her mother, who grew up with her father who loved her, but with a stern love. A father who worked harder than any man in the world could have to ensure his daughter, the last of his household would go on to live a life without want... alone. "The woman you saw was--is my wife. She still yet lives, despite... despite what I have done. That is thanks to a primal which housed itself within her body. Far worse than a tempering, she has been possessed. I... don't know how to how to explain it, as I don't know fully myself, but I have somehow been trapped in a... disrupted timeline. Or I am being pulled from timeline to timeline. I'm not sure. The day you found me, there were no tracks in the snow because I appeared there... I succumbed to my rage and... I don't remember. I don't want to remember." Rae's gaze dropped to her hands. She felt the burning heat on her fingertips again, she saw the blood, she felt the stains seep deeper than her skin and bones and taint her soul. Tears formed and poured down Rae's face as she wrapped her hands around her, hugging herself. Her shoulders trembled slightly as she silently sobbed, but as she breathed in through her mouth, she took a sharp, gasping breath. "That woman is your daughter, Marishi. She and I met long after... after..." She couldn't bring herself to say the words, to tell them that they both will die. Mariah, from being so weak and frail would die from delivery, and Jonathan, a strong, caring man who loves nothing more than his family, would succumb to a sickness not diagnosed. She knew all of how they would die, but couldn't bring herself to warn them. "I love her. With all my heart and soul. With every fibre of my being, I love Marishi. She's lead a hard life and blamed herself for things that were well beyond her control. Many thought her rude, cruel, and full of hate because she was not a woman who was conventional. She went from student, to healer, to samurai, to seamstress, to adventurer. I was at her side through those adventures as her partner and wife. All I've wanted was to make her happy, to give her the best life I could give her, to get her back and to love her eternally again... it would seem the Twelve have other designs for us..." Rae's gaze lifted to them both and she saw their expressions, the fear in their eyes, the concern, the anger. She knew they wouldn't believe her, there was no way to believe such a story. They didn't know of Alexander, of tempering, of time travel. She barely did as well! "I will leave. But please, call for a physician to come to the house immediately; do not wait. Mariah, you must not deliver Marishi alone. You must have a healer present. Maybe... maybe this timeline will be different for Marishi. Just maybe she'll have the happy life I so desperately want her to have finally..." Rae spoke wistfully while standing up. The room was silent as Jonathan and Mariah stared, bewildered at Rae's revelation to them. With that, she turned and walked to her weapons, sheathing them at her side and walked outside. As she stepped through the door, she saw a figure in the distance. Marishi. "Lock your door and do not come outside, no matter what you hear." Rae called out behind her before shutting the door tightly and stepping forward to Marishi, drawing her Rapier and staring her down. She was determined to end it here. She would die in this timeline one way or another. Whether Alexander killed her, or she lived the rest of her days here. There was no more running, no more skipping time. It was over.
  2. Rae had met dragons aplenty. Part of her feared them, but of the few she had met in recent years were gentle, although confident. They were slowly gaining the trust of Man once more, which was a feat that none would think possible. The other part, the part that was rising at that exact moment, feared them. As she heard the basket hit the snow, Rae slowly reached towards her rapiers, eyes never wavering from that of the Wyverns'. There were 4 grown Wyverns and one smaller dragonet. It seemed to Rae that the dragonet was only there as back up. While it wasn't formidable, it was annoying to deal with and could distract those who were unaware of what the priority should be. Rae kept her hands hovering close to the grip of her rapiers and licked her lips before speaking. "I do not wish to fight any of you, please. Let us pass. We are not Ishgardians, and two women were hardly a threat to dragons." She could sense the bewildered look from Mariah as Rae attempted to converse with the dragons. In her time, perhaps they would listen, but it was clear to Rae that these were tempered by the fury of their master, Nidhogg. "I know you can understand me. I do not wish to bring harm to any of you and ask you wish the same to both of us." It was a futile effort, as she knew in this day and age the Rage of Nidhogg was in full swing and none could parley with the dragons who were of his brood. Before another word was said, on Wyvern struck out. Its head snaked out, long neck stretched and jaws wide as it sought to clamp up Rae in its fanged jaws. Before it could get close, however, Rae had drawn Sanguinaire and swung up, drawing a line through the scalekin's vulnerable eye. Hot blood spattered onto the snow, causing it to melt and stain. As the Wyvern howled in pain, the others sprung into action. One lunged at Mariah while the other two jumped at Rae. Their coordination was not flawless, giving Rae a chance to parry the two that lunged at her and attack the one going for Mariah. She quickly thrust Sanguinaire into the dragon's jaw, locking it into place and forcing it off the course of Mariah and into a tree nearby. As the Wyvern began to thrash, Rae planted her foot onto the dragon's snout and kicked off, prying free her weapon. As she stepped back, another snaking head darted at her, which she dodged narrowly by arching her back and stumbling forward, directly into a swinging tail. As the tail struck, the wing was knocked out of Rae's lungs and she flew backwards. She rolled twice in the snow, but kept a tight grip on her weapon. The ground rumbled with the multiple dragons descending upon her, ready to tear her body limb from limb. A cry from Mariah echoed in the air, which caused Rae to spring to action. She jumped to her feet and quickly cast a spell of wind, blasting it through the four dragons, knocking them every which way. Some into trees, others into the snow. Rae took no time to launch another blast of magic, sending rocks hurdling towards the faces of the dragons, hoping to disorientate, if not knock them out. They screeched in agony and recoiled, but they would not back off so easily. A wing swung out, forcing a gust of wind to blast at Rae, who dug her rapier into the ground to keep her from falling back. As she braced herself, the dragonet dove down, nipping at her ears and face. Reaching over, Rae grabbed her Dreadwyrm Rapier and drew it out, swinging at the dragonet viciously. With a shriek, the dragonet withdrew into the trees and the other dragons stopped, their gaze transfixed upon Rae's blade. She paused, following their eyes to her weapon, then a flash of realization struck her. Her weapon was made from the scale of Bahamut and must be steeped with his essence as well. She held the weapon out to the dragons, who all followed it like a cat to a string. "You know what this is, don't you? You can smell Him on it. Stay away from us, lest you incur His wrath. He still yet lives, and there will come a day He will make that known, but you won't live to see that day if you keep this up," Rae spoke slowly, clearly, and walked towards the dragons. They began to step backwards, eyes wide, pupils dilated, almost as if they were hypnotized. "Go back to whatever nest you came from, and never bother us again!" Rae hissed, slashing her Rapier at them when she was close enough. The scalekin scattered and flapped hard, trying to get away from Rae's weapon. As the dragons' shadows became small freckles in the blue sky, Rae heaved a sigh and slumped against a tree, then slid down it and closed her eyes. Her hands trembled, as did her knees. They got lucky that time. If Rae hadn't been there, Mariah surely would have died. She silently pondered what sort of ramifications time would have to her interfering this way, but she decided not to go far down that path. "Are you alright, Mariah?" Rae asked, opening her eyes and turning to the woman.
  3. "My parents were not in the war. They defected from their tribe and fled to the Black Shroud. My father challenged the Nuhn and lost, the Nuhn knew about the love my father and mother had, and was going to bed her that same day to add more salt to the wound, so the two ran away with only the clothing on their back." Rae explained with a weak smile. "My father grew stronger on his own. When my mother was pregnant, he dreamt of a boy, a son to help around the house. When I was born, he couldn't have loved me more regardless." At the statement of unease from Jonathan, Rae's expression grew grim. Alexander was ever a threat and he has proven he would stop at nothing to stop Rae. She was a danger to all around her, and yet... Alexander was not near. Had he given up chase? Perhaps in her blind rage she had hurt him? Sudden flashbacks of her wife's blood staining her hands ripped through her mind and forced a visible cringe and shift of discomfort. The thought was more than she could bear. "You are right to doubt me and what dangers or safety I bring," Rae answered to Jonathan's doubt. "I won't lie to you and say that which caused these wounds won't harm you, but I can tell you that I can sense when it is near, but I do not sense it at all. For a time, I think I am safe. Worry not, however. Should I even think I sense it even once, I will leave promptly. I won't risk your lives for mine." At that, Rae rested as Mariah prepared the meal. Had she the strength, she would offer her own assistance. She missed cooking for some one. To her, it was probably only a few days, but lifetimes have passed. Many, many lifetimes. As the meal was ready to eat, Rae took slow, careful bites of her meal, not wanting to shock her body after having it surely starve for who knew how long. The whole time she felt no hunger nor thirst and wondered if it was the adrenaline or a byproduct of being forced through time line to time line. Was time stopped for her body? She couldn't remember the last meal she ate. She recalled her teeth sinking in to pale, soft flesh- Her thoughts were torn by Mariah speaking, telling stories to her. They came as an avalanche. They never seemed to have an end and, while Mariah spoke, Rae peacefully ate the meal and focused on the tales. If she focused on them, she couldn't think about the past. If she couldn't think about the past, then she would be happier. As Mariah wrapped up her stories, Rae smiled a small smile to her. "No, you aren't imposing. I like listening to your stories. They're good to listen to," Rae explained, chuckling lightly. At the mention of a husband, Rae's ears rose slightly and her eyes glanced down to her ring on her finger. "A husband? No. Most men I found... lacking. I promised my father I'd marry some one I loved and who would take care of me and I'd take care of them. I found myself a wife instead. She was truly a sight to behold. Her skin soft and pale, her hair smooth, soft, and dark. Her smile could stop a thrashing coeurl, and her eyes as dark as the ripest of currants. She was all and more I ever wanted..." A sad, wistful smile formed on her lips and she reached over with her right hand, touching the ring on her finger. As Mariah bade her good night, Rae returned her the gratitude, then rolled over in the bed and slept. A day passed before Rae was able to get out of bed without assistance. The bloodloss had taken a physical toll on her, but gradually, she was able to get up and walk. As she was able to walk, she helped around the house. She tidied, she helped prepare meals, she did any house work that needed to be done so Mariah could have a rest. Jonathan seemed to approve, as he no longer glowered at her from where he would sit. The first meal she prepared was a hesitant one. It wasn't the same as Mariah had made, but it still tasted delicious. Both Miqo'te enjoyed the different recipe, and Rae taught it to the pregnant Miqo'te. She was careful not to speak her full name around the two. When asked, Rae had answered "K'Rae." Had she been born in the tribe of her parents, that would have been her name. One morning, the sun was out and the chilly air nipped at them, but the warmth of the sun was enough to keep them from needing to bundle up. Rae was outside helping skin a buck Jonathan had brought down. "How far along are you, Mariah?" Rae asked absently, wanting to hear her tell stories more.
