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  1. If Shanna meant offense, it clearly wasn’t written on her visage. So when it provoked irritation within Kestral, Shanna looked properly sheepish and apologetic whenever annoyance flashed across the other woman’s face. Shanna, instead, tries desperately to give Kestral her full and undivided attention – despite her penchant for slipping away. There were surprisingly few times that Jaw Finder had to draw Shanna back to the group. As Shanna contemplated the words that were coming out of Kestrals’ mouth, the mage nodded and looked pensive for a moment as she considered something. “I like fish, and I don’t mind big guys or fishermen, I mean…they’re kinda essential, aren’t they? Especially on the coast cause you gotta fish for food, so it makes sense that they’re the most common.” Shanna nods to this, as though confirming her own train of thought. However, her contemplation ends when ire is noted in Kestrals’ voice and Shanna’s gaze becomes wide and a gasp leaves her mouth. “Nono, I didn’t mean to offend, I was just trying to understand your powers. See, there’s the theory of energy, light, dark, chaos…well, any school of magic, I suppose. I’m not really familiar with those born into magic, so it’s kinda neat and fascinating.” Shanna explains, her attention rapt once more. “I have no doubt your powers are so much neater than being just a space heater, but I’m sure it’s definitely a bonus!” She chirps. The thought of never being cold would be fantastic, especially when Shanna lives at the base of the Cold Mountains, arguably the coldest area of Genesaris. At the mention of Nymerians, Shanna looks a little disappointed once more, but it is no matter. Ultimately her goal is to gather the book, so any sidetracking or diversions is merely for pleasure and not necessary. “That makes sense, I suppose that one can wait.” However, the mage peals into giggles when Kestral mentions Valovi. “Do you want to go? You could come with us! It’ll be fun!” Shanna chirps, looking to Jaw Finder as she gently wiggles the giant lizan like creatures hand. “You’re coming too, right? To get all soft and pampered?” Afterall, who wanted to go alone? As they approached the Screaming Sea Dragon, Shanna gasps at the large, serpentine skeleton that hangs around the building like an ominous marker. She finds it fascinating and the architecture was most delightful. She stares for a solid three minutes before catching Kestral’s last words as she gives a soft chirp. “Ok!” She follows then, neverminding the smell of fish or that of chum. If Shanna has a sensitive nose, she doesn’t show it. Instead the sweet scent of chowder wafts in on the air, and she gasps at the rolls that are brought out to go with. They are thick and delicious looking, with bits of cheddar cheese sprinkled on top and various herbs tucked within. It smelled heavenly. Shanna practically follows her nose as they found a crowded table to sit at, made only slightly roomier due to the advantage of having one like Jaw Finder with them. Not too many of the fishermen wanted to sit next to them. Once they are noticed (which does not take long), the waitress scuttles over to take their order. Shanna gasps and orders the largest of all the bowls of soup, along with nearly a dozen of the rolls. The woman’s hunger is ravenous today, and she practically wiggles in her seat as she waits. “So, did I already ask what your favorite places were?” She turns back towards Kestral once more, head canting. “Cause since you know the city so well, I thought we could just go wherever you thought was best, and then end up at the VAlovi place so we can get a room and hang out for the night, I’ll even buy you a room!” Shanna offers. “And then tomorrow I have to go to the place.” She falls silent as food arrives, and immediately dives in, only to find it scalding and far too hot. She gasps and opens and closes her mouth several times as she tries to hfashahsha her food enough to cool it off until it is edible. Now that her tongue has no tastebuds left, Shanna scowls at the bowl as though her impatience is its fault entirely. Neverminding that, she wiggles her tongue out of her mouth and gulps down a generous amount of water before her attention turns ot Jaw Finder as she offers them a roll, likely only to be amused by the fact that Jaw Finder might actually eat it. She has yet to see the large creature turn down any type of food, however, and assumes that it is safe for them to consume everything given. "Uhm. When I go to the thing tomorrow could you stick around and guide me back to the airship docks? I'll pay extra, promise!"
