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  1. John Colt had been inactive in the killing world ever since leaving Genix laboratories. The medical umbrella organization had been liquidated after corruption from within. Scientists turned on engineers, the director had been brokering shady deals with low-level cops in their sector. Colt preferred to kill them but without the protection of Genix, he couldn't attract such attention. In his spare time, John had been running strings of robberies with different crews he picked up, hitting small-time shops and medic stations. Colt's work at Genix was in no way ethical. If the Director needed someone eliminated, such as political opposition or just a foe from school, John was the assassin in charge of such. As much as he had the thought of killing everyone he encountered, he figured it was best to learn about them. It was true he had respect for some, but his feelings were something like bats, waiting until the dark to appear and going into hiding when those around him can see. Colt knew there was a mage terrorizing Alterion, but he couldn't be sure it was for any reason he would be interested in. It's in his blood to kill, but if the police had been at the facility, they wouldn't let a third party assassin stroll right in without proper authorization. He decided to check the scene out and see if there was a way in without attracting attention from law enforcement. He had noticed a police officer eyeing him as he walked by the crowd, prompting him to confront the lieutenant. John Colt stood tall at 6'2", wearing a white button-up silk shirt, black cloth pants that extended into black work boots. The no killing had gotten to Colt, disrupting his senses and triggering headaches comparable to migraines. His pistol was tucked into his back waistband. With his hand on his weapon, he approached the police lieutenant hesitantly. He moved swiftly but slowly, careful not to remove his eyes from the copper. The lieutenant let off a smile, and Colt was especially intrigued when the police lieutenant asked him for help. -- A police-sanctioned mission to hunt and kill some freak? Shouldn't be too hard. What the hell does he want with this facility anyways? Colt had carefully examined the building on the outside before even thinking of going in. Although his finger was itching for a firefight, he decided it was best to approach this in the best way possible. The facility wasn't as big as he had hoped the challenge would provide, but he figured it would be an easy kill if he found whoever or whatever was doing this. The lieutenant said there's someone else going in to apprehend the mage. I should catch up with her before she tries to kill me thinking I'm the other one. Colt withdrew his ice-pistol from his waistband. He slid the chamber back which exposed a glowing, light blue crystal that illuminated the ground in front of him. He made his way through the front courtyard into the building. The closer he got, the bigger the grin.
  2. Sup ^-^

    Anytime you wanna rp we can. Got new and old charries to destroy their lives with lol

    But hope everything's going well

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      Not crazy, just how i write. 

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      It wasn't meant in a bad way I miss RP'ing my characters tht get taken over IG kalishnikov!

    4. Rin


      I know, we should do that again. 

      I like doing that. 

  3. YOU!

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      Lol I've been decent asf (kinda)


      how about you??????? have you watched game of thrones yet because im still on season one lmao

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      Ive actually finished Season 1 ? Man, those were great times!

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      Crazy times lmao im gonna make a post now

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