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  1. Hey just skip me this round... I had stuff come up this week that requires my attention and I fell behind so Ill get in next round! So sorry guys! >->
  2. Yeah sorry Thanksgivings been kinda busy! Should have one up today or tomorrow! 🙂
  3. AthenasFire


    Welcome to the site! Plenty of fantasy rping to be had here so you should fit right in! 😄 I don't really have any rps you can join at the moment but I'm sure you'll find one soon! There should be a new person's guide if you need help figuring things out around here but otherwise you can always ask me! Enjoy your stay here! *Gives cake of dreams*
  4. I am curious do we have to use that dice roll thread or could we use or own dice/a website for rolling?
  5. *gives cake* I promise she won't claim to be! XD
  6. You assume I'm not going to keep all the kids safe sir! The children must be saved they are the future!
  7. Hey we are not dying first! We have a bunch of kids! Have you ever seen a show where they kill all the kids?! XD
  8. You better not think this think rp counts as getting you out of an rp with me! ❤️ I somehow feel we may not interact much! XD

    1. P.N.See


      Or may not we?

      Sorry for keepin' you waitin', Flamey. 😉

    2. AthenasFire


      It's no problem! 😘

  9. Marias not a child though... XD She's like 24 or so
  10. I got my post up! >-> Sheesh I knew we had a ton of people but crazy stuff!
  11. AthenasFire

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    Traveling in a not so foreign land at this point Maria yawns as something catches her eye and a meow pops out of her companion cat sitting on her shoulder. "Oh... A rally? War party? Could be fun!" She says tilting her head as she starts to approach it and look around all the people. There... Was to much going on for her to keep track of it all but she could tell it was setting out soon likely. She could slip in if she wanted and it would seem they lack some people in an area of their group. "Suppose Nyx we'd only be helping if we joined in?" A meow leaves the cat and she squints at it. "Don't you give me that attitude Missy! It could be fun for all you know! The creatures her are always a riot to fight! Must be SOME reason this many people are grouped up." She sighs and dusts herself off as she starts to approach the group of two boys. One of whom seems... A little young and trying to stay out of the group and away from the others! Now that was NOT the way to make friends in the least! Nyx meows at her to stop but she shakes her head to the silly cat. "We are doing this cat you will like it!" She says with a smile as she approaches the two. "Hello friends! I see your lacking some support on this side care if I join ya?" Looking to the younger one she offers a smile. "Everything okay with you? You seem a little... Pulled off. Something bothering you?" She says a bit curious of what kinda of group she had wandered into.