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  1. High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

    I'll respond today with Asari, since I have some time.
  2. Custom user title raffle

    Throw mines in as well, been one title for waaay too long.
  3. High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

    Count me in, the timing is perfect for me as well.
  4. District 102

    Icona was swiftly secured by Roman as he took the helms of shutting the door. A feeble barrier that temporarily sheltered them. From the other side, the banging was halted and the quietness only marked as reminder of an eye before the storm. It seemed the creatures sought a new entrance to finish what they started. Icona pressed a hand to her chest in attempt to calm her racing heart, a pounding that rang in her ears. "I don't think i could handle anymore injured party on my hands " She replied, staring at his burnt flesh. The smell mixed with the sense of guilt made her nauseated...If only she wasn't this weak. "Yes, but it was reckless, supposed, I didn't managed to open in time? What then? We can't afford to gamble with drastic risks." She scolded at him while retrieving a small, ruby red, box from her bag. A container packed with basic medical supplies for minor injuries. She fumbled through till she located the necessary items to help him. Without waiting for anymore protest from him, she began dressing his arm." I do no have a proper drug to ease the pain, but this would help neutralize the acid till we find medical aid." Her tone of voice was soothing but she kept head down and away from his unnerving gaze. Soft tendrils of ruby hairs framed and draped the sides of her face. Shielding her pained expression from him as she worked. Confronting the Beasts Roman's wound was cleaned and wrapped in bandages, she applied a sticky ointment that eased the pain and gave a temporary cure till they found proper medical aid. Stepping back, she finally sort out the surroundings they were in. A semi - circular room that was much wider in comparison to the hall, created with the same materials on the four sides. Several metallic, sliding doors were scattered along some of the walls, suggesting the different paths that they can take. On the opposite end from them, were another set of large, black, panel windows that formed a small crescent shaped hall. It appeared to be a gallery or observation deck where they can overlook the facility. Icona cautiously strode over and peered out the window. From what she saw, lined around the perimeter were emergency flood lights that indicated a path for wary employees to exits after the facility lost power. The middle section was engulfed in darkness but was the source to strange, scrapping noises. She pressed her bangle against the window, illuminating a small portion, one she wished she didn't see. There stood six more of the strange creatures they encountered, ravaging the area for anything they can devour. She finally saw their full physical bodies. Sickly - grey colored torsos with minimum muscle mass, protruding bony, scales along their backs while they walked on all fours. Abnormal skulls housed seven, colourless orbs for eyes, whereas she originally thought were two. Their mouths opened sideways and both their splinted tongue and ragged teeth were prominent out their mouths. She swivelled on her heels before grabbing Roman's arm. "We need to leave this place!" She snapped, if they created any indication that they were here, she don't think they can last another fight.
  5. OOC: Feast or Famine

    Asari and Manah are still in the inn. Well, regarding to post from Harlow, I just amplified the cold scenario. If you want Hollow, you can continue with me in keeping it at bay or regroup with the others outside.
  6. OOC: Feast or Famine

    What you wanted me to clear up Hollow?
  7. Feast or Famine

    The demolishment of the commotion left several of the citizens uninterested and were soon heading towards their desolated areas. Asari had a clear visual on the group - the portly sheriff, his dog-like companion, the holy elf and the man who was the center of the conflict. She honed her hearing on their conversion, picking up bits and pieces of the information. However, she was quickly distracted in the sudden drop in temperature of the dense atmosphere and her hot breathe escaping her lips in specks of fog. She stepped back in caution when the chill crackled the glass panels of the windows and she can no longer see her reflection. It's here! Badessy curled a toothed smile in the direction of a now cracking floor. Whatever creature presented itself aroused immense pressure on the surrounding environment. Glass bottles shattered from the weight of the frost, water was instantly frozen and panic threatened the handful of wary villagers into performing foolish acts that were inside with her. Her narrowed irises followed the reactions in trails, pinpointing the movements of the entity. She unclasped the cloak from around her neck and allowed the heavy material to hit the floor. Her slender body was clothed in an all black attire - cotton blouse with matching leather boots and pants. She slammed a copper toned palm against a nearby wall. Dark static surged out of her finger tips and traveled along the walls. The offensive move was to neutralize the the freezing temperature with a small percentage of chemical heat before they suffered hypothermia. Her main goal at the moment was the protection of villagers before dealing with the unknown.
  8. OOC: Feast or Famine

