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  1. Each slow movement became more hesitant than the last. The snowfall was heavy and thick on almost bare feet. Shivering loudly, Rin takes a moment to perch on a fallen log that has been cleared off. Sitting for a moment, hands reach down in an effort to rub feeling back into her extremities. A frown settles on her visage but she doesn’t complain further than she already has. There is no point to it. Fortunately for her, the Airship is within her range of vision. Since she can see it, Rin hops up to continue her trek. A few more moments of trudging through the snow, Rin finally comes upon the airship and lets out a relieved noise. “Thank goodness.” She murmurs quietly as she climbs the rope ladder rather stiffly to the deck. Once onboard, she stretches and accepts a mug of something warm. Gulping it down quickly, Rin sighs as warmth tingles through her body and settles in the pit of her stomach. “Thank you.” She offers before moving to grasp a blanket, draping it over herself.
  2. Congrats, you got a potato! In all seriousness, adorbs.
  3. When he rises - All will see.

  4. If we're going by console... XOne: Gears of War Tech Test. 360: Fallout 3. 3DS: Pokemon - X PS3: FFX PC: KOTOR 2. I like to have options.
  5. The trek back to the airship was tedious at best. Surely it was nothing more than spite that the weather sent a cold chill. Rin shivered beneath the minimal protection of her tattered clothes, momentarily cursing her shortsightedness in activating the lightning that had been so beneficial. In the woman’s wake, only grudging footsteps. Her teeth chattered loudly as arms wrapped around herself in attempt to stave off the chill once more. “This is ridiculous.” She states, glaring at the sky as though some entity above is to blame for her shit luck. Unfortunately, this movement turns her attention from where her feet will fall, and the woman stumbles, before slipping and faceplanting into the snow. To the average eye, it would appear as though the ground has simply swallowed her entirely. Remaining in this position for a moment, Rin sighs before finding the gumption to lift herself from the snowy depths as she groans. “I hate this place.” Traces of a pout begin to form before they are pushed aside in favor of determination. Surely such a simple quest cannot be so difficult. Rin takes one step, and then another as her lips start to shade in blue. “I. Am. Not. Letting. Some. Snow. Stop. Me.” Each word is punctuated with a foot fall, perhaps a tad harsher than the last.
  6. It was easy to assume that Shanna was a creature of malevolence, of twisted thoughts and darker intent. The chaos that surrounded her made it seem as though she was the sole reason the world had any bad in it, but alas, here she was. Doe-eyed and eager to please, Shanna only ever has had hopes of helping protect those she cares about. Gabriela isn’t wrong in her assumptions, never having met Shanna. It is likely that after their meeting the Black Queen will realize that the woman before her is far to naïve to be aware of Rafael’s more sinister nature. Her arrival heralded no offense from the guards, nor did it imply that she was not unwelcome. This was…surprising. Shanna was new to Orisia, and had not informed Rafael – or anyone else – of her intent to visit in time for them to prepare. So when she was given escort to a large room that she was told was hers for the night, any protest she made was not to be heard – for the guard had made himself just as scarce after announcing it. A gentle frown settled on her lips, but it did not stay for long. With faithful Brutus at her side, Shanna moves to change her clothes into a nicer, but simple outfit of a worn tunic and equally worn pants, both brown in nature. They hid the slim figure beneath them, even as it changed periodically – a different nose here, a slightly different eye color there. She highly doubted any of the royalty would want her to offend their noses by smelling by the long trek she had made. Upon finding herself acceptable, Shanna nodded and gently grasped up the little mobile. It was not fancy, nor was it expert craftsmanship, but it was handmade and full of love and gentleness. When the guard returned to escort her to Gabriela, Shanna was a little surprised. She hadn’t expected a summons, least of all to the Queen. Still, she dutifully followed, worrying her lower lip as Brutus remained at her side. A hand fell into his plush fur as her gaze flickered golden for a moment, connecting her with her familiar. Through him, she would be able to hear whatever words the Queen might have for her…at least, that was her hope. Upon entering, Shanna offered a clumsy, awkward little bow, nearly tipping over in the middle of it. She manages to right herself and offers an awkward laugh. “Y..you’re majesty, it’s an honor. I didn’t expect to be summoned to see…anyone, actually. I was just going to leave my gift with the steward.” She stammers briefly, before gasping at the bear in Gabriela’s lap. “You did get the bear! I’m so glad.” Shanna smiles, radiant like the sun. “I brought another one. I heard that there was to be a baby, and I wanted to make sure they were safe.” Carefully the mobile was held up so as not to tangle. “I imbued it with a protection spell. It’s practically unbreakable…Well, I’m pretty sure it is, anyway. IT just has to be in the room with the baby, and it will protect them from any and all harm. As long as it remains intact, of course." She says this all rather quickly, before watching Gabriela. The Queen's words have an echoing delay, and she has to take a few moments to decipher them.
