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  1. Oh thought I posted this... But sorry I gotta drop out... Recently lost my job and searching for a new one is taking most of my time at the moment... Sorry bout this... >->
  2. Post to come in the next 2 or 3 days not sure when exactly but you know.... Holidays and recently moved! Sorry for any delay it may have caused! ?
  3. Oh sorry I thought they were all over left side! I will take the damage away and movethen! Sorry bout that!
  4. Maria had kinda just blanked for a bit a bit and missed a lot of what had happened but she soon came back to her senses as she noticed things were getting a bit lively around her! Unfortunately it had seemed fighting had already started as those bug things she hates started to swarm up on her side of the battlefield... What were they called again? Chhitten? She just remembered she really didn't like them and apperantly they were poisonous so best to avoid them! Whirling her fire to life she coats herself in it to protect her a bit. It wasn't much but if she used her magic right she could avoid damage. With what little time she did have left before the creatures got closer she moves over to a better position behind the left side of the wwagon.she wouldn't be much help if she couldn't hit anything. Her cat jumps down off her shoulder for now. "Nyx just stay safe for now okay?!" A meow is quickly ushered in response as the cat runs off to the wagon.
  5. Hey I'll have something up by tonight... Sorry for my absence so far! >-> And sorry if I mess something up in my post... I have to read quite a bit to catch up....
  6. Hey just skip me this round... I had stuff come up this week that requires my attention and I fell behind so Ill get in next round! So sorry guys! >->
  7. Yeah sorry Thanksgivings been kinda busy! Should have one up today or tomorrow! ?
  8. AthenasFire


    Welcome to the site! Plenty of fantasy rping to be had here so you should fit right in! ? I don't really have any rps you can join at the moment but I'm sure you'll find one soon! There should be a new person's guide if you need help figuring things out around here but otherwise you can always ask me! Enjoy your stay here! *Gives cake of dreams*
  9. I am curious do we have to use that dice roll thread or could we use or own dice/a website for rolling?
  10. You assume I'm not going to keep all the kids safe sir! The children must be saved they are the future!
  11. Hey we are not dying first! We have a bunch of kids! Have you ever seen a show where they kill all the kids?! XD
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