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  1. Dragons Are Forever

    “Thank you, Marquise.” Alexandria offered at the order for the large hound to come with her. Alexandria smiles at the creature, unable to help herself. It is cute, in its own ugly way. Kamal listened to Natasha with a very unhappy hiss. He curled around her hair tightly, burrowing so that his coils had no change of slipping free of her. “I’m not fond of this idea either.” He told her, muttering against her ear. “This is dumb, splitting up. Bad idea.” The snake-familiar was not pleased, and he was determined that someone was going to listen to him. Unfortunately for Natasha, that someone would be her. However, when the she-orc began scaling the heights with the most ridiculous of movements. He squealed loudly, quite amusingly. “Eeeee WHatare youdoingohmygod you insane thing!?” Kamal huffed loudly before he hissed at the waking dragons. “Lookit what you did!” He puffed, unable to help himself. “Ugh. Just like Alexandria. Leap first ask questions later. Stupid dog!” Kamal scowled as the fluttering of wings grew louder, and his ears frilled out as he cast a minor spell over Natasha. “Quiet, woman, they hopefully won’t notice us.” The spell was a simple glamour, trying to make them appear as the rock wall. Whether or not it worked against the Dragon’s heightened senses…That was a gamble they would just have to take. __ Alexandria scowled as she felt the ever pressing cave walls. It was unpleasant and she greatly disliked being so confined. All of the holes she had come across were thus far blocked, and it seemed that while the webbing indicated the creature ate well, a lot of the area had been bereft of dragon movement. It was likely the spider often moved its trap, as the dragons were intelligent enough that they would learn which areas to avoid. However, the vibration and gentle twang of the web was far too much for the woman to ignore. The potential of battle or finding a great beast was just too much draw for Alexandria. She hesitates briefly as she edges along the platform, torch raising as she tries to peer into the darkness. Unfortunately, she has none of the advantages of her orc-allies, instead she can only tell that something is caught. Or something is coming near. Above her she glanced, raising the torch so as to see what yet remained. The scaley tail, of course, caught her attention. A dragon so soon. If she could save the beast, perhaps gaining a hold on it would be made significantly easier. Better yet if she could use it to convince the other dragons to follow their lead. The woman contemplated. She could set the web on fire, hope it was flammable like most spider webs, at the risk of the dragon. She could hope to climb it, risk getting caught up in it – which was the most likely scenario. Then both herself and the dragon would be unwilling meals for the spider, wherever it may be. She couldn’t dare risk the mutt, but…the hound would be a good indication to keep an eye for the spider. She turns to the dope, and it perks at her, all of the snouts panting as it perked a bit. “Odri, keep watch.” She murmurs, finding a small patch of the web. She sets it ablaze, wanting to test it’s burn rate. It burns quickly, but smolders a bit. Too risky to try to free the dragon in that way. Alexandria frowns as she contemplates before she kneels down briefly, she sets the torch on the ground, sticking it in so it still grants light. Alexandria looks up, and she frowns before contemplating her armor. No, she’s strong enough with it on. She leaps upwards suddenly, reaching with both hands to grasp the tail of the creature. As she holds on, she hopes it doesn’t whip around too much, and that the weight of her armor and large body would be enough to pulli t free of the webbing. She knows it is unlikely, but perhaps if she can climb the creature and cut away the webbing as she goes. Alexandria grunts as she holds on tightly, her gauntlets digging into the scales a bit as she begins to pull herself up. Growling as she goes, Alexandria moves to grasp the first bits of webbing, her legs wrapping around the dragons’ tail as she draws out a dagger, trying to dig at the webbing. “Be still, creature, or we will both die.” She hisses, hoping it understands.
  2. [Abyssal Enclave] Demons and Men.

