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  1. Posts will be scarce from me for a few days. Im working a weird schedule this week...

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      I can wait Salt. We are in NO RUSH, REMEMBER?

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  2. Salt was a bit nervous through out the bath as she half kept expecting Abronex to pull something and start hurting her. By the end though she realized that these people truly meant what they promised as she had plenty of time to try something since they were alone. She felt good finally being able to clean up and not having to feel filthy anymore, emotionally it was also nice to know they weren't lying to her just to try and get her to behave while they moved her somewhere else. She rather happily and quickly gets dressed in the new clothes with a renewed energy pushing her to move quicker so that she could hopefully get out of there even quicker. "So then... Does this really mean that I'm out of here... If this was a dream it surely would have ended by now..." She wasn't even really speaking to Abronex mostly just herself. As she looked over to her she smiled and quickly gave her a hug. "Thank you so much." With that she happily left the bathroom with her and returned to Xeno.
  3. Clair didn't understand why all this hate was being thrown out by Arashi. What did the two boys do to upset her so bad? Was it just they were half-breeds? Arashi claimed to not be a half-breed or at least claimed to have lost her humanity but that just went past Clair's head. The three of them looked like half-breeds to her so she didn't understand the hate. She wasn't a fan of the conflict in the least. "There is no need for such hate. Are we not all on a quest together? Lets just try and remain calm and complete the quest. We can settle this after we finish! Fighting will only cause us to fail." Clair says partially pleading to just continue. They were already attacked once and she was worried the longer they spent fighting the more likely it was that the bandits would move or they'd get ambushed again. While they survived once they'd shown part of their power and that meant they could send a stronger force. Clair looks out in the direction the bandits ran off and uses her magic to create a small little cake before imbuing it with her magic and sending it off in that direction to scout it out for her. it would take a bit to return but when it did shed be able to see what all it could. "If we want to just rest here for a bit when that returns Ill be able to tell us what all is ahead. Meanwhile as I said we should just put our differences aside. Maybe have some cake. That always brings people together!"
  4. Maria found the mans way of speaking to be a bit strange she had never heard someone speak the way he was but she wasn't judging it at all, it was just something she noticed. "Yeah this place is a port city lots of traders here. I think most goods that travel through Lagrimosa come through here. As for the foul people... If I remember correctly there was a major problem in the city not to long ago but I don't entirely remember." As they walk she notices that there are quite a few people avoiding them or staring. She figured it was the person she was with as his armor was quite abnormal for the area and he did give off a strange presence. When shes asked about the previous owner of the armor and if the people had seen it before she just shakes her head. "I've never seen it before or anything like it. Most adventures in this world actually don't wear armor. Like I don't usually wear any. I can create my own out of my magic but I very rarely do that." When asked about her magic she nods. "Yeah. I'm a pyromancer. I'm fairly adept at it. I would even goes as far as to say I'm close to mastering it but that'[s probably just optimism on my end. I've got some special spins on it to" Pointing to her cat she continues. "My cat her can breathe fire to and is trained in combat as well." She gives Nyx a little pet as they continue.
  5. Welcome friend! It's always nice to see someone returning to rping! If you've got any characters you'd like to bring back or ideas you'd like to post for one then you can post those in user lore. If you want New members guide and The Tavern of Legend are great places to start! As for your pictures for profile and stuff... I have no real suggestions but maybe someone else does. Hope to see you around! *Gives mandatory free cake*
  6. Will get posts up tomorrow been kinda busy since two people decided to just skip out on work yesterday. >->

