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  1. Sybil is quiet as they continue, her glacial gaze taking in their surroundings with ease. As they are rejoined by the two, she considers their appearance. They must be quite capable, if they had assisted in taking out what remained of the town. Rune was certainly fair in his caution. It is curiosity that causes her a momentary stare between the two before her gaze trails away to the door in which they have arrived in front of. It swings open to reveal a large room, mundane in all except size. It contains within it, a large desk in the center and several bookcases along the walls. One wall near the east is missing a panel or two within the wall. The gaps provide a foothold for the snow to filter through, creating a neat pile. Moth-eaten curtains and weather worn drapes sprinkle over the remaining windows. “I must get their decorator. Love what they’ve done with the place.” She mumbles, mostly to herself. Blonde curls bouncing, she steps in around Rune and his sorcery to see if there is anything they could immediately spot that might give clues as to where they were to go next. A sigh erupts ‘pon her lips and she moves to take the desk, pulling drawers from it’s skeleton as she kneels to peer into the depths – seeking anything, perhaps a hidden mechanism that might give them some insight as to what it is they are searching for. Finding nothing within the bare remains, she upturns the drawers to ensure there is no hidden compartments within, giving each a good shake.
  2. “By any means.” Makes lips curl into devious, sadistic smiles. She is quiet, watching briefly his spell before her attention settles on the manor within and without. “Mmm, I love it when you take charge.” Sybil purrs, moving behind so as not to impede his path as one hand settles upon a blade at her hip, the other twirls within blonde tresses. “Always so cryptic. Everyone fancies themselves a spy these days.” She is quiet but a moment more. “Your companions?” IT is meant to be a question of their loyalty, of how trustworthy he found them. “Or is that why you’ve called for me?” Sybil’s gaze flickers briefly to the seeking spell that determines their path, before her free hand fell from tresses and onto blade. Fingertips tapping idly, she considers his figure for a moment. “What’s the take?” As she processes whatever information he is willing to divulge, Sybil remains silent.
  3. The day drug on rather uneventfully. Kestral was a delightful tour guide that led them wherever Shanna had pointed them. The other mage delivered them safely to the bathhouse at the end of the day, and Shanna paid her handsomely for her services. With that out of the way, Shanna hummed a bit as she prepared for bed. Jaw Finder had seen fit to find itself a place to sleep, and so Shanna did as well. Come the next morning, Jaw Finder was gone. Shanna was not terribly surprised, perhaps the big city was simply too much for them, or perhaps they had something urgent that needed tending. While momentarily sad, Shanna could only wish the best for her friend. Humming as she got ready for her day, Shanna drew her wild hair into a braid and tucked it behind her after tying it off. “Now then…lessee…” She pulls out the map, noting the places that Kestral had marked for her – and wiggles her tongue. “I’ve got some time to kill before the meeting, so maybe I’ll go sightseeing a bit more. ! I can take the cable cars to Kainos!” With excitement, she shoves the last of her things into the bottomless bag and scrambles to pay her bill at the motel. Once that is taken care of, she exits into the warm, humid air of Port Kyros and she stretches against the sun, face turning towards it with a pleased noise. “Ah, I wish we got more sun at the tower. Maybe I can make a biome for it.” Contemplation settles across her visage and she taps her chin before grinning as a shake of her head is given. “Thoughts for another time!” Spinning briefly on one foot, Shanna ceases and points down a random alleyway. “To the cars!”
  4. “Of course I’ve got my bag.” Shanna states, as though it is silly to suggest she would go anywhere without the seemingly bottomless contraption. Whatever it holds can turn the tides against them, or in their favor. Hopefully on this trek, they will find more favor than usual. “What’s Egyptian?” She intones after a moment, her head canting a bit as she adjusts herself upon his shoulder, her much smaller stature looking like a comical parrot atop an all too large branch. “Ooo, I like inventions, and time, and the moon. I like all of these things. Do you think maybe he’ll just let me hang about for a while? Maybe it one of us is nice to him he won’t be so grouchy.” With this train of thought, Shanna goes silent for a few moments until they approach the chasm that leads down into a cave and river. She visibly shudders at the height. The last time she had been so high above something, it had been when she was falling and poisoned – unable to rely on her magic and instead being forced to rely on the voice inside. IT had been a rather unpleasant time. “Hey maybe I should mention that uh…” She pauses to let out a screech as they suddenly descend, her hands grasping at Proteus’ form so as not to go comically flying away like a ragdoll before they meet the ground once more. Hair askew and out of breath, she manages a huff towards him. “Warning would have been nice!” She half yells, “Also, I can’t swim, so don’t you dare try to lose me that way! I’ll…turn you into a fly.” Whether or not she could was a whole different matter. Proteus has been warned, and Shanna’s warnings usually meant that things might go very wrong should she even attempt the magic. She grimaces as water brushes over the bottoms of her boots and she lifts her foot out of the water with a wrinkling of her nose. “I’m not scared of the dark!” A protest, though Shanna reaches out a hand and murmurs softly before a ball of light forms from fingertips before a floating ball moves above their heads like a tracker. It illuminates the dark water and surrounding areas so that it is not so murky and disorientating. Shanna scowls and gently pinches Proteus’ cheek as they descend into the depths of the cave. “Ok, so. Are we sneaking in and having to rush out, or are we gonna stick around with this Thoth guy for a while? Also, I’ve never been to a different realm, this should be exciting! I hope I have time to write in my journal about it, or at least remember enough of it to write it down accurately. I should come up with an auto-filling journal of some sort.” She muses after a moment.
