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  1. The Tide Calls (The Heist): Catfolk Carjacking Self-RP 1d2 1 - Encounters Patrol 2 - Does Not Encounter Patrol 1d3 - Encounters Patrol 1 - Lightly Armed Patrol (Adventurers) 2 - Lightly Armed Patrol (Police) 3 - Heavily Armed Patrol (Military) - OR - 1d3 - Does Not Encounter Patrol 1 - Locates Vehicle - Unoccupied 2 - Locates Vehicle - Occupied 3 - Does Not Locate Vehicle
  2. Caeceila Glasmann's current objective is to drive the Enrele out of Hell's Gate and install security checkpoints to prevent recurring contamination. She has the means to manufacture and install said security checkpoints but not to drive the Enrele out of Hell's Gate. Her forces, while technologically superior to the bulk of the Enrele, are vastly outnumbered. Even if she could claim a decisive victory over the Enrele, the associated loss of innocent life would be too great.
  3. HGA-BAS LORICA INFERNA (POWERED COMBAT EXOSKELETON) The House Glasmann Armory (HGA) Lorica Inferna is a type of fully-enclosed, hermetically-sealed powered combat exoskeleton for use in hazardous environments. Lorica Inferna was developed by House Glasmann Armory at Glasmann Cryonics skunkworks concealed in the Wastelands. Although no technical specifications or design documents for this body armor system exist outside of House Glasmann, Lorica Inferna satisfies the criteria for Terrenus Institute of Justice (TIJ) Level IV rated body armor: Lorica Inferna is effective against 7.62×63mm Armor Piercing (AP) rounds. The external hard armor layer of Lorica Inferna is composed of multiple layers of titanium carbide ceramics and graphene composite materials that, in tandem with active environment regulation, shield the user from heat generated during atmospheric reentry while the internal soft armor layer of Lorica Inferna is a dilatant contained in a flexible polymer matrix. Ruggedized hydraulic and magitech mechanisms compensate for a user's weight and enable the Lorica Inferna to negate mechanical forces experienced during Low-Orbit Combat Drops but do not, by default, augment a user's strength. Integrated medical systems automatically sterilize and patch minor injuries with Glasmann Cryonics Medical Slough, intravenously administer chemicals such as antivenom and adrenaline, monitor a user's vitals, and diagnose an assortment of common ailments. An integrated Virtual Intelligence (VI) tracks the user's munitions, monitors and reports the condition of the suit of Lorica Inferna it is housed in, handles communications, automatically compensates for battlefield conditions, tracks other combatants, performs environmental assessments, and displays information on the user's modifiable Heads-Up Display (HUD). Image and audio enhancement, including active infrared night-vision, assists users performing battlefield surveillance or engaging in other intelligence gathering activities. An integrated, mechanical rebreather provides up to 6 hours of air in all environments while magitech filters provide clean air when magic is available. Powered systems draw from a rechargeable magitech capacitor, but this lightweight body armor system can operate, albeit with significantly decreased functionality, without power. Features Body Armor Titanium, Graphene, and Dilatant Lightweight TIJ Level IV Rated Fully-Enclosed and Hermetically-Sealed Magitech Filters Provide Air When Magic Is Available Mechanical Rebreathers Provide Up to 6 Hours of Air Force Compensation Through Hydraulics and Magitech Integrated Systems Medical Systems Virtual Intelligence Manages Communications Assesses Environment Displays Information on HUD Image and Audio Enhancement
  4. HGA-HGS-CCV SILVER DYNASTY MARK I (TILTJET AND VECTORED THRUST) The Glasmann Cryonics Silver Dynasty-1 (Dynasty-1) is an octo-engine, all-weather vertical and short take-off and landing (V/STOL) multirole combat spacecraft designed by Caeceila Glasmann to support the Glasmann Cryonics Silver Vision-1, a pioneering supercarrier undergoing fabrication in Hell's Gate. The Dynasty-1 capitalizes on Glasmann Cryonics's novel research in the field of condensed matter physics to operate, in orbit and in atmosphere, at hypersonic speeds. Powered by metallic hydrogen, four cylindrical primary rotation detonation engines, two cylindrical redundant rotation detonation engines, and two cylindrical microthrusters generate sufficient thrust for the craft to achieve a speed of approximately 8,000 miles per hour. Magitech inertial manipulators - inspired by Caeceila's telekinesis, a military-grade surveillance suite upgraded with proprietary Glasmann Cryonics medical scanners, a compact fabrication laboratory, mana accumulators and mana accumulator banks, a compact medical bay, quarters for a resident crew of four, and a sizable cargo hold with retractable blast walls capable of partitioning the cargo bay into a dedicated cargo area and a ready room for combat drops compliment a formidable array of weaponry including two standard 30 mm autonomous ball turrets mounted on its blended wings, one standard 40 