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  1. Insert screaming here

  2. Lagrimosa was an interesting continent, and while Genesaris held enough mystery for her, there was something drawing about the rail that drew her attention. Since the strange birthday party she had stumbled upon, Shanna had found herself curious about the cousin continent to her home. The rail had been her primary source of interest, the sleek machines and their strange locomotion system had seen her attention for the better part of her visit, but it was time to return home. Thus it was at the airship docks that Shanna found herself, looking over the strange airships. They were not so different from the ones at home, nor her own small craft, but there was something absolutely alien about them. “I wonder if the controls are the same.” She muses then, tucking a stray strand of hair behind an ear. She surmises that they must be, how different could they be? Surprisingly, Shanna was quite adept at piloting the ships - having to pilot her own solo quite often. All of her adventuring companions found themselves pressed to involve themselves in different matters. Not that Shanna could blame them, her adventures were dangerous at best, and downright lethal in a few cases. It had been sheer luck that she survived this long, or perhaps whatever beast resided within her soul kept her alive. Shanna muses for some time as she peers at the objects floating in the sky, some docked and some gathering supplies for what she assumed to be long trips for they are taking quite a bit. She considers the length of their trip, perhaps they were going to Biazo Isle, the place of madness. Having visited once, Shanna shuddered at the memory. Insanity ruled that place, and she had no desire to let it’s slimy magic lay across her skin again. She drew in a deep breath and sighed heavily. If only Brutus were here, then at least the loneliness of her quests wouldn’t bear such a heavy weight on her heart - as it were, the little mage wondered if anyone would even miss her should she perish. The Ars Nocturis would be scattered to the wind once more, their power fleeting in their singularity - but amassed...well, amassed she hoped to bring prosperity to the land of Genesaris. But enough with her small-minded musings, Shanna turns, cracking her knuckles as her hands extend, clasped together by the fingers. “Ah! At least it’s a beautiful day!” She chimes, not a cloud in the sky.
  3. The slithering and slimy magic of the one who had sought to ensare them made the hair on the back of Alexandria’s neck to stand at attention. Nevertheless, she had been near to respond to the magical energies she felt upon the wind - for no magic was produced without leaving a trace. A hand rose to press against the mark on the center of the golden visage she wore, the mask protecting her countenance from damage as a single mark glowed in the darkness. Like a beacon, it gave way her position and weakened her chances of escaping. If escape had truly been on her mind. Alexandria welcomed the welp’s attempts to contain her within his magic, a hoarse laugh behind crimson gaze that sparked to life nothing but amusement. It was just as Alexandria was to cast her own spell, that suddenly she shifted. Surprise laced her features as she felt her own large, unruly form toppled by the strength of the orc at her side. Alexandria stumbled a few feet, narrowly missing yet another vine as she twisted to observe Natasha’s valiant escape from the gnarled roots of magic. In that moment, Natasha was more beautiful than ever in her rage, and heat flushed along Alexandria’s visage at the thought. Such silly things were not meant for an active battlefield. They had provided Martis with opportunity to prove himself a friend - and all he had done was belittle them and now questioned providing them like pigs for the slaughter to his would-be master. Alexandria snorted at the thought, the forgotten spell lingering on her fingertips as the magic trailed from forehead to digits. It was a thin, golden ribbon that held it’s place before she suddenly released it. Kamal, the forgotten snake familiar slithered from out of her armor and launched himself at Martis, growing in size as he came closer to the acclaimed vampire...dhampire...whatever he labeled himself as. A bloodsucker was a bloodsucker, in Alexandria’s mind. Kamals giant white form twisted mid-air as he grew, nearly eight foot in length with a diameter of 8 inches round, his jaw opened menacingly to produce large teeth that would rend the flesh of Martis - should he make contact. “Get outta here!” The snake hissed loudly, obviously displeased by the fact that they had been attacked again.
  4. Tear down.

