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    “No, you dumb boot! I wanted to eat him!” Hyorin’s protest was heard as the girl swung herself back up and reclaimed her seat upon his massive shoulder. As they grew near the large rock formation once more, Hyorin found a special kind of delight in that it was not a rock formation as she had assumed...but instead a creature so large it formed the landscape around it. Excitement vibrated through every molecule as the horned girl’s slitted gaze widened in the joy that this could potentially mean. “Yes! YES! GET IT!” Her form suddenly launched, rocketing from Deuce’s shoulder as her clawed feet dug into the armor that the creature was wearing, even as it moved to stand, towering over Deuce even as it rose like a monolith to the sky. Her scrambling hands and toes dug into the soft, pliable pieces of the armor as her ascent was determined, she would reach the top of this mountain! Whilst the girl climbed, the creature seemed not to notice her weight, instead focusing on the large Wraithraiser at its feet. Deuce, for his gargantuan height, only came ot the waist of the creature as it seemed to contemplate his existence for a moment, before it dropped a fist down in a sudden movement, straight for Deuce’s head! “Move, boots!” Came a cry from somewhere on the back of the creature, it’s location not exactly determinable as the creature focused on what it perceived as the threat.
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    “Bows and ribbons!” Hyorin squealed in delight, even as the sound of immense pain roared through the grass. “Hm. I wonder.” Her chin tapped with a delicate finger, the slightly clawed appendage pointing upward as though a brilliant idea had hatched. “Boots, take three steps to your left~.” The girl chimed, a slow smile revealing sharpened teeth. When the movement of the large Wraithraiser had been committed, the satisfying crunch of bone beneath his foot was heard. “Jam time!” Her hands threw up in delight, before the whip had been wrapped quickly back up into her hand, her bare and clawed feet forcing her ascent to the shoulder once more as a penetrating gaze was made over the grass. The synergy between the two would suggest a background of longterm friendship, and it wouldn’t be at fault. Deuce had once spared her life as a young child, having wandered too far and mistaken for food by others of his species. Since then, the girl had ruled his life with an iron fist. Yet, Deuce had allowed it with little complaint (Aside from his distaste for her threats of bows and ribbons.) he had endured her demands and princess-esque attitude which had only further been cultivated by his own willingness to serve. A fine example was made as another body squelched beneath his mammoth foot as the horned girl used his shoulder as an outpost for viewing. Arsene was noted, but his shuffle from them didn’t register upon what Hyorin viewed as a threat. He moved away, not towards them, still – “We should find a more defendable location. Back to a wall sorta thing, yeah? Onward!” A clawed foot rested atop of Deuces’ head in excitement as the girl pointed to a large rocky outcropping a few hundred paces away. The gargantuan strides that carried them towards the outcropping made their arrival much more dramatic. They had likely crossed just in front of Arsene, having ignored his presence entirely for the moment in favor of defense – perhaps a good thing, too. A spear flew past Hyorin’s ear, the girl giving a cry of surprise as she teetered on her perch, before tumbling down once more. “Ack!” “The hell was that?! IMMA EAT YOU, YOU THING!” Her fist shook from her upside down position, having used her own tail to grasp Deuces’ arm in an effort to keep herself from hitting the ground.
  3. open

    The 2nd floor was the floor of chance. It was a floor of proving oneself and the drive mandated for the climb. Each person here had their reasons for going forth, for being chosen – Hyorin didn’t care. Their desires meant nothing to the horned girl as she perched atop of her trusthworthy steed. Her horned head canted this way and that as the advantageous shoulder gave a near sky eye view of the moving grass. “Three on the left, two on the right~ I wonder which one is gonna die tonight!” The girl sang jovially, her hands grasping at the Wraithraisers thick hide in anticipation. “Why not both?!” Her hands threw up into the air with her declaration, before she purposefully tumbled down the large Crocodilian’s back to his tail with complete faith that he would not allow her to hit the ground. Balancing at mid-tail, her own reptilian like appendage shifted to provide a better balance as a hand reached to draw out a flower pin that had been holding purple tresses in place. As they fell about her shoulders, the pin revealed itself to be quite menacing. From it unfurled small bladed segments with a pointed tip. It swing casually in her hand, as the girl pondered. “I really wanna be a princess, Boots. You gonna help me, right?” The girl asked the large WraithRaiser, before her hand flicked forward, the whip lashing out to full length of 8 foot, dangling next to their mingling tails before it lashed forward as the girl shifted her position to face the left. It cut through grass and flesh alike, cries of those hidden within the foliage was heard, though their demise was not yet confirmed. “You hear that, trash!? I’m gonna climb this tower and be the best princess!” Hyorin tantrumed to the sky, not caring who did or didn’t hear, as long as her words were said. “That means you gotta pass too, Boots. Don’t let me down!”
