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  1. @TarenRae Please communicate with the other posters in the OOC thread. :) Thank you.
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    Hyorin found purchase once more upon her crocodilian’s shoulder, her petite form stretching as she contemplated the next course of action. Hoodie bro’s question caught her off guard, and she stared as though he had grown a third head. “Wut u say?” She asked curtly, a sure sign of impending tantrum. Her head swiveled towards him, that eerie “Reeeee” that came with horror movie doors following the movement. Her chest puffed, breath held inward before she began. “Excuse you? No! We are the best family, just us! I’m gonna eat those families for dinner! And then I’m gonna wear their stupid crowns for myself!” Her hand shook at Arsene in a manner of defiance and assurance of this fact, clawed toes digging into the crocodilian’s thick hide. However, after a moment her tantrum settled and that held breath expelled harshly. Ok, moment over. Now that, that was done, she peered at the large field, as if trying to discern which direction they should go next. She had been satisfied with the fight with the giant, but…would others take the hint of that and leave them to their devices, or would they view it as a challenge to overcome? “Oi, let’s wait. I’m sure some fools will come to be dinner.” A shark smile crossed her visage. “I’m Hyorin!” An introduction, finally. This girl was surely raised in a barn.
  3. Ye ol’ Neko. Name: Helaine. Title: None. Age: 25 Race: Unknown; Mixed genomes. Class: “Adventurer.” Family: Unknown.// Forgotten. Marital Status: Unmarried. act ii. The Diagnostics Height: 5’9” Weight: 165lbs. Hair: Black. Eyes: Golden. Voice: Lilting and firm. Skin: Dark with bits of fur covering. act iii. The Armament Weapon: A basic sword, accompanied with claws and teeth. Armor: None, as it chafes her fur. Accessories: A black choker that mixes into her fur. It is the only thing she wears. act iv. The Dossier Likes: Chasing rodents and helping people. Dislikes: She dislikes being treated as an animal or shunned because of her abnormalities. Attitude: Mostly overly helpful, provided she feels someone has earned it. She can have bouts of feral behavior, however. Abilities: Basic swordsmanship and hand to hand. Her life prior to becoming what she is at a young age is forgotten, and thus she tends to fall into feral states at times, unable to fully contain animalistic natures. She has use of low level telepathy, and animal empathy. Heritage: Unknown. She is a magical aberration.
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    Hyorin found herself twisting, using the large tail to balance as she flicked backwards onto the tail much like a kangaroo. She wanted to watch. A gleeful look crossed her visage as the needle tore through the creature’s thick skull, and while it didn’t seem to phase it for a moment, the creature still lumbering forward…Hyorin began to wonder if it had enough brains to realize it was supposed to be dead. “Hey you big dumb thing, fall over!” The horned girl threw her hands up in a rather rude gesture, before squealing in delight as the ground was christened with the creature’s body. As it tumbled forward with a dust cloud filling her nostrils, the girl launched forward to grasp her fingers into the maw of the giant. Drawing back curled lips, she reached in, rummaging around for a brief moment before she drew out a large tooth with a sickening. Schlerpcrack Sound as the tooth was pulled from the jaw. The large canine was held up in a victorious moment. “Hey, dumbface!” Hyorin called at Arsene, standing up as she stalked towards him, tooth still held above her head. “This..” She paused dramatically, before driving the large tooth into the ground before him. “Is your trophy.” A wide grin split her visage. Her hand rose, neverminding the blood that had gotten on it, scratching at her cheek. “Boots!” The girl suddenly turned, attention as flighty as a dog on crack, her figure bounding back for the crocodile.
