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    The one that happens to be female
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    Probably with kittens or cake
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    I like to act like I can make websites

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About Me

I mostly pretend to be an active member but I'm never really permanently here. I'm off and on with the site mostly coming back when I don't have much else to do.

Even during my down times though I do check the site on a biweekly sort of basis and will respond to any pms. I know a bit about the site and don't mind helping new people with questions they might have.

I'm super friendly for the most part, love making friends, and provide cake!

As for interests just ask! I love a lot of things and love talking about those things even more!

Feel Free to PM me for anything you might want to talk about.

Meh Characters! (Updating it maybe soon?)

And to my ex-friend,

May the Beginning of your pain be washed away forever and may your sight never fade.

Love, Scarlett (Origin)

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