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  1. Yeah no problem I understand.
  2. An app would be really nice but I doubt we will ever get one XD I hope we will though!
  3. @LinetteNerissa yeah! But you might want to give them a magic that lets em walk on land XD @DoomSparkles Nonsense no such thing! @A Pretty Cool Guy How dare you steal my question! >_> *gives poison cake* XD
  4. Ill be sure to ask if I finish those! And no you won't! Most people are pretty chill about that stuff! :)
  5. You'll get a feel for the whole balance and stuff as you go! If you mess up don't worry people will understand :) I have finished Fairy Tail and Fate sorry for the confusion XD I just meant they are my favorites from what I have seen! Thanks for the recommendations though! I'll be sure to check them out when I get the chance! I hope they are as good as you say. :)
  6. Glad it's going well so far! Yeah there is a lot of lore to read up on... honestly I haven't read all of it. XD I float by reading as needed and I tend to stay in one area so I haven't had to read to much! As for what I like... My favorites so far have been Fate Series and Fairy Tail. I liked Seven Deadly Sins to and the start of SAO was pretty good.
  7. Welcome to the site! I personally think the misspelling adds an extra layer of mistory! XD Glad to see you trying to get back into roleplaying though! Hope the site keeps you around awhile since people here are pretty fun to be around! Don't worry about the whole cell thing either I'm in the same boat and don't get any hate for it! :) If you have any questions feel free to ask me! I'm here to help! Enjoy the site! *Gives free complimentary cake*
  8. I give out lots of free cake! XD
  9. Welcome to the site! Don't worry to much about the misspelling. As long as your posts are good and creative does spelling matter that much?! It is a pretty good site and people are friendly hope that keeps you around! :D Enjoy the site! *Gives forced free cake*
  10. Welcome to the site! I see you've been active already so if you have questions feel free to ask me! :) I liked to see you enjoy anime and dnd! I've been looking for some new animes lately. XD Hope your wnjoying the site! :)
  11. I have a question. Under rank on a profile there are dots. How does one get more of these dots?

    1. supernal


      The user title and the pips/dots change or increase depending on your post count

    2. SabersFire
  12. Your welcome! Don't worry more people will read it to. XD New people are fun and important! :)
  13. Love the gif in your about me! Almost as mesmerizing as Fae's profile picture XD

    1. urbabydaddy


      Paha, thank you pie-hater :kiss:

    2. SabersFire
  14. Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have a pretty deverse set of writing skills! Don't worry to much about writing paragraphs! You'll get better at it as you write. Practice makes perfect, right? :) if you have any questions feel free to ask me! Enjoy the site! *gives free cake*
  15. Love the profile pic! :) Welcome to the site to! If you have questions just ask!