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  1. Sweet! Thank you for the edit! I like that plan! I think it'll be much easier for the Shields to get what they need after they case the joint and gather useful info on it.
  2. By the way, I'll rp the staff members, assuming the Shields choose to interact with them, and I'll rp general NPCs by request.
  3. A NPC vampire lunged at Sarah with the intent to rip out her throat with his bare hands. As written, Sarah, a member of the Shields, beat the tar out of the vampire and was about to finish him before another Shield ordered her to stand down.
  4. Lancellar transformed into mist in your last post, correct? While no one would disrupt this, she would still emit light and emotion, so while she would be able to locate, offscreen if I understand you correctly, several features, including a bar, a sitting area, bathrooms, a balcony area and adjoining VIP area, and four cordoned-off and guarded doors, she would not be able to access any of the backrooms, like the ones behind the bar or backstage, without bumping into staff members. They'll learn they can also check items and purchase trinkets in each of the dressing rooms, not that I imagine that's especially high on their list of priorities. Would you like to edit your post to incorporate the safeguards described above or would you prefer I include the safeguards in my reply? The dispel magic defense may remove some of the magical darkness in addition to serving its intended purpose.
  5. Nah, you're doing fine! 😃 Club Tablillas just isn't an easy location to force your way into, and the reason why is that it's essentially a nightclub House Glasmann can convert into a command post if necessary. There's more to it than that, of course, and I'll try to explain that pretty succinctly below. Explanation: Not too long ago IC, but about five years ago OoC IIRC, a meteor at the bottom of a Ponkapoag Lake opened, releasing body-snatching alien parasites called the Enrele. Over the years, because the original groups of adventurers investigating the Enrele did not wipe them out, the Enrele have evolved, forming multiple hiveminds and "taking" more and more of the population of Fracture/Terrenus. In a recent-ish event, known as the Symposium Against Doom, the Terrenus Military stated that there are millions of Enrele now and that they've "taken" a good chunk of people and wildlife. Perhaps I ought to have provided a basic, OoC background on the people the Shields have been sent to spy on/steal from as well. The owner of the nightclub is named Camelia Sorina. Cammy is a short catgirl with a full-back tattoo of a white tiger mid-pounce. She ran what I refer to as a black site in Tia, a city of vampires and the like that was razed by a terrorist group known as the Dead fairly recently. She's a weretiger who likes to cook and sing and is associated with a cult called The Hermetic Order of the Elder God Bast, which, admittedly, I might change to The Hermetic Order of the Elder Goddess Bast since Bast is female. Cammy's sister is named Iolanda Sorina. Io helps run the nightclub. She's a weretiger who likes to cook, act, and make bank. She is also associated with The Hermetic Order of the Elder God Bast. The reason for this mission, as far as I can tell, is that Cammy and Io have partnered with Caeceila Glasmann, a noble of Hell's Gate who sees it as her duty to go out and fight bad guys. Cae is aggressive and brutal, and for awhile, she wanted the public to fear her. Public opinion, however, has shifted recently and Caeceila is, so far as I can tell, both feared and loved by a fair percentage of the population of Hell's Gate. She does have enemies, and it is very likely that one of these enemies hired the Shields of Valor for this mission. I suspect the Shields of Valor were hired by an agent of Hivemind Hasith, but that's neither here nor there. Follow-Up to Your Post: I should note that patrons of Club Tablillas aren't allowed to kill or seriously injure each other. The crowd demanded a fistfight, not murder. If a vampire lunged at someone with intent to kill, one of Limbo's safeguards would kick in. Almost immediately, a pulse of apathy would erupt from the spaces above and below the aggressor, neutralizing feelings of hostility in the immediate area. Wards would target the aggressor, hitting the aggressor with dispel magic and high level counterspells. Furthermore, tendrils would shoot from the malleable environment, binding the aggressor until an authorized staff member manually released the aggressor. Only staff members and certain VVIPs are exempt from this safeguard. If Sarah and the vampire are both overcome by bloodlust, these safeguards will target both of them. I alluded to this in my last post. "So it is that guards are present not to suppress all forms of conflict but to protect patrons and staff from violence with lethal intent. Although they may be full of piss and vinegar, regulars know better than to strike with intent to wound or kill. Beyond that, the staff members have their own methods of keeping the crowd in check and entertained." Fighting for sport, however, is permitted as long as all participants want to fight. A qualified staff member, like the lone catgirl, oversees such fights when they break out in Limbo and ensures no one is grievously wounded during the bout. General Questions: Have the Shields of Valor thoroughly explored Limbo? If so, what was the method they employed? Limbo is basically a cavern blanketed in magical darkness with bizarre artwork and the like, as described above. It's difficult for a first-timer to find his/her way around, which is why I've asked about the method they employed. Depending on your response, they may have located certain areas of interest. Though it doesn't really matter, did they explore both of the dressing rooms on their way in as well? Edit: I should also point out that although our characters are on different teams IC, OoC, I want this to be a fun experience. I'm more than happy to work with you so we can arrive at an outcome we're both satisfied with, so if you have any concerns, questions, or anything like that, be sure to let me know.