  2. Lore is the best. It gives the happy feeling.
  3. Alexandria was not known to play childish games. The last time a creature tried to provide her with riddle like questions and answers, she had cut down the sphinx where it stood. She was not above doing the same to this undead creature that seemed to have a superiority complex. The witch was also hasty, evidence in her adventure to rescue the leader of their coven without backup or a plan. So, Martis could continue to taunt them – but would likely find himself at the end of some very pointy sticks. It was more likely that Alexandria give Natasha the go ahead to rend him useless until her bloodlust was satisfied provided nothing gave her reason to pause. “I do not play games, creature. State yourself or find yourself our enemy.” Alexandria says as her crimson gaze boring into the forest where she could only assume he had gone. She had not seen the initial thrust of Martis’ movement and had been unable to follow his path of direction. The forest around them held many secrets, and few of them were favorable. IF such a sane creature was able to survive in such a place as to call it home, Alexandria had hopes then, for Luna. However, calling Martis sane was a stretch until she knew the extent of his mental facilities. Perhaps he was only a wisp seeking to taunt them for pleasure or to lead them to some gruesome demise. As it were, Alexandria’s gaze narrowed before the hand that paused Natasha began to curl, fingers pointing back towards her palm before it dropped to her side with a clank as metal met metal. The golden witch stood as a beacon among the dark before the snake wrapped around the plait of her hair hisses. And with that, Natasha is given freedom once more.
  4. “It is likely different for the other witches, I only know how my own works.” Alexandria explains, though she gives it no thought beyond that. Attentions must be paid elsewhere and she brings a golden gauntlet up to rub the soreness of her throat, hoping to ease the burning that has not yet ceased, but only slightly abated. The witch, however, was surprised when Natasha mentioned that they were being followed…how had she not noticed before? The undead, partial or not, were an area of her supposed expertise – though while her powers were not yet up to par, she had expected to at least suspect if any undead were about. Perhaps something of Martis’ lineage provided him protection from her senses, or perhaps Alexandria was simply too enthralled with the burning in her throat to notice. Instead her gaze found Natasha when the orc mentioned a follow, and the witch only gave the barest of nods before she found herself bereft of the she-devils presence. From there, it was a whirlwind of blades and fists. As Natasha brought forth her attack, Alexandria followed the rage-filled orc in curiosity, for she trusted Natasha to take care of whatever threat had come for them. Sable sword in hand, she advances upon the duo. She is surprised it is not yet another druid, one of the tree like aberrations that they had run into prior, and finds that it is a creature that looks quite whole and potentially sane. A golden hand stretches towards Natasha, palm upwards and fingers straight in a ‘stop’ motion. Her crimson gaze narrows at Martis as Kamal slithers from beneath her plait. “Who are you?” The snake demands, though Alexandria’s grip ‘pon her sword tightens, preparing for no answer and only more bloodshed.
  5. Eilwen gasps at Q’myha’s suggestion and her pale hands caress her chin briefly in thought as though the answer could be anything except the one she gives him. “I want to keep it! Can we add it to the ranch?” An excited whisper, so as not to disturb the tentative connection being made as one hand curls around the arm of the other, webbed fingers digging excitedly. “Oooo, think of the art and sculptures the younglings will learn to make if we have it.” Eilwen hushes then, not wishing to risk Q’myha losing control and having the best turn upon them as it begins to stir. Slowly its tail swishes back and forth, a gentle current opposite the one that flows through the Bone Forest. As the creature meanders along the seabed, Eilwen watches in unbridled awe. Q’myha’s abilities always brought joy with them for the artist, and excitement thrummed through her very veins. As the creature meandered, it suddenly paused and gave a small sort of thrashing motion. It kicked up the sand and mud from the bottom of the floor and the current strengthened with its temper. “Eep.” Eilwen offers as she grasps ahold of one of the rib like spires that extends from beneath, so as not to be blown away. The Zra’lik was not pleased by Q’myha’s intrusion and began to fight against it, thrashing this way and that as the intimidating maw opened and snapped closed. It turned then, towards them, and rushed.
