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  1. An illustrated tri-fold brochure, widely distributed by the local Chamber of Commerce with the aim of increasing tourism and associated revenues, indicated five-thousand Gravekeepers are stationed, day and night, at the Bastion. Good grief! Between soldiers, lunatics, giant skeletons, and the odd vigilante, escape will be one sticky wicket! Sure, sure, the team could sneak in and out with their prizes in totes, but seriously, gratuitous violence became a need, not a desire, after stomaching the slop they served on the Widow! As if it didn't already suck that the Widow was as grouchy as Caeceila and they were expected to dwell in it for a short eternity, the food in the galley was about as palatable as the crew - rotting and reeking and miraculously ambulatory. Yeah, that squirming tentacled-thing tasted alright but that sauce or jelly or pustule that sloughed off the unhygienic chef was far too oily! The crew smelled more and more scrumptious with each passing day; had the beastly weretigers uncovered a bottle of tartar sauce in their explorations of the primary deck, for they much preferred the squall, treacherous though it was, to the unwholesome interior, their voyage might have devolved into calamity. Stricken with cabin fever, sleep deprived, and roused to action by most unnatural appetites, Cammy and her well-armed gang practically brawl among themselves to be the first to disembark from the cursed ship. Ultimately, they all forego the gangplank, vaulting over rails to expedite their transit to the sweet, sweet earth. This might be a haunted port, but it's a sight better than the alternative! By the time the gangplank is in place, Cammy and her gang are hunting and consuming vermin. Warm blood flows over their lips and down their chins to the tune of crunching bones. What they don't immediately, and rapaciously, devour they hastily gut and pocket for later. Somewhere in their feeding frenzy, they stumble across a soggy bundle of brochures tied up with string, and entranced by these colorful pamphlets, Cammy and her half-starved gang roll through the streets with the unrivaled splendor of a shiny metal ball in a pinball machine. Deftly ricocheting off of streetlights and pumps, they fly through deserted passages, lagging well-behind the others as they continue to collect and speed-read advertisements and informational materials. Unlike the others, they stop well-before the perimeter fence, staring in bemusement as the others expend precious mana to scale a fence while their creepy, creepy leader produces a grappling hook and proposes they all climb up to the roof while his freakish squeeze sheds light on a repugnant love triangle. It's weird! So very weird! Like, case the joint first! They don't have a lookout. What if someone catches them when they're halfway up to the roof? No, no, no, this, this is bound to end with someone tripping a motion sensor or breaking something that's actively monitored! Cammy and her gang conceal themselves behind a neighboring building, refraining from advancing too close to the barbwire-topped security fence. Short-range communications devices, discreet black earpieces allowing users to receive and transmit encrypted messages, crackle to life. While Cammy's crew's communications equipment is built into their gas masks, these standalone, lightweight communications devices were offered to the others just before a fish-thing in the crow's nest spotted land. Comms are live, people. You bust in; we'll prep our exit strategy. Octopus Galore, keep us abreast of the situation. If you need a distraction, hit us up; I'm sure we can find something to torch. An armored wagon is a must for a heist of this scale, and grease, grease would be incredibly useful if that giant skeleton shows up when they try to give the authorities the slip. Maybe there's a restaurant around here where they can hijack a delivery wagon and a few tanks of flammable liquid. Or... They could try their luck in the base proper, though they'd have to run checkpoints twice. Of course, if they could get in and commandeer a vehicle undetected, maybe they could pretend they're responding to the call when everybody starts shooting, stabbing, and generally reducing librarians to piles of irradiated goop. Decisions, decisions! In case our communications are jammed, the plan is to park a vehicle just beyond the balcony. If you go loud before we're back, you'll need to signal us by shooting or throwing something out of or off of the balcony. Then, give us 'bout, eh, two minutes to neutralize marksmen and punch a hole in their line before you poke your heads out or they're liable to gun you down.
  2. My apologies for the delay; I'll post tomorrow. I tried authoring something this evening, but it ended with parodying Christmas songs which really, really doesn't fit the tone. If anyone wants to beat me to the punch, go for it! I'm thinking Cammy and her gang will run off to secure some kind of wagon, preferably armored, or something so the team doesn't have to try to escape the Bastion on foot.
