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  1. Now you see, Tookie was a masterful storyteller. His one and only book, Tantalizing Tales, has stayed atop the bestseller charts eons before they existed. It tells tales of a world horrible and beautiful, it fables the monsters that have come and gone and will come again in due time. The future and the past of the world has already been inscribed into its pages. But unfortunately, it seems the world has forgotten of it’s essence, at the word of 80 year old bearded virgins. Though if one wishes to drink of Tookie’s wisdom, It is never too far. It sits on the shelf of any child worth their salt, clad not in leather but in magic in awe. So are you ready to discover the wonderful world of Valucre through new eyes? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -x- I want to create an official in-world book full of fairy tales. We can do this through an assortment of roleplays throughout all of Valucre (mostly in the past). We can experiment with timelines, races, settings etc (eg: Create a floating town 500 years in the past inhibited by walking tomatoes) We can add to the lore or build and strengthen existing lore. We can create fabled characters in Valucre canon! (WOOOAH! Have you heard about the treasures of Dudely the dudewrecker?!) Any genre goes. We can have lots of fun. Once we’re done with each thread, we will water it down and glorify it’s events and turn it into a nice little fairytale or a really dark one! Who knows? And though I can’t promise if I have the time I will do some cool graphics for it. This is an all out experimental endeavour, I want to break the conventional rp structure and see what else can we do. All ideas, questions and criticisms are welcome! I’d like to start off the first tale with 3-4 other people. Anyone interested in helping with the overall project is also welcome and should DM me. *Name of the book is subject to change. Let's go! :D
  2. Squeaky wheels struggled against the moonlit road, as narrow streets came alive with a raucous energy. It arrived in a hurry, and left as if it had to be somewhere yesterday, though the laughter that accompanied it lingered a bit longer only to be followed by a curse or two. Tonight, Casper bore witness to two brave men, as they raced down it’s uneven slopes, awkwardly huddled in wheel carts, pushed along by two men slightly less brave. Luca’s hands struggled against the metal to maintain a grip, sweating feverishly, as the wheels rushed downhill. A few minutes ago, he had been standing on his very own feet, perched upon a table, as alcohol swivelled down his throat. He remembered a man had stood across from him, doing the same, as hands thrashed the wooden table, and the cheers of a rowdy bunch filled the room. He remembered the alcohol claiming his soul and replacing it with a loud warmth. And now, he missed it. Oh, How he missed it! As the cart curved along a rather sharp turn, Luca screamed in defiance and ecstasy altogether. His skin crawled with excitement and fear, eyes wide open and a voice dedicated to the note of maddening laughter. The lights in the streets blurred against the landscape as they raced along, and the moon danced it’s own dance across the waters in the distance. The port was beginning to appear. The first one in the water would win. Why had he agreed to do this again? “Faster!” he found himself screaming, as another cart rushed part him, cascading the scenery. “Alright the.. Whoaa” An answer came, followed by a loud thud. Luca turned around to discover that the man pushing him now lay far in the distance. “Shit. Shit! SHIT!”, Who had come up with the idea to push two grown men on measly little carts across the slope of the town and into the sea? Well, fuck. “You little…!” Luca shifted his weight, steering the cart towards his opponent, as it wheeled down, picking speed with nothing to hold it back but the sea itself. Dim thoughts of safety dared to trouble him, but his raging heart saw to them. “Nobody’s going to win if I don’t!” He announced, with a scowl as he drove his cart into the man’s. There was a loud clatter, a scream and a squeak. The world spun ever so slowly, and amidst the adrenaline fueled theatre, came a moment of unhinged beauty, of pure focus; the moonlight softly swaying against the waves of the sea that stretched unto infinity . “What a wonderf…” and with a loud bang it ceased. Darkness. -x- The bar doors swung open with a ferocity, revealing three broken men, and a single man who somehow managed to carry them. “Drinks on me!” Luca announced. The tension that had suddenly encompassed the room turned to laughter, stealing away the terror of swollen faces and broken hands. The steamcar that had brought them along back to the purple axe, left them in a cloud of dust, leaving the bloody, sweaty man at the doorway, though helping hands soon followed. “Yeah! Yeah! That might be the only thing keeping your manhood alive now!.” Olga spat, as the bar owner stomped away shouting orders at her bar girls to fetch the local doctors and medication. The tavern filled with another wave of laughter, as Luca exchanged pleasantries and avoiding slaps on the back. It hadn’t been too long ago when he had first stepped foot in the city, and now it felt like home. He struggled to the back of the tavern, snatching a drink, and a tray of food along the way. Awkwardly, he settled on a corner table, and leaned against the wall. Pain streaked across his body, the room broke into song and story and Luca smiled with bloodied lips, digging into his food.
