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  1. Fingers still numb, Shanna moves to stand once more in effort to regain her footing and hopefully escape this jungle with less harm than has already been incurred. Instead she finds herself suddenly face to face with one of the large, sylvan like creatures. She pauses, hoping that they might be like a chasing predator and that her lack of movement causes her to blend into the very surroundings. Her tunic is brown and dark, damp with sweat and lord knows what else, and she stills her breathing to only the barest she can for survival. “Please, oh lord, please let it not see me.” Shanna chants inside of her head. “Just hit it with a fireball.” “I can’t, last time that backfired, remember?” “Too scared to even try. Tsk.” “Shutup and maybe it’ll just go away.” The twisted creature stands above her now, a gnarled mass of roots and vines, two golden eyes peering from within one of the masses, as the chest glows ever so slightly with a lifeforce of some sort. The brambles of it’s feet shuffled forward and Shanna barely contains a squeak. “For crying out loud.” The voice murmurs before Shanna finds her hands suddenly raising and magic gathering at her fingertips. “No, wait! It hasn’t hurt us, there’s no reason to hurt it!” The wicked mass of greenery had once been a beautiful creature of the forest, now twisted and angry, as nature tended to be. “Be quiet, since you can’t be useful!” A grand fireball gathers at her fingers as the sylvan realizes her presence, roaring as it brings down a thick arm in effort to swat away the pest that dared enter its domain. The fireball loosens from her fingertips and barrels through the creatures chest with such force, it leaves a devastating hole in its wake. The creature screams once, long and loud, as it stumbles backwards in effort to regain itself. Shanna watches with mild horror as vines try to begin stitching it back up. “Well now you’ve done it! All you did was make it mad!” Shanna cries as she tries to flee, hoping it will take the creature at least a moment to catch up with them, perhaps by then she will have come up with a plan.
  2. Shanna stumbles, nearly losing her footing as she slips over a larger root, hopping on her bare foot a moment as she contemplates what she has touched that may have poisoned her. The poison seemed to originate from her fingers, so it is likely that the small poke she endured after the glass had shattered inside of her pack was the cause of her discomfort. At the moment, it was spreading at an alarming rate due to her increased heart rate, and Shanna finds herself uneasy. She has no antidotes, for once, no potions lining her belts. She had come with only the barest of essentials, even going so far as to leave her familiar behind. Shanna grasps at the arm, it’s throbbing pain causing her to gasp as tears threatened to leak from her eyes. That was surely not a good sign, the tender flesh seeking to wilt and succumb to the poison already. She was not going to make it back to the airship at this point. She opens the pack and carefully digs for the bag that housed the berries, drawing them out as fingertips carefully count the number. She has ten of the berries, nine if she chooses to eat one now in effort to save her life. Her brow furrows sweat trickling down as she draws in a deep breath and pops the berry in her mouth. It is bitter and strange, heavy on the tongue as it feels as though it’s eating away at the very muscle before it is gone. Surprise etches across her visage for the briefest of moments before the reprieve of the poison causes her to sigh. It is with a wide gaze she watches the dark veins become whole and normal once more, blending into her flesh as they were always meant to. At least now she knew that they worked. Carefully rehousing the berries, Shanna continues on her way.
  3. I have reached the witching hour,

    Somewhere near halfway. 

    The next is full of who knows what,

    For it is another day. 

    -Michael Anslow.