    “I’m William.” The Wisp returned, and Shanna gasped as her hands went to her face. “Ohmygosh, hello!” She offered with a grin before looking at the creature. “How are you?” She asked, unable to help herself. The Wisp paused, before seeming to contemplate how to answer that. “I am…fine.” William offers after a moment before floating in front of them. “I’m afraid I don’t know where you should sleep, young man.” William offers. Shanna smiled softly at that, before bouncing some. “I’ve never met a Wisp before. It’s so nice to meet you!” She cooed as she fawned over him a bit, before seeming to calm as Brutus gave an uninterested look to the wisp, staring along the pathway. “What are you doing here?” William asked them, floating around them as he guarded the entrance. “Well, I’d like to go inside, fi that’s ok. I want to look around.” William was quiet for a moment before seeming to nod. “Alright then. Go ahead. I won’t stop you.” William cooed as he shifted to the side. Shanna perked and hugged Jaro excitedly. “Thank you, William!” She offered to the wisp before she bounced ahead into the darkness of the land. Shanna looked curiously around. The area was dark and Shanna rummaged in her pack before pulling out a torch. She lit it carefully as she held it up so that they could see around. A shiver went down her spine, and Brutus growled. His fur stood up straight as he followed after her with a whine. He tucked his tail a bit. “Ah, it’s ok, Brutus!” Shanna offered. Their footsteps carried them into the Enclave – past the torch that housed William. The land was wide and open, though sparse in vegetation. Shanna looked around curiously, the boulders that were on the land were stained with dried blood – dark and thick with the ichor as a strange sense of displacement. William floated alongside of her, blue and ethereal as he bounced along contently. Shanna pauses to give him a look before grinning. “Thanks for joining us!” She chirps, looking pleased at the prospect of a new friend. “It has been a while since I have had visitors.” William answers plainly. Shanna beams from ear to ear as she progresses through the dead grasses, peering about as fingers clench and unclench repeatedly as they move. Brutus growls at her side, the thick scent of sin and corruption baffled his nose. He sneezes with it, looking dubious of the entire situation. Shanna practically pranced ahead as William amused himself with her presence, following for now.
  3. Death Valley

    Helaine frowned, the words small and confusing in her mind. She didn’t understand his distaste for her words. Helaine’s vocabulary was limited, and thus she didn’t have the proper words to describe what she had meant. “Mmm..not you. Not you stupid. Thing..stupid?” Helaine scowled as she contemplated, her attentions pulled from the annoyance of the saddle and instead focused inward. Respect was something the she-cat didn’t fully comprehend. The laws of nature, however, were all too well ingrained within her mind and instincts. Her attention snaps to the envoy that approaches, however, and she hisses, unable to keep herself from doing so. The loudness of the horses and their gear is too much, and ears flatten against her hair as the kitten puffs, fur standing on edge. They approach and the Princeling asks her a question. The question, however, gave the woman pause. The world, even in the wild, works in such a manner that nothing is given without being taken. Helaine’s lantern gaze turned to Paris, though narrowed in suspicion. “What for?” Her voice clipped and curt, even as she tried to scoot the horse closer to Paris in an effort to avoid the surrounding throng of soldiers. “What want for lesson?” Helaine demands, wanting to know what the exchange is going to be. No one ever gets anything for free, afterall, and she knows she does not want to be indebted to this man. Paris is cunning and sly, like a Fox more than a lion.
  4. A Divine Deployment