  6. If the Shields of Valor feared they would be gunned down in cold blood for brawling in Club Tablillas or that honest-to-gods brawls are at all uncommon in Limbo, the section of the nightclub they are currently restricted to, they don't exactly know just where they are. Live bands play goth, metal, punk, industrial, and experimental music on this floor every night. Whenever metal bands are on site, whether they are performing for an audience or rehearsing elsewhere, the staff sets up a dedicated mosh pit in Limbo for patrons to vent their frustrations and enjoy awesome music. The Shields are already aware that Club Tablillas caters to a certain type of clientele, people who are subjected to persecution and bigotry in their day-to-day lives. Club Tablillas is a safe haven where they can escape the abuse they suffer and relax, if only for a couple of hours each evening. Club Tablillas isn't meant for their kind. Club Tablillas is meant for those with no future in this broken world. So it is that guards are present not to suppress all forms of conflict but to protect patrons and staff from violence with lethal intent. Although they may be full of piss and vinegar, regulars know better than to strike with intent to wound or kill. Beyond that, the staff members have their own methods of keeping the crowd in check and entertained. Tonight, a heavy metal band is performing in Limbo. Given that the Shields are in a densely packed area within Limbo and that two of them were dancing recently, they are likely somewhere near the stage at the center of Limbo. The band is covering Mouth of War by Pantera, and they are killing it. Patrons in the mosh pit are going wild, slamming into each other in exuberant approval of the talent on show. Some of the best in Hell's Gate shred in Club Tablillas. They are amazing, even those that are relatively unknown elsewhere. Here, they could pour their souls into their music like nowhere else. When the cocky vampire crashed into a group of demons, some of whom were headbanging, the sign of the horns proudly displayed in the air above them as their hair whipped round and round, they promptly shoved him back toward the Shield who delivered the vampire to them. Immediately, a large crowd circled around them, hemming in the Shields, distractions and infiltrator alike, with a wall of living flesh. The crowd roared in anticipation. Knock that motherfucker on his ass! Hail and kill! Seek and destroy! The Shields were in the thick of it, the crowd pressing in on them as they forcefully demand a fistfight. Whoever punched the vampire would find himself/herself/itself pushed into the ring with no way out. The staff didn't visibly react to the battle, save for a lone catgirl in an elegant suit who started to wander from the stage to the ring, her purpose inscrutable judging by her movements, body language, and facial expression.
