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  1. A new land ( survivors destination:High rock)

    Dylan was worried when the slaves were called up to be inspected. Where they going to punish him for being a freak? Was he going to be culled? Just then an earthquake struck, but as soon as it was started it stopped. Then he and all the other slaves were told to go to some random ruins. He saw this as opportunity and this was his chance. He melted his collar and transformed into his true and powerful form. He could raid the ruins and present it to the king then he could have respect and power himself. He flew off casting his shadow for all to see. For once he wanted to be known.
  2. Hmmm kinship... my characters and I a driven by forming bonds with people it's not the reward that drives me it's the possibility that I'll get to do something with that person again and thus the story continues in a sense.
  3. Would your characters be friends with you?

    Like all but 2 wouldn't S8NT and Dylan would some would want to kill me and the others uninterested or at the very best we'd be acquaintances
  4. Well, Hello There!

    Make sure you research your compainions well threads can die for no reason either that it's just me.... Anyhow welcome to valucre I suppose.
  5. A new land ( survivors destination:High rock)

    Dylan... once a proud warrior of his warrior of his people now sold onto slavery. He toiled around everyday carting and lifting heavy things and seeing the fact he didn't need food or sleep he did it without end. He wished he could fly off and escape this horrid situation, but instead he was chained and wearing a collar designed to prevent him from transform into his true and mighty form. So he was forced to toil away with the humans. He carried large rocks and logs across the marsh as the slaves were permitted to create there own houses. It was not exactly a pleasant experience and he had no one to talk to. Who would want to talk to the freak monster? He had horns and scales... literally an upright dragon. Most of the other slaves were afraid he'd eat them, but he'd have no reason to do that. As an autotroph all he needed to eat were materials needed to repair the damage that occurred to his body and most of those minerals were found in rocks.
  6. Be a god rp (role-play)

    Xylex looked at the seed. He was blessed with the secrets of the universe so he knew how it worked, yet it wasn't till it was shown to him that the idea to do so was born. Using the very same concept he'd create something truthfully interesting. He'd give life to his metal and create a new type of being. "Thank you with this idea in mind I'll create something truly worth while." He then created a mass of shadow metal and infused into it the secrets of life and nature which truly gave it sentience. Slowly formed another being that looked just like him expect it dripped dark magic and it's eyes glowed purple. "You are my first angel. From now on you'll be called Xeno." The being then grew wings and flew of ready to be instructed by its new master. (OOC: To understand what shadow metal is go to Xylex's character sheet and look up Zarrex.)
  7. Be a god rp (role-play)

    Xylex gave the golem a cold stare. He could have very easily destoyed it for it's insolence. He dare he threaten him? It wasn't polite to threaten people no matter how great the reason. "I do understand, but realize you should not threaten me. If you do attack it may be against a force you'd regret making your enemy. I'll stop my advance, but I see no reason why for my city is in the sky and you are in the ground. Should I ever cast a shadow too grand I'll provide warming and giving light to your precious nature." He then took form to the height as he was when he was mortal. There was no reason to intimidate someone who wasn't his enemy. "I appreciate the offer, but I need it not. We should form an alliance, sharing what protection we can spare for the other." He then moved the metal under their feet and created a platform that flew even above the city. "You wish to see my domain so be it... here it is." It would be upon one's gaze that a hand city filled with towering structures made of pure metal and what appeared to be small paths running through the metal carrying glowing energy. "It's not much technologically, but it runs solely on my power and it bends to my will alone."
  8. BE A GOD in "new world"(Renovation!!)

    Neon may have jumped the gun he assumed there's no general posting order
  9. Be a god rp (role-play)

    From the city a streamer of metal came forth and collected before the golem. Before the golem a wolf made entirely of metal took shape, this was the form that Xylex wished to present himself as. Just standing near him now that he had no body to hold him back was painful. His mana was intense it was like being torn apart by a black hole. He stood at a proud 15 ft. tall. "You summoned me. Though I am no god. Yet I am powerful enough to be one. Now speak your business or begon."
  10. BE A GOD in "new world"(Renovation!!)

    Then neon will wait for someone to reply
  11. BE A GOD in "new world"(Renovation!!)

    Wait did neon post in the correct thing? Or is there no thread yet I'm confused
  12. Be a god rp (role-play)

    Xylex had shed his mortal coil and became a good a being gifted with infinite mana and blessed with all the secrets of the universe while not Devine by entity he the power now and no limitations of a mortal body. So floating above the planet he created a city of aluminum and a people to inhabit it. Simple folk who had all their desires filled and needs taken care of. And on there he had created a body from his metal too not a true physical vessel, but something that allowed him to interact with the world. Yet being a god was boring Xylex wanted to fight and play with the world around him. He could be a fickle creature, but he could not leave often for his people needed him.
  13. BE A GOD in "new world"(Renovation!!)

    I'll be using my character Xylex he has enough mana that if we're to shed his mortal coil he'd be most certainly be god like
  14. BE A GOD in "new world"(Renovation!!)

    Neon would like to ask if he'd be so honored as to be permitted to do this

    I don't see why not it'll keep you from being so evil