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  1. Xylex moaned quietly as he was hauled into the service elevator. He was a tad bit too drunk to figure out where the cold storage was. He found it surprising that no one was going to question the fact that he had a blindfold on. Still Xylex could sense what was around him perfectly well with his sensory dust. Then the absolutely horrible happened, the elevator started playing cheesy elevator music. Xylex covered his ears so he didn’t haft to listen to sounds that wouldn’t help his drunken state. Luckily for him he didn’t exactly haft to wait long for the elevator quickly reached it’s destination. Xylex quickly jumped out and caressed the ground. “Oh thank Zarrex and Gaia sweet freedom.” Xylex then froze in place, his sensory dust had picked up a large gathering in front of a locked room. They seemed to be in a panic to get in from what Xylex could gather this was most likely the cold room and the culprit had seemed to lock themselves in. ”Hey Forticies we want into there right?” Xylex staggered for a moment trying to keep his balance. He turned to face the group trying to get in. ”You guy’s should give up. That lock... thing is strong.” Xylex took a deep breath. “Ok stand back I’m gonna ram open.” Xylex without a second warning rammed into the door with a smack. He slowly slid off and onto the floor. “Owwww... that could’ve gone better.” Xylex then got up to face the door with an angry face. “Alright that’s it, the door is gonna die.” Xylex then coated his leg in metal. Cocking his pelvis at a slight angle he then unleashed a devistating roundhouse kick to the door, causing it to implode inwards and go crashing on the ground. Along the the dust that was kicked up Xylex’s sensory dust entered the room. He then got a good sense of the intruder. They weren’t someone that Xylex knew so he tilted his head in confusion. ”Wait who are you.” Xylex was acting in a way that seemed to be leaving him vulnerable to the possible danger. “You aren’t what I was expecting.... HEY FORTICIES THIS IS THE ONE RIGHT?”
  2. Oh you’re not however becuase of a slight delay though I thought that you might have been checking around to make sure I didn’t say anything inaccurate which is just my paranoia. Alright then I’m gonna see why I keep smelling burning toast.
  3. (OOC: Sorry for the delay it’s been a strange past few days plus I had an exam.) Xylex simply sat down at a table with Ben listening to him going on with reports or rather how he didn’t want to hear them at the moment. Not that he particualry blamed him, it didn’t exactly sound like a leisure activity. Though Xylex wasn’t in human form, and yet he was surrounded by miners, and as far as he could tell Ben wasn’t either. Perhaps these miners knew the truth of who’s they were working for or were Daichons themselves. Xylex simply shrugged, there was no riot so there really wasn’t a need to worry about it. Then someone named Highland sat down at the table. Thinking of Daichons Xylex was rather physically weak compared to them, in fact he was rather weak for his species. Xylex himself was not much stronger than the average human, however depending on how he used his magic he could appear to have great physical strength. In fact Xylex could use his powers to meet nearly any demand. “Ben... thinking of the claim jumpers, I think Obitus gave up too easily. Yes he may not want to fight you, but still as valuable as that shipment was I’m surprised he gave up without so much as a struggle. I might just be paranoid, but I think he might have a master or a plan. Well I think it matters not i’m In charge of his punishment now.” Xylex pulled out a blindfold and placed it on and a moment later he started emitting a glittering dust that entered the atmosphere. “I’ll be using this in our fight, don’t worry I’ll be fine. All I need you to do is gather a large group so someone is around to watch and thus make this fight humiliating to lose... and don’t worry I’ll be gentle. I know most Daichons these days aren’t used to combat so I’ll promise not to show the audience something that’ll scar them for life.” Xylex grabbed Ben’s bottle and poured himself a glass, that he had just made, of whatever it was that Ben was drinking. He drank it with minimal care that it may have been toxic to non-Daichons. “Oh don’t worry Ben I’ll buy you more if you wanna complain.” Xylex spoke in a joking tone. He was actually somewhat drunk. “Oh that’s stronger than I was expecting something lighter. Hey Ben you said you wanted to treat my family to dinner once didn’t you? Is that just a clever ruse for you to get closer to meet my sisters?” The reality was that Ben probably had no idea Xylex even had sisters. ”I’ve seen that you tend to act rather interested in most women. Not that I’m against you being with one of my sisters.” Xylex got up in his stupor, placed his hands on Ben’s shoulders and pulled back in a futile effort to get Ben to stand. “Well come on we got a prisoner to punish don’t we?”
