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  1. Caeceila is no social butterfly, and her myriad eccentricities have done little to endear her to the party. If Caeceila and the party follow the same paths, they will note that she has a penchant for wandering into the wilderness, vanishing for hours on end only to casually pop back into formation as though she never left. She outright refuses to offer any explanations for her disappearing act or its many encores, reminding would-be meddlers that it isn't polite to pry even though she routinely eavesdrops on the rest of the party's private conversations whenever she is in earshot. Caeceila maintains her own mode of transportation: a ruggedized all-terrain vehicle that zips down the relatively safe roads connecting the megacities of Terrenus. While she typically rendezvouses with the party when they setup camp for the night, she neither eats nor sleeps in their presence, standing guard with several of her "Eyes" during the first shift and racing off into the night seconds after she rouses her replacement. Alarmingly, Caeceila has made a habit of arriving at the campsite decked out in combat gear speckled with blood. Sometimes, she lugs a sack of local produce with her and deposits it carelessly by the fire, as though she means to pawn it off on the group. Once, she arrived coated in glitter and stickers toting a small container of candied apples. As usual, she offered no explanation for her disheveled state and removed these cutesy adornments before most could ridicule her. Today, she arrived at the campsite with a bottle of fine, aged wine, a chip on her shoulder, and a bundle of newspapers tied up with strings, all of which she unceremoniously dumps at the center of the campsite before trudging into the woods in an especially foul mood. Elizabeth Patton, no doubt, had already informed the party of Dougton's bid for independence and the overwhelming resistance they could, if this bill was made law, encounter as they advance on Dougton, so it wouldn't take much effort to deduce the root cause of Caeceila's rage. What follows, conversely, will seem needlessly cruel and unwarranted. Perhaps someone would notice, as Caeceila stomps through the campsite, the smooth, lustrous ball bearing she rolls, contemplatively, between the thumb and index finger of her dominant hand. Perhaps someone would notice how her gaze is fixed on the limbs of the trees surrounding the clearing and the tiny, woodland creatures darting from branch to branch in the barren canopy. Someone might even take note as tiny, broken bodies tumble from above, crunching as they impact the dead leaves blanketing the forest floor. Caeceila is massacring all wildlife in close proximity to the campsite. One-by-one, with a flick of her thumb, a polished metal sphere, and a jolt of magic, squirrels, birds, and more exotic lifeforms fall. If Argi blamed the Enrele for the Yuuja's demise and regarded it as a tragic death, he might, in witnessing Caeceila's actions, stumble upon a frightful truth. Caeceila, recognizing that the party is encroaching on Hivemind Aleth's turf, is poking out Hivemind Aleth's eyes and slicing off Hivemind Aleth's ears. In Caeceila's wake, trees, once teeming with life, are slick with blood. As the light fades so will the ambiance of the forest, melodic or discordant, quite literally die away. It is fortunate that Caeceila does not question where Argi scrounged up his rabbit or Dauner tracked down his boar. Were she to discover that her accomplices were supping on what could very well be contaminated flesh, there would be hell to pay.
  2. Caeceila observed that Vadrian was content to simply saunter up to her and reacted by steadily yielding ground, forcing her assailant to traverse even more space to reach her. While she did not retreat as swiftly as Vadrian advanced, her intent was not to prevent him from reaching her. No, her ploy would be worthwhile if it produced additional time to taunt Vadrian from afar. There is little else in this area that might amuse her; the rails and the wind are seasonings, not sides that compliment the entree. Oh, I wish we were allowed three weapons. Were we allowed three weapons, I would have brought a sledgehammer and vandalized these railings as time permitted. Why feign concern for our safety when helmets are banned? That, and I enjoy smashing stuff. You've made your choice, and I will respond in kind by swearing I shall not cave in your skull or otherwise shape a path by which your brain might dribble out of your skull. Keep in mind that I can't do much about internal bleeding, and if you choose not to yield when a sane gentleman ought to yield, I may or may not pulverize your groin with my hammer. Caeceila had stabbed her last opponent, Volentia, in the groin with a rondel dagger. It is clear, in that light, that she is dead serious about targeting Vadrian's groin should he leave himself open to such a vicious assault. Caeceila smirked confidently as Vadrian thrust his arming sword at the center of her chest. Though her motions were not as rapid as Vadrian's, she stepped back and to her right, the blade crashing against her shield, which she held at an acute angle in front of her body, before slipping through empty air. Caeceila was not guarding with her war hammer; at this point, she lugged it off of her shoulder, readying it for an overhead swing but indefinitely postponing the execution of said attack. Vadrian was testing her, and she was well-aware of that fact. Had she launched into a riposte, Vadrian would have had the upper hand. Though his weapon was not optimal for fighting an armored opponent, his striking range and his dexterous handling of his arming sword outclassed Caeceila's weighty war hammer. Thus, Caeceila's cautiousness is incentivized; when she launches an attack, she has no recourse but to make it count. Now, Caeceila begins to circle Vadrian, practiced footwork propelling her counterclockwise rotation. Do you plan on half-swording? If you do not imperil my head, I doubt you will make much progress with the blade of an arming sword unless, and this goes without saying, you persuade me to surrender by some other means or draw blood.
