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  1. Neondragon7

    Introducing Lord Bacterion (DCN Side Quest)

    Xylex stood there trying to keep his anger under control. He hated being underestimated in such a disrespectful manner. He would enjoy making this one suffer. It didn’t seem like he would be allowed to kill him. Benny would definitely want to pass judgment on this dick himself, but as long as they were alive and the shipment was safe, Ben probably wouldn’t mind too much if he was missing a piece or too. The ground started to shake violently and then all of a sudden a massive wave of downwards force came crashing down over the whole area. The machines creaked a little and any normal person would be gasping for air. It lasted for ten seconds becoming fainter over the interval. The force felt was Xylex’s mana. He quickly ran his metal over his own open palm and drew blood. With it he mixed into metal and formed a serrated blade jagged and crooked along its length it’s color seemed off and it irradiated bloodlust tainted mana along its length. He gave Obitus a disturbed smile with a cocked head. “Well well we’ll... Obitus it’s not your lucky day. I don’t know how much you’d fear a punishment from Ben, but trust me I’m worse. I won’t settle this with threats, words and simply scold you, no I’m going to make you wish for a death that the gods will never grant. At this point I really don’t even care about the shipment, you just happened to piss me off. It’s as simple as that.” He released amoprhic metal from his form and started making a cloud of it above his head. Then at the snap of his fingers it fired down at Obitus as bullets at supersonic speeds creating several sonic booms. Xylex wasn’t too concerned about killing Obitus if he was anywhere near as strong as he acted he’d be able to counter this.
  2. Neondragon7

    Wonderland Resort

    Xylex sighed it appeared the situation would not get any more interesting. Oh well it was probably for the best not to make a huge scene. He was offered to serve drinks or perhaps not he had a hard time understanding the gestures of humans. Still he could do no such thing. In terms of humans his stature was closer to that of a king... perhaps a Lord is more accurate. It was hard to find a human word for someone who governed nomads while not being a nomad yourself. All at the same time he was technically a crime lord. Something the Farenhide family did to protect many of their kind. Just the mere mention that a caravan was being protected by a family of crime lords was enough to scare away most assailants. Any money made from there less than legal deeds was nice byproduct. “I’m not certain if leaving her in charge of fragile items is a good idea, sounds like a safety hazard to me. I on the other hand am afraid I can’t help you.” Leon finished the final bandaging his master’s arm. Giving one final tight pull to make sure it wouldn’t unravel. Xylex gave a muffled yelp in response. “Not so tight, are you trying to cut the flow of blood off?” Leon simply remained quit as he made an arm rest going around Xylex’s neck. Slipping his master’s arm into it. “Well I suppose this will have to do. It’s not like we brought any medicine with us.”
  3. Neondragon7

    Introducing Lord Bacterion (DCN Side Quest)

    Xylex looked at his claws as he got out a nail file and started sharpening them. His ears twitched as he overheard the conversation that Phyllis was making. Couldn’t really piece it together. Sounded like someone had already died. Not like he cared a whole lot. By now these workers must have been getting used to it. The only question was why his metal dust wasn’t picking anything up. Unless... HIS ENEMY WAS THE WIND ITSELF... no wait that didn’t make any sense. Perhaps a wind mage? Better not have been Metaboe again, he’d skin rhat mutt and wear her hide like a coat. He’d enjoy doing it sinking his claws into his prey and ripping it apart piece by piece slowly and painfully. Xylex took his mind off limb ripping and stepped outside the vehicle. Kinda a big convoy for such a small shipment must have taken a lot of anchors of active disturbance just to move the equipment itslef. Heck even a train would have been less invasive to the environment than moving all these massive mining tools. Then again a train can’t go off it’s Tracks. He walked towards Phyllis and even the rest of the miners even though his human disguise wasn’t in operation. He had grown utterly bored of playing human. “Phyllis I’m getting bored of waiting. Do tell me when this enemy shows up.” He faced the workers who saw his beasteal form. “I’m not real. You’re breathing in way too much exhaust. I’m just a figment if your immagination... boooooooooo I’m spooky.” (OOC: I apologize in the delay I had a mini panic attack when one of my assignments got a zero so I spent a few more days recollecting my sanity)
  4. Neondragon7

