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  1. The room slowly caved in the rampant energy Xylex was emitting in small controlled bursts was more than the steel room could withstand. Guards slowly swarmed in and surrounded Xylex and Thrax but did not fire for Thrax was a more than valuable weapon if she was damaged they’d most likely get turned into minced meat. “Mmmmmm minced meat.” Xylex drooled a little apparently caught up in some extended fantasy about food before snapping out of it and shaking his head. The demon enraged at this wolf’s foolishness charged at Xylex full force. Xylex within an instant transformed his own body into metal and moved out of the way at blinding speed. Attack after attack strike after strike, Xylex dodged with great ease and grace. “You know I thought a demon like you would be really cool to fight, but in reality you’ve been a massive disappointment. I’ve been trying to gauge your strength this entire battle, but you’ve yet to show me anything that shows you’re truly a great demon. Can’t you shoot an energy beam or something?” Just then a beam of dark energy came blasting forth at Xylex, however he simply swiped his hand and it was deflected. “Oh... that wasn’t bad. Maybe I’ll take my time with this fight instead of going to challenge the strange energy signal that I’m sensing near Ben. Ben himself is too level headed to get into things like sparing, but this one seems Like they enjoy combat.” The demon made another full power charge at Xylex but this time things were different there was a strong serious air around Xylex now. Within an instant, faster than anyone could see, the demon was in thousands of pieces and Xylex was in a strange stance that looked as if he drew a sword or something and then there was a sonic boom. The fight was over settled with the exchange of a few blows as most true fights were. Xylex could bow see it Thrax’s mind was being flooded with her consciousness. He came back to his own body only to find he was surrounded by guards. He tried to move but found the Repercussions of allowing the demon to have so many strikes to have done some serious damage even if it was only a battle of the mind. “OI OI OI! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?! I’m Francis Draskill, I’m the maintenance guy around here I’ve been told by upper management to wake up this ice sickle. Didn’t you get word from the superiors? We have a powerful invader that we need powerful weapons to fight against.” The guards scratched there heads pondering if what Xylex said was even true, just then there was an explosion, he had used his powers to damage some nearby property. ”WELL WHAT ARE YOU WAITING AROUND FOR THE INTRUDER MUST BE THAT WAY!” The guards ran off in search of this infamous intruder. Xylex on the other hand was busy with the machine Thrax was unthawed but she still wasn’t moving perhaps some parts were still missing. He kept using his powers repairing part after part. ”MAN THIS THING IS OLD! WHO THE HELL NEGLECTS MAINTENANCE ON SUCH AN IMPORTANT DEVICE TO THIS DEGREE?!”
  2. (OOC: Damn y’all post fast I can’t keep up. I wanna write more to this little post but I’ll be totally left behind otherwise, so I apologize that it’s a little underwhelming.) The facility starts to rattle to its bones. Xylex’s body seemed to get unstable, the reality was much more epic, for his battle against the demons was raging on in Thrax’s mind. It was a spectacle unlike what one would think, for the demons were appearing to win. The darkness that surrounded everything moved forth slamming into Xylex and knocking him again the the wall as an onslaught of darkness continued to crash into him Xylex helpless like a little rag doll took the full force of the blow. “FOOLISH MORTAL! DID YOU REALLY THINK YOU COULD BEAT ME A DEMON OF PERFECT ARTIFICIAL DESIGN!?” Xylex reamed silent as blood ran down the sides of his mouth. “FINE!... Have it your way pup. I have nothing but time on my hands.” Tendrils of darkness cane forth lashing at Xylex and more like blades they slashed into his flesh. There oddly enough wasn’t a lot of blood. Beating after beating, attack after attack he endured his body becoming more and more mangled. ”You’re our of your league pup. You shouldn’t have come here alone.” Xylex started to break out in uncontrollable laughter. ”Aww man Ben I can sense it even from here you’ve powered up again. Geese... guess I haft to power up myself if I don’t wanna be left behind in the dust.... YOU THERE DEMON! I didn’t want to haft to use such a powerful technique on someone like you.” At that moment several tendrils of darkness came forth and stabbed at Xylex knocking him into the walls of Thrax’s mind. A dust cloud now Covered everything. ”Foolish pup, making promises you couldn’t keep where was this great power of yours?” Just then there was an absolutely massive surge in energy accompanied by a burst of light Then slash and then BOOM! Just as quickly as the flash came the demon suffered a massive blow slicing of 2/5 of its entirety. It howled in pain before spitting black blood at Xylex. ”CURSE YOU, YOU FILTHY MONGREL! I’LL DESTROY YOU COMPLETELY FOR THIS!” Xylex only responded with a cocky smile and a increase in his own energy. Yes indeed a truly epic battle had just started.