    Rin closed an eye and listened to Hudson explain his job. While he prattled on and on, she found herself contemplating what kind of life that was to lead. It sounded…lonely at the core. She had seen the comradery of the men in uniform before, just once. They seemed close knit and fond of one another, but, perhaps those bonds faded when reduced to civilian life. The shrill voice of the pixie caused her head to snap up, and if looks could kill the floating annoyance would be in ashes on the ground. For a moment, she desperately wished she had offensive magic, a fireball to the little assholes’ face would be incredibly satisfying. She had no time to contemplate her distaste for the little creature, as she was suddenly scooped from the ground once more. A yelp escaped her and a short flail. “Put me down, I can walk!” Though they both knew it was a lie, Rin huffed despite. His question, however, prompted a dull stare. “Sorry, must have left it in my other shoe.” She offered as she lifted her bare (Sans the wrap) foot. Her dress and one shoe was all she had – everything else had been forgotten in the running for their lives. “We’ll need to figure out where we are. If we can find a water source we can follow it to the nearest town. They’re almost always built close to running water.” Rin offers as she sighs. Whether or not the man lets her down, she hobbles OR remains in his grasp. The land slopes suddenly, daring him to lose footing as it veers to the left. Rin contemplates this for a moment, as if trying to remember the lay of the land they might be in. It is quite a walk to the bottom of the slope, but they are not greeted with water. Simply a valley full of turning trees awash in oranges, reds, and greens. It’s beautiful, if not a tad eerie for the silence that plagues it. “Be careful…I think there’s Fae Circles down here.” Rin offers as she peers around. “Don’t step on any toadstools.” Another warning, hopefully he’ll heed this one. “I think I see a game trail over there. Those generally lead to water.” She points at a thin trail well-traveled that seems to run along the valley and out the other side.
  5. [Nymeria] About Damn Time (The Return of a King)

    And now the blossoms fade, Lost within your dark eyes (I drown within those ebon eyes) The sweetest tears I taste (glistening upon your lips), This ichor of your kisses... Weave thy dark spells, 'neath the bright moon, Witch-fire is glimmering through Sunken marble halls. The Black Gate opens... Blood sates the Ebon Blade... Eilwen was content in the crook of her sharkman’s arm, draped against him like finery as her headdress tangled with his braids. Her fingers, delicate and gentle trailed along his visage in affection and delight. IT was no secret the bond between the two, though others were sought often as company as well. The little Mistress gave a toothy smile, even as she petted the gentle creature within her hold. “Mmm, I would love to join you.” She pauses as he mentions hunting, and she gasps – leaning forward ever so slightly. “Can we hunt in the forest?” Her gaze glitters with hope and a bit of enchantment. Her infatuation with the thick reeds and dangerous pitfalls of the bone forest had come long before little Paulianna had been pulled from its clutches, but since has grown. As Q’myha leaves, Eilwen finds herself quickly distracted. Her gaze moves to the large Naga that had joined them, currently his artwork half finished. She moves quickly, plucking the brush from the working woman with a smile. “I will finish, thank you.” She offers. The brush dips into the thick, sludge like paint as she draws it out – finishing the job quite quickly. The man is blessed now, with a mark of the stingray and gentle, rolling paints that accent the curvature of his body. Furthermore, it brings attention to his eyes and natural predatory physique. “Thank you for tolerating being painted.” The woman smiles, glistening in the dark water as she proclaims him finished. What an honor, to be painted by the Mistress herself. His art is immaculate, perfect and beautiful on his skin. As he moves, the paint also seems to come to life, breathing with Krava as he moves. Eilwen then swims off yet once more to ensure that things are finished. She finds Amaya on the stage, rubbing life into her legs. Knowing this procedure, Eilwen pauses near her MEretricem, offering a kind smile to the woman. “Do you need some help?” It is a platonic gesture, never wanting her Meretricem to fail, afterall. Though not just for the sake of keeping up images, but because Eilwen truly does care for each and every one of them. Though she is often busy, she tries desperately to give all of the artists attention as it is needed or simply just because. She feels it very important to their morale. Tenderly, her fingers brush out and she glides them along Amaya’s legs, working life back into the limbs as she focuses on the left, leaving the right for Amaya. “I noticed you had painted the totem statues in the entryway, they are beautifully done.” She praises. @Chappu @Tia Dalma
  6. A Divine Deployment

