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  1. “Jaro isn’t inside of me.” Shanna blinks at Jaw Finder as though the very thought is absurd. Her attention, short spanned as it is, quickly finds itself upon his next question.

    “Books are stories written down!” She exclaims, “Kind of like scrolls, but bigger.” Shanna draws down a book from one of the nearby shelves and presents it to Jaw Finder, holding it above her head. “See? It’s thicker than a scroll and has more words, generally. Books come in all sizes, shapes, and languages!” Her excitement about it seems to peak, however, at this comment.

    “I have quite a few in different languages, I even have some Terran books! Those are always an interesting read.” Shanna smiles at Jaw Finder, before cooing slightly. She drags them through the library and further along the tower. In the matter of an hour, Jaw Finder has been subjected to the Library and garden, though they do not linger in the garden due to the chill of the outside air.

    “I think that’s just about everything!” Shanna clasps her hands together and gives her famously vapid smile. “I think once we rest and refuel the airship with supplies, we should head out to Port Kyros. I have a sneaking suspicion that the book I’m looking for is there.” She explains as she opens the wide doors to her own room.

    The ceiling spans quite high, and the room itself is littered with various books and potion messes. One far side contains a series of glass tubes, bubbling concoctions within. She motions to a chair and a cot. “You can have the bed, I generally sleep in the fluffy chair anyway. Brutus has his own bed, too, so everyone should be comfy!” Shanna offers as she sets down her bag of never ending depths on one side of the chair. She settles before it and procures from it the deadly flower that had nearly cost her life in the forest.

    “Ahah, and this thing…” She murmurs, setting it atop the table with the glass tubes, before carefully pushing it into one with a set of tweezers. “Can go right there.”


  2. Susan peers at the man before her before managing a careful smile. She had never been part of a family before the orphanage, and to consider herself part of a noble, named family, well, she was practically giddy - though one would be hardpressed to tell. 

    Instead she merely inclines her head towards Rufus. 

    "I'll gather my things." She offers, before disappearing up the stairs. She has little, so it only requires a moment or two. 

    "I am glad. You seem well suited for one another." The Matriarch offers with a kind smile. "I hope you find happiness in each other." At that time, Susan bounds back down the stairs and parks herself in front of Rufus. 

    "I'm ready to go." 

  3. “Well, I don’t know if it’s harder, but it’s probably different.” Shanna explains. “But my magic tends to go wrong anyway. Sometimes it blows up in my face, literally!” A laugh follows the explanation, before she cants her head and watches Jaw Finder for a moment, her eyes going crosseyed as they pointed at her nose. She gasped and clutched the thing, before grinning as she drops her hand.

    “Maybe you’re smelling Jaro. He’s magical too, and he lives here! He’s around sometimes, but I’m not sure where he is at the moment.” She taps her chin as contemplation settles before she gasps at Jaw Finders suggestion of a second familiar.

    “But that’s unlikely, witches tend to only have one familiar, and I’ve got Brutus. I can’t think of anyone I’ve been around recently that would fit that description…” She taps her chin again, before shrugging as it is quickly forgotten. As Jaw Finder consumes what is left on their plate, Shanna wiggles in her seat before throwing her hands up.

    “Do you like books? I can show you the library, and then the garden! Then we can sleep and set off for Port Kyros tomorrow or something. I’ll need to get rations, so we have enough food to last the trip.” She nods to this, and Hannah peers at her.

    “We’ll make sure you have enough, Lady Shanna.” She offers with a smile, showing a few blackened teeth. “Just leave it to us to stock the airship.”

    “Ah, thank you!” Shanna chirps before grasping Jaw Finders’ rather large hand and tugging the being away towards the lift once more. Shanna pulls a lever and they find themselves ascending once more. As it ceases movement, she moves to open the large doors for Jaw Finder, noting that the doors can easily accommodate its’ large size. Inside the Library was a roaring fire place in the back – and rows upon rows of books. It was filled with dusty tomes and various scrolls, each one labelled meticulously along the walls and bookshelves. A few of them were even encased in glass. Near the fireplace was a long table filled with large, comfortable chairs that would even be large enough for Jaw Finder to comfortably sit upon. It was filled with various scents of all those of the tower, as well as whatever extra scents they had brought in with them to begin with.


  4. “Unm…Sorta, but a familiar is more…magicy…” Shanna didn’t know how to explain it, so she simply flailed a hand in the general direction of both creatures before shrugging. As Jaw Finder puts a rather large, scaled hand on her head, she blinks beneath the weight and offers a chipper smile.

    “Nothing has eaten me so far! I think I’m pretty good at not getting eaten!” She states, as though all was right with the world long as she was not missing limbs. Brutus snorted at this and shook his pearly head before his attention was rapt on the roast that was set on the fire in the kitchen. His jowls salivated and he practically panted as he tried to keep himself from falling upon it in ravenous hunger. He held back just barely as Shanna and Jaw Finder were given their portions, before he took his own, nomming happily on a tasty piece of bone ripe with meat.

    Shanna coos happily as she watches Jaw Finder sit, amused by the simple thought of it, not to mention how it might look. She briefly wonders about the sturdiness of the chair – but realizes she has nothing to consider when it holds beneath them. As they consume the meal brought to them, Shanna pauses to contemplate Jaw Finders’ words and questions. She is quiet for a few moments longer, before setting down her fork gently.

    “I do not know.” She admits quietly. “This is my home, but I was not born here. Our God Emperor Rafael gave me use of this place, it’s the only home I’ve ever known. I grew up in an Orphanage – that’s a place where unwanted human children go.” Shanna explains patiently, before chewing upon her lower lip for a moment.

