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  1. It appears I killed this thread... I'm beginning to dislike doing this
  2. This needs an OOC also Alex, I was assuming something around the lines of the Farenhide family meeting with your characters and wee little Xylex saw Deimos as a kid.
  3. Xylex was doing his absolute best to keep his aura under control suppressing it as much as he possibly could. Still it was a or of mana far too much to keep it the point where none of it would escape. He then saw someone that seemed familiar. Deimos seemed to be a little lonely sitting there so Xylex took a swig of his drink and plopped himself right across from him. He couldn't tell for sure but he was almost certain that this one was from a magic family of some renown, he couldn't just put his finger err... claw on it. So the wolf gave the man a warm smile. "Oh hello I'm Xylex. If I don't mind you asking do I know you from anywhere? My family knows a lot of mages. You may have been young and so may I in terms of my species but I swear I've seen your face somewhere." Xylex couldn't remember so he simply shrugged. "Ehh... it's not inportant. Well anyhow may I have your name. I was as kind as to give you mine" Xylex didn't tell him his last name if he did a lot of people would freak out that the head of the Farenhide family was here. A family that lead two thirds of an entire species that saw humans pretty much as food.
  4. All the liquid in the bar started to ripple, and practically every mage there would be in pain for an unfathomable amount of mana was getting closer and closer and suddenly it walked into the bar. This was none other than Xylex Farenhide who's family name was well known throughout most of the magical families and underground of the world. The bartender was worried quite a bit. "Oh umm it's you.... I'll have your protection money soon. Please just don't kill me!" The man was just about to pee himself and Xylex simply sighed. He had no interest in harming this man he had grunts to kill people who didn't pay protection money. "I'm just here for drinks. I don't haft to lower myself by killing you. Just get me a cream ale." The bartender then scrambled and gave Xylex his drink. "Here you go it's on the house." Xylex then noticed an unusual amount of mages. It probably wasn't too fun for them with him being there. His mana could be overwhelming to some.
  5. Oh I thought it was said it in the sense that it was made at first but then I thought it was a response to the person that joined as in this here is the thread that's perfect for you you. The thread was actually made?
  6. Ok you should try to make a thread soon and also maybe close the interest check now to keep the group small.
  7. Would my character Xylex be an acceptable choice? He's a very powerful mage who may or may not be a role model. But he's also huggable and err Pet-able. Still... his lore isn't up to date so it's not to accurate atm.
  8. Is this still available or will I haft to look elsewhere?
  9. Craxus scratched his head. He had no idea what was going on but if the story he told was about to come true the only way to beat it was to join along. He quickly used his powers to make a police uniform around himself and then he removed his armor, hoisting his weapons on his sides. He couldn't be for sure this was the work of the story teller, but he wanted to be prepared incase it was. The little... bugs? that scurried across his feet made him feel mildly concerned, but it didn't seem to bother him too much. If they did decide to attack he could easily force his body to produce antibodies to any poison they might carry and he was big enough all he had to do was roll to kill them. "Well sorry about this, but now if we are about to become part of a story we need to play along. Someone can't beat a game they aren't even playing in." It was a logic of many people that it was better to be part of the game rather than be a spectator. Still this was a rather dangerous situation. They wouldn't get out of this with too much ease but it would be interesting to play along to say the least. "Well I can tell you one thing. You're obviously gonna play the role of our baker." (OOC: Sorry for taking forever I've had guests and things have been busy.)
  10. Craxus was a bit confused he was the big one he'd be the one to tire out first and without hardly walking this woman wanted to rest? Shouldn't he had been the first to complain well whatever the case was it couldn't have been too bad. It would give her more time to make more of that delicious cake. He removed his helmet and lied down on his side. He was listening to her story and decided it was time to add on to it. "But alas the fair baker was at disadvantage... the plains were guarded by vicious gangsters. They had scary cars and guns, they threatened the baker by asking that she pay a passage. But alas this baker wasn't wealthy and she needed help. So she went to the cops to get some help." Maybe telling a violent story wasn't a good idea. The power to make such violent acts come to life was a truly terrifying one. "Umm is telling any type of story a good idea? It could be hazardous to our health." Just then his stomach let out a huge growl. Normally he'd just eat the human closest to him but this woman so super nice and she knew how to make amazing cake. "I'm hungry again. Can I have another slice of cake?"
  11. Craxus scratched his head when the chhitten were brought up. He had no idea what such things were or what they could do. He was fairly new to this strange land. Still the fact that she brought up his books could be dangerous concerned him. Instead of tossing them he brought his books up to his mouth and ate them.... It was strange but it was a way to dispose of the books without causing a lot of attention. He brought his fist up to his mouth and gave a muffled burp. "Well that takes care of that now as for those things you talked about." He opened his palm and generated a bullet. It glowed faintly for it was enchanted to explode. He then grabbed his gun broke open the chamber and loaded the bullet. He kept his gun in hand incase things were to take a turn for the worst. Then in his open hand he made a claymore around six feet long and enchanted it to be able to conduct and release magic. Then he moved forward trying to pace himself a bit more evenly with Clair. The cracks in the ground didn't bother him he was big enough that he could fairly easily walk over them. "Well I hope we're going the right way."
  12. My friend. How are you? I'd like to speak with you sometime.

  13. semi-closed

    (OOC: This thread has been canceled due to party decisions.)
  14. Craxus looked at the cake he was handed. It looked super irresistible and so he ate it whole in one bite. His pupils dilated and he drooled like a mad animal. It was the most delicious thing he had ever eaten ever and he just had to have more. He didn't hear anything that anyone told him as he went through the gate to follow this master... no... goddess of cake. After a few monets to reorient himself he realized he was outside. He was just outside an hour ago and it took forever for the guards to let him in thinking he was a monster of some sort which... technically he was. Still it didn't seem to bother him. He was happy to be near this woman. After all she might give him more cake and he loved her cake. "Your cake was... THE BEST EVER!... So you're here for the creature. It'll be hard I heard...." He immediately stopped talking before he said anything that'd cause the creature to make itself more powerful. "I heard it's a very fascinating subject and that people are very curious about it."
  15. : Zara and Xylex kids: Names: Jasper, Caleb, Cana, Nox Genders: Jasper, Caleb, Cana are males. Nox is female. Ages: There all less then 1year old Appearance: They all maintain a fairly rough appearance because there always running around and getting into everything. That said Zara tries to keep them clean and groomed when she can. They all look somewhat similar but that said there are some differences. Jasper has black fur with red eyes. Caleb has gray fur with purple eyes. Cana has white fur with Blue eyes. And Nox has black fur with purple eyes. Zara likes to keep a red bow on her head Early powers: Jasper has very minor purification powers. Nox can very seldom leak shadows from her body Cana sneezes bits of aluminum every now and then Caleb has yet to show signs of powers though Zara suspects he might know shadow metal magic…