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  1. semi-closed

    Xylex was surprised when he saw Ben almost speechless. He was thinking about Ben showing up and he did... maybe there was some sort of phenomenon in the universe that warranted such a response. He didn't even manage to get a word out the entire time Ben was there. Still he was glad to see Ben. "Ummm no... I'm fairly certain you don't want to know. It's... not going to be pretty." Ben mentioned something about an assistant. Within moments there was a younger daichon at his doorstep. Xylex walked up to his new assistant and placed his hands on his face. He mashed his face around trying to make sure this person was real. "Ok... umm... err... wow! I've never had a lab assistant before. Bacterion Jr. isn't it? I'll think of a suitable nickname for you in time, but today you're gonna help me with a magic experiment. I'll go and get a... few questionable ingredients. Can you... get a mortician? Today's experiment is necromancery and I'm not sure corpsey over there will hold up well. Oh and see if they'll be able to do something about the subject rotting away in more than a few hours. I have a few calls to make this place is severely underfunded." Xylex then pulled out a comm device and made a small... call. It appeared like he asked for a multitude of things some of questionable origin. Within moments there was an airship and several crates being loaded out by humans and members of Xylex's species. Inside were tons of medical suplies, preserved foods, weapons, and other items. Then they left as quickly as they could since most daichons were afraid of humans. Xylex came back with a large black box. He opened it up and inside was a cryopreserved heart and several items needed to do dark rituals like salt and candles. "Okay... this is everything. I better go and get some salt for Bacterion Jr. he'll need it for shielding himself against dark magic."
  2. A few weeks ago I come Down with a series of colds it's wasn't fun but don't worry :) you'll get over it
  3. semi-closed

    Xlyex was far too busy to deal with the arrival of Ben... to be honest he had no idea Ben had just arrived. He was busy filling in for the nurses and doctors who had left to go shit themselves when he got into the medical tent. He couldn't do much but over the years he learned how to do some basic first aid to treat some of his own injuries. Then again Xylex was even able to treat even broken bones by making metal casts the problem was that aluminum was poisonous it just so happened Xylex was immune due to his powers but to use it for these folks well it wouldn't do them much good. So he treated a few wounds and gave others morphine. He really should have had some medical experience since he knew nothing about the daichom anatomy, but he was told to make himself useful. Then Xylex saw it there was a corpse on the table, surgery was attempted or whatever it was since the body was cut open. They didn't live through the experience it appeared. "Well now this is interesting. We have a perfectly good corpse here. Kinda wish you were... more intact but you're gonna help me out with a magic experiment. If I'm gonna be an archmage of any use to Ben I should have a wider range of magics to help him with.... Sorry corpsey it's for the sake of research." He wasn't even sure if he could take this corpse and as much of a fallacy as it was to think like that he wasn't told that he couldn't either. He coated the body in his metal and carried it out. Everyone in the room stared at him. "Ummm... I could tell that's not going to be enough medical supplies. I'll have my guys deliver some to you." Xylex moved the corpse outside and saw Tobias getting scolded at be his superior who's figure was hidden by a crowd. Man... served that guy right. Wait... who was Tobias' superior? After a moments thought it was concluded that it was whoever Ben placed in charge of this outpost. Xylex thought that was Tobias, but whatever. Xylex looked up at the sky and felt the wind speed. "Wow it's gonna storm that's... sudden...." He walked right behind Tobias which was right in front of Ben, but had no idea Ben was nearby. He was far too busy with the thoughts of getting to work. Through the crowd and despite how many people noticed he moved the body to a rather remote tent. He set it up earlier to do some research. He placed his... cadaver on a cold steel table and undid his metal. "AWWW DAMN!... You smell." He pulled out the book that he was given and started studding up on necromancy. There was a lot of stuff involved. Xylex was preparing for his... ritual, but wasn't sure if the medium would hold up in its current state. Plus Ben probably saw Xylex and was about to come and greet him or... scold him.