  5. The barren wasteland that the Witches had come to claim as home was harsh, as many of them were. Alexandria had traversed much of the land before finding a home with her sisters – scorned and sent away for her abnormal talents and her nearly orc like ferocity – they were the ones who had accepted her for as she was, and thus anything Luna would ask would be carried out until her last breath. The redhead grinned behind the golden mask, the dawning light glinting off it as her visage stretched in delight, however, it faltered at the mention of the dwarves. “I do not trust them, Luna. Gut instincts exist for a reason. I vote we put them down at the first chance we get, or enslave them as we have others.” Alexandria’s shoulders straightened, her golden armor shifting against itself as her gauntleted hands clenched and unclenched. There was something…unnerving about the dwarves, she couldn’t put her finger on it. She disliked it greatly. Alexandria’s gear had changed only slightly, her golden armor bright and eye catching in the dawning sun, even against the parched and scarred earth she stood an ominous figure. She towered over her fellow sisters, an astounding six foot one, her body amazingly large for an elf, perhaps closer to an orc. A shield upon her back, scarred and scuffed from various battles prior, and a sword sheathed at her side, though still embedded with specks of blood from the dragoness that they had recently claimed. Her mane of lengthy red tresses fell to her ankles, bound in leather much like a whip as it hung ‘pon her back, the warrior witch narrowing her gaze ever so slightly as the light began to filter into her vision. Across her chest was strapped a leather bandolier, the handles of seven bells of varying sizes hung from it, each clasped into place to prevent sound and movement of the clappers, lest they bring about undesired issues. That smile returned to her visage, however, dark hues lighting with potential delight. “The Alpha will be taken, the rest should follow. If they are truly of a pack mentality, then the strongest wins, right?” Her attention would then turn to Tsura, as if seeking confirmation on this, or perhaps a lesson in monster behavior. The Witch was pleased to hear that the orc would join them, a curt nod given to Luna as she departed, ignoring the gust of wind that might find a lesser woman pushed aside. “Right, squirt. You heard the boss, I guess.” Alexandria sighed ever so slightly, the golden mask upon her visage not being removed, hiding behind it the pale skin of the large elf. Neverminding any protest that Tsura might have had at the new nickname, Alexandria found her own mount, the Nitemare. The blackened horse with fire for a mane and tail huffed and pawed a sharp hoof at the ground as Alexandria reached down to grasp her sister, drawing her up onto the creatures back as they would head forward. By the time they had reached the lands, the sun was high in the sky and Alexandria grew ever more disgruntled with each passing moment. She disliked the heat, and the landscape rarely seemed to change. She drew the Nitemare into a pause a few miles of the mountain in which Luna had pointed out, dismounting heavily as her armored body dug into the Earth. From within her armor came a white headed snake, frills near his ears giving him a feathered appearance as his tongue flicked from his maw before retreating. “Smelly.” The snake offered, clearly in distaste. “Do we really have to go in there?” “Of course we do.” Alexandria huffed at the creature, a hand outstretching at a cry above them. Her gauntleted arm was thankful for the protection as a large bearded vulture creature swooped to sit upon it, screeching loudly as it’s raptor like gaze peered upon them hungrily, it’s blood red feathers frilled in delight. The snake had sunk down into the armor. “I hate you.” He hissed.
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    The creature lay still, the aftershocks of its titan-like fall tidal-waving through the area. The grass had been laid flat, earth knocked bare with aftershocks. Even as they skidded to a halt, Hyorin was already attempting to find freedom from the locking tail. “Lemme go, Boots, I’mma eat him!” Her whip had come with, dragged along their movements and now embellished with skin chunks and miniscule amounts of blood. As the large creature settled for a moment, seemingly having knocked the wind out of itself, a new voice wormed its way across the field. “Oh yeah, what do you know?” The girl puffed, her horned visage contorting childishly as her tongue exited her mouth. This man had previously not registered as a threat on their radar, but he had survived yet…perhaps he was stronger than he looked. Or, smarter than he looked. That thought didn’t even occur to the girl, however, as she puffed out her chest like an overstuffed peacock, though hardly as attractive. “You don’t know shit!” Her hands threw up in the air, whip arcing and then flopping dramatically with her movement – not an aggressive action, merely adopting a field goal stance with her arms, as if to drive her point home. However, behind them the creature had seen fit to begin its movement once more. It rolled and stood in a motion that was far more fluid than expected, it’s towering height of 25 feet, or 7 meters casting a shadow over the trio that now found themselves in the way of its’ ire. With small rivulets of blood cascading the body where claws or whip had dug in, the gargantuan creature seemed frenzied and determined to do away with those that had caused such grievance. In its wide view it saw the two original instigators, now joined by a third. Gaze narrowing, it lurched forward with a roar that gave way to the intent it had as it moved, bringing one large foot up in an attempt to stomp upon the trio, repeating this movement as Hyorin ran around it, narrowly avoiding becoming toe jam a few times. She didn’t have time to pause and see how the others fared.
  7. @Reign But y?
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    Ok, hold up. Rewind that. There, that point of squish, a veritable turning point in the game. With the massive shockwave and lurch forward, Hyorin was able to claim a spot at the back of the creatures’ neck, a view like no other greeting her – Perhaps too much of a view, as she watched Boots get smashed beneath the gargantuan fist that had dimpled the earth beneath it. “BOOTS!” A cry of distress with a flavor of fear erupted from her maw as the girl watched in horror for a brief moment before anger flooded her veins. “YOU BIG STUPID THING!” Her clawed foot lashed out in an effort to kick the creature in the back of the head, only to have a shadow blot out the sky. The other hand of the giant came smashing down ‘pon it’s neck as though to rid itself of an annoying fly. Hyorin dashed only to the side, one of the fingers catching the girl and flattening her against the broad shoulder with a rush of air expelling from her maw. Surely, that would be the end of her vengeance, but as Hyorin struggled for air, renewed vigor and temperament wormed its way into the pit of her stomach. Fire settled there, heavy and decidedly hot as the hand moved to drag back down to the creatures’ side. Hyorin jumped up, though perhaps a bit slowed, one leg not quite ready to forgive the incident. A flourish of movement found her at the nape of its’ neck once more as her whip flew around, catching on the fabric of the other side as the girl grasped both ends, planting a foot against the spinal ridge of the creature as she pulled back with all of her mighty strength! “THIS’LL TEACH YOU TO HURT MY BOOTS!” The cry came. With such a large creature, however, her whip was not likely to do much damage in the way of its’ thick skin. Hyorin still drew back, neverminding that thought as she forced the creature to turn, lifting the massive fist from her companion who may, or may not have become jelly. However, the creature suddenly began to fall backwards, in hopes of squishing her now beneath the massive weight it had accumulated.