  7. Tell you what, I'll let you in on a little something neither you nor your new friends understand. I'm a bloody-minded bitch. Your opinions don't mean shit to me. Call me a monster! Tell me I'm unnatural and hated and feared and that I don't have a right to exist! You won't change a damn thing. As long as I'm alive, I'll use my power to save people. I won't stop - I'll keep fighting until there's no fight left in this world - and if you don't like it, you and your friends better kill me where I stand! True to her word and her ideals, Caeceila yields not an inch as Jason recklessly charges into her minor energy maelstrom. On the contrary, she advances on him with astounding but not preternatural speed, aiming to engage the vanquished hero in close quarters combat within the maelstrom itself. Her barrier is active, effectively shielding her from Jason's aura. Critical inspection of Caeceila's barrier will reveal that Caeceila's barrier is presently composed of two layers, an extended energy siphoning layer sustained atop a skintight hard energy shell. This paranormal barrier system can be likened to contemporary body armor in that it is designed to dissipate incoming energy and distribute it over an expanding area when the hard energy shell deflects. The kicker, from the perspective of Caeceila's opponents, is that the siphon is a sustained effect that routes energy, ambient or otherwise, through the hard energy shell as it is absorbed into Caeceila's vessel, reinforcing and repairing her paranormal barrier system without demanding a significant share of her attention. Moreover, Caeceila had, in the last round, enriched a small, hemispherical area with her energy maelstrom in preparation for devouring energy stored in an external source which directly translates into virtually automatic, if temporary, barrier system regeneration keyed to her barrier within the boundaries of the affected space. Therefore, Caeceila remains ready to devour a fair portion of the energy stored in Jason, whether it be holy, elemental, psychic, necromantic, or merely life energy, when he dives into range. Predatory instinct drives her forward, her execution not merely informed but directed by her much reviled inheritance. The Heiress would catch Jason mid-dive, for she was motivated to deny him the chance to stick the landing terminating his chain of acrobatic stunts, with a vicious right hook. Caeceila is strong, much stronger than an average Terran, and the momentum derived from her anatomy, stance, and form is supplemented by an invisible wave of force that propagates out from the proximal phalanges, the striking surface, of her fist. Had she launched this attack against an average Terran, her target might fold around the point of impact from the sheer power behind her strike. Jason, however, might endure this devastating strike with minimal damage, though his shield may be weakened or even shattered by the accompanying energy siphon at the point of contact. Caeceila's primary objective is to compel Jason's puppet master to continue to prioritize her as a target. In doing so, she will prevent Jason and his puppet master from achieving total awareness the battlefield. In addition, by denying Jason the opportunity to stick his landing and keeping him in front of her, if only for a few seconds, she will, by a bountiful stroke of luck, keep Jason between her body and the bullets Emile may have just fired at her front. Even a flawless rendition of this sequence does not guarantee Jason's defeat and Hivemind Aleth's withdrawal from the Spectral District. Iolanda, in the time required for Jason to dodge multiple attacks, hurl his dagger, and scale Peldun, had cut herself free of the sword of light commanded to pin her to the ground. It was a rapid, if tortuous, procedure. Jason's sword was extraordinarily sharp and therefore it was extraordinarily easy to simply allow her momentum to carry her from the blade as it sliced into her flesh. She continued to grow throughout this operation. her growth complimenting her supernatural regeneration factor. She was now about the size of an elephant. In consequence, she was injured, but not heavily injured, so she opted to withdraw from the battlefield along the same route as her sister Camelia, who was, alarmingly, nowhere to be seen despite the fact that she is very likely far larger than an elephant at this time. While none of the combatants on either side, save Camelia and Iolanda, would be privy to Camelia's movements, she had concealed herself behind a large structure in a position where she might be able to ambush any Enrele reinforcements inbound from the Magistrate's Estate. Whatever the outcome of her right hook, Caeceila is dissatisfied with whatever advantage she may have gained. In a blur of blinding cerulean light, she rockets forward, alive with unhallowed power, and attempts to smear Jason of the Lions across the street behind him. Her icy eyes mirror her ruthless pragmatism as she skims through patches of fog, aiming to drag Jason against the oozing cobblestone road and, shortly thereafter, lob him into the exquisite masonry of a yawning residence that lingers, empty and purposeless, deeper within the Spectral District.
  8. @Metty You might have to ask @supernal if this particular plot is open, but you're generally welcome to try to steal stuff from locations I manage if you wish. Your character(s) could also try to talk to Caeceila and do things for her in exchange for rewards.