  4. Rae turned to the woman, surprised by the sudden onslaught of questions. There wasn't a chance to speak before the next question was brought up, followed by another, and another and another. It wasn't until the man interrupted the questioning woman that Rae's expression softened and relaxed. She laid back in the bed and breathed a sigh of relief. She finally answered some of the woman's questions. "I am a descendent of members of the K tribe. My parents defected after my mother and father fell in love," she answered, smiling a pleasant smile to Mariah. "I must thank you for taking me in and tending to my wounds. It's not often such kindness from strangers is afforded to another stranger. If there's any way I can repay you, I would like to do it." Rae stated, turning to Jonathan and Mariah, looking into their eyes and speaking with sincerity. At the last question, Rae paused, a confused look on her face. She gazed down at her bandaged body and arm, then to her hands. She couldn't recall clearly what had happened. As her brows furrowed and she thought upon it more, flashes of memories struck at her mind like lightning. The blood, the bodies, the stinging pain of Marishi's blade finding its mark on her arm, which she used to block it from cutting into her side, the hot, flowing blood of her wife's body as it lay there, gored open by her own claws... The sudden image brought a whimper from her throat and she clutched her hands and held them to her chest, her body drawing in upon itself. In that moment, she wanted nothing more than to stop existing. She wanted Alexander to find her and remove her from that instant, from all instants. She wanted to undo that memory, but for whatever reason, she was forced to know, to remember, to experience. After laying there a moment, her body relaxed. It didn't matter. None of it mattered. Marishi could die, she could live, she could meet her, she could not meet her. It didn't matter, it all didn't matter. She could reach over and gouge into the woman's belly, she could behead the man and throw their bodies into the river, but none of it mattered. She would meet Alexander, and for whatever reason, she would be thrust back into the river of time and spit back out in another moment in which she could either save her wife, or kill her. It didn't matter. "Something horrible," she finally answered at length. Her eyes raised to Mariah's, where she gazed into them a moment, feeling like she was gazing in to Marishi's eyes once more. Finally tearing her eyes away, Rae laid flat on the bed once more. "Something horrible happened to me, and something wonderful. Something inconsequential, something important. Many things have happened. I don't even know how long it has been. My sense of time is warped. I've been asleep for three days? Perhaps those have been the only normal three days for me for years." Rae glanced back to Mariah and frowned, seeing the expression on her face. She was speaking in riddles almost, and like an insane person. Jonathan's expression resembled that of his wife's, but it didn't matter to Rae. She could just skip back, skip to a time when they never met. This wasn't their last first impression of each other. "I'm sorry. I've become jaded. After all that's happened to me, I feel myself slipping away. There was a time... there was a time..." Her sentence trailed off as her expression softened once more and her eyes stared at the ceiling. 'There was a time I would have liked to have met you, to greet the parents who brought my wife into this world. There was a time when I would have been overjoyed to have this moment. There was a time...' She thought to herself sadly. "What tribe are you two from? I'm afraid with me being raised apart from the tribes and their cultures, I don't know many of the tribes and how to tell the differences between them all." Rae said, turning her head to face Mariah. She forced a smile to her, wishing to change the subject to take her mind off the existential crisis she was storming through.
  5. She didn't have to see the body of her wife fall still to know she had passed on. The feeling of her soul rent into two could be felt. Perhaps it was better, though, to describe it as one half slipping off into the void of her soul that had formed the moment her wife's body was taken over by Alexander and used as a conduit to her murder. The hole began to swallow everything. As the man watched as the light disappeared from Rae's eyes, he let her drop to the ground. She lay there, eyes half-open, lips parted, almost like a doll as his hulking form loomed over her. Before he could do more, a sharp pain struck at the side of his neck. Claws dug their way past his collar and through his flesh. Beneath him, the wide awake Rae growled as her blood-shot eyes glared at him. A golden ring formed around her iris while dark veins encircled her scleroses. A transformation beset her as the same dark veins snaked up her arms and across her temples. Ripping her hand down from his neck, blood spattered across her chest and down her arm. The man pushed himself up, clutching at his neck now gushing hot blood. His hands could not staunch the flow as it spilled down his chest and stomach from between his fingers. He never stood to his feet, but simply fell backwards and remained holding onto his throat as the life slowly drained from him through his neck. Scrambling to her feet, Rae turned upon the remaining men, who scattered, each darting out of the pub. The world was quiet around Rae save it be the crackle of the fire and the distant crying of a child. She could sense Alexander drawing near. There was an innate hatred towards the being. It wasn't just her own hatred, but that of Bahamut, who seemed to be taking over her consciousness and body. There was an irony in the situation that she noted. Both she and her wife attuned to Primals, yet neither were Tempered, and both Primals so desperately despised each other, yet she and Marishi loved each other. Perhaps this was where it was meant to come to? The world grew still around her. The flow of blood stopped, the fire's crackle silenced, the breath of wind hushed. A dark frame stood in the doorway, the familiar, yet tainted scent of her wife filled her nostrils. Before Alexander could react, Rae moved first. She sprinted from her spot, claws ready. Jumping at her wife's possessed body, Rae managed to tackle Alexander-Marishi, the two of them rolling outside of the pub. There were no witnesses, as Alexander stopped time for their battle. Rae did her best to keep Marishi from grabbing at her weapon, batting at her hands and trying to dig her nails into whatever flesh was visible. The two grappled for moments, rolling one on top of the other, bumping into a partially dilapidated column before Marishi was finally able to kick Rae off herself. Both clambered to their feet and Rae darted forward. This time, Alexander-Marishi was able to react in time, pulling up her Gordian Katana as Rae charged. The weapon caught her shoulder, digging into it and causing a scream of pain from Rae. The two held still a moment, anger and hatred bearing down on Rae's face while Marishi's was expressionless. The two stared each other in the eye before Marishi went to move, trying to lop off Rae's arm; however, Rae caught the blade, her fingers and palm bleeding as she held onto it, stopping the movement. A frustrated expression crossed Alexander-Marishi's face for a moment before Rae yanked the blade from her shoulder and pulled Marishi closer, who in turn parried away from a frantic swipe of the claw, but not a kick at her legs that caused her to trip. Rae took the opportunity to lunge at Marishi. As she did, her skin began to itch. She felt her joints pulled. Her breath escape her lungs. Her mind throbbed. Slowly, Marishi turned around, weapon ready to impale Rae through the gut, but before she could make contact, Rae vanished. --------------------------------------------------- Bahamut's wrath took over. It blinded her thoughts, her senses. Everything was a blur and all that mattered was death. Death to whoever stood in her way. Death to whoever crossed her path. Death to Alexander. She must kill Alexander. It was his fault! All of this could have been avoided had he stayed out of it. No, it could have been avoided had he but lifted a finger! The Allagans, the Ishgardians, the Eorzeans. They're all at fault! The cries of my children and kin echo in my ears. Their blood fills my nostrils. Their sorrow fuels my wrath. Man's tithe for me allowing them to live this long will be their blood. I am insatiable. I am rage. I am fear! Man stood before me, and they fell. I could smell the familiar scent of the woman cloaking Alexander. My eyes took in the scenery of a foreign land I did not recognize. Others bore down upon me, wielding weapons like that woman. I struck out against them, causing them to kneel. I followed the scent, the stench of that woman. She would bring to me Alexander. Though his smell was nowhere, I could sense him. The woman was near, coming to me. I could hear her breath. I could smell it. Her hair, so sweet, so delicate, yet she was formidable and a threat... and she would come to house Alexander. --------------------------------------------------- My skin, it itches. My joints ache, my eyes burn, my heart stops, but my anger never subsides. New smells assault my senses. New sights confound my mind. I am once again in a forested area. Is this my home? No. Myrcedia does not wreak of Man. I am the place that Man calls the Black Shroud. It is confusing to navigate. No matter, my body knows fire. My body is fire. My lungs well up, my chest extends. The sound of my scream rings in my ears, but it feels hollow. No flames spew forth, no trees catch fire. Has my fire been extinguished as well? What all has been taken from me?! I never breathed fire. How can this be? I do not breathe fire, yet I watched the world burn beneath me as I burst forth from Dalamud! I was ever in Dalamd I WAS! You cannot lie to me that for countless years I was held captive, trapped by the very Men that killed me! I never died. I did! A thousand deaths did I die! When every child of mine was killed or injured and captured. When my very sister was laid low by Man. When my Father gave himself to protect the lands of Man! I died! I died with them! I died with my fellow dragon! I am not a Dragon. NO... No... you are not. I am a Miqo'te. Yes. You are. This is your body. I am a guest. I am R- RAGE! A shadowy figure appears before me! The stench of Alexander fills the air. The metal Primal hides beneath flesh and death to escape my fury. If only you had gone back! You, a powerful and conscious entity! You could stop the massacre! You could stop the invasion! You could stop the suffering! But you chose not to. You chose passivity! I fly at my enemy, my claws meet his arm and abdomen, he bites my arm with his fang, but I have him, and I will not let go! My claws sink into his flesh, but no blood is drawn. In frustration, I roar and raise my arm to cut his neck, but I am driven out of time. Into a tunnel of flashing colours and passing moments. Sound fills my ears to the point of deafening. Again, I am another place, another time. My hunt continues. --------------------------------------------------- Stop. Why? I don't want her to die. Then she should not have involved herself! She couldn't help it! She didn't know it would come to this! That's her fault for not knowing. NOOOOOOOO! Warmth covers my hands. My skin itches, my body hurts, my limbs are tired, my head throbs. I'm pulled away from another time. How much longer must this continue? Are these my dreams again? Am I still in Dalamud? Again, I see the woman. She wears a dress of white trimmed in red. She looks terrified. As she should, for I bear down upon her. Something in my mind desperately pulls at me to stop, but I do not hear it. My mouth gushes with hot liquid as I spill molten lava from my throat. Or is it her's? A hole in her neck gushes blood. The scent fills my nose and mouth. She did not stand a chance. My rage suddenly is replaced with sorrow. Loss. Hopelessness. What have I done? The itch returns. My joints ache once more. My breath stops. I slip from consciousness. --------------------------------------------------- Cold. She was met with a blinding whiteness that hurt her eyes. Her head spun, her body ached, her eyes could not see. Surrounding her were spatters of blood that stained the snow red. It was winter. Her body ached. She could barely remember anything that happened. Gazing over herself, Rae saw the blood staining her clothes. She remembered killing the man in Rhalgr's Reach, but there was more blood than just his. Her whole body was covered in it. Licking her lips revealed to her more blood on her mouth. Rae grimaced, then took a handful of snow and wiped her face with it, though she could feel it still covering her. As she moved to sit up, a pain shot through both her arms and her side. Rae cried out and clutched at her shoulder where a gaping hole was seen through her jacket. Looking at her sleeve, she noticed a cut as well with fresh blood pouring from it. Her side that ached held a cut as well, though she did not remember where she got it. Her hands were also covered in blood, and she remembered. Suddenly she remembered the scene where she begged for Marishi's life, but she did not care. Unfathomable sorrow washed over her. Rae held her hands over her face and wept. Hot tears streamed down her face and chilled as they hit the snow beneath her. Her existence became misery and regret. As she cried, footfalls came towards her. She brought her hands down and gazed up at the man standing above her, his face obscured by the bright sun behind him, but concern filled his voice. "What in the Twelve happened to you?" He asked. Rae dropped her hands, her mouth opened to speak, but no sound came. The vision around her grew dark, and she passed out. It was some time before Rae came to. She was warm, laying on a bed, and the sound of a fire crackling filled her ears. The scent of boiled vegetables and searing meat filled her nostrils as well as various herbs and spices. She felt weak, but alive. Rae glanced around the room she was in. Stone pillars encased wood panels. Windows were closed and curtains pulled on each side of the house. There were two rooms to the small home. One was hidden behind a door, and the second was the room she laid in. She was close to the hearth that cooked the meal, which made her mouth water. Turning her head, she spotted the sleeping figure of a male Miqo'te, dozed off in a rocking chair by the fire. It was he who brought her here, she was certain. His dark hair was greying, his face bore small wrinkles of age, he looked to be about 40, perhaps. He reminded her a bit of her own father. Rae smiled and closed her eyes, turning her head and relaxing onto the pillow. The thought brought her comfort, what little it afforded was enough to rest her body. Footsteps came from outside, causing Rae to sit up and wince. Though she was now bandaged and she felt a salve on her wounds, they still were sore. She looked to the door, watching to see who came through.
