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  1. [Dorcha] - Bliss Imperfect pt II

    The sweet scent of burning sticks of incense wafts into Kirsi's chambers from the gaps between her door and its frame. In all likelihood, Kirsi will find the fragrance strangely familiar, though she has been exposed to it only once before. The miasmatic air of Yae's subterranean shrine was infused with it, masking the stench of the menagerie of decomposing offerings surrounding her ominous sepulcher. Now, it conceals the suffocating smoke of lives reduced to ash that threatens to thrust itself upon her and suck the very oxygen from her lungs. Much has happened in the seven hours she was incapacitated. Of that, she can be sure. As our bloodied assassin absentmindedly wanders down the hall toward Yae's den, she shall hear something disconcerting - footsteps. The footfalls are heavy and rapid, much like Yae's, but they are far too many and far too spread out to be produced by one individual, however alien that individual may be. If this development gives Kirsi pause, as well it should, she may choose to listen to her environment more intently. If she does so, she will not only hear the tromping of boots but the clicking of high heels. She may even hear the soft squeak of Yae's favorite pair of sneakers (a particularly old but well-kept pair of shoes that Kirsi has probably tried to throw out more times than she can count to no avail). When Kirsi's curiosity gets the better of her, she shall no doubt approach the entrance to the room. Upon doing so, she shall spot Yae leaning against a wooden wall wearing a costume that would mark her as an acolyte of Jinkei were it not chiffon (transparent) and much, much more revealing than the Himmelian clergy would ever permit. That alone is bizarre, but weirder still is Yae's brand spanking new dark red tail which flows from the base of her spine and terminates in a spade-shaped apparatus. From her current vantage point, Kirsi has a view of Yae that certain morally-bankrupt magazines would be willing to pay top dollar for - even more if Yae was doing more than merely speaking to an individual that is hidden from Kirsi's sight. Yes, Kirsi's scantily-clad beauty appears to be conversing with someone else in hushed tones. The other's voice is either so quiet that Kirsi cannot hear her speak or Yae is in such a garrulous mood that words are constantly streaming out of her mouth. Whatever the case may be, when Kirsi greets her, Yae turns ever so slightly, allowing Kirsi to glare at this other Yae is so comfortable with if she so chooses. Oh. Her. Gods. Is that... "You're awake!" Yae excitedly announces without either of them moving their lips. Wait. That voice came from a different part of the... HOW MANY ARE THERE??? "Super Ultimate Technique: Omnidirectional Tackleglomp!" Yae mischievously yells, punching the air in front of her a fraction of a second before the other five Yaes in the room begin throwing themselves at the outnumbered and suddenly surrounded Kirsi. The Yae who has woven three scarlet bows into her ponytail is the quickest to react! Like a woman possessed, she vaults over the kitchen counter before the Super!Yae utters the first syllable of her command! She attempts to reach up and deliver a swift slap of retribution to Kirsi while glaring at her with all of the seething rage and hatred of a newborn labradoodle. "Baka!" Tsun!Yae then proceeds to retreat to a couch on the other side of the room. Lovely!Yae is the second Yae to arrive at Kirsi's side. She was the closest Yae to Kirsi, after all is said and done. With an inviting smile on her lips, she attempts to slip behind Kirsi and wrap her in a surprisingly immobilizing hug. Kirsi can probably feel her hot breath upon her right ear as she whispers something about thorough checkups to her in an especially sultry voice. Cheery!Yae is the next Yae to burst out of the woodworks! She's sporting Kirsi's "favorite" sneakers, an anime shirt, a long skirt, and a pouch on her hip! She sprints at Kirsi at an extremely high velocity, launching herself at Kirsi when she's about seven feet from her. She soars through the air, rolls when she hits hits the floor, and slides up to Kirsi's legs, confining them in a big hug that would be somewhat painful if Kirsi was a normal human being. Dutiful!Yae moves toward Kirsi, but shows no sign of wanting to tackle her. Dutiful!Yae, who is clad in a white chef's uniform and a hat that is a little too big for her, simply stands near Kirsi holding a platter stacked high with many, many different types of expertly prepared fresh sashimi. She smiles warmly at Kirsi as she waits for her to disentangle herself from the pile of Yaes that are enthusiastically descending upon her. Dark!Yae, who is has decided that black gowns, black lipstick, black eyeliner, black mascara, black high heels, black hair, and red irises are absolutely fabulous, remains seated on her black, leather armchair when Kirsi appears. She recites a short incantation which may cause the back of Kirsi's skull to itch as her armchair begins to drag itself forward with nothing less than gnarled, wooden arms. When it has finished crawling across the floor, she stands up and hugs Kirsi from her right side, doing her best to make any claustrophobia Kirsi might harbor in her twisted little heart rise to the surface. Super!Yae, who is armed with no less than twelve swords of all shapes and sizes, strikes a pose before throwing a smoke bomb at her feet. A second later, she seems to spontaneously materialize above Kirsi before unceremoniously falling on top of her, knocking Kirsi, all of the Yaes attached to her, and Yae's prized collection of miniatures onto the ground in a giant heap. In the blink of an eye, Tsun!Yae is towering over the body pile, pretending to be upset at everyone while secretly checking to make sure Kirsi is okay. All of the fallen Yaes will attempt to kiss Kirsi before they stand up and brush themselves off. This does not improve Tsun!Yae's mood one bit. After Kirsi has said her piece, a mysterious entity in the dining room laughs. "They're too much for you to handle, aren't they? Shame the council is only letting you keep three of them."
  2. Favorite genres of RP