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    “No, you dumb boot! I wanted to eat him!” Hyorin’s protest was heard as the girl swung herself back up and reclaimed her seat upon his massive shoulder. As they grew near the large rock formation once more, Hyorin found a special kind of delight in that it was not a rock formation as she had assumed...but instead a creature so large it formed the landscape around it. Excitement vibrated through every molecule as the horned girl’s slitted gaze widened in the joy that this could potentially mean. “Yes! YES! GET IT!” Her form suddenly launched, rocketing from Deuce’s shoulder as her clawed feet dug into the armor that the creature was wearing, even as it moved to stand, towering over Deuce even as it rose like a monolith to the sky. Her scrambling hands and toes dug into the soft, pliable pieces of the armor as her ascent was determined, she would reach the top of this mountain! Whilst the girl climbed, the creature seemed not to notice her weight, instead focusing on the large Wraithraiser at its feet. Deuce, for his gargantuan height, only came ot the waist of the creature as it seemed to contemplate his existence for a moment, before it dropped a fist down in a sudden movement, straight for Deuce’s head! “Move, boots!” Came a cry from somewhere on the back of the creature, it’s location not exactly determinable as the creature focused on what it perceived as the threat.
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    “Bows and ribbons!” Hyorin squealed in delight, even as the sound of immense pain roared through the grass. “Hm. I wonder.” Her chin tapped with a delicate finger, the slightly clawed appendage pointing upward as though a brilliant idea had hatched. “Boots, take three steps to your left~.” The girl chimed, a slow smile revealing sharpened teeth. When the movement of the large Wraithraiser had been committed, the satisfying crunch of bone beneath his foot was heard. “Jam time!” Her hands threw up in delight, before the whip had been wrapped quickly back up into her hand, her bare and clawed feet forcing her ascent to the shoulder once more as a penetrating gaze was made over the grass. The synergy between the two would suggest a background of longterm friendship, and it wouldn’t be at fault. Deuce had once spared her life as a young child, having wandered too far and mistaken for food by others of his species. Since then, the girl had ruled his life with an iron fist. Yet, Deuce had allowed it with little complaint (Aside from his distaste for her threats of bows and ribbons.) he had endured her demands and princess-esque attitude which had only further been cultivated by his own willingness to serve. A fine example was made as another body squelched beneath his mammoth foot as the horned girl used his shoulder as an outpost for viewing. Arsene was noted, but his shuffle from them didn’t register upon what Hyorin viewed as a threat. He moved away, not towards them, still – “We should find a more defendable location. Back to a wall sorta thing, yeah? Onward!” A clawed foot rested atop of Deuces’ head in excitement as the girl pointed to a large rocky outcropping a few hundred paces away. The gargantuan strides that carried them towards the outcropping made their arrival much more dramatic. They had likely crossed just in front of Arsene, having ignored his presence entirely for the moment in favor of defense – perhaps a good thing, too. A spear flew past Hyorin’s ear, the girl giving a cry of surprise as she teetered on her perch, before tumbling down once more. “Ack!” “The hell was that?! IMMA EAT YOU, YOU THING!” Her fist shook from her upside down position, having used her own tail to grasp Deuces’ arm in an effort to keep herself from hitting the ground.
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    The 2nd floor was the floor of chance. It was a floor of proving oneself and the drive mandated for the climb. Each person here had their reasons for going forth, for being chosen – Hyorin didn’t care. Their desires meant nothing to the horned girl as she perched atop of her trusthworthy steed. Her horned head canted this way and that as the advantageous shoulder gave a near sky eye view of the moving grass. “Three on the left, two on the right~ I wonder which one is gonna die tonight!” The girl sang jovially, her hands grasping at the Wraithraisers thick hide in anticipation. “Why not both?!” Her hands threw up into the air with her declaration, before she purposefully tumbled down the large Crocodilian’s back to his tail with complete faith that he would not allow her to hit the ground. Balancing at mid-tail, her own reptilian like appendage shifted to provide a better balance as a hand reached to draw out a flower pin that had been holding purple tresses in place. As they fell about her shoulders, the pin revealed itself to be quite menacing. From it unfurled small bladed segments with a pointed tip. It swing casually in her hand, as the girl pondered. “I really wanna be a princess, Boots. You gonna help me, right?” The girl asked the large WraithRaiser, before her hand flicked forward, the whip lashing out to full length of 8 foot, dangling next to their mingling tails before it lashed forward as the girl shifted her position to face the left. It cut through grass and flesh alike, cries of those hidden within the foliage was heard, though their demise was not yet confirmed. “You hear that, trash!? I’m gonna climb this tower and be the best princess!” Hyorin tantrumed to the sky, not caring who did or didn’t hear, as long as her words were said. “That means you gotta pass too, Boots. Don’t let me down!”
  15. Wouldn't be the first time.