  3. So since this is pretty much done, I suppose we should begin plotting for the next thread. + I recently noted that my post is kinda redundant, but I'm not sure if the cue was present for Coco to finish the presentation. I'm fine either way, so I'll let @Vilhardt take the call. If you want me to finish I can otherwise you can post and wrap things up.
  4. sheep

    Hold Your Vines

    Like a worn out marionette strung to a tired hand, the man stood amongst the odd assembly. His eyes sought eternity in the stone beneath his feet, but found none. The world appeared as a blur. He couldn’t quite see the faces they had so painstakingly put together, or understand their demented voices. Their faces melted into the bleak scenery, their voices became the cacophonies of demons and the skies above sang of the deceitful land that lay beyond. The world was a nightmare come alive, hadn’t it always been? Amongst the chaos, were moments of lucidity, where the grey of his irises faded to a deep yet gentle blue, moments that were marked by a strange cheer, moments of connection and recognition, but these moments were short lived. The blue would give in to the grey often and men and women would turn into ghosts again. But his existence was not without understanding, although diminished, he recognized what was taking place; a handful of souls offered themselves to the trappings of this strange land. Silence was the law here. The void ruled. It consumed all that dared to exist, to sing, to speak, to utter and it would not rest until it stifled the mild utterance beaming from Inns’th. In an abrupt moment, his lousy gait disappeared, as if the strings of the marionette had been pulled taut. The world remained a nightmare, though it became less so. The voice found its way into his ears. Sing. The man strode along towards the front, snatching the guitar that had suddenly appeared in his vision. He would halt at the head of the party facing them. “Now, we will sing.” He let out, in a raspy voice, “For song is survival.” and with that his hands began strumming the guitar.
  5. Excitement crawled through his skin, bubbling up to his lips in the shape of a sly smile. Coco leaned back, clasping his hands as his eyes browsed the room. The conversation had built to a crescendo, it was time for catharsis. It all finally came together, after years of what he’d assumed to be a misdirected effort. The child within him craved to whisper ‘No’ out of spite. The astonishment in their faces would be certainly worth it. But then came the question, was a child and a stranger their best audience? Would they truly understand the depth of their work? The grandiosity of it’s scope? He ran his eyes over them again, resting them on Liz. His heart lurched, the drug rendering it’s final blow. Ahhh. Clarity stole away the terror in an instant, he could trust her if not the others, and surely that was enough. “Oh yes, dear!” Coco announced, breaking the tension that had long been looming over the room, but as his voice faded, his lips mouthed another message, warning her of the pages she must skip, by mistake of course.
  6. sheep


    1|2|3|4|5 [BASICS] First name: Luca Surname: Arfey Alignment: Chaotic Evil Race: Human Marital Status: Widower Gender: Male Age: 26 Role: Diplomat for the Taiyomichi Empire [PHYSICAL] Voice: Bass-Baritone Eyes: Black Complexion: Brown Height: 6’ 4” Weight: 200 lbs Build: Broad Hair: Short, Black Tattoos/markings: None [MENTAL] Demeanor: calm, collected, narcissistic, quick-witted, ambitious Desires: Power, Fame, Wealth Fears: Obscurity, Weakness Likes: Smoking, Drinking, Women, Gambling, Brawling, Money, Piano Dislikes: poverty, stupidity, ignorance [ATTIRE] Luca prefers wearing stark colors that polarize. He usually dons complete blacks, grays or whites and on occasion a subtle mixture of these. He prefers to wear jewellery that is either red, gold or black in color and often wears several rings on both hands. At times he can be wearing several extravagant chains fashioned after the forms of several powerful ancient creatures of Genesaris. [WEAPONS] Luca owns a longsword named Cadrel, and while well trained in the art of sword fighting, he prefers using his fists. If the situation so requires, he may summon his magical faculties, though he has trouble controlling the intensity of the magic he wields. Luca uses fire magic. [STRENGTHS] Luca is well versed in communication. He can charm and prod, tease and please. In most situations, he is the one pulling the strings. Being well educated in several fields gives him an advantage over most men. He has the knowledge of a scholar, the wit of a writer, and the drive of an athlete. Despite having outbursts of emotion on occasion, Luca stays stoic, dealing with everything in a cold and calculated manner. His narcissistic tendencies arm him with an uncanny sense of confidence in himself. [WEAKNESSES] Alcohol and Women, at times. His Cat, Simon. [SKILLS] Sword fighting Fire magic Gambling Diplomacy Economics Business Piano Foresight [FAMILY] Luca is the son of, Gordon Arfey, an adventurer renowned throughout Genesaris for discovering rare treasures. He was born into wealth and enjoyed a lavish life alongside his brother, Kris. While the brothers had many siblings, thanks to Gordon’s adventurous nature, their father chose to raise the two independent from their mothers or any of the other siblings they had. The brothers trained hard in various arts, languages, sciences and social play throughout their childhood while travelling alongside their father. At the age of 20 Luca fell in love with a woman called Lyka, a Terran native and ended up marrying her soon after. At the current moment, all of his family is deceased. Luca, was convicted for the murder of both his brother and wife at the age of 22, and while on the run from the authorities gambled away his father’s wealth. It was his drunken, gambling spree that actually lead to his arrest, a year later, as a fight broke out between him and his opponent. His time in prison has allowed him to harden himself, and return to the roots of what his father taught him.