  6. Rins main attention was focused elsewhere, mainly on the man writhing in her grasp who now stunk of fear and desperation. For a moment, she had contemplated ending the mans’ life right then and there, but found herself hesitating. If Luiz became dehumed at their hands, what would it say about Akako that the very man that spoke against her disappeared while under the care of her attendants? While it was not commonly known that Crystal or herself were in cohorts with the yokai, it would not be difficult for the pieces of the puzzle to be sewn together in the fabric of their lives. As it was, Luiz was trying desperately to wiggle out of her grasp, to which Rin let him a moment later. She watched the man slink through the crowd even as he was pelted with punches, kicks, and shoves. He barely made it to the front door, a bloody heap that collapsed just outside, breathing and alive. There was no remorse from the angry crowd within, nor was there any calming of the beast that had reared its ugly head. Rin watched as the crowd thinned as a few of them took to the streets. A small smile tugged the corner of her lip as her attention turned to Gin only a moment after he had approached. “Yes. If for nothing more than to find where they are hiding.” Rin offers, her crimson gaze settling on him for but a moment before the woman of white disappears from view once more, only to reappear at Crystal’s side. The poor man who had been an unfortunate victim of the voltage that Crystal put out was still writhing on the floor in what Rin could only assume was extreme pain, before he too, ceased writhing. She watched his chest rise and fall for the briefest of seconds before her gaze met Crystals with an uncharacteristic mirth within them. “It seems that our job here is unneeded. It was good to see, however. We can track down the rest if you like, or see if we can find more of them in another place.”
  7. Anyone want a kid? I'm selling mine for a quarter.
  8. “Oh.” Is all Shanna says, though one can denote a hint of disappointment packed into the word. Shanna always enjoyed meeting other mages/witches/wizards/sorcerers and various people of the craft, but she didn’t know what to do with one who didn’t have many lessons. Shanna had spent a good chunk of her formative years in what was once known as Mage City, in the college there that catered to gifted young souls. Unfortunately, her mishaps often earned her the ire of the teachers rather than the assistance she truly needed. On paper, Shanna was an exceptional student, rapt in her attentions and eager to soak up knowledge….in practical, however, there was quite a bit left to be desired. For now, her attention is honed in on Kestral, gaze widening and narrowing as appropriate to her many statements and questions. “That sounds really great and all, but I don’t have luggage, just my backpack.” Shanna chirps with a smile. That aside, she can find no fault in Kestrals’ plan, instead she bobs her head in agreement. “I like seeing views! Let’s follow that plan for now!” She draws out an arm and points. She seems to have completely bypassed Kestrals’ request for her name, and instead focuses on the plan, as it will henceforth be named in her mind. “To The Screaming Sea Dragon!” Shanna points suddenly at the sky, rather dramatically, if she does say so herself, before grasping ahold of Jaw Finders’ hand and tugging them along, gently. “So what exactly is at the Screaming Sea Dragon? Is it a bar, tavern?” Shanna questions as they follow Kestral, who is assumingly leading the group. She hums as she waits an answer, a strange little tune that sounds suspiciously like “The Lone Ranger” as they walk. As Kestral explains the countenance of the Screaming Sea Dragon, Shanna finds her eyes and attention slipping towards one of the cable cars once more. Her poor little hamster brain was going a mile a minute, and the poor hamster was about to suffocate. Her gaze starts to gloss over as Shanna finds herself drifting to the side, away from Kestrals beaten path before she gasps and rights them back behind the golden haired woman. “So you control heat? That’s a handy skill, I bet you never get cold. That’d be nice, I don’t particularly like being cold, though I don’t imagine many people do, to be honest.” Shanna contemplates that for a moment before snapping her fingers. “I should look up heliokinesis and see if there’s any spells I can find to keep the Tower warm! I’m sure it has basic principles, afterall, like any magic.” She pauses then before putting one fisted hand into an open palm as an idea strikes her. “I really want to see the Terran Consulate, where the underwater kingdom is supposedly with us. I wanna see one. I hear that they look really neat, with fishy fins and tails! Some of them look like sharks! IS that true? Have you seen a Nymerian?” Shanna asks rapid fire. Of course, it was unlikely that Kestral had, Nymerian’s were by nature, xenophobic, and furthermore, private. Those that had forged the alliances were the more progressive of the nation – the rest choosing to hide within the depths of the ocean for the time being. “And I wanna see the hotsprings, the Valovi area…Yeth. I think Jaw Finder will like the hot springs, too!” The mage looks up to Jaw Finder as though for confirmation before waving their large reptilian hand with her own, grasping theirs at the wrist and wiggling the appendage with a flick of her own. Giggling at this, she resumes her gentle hold and peers at Kestral once more. “Do you think we’ll have time enough for that all in one day?”