  4. Wouldn't be the first time.
  5. This is the OOC thread for the TOG threads in alternative. This is where newcomers to the threads should come to ask questions/or just to shoot the bull. @Ghost @Reign @paradigm @THE_BULL
  6. Or Wal-mart sells them for like. 50 bucks from time to time.
  7. I mean. It's not the weapons that make a man.
  8. Do all the things anyway.
  9. We're all nerds here.
  10. Priscilla Bellmour. Name: Priscilla; Ella by close companions. Title: Daughter and Heir. Age: 22 Race: Human; Renovatian. Class: Common-Wealth. Family: Cadmos Bellmour(Father) & Rosalie Bellmour(Mother.) Micar Bellmour(Younger Brother. Age: 20.) Jazmine Bellmour. (Younger sister. Age: 14.) Marital Status: Unmarried. act ii. The Diagnostics Height: 5’6” Weight: 145lbs. Hair: Mousy brown Eyes: Emerald. Voice: Lilting and firm. Skin: Porcelain. act iii. The Armament Weapon: Song and Dance. Armor: Wits and family name. Accessories: A family crested broach worn upon her finery. act iv. The Dossier Likes: Priscilla enjoys travelling about the city and learning of her families company and how it is ran. She is devout, often seen at the statue of Tellus Matter in Nu Martyr. She enjoys playing the piano, and songbirds, as well as the family gardens. Dislikes: Priscilla dislikes having to tidy up after her brother and younger sister, though she is aware of her duties as eldest, it doesn’t soothe to be punished for their transgressions. Attitude: Priscilla is a mostly kind soul, and displays this in her day to day life. Abilities: Priscilla retains two abilities. Through physical touch she can compel a person into a specific action. This is an ability of varying degrees of success, however. If it is an idea the person already has or is leaning towards, the chances of success are much greater than if they are opposed to the idea altogether. Her secondary ability is to channel this compulsion through music, similar to the way an empath would. Through her will, the music is empowered with a sense of emotion – aggression, grief, joy, - these things she can coerce into a person’s attitudes if they are nearby while she is playing. Heritage: Priscilla’s family, the Bellmours, are responsible for the transportation across the waterways of Nu Martyr. Due to this they are quite wealthy, and have a luxurious home and are in grandstanding with the rest of the 1%’s of Nu Martyr.
  11. “Huh, oh, yeah I’m fine, what’s that? Ohno!” Shanna gasped as they were suddenly running once more, feet sloshing upon the ground in tandem with the redhead, a sort of yelping cry torn from her throat when an arrow lodged itself into her newfound friend. “EEEEEEEAuugh!” Another tumble, sprawling against the landscape as Shanna gurgled and flailed desperately, her crimson gaze wide in horror as they were flung about per mother natures’ instruction. When she had decided that they had become bore some, they were deposited upon a bank just as soggy as the rest of the land. Shanna coughed and hacked, certain half the river had discovered a new home in her lungs, awkwardly pulling a leech from her hair with a shudder as it was flung aside with little care. Brutus seemed to fare little better, but at least now his coat was pristine and glistening white…or it would have been provided the hound had not laid in the muck with a groan, clearly desperate for a less exciting adventure. “I’m so tired of water!” Shanna’s voice rang out once it was clear of its watery timbre, the mage made an interesting schlorping noise as she stood, prying herself from the damp. “I really hate water!” Her exclamation followed with a throwing of hands. To further prove their string of bad luck, they found themselves surrounded! Would be hunters and slavers threatened their survival, pathetic as it might be at first glance. “Hey now, that’s no way to talk to anyone, you kiss your mama with that mouth?” Shanna puffed dangerously, the hellhound at her side growling in agreement. She was rewarded with a slap, jarring her face hard to the side. “Silence, witch!” One of the men hissed between rotten teeth. Shanna’s gaze shifted suddenly, gold tinging the crimson before her Hellhound struck, jumping from a stationary position to sink his teeth into the man’s hand, and while the man screeched and flailed, the joint ever so carefully popped free, locked between the powerful jaws as the wolf growled menacingly. However, in the next moment they were overtaken by an entity that could only be described as wrathful. The enemy was taken without little prejudice, and Shanna found herself lost in a vortex of the battle, the stench of blood filling her nose as the woman found it hard to withdraw her semi-conscious connection to the Hellhound. The smell of it curled her lip, lengthened her teeth, she gnashed her jaw in an attempt to abate the growing need for retribution as it spilled freely around her. “Are you….are you trying to run?” The