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  1. Lacernella Rubra

    Un-Foretold Journey

    The Princeling unfolded the doors and basked Helaine in the golden rays she so longed for, and from her throat drew the loudest purr she could muster in response. A lazy stretch followed as tail flicked back and forth leisurely – no rush or concern burdened her face. The gentle touch upon the dark furred ear only solidified the pleased noise that fell just past her lips, throat vibrating with the intensity of it even as her golden gaze followed along Paris’ buttocks – finding nothing strange about his nudity. Clothes were a human invention, afterall – nature had no use for them, there was no shame in ones’ body, no modesty or embarrassment over such little things as appearances. However, her reverie is broken by another one of Paris’ tedious lessons, and her golden gaze flickers towards Okina, though a hint of irritation lies behind as fanged teeth are shown in an impressive yawn. The rough tongue flicks out over her lips before drawing back into her maw as she resumes appraising the wolven woman before her nose wrinkles as she catches the others’ scent on her divan. “Smells funny.” Helaine rumbles, rolling over to face away so that she might soak up more of the sun. In truth, if one paid attention, they would see the fur of her mane and tail lightly poofed in displeasure as she made a show of curling herself along the divan to rub against it with a soft “mrowwwwl” as she marked it with the scent pouches in her cheeks and along her body. It was a display to ensure Okina knew that this was her spot, and while she would tolerate – and even come to care deeply for the others of Paris’ harem – she was not going to give up the divan, or the garden, or the rich foods that she looked forward to each meal time and even sometimes between. The fact that Paris’ had allowed Okina on the divan was an affront to the feline as well, and a scowl laced her pretty face as she glared at a random spot on the wall – because clearly, it too, was at fault. “Guri not come?” Helaine questions a moment later, her nickname for the little Naiad packed full of affection and something deeper as a leg drapes lazily off the side of the divan, her attention finally, once more turning to Paris.
  2. Lacernella Rubra

    Kaess Festival of Lights - Arcadia District

    Alexandria was pleased when her shield collided into the fleshy mass that was the bovine she had targeted. As they fell, the large elf tucked her knees, and tumbled out across Cinderella’s head. As the minotaur rose back to her feet, so did she. Golden gaze peered at the creature – Does this thing have brain damage? – an idle thought passing as she shifts her feet once more. A contemplating move is made – even as the streets are emptied so only the battling titans and themselves remain. Even the guards have left, at this point. Alexandria moves to rush the Minotaur, finding herself lifted, and then smashed into the ground once more like a sack of potatoes. Fortunately for her, she is quite flexible – though she will definitely feel that in the morning. Shit, she’s feeling it right now. As darkness settles on the once glowing festival the Elven woman contemplates a course of action. In the suplex, she has lost her shield – finding it scattered somewhere along the road. Fortunately, she is not particularly fond of it and finds its loss not that demeaning. Her position, however, is a different matter. The witch scowls, a loud hissing seeming to emanate from within her armor. It quieted only a second after it started and Alexandria seemed to contemplate before she took Cinder’s arm and pulled herself to her feet. Alexandria seemed to pull a bit harder than necessary, bringing herself close to the Minotaur as a white serpent head struck from the collar of her armor, right into the jiggling tit of the minotaur. Feathered earlets shifted as two small holes were punctured through the minotaurs shirt and likely her skin. The creature that struck disappeared just as quickly into the armor. Kamal was always prepared to assist his witch, even if he bitched the whole time. Alexandria twisted her arm, shoving downward to break Cinder’s hold as she backed up quickly. “Looks like your friend might not be doing so well.” A thinly veiled attempt to change the creatures attention as Alexandria would take the opportunity to begin her movement away from the battlegrounds of the two titans.
  3. Lacernella Rubra

    [Quest] To BECOME DEATH...