  7. sheep

    Hold Your Vines

    A man sat humming a dreaded tune at, as he clattered stones against each other, though one couldn’t be sure if it was an attempt to light a fire, or accompany the hum with some offbeat percussion, perhaps both. He had lit a single candle and placed it next to him, as he dedicated himself to making strange sounds fitting for the strange land he was in. The flame danced wildly underneath the endless darkness of the sky, painting him in a different light every second. The man had long hair that reached down to his back, tied in dreadlocks. They were frizzy at the edges and had a rough look to them, His long hair were accompanied by a short beard, and dark skin. He wore a simple white shirt and black harem pants underneath, both of which were muddled and had several tears and holes. The unkempt appearance of the man inspired the onlookers to whisper in contempt as he beat away at the stones. Though it was not uncommon to see a mad-man wandering in Inns’th, he still stood out, his aura a strange one. The meditative ritual of his continued until a voice emerged within him. Follloow ttthhheeeemm!! A horrible shriek, that of a lady, resounded between his ears, he had always been unsure if the other had been able to hear her. Go with them!!!!!! The voice came again, and the man finally let go of the stones he held, looking up as several figures approached looking to venture past Inns’th into the broken plains. His eyes were a strange gray, and had an enchanting depth to them. One dare not look for too long into his eyes, lest they be lost forever. The man stood up, and gently walked to the lady, “I will come with you.” He said with certainty.
  8. “Oh!” Coco squeaked, as he was pulled into the tempest. He strolled into the meeting hall with a hint of hesitation, while several men were escorted out by the man called Gustav. What a nice name. Coco saw several familiar faces, the now ex-members of the board passed by him. He thought to offer candy but truly they needed ice, for the fiery exchange had left them burnt. Unfortunately, Coco didn’t have ice, but surely a dose of bliss could help, he mused. His thoughts trailed off, as he now stood amongst an audience. The meeting room held several new faces, and several old ones. “Good evening” He chimed at the strangers and as his eyes met Liz, he offered her a quiet smile. His gait was lazy, and he took his sweet time to settle himself down next to his old friend. Coco inhaled deeply, looking around. His hands ran through his hair as he placed the file on the table. “I’m Dr Coco, and I handle innovation and research.” He offered to the new faces, “though I tend to stay away from places like these,” Coco waved his hands at the surroundings, “I’ll try my best.” He smiled, and proceeded to snatch the snacks and drinks that lined the huge meeting table. As he munched on a cookie, he slid the file he had brought along towards Liz. The file held no titles, no text on it’s cover except for a large, solid, red triangle. One could search both the digital and physical archives endlessly, and would fail to discover something akin to it. After all this was Coco’s and Liz’s pet project, meant for the greater good of society through science. “We’ve been experimenting.” Coco said, as he sipped on the fizzy Cola, it tasted wonderful than it had ever before, thanks to Bliss, of course. The pleasure that spread through his body was completely visible on his face. “Ferociously”, he uttered, with difficulty, as he tried to fight the intensity of it all. “To drive Ventrix Industries past it’s current failings. I do not know of things on the business end, but with Patton’s dedication we can make the world a much better place, with less pain and more joy, for everyone.” At times Coco had role-played official meetings with Liz as they worked long hours in the labs, but it seemed all the juvenile mockery of the board meetings had served him well otherwise too. He was impressed with his entrance, and to celebrate he took another sip of the cola, letting the joy spread once again.