    “Mm, I am soft!” She laughs, however, it is tinted with an emptiness. “I don’t think I’m so different from anyone else, but I can use magic! I’ll show you!” Bringing up a hand, Shanna twists a small bit of energy into her hand before snapping her fingers and it becoming a fireball. Now that Brutus was by her side, the chances of her magic going awry were lessened. A small fireball wasn’t going to hurt anything, but the fearful look on the staff’s faces spoke volumes otherwise. Hannah ducked behind a table, looking ready to flip it and use it as a shield should the need arise. The flame wobbled in Shanna’s hand, but remained there.

    For now.

    “See! I can do all sorts of things! Though sometimes it goes wrong…those times aren’t very good.” Dropping her hand, the flame extinguishes in a puff of smoke and there is visible relief that echoes across the room. “Does Hannah and the others lack the flavor too? Maybe it’s what we eat!” She gasped. “Not that I’m opposed to being less tasty, I suppose.”

  5. “This Blaurg place doesn’t sound like very much fun.” Shanna intones as Jaw Finder describes it. As they enter the large floor, she giggles at the thought of Jaw Finder being more apt to be warm rather than cold. It shouldn’t be an amusing thought, really, but Shanna has always been odd in that regard. The things that they had brought were set just inside the door, and a few of the people that lived in the tower came to collect them.

    Shanna kept only a few small bags for herself. Of course, anything Jaw Finder wanted, they were more than welcome to. Shanna made sure to note this to Jaw Finder, should they desire anything within the sacks. The arrival of Brutus halted any of that discussion, however.

    “I am not a man-made thing. I am a familiar – a creature that is bound to a mage or witch, and stays with them until death. We help them control magic and guide them on their path of learning.” Brutus states regally, his nose inclining to the air just a tad as he sniffs.

    “And I am not for eating.” The Hellhound offers rather abruptly. Shanna chuckles at that, and shakes her head as her attention is focused on Jaw Finder once more.

    “No, I don’t have anymore Brutus’, but there are wolves and coyotes that come down from the mountain looking for food, so if you’re inclined to eat them, you’re welcome to.” She offers before grinning widely.

    “I have a garden, too, so you could always seek out plants there, if you wanna. I get the feeling you’d prefer meat, however.” Shanna turns to face the innards of the lowest level of the tower, the high ceiling scraping nearly 14 feet, and the lift a large square of 8x8. It is well sized, for they use it to transport goods and other necessities to the higher levels. Next to it, is a set of stairs should one prefer to travel in that manner. While the doors here, and in the kitchen were normal size, Jaw Finder would find that the higher they went, the larger the doors. The door to the grand library, afterall, was nearly as tall as the ceilings and as wide as the lift.

    “I thought we might rest here for a bit, and then head out to Port Kyros. I’ve always wanted to check it out, and they have a temple to Lord Rafael there! I can send him my prayers when we get there, and hopefully it will help us find another one of my books!” Shanna chirps. “Let’s head up, I think I have a soft spot for you to sleep in, in the library if you choose, or I can make room in my room, or I’m sure we can find space.” She waves a hand, as though this is no matter to be stuck on.

    “For now, let’s get some food. I think I smell a roast on the pit.” Shanna offers as she leads Jaw Finder towards the lift. As soon as they are both in, along with Brutus, she pushes a single button and the lift whirrs to life as they begin their ascent to the next floor. The ride is smooth and gentle, even as they stop at the kitchens. Beth is busy preparing cookies, but motions to one of the other bodies in the kitchen to help them.

    Hannah approaches, the woman mousy with dark brown hair and missing a few teeth. “How can I help ye?” She asks.

    “Uhm, if we could just get some of that roast that smells so good, that’d be great.” Shanna offers. Hannah nods and moves to cut generous slices for them both (Jaw Finders is more generous, as Hannah assumes the creature will likely eat more than Miss Shanna.) Shanna coos at this and takes her plate to sit at a table off to the side as she sets Jaw Finders plate in front of them.

    “I hope you like it!” She offers.  

  6. Alexandria remembered the day that Luna had recruited her for the coven, why that memory flared with the flames that threatened to melt the very witch in her armor, she could not fathom.

    It had been in a dingy tavern, full of mead and meat that Luna had first approached the golden clad elf. Alexandria had immediately been taken in by the charismatic leader, unable to help being spun into the words that Luna offered. More than that, Luna had offered the very thing that Alexandria had wished for so long.


    As a rogue witch, Alexandria did not realize the very missing bit of her core was a collection of like-minded individuals that helped one another. From time to time it was still remembered with bitterness, the lonely ache of her heart and soul. Luna’s invitation had thawed the icy chill that had encased her. Alexandria had taken a leap of faith to join the coral-lipped witch, who had spoke such sweet nothings that she could not resist.

    As the heat begins to dim around them, Alexandria’s lashes flutter briefly as a deep breath fills her lungs as though spreading life throughout her body once more. She stares up into the ashen area, trying to regain a sense of herself as Kamal huffs his indignation from somewhere inside of her armor.

    “Hothothot! You idiot! You nearly boiled me alive!” He hisses, slithering from the confines of the armor and across the ground. His white scales were a stark contrast to the now scorched embers that lay about the immediate area, though Alexandria isn’t surprised to see the lack of overall damage that the forest has taken – there is something gravely unnatural about the place, afterall.

    She coughs a few times through blistered lips and grimaces at Natasha’s question. She cannot produce a strong enough voice to assure the She-orc, so she settles for a mere nod. She is alive, afterall. Moving to stand, Alexandria brushes off the thick loam of the earth that had been beneath her before peering at the strange tree-like creature that is still rubbing its head from Natasha’s assault. Stalking forward with a slight gait imbalance, Alexandria scoops up the staff that had fallen from its grasp. Twirling it expertly with one hand, she examines it for a briefly moment before grasping both ends with her large hands. Bringing an armored knee up, she breaks the staff in half over the plates that protect her thighs. It snaps like a twig at her brute force, and she holds the remains in her hand as she glares at the creature.

