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  1. Darby had been at the Sime River Camp for a few days now, she enjoyed the feel of the place. It had a feel of familiarity, if only it was ocean instead of a river, it would've achingly been so. She had set up her own camp at the outskirts as she preferred it that way. It wasn't that she didn't necessarily mind the company, just that she hated small talk. They probably preferred it that way as well, as they seemed wary of strangers, but welcoming enough to get them to buy their wares. Her camp consisted mostly of just her bike and a hammock, she had her own way dealing with bad weather. She didn't carry much otherwise either, she wasn't one for material possessions; she only carried what she needed. After traveling for as long as she had, it didn't take long to figure out what you needed and what you didn't. How things had changed. She wasn't even sure exactly how long she had been traveling, keeping track of time wasn't something she did much of anymore. It simply started with wanting a new start and with never quite fitting in anywhere. So she simply moved on when money was to be had elsewhere. She survived on the odd quest or job; in all honesty it didn't matter what it was. Her moral compass was skewed at best, just as long as it kept her under the radar. She was currently wandering through the stalls herself currently, her blue-eyed cur matching her steps beside her. She pulled out a cigarillo and match from the pocket of her jacket, lighting up the cigarillo that was filled with more than just tobacco. As she was coming from the opposite direction. Her gaze rested on Ioreth for a moment as anywhere else she would've gone unnoticed but here she was as much of an outsider as herself. She watched curiously as she bought her desserts, seeming to have a great inward debate about them by the expressions on her face. Her attention went elsewhere as the elf made her way further into the market with her sweets. She took a long drag of her cigarillo, exhaling slowly as she continued through the crowd. The smell of lemon mixed with the various other items mingled within was a stark contrast to the exotic scents swirling though the marketplace. She had soon reached her destination but noticed Kezia Roffize's attention was quite consumed by someone else. Her gaze followed her's and soon reached the bandaged man. She took another smoke of the cigarillo delicately held between her fingers. She could see why Kezia's attention was so drawn to him, and it wasn't simply his bandaged appearances. His aura was....unique, to say the least. She had been wanting to speak with her ever since her arrival but she was curious what others had to say about her beforehand. And so she had been traversing the market in the afternoon, curious of her work and listening to the murmurs of those who had left her shell converted into tent. And when she had finally decided to approach her, it seemed someone more interesting than herself had gained her attention It wouldn't surprise her if Kezia had noticed her lingering, she wasn't being particularly stealthy about it. And though her hair may have blended with the crowd, braided in a mix of gypsy/viking style with intricate braids, even the red color would've blended with the colorful scarves these women adorned, but her attire was rather drab comparably. Mostly leathers, dark in color, the same of her boots. Her complexion darker than it ever had been, long term travel with the sun was the cause, but she didn't lose any freckles from it, quite the opposite if anything. The only visible piece of her that would still be pale would be her wrist under where a bracelet rested when it slid up or down her arm a bit. Another difference that made her unlike, was that she wasn't adorned with a large amount of jewelry and decorations, simply that bracelet and a necklace. The only two things that kept her grounded to who she is. And so she waited patiently to see if the bandaged man would take Kezia's offer before she approached the woman. Examining him perhaps just as closely, but not in the way for being difference in appearance, those things never bothered her let alone capture any real attention. It was just strange that someone who kept their identity so covered up could be so...particular.
  2. I find it ironic I'm watching "Gator" while coming across this ? but nevertheless I'm interested
  3. Darby watched as the bandaged man kicked his boot to the other woman revealing a lock pick inside. She shifted slightly in a bit of anticipation to see if she'd be shared that bit of luck. She watched as the other red head undid her cuffs before attempting the collar, finding it curious she couldn't get that piece off. Her eyes followed her to watch her free the man; furrowing her eyebrows slightly as she tried to figure out who the woman was. Her gaze continued to follow her as she thankfully made her way towards her. Darby let the cuffs fall quietly to the floor beside her once they were unlocked, wanting to make the least amount of noise as possible. She pushed her hair back behind her and narrowed her eyes at the other woman knowing her name. Her face remained stoic but a flash of emotions ran through her eyes before they widened slightly and the corner of her lips moved upwards in a way that was barely noticeable, especially in the lack of lighting. "Fancy finding you here Pearl..." She rose to her feet tearing a bit of a cloth from her shirt to tie her hair back. "You wouldn't happen to have a smoke on you?" She asked rhetorically and with a uncharacteristic but forced chuckle. She looked over at the bandaged man and nodded in his direction as a sign of thanks since it was ultimately him who freed them for now. She rolled her shoulders a bit before looking around at their surroundings. "Either of you know where we are?" She asked quietly before bending down to her boot, reaching behind it and removed a dagger from the heel. It wasn't much but it was at least better than nothing. "Or how many are on this ship, not on our side?"