    Rin grumbles at the mention that his seabag weighs more than her. She doesn’t know what a seabag is, but she immediately dislikes the comparison. Her cheeks puff outwards a bit, filled with air before she deflates with a sigh. Her rose gaze closes as she contemplates the exhaustion that seems so sudden. The gentle crunch of the earth beneath his booted feet is a soft, lulling motion and sound, the rocking of each step made her fall into a further sedation. His comment of her face being red, however, caused her to huff. “It is not.” A quiet protest before she falls silent once more. Resting against him she ponders just how far this tunnel goes, as they seem to have been walking for quite some time. Rin frowns, knowing that with time, she will only get heavier for the man to carry. After a good fifteen minutes, the silence is too much for her to bear. “Tell me about your job.” Rin offers as she tries to make herself smaller against him, wrapping her arms around his neck so as not to leave all of the weight against his arms, spreading it out a bit. Whatever answer he responds with fills the time of their walk. As they progress further, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel shines down on them. Instead of being above them, however, it appears that he can simply….walk right out. The light from the forest filters down around them and instead of finding them surrounded by pine, it is a thick area full of leafing foliage. “How long were we walking?” The woman questions, a frown crinkling her visage as she looks around, finding the area unfamiliar. “I ..have no idea where we are.” Rin admits, a sheepish look as she gently tries to wiggle out of his hold, stretching her uninjured ankle to the ground, her arms still remaining around his neck. Alas, he is too tall, she dangles awkwardly from his neck and shoulders. There is easily another four inches to the ground as she stretches her bare toes in an attempt to scrape terra firma. “I don’t…Maybe if we just…go straight back above the tunnel we can find the shop. We can’t be so far from the village.” She contemplates this for a moment. “We could start a fire, of course. That would draw the attention of any nearby people…or predators, as well.”
  7. The Red Tower.

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  8. [Abyssal Enclave] Demons and Men.

    Shanna’s excitement bubbled and then settled on their trek. Jaro would likely find that her exuberance came in waves – sometimes greater than others, but he would find the pacing much better suited for his own leisurely stroll. Despite that, it took only three days for them to cross over to the top of the Cold Mountains. They had crossed near The Red Tower, and run along the flatlands near the mountains in an effort to cut down their travel time – it had worked spectacularly. Brutus rolled ahead of them, pleased as his tongue lolled from his mouth as the scent of everything was taken into his nose. He sniffed and yipped as he took off after some small creature that sped through the underbrush. Shanna smiled warmly at that, before she looked excitedly on the entrance to the Enclave as it approached on them. The land near it seemed to darken a bit, the evil of the people that had taken residence seeped into the stones. Though it was darker and foreboding, Shanna found it alluring. The knowledge and magics that were stored within, surely were of some sort of mystery. No one before had ever plundered the depths of the Enclave and she was excited to count herself and her companion among the first. Her traipsing, prancing figure was more than happy to continue on, humming lightly to herself even as the darkening storm overhead loomed. Shanna paused, before gasping as she turned to Jaro, giving a frantic wave as she urged him to move a bit faster. “Come on, we’re almost there!” She offers, the light of a torch signaling their arrival to the Enclave that would – with hope – provide them with some clues on their adventures. Brutus balked a bit, arriving at Shanna’s side as his nose curled upward a bit, teeth baring. The Hellhound growled, looking displeased at the thought of entering. He was not eager to disobey his witch, however, feeling it was safer for them to stick together. The torch in front of them flickered before a voice boomed from it as it turned an interesting shade of blue. “Who goes there!?” The voice echoed, and Shanna gasped, peeking at the flame curiously before clapping her hands. “Hi! I’m Shanna!”
  9. [Nymeria] About Damn Time (The Return of a King)