  3. (OOC: Sorry for the delay I was busy with finals and once those were over holidays and the setup of my new phone.) “START UP SEQUENCE ENGAGED!... NEURAL LINK SOFTWARE BOOTING!” The great mechanical voice came from the speakers above. Apparently Xylex has activated some sort of device. ”ESTIMATED DEFROST TIME TEN MINUTES! WARNING SUBJECT IS NOT CLEARED TO OPERATE DUE TO MENTAL HEALTH! EVACUATION IS ADVISED!” Xylex nearly had a heart attack as he heard that not only did he haft to repair Thrax but he had just ten minutes to do it or, to his best guess, she’d go on a rampage and rip his head off as he tried to repair her psyche. The hypnotic hum of pumps, heaters, and motors chorused the the small room as Xylex set his eyes upon a small helmet dangling by a wire. “Guess that makes it easier than a spell. Never been inside a frozen person’s brain before wonder what it’s like?” Placing the helmet on he was immediately transferred into her mind. It wasn’t pleasant it was like his brain turned to silly putty and was forced though a thin pipe into a small jar. The world that how greeted him was incredibly dark. A male’s voice greeted him as is speaking from everywhere. “Greetings pup I’ve...” Xylex interrupted. “HOLD UP! YOU EXPECT ME TO DEAL WITH THIS CLICHE?! MAN... you’re such a letdown. Here I was thinking you’re some big bad, but all I get is a cliché.” Xylex sighed. “Geese okay I’ll give you five second evacuate this girl immediately or suffer absolute obliteration.” The voice did not respond, whether this was a lack of desire to respond or perhaps genuine fear was unknown the only thing that was really known is that the battle was looming in the near future.
  4. The near faint conversation jolted him awake... Xylex had been distracted with something, he couldn’t quoted remeber what It was though. Even through his husk of a human shell he could sense the far off presence of Ami... ‘why was she here?’ That question resonated with him for a moment before being struck back to the reality that it did not matter. The guards had taken some level of notice and with watchful gazes elsewhere he now had his chance to move his physical location elsewhere. With a thud Xylex disarmed his host and at the same time his seal glowed an errie purple and then snap spactime folded in on itself and both him and his host swapped places leaving his host unconscious where he once stood. The alarms went off, the surge of magic was enough to do so for sure. It mattered not though with attentions split in all directions Xylex could change his approach from stealth to a quick and brief charge. Closing his eyes he got down on all fours, his body and joints lightly crackling as his body warped to allow quadruped mobility, a trait many of his species shared. Then forward, the sound of keratin rhythmically pitterpattered with the hard floors. Then dust came forth from his coat, creating a faint dull rainbow from the overhead light as it glide out in all directions. The hallway, the surrounding rooms and that which was much further ahead was now illuminated to Xyelx who had yet to open his eyes. “I can see. There’s a room with a lot of wires and pipes ahead... oh what’s that?” Xylex sprinted past three guards. “INTRUDER FIRE!” The same bullets that had been used on the group back at the mansion were launched forth then the world slowed down Xylex’s enhanced sense took over and the metal that he kept releasing made small cones about half the size of the bullets and intercepted each one in an almost swiping like fashion. Sparks flew everywhere as the volley bullets stopped a few feet short of there target. Xylex did not stop for them something told him time was of the essence. Following the pipes and wires to their bulk Xylex could tell something odd, the pipes were cold, For what purpose he would soon know as the door to the room was ahead of him and closing. Security obviously trying to end his path, Xylex spead up and Lept through the door just before it closed completely, transforming back into biped form mid air. Landing with a roll Xylex was now in the room. Getting up slowly and opening his eyes Xylex saw his surroundings. It was dark and he was alone but head was a central machine on which all the pipes lead to. Xylex slowly walked up to it and what he saw in there was something that confused him. A lifeform encased in ice he couldn’t quite make out any details but it was rather strange. Perhaps it was this Thrax he was looking for? Looking over the machine he could tell it was missing something a small part of interesting purpose. He couldn’t tell what it did, but it made him curious taking his metal in Its free form he morphed it into the missing area not really quite sure what would happen.