  3. Caeceila Glasmann @realCaeceilaGlasmann • 15 minutes ago Damn! If this many fools are desperate for a good ass-kicking, I'm going to need new boots! #SmashTheSecession REPLY GRUMBLE LIKE SHARE
  4. The day after the Dougton raid, regardless of the outcome. I do not believe Caeceila will be captured/killed in that thread due to her mastery of the ultimate technique, and I suspect the same is true of most, if not all, of the characters involved.
  5. I think EP would be more likely to know of Vito than Caeceila. Caeceila, however, will contact Vito if Vilhardt is unavailable.
  6. Vadrian Dawnwood. Has anyone ever told you that your surname is, shall we say, unfortunate? You really haven't helped, taking a fancy to the title "The Blade of the Dawn" and all that implies. Chuckling, Caeceila Glasmann, the infamous Gore-Spattered Heiress, steps out of the abyss and onto the battlefield. Caeceila, who is never one to mince words, would protest that the bridge is marvelously bland vice the arenas featured in the last round, functionally identical to selecting the map Final Destination with items disabled in Valucre's release of Super Smash Brothers. The presence of the sun provided certain opportunities Caeceila could, potentially, capitalize on, but the advantages such environmental effects conferred without specialized equipment were limited at best. Regardless, Caeceila positions herself such that the sun warms her back and her shadow stretches before her. Let the rays of the sun capture Vadrian's face! Let him stand a shining knight from a foreign land basking in summery sights and scents! Caeceila is content to remain in the darkness and shatter Vadrian's pride and sense of self-worth with every vintage of vile, venomous insinuation she can decant. There is, of course, a drawback to her tactic: if Vadrian's shield is polished to a mirror-like sheen, it is possible he might direct some measure of the light radiating upon it at Caeceila's eyes, temporarily blinding her of imposing similar light-related disadvantage. Caeceila had assessed this risk beforehand and elected to mitigate it by drawing a spiked, one-handed war hammer and a heater shield from the OFM's arsenal after the brackets had been posted. This one-handed war hammer is remarkably generic in make and model, consisting of a simple oak haft connected to a hammer head, including a back spike, by means of steel langets. The heater shield is totally unremarkable vis-a-vis the shields available from OFM's stockpile. It is likely that Vadrian's shield is virtually identical to Caeceila's, unless Vadrian has supplied his own to flaunt his heraldry, which would be in accordance with what Caeceila presumes are his goals. Foreign dignitaries aren't anonymous nor are they preoccupied with pretending that they desire anything but the spotlight. Caeceila is attired in the heaviest set of armor she could requisition. Though she has forgone a surcoat, her half-plate is as serviceable as Vadrian's. With her right gauntlet, she grips the haft of her war hammer, which glimmers in the light, and the fingers of her left hand are wound around the handle of her heater shield. She studies Vadrian's expression with the chilling gaze of a banshee and the crazed, toothy grin of a Cheshire cat. While Vadrian favors the grace of Orisia to the technological splendor of Terrenus and Genesaris, Caeceila, a true-blue gentlewoman of Hell's Gate, is tormented by the brokenness of her world and her people. Vadrian dwells in the balmy days of summer, an era of youthful merriment; Caeceila, as young as she is, is the heart of winter encased in death and rime beating ever faster as bastions crumble, her people perish, and seeds sown by villains are irrigated with blood in advance of an unspeakable harvest. Though their kits were almost the same, the combatants could be no more different were they of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. You're a gentleman, or so I'm told. You must, therefore, seek victory by honorable means. Shall we fight to first blood, to the finish, or engage in a more civilized contest of valor? Make your choice. Caeceila readies herself for combat, extending her left arm and resting her war hammer on her right shoulder. If Vadrian should charge her, she will have enough time to prepare herself at this distance, guile notwithstanding. Alternatively, we could play rock, paper, scissors, best two out of three, and have a picnic. It would be a shame to spend such a beautiful day cooped up in the infirmary, wouldn't it?
