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  1. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers OOC

    I’m sorry if I seemed clueless to what you all were doing I didn’t read your posts very well I’m tired and I’ve been so for the last few days so it’s Next to impossible to understand anything that’s more than a paragraph
  2. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers (Quest Thread)

    (OOC: Sorry for the delay I wanted to post yesterday but I just couldn’t focus.) Xylex saw how everyone jumped down he normally would use his powers to use a long range method to analyze the opponent’s strength, but he was far to eager to get involved. He coated himself in a layer of metal and formed a massive sword in his left hand. Then in an instant he manipulated the metal around him to move him to make a massive leap there was a crater where he once stood. He rocketed through the air and with a massive crash that kicked up a cloud of dust he landed. The dust settled and it realved Xylex standing tall holding the sword over his shoulder, but it also revealed a tank. Xylex grinned he found something that looked worthy of smashing. He sprinted forward at the same incredible speed as his first leap into battle and the tank fired a round right at him. His enhanced reflexes kicked in and holding the sword to his side while having a hand on the flat part he managed to guide the shot away without detonating it. Then while using the kinetic energy of his dash he stopped and swung his sword horizontally all while extending it slicing the tank in half. Xylex came to a sliding stop. ”Well that was fun.” Though his gloating was not well deserved a sniper behind him using a Z93 modified to fire anti material rounds shot Xylex in the shoulder Xylex’s armor stoped the round, but not kinetic energy. His whole arm arm had gone numb. A successful hit, but not a wise move. No longer being able to hold onto the sword Xylex pointed the plam of his free and still usable arm at the area. Then in a moment there were sonic booms like when a gun was fired, for Xylex had fired of a barrage of supersonic aluminum rounds. The whole area where the sniper used to be was now rubble. Xylex looked around with bloodshot eyes. “ALRIGHT WHO’S NEXT!?”
  3. I turn 43!!!

    I indeed am late to talk to you happy birthday I wish I had more to offer you than this platitude yet sadly I’m tired and the work ahead is still not done and never ending. From pain comes experience and character. You should know that better than us. So I hope everything that made you suffer over the last has brought some insight into how to make your life better and happier.
  4. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers (Quest Thread)

    Xylex yawned he didn’t really care too much about whatever way they decided to tackle the problem. He didn’t exactly like stealthy approaches he enjoyed ripping his prey limb from limb and bathing in their blood. Besides these were mere humans none of which probably possessed any significant magical or supernatural abilities. There might have been an elf, maybe the rare but not unheard of dragon hybrid, but mainly humans. Weak, powerless humans, that did nothing more than squabble amongst themselves to see which one of them had the largest reproductive organs or whatever. Still though put enough of them in a room and enevtually their collecive effervescence will lead them to great things. It was the power of the pack that made humans strong, but Xylex’s species were stronger and they too possessed the power of the pack. “I suggest we go in and tear their limbs off.” His eyes were crazy and craving blood. He let out a dark smile and the massively crushing mana that always surrounded him became intense and filled with bloodlust. Everyone in the group would have been able to feel it. “Now are we going or what?”
  5. A NEW KINGDOM REVEALED ( Renovotio) Ask before joining

    Not sure FYI I’ll try to post often but I’m busy till Friday
  6. A NEW KINGDOM REVEALED ( Renovotio) Ask before joining

    Umm sorry I was so busy I couldn’t tell you I couldn’t go next its my fault really I shouldn’t have moved @Bkfootball ‘s character he consented but I really shouldn’t have done that it seems to put people off or at least they don’t know how to respond to such situations. I might be able to post tomorrow.
  7. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers OOC

    I know It’s shitty but I’m tired beyond belief so it’s all you’re getting today.
  8. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers (Quest Thread)

    Xylex simply nodded when John told them to rest and prepare. He simply walked off seeing that no one was going to take him up on his offer for better weapons and gear. No he simply left the building and went out into an alley. As powerful as a mage he was he wasn’t exactly bullet proof. He needed to practice to make sure his performance was flawless. He closed his eyes, took a deep exhale and a sparkling dust escaped from him which faded into the air. A few moments later sonic booms where heard several targets had holes going strait through him. “This will do... but I shouldn’t take the fun away from my fellow comrades. No I’ll let them do the heavy lifting unless they need me.” He then walked off into the night not to be seen till morning.
  9. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers OOC

    I can post later tonight if I’m not tired beyond belief
  10. A NEW KINGDOM REVEALED ( Renovotio) Ask before joining

    Shouldn’t have someone posted by now?
  11. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers (Quest Thread)

    Xylex sighed as he sipped his wine. He couldn’t tell but it seemed like all his associates used weapons but him. As for hijacking a place that could already produce drugs, that wasn’t good for him. Still... he had to make a move if he wanted some reach over here. ”if I may be so bold Mr. Wilder, might I suggest that you receive the rest of the ingredients after you use them from me? All I ask is 17.5% of your gross profit and I’ll keep handing you more at no additional cost. This is the unassembled product though as is why I’m only asking for 17.5%. Now as for helping you... liberate this area for your use I think I can do that. In fact as a gesture of good faith why don’t I cover the costs of weapons, armor, and ammo needed to do that.” He was being overly generous, but he wanted the offer to seem enticing. He gulped the rest of his wine and looked at everyone. “Infact my brother is skilled at producing weapons. If anyone here would like an upgrade please do let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you.”
  12. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers (Quest Thread)

    Lunaris, a prefect place to introduce a little darker business. So traveling down it’s streets was a black car and inside it were two individuals having a conversation. “So this man wants to establish a drug trade around here huh? That doesn’t seem like our usual type of business. We usually sell drugs not help other people sell them.” An older sounding voice responded. “Ah my dear son Xylex, not seeing the big picture. I thought when you were made head of the family you’d get some more experience and be able to see opertinites like this. It appears this one is a few resources short of being able to do his own production. So this is where we come in. We can give him what he needs and he’ll give us a cut and he’ll do all the street work.” Xylex sighed deeply, he felt that this wouldn’t end up well for him. “They usually end up betraying us, but fine I guess I’ll do this I’ve been wanting to expand the business out this way anyhow. If he betrays me I guess I’ll just crush him. Father make sure my pups are well looked after don’t leave and them with my brother. I’m afraid his appetite might tell him to do something heavily irrational.” The vehicle stopped at the building and Xylex got into it just in time to hear that they were them to introduce themselves. ”I am Xylex Farenhide... my last name says it all I need no introduction” The Farenhide family was well known in the criminal underworld for having a type of business of every sort. Going all the way up to slaves and weaponry. “Now you said you’d pay for anything we wanted did you? Barkeep I want a glass of well any Riesling you have.” The barkeep rushed over to hand the wolf what he wanted should he face angering it and suffer utter annihilation. It wasn’t exactly the most classy of drinks but Xylex preferred something sweet to enjoy.
  13. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers

    Ok neon is now sufficiently drunk and well rested enough to reply, expect something in a few hours.
  14. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers

    I figured as much just giving you a heads up.
  15. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers

    I will not be able to reply today or tomorrow my meds have been making it hard to sleep and I have a lot of work due tomorrow. In short I'm too tired today and too busy tomorrow.