  4. At Jestaira’s exclamation, Kendra gave a surprised blink before offering a broader grin. It was nice to think that the people adopting them were happy about it. That wasn’t always the case – despite whether the people came looking. That aside, Kendra gasped and raced upstairs to gather hers and Ruby’s items. What they had was sparse, a few extra outfits each, but it was better than leaving it behind. Shoving it all into a canvas bag, the girl returns after a moment, it slung over her shoulder as though they were meant for carrying heavier burdens. At the question of paperwork, Susan steps forward. Her glacial gaze bores into Vito as though she wishes to see directly through him before she holds out the paperwork. “Ya havta sign this. Here and here. And thanks for the donation…people aren’t generally that kind.” She motions to the two areas marked with an X. Dhizzandra smiles at Susan, grateful for her assistance as she listens to Rufus’ comments. She contemplates a moment, mulling over what he has said. “Susan would likely be your best candidate, then. She is smart and quick to learn, she’s also wary and knows some of how the world works already. She’s been a superb helper here, and many tasks with the children have fallen to her shoulders. She’s good at approaching a situation with a calm head before she reacts.” The Dryad offers with a gentle smile. Susan pauses, having heard some of this in passing. “Me, Mam?” She asks, staring wide eyed for a moment before her gaze narrows a tad. “Why?” “Because you’re intelligent and steadfast, much like this man is mentioning. Perhaps…knowing more of what her tasks might be would be beneficial?” Dhizzandra questions gently, a smile tugging at her lips.
  5. Sweat tickled her brow as Shanna, one shoe less, began her trek through the thick foliage once more. Dancing along vines and tendrils alike, she was hyper vigilant in an effort not to run into any of the natives. Fingers splayed against the bark of a tree as the mage pauses to catch her breath. Heaving one, and then two great breaths into ragged lungs. Why was she sweating so much? The heat of the jungle was great, perhaps that was it. Maybe she had gotten too used to the cooler temperatures of the mountains where the Red Tower sat. Her bare foot set upon a larger vine as Shanna frowns a bit. Still, she was in decent enough shape, she should not be having this much trouble with simple terrain. Then again, she had used quite a bit of magic getting out of the pit she had been thrown into. She was nearly halfway around that ravine now – and it amazed her how much larger it was now that she was having to go around it, as opposed to over it. “You’re getting weaker.” The voice taunts. “I am not.” Shanna protests, even as she shoves a tendril of hair back behind an ear. “Besides, I don’t need your help.” “That’s not what you said earlier.” There was a rumbling chuckle before the voice disappeared and Shanna felt the gentle pull it had on her vanish entirely. Sighing with relief, she waves her arm, the strange feeling of numbness has her disconcerted. Wiggling fingers one by one, she hisses when she catches sight of the black veins that are beginning to line her arm up to the bicep. “Uhm, that can’t be good. Ok, I really got to get back to the airship.” Surely there was an antidote there. Shanna cuts her rest short and quickens her pace around the ravine. It is still several moments until she reaches the far side. Now she can only hope she chooses the right direction… “Wait.” Shanna turns to peer at what was left of the path she had taken to the bush. If she went directly back from that direction, then realistically she should be able to find her way back to the airship. So, she moves to line herself up with it.
  6. Alexandria paces, like a golden beacon in the waning skylight. Hand to her chin, rubbing in thought as each movement only seems to bring further frustration. She pauses, however, at Natasha’s question. “I had thought to scry for her, but I don’t have anything of hers to scry with. It’s old and archaic magic…but effective only if you have something of the person.” Her gaze travels to the sable sword in it’s sheathe. “Luna once owned the Sable Sword, but I wonder if it’s been too long to use it.” The worst is that no fruition would come from trying, and so Alexandria grasps a map from the saddlebags and lays it upon the ground as she draws the ebon blade from it’s sheathe. The darkness of the blade only made darker by the waning light. From the saddlebags comes a chain, a simple thing, no fancy crystals attached to it, nor are there any gems. Alexandria wraps the chain around the sword – leaving a tail to dangle below as she concentrates on her desire to