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  1. Okay no problem! Sorry for my slow responses forwards the end!
  2. Maria was a bit shocked to see Cerik produce a crossbow of such quality! She couldn't tell how it was kept in such great shape but she had to guess he just maintained it that well. He certainly seemed the type that might take pride in his gear. It almost made her feel somewhat shameful as her sword didn't look as well maintained mostly due to lack of knowledge on improving or fixing her sword. More impressive though was the shot he made. It looked rather easy to him and with the situation as it stood she was glad to have a competent ally on the adventure... She felt out shinned a bit though as she didn't get to do much before he makes the comment on riding past while they have their focus drawn elsewhere. "That seems like a good idea. If we can avoid a fight then we probably should avoid it." She takes his hand, sheathes her blade, and climbs up on the horse with him. As he mentions the figure, she turns her gaze and notices it as well. She wasn't to sure what exactly the figure was up to nor did she bother herself much with political stuff. She liked to just stick to her adventures and only ever bothered to dive much into things beyond her mission if it felt needed. "Seems like it is then I suppose..." As they raced off she turned her eye back to the centaurs and the Hellmauler mostly readying her hand in case something broke off from the fight to stop them. She didn't want to be surprised by something again...
  3. Clair had zero doubts about who would be first. Every group seemed to have someone that rushed for the food once it finished but she couldn't help but laugh a bit as Shelly smacked him. "Oh come on play a bit nicer! Even guys need their food to keep their strength up." She couldn't help but defend it a bit as she found it entertaining. She gives a nod though and continues to help serve the food. By the end of serving it all there wasn't a whole lot left as Clair underestimated a bit just how much she would need. She normally tries to have enough left over for a few snacks. She just smiles at that though and packs up all the cooking stuff after she finishes cleaning up the mess. When she's down she lets the group know so they can head out. She trails behind in the back to make sure the captives don't fall behind to much.
  4. Salt followed Dub to the cabin and upon seeing the door open she had to admit that it was fairly nice! She was a bit surprised though as it seemed she would be left alone? "So I get the whole thing to myself?" When told to go change she looks down at her current outfit and nods. "That seems like a good idea. I'll change then and hopefully my sleep will be peaceful tonight." She gives a warm smile before stepping into the cabin. She waves bye to dub before heading upstairs and to the bathroom before flicking through the clothes on display and selecting the one that looks the nicest to her. She takes a second to change before setting her old clothes in a safe spot and heading back to the bed she saw earlier. She lets out a yawn before falling on to it and getting comfy. After a moment to reflect on what all had happened and what to expect coming up she passes out. She had no idea how long she had been laying there but she was certain that it was the best night of sleep she had had in a long time.
  5. "I suppose I could cook something... It'd take a bit though if that's okay. I can only really summon cake." She started walking around that base collecting things to cook as the others started scavenging things from the base. She was a bit surprised that Shelly had basically beaten the entire group herself. As Clair finished collecting everything she had quite a good selection of food as she sparked up a campfire to cook every thing as the bandits didn't have a stove or anything like that seeing as electricity isn't really a thing in a cave. Once she got the fire started she recovers her bag and pulls some spices out of it before prepping her meal. Once finished she finishes cooking it using various pots and pans found around the cave. After a bit she finishes up, She calls out to everyone. "I've finished! Come get some everyone!"
  6. "Yes this is their hide out." Clair says a bit worried about how he just yelled out. She was a bit worried all of the bandits would soon be coming to restrain him again. She didn't expect them to under estimate him twice. Though when one finally arrive she watches as Dauner sends him flying. Her eyes go a bit wide. She would have expected what ever they pumped in him to still have some effect... Looking back to the door though she notices Gozen! "Oh! I guess you two are why they didn't rush in here then!" Clair says with a smile as she creates a cake and imbues it to melt her bindings. She then goes around and frees all the other captives.
  7. Maria watched with Cerik wandering much of the same as him but she didn't focus much on scanning the area for signs instead choosing to watch it in case it's attention turned to them. She imagined the thing was likely fairly fast on its feet so being caught off guard wasn't something she wanted to happen. Though... This proved to be a bad call as she hears the loud noises of the centaurs. That would likely prove harmful to their plans of stealth as she now looks to the creature likely starting to notice the loud noises as well. The first strick comes and while she was quick on her feet she wasn't used to being on a horse in combat so her reflex's proved slower then Ceriks as he turned the horse and takes the blow for her before the horse itself moves he away from the second. Looking to him with a rather worried and quick glance she notes that he appears fine. "Well... There goes the quite approach I suppose." She says with a slight laugh before hoping of the horse herself and helping Cerik up and reading herself for the next charge. She was a bit worried about the other problem in the area but the fight in front of her seemed like a more pressing matter.
