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  1. Coco was on vacation. He was also late for his adventure. He ran oddly, his long legs not quite used to the kind of movement, while he stuffed his mouth with the local delicacies for breakfast. It had been some time since he had left from Casper on a well deserved break. Liz had allowed him the time off before the launch of Ventrix Technologies. He had vowed to take a true break from the science world, but alas his passions usually led him back, though this time his curiosity had manifested differently; a quest beneath the Vanoran lands. His bag jingled and jangled, laden with trinkets, uncomfortably slung across his back. He carried in it, far too much, gifts from his recent family reunion, books he had collected along the way, and some interesting plant specimens. Coco promptly apologized to Ser Alfred noticing that the rest of the crew had left already. He stared at the giant hole in the ground for a moment, and his body tingled with a mix of excitement and fear. Hesitantly he bent down, and threw himself at the rope. His hands slipped, and the rope slapped him in the face. Coco fell backwards into the cave, though somewhere along the descent he awkwardly caught onto it and managed to land softly. “Huff” He let out, his eyes lighting up at the sight of people. To them, an alarmingly tall man would be revealed, dressed in a loose printed shirt, and khakhi shorts, donning a tourist-y bucket hat. He stood oddly, owing to his oversized bag and offered a faint “Hello”, smiling with a sheepish charm.
  2. I'll go after @danzilla3. That work @vielle ?
  3. Luca regarded the woman for a long moment as she asked the question, he feigned disappointment and let out a long sigh. “Well, well, and here I thought I finally found a clever woman around these parts.” He said meeting her gaze. His drink lay on the table, unfinished, so he ventured to end that conquest. In a single movement, he put the glass to his lips and flushed it all down his throat. He scowled owing to the sting that the alcohol brought with it. The warmth of the cascaded throughout his body, and a strange feeling washed over him. “I hear the main course is served upstairs. Come on now, before it gets cold.” Luca stood up almost abruptly, as he finished the sentence. The pain from his leg shot up instantaneously, despite the painkillers and alcohol. It had disappeared a while ago, and he had seemingly forgotten about it. He let out a soft groan, and gestured the woman to follow as he began to walk towards the staircase.
  4. Yep, am back will be joining soon.
  5. I suggest a press conference tour through parts of Terrenus showcasing the products and encouraging the damaged population to participate in the free trials but before that A Ventrix Technologies LAUNCH PARTY. What corporate fun will that be! Both of these can act as a singular thread or multiple threads, and they also provide space for outside participation. @vielle can jump in on this too!
  6. Here we have Coco, coming to Vanora for a vacation! I think he'll feel just at home with all you furries.
  7. sheep


    Reference Image: Does not belong to me. [BASICS] First name: Coco Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Race: Human Marital Status: Single Gender: Male Age: 32 Role: Researcher at Ventrix Industries Sexual Orientation: Homosexual [PHYSICAL] Voice: Tenor Eyes: Blue Complexion: Pale Height: 7’1” Weight: 230 lbs Build: Lanky Hair: Curly, Shoulder Length Tattoos/markings: Magitech Compounds tattooed along his spine | A singular dark circle the size of his heart positioned to locate the heart, with cracked lines radiating outward all across his torso. [MENTAL] Demeanor: Disturbed, Impatient, Shy, Kind Desires: Peace, Knowledge, Companionship Fears: Loneliness, Obscurity Likes: Nature, Animals, Science, Travelling, Simplicity, Reading, Sweets, Getting high Dislikes: Flamboyance, Crowds, Violence [ATTIRE] Coco chooses to dress simple. He is often found in his lab coat, a shirt and trousers on work days but dons T-shirts, and lose Pajama like pants on off days. He is often seen with a small bag on his back and likes to wear colorful clothing. He likes to carry books wherever he goes and is currently studying color. [WEAPONS] Coco often carries a knife while travelling. [STRENGTHS] Coco is a smart man, well respected among the magitek community. He has a good sense of reason and logic. As a child he was trained in the arts of magic and alchemy by his mother. While not the best, he is well versed with both but often tries not engage in magic and only uses it for Aesthetic purposes Coco can concentrate and work for long periods of time, often getting lost in his work for days. He is curious, analytical, resilient and dedicated. [WEAKNESSES] Coco is very prone to addiction, be it working, reading, sweets or drugs. Lack of social aptitude. Candy. His body in some ways. [SKILLS] Cooking Brewing Potions Amateur Medicine Deduction/Reasoning Spellcasting Advanced Abstraction Note-taking Molecular Magitek [FAMILY] Coco was raised by a witch in the forests near Moonwood. He was raised alongside three other orphans like himself: Mocha, Macchi, and Chino. The family also had a large assortment of pets as they were growing up. Their mother, the witch is currently travelling Valucre, on her witching adventures. Mocha is a demon, and has been in search of a lost treasure since he was five, the search is still on. Macchi, the only female child is a wildlife explorer and often travels with Mocha or their mother. Chino is an elf, though very disconnected from his culture and roots. He has dreams of serving in Terrenus army and is currently travelling to find a suitable master to train him before he enrolls. Coco had a happy and fun childhood, though as he grew up the curiosity of the world called to him. He studied hard independently while working odd jobs until he was discovered by his now colleague and collaborator Elizabeth Patton. He is currently a lead researcher at Ventrix Industries and developing substances that will potentially change the world forever.