locate Luna. It is several tense moments that the chain circles the map before simply dropping to their current locale. Brows furrow in a scowl, and Alexandria sighs. “Well, that’s not going to work.” She murmurs, before contemplating if she has enough knowledge and power to seek assistance from the coven soul. Surely it would track the location of all their sisters, for their very essence was tied into it. Sheathing her sword, Alexandria puts away the map and chain. Drawing in a deep breath, she settles in the middle of the clearing as her dragon seeks refuge near Durzol, lapping up great gulps of water as acid oozes from her jowls. The surrounding flora melts as the caustic goo hits them, glowing ever so slightly as it seeps into the ground, leaving hazardous puddles wherever she swings her head. “I’m going to try and reach her through the coven soul.” Alexandria explains to Natasha, knowing that it is unlikely that she will understand – not because she lacks intelligence – but simply because she is born of a different mind. Magic was something obtuse to the orcs even on their best day. Shit, sometimes Alexandria didn’t fully comprehend the depths of the well. The golden witch closes her eyes as a deep breath leaves her lungs and reaches to touch the coven soul with her mind. It reacts, a warmth spreading through her limbs like a comforting hug before it slithers to her fingertips. Drawing focus on her desire to find Luna once more, Alexandria lets out another deep breath as the soul stirs and for a moment nothing happens before she is given a generalized feeling of where Luna has gone. It settles on her like a chill, an affliction that she does not desire as those once heated fingertips become cool to the touch. Wraithlike – her fingers begin to whiten at the tips and the sensation of a chill courses its way down her spine before she disconnects abruptly, drawing back from the coven soul so quickly that it causes her to gasp for air as she returns to herself. After a moment of clearing her lungs of what seemed as though ages of dust, the golden witch stands with a somber expression. “If the dragons are ready, we should go. I got a sense of where Luna is, we should be able to reach her quickly if we don’t waste time. The dragons will probably be useless after this, we’ve ridden them hard today.” She muses. “Syvos!” IT is a sharp call, and the dragon bounds over excitedly despite her earlier need of reprieve. Goo spills from her maw in excitement, gathering before spilling out through teeth as it lands upon the ground, littering it with dead spots. Alexandria swings into the saddle and grasps the reigns as she swivels Syvos about – waiting for Natasha. Once the other is mounted, she takes to the sky once more. It is not a long ride to the Dark Forest, which is a fitting name for such an ominous place. It is dark when they finally land, and Alexandria frowns deeply as she dismounts. “I could not see a fire from above, but I assume Luna wouldn’t put one up, not wanting to get caught unaware or by any of the undead that roam here.” Alexandria pauses at that, gaze narrowing.
  7. Still struggling with freeing her shoe, Shanna sighs heavily. “Are you serious?” The voice echoes within her mind. “I said shutup.” A grumble, as fingertips dip down to slip into the neck of the shoe, carefully prying it from her leg and foot. Once it is free, she finds her foot now bare and dangling. Quickly drawing it up, Shanna contemplates the wisdom in that action as many of the plants and animals are known to be poisonous and venomous. It is too late now, as her boot has descended into the darkness. Wings flutter against her back, before Shanna pushes away from the wall, flapping them to drive her upward as she is ensconced in magic and it drives wind beneath her wings so that her rapid ascent causes her to plummet into the sky like a cartoon. Pausing above the tree tops, Shanna twists this way and that, though finds herself at a loss. She cannot pinpoint the location of her airship, surely it cannot be so far away! Furthermore, the blinding light above the canopy makes her wish desperately for the dark and moist areas of the jungle. Seeking refuge in shadow, Shanna settles back on the ground just in time for wings to burst into feathers and cascade onto the ground as the magic enveloping her also fades. “See, was that so hard?” “Guh, I said shoosh.” She admonishes, before peering around cautiously. It seems for now the creatures that sought her demise had gone on to better things. Probably torturing another poor soul somewhere, but it was likely that they were still close, and Shanna would have to be careful. Facing the ravine, she hesitates before groaning. “I’m on the wrong side.”