  4. Xylex looked down At his body, it was covered in Burns and bandages any more and he’d start to resemble the living dead. Lars now wanted Xylex to enter the heart of the enemy and talk peace? That idea was foolish in the extreme. If the the Fae were already going to attack the group they’d haft to fight them off on their way there. By the time they'd actually reached their destination, the damage done to the enemy would most likely result in irreconcilable differences. Still it’s not like king-king said it was impossible, didn’t he say that his kind once tried to make peace? Albiet it failed there was at least some manner of possiblilty for Thebes group to reach the target in a manner peaceful enough that talks of peace could be held. “Damn Lars you’re a real task master I’ll give you that. Making an injured dog do a next to impossible task. But I’m a Farenhide, customer satisfaction comes first.” He momentarily placed his hand behind his head to assert some level of coolness. “If you tell me which way to go I guess I can fly us there.” Xylex thought for a moment and considered that Lars might not exactly like hieghts. ”I mean you don’t get motion sickness right? You’re not going to vomit into my fur if I take you skyward? The smell doesn’t come out easy I assure you.” Xylex doubted Lars’ would even take him up on his offer. The kid seemed to have a natural distrust of what not only seemed like him, but perhaps even magic. Terrenus had great cities of magic engineering not only that, but wasn’t even king Oden haze a mage himself? Still despite that he never really saw Lars use a magical item of any sort. Maybe it was personal Xylex couldn’t really tell for sure. “Still boss I guess the decision lies with you; how we get there... if we even decide to do this is up to you.”
  5. I Do don’t get me wrong, I’ve just been busy I was studying for a thermo exam however as tired as I am today I am uncertain if I can produce anything higher than subpar quality.
  6. (OOC: I apologize for the delay I’ve had a lot of homework as of recent.) Xylex was excited when Vance said he’d join him if he could convert the piece of wood into a shield. His tail was wagging uncontrollably. He was rather excited that he’d get a chance to convince Vance to work for him. He want into his communicator to try to request a portal to a craftsman... no signal. Suppose that was a downside into being so far underground. He frantically kept trying to get a signal, but it was then he realized that he Lars was no going to give up the heartwood and Vance was just using it as a means of leverage so Lars would suit to helping the Alchemancer. Probably for the best they didn’t Xylex was getting some noticeably sinister magic energy from that one. Still though poison wasn’t actually too bad a plan it was cheap, easy, and effective, problem was that if it leaked into the underground tunnels they’d be doomed. “Vance I wouldn’t through the idea of using poison out the window.” He turned his attention towards Lars. “As sinsiter as it seems I might be able to use my abilites to produce a controled release to the targeted area. I also happen to have an uncle...” His tone made it seem like the conversation was going to take a turn to nowhere. “Well long story short he has the power to produce hydrogen. If I could get in contact with him I’m sure he’d be able to turn this forest to cinder given time, but that seems a bit extreme? I however think that actually slaughtering the Ent would be best if you really wish to open up a continuous trade route here. Besides Lars it’s a plant, I don’t know exactly what intelligence it posses, but just about everything here wants to kill us wether or not our intentions seem good. I wouldn’t feel too bad about killing some things off.” Xylex sat down to think for a moment to think. There still had to be a more effective method than simple fire and poison gas. “Maybe we can convert the toxin in the heartwood into a herbicide. You know that stuff gardeners and farmers use to get rid of weeds we can then specifically target the ents without fear of killing everyone and perhaps there’s an effective method without violence, it may be possible to simply construct the trade routs underground. We then could simply bypass all this nonsense in The future, I Mean we are already underground yes? By building the route underground the Skaven get to expand, we get an extremely direct route of trade, and both parties get access to the surface.” What Xylex suggested wasn’t necessarily terrible. But it wasn’t exactly time effective.
  7. Alright today I finally have some free time so I’ll finish it as soon as I update Xylex’s Character sheet i even made a little something for you to better understand Xylex’s powers under the assumptions on That it might have been confusing on why it was hard for him to do something things and easier for other. It Models his powers with respect to mass range energy and complicity. I’ll bring it here as soon as I’m done. And if you’re gonna say something around the lines of, I hate it and why would you give me something math related despite the fact I said numbers are pointless. Could you do so in keeping in mind I spent two Days trying to make a visual representation primarily for you of what is to complex to express in words or perhaps too hard to understand all at once.
  8. Xylex looked at his clothes and fur. They were still covered in drool and chunks of food. He oozed a layer of metal right at the base skin that cleaned him as it flushed outwards to the tips of his fur. The smell would linger somewhat but the physical matter was gone. Xylex sighed in relief, but something was lingering in the back of his mind. Ben would almost certainly allow him to fight Obitus, however he could tell Ben wouldn’t like it. Ben was rather soft by nature and even though Obitus was going to kill to get what he wanted Ben wasn’t the type to enforce equal or crueler punishment. Xylex on the other hand was the leader of an organized crime family; if he was in the similar situation, he’d burn the coconspirators alive, and torture the one responsible to death. Though that was far from what Xylex would do since the Diachons were not used to such cruel punishment and the fact that Ben would resent him for it. No Xylex was going to make a public spectical of a non leathal defeat. There was no greater punishment to someone like Obitus to have his pride taken away. Not only would Xylex mess with him by not giving his opponent his all by fighting non-lethally, but he’d also wear a blindfold. It’d mess with obitus by making him think he’d handicapping himself, however the reality was that Xylex would be using sensory dust combined with his enhanced reflexes. Such a technique was