    Do you remember the billowy roar of the ocean, Darkling, emerald, eager under vaults of the cave, Shattered to simmer of foam on a boulder of delicate lilac, Disenchantless youth of the clear, immortal wave? Labyrinths begemmed with fairy lives of the water, Sea-sounding palace halls far statelier than a King’s, Seethe of illumined floor with a never-wearying motion, Oozy enchased live walls, where a seamusic rings? The apparition smiled warmly at the naga, looking pleased with the introductions. “Of course, I would love to hear your story.” A smile presents a full row of teeth, sparkling and just as white as her skin. “Should we set a date for you to come to the Vaults so I can ask you questions about culture and your growing up?” While she has a spark of fascination for the Naga, her interest (For now) lies within the culture he was groomed. Eilwen looks, pausing in her hold on Q’myha as she is tugged into his arm. Not minding this action at all, the woman drapes a hand around his broad shoulders to solidify her position. “Mm, yes, I think that would do the best, actually. It will be much quieter and I will be able to chronicle all you have to tell me!” A bright smile then, rose gaze twinkling at the snake-beast. “I’m sure you have a most fascinating story, and to try and learn it here wouldn’t do it justice. I would like to afford you my full attention, as it would be rude to only get part of the story.” However, her gaze flickers over his size for a moment, and she contemplates. “Should you wish to help, truly, we could use some help decorating the higher ends of the amphitheater and then if you like, I’ll have one of the artists paint you for this glorious day!” Eilwen offers warmly. Her attention, however, is pulled back by the small creature that Q’myha offers. A loud squeal escapes the woman, in tones that are likely to make everyone nearby deaf for a second. Poor Q’myha getting the brunt of it as her hands flail outwards, pulling the creature to her as delicate webs wrap around it and hold it to her chest. “Ah! Q’myha! It’s so cute! Thank you!” The apparition moves to give him a most profound kiss, ever careful of the creature cradled to her. Drawing back, an impish grin sets in place. “Later, after you’ve done your duties, if you come back I’ll give you a reward all your own.” That moment, however, is broken as a soft call comes across the waves. “C-Commander!” A young man of soft, pale skin and delicate features can be seen crossing through the markets and the like. His yellow, blue ringed tentacles guiding him as he uses them to feel along the ocean floor, patting it as his blonde hair waves in front of his visage with each step. He seems to be straining beneath the weight of a rather large doghouse looking structure. “C-commander, you forgot the bed!” The young man pants, dropping the object near Q’myha as he closes his golden gaze and catches his breath. He is of a lean build, though he is not without muscles. A spear adorns his back, and a net is wrapped around his waist. Zorval’s gaze flickers to Eilwen and Q’myha, a flush gracing his cheeks. “O…oh, I-I’m sorry…t-t-to interrupt. I-I’ll go.” And the young man turns, looking eager to be out of the large group of gathering people. Eilwen smiled, but says nothing, her attention turning to the Naga as he chooses to either do as she offered or not. “Mm, I know I will wait for the King here. The throne room is likely to be quite full.” Her webbed fingers trail along the Sharkman’s cheek, before a momentary torn look is given. “Q’myha, if you are heading back, can you please put your gift in my quarters? I do not want to stress or worry her.” @Dorje @Chappu
  10. The Red Tower.

    “Well of course we’re leaving right now. We don’t want to wait too long!” Shanna flails at Jaro, seeming flippant of his reluctance. She is excited to continue their adventure, as she has already mapped out their destination around Genesaris in entirety. She grows more and more excited at the prospect of their first stop. While the stories and warnings of it had deterred many a mage and treasure hunter, Shanna was determined to plunder it for any knowledge that may yet remain within the tortured halls. The Abyssal Enclave was a terrifying place, where evil seeped into the ground and lingered. Shanna, however, was certain that with the appropriate precautions it could be navigated safely – and fear that her partner would put the halt to the plan, she didn’t warn him ahead of time. How rude of her. With that being said, Shanna grins at him. “Don’t worry, Jaro, it’ll be great, and we can come back soon!” Though her plans indicate she has no intention of doing such, the saying is more to placate her friend than anything. Brutus dances at the door, looking eager before he bolts into the large roadway that leads up to their tower. He prances along the small lake in front of it before he heads out along the path as it continues into the mountains. The path becomes gradually smaller until it is little more than a walkway that heads over the mountains, but that will be no difficult thing at all. It was only a three day journey over the mountains and to the Enclave. “Let’s go!” Shanna points forward with an impatient grin as she heads off ahead of Jaro. Shanna trusts her friend to be shortly behind her, as she practically sprints ahead in her excitement, Brutus yapping at her side as she bounces.
  11. The Red Tower.

