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  1. Yep. I'm trying not to, but I started to a long while back. I have managed to get some things done today though so that's good at least.
  2. I'm not sure. I've got work the next couple days, a project, and a test. The class related things are for the beginning of the week though.
  3. I've been putting this off for a bit since I really didn't want to, but I have a lot on my plate right now so I don't think I'll be able to get a post up. You can wait if you'd like or you can just kill my characters off or do whatever with them. If you want to wait I'll try to do something, but it's fine if you'd rather not wait.
  4. Alright. I'll try to get one up this weekend after work, but I've also got a project to work on.
  5. Alright, here we go. So I wanted to reply to you yesterday morning when I first saw your response, TFG, but for some reason I was logged out of Valucre and my login information was not with me. I ended up staying on campus for the night so I couldn't get the login information or reset my password (I don't trust the public campus wifi) until I got home today. My car broke down today on the way home. My password for here didn't want to work so I had to reset it. I have been busy with classes so I haven't had time to post. My major is in the college of engineering, and I took too many heavy classes at once. I also work weekends (and some weekdays now). I will be dropping one of my classes soon. I will try to work on something, but I do not guarantee that I can get to it immediately.
  6. To update everyone here, classes start tomorrow (technically today since it's so late) and things have been.. not the best.. Also I'm scheduled to work only weekends for a bit so my only writing time will be after class. I'll try to get it done tomorrow since my person is working then.
  7. Good to know. I was wondering about that, but I had work the past couple of days so I had a limited time to check things. I'll probably be out tomorrow, but after that I'll be free for a few days. I may or may not get a reply in tonight since I'm a bit tired from work (apparently it's strange that my knees hurt from it...). For future reference if anyone posts here or in a pm I'll see it. I have it set so I get emailed about notifications and whatnot when they happen.
  8. It's fine. Also am I next up to post? I forgot if I posted before or after TFG. XD
  9. Good to know. XD I may discuss some other things regarding Naomi in the pm with you as well- just for if I want to continue adding content with him (making things) and whatnot. I'm not sure about activity so I'm not sure about that just yet.
  10. A cosigner from when Khan started the board. I worked on some of the content for the barony. I have some pms with information about it as well as google docs. My character, Naomi, is part of Dasua corp and does research and development (there are probably ideas for new weapons and vehicles and such laying around somewhere). I was going to be on Neon's side, but I didn't receive much in the way of information on what needed to be done. Nothing too interesting though, I suppose. I feel like I've rambled a bit much, but I might as well leave it now. There's nothing really to do until the result of the battle is determined- for me at least.
  11. Well I missed quite a bit.. whew. It took a while to get through reading all of that. I'd think about saying things, but that would be useless. I just wanted to pop up again, and to let it be known that if red wins I'll give her all the information I have on dasua (if she wants it) since I think some things were still in the works before things in the barony halted. If red is interested in that it would be best if she pmed me about it at her leisure. I will keep tabs here, but I do not know how often given I just spent around 2-3 hours catching up here. (I'm a bit curious if anyone actually remembered that I was here, but that's not really important.)
  12. Just checking, is everyone still here? I haven't gotten notifications for a bit, so I wasn't sure. I haven't checked the ic stuff though.. but I just figured I'd make sure to see if you're all still here.
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