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  1. The Alexandrian

    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    I've a question regarding host specificity. What families/genera/species does this virus affect? What groups would be affected by this virus, and what are the requirements for immunity due to physiological variation (keeping in mind that one may be immune to an illness but still be a carrier of said illness).
  2. The Alexandrian

    Legion of Doom S2 Ad (for reals this time)

    I dunno if the above information will help in answering Tyler's question, but I think it's something to consider, at least.
  3. The Alexandrian

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    So yes, but only for weapons that fall into the "Big Guns" category a la Fallout and explosive material. It won't be a formal search either, just a quick, totally unobtrusive visual inspection and maybe a scan in passing. This is because the event security lead is confident in her ability to neutralize hostiles before they cause major damage to life or property with small arms.
  4. The Alexandrian

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    If you're pressed for time, don't worry about it. There's no need to rush at this stage. A holiday is right around the corner, so progress will probably be a little slow during the upcoming week anyway. Besides, important RL stuff always comes first.
  5. The Alexandrian

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    Whoops, I totally forgot to issue this request earlier, but could y'all include a label at the top of your posts in the thread kinda like what follows? [Character 1 and Character 2] Feel free to be more creative with it than that. I just want to make it easier for people to find stuff that's relevant to their character in a given round. I intend to use portmanteau names until further notice! Tagging the player of the character yours has been partnered with somewhere in your post is also encouraged.
  6. The Alexandrian