  3. "We have reports that a Legion of Doom sponsor, Akako of Port Caelum, has been sighted in Club Tablillas." | Hell's Gate, Terrenus @Akako Akari
  4. Execute Glasmann Cryonics Experiment #2334, Evaluating the Effectiveness of Vaporized Bliss as a Chemical Indicator of the Enrele Infestation. At the commencement of this experiment, Agent Morris Malayne, acting lead bartender, has successfully administered 46 doses of Liquid Bliss to a random sample of apparently high-functioning alcoholics - read attendees. Subjects dosed with Liquid Bliss are tagged in video and audio logs. At this time, facility owner, Camelia Sorina, and project lead, Caeceila Glasmann, are in transit to Abyss to wage sociological and psychological warfare on Patient #00000038 and Patient #00000202 as a countervailing factor per procedure. FRAME Medical Surveillance Suite has established connection to servers and is relaying information to Mission Command. Handing oversight of experiment to Iolanda Sorina and disengaging gene-lock on all exotic security measures, Echo-Class, in free-fire zone. If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white. Camelia Sorina is not dolled up like the hostess and her besotted audience; she doesn't fit in with this mob. Her glossy, snow white pelage is divided by distinctive ebony stripes marking her as a white (were)tiger, an anomaly in a veritable menagerie of stiff fogies, wearing and worn by tailored evening wear, and vulgar upstarts. Her grooming is immaculate; she glitters like silver dust swept through a glassy stream though her neck is adorned with a collar of enameled gold and luminous pink diamonds. The fine-spun linen draped about her body, fitted to her sleek form, features intricate embroidery depicting the Eye of Ra - the genesis of the Elder God Bastet - and ankhs in electrum filigree. Her regal tail, tied up with multicolored ribbons, sways hypnotically from side-to-side as she rocks back and forth on the reinforced deck of the cargo elevator, and her dazzling eyes, pink in hue and exceptionally spellbinding, settle on no one and nothing as the gate scrapes open. Caeceila Glasmann, the psychopathic daughter of Countess Glasmann, is feared and loved by the lowborn for her plain-spoken denunciation of House Monroe and the Legion of Doom. Wreathed in hate, cast in innocent blood and worked by indifference and inaction, her draconic ancestry cannot be denied. Her squamous tail twinkles with sapphire, silver, and cerulean plates. The eldritch quality of her starlit eyes, now sickles of ice enclosed in primeval, saurian orbs radiating chilling cerulean energy, eclipses the majesty of polished gemstones and precious metals. Towering in stature and powerfully built, the fair-skinned heiress stands unmoved by the music or the gasps her imposing appearance elicits. She would be quite lovely, with fetching, well-defined features, if she was not as unpredictable and violent as she is. Rather than apply gel, spray, or volumizer to her flaxen-hair, Caeceila has opted to collect her hair in a loose ponytail with an elastic band. As if she dreaded blending in with the crowd, Caeceila sports her studs, spikes, and leather with pride: a plain black tube top, a black, spiked leather jacket, black, studded leather pants, studded leather gloves, and combat boots for the occasion. Her high-frequency blade, a sinister katana, humming half-imagined notes plucked from delirium and warped by lucid dreams, suspended from a pulsating saya strapped to her side. She wears her weapon openly for she cares little for how these people, these avaricious blighters that would sell their own for a chance to amass a hoard, perceive her. She dances on the head of a pin, purchasing salvation for her people in blood, but these layabouts would poke out their own eyes before they would spend a thin dime on the good of their people! They curried favor with Isabella to further their own agendas; they didn't give a flying fuck about Hell's Gate or Terrenus! Contemptible wretches, one and all. With a single command, she could stomp them out. One day, they'd get theirs. The arrival of Caeceila Glasmann and Cammy Sorina leaves a profound impression on those near them not for their monstrous sizes, which aren't exactly unheard of, or their peculiar attire but where Caeceila rests her right hand upon exiting from the elevator. With a rumbling growl, Cammy secures her personal space. Some onlookers slowly back away. Some onlookers trace Caeceila's gaze to the straying yokai. None advance. You've got to be kidding me. I let someone else take a crack at hosting an event in my club for one fucking night, and the Legion of Doom's sugar momma shows up on my doorstep. Cae, I know you want to murder her, but that's an international - She tries to bolt, hit her with everything. Someone needs to learn a lesson, so tonight, my friend, I'll have need of your special services.
