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  1. The Alexandrian

    The Silvermind

    Anger. Toothsome rage, pregnant with homicidal intent, plowed into the half-crazed grin of a Cheshire cat. Caeceila Glasmann, vindictive beast that she is, eagerly seized upon Sabiya's vulnerability with the wolfish appetite of children tearing into a cellophane bundle of sugary confections. As if on cue, her savage soul shed its apathetic shell and cordially invited Doctor Sabiya Invarti to follow suit, to renounce social mores and strike at her with more force than petty insults could ever exert. Such authenticity would be a refreshing change of pace from the uninspired horse-trading and glorified pissing contest that this exchange would indubitably devolve into were they to forge ahead with their dramatized posturing, preening, hemming, and hawing, but in physically assaulting the much esteemed Caeceila Glasmann, Sabiya would forfeit this contest of wills and prove the Monroe Foundation House Glasmann's inferior in the eyes of the public and subsequent proceedings. No part of that particular scandal was of much concern to Caeceila, of course; she had no incentive, at present, to lament the self-inflicted fate of the Monroe Foundation. Caeceila didn't view Sabiya as a significant martial threat either. She was a manipulative, Janus-faced minx who must have been conspicuously absent the day the gods were distributing consciences, but unless Sabiya got the drop on her, Caeceila was confident in her ability to beat the snot out of her would-be foe. Fighting, flying, holo-programming, and maintaining aircraft and gear were Caeceila's only steady hobbies, and Cae had Sabiya pegged as one of those well-rounded types who don't train for exotic combat scenarios every day because they have "lives" and "friends" and "jobs" and all that nonsense. Sabiya was an affable socialite who could charm the pants onto a succubus; Caeceila was more comfortable stomping the life out of people than she was conversing with them - not that she'd pancake Sabiya were Sabiya to come at her. Perhaps she'd settle for mangling her dominant hand beyond all repair, pulverizing the dainty fingers of her slender hands into cinnamon-scented lumps of meat-paste with pearlescent bone spikes protruding from a battered mat of pale, silky skin at odd angles. Perhaps one brutal deed wouldn't sate her bloodlust. It was always a challenge to estimate the limits of Caeceila's sadism in a given battle-scenario, though one could always count on Cae to incorporate some measure of gratuitous violence in her terrifying performances on the killing field. When Sabiya's hostility abates, it is shadowed by Caeceila's predatory thrill and giddy animation. Her distressing grin dies away, though it does so in seconds, not fractions of a second. Her light subsides, and her heartbeat slows. When all is said and done, Cae purses her lips and transfixes Sabiya with dour, petulant dismay. Tease. Caeceila hisses as Sabiya recovers. The term describes Sabiya and her vulgar conduct to a tee, Cae opines. Whatever reaction, short of aggravated assault, Cae's accusation elicits, she occupies her time drumming her fingers on the arm of her chair, listening to Sabiya's lecture, dissatisfaction mounting with the articulation of each sycophantic word. There is no point to resuming her cold and apathetic routine at this stage, no matter how she longs to mimic the condition of Sabiya's heart. Damn Sabiya for getting her all worked up over nothing. Damn her for treasuring metal over kith and kin. At the cessation of Sabiya's speech, Caeceila calms herself, quirks an eyebrow, and looks Sabiya over once again. As her gaze slips across Sabiya's frame, she wonders, idly, if her promiscuous partner could scrap at all in that gaudy costume she sports. Then, and only then, does she reply in turn. Built with a purpose, unlike you and I, eh? A hollow chuckle escapes Caeceila's lips as she rises from her seat. Flicking her wrist, she rotates it about its center of mass such that it faces Sabiya head on. She sits down again, planting the outsole of her right dress shoe in the fine fabric of her seat and reciprocates. You ought to speak for yourself. You might have had every opportunity to blaze your own path. Few are so lucky. I, for instance, was born to kill. It's not quite an ambition, I suppose. It's more of a compulsion. You might call it my nature, even. I live to take life, and I do so on your behalf. I'm very, very good at what I do. Know too that I am doing what I can to protect the people of this land, but my efficacy will be impaired without your cooperation in multiple areas. Cae leans in and responds to Sabiya's smile with a strained, ghoulish imitation of her own. I admit I deliberately provoked you from the second I spotted you, and I did so with good reason. The Monroe Foundation may adore artificial intelligence; in it, you may see the future of your kind. As a machine empath, you might even treat them as your children. Unfortunately, we live now. Now, your kind suffers. Now, they bleed. Is it not mad that I, a killer by my own admission, am moved by their anguish more than you? Peals of rich, sonorous rumbling, rhythmic dissonance roughly approximating melancholic laughter, burst from the eccentric heiress. As more subversive elements of the press insinuated, Caeceila Glasmann might not, in fact, be of human descent. She lives like a human. Normally, she sounds like a human. Her anatomy is, by all accounts, that of a human. It is impossible to determine the veracity of her claim from appearances and words in isolation. She would, and has, embellished the truth to make herself more fearsome on paper than she is in person. Why, she was the origin of some of the especially pernicious gossip circulating through Hell's Gate regarding her motives and methods. It was enough, for Cae, to keep Sabiya on her toes. I guess not. A beat. A sidelong glance out the window. A deflated sigh. Before we waste any more breath bickering over wet ports, you should know that we won't be designing them with human architecture in mind. Silver Vision's weapons systems may or may not be eldritch entities, and more than a few members of the crew may or may not be human. The plan is for Silvermind to interface directly with alien organisms - creatures the civilized, Gaia-fearing world shuns and abhors. That condition may significantly reduce the lifespan of your AI unless we extensively filter or censor the information the AI receives. If that scope of work is acceptable to you, lets agree to disagree on charity and advertising and agree that patents, ownership, and licensure of technologies generated as a result of this collaboration will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis at the end of the project with adequate consideration of some sort provided to the quote losing unquote party and sign some paperwork.
  2. The Alexandrian