    Erm, I feel the need to weigh in on this topic before I return to my regularly-scheduled university-induced coma. First of all, Dark Souls isn't really a horror game. It's a third-person action game. Comparing it to Outlast is like comparing apples to celery. Sure, apples and celery are both edible plant-products but one is a fruit while the other is a vegetable. It'd be much more appropriate to compare Outlast, a first-person horror game, to games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent because both games are first-person horror games in which the player character cannot fight his pursuers. Allowances must be made for Amnesia: The Dark Descent because it is an older game. It lacks the visual appeal of Outlast due to the technological limitations of the time. Games that highlight how scary or disturbing fantasy settings can be include: Silent Hill, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, and, last but by no means least, Eternal Darkness. In my opinion, well-done psychological horror or body horror flogs Five Nights at Freddy's push-button jumpscares. Through well-done horror, I developed keen interests in psychology and the works of mentally-disturbed artists, though I haven't had as much time to pursue the latter interest as much as I'd like. Just as poorly-executed sci-fi bores me to tears, poorly-executed fantasy puts me to sleep. However, I am more willing to accept things that cannot be in fantasy than in sci-fi because I'm not tempted to apply mechanical engineering to fantasy settings. This is marvelous because it puts me and the people I'm rping with on equal ground. Yes, I still have to battle the urge to point out that chitin can't support something like that, but I almost never act on that impulse. Honestly, I don't do that kind of thing with sci-fi stuff either, but my point is that they're usually equally unrealistic to me. If you mentally rewrite the backstories of the characters yours interact with, I think you're detracting from the stories their players want to tell. A real-life equivalent of this is deciding you like a historical figure so you reject any story about him or her that doesn't mesh with your perspective. I mean, you can talk to someone else about the historical figure, but are you talking about the actual guy/gal or the one you made up? A good example of an extremely well-done fantasy setting that would be ruined by this practice is World of Darkness. If you discard Caine and Gehenna in an attempt to make the vampires into a bunch of people with weird body problems and psychological issues, the setting and the characters no longer belong to the World of Darkness! Don't get me wrong - I love Star Trek and Half-Life. I even have a copy of The Physics of Star Trek lying around my house somewhere. (Note to Future Me: Read The Physics of Star Trek when it is convenient to do so.) I'm just a dude that thinks both genres have merit. There's other stuff I could get into, like how some mythical creatures are based on rare deformities and stuff, but I think I've said my piece about babies and bathwater. ... On second thought, I'll dig my grave even deeper. I'm fond of high-stakes mind games in fiction and in the real world. I haven't seen many sci-fi settings that do high-stakes mind games as well as fantasy settings do. Often, fantasy settings accomplish this by building up their stories with court intrigue. Make no mistake, I am not claiming that this quality is exclusive to fantasy settings, merely that I haven't seen it done well in sci-fi outside of Star Trek while I've seen it done well plenty of times in fantasy (especially Jojo's Bizarre Adventures). For me, the line between sci-fi and fantasy is blurry at best. The line between reality and fiction, on the other hand, is clearly marked. Now for the embarrassing part of this post. While my favorite rp genre is horror, I love anything in which the story is more important than combat. I've been reading the character sheets people have posted on this forum for fun for awhile now (since I'm not in a position to rp myself, currently), and I've found that I like character sheets with a good backstory and hints that a character has a system of values or a goal that drives him or her more than character sheets focused on abilities and stats. Quirks are also nice to see on character sheets. That's just my opinion, though, not a critique. Another thing I like to see in rps are characters that challenge the values of other characters. I will say this: I am not a fan of erp. It makes me uncomfortable. I'm fine with graphic violence, but anything more than making out happens offscreen when it involves one of my chars (I believe I broke that rule once because I wanted to show someone I was rping with the folly of using a certain word). That said, I may attempt to run something silly and semi-romantic on this forum when I'm finally free of the chains that bind me, and I have no idea how well it will work out here. >.<
  3. Taen Board Event: An Unintentional Awakening

