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    The Cake Goddess
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    Still don't know what this is
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    Lol Yahoo
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    Have one... Don't remember it.
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    Ask me if you want it.

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    Of the Feminine variety
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    With kittens and cake!
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    All ya gotta do is ask! I'm friendly and provide cake!
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    I do that thing where I act like I work.

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About Me

You found my profile!

Welcome number....... I forgot your number.......

Come on it's here somewhere......

Anyways that aside. Let's get on with the personal like things and stuff with the facts and the things!

You can call me what you fell like but my name is Maria. Most on the site call me Flame, or Athena though, or cake goddess (Not really kinda an ongoing joke.)

Now as for what I do here! I try Failing more like it to respond to the new member posts but I miss all of them some of them  so if you have an unanswered questions I will answer them through pm if you send it! I know quite a bit about the sight and could be quite helpful.

A little about me is well..... There isn't much to tell....

^~^ If that wasn't what ya wanted to hear feel free to pm me and we can talk! ^~^

Bye for now


Feel Free to PM me for anything you might want to talk about.

Meh Characters!

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