  5. Metal appeared as a sphere at the laboratories, it appeared that Xylex had successfully relayed his consciousness. The sphere slowly took up humanoid form and once it did it appeared to look around. There was a massive sealed door made of metal right in front of it, the entrance. It slipped right through the cracks and went inside where it was met with a guard, surprised they took aim at the sphere. The laser glistened against the lustrous surface and as it did it immediately started to deform cylindrically towards the guard and at a surprising speed it entered the guard and all went silent. The guard went limp for a few moments before slowly taking a normal pose. ”Awww gross this is what it feels like to be human.” The voice clearly belonged to Xylex. He placed his hand on his crotch. “Right humans have things like that on the outside of their bodies. Man why’d I select a human body?” It was just then that Xylex felt some rather disturbing and familiar mana on his body’s side. Severing some of his consciousness from his flesh doll he could now concentrate on the mansion. Gathering some of his magic he projected a conversation into everyone’s mind. “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?! HERE I AM TRYING TO TAKE CARE OF SOME PERSONAL BUSINESS AND YOU SHITS ARE DOWN HERE HAVING A BLOODBATH!” An astral projection appeared before Ben and poked him hard in the chest, somehow creating force. “AREN’T YOU ALWAYS THE ONE TELLING ME TO KEEP MY SHIT UNDER CONTROL?! WHAT ABOUT PSYCHO HERE?! SHE JUST MURDERED SOMEONE!” Xylex said as he pointed at Serenity sternly. He then proceeded to pout. “You never let me murder people... and that’s besides the point. My body is rather vulnerable right now. So do try to keep it safe. If anything happens to it there’ll be hell to pay. Now normally I’d offer to kill those pests outside, but it’s taking me quite a bit of mental effort to keep two remote dummies open at once so I’ll haft to be leaving you and trust me if there’s anything I can do from where I am I’ll see if I can do it.” The projection faded and Xylex’s consciousness was fully back to his flesh puppet. “Now then where’s that information slash control room I assume exists?”
  6. Even Xylex took a knee when the former king entered the room, a show of respect that he often failed to show even Ben. This was not becuase Xylex disrespected Ben, but more to the fact he saw Ben as a friend; and when the former king spoke to him he simply silently nodded. It appeared that even the king was here to get a look at Abraxis, but the answer remained the same, that further answers were at ASCAB Laboratories. Xylex walked away to go gather his thoughts, but as he did he bumped into Ami. He did not speak to her, but he did notice something rather strange with her earlier almost like a foreign essence. He would not question her to what that was, but it did make him rather curious. Still Xylex had a job he needed to do and the answers were at ASCAB. Using the chaos of the moment Xylex slipped upstairs unnoticed. He then proceeded to an abandoned room and sat down in the bed in a meditation like position. Xylex would prove his worth to Ben by gathering the data himself. He spread his arms to his sides and the room was coated in metal preventing anyone on the outside from noticing what he was about to do. He closed his eyes and the seal over his left eye began to cover his whole body. It was then in moments that his consciousness was sent away hopefully to the correct intended destination. (OOC: I apologize for the delay I’ve been busier than I thought so please do forgive the fact that this is short.)