    I won't be able to participate in this, regrettably. School has been and, for the next week and a half (approximately), will be all-consuming.
  4. Won't it be fun if we applied our courses of study to RP? Maybe in the form of chars? :grin:

    A mechanical engineer and a computer scientist walk into a bar... 

    1. The Alexandrian

      The Alexandrian

      I might do something along those lines, actually.  'Course, the character might be a robot instead of a normal ME...

    2. Eagle-77


      Two robots, then. Kirsi already has a flawed command of English, so this time you can be the R2-D2. 

  5. Settle a debate for us! Nurses or Maids?

    If horror games genuinely influence your opinions on this topic, I'd like to inform you that one of the stalkers in Haunting Grounds was...
  6. (Himmelia) - Birthday Surprise

    "What have I done? Today?" Johanna mischievously parrots. She idly taps the side of her muzzle with her index finger as she does so, theatrically signaling that her hilarious prank is not yet over. "Well..." "I woke up, used the restroom, put on my reflective sash because motorists have trouble seeing me sometimes, and took a niiice jog through the cemetery which ended at abooout a quarter past eleven last night. Then, I showered, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, walked to work in the freezing cold, and worked until eight o'clock in the morning. What else? I ate dinner, which I had to cook myself because the cafeteria doesn't serve dinner foods at eight o'clock in the morning." By this point, Johanna's ravishing Playfox Vixen, who flew across the room with all of the grace and poise of a boulder launched by a trebuchet when Sven Fus-Ro-Dah'ed her, has picked herself up, brushed herself off, and perched herself beside Johanna upon her cushioned liter. The red-furred vixen scowls at Reverend Father Sven, displeased with the hospitality he has shown her. 0/10; would not tease again. "Oh, and I hired fifty off-duty ladies of the night to liven up this slumberfest before our special guests from the local newspapers arrive." Johanna attempts to lock eyes with the good Reverend, daring him to give her a reason not to put an end to this madness. If Johanna's expression was any more intense, it would be urging Sven to make her day. She's not afraid to act like she has him by the balls. To demonstrate her support of Johanna's rebelliousness, the Playfox Vixen lies with her, draping one of her arms over Johanna's midsection while she secures a pillow to prop up her head with the other. Johanna responds by placing her hand over the Playfox Vixen's and wasting no time in interleaving her fingers with her companion's. "Speaking of the paparazzi, they're fashionably late by design. I asked them to arrive in, oh..." Johanna takes her sweet time checking her watch. She dangles it in front of her before unclasping it and throwing it at/to Nora. "Three or four minutes from now. I figured it'd give me enough time to wish you a happy birthday before, y'know, your public image is besmirched from now until the day you die! You'll be forced to resign, and my dear sister will replace you." Johanna flashes big, shit-eating grin in Sven's general direction. "Unless you let me work during the day again, that is." The so-called "ladies of the night" are collectively at a loss on how they ought to proceed. The audience refusing to play along wasn't in the script! Several of the vixens improvise, never missing a beat as they continue to relentlessly taunt their victims. A few begin anxiously looking at one another, their antics put on hold until they receive additional instructions from the director of the day.
  7. (Dorcha) - Bliss Imperfect Pt. 1