  5. When are you going to join! I feel like I need some exotic cat-girls as waitresses. >_> 

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  6. I considered Admie Adozen and company's heist when I was typing my previous post. I think Zashii expressed interest in that plot because the antagonists specifically targeted a bank run by one of Zashii's characters. Additionally, there's a lot of pressure on "property managers," like danzilla, that compels them to defend their properties lest players exploit precedence to repeatedly steamroll properties. In the absence of these factors, if the bank was generic bank and the town wasn't as actively managed, I don't know if the bank robbery would have attracted as much attention. I expressed interest in the scene because I, OoC, linked Adime and company (I don't recall the other heister's name) to the Enrele not because I was particularly interested in the bank robbery itself. As for the rest, consider Exalta crystals, which players can farm relatively easily through open-ended Whispernight quests. In Genesaris, airships typically run on Exalta crystals. Exalta crystals aren't really mentioned in Terrenus's lore. In fact, power systems for airships in Terrenus aren't really touched on. Let's say my character acquires an airship in Terrenus that is driven by a pulsed detonation engine. Said character swings by Genesaris and encounters a hostile Genesaris-made airship. The majority of these responses indicate both airships should function as designed. If I'm reading this right, no advantage should be conferred to the Genesaris-made airship, assuming they have the same amount of canon-backing. I will admit that my first exposure to Genesaris was Orisia, and that may have left the lasting impression that tech from one continent isn't necessarily compatible with tech on another continent on me.
  7. Hold up. Dredge-the-character is a villain, but Caeceila is not a hero. Caeceila has an agenda; I just play my cards close to my chest. I often intentionally avoid describing what my characters are thinking because I don't want other players to know everything about my characters. No offense, but Dredge had high hopes concerning what his group could and could not accomplish. That statement might rub people the wrong way, but as an outside observer, it appears to me that Dredge-the-character wasn't big on prep. Take, for example, the Red Festival. Dredge-the-player used the Red Festival to justify the Legion of Doom's sudden increase in martial strength, and Dredge-the-player asserted my character, Caeceila, was responsible for all that because his idea was that all the monsters in Terrenus would be shocked and horrified that my character - alone - popped in to break up an event where monsters were eating children and raping people. The premise of the Legion of Doom was that people in Terrenus were abusing monsters, which is true of UM but not so true of Terrenus as a whole. Furthermore, the Legion of Doom's strategy for the raid on Last Chance amounted to "charge at the enemy." The Legion of Doom attacked a heavily fortified position with infantry. I will admit that I would have balked at some of the attacks the defenders launched, the ridiculous quantity of missiles fired by one unit in one post, for example, but that thread felt like it was inspired by Normandy Beach. The Legion of Doom was at an extreme disadvantage from the start; I'm honestly surprised the Legion of Doom didn't have a follow-up recruitment thread to replace losses or a series of onscreen defections after that debacle. If I'm not mistaken, Last Chance was the first time the Legion of Doom suffered a loss. In Genesaris, Caeceila wasn't going after Dredge; Caeceila was planning to make an example of Akako. Caeceila will go after Akako-the-character again after I've sufficiently upped the firepower available to her through the acquisition of the Silver Vision, which is tabled until the Enrele crisis in Hell's Gate is solved. I've had discussions with King about the potential of bringing the law down on the Legion of Doom and penalizing Akako for her conduct. One of my characters recently made contact with the former regent of Port Caelum and offered to trade for intelligence on that location. No OoC request to desist has reached me. All I observed was an escalation of force IC which was termed a travel restriction following the Flower Festival. Therefore, I'm gradually escalating on my own end because I generally read that stuff as "You Must Be This Tall To Ride" and scale up or down accordingly. Basically, if someone really wants me to stop trying to