  7. Alright I’m not exactly busy this week so I’ll see what I cancome up with
  8. Xylex watched as Ben seemed to slowly die and his hackles raised as he sensed what was doing it; some sort of strong sorce of dark magic or at least it was volatile. Most interesting... as he followed Ben he saw Ami and Dr. Fowler in some sort of scuffle over a book, the source. Xylex most certainly wanted to know what was inside of that book, but he did not particularly want to hurt Ben and he saw something else that interested him a more comprehensive idea that Dr. Fowler practices time manipulating Magic’s if that wasn’t already clear from his time on the floor below. Then Ben mentioned something about a name that must not be mentioned, Rembrandt. If Xylex asked Ben he most likely would try to steer the conversation away from the subject and if Ami went through the trouble of asking a dark tomb she most likely didn’t know anything, but Xylex would ask Ben anyways. “Ben I am sorry for asking But who is this Rembrandt? Is she some enemy you want me to make... disappear? Is she someone who I can put in a chamber and sell their magic blood as a new aphrodisiac or other sort of drug also what’s with that creepy book and if you don’t mind may I use it? I promise to absorb all the excess magic energy that was causing you to umm slowly die.” Xylex was about to speak more when his stomach growled. He placed his arm over his stomach as it growled again. It had been too long since he ate and there were quite a few diachons in the room who were in human form he gave strange hungry stares. Xylex’s species tended to kill and eat humans, they viewed humans as a lower species worthy of being cattle. Xylex luckily however had excellent self control and had a slightly different philosophy on humans albiet not much better. Still instincts were a hard thing to totally suppress. “Actually Ben since we can’t do anything without your permission can we all please eat now?” He turned his head to doctor Fowler. ”I mean the food is ready right? There is something to eat that’s and forgive my lack of tact in saying this but not totally vegan? I am not a diachon so I unlike Ben, eat a considerable amount of protein albiet most of it seafood.” This was not due to a biological dietary requirements but rather it was the only thing his people had on the island. He grabbed doctor Fowler by the ankles and wouldn’t let go. “Please tell me we can eat all I had to eat today was that chicken I forgot to eat breakfast today becuase it took me five hours to assemble all the books I took with me.” He turned his attention to Ami. ”Oh I almost forgot you Ami, I’m not sure if my books might help but I brought a large collection of holy and forbidden tombs with me. They are pretty dangerous but you seem to know what youre doing. But I must worn you that they are written in my peoles native language but I’m sure you have a translation spell or something. You can use those if you want, they are my propert so it’s not like anyone here can stop you. Now where was I... oh yeah right begging. PLEASE DOCTOR FOWLER PLEASE!”
  9. Xylex gave a sly curious look as Ami entered the room. He didn’t necessarily want to walk up and talk to her and for she really hadn’t drawn any of her specific attention towards him. Luckily for him, Ben did his introductions for him and thus he had no such obligation to create such a formality. Still Xylex listened quietly as the conversation went on and a great many things that peaked his curiosity were brought to life. Knowledge of genetic experimentation and frozen subjects were now on the table. Xylex was curious how far along their research was compared to the research of his people. It also brought to his attention that the problem with Abraxis could have been far more complicated than he originally expected and if it was genetic it made the situation next to impossible to diagnose. He would haft to sleep on on it for now he was curious what dinner was going to be, whatever it was it was going to have tomatoes in it. Xylex liked tomatoes since they had such a wide range of foods that complimented them. Still all of this wasn’t exactly what Xylex was used to when someone hired him, this was more like what it was when he was at home with his kids. Still Xylex sighed for there was not much to do at the moment. Perhaps he would actually have a conversation with Ami, but there probably very little need for him to get her attention; if she had any ability to sense magical power she most likely would have noticed the insane amount of it coming from Xylex. Still though he walked up to her, perhaps not the best idea seeing that the amount of energy coming from him could seem rather daunting. “Hello there Ami I am Xylex Farenhide.” Perhaps it was not the best idea for him to bring light to his last name as infamous as it was. “I guess we will be working with each other for the near future, or not; I’m not exactly sure why you’re here to be perfectly honest other than to inform Ben.”
