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  1. OOC: Feast or Famine

    Damn no pressure or anything :()
  2. PSA in godmodding

    I partly agree and disagree with these points. From my experience with earlier segments from other rp sites, I have had disputes with players that performed in a manner that was unreasonable and down right distasteful when it came to control of other's characters. Showing disrespect when agreement wasn't made. That attitude would discourage anyone from wanting to continue playing. However, there were a number of other players who have demonstrated amazing creativity and actually improved my characters, sharing knowledge on the weaker areas that needed a third party perspective and that's fine if you want to continue enhancing your skills. Besides communication, a balance is needed. If other players have exercised such problems with no logical reason or cause conflict just for the sake of it behind their actions then you have, by all means, the right to politely refuse their request but don't classify all situations as the same. There will be times when you will be surprised of the ideas of others and how a little insight can go a long way.
  3. District 102

    Icona remained relatively silent as Roman disciplined her soldiers for their incompetence. Her attention centered on the whining hallway. The natural light stretched inwards to an extend while inky darkness continued to block view of the rest of the way. Her eyes shifted on the squared entrance, searching for any shred of important details. She snapped out of her concentration when her soldiers vocally complained of the actions from the "new guy". She flashed a dissatisfied look at the group to beckoned for them to be quiet. Sighing and pinching the corners of her eyes, she reviewed the details once more. If the company really built a labyrinth section, what was they trying to store? And what are the possible contents hidden away? She gathered her equipment and adjusted the bag on her shoulders. " The rest of you will stay here while Mr. Godfrey and I will continue this mission alone. Clearly if you can't follow such insufficient commands, you would only get in the way." She barked at her troops in commanding tones. Her staff halted and her soldiers saluted. They knew if they wanted to remain on her good side, they would blindly follow her reasonable demands. Icona maybe a woman of smaller built but she didn't construct her empire by rolling over and submitting. She accomplished more than what fewer spoils any other woman in her position had done. She took the filth granted to her as humor and created a spectacle, so she'll be damned if any person would hinder such a thing. She was taken up by surprised when she was being lead by Roman, in a gentlemanly way. It was unorthodox for such a situation but enjoyed his free spirit. Linking her arm with his, they journeyed inwards the mysterious halls. Luckily the bangle served as a multitude of items. Though it housed as an external hub for the Hummingbird's A.I, it was also modified to be used as a map, light source, emergency contact, etc. Once they both passed the last ounce of natural light, the bangle surged and a fluorescent light was activated. Metallic walls and ceiling grew narrower as they continued inwards. The polished surfaces were untouched by rust of decay, so clear that a cloudy reflection appeared. "It's as if age didn't affect them," she spoke out loud, closer viewing the wall beside her.
  4. Feast or Famine

    Asari gave a final wave as the airship slowly ascend into altitude causing rifts of aerial pressure to whirl dry dust and bend the wooden remains of trees. With one final boost from it's thruster, the ship sailed off into the horizon leaving it's owner alone on the boundaries of the god-forsaken town. Asari clothed herself in a black cloak to drown the view of most of her body, only feline shaped irises would glow a dark-gold color from under the hood's shadow. She journeyed to the town with caution steps, from the information she received she expected most of the town to be in shambles, or the very least, in a relatively poor status. Her palm tenderly rested on the parchment in her pocket. Her thoughts reviewing the upsetting cry for help on inky letters. It was a reminder to her of the less fortunate others bore, even in such a modern age. She was going to refuse this mission on the grounds that the local authority would simply do their job, but something nagged at her. A sinister force kept these townsfolk from bare necessity and the unknown source made her too curious for her to sit ideally by. She assumed it was the being of chaos intertwined with her, wanting to devour every inch of it. "You are right!" a chuckle escaped through half closed fangs from the being beside her. She arrived shortly at the entrance of the town. A little more surprised of debilitated buildings that greeted her. She continued her pace on the dusty path feeling the wary gazes from broken individuals that reside in the darken alleys. Thin heels crunched the ground and the only noise that echoed through silence, she frowned from the lack of people on the streets. How was she suppose to help them if no one had the balls to greet her? " I didn't know you was expecting a warm welcome?" Badessy replied in a sarcastic tone, nonchalant of the situation. "No i wasn't, but i would like at least a sign that the citizens aren't dead yet" Asari spat out through thin lips. She made her way north, pass the dense fog until she saw the small starving group of people all eyeing her figure with sunken eyes. She didn't stop for long before side glancing at the general store that seem to house others that didn't appear mute. She allowed Badessy to poke one of the townsfolk and investigate the man's appearance, knowing that he was non-existent to anyone other than her. She crossed the path unfazed and through the doors of the store, once inside she was greeted with a peculiar scene. The shopkeeper seemed to held a woman firmly, rambling about something about the notice she also received. She made her way towards the couple and intervene their conversation. "Excuse me, do you really know who wrote this letter?" Her voice low but strong with a tribal accent. A copper tone hand slipped from under the cloak and held up a replica of the same letter.
  5. Feast or Famine

    Will write my response tomorrow, thanks
  6. The Wine Box -- Motherhood Chatter

    That would help a lot, especially the weird areas he loves to touch -_-
  7. The Wine Box -- Motherhood Chatter

    Ohhh! What do you recommend for disinfecting floors and hard surfaces? My godson is highly sensitive to most cleaning chemicals, so regular commercial brands just give him bad hives and nasal problems. We tried white vinegar but the smell it leaves isn't pleasing.
  8. What's in your speakers, nukka?

    Beethoven's 9th Symphony >.> old soul
  9. Feast or Famine

    Count me in, if you have anymore available space.
  10. What are you reading?