    Not feeling any remorse about the damaged forest, nor feeling remorse for the creature who currently is still soothing its own wounds, she moves over and places a boot firmly upon it’s back and draws up the sable sword. The obsidian blade swallows the light that tries to reflect upon it, as it’s brought down onto the creature, splitting it from head to toe. Rage burns inside Alexandria, much like the firestorm she had called upon them.

    Provided this dehumes the creature, her gaze turns to Natasha and she makes a motion towards the she-orc.

    “She wants to know if you’re ok.” Kamal translates from the ground, “Since she burned all her vocal cords with that spell.” He huffs, before deflating with a sigh as he moves to slither back up Alexandria’s leg before perching himself beneath the plait of hair at the nape of her neck.

  7. The trip home was somber and quiet, each person seeming to be lost in their thoughts as Shanna navigates the Airship back towards Umbra. She veers off to the North a bit as they approach, and smiles when the sight of the Red Tower appears in her sights.

    It is not so impressive, but it is home. Even after residing there for a year, there is still the gaping hole in the ceiling of the top floor – which Shanna has no intention of fixing, instead it has been turned into a garden. The wide-bottom base fills most of their view, as Shanna pulls the airship as close as she dares and turns off the engines. They are settled in a nearby field just before the sloping of the Cold Mountains, nestled at the base and just before the snowy caps. The tower sits as a beacon against the stark landscape, a bright and unyielding vision of warmth against the bitter cold that surrounds the mountains and all that they touch.

    Shanna turns to her passengers and gives a small smile.

    6a1tYxo.jpg“Welcome to The Red Tower. This is my home.” She states, even as she reaches to pull the lever that will lower the hatch for them to exit the vehicle. An aging man, grey in hair and stern looking peers up at them from below with a bit of mirth in his wrinkled gaze.

    “I see you bring home more people, Lady Shanna.” Tristram states, even as a small chuckle escapes his mouth. He is the steward of the tower, responsible for all of its affairs and trading business while Jaro and Shanna are away, or even when they are present, as neither of them seem to care about such things.

    “Yeah! I made new friends! I found Vadil in Dairut, and I think this is their sibling…I didn’t get their name.” She contemplates that for a moment, hamster wheel spinning in her brain. The hamster falls off and she shrugs before offering another vapid grin. “This is Tristram, he’s really nice. He’ll help you get a bed and a warm meal, I’m sure Beth has something cooked up by now, since I know you saw the airship coming.”

    “OF course, Lady Shanna.” Tristram gives a small lifting of one side of his lips, before motioning to the children. “This way, let’s find you some clothes and a bath, first.” He offers, noting that both stink higher than the stables, at the moment.

    Shanna steps out of the airship, after tidying it up a bit and putting things back where they belong. She peers around to find Jaw Finder, before waving a hand once they are spotted.

    “You didn’t get too cold up there, did you?” Shanna asks, concern in her gaze. The closer one got to the Cold Mountains to cooler the air seemed, it was crisp and bitter and her breath came in small puffs of clouds. “Mmm, this is The Red Tower, let’s get inside where it’s warm!” She exclaims.

    Leading the way, Shanna presses forward after Tristram and the children. They enter through large doors, which are closed behind them. To the immediate right is another set of large doors that lead to the stable, if the smell is any indication. A few steps in, and to the left is the blacksmith area, where Tristram and Bartleby often argue over bottles of liquor while challenging each other to random acts of smithing.

    The area then breaks off into rooms, spanning the rest of the large area so that people might find themselves able to sleep at night. The rooms are not overly lavish, but no one has complained yet, and they seem happy enough, so Shanna does not worry about it. At the very back of the area is the lift, a magical device that allowed them to go from floor to floor without climbing a hundred and one stairs.

    Tristram takes the children to the side, approaching another elderly woman. Beth stands at a gracious height, with only a slight stoop in her back from age. She smiles warmly at the children, her graying hair frayed about beneath her cap.

    “Lookit the wee ones.” She gasps. “We have never had children here…” Her voice is gravely and rumbles with a pleased note. “I’ll get to cook all your favorites! I’ll start right now! Cookies for everyone!” Beth cries as she runs towards the stairs (She never uses the lift, the magic in it makes her wary.) Shanna chuckles at this, and turns to Jaw Finder as she waits for Jaw Finder to take everything in for a moment before rapidly speaking once more.

    “So this is just the first floor, uhm, there’s lots of floors, but I’m not sure where you’d want to sleep….Do you prefer to be warm or cooler?” She asks.0UepznA.jpg

    Lumbering towards them at that moment, comes a large white wolf. Brutus glowers at Shanna as his jowls open and close several times in irritation. Shanna gives a sheepish look before waving a hand.

    “Ohhi…Sorry I left you behind, I just got busy and then I didn’t want to risk taking you into the jungle, which was really a good thing because you know, jungle, and poisons.”

    “Quiet.” Brutus speaks with a resounding boom. Shanna squeaks and immediately silences as he gives her a scrutinizing glare. “As long as you’re home now. And you’re not leaving me behind again.” He growls the last, his golden gaze flickering to Jaw Finder briefly as he sits on his haunches and sniffs the air towards the strange creature.

    “What did you bring home this time?”

    “Ah! Jaw Finder, Brutus, Brutus, Jaw Finder.” Shanna regains her grin.

