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  1. After finishing the quest in the damnable cold, it was not long before Rin was sent back out. To some dwarven city, it seemed. The pale woman peered about the land of the short. Though short, the dwarves were incredibly impressive. The industrialization that they brought to the table was beyond her wildest imagination, and it would seem a great boon to Taiyomachi to align themselves in the interests of the dwarves. Furthermore, she pulled the snow colored kimono tighter about her form, she had also never been so …concerned about a potential alliance. She awaited Mozcrag, already at the meeting place. She had not yet met this man – this BlastHammer – she had been told, and thus she knew not what to expect, but she had faith that Akako would only send one that would further their interests. However, when the carriage arrived, Rin stood straighter and offered a smile lined with promises of threat. “Pleasure seeing you here, Mozcrag. Lady Akako has sent me, I am Rin. I am at your disposal.” And with that, the woman bowed ever so slightly, her gaze never wavering from the dwarf. An aura of healing, and yet something more sinister seemed to cloak the woman.
  2. “That’s terrible! How can they behave as though he never was! They should be ashamed of themselves.” Shanna chastised the air, hands moving to her hips as tears were momentarily forgotten. The strange little mage was all too familiar with the pain that pretending could bring. For years she had suffered at the hands of others for the validity of her craft. “Oh! I am so glad to hear he is not dead!” Shanna gasps, clapping her hands together once. “I know it is still a difficult and sad time, but I am glad he yet lives. To give him up…you must be very strong.” Shanna muses softly. “At least, that’s what I’ve always been told. That parents have to be the strongest to be able to give up their children to what’s best for them…” Should Gabriela listen, there is a hint of bitterness despite the woman’s words. She had grown in a cruel world without care and parental guidance, afterall. It was an all too common story, as there were many more orphans than there were children with parents, it seemed. “Still. Maybe you should have this gift…and hang it in your room.” Shanna offers. “I can make another one for …” She pauses, having remembered the Queen’s previous icy withdrawal at the mention of the new baby. “Another time.” Shanna tilts her head, waiting for Gabriela to speak – her gaze intense on the Queen. She is having difficulty processing what she is saying – her connection with Brutus is getting choppy, as it always does when her emotions run rampant. Still, she manages to hold on hope that she will continue to be able to hear the Queen when she speaks next.
  3. Out of sheer habit, Rin shrugged out of Akako’s touch. It seemed that the woman had an aversion to being touched – though neither of them knew the history behind it. Crimson gaze bore into gold, before Rin managed a slow smile at the pride found in Akako’s voice. “No, a hot meal, a bath, and fresh clothes are simply enough. I thank you. This is but one small step in repaying your kindness.” She states, before eyeing that stupid flute with a look of disdain. “Though I would be careful with that, there were no instructions and many of the wildlife became hostile when I took it.” She warns. Stepping back then, the woman turns to head towards her quarters and the promised bath. “Still, I’m sure being able to control the wildlife will be a great boon to your goals. When I am finished, perhaps we could discuss the next quest that you’ll need me to partake in.” Rin pauses to bow respectfully, before shuffling to her quarters to bathe and change.
  4. Sheltered from the bitter wind that plagued the Cold Mountains, Rin was eager to return home, and thus she continually prodded at the captain – much to his dismay. Her persistence paid off, however, when they arrived two hours earlier than planned in the Port City of Caleum. As soon as she was allowed to deboard the ship, Rin was off and headed to find Akako. Flute held tightly in her grasp, and covered in the silky fabric of the now tattered kimono, Rin moved through the halls with an almost eager look before pausing at the door in which led her ot Akako. Perhaps the woman was busy… But no, this was worth interrupting. Rin knocked twice, two sharp knocks, before she opened the door quickly. “Akako-sama, I have the flute.” She states quickly, neverminding what she might be interrupting as it is offered at arms length to the woman.