    I love you? Those three words Yae had longed to - *Spurt!* Goddamn it! She nicked the abdominal aorta! Freaking multitasking! Yae should've known that settling domestic disputes and communing with entities outside of the ken of all but a few dozen sentient beings don't mix! As if the screeching drunk was a living sprinkler, blood rhythmically gushes out of a fatal wound in his abdomen, but Yae makes no attempts to staunch the flow. Instead, Yae sheathes her dagger in the center of the drunk's chest, fishes a silk handkerchief out of her pockets, and wipes his blood from her hands, silently assessing Kirsi and her case all the while. In this instance, Kirsi's honesty was beyond question. Kirsi idolized Geri to the point where an outside observer would not be faulted for believing that Geri was substantially more than a sister to Kirsi. That Kirsi would implicate Geri in her woefully disrespectful treatment of her former "pet" is nothing short of dumbfounding. Kirsi would gladly lay down her life in Geri's defense, but she just now sold Geri out in a nigh hopeless bid to preserve her relationship with Yae. She had sacrificed her unswerving loyalty to Geri on the crumbling altar of their waning romance. Had Yae become more important to Kirsi than Geri? There was no doubt in Yae's mind that the very predicament Geri had worked so underhandedly to avoid (by sabotaging Kirsi and Yae's relationship from Day One) had transpired. Geri's "pet" fury had fallen head over heels for someone, and that someone reciprocated her feelings. Kirsi's fealty to Geri was no longer unquestionable. Her personality might change, and such changes would prove detrimental to Geri's agenda. Geri cared not for Kirsi else she would acknowledge that Kirsi had suffered enough for one lifetime. Perhaps now this truth would make itself known to the naive lass. Speechlessly, Yae gestures to Kirsi's outspread wings with one hand. Her features soften somewhat, and a sad, half-smile spreads across her lips. "Even in our misery, we are as one, for you and I are both to blame for this sorry state of affairs." "I caged you, little bird. When you drew the attention of the neighbor's cat, I locked you away so I could listen to your sweet song each morn. It was selfish, but I thought it best at the time. Now, I see that I did you a great disservice. In protecting your life, I robbed you of it. Breath without life is no better than death. I was blind to what I had become, and I was deaf to what you are. You are no songbird; you are a hawk. I was no guardian; I was a cat, a cat who couldn't stand the thought of losing her love." "Your melody is tuneful while mine is discordant. No matter how hard I try, I can contribute nothing to your music. My voice is grating, and my meter is off. You are the embodiment of all I desire, and until today, I thought you unattainable." Should Kirsi permit it, Yae will embrace her. She balances on the tips of her toes so she can press her forehead against Kirsi's. "You've hurt me before, but I keep coming back. I asked myself why, and I'd like to share my conclusions with you." "I'm more than just in love with you, Kirsi. I'm addicted to you. With all my heart, I cherish you. When you're cruel to me, your blades cut twice as deep, but when you're amiable, there's no place in the world I'd rather be than at your side."
  8. (Dorcha) - Bliss Imperfect Pt. 1

    Although the dreamers slept, their slumber was anything but restful. At times, they would test their fetters, straining their chains in a mad, disconcerted attempt at reclaiming the waking world. It was imperative that said chains were never slack, for should the dreamers wake, the age of man would surely end. A terrible fate awaited Kirsi and her kind, one that Yae, for all her mental acuity, could never find words to detail. Unfathomable were the cruelties the dreamers would perpetuate, and even in death they would not abate. This Yae knew firsthand, having counted herself among their number before she met Kirsi. It was fear that caused Yae's hands to shake as she made the first incision. Unsteadily, she drew the edge of the blade across the false ribs, the drunken sot, pinned to a top of a heavy, oak desk by ivory spikes driven through the palms of his hands, howling and kicking from the moment the cold metal chills his warm flesh. What would his children do without a father, he cried. Who would take care of his elderly mother? He was a good man, and Yae didn't have to do this. None of that mattered to Yae. The purity of the man was irrelevant. The children and the mother, irrelevant. This man was a living, breathing canvas on which she could paint her mark, and after his life had been drained from his body, he would be a sumptuous feast for worms and maggots. The man ought to thank Yae. His death would give his life meaning. In dying, he would do more for the world than he had done in his thirty years of life. His sacrifice was for a good cause. A second incision. The blade audibly scrapes bone after is passes over the breadbasket. Next, she would have to carve his abdomen, but she would have to take care not to cut too deep. She needed him alive until she made the last cut. "You can't live with me, and you can't live without me. Make up your mind." Yae murmurs, sparing Kirsi not even a glance. Her eyes dance over the man's corpulent torso, verifying that her mark will be laid out properly lest she ruin this one and have to subdue another. "You don't need me. You need a hamster or a goldfish. There's a pet shop in town. Go there; leave me alone." Ah, the series of gaping divots. It's close to one of the arteries, and if she hits that... "If you want a pet that will tell you what you want to hear all of the time, get a goddamn parrot. You could buy a cat for all I care, and they're known for eating their owners' corpses after they die."
  9. (Dorcha) - Bliss Imperfect Pt. 1

