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  1. The creature made its way to the temple it detected faint traces of something grand no doubt the energy of so many skilled people. It went bezerk like any other beast chasing down a heard of pray, but it would be in for heavy resistance as many soon stood against it. Their force was epic but not as much as that of the beast. For every part that came off acted on its own. Mizaki was hiding in some shrubbery when he saw this. "Damn that wolf. That thing will be hard to clean up afterwards." But he had no time to stand in aww and anger. He too had a job to do. So within a single swift move he entered the monastery moving ever closer to the false king.
  2. The chamber fizzed and practically overflowed as the vail took form. It was like watching a dry sponge take form, but something seemed off. It appeared as if several tiny things were coming together and held together by some sort of gel. It appeared that way because it was that way. The vial contained the DNA of mutated zooids that would take the form of a land beast. Arms and legs formed in a tubular fashion then a head. but only no eyes. There was only a hole for a what appeared to be a mouth. Then the tube bursted and the creature broke out. Forming legs it slow to and then walked and within moments it began to run. It didn't take too long for it to escape, but that was the plan for it would distract police and other local authorities. That would leave room for Mizaki to do what he needed and Xylex needed to hide for now so he jumped into the vents, crawling into the shadows until the plans needed him again.
  3. The vial in his hand as light as it was felt heavy with the burdens that it carried. Within were monsters, demons with the power to transcend light, and cast out hope or at least that was what he was told. Inside was nothing more than a DNA script. Xylex turned his attention to a tube, inside was enough protoplasm to make an elephant. He climbed up to the top and stared down. For a moment he must have felt like god, for he was creating a new life. He released the vial and it fell in... birth was about to occur.
  4. Hmmm and let me be funny around the lines of what you said in your post your constant lack of understanding and vagueness is quite annoying.
  5. That wasn't Dylan. That was Xylex. You might wanna fix that or Dylan is probably gonna give corvinous a massive swipe of his tail. Considering his size I think corvinous would feel some repercussions. Xylex on the other hand probably won't do much as long as his offspring isn't effected in any way.
  6. The hell did Dylan say to corvinous? That was awfully rude considering the fact he did nothing to him.
  7. Yay
  8. The doors to a large building were opened and the attendant at the front simply addressed the wolf. "Hello how may I help you?" "Yes I need to see your bio engineering department." "I'm sorry sir, but that area is closed to the public." The wolf didn't want to wait and deal with procedure he simply morphed metal around her mouth and around her limbs binding them. Then he simply pulled up a map on the terminal and shoved off. Going down a corridor he met a guard. He was already in an restricted area so he'd probably be apprehended or worse more than likely. He shot out a blob of metal that quickly morphed around the guard leaving only his nose exposed. The wolf then dragged the man into an empty room and went to the process of using making the metal shell semi-permeable pulling of the armor without freeing the guard. It took a while but the wolf managed to remove every piece despite the fact the suppression was probably murder. It was a tight fit and probably not too good of a disguise since he was the only one of his species in Dasua during this time. Still it would help pull some suspicion away. He strolled down the halls gaining the attention of everyone there, but no one would call him out since he was in uniform. It didn't take him long to reach the lab. He charged in saying that there was a gas leak, people franitcaly left.
  9. Morning... the wolf awoke in a small bed within the small house that they were going to use. The once king was not there, but instead a note. It told him to go to Dasua Corp. for that was where the first phase of there operation would take place. A phase that Xylex would haft to do alone, but phase two would bring light onto a new ally. Still this was not a task Xylex was well suited at for to complete this phase a scientific mind was needed. Still it wasn't like the wolf was totally clueless, his empire did extend into the reaches of such research and development, but Xylex was not the one to actually do this, there were personnel for such things. Still he had a vial one that was prepared before this whole trip. All that was needed was growth. So with a simple step he went outside and to the labs of Dasua Corp., for the world was awaiting a new birth.
