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  1. The first floor is little more than a glorified living room. It echoes of a time bygone and is littered with the remnants of furniture of comfort. In the wall, a fireplace is nestled and shows several years of disuse. Dust accumulated across the floor and the furniture like a grim cloak. Courage renewed by the lack of trailing footsteps and lack of disturbance in the dust, Shanna lets out a breath she had not realized she had been holding.

    Free of the burden of worry for a brief moment, Shanna examines the room, contemplating a chest in the corner. Unable to help her curiosity, she meanders towards it and gently eases the lid up. Inside she finds only fabrics and blankets, moth eaten and rat chewed. Wrinkling her nose, she carefully closes the lid and resumes her hunt for the next set of stairs. It is easily found, and she begins her ascent once more. Carefully creeping up the stairs, she pauses to rummage through her pack before drawing out a hand-mirror. She lifts it above her head in an effort to see into the next room. She emerges near a fireplace, into what appears to be a kitchen of sorts. She surmises it must be, given the acrid stench of rotten food and mold. Plugging her nose, Shanna contemplates holding her breath as she shuffles through, desperate to leave the room and enter another.

    Having no desire to rummage, she exits the room quickly, drawing in a gulping breath once free of the stench.

    “Gross.” She murmurs quietly to herself.


  2. Shanna’s predictions that the creatures were scarce during the day time were confirmed by now, and it was much to her relief. They seemed to shun the sun’s rays, and she could only hope that the heat that bore down on her burdened form now was one that would remain. She had no basis as to the creatures activities during cloud cover, and quite frankly had no desire to discover. Picking her way through the wreckage of another home, Shanna finds herself at the base of one of the relatively untouched towers of the city in exactly the time in which she had predicted. For once, things seemed to be managing in her favor, but Shanna didn’t expect it to last, it never did.

    Wv5hYUA.jpgBitterly, her face contorted and brows furrowed before she settled into a determined look and gently began to pull the door open as though there was a horde behind it that might spew forth and claim her as their next victim.

    She was rewarded with a surge of startled bats, but little else.

    Casting a cursory glance to the city behind her, Shanna moves inside the door and closes it, latching the lock. Either she will have what she came for, or she will not leave the tower.  The first floor is little more than an entrance way, the tower tall and proud in it’s standing as she peers upwards at the long, winding stairs that will be the bane of her existence. It was far too easy to be caught on stairs unaware and at a disadvantage.

    Surely there was more than one banshee in the city, and Shanna pulled her modified headphones over her ears in hopes that should a banshee be encountered, they would take the brunt of the force. However, it did leave her deaf to most of the world, and she could only hope that her vision and peripheral were well off enough to keep her protected. With a flick of her fingers, a small light hovered above her head to illuminate the darkened parts of the tower that the slight windows did not help.

    With a deep breath, cheeks puffing, Shanna nods once to herself, and begins her ascent.

  3. As Nacht approaches, the creature seems to pay him little mind until he is directly in front of the decaying form. It settles into a vapid stare through jellied eyes that have run down it’s face, before suddenly lurching forward as though to capture him within the brittle grasp of bones and sinew. The secondary – close enough to reach but not without advancing a few steps, turns attention towards Nacht as well, shambling forward before tripping over a rock as it moves forward and promptly falls flat on it’s face in a rather comedic manner.

    An arm rattles across the shoals of the shore, as the creature lets out a groan that starts lowly and quickly becomes a howling noise – though not of pain. The one reaching for Nacht mimics through broken vocal cords, it’s head throwing back as it descends into a screeching as limbs flail towards the man.

    The drumbeats that echoed ominously seem to ebb with the tide, becoming louder and then quieter with each pull of the waves, and the screech seems to do much the same.

    The purpose becomes clear after a moment – the echoing sound becoming louder and bodies lift from the tide and move forward to the sand and rocks, their speed faster than a shamble, this time.

    The beach becomes a perilous echo of sounds as the undead rise to claim their belongings.

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  4. Waking after a restless night was never preferred, but Shanna knew she must rise with the sun should she want to advance further into the city. Without consideration for breakfast, she rolls her sleeping bag and reattaches it to the bottom of her backpack, before slinging it all beneath her cloak once more.

    The dark brown fabric flows around her ankles as Shanna considers the door – hoping that whatever creatures were making noises beyond had chosen to find prey elsewhere. Would she be better off going out a window? A cursory glance reminds her that the windows are not wide enough to accommodate her form, least of all one burdened with pack. They let it slivers of rose colored light, and the mage taps her chin.

