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  1. We could be working together instead of having a meaningless conversation that'll just make both of us bitter. I'd rather see you being creative than using Valucre like a social network to tweet about your life's problems, lol. You're the Chosen One. You do have skill--I need your eye for dank memes. You're coming on an adventure.
  2. Yep. You win. Now let's part and go back to practicing more useful things (and topics).
  3. Thanks, really like that idea for a board.

    I have a project I've been meaning to ask for your help with--I'll need a few days to get everything together, but I'm thinking it'll interest you.

  4. Most are novice/beginner level, each are 5 - 10 minutes: Blend Tool Layer Options Palette Pathfinder Basics Pen Tool Pixel Art Shapes Shapes (Abstract) Stroke Basics Why learn from me when you could check out ECAbrams, Mt. Mograph, After Effects with Mikey, and the people who I learned from? Character Rigging with Duik 1.5 (20 mins) Color Expression Controls (12 mins) Character Rig Troubleshooting (48 mins)
  5. Daily Weekly does tutorials.
  6. Project files available here To follow this tutorial, you will need either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop for the creation of the character and After Effects along with Duik 1.5 (free) for the animation and character rig. We'll be making a fully functional, basic template of Finn from Adventure Time: Duik is perfect for this style of cartoon and makes for very easy click-and-drag animation, once you finally have it set up. Each of the above Finns only took about a minute each to animate from the template and it has the ability to be infinitely re-used and refined. This method of rigging a character would work for any similar images, characters, and styles from Illustrator, Photoshop, or similar programs. I intended for this to be a private tutorial (which might help explain my overall tone and lack of urgency) but figured it might help someone or spur interest. In case you get impatient, I start actually using Duik at 4:00 and on, use the Auto-Rig feature at 12:43 and on, and begin playing/talking about rigging with Duik overall from 15:00 until the end. Minor discrepency: the files included in the source do not include leg layers as they're merged into the torso, the puppet pins are the same but done on the torso layer.
  7. ikmjx77.gif

    Hey, what software do you use for that character art?

    I might be able to animate them lKH71kF.gif I animate stuff. Typically through a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.

    1. mushroom


      Hello!! I use a program called Paint Tool Sai for the lineart and colors, and then I use Photoshop to correct things and add some more oomph. That's so cool that you animate!! I've tried my hand at frame by frame animation in Photoshop and a few free animation programs, but Illustrator and After Effects both bewilder me. I bet they make some really clean animations!! Did you animate that "Welcome to Valucre" title, there?

    2. Daily Weekly

      Daily Weekly

      That was actually a free kinetic typeface called "Franchise", but looking at it now (a few months afterward) I could replicate it. I didn't understand how shapes in Illustrator worked and how easily they implement into After Effects when I'd first come across it so it was bewildering to me too. You should keep that up regardless! And everything bewilders every one at first, but that doesn't mean you should be reluctant to pick it up or try. There's a criminal amount of free tutorials for beginners on both Illustrator and After Effects via youtube. More recent things I've done personally:




    3. mushroom


      These are DOPE!! I love how they feel like paper cut outs, the spinning wheel one is especially impressive and detailed!! The style makes me think of Tim Burton, or the Don't Starve games. As interesting as Illustrator seems, I'm kind of a...I dunno..."sit down and draw" person, I have a very hard time finding motivation for using a program where drawing lines and shading isn't as responsive as drawing on paper, if that makes sense?  Maybe one day I'll tackle it, but for now Photoshop fulfills any small animation needs I have :')  It would be cool to collaborate on somethin' sometime, although I've never really done any vector work, and that seems to be what you make(which is smart, can zoom in on it endlessly). Just for kicks, I threw a few lil simple animations I've done in the past in here! :glasses:








  8. Hey I like your style.


    1. Daily Weekly
    2. GiseppiZimra


      You're too kind!

    3. Daily Weekly

      Daily Weekly

      Come do an article for the Daily Weekly some time! It's not often I run into someone; especially a new member; with such good taste and use of multimedia!

      Keep it up! I'll definitely be checking it out.

  9. I'm Afraid I Can't Let You Do That, Wily - from Spook Casters outtakes featuring @TheWilySpookster, @Deus Ex Aizen, @Mickey Flash, @Avvercus, @Seyge, @Song Sprite Gryfyn Hotline Pilot - written by @supernal and @Refrigerator, starring @Ampersand Love Line Pilot - written and performed by @Kiva
  10. In order of appearance: @TheWilySpookster, @Deus Ex Aizen, @Avvercus, @Seyge, @Song Sprite, @Ampersand, @Mickey Flash
  11. Deserves front page Ridiculous skills!
  12. With Deus Ex Aizen, Avvercus, TheWilySpookster, Song Sprite, Mickey Flash, Ampersand, and Seyge!
  13. You two should settle this like men; real men; roleplaying as skimpily-dressed anime girls in fetish clothing, and fight to death (in a way that every one else can watch, with multiple angles and clear visibility and stuff).
  14. Done! You said "us," right?