  7. The trek back to the tower had taken less time than anticipated – but Shanna was hardly in the mood to once again, be lectured at by the ‘more responsible’ Jaro. So she didn’t go home. Instead, she urged the airship to the nearest port city. It was more than time that she visit the isles connected to Genesaris. Who knew, perhaps there were answers there that she had yet to find. Or perhaps there was a healer who could fix her ears now that she couldn’t seem to hear a damn thing with the useless things. Sighing softly, Shanna set the airship down and anchored it, before moving to find passage on a boat. Along the way to the docks, she picked up a few things here and there, a little piece of driftwood, some ribbon – Rafael had mentioned in his last letter that he was to be a father, afterall, what better gift than that of protection? Knot magic had some of the strongest intent known to man, and it was a fearfully old magic that even Shanna could not mess up. With items in tow, she had garnered passage to Veelos. “Five, seven…Nono, that’s not right.” And the knot became undone with a simple flick of the wrist. “Nine, seven, eight, five….” The woman murmured quietly to herself with each careful wrap – the ribbon laid to rest against shell or wood. The spell entwined within bright and lustrous as it shimmered beneath the knots tied into it. “Ah, Gods damn it!” Shanna curses as one of the other passengers spills his mug of…whatever he was drinking. She offers him a withering glare, tugging her materials and moving to a quieter place to finish the mobile. Upon arriving at Veelos, Shanna wastes little time in awe of the architecture, of the way the city is built upon the canals and waterways – though the Blood Orchid does catch her attention several times, so much It is a day or three’s worth of travel, for it is slow and they rest early, but she has no qualms about time. Instead her murmuring continues. “Seven, four, two and three, I bind thee. Nine, six and eight, protection in which I delegate.” Again the ribbon brightens before fading, thin letterings and runes beneath the surface as it shimmered when the magic settled. On the final day, the gift is finished. Shanna’s fingers are marred in stabs, cuts, and she has bleed on quite a few of the seashells before they would heed her whims. Her hands are more bandage than flesh. Once finished, however, she could not be more proud of what she has created. Departing from the caravan at the city gates, Shanna heads for the palace grounds to present her gift to the King and Queen. "Ah, so this is what the palace looks like." She offers as her ever-changing visage peers at the gorgeous walls that seem to grow forever. Of course, when you're a measely five foot four, everything is forever. "It's so pretty!" She chirps, even as she comes upon the main gates. @Pasion Pasiva
  8. IT's a sad day when the Dinosaur is the smallest one in the room. I am disappointed.
  9. “Do you remember?” A voice echoes across the room. “Do you remember anything?” “No. Nothing but the beach…and crabs…and then you, Fox-Woman.” It is a daily question as she recovers, and each day the answer is yet the same. “I have nothing…but emotions and feelings of a time not so distant. How I ended up in the swirling sea, and how it managed to carry me here, I…fear I may not ever know.” Rin sighs, a hand pressing against the side of her visage as if willing away a headache. “It is…a strange, empty feeling to be without memories and thoughts of the past. It is all darkness. It is as though I was born through it and rejected. Whatever I lost....I miss it terribly." As a stag flies particularly high, Rin pauses to give a grin. Though she means no harm or ill will to the surrounding area of the Cold mountains, she will not be way-laid by some silly animals. Between the sparking lightning that ensconces her body, and the attack of the birds earlier, the kimono she had worn was in tatters, and it was a risk she was going to have to continue with. The warmth provided by her now ruined clothing would be minimal at best, but as the lightning dissipated, she has no choice but to rely on it. Something sits heavy in her chest as the sparks say their farewell. Was it…sadness? Rin is unsure, but files it away to examine later. Her crimson gaze flickers across the darkening landscape as a pale hand slips to ensure the safety of the flute yet remains. Confirming that it has not moved, a smile manages to caress her face. “Well…We shall go, then.” She speaks, though no one else stands beside her.