  8. Vidal looks at Jaw Finder with a mixture of horror and fascination. Jaw Finder was a curiosity he had never thought to see in the very streets of Dairut, of course, he was young and hadn’t lived long, so maybe it was more normal than he realized. Perhaps this person was of such high enfluence that they collected exotic creatures as pets, and he was to be the next snack?

    He shook in his little slippers, unable to help himself as a soft whimpering noise escaped his throat. Shanna ignored it for the time being, not maliciously, but simply because the clamor of the area was so loud it drowned out the pathetic noises the young boy was making. As Jaw Finder was unsettled and managed to reset them on their feet, Shanna gave it the brightest grin she could muster despite her discomfort with the city.

    “Wait, what?” She pauses to question, peering at the waddling creature of cloth that was next to Jaw Finder.

    “I don’t have a brother. I mean, I suppose I could, since I don’t know who my parents are…but as far as I know I’m the only one, and have no siblings. Er…” She pauses to peer at the child as he speaks, and cants her head to the left. She releases her hold on Jaw Finder then, even as Jaw Finder looks for the missing shadow. As Fadil pleads his case, Vidal gasps and peers through the overly large headgear at his brother before suddenly throwing himself forward with a sobbing sort of noise. He wraps himself around the other boy with no intention of releasing him any time soon. Shanna watches this for a moment, a sort of wrenching in her chest.

    Shanna had longed for such companionship for so long. For someone to care for her even an iota. Jaro had filled the void for a time, but Shanna hadn’t seen him in quite some time…not sure if he was in his room or simply chilling somewhere else for the time being.

    The orphanage had no time for children like Shanna, who looked upon the universe in such wonder and had within them a curiosity to rival a cats. No, often she was left confined to a room and fed through slots in the doors. Shanna frowns for a moment at the two children, but not in displeasure. She frowns as memories move through her brain like a slideshow before she shakes it off and gives a small smile.

    “Alright. Well, let’s all go back to the airship and we can go from there.” Shanna offers as she takes both children’s hands and leads them towards the gates. Once they manage to pass through them with little incident, she pauses to wrap both of their feet in small pieces of fabric so that the sand doesn’t burn them. Once that is done, she makes a quick pace back towards the airship. Little Vidal peers up at the rocky formation that comes into their view and lets his mouth fall agape at the sight of the airship. He had only heard rumors and whispers of the fantastical things that flew in the sky, it was very rare for them to be seen in Dairut. He gasped and pointed up at it.

    “I know, it’s pretty awesome.” Shanna manages with a grin before waving her hand upwards at the thing, the side opening so that they can enter. The children both enter, awed and confused as they take in the inside of it. It seemed far too amazing…Vidal poked around for a moment before peering at Shanna curiously. Shanna blinks back at them, helping Jaw Finder unload itself of the burdens they have taken.

    “Uhm…make yourselves comfy, I guess. I’m gonna input the navigation codes for the Tower.” She offers, turning to do just that. It only takes a few moments, as the navigation home is well known. She returns to offer the children jerky and a strange fruit drink in a pouch, with a straw stuck through it.

  9. Shanna contemplates turning the stall owners stall to ash, her blood bubbles with anger at the way he speaks of Jaw Finder, and furthermore implying that Jaw Finder was a pet. Jaw Finder was her friend, albeit new, Shanna didn’t appreciate the way it was being referenced. Instead of acting on that desire, Shanna puts a vapid smile on her face.

    “Thank you.” Is all she says, turning about face with poor little Vidal in tow as she looks towards the Jovial flats. Shifting a bit, she pauses to take off her headgear, instead, putting it on Vidal so the beating sun doesn’t scorch his little head. Vidal blinks in surprise, and then suspicion at this but makes no complaint.

    nN2vmhM.jpg“Jaw Finder!” Shanna calls once more as she enters along the main street of the Jovial flats. A few people give her strange looks but she cares not as she eagerly seeks her companion. Vidal, meanwhile, also looks for the giant lizard like creature, hoping that the woman does not intend to feed him to it. He points after a moment, mouth agape.

    “That?” He asks, and Shanna turns only to gasp.

    “Jaw Finder!” She practically lunges forward and wraps the creature in a hug. “I thought I’d lost you, and this is a dangerous place to be lost, I would have missed you terribly and gotten in trouble trying to find you, I’m sure. Now let’s get outta here, I don’t think I like this place.” She rushes all in one sentence.

    “Plus, the way people keep staring, I think some of them might be entertaining the thought of making a pet out of either one of us, and I’d rather avoid that, so I vote we just go back to the airship. Oh, by the way, I found this kid….” She offered. “I didn’t want to leave him ot the hands of some of those nasty people, so I bought him….I thought I could take him home to Tristram and he could live a better life.” She whispers the last, not wanting to be overheard.

  10. “Jaw Finder!” Shanna calls, cupping her mouth to hopefully spread her voice out over the clamoring of the crowd. Alas, it is unlikely that her voice carries, considering that the bidding has begun for another poor soul. Shanna peers around, gently tugging the child behind her in a show for the others. Dairut was very much a ‘keep what you win’ and ‘only the strong survive’ sort of city, and Shanna didn’t want to give anyone a reason to challenge her. As they moved about the market, Shanna peers through the throng of people in attempt to find her odd companion. She hums beneath her breath a bit, something suspiciously sounding like the lone ranger, as she dodges the sloppy footing of a beast of burden.

    She grimaces when she slips and lands on her behind rather suddenly, and a squeak leaves her throat as she makes an impact before she quickly stands and dusts off her behind with a blush hidden behind her tresses. The child attached to her barely manages to suppress a laugh, and Shanna offers them a soft look, only to have the child quickly look away, fearing a strike. Shanna sighed at that, before gently motioning for the kid to follow as she resumed her trek to search for Jaw Finder. Perhaps Jaw Finder had stayed at the place with the delicious sandwich…thing. So, Shanna headed back towards the food stalls in hopes that Jaw Finder might find itself returning to the place that they were initially separated.