  6. Was it this hot before? Rae frantically moved about between the tents, weaving through them and avoiding the gaze of soldiers as best she could, but her movements were heavy, clumsy, and reckless. More than once had she tripped over a rope that held up a tent, causing it all to tremble and some of the voices to shout out in warning and surprise. As they looked out to see who was stumbling about, they only saw the fleeting image of a red-haired Miqo'te vanish behind another tent. It wasn't this hot. She was feeling fatigued. How long had it been since she had rested? She had gone more days without it, but travelling through time seemed to wreck havoc upon her body like nothing else could. She could still feel the itch of her skin at the joints where the trip through time had stretched at her, threatening to take her limbs off if she stayed within the warp hole for too long. Or maybe that was just how time travel should feel. Maybe she wasn't being stretched at all, but it made the skin itch like an allergy. After all this, she certainly did feel like she would be allergic to it. Focus. Rae needed to be somewhere away from herself, but close to Marishi. Where did Marishi go when Rae was off on her own? She grimaced as she heard the familiar sound of a young boy shouting. An auction. He had stolen her Dreadwyrm Rapier and was attempting to sell it off. Peaking from behind a tent, Rae spotted the crowd and... herself. She stared, wide-eyed and paralyzed. Never had she seen herself before. Sure, in mirrors and reflections, but never as a being doing movement that she did not initiate. It felt... strange. Strange to see her cross her arms, to see her tail swish back and forth, to see the expression on her face change to that of annoyance. Instinctively, Rae touched her own face, checking to see if she was making the same expression. She wondered how herself seeing her now would impact her memory. She wondered how her mind now would react. Before she lost herself in that thought, Rae darted off, chasing after the boy. Taking that as her queue, Rae darted out from behind the tent. Several people glanced in both directions, seeing one red-haired Miqo'te run one direction, and the same one run another. A few called to their friends to point out the strange scene, but Rae ducked out of sight and jumped into the water, diving in and swimming hard to reach the shadow of the bridge leading to Rhalgr's throne. She knew where Marishi was now. It wasn't too late for her yet... for either of them. Once she arrived at the tavern, Rae glanced around frantically. Marishi had yet to arrive, it seemed. Picking a dark corner to hide in, Rae seated herself, waving away the maid who came to offer her drink or food. She wasn't hungry. Her stomach churned. She felt uneasy. There was something that nagged at her, a little voice that bade her to leave, but she ignored it. Resolutely, Rae remained still, wide eyes staring at the soldiers. Him. He came in with is men. Laughing, swaggering, talking loudly. They were already drunk enough. Those bastards. Did they all have their way with her wife? Not tonight. Gripping the hilt of her Rapier, she thought to cut them all down then, but she paused, faltered. She'd be kicked out, Marishi, too. They'd be sent away and never make contact with Rowena's assistant--or worse. Killed. Relaxing back, Rae kept a watchful eye on them. The door opened again, and Marishi walked in. Rae's eyes darted to her, just as all the eyes in the tavern. Her wife. Beautiful, elegant, deadly... and in danger. Her eyes darted over to the covetous eyes of the ringleader of the merry gang of rapists. The way he looked at her disgusted her. The way he breathed the same air her wife was in, the way he was allowed to know she existed. Whether those men participated or not, Rae had branded them all already and they were going to die as a rapist should die. Before her, the events began to unfold. The men downed more drinks, Marishi waited patiently, glancing around the room once or twice, and each time, Rae hid from view. She couldn't jeopardize the meeting with the informant; however, she also would not be suffered to allow her wife to suffer. To avoid being branded a trouble-starter, she had to wait for them to start the trouble. Sure enough, as the tavern began to empty, the sun begin to set, and the sounds begin to fade, the man stood up, approaching Marishi. Immediately, Rae's hand went to the hilt of her Rapier and her foot to the table, readying to kick it over and strike at the men. She was outnumbered, but they were out-skilled. She'd have them burning in seconds, she'd have their blood staining the floor like lacquer. As the man's voice raised, Rae's heart thundered in her chest. As his hand rose up to strike Marishi, Rae kicked over the table. The other four men turned to look at her as she hurdled over the tables, kicking one man in the face while swinging her Rapier at the Highlander holding her wife. A hand caught her's, stopping her fatal blow. Another hand struck at her face, knocking her back. She held tight onto her Rapier and regained her footing just in time to be tackled to the ground by the hulking Highlander. He pinned her down, straddling her hips as he squeezed her arms. "Thinkin' of stabbin' me, eh? You gods damned queer cats gotta stick together in numbers because you ain't got strength alone!" He barked. Rae could smell the alcohol on his breath, she could feel the heat radiating from his body. As she squirmed, he sat up, reaching for his pants, but something struck the back of his head. A chair. "Marishi! No!" Rae screamed. The man doubled over, but quickly jumped to his feet. "Hold that bitch down! That one's mine!" The Highlander shouted. Two men obliged and grabbed Rae, holding her arms tight while one worked to yank her Rapier out of her hand. Marishi had shouted something, but Rae couldn't hear it. The pounding of her heart rang in her ears as she saw the man strike out, simply taking two blows from Marishi, then striking her back, knocking her into a table, then grabbing her neck and holding her there. Desperate, Rae managed to wiggle free her sword arm and swung at the man to her right, slashing through his clothes and biting deep into his skin. Blood gushed from the open wound and he cried out in agony, stumbling backwards and clutching at his stomach to keep his intestines from falling out. The other two men cried out and jumped on Rae, punching her in the stomach and face, then twisting her arm until she dropped the weapon. Blood dripped from her nose as she lifted her head and spat back at the man before her, blood and saliva staining his shirt. As he raised his hand to slap her again, the Highlander barked back. "Don't knock her out! She's going to suffer. But first... she gets to watch her wife learn how to love a man." Rae's eyes widened and she stared at the Highlander. His hulking body hunched over her wife's frail frame. "Shouldn't we be takin' Ogren to-" started one soldier, but he was cut off by the snarl of their leader Highlander. "He's good as dead now! We only gotta avenge his death." He roared, then turned back to Marishi. In that moment, Marishi and Rae locked eyes. There was a wordless cry for help in them, a fear that Rae had wished to never see, and vowed would never fill her wife's eyes again. The crimson hue of both eyes locked with her verdant orbs and in a moment, the world held still. In that moment, Rae prayed. She called out to Alexander, despite him killing her wife and trying to kill her now, she called out to him, begging to spare her this scene. The scream that ripped through Marishi's mouth rang sharply into Rae's ears. The Highlander slapped and punched her several times, blood smattering the table below her wife and covering his knuckles. Despite the assault, Marishi cried out and writhed until one last strike hit her. The blow that damaged her eye and silenced her. The sound of her wife's screams echoed in Rae's ears. "Put a gag on that one! She's gonna call the whole Reach in here!" Ordered the commander. Had she been screaming? Rae didn't realize until the gag covered her mouth. Her throat was raw, her lungs burned as did her face. She had been screaming, but she didn't hear it. She could only hear over and over the screams of pain and fear from her wife, the grunt that all but took her life. Tears flowed down her face as she stared on in horror, helpless to save her wife. The three men that held her down jeered and laughed at first, then, they slowly grew quiet. Their gazes averted and their body language changed from that of enjoyment to shame and horror, but the man did not relent. Despite his comrades not joining in, he would not finish with Marishi. Finally, he stopped, pulling himself from Marishi's limp body. By then, the men had completely let go of Rae as they crossed their arms and some covered their own mouths. It had gone too far for them. "What? You didn't think she was going to be the only one to have fun, did ya," the Highlander sneered, walking over to Rae. "Yer gonna pay fer killin' my man. He was a good man, an' now you get t'suffer." None of the others moved to stop their leader. They stepped aside as he approached Rae, grabbing her by the neck and holding her up. She dug her nails into his skin, grabbing at his arm and hand, trying to pry herself free, but his hand squeezed tighter around her neck, causing a dark rim to encircle her vision. "Don't pass out, cat. You squeeze better that way." He growled under his breath. Rae, unable to save herself, stared down at him, pure hatred and rage in her eyes. Her mouth gagged, she could not speak, but she screamed at him anyways like a feral beast. It was all she could do.