  4. semi-closed

    Deep within the wilds of this world were many things and people and people were definitely around. For a small amount of local area was cleared for tents. A few daichons were stationed there as was another wolf of a sorts. He was training to be Ben's archmage and was sent to go out to this place that could very realistically be called nowhere. He wasn't told to do anything other then that he wasn't even told who'd be teaching him or was it a method of self study. Well it mattered little to none for Xylex, for he was of a low rank and the higher ranks were commanding him around left and right. Telling him to move crates and help set up tents. Not that he minded too much but no one there even knew his name. Oddly enough though there were several Daichons of the highest ranks. Xylex tried asking them what he was assigned to the area to do, but they were no help. They were too busy fighting amongst themselves. It was often violent and bloody... which made Xylex want to fight them, but they'd never even consider letting a grunt who's name they did not know to challenge them. Besides there were more important things than sparring, like studying. So Xylex pulled out a book and started to read... and read... and read... nope... he couldn't do it. His mind was set on actually doing something... but there was nothing to do. "Man this is boring. I kinda wish Ben were here he usually has something fun-ish to do." Jusf then he saw a group of warriors return back to the camp wounded. They went out when the exact same thing happened to the last hunting party. Whatever it was that was bothering them must have been fairly powerful to hurt daichon that were skilled at fighting. Xylex wanted to go out and fight it but the higher ups would never allow it and he'd get in a lot of trouble if he did so without their permission. In fact a daichon of around 15ft. came over to Xylex and stared down at him. "You there grunt. Go fetch medical supplies for the wounded and actually make yourself useful. This made Xylex mad. He wanted to slug the fool right in the face, but he didn't want to get into trouble so he sighed and did as the man said. Still Xylex needed to vent soon or he was going to blow his top.
  5. Hunting yes... there was so much one could... hunt. This was Valucre after all and there were beasts and animals that were beyond belief. There were those beasts so adept at hunting that nearly anyone who gazed upon them were stunned in fear and perhaps a beast of such caliber near this group of hunters and mages. For Craxus was lurking nearby. He saw a deer of his own and like the glutton he was he couldn't resist the urge to eat it. He made a quick linear movement fast enough that the deer didn't even have time to react the next thing that it knew was that it was within the grasp of metal clad claws. With a mighty gulp the head of the whole deer was brought into the mouth of the the beast Craxus. His teeth dug in as he swallowed the poor creature in further and further not as a means to chew his food but simply because the deer was forced up against them as it was pulled in. The poor thing must have been suffering as blood dripped from Craxus' maw. By the time only its hips could be seen an arrow flew by Craxus... he was curious as to its origin. So he followed its trajectory and there he saw a group of people and apparently animals and due to his own size they could quite easily see him should they have been looking in his direction. Only the hindlegs could now be seen hanging from his bloody maw as he just stood there silently as if his very presence there was enough to make them attack or run away in fear.
  6. Xylex didn't come to Dasua alone one small pup had hid in his clothes and detached once he reached the city. That pup was one of his very own and now it was wandering the streets looking for its daddy. The small pup then bumped into a large man who appeared to be made partly of metal. Yes Daimon was the very one this pup bumped into. It climbed up the man and tugged on his hair. "Sorry mister I seem to be lost. Have you seen my daddy?" It was obvious from this pups appearance that he was related to the wolf Xylex. Daimon had left him to die at a beast's hands. For the beast had jumped downhill after Xylex. Xylex quickly created weapons and slashed back but it seemed to do no good. Every hole leaked no blood and quickly yanked itself back together. "Man I should really think these things through more. That damn king better uphold his promise." (OOC: sorry for the short post I've been sick and then busy and then I kinda got sick again.)