  5. Nothing was ever simple when Shanna became involved. Take the smallest task and have it born to any other, and it would be just that – Shanna, however, managed to make even the most mundane into an art of chaos. When they come upon the forest, she looks around in awe. For a moment, she considers a recent excursion and contemplates the likeness between this place and the jungle before she finds herself grinning like a madman. “We forgot to pack a lunch!” She exclaims as Proteus’ head falls to level with her own and she stares at him reproachfully for a moment before her tongue slithers between lips and extends towards him. “I’m not scared.” Is all he’s offered for his posturing. Shanna has met gods before, why should this one be any different? And why is she not surprised that Bull is most unwelcome? She takes in the moment and lets out a deep sigh. “You can’t just stop makin’ people mad, huh? Guess we got that in common.” Afterall, Shanna has rarely met anyone who does not end up aiming their ire at her. “This is a nifty forest. I like it.” The dense foilage made her feel safe and secure, as though she could slip into the underbrush and disappear forever. “Also, if this guy is the God of Knowledge, then maybe I can sneak some stuff out of his hands…I like knowledge.” She murmurs to herself. Stealing from a God should not have been her foremost thought, but Shanna is greedy when it comes to matters of the mind, and finds the temptation far too great for her to not at least entertain. After gaining the Ars Nocturis, Shanna finds herself near desperate for more works. Her smaller legs work double time to keep up with Proteus, nearly running to keep up with his longer strides. Shanna bounces a bit with each step before grinning as she adjusts the sack upon her back. “Well, it’s a good thing I brought my trusty bag! I think I have something in here, just in case!” All manner of things, really. It was more of a question of what wasn’t contained within the mysterious innards. Shanna hums softly as she gives up on trying to keep up with him, and instead reclaims her perched spot upon his shoulder.
  6. It’s like a caress – subtle and sweet, and gone too soon. Lips curve into a delighted smile at the beckoning. Thrilled at the prospect of work, Sybil conjures her weapons of choice. With these in tow, she begins her trek. It is a few hours at most, weaving between buildings and forage alike, footsteps soft as petals on the snow before she arrives. Though Sybil knows that Rune knows she is coming, and is likely prepared, softly she approaches before fingertips reach out to caress whatever part of him is closest. “I’m pleased that you remembered to call on me.” She croons, fingers curling in the fabric of his clothing to draw herself, or him, closer. Her other hand raises to gently boop him ‘pon the nose, a wild, gleeful look sparkling in her gaze. “What’s the work?” Releasing her hold, Sybil twirls to take in the room in which they likely stand. Her sharp gaze takes in all around them.
  7. Priscilla pauses when her son sweeps from the room. Instead of deterring his movement away from her, the Queen merely clasps her hands in front of her and lets him go, knowing full well the weight of his path. Shanna, however, bounces after him and offers a soft noise as she leaps, scrambling up his massive back to perch herself upon his shoulder. Dangling her feet down his chest, Shanna wiggles until she is comfortable. “So where we going?” She questions as they travel through the monstrous hallways and tunnels of the castles. While Priscilla’s domain is brighter and more welcoming, Bulls has become darker since his return. The difference doesn’t seem to bother Shanna as they pass gated windows and closed shudders. Instead, the woman shifts and hums a bit as they progress towards the Well of Infinite Knowledge. This will be the fourth time she has witnessed a God, and she looks forward to whatever adventures Bull intends to pull out of his pockets. She twists, head dropping down into his peripheral as a grin lights her visage. “So what’s the plan? Are you gonna take on the big baddie?” She questions, even as she leaps from his form, catapulting in front of him. She tumbles with her landing and rolls back into a stand, hair askew atop of her head.