even more potent than his own eyes; not that Obitus would know that though and it’d drive him crazy. Still Xylex had to be careful Diachon bones were incredibly dense and even a Diachon cub possessed enough enough physical strength to crush Xylex’s bones. Xylex could basically infinitely reinforce even a small amount of his metal even a transparent sheet could in theory stop a tank shot, however there was a problem. Xylex’s powers had a ratio of mental energy, and it expressed mathematicaly, it’d look something like ((mass fraction + range fraction)/(mass fraction/((multiple of defining energy/(3/10)*range fraction)))+(complexity fraction*(1+Mass fraction))<=1. When fighting obitus, who probably had some condierable hand to hand combat skills pared with incredible strength, Xylex was at a slight disadvantage if he didn’t already have a lot of metal out. If he tried to block an attack of such force with a minimal amount of metal factoring in the complexity of already having a sensory cloud. It’d severely limit his ability to counterattack at that moment. Oh well Xylex wouldn’t lose he was a tough and crafty one. Xylex simply walked down the corridor until he bumped into someone facefirst and rather than doing the sensible thing and backing up he rubbed their head. There were antennas, or whatever Diachons called those things. He backed up and was about to scold them. “Hey watch where...” At that moment he realized it was Ben and his tail started to wag. “Oh umm Ben hi. I’ve already thought of Obitus’ punishment... I’m gonna publicly humiliate him, in a field he takes great pride in. Does this place have a large enough room that can withstand a battle between us?”
  9. I’m already working on a post and I already have some ideas
  10. Craxus stood in front of Yintor rather confused here a ten foot tall beast stood before a man half his height and still rather than pissing his pant all he did was offer a drink. From the looks of this one they probably had a strategy. An opponent that most likely fought using their intellect and deception rather than a more direct approach. There was a considerable probability that the drink was poisoned and he just happened to have built up an immunity, or an equally likely provability he'd use it to spit fire. Sadly neither would work, Craxus using his magic could simply develop an equal tolerance and with his armor on brief flames would do little good. There was a pause followed by a breeze of wind; with a click of a button his sword stopped spinning and the flames went; leaving the humming sound of the engine's dying rev's to drown out amiss the that chorus of conflict. Craxus despite his size was not a mindless oaf; using his body control magic he had forged a body that not only was physically strong but mentally competent as well. If his opponent nay even his prey was willing to act civil he'd do his best. "You're a strange one ill give you that. Most people would give one look at me and run screaming especially when I come charging at them." He took a swig from the wineskin, but with his size he drank the whole thing by accident. He tilted it upside down to check his beliefs. "Oh sorry about that." He clapped his hands and from a spark of light a 2 litter wine bottle whose container appeared to be made of crystals came into existence in his left hand. He handed the little man the bottle. "Here take that as my thanks, but I'm uncertain as to if you'll get to enjoy it. From your tone I can assume that you're still willing to fight. I am Craxus Farenhide, proud member of the Farenhide family. Normally it is customary for one to ask for their opponents name so the name of defeated lives on in the mind of the victor, however that won't be necessary. You will live on as part of me for I plan to hunt and devour you like prey." With that he lunged forwards like a savage beast pouncing on it's prey.
  11. (OOC: at the request of Ben this shall be continued.) Xylex scoffed in his mind at Ben’s request. Not mockingly, but out of amusement; Ben would haft to prepare food for about 500 of his Kin if he meant all Farenhides, but most likely he meant Xylex’s more immediate family. Still now he was at the mercy of the Foreman. “This man better not use me as a backscratcher or anything rather odd.” He thought to himself as he was dragged back to the settlement that the Diachons were building. He eventually made himself through customs and processing were he was dragged inside the building by some diachon working in processing. Once inside they released their human disguise as for there was no more need. From what Xylex could gather Diachons could very in many shapes and sizes and this big lot was 20ft. He then proceeded to use Xylex as a toothpick which not knowing what or who the sword really was. He was covered in drool and a rather bit too traumatized to be angry. Once he was pulled out to get to another tooth he quickly transformed into his actually form now being dangled by the shirt he looked at the eyes of his handler who stared back with an even greater amount of shock. “Could you put me down please?” the giant diachon slowly placed Xylex on the ground rather neverous in knowing who he just offended. He was about to get down on his knees and beg for forgiveness when Xylex just simply walked off not really wanting to deal with the whole thing. Xylex explored the corridors and rooms looking for Ben. He was not in his human disguise since almost no one there was a human. He was sure Ben would have more for him to do and he besides wasn’t he in charge of punishing the two traitors? Xylex would most likely do this by a trail of combat so their punishment should be equally painful and humiliating. “This night take a while, find Ben in a place like this won’t be easy.” Of course Xylex knew Ben could read his mind and was hoping he’d come to him.
  12. You and you writing intrigue me. 