  7. Xylex was hiding in the air vents while meanwhile some of the guards not in the search were messing around. "So Tim could you turn on the AC this place is hotter than a volcano." The one guard walked over to the thermostat and cranked it all the way down. Then things got hectic in the vents it was like some immense vacuum was trying to pull him apart. He coated himself in metal and tried with all his might to fight against the flow he didn't exactly wish to find out what was the source of such gales. Still with all his might he wasn't able to escape the gales, however he mananged to lock his position. Then Dylan walked by the two guards. He has always had ties the the Corp. but it was over time that he was given some authority and respect he smacked the back of the guard's heads. "Slacking off now are we? What would your boss say if he knew that? And turn of the AC it's waisting money." The two guards said nothing, they didn't wish to piss of the monster that could bite their heads off. They simply turned off the AC and went back to work. Xylex though was already resisting at full strength with the resistance gone he launched forward and with tremendous velocity. Bursting out of the walls and strait towards the temple he flew forth like a great comet. With his current speed and increasing magic suppression he couldn't change direction, he barely managed to brace for impact. He passed by the temple and hit some rather familiar figure. The creature that was there simply stood in confusion about what happened. As Xylex and Daimon tumbled downhill. "OWW THAT REALLY HURT!" He then touched his own flesh. "HOLY SHIT I'M ALIVE!" Then he starred at Daimon. He couldn't place his finger on it, but he knew this man. "I'm sorry do I know you?"
  8. The creature made its way to the temple it detected faint traces of something grand no doubt the energy of so many skilled people. It went bezerk like any other beast chasing down a heard of pray, but it would be in for heavy resistance as many soon stood against it. Their force was epic but not as much as that of the beast. For every part that came off acted on its own. Mizaki was hiding in some shrubbery when he saw this. "Damn that wolf. That thing will be hard to clean up afterwards." But he had no time to stand in aww and anger. He too had a job to do. So within a single swift move he entered the monastery moving ever closer to the false king.
  9. The chamber fizzed and practically overflowed as the vail took form. It was like watching a dry sponge take form, but something seemed off. It appeared as if several tiny things were coming together and held together by some sort of gel. It appeared that way because it was that way. The vial contained the DNA of mutated zooids that would take the form of a land beast. Arms and legs formed in a tubular fashion then a head. but only no eyes. There was only a hole for a what appeared to be a mouth. Then the tube bursted and the creature broke out. Forming legs it slow to and then walked and within moments it began to run. It didn't take too long for it to escape, but that was the plan for it would distract police and other local authorities. That would leave room for Mizaki to do what he needed and Xylex needed to hide for now so he jumped into the vents, crawling into the shadows until the plans needed him again.
  10. The vial in his hand as light as it was felt heavy with the burdens that it carried. Within were monsters, demons with the power to transcend light, and cast out hope or at least that was what he was told. Inside was nothing more than a DNA script. Xylex turned his attention to a tube, inside was enough protoplasm to make an elephant. He climbed up to the top and stared down. For a moment he must have felt like god, for he was creating a new life. He released the vial and it fell in... birth was about to occur.
  11. Hmmm and let me be funny around the lines of what you said in your post your constant lack of understanding and vagueness is quite annoying.
  12. That wasn't Dylan. That was Xylex. You might wanna fix that or Dylan is probably gonna give corvinous a massive swipe of his tail. Considering his size I think corvinous would feel some repercussions. Xylex on the other hand probably won't do much as long as his offspring isn't effected in any way.
  13. The hell did Dylan say to corvinous? That was awfully rude considering the fact he did nothing to him.
  14. Yay
  15. The doors to a large building were opened and the attendant at the front simply addressed the wolf. "Hello how may I help you?" "Yes I need to see your bio engineering department." "I'm sorry sir, but that area is closed to the public." The wolf didn't want to wait and deal with procedure he simply morphed metal around her mouth and around her limbs binding them. Then he simply pulled up a map on the terminal and shoved off. Going down a corridor he met a guard. He was already in an restricted area so he'd probably be apprehended or worse more than likely. He shot out a blob of metal that quickly morphed around the guard leaving only his nose exposed. The wolf then dragged the man into an empty room and went to the process of using making the metal shell semi-permeable pulling of the armor without freeing the guard. It took a while but the wolf managed to remove every piece despite the fact the suppression was probably murder. It was a tight fit and probably not too good of a disguise since he was the only one of his species in Dasua during this time. Still it would help pull some suspicion away. He strolled down the halls gaining the attention of everyone there, but no one would call him out since he was in uniform. It didn't take him long to reach the lab. He charged in saying that there was a gas leak, people franitcaly left.