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  2. Victorian Era...

    I shrugged. "Sure. I'm only saying... as a human, you may tire. And it might be better to seek shelter before the night falls upon us." The real night, anyways. I nodded at her to begin walking, and followed, falling into step with her. I noticed that, after a while, the fairies stopped following her, not wanting to go too far from the lake. It was understandable, though I had been surprised they had liked her so much.   The more we walked, the deeper we went into the forest, and the darker it became. Trees grew closer together, and leaves formed tangles of green overhead, blocking the light of the moon at times. All colors faded into several shades of blues and greens, and at one point it became so dark, she would not have been able to see had flowers not dotted our path. They were small and purple, and glowed lightly.   "Dream-leurs," I explained, when I noticed her watching them. "They are said to grant one incredible dreams if you place them under your pillow at night: if you make them into tea, the dreams will never leave you." I shrugged. "So they say. I wouldn't know."
  3. Victorian Era...

    I hadn't realized I had been staring until she laughed again, and I looked away, quickly. How odd it was, how they swarmed around her. They flew around her head, touching her hair... they obviously liked her. I smiled a little, unable to help it. Fairies were attracted to beautiful things, but Pauline had a different kind of beauty, one that was not of this world. Others would wonder; this was likely.   "Listen..." I hated to have to break her from her trance; it was so lovely to watch her like this. "I will tell you what the plan is soon enough, but even here, it is not safe. I know of a place where we can talk, and get help; we're going to need it for where we're going. We also need somewhere to leave the dead and dying..." I shurgged. "Unfortunately, the place I speak of is far from here, within the city. We'll have to travel there first, and it'll take a while. Are you up for it?" I nodded towards the sky. "It's nighttime here: time works differently. Perhaps it would be best to leave in the morning, as it can be dangerous at night."
  4. Victorian Era...

    "You're not dead," I pointed out, feeling a strange need to defend what was mine. The border, for example... we were far closer to my home than we had ever been, and I carried a human with me this time. I felt uncomfortable about this. What if she didn't like it? "Look on the bright side: a fall from that height would have killed you. Of course... you cannot die here, it is not possible." It was dark, so I snapped my fingers with my unoccupied hand, holding it lamely to the side. When nothing happened, I glanced up, momentarily surprised. Then I sighed knowly, throwing my free hand into the air. Of course... magic did not work here, so close to the human world. Perhaps at the mouth of the tunnel it would, but what would be the purpose then?   "I turned the Captain into a rat," I explained. Thinking it over now, I realized that's what I should have done to Isaac. Ugh, I had been too good to him. "Now come on, let's go," I said hurriedly, before she began asking what it was with animals. I hated when people judged me, and I'd had enough of it to last a normal lifetime. She followed close behind, and it wasn't until nearly another hour of walking that I heard the soft rustling of leaves. I swallowed, holding my fingers to keep them from shaking. We were close... the tunnel came to an end soon after. We reached a flight of spiral stairs, which we descended, slowly. I did not want to do this any longer, go back. I stopped when I reached the bottom step, but she continued. The door was before us, a plain, wooden thing with no lock. There was a rusty handle, worn from years of use, and I didn't think I would be able to go any further. Behind that door was something incredibly beautiful yet dangerous I was not ready to face the implications of. "This is it," I murmured, going to stand over where she stood. I didn't want her to think anything was wrong. "Humans cannot open the door, however, so you will not be able to. It is not as simple as it seems. You have to be from there..." I reached into my coat, letting my fingers slip into the pocket where it was. When I placed it in her hand, she left it open, examining it suspiciously, though there was nothing suspicious to suspect. It was but an old key, a silvery color that seemed to glow lightly in this darkness. I snatched it back once she'd seen it, placing it in the lock and turning it. I left my hand on the thing for a moment longer than I had to, ignoring the fact waiting served no purpose. This was it, and there was nothing more I could do; I could not run any longer.   I opened the door slowly, gasping in spite of the fact I had grown up here. Living with humans had caused me to forget of the majesty of the other world, and for a few moments, it was like looking through new eyes. Then the moment was gone, and I walked through, nodding for her to follow. The portal had led to the Summer Forest, obviously of the Seelie Court. The nighttime air was cool, and the light of the moon bathed the forest in it's silvery blue glow, giving all a melancholy feel, like when it rained. The trees stretched towards the darkening sky, taller and wider than any Pauline would recognize, and they parted in the middle to let one see the great lake before us, which seemed to be like more of an ocean than anything else. It was a sparkling color, a vivid blue, and large mountains jutted out from the surface of the water not too far away, splashes of green forming the plants growing on them. The enchanted forest, we were in, and one could see why. Soft colors of lights filled the air, and I took me a moment before I recognized them as fairies. I smiled when one pulled a lock of Pauline's hair, not having seen them in so long. One landed on my hand, lightly, it's tiny purple eyes looking up to meet mine. There was a moment of silence before she flew off, and I turned back towards Paul.
  5. Victorian Era...