    “If you just let me handle it, we could be done and out of here by now.”

    “I don’t want you to handle it. I can do it on my own.” She huffs to the invisible voice, which falls silent once more.

    Drawing in a deep breath, she decides to brave the door. Carefully she turns the knob and cracks it, only to find herself fortuitous in that no strange and loathing creature hunkers beyond. Relief settling in her bones, Shanna resumes her trek once more, perhaps today she can make the first tower.

  5. It is near sundown as Shanna finds another suitable building to hole up in. It is the only one within a block radius without crumbling walls giving way to nature or the unnatural. She settles as only a tiny corner of the roof is open, giving way to the night sky. It is going to be a beautiful night, with appliance pink caressing the horizon as the sun descends. She smiles wistfully, almost wishing to watch it, but she knows the dangers only increase tenfold after dark and doesn’t wish to take the risk.

    Instead, she lays out her map and scribbles in what dens she had seen and how to avoid them, not wanting to expend more energy than necessary. Shanna knows her sleep will be intermittent in the coming day or days as she continues further into the city. Right now, she has only reached one of the outer towers and she hopes it is as far as she’ll have to go.

    She draws out of her pack a chocolate bar, munching on the sugary treat as she murmurs over her map.

    “If I go this way….and then this way…I should get there by high noon.” With an affirmative nod, Shanna solidifies her plan with a pleased look before rolling up the map once more and shoving it within the confines of the bag that seems endless.

    Shanna draws out a sleeping bag, unclipping it from the bottom of her pack before spreading it across the mossy floor. She settles atop of it’s squishiness and rests her back against the wall, not wanting to be left out in the open or have her back prime for attack.

    Settled in for the night, Shanna doses, waking from time to time at the scratching at the door.

  6. Footsteps seem to echo quietly through the hallways of the dead as Shanna encroaches even closer to the foreboding tower. As she gets closer, the scuttling around her becomes louder, and twice now she has had to defend herself from strange, grotesque creatures that seem to be twisted from the magic of the Whispernight.

    They were folded on themselves, with multiple limbs and blinded eyes. She noticed that they seemed to smell for her location through slits of a nose, and their wrinkled, bald skin made her shudder with the memory as she pauses as a shadow creeps towards her. Pressing her back against a wall, Shanna contemplates the dagger in her hand, or the magic creeping in her fingers…She has dispatched the others with her dagger, but it is slipper with the black blood that spilled from the it isn’t poisoning with the amount that had covered her gloved hands.

    Opting for magic, despite the risks, Shanna removes the glove from her hand not holding the dagger. She watches as sparks emit from her fingertips before her large, hazel gaze settles on the creature that looms ever on the edge of her vision. IT isn’t until it leaps, all six limbs flailing as it comes, that she turns her hand and lets out an arching trail of lightning that spears it right through the middle of the forehead.

    At least her aim was getting better, she muses, as the smoking husk of the creature falls to the ground with a resounding thump, it’s limbs twitching with aftershocks. Letting out a deep breath, Shanna manages to replace her glove with a shaking hand as she moves along the wall, hoping there are no more surprises around the corners.  

  7. The sandy, rock covered beach proved to be cumbersome at best, and downright treacherous at it’s worst parts. Still, with skill and luck the party would be able to traverse it easily as long as they were sure of their footing. As they deliberated on their plans, the weather broke to allow a sliver of sunlight to flicker between the clouds and illuminate the beach before them. While it was impossible to see from one end to the other all at once, it was easy enough to tell that many undead seemed to lurk on the shores – evidence by the stench of decay and the lumbering bodies that dotted the horizon.

    Evelynn’s illusion seems to draw no attention from the undead, though they cast a weary gaze in it’s direction, none make an attempt to follow. Perhaps they can sense it is an illusion, or perhaps their brains simply aren’t hardwired to chase prey. There is no intelligence in their eyes – making one likely assume that they simply have no intentions of harming those that would come into contact with them.

    Rather, one might be more cautious of the secrets the beach has yet to show them.

    Ahead, nearly 100 feet, is a wreckage of an airship, half sunken in the sand, but still available to be plundered should the desire arise.

    From down the shoreline, the steady beating of drums can be heard, though the location of the music remains yet unknown to the party.