  9. The battle that wages within Natasha is unknown to the witch, lest they both might find themselves succumb to passionate embraces instead of seeking Luna. Harsh breaths ravage her nostrils as she desperately tries to calm her breathing as the burning in her throat grows for a few moments more. Only when it feels as though it will burn her to the core, does it settle and begin to die down. Alexandria squirms briefly within the armor, the only sign of discomfort. Her golden gaze, previously full of mirth, is slanted into a focused sort now. She had been too lenient on the forest, too absorbed with the enticing sway of Natasha’s hips. It was not a mistake they could afford again. Alexandria turns her thoughts inward – desperate to ensure that she has not missed any clue or sign of Luna. There is a tingling sensation of déjà vu, but she cannot place what causes it. Her head twists this way and that, peering around the now ashen earth before she becomes startled by Natasha’s wonderful warcry. Alexandria’s gaze rivets on the She-orc, admiration and desire building within as the witch thinks in that moment, Natasha is most beautiful. Her victory cry into the void resonated deeply within the golden paragon of a witch, who wished desperately to join her. To see how their voices resonated together…could they even? A slow grin spreads along her visage as Natasha places her hand ‘pon her shoulder and Alexandria gives a curt nod, oblivious to Natasha’s issues as she battled her own desire to simply draw the she-orc in for another blinding kiss. But alas, her desires and aching wants must wait. Locating Luna was their upmost priority, and any tumultuous emotions that Natasha brought forth could be examined later, behind closed doors. Alexandria turns and points with the sable sword back on their path, motioning for them to continue as she contemplates how best to answer Natasha’s question. Instead of speaking, it is Kamal who peeks from beneath a crimson plait and flicks his tongue at Natasha. “I was born with power. My blade and body are weapons, my magic is no different. If I did not train it, it would turn against me. I prefer using my body and blade – but I cannot deny the usefulness of the magic. It is ….difficult, sometimes, to remember that my magic is only an extension of my arms, not unlike my sword. You are smarter than the others, I have seen it. You wield your mind like a weapon, you choose how and when to fulfill your obligations. I have noticed that you find loopholes that others would not think to exploit – it is not unlike my magic. I wield it because I have to, and you cannot deny it’s usefulness.” The last is offered as a crooked grin touches her visage once more. Kamal sighs and shakes his head as the bond that allowed her to speak through him fades. “Bah, she just likes having power. Don’t let her fool you.” Kamal states as he slithers back within the depths of the tresses. Alexandria snorts at this as she pokes at a tree with the sword, marking it with an X to show that they had already passed it. She does not want to get stuck going in circles in this deity-forsaken forest. With luck, they will not find themselves the victims of another druid. It is far more likely that they will come before another nasty that the forest is home to. Alexandria shudders as a hand goes to the bandolier across her chest, the bells that are stored there seem to strain against the leather, desperate to be released. The golden witch's attention is now rapt upon the forest as they delve deeper. She has a stray thought as to why Luna might have come, but her hasty departure from Mount Ariadne left her with more questions than answers and the witch offers a sigh.
  10. “Brutus is on the airship. I could only bring one of you.” Shanna explains quietly, as though the very thought of having to bring Brutus is upsetting. Shanna has mixed feelings about her so-called familiar lately, and her visage betrays these roiling emotions for only the briefest of moments. Her attention is suddenly caught by someone addressing her. Shanna stares at the young woman, nearly her opposite in coloring. Shanna’s hair is a drab brown, much like her clothes. Shanna has no concept of material things, only that other people seem to enjoy them. For now she muses on the bright golden head that manages to sit below her. She has always been fascinated by blonde hair, how is that one manages to harness the sun and wield it within the strands? For the longest moment she simply stares at the other woman with a vapid expression, before her face breaks into that familiar grin. “Jaw Finder isn’t actually my familiar. They’re my friend!” She chirps delightedly, patting Jaw Finder on the arm gently. “But they made me put the collar on him anyway…And no it’s not inconvenient. Jaw Finder is amazing!” Any semblance of friendship between the two meant that Shanna would defend the reptilian to the very last breath she would ever draw. Her gaze widens at the offer of a tour guide, and the map crinkles beneath the weight of her excitement. She is completely taken in by the young woman’s offer and flails one hand, the one with the map, towards her. “Oh that’d be amazing! Thank you! I look forward to your assistance!” She beams then, blindly bright as she sticks her tongue from her mouth, wiggling it between lips as she digs in the backpack that she has slung over her front now. “So, how much do I owe you?” She asks. Whatever amount is spit back, Shanna drops into the young woman’s hands before pointing to the city. “Then lead the way! We will follow. I’d like to see all of the things, before going to Kainos village. I want to stay the night there.” It was a tad bit of a fib. Shanna had intentions of meeting the procurer of The Hand, before she attempted to reconcile a price from them. Her attention, for the time being, remains rivetted on the woman, as she contemplates once more the validity of harnessing the sun through ones hair. Perhaps it wasn’t such a terrible idea. Shanna was not a jealous creature, by any means, but sometimes her drab appearance made her long for more. Deep seated abandonment issues left her wanting for affection of any sort. This is probably why she has put up with Brutus’ borderline abuse for so long. Her gaze is blank as she holds out the coin before she gasps, suddenly remembering the woman’s last line. “You’re a magic user too?!” Shanna’s attention seems to snap back to reality as the hamster wheel begins spinning again. “That’s so exciting! Where did you go to school? Who is your teacher, or are you just learning as you go?”