mm dorsal turret, one standard 105 mm ventral turret, two forward-facing rocket pods, and a rear-facing countermeasure system. Caeceila's focus on modular weapons systems attached to fairly ubiquitous hardpoints enables turret swapping. An integrated virtual intelligence based on the Silvermind and associated Silver Eyes aggregate logistical, combat, communications, navigation, and surveillance data, execute autonomous repairs, and directly interface with the pilot and gunner via special headgear facilitating neural uplinks. Dynasty-1 is enclosed in a heavy metamaterial shell but does not feature regenerative shielding technologies though shielding systems may be available as aftermarket modifications. General Characteristics Crew: 2 (Pilot and Gunner) Length: 100 Feet Width: 160 Feet Height: 27 Feet Powerplant: 4 x Glasmann Cryonics H-115 Rotation Detonation Engines; 2 x Glasmann Cryonics H-005 Rotation Detonation Engines Performance Maximum Speed: 8,000 Miles Per Hour Armament (Default) Ball Turrets (2): Particle Beam Turrets (Equivalent to 30mm Autocannon) Dorsal Turret (1): Particle Beam Cannon (Equivalent to 40mm Cannon) Ventral Turret (1) Particle Beam Cannon (Equivalent to 105mm Howitzer) Front-Facing Torpedo Tubes (2): Elemental and Anti-Magic Warheads Rear-Facing Countermeasures: Magitech Decoys
  5. I would argue that there are a fair few scenarios where the principles behind MP matter outside of PvP. In PvE, a swiss-army knife character can easily outshine and overshadow a more grounded character. The power of utility abilities is rarely overstated. Moreover, balance is of the utmost importance to Dungeon Masters. In general, a good Dungeon Master will attempt to provide players with appropriate challenges. When you have a group with a really powerful character and a really weak character, it is harder to craft appropriate challenges. When you have a character with a +2 canon-backed item and a canon-backed ability allowing them to, say, transform into a giant fighting robot in the same party as a novice with a bag of rocks and a dream, it is even harder to match characters with appropriate challenges. One of the ways Dungeon Masters can get around this is with monsters that are stronger when facing stronger enemies. That aside, if Dungeon Masters elect to play NPCs as weak and incompetent now and mighty and capable two minutes from now without explaining how they went from A to B, the Dungeon Master has just opened a plot hole for critics to gain purchase and rip them apart with their own inconsistencies. RP on forums like this is often complicated by the fact that the Dungeon Master is often also a player and often the amount of planning and oversight that goes into DMing is on the low end compared to tabletop RP. Presenting a character who relies heavily on magitech as having 0 magical abilities doesn't tell the whole story. Frequently, magitech is able to surpass MP limits. For example, I've seen airships capable of achieving warp speed offered as canon rewards for Whispernight quests even though characters aren't allowed to teleport except when it suits plot meaning, in my mind, such powers should be exceptions that are difficult to reliably replicate not a marketable feature. This is connected to my views on hard and soft magic systems, which I'll dive into later. Point is, Peacekeepers with no powers armed with magitech are extremely dangerous, but if you gave them bog standard longswords, no powers (supernatural and preternatural), and no support, they would often be outmatched by combat-proficient characters armed with magitech. Magic is magic regardless of whether it is innate or acquired. Lilith is a character designed for collaborative combat and storytelling, and I would agree that MP isn't as necessary in collaborative combat and storytelling. I know this opinion may not be popular, but if players agree on the outcome of combat beforehand, a lot of the game part of RP is sacrificed for the story part of RP. The game part and the story part are different but connected. There are different levels of collaborative combat and storytelling with varying levels of orchestration. All the same, a plot hole is a plot hole, and de-powering a character for a scene without a reasonable explanation picks open plot holes. Plot holes detract from immersion. OP characters are boring and frustrating to quite a few other players. I now circle back to the swiss-army knife character. If your character is attempting to solve a complicated problem that you've invested a lot of time and effort in treating as a complicated problem and some other guy comes along and brute forces it with almighty power and omniscience, the whole plot can feel cheap. This is part of the reason I treat the Enrele as a major threat; I could apply science and say "The Enrele interact with a host's nervous system and characters should be able to detect the chemicals/electricity exchanged between the parasite and the host for all subspecies of Enrele because they have an aversion to magic suggesting they manipulate their hosts via relatively