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  1. I turn 43!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN! :D OBVIOUSLY No birthday is complete with out cake so here!: Have a great day Ben! I wish you well!
  2. A series of unfortunate effects [maddening mists event]

    As Volentia makes an effort to try and keep stable with her new gravity Faith starts to have her personality affected by the mist. She smiles a bit as the Captain lightly grips her arm. She had seen people have trouble with the change before but it would seem that Volentia was doing pretty well with it which was something Faith was glad to see. It kinda reminded her of her daughter and how Faith had to teach her to move in different fields of gravity though this was a bit different as Volentia wasn't a child and didn't posses the powers herself but still. "Don't worry so far you are doing better then my daughter! She fell way to often! If you need to hold on feel free to do so! We wouldn't want you getting hurt now would we?" Faith wanted to keep talking and get a bit of a conversation going but she bit her lip and forced herself to stop. She could give them away to the beasts if they made to much noise. Faith looks forward as they continue to travel her movements staying quite fluid from her years and years of practice. She wondered how long it would take Volentia to get used to it though. Maybe she would catch on quickly though she kinda enjoyed being there to support the women at the moment which was a bit odd for Faith seeing as she didn't really like people hanging on to her but right now was different.
  3. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    I will have my post up by Thursday! I have been a little busy lately and haven't really found the time to post!
  4. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    I will post in the next few days! :)
  5. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    Panda posted? I missed it to! XD
  6. Is pumpkin pie nice

  7. An Incubus Walks Into a Bar..

    As the other demon enters the room Nyx looks over at him and raises an eyebrow as she lets her magic dissipate from the man, letting his horns show. She smiles a bit and sits up as he says he is back. "I see that... Where have you been? treat a lady to a meal and run off?" She giggles a bit as she watches him slide into bed. "Judging by the fact you seem tierd... Eh I'm not one to really guess." She sighs and falls back in her bed. Pulling the blankets over her she turns to her side and looks at the demon. "Well I hope you sleep well! I imagine you had quite the day." With that she lets her eyes close as she dims the room around them with her magic. She was curious what the next day would hold. She had never traveled with an incubus before... It would certainly be an interesting journey! Hopefully it would be fun to.
  8. I know I haven't posted much recently but I will be posting at some point in the next two days!

    1. princeben07


      Steal a Cake and Runs off.





    2. P.N.See


      *Aims at Ben's right knee with a sniper rifle*

      I've got you in my sights, you dirty little thief!

    3. princeben07


      O_O *Stops and gives cake back*

      Oh YOU are NO fun!!! Oh POOKERS!!






  9. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    I am fine with waiting! :)
  10. There's Pokemon yo!

    I will post when I can :)
  11. There's Pokemon yo!

    I think ODST was thinking of starting a new thread for it actually...
  12. There's Pokemon yo!

    I am up to continue but my posting has been kinda slow as of late.
  13. Hello, Fellow Members!

    Welcome to the site! I hope you get lots of inspiration here! There are certianly lots of people here that have lots of diffrent ideas so I don't think you will have to much trouble finding it! :) Lots of people on this site also like anime so your not alone there! You should find lots of people to discuss that topic with! :D If you have questions about anything feel free to ask! I am here to help! Enjoy the site! *gives free cake*
  14. A series of unfortunate effects [maddening mists event]

    Faith raised an eyebrow as the captain told her to wait up. She had expected to go alone but she wasn't opposed to the idea of traveling with someone else. She was a little shocked the captain chose to walk with her though. Faith lowers her pace a bit to let the women catch up with her. Once she does she starts to question Faith about her magic. She had been questioned before about them and people seemed to be curious about her magic every so often. She sighs a bit and slips her hands inside her coat pockets. She could easily lower the other women's gravity but the problem would be if she would be able to run in it! "It's more of an area. As for the area... That depends on how much I need... I can currently do a pretty big area more then I would need for a typical fight. Though If I go all out I could probably double that but I would lose control of my magic and... I don't like that..." As for lowering your gravity. I could easily do that I do it to myself all the time but I have trained to be used to it and have fluid movement. The question is could you keep your balance in a lower gravity field?" Faith looks over at her a bit curious. She had never really met someone that had asked her to lower their gravity to move quicker. It was a sound idea though and she was willing to let the women give it a try as she was right it would draw less attention. If the captain would say she can then faith would smile a bit and extend her gravity field to the women.
  15. Hi

    Welcome to the site! I can see people have already pointed you in the right direction so I'll keep mine short! Once you get used to the website you'll find it is a pretty easy thing to navigate so don't worry to much about that! :) If you still have questions after reading Hurttoto and supernal's links feel free to ask me! Enjoy the site! *gives free cake*