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  1. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    Lol It's more like graceful falling! XD She might be but then again she is under the mists effects. XD
  2. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    Okay I will leave it up to you Jaistlyn if Faith's plan works! :) Your the one that knows the size of the hoard after all!
  3. A series of unfortunate effects [maddening mists event]

    Faith was happy to see Volentia getting used to the change in gravity! She seemed to be taking to it quite well and that was good because they were moving at a decent pace now and their steeps were mostly silent so they keep the risk of being spotted to a minimum! Though the question was were they getting any farther from the creature? Faith was unsure of this and just kept pressing forward with her partner. Though soon they spot some figures out ahead... well... Volentia did. She just warned Faith about it causing them to have to stop. Slowly she began to realize what was happening... Volentia seemed to be reacting in a fairly scared manner and this bought a bit of a chuckle to Faith. She didn't really find any reason to be scared. Though their was a good question to be asked right now how would they get out of here with out being noticed? Faith didn't really have much worry about fighting one of the creatures but the mist had riled up an entire hoard of the things and that wasn't something she could logically fight off. Her head tilts a bit as she ponders the question for a second. She grabs Volentia's hand in hers. Faith could probably just use her magic and jump out of the middle of the fight but the question was could Volentia control herself enough to do that... Faith shrugs to herself and turns to Volentia and grabs her hand in hers and pulls her a bit closer as Faith takes a second or two to start dropping the gravity around them lower and lower and lower till they were as light as she could make them with out pushing herself over. This was about weight of a handful of small rocks. With that Faith picks Volentia up with relative ease and starts to do her best to sprint towards the forest. When she gets a good ruining start she kicks off the ground with all the force she could to and sends them flying into the air due to the incredibly low weight they currently had. Faith laughs a bit and says to Volentia. "Off we go!" She was certainly having her fun with this! She rather liked the feeling of soaring through the air... But this was a bit different from skipping around a field or city... If she messed this up they would end up landing in the middle of the Saevion but Faith thinks she should have enough power to propel them forward enough. Though Faith wasn't exactly in her normal state of mind...
  4. Lost and found and lost and lost and found.

    Welcome back! :D
  5. Welcome to the site! I love your Username and profile pic! :D

  6. "What Seeketh Thee?" That's a really cool piece of art. Where'd you find it?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SabersFire


      If you are on a pc just right click it and hit search google for image. :) I don't really remember what I searched. I think it was just dark souls and deep into the search.

    3. Praetorian


      Ah, okay. Those are most definitely some awesome graphics. 

    4. SabersFire


      Yeah I really liked it!

  7. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    I might get a post up sooner but expect one tuesday or wensday as those are my days off! :)
  8. I have 2 days off the release week of Ultra Sun and Moon and BOTH of them are before the day it releases! ;-;

  9. Why I CAN'T keep FEMALE Rp'ers....=(

    I agree with @Praetorian gender shouldn't really matter in an rp partner... I have meet guys that can play female rolls pretty well and females I fell can play male roles well. As for the problem with losing partners for me I have trouble focusing in rps that feel like they drag on or don't really have a lot of action to them. That is why I used to have lots of rps to keep me focused on them.
  10. Dice Rolling Thread

    Aw man was hoping that would work
  11. Dice Rolling Thread

    /roll 1d100
  12. Armada ... Armada ... Armada ... ?

    I didn't know you have changed it.
  13. Armada ... Armada ... Armada ... ?

    Maybe you don't change your enough Rin!
  14. Armada ... Armada ... Armada ... ?

    FlamingTraveler is what I think you knew me by
  15. Armada ... Armada ... Armada ... ?

    YOUR BACK! :D I missed you!