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  1. Taen & Yh'mi - When Two Boards Collide

    Water? in Yh'mi? FOOL.
  2. LotE Chapter 2: The Valley

    All men dreamt of glory, few ever tasted it. He was one of the latter. A man responsible for the fall of Isore, a soldier of the Byrn legion. Moments stretched on to infinity, his hands trembled as they tightened around the reins. The Exarch and Innes engaged in the ritual of exchanging insults, but he could not hear them, they merely were, off in the distance. The blood of dragons themselves rushed through his veins, filling his ears with a ferocious drumming. He could taste it again, it hung in the air, it was his to take. Him and his brethren, the Exarch would not escape. Horses reared and smoke filled the air. He had pulled at the reins before he could realize. The beating of the hooves and the cries of his brothers pulled him along, straight through the smoke. He found himself smiling, as he tore through it, greeting the world yet again. Chaos had bared it’s bloody claws. Fingers slowly gripped the axe, flesh pressing against wood, threatening to break it. He swung it, slashing the air, causing it scream a scream that would be never heard. Power surged through his arms, the blade merely an extension of his intent. The gods too seemed to favor him, for the threads of fate had put a rather feeble prey, just within reach. A boy hanging against the soldier. Without a second thought he thrusted his feet into the sides of his horse, lifting his axe high above his head. The horse whined with pain, thrusting forward. His wrist twisted just as he came within an arm’s reach of his pitiful target. He drove the axe downwards, imbuing it with his thunderous strength. The soldier had drawn his sword at the signal of the boy. For a infinitesimal moment, his eye met with the boy’s. In the next he had brought the axe down, putting a huge gash in the soldier’s back. And in another he found himself in the air, the soldier’s blade ridding the horse of it’s leg. Soon he would kiss the ground, and the crash would silence his senses. Glory would be left untasted.
  3. Taen & Yh'mi - When Two Boards Collide

    Y'hmi if there's any space.
  4. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    I'm in still. Glad you're back @Song Sprite
  5. A night to remember

    Silvia wearily sat up, letting out a little groan. Pain drummed away at her skull, as she slowly opened her eyes, swollen due to a lack of sleep. Rubbing her eyes, she looked around. Faint pictures of last night's events were painted by her mind. "Where is this" , she mumbled, her hand tugged at the tent to help her get up, only to have it collapse onto her, making a loud noise. She groaned again, but soon the lack of breath pushed her laziness away, as she struggles against the tent. After a fair amount of kicking and punching and screaming , she managed to crawl out of the tent. It was the sun then, that would torment her," uhh water.." she mumbled again, wrapping her hands around her head as pain danced through it. Her eyes barely open, would find silhouettes looking at her, silhouettes she vaguely remembered. It was then she realized, the disheveled state she was in, dress barely clinging to her, and her hair all messed up. In a quick motion she collected herself as much as possible, and lifted herself up. "You guys are...? " Names came back to her... "Ichi, Evie, Lexicus, and you... " she said pointing at the last member of the group facing her, "you are?"

    Lol, this is cool, is there a plot or structure? I think that might attract more people.
  7. Silvia

    House Keth [BASICS] First name: Silvia Surname: Keth Alignment: Chaotic Good Race: Human Profession: Freelancer/Amatuer Fortune Teller Affiliation: House Keth Religion: Altus Arcantium Hometown: Western District, Mezthaluen Marital Status: Single Gender: Female Age: 22 [PHYSICAL] Voice: Plain and dry Eyes: Blue Complexion: Light Brown Height: 5 '4 " Build: Petite Hair: Black ; Curly Scars: None Tattoos: Dragonfly on the side of the neck [MENTAL] Demeanor: Chirpy, Energetic, Responsible Hopes: To travel the world, Enjoy life, Taste all kinds of food, Bring happiness to those around her Fears: Lonliness, Heights, Sharp objects Likes: Colorful Trinkets, Jwellery, Eating, Coffee, Horse-riding, Tarot Cards, Kids Dislikes: Rain, Violence, Spicy food, Pretentious people [GEAR] Bag: Clothing & Footwear: [WEAPONS] WeaponNameHere: None [SKILLS] (WIP) (WIP) Age 00: Born [FAMILY] Father: Rodrick Keth; 54 (deceased) Mother: Cateline Keth; 49 Sister: Lilith Keth; 12 (deceased) Brother: Darius Keth; 20 [STORIES] (WIP) Age (StatusHere): ThreadTitleHere
  8. Villains! (OOC)

    I am here.
  9. LotE Chapter 2: The Valley (OOC)

    @Bolt Mulaag You gon post or should I proceed?
  10. Terrenus | AMA (Ask me anything)

    Is the Terran Military running any illegal operations?
  11. Elendaron AMA

    Hey Mickey! Awesome work on the board. Could you tell me more about The Obsidian Tear? How does it work? Who owns it? Do they serve tea and cookies?
  12. Pfft, Luck has nothing to do with poker.
  13. Confession Thread

    Like Robbie said there's nothing pathetic about it. Attracting the opposite sex is something very natural and our generation seems to have forgotten how to do that. I'm not taking a hit at you, I myself and many of my friends do or have experienced this but what I've learnt is, attracting the opposite is as much a skill as anything else. If you'd like I could point you to some resources. They've worked for me, maybe they'll work for you too.