  10. Yes, Peppa has the dress. And I didn't even consider the others yet. Look at all that nightmare fuel.
  11. That's freaking terrifying, thank you.
  12. I've watched so much Luna Petunia the last two days I'm ready to stick a pencil in my eye.
  13. “Nonono, this can’t be happening…” Shanna mumbles to herself. Surely she cannot be deafened. Perhaps it is temporary. For the time being, however, she knows that she must get Brutus out of the city or they risk further attack and injury. Rolling up the last bit of map, it is carefully placed in the pack as the little dilapidated shack is given one last look over. Finding nothing of importance left behind, Shanna closes the door behind them. If her map is still correct, they would have to go only a few miles to the edge of the city before they could check for the airship that was told to wait. Hopefully it had remained in a safe location and could be used for a swift getaway. Shanna can only hope as they begin the trek. Instead of worrying about this, she is hyper aware of their surroundings. Unable to hear should anything sneak up on them, she must rely on her sense of sight and smell. It is a slow trek, but finally after several hours they come upon the airship, only to find the pilot missing. “I…hope nothing got him.” Shanna grimaces as she climbs up into the belly of the ship before moving to check the airship systems. Everything seems in order, so she knows not why it has been abandoned. Nonetheless, she must get out of there… Having watched it fly for some time, she has a rudimentary understanding of how it works. As it lifts into the air and begins the long ride back home to Rubra Tower, Shanna sits to write out another letter. [Quest Fail.]
  14. "I see..." Rin murmurs quietly as her gaze flickers to the treeline as a small clearing is passed. Between herself and the rest of her destination remain several animals. It would appear that the tribulations of collecting the flute were not quite over. The darkening clouds above as the sun settled gave it an ominous feeling as Rin paused in the clearing. Surely the animals were smart enough to know that it was likely to be a massacre if they attacked her. Or maybe they didn't. A flock of birds above started a descent. One of them tore at her sleeve and the others clawed at the front of her yukata in an attempt to free the flute from it's bindings. "Begone!" Her voice echoes across the pass before lightning engulfs the entirety of her form. Crackling and sparking in dangerous light, the nin bares her teeth. The charred remains of the birds fall at her feet, sinking into the snow until the sizzling ceases. Around her, the snow melts in a perfect circle from where she stands at the center. "Alright then, no more nice person." She huffs, grasping the fan from her back once more. Her form streaks across the land, leaving steam in her wake as she swings the fan forward, flinging creatures to and fro with a single motion.
  15. Shanna wakes late into the second day, ears still ringing harshly from the banshee’s attack. Was it truly an attack, or as simple as they were in the wrong place at the wrong time? Shanna contemplates this as she attempts to wipe the sleep from her eyes. Flicking a crusty piece away, the woman yawns briefly before frowning as her stomach rumbles. Brutus pads over to offer her the last of their food. Peering between the Hellhound and the meager remaining portion, Shanna opens her mouth as if to speak, but finds herself unable. Gasping in surprise, both hands go to her throat as she tries desperately to make any noise. There is nothing…though her throat vibrates as though sound is being made, Shanna cannot hear it. The realization of that causes her to stare, mouth agape at the hound as he cants his head at her. Shanna’s hands immediately clap against her ears. All she feels is blood, old and crusted trailing from the canals. Tears well in her eyes, as she turns to stare at the wall. Biting her lower lip, Shanna wills herself not to cry as she desperately tries to think of a solution – surely there had to be one. Maybe one of her potions would do the trick! Getting out of the bed in a flurry, Shanna rummages through her neverending pack in attempt to locate one, or any of the small vials. Unfortunately, none seem to be found. Her gaze turns towards Brutus as she lets out a a noise of surprise. “Brutus! I can’t hear! If I can’t hear, how can I keep us safe?!” She practically yells, not realizing the decibel of her range. “And if I can’t keep us safe, we are in a lot of danger here!”
  16. “I owe you a life-debt. I will give my life for yours, I will protect you with my own life, and I will be at your side no matter what path you choose.” Rin states from a bowing position on the floor before Akako. The fox woman had done much in her power to keep Rin among the living, and the albino was not quick to forget how she was able to stay within the mortal coil. “This one accepts the debt.” Akako states as she watches Rin for a moment, before plucking an invisible hair from her well pressed suit. Rin raises from her position then, and a crimson gaze peers at the other woman for a moment before her head ducks once more in an honorary gesture. “I thank you, Akako-sama.” Idle thoughts straddle her brain on the trek back towards the airship that would lead her back to warmth. Warmth and Akako – the cursed flute would be free from her possession and passed onto it’s rightful owner. At that point, a warm bath sounded marvelous. A gentle sigh escaped the woman, extending into the air in a fog of condensation as fingertips slipped into thick gloves. Hopefully no more of the wildlife would give her issues, though she supposed that was likely too much to ask. With a sharp gaze on the surrounding area, Rin trudges through the snow with a grumble.