    OK then tomorrow my post would be up
  9. OOC: Feast or Famine

    Sure, well if he isn't online want me to post next?
  10. District 102

    The deafening roar was amplified throughout the enclosure of the hallway, this high frequency was enough to cause deafness in small mammals with heighten hearing but not to cause damage to normal humans. The last of the pitch was followed by still silence - a sense of dread that lingered. A predator awaiting the movements of it's prey. The entrance of path was suddenly demolished by a cave in of metal, sealing both the doctor and her help from escaping the way they entered. Sounds of ripping metal and loud thumps signaled that their assailants had accomplished entering the area. The creature appeared before Roman, a pair of burning red irises locked onto him but the rest of it's physical body was shielded in the darkness, avoiding what little light Icona's bangle casted which gave her an idea. A low rumble emitted from the beast before sticky, inky black, tendrils shoot forward aiming for the limbs of Roman. If he avoided the attack he would need to also avoid the acidic, dark green slime that splatted onto the walls and floor. Icona furiously worked on the last remaining cogs of the keypad. She managed to fry the hand pad with the use of her portable A.I and undid screws of a small box that housed several wiring and cogs that were linked to the additional lock. It was the same basic setup of the ones back at her lab which she self taught to hack in case of emergencies. Thanks to Roman's aura ability, her torso was less throbbing and she could concentrate better. She stole a glance of the creature who was solely locked onto her help, cursing under her breathe for her still unsteady hands. She would hate herself if they hurt him just because of her tardiness. She fiddled with the last of the cog's pins when the sound of a clack revealed she was successful in opening the doors. Slender fingers gripped the seam between the doors as she forcefully pushed them apart, the rust prevented it from opening normally. Her feeble strength had just created a gap enough for them to squeeze right through. She slid inside still holding the door ajar, if she let go it would only shut close again. "Roman! Hurry!" Her voice horse as she struggled a little more. Another loud tear of metal echoed as a second creature emerged near the other, it's tendrils oozed more acidic slime. The veil creature also tried to aim for the rest of Roman's body.
  11. Asari started off as a special commodity to myself, now is a generic, self loathing, introvert with a voice of reason that is bitter about not getting his way. Icona- every tsundere possible Vince, Niss, Claude - copies of that introvert. *sips tea* Fantastic...
  12. What are you playing?

    Started Indie week for some non triple AAA games. I started and finished Doki Doki and now I think I'm done with this fresh hell. Gonna spend a week in my closet.
  13. District 102

    Icona covered her face with the sleeve of her coat as the dust from the decaying metal distributed around them then dissipated. Once inside pass the entrance, the mirror like glaze on both the floors and walls reflected the two as they ventured onwards. Icona's eyes shifted in each direction, viewing any surface that her bangle casted light on. A narrow passage sure couldn’t fit more than three persons length ways but made up for space with it’s high ceilings. “I guess they had plans to return after all” she replied in a soft tone, one that was far less intimating as before, it also housed her disappointed. She dragged a wary hand on the wall as they paced, an ice cold that surged up her palm and arm. The unexpected temperature made her shook slightly and she quickly shoved her hand back into her pocket for whatever warmth she could muster. She turned to Roman who was surprisingly staring at her. His eyes left her naked and exposed to him. She swallowed hard and manage to return a tiny smile, awkwardly. “Yes well” she cleared her throat and turned towards the direction they were heading. “The most we might encounter are a few flora or fauna” She replaced her nervousness with her cold disposition. She shoved the other arm into her other pocket while Roman observed the other set of sliding doors. She marveled at his ability for a moment before closely examining a wall for the possible material that made up this hallway. It was smooth with blacken spots that showed it’s wear and tear. She rubbed her sleeve in a abrasive manner on the surface. It cleared her reflection more till it reminded her of the material they used for a two way window. She knocked her knuckles against it resulting in an almost hollow sound from behind the wall. Icona cupped her face and pressed on it to try to see the other side. She eased up when Roman spoke and smiled when he made the gracious comment. "Sure, but first I am quite curious of what material these -" Bang Icona was sent backwards to the opposite side of the hall, slamming her back firmly against it. The strength of the force knocked the wind out of her and she frantically tried to gain her footing. She held her abdomen area and blinked to clear the dizziness from her vision. The area where she stood before was now replaced by a large dent that covered much of the wall's surface. The imprint was jagged and inward, showing evidence of an outer force trying to come in. She stumbled towards Roman and began working on the locks. Her hands shocked and she tried to ignore the stinging sensation on her back. Another set of bangs grew louder creating sets of dents on the walls and ceilings. Escalating from closer to the entrance and making it's way towards them. Icona had to bypass the locks which would take some time, she faced Roman to ask for a distraction but coughs only replaced her words.
  14. OOC: Feast or Famine

    Sorry for such a long time to reply x.x
  15. Feast or Famine

    Asari reluctantly grasped the woman's hand and exchanged the casual greeting. She pushed the hood back, revealing the drawn features of her face with wisps of hair framing either sides. She curled her thin lips into a smile to appear less intimidating but it didn’t reach her piercing eyes. She wasn't one to mingle in small conversion and only contributed when deemed necessary. She scanned the expressions of the one, who called herself Mae-Lynn and the arrival of the other. A peculiar group of individuals with one sole purpose, she wondered what others would join them in this search. She side glanced at Badessy, whose attention was locked on outside. The deity was intense, his posture rigid with erected ears and narrowed eyes- she was curious and the same time figured why – this happens when.... She was distracted by woman's sudden question and faced the group individuals, she didn't want to raise suspicion about lingering on nothings, the least they knew of Badessy, the better. " I found mines while in Doughton as well" She finally replied. She shifted her posture to be more relaxed with occasionally glances at the same direction Badessy glued to. Be careful! His voice roared in her ear but the short alarm was drowned by the rifle's shot. Asari instinctively reached for the claymore on her hip, she approached a window closest to the entrance and peeped at the commotion. Several body parts blocked her view but she just managed to saw a man bended on one leg near an unconscious body, hovered over him was the town’s law enforcement. “An earlier warning next time” she whispered at the Deity. He grunted as a response. She would remain inside until there was a need to but for now, staying on the sideline would be best.