    “I just want you to have a life, my son. Something…beyond death and destruction. Before you argue about creation and causes, let me remind you – you were always my son first. Lift your head from your foolish task and look around you.” Priscilla purses her lips, before turning away from the large man who finally began to see reason. Her attention is on the pot, before it is removed from the stove. Setting it down on the table, she fills his bowl with the stew – as well as her own before taking her seat. Though it is the middle of the night, and she in a robe, it is regal. The air she puts out ensures that even in closed quarters – manners are to be had. As they mulled over their meal, one of the guards rushed in, looking pale and drawn. “My Queen, My King…there’s a disturbance in the forest. The Ents, they…well…someone has charmed them.” Of course, anyone who could get through the Ents was a cause for concern. The large, very territorial creatures had been carefully tendered to become the highest form of defense for their newest Kingdom. Priscilla stood suddenly, the stool clattering to the ground as her bare feet padded across the marbled floors. “Take us.” She demanded to the guard, who nodded and hurried to keep up with her sudden and impressive stride as she sought the battlements of their home to provide with a view so that the threat could be assessed. The sight that greeted them, however, was most interesting. A slip of a woman appeared to their eyes – her form tall (for a human…ish) but what was more concerning, was the pack of Ents that surrounded her. These creatures were supposed to crush anyone who came upon them, royal family aside, and yet…they protected and led this woman straight towards their gates. Shanna’s long hair was tied back carefully – but her ever changing appearance was a dead give away as to what she was. “Well…speak of the devil, and she shall appear.” Priscilla murmured as the ghost white figure of the wolf beside Shanna was stark contrast to the dark foliage that surrounded them. “Proteus…Have power limiters put on your friend before she enters the castle.” Priscilla states, turning and heading back inside to prepare for company. Meanwhile, Shanna gasps and waves up at them. “OHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! I was hoping I landed in the right place! Your trees are so nice! I like them a lot!” Shanna waves frantically, with that ridiculous smile on her face. “I Was wondering where you had gone.” Shanna chirps, grinning ear to ear as she approaches, before finally coming to the gates where the guards stand in defense, weapons pointed at her. “Well that’s just rude. HEY BRUTE, TELL EM I’M OK!”
  4. Lacernella Rubra

    Un-Foretold Journey

    Helaine had long since made herself comfortable. The few demands Paris had made of the creature – she found them agreeable, and far kinder than being out in the cold. The rich foods provided alone, more than made up for the servitude expected. Helaine had never felt so full, so …warm kept before. Memories of a normal childhood had long fled in favor of survival, and she was undoubtedly unwilling to give up the safety of the castle walls. As such, when she arrived with Okina, her the mane of fur around her neck stood on end for the briefest of moments. The ebony fur that covered her body finally settled only after a hiss produced between the fangs that slightly protruded from her upper lips. A display of displeasure, before settling as she sniffed at the Okina curiously, before her attention turned elsewhere. Helaine had come to wearing only the barest of clothes – finding anything else cumbersome and unnecessary. She wore a piece of fabric that covered only her chest, and a skirt of soft lionhide that matched her perfectly – almost looking like her own as it settled just above her knees. Unlike Okina, however, Helaine moved to rummage through the office. As a feline, she had no sense of privacy and therefore Paris was not afforded any either except when it suited her. Talon’d toes curled against the ground, scratching at whatever fabric lay beneath their feet as Helaine poked through a few drawers, but found nothing of interest. Not to say these things weren’t interesting, but they weren’t to her. Of course, the feline’s lessons were slow-going, mostly due to her resistance. Frustration often found her fleeing the classrooms – much to her teachers’ chagrins – and she returned only later to continue. Her speech has made decent progress, but that simply was that she used it more now. Reading on the other hand, well, she still couldn’t. Her favorite lessons were with the large knight Solomon, and of course, the delightful bouts with Shinguri. Though both left her sore and wanting – Helaine enjoyed them. The thrills that came with both always left the kitten eager and willing to participate in whatever silly lesson Paris thought to impart on her after. The meeting room was a familiar place to Helaine, though it was less a meeting room and more a...room. It had plush accessories and was decorated beautifully - with one exception. The duvan was left in tatters, and one might wonder why it was left that way, but Paris seemed fond of it and Helaine as well. She plopped in it eagerly, stretching out across it as talon'd toes and fingers reached for the ceiling. "MRrroooowww!" She chirped, before flopping in that boneless way felines seemed capable, tail flicking as she gave Okina a stare, as if to say "This is mine, no touchy" though the words are not vocalized. Now, if only she had a ray of sunshine, life would be grand.
  5. Lacernella Rubra