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  9. As hair twisted this way and that, Shanna paused with the viscious jab she had prepared for Priscilla, only to stare blankly at Bull before she drew back her lips into a grimace, which turned into a laugh. “Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes Gods need to die too. Everything must end, right?” She states, though there is bitter truth in the words. Priscilla scowls at this, arms folding over her chest like a petulant child. “Still, I never said I disagreed with you. If anything, I do agree that something should be done. It was your mom that would argue otherwise. Though…if you say it’s as strong as it is, maybe you need more than just yourself to take it down?” She offers, the hamster wheel of her brain working into overdrive. “This is nonsense.” Priscilla huffs, before opening her mouth, only to snap it closed as Proteus’ addresses her. With a sigh, her arms drop to her sides and a shrug accompanies the motion. “Why do you even bother to ask, Proteus? You will simply do the exact opposite as what I have recommended, as you always do. As must all children, I suppose.” This is accompanied with an irritated noise. It is unlike his mother to be so irritable and bothered. One might assume she is even uncomfortable in her own skin as her form shifts once more. “I know of powers greater than yours, of power that remain untested. Even while bound this creature is a match for you. I know that rushing headlong into this will be the death of the man I call my son.” It is curt and cold, her unseeing gaze settling upon his proud form. “Maybe that’s the problem,” Shanna quips. “Maybe you don’t want to see how strong Bull is now.” “Be Quiet.” Priscilla growls at Shanna, who merely offers her hands up in a ‘whatever’ motion. Priscilla draws in a deep breath before speaking. “This is…beyond the scope of my perception. I cannot fully perceive what it is, or the powers it possesses. I cannot see who the victor will be when the hammer falls.” And the truth of her despair is brought to light for her son and his friend to see. This, however, she is unashamed of. Several times has his mother admitted her love for him having been the sole reasoning behind decisions – it was no different now. Shanna softens a bit, her gaze settling on the celestial for a moment before turning to Proteus. "I suppose that's answer enough, innit?" Shanna asks, straightening as she twirls a strand of hair around a finger. "Still...if you're gonna do it....ya shouldn't do it alone."
  10. “One knot, to two… I bind this spell to you.” Fingers stumble across silk-like thread as the knots are wound and done. Soon enough, a row finishes as tongue departs lips, wiggling within the maw in thought and concentration. The brightly lit room allowed for plenty of vision to be had while the caster wound magic into the very tendrils of the creation. Shanna finds herself lost within the creation of the scarf, the maroon color of the thread bright against her skin. Shanna hums as she works, ensuring that only positive thoughts are imparted upon the thread. “Three, four, five and six… Upon these knots I do affix Protection spells of various mix.” Cursing only when the knots tangle or the thread finds itself wound around unwanted items, Shanna works diligently on what will be a prized gift. She can only hope that the intent behind it is appreciated beyond the few failed attempts that lay strewn about the room. “Eight, nine, Protect this God of mine.” She hums the last, smiling widely as the finality of the spell weaves itself into the cords before taking hold. The long woven scarf stretches across the room, humming with power for a brief moment before it falls still. It shakes a little, perhaps a tad bit of sentience. It wobbles this way and that before settling as it curls upon itself into a perfect circle. Shanna croons in delight at the thing, carefully pulling it from the floor as she leaves the protective circle to settle it atop of the contents of a box before sliding the lid into place. Proudly, she lifts the box and heads for the elevator of the tower where she finds herself at the mercy of the cool air of the lower levels of the tower she has come to call home. “Tristram!” She calls to the elderly man, waving one of her arms jubilantly. She is rewarded with a smile, as he relieves her of the box she carries. “Yes, Miss Shanna?” “Can you see that this is taken to Umbra, please? It has to go directly to Rafael, along with this letter.” She sets a letter atop of the package, and Tristram smiles. “I’ll see it done meself.” He assures her, and Shanna thanks him before bouncing along her merry way. Dearest Rafael, I hope this letter finds you well, as I always do. I have recently finished my excursions for my grimoires, and I will likely be bringing them to you to study, as promised. Enclosed you’ll find a scarf of my own creation, imbued with protection spells. I know it seems silly to offer protection spells to a God, but..it’s the thought that counts, right? I know you’re terribly busy, so I’ll keep this short! I hope the scarf keeps you warm! With love, Shanna. @King