    When Yae regains consciousness, she does not do so peacefully. With a sharp gasp, she thrashes about in the bathtub like a woman possessed. Her eyes are those of a dreamer trapped in an eternal nightmare from which she cannot wake. Only after Yae nearly tears the faucets out of the wall does she begin to calm down. For a full quarter of an hour following her episode, Yae lies motionless in the tub, staring blankly at a dot on the wall. If not for her blinking, the bouncer might figure she hit her head too hard on the ceramic and scrambled her brains. Suddenly, Yae rises from the bathtub. Although she is soaking wet, Yae attempts to push past the bouncer and make a beeline for the beeline for the adjacent room. Without so much as speaking, Yae has confirmed the bouncer's suspicions. It is clear that there is something very wrong with her, more so now than ever before. Yae sniffs at the air as she plows through anything in her path. Guided by an ethereal presence, she seeks a small animal, a living being at least the size of a small cat. If this she cannot find, Yae attempts to seize someone weak or inebriated enough that they cannot wriggle out of her grasp by the wrist and drag him, her, or it into one of the more isolated rooms of the bar for what could only be a ghastly sacrifice.
  10. (Himmelia) - Birthday Surprise

    Nora, don't you know that ignorance is bliss? Some things, you're better off not knowing. For example, your sister could have elected to celebrate the good reverend's birthday by hosting an unsanctioned orgy in the good reverend's unattended bedroom, but you don't know that she did! Racked with baseless paranoia whenever your sister is out of sight, your fur will turn grey long before you're wed, and then no one would find you attractive and you'd die cold, scared, and alone! In fact, whenever Johanna isn't in sight, she should be out of mind! Regrettably, it's impossible to rescind a prayer to the beneficent and dutiful Mother. Nora won't have to wait more than a minute for her prayers to be answered (though her fiendish sister would helpfully suggest that she really ought to be more careful with how she phrases 'em in the future were she present). As the Reverend Father leans over the massive cake to blow out the trick candles Johanna planted on it, the uppermost layer of the cake slides to the side. A muffled mechanical whir is audible as smoke steadily flows out of a hidden cavity in the cake. Risque red light floods the room, taking a sledgehammer to any scrap of normalcy the party retained. And that's before, the Reverend Father finds himself face-to-bosom with a Playfox Vixen wearing - you guessed it - frosted lingerie. "Happy birthday, big boy!" The vixen purrs, attempting to hop into the Reverend Father's lap before he can react. "One of my friends told me you have quite the sweet tooth. I hope she didn't lead me astray." A small army of ladies of the night dressed in next to nothing, some of whom are even carrying whips and handcuffs, emerge from every tenebrous nook and cranny of the throne room. They descend upon the young males in audience like a swarm of starving harpies, prepared to whisk them off to their lairs have their way with them again and again until the light of day banishes the pleasures of the night. Scantily clad dancers jump onto the dining tables and begin shaking what their mommas' gave them. The doors fly open, revealing a liter borne by six anthropomorphic frogs that stand as as tall as a fox's hip. They are clothed in Japanese school uniforms. Lying on the liter is none other than Johanna. She has dyed her fur black to accentuate her piercing, red eyes. A radiant smile rests on her short, narrow muzzle, and her two, bushy tails excitedly wag behind her. As always, her fur has a magnificent silky-sheen to it, and her teeth are blindingly white. In spite of all she's done, Johanna appears to be quite at ease. She lies (relatively) still (for her) upon her liter, the frog-people leaping up to fan her with palm fronds after she is placed at the end of the table opposite the Reverend Father. At least she's wearing considerably more than the Playfox Vixen. She has seen fit to costume herself in a Japanese schoolgirl's uniform (which only adds to the absurdity of the situation).
  11. (Dorcha) - Bliss Imperfect Pt. 1

    It's freezing outside, and Yae is keenly aware of that harsh reality. Her ears ache. Her fingers are so numb that she opted to abandon her blade half a mile ago so she could bury them within her armpits. The wind has begun to gust, robbing her of what little warmth her leather jacket had saved. She's starting to have trouble moving. Her breaths are spaced further and further apart. Between the blizzard and the tears streaming down her cheeks, she couldn't see a hand in front of her face. Had Yae escaped a psychopathic cryokinetic only to freeze to death? Yae had to metabolize her body to stay alive. Breaking ATP into ADP and phosphate would supply her body with heat energy, and ATP could be extracted from every cell in her body. Yae begins to cannibalize herself, starting with her breasts and rear before shrinking progressively in height. Yae's blind staggering comes to an abrupt end when she slams face-first into a brick wall. She recoils from the impact, collapsing upon a slab of ice-encrusted concrete before she can catch herself. Blood gushes out of her nostrils and mixes with her tears as it spills over the edges of her lips. As if she means to staunch the flow, Yae desperately tries to clutch her nose with one hand to no avail. She crawls to the face of the brick wall and uses it to steady herself as she attempts to gain her feet. As Yae lurches forward she drags her free hand against the brick wall to keep herself from straying from it. Through chattering teeth, Yae softly sings to herself. Finding it increasingly hard to think rationally, she removes her leather jacket and t-shirt before slipping on a patch of ice and crashing through the front of the nightclub. Yae is unnaturally pale and barely alive. She has lost several fingers to frostbyte, and her breath is slight. Miraculously, when exposed to heat, her body will regenerate. Her nose and fingers will mend themselves and her proportions will readjust until she is the very model of health.
  12. The Wrong Path