    Kaess Festival of Lights - Arcadia District

    Alexandria stands at six foot three, so while she may not be the tower of bovine strength that Cinderella was, she was tall enough to move the distance between them rather rapidly, despite her armor. The armor, while protective and thorough in covering – it was light. The bandoleer across her chest shifted with her movement before she paused only for a brief second. When the minotaur called for a time-out, Alexandria was not going to heed it. So she advanced, and as Cinder would reach for her hammer – Alexandria’s shield came between them, in an attempt to knock the giant minotaur woman off of her feet. It would hit just below the jiggling chest that was surely a source of further amusement – and body check her across the abdomen and her center of gravity. The sharp sides of the shield would probably dig into her thick skin, but Alexandria doubted it would penetrate. At the very least she could potentially separate her from her hammer, the woman would have one less weapon – though Alexandria was pretty sure the woman’s fists were lethal as well. Any amusement that might have been had at the minotaur yelling at Grant was unfortunately – quickly lost. Had the situation been any other, Alexandria likely would have erupted into laughter in the middle of the street. For now, separating the minotaur from her hammer was the best option. Perhaps Grant could continue to distract the woman. The booming voice that came across the battlefield – warning them to run – was ignored for the time being. Alexandria had no intentions of leaving, her pride (which will likely someday be her downfall) simply would not allow it. For now, at least, she is intent on knocking Cinder down.
  6. Lacernella Rubra

    Later Nerds - A Heartfelt AFV

    How dare you leave me?! ;-;
  7. Lacernella Rubra

    Blessed Be

    Happiness. There was a thought, and not one that Shanna thought they would breach in this class. But at some point – she supposed it would be brought up. Could anyone be truly happy, in the craft? To know love and affection, could they discover happiness? Or did it really matter? The power was seductive, but could happiness be foregone in the knowledge that one could protect loved ones – or even better, whole villages and throngs of people from the slaughter? The Whispernight ravaged their homes…Assumedly, it had also been what had made Shanna an orphan. What if.. What if I could obtain the power to stop it? To keep everyone safe? Isn’t that worth the risk? Isn’t that worth any small harms that one might produce? The answer would vary with each person, but anyone born of Genesaris was sure to tell you yes. Shanna frowned a bit as she watched the class, her gaze fixated on the teacher. She was quiet for a while – listening and absorbing what was being said. Learning, always learning…isn’t that what she’s already doing? Scouring through library after library through Genesaris, Terrenus, any land her airship and feet can take her to will be plundered for their knowledge, and yet – and yet – she finds herself an empty vessel. Wanting and willing – but with no liquid that her cup can bear. “I have a tower that Lord Rafael granted me.” She speaks, though the voice seems foreign and distant. “In it, I have hundreds of books and plan to fill it with even more…yet you say this isn’t enough? When is it enough? When is enough power enough? I'll do anything to stop the Whispernights.” Shanna demands, though a scowl is present on her face. “Is that something we determine, or is it determined for us?” Though, this was a magic class, not an ethics class. It was undoubtedly of little interest to their teacher their intentions with such arts once they were beyond the doors. “I guess that’s not really a question for here, is it?” Though her tones were more serious, that vapid smile regained its hold on her visage. “So.” Her hands clapped together. “What part of the art are we starting with?” She asked cheerfully. “Divination, maybe? Oooo, you never answered if we’ll be doing any kind of botany.”
  8. Lacernella Rubra

