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  1. Xylex was terrified as the Fae continued to beat him, he was exposed in his fleshy form. He was about to give up and release the seal as his ear was about to be cut off, but just then Lars did something Xylex wouldn’t have expected as he saved him and actually drew a weapon and attacked someone. Xylex looked at Lars with eyes full of disappointment. How could Lars not inject Vance? It wasn’t like this substance was going to turn Vance into some undead thrall. Well perhaps it was brought into poor light, Xylex did after all describe it as a massive regret. That wasn’t necessarily the truth in fact some people would be elated be reborn as something stronger and faster. It’s not like it was going to wipe their memories and turn them into mindless monsters Vance would very much still be Vance. Xylex grabed the vial and held it over Vance’s chest. His whole body ached from his wounds. ”Oh Vance you might hate me for covering you with fur or the fact that growing a tail and maw.” Xylex turned to face Lars. “Man what you just did was actually pretty badass for a merchant’s son. You know if I have any of this left after using it on Lars you may wanna use it on yourself. I know I said not to but I don’t know I think you’d make a pretty adorable wolfman.” Letting out his little joke he faced Vance yet again. “Damn Vance im surprised you said no. You should know better... people like us... those who still have things left unprotected don’t get to die a honorable death. We get used to the very moment we expire so get up soldier there’s work left undone.” Xylex jammed the needle right into the neck and ejected the viroids into the bloodstream to do their genome therapy. It was now within moments that Vance would awaken to his body. The only real question was what would he look like. Wolfmen got their fur color usually by a moment in early childhood where they absorbed a magical property, but Vance was already old enough their was probably an magical property already inside of him. Infact it was completely possible he’d end up blue almost no color was impossible. “Alright Vance get up and transform to take care of these guys becuase if you don’t I’m going to haft to resort to my last resort.”
  2. Yeah we can I’d be more than interested in The aftermath of this situation.
  3. Ok done I’m pretty sleepy so it may be not quite what you had in mind. If you want any revisions I’ll do them tomorrow when I’m a bit more well rested. Plus writing, history, and languages were never subjects I was ever really good at so I’m kind of capped out at a certain quality here. I’ve tried to improve in the past and I think I did but then I stoped practicing as much. Anyhow I prattle on, good night and I don’t know where this idiom came from but god’s speed.
  4. Xylex’s mana became intense and his hightened reflexes kicked in. He had just witnessed a new found friend fall. It was impossible to tell if he was dead, but Xylex wouldn’t let such a thing happen. The brain was intact and for a few minutes after the heart failed the brain lived on. Xylex glanced at the charging fae who to him was in slow motion everything was. Xylex weighed out his options and decided to save Vance. The metal shell he had used to shield him from rain would suffice, despite it not being much it would suffice as artificial tissue. Through constant manipulation Xylex created the missing links in the cardiovascular system this still would not be enough Xylex remembered that Vance had a substance that Xylex had given him for fatigue. It wouldn’t heal him but it would give him the energy needed to do something else. Xylex had one remaining miracle substance remaining one that wouldn’t have done anything for his harmed children. A virus that his brother had created for gene manipulation with it Vance would become a wolfman. While not specifically designed for healing the morphing of tissue might be just enough to stabilize him. Using that along with the energy restoration might just be enough to let Vance live on. Still the more immediate problem was at hand. The Fae were utterly hopeless, they had decided to hold deep onto their anger and act on it. Xylex cried a little on the inside for now he had to kill those much like his own species. Still perhaps a battle to the death than an eternity of hatred was preferable. Xylex commanded his mobile sphere to turn into great spikes of metal and strike the fae like lighting thown by some god. It was just then that normal time resumed and Xylex taking in to his maximum focus created a wall shielding him and Lars whom he turned to. “Lars, Vance is badly hurt please take this and the serum in his pocket and inject him with both. He may hate me forever if it works, but I’m sure you’ll want to save him and trust me this is about the only way by the time I could get him to a doctor he’d most likely be dead.” Xylex weakly reached into his own pocket and handed Lars the virus. “Oh and don’t be a morron if you get any of that in your bloodstream you’ll definitely regret it.” He then turned his head towards the ongoing battle and prayed his metallic spikes would be enough for in his current broken state it was all he really could do.