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  8. When the night fog clears, Shanna makes her move. She considers her path one last time before tucking the map within the folds of her backpack. Around her neck are a set of strange looking headphones that will hopefully, cancel out the frequency of the Banshees’ horrible screeching. The goal is to incapacitate the banshee and steal the pocket watch that is rumored to hang from around her neck. Though Shanna has done some research on how to incapacitate the creature, she hopes the series of multicolored potions on her belt will be sufficient.

    Rumors that a weapon of gold can harm a banshee make her consider the dagger that had cost her a near fortune to make. Soft in its’ metal, it had been forged delicately at Red Tower in hopes that it would serve her purpose. The weight of it was greater than one might think, however, and Shanna knew her faster reflexes would hopefully provide her with an edge.

    The full nature of the banshee remains unknown, however, and the texts were scarce. Armed with any knowledge is better than none, however, and Shanna proceeds along her written path. Fingertips itch towards her steel blade with each passing shadow, and she draws in a deep breath to steady herself so as not to be caught jumping at nothing.

    “You can do this, we got this.”

    “Yes, yes we do.” The voice in her head echoes in response, a malicious smile curling within her minds eye.

    “We will have what we desire.”  

    It is several moments of stretching silence later that Shanna's gaze flickers to the tower that is looming undeniably closer, and she lets out the breath she didn't realize she had been holding. 


  9. 17 minutes ago, supernal said:

    Not throwing shade your way in the least! But have to say I saw the three part series and felt each episode got worse. The first episode had me hooked and the finale made me go blaaahhhhhhhhhh 

    The final was a little washy, but I felt the second was still good and the third was fine until the end. Bloofer girl kinda got to me, though.

  10. Shanna manages to gain further access to the city. Her map expands as she moves, a gentle magelight hovering over her head that seems to be sketching whatever she sees as far as roads and buildings go. Shanna smiles at this, maps having brought her a great joy at one time. She loves creating them, anything to help others who might dare adventure into the dangerous depths. Content with the way things are progressing, she pushes forward until near nightfall before seeking refuge in another abandoned house. The closer to one of the towers she gets, she notices the houses in better condition – likely due to superior contracting.


    The difference in materials is almost laughable, but Shanna doesn’t think it’s appropriate to be laughing among a desolate place full of the dead. So she turns her sights on the Tower that looms above the rest of the buildings. There are several throughout the city, each rumored to house a banshee. She hopes that isn’t the case, as it is unlikely that her newly funded headphones will be useful more than once…but she has been wrong before. This is the first test of them, however, and she’d be remiss to say she didn’t have some lingering anxiety about it.


    Heaving a sigh, she unpacks her bag to find herself something to eat. Hunger not great, Shanna settles on an apple and a few bits of dried meat to fill her stomach for her nightly meal. It isn’t much, but it’s enough. Laying the map upon the dilapidated table, Shanna peers over it for a moment before charting out her path to the tower. Blood God willing, she will have that pocketwatch.

  11. As the group sets their feet upon the rocky beach, the first thing they will notice is the lack of the sun, clouds filling the sky above, and the stark stench of the sea. It fills the nose and the murky bay that lays before them is clearly to blame. The water is a dark green, filled with floating algae and clumps of underwater plants. They flicker along the surface, breaking the tension of the water like gentle invitations.

    Along the shoreline lay many ships, some antique and rotting while others appear as though they have only just settled in the bay for a lifetime of rest. Littered along the shore, some have collapsed onto each other, and some float menacingly further in the water.

    There are two miles of dead-infested beach before you, however, from one side of the bay to the other. Shambling figures can be seen dotting the landscape. Though their numbers seem low, you can probably guess that the danger is far greater than it appears. The secrets and rumors of this place  are vast. You have heard whispers of a great dragon horde hidden on one of the ships, and the rocky shoals of the bay are a grim reminder of just how dangerous it could be to those ships. A lone few figures shamble towards your party, though they are slow and decrepit, their awkward stance causing them to appear rather unthreatening, no weapons in their hands. 

    The ships that lay on the horizon are all different sizes and shapes. Some as small as a minivan, and some as large as galleons. Some are obviously newer, coated in a thick metal in an effort to protect them from the sharp rocks that have pierced their hulls. A few of them remain fully intact, a mystery as to why they are now abandoned on the beach. 


    Prior to your adventure, an unknown benefactor had contacted you all to send you on this journey. You were each given a letter with varying requests. Whatever treasure you find is yours to keep, along with any working ship, but the benefactor requires a special kind of red kelp that is known only to grow in these accursed waters.

    Retrieving it will grant you an even higher payment than the riches you’ll discover in the water, provided you can find the kelp, a ship, and the proper treasures to fill your pockets.




