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  1. You still around fam?

  2. Hope all is well its your post you bum XDD ❤️ 

  3. Hallelujah! Vacation starts about time I started posting more

  4. tired tom and jerry GIF


    Oh aches and pains....Let me rest X.X 

    1. princeben07


      Get better and WELCOME BACK!!!


      I'll leave some Cookies tommroow!!!



    2. Helios


      I will and thanks

  5. Helios

    District 102

    Icona remain slient as she generated a logical choice; the fairly reasonable way, as Roman would surely opted, was to venture the remnants of the experimenting labs and obtain the artifact which reduces her estimated time for this section in half. The escape route will be their secondary challenge though it is not a large burden, she had noted the labyrinth of vents along the halls, enough for a person or persons to squeeze through at single file. She had no doubt that Roman wouldn't strive to do his best especially with this complex task but one cannot be compelled to push the envelope all the time. She had taken a few steps back to study the man before her and his mysterious expression. Sanguine yet guarded, docile but determined, he was willing to launch into himself into danger with no hesitation but clearly avoided fights; These contradicting traits she always found foregin and laborious. Her icy hues narrowed before finally speaking. " Listen Roman..." She paused to convey her thoughts professionally before continuing. " I understand that you are quite ready to be on the defensive if the situation requires...Extreme action...A trait I find admirable but we know nothing of these vile beasts. We have to be prepared for worse circumstances. I propose we go to the Control Room, after that, the Medical Bay not because I dont have faith in your abilities but I am rather overly cautious." She crossed her arms to motion she wasn't backing down. Her persona was and will always be logical, she wasn't the type to beat around the bush, but then again, she haven't found anyone to match or even to challenge her decisions. @Chappu
  6. Muchas gracias for the follow!

    1. Helios


      De nada!! I enjoyed the content you posted recently  

  7. Let’s get to role playing soon 

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    2. Chappu


      You know him well I was building him when we first rped on chatango. Well at least a piece of him.

    3. Helios


      I remember some of his abilities, I know how you were always tuning his skills for fights , x.x wasn't able to touch him though

    4. Chappu


      A sheet is never done till death does it part. Lemme know when you’re ready tag me 

  8. Helios

    Donations 9.0

    Transaction ID: 91W92107PC2854406 Needed to do this for a while now, thanks for the dedication. ☺️
  9. Pssstttt~

    Just wanted to say Hi and hope you are super well.

    1. Chappu


      Where have you been? @Aziella I want answers

    2. Helios


      I ish sorry!!! I have been trying to adjust to my new job which I did not expected to be difficult ???? forgive me 

    3. Chappu


      So long as you’re still breathing and well. Chat some time soon. 4016490981

  10. Oh boy after another long ass hiatus, I'm back @-@ i miss this

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