  17. Totally! I post by myself all the time. That way I can control the flow and timing of the threads, sometimes, or sometimes just for singular character development. :D You'll be doing fine if you post by yourself.
  18. Rin narrowly avoids being catch by the claws of a wolf, and she scowls. Why are they so intent on protecting the flute? What about it is driving them to behave this way? Rumor has it that certain songs played by the flute would bring mythical creatures to heel - but she could not remember it ever saying anything about them attacking someone who has possession of the flute. Rin draws back the fan and swings it forward, clearing a path before her. Not wanting to let go of such a chance, she bolts for it. Once through the great clearing, she hopes to be free of the strange behaving wildlife. It seems, for now, nothing is in pursuit. After getting some distance away, Rin pauses to catch her breath as deft fingertips pluck the flute from between the folds of clothes. It is scrutinized with a harsh look before Rin carefully tears a piece of the kimono off at the bottom and wraps the flute securely, tying it with a satisfied look. “That should prevent you from making noise until I get back to Akako.” The nin offers before re-tucking the flute back into the folds of her clothes, behind the Obi.
  19. Dragging the large wolfhound had drained what little energy Shanna had left. She collapsed just after closing and sealing the door of the little shack behind them. It was there she slept for nearly two days, her body trying desperately to recuperate the damage it has undertaken. Brutus wakes first, peering around as he nudges the mage before moving to nose about the shack. Their food supplies are low – it would appear that they had pillagers of some sort. Only a handful of food remains. He glances to Shanna, knowing that the mage was likely to forego eating in favor of giving it to him. With a deep, put upon sigh, Brutus tugs her towards a bed by the scruff of her jack, before grunting as he tugs the bag away from her. He noses around inside of the neverending thing, before pulling out a crunchy piece of jerky. He noms this while contemplating their situation. Banshees were difficult creatures by nature. Their shriek made them deadly both at far and close range. They would have to deafen themselves to come upon one without severe harm being inflicted. Not to mention, he hasn’t seen any goregears yet…and this concerns him. Perhaps at the center, where the largest tower remains yet untouched, is where the hordes of evil have lain their claim. Knowing his little witch, she is likely to want to go there. With a great sigh, he moves to nudge the map on the table so he might peer at it. His golden gaze wandering the parchment for a long moment. Now that he has it memorized, he can pass the information directly to Shanna as they move. He will have to be extra vigilant to keep her safe…
  20. A warm bath and some soothing lotions had Rin almost feeling as though she belonged on the plane of the living. Almost. If only the accursed memories hadn’t continued to plague her with their loss. It was like a nagging sensation, something was missing, or she had forgotten something but couldn’t remember what. Like a midnight trip to the fridge, just to close it up again. Fingers pressed into her temples in effort to ease the ache of strain. Memories would not return until they saw fit, if ever. With a sigh, one hand slipped into the water as she leans back against the large back of the tub. Crimson hues close a she considers for a moment her state of affairs. The Fox Woman, Akako, is the regent of this port city. This port City that is halfway across the world of Valucre from where she began – or, at least that’s the impression she gains. Nothing to be done for it now, she supposes. Least of all in her current state. Rin is hardly battle-ready, or worthy – and she is terribly dehydrated and disgusted with herself for allowing such a weakness to befall her. “Don’t you do it.” She snarls at one of the woodland creatures, hand still firmly upon the giant warfan. She hopes not to use it, it’d be a shame to have to level the mountains and the animals – but she will. Rin knows that no matter what happens, the flute must return to Akako, for she desires it, or perhaps even needs it. It comes with no instructions, so she wonders how the woman intends to use it, but such things are not her concern at the moment. Flute tucked tightly into the folds of her outfit, Rin’s gaze narrows before she draws out the giant fan and sweeps it in front of herself just in time to narrowly miss being pegged with a rock dropped by a hawk overhead. “The hell.” Scowling, the fan is lifted from the ground and a gust of air is shot upward at the hawk. “Mind your own business!” She huffs.