  7. She couldn't hear the twang of the bow string. The sound of war deafened her, but allowed her to hear all at once. It wasn't the pained grunt behind her that alerted her to the dying of her wife, it wasn't the physical touch. It was a feeling within her. Rae felt her body constrict. Her soul diminish, and her breath slip from her lungs. She could feel the shift in aether as one she was bonded with drifted away slowly. Being pulled to the ground, Rae collapsed without a fight. "Marishi," she whispered, turning her head, eyes wide and pupils shrunken. Her wife lay on top of her, blood spilling from her mouth in a small trickle that grew to almost a gush. Frantically, Rae turned around, still holding onto Marishi, mindful of the arrow in her back. She stared with wide eyes, mouth partially open. As the moon ripped open, her Rapier pulsed beside her. It reacted to the presence of Bahamut, and within her, the spirit of Bahamut reacted as well. The aether in which she attuned to and took within her began to pulse. Veins of purple and gold ripped across her skin, but she felt nothing. Nothing of power, nothing of change. She only felt Marishi. She felt the heat of her blood covering her hands, the breath she took laboriously, the trembling of her body. Marishi was afraid to die. She always had been. Each time, Rae guided her to her death. She should have stopped her, kept her from coming to the battle. Twelve damn the rest of those soldiers, they could die, but not her Marishi! Not her wife! A lump formed in her throat as she tried to speak, but it blocked her voice, even her air. Rae felt herself choking. As Marishi touched her cheek, Rae lifted her other hand and reached to hold her hand, but was stopped when a blade dug into Marishi's neck, spraying more of her blood onto her clothes and legs and arms. Rae could only gasp slightly, eyes widened further, her body terse, unmoving. She felt the tears flow finally as they spilled down her cheek like a river flowing down a mountain. Her gaze transfixed upon Alexander within Marishi's body. Her mind was a whirlwind until that moment, then nothing else mattered but ending the Primal that possessed her wife. Rae wanted to purge the being. She wanted to erase it from time entirely. Her rage surmounted all rationale and without a moment's hesitation, she dove at the possessed body of the one thing she had left to lose. Her clawed hands reaching out for her neck, seeking to rip it open, seeking to choke her with her hands covered in the blood of the one she loved. Just as sh reached her, however, and her fingers reached to curl around her frail neck, Rae fell forward, grasping at nothing but the warm, grainy sand beneath her. Scents changed, sounds changed, feelings changed. The overwhelming power and fury that guided her forward was gone and replaced with a soft, lulling feeling. Bahamat was dormant, it seemed. Shaking, Rae could do nothing to sit herself up, she could do nothing to move from where she was hunched over, keeping her hands buried in the sand where she thought a neck she would find. Rae exhaled, then gasped for air. She hadn't realized she was holding her breath. Tears stained the sand beneath her. Her own tears. Sitting back, Rae realized her hands were no longer covered in blood, her clothes were no longer blood-stained, and she was no longer in the middle of the battle field. She lifted her gaze to the sky. Dalamud had fallen at this time. She couldn't see anything passed the large, misshapen cliffs that surrounded the opening she found herself in. Behind her was a large statue of a god she had cursed and spat upon his feet. Rhalgr. The barbaric Highlanders worshipped that being. If ever Rae would deny a god's existence, she would deny his. His damned presence bolstered the ravenous, blood-thirsty ways of the Highlanders from Ala Mhigo. She wished Dalamud had dropped upon their land. Perhaps she should go back and change the course of its landing. No one would suffer from Gyr Abania perishing. Even her wife would be safe and her eyes- It was then that it clicked. Rae's ears perked up and she blinked rapidly. Rhalgr's Reach. She knew exactly where she was and when she was. She quickly scrambled to her feet, glacning around frantically. She needed to stop her wife from being raped and beaten within an inch of her life. The sun was in the sky. She wasn't certain the exact day, but she would find that out soon enough. Marishi would be there, or arrive soon... as would her past self. Rae did not wish to interfere with her own timeline, realizing that if she did, she would die, surely. The implications were far too great for her to chance. She would need to wait until Marishi is alone... until before she gets attacked... Until then, Rae would remain in the shadows to stalk her wife and herself.
  8. She knew it. Rae should have kept her mouth shut about the truth. She should have lied and lied and lied and denied the truth even if Marishi confronted her about it. It only caused problems, and now the only person she loved in this world thought she was insane. Perhaps it wasn't so much that they were meant to be together, but more that they were meant to meet, at least. From there, it's up to her where the rest leads. She'll dial back the time-travel talk. She'll never mention it again if it made Marishi happy, but she wouldn't give up on her just yet. As the shouting came from the encampment, Rae felt a pit form in her stomach as well. Her blind optimism may have cost her a bit of credence. As Marishi rushed back to the camp, Rae moved to go after her, but was stopped by two soldiers. As she was ordered to hand over her weapon, she paused, hesitating and weighing her options. They'd run her through, or at least try, and she'd never get this close to Marishi again. The con outweighed the pros far too much. Reluctantly, she loosened the belt that held her Dreadwyrm Rapier and held out the equipment to the soldiers. "And the other?" Asked one, eyeing her other sheath. "It's empty," Rae explained, showing it to them. "The rapier that was there is gone now. It's just a case." Her town was bitter and sad. Her optimism was slowly sapping from her. It seemed she wasn't making the right choices at all. One step lead to another pitfall in her plan. She'd need to be more conscious of consequences from here on out if she's to get the life back she lost. The soldiers seemed pacified with her answer and walked her back to the encampment, just in time for them to hear the news about Rand. Rae's heart broke, watching Marishi like that. If only she could offer her comfort, solace. She wished she could ease the pain she felt and negate the feelings of responsibility for Rand's death. It was, technically, Marishi's selfishness that got him killed. If she hadn't sent him on the mission, then he would be alive. Still, to live with that guilt was not good. Rae could see that familiar sad look in Marishi's eyes and wished wholly that she could take the pain away. Rae's lips pursed together and she dropped her gaze. Was there a way that she could have stopped that from happening? No, not likely. She never knew her wife had done that before. This was her first time learning that she sent one of her best men on a personal errand. It seemed she didn't know everything about Marishi, which she expected, but hated at the same time. As Marishi approached her again, dismissing the other soldiers, Rae lifted her gaze to her and spoke softly. "I'm sorry about Rand. You never told... nevermind." She turned away, brows furrowed and a frown on her face. Talking about the future to this Marishi might prove more problematic than beneficial. It was then that she was bombarded with questions. Rae's eyes widened and she turned to face Marishi again, mouth open to try and answer the questions, but she spoke too fast and did not allow a moment for her to speak. Before she got a chance to answer, Marishi already instructed her to not tell her the answers. Frustrated, Rae furrowed her brows and crossed her arms. "Do you want to know how this battle will play out or not?" She asked, but it was clear Marishi's mind was preoccupied, lost in her own thoughts. With a defeated sigh, Rae glanced to the horizon where the starting sunrise began to show its colours. This was not how she imagined her influencing the past would turn out. She felt more distant from Marishi now and every attempt she made at fixing time resulted in her making more problems arise. The sun was rising, but Rae went to rest beneath a tree. She hadn't slept that night and if she was going to be of any use in the battle, she'd need at least a bit of shut eye. As the sun rose higher, she was met by the soldier that held her weapon and he returned it, as Marishi promised it would be. She quickly equipped it to her side and fetched her Chocobo, then caught up to Marishi. There may be time to relay important information yet. She listened as Marishi spoke to her, feeling her heart flutter a bit as she mentioned possibly falling for her. There was hope yet. Despite all the mistakes she's made. "Marishi, before you go." She called out after her. "When the skies darken, pull back from the battle field! Order everyone back!" She was already far off by that point, but Rae shouted loud enough after her, hoping she'd hear. Maybe she could spare several lives with this information. The first thing that struck her was the smell of blood. Smoke flowed up to the sky, reaching like vines of slate-coloured smog that could choke you if you breathed it in. A foreboding crimson hue filled the sky. Whether from the fires of dropped torches or arrant fireballs, it was difficult to tell. The battle had begun and she was charging in on her Chocobo, keeping a close eye on Marishi while at the same time cutting down as many men as she could. Riding on a Chocobo and casting her spells proved difficult. She was much more capable at landing meaningful blows of magic if she was on solid ground. Instead, her lightning tore up the ground and her fire balls exploded beside men, causing them to fall forward, but remain otherwise unscathed. Rae hopped off her Chocobo, keeping it close to her while she cast a few spells, lobbing them into the clusters of Garlean soldiers, causing them to scatter. If they weren't together, then they were easier to pick off. A few bullets whizzed passed her head, causing Rae to duck down, dragging her Chocobo along with her. Arrows embedded themselves into the bodies of soldiers around her, or the ground just at her feet. They were aiming to maim and allow for a foot soldier to kill, it seemed. Rae moved forward, however, finding cover for herself and her mount. Once it was safe, she glanced around, looking for Marishi. She could see her still close by, which was a relief. If she and Marishi were in their usual timeline, she would feel unstoppable at her side. This was different now, however. Her wife was a different woman. She mustn't forget that. She would protect Marishi with her life if it came to it. A few soldiers charged up to Marishi's back, recognizing her as a healer and commander, and seeking to cut the adder's head from its body. Rae would not allow that, however. With a quick spell, she launched a gust of wind at the two men, knocking one off his feet and slamming him heavily into the ground while she ripped a blast of lightning at the other, electrocuting him, causing his hair to singe and his flesh to crisp. A group of Garleans advanced upon a pair of soldiers from Marishi's battalion, or maybe they weren't. It was difficult for Rae to tell the difference, but they wore the Gridanian garb. Turning her attention to them, she aimed a Verflare upon the group, causing a blast of fire to explode amidst the Garleans, slaughtering several of them, maiming a few others, and causing the remaining to duck away and cry out in terror. A pair of Garleans approached Rae, sword and spear drawn. They approached cautiously, knowing her range gave her the advantage. She watched them both warily, pointing her Dreadwyrm Rapier at them while holding the crystal to hover nearby. "Don't keep me waiting, boys." Rae teased, smirking at them. From a distance, another Garlean soldier notched his arrow, aiming it directly at Rae's chest. He drew back and held his breath, waiting for her to still before he let go.