mundane processes." Vulnerabilities, flaws, fears, weaknesses, fallibility, etc. these things make characters feel more human. Now, not everyone wants a human character. Some people want to play out power fantasies, as others have observed, and/or operate under the false impression that IC failure closes doors instead of opening them. IRL, failure is bad. This is not true in RP. Failure can, and should, send a plot in new and fascinating directions. There's a scene I'm participating in where one of Mickey Flash's characters just faceplanted in front of a guard while trying to stealth, and I am super, super interested in how other character will react, how this will complicate the situation thereby adding to tension, and how this complication will influence the outcome. In short, I really enjoyed reading that post. Allow me to extend this thinking to a character who can summon ten thousand combat-capable units with no weird restrictions at will. When the character doesn't summon ten thousand units in pretty much any situation, I ask, "Why?" If there's no costs or limitations and I had the ability to summon ten thousand dudes, I would have those ten thousand dudes staff a landscaping company, go to culinary school to learn how to cook awesome meals, and go grocery shopping for me so I didn't have to wear a mask as often. That's a big perk. If I'm only using them to pour me a cold one every night, others will ask, "Why?" If I have no response, I'm working with a soft magic system unless I have some limits I just don't share with others in which case I have a secret hard magic system. Hard magic systems are cooler than soft magic systems in my book. If your magic system doesn't have rules, you can Deus Ex Machina out of any situation - which kind of ruins tension and makes plots/plot elements feel cheap. Hard magic systems are more immersive than soft magic systems and can add realism and tension to a story. That said, I don't think it is fair to evaluate a player by that player's character sheet. Some players prefer to keep the information others include in character sheets secret. I, for instance, don't include backstories on my character sheets because that isn't common knowledge, isn't necessary for balancing, and is more interesting to reveal over time IC as bonds between characters strengthen. MP helps people put their fingers on how powerful characters should be. Some people want to play weak characters. Many people specifically don't want to play weak characters. Power fantasy players especially don't want to play weak characters. It's easier to scale down and preserve your artistic integrity than scale up and preserve your artistic integrity. Yes, there may be plot holes, but you avoid Deus Ex Machina. To sum: Asking questions about MP isn't an attempt to powergame; it's an attempt to create balanced, powerful characters for the benefit of the player, other players, Dungeon Masters, and the plot. Most conflict here is combat-focused, so having a powerful but not overpowered characters helps keep people engaged and characters relevant. Magitech items are basically magical abilities and often are more powerful than magical abilities. After all, people quest for magical items more often than they quest for magical abilities even though canon-backed magical abilities are available. In RP, there is a game part and a story part. Both are usually in play, to some extent, but increasing orchestration tends to decrease the game part in favor of the story part. MP becomes less important as the game part decreases. Plot holes, Deus Ex Machina, and OP characters aren't good while failure and flaws IC are/can be good. MP is important because it helps players balance their characters and avoid these three pitfalls. Of course, we're writing as a hobby, so hopefully our critics are more forgiving of the plot holes we create. Hard magic systems help writers bring immersion and realism to the table. Ergo, limits, including MP, are good to consider in RP. It isn't fair to judge a player by the level of detail in a character sheet. Most importantly, it is, in my opinion, necessary for characters to ordinarily abide by Mild Powers. Explosive-based powers can abide by Mild Powers and are allowed. Mild Powers largely limits destructive power range, insta-hits, and other unfair, godmod-y things, not energy output nor, for the most part, methods of application. It's a matter of limits and coordination. The specific restriction on explosives (one of them, anyway - I dunno if there are others that prompted the creation of this thread) came into effect after a group of villains, which one of my defunct characters was associated with, attempted to blow up a temple in Ignatz. This decision may or may not have something to do with bomb attacks setting a low bar for villainy and destructive potential - they're a low-effort recourse for new players who want infamous characters without putting the work in. I don't believe the intent of that restriction is to limit the use of explosive powers which can be about as destructive as elemental powers.