  8. Posts tomorrow if I owe you one. Super long day running around handling all the stuff I needed to handle. >->

  9. When Clair sees Dauners eyes open she lets out a sigh of relief. He seemed to actually be fairly fine. She was worried they might have done something to knock him out. Once he starts speaking though she is a bit surprised the first thing he mentions is being hungry... "Well... Um.... I don't have food... But to answer your question we are captured." Clair says a bit worried that he might freak out or something. She backs away a bit before continuimg. "You were taken by bandits. Not sure how they caught you but they brought you here! Don't worry though your friends should come and help us." She looks around and waits for a moment she can whisper to him. "I made sure to poison some of their food so they will be to weak to fight back once they eat it." She giggles a bit to herself. She was rather proud she managed to make the plan work. Only problem now was waiting for everything to start happening... She hoped the plan held up because she did take a big risk getting purposefully caught. She had faith but things could always backfire.
  10. Salt didn't even think of resting... The whole experince had her going fairly quick at the moment but everyone has limits she guessed. Maybe she was just running on a high of finialy tasting freedom? It was a possibility. When asked 'so then' She looks to Xeno and thinks a moment before answering with a nod and a smile. "I suppose a rest can do some good right now then." As all the others returned and started to group around Xeno, Salt just watches on a bit surprised. She wasn't sure why the would all do that but she did find it rather amusing to watch even getting a bit of a giggle out of her. As the plans to rest were made Salt mostly just listens and reflects on the events of the day as she starts to calm down a bit and finially notice just how drained she actually was. She didn't really notice it when everything was happening but now that things were winding down it was easy for her to see. As Wingless enters the room Salt is a bit surprised by what she sees as she didn't expect someone named wingless to look like she did but then again she guesses some names aren't quite so fitting and are used as a sort of joke. Salt was really curious to met this Benarius person as everyone seemed to know him but she would have to wait on that. She couldn't help but wonder why Dub was here so long or why if she knew Ben or seemed to work with him was her doing things for Mr.Fines but she guess that will be explained in time as with most things right now. She follows Dub with no trouble at all She rather wanted a place to rest now and if there was one thing Salt had learned about Mr.Fines it was that he always took good care of paying customers so she didn't worry about being sent to a trap as Ceno and the otheres seemed to have been paying quite a bit.
  11. When Clair is ordered to be tied up her eyes go a bit wide. "W... why?! I just want directions! I... I promise I'll leave! I'll even leave the cake just don't keep me here!" She says trying to make it seem like this is a surprise to her as she is dragged off. Once she gets to the back room and is put with everyone else she waits for the guard to leave and then returns to normal not really faking it anymore as her job was complete. She takes one look at the captive who seemed to be knocked out and nodded to herself pushing through the captives and leaning down next to him. If the bandits didn't think of magic then Clair summons a small slice of healing cake and pushes it into the guys mouth where it would soon take effect, a little difficult given her hands are tied but doable nonethleess. Turning to Dauner she think a second before shaking him. "Wake up! How can you sleep right now?!"
  12. Posts in the next day or two. Sorry to all waiting on me been busy with my new job ;-;

  13. Welcome to the site! Sounds like you know exactly what you want out of an rp! Thats fairly nice! Each section of Valucre has it's own sorta flavor for rp so I'm sure you'll find the place that matches your preference even when it changes. If you need a bit of guidance with the site itself or ground rules The New Members Guide has a bunch of stuff for getting into it all. I would recommend the Tavern of Legend but sounds like you might just want to jump into the site so I'll link The Water Cooler instead! Its where you can find groups or people to rp with! Any further questions I'm willing to help with! Enjoy your Stay on the site! *Gives out cake*
  14. Clair might not have been a fighter but she was pretty good at faking being a helpless girl. She needed some reason for groups to want her after all. She nods to the question while the other person goes to check outside the cave. "Yeah I am alone... My parents taught me to avoid all the mean animals after all. I make the trip often enough." She was starting to worry a bit they weren't buying it... She didn't give up on the hope they would buy it yet though.
  15. Salt didn't fully understand what all was being told to her. How did he look so young if he was that old? She got she was strong though. How could she not be if she was able to do that? She just hoped the person he was calling master really could help her learn her powers better! Maybe then she could keep herself safe and maybe even keep those who saved her safe! She just wasn't sure how she'd repay the favor... what did she even really have to show her appreciation? She mentally shoved that away though! She wouldn't let the thought hold her back now! She finally got free and wouldn't let anything chain her down right now! Once Xeno stepped back and mentioned his orders she nods. "OH! Of course! No problem! If I can help with it though let me know! Its the least I can do right now." She says offering a sweet smile. As Xeno set the device down though and it projected an image Salts eyes go a bit wide as they speak to HER! Why would that be the case she starts to wonder as she listens rather closely. As its revealed these are her parents she starts to smile a bit hoping that maybe she'll get to meet them before the pillar collapses and she realizes... this might be a farewell message... She didn't know what to make of the whole video... As she stood for a second one thing was clear to her. If her parents trusted these people to protect her then they could certainly be trusted! It would be the least she could do if it was her parents last wish after all! The day was just turning out to be quite a roller coaster for her... not even 24 hours ago she saw herself resigned to her fate in a cage for life and now all this was happening... She needed to get to a place and take a nap... it was all so draining but she would push on through it anyways! Turning to Xeno she nods with a smile. "In that case should we not push on to meet this Benaires? Everyone keeps mentioning and talking highly of him so he must be delightful! I am excited to met him now!"
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