    “Jaw Finder!” She calls as they move towards the stalls. She does turn to the child in between callings for her friend.

    “What’s your name?” She asks.

    “Name?” The child responds, peering up at her through dirty tresses.

    “Yes, your name. What are you called?”

    “Vidal.” The child responds.

    “Ok, well, I’m Shanna. It’s nice to meet you.” She offers a smile. “We’re looking for my friend right now, Jaw Finder is a giant lizard looking thing, so if you see him, let me know.” Shanna states. Vidal’s eyes widen into pools of chocolate before giving a quick nod. Did this woman intend to feed him to the lizard thing?

  11. Syvos snapped her teeth in the direction of Alexandria in protest, nipping at the witch in what could be construed as concern. Her teeth snagged the bells that hung in the bandolier across her chest, and Alexandria gently cuffed her upon the snout.

    “None of that. I need you to go and wait for me so when we get out of here, we can make a quick exit.” Syvos let out a low, rumbling croon before conceding as she turns and instead snaps her teeth at Durzol, as if hurrying the other dragon along.

    Once they have disappeared, Alexandria resumes her hacking of the various flora. She does keep an ear out for the sound of Natasha’s blades coming down on the foliage as well, not wanting to lose the orc to the forest. Not only had Alexandria become fond of her – in a purely innocent way, of course – but she knew that Natasha was as valuable as one of her own kin. The voice that suddenly mocks them is given only heed for a moment, before they are attacked by the very forest itself. As the large, bare branch comes travelling down towards them, Alexandria arches the freshly sharpened Sable sword into the air to meet it, backed by her generous strength.

    The blade passes cleanly through the branch, however, it sprays the surrounding area with the dark ichor that can only be assumed to be it’s lifeforce. Alexandria growls as it stains her visage and darkens her hair. Wiping free her eyes, so that they might see once more, the witch notes that her companion in dire straits. Dodging incoming tendrils finds her at Natasha’s side as she swings her sword in effort to free the she-orc. Her sword lodges into the tree as an arm slithers around Natasha’s waist and jerks upwards as Alexandria puts the muscles of her legs to use. Twisting to the side whilst pulling, Alexandria finds her strength just enough to free Natasha onto the thick loam of the forest floor whilst she barely holds the branch above her own head, finding that her own feet are sinking quickly.

    It is while in this position that she finds herself off guard when a root wraps around her own ankle and jerks her forward. With a rather thunderous collapse, the witch finds herself on her back, the same bough coming racing down for her face. Once more her sword comes up, and her hand falls behind the bladed portion in effort to keep it from slamming into her body. She manages just barely, struggling to keep the branch from spreading her innards about.

    Alexandria looked frantically around, seeking inspiration as to what might free them from this messy trap. Surely if they were to get rid of whatever creature summoned the plants to life, they would be free. But where was said creature? Alexandria knows the risks of what she is about to attempt, but knows that it will likely help in the long run. She draws air into her lungs briefly.

    “Natasha, get down!” She grunts, before drawing in a deep breath as she calms her mind and imagines herself a swirling vortex of fire and rage. Her body heats with it as her golden gaze opens once more, swirling with the fury of flame before her mouth opens and words burn their way through her throat, scalding and cauterizing all in one as the witch cries her next phrase.

    “Naur An Edraith Ammen!”

    The words poured from her mouth, angry and writhing like a den of snakes as fire spread from her body in a sudden tornado of flame. It shot upward first, and then outward, seeking to burn everything it came in contact with. The warmth of the fire was overbearing and Alexandria felt as though she was melting inside of her armor, but she voiced no discomfort, mostly because she could not. The words of power had scorched her and her voice had fled in retaliation for using such a powerful spell that she was not accustom to. Sure, other witches might have had no trouble creating a spell of this magnitude, but Alexandria had always focused on the physical and summoning aspect of her powers, and thus suffered the retaliation of the spell in full force.


  12. “Even that young…” Shanna murmurs to herself as she watches with a sad gaze as the slaves are hauled upon the block one by one. It saddens her greatly, and angers her a bit, but she is quick to remind herself that this is the law of Dairut, and it is best that she not get involved. Shanna watches their little faces, unable to help herself. She remembers staring through childhood with a bleak hope that wherever you ended up was less cruel than the last. Shanna remembers peering through slits in closet doors, and prying her fingers through loose floorboards in an effort to escape whatever punishment may come.

    The orphanage had not been kind to someone like her, who thrived in chaos and lived in its theory. Even now, locked doors still presented her with a feeling of unease and panic. Darkness was not her friend, for in it floated the demons that wrestled her subconscious.

    “Do it.” Speaking of demons, her loudest raised it’s head and whispered sweetly at her. “Save that poor, sweet child.”

    “What would you gain from that?” Shanna frowns, trying to keep herself quiet so as not to arouse suspicion.

    “Satisfaction. Despite your attempts to paint me as such, I am not evil. I simply am.” Shanna contemplates these words for a moment before she peers up at the block again. Drawing in a deep breath, she waves her arm in the air.

    “I’ll buy the child!” She offers loudly, and the auctioneer peers curiously at the newest face in the crowd. Usually there were familiar faces, the cruel of the kind that often found their slaves beaten in dark alleys or set upon pikes on the wall for the smallest of slights. She has surprised herself with this action, as she rarely heeded what the voice gSy0zAW.jpgrecommended. Still, it pains her to see such hopelessness in the eyes of a jaded child. While Shanna was not fit to be a role model or parental figure in any sense of the word, the Red Tower housed many a people who would be good for a child to grow among. The auctioneer nods to recognize her bid, looking around the group. Few wanted such a young child, for they were more trouble than their worth – often needing more care than older, sturdier slaves that might be used for labor.