    Shanna found herself amused by Jaro’s antics, and she reassured him only as she got him ready. When he finally slept, she ruffled his hair and happily tucked him in. With that done, the mage grinned to herself as she exited his room and sought to annoy Tristram with her antics. ~ When Jaro addresses her, only to begin excuses, the woman goes into a full sulk. Her gaze becomes half moons as she contemplates how best to guilt the man into the promise that they’ve already made. While minimal time has been spent on the tower, Shanna is itching to continue their quest – though she’ll put it on pause if her friend is insistent. Instead she glares at the eggs on her plate, until Tristram backs her. The woman perks then, before grinning momentarily from ear to ear. Seeing Jaro one-upped by their Steward, Shanna appraises him with a look that can only be described as comedic, before mentally making a note to never cross Tristram at any point. Afterwards, a small giggle escapes her. Still, she leans back from the table some as she contemplates, eye drooping a bit as the woman sighs. Brutus, who has been unusually quiet lately, peeks in on them, clearly as antsy as his witch to leave the tower walls. Not because they don’t love the home, but simply that they want to gather the items that they have been looking for, for so long. While it is a dim hope that the grimoires can help Shanna come to terms with the magic that possesses her, the hope yet remains. “Yay! I’ll go pack, then!” Shanna jumps up, scurrying out of the room. In no less than ten minutes she flies back down the stairs, bag in tow and ready as ever could be. Her map bound tightly in her hand as she unfurls it across the table for Jaro. “We’re gonna go this way!” She motions, pointing over a small passage in the mountains. “And then north up to the Abyssal Enclave.”
  12. [Nymeria] About Damn Time (The Return of a King)

    Whilst the meretricem gathered, Eilwen watched with prideful gaze. Ever mindful of their placements, she gently directed them to their garbing halls. This dance, while in celebration, required something flashy and appropriate. So she left them to gather their outfits while she turned to return to her own quarters for the briefest of times. It was here that she consults her scrolls, visage furrowing as she gives the gentlest of prayers to their ancestors that today would go well, and find no harm come to them. With this action finished, Eilwen hums quietly to herself as she gathers what she deems necessary. An adjustment of the shell and kelp crown that graces her ghostly visage – and a small dagger that is tucked in sheathe that rests behind the said crown. Deeming these actions finished, Eilwen turns her attention to a statue that has taken up the space of her home now for several years. In a dark corner of her home it rests beneath a veil of black – hidden from prying eyes. Never had it been deemed finished…but now. Now it was perfect. She returns to the Meretricem with a warm smile. As they are finishing their projects and find themselves looking to their leader for further instruction, she leads them to the stage so that it too, may be decorated and set up appropriately. The large Amphitheatre requires much to be at peace with the large quantities of decorations and people that will likely clamor to it in celebration. Nearby, food and drink vendors are setting up, preparing for the undoubtable onslaught that will plague them later that night – if not sooner. A smile ghosts across her visage, lightening the furrow that had been present prior. As the apparition floats across the stage, dainty webbed toes settle upon the large structure as she stands back, washing it in her gaze as contemplation reigns in the flighty womans desire to prance along with her kind. Instead, she designates out the tasks, hard at work as rose colored hues take it in. The splendor and grandness of it gives her only a secondary pause, before she’s off once more. Instructing and moving each project and totems, lining them along the sides as others pitch in, an equal effort given by all. As she turns, Eilwen is greeted by both Q’myah and the Naga he has promised to let her see for some time now. While ever defiant, Eilwen had given to his request and not sought the man out this time…but the future was possibly different. Whatever the man might assume their use of him, Eilwen was polite and proper, despite her flighty and tempestuous nature. “Q’myah!” She calls in delight, glee overtaking her visage as she floats forward to press the gentlest of kisses to his dark cheek, before withdrawing. “Who is your friend?” She asks, even as her gaze settles on the large Naga. Curiosity and willingness to explore his being are shown clearly in her gaze, but Eilwen acts on neither, instead offering a dainty webbed hand. “It is a pleasure to meet you, I am Eilwen.” Her titles are left off for now, unimportant for this particular meeting. “If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to let me know.” It is a twofold invitation, but the nagaman can take it how he pleases. Eilwen is not pushy, she doesn’t party where she’s not wanted. Behind them, the artists and dancers have broken into yet another song whilst they work, while somber, it seems to uplift their spirits as their pace increases. Robed in royal purple, royal raiment of the wave, Lie crunched and shattered timbers, ribs of might ships; Yeah, and limbs of some who, craving one more kiss of loving lips, Were stifled in the violent froth, jammed beneath black stones, Whose glossy weed may dally with their coral crusted bones. Where no mortal breath dare whisper, only hollow sounding surges, A welter of wild waters with their melancholy dirges. Behold they rave in echoing cave their wrath rent long ago.
  13. The Red Tower.