    Wonderland Resort

    Xylex was completely oblivious to the fact Brutus had transformed, he was absorbed into Shivers. His attention was only diverted when the vessel of which he had deposited it into had redirected it. He turned around to find his spell dispelled and a massive beast facing him. He was about to speak when he felt a mass jet forth from his forehead... a... thumb? A thumb of sorts, but more or less a focal point of magic discharge. He closed his eyes and collected the magical energy within in isolating that of the magical mass and ejected it forth from his palm into the ground. Such an action left a hole in the ground and overwhelmed the physical form. His arm released smoke a precursor to the fact that he quickly clutched his arm in pain. Releasing so much magic exceeded the limitation of the material plain or at least that of his flesh. Leon quickly came over and started wrapping his master’s arm in bandages. “Master you shouldn’t be so reckless.” His statement was met with an awkward silence before an answer came to be. “It’ll be fine, I don’t need my arms to be able to fight.” After all a mage’s true weapons were their minds and magic. “My arm will survive and if not I can replace it. Stem cells can work miracles when given the right programming to follow.” He faced those in front of him not really certain of what the state of things were now. Had war been delcared? Or was it that all was good? Preferably Xylex was hoping things were somewhere between the two. He didn’t want things to get too boring. “So what is your intent now? I’m no stranger to violence, but I am no barbarian. I’m assuming things here can be solved in a interesting, but not destructive way?” (OOC: Sorry for the delays I’ve had a rough-ish past few days.)
  5. Neondragon7

    Wonderland Resort

    Xylex looked at the dog that was sniffing his if he was human would be his coccyx. He oozed metal and solidified it around the dog’s legs. Hopefully locking it in place then moved one seat closer to Shivers. Not to get closer to the man but to simply get away from the dog. He was also getting annoyed that his order was being ignored. He covered the currency unit in metal and levitated it into Nephs pocket. Then his metal floated over to a bottle of rum, covered it and floated it back into his open palm. He used it to open the top and took a swig. The metal then turned into sparkling dust before fading. He looked up from his drink and then saw that the bartender was trying to keep someone locked in some room. ”You’ll never keep them in there like that. If they have magic you need to seal them with magic.” He pointed his open palm at the door and metal launched forth as bars over it. Then he forged a lock around then bars that seemed to serve no purpose. It glowed from being charged with magic. It released massive amounts of mana that interferes with magic wavelengths and nullified them to some extent. He handed Neph a key. ”This here will undo the spell. You should let her out at some point.” He sat back down and looked at Shivers. “Perhaps we should talk business sometime. That is... if you’re interested?”
  6. Neondragon7

    Introducing Lord Bacterion (DCN Side Quest)

    Xylex was confused was this really the paperwork that they wanted him to do? Shouldn’t they have a certified engineer do this or someone who actually had experience in the field. Xylex shrugged he didn’t know why they were making him do this, but he’d do his best to complete the task given to him none the less. He gave a good tug to each one of the support straps and record the tension the display gave him. Nothing seemed out of place everything seemed to be nice and tight. He had hoped that his trip here would have been a bit more exciting, but the reality of most things is that they failed to live up to such expectations. Placing the final checks on the document he handed it to some worker. “See that this makes it to the proper people.” Xylex turned his attention to the front of the convoy. “EVERYTHING SEEMS ALL CLEAR WE ARE READY FOR DEPLOYMENT!” His voice was unnaturally loud almost like he had trouble with volume control. He climbed onto the top of the truck. This wasn’t to act cool or to enjoy the wind in his fur. He needed a vantage point to find the criminals from. He cocooned himself in metal and undid his human disguise. He signed in relief he could relax as long as he was in the cocoon. The cocoon itself was attached to the roof of a truck and there was a hole in the top of it. He released metallic dust and everything within it he could see. He was gonna get the jump on the jumpers and crush them before they even had time to think, a merciful death. “COME ON LET’S GO!”
  7. Neondragon7

