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  1. So umm will we be notified by when the thread gets up
  2. Hmmm I may have some interest. If you’ll have me I’ll be more than glad to loan you some support with your epidemic. In fact it may prove to be interesting for me if I play my cards right 😈 However... shouldn’t this have been better suited for the water cooler? It is an interest Check after all.
  3. Xylex gave Lars a blank stare. Hadn’t he explained it will enough? No it was not at all Xylex who opened the portals but rather a rather skilled team back at his home island using magictech. However Xylex’s wrist device could detect such magic after all space-time magic left immense trances of itself in the physical world and With Xylex’s skills in magic he could probably do something. “I’ll see what I can find. I don’t intend to let you down here; this goes beyond my pride as an Farenhide but as a very experienced practitioner of magic. Trust me if they are doing something as powerful as opening a portal there’d absolutely be residual distortions in the fabric of space-time.” Xylex realized that his words were most likely wasted on Lars who probably failed to grasp the concept of what Xylex just said. Xylex channeled his magical energy through his communicator and like a sensor it began to make a map showing the trace magic as well as types of the surrounding area the results were surprising to Xylex. Not only were there traces of space time magic, but that of a massive magical network that seemed to be formed from the trees. Most likely this network was used as a broadcast system for casting portals, however this was only a theory. “Hey Lars give me a second here.” Xylex touched a tree and used his own mana albiet foreign to access the wellspring of magic. For a brief moment he could sense much of what was going on in the forest. “Well that was disorienting.... Lars I won’t bore you in the details or try to describe to you what this means as someone who doesn’t use magic I’m doubtful you’d understand, but the answer is probably yes. In fact there’s a network of magic here that if I had to get a good guess is how they knew we were coming.”
  4. Xylex felt mildly nauseated as he went from drunken bliss to sober reality. He realized the damage to his intestinal lining and while the concoction he just ingested was helping the was undoubtably still damage. “Damn that’s the last time I drink that stuff. Probably won’t be able to eat spicy food for a week and I love spicy food. So what’s this about you being my sister. I have three sisters I know you’re not any of them since you didn’t punch me in the gut when I invaded your personal space.” Xylex thought about it and figured it wasn’t exactly important that was unless.... WAS BEN GOING TO MARRY ONE OF XYLEX’S ACTUAL SISTERS... or maybe his brother Xylex’s species had nothing against homosexuality, but Ben didn’t really seem like he’d be interested in men especially Craxus of all people. Xylex really didn’t want to think too much about it. “Well umm actually never mind it’s not what’s important at the moment. What is is tracking that little thief. I’m going to go back down to storage and detect residual traces of magic; maybe see where she wandered off to.” Xylex was infurated that a person could disrespect him so to leave. The very fact he let her get away was an insult to his pride. He had to find her and punish... err present her to Ben so Ben wouldn’t be mad at him for letting the target escape.
  5. (OOC: I sincerely want to apologize for the delay I don’t have a good excuse other than I couldn’t think of any move to really make without being rubbish.) “Vance you aren’t thinking hard enough about this. If we kill the Skaven it’s not a profitable venture. I highly doubt that a bunch of sentient trees and whatever the hell else the enemy consists of has currency or a culture that’d allow us to sell to them. However you could always sell to me. There are certain products my people can’t synthesize on the island.” Xylex’s ears kept twitching in a rather adorable fashion. He could here the fae gathering around them after all Xylex did fly them rather close to their base of operations. “Lars, Vance whatever you do don’t make any sudden moves if you do we might be skewered and roasted on a spit. Just my best guess it’s what’d I’d do if I was going to resort to hunting and eating humans, assuming I didn’t have any spices on hand.” Xylex’s awkward attempt at humor to lighten the mood probably wouldn’t help much, Lars and Vance didn’t exactly seem like the type to joke around. “Well Lars you’re probably better at this than I am. My family specialties are black market items to assassinations I don’t usually do peace talks.”
  6. Glad you're still hanging out with me Xylex!!! Let's FINISH this RP and make it the BEST we can muster!! Okay?


    More adventures coming up VERY soon!!!