kick a sandcastle, that person really ought to tell me OoC instead of, I dunno, suddenly raining roughly sixty surface to air missiles on my character's airship, which has occurred elsewhere. As someone who routinely rps villains and morally grey characters, I've learned a ton about kicking sandcastles. The problem, as I see it, is that almost nobody cares about the little evils in this sort of setting. If my character steals ice cream from an ice cream parlor, which I've actually rped elsewhere, nobody who's anybody here would bat an eyelash. Only an aspiring hero would take notice, and that player would probably expect the hero to emerge victorious because that's how pop culture do. I've had characters abuse animals and infringe on patents. I've toyed with the idea of arranging for one of my villainous characters to steal traffic signs. That sort of thing doesn't leave a big enough mark for most. Let's say I've got a villain and I want this villain to feel special. Oh, my villain could rob banks, but no, I need a James Bond villain so others will take notice. Anyone can rob a bank or steal ice cream from an ice cream parlor. Thus, villain players tend to escalate, and once they've escalated, they don't leave themselves much room to maneuver because characters notice and they start gunning for villainous characters. Character motivation is particularly difficult to nail when you rp villains. You often have to consider mental illness when coming up with believable character motivations. Personally, I don't ascribe to the "my villain is just sad and misunderstood" trope or the whole "my character is evil because lol evil" deal. I've seen a lot of people roll with abusive childhood and super selfish/opportunistic as villainous character motivations, but I don't see too much of the zealot/conceited/upside-down perception types. Making a relate-able villain is a challenge, and once you make them and they get that good ol' fashioned infamy, they aren't usually long-lived because there are more resources available to hero types by default than villain types. If you're playing a villain, you should expect heroes to show up and foil evil schemes, and if you're playing a successful villain, you should plan for heroes to show up and attempt to foil evil schemes. I've found that it pays to have a backup and a backup for the backup ready to go because chances are you will eventually run across a new player who wants this hero to feel special. Oh, that hero could save a lost lamb, but no, that player needs a DC Comics hero so others will take notice. Anyone can save a lost lamb or chase that character stealing ice cream from an ice cream parlor. Thus, hero players tend to try to actively seek villains, and villains need to be prepared to battle heroes in all of their open scenes. Heck, if your villain has an IC residence, you'd better plan on defending that at any given time because someone will try to burn it to the ground someday. Likewise, if my character is your hero's/villain's nemesis, my character will go out of his/her/its way to ruin your character's day regardless of alignment, so your character better be prepared to put up with the insane things I'll do to drive your character mad like invite your character to a restaurant where they only sell food your character is allergic to or sign your character up for a bunch of body part enlargement scams. If Valucre was a town instead of a bunch of continents, that villain who steals ice cream from the ice cream parlor would matter. Maybe that was the most popular ice cream parlor in the town and this little evil is of great consequence to all of the ice cream lovers around. The Ice Cream Parlor Plunderer might even be more influential than Stabby McFace of the Pointy Objects. As it stands, Valucre encourages people to have their sandcastles, build giant moats around them, and shove them into pocket dimensions. We get some sweet lore out of this setup, but it's difficult to get someone from Genesaris to socialize with someone from Terrenus outside of a quest because the lore is different and the tech is different and magic is different and expectations are different, or so the perception goes. For instance, if I obtain a +5 Magitech Lockpick of Unlocking in Terrenus, it won't work in Genesaris so I might as well make an entirely new character for Genesaris and I need to study the lore for Genesaris and I need to study the lore for particular cities in Genesaris and oh that pet isn't native to Genesaris so I need a new pet and a new character and new equipment and an understanding of different tech and different politics.