    It is for pennies that Shanna has won the child and while she is pleased that it did not cost an arm and a leg, she is decidedly upset at the lack of cost, as well. It seems detrimental to the poor thing. The child peers at her for a moment, noting her kind look and manages a moment of hope as she moves to collect them.

    “Just go along with me for a bit, ok?” Shanna murmurs to the child, who gives her a curt nod, understanding that if they don’t, they are likely to be beaten for their misunderstanding. Shanna grasps the rope that is tied about their small neck and gently guides them back into the crowd, the waif of a child following eagerly as she searches for Jaw Finder. Jaw Finder is unique, so she has no doubt they will be easy to spot. However, concern crosses her visage when she does not immediately find the scaly one.

    “Oh no.” What if someone decided that Jaw Finder would be a great pet?

  13. Shanna pauses as her head is twisted by Jaw Finders larger hands, and she blinks in surprise before peering at the stall in which she is directed.

    “Do you want some?” It is a silly question, in retrospect, but Shanna just offers a grin and totes her happypants self over there to see what the big deal was. She watches as the item is prepared and gives it quite the confused look. She isn’t sure about the mixture of vegetables, but she pays for two of the strange sandwiches and offers one to Jaw Finder as she puts away the clinking change into the depths of a pocket.

    “Here you go!” Shanna chirps as she takes an experimental bite of her own. She finds it delightful, feeling silly about her reservations regarding the mixture. Instead she devours it like she has not eaten in days, as her eyes gaze all about the colorful maze that they’d adopted themselves into for the time being.

    “Oooo, lookit those pretty beads.” Shanna offers as she walks towards yet another stall, this one bartering glass beads of various styles and colors, arranged like a colorful painting. There were even necklaces and bracelets, and other bodily decorations that hung from a display. Shanna cannot resist the temptation of the written word, however, and finds herself drawn even further into the depths of the market by the promise of books. She peers curiously through a stack of books in one tent, disappointed to find them nothing special, and most of them copies of what she already has. Dairut is not known for its love of education, afterall, and anyone who has an education higher than a basic understanding of the world has likely spent many coins in acquiring it from professors and specialists that have come to them.

    Shanna turns with disappointment before offering a crooning sort of noise at Jaw Finder – she opens her mouth to say something, but pauses when she sees a line of slaves carted through the center of the marketplace. While this is a common occurrence among the crowd, so much so that they do not even respond, it is the first that Shanna has seen and her gaze widens almost comically at the condition of the poor things. Some of them were well treated, surely these were the more favored slaves, and then there were others who wore the cruelty like badges on their skin. Shanna frowned when she noticed a particularly young child among the group. Without thinking, she begins to trail the line, wondering where they could be going. Likely they are going to the auction block.

    Their final destination confirms it as Shanna squeezes in at the back, peering around at the crowd that has gathered nearby a large pedestal.

  14. “No, I think we just got lucky that we didn’t hit any storms.” Shanna explains as she peers onto the horizon where Jaw Finder motions to a pleasing spot in which to let the airship rest. The mage nods and steers the ship in that direction until they are upon it and she nestles it within the donut shaped alcove with a pleased noise. Once it has settled upon the ground, Shanna moves to gather a head covering and her pack.

    dc1SnOl.jpgShe pauses after a moment and considers for a moment their predicament and she pulls some of each good they had acquired and put it into the pack. That should find them covered should the usual gold not suffice for payment.

    “Uhm, I might have forgot to mention that Dairut is technically a slaving city, so whatever you do, don’t wander off, ok?” Shanna offers as she pats Jaw Finders’ back a little awkwardly before pushing a button on the wall of the airship. The panel opens for them to set boots on the warm sand. Shanna pulls a hood over her head and wraps it around her face to prevent sand in her mouth and nose. It is likely a futile effort, but it’s an effort none the less. She steps out further into the donut shaped rocks and then peers around for a moment. There is a small hole in one side, big enough maybe for her to wiggle through. It wasn’t unusual for desert rocks to be riddled full of holes between the sand and the wind. The abrasive combination made it difficult to stay whole.

    “Maybe I can get through there while you go above?” She comments, considering her options for a moment. While simply riding Jaw Finder would be considerably faster and easier, Shanna didn’t want to assume that Jaw Finder would always be ok with it, furthermore, she hated taking advantage of people and creatures alike. Her eyes crinkle as a smile is brought to her lips.

    “Let’s try that first, then if need be, I can ride with you.” She nods to this, wiggling over to the small hole. Shanna manages to shimmy through, though not without gaining sand in some very unfortunate places. She wiggles to and fro once she is on the other side and grimaces. “Note to self, don’t shimmy through sand.” She sighs, before waiting for Jaw Finder, who probably beat her to the other side, truth be told. Shanna perks and motions to the city ahead of them. The large walls could be seen from this far away, as well as some of the more gruesome aspects of it. Bodies, heads, and various other limbs were tacked along the top in warning to those that dare trespass on their laws. Shanna grimaces at the sight, and shakes her head.

    “Let’s try to avoid ending up like that.” She points, before shuffling forward through the thick sand. AS they make their way, Shanna watches as the looming walls grow larger and larger, the colorful tents seeming more vibrant as they came to the gates. Of course, no one would stop them from entering – as long as they upheld the laws. Shanna had no intention of starting trouble, so that should be simple enough. Jaw Finder did gain a few curious looks, however, as its kind had never been seen in Dairut – likely never been seen in all of Genesaris. Shanna gives Jaw Finder a warm smile as she removes the part of the hood covering her mouth and draws in a deep breath as they enter the larger market of the city. It is compromised of thousands of tents, each one peddling wares, some peddling people. She looks around curiously, barely able to contain herself as she croons.