    Kaess Festival of Lights - Arcadia District

    Dearest Rafael, I made a mistake. A foolish mistake that has now brought harm to several people. I’m sure by now you’ve heard the events that took place during the Hyperion parade – but it was another thing to witness it. I’ve never witnessed such raw power, such animosity, and the monstrosity that calls himself Ifrit. Yet…I find myself puzzled and drawn to such oddity that the creature presented himself with. Calm, cool, collected – and yet in the next breath an inferno that could turn bone to ash with merely a passing fancy. I remember the smell…sulfur and flesh as it burned all around me, the city consumed by his rage and the flames dancing to his whims. The screams – Dear Lord – I remember the screams as they echoed down the alleyways and reverberate in my dreams. Nightly I am consumed by this remembrance, and must endure it over again. Since my misadventure in the Abyssal Enclave, I’ve tried to be ever so careful about who and what I touch. I am not so blind as to see that my magic is dangerous, though I realize that it seems often as though I act on whimsy. Dear Rafael, I know that writing to you of these events will do little to ease my burden – nor should they add to yours. My fears are something I, alone, must attend to. I cannot speak of these things to Jaro – he simply does not understand and refuses to empathize (The last time I told him I was sad he threw me in a neverending bathtub and threaten to let me drown. =( ) – and thus you have become my confidant. I remember the fear as it stilled my legs and my voice, I remember the acrid smell as flesh became ash, but there’s a part I don’t remember. A part that terrifies me to my very soul. In short, dear Rafael – I am once again reminded and humbled by the world around me, that the power that I hold is but a fraction of what it could be – and what of others are. Why or how I was spared is beyond any of my knowledge, but I fear there is something that lurks within my blood that could prove dangerous to all. With all respects, Shanna. P.S. I’ve included a box of Ashplums for your pleasure – I collected these in Vdara Kingdom while I was there. (I met the Queen’s cousin? (I think he’s her cousin.) He was very kind, he called me a Lady!) Move! Left, right, it doesn’t matter, just move! The voice screamed into nothing it seemed. The deep void that Shanna found herself floating in was not unlike the unending pool that Jaro had let her slip into. At that time, it had been an illusion, but this felt more like a prison. The thick air suffocated and alarmed her as it pressed in from every side. When the spiders were disposed of the shimmering form of the woman turned to peer at the Fae that seemed intent on making her acquaintance. The glowing orbs that replaced her eyes turned to peer at Souji as he came to a halt in front of her. No warmth radiated from her form – despite the flame like appearance of the energy enveloping the feminine form. Lips parted to speak, but no sound came from them for a few seconds. “How about you stop casting magic before you blow something else up yes?” The question, though clearly voiced as such, was rich with the veiled threat that lingered beneath the surface words. If Souji thought to simply strike his hand down and ‘slay’ her like he was some divine beast, he would find himself sorely mistaken. If he sought a soul – behind that golden and bright gaze an abyss stared back at him – but a spark of something, something, held fast with both hands to the figure that stood before him. At his side, wedging between them – Brutus. His stark white fur pristine and glistening with a slight golden tint as it waved with the same strange energy that had consumed the small mage. “Foolish girl!” The voice snapped again, and Shanna jerked in surprise – swimming through the viscous liquid as her gaze pried open against better judgement. “Stand! Stand and fight you stupid, stupid girl! Shanna made a soft noise as she waded towards what appeared to be the shore. As she approached, sand filtered between bare toes – digging into sensitive flesh as the heat beneath scorched foot pads. Hissing softly, Shanna coughed as she dropped to her knees. As she did so, the shell that had overtaken her body cracked, and fell away like an ashen ghost. Beneath, Shanna’s visage became clear and fleshlike once more as her crimson gaze peered up at Souji with a softened look – and a hint of fear. It was short lived, however, for in the next moment she fell across Brutus – completely unconscious. Brutus – to his credit – only shifted and moved away from Souji with a low growl, baring his teeth. __ Alexandria glared at the minotaur, her golden gaze piercing as the woman presented a question. Put the hammer down? No. A feral grin spreads along her visage beneath the golden mask that adorned her face. “You’re mistaken if you think that silly hammer will do me any harm.” The glistening charter magic swirled along – imprinted in the armor as she approached. The sable blade twirled in her hand, before the greatsword was swung carefully up to her side as Alexandria reached for the shield on her back, drawing it around her side. “Prepare yourself!” She cries, her thunderous footsteps suddenly slapping the ground as her form rushes Cinder. @King @Bardic Knowledge @Jotnotes
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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Make sure it's a long one, with serious snarky undertones. And of course a few vague threads about knifing.
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    Kaess Festival of Lights - Arcadia District