  9. Rae remained among the other soldiers. She wasn't wearing traditional soldier garb of the Gridanian army. She stood out like a sore thumb, but she didn't make any attempt to fix that. She didn't anticipate being memorable in this fight. She was going to help Marishi. From what she remembered of the tale of the battle, Marishi aided Garlean soldiers after the battle was over, healing them so they did not suffer from their injuries. That was what caused her to be dishonourably discharged from her position, then she went to Rowena after that, then became a Samurai. It was somewhere along those lines that she lost her spark, that she became hallow, her spirit quelled. Perhaps if she stopped Marishi from tending to those soldiers then her optimism would remain? The Chocobo she rode upon squawked, coaxing her to reach over and gently stroke its feathers, digging her fingers through them and scratching at the skin, this caused the Chocobo to arch his neck and whistle happily, then shake his whole body and leap a bit with excitement. Rae clung on, laughing as her Chocobo elatedly showed her affection, then snipped its beak at her, beckoning her to continue. She noticed the stares she got from the other soldiers, and instead of cowering and keeping to herself, she offered them a smile. She was going to change things. The war wouldn't go as dismally. Perhaps she could get word to the national Leaders and explain to them what was really going to happen. She wasn't sure if there was anything that could be done now, perhaps the world must be scarred by Bahamut's rage? She paused a moment, thinking to Bahamut. She could still feel his presence within her, so he hand't left. As they marched, it gave her time to think upon things. She remained unaffected with the rollback on time. Her memories were in-tact, but Marishi's were not. Was it because of her fight with Alexander that allowed her to keep her memories untouched by the reversal? Was there anyone else who was unaffected? Would Alexander in this timeline know who she is, what she is? She's an anomaly. Her very existence should not be. Would Alexander sense that in her if she were ever to approach him? By now, Alexander had already made a pact with Marishi, and she didn't seem too concerned with her presence. At least, nothing out of what Rae would expect. At least in this time line Marishi still found her attractive... the thought made Rae blush a bit. It was almost like fate. Perhaps the two of them were destined to be lovers and no timeline would change that? She found that a comfort. She couldn't imagine herself with anyone else but Marishi. As the army set up camp, Rae wanted to make herself useful. She assisted with setting up tents, building fires, and even offered to cook. Her culinary skill was the crowd favourite, however. A simple stew with ingredients between them all filled their bellies and warmed them up. She did her best to appease the men, but appear to be unapproachable. She didn't want them to get any ideas, despite her being a Miqo'te that wore stockings and shorts and a form-fitting top that reached down to her thighs, but went farther down her legs in the back. It was a simple stylization of the Red Mage garb, Marishi made it for her a year ago and weaved enhancements into it, allowing her skills to become bolstered when she wore the shirt. Rae's attention was turned from listening to the men talk while partaking of her soup to Marishi as she approached, then shortly addressed the men under her command. She kept eye contact with her, never letting her gaze flicker anywhere else. She smiled to Marishi as their eyes met again. The command she held over these soldiers was awe-inspiring. Pride welled up within her. Her wife was powerful even now--especially now. After Marishi's inspiring speech, the men seemed more at ease, but not entirely relaxed. There was a sombreness that followed and, while others were more apt to let the grim reality that they might never go home settle in and sour their thoughts, others did their best to make the most of their last night. Rae kept to herself at that point, getting nearer to Marishi and waiting. She didn't wish to draw attention to herself by approaching Marishi, but she also wanted to catch her before she went to bed. Once the camp quieted down and most of the soldiers returned to their tents, Rae came up behind Marishi, arms wrapped around herself as she approached. She remained quiet as Marishi spoke, relaying her doubts, her fears. She told her about her past, which she knew a bit about. Marishi had told her about her father when Rae asked sometime before the wedding. She didn't know about the soldier Marishi had sent out to scout his grave. Rae frowned to the White Mage Miqo'te. "Don't feel guilt," Rae whispered, moving closer to Marishi. How she wished she could reach out and stroke her, to hold her in her arms, to kiss her delicate skin, to lick her lips, to smell her hair. She refrained, however. "Rand is a capable soldier. He wouldn't get captured so easily." She attempted to lift the spirits of her wife just as she did her own soldiers. She didn't know a Rand in her timeline. Perhaps it was possible that the soldier would never return, but she wouldn't tell Marishi that. When confronted with her questions, Rae went silent a moment, mulling over a story. She didn't think it would be necessary, but Marishi was far more clever than Rae could ever be. She should have known it would come to this. "It's like I said. I came to enlist. I've been indisposed before, unable to return home from my school, but now I'm back and I wish to... fight," Rae stopped, looking away from Marishi. Lying to her like this felt wrong, and she knew she wouldn't buy it. "I'm sorry for lying. That's not the whole truth, but if I were to tell you the truth, you'd think I'm crazy and send me away to be detained and held in a cell until my insanity wore off, but I can see there's no avoiding this. I'll have to tell you the truth. When you asked my name, I never gave you my last name. I am Rae Ten, your wife. "I'm not from this time, Marishi Ten. Well, I am, in a sense. I'm 15 right now on the island of Sharlaya being taught the magic of Red Mage. The lore is all but gone, with just one man left to carry on its legacy. He passed it on to me. After the Battle of Carteneau ends, I arrive back on Eorzea, and a few years after that, you and I meet in Ul'Dah. Purely by chance, but amidst the crowd, our eyes lock. I approach you first, however, since at that time, you've been... discharged by the army and are on an errand for a Hyur entrepreneur named Rowena. From that moment, we are inseparable and we get married a year later... ah... sorry, I get ahead of myself. You asked what I am doing here. Well, I made a mistake. A grave one. I thought I could battle Alexander. He calls to you. He urges you to become his arbiter and to smite the sinners of this world. I was a fool. I thought I was strong enough to help you stop Alexander, but I got you killed... I... I couldn't save you again, and this time it cost you more than just your sight." Rae's eyes formed tears and she squeezed them shut, her hands clutching onto her arms as her shoulders trembled and she bit back a sob. The vision of her wife being murdered replayed in her mind, causing her composure to slip. She sucked in air through her nose and calmed herself once more, then turned to Marishi. "I know about your pact with Alexander because you told me, 8 years from now when we are married and I ask you about the Gordian blade. You tell me a little bit, and I press for more, but you silence me by... erm... methods you enjoy employing." Her cheeks flushed at that moment and she smiled to Marishi. It was only a day for her, but she missed Marishi's touch. She missed the affection in her gaze, the way she made her feel like the person creature in the world. "I've come to undo what I did, to make things right. I can't lose you... I love you too much. So I came back in time with hopes to stop my mistake and to give us a better life." Rae told Marishi, her eyes looking directly into Marishi's, hoping she would believe it somehow, and wouldn't send her away or avoid her. She wasn't sure if she could handle that rejection.
  10. She remembered this time all too well. She was 15, on Sharlaya. A part of her wanted to go see herself, to travel to Sharlaya and tell her that everything was going to be fine. Rae knew her younger self would be awe-struck to see what she'd become. She'd be thrilled. The thought of going to see her old Master, too, appealed to her a great deal. What would happen, though, if she did meet herself? She would change things for her. What if she ended up getting her killed? Would she stop existing? A pang of dread struck Rae. Perhaps affecting her past wasn't the best thing to do. Although, what she was doing now was affecting it. Even her being here in the Shroud could lead to repercussions later that she could not fathom. Time travel was truly a horrible thing that could lead to disaster; however, if she played smart, if she worked around things, she might be able to create a future for herself in which Marishi was not a slave to Alexander, or rather, that she wasn't required to become the arbiter so soon. A familiar voice tore her from her thoughts. Jumping, Rae turned to face the young Marishi. Mounted upon a steed, Rae could not help but stare wide-eyed and mouth slightly parted. This was her wife 11 years before they met. She looked different, yet the same. She was just as stunning, but younger. There was a gleam in her eyes that Rae would only catch now and then. And her eyes... both a vibrant currant red. Her compliments were enough to cause her cheeks to burn red. It was strange hearing her wife flirt with her first. Usually, she would have to strike it up first. Seeing her wife like this was enough to overwhelm Rae. Tears sprang up in her eyes and she couldn't help but let them fall. She reached a time in her life when the reality of the world had not tarnished her youthful hope, that the poison of war had not stripped her of her enthusiasm for life. Rae's knees buckled and she fell to the ground, covering her face and letting out a sob. Not moments ago did she just watch her wife become impaled by the Primal that had promised her the world, all because of her foolish idealization that she could single-handedly subdue a Primal that lorded over time. She could save her wife. She could have a happy life with her. "I'm sorry M-" she started, but Rae hesitated. She couldn't let Marishi know what she knew, who she was, from when she was. It would sound too unbelievable. She needed to pretend she was part of this timeline. She can't act as though she knows more than she should. "My lady. I don't normally react like this. A... beloved friend passed away recently and I'm afraid I still ache from the loss. You remind me of her an awful lot. I was overcome by shock that I thought I had seen her once again." Rae apologized, lifting her face and smiling, tears still rolling down her cheeks. It was clear they were tears of joy. To see her wife like this, to see her again alive... Getting back to her feel, Rae brushed off the dirt from her legs and fixed her coat. "My name is Rae. You may find it a surprise, but I am from the Shroud. Southern, actually. My parents came here to be married, since they couldn't within their tribe." She smiled and wiped away her tears. Behind her, her tail swished in a lazy, happy movement. Her ears perked upward as she rested one hand on her hip just above her empty sheath and her other on the Dreadwyrm Rapier placed at her side. She needed to collect her bearings quickly. Marishi wouldn't be interested in some weepy-eyed damsel in distress, surely. "I came to enlist. I've trained afar to protect my homeland from the Primals, and now with the Garleans threatening invasion, I can think of no better way to protect Gridania than by enlisting." Rae let a brief moment pause between them before she bowed to Marishi. "Though, now I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage. You know quite a lot about me, but I know nothing of you. Perhaps you'd privilege me with your name?" Rae lifted her gaze a little, a playful smile on her face and a happy gleam in her eye as she watched Marishi. She could make this work. She could make this timeline right so she could have a lifetime with Marishi.
