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  1. I am really liking your characters keep up the good work with them!  :)

    1. SweetCyanide
    2. FlamingTraveler


      The only acceptable response to that.

  2. Kota sniffles a bit as she pulls herself back from her master and wipe her tears away on her shirt. She was happy to hear Benaires say Psyvariars was going to be okay. Kota would have to remember she could easily hurt people. She didn't want to hurt people unless they were a real threat to people. With that she turns to the elevator it’d be obvious to the person on the elevator that Kota was recently crying. She smiles at Avus as best she can but it's not much she still felt bad, but the compliment from Avus made her a bit happier as she introduced herself. "I am experiment 418, Quizikota, or Kota for short. Currently master and his family are teaching me about different things... I love to learn stuff and spend time with master. I am 22 years old in human years. That’s the short answer at least I can go in more detail if you require or want." She hold her hand out to shake seeing as it was a common getting by what she knew though she hadn't seen it done much... or at all as she can recall but she knew it was common enough. "It is nice to meet you Avus! I am sure we will get along well and I look forward to learning as much as I can from you!"
  3. Clair wasn't too surprised when Craxus jumped in and started helping tell the story but she did think his story was slightly dangerous for what she was hoping... He could have gone a bit safer that way they could deal with it easily but it was already done and there wasn't much they could do about it now. She summons a cake slice for him to eat as she stands up and looks behind her to notice dust on her white dress and she sighs slightly that's what she got for mindlessly setting down on the ground. Going to brush it off she hears the chittering sound of chhitten and prepares to fight them as she start scurrying past them. She watches in horror. What in the world could invoke this reaction in a creature basically built to fight and be scary? Looking at the horizon the black shape helps give her an idea. She didn't want to be here when it got to them but something told her that wasn't going to be much of an option they could likely follow them... listening now she heard an engine. That meant a vehicle. They couldn't out run a vehicle on foot they'd be easily caught and there was nowhere to hide so fighting or talking it out was all that was left and if it scared of chhittin then fighting was the most likely. "Hey... Um we are probably going to have to fight that and they have some kind of vehicle that doesn't work in our favor... I would suggest running but we can't out run it and we have nowhere to hide."
  4. open

    "Not necessarily but if I wanted to insult him it would sound meaner then that or... I'd be angry." She says offering a bit of a smile.
  5. open

    52 turns to Natsumi. "If I were trying to be insulting you would know it." She says with a smile.
  6. open

    52 smiles at the man and nods. "Your welcome. Any music can be good though you just have to try and listen long enough."
  7. open

    52 sighs as the man returns to his music somewhat sad a fight didn't start. She would have found a bit of fun in it. Her shackle returns back and she takes a seat agian. "See there thats easy enough your quite good with that instrument Id like you to stick around and play it. No need in senseless fighting."
  8. D: You... Hate pie?! 


    1. FlamingTraveler


      Cake forever! <3

      Pie is cakes mortal enemy! XD

    2. ezkiel777


      ;_; why can't we all live in harmony? we're all the same on the inside... filled with fruits and other sugary fillings!

    3. FlamingTraveler


      I can let pies live in peace. As long as cakes are forever realized as the superior dessert!

  9. open

    52 turns to the man talking about dark magic. "Sir please return to your music.... it was beautiful... there is nothing to bad about dark magic everyone has a right to there magic." She gives the man a bit of a sour look. Her neck shackle started to glow and break off in case of a fight were to break out.
  10. I think Disco might have confused naive with Mavricks charater. Mavricks charater did scream and naive was mentioned in his post.
  11. open

    52 watched as the events unfolded in front of her. It would appear someone was sick from having drank to much. "Pacing yourself is quite important to not getting sick... drinking slowly lets you drink more with out feeling to sick."
  12. open

    52 had to admit she enjoyed hearing about this girls magic. It was interesting to learn about rare magics. "Hm... so its best to approach as a friendship or partnership rather then a war. Seems a little cliché if you ask me but I get it." She returns to her seat with a slight smile.
  13. open

    52 rubs her eyes slightly as she watchs the girl transform. She was rather inpressed by it. It seemed to hold allot of power. "That is rather impressive. Don't see many transformations let alone to be a dragon... I kinda like it..." She smiles slightly as she stands up and walks over to the girl to get a better look walking around her and inspecting her slightly curious as to what the form entails. "Well I am glad you have a bit more control of it now... wouldn't want something happening..."
  14. XD Your determined aren't ya? I barely know him! He can atleast buy me dinner before we get shiped together.
  15. Just realized you have 8 active rps! How do you do it?! 

    1. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      Uhhh, a considerable amount of slacking, understanding RP partners, and I practice my speed posting quite a bit.  :smile:

    2. FlamingTraveler