  7. Xylex thought about the words that were just spoken to him, tell me about yourself was it? Even in his drunken state those words reverberated inside his head. He mentally sobered himself up just a little bit and began to recall has long dark twisted complicated past. “Damn never thought anyone would ask me that... you might regret it though it’s a long dark tail filled with bloodshed. About 40 years ago on a small island I was born on the small island which my people have called a homeland for about 8 millennia. My species don’t have physical maturation for the first 20 years of our lifespans so you’d think that point of our lives should be rather relaxed, that may be true, but as a member of the proud house Farenhide my childhood is drastically different. My earlier years were spent studying, but I was always a lazy sort so I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with the staff. It was my little seclusion from the outside world until my parents found out. Do you know why we Farenhides exist? It’s to balance the power between our species and humans. It’d also be smart of me to mention that most of the labor of my island is done by human slaves. What do you think my parents who come from a family that has a deep history in killing humans would do to their child in this case, of course the most logical way would be to force me to kill them... however that wouldn’t inspire one to hate humans, they bribed them to kill me. They were my first kill you know? I was even told about this later not that I matters they took the money. So I spent a good long proportion of my life murdering humans and the occasional traitors. It wasn’t till the unfortunate memory loss accident that I was in a situation where I could learn to retrust humans again. Now that I have both memories it’s a complicated situation.” Xylex went quite knowing his story was probably not very appropriate. “Sorry bout that. I’m sure that isn’t exactly very pleasant to hear.” Xylex wrapped his arms around the doctor and pulled himself close. He then gently nuzzled the doctor. Xylex was indeed acting drunk again. “Mmmm you sell like blueberries, the cooking staff at my family mantion always made the best blueberry pie, they also made this meat pie which is to die for. It has mushrooms and everything.” Xylex started drooling on the doctor thinking about meat pie.
  8. Xylex looked arc Pius vanish. It was confusing him to no end how she could just teleport within a moments notice, he didn’t even know what she stole. He didn’t even know who she was. Xylex leaned on Forticies and started nibbling on his ears. He was too drunk to act rationally, still better playful nibbles than painful bites. “NOOOO... I DON’T WANNA GO! Benny is gonna hit me with stick. I screwed up bad.” He leaned further onto Fortices displacing more of his mass on him. Not that Xylex weighed anything significant to what a diachon could carry. It was becoming increasing obvious that Xylex was drunker than what was suggested. “I should have shot her legs while I had the chance so she couldn’t escape.” Xylex rested his head on top of Fortices’ and pouted. ”Okay that settles it I’m too drunk to chase after her. Take me to the doctor, or ummm vet whichever you have.”
  9. It’s fine I’ve been keeping myself busy stardew valley is pretty fun
  10. (OOC: Sorry to keep you waiting my last exam just ended so I’ll do my best to post more frequently.) Xylex walked over to Lars with a hint slight swagger in his gait. Upon approaching Lars he flicked Lars on the nose,with his claw, and gave him a smug look. he gave off an air that he was looking down on Lars. “HEH?! You don’t trust me? What, do you think I’d do something as stupid as drop you out of the sky?” He poked Lars in the chest while looking down to hide his face and then the air of the room started to change again the tension melted away to something perhaps more jovial. As he turned to face Lars his expression was revealed to be that of a smil holding back an array of giggles. “Nah man I’m messing with yah don’t worry I’ll get you there safely. I mean look at me I’ve crashed like at least twenty times in the past two years and I’m just fine.” He warpped his arm over Lars shoulders locking them in an overly exuberant display of friendship. ”Think of Lars you’re gonna get to fly.... There’s nothing quite like it, touching the sky, feeling the breeze in your fur... I mean hair.” He waved his hand in front of Lars’ face horizontally for dramatic effect. “I mean if you get hurt you can afford great medical care right? I’m sure the son of a wealth merchant such as yourself could afford private doctors, tell you what if you really do get horribly maimed I’ll send one of my private doctors I’m sure they’ll have some morally questionable cutting edge medical procedure.” Xylex pointed his palm to form a small metalic sphere with an opening large enough for people to enter. “It’ll be a bit cramped but it’s easier for me to enforce it Incase something catastrophic happens. I promise to fly gently-ish but I’m not used to passengers so umm... try to have a light lunch?”
  11. Yeah I can’t post for a wee bit I have finals
  12. Xylex moaned quietly as he was hauled into the service elevator. He was a tad bit too drunk to figure out where the cold storage was. He found it surprising that no one was going to question the fact that he had a blindfold on. Still Xylex could sense what was around him perfectly well with his sensory dust. Then the absolutely horrible happened, the elevator started playing cheesy elevator music. Xylex covered his ears so he didn’t haft to listen to sounds that wouldn’t help his drunken state. Luckily for him he didn’t exactly haft to wait long for the elevator quickly reached it’s destination. Xylex quickly jumped out and caressed the ground. “Oh thank Zarrex and Gaia sweet freedom.” Xylex then froze in place, his sensory dust had picked up a large gathering in front of a locked room. They seemed to be in a panic to get in from what Xylex could gather this was most likely the cold room and the culprit had seemed to lock themselves in. ”Hey Forticies we want into there right?” Xylex staggered for a moment trying to keep his balance. He turned to face the group trying to get in. ”You guy’s should give up. That lock... thing is strong.” Xylex took a deep breath. “Ok stand back I’m gonna ram open.” Xylex without a second warning rammed into the door with a smack. He slowly slid off and onto the floor. “Owwww... that could’ve gone better.” Xylex then got up to face the door with an angry face. “Alright that’s it, the door is gonna die.” Xylex then coated his leg in metal. Cocking his pelvis at a slight angle he then unleashed a devistating roundhouse kick to the door, causing it to implode inwards and go crashing on the ground. Along the the dust that was kicked up Xylex’s sensory dust entered the room. He then got a good sense of the intruder. They weren’t someone that Xylex knew so he tilted his head in confusion. ”Wait who are you.” Xylex was acting in a way that seemed to be leaving him vulnerable to the possible danger. “You aren’t what I was expecting.... HEY FORTICIES THIS IS THE ONE RIGHT?”