  11. Shanna’s gaze widened in surprise and awe as the world around them shifted into a different view. She looked upon it in curiosity as she considered the weight of Bull’s words. Twirling a finger through a planetary system, Shanna furrows her brows and contemplates. “Well…if you wanted to be proactive, I guess you could go after this thing first…” IT was Priscilla’s turn to frown, knitting brows together as hands clasped tightly in front of her waist. “But, are you absolutely sure? What if, and just amuse me for a moment, you’re wrong?” Shanna’s dark gaze settles on Proteus then, with a seriousness unlike the chaotic woman. “What if it’s their purpose? To become food or fodder for this creature?” Her head cants to the left, and then to the right as a finger raises to tap her lower lip. “Maybe that’s all they’re meant to be, why interfere at all?” Though the jovial woman remains, something sinister and dark had wound itself into her soul. Or perhaps she was simply trying to play the devils’ advocate. Priscillas lips purse together as she considered the words of the mage. This had been her stance, it was not their place to get involved – perhaps it was selfish, garnered from the fear of losing her son – but she saw no reason to stretch themselves beyond their own kingdom at the time being. They had much to solve here, without reaching beyond their means. She is quiet for a moment, before her hand reaches out and daintily plucks a single strand of Shanna’s hair from her head. Shanna blinks in surprise, staring at the sightless woman for a moment before leaning forward a tad. “If they challenge you, however, …I vote you burn them to the ground.” A sinister smile worms its way along her visage. Priscilla sighs heavily. “I must disagree. We have much to do here, and your friend is clearly not thinking straight. Perhaps more thought should be given to the problem at hand instead of being rash and simply spewing the first thoughts that come to your silly little head.” The Elder snaps at Shanna, who gives her a vapid stare before that smile curls along her lips once more. “Why? The first thought is usually what you truly believe anyway.” It was clear the two might argue around one another all night if they were allowed. Priscilla was not intent on amusing this train of thought any longer, however, and her hand fell to her side, allowing Shanna’s hair to fall back to her shoulders as her sightless gaze moved towards Proteus. “This is ridiculous. I refuse to entertain this notion. Destruction begets destruction, and someone will lose, and when that happens another creature will be there to fill the void. This is how the universe works. Vacuums of power rarely stay empty for long.” “Of course they don’t. The powerful will always have places in the universe, but I don’t see any reason to keep Bull from doing what he wants. But then, this isn’t my land, So I don’t really care what happens. My God keeps us safe in Genesaris.” Shanna states, her tone nearly scathing. “Why would you make it so Bull is devoid the chance of doing the same?” “You are so small and young, you don’t understand anything. Much less anything of love.” Priscilla hisses, her temper nearing it’s peak. It is unlike his mother to become riled and short with anyone, much less a guest, but Shanna presses on buttons that Priscilla had thought to be better buried. Shanna genuinely looks hurt for a moment, and Priscilla presses forward. “Afterall, how could an orphan know of the sacrifices a parent would make?” Shanna visibly winces at that slung insult but does not back down. Instead, she lifts her head a tad higher, and stares down the Celestial as though she has discovered something distasteful on her shoe. “I understand hindering, and preventing someone from reaching their potential well enough, parent or not.” The mage states, her fingers dancing along her palms in an itch to cast. She refrains, only barely, out of respect for Proteus. “But that’s not the matter at hand, is it? You don’t want him to face this creature.” “Of course I don’t, you stupid girl.” Priscilla states. “It is a foolish endeavor.” “It’s not. Not if that’s what he wants. Who cares if he dies? He died doing what he wanted, at least.” “Still your tongue, wench.” Priscilla hisses, a serpentine, terrifying sound as the shadows of the room seem to grow – menacing and dreadful. Priscilla rises to her full height, a deep breath drawing into her lungs before she casts her magic. “You should not speak of such things you do not know.”
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    So this is an awesome thing.
  13. It was unlikely that Priscilla would bend simply due to company, if Proteus truly believed such silly notions, then he did not know his mother very well at all. While she might concede an argument in front of pleasant guests, that passiveness would only be tolerated for so long. Shanna cants her head to the side, first to the right, then to the left as though she is seeking some sort of affirmation across his visage, or perhaps simply seeking something that isn’t there any longer. “You seem…tired.” She comments after a moment. Afterall, where was the man who raged in violent tornado like nature who promised death and destruction wherever he had gone? The person that sat in his place was calm, deliberate, and in comparison, well thought. Shanna found this ideal more terrifying than the one who leapt head first into even the most ridiculous of situations. “You should drink more caffeine! I recently discovered coffee, and it’s uuhhhh-mazing!” She chirps, making a grand motion with her arms, as though the last thing in the world she truly needed was caffeine. The servant motioned does not move, instead stays rooted to the spot. He did not need to move, for Priscilla was already there, awaiting them. She stood regally, her hands clasped in front of her as the ever familiar cover over her gaze is set into place. “I see you’ve brought your friend, Proteus. It is a pleasure to see you again.” The woman states, and Shanna offers a dubious look. The last time they had met, Priscilla had threatened Shanna’s very existence, forgive her for doubting the sincerity of the Queen’s words. “IT’s a pleasure to meet you again as well!” She curtsies, despite her suspicion. Priscilla seems content with this course of action for now, as she motions. “Do you intend to stay long?” The Queen asks, peering at both her son and the strange mage beside him. Shanna’s power fluxes, and her visage shifts once more as a vapid smile caresses her visage. “Only if I’m allowed, of course. I am still technically on a mission, afterall. I just was in the neighborhood and wanted to see how my ol’ buddy was doing!” Her hand slapped onto Proteus’ back, though pathetic and weakly in comparison to his larger stature.