  10. March... onward... keep going... those where the things that Xylex kept telling his aching body. Strong willed, but reality didn't match up to his resolve. He stumbled and fell on the street and many strangers came and circled around him. Many have never seen a creature and so they went to examin him and a rather invasive manner. They rubbed his fur, pulled on his jowls, and squeezed his claws. Poor Xylex had little strength to resist them. One person was bold enough to even shave off a clump of his fur luckily enough Mizaki came through and scattered the crowd. "Alright everyone leave it alone. I'm sure it's happy to manhandled." The crowd backed up and Mizaki picked up the poor wolf and tossed him over his back. Then started to walk back home. Xylex was greatful but too weak to even talk so he simply fell asleep on the man's small back.
  11. Dancing... again? Not exactly... ribbons of colored cloth swayed with elegant movements and there were women? Yes indeed the once king sat comfortabley in a ultra plush chair as many women danced for his amusement. A man's weakness is women and Mizaki lacked restraint when it came to this vice. His hands on their form feeling every pivot and every curve. He seemed to praticaly be lost in this that was until he got the bill. He reached deep into his pockets but found nothing, that was when he was tossed out onto the street and into garbage cans. Slowly he got up and dusted himself off and without any money it was his best move to go home and rest. Tomorrow he'd need it.
  12. The sounds of music, flashing lights... the wolf sat down on bench in a room filled with others grooving to the beat. His eyes focused on his open palm that he head near his face, in it a small, faintly pink pill. I'm a father he thought. I shouldn't be here doing things like this. Still despite the ringing of a voice of morality he took the pill. Down his maw it went and it's hold came just as quickly. His pupils widened the and suddenly he felt as if he was one with the nature of the world. The lights more vivid, drink more pungent, and the beat seemed to be like waves that twisted his very being. So he joined the crowd and contorted his body erratically and violently. The sensation of the whole world seemed to be tangible. But this was not the reality of the world and eventually one must wake up from pleasant dreams. His body felt heavy and had a deep seeded ache clearly from pushing it past its limits. He stumbled out of the establishment and leaned up against a wall unable to support his own weight. Still and despite it all he limped forward to home. A journey that for one in his state would be a pilgrimage.
  13. Small and substandard, the perfect words to describe their current abode. Still as minimalist as it was it'd suffice as shelter. Outside the sound of children playing through the streets of the more less old quarter of the market where the buildings were made of stone and the streets lit by flame. It was not a place where the poor went to shop but instead an example of traditional values still remaining in a sea of technology. But inside... the two usurpers plotted out a detailed plan. A map was placed on a table with pins holding down string and toy soldiers grouped over set areas. "So that concludes the plan I hope you'll be able to execute things accordingly." The wolf simply nodded. "Good then we shall begin at dawn, but now we indulge into vices as is the tradition of those who put things at risk." And so the two of them went out into the city ready to party a night away.
  14. A path so adverse it gave seasoned mountain climbers trouble, but neither of the two that partook in struggled in the slightest the continued on in a fashion that seemed oblivious of the challenge. It only took time for the two to reach the wamrth of the cave that lead through the mountain and to the bustling hub of the central square. 70-75% suppression, a painful experience to those who were not accustom. For mizaki it was practically his skin but for Xylex it was more of an ordeal, but it wasn't a completely new shock to him for it wasn't his first time. Yes his paws had scuffed the earth of Dasua once before, but that was a story of a different matter. The two were glad to be there and despite the apparent lack of effort of their trip, even they needed rest. So the party's head led them ahead to what would be their shelter for a time and where their plot would be further discussed.
  15. The frost of the wolf's breath seemed the so natural so calm as if he was born from the cold itself. His ears barely twitched when the words of the party's head reached him and he replied just as dully. "Yes I'm fully aware of my position and what I must be doing. Though you must be ready to pay my fee." Mizaki simply nodded. The arrangements would be set as soon as proper control was in place. After all it was easier to build a house on firm footing. It was the mutual agreements that drove each to do the others bidding and up the tattered path to the enterance into Dasua.