    Started Gena Showalter's Into the Dark series, lovely romance but love the personas of the deadly sins of the Pandora's Box
  11. District 102

    Icona's palm was completely encased by Roman's own, a strength that was far supreme to hers. She remembered the essences of the his information which specifically stated his lack of combat skills, yet she made an unnoticed glance of his hands, that wasn't the complete case. "Yes it was delightful, but I didn't expect the locals to cause such rift with you" Her posture shifted to lean on her left hip with arms crossed under her bosom. "Nonetheless, the area will be secured" She peered over her shoulders to the wary soldiers, already in formation around both aircrafts, the mangle mess of unconscious bodies and the dilapidated path connected to inner section of the woods. The other members of staff were unloading the rest of cargo from the aircraft. Small crates of a wide variety of ammunition, several cases of excavation tools, a couple of the teleportation disks and Icona's personal equipment. The soldiers awaited no extra commands and were already arming themselves to protect their boss. She briskly moved beside Roman, listening intensively of his full report of what he encounter, she was at delight with his observation and horned skills. A shining example of what she aimed for when it came to outside help. “It still is amazing that you encountered such….rural people “ she sort to find a more appropriate description of the tribal creatures. “ The company never reported finding any living man in these woods, just some evidence of extinct flora and fawn” she lowered her body to examine one of the male natives, balancing on her toes as to avoid any part of her body to touch the ground. Clothed in patterned animal skins and feathers, along their private areas, these copper toned individuals bore no extraordinary features other than white powder that decorated their skin in a tribal fashion. She ran a timid finger gingerly along it’s bicep and shoulder, tracing the designs. Rubbing two fingers together to understand and identify the texture of the mineral. “Limestone?” she exclaimed in a puzzled tone. She rose and scanned the path towards them. Dark wood trees that mostly stretched for the sunlight above, thick vines woven from bark to bark. She wasn’t quite used to the odor of moss and damp flora. She reached into the pocket of her coat and retrieved a thin steel bangle. Icona slipped it onto her wrist resulting in a sharp sound, the bangle produce another smaller version of the A.I that operated the Hummingbird. It stated it's usual greeting to her administrator. Icona held her hand out for it to scan the natives with a thin line of light logging their information into the ship's database before disappearing. She then addressed the strange metallic doors Roman earlier discovered. "Something is not right" She faced him now, "We'll have to start here, I am quite curious to know other secrets my company with held" She frowned thin lips. @Chappu
  12. *twiddles thumbs* Looking for RP partner(s)

    Nice! I'll like to participate. Our interests and non interests are very similar. Click on the link in the signature for deals with my characters.
  13. What are you playing?

    Finally finished up the raids in Final Fantasy XV after months, Kingdom Hearts Union X cross (cause lore). Trying not to devote time to Monster Hunter World.
  14. District 102

    The sweet embrace of sleep was abruptly disturbed by the sound of the received message from her hired help. Icona frantically searched for the source of the annoying beep through half closed oceanic hues, she found the device among the clutter of files before her. She pinched the corners of her eyes till her vision was clear enough to read and re-positioned herself back in her seat. Once the contents of Mr. Godfrey’s message was understood, she waved a slender palm in mid air to summon sea form pixels that merged itself into the shape of a young girl, no older that eight years old. The unusual A.I curtsy to her administrator, anxiously awaiting her owner’s command. “Relay these coordinates to the centralized crew” Icona barked in a cold tone, still clearing in the fog in her sight. “As you Wish” There was a small pause from the A.I as she stared blankly. “Done! Is there anything else I can do for you?" “That will be all” Bony fingers gesture for the program to dismiss. With another curtsy, what was once a image dissipated into nothing. Icona side glanced to the window at her side and sighed. The Hummingbird XL-67 underwent quite an upgrade, against the owner’s wishes. She had finally gave into the company’s demands when she no longer can stomach the ramblings of board directors insisting it was for the best for her aircraft. A petty move to keep the military in their good favor, She was quite content with a slow moving transportation, with old school aerodynamics and a large crew, as long as it didn’t hinder her goals. Now with a crew of ten members whereas thirty before, an A.I that controls ninety percent of the ship that is linked to Icona’s personal devices and advance stabilizers that reduced it’s turbulence to zero, she felt overwhelmed. Just cheap tactics at her expense... She clenched her jaw and dug her nails into the leather arm rest. The Hummingbird made a ninety degree turn towards the dark silhouette in the distance. The good doctor inhaled deeply and unbuckled her seat belt, she ventured out of the passenger department towards the holding bay. The sound of heeled boots clashed with metal flooring, announcing to her employees that she was close. They scurry to fulfill the minor takes as hand in a desperate need to please the doctor with an iron expression. She didn’t address the crew of five members but instead inspected the containment pods that would house her findings. The metal caskets would cryogenic-ally preserved any organic or non organic material. The beauty of such devices were the minimum effect it took to store the materials. Palm-size metallic disks would be attached to the object you wanted to preserved, once all the relative information was in it’s database, the object would be instantly teleport into the pods aboard the aircraft. It stood as one of the essentials for any field investigation. A defending sound would be heard over the hand-made helipad Mr. Godfrey created as the Hummingbird slowly descended upon it. The surrounding trees bowed under the aerial pressure and dust swirled around them. It's wings were fold inwards onto it's side, diminishing a couple meters of space around the aircraft. The main doors unlocked sideways revealing the ruby- red haired doctor. "Good day Mr. Godfrey" Icona slowly approached the gentleman, both hands buried deep into her coat. He loomed over her, enough to make her cock her head up to see his smokey hues. "I hope i didn't keep you waiting?" Her voice soothingly low almost like a whisper between them both but professional regardless. She finally outstretched a bony palm towards him. @Chappu