  9. SCHATTENJÄGER SEASON 1 | EPISODE 1: LOTAN My name is Camelia Sorina, and I hunt eldritch horrors. Over and over, she rehearsed her intro, varying her pitch and tempo as if questing for the perfect take. She was bored, dreadfully bored, insufferably bored, waiting for someone to fling the doors wide open and admit her to this ramshackle domicile, this miserable pile of sodden tinder ensconced in a city descending helplessly, perhaps even peacefully, into realms of madness and despair. She checked out of her hotel - a well-maintained property overlooking the Moss Forest - at nine sharp, having taken a hearty full English breakfast at eight and intending to take a light lunch at eleven thirty at Yam's Bistro and Patisserie on the corner of 12th and Main. She leisurely browsed the collection curated by Arcturon's Public Library, toured a local museum, and captured candid footage of Arcturon and its freakish residents. When all the springs of the great deep burst forth and the floodgates of heaven are opened, these cursed souls would be swept away in the undertow. At two o'clock in the afternoon, Cammy and her camera crew set about randomly interviewing passersby. In no time at all, they learned that people were more willing to humor them when they met beneath awnings and other objects that provided some measure of shelter from a mass hallucination - an imaginary storm. From the perspective of an outsider, it was absurd how these people carried on. They carried umbrellas. They dressed in rain jackets, ponchos, and waterproof boots. They bustled through the streets, tiptoeing around the invisible puddles that impeded them and generally fussing about their clothing, their hair, and whatever items they were carrying. Their collective behavior was so absurd, in fact, that Cammy conceived of a plan to rouse them from their nightmare. At four o'clock, Camelia purchased three goldfish, or three of Taen's goldfish equivalent, from a local pet store. She then paid five random passersby to lead her to "puddles" capable of sustaining goldfish. In each trial, a member of her crew transferred a goldfish to a "puddle," observed the movements of the goldfish, and timed how long each goldfish survived. It was a morbid experiment to be sure, but it was as objective as can be. At the conclusion of the experiment, the goldfish would either be alive or dead. After an hour, her crew collected the corpses of the goldfish, packaged them in clear plastic bags with a fresh supply of water, and drove to the rendezvous point - the dingy home of one M'yr Boldbarrow. They waited there in their truck, filming whatever they could in the hours of twilight. They left briefly to procure supper and again to procure dessert. The night was a tad too cold for ice cream sundaes and root beer floats, some might contend, but the weather did nothing to deter Cammy or her crew from voraciously consuming their sugary treats. When, under the cover of night, the door at last swung open, Cammy and her crew, three petite catgirls handling recording equipment, marched on Boldbarrow's sanctum. Cammy took point, her wondrous pink eyes sparkling with equal parts curiosity and excitement. Tonight, Cammy and her crew wore tan jumpsuits branded with the word "Schattenjäger," the title of their new, Cabalvision-exclusive series! Camelia's soft, silvery hair is bundled in a braided ponytail. Her expressive catlike ears point at the ceiling and her well-groomed tail, adorned with at least a dozen bows, juts out behind her as the short, cute catgirl struts inside. It goes without saying that her crew will stop filming upon request, although this will earn Cammy's ire and a petulant frown. Cammy deduces that she is not quite out of her element in this crowd, and her logic is confirmed when she spots Maiden Blackbush accompanying assorted mercenaries, none of whom embody her image of a team player, into the unkempt house! Cammy rushes to meet up with her, doubling her pace before she lays her eyes on the slimy bouncer positioned just beyond the threshold and screeches to a halt. Wow! What happened to you? Like, seriously, are you up for an interview! No? The strong, silent type, eh? You're just gonna - you're just gonna stand there, aren't you? I could make you famous, you know! You could have your picture in the intro sequence of the first season of an award-winning series! Still not interested? Fine. This was your one chance at stardom, kiddo, but you blew it! Proceeding past the slugman, Cammy once more sets her sights on greeting Maiden Blackbush only to lose focus and divert her attention to Myr's dresser and his makeshift blade. Curiosity gets the better of her as she examines the old blood stains speckling Myr's dresser. A scuffle occurred here, perhaps? No, not a scuffle. The untreated floor would be speckled with similar stains. An indicator of self-inflicted wounds? The razor blades tacked to a wooden ruler might attest to that. A