    "It doesn't matter," I replied. "We can take years and come back days later, or vice-versa... time is not a problem." I rolled my eyes. "And fine, I'll go first." I hesitated, then sank to the ground, scanning the gap beneath the sidewalk. There would be enough room to fit under, but the fall might be a tad... terrifying? What was the word? I stuck my legs under first, so that if I fell I wouldn't lose a limb in the process. Then I slid under completely, and had barely managed to grab hold of the road before the ground beneath me gave way and I tumbled into the dark abyss. Ack, I was not ready. Minutes later the fall ended, and I landed on my fingers, looking above. The light was too far to see, and if I called out she would not hear me. Oh well, it was up to her whether or not she would follow. I turned, frowning as I searched the ground for the Captain's rodent self. I found him moments later, laying on his side and fast asleep. Was it him? I picked him up by the tail and pressed his chest against my ear, waiting for the tiny heartbeat to settle in-- aha! He was not dead yet, which was good. The fall did him well, as being between both worlds had caused the damage of his wounds to slow.
  6. Victorian Era...

    "Yes," I said, irritably. "The rulers of the other world change every hundred years, and the entrances change position, as well, in random places. Believe me, it took me a long time to find this. I'm not even supposed to know of it: most of-" I held my tongue, as I had been about to say the fey. I didn't want Pauline knowing who I was, not yet. "-them don't." I raised an eyebrow and held my hand out, gesturing for her to slide under first. The grate was on the curb, which meant there was some space to fit under before one fell. "Ladies first. Don't worry, the smell disappears as you fall. Also... nothing will happen to you." 
  7. Victorian Era...

    I hesitated, then said, "To the border. Where this world intersects the other... call it a portal, if you will. It's not far, and that's where I was headed before I saw you." She seemed not to hear me, caught up in her song. It was soft, but I could hear it clearly, and was a sad little tune I hadn't heard before, anywhere. I would have asked where it was from but decided not to, seeing as there was little point. She wasn't paying attention to me.   When we passed the pawn shop again, it was much later. I kept walking, turning corners and passing through alleys until we reached the sewer grate. "Here," I said. 
  8. Victorian Era...

    "Ah, here he is." I hesitated, then waved my hand in his direction, regretting the action immediately afterwards. I knew I would regret it, but it was something that had to be done, and if Pauline somehow hated me for who I was, it was no longer my problem. Well, it shouldn't have been. It was somewhat difficult, like it had been to change the pirate into a rat, and myself into a cat. Except... last night had been different, strange. My powers were stronger at night, which had explained why it hadn't required so much energy, but I had done it automatically, almost without thinking. It had felt so natural, which was strange. I... wasn't sure why. Isaac's body shifted almost immediately, as I had, and he became a white bird with a spot of red feathers on its chest. There was no blood, and I stooped to pick him up, handing him to Pauline without looking at her directly. "Well, that's done, and we can't very well carry a dead man all over the city, can we? Now come on, we have to go back."
  9. Victorian Era...