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    I shall be AFV for awhile. I would be much obliged if someone would initiate the next round for anyone still interested in participating in this thread. I'm also interested in limiting the RL time set aside for each round, and I'd be happy to defer to whatever timing decisions are made in my absence, if any.
  3. I shall be AFV for approximately one month.  Thereafter, I hope to resume all of the scenes I am currently participating in/dming.  Stay cool, gang!

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    2. Rin


      Be safe, take care and have fun 

    3. Bohemian Eagle

      Bohemian Eagle

      when you return, let's do a scene for old time's sake.

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      will be waiting for you when you make your return 🙏

  4. The Alexandrian

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    A bunch of civilian ships were also stolen as the Legion of Doom made its escape. I don't know how many vessels were hijacked, so I don't know if that detail had a lasting impact on Last Chance's economy.
  5. Not that Cae could possibly know, but just wanted to let you know that Teresa's/ Titus'  are part of a ruling bloodline for a while, just in an area separate from the Terran mainland. 

    Might be a fun read for u to see where Teresa and Titus come from


    1. The Alexandrian

      The Alexandrian

      It is probably for the best that Cae isn't aware of Teresa's/Titus's ancestry.  That juicy tidbit of information would definitely cause even more friction between both parties as it would clearly paint Titus as a warmonger devoted to territorial expansion as far as Caeceila is concerned.  It'll be hard enough for the Veluriyam Empire to justify its role in the siege of Tazarek without that complicating factor.  When such information is leaked IC, there will be backlash, and though I cannot say what form said backlash will take, I am confident that it will be quite entertaining.

  6. The Alexandrian

    Rigging a High-Stakes Game

    Caeceila Glasmann is thrusting something at the heavens, all right, but that something isn't her nose! It is, in fact, the very same finger she figuratively flips at the grounded angel seated before her when she tensely chuckles at Teresa's antics and declaration of sovereign authority. Sharply, she turns on her heels and walks out of the room, pausing just outside of the door for one more trade. Princess, your father is a newcomer and you are a minor. The longevity of your line is far from guaranteed; for all the rest of the world knows, your power won't last a century. If you'd like to prove my lack of faith is unwarranted, you know where to find me. Ciao! Cae lingers for a moment, courteously offering Teresa the last word in the exchange and an opportunity to chuck something at her, then adjourns to the convoy waiting in the plaza. If her insolence hadn't hit home that time, Teresa was much more confident in her own abilities than Cae would ever assign her credit for. Perhaps Teresa would merely be pleased with her little victory, but Caeceila somehow doubted the teen could gloss over the challenge she had issued. Nines remains seated, removing her mask and setting it on the tabletop gingerly, while Cammy hesitantly sidles into the lavish chair of costliness. Cammy anchors herself to the table, fearing that the chair will topple over and break. Nines is totally relaxed. Nines is completely unshaken by the bad blood between Cae and Teresa. When she speaks, her voice is a wave of calm crashing against sober hostility. She's Drow; this clash of personalities is nothing compared to the dark dealings of the subterranean city she grew up in. Please excuse Caeceila's brash mannerisms. She has good intentions, but she has difficulty distancing herself from the battlefield. Terrenus is in a bad way, as you well know, and the suffering of its people weighs heavily on her soul. She is worried the Veluriyam Empire will misuse its considerable power and become the sort of entity this project is designed to check. I can't say her position is untenable given that the Veluriyam Empire has requested full disclosure regarding House Glasmann's proprietary, mission-critical designs, but she really ought to be more tactful than passionate in these situations. Nines idly taps her index finger against the table as she studies Teresa's reaction. Would you like to take some time to collect your thoughts or are you ready to dive in and hash out the details of this bargain?
  7. The Alexandrian