  21. There’s something to be said about haste. It can often give one an advantage in battle, or it can make a rash decision that has profound consequences that are felt through days, sometimes years and generations later. One misstep was all it would take. A leaf hidden beneath the snow and Rin found herself tumbling down the mountainside much like one pictured in cartoons. She tumbled as snow held fast to her and she became a snowball of rather large proportions. It wasn’t until she finally came to settle at the bottom, that Rin lost the meager breakfast she had consumed. With head still spinning, she manages to crawl out of the damned thing and flops heavily upon the ground with a groan. “Ugh.” Rin sighs as she waits for her head to stop spinning before standing once more. She wrestles from the mass of snow the fan that had been upon her back, as well as the supplies she has brought. A few are ruined, serving to further foul her mood. “Just…lovely.” A sigh heaves from her throat before she readjusts the things upon her back and moves to head forward once more. “Well, I guess I got the express trip down, at least I didn’t run into any trees.” Still, she’d be sore later. As she surveys the area around once more, she notices the small tracks of a mink – or some similar type of small animal. The type matters not, the fact that an animal has left its mark is all that matters. “At least I seem to be on the right track.” Run murmurs as she moves to follow the tracks non the less. As she does, more seem to collude with them until it is a massive trail that anyone with eyes could follow, and probably even those without. A great ravine has been worn into the snow and dirt that lead directly to the flute. Of course, it stands right in plain sight sticking out of a hollow log. The amount of wildlife that surrounds it is concerning – perhaps they are guarding it? Perhaps it is simply that they have accumulated as the flute says that they should. Were they guided to its presence, had it somehow called them to it? “Magical flute. Pfuh.” Rin states as she carefully picks her way through the wildlife, which…strangely seems to not give a single figgle about her presence. It isn’t until her fingertips brush against the flute that they perk to life. A cacophony of sounds assaults her ears as each species and present creature makes themselves known and stomps and what she can only assume is expletives in their own language. A single one of them makes an aggressive move, and Rin shoves the flute into the yukata pocket as her hands grasp at the large fan on her back, eyes narrowing. “Oh you have got to be kidding me…”
  22. “Pathetic.” The voice echoes in darkness. “Unable to even withstand a weak banshee like this?” There was mocking and a scoff to the voice before a bright form filled the dark area, washing away the shadows with its light. “And yet, you still don’t have the courage to call on me? Why is that, I wonder…” The figure mused as it knelt before the unconscious Shanna, a hand reaching out to tug up a strand of hair. “Call on me, before it’s too late.” The voice hisses as darkness reclaims the space inside Shanna’s mind once more, the light but a fragmented memory. “Nn…g..guh.” Shanna manages to stir as one hand immediately moves to her head in an effort to cease the pounding that has taken residence. “Ugh, my head…” With just those words, her form suddenly lurches and the contents of breakfast and lunch are cast upon the overgrown stone before her. Naturally, that did not help the headache. Shanna falls forward to rest her forehead against the cool ground in effort to alleviate before she manages to crack one eyelid a fraction of an inch to peer at Brutus. Well, he’s still breathing, so he must be ok for now. It is several moments later before Shanna can drag herself off of the ground, and her feet plod along the path to her Hellhound. She kneels to dig fingers into plush fur before her face buries into his large neck. “We should go back…until we can find a way to beat the banshees. Maybe earmuffs.” She groans, her ears throbbing with the thought of being covered…the crusted blood flakes off with the brush of her hand. Grasping Brutus’ forepaws, Shanna begins the trek of following the yarn back to safety.
  23. It is several hours into the second day, and the sun shines brightly overhead as Rin pauses to catch her breath. It is a grim reminder that she is not yet at full capacity or anywhere near back to pristine condition. The time wandering in the glass-like sea had left her withered and bare. Fisting a hand inside of her glove, a determined look settles upon her brow. It is with renewed conviction that Rin begins anew. Each step, though heavier than the last, is built upon the growing mountain as ears remain sharp in efforts to hear the minute trill of the flute. It is nearer to dark when she pauses to pull out a map, peering at it as she marks the path in which she has followed, in hopes of using it to escape the snowy hell. “Fox woman, sister, we are one…Grant me that I may strike my enemy…” Rin hums quietly to herself what she felt was a fitting song, considering. “Rebels stare silent at the fox, As the wild beast chained in them unlocks, Killers flee fighting hard and wild… As fox woman guards…” She pauses mid-lyric to peer at the summit that she has arrived upon. The view is breathtaking and beyond her wildest imagination. Rin’s words are lost in her throat as she tries desperately to come with the words, only to find them lacking in conviction. It is with this vantage point that luck begins to break, however. From this height, she can see the trails of the animals. She finally has a way to track the stupid flute. “Fuckin’ finally.” Rin grumbles as she begins down the slippery slope.