    Quietly, Nicolette ascends the elder tree, paying no heed to the exquisite workmanship of the spiral staircase on which she treads. She assigns the tree value as a vantage point, not as a masterful work of art that would make John Muir weep for joy. It would allow Lunaris to achieve and maintain air supremacy over the Xer in the coming skirmish, provided Nicole readies herself to take full advantage of the unique opportunities it affords her. Ironically, this tree is a great boon to Nicolette in the same way it would prove to be a great hindrance to her bloodthirsty allies. This elevation granted Nicole rapid deployment capabilities. She would soar through the heavens, raining hell on the battlefield before engaging the enemy in close-quarters combat. Lamentably, the other members of her team will have no choice but to take the stairs back down to the ground and then sprint from this elder tree all the way to the frontlines, she presumes. Hopefully, no one will trip and fall down the stairs in their rush to take the fight to the Xer. It's a long way down, and staircase is anything but linear. This treehouse is in dire need of a slide. To this end (air supremacy), Nicolette sheds her metal shell, stowing it neatly in one of the rooms that has been made available to the party. She dons a studded suit of black, leather armor and outfits herself with her two-handed warhammer and a strong, metal chain (which she wraps about her right forearm), swearing like a sailor all the while. There was nothing she hated more than wearing this much leather while being forced to walk around in public. Nicole had enough trouble finding respectable work without the spouses of her potential and former employers mistaking her for a dominatrix. Worst of all was when the spouses tried to hire her for couples' sessions. It had happened more than once, much to Nicole's chagrin, and well, she was really hurting for cash... No! No flashbacks! That's enough of that! Nicole steps outside to clear her head. She sits on the edge of the platform for a few minutes, her legs danging in the breeze, and silently inspects the city below. The humidity up here was much more tolerable, and she could feel the golden rays of the sun warming her skin. Her gaze drifts through the abandoned street, reminding her that she has completely lost track of where all of her comrades are. They all seem to have run off to do their own thing for random reasons that she had no interest in understanding! Asen is securing the eastern perimeter, so that's him accounted for, but where is everyone else? With a confused frown, Nicole stands up and stretches for a few minutes. She then jogs around the platform in order to get her blood flowing. Warming up before battle is important, after all! So is not being the one and only target on the battlefield. Feeling ill-at-ease, Nicole wanders the platform aimlessly. If she locates anyone else, she will visibly perk up and discontinue her patrol.
  13. Let's do foxy stuff.

    1. The Alexandrian

      The Alexandrian

      If you create a thread, I'll generate a char for it.

    2. Eagle-77



      Didya see? Kirsi broke. >:D

    3. Eagle-77
  14. (Dorcha) - Bliss Imperfect Pt. 1

    "I have a much, much better idea, dear." Yae begins, refusing to lower her blade. She glowers at Kirsi with such enmity that any onlooker, sighted or blind, would swear she abhorred the tyrannical witch before her with every fiber of her being. Yae grits her teeth as she speaks. Her voice is a low, primal snarl, the likes of which Kirsi has never heard and, if Yae has her way, the likes of which she will never hear again. Yae slowly backs away from Kirsi. Her every motion is dictated by the same set of rules one would observe when backing away from a slavering beast in the wild. "How 'bout I leave you to rot in the earthly hell you've created for yourself? Without me, it will only be a matter of time until your madness overwhelms you. You'll become a mere shadow of yourself, and as a shadow, you will never again know light." Yae's shoulders press against a cool pane of glass. She's out of space. She's out of time. "Have fun with your new life." A crash. A body disappearing behind a curtain of fractured glass. The crisp crunch of footsteps on virgin snow rapidly receding into the distance. And just like that, Yae is gone.