    Shanna wasn’t silly enough to send Raphael all of her findings. She made duplicates of everything, and while tedious it helped keep her research organized and safe should something happen to it. With that being said, Shanna allowed herself to be courted to her bedroom. Her features stared hard at Tristram, the wheels of her mind working in overtime, the smoke from her ears nearly tangible as she contemplates his words. She says nothing to the man, seemingly staring a hole into his back before she suddenly turns and prances off as though nothing in the world was wrong. Imagine Shanna’s surprise when she finds her friend covered in blood and in the middle of some séance. Naturally, she gasps and throws her hands up to her face. “JARO!” Shanna calls in surprise and concern, flailing rather comically as she moves towards him. “Mind the lines.” Her form comes to a screeching halt, hair swaying this way and that as she stares at Jaro in increased concern. “Homygosh, Jaro are you ok?!” The woman is near hyperventilating at this point, her breath coming in rapid, shallow breaths escaping her small chest as she flails rather comically once more. Though carefully, she steps over the lines as she approaches man. Had she been less concerned with the state of her friend, Shanna might take a moment to be impressed with the room that Jaro has constructed, however, for now she does as he asks, though a grim line touches her visage. As he falls over, prize in hand, Shanna holds him steady. She hadn’t seemed to notice any kind of magical surge, nor any side effects, but surely Jaro would suffer for his transgressions. Showing another feat of strength that couldn’t be human, she holds him in place as he tries to speak, shaking all the while. “Moaw. You did really good, Jaro! Thank you! But if it’s going to cause you this much hurt, I don’t want you to do this again…” Brows furrowing, Shanna gathers the man to her, and while her shorter stature prevents a full hoisting, she is capable of putting him into a fireman carry, slinging the man over her shoulders as she stands with a surprising ease. Gentle footsteps find them leaving the room and moving towards the room that Jaro has taken residence in. One of the maids pauses to stare at this, clearly surprised, and perhaps in a bit of awe as the elder man is carried so easily. She scuttles out of the Lady’s way, not wanting to end up in the way or in the same predicament. Instead, she giggled off to the side and went to tell Tristram of what she had seen. “You need to rest now and I want you to get all the sleep because you’re amazing!” Shanna rushed out in one breath as she opened the door to his room. She gently set him on the bed and gave a grin. “I got you a present too!” Shanna states suddenly. From the bag on her hip, she pulls out a rather cliché wizard hat with a red feather in the brim. She sets it on his head with a delighted look. “Oh, you should probably take a bath, first. Yes.” Shanna pauses as she snaps her fingers and picks him back up. She drapes him back over her shoulders and takes him to the bathhouse, setting him down on the side of the tub – she then gathers soft, fluffy towels and sets them down as she hums. “Who stole the sun from the sky, O Lord Pale and Unforgiven. Who stole the sun from the sky, O Lord ‘Round and ‘round again.” Shanna leaves him to bathe, neverminding his nudity at all. It seems she is either too airheaded to find any concern in it, or she is simply so oblivious. When Jaro is cleaned and no longer covered in blood, Shanna sends him to bed and prances along to see what other things she can help with. It isn’t too much longer before they find the entirety of the place done up once more, and she finds the days quick and is eager to fill them. In no time, it seems, the tower is mostly finished. “JARO!” Shanna perks suddenly from her breakfast, head snapping upwards. “Soon we can go on our adventure across the land!”