  5. Don’t worry about it I have a few more tricks up my sleeve plus Xylex’s weapon has already been in play a few posts ago the sphere used for transport can be used giving Xylex enough time to create a quick fix for Vance
  6. I know I’m a third of the way threw my post sorry meant to have it up yesterday like you said however I was busy helping making dinner and then we decided to watch a movie by the time it was done I was a bit too tired ummmm I’ll include a way to save Vance but you’re absolutely free to say that the procedure fails I’m chalking it up to the brain isn’t dead yet I’ve been told that brain activity continues after the heart stops so I’ll be using it as means to revive Vance as for the Fae I’ll try to come up with a relatively safe way of evacuating them even if Xylex as a character may not like them he probably doesn’t want to totally wipe them out seeing his own people have experienced a similar fate I’ll try to finish up today once my phone is a little more charged
  7. I will sorry I’ve been meaning to do this a few days earlier but I’ve been dealing with my dog for the past few days ive also been considering what move I want to make I’m err for lack of a better word fantasizing about it and trying to narrow Down my list of options I’ll get to it as soon as I finish this Skyrim dungeon
  8. Huh was it my turn to post? If so I will sorry I’ve been distracted these past few days my dog is loosing fur and I think it may be stress related so I’ve been taking him on extra long walks
  9. Xylex looked at Lars with a stunned look. What he was asking for was next to impossible, from what Xylex could gather a mage pulling off a spell powerful enough to stop an entire battle was next to impossible. Sure it was technically possible for one to have enough mana to do so but there were limits of how much mana is allowed to pass through flesh. “Lars I don’t know if I can do that. As far as mages go I’m about as good as they come and even I think that’s a little hard to do. We are talking about what I can assume are hundreds and yes while such a spell is low level and I do have a powerful network here I’m not certain if my flesh could take such a surge of my own mana. I can try to use the surrounding mana, but I’m not very good at that sort of thing. Damn Lars you better have some sort of pain reliever with you cause I’m sure this is gonna hurt....” Xylex presses his hands against the trees focused his very being into the network. His hands flowed with a radiant energy that worked its way to coat his entire body. Then in the sky above the forest a gainer four armed variant of Xylex’s species almost identical to that of the idol he prayed to when he met Lars. Then a booming voice covered the forest as if a god were taking. This, however was nothing more than an illusion a big one, but nothing more than one. Still it was very hard to maintain even with the wellspring than Xylex was connected to. “Children of the forest... head my words. The Skaven have tried to drive you off your land, and now they threaten you with the power of poison. A land of death that none will survive. Head the word of the god Zarrex and take the seeds of this forest and plant them elsewhere, do so or I’ll destroy you myslef.” Xylex then created an illusion of lightning to strike a tree which by overloading it with magic caused it to explode. Xylex then fell face forward, overexerted and covered with magic burns. “Well I hope they buy it and leave. I may not be Zarrex himslef or more accurately itslef, but I share a divine link with them so I can probably safely say that my word is that of Zarrex... probably. It’s not like I can speak to them without entering my godly form and even then it’s rare I hear anything directly. Well anyway Lars if this works you better be ready to pay me a six figure number let’s call it 100,000 even I’ve more than pulled my own weight around here. Still though it’s a little high I get it so to make up for it how about I send you some perfectly legal medicine that you can sell for an 80% cut.” Xylex tried to stand up, but fell over in pain. It was obvious that he couldn’t move well.
  10. Ok My phone is fully charged my cat had his bath I’m fully ready to cook something up
  11. Got it sorry I’ve been kinda off as of recent?. It’s a terrible excuse but I’m not trying to make one just trying to say sorry if I’m feeling like it in the next few hours I’ll be posting that move that will allow you to post the aftermath.
  12. So ummmm we all still alive?
  13. Craxus was eying his opponent like a savage monster. No more like a hungry predator waiting for a Moment to strike and as if granted by the gods it happened. Taking his one and only opertunity he lunged forth with impressive grace and speed and then there were splatters of blood joined by the sounds of bones being crunched apart. Craxus simply sat down with blood on his maw and belched with his arms folded on his stomach. He was now far too full to go and help the peacekeeper. Still brother would be mad at him for letting the other half men get away, but just then the atmosphere became tense. A surge of mana kept coming forth that made it feel as if the whole world was collapsing in on itself. This was the favorite intimidation technique of Xylex Craxus’ Brother. One where using his residual magical energy that His body emitted to use as a wave of pressure that intimidated as well as paralyzed foes in its tremendous pressure. It was in the horizon that he came into focus. An angle with the body of a wolf beastman and metallic angel wings. Xylex had appeared as he hovered over everyone like a god. “Oh? So these are the pissant half-men I’ve heard so much about? Not quite as impressive as I would have suspected.” Xylex looked down to see the peacekeepers mixed into the fray. Someone as involved in the underground as Xylex would definitely be someone they’d recognize unless they were all complete idiots. Still Xylex didn’t want to cause a full scale assult by the local enforcers so he’d do his best to ignore them. “So which one of you shit for brains was behind stealing from me? Who here had enough balls to do it?”
  14. Xylex started laughing at Ben’s unfortunate situation. “Jeeze Ben be careful what you wish for. My sisters are the exact opposite of yours; one of them threw me out of a window and I landed on my tail took three months for the bones to repairs themselves. It was a seven story fall by the way, luckily the inner courtyard bushes broke my fall.” Xylex walked up and patted Ben on the shoulder. “Alright Fine Ben I’ll come along, I guess I can chase down that traitor later. As long as I get to resort to violence for the time being. I need someone I can vent my frustrations on someone I mean... teach some punk a lesson. I promise to keep bloodshed to a minimum. So where is he?” Xylex made two swords and began sharpening them on each other. “Trust me Ben I do this to train the Welps and keep them in line. Obitus will learn to never disobey you again I promise and I also promise to make sure I’m not too violent.”
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