  7. For reference, Toothless has a length of 20 feet, a wingspan of 50 feet, and weighs 1,776 lbs.
  8. If memory serves, there was an incident awhile back where a villain riding a dragon attacked a city in Terrenus. While this was allowed for sake of plot, it was clarified that normally the authorities could and would detect such threats from afar. Given that rider dragons, as far as I am aware, typically carry one passenger, I believe Gozen would still show up.
  9. It is worth noting that full-sized dragons register on Terrenus surveillance systems. If Dougton has retained its access to such systems, Hivemind Aleth has retained its access to such systems, or either faction has access to similar surveillance systems, the use of dragons could divulge the party's position.
  10. If all else fails, I've concocted a sufficiently twisted scheme that might do the trick. Also, it isn't just Dougton that the party will have to infiltrate. The checkpoints around Dougton are equally problematic. I'm also wondering if all federal employees in Dougton will comply with their eviction notice. There are about 15,000 Terrenus Military troops and 15,000 Dougton Police in Dougton; if the Terrenus Military decided not to cave, it would be a pretty even fight, at least in terms of manpower (discounting Enrele reinforcements, Enrele turncoats, and the like).
  11. Just as crows muster, in direful murders, to pick over the bones of Gaia's beloved, so too have I forsworn what little peace and normalcy my station affords to serve my people: the people of Hell's Gate, the people of Terrenus, and the people of Valucre. Whispernight in Genesaris, the Culling of the Pantheon in Renovatio, the Death Throes of Elendaron, and our own Civil War prove that the tragedies that have befallen Valucre cannot be ascribed to a single source. Now, the Enrele, are dismissed as a mere conspiracy, Dredge, blackguard he is, has found a home in Genesaris, the Grandmaster of Renovatio presides over a nation he has robbed of a future to advance his dastardly agenda, Orisia's rightful monarch, Irene Gabriela DuGrace, has abdicated her throne and fled, Tia has been razed by terrorists, the artifacts of the Witch King have resurfaced, and Odin Haze is still nowhere to be seen. Mockingly, the media has renamed our once mighty nation Fracture. Our lot is lamentable; how far we have fallen, and how far we have yet to fall! We cry out to Gaia, and our prayers echo through empty halls. It is evident that our deities are not moved by our agony or are utterly absent for reasons that are beyond our ken. We watch, transfixed by our fears and anxieties, as darkness swallows the stars that illuminate our path. I will abide this baleful pattern no longer; my forbearance is at an end. If we wish to survive and prosper in this unfeeling era, we must author our destiny by valor and arms! In one day of feverish action, Caeceila Glasmann contested a great many of the political forces that menaced the denizens of Hell's Gate with oblivion. Overnight, House Glasmann's private army installed rudimentary fortifications at strategic locations within Hell's Gate - the very same locations House Glasmann had selected for their clandestine shipments in the dead of night. These secure facilities, which House Glasmann had renovated on the sly soon after Caeceila Glasmann entered into an informal alliance with Ilyana Sevryn, housed state-of-the-art weaponry, constructs, and surveillance systems, functioning as automated watchtowers encircling House Glasmann's manned perimeter. While the aforementioned watchtowers had been fortified by House Glasmann's "Eyes," spherical, floating robots designed for light and heavy construction, working in tandem with standard heavy civil construction constructs, House Glasmann's perimeter was secured in stages by combined human and drow "sappers" under the command of the enigmatic Nines, who exploited her unique abilities to assemble the unyielding metal walls and stretch concertina wire at a crackerjack rate under cover of darkness. House Glasmann artillery units, House Glasmann security squads, drow wetwork squads, and teams of catfolk magicians locked down the worksite in an impressive show of force and coordination. Wards, fueled by abjuration magic, flared to life throughout the night, bathing the wall in ominous red light, and any areas identified as high-risk were doused in faerie fire and chemiluminescent munitions to rout the shadows and whatever else might be lurking within. Dragon's teeth and bog standard concrete barriers were scattered at intervals in an attempt to edge out land-based vehicles despite the plenitude of suitable, urban terrain in outlying neighborhoods. Ultimately, House Glasmann intended to funnel all authorized traffic through one gate while forcibly denying entry at any other point. At the break of dawn, Caeceila's live, televised speech commenced. Financial records would indicate Caeceila used her considerable influence to acquire large blocks of broadcasting time with several major media outlets. When Caeceila broached touchy