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    District 102

    Icona remain slient as she generated a logical choice; the fairly reasonable way, as Roman would surely opted, was to venture the remnants of the experimenting labs and obtain the artifact which reduces her estimated time for this section in half. The escape route will be their secondary challenge though it is not a large burden, she had noted the labyrinth of vents along the halls, enough for a person or persons to squeeze through at single file. She had no doubt that Roman wouldn't strive to do his best especially with this complex task but one cannot be compelled to push the envelope all the time. She had taken a few steps back to study the man before her and his mysterious expression. Sanguine yet guarded, docile but determined, he was willing to launch into himself into danger with no hesitation but clearly avoided fights; These contradicting traits she always found foregin and laborious. Her icy hues narrowed before finally speaking. " Listen Roman..." She paused to convey her thoughts professionally before continuing. " I understand that you are quite ready to be on the defensive if the situation requires...Extreme action...A trait I find admirable but we know nothing of these vile beasts. We have to be prepared for worse circumstances. I propose we go to the Control Room, after that, the Medical Bay not because I dont have faith in your abilities but I am rather overly cautious." She crossed her arms to motion she wasn't backing down. Her persona was and will always be logical, she wasn't the type to beat around the bush, but then again, she haven't found anyone to match or even to challenge her decisions. @Chappu
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  12. Asari had maintained the heat to semi regular temperature, enough to defrost some of the cold that attached itself to items... And humans. The greater surprise came when she witness mass curls of vines creeping from under the door and through visible cracks. They etched themselves to the door from inside before tugging it outside. The magnitude of the force startle the entity, causing it's dissipation. The frost melted and left the saloon in a soggy mess. Asari faced the source of the impact who now laid in the dirt. "Yeah, let's get out of here," she responded, watching back at the saloon, the presence even without the entity still made her uncomfortable. ~ * ~ Asari had ventured with group to the inn, she was too distracted at the time when the confrontation solved itself, but guessing from the rather unsettling quietness, it must of left a sour note on the others. The journey was short and the destination was far from a five star resort. Dilapidated much? I have seen crap but this is ridiculous! "It's better than sleeping in an open environment, especially after our little encounter." She bit her bottom lip when she realized she spoke out loud, enough for wandering ears to overheard her little squabble with the deity. Badssey only snickered. She trailed after the Knight to interior of the inn before anyone could mutter a word. Through the worn out doors that barely hug from it's hinges, a foul smell of rust and damp mold greeted her. Its sour pungent odor had driven her to the worn out front desk. She half expected to see a living person - or corpse at this stage - to be stationed at it.
  13. Yeah with the final stage of my thesis left, posting is gonna be slow.
  14. It's just business… It was no doubt, an extensive and stressful time for Castillo Enterprises. With several of it's investors silent, two of it's board members fatally wounded in an attempted assassination and one brutally murdered. An internal struggle is amist. Employees rumored about the incompetence of their C.E.O and how long till the company goes belly up, but no matter the assurance from upper management, they too couldn't help but questioned their leader's choices, leading to some highly qualified professionals turning in their resignation. A drastic drop in profits and assets from the latter months were ignored and sweep under the carpet. Everyone assuming it was nothing more than a bad season. Now there were reports of a string of murders involving both middle class and wealthy folk, including supporters and associates of the business. Further to ignite the flames, the week before someone had hacked the mainstream system of the company, bypassing several security software and stealing the blueprints of seven weapons that were in the manufacturing process. These were to be the crowned jewels that would definitely provide the reputation the company needed. Asari really couldn’t help feeling like she was on her last leg. Her thought process led her to choices, which involve her sinking her claws into military matter for information about the source of this civil dispute. But that would mean rubbing shoulders with corrupted officials, who were long already against the military’s standards and against his Majesty. Her aim was placing Castillo back on the map, as one of the best industrious that creates and distributes modern magitech. If she ran with the wrong crowd at this crucial time, there wasn't much hope of ever reaching that goal. Don't bother with such trivial matters right now. “And why not?” Asari regretted for continuing the conversation. Well… the deity paused, he adjusted his rigid stance to match his rigid ego. For one, you haven't fed and with this much chaos oozing, I'm surprised you haven't relish in it. “That's a itch I rather not scratch.” The feline deity was right, she haven't consumed the chaos of mere men as regularly as she should. After all it's the root of her abilities, but as intense as the situation is, pride stopped her from doing so. She wasn't going to go rampage on the city, absorbing or possibly killing innocent for it. It was a tragedy urge that meant sacrificing more than receiving. She swivelled around in her chair to face the large panel windows overlooking the city of Casper. Thirty two story building with black panel windows on the exterior walls, her penthouse occupying the last floor. She continued deep in thoughts, so much so, that it took several rings from a message to finally snapped her out of it. With a slight wave of her palm in mid air, colored pixels were summoned and merged to create the image of a message. Moss green hues scanned it’s contents causing a devilish smile to form from thin lips. Badessy stepped to the side of her peering as well, he crocked his head to the side trying to make sense of cryptic message. Care to explain? “Oh don't worry, it's just business." ~ * ~ Asari had prepared and boarded the next flight to Ashville. Along the way, she briefly explained the reason behind the message and gained opportunity to the curious feline. She had become familiar with F.I.S.T over the recent years, supplying them with devices and weapons for lesser operations, it provided Intel on who's who in the organization and it wasn't long till she was acquainted with a few of the agents, placing her in the system as an associate. She had heard of the detective and his impeccable achievements but never managed to meet the guy. The opportunity to cease this chaos was exactly what she needed. They arrived past noon the next day, through commercial flight. There were partially no one she can trust at this stage and flying past the city in her private aircraft might signal unnecessary risks. She clothed herself in a simple coloured attire, consisting of dark blue pants and heeled boots, using the hood of her cotton blouse to shield her hair and most of her face. She also equipped glamour, a device that can alter the physical appearance of the holder from basic skin complexion to gender. Changing from a dark skinned, tall human to a short, rose colored elf. Badessy huffed, trying to conceal his laughter. "Hush, you're lucky no one can even sense you," she whispered, taking another turn to arrive at the entrance of the inn. She ignored the wrinkled brow from the inn keeper when she revealed the code, it seemed she appeared too young with the change. Taking a deep breathe, she entered the safe room and drew the hood back. "Asari Castillo, I received your message" her voice was smooth as she eyed the face of each individual. She was expecting professionals but not military, and judging from their appearance, the best too. hmm, let the fun begin.
  15. Sorry was busy for a new days and my net has been done, will finally post today.
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