  6. I crunched some numbers to gauge the strength of Caeceila's Telekinesis, and my take away was that powers need limits more than they need physics. A good way to gauge powers, in my experience, is to find a character who has the same/a similar power and gauge how that power and that character are portrayed. For Caeceila's powers, I referenced Jedi Grandmasters. Now, some of the lesser known Jedi powers are straight-up OP, but I think telekinesis as portrayed in the old movies was cool and pretty balanced. I followed a similar process with Camelia. I themed both of these powersets and considered the role I wanted these characters to play as I was building/rebuilding them. For explosive-themed powers, I think of Yoshikage Kira and Marvel's Powderkeg. Admittedly, I don't know much about Powderkeg, but I know that Powderkeg has nitroglycerin-based powers and is probably the most comparable to the character you have in mind. Yoshikage Kira is a decent example of a character with powers that might be useful for the purposes of this discussion- at least until Bites the Dust and air bubbles are involved. I mean, there's a big problem with Stands in general because they're invisible to normal people, but one of Killer Queen's powers may be worthwhile to examine. Killer Queen's delayed bomb allows Killer Queen to turn any object it touches into an explosive that can be triggered at any distance. Turning anything into an explosive and being able to trigger that explosive at any distance is a little OP because there aren't enough limits. However, this is mitigated to some extent by the fact that Killer Queen can only set one bomb at a time. This limitation is the source of quite a lot of drama and is great for the narrative, in my opinion. Nitroglycerin production is an interesting idea for a power, but it must have limits. Is this nitroglycerin synthesized on the fly or over time and stored in an internal reservoir? How much nitroglycerin can the wielder produce? Can any body part excrete nitroglycerin? Does the character have a supernaturally strong skeletal system and a resilient body so the character can throw explosive punches? Most players don't really know how powerful nitroglycerin is; how will you make the destructive power of nitroglycerin tangible? Is this character's nitroglycerin production influenced by the character's diet? For the more general case of generic explosive power, what are the range limitations on this power? How is the detonation triggered? Will the explosion cause fires? Is this a normal explosion that causes normal explosion damage or a special explosion that causes special explosion damage? What's the biggest explosion the wielder can create and what does this explosion look like? What's the smallest explosion the wielder can create and what does this explosion look like? The more questions you answer, the harder your magic system. The harder your magic system, the easier it is to determine if your character abides by MP. Personally, I don't see how explosives are any more powerful than pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, electrokinesis, telekinesis, metal-bending, earth-bending, etc. They work differently and they're more accessible to standard characters and that's about it. Unless explosives have utility built in (rocket jumping in TF2, for example) those kinesis abilities might be more powerful because they tend to be more versatile and equally destructive.
  7. Thanks for the likes.  :smile:

  8. Camelia "Cammy" Sorina IDENTITY: Name: Camelia "Cammy" Sorina Sobriquet: The White Tiger Social Status: Lowborn; Orphan; Criminal Fame: Hell's Gate Underworld (Lesser); Tian Refugees (Lesser) Citizenship Status: Former Civilian of Tia Profession: Crime Boss and High Priestess of the Hermetic Order of the Twilit Wedjat Languages Spoken: Terric; Genesari; Old Egyptian; Japanese; Koine Greek; Aklo Languages Written: Terric; Genesari; Heiroglyphics; Japanese; Koine Greek; Aklo PHYSICAL SUMMARY: Species: Catfolk-Weretiger Forms: Humanoid Perched on a hexagonal, mahogany platform illuminated by a stream of soft white light, an adorable, effervescent catgirl sings for her audience. She is a songstress par excellence, and the poignant spell she weaves, neither arcane nor eldritch, might yet wake bittersweet memories in the multitude she has enthralled. Her performance is nothing short of spectacular, brimming with passion complimented by expressive yet authentic gestures. Adrift in her sparkling pink eyes, time loses itself. Seconds give way to minutes. Minutes give way to hours. Her shift concludes. She carefully stores a gown of the highest quality - its delicate, hand stitched embroidery shimmering as if caught in a moonbeam though there is naught in this room but artificial light - in an ordinary garment bag and changes into her street clothes. Now, she cloaks herself in coarse, drab fabrics and steps into the night. Her glossy silver hair and well-groomed tail tied up with multicolored ribbons sway hypnotically in the frigid night air. She gazes up into a starless sky choked by pulsing neon light and shivers at its touch. It writhes senselessly