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  1. As the wolves lunge at him he manages to avoid the second as he stabs the other with an arrow stopping its advance on him. It doesn't kill the wolf as it howls in pain. The sword from his other hand comes down at it but the wolf manages to mostly avoid the swipe as it grazes its leg leaving only a shallow cut along it doing no real damage to him other then appearance based. It quickly pulls back form the adventurer and growls at him. The other wolf having been avoided was only more thirst to taste blood as it quickly recovers and goes back on the offensive diving for him from behind.
  2. @L E V I A T H A N you posting soonish?
  3. Salt was really excited for food and just by the smirk on Xenos face she knew that it was safe for food! She eagerly sprints out of the room after seeing the look on his face. She had no worries now and any problems that would arise could wait in her mind! After all food was important and universal! She could solve any problem that would come up by offering it some food to! Everyone likes food after all! She doesn't even notice any of the talking happening when she makes it to the kitchen she only nods to Mr. Fines as he walks out of the kitchen. She looks to wingless when she sees her. "I smell food! May I please have some I am starving!" She asks practically begging for it! She passionately waits for an answer before she hears someone yell loudly from the direction Mr. Fines walked off into. She jumps a bit at hearing such a loud noise. Why would anyone be yelling round food time if it wasn't to ask for food? Who needs to get out now? Why do they need to get out? She had many questions about what he yelled about but the most important one was a simple one.... Did this mean no food? She would be pretty upset if that was the case as it smelled really good and she hadn't eaten in a long time... She soon pieces together though that she was the one that needed to get out... Upon hearing this she returns to Xeno and pouts a bit. "Does this mean I don't get food? Whats happening anyways?" He seemed to know a lot about what was happening so he seemed like the best to ask.
  4. Not used to this roll system so if you feel my use of the 8 was excessive please let me know and ill change it 🙂 I'm used to a prep system for combat so I may mess up a bit >_>
  5. Maria was already worried that the rope might slip or break as she climbed so when it snapped she was already there and springing into action. She wasn't that strong so she was glad to see Cerik grab the ledge. Her hand was already reaching for her as he asked for help. With a bit of effort on her end she manages to help drag him up and back to safety. "That was quite unfortunate getting down just got a bit harder." She adds with a bit of a laugh. Upon him mentioning interference she gives a bit of a nod. She wasn't sure who would have interfered as she didn't see anyone at the moment but she follows his lead and draws her own weapon. As the boulder shimmers away she turns her gaze to the three people behind it. Cerik clearly knew them but she didn't really know anything about them. The way they talked seemed like they had actually meet rather recently before this. Maria had to wonder though... Why would the merchant chose two people that Cerik had already bested to stop him? Seemed like a rather under thought plan to her at least. He already knew what they were capable of and what he would have to look at for. It didn't really matter what she thought as they were already here. The conversation didn't really interest her or involve her so she stays out of it until the spirit directly speaks to her. She offers a nod to it. That seemed like a rather good idea to catch them off guard. Before the fight begins the pyromancer moves her self off to the edge almost like shes making her way out of the area. After all they had offered to let her leave they weren't after her. As she makes it a bit away she hears the clinking of a blade against metal and uses that as her moment to turn and come rushing back into the group. Flames swirl to life around her blade crackling and hissing as they dance along the edge. They spark to life in her free hand as they grow more intense. Her eyes growing a deeper shade of blue. How dare they think she'd abandon a partner on a quest! It was insulting to her and everything she stood for as an adventurer! With the thought she stabs the blade forward stopping short of the first guy as the flames launch free from the blade in a vicious display of energy as the engulf the guys arm and half his stomach. The flames Crackle loudly as the severely burn the guys arm melting the armor along it clean off. "I'd be no better then filith to leave a a companion behind at the first conflict." The flames just as quickly as they engulfed his arm recede all the way back into the blade with their job completed.
  6. The blade sinks itself into the wolfs jaw and pieces it with relative ease thanks to the wolfs own momentum. As the dagger is pulled out of it it falls to the ground with a thud, joining its fellow wolf. With those two down all that was left was the two that come running around the wall of fire. As they round the edge they spot Mallory and immediately charge for him letting out a rather loud howl. As they get close enough one of them leaps at him while the other lunges for his leg. They were both rather quick he would likely hit him at the same time if he didn't react quickly.
  7. If you want to that could work great! I was going to trigger them with my post but it was getting rather long so I held off on it >_>
  8. As he throws the torch at the wolf it hits it mid pounce. It doesn't stop its moment but it does distract it a bit as it yelps and shakes a bit missing its chance to really hit Mallory who would rather easily dodge the jump. As the wolf lands its rather unpleasant as it skids across the ground. As he pulls his knife out the wolf stumbles to its feet looking to Mallory with a growl. The skidding having put the flames out that would have sparked on him. As he takes a moment to strike it the pained wails from the other wolf that was near him come to an end as it dies. As Mallory attacks the other one now though it attempts to bite back at the arm holding the knife.
  9. Welcome to the site! You sound like you'll be fun to rp with or at the very least read the rps your in! So glad you found your way here! Seeing as you have some experience you might want to jump into the Water Cooler there you can find other people to rp with! You can post characters to User Lore if you want to. If you have any more questions feel free to ask me! Enjoy the site! *Gives out free cake*
  10. As Mallory sparks a fire to life on the torch the wolf does jump slightly at a sudden light but it only really serves as a momentary stun. It quickly recovers before leaping at Mallory and attempting to bury its teeth into his arm. As it jumps though Mallory successfully manages to hit it with the torch catching its pelt on fire and causing it to howl out in pain. However Mallory seems to have forgotten the other wolf as it jumps him as well attempting to knock him to the ground. Through the wall of fire Mallory had created he could hear the other 2 wolves return the firsts howl. It seems likely they would be there soon.
  11. Okay got my post up. Once everyone posts but @Sirloin I'll wait about 3-5 days and if we still haven't heard from him I'll skip him earlier then the week. As it says he hasn't logged on since Xmas and I'd rather not hold this up if he hasn't logged on by the the time his turn comes again.
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