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    Thread is up. Please let me know if there's anything you'd like added to that thread's OP. Please feel free to godmod the staff and add to the manor's design. If you'd like an item or something to be located somewhere in some area, you are more than welcome to declare that whatever you want is wherever you want it to be. @LikelyMissFortune Evienne may have the dubious honor of being the first to ascend to the upper balcony to meet Caeceila, if you like, or Caeceila can come down to meet Evienne if that works better for your narrative. Feel free to describe as much of the upper balcony as you wish if you go with the former option. She'll be wearing Mad Max-ish/Wastelander clothing and she'll be armed with some type of longsword/katana. @Grimmholt Nines shall meet up with your character wherever you desire. She's a Drow, but she'll be wearing a heavy metal "battle jacket" and lots of black. More IC description shall follow, but I can provide both of you with supplemental information on what Caeceila and Nines look like beforehand if you wish.
  7. Outsider. Unnatural. Heretic. Bittersweet were the epithets that tripped off the wagging tongues of those who could not appreciate Caeceila Glasmann's affliction. In their unflagging ignorance, the superstitious and the malcontent readily misrepresented Caeceila's motives and branded her with all manner of vulgar misnomers, none of which bear repeating, that overplayed her purported ruthless efficiency and insatiable lust for blood. Of late, Hell's Gate was a cornucopia of such rumors where the nobility was concerned, particularly in drinking establishments frequented by the lower classes. In truth, anyone who was anyone could testify that none of these labels applied to Caeceila, for definitive knowledge of her condition, at least among the powers that be, easily outpaced the gossipmongers' litany. Nevertheless, a convenient lie coupled with Caeceila's newfound notoriety had transformed her into a symbol entities with an agenda could assail. She was much despised by the downtrodden who had lost their livelihoods to astounding advances in industrial automation, marked forever as a noble who cared more for the welfare of strangers than the poignant suffering of her own people, and they sought to vilify her for that injustice whether or not she was a deserving recipient of their rage. Was it any surprise, then, that drunken rabble had assembled at the gates of the Glasmann Estate, brandishing crude, improvised weaponry, approximately a quarter of an hour before guests were permitted to set foot on the premises? Not at all. Nor was it especially alarming when the mob forced itself past the team of young, well-groomed servants unfurling plush crimson carpets in advance of whatever might constitute the evening's opening ceremony, hellbent on vandalizing Caeceila's property. It was the terror that gripped the intruders in the chaotic retreat that ensued, the sustained shrieking of adult men carted out on stretchers, and the wild-eyed stares of the handful who were silent that caused the local looky-loos to quietly disperse, leaving only the scarce few who weren't so intimidated by Caeceila's show of force that they dare not brave her lair and risk her wrath. When the servants were recalled and the stout, ebony gate slid aside, its steady, telescoping motions doing much to enrich the pageantry of the reveal, a cavernous expanse illuminated by an artificial star stretched out before the audience. A tremendous collection of life-sized metal soldiers, facing inward toward the crimson finery neatly draped over the mass of platforms spread before a fleet of luxurious hovercraft, chartered for the express purpose of conveying guests from the entrance to the estate to the manor's great hall, scintillated in rays of light cast by the setting "sun," a soft, white orb that engendered no discomfort in the eye when viewed directly. A host of six-legged robots, mobile artillery units, judging by their heavy-duty design and menacing black frames, skittered in the distance, their imposing armaments repurposed for the night's festivities, firing a ceaseless barrage of cylindrical canisters that erupted into fantastical shapes cut from brilliant light into the air above crowd. The air itself was sweet with the amalgamated scent of beds of magnolia and lilac in blossom, courtesy of a microhabitat enabled by the city's world-renowned magitech. Indeed, all kinds of flowering flora dotted the landscape, tended, as they were, by swarms of butterflies so garish their admirers might get the impression that they too dressed their Sunday best for just this occasion. Empty birdcages are suspended from towering trees, implying that the exotic songbirds they once held have been moved elsewhere until the fireworks show concludes. The palatial structure that serves as the Glasmann residence proudly stands in consummate contrast to the bulk of Hell's Gate. Artistry and craftsmanship adorn every shining facet of the ancient domicile. Each stone bespeaks both the longevity and prosperity of the venerable Glasmann line, as if the fates of House Glasmann and the city of Hell's Gate were inextricably interwoven in days of yore. Much of the central structure, in fact, predates what is now considered the basic infrastructure of Hell's Gate, painstakingly preserved from the first settlement and transferred to the modern age with a profound reverence for tradition that is so very lacking in a great number of Hell's Gate's modern nobility. All of the glasswork in the older sections of the manor has been recently rehabilitated, allowing the throng of onlookers to examine renditions of Caeceila's ancestors and key events in the history of Hell's Gate through various viewscreens in the hovercrafts as they soar toward the newest wing of the manor, a staggeringly advanced wing constructed primarily from concrete, steel, glass, and composite materials. Several other buildings are visible from the hovercraft, including a private airship dock, servants' quarters, and what appears to be a small communications center flying Drow colors, but none can hope to hold a candle to the sprawling behemoth that is the Glasmann manor. Almost universally, the atmosphere is charged with magic and excitement, for this is the maiden unveiling of the Glasmann Estate. The news crews that remain descend into a dizzying spirals of feverish activity as influential and inconsequential members of society alike are whisked, as one, into this veritable wonderland that was hiding beneath their very noses. Upon disembarking at the great hall and proceeding through its titanic, metal doors, all guests, having checked in with the servants manning the gates prior to their admittance to a hovercraft, are issued a magitech tablet displaying the itinerary for the event and assigned a personal servant who shall see to their needs for the duration of the event. After this, guests are permitted to wander the great hall and the lawn in front of the great hall with the caveat that the uppermost balcony, accessible by both a staircase and an elevator, is a restricted area. For the majority, there is little draw in scaling that cordoned off staircase, for the diversions available on the first floor, mezzanine, and lawn are guaranteed to entertain even the most boorish partygoer. From skeet shooting and dueling with foils to sipping aged Yamazaki whiskey, snacking on hors d'oeuvres prepared by a teppanyaki chef, and chatting about relics, tapestries, and hunting trophies locked in various display cabinets or fixed to the dark purple wall above the handcarved wainscoting before the roaring fire of the great hearth, all ought to find something they can enjoy until the event gets underway. Yet... The organizer of the event, Caeceila Glasmann, is nowhere to be found. As with the interlopers, this is no real cause for alarm... Except that those sensitive to the paranormal will sense that the veil is especially weak in this manor. Something is amiss, but there's no time to investigate now. A bell rings, signaling that the first round has begun. White leather armchairs, velveteen loungers, mahogany furniture, fur rugs, Byōbu and sundries have been placed on the mezzanine and the first floor to facilitate social interaction with the intent of strengthening Valucre as a whole.
  8. The Alexandrian