  5. A sad raptor in a bad wig.
  6. “Wait…loved?” It had taken Shanna a few moments to decipher the Queen’s words, but when they did, it was like a punch to the gut. “What do you mean, loved?” Tears began to well in Shanna’s visage. Though she knew naught the circumstances that plagued both Gabriela and poor little Phillipe – Shanna could only surmise that something terrible had happened. It wasn’t uncommon for children to die young, afterall. There were many illnesses that could be carried to them on unsuspecting hands, and well intentioned kisses. Naturally, Shanna assumed the worst. A sniffle escaped her in attempt to keep her emotions at bay as they warred within. The warmth that Gabriela had previously exuded was now gone, which further drove home her suspicions. “I…I am sorry, I didn’t mean to…make you sad or bring up hurtful things.” With the words came a pathetic lip wobble, before two tears ran perfect rivers down her visage even as Gabriela approached. The mobile in question surged with power at Gabriela’s touch – not to harm, but it was warm and gentle, enveloping the woman and the unborn child in a protective blanket. Shanna managed a weak, crooked smile though her lips continued to wobble with her effort to keep the tears within. “I…I learned at Mageside until they kicked me out of the college there. Then. ---SNIFF--- “ She pauses to wipe an eye rather quickly on a brown sleeve. “I got into the Umbra College…but I’ve mostly been wandering the ruins and stuff, looking for –SNIFF—artifacts and books. I used this magic cause I can’t mess it up like I do everything else.” She doesn’t lament the fact that she is a disaster, she just accepts it with quiet determination. Instead of being disheartened by it, Shanna usually finds a way to work it to her advantage. Except for Lava, no way to work that one to her advantage. “I truly am sorry, Your Majesty, I didn’t realize…I hope I can make it up to you.” There is sincerity in her voice as Shanna reaches gently to take Gabriela’s hand. IT is unassuming, and slow so that the Queen might retract if she so desires. If she does not, Shanna gives her hand the gentlest of squeezes, of assurance. “I never meant to bring you sadness.”
  7. I think I'd cry at the ridiculous of it.
  8. A gypsy raptor. That could be most interesting.
  9. Each slow movement became more hesitant than the last. The snowfall was heavy and thick on almost bare feet. Shivering loudly, Rin takes a moment to perch on a fallen log that has been cleared off. Sitting for a moment, hands reach down in an effort to rub feeling back into her extremities. A frown settles on her visage but she doesn’t complain further than she already has. There is no point to it. Fortunately for her, the Airship is within her range of vision. Since she can see it, Rin hops up to continue her trek. A few more moments of trudging through the snow, Rin finally comes upon the airship and lets out a relieved noise. “Thank goodness.” She murmurs quietly as she climbs the rope ladder rather stiffly to the deck. Once onboard, she stretches and accepts a mug of something warm. Gulping it down quickly, Rin sighs as warmth tingles through her body and settles in the pit of her stomach. “Thank you.” She offers before moving to grasp a blanket, draping it over herself.
  10. Congrats, you got a potato! In all seriousness, adorbs.
  11. When he rises - All will see.

  12. If we're going by console... XOne: Gears of War Tech Test. 360: Fallout 3. 3DS: Pokemon - X PS3: FFX PC: KOTOR 2. I like to have options.
  13. The trek back to the airship was tedious at best. Surely it was nothing more than spite that the weather sent a cold chill. Rin shivered beneath the minimal protection of her tattered clothes, momentarily cursing her shortsightedness in activating the lightning that had been so beneficial. In the woman’s wake, only grudging footsteps. Her teeth chattered loudly as arms wrapped around herself in attempt to stave off the chill once more. “This is ridiculous.” She states, glaring at the sky as though some entity above is to blame for her shit luck. Unfortunately, this movement turns her attention from where her feet will fall, and the woman stumbles, before slipping and faceplanting into the snow. To the average eye, it would appear as though the ground has simply swallowed her entirely. Remaining in this position for a moment, Rin sighs before finding the gumption to lift herself from the snowy depths as she groans. “I hate this place.” Traces of a pout begin to form before they are pushed aside in favor of determination. Surely such a simple quest cannot be so difficult. Rin takes one step, and then another as her lips start to shade in blue. “I. Am. Not. Letting. Some. Snow. Stop. Me.” Each word is punctuated with a foot fall, perhaps a tad harsher than the last.