    "He's the fool and thinks that I'll love him someday." I bit back a you married him and began walking, leading her through the crowd and away from all the people. It wasn't until later, when we were halfway to the ship and technically alone, that she spoke to me again. "So are you going to tell me what the catch is, or are you just lying again?"    "Lying about the catch? I don't think so." Her hand was bleeding: she'd cut it on the glass she'd meant to hurt me with. I'd noticed, earlier, and had somewhat cared. She must've been in pain, but showed no signs of this: I worried she would get an infection if anything entered the open wound. I would heal it, but I had a feeling she didn't want to be around me right now, or ever. I wondered if I repulsed her now as much as Isaac had once disgusted me. In case this was so, I kept my distance from her. "It's complicated, see. There's a fair chance we will fail, and die in the process. I can tell you tonight, when there is time. Even here, alone as we may be, there are ears everywhere." I didn't trust telling her now. 
  10. Victorian Era...

    I sighed. "Well, of course there's always that catch." I grinned. "Nothing not worth the life of your beloved, though, aye?" I shook my head. "I can explain it all, later. Right now, we have to go for Isaac. I'll tell you, on the way." I gestured towards the swarm of people, still smiling lightly. So Pauline had caught on, after all, knowing there would be a catch. For the sake of her happiness, I had hoped she wouldn't ask until later... it was a complicated ordeal, seeing as it was nearly impossible to bring one back from the dead. Yet... I knew of a way. It was a long story, but, long story short, I wasn't supposed to know of this method. Bringing the dead back to life was a thing that was forbidden, and only if Pauline was as good a thief as she believed she was would we be able to carry out this mission. Why had I opened my mouth?
  11. Victorian Era...

    "I said," I repeated slowly, "there may still be hope for him." I waited a moment, looking down into her eyes. My gaze flickered between the two; they were such an interesting shade. Especially now, so close... it was as though I couldn't look away. "But not here," I said, "And I'm not sure It'll be easy. But if you really love him, then it won't matter." I moved back a little, looking away from her and into the shop, my eyes darting from the old man to the door. To someone else it might have looked as though I was debating whether or not to go in, but in reality, I was listening to see how many people were surrounding us. Many, though the street was not as crowded as it once had been, was the answer.   I frowned. "If you are interested, tell me now, for we have little time." I was already beginning to regret telling her this... "We need to move quickly, and we cannot talk here, not now." 
  12. Victorian Era...

    "I'm sorry, okay? There's nothing I can do now, and I get that," I said, following her. "But let me stay around a little longer, until that man wakes up. I thought you wanted information from him." I stood there, playing with my fingers, absently. I wanted to do something for her, anything, but there was nothing I could do. I couldn't think at the moment. "Listen, uh, Isaac, right? You left him on the ship? There may still be hope for him, if-" I sighed. I wasn't sure what I was trying to say, or why I had come back. "Just... forget it. It's fine." I turned to leave, hesitating a moment before turning up my collar and walking away. There was nothing more I could do, and I wasn't sure what I kept coming back for.
  13. Victorian Era...

    I hesitated by the door, frozen. Pauline... she'd been so kind to me. Obviously she didn't know who I was, but that had felt strange. Though I wasn't myself, that had been the first time anyone had been so needlessly nice.    I was shocked.   I wondered, then, if Pauline was alright. Her words, the only ones I'd been able to hear, had been impactful. She'd said she had been losing control over everything again... again, though? That meant all had somehow gotten better. I began to pace, though a little farther from the shop so she wouldn't notice I was still here. Had I really ruined things for her by going on that ship? It would seem so. Isaac had been killed, her children had been put in danger, and... I frowned. The children. The Captain had said he hadn't called the order off, which would mean the children were still with his men. Even after she'd jumped, he had told me he wouldn't stick to his promise... so no, no one had saved them. Of course, Paul had killed all the pirates, so they were no longer a threat, but had her children managed to escape the others? Or were they still...? Did she know? I shifted, walking towards the door and pushing it open, causing the little bell to ring.    "Paul," I said, licking my lips nervously. "Have you seen the kids?" 
  14. My cousin is to stay over for two months or so... it's been not even a week and I miss being alone already.