  12. Now armed with what was hopefully the proper tools, Shanna felt it was time to take on Valinde once more. She knew that her chances against the banshee prior had been slim, but risk was part of the greater reward. As it were, her gaze was settled on the prize far in the future. For now, she was combing through the ruins of Valinde, her curiosity having been sated the last time she was hf2fGoZ.jpgpresent.

    Though this time, there was no companion to pull her out of the fire should things arise to be troublesome. The absence of her long time familiar was a heavy burden, but it was for the greater good as well. As quietly as possible she picks through the rubble in a path most familiar as the one used to enter and exit the city the last time – she rummages through the pull out a parchment paper with scribbles upon it that make no sense to anyone but herself.

    A map of sorts, Shanna pauses to mull over it’s contents as she addresses her current situation. She is near the house she had previously taken residence in, but she hopes to move further into the city while there is still plenty of daylight to afford her an advantage in avoiding the spookies that prowl the streets.

    She has no desire to become lunch, afterall.

    Determination settles on her visage as she settles atop of a rather large mount of rubble and peers through the nature-reclaimed city. There are movements in the distance that slide at the edges of her vision, and Shanna frowns. Surely the dastardly creatures aren’t up and about just yet, or perhaps they never rest. Either way, she knows she will have to avoid them in the future. Her head turns in time to catch one of the creatures scuttling back to a hole that it has burrowed in the rubble and makes a note to ensure she doesn’t happen upon on in her travels.

    Glissading down from the pile, Shanna turns inward to the city and begins her trek once more.  

  13. Shanna seems unperturbed by the fact that Asher is shoving food into his mouth that he likely didn’t pay for. She merely hands over a few copper coins to those that are likely the victims of his hunger. If hanging out with Jaro hadn’t weakened her morals just a tiny bit, then it was all for naught. Shanna didn’t begrudge someone their hunger, afterall, and she would be a giant hypocrite if she threw a fit about Asher’s taking while she stood by and allowed Jaro to swallow whole souls.

    Of course, the difference being that the souls in question were dying and given another chance at life…but that’s another story.

    Shanna merely nods seriously to his comment about rules.

    “Rules in magic are important or you end up with spiders that jump and have bunny ears. The principles of chaos magic and your basic spells are super important otherwise it’d always just be chaos.” She states, as though she isn’t a creature that seems to be born of chaos entirely. Chaos isn’t always something large or fantastic, sometimes it’s as simple as having a companion that steals things.

    “OF course, sometimes chaos magic is fun! I accidentally made the floor of a ski resort lava once. Neph gave me something funny to drink and it came out my mouth.” She says this all rather nonchalantly, as though people throwing up lava is perfectly normal in her life. As she chatters, she assumes Asher takes control once more and leads her to where the rest of her supplies might be bought. Shanna purchases the small things and then claps her hands.

    “Bronte, then!” She chirps.

  14. Shanna follows the direction of his hand, offering yet another bright but empty smile.

    “Mm! For sure! Port Kyros is even more confusing than Umbra, though it’s on the sea so that kind of makes sense. The docks get really confusing, but at least they have maps readily available….AND They have the consulate, so you can meet Nymerians!” She utters this all rather quickly, before tapping her chin. “I expected fish people to be more….fishy…they’re surprisingly unfishy.”

    “Also, Bronte is super strict and regulated. I have a scholarship there, but I’m not sure I want to go just yet. I don’t know how strict they are on their definitions of the laws of magic.” Shanna snaps her fingers, brows furrowing in thought. “Of course, I could be wrong and they could be entirely loosey goosey and accept just about anything!”

    Shanna waves a hand in the air, as though that thought was simply a silly gesture. “I imagine they have dangerous animals for study, or perhaps they don’t want people getting their hands on potions and the like.” She offers, before crooning a bit as they pass by a food cart. It is then that her stomach reminds her she has yet to properly fill it, the meager roll from earlier is hardly fitting.

    “I’m starving! Do you want something?” She motions to the row of food stalls with various food-like substances. Shanna prances her way towards one that looks suspiciously like a corn dog stand. She gathers herself two, and whatever Asher desires.

    Devouring half of one in a terrifying one bite motion, Shanna makes a pleased noise around a very full mouth.


  15. Shanna is no stranger to hardship, despite appearances. Asher looks like he doesn’t struggle either, but Shanna knows how easy it is to be deceived. As far as she’s concern, deceiving her now would speak more about Asher’s principles than her own. Shanna knows fear, pain, uncertainty, and hunger, after all, it was not so long ago that she was very much in the shoes of those that lived amongst the slums.