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    Michael will be paired with Nines for the first round, then, as we currently have an odd number of characters. Sorry about not posting the thread yesterday, folks. I allocated roughly four hours to writing the OP, but I had little to show for it at the end as I was way, way to concerned with using the correct verbiage and setting a suitable tone. Please give me a couple of hours to see to some RL stuff, and I'll hop back to writing the OP once that's sorted. Thank you for your patience.
  9. The Alexandrian

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    Yes, and the streak of high/middling rolls continues.
  10. The Alexandrian

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    Sooo... The groupings are currently as follows: 1-20: [Vacant] 21-40: Caeceila and [Vacant] 41-60: Torie and Aveline 61-80: The Mistress and Thurgood 81-100: Ilyana and Pearl I'm surprised that no one has rolled a number less than 40. If these were combat rolls, our party would be faring quite well right about now.
  11. The Alexandrian

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Strangers in the Night - Speed Networking at the Glasmann Estate Rolling for: Caeceila Glasmann
  12. The Alexandrian

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    Here's a link to the forum's dice rolling thread: Since you rolled 48, Torie will be paired with the character of the player who rolls a number between 41 and 60 (inclusive) for the duration of the first round. If two people already rolled numbers between 41 and 60 and you rolled a 1 on a 2-sided die, your character would be bumped into the next open range (61-80 or, if that was full, 81-100). If all of the slots above your range were already filled, you'd proceed as you would had you rolled a 2 on the 2-sided die.
  13. The Alexandrian

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    Alright, gang! Here's the updated list of players (and characters) who have expressed interest in participating in this event: Dolor Aeternum (Ilyana Sevryn) Zashiii (The Mistress) Mickey Flash (Pearl Song) Venus Sprite (Torie) notmuch_23 (Thurgood and/or Aveline) Grimmholt (Michael von Morgenstern) King (Quinn, if time allows) LikelyMissFortune (Evienne) The Alexandrian (Caeceila Glasmann and Nines (As Needed)) We're almost ready to get underway! I just need a bit more information on the number of characters in attendance so I can divide one of the dice available on/in the site dice roller into equal chunks. @King I'd like to follow-up on Quinn's participation in the first round. Will Quinn be able to attend? If you're booked right now, you're more than welcome to jump right in as soon as time allows. @notmuch_23 Are both Thurgood and Aveline attending the first round? I'd like to know so I can get an accurate count of the PCs in attendance. Everyone is more than welcome to start rolling for the first round, incidentally. Until the above questions are answered, I'd like to propose that we divide a 100-sided die into five equal parts and adjust as necessary later on. If your number falls in a range that two other players have already filled, examine the 2-sided die. If the 2-sided die landed on 1, move up to the next available range. If the 2-sided die landed on 2, move down to the next available range. If all of the ranges above/below you are filled, please bump your character into the closest available range. I will maintain the results in a spoiler in the OP of this interest check, but I would appreciate it if you could record the information referenced in the paragraph above in new posts in this thread for convenience. The OP for this event will drop later this evening. I will link it in this thread once it has been created. Thank you for choosing to participate in this event. Now, let's have some fun!
  14. The Alexandrian

    The Burning of Everrun

    Caeceila Glasmann, Nines, and their fledgling, Terrenus-aligned PMC. Caeceila is drawn to mass death (which led her to crash the Red Festival) and Nines has been aligned with Cae since she left the Abbadon Triumvirate to their fate. If access to the ruined sectors of the city is officially denied to them, they will seek "unofficial" channels by which they can access the crime scene, up to and including using proxies to collect data and send it back to HQ for further analysis. Even if this is not possible because my request for a formal IC investigation into the matter is denied, I would like the record to show that they attempted to investigate the matter but were impeded by the authorities.
  15. The Alexandrian

    The Burning of Everrun

    [Dramatic]Know that such atrocities committed on the continent of Terrenus will draw the ire of more than just the Terran Military and the Veluriyam Military. I would like the opportunity to run/participate in a formal IC inquisition pending the completion of this event.[/Dramatic]