    Terrenus military sign ups

    Thank you for the information. That would be the premise, yes, especially in defense of Hell's Gate and adjacent territory. Note that the primary point of contact within House Glasmann for military operations would be Cae as Lord and Lady Glasmann have little experience with things of that nature. They would, however, be able to lend their considerable expertise in research and development to the cause. It might also be worth mentioning that I've taken the liberty of fleshing out their niche a little. Overstatements aside, I'd like to think that House Glasmann existed for quite some time and has deliberately closed itself off from the rest of the world to the extent that their products, while known within the medical field, gained little to no attention from the general public until Cae put herself in the spotlight. Something I'd like to develop more that showcases their abilities is detailed in the spoiler below.
  8. The Alexandrian

    Terrenus military sign ups

    How does the Terrenus Military typically collaborate with nobles when attempting to defend and police major cities? On the same note, do noble houses typically maintain paramilitary security forces? I ask because a push for increased coordination between House Glasmann forces and the Terrenus Military is a potential outcome of some of the plots I am currently involved in, yet I'm not sure how such an agreement would work in practice. Cae is already a private military contractor, but how would a similar relationship work if she had a large security force stationed in Hell's Gate? I'm guessing it would be kinda like vassalage, but I really don't know.
  9. Tagging @supernal and @LastLight also: Do any of you know of a post, or have written a post, that has a description of the plague symptoms or how it affects the body? TIA. 

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      The Alexandrian

      As far as I am aware, what follows are the threads concerning the spread of the plague.




    3. Ace


      Yes, I've got them bookmarked. I was just hoping one of you might be able to point me to a particular post -- right now the text is swimming in front of my eyes. Apologies D

    4. Ataraxy


      Gimme like an hour to wake up and I'll find it for you 🙂 I know it's somewhere in the first thread Alexandrian linked.

  10. Thank you a million for the superlike and the follow! It's really appreciated~ < 3

  11. Just to clarify a little since Teresa's explanation assumed prior knowledge, Veluriyam, as a nation of ANT isn't affected by Terran law. If Teresa goes back on the agreement, House Glasmann couldnt go to a Terran court for remedies because it's not within the Terran gov's jurisdiction. House G would have to report the infraction to ANT, or more specifically, Force Majeure who are acting as ANT's mediators. 

    So essentially what she's saying is that whatever laws they're used to in Terrenus hold 0 weights over their agreement.

    1. The Alexandrian

      The Alexandrian

      I am enjoying your nickname for House Glasmann way too much right now.  House G is such a gangster name for a noble house, and I never would have been aware of it without this post!

      Anyway, I figured Teresa would argue for that position.  However, the product is being constructed in Hell's Gate and the "customers" are Terran civilians.  Since the Terran Empire has not yet joined A.N.T., its citizens and civilians wouldn't be bound to resort to A.N.T. for resolution and restitution arising from contract disputes.  OoC, I think the agreement under consideration would be extremely difficult for either party to enforce which is why IC mutual trust is of the utmost importance.  This is why Cae insists on Teresa explaining her father's actions; she's not sure Titus is a good guy because she has a feeling that a good guy would have liberated Ursa Madeum and given its people independence instead of taking it for himself.  She's also, unfortunately, the most aggressive and unsociable character I've ever rped.  I've played sociopaths who were nicer and less violent than Cae, but there is a reason why Cae is so aggressive that I have yet to reveal.  The silver lining is that she'll be departing the negotiations chamber in my next post while the other two will stay.