beneath her light brown skin, that terrible power she commands. A sadistic messiah, it hacks salvation into her flesh as she plunges into darkness. A full-back tattoo of a white tiger mid-pounce glows with wonderful light under her tiger print hoodie. Sharp teeth flash through luscious fuchsia lips as she forges through knee-deep snow. Three blocks to her apartment. Two blocks more. One. She kicks off her thigh-high snow boots, strips off her socks, and, without further ado, collapses onto a shabby couch, toppling a stack of worm-eaten grimoires that land with a thud muted by a threadbare rug and the stock of an assault rifle. In humanoid form, Cammy Sorina weighs 110 lbs and stands 5 feet 1.5 inches. Her black and white striped tail is approximately 3 feet long and proportional to her size. Her ears are typical of tigers, not humans. Despite her humanoid anatomy, Cammy is capable of producing prusten, also known as chuffing, and other vocalizations associated with big cats. Ethnicity: Egyptian Sex: Female Height: 61.4 Inches (156 Centimeters) Weight: 110.2 Pounds (50 Kilograms) Eye Color: Sparkling Pink Hair Color: White Body Type (Build): Lithe Voice: Melodic Apparent Age: Early Twenties Laterality: Right Tigeress Her silky, alabaster fur is partitioned by ebony stripes. Her grooming is immaculate, and she glitters like silver dust swept through a glassy stream though her neck is adorned with lustrous gold and precious gems. The fine-spun linen draped about her body, fitted to her sleek form, boasts intricate embroidery depicting the Eye of Ra. Dazzling pink eyes cross the chamber once and again before a toothsome snarl and the associated mass, and massive it is, glide into position. Weighing in at 675 feet and over 13 feet between the pegs, the white tigeress stalking, wild and unchained, within this Stygian expanse is a nightmare breeding panic and pestilence to harry her unsolicited guests. The colossal predator flaunts her ruinous power, baring 3 inch incisors, sharper than needles and backed by a bite force in excess of 1050 psi, in a baleful expression seeped in contempt and vocalized in fierce and unabating growls. With her tail lashing behind her and her twisted ears displaying the eyes of the tiger - iconic eyespots located upon tigers' ears - she indicates her quarry with her dark pink nose. Sex: Female Length: 13.7 Feet (4.17 Meters) Shoulder Height: 4.2 Feet (1.28 Meters) Weight: 675 Pounds (306 Kilograms) Eye Color: Sparkling Pink Voice: Sonorous; Rumbling Stripe Color: Black Pelage Pattern: Siberian Tiger Sacred Beast ??? POWERS: Therianthropy Cammy is able to shapeshift between her tigeress form and her humanoid form at will. Although she expends magical energy to shapeshift, Cammy does not expend magical energy to sustain her transformations. Therefore, her transformations cannot be dispelled; Cammy can remain in any of her forms indefinitely. ??? Pestilent Aura While Pestilent Aura is active, odious energies envelop the caster. Marked solely by the dreadful, cloying stench of rotting flesh, these energies promote disease and decay by sabotaging a victim's immune system, supernatural resistances, and preternatural resistances while simultaneously stimulating germ activity within 3 feet of the caster's body. Commonly, repulsive, festering wounds - oozing blood and pus - afflict entities that expose their injuries to this aura. Prolonged or repeated exposure to this power may cause necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating disease), fungal infections, and other virulent medical conditions. This power also fortifies pre-existing disease. Practiced casters, like Cammy, can exclude specific entities from the deleterious effects of their Pestilent Auras. By default, the caster is always excluded. Induce Mutations (Learning - Continuous) Cammy's touch can Induce Mutations in willing and unwilling subjects. This power is governed by Cammy's understanding of biology, frequently xenobiology, the complexity of the desired mutation, and a specific subject's base anatomy. As a rule, major mutations require the caster to invest more time, resources, and energy in a subject than minor mutations. Even minor mutations require several hours of work and a substantial quantity of chemical and biological resources. Cammy routinely exploits this ability in combination with Ritual Casting to sire weretigers. Cammy can, and has, used this ability to recast dogs as cats, permanently alter people's physical appearances, extensively modify her body, etc. Eldritch Pyromancy Eldritch Pyromancy stems from conventional pyromancy. In defiance of conventional pyromancy, spells harnessing Eldritch Pyromancy are fueled by energy and/or matter at the point of origin, at the destination, and throughout intervening space. Such spells are consciously designed to damage supernatural entities by consuming their magical energies. Flames created by means of Eldritch Pyromancy are white and grey, are smokeless, and die immediately in the absence of magic. WEAPON/VEHICLE PROFICIENCIES: Weapons Assault Rifles Staves (Enchanted and Mundane) Grenade Launchers Unarmed Martial Arts (Learning) Grappling Vehicles Land Vehicles - Terran - Civilian TECHNICAL PROFICIENCIES IN: Ritual Casting Warding Summoning Hexing Xenobiology (Learning - Continuous) Physiology (Learning - Continuous) Urban Survival and Urban Warfare UTILITY SKILLS IN: Climbing Cooking Baking Singing Dancing Library Use Cleaning Torture SHORTCOMINGS: Ravenous Territorial Cruel Vengeful Wyrm-Corrupted Entity Struggles with Morality Tactless Conversationalist Bestial Manner Religious Zealot Suffers from Several Mental Illnesses Cammy's Regular Appointments with Her Psychiatrist Address: Eating Disorders (Actual) Euphoric Hypomania (Actual) Schizophrenia (Misdiagnosis) Antisocial Personality Disorders (Actual) ARSENAL: Driftwood Mask A suspiciously well-hewn mask made entirely of wood, from a discarded wreck. There is a distinct difference in sailor jargon between deliberately discarded--or jettisoned--wreckage and accidentally discarded wreckage: Jestam and flotsam, respectively. This piece of a ships hull, bashed and ground by countless years of intense water pressure, grating salt and sand, and eons spent bleaching in the sun, have turned this piece of jetsam into a mask that wraps around your face comfortably and snugly. While the mask originally seemed blank for a moment while it was held by another, the moment you stared into it you realized it was always made for you. Somehow the mask has slowly turned into a horrific reflection of yourself. Now, it hides you from nobody, except maybe yourself.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to address my concerns. 😁
  10. I have some melancholy songs to chip in. Mother, I'm Here (Bastion) https://youtu.be/YlfUcnSbKDA Here Be Monsters (Ed Harcourt) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksCh1g288wc
  11. I believe the catfolk need to steal a van unless they were allowed to load their vehicle onto The Widow.
  12. I intend to finish Camelia's character sheet this week and type up enough lore on her organization to write for them again. Since the IC thread requires 6 pages of content and my character will be sufficiently balanced and defined for my purposes, I would like to rejoin this thread, if allowable. If this is allowed, I would not rejoin the turn order until my characters succeed/fail in their solo adventures.
  13. I was a member of a forum plagued by elitism and pettiness. In this, I don't believe I am unique. What measures will be taken to counteract elitism engendered by this contest? I do not wish to participate in this contest, but I would like to preclude the divisiveness inherent in grading a roleplayer's writing since I've seen roleplayers go to war with each other and hold grudges against each other for less. While there isn't as much glory winning a contest in which entrants and entries are anonymous and posted anonymously, there is far less potential, by my reckoning, for participants to lose face. I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade; I am simply a tad hesitant about this sort of affair.
  14. The Alexandrian

    Eridianus AMA

    I am confused. Any way you slice it, a 6-pounder is a 6-pounder. If a ship with cannons attacks a fort without cannons, that fort will lose. Ergo, a coastal fort must be allowed cannons else attacking pirates will always win. Your response suggests a coastal fort with cannons for use against pirates could not fire those same cannons at an attacking army armed only with swords and bows. If, however, an army brought cannons to fire at the very same fort, the fort could fire cannons at this army. From my perspective, this is absurd. Alternately, ships are extremely vulnerable when they are close to land because they transform into transports. In such a case, pirates could deal damage to coastal areas only by assembling into an army. Near and on land, then, these pirates transform into vikings. My interest in UM, at current, hinges on how large-scale warfare will be simulated. This is related to my interest in creating balanced characters and settings. Without more tangible limits on cannon-use, armies will be in a constant state of flux since artillery will vanish and reappear almost at random. Please note that one of UM's noble houses already uses "towed cannons."
  15. The Alexandrian

    Eridianus AMA

    With respect to UM and military technology: Cannons are allowed with limits. What are these limits? By definition, cannons provide substantial combat advantages. This excerpt states cannons are necessary for pirate plots. Ergo, coastal defenses and fortifications as well as seafaring vessels are supplied with cannons. This implies cannons ought to be available for other uses else coastal defenses and fortifications, ships, etc are obscenely powerful relative to inland fortresses and land-based units. It is unclear how cannons are treated because firearms associated with the golden age of piracy - flintlocks - are banned while explosives - which presumably includes gunpowder flasks - and cannons are not. Additionally, it is unclear IC why small arms do not function while cannons function. No love for matchlocks?
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