  4. Guess who fell for the oldest trick in the book? Darby. Her new hobby lately had been aimlessly wandering in search of purpose, which so far had been anything but successful. She had made her way into a tavern n Lo'Bre finding herself in the midst of a card game with some interesting looking people. Perhaps subconsciously she was looking for trouble, something to add a spark to her currently stale existence. However, what it may of been what she had been intending or wanting it was highly unlikely this was it. Her eyes opened sharply at the sound of a female's voice and she forced her body to keep still for the moment. An unrecognizable voice boomed in response to the noise that awoke her. She winced slightly as she seemed to be experiencing one of the worst hangovers of her life thus far. She ran her tongue over her teeth as she took in her situation. When was the last time she slept? She definitely hadn't fallen asleep willingly. Her mind went back to the last thing she remembered. If she remembered correctly she had a decent winning streak going on with that game. Where was Tralee? How much did she actually have to drink? If she remembered correctly the waitress didn't look in her the eyes which at the time wasn't all too strange; those whom she played with didn't seem too distressed about losing. Of course it had all been a set up, she was too stupid and/or careless to notice. The smell of tobacco smoke reached her nose, she needed a smoke. She went to reach for one and found she was unable with her hands bound behind her back. Through the ache of her head, her body decided to respond in a similar fashion at being in one position for so long. She inhaled sharply to soothe the rage starting to pulse through her body. How could she be so naive? She willed herself to remain calm, get all her bearings together before reacting. She'd figure something out, she always did. She twisted her wrist just slightly making sure a bracelet was still apparent on it and felt the key necklace tucked inside her shirt were all still on her person. However it was quite obvious she had been stripped of her weapons. She let out a soft sigh letting her head lean back slightly before looking beside her. She finally noticed another red head, squinting slightly through the haze of the pounding of her head as she seemed familiar but as of yet dared to speak to draw attention to herself just yet.
  5. I'm gonna say skip me as well for now, I'm going to try and get a post up tonight but I'm not sure if I will, so go ahead and move on.
  6. Darby seemed to arrive just as the leper ingested a familiar white powder, watching as he quickly did such and brushing it out the window. A laugh almost escaped her lips but ultimately she remained quiet, she could care less what he was doing, she was no stranger to self medicating. The curl at the edge of her lips turning upwards slightly more at the nickname. It was cliche but she had no complaints, besides she never let anyone call her Darbs anymore so Red was fine to her. "Invisible Man" She retorted, looking over at the Exarch and Lily as he looked over at them before looking back at him and gives a salute at his shushing, his "secret" was safe with her. She watched as the narcotic took affect; the leper getting gun-ho about getting on the roof. "Not exactly, but you seem to have one" She said in a rather curious tone. There seemed to be more to him than a humanitarian adrenaline junkie. If he could be considered a humanitarian, she was basing that on what she'd seen of him and he'd seen the same of her and she was hardly a humanitarian by any means. She looked over towards Lily who was to guard the throne room and gave a slight nod of acknowledgement. She may not of been a fighter, but it was obvious her role was just as, if not more important. She looked back at Tralee and with a hand signal spoke a single word. "Stay" She followed The Leper to the ladder, following behind him. "It would've been polite to offer a girl some before you just brushed if off the ledge... but seriously keep your wits about you hmm?" She said, not really sure if she had a death wish but had no intention of going on a full out suicide mission either. Self-medication wasn't exactly something most people did for the hell of it, there was usually a story behind it. She wondered why she was drawn to outcasts and dangerous predicaments; why she couldn't just be normal and find some sort of normal life somewhere. Instead here she was, climbing a trap door ladder to a roof to battle dragon riders while it seemed that mages were to create a storm to destroy a large amount at one time.
  7. Should have one up tonight, tomorrow the latest
  8. The full moon is calling, the fever is high and the wicked wind whispers and moans. You got your demons, you got your desires. Well, I got a few of my own.

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  9. "There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats."

  10. Super sorry for the late reply and super super sorry for the shortness. I've been trying to reply for the past couple days and seem to have hit writer's block with this post so I gave up and just posted something to move the rp along.
  11. Darby had to agree, her timing was a bit off but it didn't hurt to offer the idea. She listened to the man reason through which path to take and had to agree. "I have to agree with him" She said, now realizing they really hadn't introduced themselves as she knew neither of their names. However, she wasn't going to be the one to ask, anonymity wasn't a bad thing in her opinion. "That would make the most sense, if you're good with that option as well, go ahead and lead the way" She said to the other woman as it was obvious she had much more experience with this kind of thing than either of her and the bandaged man.