  11. “Sounds like you’ve been everywhere!” Shanna gasps as Jaw Finder explains that they have spent many-a-year abroad, and even in the ocean! She claps her hands briefly. “I heard about this new Kingdom that came from the ocean. Nymeria? I think. From my understanding we were able to manage a treaty with them that was able to benefit both Genesaris, and their kingdom. It’s kinda neat that people can live just in the ocean, I wanna meet one, someday, but I would be worried about accidentally offending them, I guess.” She blabbers on for a few more moments as they pass by various structures. Her attention span is short, but she pauses to peer at Jaw Finder, contemplation in her gaze. “A prayer is something offered to a God. Sometimes you can ask for protection, blessings, or something as simple as a good harvest. It just depends on what you need or want. Of course, it’s important to remember that you can’t just take without giving. IF you ask for something from a deity, you should have something prepared to give, just in case. If you ask for good crops, you should set aside part of those crops in thanks.” Shanna nods definitively to this and then offers a smile to Jaw Finder. “Do you have Gods your people follow? Or do they believe in a higher being, so to speak?” As she waits for their response, she carefully picks her way through the streets towards the magnificent building that stood apart from the others. The whole of the building is done in a limestone, though several windows shine brightly with various colors and depictions. One of them is a beautiful stained-glass window embossed with the likeness of Rafael. Shanna smiles at it, unable to help herself. Many people had benefited from the Blood Gods’ compassion, and she was no different. If not for Rafael, Shanna would still be a wandering homeless, with little to her name aside from her familiar and backpack. No, the God Emperor had given her a new lease on life, and Shanna was determined to repay his benevolence with all that she had. The gothic architecture looms before them and Shanna begins her ascent of the stairs before entering the large, wooden doors that were further accented by colorful glass. She croons softly as the smell of thick incense touches her nose and kisses along her body. It is a calming scent, pleasing to the nose. Jaw Finder might find it a tad overpowering, but it made Shanna slump in a languid way that spoke that she was far more at ease in this area than the outside world. Her fingers trailed along the edge of a pew as she started towards the large marble statue of Lord Rafael, at his feet a bowl of reddish liquid. Carefully she dips her fingers into it, smearing the strange concoction across her forehead, chest, and each shoulder. It leaves a small, reddish dot wherever her finger trails before disappearing as Shanna bows her head. The grand cathedral looms above them, the high ceilings arching beautifully overhead as the sun filters the colors of the stained glass across the room. The rest of the temple is quiet, various patrons either bowed in prayer or offering hushed talking so as not to disturb others. A priest oversees all of them quietly from the corner, waiting to be needed or to offer guidance. She drops to her knees between the pews, not wanting to take up much space. Her knees dig into the hard floor beneath her, but any discomfort is ignored as she turns her attentions inward. Her lips move but no noise escapes them as she mouths the words. “Lord Rafael, I hope you are found safe and whole. I wish you the best things in life, and happiness in all your days. I request only your blessing of safety in the days to come, knowledge to know what I seek, and wisdom in knowing if the risks are worth the reward. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” She murmurs the last, before lifting her head. Shanna’s prayers are always short, but they are frequent and well-meant. She gives a small smile, though to none but herself, before gingerly rising once more and turning to Jaw Finder. She offers a gentle motion that they might leave once more, before she pauses as they exit to take one last look back at the marbled statue that looks as though its heart is breaking. Heaving a sigh, Shanna offers one last good-willed wish for Rafael before she tugs Jaw Finder back onto the streets to try and find a map of where they might be going. Her ever-changing appearance causes a few strange looks, but Shanna ignores them as she contemplates the best place to find a directory of where they were going. "Ah, I bet we can get a map in that store front, there!" Shanna points to a small little shop that has various tidbits hanging from the front, as well as displays of convenience items. She peers inside briefly, before grimacing. "Uhm, why don't you wait out here, Jaw Finder, it's kinda small." And she disappears into the innards of the building. Shanna is only gone a moment or two before returning, victorious with her prize in hand. "They had one!" She chirps gleefully.