woman asked suddenly, the three men that looked as though they would have fled across the entirety of the world, just to say that they had never been present for this massacre. A deadpan expression shifted towards them, the woman raising a hand. “I hate it when things run.” In her trek to find the Ars Nostra, Shanna had accumulated a vast wealth of magical power, it was only by some great flaw that none of it ever seemed to go the way in which it was intended. From time to time, however, Shanna managed devastating and terrifying spells that hardly prompted cause for magical backlash. The strong scent of lilies….and butter filled the air as the spell weaved around an outstretched hand before her fingers would suddenly curl inwards. Bones erupted from the bodies of the men, the entirety of their skeleton simply stopping whilst their skin and organs continued movement, a single motion had both items dropping to the ground in a heap that would likely scar any witness of such an action. The womans attention then turned, her wet hair plastered to her visage as brightness and sunshine seemed to return to her disposition. “Well, that was bracing! You sure are an exciting bunch, aren’t you?!” Shanna laughed, a high pitched sort of shriek accompanied by a snort.
  12. Slosh...slosh…slosh. “Augh! Brutus!” A pause. “No, not that way, the Crystals said this way! ...No I’m not listening to you, you’re being unreasonable.” There was a sharp bark of command following the statement, fluttering through the marsh and echoing ever so slightly as the sloshing resumed, with much complaining sounding from the person that seemed to be unable to quiet themselves. The sound of a secondary companion also was made known, however, it was much quieter than the initial, whining voice. “It’s in my shoes! Augh! It’s all the way up to my waist!” Came the whine once more as the mage slorped her way through the nearly chest high water in an attempt to get to the other side. For Shanna, obstacles such as this were necessary, avoidable, but she refused to move off track from the direction in which she had begun heading in. She might get lost that way, and she was ever so tired of that. Shanna had travelled far and wide, with great effort and great directional challenges. She seemed to have a nasty trait of showing up where she mostly likely shouldn’t be, or better yet, in places she never intended at all! It had, however, provided her with some prime information and lore, things she could return to the mages college with and give them the what for! “Stupid mage college, kicking me out. Show them.” The woman grumbled beneath her breath before letting out an excited gasp at the sound of voices ahead. “I must be close!” She chirped excitedly, overenthusiastic in her sudden rapid sloshing through the mud. As she became clear of it, Shanna practically ran forward, slinging mud and lord knew what all about as she fantasized a long, warm bath at the other end of her adventure. The white(though he was arguably more brown and dingy now) hellhound/wolf hybrid at her side gave an exasperated look at the constant fluctuations of his mages moods and folly, but followed obediently despite. As Shanna trampled forward like the proverbial bull in a china shop, he followed at a sedate pace. In her excitement, the mage came around a grove of trees and skidded to a stop at the sight of many people with weapons. “Oh! Hi…whatcha doing with all them weapons?” Her large, vermillion gaze stared at them for the longest moment before one of them gasped and pointed at her wolf. “Get the beast!” One cried. “What? NO. HE’S MY FRIEND!” Shanna stood in front of him, arms outstretched in a pathetic attempt to appear larger as she protected her familiar. “Witch! Burn the witch!” Came another voice from the back. Shanna’s gaze went wide. “Uh oh. Brutus, run!” The mage squealed as she pushed power into her legs, bounding away with a quickness that always surprised the hellhound. She never seemed to be quick when he wanted her to be, with a disgruntled noise he moved to follow. As they were pursued, Shanna attempted to focus a camouflaging spell over them, but unfortunately her magic went awry, as it tended to. There was a sudden explosion across the tree line behind them, pushing Shanna forward and onto her face as the tails of her hair singed, however, she noticed that she hit something…soft, rather than the harsh ground she had been expecting. Brutus was also thrown forward, yelping as he tumbled past Shanna and the young girl that she had run into. Groping about blindly, Shanna groaned as she managed to sit up, before gasping. “Ohmygosh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to run into you!” Her wide gaze stared at the girl for a moment, before a tree somewhere on the path behind them fell over.
  13. All mine.
  14. You made it! AUUUUGH -Raptor stomps through a village.- Yeth~
  15. <3 Be safe.