  7. Stepping up beside the group of shoulders with her hands firmly in her jackets pockets she listens to the speech given by the commanders. Odd... Not the ones I expected to be giving the orders... She didn't really care who she had to follow though. She wasn't to much of a fan of this job. She had just met an old acquaintance who pointed her in the direction and she needed the coin. She wasn't even slightly new to the type of job. She'd done it a long time ago and she wasn't happy to be back. She closed her eyes and sighed as the speech was finished. She then noticed them just run off so she shrugs and assumes she's alone and decides to just follow out the orders. Maybe they already knew she was part of the group? A bit strange to her as she normally at least Mets the people in charge. Lowering the gravity around her she starts to walk to the city at a rather normal pace. Do to the lower gravity it ends up making her move quite a bit quicker. She suddenly stops though when she notices another girl in the path. Approaching the group Faith asks a simple question after looking between the captains and the new arrival "Am I in her group? Cause she'll stick out like a sore thumb with me." It was a simple one but Faith wanted to keep this whole thing brief. She was just fine by herself but she didn't want to do thing wrong.
  8. Maira was shocked as telepathy was quite rare. She only knew one person even capable of it and even they didn't use it that often. It was a neat little trick but it told her all she needed to know. This wasn't some aimless armor and nor did it seem to be hostile. That was good because she didn't even know how to vanquish an elemental and lighting wasn't exactly scared of fire normally. She nods and takes his hand give a rather firm shake. "This place is Casper of Lagrimosa. Are you new here then?" She takes her hand off her sword since she realizes this isn't going to be a problem. "I'm Maria. This is Nyx" she points to the cat after saying that. "I'm sure I can be a decent enough guide for the area. I'm not here to often but I know my way around and if you are looking to get into that sort of trouble I'm more then capable in a fight... Though I'll have to be sure not to burn down another tavern... That... Wasn't the best idea the first time." The stranger likely wouldn't know what she's referring to but she just gets a distant stare for a second before shaking her head and turning around. "Was there any place you had in mind to see first? Bars, inns, shops, Smith's?" She looks out at the city and looks around for a bit while thinking of a place or two she knows of that could have some sort of crime or things like it going on.
  9. Welcome, off worlder! Glad you found yourself on our humble little planet! I'm sure your questions won't bore us that much! I'd be more then happy to try and answer some of them but most of them can probably (hopefully) be answered over on the New members guide! May your belly be full and gold bag heavy as well! *Gives cake to fill belly*
  10. I typically like to post my intro last just cause I suck at them and it usually gives me a good idea on how to introduce my character
  11. Clair found the antics of the three to be quite funny. They seemed so full of life. She didn't like that they practically jumped the boar though. She understood people had to eat but that didn't mean she liked that animals had to get harmed. She says nothing on it though and watches as the last of the things are scavenged from the dead bandit. The quite girl finally decides to speak and Clair isn't to happy with her tone. Taking a step back she snaps her fingers and the cake suddenly poofs away like it was never there the effects of her magic on the other two fading with it. She looks to the half-breeds girl. "Simple. I'm just here for support I don't really fight to well. However my magic is pretty good at making people stronger or healthier." Clair didn't like the name calling either. "Maybe you should be a bit nicer to your group members. You don't make friends by being mean." Clair gains a bit of a frown as she says that. "Besides your only a half-breed yourself." She didn't know the full extent of it but she could see she wasn't entirely a dragon.
  12. Walking through the port city looking for anything worthwhile to do Maria and her pet cat keep a rather sharp eye out for any sort of quest or task. It had been a bit since she had actually done something with her time other then just relax. Her cat followed along behind her occasionally drawing the attention of a little kid who would pet it. Eventually the two spot a rather strange site. A suit of armor just moving around with no one actually in it. She watches it a bit as Nyx hops up on her shoulder. She couldn't help but wonder why it was unmanned and how it was even moving. She had never really seen animated armor before. Plus the armor was unlike anything she'd seen in her travels and that was saying something. Griping her sword sheath she Dawn's a smile and approaches the armor. "Greetings?" She feels a bit weird just talking to a suit of armor. "Do you happen to need a guide or perhaps directions?" She figured that sounded nicer then just asking why it was here or unmanned. She didn't like sounding rude after all.
  13. Salt wasnt so much conflicted or wanting to run away because of how nice the man was being but more.... Worried he was lying. Something about him told her that he could be trusted. He just gave off that kind of aura. Experience told her to run but she stayed because he did seem nice and why would a mean person free so many people? When a new lady shows up she looks to her and pulls behind Xeno a bit before looking up to him. "No die then. Your not allowed. That would mean I'd have to come back." She says worried about that possiblity and upon hearing him mention his responsibility. Her main concern was just getting away from here. She did find it funny though how they were treating her former 'owners'. The threats made her feel a bit better since they didn't seem scared of them in the least. Upon mention of the bath her eyes light up! She hadn't had one in ages and she felt so unclean. Though when Xeno goes to carry her there she does protest it slightly. She didn't quite trust him enough for that. Things happened in those rooms she wasn't okay with. Though when Abby offers she practically jumps at that saying. "Oh yes! She would be better suited for it." With a smile as she's put down and receives a third kiss on her forehead. She found that rather strange but didn't comment to much on it as she figured it was just something he did. Different people do things like that after all. She happily takes Abronexs hand hand. She follows along to the bathroom though looking around at all the different things. This would hopefully be the last time she'd ever see this place.
  14. Welcome to the site, new friend! Glad to see your at least willing to try and get better! Everyone started out writing small. It just takes time and practice! When I first started I certainly never thought I'd get past writing one paragraph tops on my posts. If you need help I'm willing to try and help you but the best place to start is that new members guide! (This!) Any further questions you can ask me and I'll try to answer! Enjoy your stay! *Hands out free welcome cake*
  15. Your welcome! Now then off to hunt this mean person! *Starts questioning all the pie makers*
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