    Wonderland Resort

    Xylex was a bit surprised to find out that no one even knew he was there. Usually people would scream wolf, and spray him with pepper spray or run off. Or they would know he was a Farenhide and commit suicide to escape the horrors of having to deal with his family or at least that’s what his captives usually did. He was so far ignored that someone lit off some firecrackers. Unexpected to him he freaked out and let a small but perhaps noticeabke bark and scurried for a table. He was used to such noises meaning assassination attempts, but after coming to his senses and the reality of the situation, he slowly got out, dusted himself off, and noticed something strange. There was a cloaked figure that had decided to enter the bar completely unphased by the fireworks. He approached the hodded figure and noticed a face that he had come across in his family’s archives... this person was m Shivers. He was a being of considerable reknown in the criminal underworld so of course a Farenhide would make sure to take note of that. He sniffed the man, and backed away. He didn’t exactly have a pleasent smell, but it was peculiar. It would have probably been painful for him since Xylex irradiated magic more than a broken reactor. It wasn’t to the fact that he could use all of it at once it was more of a testament of his endurance. He reached into his coat and pulled at a small saccule of unmarked currency and adressed the bartender. “Hello there. Could you bring me a bottle of ginger beer and coconut rum?” He held up a unit of currency that was worth far more than the sum of his drinks. He faced the criminal he was sitting next to. He wanted to talk to him, but for some reason a little voice inside told him not to. It was probably a bad idea to talk to a man who was willing to use the legal system to destroy his enemies and the Farenhides were definitely competition. Instead he awkwardly looked away. Leon then barged into the bar and looked at ran up to Xylex. ”OH MASTER THERE YOU ARE!” Xylex gave him a disturbed stare for being so loud. “You really shouldn’t leave me behind. Who else is going to protect you? I mean Azra could but she’s not here is she. She said something about this being too cold for her right? So I am here as security in her place.” Xylex sighed he didn’t need personal security for a place like this. He was a very powerful mage and had acces to magic only privy to gods and a select few, creation. The power to convert magic particles into non-magic matter at the subatomic level and by hybridizing the two particles he could freely manipulate it. It was a method of converting the electron cloud into a magic cloud that locked the matter in a sea of magic and since he was in control of the pseudo electron cloud he could compact matter as much as he wanted as long as the nuclei didn’t fuse. He created a tiny sphere at the end of his finger and pointed it at Leon. “Sit down and behave or else.” Leon gulped and did what his master commanded of him. He didn’t want to be converted to Swiss cheese. Craxus on the other hand was playing with the pups. They clung on close to their uncle to stay warm. Little Jasper though wanted to do more than play in the snow. “Hey uncle can we go to the dunk tank there was a silly man there that’s gonna get wet.” Craxus thought about it for a moment before nodding. ”Sure we can go but you all need to stay with me. No separating.” The pups cheered as their uncle made his way to the dunk tank. (TRANSITION: Craxus)
  8. Neondragon7

