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  1. Maria was a bit surprised as Cerik broke the silence by offering up the story of his banishment. She did have to admit she was curious but she didn't want to be rude and ask... "I do admit I am a bit curious. I imagine most would be but I would think it rude to ask." When he goes into his little speech on oaths it gets her to think a bit. She had never thought so strongly of them but then again it was a difference in upbringing. She wasn't raised in as much of a civilized way. Mostly growing up in villages and learning to fend for herself in the wilds. When he gets to the king her interest is peaked a bit more. She starts to feel a bit bad for him as being labeled an Oathbreaker for doing what seemed right was likely extremely demoralizing to someone... She stayed quite for a moment as she had no real idea how to respond to it. He had a point in the curse or spell could have been broken but she wasn't there to see the whole thing play out. Was that really an option at the time? "I can't really speak on the circumstances but things happen how they happen. You did your best in the moment and that's all anyone can ever ask. People criticize everything you do even if it was right... but... that's just my opinion on the matter and I'm sure this isn't the first time you've heard that nor the last you'll hear it." She says trying to offer some comfort. "It is nice to hear your determination not to let it happen again. That's an admirable quality to have." The smile soon fades from her face as she thinks for a moment before speaking again. "If it makes you feel better my past isn't exactly the cleanest thing either. I had to leave my village when I was fairly young because I lost control of my magic. I spent a lot of my younger years just learning to control my magic better so I didn't hurt more people with it." She knew the situations were different but she thought that maybe it would help them connect a bit.
  2. As the tracks end at a camp Clair looks around it a bit. She listens to the conversation the other two have while she inspects the pot. When the idea of Dauner being poisoned or drugged comes up she nods. "Its easy to hide poisons and drugs in food with no real indication. That's likely what they did I'd say. He really seems to like food so I can imagine that's how they got him with out a struggle." She had no objections or ideas other then to follow the tracks. "I don't imagine they could have gotten to far while carrying him... The drug has to wear off eventually to so even if they did I imagine he'll cause quite the commotion when he wakes up." Once the conversation is finished she falls back in line with the other two and follows the tracks continuing to keep an eye out for the three or for Dauner. It was nice to know that there were only three though as that meant it would be a fairly even fight.
  3. As salt notices her magic take effect right as the man was saying it wouldn't work her eyes slowly grow a bit wider. Had she done that? Did she actually manage to do something like this? She couldn't believe it for a moment. At a complete loss for words she just stands there taking in the moment for a second as Xeno starts to talk to her. She almost misses what he says before she shakes her head. Once he finishes she slowly says. "I... I did it... Your right! I DID IT!" She says a genuine smile breaking out across her face. " I CAN Save these people! I just have to tell him to!" She catches herself before falling to far into her joy as she wasn't done yet and then clears her throat. "OKAY! MR. FINES! You will shut this place down at once and give freedom to the people you have enslaved! After which you will forget you ever ran this horrid place!" Thinking a bit she remembers the final thing. "Then in three weeks time you will come with us!" She issues the commands with as much confidence as she can and while she had a new found since of it she still was a bit worried it wouldn't work but she ignored that side of her mind as the fact she had even gotten to this point was a big deal in her mind and she wanted to prove not just her self wrong but also Mr.FInes. As she finishes the smile doesn't leave her face. In fact it on;ly grows bigger as she turns to Xeno. "Did you see that?! I did it! I can be strong to!"
  4. Clair was a bit surprised to hear that Gozen wasn't a great tracker. It caused her to even wonder how theyd find him then but she guessed that there were always outliers when it came to capabilities among species though... maybe she was just wrong on her assumption to. That was always a possibility. As she is considering the possibility she hears Shelly say something drawing her attention. Turning to look she notices the tracks as Shelly points them out. "So did he just walk off then?" Clair says a bit curious. She doesn't dwell on it to long though as Gozen takes off and follows the tracks. Clair follows right behind him trying to keep an eye out for other signs of where he might have headed off to.
  5. Hey your most recent post (never got a notification so just saw it >->) Just shows completely blank is that on purpose?
  6. "Yes you do and travel doesn't treat clothing that well." She adds with a bit of a laugh. She followed him to his horse and soon realized he was going horse back. She had never actually met anyone who traveled by horse. She herself wasn't entirely used to riding a horse. Before she can pose the problem though she is caught off guard by the man answering her other question and inquiry. She found him being discharged or banished a bit interesting but he seemed fine enough that she raised no real question on it. However his manner of acquiring the quest was a bit interesting. "I am sorry to hear of your banishment." She says with a rather saddened tone. "Although I can't see a reason to banish someone like you at the moment I'm sure there's a good reason for whatever you did." She adds with a sweet smile mostly for the standard before returning to the topic at hand. "Ah so we will learn of our trails as we go then. I suppose guiding entities tend to be rather vague on these things..." As Cerik pulled the monocle out and showed it to her she gave it a fair look. The aura seemed a bit off to her for something of its power so she understood the idea to strengthen it and it seemed like a good base to her as she didn't often see things using titanium. Even if she wasn't a smith herself she knew enough and could tell great work when she had seen it. As the knight puts it away and gets on his horse she nods and notices the horse whine a bit. She offers her own pat and does a bit to show she means no harm as she replies. "I do not have my own mount. I found them strangely rare in parties and I'm not the best rider. So thanks for the offer. Think I'll take you up on it." She takes her pack off and opens it a bit for her pet Nyx to climb into for safety before putting it back on and carefully climbing on behind him. As he looks over his shoulder she is a bit confused. She had no real sensitivity to spirits nor did she know any real magic for interacting with them. She doesn't say much on it simply getting in a position to not fall off before letting him know she is ready.
  7. Salt was confused as the blood farmer talked to her and spoke on her parents. Her parents sounded special. Does that make her special? Did these people only care because she was special? Was she in this place because she was? Or was all this just words to fill her with hope? Was this her fairy tale? She had no idea as the questions flew threw her head and lead to more and bigger questions until she was given a command. Charm this man? She didn't follow at first and looked to... Mr.Fines? She couldn't remember names as things slowed down for her for a second. She had a choice to make. She was told she was free but they asked her to do things again and the ball was in her court to follow or disobey... If she disobeyed would they hurt her? But if it could save everyone here.... She looks to the person she was told to use this charm thing on that she didn't understand and followed the simple instructions. She focuses her sight on the man and concentrates as hard as she could. Mostly channeling all the confusion and sadness flooding her in the moment to keep her attention focused. She wasn't sure if she should speak a command but her intent for it was clear. She just wanted him to listen and shut the place down. Then maybe she could feel something happy about the place.
  8. While Clair didn't really sleep her mind wandered and kept her from noticing Dauner getting up at night as she laid against the tree she had picked the night before. Mostly just lost deep in thought or focusing on something else unrelated to keep herself from being to board while the others actually got their sleep. Once everyone else starts to wake up it catches her attention though as it would seem they were making some noise so she slowly gets up and stretches a bit before making her way closer to them as she was on the outskirt of the camp. "Morning, friends. Hope you...." Shes cut short as she notices the third is missing. She tilts her head a bit as she remembered he was there the night before and people don't usually disappear... Clair wasn't a good tracker but wasn't Gozen and Dauner part dragon? Looking to Gozen now she speaks again. "Aren't you a dragon or something? Don't they track well?" She wasn't sure why Dauner would just disappear but there would be no way he'd not leave a trace in her mind. He didn't seem the type to just abandon his team. "There is no way he just left meaning that he likely left some kinda trail or tried to at least!" Clair says with a smile. She wasn't sure how to follow that trail but she tended to try and know people and most don't just abandon friends or parties!
  9. I'm afv for a bit. I got an ear infection but the doctor only perscribed half the stuff they were supposed to so I'm in so much pain rn I can hardly stand 

