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  1. *climbs back into the hot tub*

  2. Hey everyone! Sorry for my absences as of late! Been busy with work and stuff and today I have just felt out of it so will try to post tomorrow!

  3. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    I am interested still! :)
  4. Making a comeback

    Welcome back! :D Haven't heard of the Darkfires so not sure if they have made a return. XD *gives cake*
  5. Villains! (OOC)

    I am kinda out sorry... :/
  6. Kota takes the glass and looks down at it taking a sip and shaking her head a bit at the taste. She found it quite strong yet strangely alluring! Taking another sip she slowly starts to drink more and more. She couldn't quite tell the effects it was having but she didn't mind she just listened to Ben talk and talk... He has such a way with words... Maybe.. No no no... focus! Focus Kota! But... oh... Her mind drifts a bit as she finishes the glass. It really hit her and her mind wasn't able to focus to well but such was expected of someone who had never had a drop of alcohol in there life! "Oh... he sounds... pleasant! *hiccup* OH! What..." She seems distracted at the moment not really finishing what ever she was saying. Ben wouldn't quite be sure if this was because she lost track or just didn't want to answer. Either way it probably seemed rude. She nods a second before saying. "OH bed yes! FUN!" She giggles a bit and sets her glass down sliding it across the table.
  7. [Quest] You're gonna go far, kid

    Nyx screams and starts letting words fly out of her mouth. She had not planned on the man being crazy enough to jump on her! She goes to grab for her knife as they start to fall to the ground since she was unable to use her wings to keep them up but she stops. The man was stupid enough to try something this close to the girl. She had a lot of power of men when they got close enough. She didn't need her knife right now. They hit the ground and it turns to quick sand. Luckily Nyx was able to slow her speed enough before her wings were grabbed that she only ended up with a few scraps. It would heal easily enough given her unnatural traits and the fact she had recently sapped the strength from someone so her body was already strengthened up a bit. "SHIT! You stupid fucking bitch!..." Shaking her head a bit she calms herself. She needed to remain calm and focus. Freaking out would get no where. A smile crosses her face. "Sorry sweetie... That was rude. You had no way of knowing this would happen so poorly... Let me make it up to you... I was so rude..." With that her tail moves up and the spade on it goes to the back of the mans head urging it towards Nyx's face so she could try and drain his strength. If it didn't work it would make her made and try to force him to move his head up. She wasn't terribly strong but she was full of energy so she wasn't in a weak state either.
  8. Hi?

    Welcome to the site! Glad to see you already have started getting into the site! Hope you are liking it! :) If you find yourself having questions feel free to ask me! I am here to help! Enjoy the site! *Gives cake to the person*
  9. Will get to replies tomorrow been a bit busy last 2 days! :)

  10. Hey Everybody

    Sorry missed your first post! I have been a little busy with work and then having dinner the last little bit! :/ As for your question on the city that would be something you would have to ask @supernal about but I think you have to have been on the site so long and show dedication to keep it up! Not to sure though! :/
  11. So I'm A Pretty Big Deal

    Wonderlost answered most of the questions for me... XD which is good cause I have no idea about your first two... I call us Valucreans! You get unlimited questions by the way! :D We do have a lot of content! Enjoy all the reading material! XD
  12. So I'm A Pretty Big Deal

    Welcome to the site! Apparently you are a big deal so I'll keep this short so to not take up your precious time! XD If you find your self having questions feel free to ask me! Some places you might want to check first though are The Tavern of Legend and the Watercooler! Enjoy the site! *gives cake*
  13. Hey Everybody

    Welcome to the site! Glad your life is in order enough to join us here! I know I can say I don't have much in order myself but hey! A little fun helps ease out some of the stress! If you find yourself having questions feel free to ask me! Enjoy the site! *hands out cake*
  14. Poking a (Bug) Bear with a stick [Quest]

    Clair sighs a bit as he has no idea where to turn the quest in. Her eyes wonder the street as the man mentions finding it quick due to his injuries. He had a point. The enchanment she had put on the cake wouldn't last forever. He quickly asks a random person who tells them and they head off in that direction. When they get there he seems insisitant on walking with out her help. She shakes her head a bit and sighs a again as he pulls away. She wasn't going to tell him no but she didn't like him walking by himself. When he comes back she has a bit of a disappointed look on her face bit brightens up a bit upon seeing his payment. She nods a bit at his question. "Sure! that doesn't sound to bad. Hopefully that payment was worth it!" With that she looks around and starts to walk off to the bar with the man.
  15. Happy Times

    Clair smiles a bit as the other girl starts to tap on the table. She thought it was kinda adorable. She holds back a bit of a laugh as it would be rude to laugh at something like that. Clair wasn't to surprised to hear that she was interested in most academic things. Clair herself wasn't to big on those things but she wasn't to bad at math or science. Though those were mostly due to her interest in cooking and just the fact they could serve to help a little bit and she did have a basic interest in how things reacted with other things. "Oh math? I would have guessed science was your favorite! Most people tend to to like math but I guess someone has to have it as there favorite right?" With that Clair smiles a bit more but the girl wouldn't see it since she was still hiding behind that book. It was odd how much she was hiding behind it. Clair sighs quietly as the smile fades. "Your gunna keep that book up aren't you?" She shakes her head slightly and moves a hand to rest on top of the other girls book. "You don't have to hide your face you know." Clair then lightly pushes down on the book.