    Perhaps you’d be willing to work... with a member of your kin? I may have something come up in the near future that I’d be interested to do with someone like you.  

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    2. Neondragon7


      If you haven’t already you should post up a character sheet 

    3. Ghorroj


      I used to do that, but I stopped when most of the sheet consisted of the word 'redacted'.  Some of them just got gradually filled with outright lies and half-truths, because I'm terrible at keeping the public versions of those things updated.

      I hate spoiling stories, you see.

    4. Ghorroj


      So, I had a think, and I decided I'd maybe take your advice and do a character sheet after all.  It won't be full of redactions, and it will have the general stats for my character, but the Bio field will be in the style of a story told by him.  He tends to warn listeners straight away that he's an inveterate liar, especially when it comes to his own past.

      ...the bio field will be very long.  He's an old character with plenty of experiences, and not all of them make sense even when they're told accurately.

  13. Craxus has his eyes closed to complete his camouflage; so it was not blinded by the flashbang of magic. When it came to but he definitely noticed it and and soon as it was over he quickly used his ring to re-equip his armor and sword. He then shot the poison smoke in front of the caravan in the direction of the atracking halfmen; he hoped they were smart enough to not walk right into it he was about to charge in himself when something caught his attention, there was a rattling of armor and the light pitter-patter of footsteps. He turned around to find something that piqued his interest quite a lot. There was a rather small halfman there trying to sneak up on the hill to gain a vantage. He seemed almost perfectly bitesized no need to chew or slurp then down like a wet noodle. Craxus enjoyed the fear of his vict... err... prey in a way similar to a nightmare. He could have a fast snack before joining the rabble, after all he was still attacking the halfmen. He charged right up to the little being as if to trample them with his massive and sturdy frame, but instead stopped a few feet short right in front of the creature. He drew his blade and then ignited it, in an effort to intimidate the smaller being.
  14. Xylex was still well wounded from fighting the Ent. He wasn’t in the best of shape before hand from falling down a flight of stairs, but now he had mild burns to deal with despite his best defenses. It was an explosion of molten metal after all. The Skaven had been tending to his wounds with what little primitive medicine and practices they had, due the the fact he gave his children all his medialcal supplies. Then suddenly Xylex’s ears perked up and his tail started to wag; he had overheard a query relating to the destruction of the tree. This was his chance for glory, but most likely that honor would default over to Vance. It was his idea to use the oil, and letting him take credit for the ordeal would probably improve the relationship between them; after all Xylex did want Vance to work for him. He simply lied down on the ground in a corner like a common dog and exhaled deeply. ”Vance...” He realized that the Skaven weren’t very good with names. ”the sword wielder, decided to use oil to burn the tree. Big explosion, lots of flame.” He then rested there; this was Lar’s mission after all.
  15. Ahhh sorry for the delays I’ve been trying to forget what a horrible tangle of personal nightmares my life is durring my break so I’ve been rather preoccupied
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