  24. Despite her earlier comments, Shanna makes no move to see what lays beyond the fog – fear has rooted her feet to the very spot she stands. Brutus does not seem eager to discover either, until a rasping groan fills their ears. Within a split second the hellhound is gone into the mist, his snowy fur blending in amongst the condensed air before a yelp, and savage growling is heard. HE returns, bloody and limping. Shanna gasps. “Brutus!” She cries, moving to check him for injury. Fortunately, she finds only a small puncture of teeth on his shoulder and one on his muzzle. They are shallow and barely bleed, it appears the blood is more of the enemies than his own. Relief scatters across her visage as she hugs the Hellhound to her. “Don’t do that, I was scared. Was it just an undead?” She asks. Brutus grunts in a way that is to be taken as affirmation. “Oh, good. You know, we’ve been really lucky we haven’t run into many…just one or two here and there….that’s actually kind of worrying now that I have said it out loud.” Shanna comments quietly as she searches her side pouch for a packet of balm. She carefully smears the poultice over the wounds Brutus has incurred and moves to stand. “Next time, wait for me and I’ll take care of it, ok?” A small smile is accompanied by that as she looks to what is left of the spool of yarn. They have a ways yet they could go before they would need to ravel it back up. “Well, we’ve come this far!” She chirps. Turning on her heel, Shanna’s feet carry her further into the fog that can either spell her doom or her salvation. Or perhaps both, wrapped in a neat little package and tied off with a bow. Fortunately for the two, there is little indication of any more undead that might cross their paths, but Shanna has managed to pick up a few valuable bobbles here and there along their way. A sudden screeching, however, brings their merriment to a halt. Shanna cries out, dropping to her knees as hands cover her ears in pain. Blood trickles through her fingertips as the woman desperately tries to keep out the Banshees scream. Brutus, too, howls as he writhes upon the ground and between them they are a cacophony of agony. Darkness presses in on her eyesight, just before Shanna lets the darkness consume her as her body slumps to the ground – somewhere above, a Banshee wails her miserable lot to the world for all to hear.
  25. “So…this is…Probably the end.” Rin sighed softly to herself. The sun above made her skin feel like it was melting, and her insides were twisted and cramped from lack of food or water. The night couldn’t come soon enough, perhaps the cool air would give her a reprieve enough that she could slip away into the night…back to the stillness of the sea that appeared neverending. “This One wonders if you intend on giving up?” The voice came from her left, and her vermillion gaze flickered up to the Fox Demon that stood before her. Had she come to mock her? Perhaps steal her soul? Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad…However, there was a spark, something deep inside that told her she could not simply give up. That would be unacceptable. “No.” Rin manages to rasp. “Good, then if you are capable, This One will see you taken care of until you are better.” Akako states, assisting Rin to her feet. Barely able to put one foot in front of the other, Rin leans heavily on the fox lady as they head into the city. The midday sun beats down overhead, and yet the snow shows no signs of going anywhere. Rin frowns at it but does not let it discourage her. Instead, each step becomes a path of determination as she leaves her mark in the wasteland as her trek carries her to the summit, and along into the next valley of the mountains. Breath comes in sharp puffs, the woman not used to the altitude of the mountains just yet, but she will acclimate. Fingers tighten in the gloves that have been provided, and form a fist at her side as she pauses to assess the surrounding area. No, it’s not here…not yet. Soon, maybe. There has to be something…some indication as to where the flute might be, and yet Rin has not heard a single animal since her adventure began. “I wonder…if it’s really here at all.” Pursing lips, a large exhale escapes her nostrils as a gloved hand raises to brush hair back from her visage so it remains unobstructed. “Follow the trail of animals and there you shall see, my foot.” She grumbles beneath her breath as she searches for signs of wildlife. “Maybe this was a mistake. When was the last time I actually hunted something?” Still, Rin knows it is best to try and keep skills sharp, so she continues with far less complaint even as her frustration mounts.
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