  14. We go, we go, we go to war, to hew the stone and break the door;
    For bole and bough are burning now, the furnace roars - we go to war!
    To land of gloom with tramp of doom, with roll of drum, we come, we come

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      We go, we go, we go to war, our hearts are set, our beaks are wet, we won’t abide this foe no more

      For home we fight, from day till night on the battles of field and shore.

      Till swords will break, till widows weep, till the veterans tally scores, we come, we come, we come to war.



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    That's a good reason to be mad.
  17. Insert screaming here.

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      You have no mouth and yet you must scream

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  18. Luiz’ anger was short lived, like most of the things the man did. However, the rebuttal of the people only made the fury in his heart grow – and his determination to see Akako defamed. For now, he would nurse his wounds and bide his time, but he would likely be back with a roaring fire for all to see. Rin’s attention turns towards Crystal as the woman suggests waiting a night and returning. Contemplating this course of action, Rin offers merely a nod. “Mm, but not here. This place is already known. I’ll need a disguise, I stick out.” Though Rin is not normally one to care about such things, for Akako’s sake, she would don the glamour that would hide the very thing that made her unique. Rin is a creature of comfort, and nothing comforted her more than her own skin, and the knowledge that she is capable of doing whatever it took in an effort to keep her feet planted. Without a home to return to, Rin is all too eager to fight to keep the one she has, and if that means destroying all of Port Caleum so that Akako may birth a new Caleum from its’ ashes, she would happily do so. Momentarily, she finds her curious nature turning to Gin, wondering how he might be fairing against those he chose to track down. “Tell me more of Akako.” She instructs Crystal, though she does not mean to invoke the commanding tone with the woman, it simply comes out as such. It is these small missteps that give Rin vague clues as to her past. Clearly, at one point, she had been used to giving such orders and demands. @Akako Akari
  19. “Of course, dearest.” Eilwen adds to the first, as though it should never have been doubted. As gentle fingertips reached outward to attempt to brush across the gargantuan creature only to find herself propelled backwards in her attempt. A gentle squeak erupted from her gills as the whip used to decorate her hips bore fruition into her hand and crackled beneath the water menacingly. The Zra’lik was not an easy creature, normally a predator, it did not enjoy it’s confinement as prey. Eilwen, for a moment, felt pity for the thing. Such an emotion was quickly replaced by desire to have it within her grasp. The whip did not move, dangling in the air like an unspoken threat as Q’mhya boomed out his own edict and the creature slowed before ultimately, ceasing it’s thrashing and movement. A breath rushed from Eilwen’s lungs, before a smile curled upon perfectly pearled lips. “I knew you could do it.” Like slithering chocolate, her words dripped with envy and delight. While she could mold even the hardest stone into beauty, Q’mhya’s abilities never ceased to amaze her. Perhaps that is what drew her to the Prince in all his animalistic glory. With utmost trust in her gaze, Eilwen moves forward to apply a gentle, pale palm against the creatures forehead, before leaning in to rest her own against the scaled behemoth. “Mmm, I can hear his song.” She whispers, as though it is secret. “So beautiful and haunting.” Pale pink irises turned towards Q’mhya as a smile tugged at one corner of her lips. A webbed hand shot out to take his own, dragging him closer with surprising strength. “Listen to it with me.” It was a song of ages come and gone. The Zra’lik had lived a long life, and yet had longer to go before it saw its light extinguished. The song it provided spoke of hope, rebirth, but also of sorrow, dread, and pain. It moved along the nerves like gentle lightning, the booms resounding in the ears like a gentle bass that simply would not cease. Eilwen hummed a soft, complimenting tune.
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    Song in the Silence by Elizabeth Kerner has an interesting take on dragons and their abilities. Of course, the classic Dragonriders of Pern dragons are pretty neat too.
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