    It was panic, and chaos, and the utter …insanity of it all wasn’t lost on the mage – but she found herself unable and unwilling to move. Rooted to the spot in absolute terror as she watched the chaos her own spells had encouraged. The Spiderbunnies were dealt with in varying manners, drunk on elf blood, they were eager to see the fruits of their gluttonous behavior as they rampaged through the remaining spectators. When all of their quarry had been lost, slipping like water down the streets, they naturally turned their attentions back to what was readily available. The first among them might have been those standing around as they desperately tried to discover what body they had been thrust into – or out of. The spiderbunnies were eager to take advantage of this as they sought their targets - two were dispatched by the guard, surely – one was being hugged into submission by a large minotaur and had accepted its fate. That left the three, one to pounce – drunk on the high the elves had provided – now it sought the blood of a God. It moved straight for Ifrit and Arun, pouncing above them – hoping to land upon one of them and consume them entirely! The draw – the sweet call was too much for them to resist as the eight foot tall monstrosity bore down upon them. One then turned, seeking out the remaining elfkin – only to be cut in half as it approached Gentle Breeze and her handmaiden. In the gore the golden figure stood tall and strong, neverminding the ichor that fell upon her as the spiderbunny split cinematically, falling to either side. Swinging the greatsword to the side to clear it of any leftovers, Alexandria’s golden-masked visage peered at the two for a moment before scoffing. “Where is your power now, Kin? Struggle, like the rest of us.” She hisses, before her golden glad figure turns her attention back to the two figures at the epicenter. Her booted feet carry her towards the creature sweeping the guards as though they were dust. “How about you pick on someone your own size, eh?!” Alexandria asks, the matte obsidian of her blade dull in the firelight. “Come, you beast!” She roars behind the mask as she approaches Cinder. Charter magic swirled around her form like a golden chain as a low whistle erupted from her teeth, strengthening the barrier of her armor – it sunk into the plating, bright and shining before falling dull and disappearing into it. Meanwhile, Shanna watches this all, neverminding the spatial awareness needed for survival. The spider to her left approaching rapidly. The young mage is still in the throes of fear-leadened limbs, even as her familiar roars with determination. He may not like his charge, but he will not allow her to perish. His form englarged – to the size of a small horse as he growled. Brutus’ snow-white form zipped forward to catch the spider at the leg, tearing a single one from it with a growl. That seemed to pry Shanna out of her reverie as she screamed once more, long and haunting as her entire body shifted, becoming something else entirely as desperation touched her visage. Energy wound itself around her figure, though it couldn’t be defined and ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It merely existed, like all matter on Gaia. It consumed her entirely as the figure she had once worn seemed to melt beneath its surface to be reborn anew. Shanna emerges, as any great woman does, hair first. Though where one might expect to find soft tendrils is replaced with a dark fire – or what one can presume to be fire though it bears no heat. The taller figure emerges, swirling in dark as ribbons of light colored energy wind about her form. Barefoot and menacing, a single hand raises. A single word is spoken, though it resonates with a strange power that fills the air as though it were silent and not consumed with panic, grief, and resistance. “Enough.” With the punctuation of the word, a single finger extended, and from it came a beam of light so strong it would be blinding to those witness. While her intent had been to go for Ifrit, Shanna was bumped by her familiar and the spider, the arc of energy going wide as a startled noise left her. Instead of hitting her intended target, it veered off course towards the giant ghost rider motherfucker that was causing an issue…anything in the way, well…reduced to ashes as the short burst cleaved its way through the area. “Foolish girl, what have you done?” A voice reverberated from somewhere deep within, though it seemed as though…there was no familiar look in the gaze of the creature that had once been Shanna. No one was home.
  11. It had started with a map, and a spell. Neither of which were of particular use to one who didn’t understand how they functioned. The map was easier, of course. It was a simple method that even she – with her limited knowledge of this world – could decipher. The instructions given for the homing spell were much different. The Dryad didn’t consider herself magical, by any means, though there were those that might argue the point, so most magical theory went over her head and meant her gaze glossed over in disinterest – much like it had when they had explained how to use the spell. Gaia damnit, surely she couldn’t be so dense as to not remember. 2 months in this new land had given her a firmer resolve, more interested in assisting the people than returning home. There had to be some grand plan in place that meant she was supposed to be here. At least, that’s what she kept telling herself to soothe the pockets of guilt that came late at night when the others were resting. It was probably three attempted muggings later that Dhizzandra had finally convinced those that had viewed her as an easy target, to give her proper directions to where she needed to go. The “neverchanging” land, and the “deadlands”, such were aptly named, she assumed. The woman travelled lightly, a bag full of cinnamon rolls(properly preserved, of course), and various food items as requested, all homemade. As bare feet caressed the earth with each step, Dhizzandra frowned when she saw the dual figures, before perking a bit. The Dryad hadn’t seen Ashton since their misadventure involving the undead, and the others only let her mother them so much. As she caught sight of the armored carrot-top, Dhizzandra’s green hand rose and waved excitedly. “ASHTON!” IT bubbles from her throat as she moves forward, across the strange, unchanging Earth as she throws up the pack in victory above her head. “I brought cinnamon rolls!” She chirps, beaming through the leaf-bangs that have overtaken her visage.
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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    I have a lovely bunch of coconuts~
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    Kaess Festival of Lights - Arcadia District

