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  1. vTrifonic

    Every Reason Leading You Through Here

    John Colt had been inactive in the killing world ever since leaving Genix laboratories. The medical umbrella organization had been liquidated after corruption from within. Scientists turned on engineers, the director had been brokering shady deals with low-level cops in their sector. Colt preferred to kill them but without the protection of Genix, he couldn't attract such attention. In his spare time, John had been running strings of robberies with different crews he picked up, hitting small-time shops and medic stations. Colt's work at Genix was in no way ethical. If the Director needed someone eliminated, such as political opposition or just a foe from school, John was the assassin in charge of such. As much as he had the thought of killing everyone he encountered, he figured it was best to learn about them. It was true he had respect for some, but his feelings were something like bats, waiting until the dark to appear and going into hiding when those around him can see. Colt knew there was a mage terrorizing Alterion, but he couldn't be sure it was for any reason he would be interested in. It's in his blood to kill, but if the police had been at the facility, they wouldn't let a third party assassin stroll right in without proper authorization. He decided to check the scene out and see if there was a way in without attracting attention from law enforcement. He had noticed a police officer eyeing him as he walked by the crowd, prompting him to confront the lieutenant. John Colt stood tall at 6'2", wearing a white button-up silk shirt, black cloth pants that extended into black work boots. The no killing had gotten to Colt, disrupting his senses and triggering headaches comparable to migraines. His pistol was tucked into his back waistband. With his hand on his weapon, he approached the police lieutenant hesitantly. He moved swiftly but slowly, careful not to remove his eyes from the copper. The lieutenant let off a smile, and Colt was especially intrigued when the police lieutenant asked him for help. -- A police-sanctioned mission to hunt and kill some freak? Shouldn't be too hard. What the hell does he want with this facility anyways? Colt had carefully examined the building on the outside before even thinking of going in. Although his finger was itching for a firefight, he decided it was best to approach this in the best way possible. The facility wasn't as big as he had hoped the challenge would provide, but he figured it would be an easy kill if he found whoever or whatever was doing this. The lieutenant said there's someone else going in to apprehend the mage. I should catch up with her before she tries to kill me thinking I'm the other one. Colt withdrew his ice-pistol from his waistband. He slid the chamber back which exposed a glowing, light blue crystal that illuminated the ground in front of him. He made his way through the front courtyard into the building. The closer he got, the bigger the grin.
  2. Sup ^-^

    Anytime you wanna rp we can. Got new and old charries to destroy their lives with lol

    But hope everything's going well

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      Not crazy, just how i write. 

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      It wasn't meant in a bad way I miss RP'ing my characters tht get taken over IG kalishnikov!

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      I know, we should do that again. 

      I like doing that. 

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      Lol I've been decent asf (kinda)


      how about you??????? have you watched game of thrones yet because im still on season one lmao

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      Ive actually finished Season 1 😂 Man, those were great times!

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      Crazy times lmao im gonna make a post now

  4. vTrifonic

    Every Reason Leading You Through Here

    i'll join, aleksei you want to post first?
  5. vTrifonic

    A Passage to a New World

    Click. The sound of a .44 revolver's hammer being pulled back pierced the silence in the air. Inside of an old building that hadn't been occupied for years, the boss and underboss of the Woodruff Crime Family found a secure location for the execution of traitors to their organization. Kneeling before Alexander Woodruff, head of the Woodruff Crime Family, was a low-level street pusher in the ice city. Mainly the distribution of crystal-rocks, a poor mans drug which induces an intense euphoria followed by a deep trance of alternate reality. The drug is commonly unknown to many due to it's rare production prerequisites, needing a near freezing temperature to be synthesized correctly. "Please, I'll do anything," the man cried out, his hands bound behind his back and a blindfold obstructing his vision. Alexander Woodruff chuckled. "Anything," Woodruff let out a laugh, but it quickly faded, "Anything would have been acceptable before you lost one hundred thousand dollars worth of Athenthian gold. My one hundred thousand dollars." Bang! Alexander Woodruff pulled the trigger on his revolver, the electric metal ball entered the skull of the man being held captive and released a pulse of blue electricity, frying the wiring in his brain. Alexander Woodruff was dressed in a black three-piece suit, with a black shirt on underneath, along with a black tie. He opened his jacket and concealed his revolver in the holster that swung below his arm. "Diamond, clean this shit up. We need to find a way to move our product to Genesaris. The only way we'll be able to expand, conquer, and dominate is by moving our product to other lands." Diamond nodded and pulled out a small device, spoke something into it, followed by three men bursting through the door with black stone shell, pump-action shotguns. They carried themselves in an important manner, immediately putting on blue hazard masks before they started cleaning up the brain smeared on the floor. -- Six Hours Later -- Alexander Woodruff sat on a bar stool somewhere North of their previous location. Beside him sat a duffel bag presumably filled with the one hundred thousand dollars worth of Athenthan gold. He raised his glass filled with a golden colored liquid to his mouth and took two consecutive sips. The word had been put out that the Woodruff's needed a safe passage to Genesaris, along with a viable method to transport their illicit drugs, dirty money, and stolen firearms from land to land. The price he offered to pay was hardly anything near a waste of time. Hell, he even offered potential membership to the soul that would help. More than 75% of the family had been assimilated by a former rival gang. All he needed to do was wait for someone to reach out to him. That's all he could do.
  6. vTrifonic

