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  1. https://prettygoodrpg.com/roleplay/threads/to-slay-a-dragon.308/ @L E V I A T H A N @Fallen Joy @Dabi Thats a link to the rp on the other site sorry for the delay! Been busy! I'll also link it to each of your accounts on the other site as well! Unfortunately I couldn't find your account on the other site though joy
  2. Is fine! I understand things taking longer then intended. I've been putting things off recently to. I will try to post before read only but idk how likely that is. In any case if you wish to continue on the new site my user name is the same over there!
  3. @Fallen Joy Hey you still up to continue on the other site? If so whats your username over there?
  4. Its been a wild past week... Sorry for my slow updates here... >_> I know this is like the worst timing but hey I am trying!

  5. @L E V I A T H A N @Fallen Joy Do you two have user names on the new site that are diffrent?
  6. Maria wasn't even sure how to react to the crazed woman's ramblings. She had heard people say absurd things before when standing on deaths door but she had never quite heard such claims from them before. Was the artifact really capable of that? Cerik's goal was upgrading it but she didn't see that much of an upgrade as being possible... As she ponders the meaning of the merchants words the second blade of fire fizzles out of her hand the embers being carried off by the wind. She regains her composer as the ally to the merchant makes a move. It was clear by this point her words were likely insane ramblingsā€¦ She couldn't rationalize how it would have happened but stranger things have occurred. His words were ones coming from betrayal and she felt sympathy for him. He didn't deserve what happened if he was controlled. "I am sorry I can't save you. You don't deserve death here. I will let him know." Is all she can really stumble out in response. She didn't know what else to say to comfort him but even if he had done wrong at least he made a right choice in the end and all deserve the chance for redemption. Hearing Salida's words now Maria looks down at her weapon then to Cerik. He was in no position to fight now and she had no idea what those two forces were. She doubted her ability to carry him far as he was a knight in armor and she was never focused on strength. She sighs a bit and moves over to him. Maybe the forces would pass by if nothing else maybe he'd wake in time and be able to fight. "Hey you! You can't pass here. It's not your time. You have to live for what your future holds. Plus that cultist leader would be disappointed! Don't let some cheap shot be your end! Your a knight aren't you?" She plants her weapon in the ground as she says this before standing back up and scratching some things in the ground to prepare for what may come if the forces do notice her. She may not be the strongest mage but any one with a sense for magic can be deadly when given enough time to prepare.
  7. As the arrow lodges itself into the wolfs leg it stumbles over itself before tumbling to the ground with a cry for help from its allies. They stop and turn to where the arrow came from with a growl. As they start to charge for him he lands another arrow on its leg causing the same fate to it and the wolf directly behind it to trip over its ally and fall as well. The other two manage to jump over the two unlucky allies and get closer to him. As the third one gets close it lunges for Mallory's arm while the fourth looks for an opening to lunge and not hit the third.
  8. If I could can you all tell me the username you use on the other site so that I may send you links to the rp over there when I get it posted soon
  9. I'd be more then happy to move on to the new site! It's been enjoyable so far!
  10. Okay cool that sounds great. If people here want to wait for it to get ported over we could likely tie things back into your bit of lore then.
  11. I'm definitely down to create something on pgrp. If you all would want to 'continue' this over there I can spin the story a bit and shake up the story a bit. Obviously it wouldn't really be super connected to the current things unless @Mickey Flash decided to bring the land over but I could do something if you all didn't want to see this die. I don't think mickey would mind to much. šŸ™‚
  12. So with the archiving thing... I don't think we will end up finishing before it's all said and done. I'm more then willing to keep going to see how far we get if you all want to but I leave it up to the group! @L E V I A T H A N @Dabi @Fallen Joy
  13. Well some might not! Plus I find it funny cause people over there are still doing introductions even though most of us already know them...
  14. Member on and off since 2014 so.... 7 years now? I lose track of time pretty well. While I haven't been active all of that time I've never forgotten about this place. I had mixed opinions at first but ultimately I've come to view several people here as good friends and the site as a place to have a fun time roleplaying with others. This is the first place I've ever roleplayed online and I have trouble even fully understanding what it'll be like once it's all over. I never even thought about the place closing it's doors but I suppose better to go out well loved like many here seem to be suggesting. So to all the people who I may not see again after it's gone. Farewell and much love! @supernal thanks for the great time from you and all the staff!
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