  14. It was easy to assume that Shanna was a creature of malevolence, of twisted thoughts and darker intent. The chaos that surrounded her made it seem as though she was the sole reason the world had any bad in it, but alas, here she was. Doe-eyed and eager to please, Shanna only ever has had hopes of helping protect those she cares about. Gabriela isn’t wrong in her assumptions, never having met Shanna. It is likely that after their meeting the Black Queen will realize that the woman before her is far to naïve to be aware of Rafael’s more sinister nature. Her arrival heralded no offense from the guards, nor did it imply that she was not unwelcome. This was…surprising. Shanna was new to Orisia, and had not informed Rafael – or anyone else – of her intent to visit in time for them to prepare. So when she was given escort to a large room that she was told was hers for the night, any protest she made was not to be heard – for the guard had made himself just as scarce after announcing it. A gentle frown settled on her lips, but it did not stay for long. With faithful Brutus at her side, Shanna moves to change her clothes into a nicer, but simple outfit of a worn tunic and equally worn pants, both brown in nature. They hid the slim figure beneath them, even as it changed periodically – a different nose here, a slightly different eye color there. She highly doubted any of the royalty would want her to offend their noses by smelling by the long trek she had made. Upon finding herself acceptable, Shanna nodded and gently grasped up the little mobile. It was not fancy, nor was it expert craftsmanship, but it was handmade and full of love and gentleness. When the guard returned to escort her to Gabriela, Shanna was a little surprised. She hadn’t expected a summons, least of all to the Queen. Still, she dutifully followed, worrying her lower lip as Brutus remained at her side. A hand fell into his plush fur as her gaze flickered golden for a moment, connecting her with her familiar. Through him, she would be able to hear whatever words the Queen might have for her…at least, that was her hope. Upon entering, Shanna offered a clumsy, awkward little bow, nearly tipping over in the middle of it. She manages to right herself and offers an awkward laugh. “Y..you’re majesty, it’s an honor. I didn’t expect to be summoned to see…anyone, actually. I was just going to leave my gift with the steward.” She stammers briefly, before gasping at the bear in Gabriela’s lap. “You did get the bear! I’m so glad.” Shanna smiles, radiant like the sun. “I brought another one. I heard that there was to be a baby, and I wanted to make sure they were safe.” Carefully the mobile was held up so as not to tangle. “I imbued it with a protection spell. It’s practically unbreakable…Well, I’m pretty sure it is, anyway. IT just has to be in the room with the baby, and it will protect them from any and all harm. As long as it remains intact, of course." She says this all rather quickly, before watching Gabriela. The Queen's words have an echoing delay, and she has to take a few moments to decipher them.
  15. The trek back to the tower had taken less time than anticipated – but Shanna was hardly in the mood to once again, be lectured at by the ‘more responsible’ Jaro. So she didn’t go home. Instead, she urged the airship to the nearest port city. It was more than time that she visit the isles connected to Genesaris. Who knew, perhaps there were answers there that she had yet to find. Or perhaps there was a healer who could fix her ears now that she couldn’t seem to hear a damn thing with the useless things. Sighing softly, Shanna set the airship down and anchored it, before moving to find passage on a boat. Along the way to the docks, she picked up a few things here and there, a little piece of driftwood, some ribbon – Rafael had mentioned in his last letter that he was to be a father, afterall, what better gift than that of protection? Knot magic had some of the strongest intent known to man, and it was a fearfully old magic that even Shanna could not mess up. With items in tow, she had garnered passage to Veelos. “Five, seven…Nono, that’s not right.” And the knot became undone with a simple flick of the wrist. “Nine, seven, eight, five….” The woman murmured quietly to herself with each careful wrap – the ribbon laid to rest against shell or wood. The spell entwined within bright and lustrous as it shimmered beneath the knots tied into it. “Ah, Gods damn it!” Shanna curses as one of the other passengers spills his mug of…whatever he was drinking. She offers him a withering glare, tugging her materials and moving to a quieter place to finish the mobile. Upon arriving at Veelos, Shanna wastes little time in awe of the architecture, of the way the city is built upon the canals and waterways – though the Blood Orchid does catch her attention several times, so much It is a day or three’s worth of travel, for it is slow and they rest early, but she has no qualms about time. Instead her murmuring continues. “Seven, four, two and three, I bind thee. Nine, six and eight, protection in which I delegate.” Again the ribbon brightens before fading, thin letterings and runes beneath the surface as it shimmered when the magic settled. On the final day, the gift is finished. Shanna’s fingers are marred in stabs, cuts, and she has bleed on quite a few of the seashells before they would heed her whims. Her hands are more bandage than flesh. Once finished, however, she could not be more proud of what she has created. Departing from the caravan at the city gates, Shanna heads for the palace grounds to present her gift to the King and Queen. "Ah, so this is what the palace looks like." She offers as her ever-changing visage peers at the gorgeous walls that seem to grow forever. Of course, when you're a measely five foot four, everything is forever. "It's so pretty!" She chirps, even as she comes upon the main gates. @Pasion Pasiva
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