    Wonderland Resort

    Xylex had come to the resort to rest and relax, he was garbed in a jacket made of two layers of black silk satin in between the two was some fort of wolf looking pelt that was exposed and fluffed at the collar. The seams seemed to be made of a golden thread and at where the collar’s buttons should be was a gold chain that connected the two halfs under it he wore no shirt. He wore black leather pants and boots along with this attire. He had brought his brother, Craxus and his kids because to be frank he just felt like he didn’t spend enough time with his family. Along with them he also brought Leon for protection. He was renting an estate room. The Farenhides were an infamous bunch known for doing a lot of suspicious activity. He had money, power, and respect... at least of a few people. Craxus was not one for acting with class and refinement, being out here probably wasn’t very comfertable for him. “Brother I don’t understand why you waste all this money on this room. Don’t you have a private deminsion that you could use?” Xylex sighed. ”Of course I do, that’s not the point. We are Farenhides, we haft to act with a certain level of refinement on the behalf of our species. I don’t expect you to truely grasp the concept, but I do expect you to behave yourself. I better not hear about some half eaten tourist saying a monster wolf did it.” He looked at his brother who was still in his armor. “And take that off you’re already heavy enough as it I don’t need you sinking into the snow!” Craxus took his armor off, underneath was some sort of elastic pants with a hole for his tail. Xylex was about to complain that he should be wearing at least something on the upper body, but as large as his brother was nothing would look good. “Can you watch over the kids for a while I’m going to go grab a drink or something.” The young pups jumped up on Craxus and started tugging on his fur and ears. Little Nox spoke up. “Come on uncle let’s go outside and play.” Craxus turned to his brother with a face that begged his brother’s approval. ”Yes go, but don’t let them out of your sight or I’ll skin you alive.” Craxus ran outside and started to play around in the snow like a child himslef. Xylex went down to the bar only confused to see that what appeared to be the bartender in a pool of alcohol. “You know what this seems personal I can wait.”
  9. Neondragon7

    Wonderland Resort, Grand Opening!

    Neon is interested in this. Your hub seems like a good place for idle banter.
  10. Neondragon7

    Introducing Lord Bacterion (DCN Side Quest)

    Xylex rubbed Phyllis on the head. He was trying to be converting and assuring that he could get his current job done. “Don’t you worry none. Even if your thiefs are more than just some lowly bandits I promise nothing will happen to the shipment.” Xylex was kinda hopping it would be more than just thiefs. Some lowly non-magical humans armed with simple weapons really wasn’t much of a challenge and he loved a good challenge. Xylex had mana on the magnitude of gods, and while there were still biological limiters on that he was still perhaps one of the strongest mages alive. Xylex was a ruler of 6.7 million wolfmen, and partial god. Through Xylex Lord Ben had access to a massive pool of resources. Xylex was currious as to why Lord Ben had not asked anything from him. He’d be more than glad to offer Ben help... on the friends and family discount. Xylex took the mint substance and entered the elevator. It wasn’t going to reduce the limiters the anti magic field created, but it would at least give him enough of a boost to withstand the elevator ride. “Well come on get in I’ll sign the paper work on the way up. I also hope you know that I’m not going to be gentle with your robbers. It probably won’t be pretty so you might just want to advert your eyes.” Xylex wasn’t exactly gentle in his battles anymore. He enjoyed the thrill of combat. Bathing in the blood of his enemies and watching the fear leak out of his target. He had tons of techniques in his repertoire ranging from his full body armor to his invisible dust on top of that he had his seal and all the magic it let him access.








  12. Neondragon7

    Introducing Lord Bacterion (DCN Side Quest)

    Normally Xylex didn’t haft to focus on maintaining the seal. His immense amounts of magic suppressed it. Now an anti magic field was in play. It wasn’t absolute, but while having to focus on maintaining a human form it took too much mental energy. He looked at Phyllis with a tired face. “It’s fine I’ll be okay. I’m in conflict with my inner self a part of me that was isolated and sealed along with immense knowledge to help me become even more powerful. Just please hurry up with the paperwork so I can get out of here soon. I’ll be fine as soon as I can use my magic to It’s full capacity.” Xylex hoped he wouldn’t haft to do anything too hard while in the mine. He wasn’t sure exactly how effective he could be. Perhaps if he had a source or enchanted object it could take the mental load off of having to maintain a human disguise. Too bad Craxus was outside the mines. Xylex was thinking to himslef about how strong he was compared to Ben and his enemies. Ben acknowledged Xylex’s strength, but was he even good enough to hold his own against one of Ben’s enemies? He shrugged. ”So Phyllis... can you explain why I’m just here to sign paperwork? Like I said earlier it seems like a hassle when something like this could have probably been done digitally.”
  13. Neondragon7