  5. Shanna has a brief moment of irritation, but it is quickly quelled by her understanding of Ewyers’ position. He did not know what she was capable of, so why should she condemn him on that knowledge? He knew not of her accomplishments, nor did he know of her Gods’ favor. Shanna draws in a deep breath, thankful that the pain that had momentarily wracked her body dissipated. Instead of offering any response, Shanna merely smiles through the would-be trauma that threatens their very sanity. “The books are ancient grimoires, but there is only one that I am looking for. It has an ear on it.” Shanna explains. “While normally the grimoires themselves are very powerful, and useful for teaching ancient magics lost to time - furthermore, they’ll be useful to any library. But the one with the ear on it is part of the set of the Ars Nocturis - a series of four books that represent all powers combined.” She taps her chin, as though considering how much to divulge to this party. “Anyway. I’m collecting them for my own library.” In an effort to undo the catastrophe that had plagued Genesaris lands known as the Whispernight. Shanna hoped to undo it’s mechanics and heal the land once more. Ruins much like the one that they currently sleuthed through, would cease to exist, or lessen in power considerably. Her attention, however brief, returns to their task at hand. She places a fisted hand into her opposite, open palm. “Since we don’t know the extent of what’s going on here, I think it might be best to assume we are dealing with some form of magery. I’m not sure how else you would get creatures like this.” She nudges the charred corpse, a sigh heaving from her throat. “That being said, I think we should be careful, any noises we hear, we should take stock of immediately.” It is then that Shanna notices that the strange music seems to have halted for the time being. “Mmm, it’s quiet, now. I wonder if it was a spell or ritual to give birth to the strange creature.” She motions once more to the charred husk. Shanna shuffles a foot into the dirt, leaving an indentation in the ground before she draws out a piece of chalk from her pouch. Upon the closest doorway, she scribbles a quick note. “There, now we will know if we have passed by an area, or if we’re being led on a wild goose chase. So to speak, of course. Now, with that nasty bit of business taken care of, shall we advance?” She doesn’t wait for a consensus, and instead once more takes the lead. Shanna proceeds to lead them through the winding streets before they come upon the center of the village. Silence still reigns supreme, with exception of the buzzing of flies and other insects that are present to take advantage of the decaying corpses that greet them. The middle of the square is the worst, where poles stood at the points of a large spell circle. Each pole contains the remains of what would have been one of the villagers...three tied to each pole, and then burned alive by the magic that would have crawled through their skin to create the grotesque creatures that have been seen thus far. The triangular pattern causes Shanna to stiffen as she pauses, outstretching her arms to denote that they should not advance beyond them. "Magic circle...a ritual of sacrifice...Evelynn, could you possibly dispel it?" She questions, her hazel gaze settling on the other witch in the party. As Evelynn works on that, Shanna looks around cautiously. "Ewyer, could you scout on the East side of the circle while I check the West?" She asks, leaving him the option to come up with another solution. "Just until we are sure we are alone."
  6. It is assumed by the lack of presence, that Evelynne and and Maxine simply found the quest far too grotesque for their liking and had travelled back to the relative safety of their would be haven of an airship. For now, however, it left Ewyer and Shanna to face the monstrosities that would come their way. Shanna was not squeamish, by any means, having survived the Abyssal Enclave, reliving the last moments of the greatest villain known to Genesaris. She had relived the utter betrayal of love lost in the most precious of moments, the trauma having turned her into the strangely cheerful creature she was now. Shanna had faced down banshees, living woods who sought her death, muggers in the streets(though she has a scar to prove they were not so kind), and various other perils related to her tasks. Something as simple as a grotesque spell-creature was not going to dissuade her from this task either. Just as her spell began to alight upon her fingertips, Shanna felt herself suddenly teeter and fall towards the ground, as though she had been slammed into by a freight train. It was only a secondary thought, the pain that lashed through her shoulder and upper arm - a sharp, stabbing pain that causes a cry to leave her throat, though it could be confused for one of surprise. Magic flies from her fingertips at the assault, swirling above their heads for the briefest of moments before --- The creature doesn’t miss the swinging blade, it comes too quickly and there is not enough time to change trajectory before it slams into Ewyer. The blade, however, sinks into the soft flesh of the creatures side but does not go far enough to sever the spine. The creature shrieks loudly - a testament to the pain it now bore where the sword was stuck - and a recalling of its bloodlust. Those hooked arms reach for Ewyer, menacing and glistening with what appears to be fresh blood as it tries to hook them into his back. The arms scrape along his plated back, that gaping, toothy maw surging forward as though to simply snatch his head from his shoulders -- Shanna stands, arms still outstretched as twenty frightened doves fly from her hands between Ewyer and his potential doom. It is enough to disorient the creature and cause it to stagger back, ripping the sword through it’s own flesh as it does so. Blood pools beneath it now, dripping from the gaping hole in it’s side that Ewyer has left as Shanna immediately fires off another spell, flame spouting from fingertips as the smell of charring flesh fills the air. It’s strange smelling, like cooking pork but the magic that has twisted the creature makes the smell foul and disgusting. THe dark smoke curling around them causes Shanna to hold her breath in both defense and fear - for she knows not what the smoke is capable of. Between