  11. Rae could only watch helplessly as Marishi combated Alexander. Perhaps bringing her here wasn't the best idea. The reality of the situation set in as she realized she thought she could confront and subdue a Primal whose dominion was that over time itself. Of course she couldn't stop a force such as that! Guilt gripped at her throat as she watched, wide-eyed and horrified as her wife was dragged across the floor and made to lay before Alexander's throne. As Rae moved to retrieve her weapons, she found her arms heavy, like lead bricks were tied to each wrist and elbow and shoulder. She couldn't move anything, only bear witness to the atrocity that slowly unfurled. As Marishi's body began to rise, Rae felt her knees jerk. She needed to move. If she didn't, Marishi would get hurt. She ripped against the imaginary chains that bound her arms and forced them to obey her. Rae lifted her hands to the hilts of her rapiers and unsheathed them, then darted forward. Time seemed to slow for her, and perhaps it had. Perhaps Alexander put a slow on time for her and her alone, which was perfectly within his capabilities. Each step seemed to take several minutes. She felt as though she wasn't getting closer. Eyes locked on the form she saw sitting in the chair, Rae was determined to break its concentration and fixation on Marishi long enough for her to get her wife away from the place. Before she could get close, however, the golden spears appeared, then impaled Marishi through. Rae stopped. Time stopped. Nothing moved for a brief moment. Her gaze flickered to Marishi's body as her crimson lifeblood flowed freely down the shafts of gold and light, dripping and pooling onto the floor. All was still. The world was quiet. Steam hissed from beside her ear, but no sound was heard, no heat was felt. The blood in her face drained, her hands and fingers ran cold and paled. It was like her own life was being drawn out of her, like she, too, was lanced and made to bleed out. At the back of her mind there was a howling. It was distant and caused the hair on her arms and the back of her neck to stand on end and her tail fur to bristle. The howl was a mixture of unbridled anger and fathomless mourning. It was a moment before she realized the howl was not from the back of her mind, but from her own mouth. Rae screamed incoherently, calling out to Marishi in her wordless plea to not die. But Marishi couldn't hear Rae. Her vision darkened, a faded ridge of darkness closed in over her eyes as she turned to face the distinct outline of a figure on the throne. To others, it was invisible, but to her, Rae could see it. Even in her fading vision, she could see the shapeless figure perched upon the gilded chair as its body attempted to blend with Marishi's. As Rae willed her body to move forward, it disobeyed. Her legs remained firmly planted where they were and her head dropped. For a moment, Rae believed herself to be almost passing out. She thought she was fainting from the sight of her most beloved thing in this world being murdered, and yet her body did not collapse. She felt... stronger. Her right hand raised, holding the Dreadwyrm Rapier, and she stepped closer, legs quaking slightly. Once close enough, her hand swung down with an uncontrolled motion. The attack was easily deflected by another lance that formed. Rae remained still a moment as she watched her body move of its own volition. Her hand raised again, this time her head did as well. Her arm swung down, this time with more precision. While it did not strike her mark, she could see Alexander turn to face her, acknowledging her as a threat. The spears left Marishi's body, dropping her to the floor, then aimed at Rae. Two darted at her, but her hands moved quickly, parrying the blows. Three flew at her, which she parried as well. Then more flew at a time. Two stabbed at her arms, which she caught with both Rapiers, then the rest flew at her body, attempting to impale her. Before they could land, she formed her own Aetheric rapiers, catching the spears with them. Every blade in the room was held in a deadlock, neither moving an inch. Rae lifted her head to face the entity that was Alexander, her eyes began to change. Purple veins formed across the whites and greens of her eyes while gold veins snaked across her skin. Bahamut was possessing her. "You can't stop me." She growled, then threw back the lances and charged forward, throwing Sanguinaire to the ground as she ran. Rae jumped into the air and held the Dreadwyrm Rapier in both hands like a broad sword. She then stabbed it downward onto the middle of the shapeless being. A pulse was felt throughout the room. The windows shattered, metal bent and groaned. The form could only try not to succumb to the sheer power that was Bahamut acting through Rae's body. It was ironic, almost. Here, Rae came to stop a Primal from taking over Marishi, only to have that very thing happen to her. She felt a clock tick. The snarl on her face lessened to that of an angry realization. Alexander was influencing a time change. They couldn't let that happen. Power surged through Rae and she pushed down harder. At the tip of her blade, a small clock appeared, no larger than the palm of her hand. Rae gasped as she saw it, and was instantly thrown into a time warp with Alexander beside her. He was going to dump her off somewhere in the web of time. She wouldn't let that happen. Reaching out, Rae pushed through the form of Alexander, then gripped at the clock. A metal, grating scream could be heard as she tugged back, yanking it free from within Alexander. The multi-coloured tunnel she was in flickered, she felt her body tear at itself, but she did not relent. Pulling back, Rae forced the clock within Alexander free, yanking it out from the form. Once in her own hand, the tunnel burst. She could feel her body being stretched. Her bones popped, her skin burned and itched at the feeling of it being pulled taut. No scream could be made as she squeezed her eyes shut. Suddenly, it stopped. Birds chirped all around her. She felt a gentle breeze and a tickle of something against her bare legs. Slowly, her eyes opened. She stood in a field. It was The Black Shroud. Gridania is not far, as she can see the Blue Badger Gates not far from where she stood. Glancing around, Rae tried to get her bearings. It was mid morning, a few adventurers walked passed her, chatting to themselves, seemingly not surprised at her sudden appearance. Rae spun around, trying to find Alexander. In her hand, she tightened her grip, but nothing was there. No clock, no Alexander, no Bahamut. Her vision was normal, her skin was smooth again, and her Dreadwyrm Rapier was back in its sheath. She paused, mind racing at what could have possibly just happened. Nothing made sense. Did she get dumped off somewhere in time? If so, when? She didn't wish to ask the people who walked by her what year it was, knowing they'd think her insane. She stepped back a bit before coming her fingers through her hair and looking upward. It was then that she noticed it. Dalamud. The red, angry moon loomed in the sky, drawing close to Hydaelyn. Rae's hand trembled. She knew this year. It was 1572. The year of the Calamity.
  12. Rae could almost sense the shift in emotion from Marishi. Casting a glance over her shoulder, Rae noted Marishi's dismal look and paused, taking a moment to turn to face her and clasp her hands onto her shoulders and look her into her good eye. "Marishi, it'll be okay. I'm here with you. I know enough about how Alexander works to keep us safe," she reassured Marishi. Truth be told, she wasn't entirely confident in herself, but she knew her own strength and at the very least, she could buy them enough time to escape if something terrible were to happen. Giving Marishi a smile, Rae turned back around, this time taking her wife's hand and guiding her along. As they scaled a few stairs and turned down a few hallways, Rae took note of every turn, of every passage they passed and entered. As they drew near a room with a large opening, Rae stopped their advance. "Wait a moment." She commanded, pausing at the entrance of the open area. As they waited, steam shot out from the walls, the hot air rising quickly to the ceiling. Gears cranked and turned, causing the door before them to move until it closed, then the whole wall itself began to shift and roll upward in a circle. As the door rolled up above the ceiling, another appeared and clicked into place where the old door once was. Then, with another hiss of steam, the door dropped down to reveal a small entry way that turned to the left. Rae walked into the newly-formed corridor, guiding Marishi along the way. Throughout the hour-long voyage through the guts of Alexander, Rae would guide the two of them through as if she had been there countless times before. Once or twice at an intersection, she would reach into the pouch strapped to her side and produce a book, then flip through the pages and read several entries before clapping it shut and grabbing Marishi's hand and walking forward with confidence. The Sharlayans purposefully made Alexander's innards a maze that one could get lost and die in if they didn't pay attention. This was to avoid thieves who would undoubtedly come in to search for treasures to loot and sell off. Intermittently, Rae would spot evidence of someone having been there before. Markings on the doorways, abandoned belongings, bloodstains. No corpses, however. Rae paused once more at an intersection and read through the book, but as she did, the door before them slammed shut. The typical gears churning and hiss of steam could be heard as the door shifted upward to be replaced by another that opened to reveal a straight hallway. Pausing, Rae's right ear flicked rapidly as she thought. That wasn't in the book. She glanced back down to it once more, re-reading and mentally retracing their steps. She had followed it to a T, but never did it mention this conjuncture turning into a straight hallway. In fact, the shifting doorways should be long behind them. "Straight it is, I suppose." Rae murmured to herself, walking forward. This lead them to a whole new area of Alexander. The book she had which mapped out the journey to the Heart of Alexander was useless, as no direction written down in it matched with the description of the hallways they were journeying through. Rae had to stop as she came to a room with five doors. Two on either side and one straight ahead. They hadn't made any turns yet and no doors had closed them off, so it was relatively easy to retrace their steps if needs be. Rae continued the trend, walking forward to the door opposite of where they stood. Before she could enter, however, a sheet of metal clapped down, sealing the door off. Rae jumped back, obviously startled by the sudden movement, then turned to the right door. Before she could even approach, it, too, slammed shut. She backed up a few steps, glancing around the room as the doors began to seal every doorway shut except for one. The first to the left. Sucking in a breath of air, Rae frowned. "It seems Alexander is guiding us to where we need to go, my Starlight." Rae stated flatly, turning to Marishi. "Do you need to rest? I have some provisions we can eat if you'd like. We've been on our feet for a while, so a break might be good." As Rae reached into her satchel, an angry hiss of steam blasted at her tail, causing her to jump and yelp in pain as the intense heat singed at her fur. She snatched up her tail while jumping towards the door and glaring up at the ceiling where the steam had shot from. "Fine! We'll keep going! Bastard Primal..." Rae spat, scowling while combing at the fur of her tail to brush it back into place. The doorway lead to a winding staircase. Rae walked up first, her speed brisk at first, until after the 50th step where she began to slow down. She could feel her lungs grow heavy as she struggled to take a breath. Her inner ears felt pressure that was relieved as she opened her mouth wide and yawned, allowing them to pop. They were going higher and higher, she could tell. Still, things within Alexander remained warm. That was to be expected, however, given that the primal was a giant steam-driven machine. As the end drew near, Rae felt a tug of urgency at her consciousness. Immediately, she shot a glance to Marishi, ensuring she was safe. She appeared fine, if not worry-stricken. There was something else, then, that caused her this panic. Her heart thundered in her chest, her limbs trembled, sweat formed in the palms of her hands as she forced her legs to move forward. Before her stood a door sealed shut. Standing before it, Rae waited for it to register there was a presence there, but nothing happened. Rae stepped towards it and pressed her hand onto it, pushing onto the sturdy metal, but it did not budge. Examining the sides of the walls, she looked for a crack in which she could pry the door open, but nothing. "Hmm... Maybe he was purposefully guiding us to a dead end?" Rae suggested, turning to Marishi. As she faced away from the doorway, it suddenly slid open, causing Rae to jump, startled. Her hands went to the hilts of her rapiers, and it was then she felt the heat emanate from her Dreadwyrm Rapier. She had to pull her hand back and look at it, shocked by the heat it generated. Nothing else on her created that heat and there was no steam. Was her Primal-infused weapon reacting to the presence of Alexander? She read somewhere once that Alexander was created to defeat threats as fearsome as Bahamut... Her train of thought was derailed as she lifted her gaze. Before them was not the heart of Alexander, but the topmost part, his head, where his brain would lay. A large glass window before them let in a blast of light from outside. Strangely, from this position within Alexander, the world looked brighter almost. Cautiously, Rae walked forward, looking around the open room with a scrutinizing gaze. It didn't appear to be an ambush. No Goblins were within, no thieves, no traps. "It's safe," Rae called to Marishi, waving her in while she approached the windows. She peered outside, taking in the scenery of the whole Hinterlands sprawled out before her. From her height, she felt as though she were a lord of the land, gazing upon it fondly. The barrier that kept Alexander's Aether-sucking presence contained slightly obscured her vision of the world outside, but it did not make it any less magnificent. "This is beautiful." Rae murmured under her breath, looking to the western part of the land where she had scarcely been. It was more heavily populated with kin than the eastern hemisphere, but just as beautiful. A large tree grew from the arboretum. It seemed to violently reclaim the land around it, if the Morbols that stalked around were any indication to what happened when the building's walls collapsed. Tearing her gaze from the awe-inspiring scene, Rae turned back to Marishi. "Do you sense anything, darling?" Rae asked her, focusing at the task at hand. When this was all over, they'd have time to explore the Hinterlands properly.