    Anthony 'Diamond' Smolen

    Name: Anthony 'Diamond' SmolenRace: HumanAge: 31Voice: Deep, AssertivePhysical Characteristics Height: 6'2"Weight: 190Build: MuscularHair Color: BlackHair Length: MediumHair Texture: Soft, SilkyHair Style: Slicked backEye Color: BrownSkin Tone: Golden/White Occupation: Underboss for the Woodruff Crime Family Weapons Name: 'Diamond Hitter'Type: MeleeLength: 33"Special Abilities: None Name: MK 901 PistolType: RangedSpecial Abilities: Shoots Non-Lethal Metal Balls
  7. vTrifonic

    Woodruff Crime Family

    Designation: Name: Woodruff Crime Family Etymology: Originally a gang of heathens in Athentha, the Woodruff Empire quickly made a name for itself in becoming one of the most criminally advanced organizations in the floating island. Importing and exporting crates of drugs, humans, elves, illegal animals, weapons, they soon became a ruthless criminal organization that was feared by many. Alexander Woodruff, founder & leader of the gang, gave themselves a name. Woodruff & Associates. After ganging notoriety, people referred to their gang as an Empire, and Alexander saw fit to be just that. Moniker: N/A Heraldry: N/A {WiP} Hierarchy: Founder: Alexander Woodruff Current Leader: Alexander Woodruff Members: {WiP} General: Location: Athentha / Talia Affiliations: — Allies: None — Enemies: Yellow Leaf Brigade, Zodiac Knights — Neutral Parties: None Establishment: Agenda: Dominate the criminal underworld of Athentha, Genesaris, and Terrenus Operations: — Ongoing: N/A — Completed: N/A — Abandoned: N/A Historical: Background: {WiP} Recent Events: {WiP}
  8. vTrifonic

    Alexander Woodruff

    BasicName: Alexander WoodruffRace: HumanAge: 29Birthplace: UnknownAlignment: EvilClass: MageOccupation: MobsterElements: Electricity/FireWeapon: Elemental .44 RevolverPersonalHair: Slicked Back w/ Gel, BlackEyes: BlueSkin: White, TanBody: Muscular, In shapeHeight: 6'0"Weight: 185 Background: {WiP} Character Sheet by desolate.
  9. vTrifonic

    Serphus Aluminum; The Neverend

    Kalashnikov sat on a beige colored chair with the thought of a drink in her hand. She wasn't a fan of alcohol, but special circumstances caused her to insist that she needed to drink. The pungent smell of alcohol entered her nostrils every time she took a sip of alcohol, causing her nasal canal to burn. Something inside of her tingled. A warm feeling, a familiar feeling. Rin was getting closer to her and she could sense it. Evil coursed through her veins like it hadn't before. The only thoughts that went through her mind were the people she killed. Everyone else went about their business as she sat in silence, smiling with every thought of the corpse that had once lied before her. Kalashnikov stood up, but the evil that was inside of her was overwhelming. Amaranth. The only thing she could think of was that named. That wretched name. It meant home to her. She became lightheaded and dizzy, stumbling a bit. She was already a pale white color to begin with, which raised the issue of civilians noticing her veins. There was black outlining all of her veins, coursing through them smoothly like a bird soaring through the air. Luckily, her robe covered it. She moved closer to the bar but stumbled when she drew closer, falling and grabbing onto the counter as balance. She took a seat and raised her hand to her temple and gently caressed it. Her head suddenly killed. Something was wrong but she didn't know what.
  10. vTrifonic

    Serphus Aluminum; The Neverend

    She wasn't certain about what was to come of this. All she knew is that nothing good will come out of it, and the impending doom that awaited her inside was only footsteps away. Kalashnikov was waiting to enter. After she saw Vanilla proceed in, she decided to wait a few more minutes before entering. She had been across the land of Elendaron hiding, trying to rid the evil that coursed through her veins. She couldn't. She had to return because now it was only the natural thing to do. She was dressed in a long black robe, her hair straightened down two inches past her shoulders. The veins on her arms glowed a vibrant bluish-white hue. It's been happening for the past three months. She didn't know what it meant, and she wanted answers. She proceeded towards the inn and tucked a dagger into her heel. Kalashnikov stopped at the doorstep and took a deep breath. When she entered, the aroma of daisy's hit the back of her throat. Usually, this would bring joy to her, but ever since Rin turned her, she hated it. She hated the smell of anything that was associated with happiness in her previous life. "Hello, would you like to rent a room?" Kalashnikov looked at the woman who appeared to be a patron for the inn. "I'm here to see someone." "Oh," the woman was startled by Kalashnikov's stern and uninhabited tone, "would you like me to let them know you're here?' "No. They'll find me. Thank you." The woman looked at Kalashnikov as she stood in the doorway with a lifeless expression on her face. The waiting began.
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    Agreed! Never have I ever been so appreciative of walking. Of course :)
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    Yeah. I felt bad. I just disappeared, but I'd come on here every now and again to check out what's been going on, but I'd get sucked back in and I needed to catch up on a lot of school shit and therapy. Thanks supernal! Hey man! Glad to see you still on here. Missed you man!
  13. vTrifonic


    I'm not really sure how I go about doing this, or where I stand with some. But, I'm back. I'm not sure who's really on here still, but I don't think I'll be back consistently. I have a lot of surgeries scheduled, physical therapy, making up months of schoolwork. But I'll be on every night to say hi and maybe RP a bit. Anyways, I broke my leg in two spots, fractured my ankle, and got compartment syndrome and was in the hospital for months! Shit was lit. Anyways, these bitches come off April 13th. Right on.
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