their two efforts, for surely Ewyer is not just standing there as flame encases the creature, it lays dead between them. “Whew.” Shanna offers as she dusts her hands, which are now glowing from the heat produced. She shakes them once, twice, and then a third time before they return to their natural color. Her poor gloves are ruined, and she sighs softly, making a mental note to purchase yet another pair. As the smoke clears, she notes that there is something shiny within the creatures molten flesh. Moving forward, she pokes it with a rock she has picked up off the ground, before gasping in surprise. “Exalta crystals!” She exclaims, reaching forward to pull the thing out of the creatures desiccated flesh. She pulls until three of them remain in her hands, before offering one of them to Ewyer. They are about the side of a human hand, round and beautiful in their opalescence. “These will power the airship for a long time. I wonder if they were used to corrupt the form of this person. I’m surprised they’re not corrupted…” She mumbles the last, holding one to the sky as though to see if the purity of it remains. Satisfied with the answer, she doesn’t choose to share, Shanna nods once, and then twice. “We can likely expect more creatures like this. Next time I’d appreciate it if you didn’t shove me over though.” She rubs her sore arm, wincing. “I’m not as fragile as I look. I’ll try to stay out of your way, too.” There should be a mutual understanding that if they work together but manage to keep enough distance that Ewyer can use his sword, they should be able to clear the area fairly well. “Since the other two have left, any exalta crystals we find are yours. I only want the books.”
  7. Shanna smiles at Daemon, offering a small nod to his comment about finding stuff in the forest later. "IF you're sure." She chirps, looking pleased when the mess is cleaned up. Now that, that mess is contained, she returns to pour herself a cup of coffee, finding the caffeine stimulating and joyful. Her attention turned ot the others in the bar, to ensure that they had what they needed.
  8. Shanna finds herself momentarily overwhelmed by the demands of those in the bar, but handles it with surprising grace. Baltrax is given his coffee and cinnamon bun, "Here you go!" She chirps as the payment is swept away into a register, before she resumes her mopping of the spilled alcohol. "Oh! Just minorly enchanted!" She chirps at Daemon. "Can I interest you in something to eat as well as your wine?" Her cheerful visage never changing, though the shape of her eyes shifts to become more rounded. Her constant state of flux is confusing for some, but she remains for hte most part, recognizable as the same person. While waiting for his answer, she turns her attention to Tibale and offers him a nod. "It's not hard to find. One day ride north of Umbra. It's the giant tower. Rafael gave it to me in exchange for my research!" It had been a very beneficial relationship with the God, her finding artifacts and relics of a time gone by, and he reaping the results of it. "There's seven floors to the tower, the main floor has the smithery and the homes for the workers," She pauses as though remembering. "Oh yeah, the stables. THen on the second floor is the kitchen!" Shanna teeters as she moves to wash the mop and returns with a broom to sweep up the broken glass. "The third floor is...the library? I think. Maybe that's the fourth floor. I know the garden is on top and it's one of my favorite places." Nestled just at the base of the cold mountains, Shanna's home was very easy to find, The Red Tower stood out amongst the giant weathered trees. "What about you? Do you have a place you call home?" @Humble Blood @DreamSeeker @Walk Among The Abyss
  9. "Oh, well that's good!" Impatient fingers itch at the hem of her sleeves, Shanna's visage transforming into that of another smile. The bar could be fixed, afterall, bodies were a little more complex. However, when the young man chose not to respond in any meaninful way aside from a slightly pained look on his visage, and Bellamy stood in what seemed to be a collected rage - Shanna could only stare cluelessly. Whatever was happening, she was entirely in ignorance. The toss of the bottle caused her to catch it, albeit awkwardly and it nearly slipped from her fingertips more than once. Righting it upon a shelf, Shanna sighs softly at the mess that has been created. Hands on hips - she turns to the newest comer and points to the floating sign just in front of the door. "No weapons, please! Turn them in over there!" She chirps pleasantly to Daemon, even while filling his request. She places the glass in front of him, before toddling off to get the broom and mop so as to take care of the unpleasant and foul smelling concoction of alcohols that has permeated the air. "WELL!" She offers to Tibale. "No one really has information on the Crucible, it's all rumors and speculation, of course. That being said, I wonder if there's any truth to it at all." She pauses to tap her chin, before resuming her duties. The mop seems to magically soak up all the liquid, as it passes by, before the woman switches to the broom so as to sweep up the glass. SHe works around the startled youth, her gaze subtly checking him for injury and bleeding before determining that aside from the fall - he appears to be physically fine. This allows her attention to return to the conversation at hand with Tibale. "Yeah! There's a grand library in Bronte, where the magical academy is. It's really neat! It's bigger than my tower, which is saying something, cause my tower is pretty big."
  10. Shanna screams - for that is the only appropriate reaction when someone literally falls from the sky. Her hazel gaze flickers upwards to the shattered glass and wood above them, before turning a concerned look towards the young man that had produced such devastation. "Are you...are you alright?" She asks the blushing young man, her attention solely riveted upon him as she awaits an answer. The newcomer, unfortunately, goes without her noticing for the time being. At the question of the newcomer, Shanna turns only halfway, trying to split her attention equally between the two. "Uhm, water...water is free." She says after a moment, distractedly pouring a cup as she sets it atop of the bar. @Mudra @Ravenholm
  11. Raptor? Is that your name or are you an actor?