    “Shall we find some food, first?” She asks, peering around to see if there was a food vendor nearby.

  15. r6mTsi1.jpg

    Dairut was said to be so difficult to find that unless one had been there, it could not be found. Maps often led travelers astray, and those that found themselves in the desert city were not often there under favorable means. Merchants, however, liked to come and go and ply their trade amongst the slave masters and their ilk. It was a generous and well made boon if one had goods to trade that were in need.

    Shanna peers back at the goods she has acquired and can only hope that the goods they have brought would suffice. Shanna had no intention of becoming a merchant, but having goods to ply for trade should gold not work was always a benefit she found most becoming. For now, they circled above the desert in the general location of what her map had entailed to her, but she did not set down just yet. There was no landing pad, nor was Shanna certain she wanted to place her valuable airship within the city limits should someone get the wrong idea and try to pry it from her greedy fingers. No, it would do best to leave it outside and venture on foot into the city in hopes that they would be allowed through the gates.

    Dairut likely held little secrets, but it fascinated Shanna just the same. She had always heard stories of the Enclave as being some terrible, hopeless place. Everyone who lived in Genesaris heard the whispers, the quiet admonishments to children who were to behave lest they should end up behind the high walls of the very city that so many tried to escape. Only a fool would try to enter it willingly, and Shanna was quite often just that.

    Deciding to take a risk, Shanna circles over the desert once more as she peers at the ground.

    “Jaw Finder, do you see anything?” She asks, hoping they might have better eyesight, as all Shanna can see is sand and more sand.

    The great city of Dairut is hard to miss, however, with it’s large walls and towering spires of homes. It isn’t until she notices a blip of color in her peripheral that Shanna gasps and points to a billowing cover of a tent, which then lead her gaze to what seemed to be thousands more all stacked upon one another as though there was not enough room for any of them.

    “Yay! We found it! Now we can see what kind of good things they might have!” For once, Shanna is not in search of the Ars Nocturne, her flighty mind instead seeking to find new flavors for her newfound friend.  

  16. 96haZ1X.jpg

    Umbra was unique in that it also housed part of the royal family. It had tall spires and thick, sturdy walls. It was a den of sin and yet it held a decorum that was unexpected. Shanna particularly loved Umbra, for it had been the first place that she had truly been welcomed. Rafael had opened his arms to the young mage and the gift he offered was knowledge, and Shanna desperately clung to such an offer like a babe to a milk-laden breast. Rafael had only to make the request, and Shanna would drop all else in favor of whatever that request might be. Often, she visited the shrines to their living God (Though some might disagree about the living part), and often she paid tithe happily.

    The scaled hand that twines with her own is set upon with a brief gaze, before a grin lights her features and Shanna peers up at Jaw Finder with a vigor that she had not shown prior – most likely due to being chased by murderous plant life.

    “Alright then! We’ll head to a secret place. I have a map, and a hope that we’ll find it. Maybe you’ll find more flavors there.” Shanna offers with an inviting smile. “I’ve always wanted to check out Dairut, to see if I can even find it. Supposedly it’s hard to find, but we shall see! Maybe it’ll be easier to spot from the air! But first, we must get supplies.” Shanna rambles, before grasping poor Jaw Finders hand rather tightly as she pulls it through the city to discover many different flavors and scents. There was a multitude of stalls along the way, each selling various bits of food and goods alike. Shanna would stop and offer Jaw Finder something from each stall, ranging from vegetables to thick, sweet gravy covered meats. Her favorite was a hot-dog style meat wrapped in bacon, coated in dough, and fried in one of the large vats over the fire behind the stall.

    Shanna, of course, got one for Jaw Finder as well as she arranged for things to be taken to the airship. Fortunately, Shanna had many dealings with these merchants and their response was quite favorable. She hummed happily as they headed back to the landing pad.

    “Yosh! Let’s go see if we can find Daruit!” She says with a pleased noise as she chomps down the last of the strange meat on a stick. The airship dock begins to ascend once more to the innards of the ship, which are now filled with boxes of items, fine silks, various foodstuffs, items clearly meant for trade, and of course, about a dozen of the meatsticks.

    “Let’s get going~.” Shanna chirps as she heads for the console.


    [End Quest. Success] 

  17. Shanna gathered the remains of Mr. Fuzzlewumps to her and sniffed only once. To her credit, she did not break into a ball of hysterics and instead laid the bear to rest in a trash bin just on the other side of the bed. 

    "I know it's made of plant fiber..." She muses, looking quite confused as to why that was such a surprise to Jaw Finder. Perhaps it expected something else? Perhaps Jaw Finder expected all things to be made of meat and deliciousness. Thus, that would be a lie. Many things in the world were NOT made of delicious things. Shanna ponders a moment what a homeless person might taste like. Despair? Her attention returns to Jaw Finder as it scurries about the cabin putting its tongue on things that didn't belong to it. 

    "Uhm..." She wrinkles her nose briefly. "I don't imagine any of that tastes very good." Shanna then turns to look at their heading, pleased with the direction that the airship has taken. As it moves, Shanna shows Jaw Finder all the controls and delights in making it pose and stand still as she sketches it into her journal. Jaw Finder is rewarded with bits of jerky for all its discomforts, however.  It only takes a few hours for them to reach Umbra, where Shanna leaves part of her bounty with a man named Ricardo, who promises it will be delivered to Rafael with the most haste. 