    2. Ataraxy


      Hey man, I'm loving the tension haha Cae and Teresa are like flip sides of the same coin and really just don't mesh that well rn it's fun to play out lol

      Also, keep in mind that the deal House G is making is with Teresa specifically. Titus isn't even super aware of the details. But yeah haha threads with verbal tension are just a blast

    3. supernal


      Veluriyam's rights as a sovereign country in Terrenus's eyes have nothing to do with ANT. It's true that it would be like trying to enforce federal law in another country, which is essentially the discussion here, but that's not because of an alliance treaty that Vel entered into with other nations. Since there is no agreement between Vel and Terrenus, there is no sense of diplomatic immunity (as an example on the other end of it Terrenus does have a consulate established with Hyperion), and what a Vel soldier or representative or citizen or corporation (or whatever) does can get them in trouble in Terrenus even if they jump the border back to Vel

      Depending on wtf is even going on. Thought that was worth clarifying 

      That said Cae is herself not a representative of Terrenus (if that's even a question), so would be treated as a private party doing private party things by both the Terran government and the Veluriyam empire, whatever that may mean to either of them in whatever context this conversation is happening. She isn't a law enforcement officer - which isn't to say that claim is even being made but just thought it was worth clarifying in case 

  12. The Alexandrian

    Casper's Plague - Pocket Full of Posies

    NPCs have started to vanish. Y'all can either get involved now or I can post more. Please note that each time I post from this point on, the situation will become more and more suspect. @Thotification This is also a good opportunity to determine how much Shishi knows about what is transpiring and where she is when all this is happening.
  13. The Alexandrian

    Casper's Plague - Genocidal Compassion

    Time passes. The sun sets. The dead of night cannot conceal the ailing townsfolk from House Glasmann's silver eyes. Hunting lights, blue and green, corralled the infected into warm, if, perhaps, a tad spartan, tenements overseen by shining machines humming through the darkness. To ease the slumber of the victims of Casper's plague, a plague which no researcher employed by Glasmann Cryonics wished to name, tubular, white canisters bled innocuous sedatives and painkillers in aerosol form, spiking the atmosphere with soporific mist. It was a small mercy, medical doctors whispered via the resonators of their mechanical proxies, to secret away their consciousness, for preliminary studies evinced all life corrupted by this virulent scourge was incapable of returning to more than a frayed semblance of normalcy. This outcome was anticipated, to an extent. As with virtually every violent tragedy of comparable scale, how could parents, having lost their children to a geyser of blood, collect splinters of shattered contentment and learn to live again? But then, there was the source of the plague, a malicious mind perverting nature to spawn tragedy. These people had been violated, wantonly violated, by an engineered bioweapon enabled by vile magic. Specialists at Glasmann Cryonics could not identify the guilty party, for the complexities of breeding and controlling viable bioweapons customarily checked their development such that there were few regulatory bodies registering, let alone inspecting, institutions with gene-editing expertise, but it isolated divergent sequences of nucleotides and traced the majority of them to known pathogens. What puzzled the team was how the contagion circumvented host specificity. They had to predict how the plague would mutate as it spread among the pests slinking about Casper to eradicate it completely and thus prevent it from escaping the quarantined zones on the wings of birds and the backs of mice. In batches, patients are roused from their rest and admitted to the sterile facility. After they sign a stack of releases and consent forms, samples of flesh and fluid are summarily extracted from each of them and advanced medical diagnostics are skillfully performed on them by ultramodern machines. Escorted by orbs, people and animals enter and exit the decorous white bastion. Even within the building, patients never encounter living, breathing employees of Glasmann Cryonics. The sections of the facility accessible to the public are inhabited only by inscrutable automata immune to all strains of plague. Whether they are sanitizing common areas of the facility or examining patients under manual control, the robots Glasmann Cryonics maintains are extremely efficient in their work and the organization of said work. All patients are examined promptly after arriving. All drugs are dispensed as soon as verbal interactions with the handlers of a "Doc-Bot" have concluded. All patients who depart from the facility or choose to linger in comfortable waiting rooms and cafeterias in lieu of heading back to the "Hibernation Facility" cannot complain about the medical attention they received or the robots' bedside manner. It is ominous, some claim, that every sophisticated robot is operated by a crew of technicians, doctors, psychologists, and other support staff yet not one of them has the authority to connect with a patient in person. All operations are conducted remotely; Glasmann Cryonics does not once risk the health of its employees. Patterns emerge from seemingly random patient selection. A perceptive observer would note that children below the age of twelve are taken three times as frequently as members of other age groups. While no one has been cured of the plague, all patients who have been seen are issued a bottle of vitamins, a ration card, clean, green jumpsuits with neat, flexible nameplates attached to both breast pockets, and soft slippers after being examined by "Doc-Bots" and cleaning themselves in private bathrooms that are closed for decontamination after every use. Every child is given a cuddly toy of some sort. Regarding these toys, there are fourteen different models that are distributed Every elderly person is offered a complimentary mobility assistance unit to help them move about. Prescriptions are refilled, within reason, upon request. Classic movies play on holographic projections. The movies are switched out as people enter and exit the facility to appeal to different demographics and keep morale high. Every movie has a refreshingly optimistic message. Soothing, classical music is piped throughout the facility. Humans remain on the first floor for the duration of their visit. Other species are taken to different floors based on similarities in their respective anatomies. Each floor is equipped with a small cafeteria catering to a particular set of species. Sedatives and aromatic, hypoallergenic incense is mixed with the air that flows through each floor. No one who ventures across the skybridge below which the squadron of House Glasmann fighters idle ever returns to the "Hibernation Facility." Initially, patients divert little attention to the smaller, secondary complex. It is, after all, eclipsed by the massive, primary treatment facility. Only when a shrill cry echoes across the skybridge do patients remaining in the primary facility for the whole of their stay care to examine it in greater detail. Finding nothing suspicious aside from the horrible din the robots swiftly silenced, most turn their drug-addled minds to other matters, like staring in childish wonder at the holographic projections or snuggling... children's... toys. Whatever it was that just occurred had far-reaching consequences. Still, all persons who are not in need of medical care, Terrenus Military personnel included, have been implored to refrain from treading on property within Glasmann Cryonic's defensive perimeter. Despite the first shift of security robots returning to charging stations near the secondary complex, the number of robotic guards stationed at the outskirts of the property, near the entrance of the "Hiberation Facility," near the entrance to the primary facility, and near the canteen and hygiene stations Glasmann Cryonics constructed just outside of their defensive perimeter to meet their general humanitarian aid mission has doubled since the sun set.
  14. The Alexandrian