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  10. "Well... I've seen an adventurer or two in my travels and we all have that look when searching for a party." She returns with a smile. She happily hears him out after taking her seat at the table. Seemed rather mysterious to her as he didn't elaborate on the trial or tell her what it entailed, but never the less she was interested in the offer as it sounded full of adventure and she had nothing better to spend her time on. Seeing him pull the gold out and suggest getting a start on the adventure if she was in she gives a nod and finishes her drink. "Sounds like a delightful adventure all around. I can't see a real reason to decline the invitation." With that she places a coin on the table after he gets up and follows after him. She rather liked the idea of jumping straight into the trial. Typically she found most parties wanted to gear up so it was a nice change of pace for her "I suppose I should add that if the adventure goes well enough coin should be fine... Though, I suppose I should first ask what this trial is? Trails for knights are usually solo affairs are they not? I don't happen to know many knights so I may be out of the loop." There wasn't much that would scare her off an adventure so she had felt fine agreeing to a quest with out all the details.
  11. "Thats a fair point... But large people can be intimidating to small people." Faith says not meaning any harm in what she says. Some people can take being called large as an insult but Faith saw it as a compliment in some cases given large things tend to be more sturdy. Faith didn't fully have a problem with the plan. That said she didn't like being bait but sometimes things call for that sort of approach and she wasn't going to argue it was a good plan in the end. She follows him into the town staying rather quite. She had to wonder if the people they find would really even talk. When getting rough people can tend to just say what you want to hear true or not.... After the day was finished Faith would follow the man back to the meeting. It was a rather successful day but she let the man report the findings for them. She'd collect her earnings as well then take a seat in the room. "I hope that should work arise again it'll be noted that I was successful and we pulled the work off with little problem." Faith always liked to make sure that should people need assistance again her name only brought up good points. "We could always lay traps around the base then find a point to sneak in and strike. If we surprise them then some will run triggering traps and cause quite a bit of confusion. A confused army is no real army." Faith suggests. "I would assume getting something like that done is possible?"
  12. Clair wasn't to surprised to see he had plates in his backpack but she fully felt that should surprise her! When she was given the plates she just shakes her head and fills them with food while Dauner and Shelly argued a bit. It was certainly active. She wasn't fully used to it. Especially since anytime she heard groups fight it wasn't friendly but it was clear Shelly and Dauner didn't hate each other. She didn't mind it. Once she loads the plates she hands them out hers being notably empty until she conjures a cake slice on it. Once the food was spilled she goes a bit wide eyed! "HEY Don't hurt the food like that! It wasn't mean to you!" She takes the plate though and refills it handing it back to him. Once Dauner falls asleep and everyone finishes she cleans up every thing that was left over packing it up and stuffing it back in the bag that originally had the boar. Once shes done cleaning up she finds a nice tree and rests against it for the rest of the night. She didn't have anything else to do and while she didn't need real sleep rest was important for her to recharge a bit.
  13. Posts coming Wednesday! Been a bit wrapped up in the 4th and some stuff with my job. Sorry for delays!

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      I'll be doing some light gardening today. I will post pictures on facebook so that you can take a look Salt, okay? I miss ya and mind those headaches young lady. You are not about to worry this old mutt to death, buwahahahah!!! The RP is still going on. I gotta gather more information on the illegal market so that Gothra can shut it down.



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