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  1. (Unpublished sequel to Comet-People)
  2. Sure! Though it looks like Valucre now autoformats images and the map stretches on mobile, so let me know if you'd rather have a 960x540 version--smaller but no stretching. Also I estimated the locations of Medain Sari, Port Caelum and Baaj, so if they seem out of place you can use Paint to mark the correct locations (just something simple like red dots) and I'll update it.
  3. Should point out that nothing I've posted is official or canon (besides the actual size and placement of the continents) and I'm not an authority by any means around here, this is just the way I've personally visualized Terran trade. As for the rail system, the roads in this map for Terrenus actually double as a Lightning Rail through all major cities (at least the last time I spoke to supernal about it, you'd need to ask specifics though because it isn't properly represented on any map that I know of and is only alluded to in city lore articles) so there is a rail system already in play. Though I'm not sure of exactly which paths you were talking about, the best place to ask questions like that is in one of the AMA threads in the Help board.
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