    The Chaos of Two

    Xylex sighed it appeared that this one was too stupid to know who he was and run away like a sane person. It appeared he’d haft to deal with this one. ”Well it doesn’t precisely mean you haft to, but it is proper to call someone by their name if it is given to you. Now Zera you said you you had a friend Alice was it? I’d very much like to know where they are. I hope you’re not here to attack me with a surprise attack. I won’t be gentle I promise.” He sighed he sounded like he was trying to threaten them. He didn’t want that he just wanted to make himself clear. “To answer your questions from earlier no I don’t live in that tent it’s just here for looks. You also can’t meet my family like I’d trust you to be around my kids right off the bat.”
  14. Neondragon7

    Introducing Lord Bacterion (DCN Side Quest)

    Xylex came downstairs only to find that everyone was to warmly greet him. This was something very odd especially for the fact that they all said he was a Farenhide. In order for them to know the name Farenhide they had to know he wasn’t human. The other thing was that they thought that was a good thing. Usually people were like: NO NO DON’T KILL ME! TAKE MY CHILD INSTEAD. It was a name that struck fear into those that heard it. It was all so that humans would fear them and that the nomadic tribes that swore loyalty to them could merely say that the Farenhides were protecting them and most enemies would back off. Humans didn’t exactly treat wolfmen nicely and so the Farenhides swore to protect them. Still he wasn’t exactly used to all this positive attention. He was used to police shooting at him and humans fearing him. He hand was being shaked over and over again. These people had a considerable amount more physical strength than he did and their hands were so firm, it kinda hurt. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Gothra. I don’t know what a bloodfarmer is but I’m sure it’s an interesting career choice. You also don’t haft to act so polite. Think of me as a friend with enough magic and political power to give you nightmares.” He gave everyone a small evil grin and just then the seal appeared over his human disguise. It started glowing and releasing dark energy Xylex started rolling on the floor screaming. ”STOP... IT HURTS! PLEASE... GO AWAY!” He became dead silent and then a dark voice could be heard. ”YOU ARE WEAK LITTLE DOG! STOP TOYING WITH THESE WEAKLINGS!” The voice began to laugh wickedly. Xylex placed his hand over his eye. ”WEAK!? YOU’RE A FOOL I CONTROL YOU I’M XYLEX. EVEN WITHOUT MAGIC I WONT LOSE TO A PART OF MYSELF.” The seal went away and Xylex was breathing heavily. He looked at everyone’s with a really nervous and dumbfounded face. “It’d be a personal favor to me if you’ll pretend you didn’t see that. Ahem Phyllis... as to reply what you said earlier how about I talk to Lord Ben about getting you that application and even better yet I can offer you a job. I promise it’d pay well and I could really use a personal assistant. It isn’t exactly in Azra’s personal job description she’s really only protection.”
  15. Neondragon7

    Introducing Lord Bacterion (DCN Side Quest)

    (OOC: I’d like to apologize for the delay in this post. I’ve been distracted I can’t say I have a better excuse then that.) Xylex got into the elevator with Phyllis. She asked him a question that seemed a bit personal, but he didn’t mind answering. He scratched his head as he looked up. “Naw I can’t be seeing anyone. I have a wife and that’d make me a bad husband if I were dating. We have four adorable pups. Three boys and a sweet little girl. I’m not certain which one of the litter is that generation’s divine descendent...” He scratched his head he knew that this one had no idea what he was talking about. They didn’t know anything about the history of the Farenhide family and why that name was known to nearly all of his species. “I’m sorry you have no idea what I’m talking about. I can explain it if you want. We have time my best guess is that this is about a three thousand foot shaft and we are moving at twenty-five feet per second. That gives about two hours to kill. You know if Lord Ben would be willing I’d be more than willing to use my family’s resources to update this mine. I’d even do it all at a reduced price.” His family did have the resources for doing such a task, although if Ben did do this it’d seem shady doing deals with the Farenhide family. Yet they became criminals to ultimately do there primary task better and it did that while ultimately lining their pockets with more money than they could ever want. As time went on Xylex seemed to become more and more ill. The anti magic field that was mentioned earlier to protect the mines was making it harder and harder for him to keep up a human disguise. He was told to keep it up at all times so he couldn’t drop it. If it kept up his seal had a realistic property of acting up.