    Pleased with this outcome, Shanna stretches a hand out to Jaw Finder. 

    "Hey, do you wanna keep exploring? We can explore Umbra, or we can go somewhere else, Like the Cavern of Blades, or even Bloodstone Marsh, or Union City, or...Lots of places!" 



  18. Shanna was certain that Jaw Finder would find the jerky agreeable, so when she turned and saw that he had poor Mr. Fuzzlewumps in his mouth, she let out a gasping sort of squeal.

    "No! Not Mr. Fuzzlewumps!" As cotton and fabric filled Jaw Finders mouth, it would find no entertaining taste of meat and flesh. Instead it was doughy and thick, dry and flavorless. Poor Fuzzlewumps had only been a few stitches from tearing anyhow, and the pillowy insides spilled out between Jaw Finders teeth. Shanna sniffs, but doesn't cry as she reaches up and takes the stuffed bear in one hand.

    "Leggo!" She murmurs, hoping that Jaw Finder would be reasonable about it since it had no flavor to speak of. 

    While they were exchanging disagreements over Fuzzlewumps fate, the airship lurched into a slow move as it advanced them back towards Umbra. 

  19. Shanna contemplates the words that Jaw Finder gives her, and she cants her head to the side briefly as she slips from it’s back and her feet touch the glorious earth once more. She sinks into the thick boughs for a moment before regaining her sense of self and balance.

    “Oh, uhm. I’m a mage, so they’d just call me a mage. I’m not really good or evil…I just am!” She nods to this, hands on her hips as though she is self-assured that this is the most appropriate answer. When Jaw Finder agrees to accompany her, she gasps and claps her hands rather jovially. “Oooooh! I’m so excited! You’ll like it, I think! Maybe you should try cow, though, it’s pretty tasty! And pig! Ohmygosh have you tasted bacon?!” Shanna rambles as she waves her hands at the airship, and a medium sized platform begins to descend down from it on tethered cables. She steps onto it, waiting for Jaw Finder. Once Jaw Finder has decided whether to join her on the platform or not, it begins its ascent upwards. With a gentle click, they are sealed within the interior of the airship.

    It is obvious from first glance that Shanna is a creature of comfort. Pillows, blankets, various stuffed animals, and other such soft things are strewn about the interior. On one far side there is a bed, little more than a cot, with a pillow resting atop of it, the rest of the area is wide and open until the cockpit which is sealed off with a door. Inside that door is the steering device and panels which allow the airship to fly above the land – along with two seats and a decent sized area of space to allow for movement.

    “Sorry about the mess, I didn’t think I’d have company, so I didn’t clean up.” She explains as the backpack is set upon the ground with care. She doesn’t want to smoosh the berries, afterall.

    “You know, I might have some jerky you’d like.” Shanna rummages for a moment in what looks like a cabinet, but cool air flows from it. She turns, victorious, as she holds out two pieces of dried meat to Jaw Finder.

    “Try this!” She exclaims as she stands.

  20. Alexandria wanted to argue but knew it would only halt their progress. They could spit ‘no you’s until they were blue in the face. So she trudges forward, following the unseen path as vines and boughs threaten to pluck at her lengthy tresses. Unease trembled through Syvos, and Alexandria frowned as she sensed the anxiety rolling from the creature.

    However, Natasha’s assurance brought a tugging smile to her visage.

    “Aye.” She offers after a moment, letting out a deep breath of air. IT relieved her of the tensions she had been holding and honed her attention instead on the matters at hand. Oh, how they would take matters in hand. “We kill anything we come across.” She murmurs in assurance, giving a curt nod.

    Their adventures are cut short, however, by the sight of a dehumed dragon. Syvos snarls loudly at first, before craning her head downward as she bobs it back and forth before letting out a mournful croon. For something to kill one of the dragons implied a greater danger than they had previously considered. Alexandria hisses at the plant-life that suckles from the beast’s flesh and shoos the foliage away as she contemplates the corpse. It’s too far gone for her to consider following it into the River of Death. The encouraged decompose of the body made it difficult to discern the actual cause of death. Furrowing her brows, Alexandria shifts the torch to the side as she contemplates their next move.

    “Let’s leave the dragons.” She states decisively. “If something can harm one like this, they are likely better off without us throwing them into danger.”

    With that said, Alexandria removes Syvos’ bridle and sets it in the pack attached to her saddle so it doesn’t catch. Instead her attention turns towards the path that it seems the dragon was laying towards. There was evidence that a few bodies had proceeded in that direction. She frowned, before swaying on her feet at the monstrous noise that enveloped her ears and made her shudder to her core – and then, like a fleeting thought – it was gone. Concern for Luna knotted her stomach as Alexandria bared teeth, gnashing them together briefly before spitting at the accursed ground.

    “Let’s head that way.” She points in the direction to the left, where the surge of …whatever that had been originated before dying off. Without waiting, Alexandria shifts the torch towards the encroaching branches and forges her path in that direction, torch held high in hopes of shedding light where footfalls were made. Sword rang true from it’s sheath after a moment as Alexandria used it to cut away some of the ‘friendlier’ bits of foliage that dared upon them. Swinging this way and that, the brutish witch finds herself slowly grinning at the idea of another grand adventure. Each swing brings joy as it slices a piece of the forest away – before Alexandria is laughing quietly as she chops a particularly large piece of vine out of her way.

    “Take that!” She spats as it falls into the dirt, writhing and wriggling as her boot steps upon it as she continues her trek.

    Kamal peeks out of her armor, just beneath the golden mask and flicks his tongue into the air. He huffs a bit after scrunching his face as much as he can.

    “Smells bad here, too. Why do we always go to stinky places?”

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