    One moment, Alexandria was standing – disgusted- with the display shown by her kin. How much they embarrassed themselves…but then came the carnage wrought by fowl, and while amused by it, Alexandria watched as the crowd moved to shield themselves with desperate, surprised cries. It was Gentle Breezes’ response that both irritated, and further pushed the thought of how selfish and …stupid her people were. Flinging the refuse back onto the very people she tried to enslave. An audible snort came from the large, hulking woman. Her golden-glad figure shifted, a gauntlet moving to place a full faced golden mask against her visage. Once it had settled, Alexandria had begun to take steps to disperse back into the crowd, only to be knocked from her feet by the large explosion that rocked the floats and the streets. Rolling with her momentum, she rose with growl as her hand fell upon the Sable Blade, drawing it from the sheathe. It wasn’t difficult to ascertain where it had come from, the Infernal practically radiated like a map marker, screaming “I’M HERE, COME AND GET ME!” And clearly, Alexandria wasn’t the only one who had thought to take him up on his offer. Gentle Breeze’s sudden – very out of character shift and demand to help the innocent – actually made her roll her eyes. If the elf thought to win over the people of Hyperion, she’d certainly have to redeem herself and her displays in a far better manner. However, Gentle Breeze and her insane golem like creature were far less a concern – unless you counted getting stepped on – than the Infernal who seemed to draw much attention. It seemed he was already engaged, by several creatures to boot. Alexandria’s experienced gaze swept the panic ridden battlefield before settling as she started with purposeful steps towards the Infernal anyway. Ushering people towards the quickly filling side streets as they sought to not become casualties. The greatsword held tightly in her hands, and the shield marked with the crest of the Coven resting upon her back – a small voice rose from inside her armor. “We never get to just enjoy nice things.” “No, but we do as we must.” The witch responds as her heavy plated boots carry her towards Ifrit. _ Shanna’s gaze widened as the flames consumed Caelum’s float. She stared, entranced by it even as the heat scorched her face and curled back the small hairs on her bangs. Her skirt and ribbons flutter with the shockwave that finds her stumbling, but strangely – not falling. Her Hellhound companion settles behind her, steadying her legs as he bares teeth. “Ohno…nononono.” Shanna murmurs quickly, breath coming in gasps as her pupils dilate as the entire parade is ruined in a matter of moments. She had come, so hoping to enjoy her time. “Ah! The people!” She remembers only as she is jostled, perhaps she can assist by putting out the extra fires that have sprung along the floats and likely towards buildings and people. Her hand extends as mana collects before she shifts it at the wrist, opening her palm as she imagines the waves of water, and releases the magic. All is still for a brief moment, before chaos erupts further. It seems her magic brought forth no water, but instead people are suddenly finding themselves in the wrong body. Grimacing at that – Shanna turns to try to assist people into evacuating as they flood the side streets. She knows that such magic is temporary, and it will right itself at some point in the near future. Until then, however, it has only added to the panic and discourse.1 The mage pauses, only to be met with a wall of surging bodies. She stumbles and finds herself clutching to a nearby wall in an effort to not get swept away by the crowd. For as many people as were present, it is amazing how quickly the streets empty as they seek refuge in their homes or even further from the city. Clutching to the wood, Shanna is desperate to remain, even as she watches the guards form a magnificent display. Once only a few throngs of people remained, Shanna released her hold from the building and shoved off – quickly skittering through the bodies as her magic welled within her once more.2 “STOP! STOP IT!” She cries, tears brimming her gaze. She had only wanted to see the parade, damnit! Lashing out once more, the arcane energy swells and then settles as another strange wave of magic pierced the air. Instead of performing the task intended, the air bubbled in small circles, before exploding into six large masses. Each one erupted legs first, all eight of them landing on the street at the same time. As the bodies unfurled to stand at their eight foot height, fangs gleamed in the light, slick with saliva and venom. The unnaturally large, furred faces were filled with a set of six eyes each, carefully spaced between the large bunny ears that adorned their crown. The body was sleek and long, ending in a ridiculous puff of a bunny tail. A peculiar clicking noise erupted from all of them at once, as though singing in harmony at the potential of a feast that night as their clawed feet gave them advantageous traction as they moved. Shanna stood – in shock. What had once been a terrible accidental potion on top of spiders had now become her personal hell as the creatures moved towards anything still moving in the grounds. Alexandria had narrowly missed becoming SpiderBunny food when one of them had leapt an amazing 20 feet towards her. It was only a sharp veering that had saved her from getting crushed and devoured as fangs crackled in delight. @Deus Ex Aizen @King @Jotnotes @Grubbistch @danzilla3 @Twitterpated @Frostbinder
  14. Lacernella Rubra

