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You fell down here.


The sun was once beaming down on your shoulders, warming your body with its gentle warmth. The air once smelled fresh and pure. The ground was solid and sturdy... and in an instance that changed. There was a blackness around you and you could feel yourself falling. The wind rushed passed you and the sound of it overwhelmed your other senses. The deeper you fell, the darker it got until finally, you hit the ground. It didn't kill you as you would have expected, nor did it hurt you, really. It was a strange, soft feeling, as if you flopped onto a large pillow.


Surrounding you was darkness. The smell of wet earth filled your nostrils, as well as something else... Something you couldn't quite put your finger on...


At first, there was only darkness with the distant sound of water pattering in the distance. You moved towards that sound, feeling compelled by it. As the sound got louder, the world became clearer. Colour returned to the walls that encased you and it was visible that nearly every square inch of wall was covered in gems. They were not placed there, either. Each gem was created in that earth and was never moved from it. The sumptuous appearance of it was breath-taking.


An end to the cave of wonders drew nearer, and on the other side appeared to be a wide open area. The sound of water flowing became louder and louder with each approaching step until finally you emerged from the tunnel to find yourself in a brilliantly decorated area. Waterfalls from the high ceiling poured down and into pools of water. Steam rose from some while others looked so clear one could see the bottom of the pool. The most prominent feature of the entire open cave are the gems that decorate it.


Purple crystals jut out from the walls and occasional stalagmite that acts as a pillar from the ceiling to the ground. The walls, too, are adorned with these beautiful crystals. You can't help but stare as you venture deeper into the cave, taking in the details that it has to offer you, captivated by the sheer beauty you behold.


What draws you from your reverie is not the puddle you step into, but the voice that echoes through the cavern. "Watch your-Ah... Well, you did it."


A pair of large, blue eyes gleam down at you from a shadow. You're at a perfect position where the form of those leering eyes is indeterminable, but they are quite large, and very inhuman. They draw nearer, but as they draw nearer, they grow smaller and lower to the ground. The sound of heavy footsteps is replaced by boot heels clacking on the hard rock. Finally, the figure appears before you in the clear light of the room.


She certainly is not human. This is made clear by the horns jutting from her head and wings folded up behind her, as well as the swishing tail that gently splashes the thin layer of water that covers the ground. On top of that, scales grow along the side of her face and neck as well as over her arms in small patches. She smiles to you pleasantly, but she looks like she's poised to pounce on you at any given moment. "You've entered strange territory, young friend. This is my hoarde home. I keep all my treasures here. Anything in here is mine... and what would that make you, I suppose?"  She muses while circling around her, tapping her lips with her finger.


She stops while facing you again before bursting out laughing, her fanged teeth quite visible now. "Oh, forget it. I couldn't claim a creature like you. There's nothing to you. You don't even shine like my gems. I suppose that would mean I should send you home, though. Can you fly? There's an exit through the waterfall up there. If not, I can fly you, but that will cost you a single gold coin, or a precious gem of any sort... or a book. Being stuck down here as I am, I don't get many books. If you wish to stay, then that is fine as well. Don't take anything, though. I've counted every gem and coin and artifact down here. If one goes missing, I'll know where to find you." With that, she smiles fiendishly at you before turning back around and walking away. She waves her hand in the air and instantly the room lights up with a thousand hidden candles.


Mountains upon mountains of gold, silver, and gems can be seen for miles around in every direction. Many walls are also lined with books, protected from the water with spells. The woman saunters back up the pathway she walked down from and rests herself on a pillow 12 times her size. "Well, I'm comfortable now. I suppose if you can't fly, you'll have to stay." She laughs again and watches you, like a cat watches her prey.

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