  12. Darby had sensed something in the air for the past several days now. Her cards kept playing the same ominous hand and that itching feeling that something was coming kept it's itch at the back of her mind. Was she a magic user? Not exactly, she was just usually very aware of her surroundings and had the ability to manipulate energy. There were no spells, no totems, no emitting anything; just a notion for feeling when things were off. And so here she was in the back of a tavern strumming her fingers of her left hand against the table in an unknown tune or perhaps simply in impatience while her right hand removed an amaretto flavored cigarillo from her lips after a long a drag. Those things were becoming more and more difficult to come by. Her eyes scouted the room as everyone spoke in hushed and nervous voices before the room was called to attention, asking for volunteers to defend the city. She curiously looked around to see who answered before her gaze stopped at a gloved hand belonging to a man against the wall. It belonged to probably one of the few people she could identify fully covered since she had never seen him otherwise. A look of amusement briefly appeared on her face, she wondered if he had a death wish or if he was a bit of a bit adrenaline junkie; or perhaps it was none of the above. Either way, everyone had their reasons. Although she wasn't entirely sure of her own reasons, sitting in a tavern unknown by nearly everyone not belonging here or there. Wearing an armor of leather from a life lived seemingly so long ago. She watched as others volunteered their services and simply took another drag of her cigarillo as her own response. She did not wish for money, nor recognition. Perhaps she was starting to feel too domesticated, she had a need to do something but didn't know what that something was. Perhaps she was cracking, too many days stuck in her own head probably wasn't healthy. Her attention was quickly drawn to the nearly naked trio that ran downstairs in a panic-stricken manner. "Well that's one way to spend a possible apocalypse, hmm Tralee?" She asked the dog with the same stoic expression as she, standing on alert at her feet. He had more than likely already sensed the danger before most of the others had but awaited the command on his companion. When it came down to it, Tralee was gotten so talking to herself didn't seem as insane. She watched as the panicked patrons bottle-necked at the main entrance and as the smoke billowed into the main floor sitting idlely by wasn't an option. She grabbed her crossbow resting beside her and loads red colored bolts before getting to her feet, swinging her bag over her shoulder. She releases the bolt into the nearest wall, the bolt exploding as soon as it made contact. She raised her hand, creating a shield in front of her and Tralee to block any of the debris from the blast before making her exit. People were just as much terrified outside the tavern as they were in with people running in every direction. She looked up at the sky darkened by dragons, a sight that she would've held in disbelief when she first stepped foot on this planet. What a day that was, occurring in a tavern not unlike the one that was now turning to ashes. She was pulled from the bittersweet memory at the feel of wind behind her and the sound of a thud of something heavy landing. She turned to see a rider on a dragon holding a lance, as it seemed was typical of the current enemy. She interrupted him before he could make his speech or whatever he had planned. "So you uh... ride a giant lizard with a big stick... that's like your thing?" She lifted her crossbow. "Great concept, poorly executed" She released the bolt before the rider could make his counter attack at seeing the crossbow raised. However as soon as she released the bolt her eyes went slightly wide at seeing the flash of red. "Fuck!" She quickly threw up her hands creating a shield as she had done earlier, this time protecting her and Tralee from the rider's and dragon's alike various bits and pieces as the bolt made it's target in the rider's chest. It wasn't the most heroic move nor the fanciest but it got the job done and that's all that mattered. She looked at Tralee. "Yeah I know... I'm rusty" She said as she reloaded the crossbow with regular bolts this time. Remorse for the task she just performed was not something apparent in her expression or demeanor. If she held any sort of honor code or any true morality to begin with it would've been left behind as soon as those dragon riders decided to try and burn down a city full of innocents and for as far as she could see, no good cause other than destruction. If she was going to cause any damage she needed to be somewhere high and it was apparent the palace had just that. It seemed to be the consensus of most people as there was that as well as the fact it provided safety. She swiftly made her way in that direction, moving fairly quickly mostly due to the fact if her explosion caught the attention of any of his comrades, she'd rather not be outnumbered. The walk was an assault on the senses to say the least, the heat in the air from the fires, the smell of smoke and charred flesh, the sounds of agonizing screams. She could only imagine she appeared as if she belonged in some apocalyptic world as her leathers boots crunched down the path of a city being destroyed in a rapid fashion. Wearing her own attire/uniform, armed with a crossbow that fired bombs, a stun sword, various other weapons on her person, a bag of unknown goodies over her shoulder, and last but not least a dog following close at her heels. She could only hope in that universe she found her purpose again but in reality she was here. To say the walk to the palace was a stroll in the park would've been a large exaggeration. Though her tactic on dealing with the enemy that found itself on the ground was a bit more refined than simply blowing them up. A strategy of Tralee distracting the dragon and herself finishing the rider became the most successful method as neither head got the better of them. She made her way onto the palace grounds finding herself following Tralee who decided to put himself in the lead, nose to the ground every so often. She found herself in a room looking over at the bandaged man she had met briefly once before as Tralee bee-lined straight to him, sniffing at his feet before looking back at Darby like "Hey we know this guy!" with a slow wag of his tail. "Yes.... you found one of the few people we've seen more than once.... congrats" She said in hardly an enthusiastic tone, perhaps that was proof they didn't get out enough. She looked from the dog to the man puffing away at some familiar smelling not even sure he would remember her as she moved closer to The Leper.
  13. *peers in meekly* Any chance there's room for one more?
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