  10. Xylex started laughing uncontrollably like a mad scientist. Did Ben say he wouldn’t find a hint of evil inside this person? That was just about impossible. Good and evil actions are vaguely defined concepts to make ethics seem more absolute, but even ethics tells that murder can be a good action if certain criteria is met. “Ben I’m doubtful I that would find nothing. Almost everyone has the capacity to do bad things if their circumstances change, but if you’re talking about me finding some dark presence inside of her like a foreign entity I’m doubtful if find something too, otherwise she really wouldn’t be cured.” Xylex waved his hand destroying most of the pillars all save a shard. He floated it to his open palm and upon grasping it it became charged with divine mana once more. “Still though the possibility remains that she may have similar circumstances and that a foreign dark presence remains.” He turned his attention to Ptera and handed her the divine shard. “No need for me to invaid your mind, just hold that and if you don’t start slowly dying it shows you don’t have a foreign dark presence.”
  11. Xylex looked at Ben with a confused face. He had no idea what was going on. He wasn’t trying to force communication. While the poles were indeed a means to pull her conscious out she could have very easily resisted and they were supposed to calm her and she was freaking out like a demon in church. “Jeeze Ben you really got my work cut out for me. There’s definitely some sort of strange magic at play here and if I had to take a logical guess I’d say something demonic. She had a very strange reaction to my divine mana so unless she was born part demon that’s reason enough to make me think something like that is the cause. I’ll try to find some books over exorcisms. In the mean time I’ll purify something and you’ll feed it to her. If she has a violent reaction we know what the hell is wrong with her.” Xylex placed his hand on his stomach as it stated to growl. “Well maybe I’ll have something to eat first and take a quick nap. Hey Ben is there any room I can stay in or am I sleeping in my pocket dimension again? Oh and what’s for actual dinner I know you made snacks, but this seems like a multi-day situation so I assume you have dinning planned out.” Xylex had seemed to have just made taking care of his stomach his top priority. Which wasn’t too far from the truth, but he hadn’t completely forgotten the job for which he was selected. “Well now to think of it feeding her purified foods might be a bad idea. If she really is a demon she could die chocking on her own blood. Maybe I’ll just sprinkle purified salts on her or cast a detect spell or something ya know be a little more mindful, but if I want that to work I’ll need you to do something. Drug her maybe slip some uhhh well you know paralysis drugs for a lack of a better word without making it sound sexual, into her drink or something so she can’t run away or avoid the problem like she always does.”
  12. Actually I may already have an idea for a more interesting energy source, what would you say to a volatile magic reactor? Something that gathers two types of counteractive mana from the surrounding area such as the trees and something else, dumps it into water and uses the heat of the volatile reaction to turn that water into a supercritical fluid to spin a dual turbine
  13. No no I have no problem doing things your way. I always like fantasy inspired by science I need time before actually coming to you with something anyhow becuase exams are coming up and I always appear to be swamped with absurd homework that goes a decent ways outside of the lecture so it gives me time to think of something a little more whimsical I guess?
  14. I like the idea it’s cheap power that causes relatively minimal environmental damage during operation all while still being very efficient and powerful plus becuase of the amount energy fission produces you don’t need a lot of materials to power it i mean look at France it’s not like I hear much about them being in constant peril from their nuclear reactors
  15. I may actually want to develop a large factory something that would benefit us both. But before that I’d lie to take a practical step in development power what would it take to place in a single 300MW neuclear reactor to power the area and perhaps other ambitions
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