    Playin’ the game like Parappa the Rapper

    Pavin’ mayhem with your tail of shatter and scatter

    Fightin’ tooth and nail and claws that batter

    See, you the dino that digs deep like a reptile in the heat, singin’ “Scree” with that green smilie of a dinosaur that’s idlin’

    But beneath that still silence of a tiny tyrant is a mind of a giant who writes deeper than a black hole outta science

    A raptor with wings like a pterodactyl flyin’ higher than a pilot in a Genesaran airship battle

    You’re free, lean and mean with an avatar outta Jurassic Park but prettied pink and hair dyed green with blood between your teeth

    You chat others up with ease but wouldn’t hesitate to beat up betrayers in a heartbeat

    Take it from someone who knows—I committed seppuku with a snow-stone—that “Raptor” and no less is what you go by but a T-Rex on standby is how you identify

    Not sure what all that means but it’s better than broken knees so see ya later and good bye

  12. Now we got a real OG we call Raptor.
    Like the fighter Jet; a master Crafter.

    She'll knock you out and get to ya later.
    Knock you around, a Cretaceous Creator.

    A Generational-Regional-Bird of Prey.
    Pair of talonized claws that don't delay.

    Clever girl Ya dodgy bloke.
    A ****in fine Sheila that ain't no joke.