    Kaess Festival of Lights - Arcadia District

    It had been some time since the Coven had not kept her so busy that Alexandria could enjoy the affairs of the rest of the world, and yet here she stood – filled with disgust. If humans were to blame for all of their faults, then Elvenkind had no business berating, or enslaving them for it. Sins of the blood ran just as rampant in their ‘near perfect’ veins, and the lushness of the Elven float only made that all too apparent. It was easy to see – since the high-elf towered above the others by nearly a full foot, the crimson braid that flowed behind her knotted up against her head, pinned heavily in place so that it didn’t become a nuisance. Her armor was likely the only testament that she still somewhat valued her role – it was golden in the way a sunset was, soft and petaled as it formed perfectly to her body. The purple tunic beneath pinned to the armor at the joints, holding it together with bright blue stones that radiated a strange power of their own. Strapped across her chest, a strange bandoleer with deep pockets that bulged, from them, dangled seven mahogany handles, their purpose was for anyone to guess, but the distinct shape of bells that grew in size seemed to follow the design. As her golden gauntlets shifted and clenched, the woman’s booted feet started their motion about the time that the man began to scream his newly discovered religion. A hand paused on the hilt of the sable sword at her side, though it was not yet drawn. The matte-obsidian of its blade would hopefully not be shown to the crowd tonight…but Alexandria had no doubt that the time to use it was drawing near. Instead, thunderous footfalls parted the sea of bodies before her, even as they tried to swarm the float. “ENOUGH!” Her voice rang, clear as day – and while it did not contain the same power as Gentle Breezes’ (which, by the way, she felt was a rather pompous way to call oneself), the witch filled it with a word of power, letting it bubble up her throat and burn past her lips. It caused a momentary coughing fit, but had managed to gather enough attention that a chunk of the humans broke free of the spell. Her lip curled in distaste, her golden gaze turning on her kin as her footfalls continued once more. “Disgusting ass display of ridiculous frilly nonsense.” Alexandria practically hissed, it was no wonder her people were thought of with disdain. “Deserve whatever bullshit the humans put you to, honestly…someone should light that float.” “There’s a thought.” Came a small voice from within the armor, serpentine eyes shining in a passing lantern as the snake peeked out. A smile curled on crimson lips before her footfalls fell back a bit more, hesitating in their approach. “It seems, momentarily, to be under control.” The hand itching for the blade fell to her side once more. “There’s definitely not enough ale in this place.” A heavy sigh was offered as a palm pressed to her forehead.
  15. Lacernella Rubra

    Character in need for magical teachings

    You're fine, love. No worries