    She contemplates Asher’s confusion, watching him for a moment before deciding that his confusion is good, perhaps that means he will find more generosity in the world! Shanna beams at this and turns to leave, only to find herself halted by his hand.

    “Oh! Uhm…I suppose I probably could. I need a few more things that your store here doesn’t have. I have to go to Bronte, the magical academy, too, I need some stuff and now I kinda don’t know what direction to start in.” This time he is greeted with a sheepish look, a hand falling behind her head as she offers a laugh.

    “So if you could lead me in that direction, I’d be eternally grateful.” Shanna nods to this, her hand coming down into a closed fist as it settles into the open palm of her other.

    “Alright! Let’s get this stuff, then if maybe you’d help me get it all back to my airship? I’ll pay you, of course.” Nodding as though to affirm her words, Shanna drops her hands to her sides and offers a brilliant grin.

    "You know, Umbra is my favorite city but I always get lost when I come here. I swear, it's like the streets change every time I'm not looking."

  16. If Asher looks closely, he might see the very hamster wheel of her brain turning at rapid speeds as though to process the information he has given her at lightning speeds. It’s rather comical, the blank stare he is greeted with, before once more life returns as her lips open to spew forth more words.

    “Asher? That’s a neat name. Nice to meet you, Mister Asher.” Though his explanation becomes suspect as they are surrounded by children that know his name. Shanna’s gaze narrows as though she is about to demand an explanation, but it quickly dissipates as though it had never been, surely Asher has his secrets and Shanna is not about to pry despite her curiosity.

    The man named Caius turns towards them and opens his arms wide – along with a nearly toothless grin that greets Asher as they approach.

    “Asher, my boy! How are you?” Though his attention is quickly drafted to the one who is a potential customer. Excitement glistens in his gaze for the briefest of moments as he contemplates the cost at which to sell his goods. Shanna certainly doesn’t look poor, by any stretch of the word, but she sits somewhere comfortably at the middle of wealth – likely only due to her being in favor of the Lord God.

    That doesn’t make her immune to the plight of those that suffer greater tragedy, however. Just recently she has secured the lives of two would-be slaves from Dairut – having likely earned herself a small bounty or at the very least an unwelcome sign should she try to return. As it were, Shanna beams at Caius, looking pleased to find such shovels. Though they were not in the greatest repair, she picks the best looking and holds it up.

    “I’ll take this, how much for it?” She questions, unblinking as she stares at the elder man. Whatever price he gives, Shanna happily pays, dropping a small bag of coins in his outstretched and waiting hand. She seems unperturbed by the height of the price. Everyone has to make a living, ya know?

    “Thank you, Mister Asher! Now that I have a shovel, I can go back to the jungle and try to find some more of those berries. Maybe a whole plant this time!” She gasps in her excitement, slightly bouncing on the balls of her feet as stars sparkle in her eyes.

    “Oh that would be the best. Oh!” She pauses, digging around in a bag once more, before offering Asher a solid gold coin. “For your help.” She chirps. Nothing is for free, afterall.

  17. The followers of the Blood God were no strangers to the slums, usually, though it could be argued that the slums were hardly that. It seemed fitting that the city that housed the vampire known as their emperor would see very little in the ways of slums – however, all cities have them, some are just dressed nicer than others. It didn’t discount the nefarious acts that took place behind ivory walls.

    Likewise, Shanna is no stranger to attempts of thievery or cunning. Those that have attempted to beguile her in the past have only found themselves thwarted by her cheerful demeanor and apparent naivety. As it were, when Asher prompted her request with an approval, she gasps and claps her hands eagerly in front of her.

    “Oh, thank you!” Ever the trusting sort – despite it earning her a stabbing or two – Shanna eagerly moves to follow her newfound companion. His intentions are well hidden, and Shanna is happy enough to cheerfully bounce along as he leads her on this trek.

    “I’m Shanna, what’s your name?” Comes only seconds after silence, and her jabbering does not cease there. “I love Umbra, but it’s so big and I always forget which direction goes where. I was hoping to get a map but I can’t seem to find any of those either. You’d think the Temple would have had one. Maybe I should have asked at the castle.” The last is a thought – scattered into the wind much like the woman appears to be.

    “Mmmmm, are you from here?” It is the last question he will have to endure as she awaits his response, though her eager gaze might burn a hole in the side of his head.

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