  8. If Natasha showed any discomfort, it was lost upon Alexandria. She was consumed in a flurry of motions as the saddle was fitted to Syvos, the witch ensuring that it was secure as it could be. However, she pauses and turns to face an already prepared Natasha and Durzol, a grin breaking across her face. “Good.” Is all she offers, before resuming the task in front of her. Syvos sniffs indignantly and turns her head rather sharply from Durzol’s inquisitive and longing gaze as her tail twitches in warning. The alpha would not be simply taken in by crooning and professions of adoration, no, Durzol would need to prove himself to Syvos in an act of pure violence and strength. The ruddy red of her form shifted to accommodate the saddle as Alexandria slipped the sable sword into a special sheathe made for riding. Once everything was fit to a keen eye, the witches attention became rapt on Natasha. Something about the She-orc nagged at her mind, like a lazing river that refused to be routed. Ever since their passionate embrace after claiming the dragons as their own, a tingling had erupted within her core at every passing moment the orc was in her presence. It was dangerous, and yet, Alexandria was placated by it. Perhaps this was simply the soul of warrior meeting warrior. Yes, that had to be it. Alexandria knew little of her fellow sisters, for she rarely spent time in the tower – preferring instead to dedicate herself to Luna’s tasks, so the names were lost on her, but the power of the coven soul had waned – and that was not something that was keen to be overlooked. Alexandria frowned as she procured the golden mask that completed her ensemble. “I do not know the witches, or their task. I am familiar with monsters, however, and Luna’s affliction sounds like something undead.” She muses as she places the mask onto her visage and mounts Syvos, who churrls and paces a moment, eager to stretch her wings. “Undead are only a few places, that I know of. Luna has a good start ahead of us, however, we’d best hurry.” Muscles bunched beneath the witch as Syvos eagerly pumped her wings before moving to the large platform that lead out to the side of the mountain. The dragons could leap into the wind rather than trying to take off from the ground – which made it easier on all parties. Alexandria reigned the dragon in, who snorted impatiently, and shifted in the saddle. “We’ll start with the closest and work our way out.” A last call before temptation is too much for Syvos, and she takes to the wind with the grace of a dancer. Alexandria lets out a cry of elation, before laughing as the wind whips her plait behind her and she guides Syvos towards the first destination. They would fly over many mountains, circling and pacing – but seeing no sign of Luna or the orcs. It is several hours and many curses later that they pause, giving the dragons time to rest before they continue their pursuit of their elusive leader. "Just one more." Alexandria offers around a bit of jerky she had stashed in a bag. The witch offers a handful to Natasha, even as she chews - the meat stringy and dense. Her mouth feels dry and aches at the thought of what might happen in the time they're wasting in letting the dragons rest. Where could Luna have gone? Surely there had to be some clue aside from her affliction. Perhaps instead of being hasty, Alexandria should have consulted her fellow coven members, alas, it is too late. Determination settles between her brows and fixates there as they furrow. "We will find her." She states, breathing it into existence.
  9. Doubt crosses Kendra’s angular face for a moment. She had no magical talent, why would this man want her? On the other hand…if she were able to learn, she would never again fall victim to those that sought to exploit her, like in Izral. This land was new and ripe for the exploring – if only one were willing to take the chance. Kendra puts on the bravest face she can muster. “I’ll go.” She offers after only a moments hesitation. “I want to learn, and it’ll do good to show the others that we can find good homes from here.” “And he has chocolate.” Ruby added, as if to ensure that Kendra did not forget the most important part. That brought a light laugh bubbling from the girl. “Yeah, and you have chocolate.” Dhizzandra then turns her attentions to Rufus whilst Vito and Jestaira speak to Kendra and Ruby. Susan is eyeing all of this with a sharp gaze at the back of the room, as if cataloguing all that is going on. “And what of you, sir?” The dryad asks. “Is there…something or someone in particular I can direct you to? Is there perhaps a particular trait you’re seeking?”