  8. Certainly. Here's what I think the Shields of Valor would have learned by the conclusion of this segment: There are three floors accessible to guests. The basement is accessible to first-timers, but the other levels are restricted to guests the staff deems trustworthy. Guests entering the other levels present their ids, present a trinket (the Shields won't know what this trinket is), and are, presumably, ticked off of a list before they enter another level. There are exceptions to this rule, but the Shields haven't tried to gain access to other levels onscreen. The layout of the basement. The basement's peak times. The general setup of the basement (the ambiance, the automated defenses, the magical darkness, the pathokinesis, the furniture conjuration, etc.). The basement is absolutely saturated with magic. The layout of the outlying areas (the dressing rooms and the reception area). That most of the employees are catfolk. That a significant number of the employees are former slaves. That the management tolerates, but doesn't cater to, vampires from Tia. The schedule for the next month - what bands are playing, when special events are occurring, when seasonal drinks will be made available, etc. That there is a shipping area around back, but it is closed when not in use and actively monitored. That there's a turret in the reception area and the bouncers/guards are heavily armored. That the basement of Club Tablillas caters to metalheads, punks, goths, etc. That Club Tablillas is especially popular among misanthropes and monsters. The menu for the basement level. This isn't a particularly easy location to break into, but A Star Is Born removes a fair few of the obstacles. The guards and a lot of the staff have seen combat, and they have very interesting ways of maintaining order within the club. They'll be present in the sub-basement in the other thread, but their presence in the basement and the first floor will be quite limited. Also, humans are being admitted to the club during that event, but they are typically denied entry which really doesn't help when you're trying to be sneaky and blend in.
  9. I've been semi-AFV for around two weeks. Recent events have left me with scarce little motivation to post. Thus far, Sarah has left both the owner of Club Tablillas - the catperson who was approaching her during her brawl - and the sister of the owner of Club Tablillas - the bartender she just retreated from. I can describe the bathroom, but there isn't a compelling reason for me to send a staff member into the bathroom unless it is actively monitored, which strikes me as a weird practice. There aren't washroom attendants and installing security cameras in bathrooms is creepy as all heck. I suppose a NPC could walk in, spot Sarah, and run off to fetch a staff member or something, but that might not end well for Sarah. I think that outcome would involve phoning whatever organization handles suicide prevention in HG and transferring Sarah to their care on the grounds that she is a danger to herself and others since she both assaulted someone and attempted suicide in this thread. I'll add that there is an opportunity to continue this infiltration attempt in A Star Is Born, which may be beneficial because security on the first floor and the basement is more relaxed in that scene as written. I have something in store for the sub-basement, but whenever I attempt to write it, I get distracted or I struggle to find the words to adequately portray the scene.
  10. Arthur rendered Caeceila senseless. His countenance contorted in bestial glee as the Order of Force Majeure broadcast this lunacy to a feral crowd. They were mad with blood, their heady, vicarious victory nursing the wicked, inhuman being lurking in the disused and much abhorred fringes of their meticulously cultivated personas. Elderly businessmen, portly and bespectacled, children, weaned but insistent on clinging to their mothers' skirts, and acclaimed reporters, all makeup and patter, indulged in Caeceila's suffering, in uncut and unadulterated destruction. Yea, they pined for more, for blood to glisten on the flat of Arthur's blade, for Arthur to cast off his humanity and, with a flourish, confirm Caeceila Glasmann would never again raise her hand against him. When Arthur stayed his blade and Caeceila retaliated, dissent percolated through these observers. Several stepped forward to finish what he had started. This gang of would-be assassins moves quickly, surging toward the arena from multiple directions. Discarding their disguises, they close on the arena, intent on eliminating their mark. In the meantime, Arthur plies his trade. He sought to quell Caeceila's psionic maelstrom. In this effort, he meets both success and failure, for while he can suppress the effects of Caeceila's defense, he cannot rectify the source. Caeceila's mind is well-armored and disturbingly complex. An elegant network of subordinate minds, animated by pain and animosity, is inextricably connected to her own. Her mind is forever adrift in a turbulent reservoir of rage, hate, paranoia, and despair. Hers is a broken mind, an asylum for the damned and the feeling. Perhaps most horrifying is that ancient, hungering thing that resides in Caeceila, beginning to stir as Caeceila lies motionless, entwined in veins of blessed blood. In this domain, Caeceila's conscious mind is present yet besieged by beings that lack loyalty, and their notion of nourishment is as twisted as their mistress's. This alarming glimpse into Caeceila's psyche should assure Arthur that Caeceila is a far cry from human, and as the storm abates, a swarm of metal butterflies and pulverized glass dust settling on her prostrate form, he must acknowledge the veracity of such claims. The squamous beast in Caeceila's stead, coated in iridescent scales glowing softly in sapphire, silver, and cerulean hues, is anatomically draconic with a sinuous, serpentine body, gradually tapering to a tail, and four sinewy legs, more suggestive of feline physiology than those of stereotypical dragons, terminating in five silvery talons. A polychromatic frill rolls from the top of her head, between two smooth horns that steadily curve upward, to the tip of her tail. Unlike your average dragon, her broad snout originates below eye level, granting her an enhanced field of view. Conspicuously, this breed is dispossessed of wings and is, admittedly, smaller than one might expect. Through it all, Caeceila remains unconscious and unmoving. The passage of time seems largely immaterial to her recovery. While touching her might pose a threat to guards and medical personnel alike, all identified active threats have been addressed.