  13. The Hinterlands were as she remembered them. The ruins of the once proud Sharlayan settlement stood, but the decaying remnants lay slowly reclaimed by the land around it as walls crumbled or were blown out by the Goblins. Machine and monsters alike roamed the the abandoned settlements, prowling through the streets or stalking the open areas around it. Pathways were nearly completely demolished outside the settlement borders. From their vantage point, the bridges that connected east and west were blown out save but one that was guarded by some of the local adventurers who knew it would be impossible to get from one side to another if the bridge were to crumble. The Dravanian Hinterlands were lush, teeming with life, and most importantly: dangerous. Rae had visited the place once, but it was long after it had been abandoned by her people. Well, she could never truly call them “her people”. They tolerated her at best. The only ones who accepted her were a man she crippled herself, and another who wasn’t even Sharlayan, but a visitor to the island. The Sharlayans leered upon her with disdain. They took her from her home and forced her to stay among them to learn and attempt to make her into a weapon, but only two ever treated her as a human worthy of respect. The Sharlayans were as much her people as the Au’Ra were as much of the Dragons’. Still, she would be counted as one of them. These ruins were part of her legacy. The passiveness was part of her history. Their knowledge was her’s, to an extent. She had liberal access to many of their books and many of their studies. Even as a defector, she still held the keys needed to access some of their precious secrets. The Great Gubal Library was one of them. With virtually countless corridors and bookshelves that were once filled to the brim with their collected knowledge, Rae once could have spent her days within the darkened building, letting her skin and hair pale and her eyesight grow dim from having her nose pressed into a book for endless hours in the day. The other great landmark within the Hinterlands that Rae had rare access to was the very thing the Sharlayans created. A machine given a spirit by the Goblins that worshipped the craftsmanship. A machine made to defend the Sharlayans, but now no longer heeds their command unless it deems it so. A creation that all who know of it revere it with awe. Alexander. They stood at the base of the great mechanism. Many years prior, this construct called upon Marishi. As she ventured its bowels and came to the core where the Primal existed, she made a pact with the entity, and in return, she gained perpetual youth until the time came for her task to be completed. That day seemed to soon approach as voices rang in Marishi’s head. It grew increasingly worrisome day by day as her wife related to her the symptoms and her feelings about it. Marishi was not one to speak up about things concerning her health much, unless it was debilitating. This was why Rae knew her wife was gravely serious about what was happening to her. Rae vowed to protect her wife after that day. That day she failed, the day she nearly lost her wife. She swore nothing would befall her. Rae would move heaven and earth for Marishi. She would fight armies. She would forsake all she had, all she believed. She would do the impossible to save Marishi, to spare her from suffering again. Any trials Marishi faced, Rae would be beside her. Any victories she won, Rae would rejoice with her. A door opened, sliding to the side to grant the pair access. Rae turned to Marishi, a comforting smile upon her face as she held out her hand to her wife. “Let’s go. Let’s find a way to stop the voices. Whatever the answer may be, it’ll be in here, I’m sure of it.” Rae assured her, a confident tone in her voice. The sun cast a glow across her face. It was no longer noon, but not nearly yet evening. The weather was perfect for their adventure. It seemed almost a pity to go inside, but they couldn’t speak with the Primal that inhabited Alexander’s body from outside.
  14. Rae seemed almost apathetic. For some time she had been battling the emotions she felt. The bipolar swinging back and forth was nearly overwhelming, so to combat it... she simply chose to ignore it. Guilt gnawed at the corners of her mind, threatening to shed tears, but Rae ignored the impulse. She ignored the call of her heart to feel. It was just easier this way. There were few emotions she felt trust towards, those being her love and devotion towards Marishi, and her disdain of anyone else. She could put on a good show of emotion if she needed, but she never let them overpower her level-headedness. Time and time again, the world had proven that she could trust no one but herself and Marishi, for she was the only person in the world who looked out for her best interest. Rae listened to the melody her wife played, surprised that she could play the piano. Her wife, in all their years married, made no inclination that she played. Rae had a piano in the house for herself, but never did she hear Marishi play it. The connection she and Marishi shared pulled at her heart. Tugging it along for the emotional ride that Marishi conveyed through the piece. As the other Miqo'te called out to her, Rae approached closer, leaning against the piano. "That was beautiful, my Starlight," she murmured softly, glancing out the ash-covered window. As Marishi lamented the death of the family within the home, Rae grappled with her emotions and subdued them. As Marishi invited her to request a song, Rae thought a moment, then answered. "Twilight Over Thanalan." As Marishi began the song, Rae closed her eyes and felt the melody flow through her spirit and began to sing along. With Marishi's emotional rendition of the song, Rae was able to mimic her style. Their connection making it possible for her to predict when to crescendo and when to hold a note, or when to soften her voice or to harmonize with the piano. The song was not of her home nation, as she was born in The Black Shroud and raised in Sharlaya. Thanalan was where her life truly began, however, when she met Marishi. Rae recalled the time, the moment their eyes met and their hearts beat as one. Their first touch and the electric shock she felt through her soul from it. Their first kiss, their first hug, their first night... Her eyebrows knit together as she struggled to control her emotions, but the flow of tears could not be stopped. A stream of them fell from her cheeks as she sang and her voice shook, but continued the song despite that. Once the song ended, Rae relaxed and opened her eyes, tears still filling them. Something in her heart knew this would be their last moment together without the hungry wolves of Death circling them. They drew ever nearer, snapping their teeth, nipping at heels. Would the next moment she gazed upon her wife be the last she saw her alive? Would the moment after next bring a vision of her wife's death to her eyes? "This life was cruel, yet blessed," Rae murmured, turning to Marishi. "I'll be out of harm's way, so do not send me home, but I ask that you stay off the beach. We cannot hope to kill the fleet that comes for us, but I'll be damned if the last 9 years here are wasted. This land will ravage their ranks when you and I are long gone." Rae informed Marishi, then walked over to her, holding out her hand and cupping Marishi's cheek, then leaning in to kiss her lips with a lingering touch. As Rae pulled away, she whispered to Marishi, "I shall see you on the other side." before briskly walking out of the ruined home. The thick smog that blanketed the town did not bother her. She walked through it, eyes forward, determination on her face. A week. A week was all they had. A week was all she needed. She stopped by the corpse of a fallen Summoner and snatched up their grimoire, then made her way to the beach. Flipping through the pages, Rae uttered the incantations to summon the Egis to her. Titan, Garuda, and Ifrit. They were weak shades of their past glory when Bahamut favoured her. She didn't need them for fighting, however. "You, dig. You, fill the pits with spires of crystal to impale our foes. You, veil the pits with nets and sand." She ordered, pointing to each Egi and giving them a direct order, to which they obeyed without question. Titan was able to up-end the earth easily while Ifrit used its intense flames to turn the sand into something of sandstone and crystal to create jagged pitfalls at the bottom of the pits while Garuda was able to conceal the pits. Heaving a sigh, Rae turned and made her way towards the jungle, but stopped. Countless eyes were upon her. The Wendigo all watched, ravenous, blood-thirsty creatures. Her time with the Nyctalus revealed to her that they were once human. All of them but their leader, but no one could tell the difference now. "Stay here a while," she spoke to them, dipping her head in respect and kneeling, showing her reverence towards them as the Nyctalus had learned to show them. "Men shall come ashore and you will have plenty of game in a week's time. Those that do not fall to the pits of death will come to your jungle. They will be yours to tear apart and feast upon, or convert to your people." There was a silence that greeted her, but their answer came with action. One by one, the Wendigo withdrew from sight, leaving Rae to do what she wanted. The Wendigo would be enough to fend for the jungle, but should the humans somehow reach to the sacred hunting ground... Rae made her way through the jungle with a swiftness of some one who memorized every inch of the land, knew every knot of root and every clearing the dense jungle afforded. Approaching a large cave behind a waterfall, Rae slipped inside and made her way through the vine-covered lair until she came to a large opening. The sound of vines moving and the hissing of voices could be heard as dozens of large, arachnid-like women descended from the roof of the cave and crawled from the holes and walls. Rae stood there, eyes on the largest one as she cautiously approached. All were still a moment until the largest spoke in an irate hiss. "Mother Killer!" Suddenly, the cave was filled with angry screams and they began to descend upon her. A flash of blue light illuminated the cave and Rae threw her dagger into the shoulder of the largest Vilekin, causing her to screech in agony and hold at her arm. Rae then vanished from visibility, then reappeared behind the monster, ripping the dagger from her shoulder and holding it to the arachnid's throat, this caused them all to stop. "Turn. I would address your kin." Rae commanded, to which the Vilekin leader obliged, holding onto her shoulder to stop the flow of blood. As the two faced the small army of Vilekin, Rae spoke up. "I do not seek to kill you, but to tell you this land will be flooded by more like me if you do nothing this day. I have done what I can to defend the beaches and the forepart of the forest, but the sacred grounds, the place that holds the lake that all water runs through, will become defiled by man if you leave it unguarded. I tell you this for you are the strongest of the creatures on this land. You can stop the men from entering the sacred grounds and prevent their taint upon this pure land." One spoke up. "And why should we do what you say?" She spat. Suddenly, more light burst forth and the weapons flew from her body and darted to the throats of the others. All held still. "If not, I will kill you all now and find another group who value life more than their pettiness." "Stop, we will do as you request," the largest said, wincing at the dagger to her throat. Rae never took her eyes off the others, but addressed the one she held captive. "I will leave this cave, then. Tomorrow at dawn, you will make your way to the lake and fortify it by whatever means you desire. If even one man gets through, the island will be tainted." She instructed carefully. "What of the Nyctalus?" Rae paused a moment. "They will not be able to defend this island. They have left that in the hands of their Old Gods' blessings." She informed them after thinking carefully of her words. The Nyctalus would die out, as only a few remained. The Mamool Ja were dead. Once the Nyctalus were gone, the kin would all rule the land. This was the fate of the New World, and Rae was alright with this. The Vilekin sneered, but said nothing. She could read enough into Rae's words to understand what she meant. "Very well, Mother Killer. Go. Finish your preparation for the battle. Should I see you next, however. I will not hesitate to kill you." "I may take you up on that promise later, Spider." Rae retorted, sliding off the creature's back and walking away from the cave. Once she was at the mouth of the cave, the crystal weapons vanished, freeing the Vilekin to do as they pleased, and so they prepared for their journey. Rae stood on the bank of the shore and stared out towards the jungle. More traps could be made within the jungle. If they believed the jungle was too treacherous to live in, perhaps they would leave. With that, Rae set about creating invisible traps for the invaders that would come. Nests of poisonous creatures were moved, more pitfalls made, fallen trees would act as battering rams for any who brushed passed a low-hanging limb of a tree. Vines would whip about the legs of any who tripped the line. Her Egi assisted Rae throughout the week-long preparation to stopping the progression of the men from her old home. They would turn around fleeing from the land when she was done with them. Rae would ensure each trap was set off before they reached the sacred grounds. The pathway would be littered with them. If they walked outside the path, the Wendigo would get them. Once they got too close, the Vilekin would devour them. No one will survive. This will be their legacy. After the week had passed, Rae made her way back to the settlement. Fires had been burned out and no life resonated throughout the ruined buildings. It wouldn't be long before nature reclaimed what man stole from her. Despite the quiet peace, Rae felt anxious. She felt fear, she felt dread. Nothing appealed to her other than throwing herself into one of the pits created by her faithful Egi, or running back into the jungle to the murderous embrace of the Vilekin. She wanted this feeling to end, but she would wait and hope. Hope against fate that her wife would not die. Deep down, however, Rae knew that would never happen. Not in this timeline. "To the other side, my beloved." Rae murmured, looking to the beach as the shouts of those who were aboard the ships could be heard as they docked at the ruined docks. The battle will soon begin.