  13. "The books? Of course! They're simply the best! The Crucible is about this giant airship that was lost in Genesaris during the Whispernight, and it speculates on where it fell. Of course, it's all speculation as there's no concrete proof, but it's interesting to read!" Shanna blathers as she drops from the bar and prepares his second cup of coffee, this time the decoration a smiley face, with an extra dollop of cream as she sets it in front of him. "The Ars Nocturis are a series of five grimoires that are said to house enough power to turn back the effects of the Whispernight. OF course, that is also speculation as no one has been able to gather all five of them." A breath drawn, Shanna offers a pallid hand, waving it back and forth for a moment. "Are you familiar with Genesaris?" She intones, head canting htis way and then that before regaining that vapid smile that seems to be her signature move. Her visage shifts, the constant flux of her features slower in this plane than usual, as it rearranges in minute ways- though always seeming similar. She ducks then, below the bar to procure another coffee cup and setting it atop of the bar as though in preparation. She peeks over the bar, looking much like Kilroy. "That's where I'm from! I miss it sometimes, but I can go back whenever so that's not so bad. Sometimes I wonder if The God Emporer Rafael can hear my prayers from here, though." A pregnant pause stretches between the duo, even as Shanna's attentions briefly turn towards Bellamy - who for all purposes, appears to have passed out against the bar. Well, if he's asleep, he cannot cause problems. "Anyway. I think there's a copy of The Crucible in the Grand Library in Bronte! IN fact, I'm sure there is!" Closed fist meets palm as though Shanna has just had a grand thought - the hamster wheel of her brain near smoking in it's attempt to keep up. "As for the Ars Nocturis, no one knows!"
  14. The arrival of Bellamy was likely the heralding of more of his type to come. It wasn't unusual for the downtrodden to try their luck in new and unusual spots - seeking asylum from whatever plagued them. Shanna's gaze flickers along the man, though she finds his disheveled appearance unbecoming, and good lord the rain did nothing to wash away the smell. Nor does it stop the screech that leaves the mans throat. Still, the smile plastered on her visage remained vapid and wide. It turns on Hixel as she approaches, and Shanna perks - something behind her eyes seeming to spark before a devious sort of giggle erupts from the mousy woman. "Oh, I'm sure he'll be no trouble. I'm Shanna!" She offers her hand in greeting, and whether or not Hixel extends hers, Shanna reaches to grasp it and gives it a firm (if not a tad excitable) shake. Though she does look properly sheepish for not realizing that Hixel was there prior to her appearance. As Hixel procures Bellamy the requested drink, Shanna seems almost malicious as she leans over the bar, feet dangling into the air as her short stature keeps her from reaching it the ground. Scraping toes against the bottom of the bar. "AH! My favorite books are the Ars Nocturis, of course, they're really awesome grimoires. But I'm also partial to Sir Willhelm's version of Crucible. What about you?" Her voice purposely carries now, before quieting as she ceases to speak - awaiting a reply from Mr. Coffee, as she doubts Bellamy will be much for discussion until his blood is tempered with the sweet nectar of alcohol.
  15. "It might be wise to prepare any spells or ready weapons." Shanna muses to her party members, gaze flickering back and forth. There is the telltale stench of decay in the air that permeates all other senses, and she discovers the taste of it heavy on her tongue. Wrinkling nose in dissatisfaction, she contemplates for a brief moment, the words of Ewyer, and then that of Evelynn. It would seem that someone was singing, but the purpose behind it she does not know. The air is rife with magical intent, however, and her hair lifts slightly with the power of it. "I hope someone brought some anti-mage stuff." The woman mumbles, more to herself than to her companions as she pauses in their movement to double check the vials that adorn her belt, a deep breath leaving her throat as she considers the various spells at her disposal. She readies two, preparing them in her mind as fingers tingle with the tell-tale notion of magic as it gathers in preparation. Her attention then turns back to Ewyer and Evelynn, a smile - though less wide than usual - adorns her visage. "I think we'll be ok, as long as we're careful." It was likely empty words, but she could already sense the discomfort of her companions. She opened her mouth to respond to Evelynn's question about singing, only to find herself cut short as another verse cut through the air, louder and more intent this time. Wake up, wake up Everybody, wake up Drag your bones to the fireplace heat For I must go walking as somebody else On the dreams of those fallen to sleep "No, that's definitely a ritual. The sooner we move, the less we'll have to fight. I hope." Shanna sighs, as though merely inconvenienced by the thought of slogging through an inevitable horde of undead. A high pitched shriek escaped a house nearby, before suddenly dying as though snuffed like a candle. Shanna shuddered involuntarily, eyes going wide as she tugged at the hem of her leather jerkin. "I think that's our cue!" And like that she was leading them through the winding alleyways, careful to avoid the main road. The village was small but confusing - she led them to a dead end twice before managing to find her bearings. "Sorry, sorry. I don't have a map..." She mumbles to them, before pausing as scuttling above them is heard. Another shriek, though closer, slithers down their spines. Shanna peers upwards to find them face to face with a creature of immeasurable grotesqueness. The skin had become naked, stretched and wrinkled over broken and disjointed bones. Dual-clawed toes kept it aloft on the roof above them, and it's hooks for hands pierced the thin wood menacingly. It snuffed in their direction, it's wide-set visage stretched far too uncomfortably to be even remotely human any longer. The jaw stretched like a bat, rows of sharp teeth filling the gaping chasm. The jaw stretched into two wide-set ears, angled and cut to hear for what seemed to be miles. Upon it's face, no eyes, but two large nostrils that it huffed through as though intent on smelling them out of their hiding spot. Shanna went stock still, not even daring to breathe as the creature knelt over the roof of the small house towards them, drawing in a deep breath. Suddenly it screeched - spittle flying from those bloodied and menacing teeth as it's attention found them. In what barely registered as a second, the creature leapt at them. Shanna barely contained the squeak that dared bubble in her own throat, quickly gaining a defensive stance (they surely didn't have time to run), spell-runes flying at her fingertips.
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