  8. Ey gang, let's finish it up and start PLOTTING!
  9. Luca tilted his head letting his gaze run across the length of her body. He rested his cheek on his palm as he continued to regard her. There was a sudden shift in her demeanour, she shifted towards him and the ruse of impatience disappeared. Luca met her eyes with a mischievousness in his own, he smirked as if he had just struck a prey and perhaps he had. Her lips moved to word her name, "Akako.", she said, leaning forward. "But, I didn't get your name either... Dorian." The announcement was followed by a swift spectacle. Luca let out a chuckle in amusement, and the aloofness in his expression was tarnished by surprise. He felt the challenge in her eyes, and what had that been on the wall? A trick of the light? Luca eased away slightly, returning to his drink but his eyes never left the woman's. Have they chased me this far out?, he mused, as paranoia bubbled up within him, although subdued by the depressants. The thought struck regardless. Luca leaned back in, further this time, his fingers traced the backside of her neck, and slowly pushed her towards him guiding her ear to his lips. "Luca..." he whispered as if the name were a threat, emphasising the the 'ka' greatly. He held for a long moment, then receded ever so slowly, breathing softly on her neck. He lounged back into his chair, as the air grew thick with tension. "Now that we've mingled aptly, shall we proceed to the main course?" He offered slyly, after a brief pause.
  10. I'd be shaun the sheep with shades. /thread
  11. Luca regarded the lady as she pushed away, snatching a bite from the plate. He chewed away at it showering in the woman’s dry rejection. “Well,” He squinted, leaning forward “It is obvious your lips are parched for love. Let me pour you some.” Luca grabbed the bottle the waitress had just delivered, and proceeded to pour a dark greenish liquid it in two separate glasses, with a grace that had been acquired through years of practice. “Best in Terrenus, crafted by the Fairy-folk of Moonwood; Quite an aphrodisiac.” He said. The liquid danced with an iridescent glow, as he brought to his lips and with a grimace, he continued, “Well that’s a lie, but since we’re already pretending, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.” Luca lounged back against the chair, letting his left arm dangle behind it, his body pulled away from the conversation in the subtlest of ways and his eyes wandered away from the woman, sifting through the bar. Ever so slowly his shoulders drooped, and his lips fell into half a smile, and a strange relaxation engulfed his demeanour. Was it the medicine? The alcohol? He glanced at the green liquid for a moment. Did it matter? “I did not get your name....” The notes of his voice came softer this time, accompanied with a hint of curiosity.
  12. As Patton fervorously presented the new model, Coco traced tiny circles on the table with his finger. He had stopped following the presentation mid-way, the dialogue amongst the board members had faded to the background and a stream of thoughts had flowed to the fore. His eyes looked at nothing in particular, and his lips remained slightly parted while he tapped his feet lightly as if to the rhythm of a song. In the periphery of his vision, words and numbers danced as Liz continued to present, he made sure to keep track of it, lest he be called upon. The formulae his accomplice showcased, would surely vow the uninitiated, and deceive even a well trained mind but there were gaps there still, gaps one could find if they looked hard enough. Their research had been lauded by some of the greatest minds across the Terran intellectual landscape, but in making it a tangible thing, a lot had changed. They gaps would have to be filled and filled soon. Perhaps his friends on the streets could... “All in favor of the proposed structure, raise your hands now. That includes you and your partner Coco, Dr. Patton” Coco sat back up straight with a jerk, startled at the sound of his name. “Oh yes, yes of course.” He said, with a wry smile, his clumsiness dismissing any attempt at seeming like an attentive attendee. What was he doing in a room such as this anyway? The man collected himself, as he stole a look around, gathering the significance of the situation. “Well, If you’ll excuse me!” he announced abruptly, still unaware of what had been asked of him and hurriedly made his way through the door.
  13. Luca felt the heat cascade his body as he took another swig of the alcohol. The pain receded simultaneously, thanks to the added effort of the doctor. Luca would have said something, but the doctor interrupted, though he was quickly dismissed with a fair bit of coin. He glanced at his leg, examining the wound, then returned his attention to the lady who shifted impatiently. Luca eyed the direction, she seemed to be looking in. Sluggishly he lifted himself up from his table, and grabbed a barmaid passing by; whispers and currency were exchanged. “Excused!” Luca said, half smiling as he limped across to the woman’s table. “If I may?” He inquired but didn’t wait for an answer and placed himself next to her. “I’m Dorian, I suppose you’re…” The dialogue came broken as the waitress fetched a vividly engraved bottle of liquor alongside a plate of steaming hot, finger food. “Ahhh!” Luca, let out seeming satisfied. “Why, thank you!” He let out, giving her a smile and a wink. “Enjoy the evening!” She returned, with a suggestive smile, and skittered away to attend to a group of rowdy men. “Now, I know this isn’t the ideal environment for our first date, but we’ll make do, won’t we? After all what is a love story without a tinge of tragedy...” He said, nodding dismissively at the wailing and laughter engulfing the bar.
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