  13. Oh you’re not however becuase of a slight delay though I thought that you might have been checking around to make sure I didn’t say anything inaccurate which is just my paranoia. Alright then I’m gonna see why I keep smelling burning toast.
  14. (OOC: Sorry for the delay it’s been a strange past few days plus I had an exam.) Xylex simply sat down at a table with Ben listening to him going on with reports or rather how he didn’t want to hear them at the moment. Not that he particualry blamed him, it didn’t exactly sound like a leisure activity. Though Xylex wasn’t in human form, and yet he was surrounded by miners, and as far as he could tell Ben wasn’t either. Perhaps these miners knew the truth of who’s they were working for or were Daichons themselves. Xylex simply shrugged, there was no riot so there really wasn’t a need to worry about it. Then someone named Highland sat down at the table. Thinking of Daichons Xylex was rather physically weak compared to them, in fact he was rather weak for his species. Xylex himself was not much stronger than the average human, however depending on how he used his magic he could appear to have great physical strength. In fact Xylex could use his powers to meet nearly any demand. “Ben... thinking of the claim jumpers, I think Obitus gave up too easily. Yes he may not want to fight you, but still as valuable as that shipment was I’m surprised he gave up without so much as a struggle. I might just be paranoid, but I think he might have a master or a plan. Well I think it matters not i’m In charge of his punishment now.” Xylex pulled out a blindfold and placed it on and a moment later he started emitting a glittering dust that entered the atmosphere. “I’ll be using this in our fight, don’t worry I’ll be fine. All I need you to do is gather a large group so someone is around to watch and thus make this fight humiliating to lose... and don’t worry I’ll be gentle. I know most Daichons these days aren’t used to combat so I’ll promise not to show the audience something that’ll scar them for life.” Xylex grabbed Ben’s bottle and poured himself a glass, that he had just made, of whatever it was that Ben was drinking. He drank it with minimal care that it may have been toxic to non-Daichons. “Oh don’t worry Ben I’ll buy you more if you wanna complain.” Xylex spoke in a joking tone. He was actually somewhat drunk. “Oh that’s stronger than I was expecting something lighter. Hey Ben you said you wanted to treat my family to dinner once didn’t you? Is that just a clever ruse for you to get closer to meet my sisters?” The reality was that Ben probably had no idea Xylex even had sisters. ”I’ve seen that you tend to act rather interested in most women. Not that I’m against you being with one of my sisters.” Xylex got up in his stupor, placed his hands on Ben’s shoulders and pulled back in a futile effort to get Ben to stand. “Well come on we got a prisoner to punish don’t we?”
  15. Xylex looked down At his body, it was covered in Burns and bandages any more and he’d start to resemble the living dead. Lars now wanted Xylex to enter the heart of the enemy and talk peace? That idea was foolish in the extreme. If the the Fae were already going to attack the group they’d haft to fight them off on their way there. By the time they'd actually reached their destination, the damage done to the enemy would most likely result in irreconcilable differences. Still it’s not like king-king said it was impossible, didn’t he say that his kind once tried to make peace? Albiet it failed there was at least some manner of possiblilty for Thebes group to reach the target in a manner peaceful enough that talks of peace could be held. “Damn Lars you’re a real task master I’ll give you that. Making an injured dog do a next to impossible task. But I’m a Farenhide, customer satisfaction comes first.” He momentarily placed his hand behind his head to assert some level of coolness. “If you tell me which way to go I guess I can fly us there.” Xylex thought for a moment and considered that Lars might not exactly like hieghts. ”I mean you don’t get motion sickness right? You’re not going to vomit into my fur if I take you skyward? The smell doesn’t come out easy I assure you.” Xylex doubted Lars’ would even take him up on his offer. The kid seemed to have a natural distrust of what not only seemed like him, but perhaps even magic. Terrenus had great cities of magic engineering not only that, but wasn’t even king Oden haze a mage himself? Still despite that he never really saw Lars use a magical item of any sort. Maybe it was personal Xylex couldn’t really tell for sure. “Still boss I guess the decision lies with you; how we get there... if we even decide to do this is up to you.”
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