  11. (ball - l) + (dance - d) = balance Guess I shouldn't have posted the solution as a reply to OBELUS's status. 😆
  12. I'd like to see characters fear things more often. I'm under the impression that characters, upon spotting monsters, generally charge in without taking stock of the situation. They'll run forward and start whacking monsters with whatever they can get their hands on. There are some plots that encourage this behavior and others that discourage this behavior, but self-preservation instinct should be a common element in all scenes involving combat and survival, in my opinion. I'd like to see more desperate characters. I'm under the impression that players mostly rp characters that don't really need money. We handwave finances to such an extent that coin seems, for all intents and purposes, a worthless reward. Most characters have a full set of gear and extraordinary abilities to start. I don't see many characters that are in desperate need of something - I see characters chasing what they want since they've already satisfied all of their basic needs. I'd like to see more characters with secret agendas. I'd like to see more survival-oriented plots. Most plots follow a standard format: the quest-giver(s) identifies a problem, the quest-giver(s) recruits a party, and the party solves the problem. In such situations, characters are on top of their game because they've had ample time to prepare for success. I don't see many plots that start in media res. For example, such-and-such is on an airship when the airship, without warning, falls out of the sky or is attacked by bandits. When characters don't know what's coming, they shouldn't (arguably) pack everything they need to resolve conflicts with relative ease and are encouraged to fight for survival rather than loot and fame.
  13. Two of my characters head the Hermetic Order of the Elder Goddess Bastet - part of a larger faction known as the Eye of Ra. One of the leaders of this cult is assisting the Acolytes of the Coiled Beast with their attempt to "borrow" a book from a library. Their backstory involves Tia, vampires, homelessness, catfolk, weretigers, thug life, the occult, and running what amounted to a black site for criminals. For a fee, they might have tortured your character. That said, someone would have to pay them to do anything to your character so your character would have to have been targeted by a Tian faction patronizing the Order.
  14. I am rping dragons! Admittedly, the only member of House Glasmann who has appeared onscreen is in the form of a human most of the time.
  15. The pommel of Arthur's longsword connects with the side of Caeceila's head, and she crumples to the floor. There isn't much pageantry to it; simply, Caeceila was conscious and is conscious no more. She lies upon the floor, relatively motionless with arms contorted in a fairly unnatural position. She is bleeding, of course, but her condition isn't deteriorating. While she has experienced brain trauma both from Arthur's attack and a forceful collision with the floor, she doesn't respond to her injury like an average human being. No, Caeceila's subconscious mind, malicious and unbound, lashes out at her environment. Her body siphons power from ambient sources, conventional - heat and light - and metaphysical - whorls of "free" magical energy and the grid supplying this arena with power. Her hunger appears all-consuming as the metallic walls, ceiling, and floor of the corridor twist, curl, and whine amid a psychic maelstrom swelling within the confined arena. Metal chips and paint flakes as debris slams haphazardly into and through rapidly eroding surfaces in her proximity. Her frost rimed body is swaddled in a blot of darkness, a hungering darkness that bespeaks the mad beast imprisoned in the fanatic's web. Annihilation, it lovingly whispers. Stagnation, it salaciously moans. This phenomenon will only endanger Arthur should he choose to remain, but how would such a course serve him in the first? He has had his fun and his victory. The end is at hand.
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