  12. Port Kyros is a large, growing port city that had gone from a small fishing town to a grand tourist attraction and one of the main open-sea trading ports of the Rising West and Genesaris in general. It was a beautiful city, with the ocean waves rolling upon the shores of the sandy-white beaches. The thin strip of land spread across and became wider at it’s southern area, and the whole area was backed against the Wicker Mountains, dark and looming against the brightness of the beaches. The city was bright and colorful, buildings and docks spread along the thin strip, and limestone streets glimmered in the light of the sun. It spread out over vineyards and trees of pine, cypress, and olive. Shanna croons as they cross over a large orchard. The warmth that radiated from the coast was pleasing, and could be felt before they even descended upon the airship port. IT was a small thing, but Shanna was able to move their smaller airship into a tight spot between two larger, and settled the ship down with a pleased noise. She enjoyed the more Mediterranean atmosphere that came with Port Kyros and the surrounding areas, and she hoped to visit one of the museums while they were there, at least. The village of Kainos was her destination, but it could wait a day, despite her excitement at the prospect of gaining The Hand. The humidity surrounds them quickly, and Shanna draws in a deep breath, the air thick and choking briefly before she manages to acclimate rather quickly. As she drops open the door, a few black swifts scatter into the sky, chirping loudly in startlement as they escape. Shanna smiles as the sun settles on her visage and draws in a deep breath before she stretches her arms to the sky in homage before turning to Jaw Finder. “This is exciting! We can see all the things while we are here!” She chirps, turning back towards the limestone streets as she steps down. The roads are thick with people on foot, though a few are atop of mounts. They vary, some on thestrals, some on wyverns, even. Shanna peers at the Wyverns curiously, contemplating if she could use Wyvern breath to create the fabled Ashplumbs known to yet another city. They were sweet with a touch of smoke. Shanna quite loved Ashplumb syrup and pancakes…but the fabled trees required dragons breath to properly maintain the soil that gave them their delicious flavor. This thought is quickly deterred as her attention is drawn back to the wonderfully diverse culture that Port Kyros is known for. The ranging buildings, from baroque to the more modern, and Shanna reaches out to grasp Jaw Finders larger, claws and all, before gently leading the reptilian through the wide, but winding streets that leave her staring as they make their way. The wonderful smell of food stalls, tinged with the scent of fresh fish draw her attention and Shanna giggles softly at the smoked fish on sticks and various eels strung out on display as she wrinkles her nose. “Do you like fish, Jaw Finder?” Shanna finally turns towards the large reptilian and offers a beaming smile. “I hope so, I get the feeling we’re gonna be eating a lot of it here!” Shanna resumes 'dragging' Jaw Finder forward as she meanders down the streets curiously. Winding through people and mounts alike, she gasps at the sight of a cable car, and makes a pleased noise. "Oh! I hadn't realized they had cable cars! I love cable cars, they're so much fun!" Despite her excitement, Shanna does not move to get in one of the cable cars, and instead moves to follow the streets until she can find a directory. "I don't have a map, so we should see if we can find one!" "Silly girl, always running in unprepared." "Anyway, this place is run by Raveena Bartolome. She's of the Royal family, and I hear it's her that has caused all the recent developments in art and culture in Port Kyros! Mmm, we should find a temple to the Emporer God, Rafael, too! I need to offer my prayers again, it's been a while."
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