  9. Darkness cascaded all that was, but it’s friend silence seemed amiss. From the corner of the room, the rhythmic beating of drums accompanied the slow dance of a piano and the hum of brass, all brought to life through a single needle gracing vinyl. Oh the wonders of Magitech! They blessed the world, the rich and the poor, stripping away the ailments of existence and replacing them with luxuries aplenty. “Even you can be the superhero of their dreams” So much so, that the power of gods had now readily been made available for anyone with the willingness and the pockets to indulge. Ventrix Industries, stood tall in the hospital district of Casper, it’s influence on the city increasing with every passing second. To an onlooker the buildings might have appeared still, but truly, they rumbled and bustled, struggling to contain the chaos that raged inside. Amongst the chaos was a chamber full of darkness, tranquility and some jazz music but soon it too came alit. “The reports are here!” A short, plump woman walked into the room, and turned on the lights. She carried a pile of files entirely too big for her, but still somehow handled them with grace. “Oh.. uh.. Hi Martha, yes… reports… yes” A dazed man sat across her, puzzled as to what had just happened to burst his bubble of bliss. The room was lined with all kinds of little trinkets, toys, and a variety of books. It was dressed in more colors than the entirety of Ventrix Industry combined. Dr Coco was an unusual man, but so were his talents. He had been one of the transformative forces for Ventrix, scientifically. Some of their most potent products came from him, and would continue to. “Thanks, darling. Have a good…..” his eyes travelled to find the clock. What?! His gaze bounced to the table, where lay several syringes, empty ones, a recorder, a few papers and a blunt pencil. “The dosage is still messed up.” he whispered to himself. “Um Good Night, Martha. Have a good one!” He blurted out as thoughts rushed into his brain. “You should go home too, Doctor. Be careful.” Martha said before, exiting with a worried expression. With a yawn and a smile Coco painstakingly, lifted himself up from the chair, still feeling the effects of his last dose. A new concoction he’d been toying with. Bliss, An injection that put you in a state of well, bliss, where neither thoughts, nor pain, physical or mental could get through to you, perfect for people with mental illnesses, high stress, or a wish to pass away peacefully. And as a responsible scientist, Coco always made sure he perfected the product before it went out to the customers. Coco was a tall man, though slim as he might be, his stature was intimidating. He walked slowly, and always with a smile. His hair curled in twenty different ways hanging down to his shoulder, and his brown eyes sparkled with a sense of joy. Coco grabbed a bunch of files, and made his way out his cabin, feeling groggy. The dose would wear off in a few hours, and the lingering blissfulness would be replaced by a sinking feeling. As he made his way to the coffee machine, he exchanged pleasantries with colleagues and offered them little treats as he always did. A sense of relief overcame him, as the warm beverage washed down his throat. He sighed with relief, and then headed towards the lab. “Oof.” He gasped, “What happened here?” A dozen useless bodyguards lay scattered around the hallway like ragdolls, what a sore sight, It seemed there’d be bliss no more. The trail led to the meeting room and a handsome man stood at it’s door, solenm. Shouts emanated from the meeting room, as they always did. Coco smiled, and tucked the file at his side while he sipped the coffee. He slowly trudged to the door as the voices grew louder. He’d never been the one to lurk around meeting halls, but that man sure was handsome. “Candy?” Coco offered, grinning.
  10. Makes sense that a few powerful people should be in on it. I'll post soon.
  11. I'll play an employee, a bored, lazy junkie scientist. He who usually slacks around, finding ways to amuse himself whether it be by ticking off his colleagues or helping himself some extra 'juice' from the labs. Since the Civil war has hit Terrenus, there has been a demand for all kinds of injections for a variety of reasons. So my little opportunistic scientist here has discovered some flaws in the system as one is wont to do after long years of work, and has established a little side business. He has started supplying Injections to all kinds of people in society, the big names and the small ones. For anyone who hungers for power, he has the fix. Want stuff that is long taken off the shelves? He's got it. Want that little extra spark? get an extra dose, and of course some experimental formulae for the daring. He's also looking into developing a subscription model, as of course the people always want more. Now this could open up a variety of plots: 1. A character whose interests lie in taking control could use this to a tactical advantage, and go "Hey, you can't run the company, look what's happening under your nose!" etc etc 2. Perhaps some of the stuff that's been shipped out is a little funky and gets somebody very important, very troubled. This could open up space for investigation from authorities and create the space for the right leader to prove their worth by leading the company out of trouble. 3. Any one of the board members or other employees could be business partners, since it wouldn't be easy to run such an operation alone. In fact I would insist on it. Now my character here might be lousy but is in his own way trying to gain power. After all maybe this business model is better for Ventrix Industries, it does fetch in more profits!
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