driftwood mask to hide behind and a telltale unease around outsiders? Yes, this Myr is a piece of work, isn't he? And though she jumps and inhales sharply as a window pane cracks behind her, Cammy hears far more than most. Myr asked someone to move away from the window before it cracked. A mercenary, alert and poised to react to danger, would not have to be instructed to move away from a threat that is easily perceived. Is this Myr trapped in an unending cycle of events or is this something else entirely? Is he the source of the Arcturon's madness or one more victim adrift in the tide? In due time, she would know the truth of the matter. She continued to make a circuit of the room as mercenaries introduced themselves and did their best to intimidate each other. It wasn't all that surprising to her that they would play such childish games: some felt a need to assert their dominance over others while others promoted their services by building up their street cred. Cammy had no such desire. Her days of fighting tooth and nail for scraps in godsforsaken alleys in Tia were done. She could afford to be kind and cooperative, for the power at her disposal was terrifying in nature and potency. Quietly, Cammy assessed each entity in the chamber. A mage. Standoffish and easy on the eyes. A buff guy with a tail. Seems like an alright fellow for a pirate. A gunslinger. Ouch. Does he have something against healers or is he just that hard up for cash? A friend. Well... Not really a friend, but at least someone who is less likely to stab her in the back... Maybe... Myr. Already talked about him. And- and... Did that one introduce itself? No? Alright, that's... Not good. These people aren't going to work well together, are they? Nevermind that. She's probably expected to introduce herself now. Cammy walks up to Myr and extends her right arm. She's clearly under the impression that he will shake her hand. She smiles warmly at him. Good evening! I'm Cammy! I'm one of Caeceila Glasmann's partners, and I'm here today because I heard not all is well in Arcturon. I've been keeping an eye out for information on what's wrong with this place since some disturbing rumors surfaced concerning the Low Tide Festival. I've taken a few odd jobs around here - I even helped a guy track down a lost goat this one time - and I'm happy one finally panned out! This isn't my first rodeo, so I might be able to help you make sense of all this, maybe. I'm guessing my reference materials differ drastically from yours so there's a good chance one of us will be able to translate whatever you guys and gals unearth faster than the other. That's my team; they're all lovely ladies that know their stuff. Cammy pauses for a second. She glances and shudders at Slake and her droogs before continuing. Looks like you have more than enough muscle, so I guess I can provide you with a short-range communications system and try to figure out where these books you're interested in are stored. I can also drive things now, so I can be your getaway driver just like in the movies! Also, and this is just my advice, it might be to your advantage if no one kills anyone during this break in of yours. Crazy idea, I know, but it's your reputation on the line.
  10. There is a material receiving area at the back of the building, but it won't be clear, without prep work, which part of the club it ultimately leads to. If this area is currently in use, guards will be posted to monitor receiving operations and scan for biological contaminants. This area is under remote surveillance by default. When cargo is unloaded, bipedal shipping and receiving bots and quality assurance personnel inspect it, tag it, and store it on racks within the building. I will note that Sarah may actually blend in with Club Tablillas's "basement" clientele based solely on your description of her outfit. Her bitterness may radiate out from her and affect other patrons, assuming she is in the basement of the club.
  11. While I haven't written an article on Club Tablillas, I do have a few snippets on it from the thread in which it came to be, Exterior: Entryway: (Part of the) Basement: There's also a sub-basement and a first floor. The first floor appears inaccessible from the entryway. The sub-basement is inaccessible from the entryway. I am willing to mount a defense. I am also willing to tone down the club's defenses for this scene only if they're a little too over-the-top. While it isn't directly related to the objective of this mission, Club Tablillas is one of the few places in Terrenus where you can buy and sell emotions and memories, though this isn't public knowledge.
  12. Feel free to skip me. At current, I'm blanking on how to assemble the components I've come up with for this character's introduction without breaking the tone.
  13. It's so violent even alien parasites that grew up in the same meteor fight each other!
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