    Playing both sides, I see. 😛 I never typed anything about the building, just the exhibit, or, I suppose, exhibits, and all persons present, which is to say all persons present at the exhibit/exhibits (because, lets face it. when this sort of thing typically goes on IC, there aren't survivors in the vicinity or the only survivors in the vicinity are hostages the villains hide behind which my character would just shoot straight through knowing that the immediate cost is far less than the cost of letting characters like Joker live). Again, thanks for the info! If the situation heats up to a point where my character becomes aware of it, paramilitary forces will pour out of the walls after a short delay to simulate response time unless y'all object to that sort of thing.
  15. The Alexandrian


    Thank you for clarifying. I inferred, from the title and the segment on law enforcement, that this was meant to be a very conspicuous ordeal. It wouldn't be the first time a group such as this has attempted to get away with a particularly heinous crime in broad daylight IC, and for all it is worth, characters who do so generally find themselves vastly outnumbered and outgunned in a matter of minutes, at least in my experience. Nevertheless, Hell's Gate is canonically one of the most technologically advanced cities in Terrenus and it sounds as if your characters will be attacking a high-profile event brimming with individuals who should, by all rights, have access to security teams and communications devices. Depending on how this attack is executed, IC law enforcement may be on the scene sooner rather than later, especially if we factor in the effects of recent civil unrest on the security of an event that, I assume, would involve a good number of industrialists and perhaps the odd noble or two in a time where Tia and Casper have been victims of terrorist activity. Basically, I would be surprised if Hell's Gate wasn't already on high-alert, and I imagine that will detrimentally affect the success of an attempt to slaughter a large number of important NPCs. It's just something to consider since the NPCs of Terrenus, especially the rich ones, are generally buff, stone-slinging veterans based on the lore I've read. Also, I suspect a quick death would be a mercy compared to whatever torture the Canon Diabolique has in store. It's like that scene in Saint's Row 2 with Carlos. On a somewhat lighter note, this is what I think of when I read about members of the Canon Diabolique.