  10. They're further down, below everything else. AT least on my phone. What browser are you using?
  11. “What is it you desire?” “Desire?” The word rings through her consciousness, like a well shaken bell. “That’s what I said, what do you desire?” “I…I don’t know. To survive?” “Liar. I know your heart. You know the truth of the matter, why do you spit false words?” “I’m not lying!” “You failed in Valinde, and now you’ll fail here as well.” “I am not going to fail! I promised to bring the berries back!” “Yet here we are, hurtling through nothingness. Speak the truth and maybe I’ll help you.” “I still don’t know what you’re talking about!” “Your desires, foolish woman!” “But I don’t have any! I just want to make it home!” “Tsk, you and I both know that’s untrue. Why won’t you admit that you crave power?” “Because I don’t want it!” “DO NOT LIE TO ME! I have seen your heart, and know it’s greatest wish! It may not be power for the sake of power, but it is still strength you desire.” The voice hisses. “I…” Shanna pauses briefly, eyes opening to the darkness as the small hole of light that is rapidly becoming smaller as she descends. “I want power…the power to protect, to love and be loved in return. The power for compassion, forgiveness.” She offers quietly after a moment. “See, was that so hard?” “Shutup.” “How about we get out of this hellhole, hm?” Magic swept across her form, it’s flicking tendrils like fire as it caressed her skin and embraced her form like a lost lover. For once in her life, Shanna felt a sense of completion-- of utter and true rightness. She nearly weeps in joy, but is more concerned at present with her rapidly falling state. Wings flutter until she manages to glide to the side of the great ravine, blindly, however, as there is no light anymore. She grasps at anything, rock or vine. Finding small purchase, Shanna holds for dear life in effort to stop. It takes several moments before she manages, foot tangling into a particularly thick web. It is ignored for now, the mage just grateful her fall has come to a stop. Taking a moment to catch her breath, Shanna contemplates her next move. She is in no way strong enough to climb her way back ot the top, and she doubts her magic will last long enough to fly out. Perhaps in the deep depths there might be a cave that would lead to the top? Of course that would find Shanna hopelessly lost with little belief in finding her airship. Either way, she knows she must begin moving in one direction lest she become food for some other creature in the darkness. She moves to pull herself up, only to find her foot stuck and unable to move. “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.” Shanna groans as she desperately wiggles her shoe in an attempt to be free of it in hopes that it will free her in return.
  12. Perhaps it didn’t see me. Maybe if I don’t move it won’t see me. Shanna hopes in desperation, at least. Her form becomes a statue as the mage even goes so far as to hold her breath in effort to become one with the scenery that surrounds her. Unfortunately, she sticks out like a sore thumb and the creature opens its gaping maw and lets out a terrifying noise that is a combination of dying shrills and nails on chalkboard. Shanna trembles beneath it as hands slap to her all too sensitive ears in effort to drive out the piercing sound. The creature lurches forward, crossing the distance between them in but two small steps it seems and it is on the precipice of the hole, stretching its unnaturally long limbs towards the mage frozen in fear. Crimson gaze wide and mouth agape, Shanna can do little but stare as those impossible arms reach for her before a shrill cry erupts from her throat as leaves trickle down upon her head. “No!” She cries, wrenching out of the way just as tendril and vine come down where she had once stood. Frantic eyes search for an escape, before Shanna realizes that she must try her magic once more. Closing one eye, she draws on the mystical power within, enveloping herself within it as the pack is shifted to her front. From behind, wings burst from her back, ripping the fabric of her cloak as her feet are adorned with talons and thick, leathery skin. Her features become angular as she sprints from the position in which she is standing and leaps. She hangs for a few seconds in midair, before a flap of the wings sees her soaring across the great divide between herself and freedom. The chasm is deep and wide, however, and it will take her several moments to cross. Those moments are precious as more life seems to stir within the thick foliage. Shanna’s gaze widens as three more of the twisted nymphs arrive, their cries echoing the first. It is enough to cause the mage to falter, tumbling for a brief second in attempt to regain her balance in the air. It is futile, however, as a tendril lashes out, grasping ahold of one wing from behind. Shanna lets out a startled cry as she finds herself tumbling further before staring into the dark pit of the abyss as she plummets downward. I'm not gonna make it.... The vine releases it’s hold, as if sure that the void would take care of the intruder. A long, piercing scream is all that is heard as darkness clouds Shanna’s vision.
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