  15. After her recovery, Rae was back up and bouncing. She seemed to have more energy than what she had before she initially fell ill. Practising with Marishi to channel the magic through her, to summon the arminger, was a time she revelled in. Rae hadn't been able to spend much time with Marishi before when they landed. Both of them had grown distant, Rae out of fear of the monstrosities she witnessed and Marishi because the jungle's wild has imbued into her a sense of feral distance. Finally, the two were able to be close once more. They had to practice alone, which she was grateful for. Being the playful one that she was, she took opportunities here and there to casually flirt with her wife, to tease her. Sometimes earning herself a stern look, other times a swat on the behind. Not all day was spent practising, however, as Marishi would grow tired and they would need to stop. Rae could not only see the affects of training on her wife, but she could feel it as well. It was like channelling the magic through her wife linked them in an even more intimate way. Rae was used to being able to sense her wife's emotions, but now she could feel them. She could feel Marishi's burning desire to stop the Sharlayans as if they were her own emotions. Or perhaps they were? She could feel the instinct to attack first and ask questions later. She could feel the silent contempt she held for all others but her own wife. Now and then, she'd have to catch herself from glowering at people as she sat on the floor. It was as if Marishi's personality was dominating her own. Rae struggled to keep her own person. At times, she'd catch Marishi smiling and laughing at things that Rae would find amusing, but Marishi would not. This link created was more than just something magic-based. It was emotion-based. The two were practically becoming the same person. It wasn't long until Rae had easily mastered tapping into the power to summon the arminger set through Marishi, though she saw how exhausted it made Marishi, so she vowed to only use it sparingly. She had other weapons she could use and magic. If the battle called for drastic measures that she couldn't use her magic to fight through, then she would borrow Marishi's. That night as they sat around the fire, Rae relaxed while eating some of the food. With Marishi, Hime, and herself, they were able to gather more food for the Nyctalus since they could hunt during the daytime. The nocturnal creatures had come to learn that they were not safe at night, but now they were not safe during the day, either. This made them easy prey. "The Mamool Ja won't be too much of a problem," Rae stated after eating a chunk of poultry leg. "They respect magic-wielders, and I am one. Well, I suppose we both are now. I wonder how they'd react seeing you wielding an entire armoury of weapons?" With that, she smiled broadly. She seemed more herself again. Without the imaginary horrors haunting her, Rae no longer felt on edge, she no longer felt as though she were constantly being watched, she could look at things head on and not watch them deteriorate into a repugnant monster. It was like her sunshine was returning. The Nyctalus closest to Rae snorted. "Mamool Ja worship magic because it is power. Overpower Mamool Ja. Is only way." Rae could only frown. It seemed unnecessary to strong-arm the Mamool Ja into listening to them, although, maybe they wouldn't listen to her and Marishi now that they were with the Nyctalus. She was lost in thought a brief moment before a Nyctalus--the one who tended to her while she was ill--came to her side. "Come," she bade her, and Rae followed her into the darkness. Rae came to know this Nyctalus, her having been one of the few who came to visit her--albeit mandatory--while she was recovering. Her name was Csi'ha. She was the only healer of the tribe, and she was very proficient with it. Any manner of ailments she could treat. Whether it be a cut or sickness. She also tended to the young of the group, ensuring they grew healthy and strong. Rae had only seen two or three adolescent Nyctalus while there were about 12 babies. Csi'ha had told her about the babies when Rae asked. As Rae had laid upon her recovery bed, the female Nyctalus added. "Only few will live. Such is our ways. Without lands to hunt and glide, we are trapped coeurl in cages. Soon, we wither and die. The jungle has no breeze. Cannot glide. Cannot live healthy. I do much, but not enough... sometime not enough..." Rae's heart broke as she saw the female's expression drop. The sadness was palpable. "Are any of them your own?" Rae had asked. "No," Csi'ha answered. The reply came sharp, as if to end the discussion. A pause came between them before the healer added. "Prevents preference. Healers forbidden to have children. Birthing taken away as child, as virgin. Always virgin. Forever." The creature lifted her gown, but Rae knew what had been done to her already. She needn't look. But that was many moons ago. Now, the Nyctalus hopped across the jungle floor. She was excited to show Rae something, whatever it was. Rae came to a stop as the Nyctalus dug through a pile of leaves, then produced a box for Rae. Holding it out to her, Rae accepted it, then opened the lid. Inside was jewellery. Gold with precious stones set into them. Each piece had an individual indent in which it was held fast against a velvet-covered bottom layer. Within the stones swirled different colours. Some sparked when held at a different angle. Awe-struck, Rae examined them. "Gifts," Csi'ha told Rae. Gasping, Rae put back the bracelet she held. "Oh, no. I couldn't possibly. This is stunning, you should keep-" "No good, no good," Csi'ha explained dismissively, waving her long-fingered palm. "It is only decoration to Nyctalus. To Mamool Ja, it is treasure. Greatest gift was given to ancestors before driven from land. Peace offering. My mothers all kept them. We give to you. Mamool Ja may like. Do you sense it? Do you feel magic?" Rae glanced down at the bracelet for a moment, then recognition flashed across her face. "Yes, I do! This... these must all augment magic-use. I wonder why the Mamool Ja gave it to your people?" Rae looked to Csi'ha, who merely shrugged in response. Whatever the case, perhaps this would bring about a temporary peace to the Nyctalus and the Mamool Ja. "Thank you. I will use it to get the Mamool Ja to be at ease with your people. Perhaps we can yet convince them to-" "Rae," Hime called out, wandering down the path. "Oooooohhhhh Raaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeee!" She sang. The Nyctalus scowled, then quickly closed the box for Rae, giving her a look that told her not to mention the contents of the box to Hime. Rae nodded silently, understanding the importance of secrecy in this regard. Hime burst through the bushes and beamed happily at Rae and Csi'ha. "There you are! I thought you both got lost- Ooo! What is that in there?" Without thinking, Rae answered with a lie. "A shrivelled head of one of their kin." "EW." Hime exclaimed, looking absolutely mortified. It was all Rae could do to not burst out laughing, but she managed to maintain her composure. "It's good luck, Csi'ha says. Y'know. For when we try to bargain with the Mamool Ja." Tucking it neatly under her arm, Rae walked over to Hime. "Do you want to see?" "No, no, no. Absolutely not. That is disgusting and you should be ashamed to even suggest such a thing!" Hime snapped, her nose crinkled with repugnant disdain. "Here I thought you two were going to go practice some healing. I suppose you can keep your dirty head to yourself. I don't think Wilson would much like knowing you people lopping off heads and storing them in boxes for good luck." Csi'ha snorted behind them, but Rae only smiled a nervous smile. "Yeah. But, I mean, we cut off rabbits' feet and consider them good luck charms. That's in the same vein, is it not?" "Not really," Hime countered as they walked up the steps back to the temple. "Rabbits are our pets. The Nyctalus are not." Rae paused a moment, but didn't say anything. She couldn't tell if Hime was being racist against the Nyctalus, or if her cognitive moments were having a lapse into insanity again. While she did not tell Hime the contents of the box, Rae did tell her wife. She ensured Hime was off studying something else or reading somewhere before telling Marishi and showing her, the hope that avoiding bloodshed could be met. "I think we can convince the Mamool Ja to join our side. With their added strength against the Sharlayans, we might be able to pull some semblance of a victory. Surely they will want to defend the lands against them?" Despite saying she wanted to avoid bloodshed, deep down, Rae felt it was necessary. The Mamool Ja had wronged the Nyctalus, and they should have to pay... but she couldn't tell if that was her own feeling or if that was Marishi's.
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