subjects, subjects that had almost led to criminal charges, specifically the intent to incite a riot, a number of weeks ago, a handful of these media outlets cut her broadcast and credited her accounts. This was not true of all media outlets, and she was not, apparently, discouraged by the detractors that capitalized on her crusade by misconstruing her message and painting her as a monster. The Enrele were here, and, so help her Gaia, Caeceila would expel them from her fair city. That said, not once did Caeceila declare her aim to erase the Enrele in Hell's Gate. Instead, Caeceila dedicated the bulk of her time to "setting the record straight." She tore into former regent Jim Jenkins, who she insisted on calling "Doughy Jim," for capriciously turning his back on the Empire in its time of need, appreciably contributing to the strife within Terrenus, and compromising the security of Dougton, exposing it to enemies within and without. She affirmed her commitment to rescuing Terrenus from the ills that plague it in collaboration with Terrenus Military personnel. Not once did her words betray her suspicion of the Terrenus Military as an organization. Their ranks were bound to be suffused with Enrele; only a handful had earned her trust. As her forces shored up House Glasmann's defensive perimeter and squared off with law-enforcement, lawyers paving their way for bloodless solutions with properly endorsed copies of deeds, receipts of sale, rental agreements, hold harmless/legal indemnity documentation, and legalese, several individuals received invitations to the Glasmann Estate to discuss how to proceed with "achieving security objectives in Hell's Gate." Caeceila pointedly denied all communications that did not originate from one of these individuals, who she quietly held had not been compromised by the Enrele. She would go out of her way to snub Matthius Brown and Van Edmund, televising her refusal to negotiate with parties responsible for letting Hell's Gate go to seed should they attempt to contact her. Ilyana Sevryn might receive a special invitation to spend the night at the Glasmann Estate and armed escort hours in advance of Caeceila's blockade and tirade. Steel, Caeceila's handler, would receive an invitation requesting that he summon his brother, Cadmium, Victory, the Bubble, and Michael Commager, if possible. The message relayed to Steel, however brief, will also note that he is permitted to bring a handful of other individuals he is willing to personally vouch for should he so desire. I will not let Hell's Gate go the way of Tia. I will not stand by as marauders slip the net and get away with their crimes scot-free. I will not see my people victimized. Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall! Let justice be done, though the world may end! @supernal @danzilla3 @Dolor Aeternum
  12. Caeceila Glasmann @realCaeceilaGlasmann * 2 Minutes Law-enforcement spread thin. Checkpoints in surrounding towns will lead to decreased patrols and increased criminal activities. Martial law imminent. Riots anticipated. Citizens warned to lock their doors and stay off of the streets. Caeceila Glasmann @realCaeceilaGlasmann * 32 Minutes My money is on Doughy Jim and his Doughy Regime levying a militia and turning Dougton into a police state within the week. If you aren't a fan of power-mad maniacs, curfews, and rationing systems, consider skedaddling while you can. If you can't leave Dougton, Gaia help you. Food isn't the only resource necessary to maintain our standards of living, and the new regime will probably hang hoarders from streetlights. Caeceila Glasmann @realCaeceilaGlasmann * 1 Hour 58 Minutes Words cannot do justice to how I abhor Doughy Jim and his cronies. They have not acted in the best interests of their people. Quite the opposite. The withdrawal of all federal employees from Dougton kneecaps Dougton's defensive capabilities and exposes the populace to myriad terrors that are all too common in this day and age. Recently, Tia was razed and Last Chance and Casper were attacked by formidable foes. In the latter cases, these foes were repelled by Terrenus Military forces working hand-in-hand with local law-enforcement under the command of elite Terrenus Military commandos: Peacekeepers. Furthermore, the federal employees Doughy Jim is intent on evicting will be stripped of any property they cannot carry out of the city with them without fair compensation for their losses. It is unknown, at this time, if Terrenus Military veterans and retired federal employees are also subject to Doughy Jim's tyrannical whims, but it is certain that they will be viewed with suspicion in days to come. Caeceila Glasmann @realCaeceilaGlasmann * 3 Hour 14 Minutes I phoned my attorney and instantly resolved to ignore his advice. All enterprises owned by House Glasmann have ceased operations within Dougton and all other areas in open rebellion against the Empire. Other "Hell's Gate fat cats" have, in response to Doughy Jim's unwarranted hostility, followed suit. The flow of affordable, complex goods to Dougton, especially medicines and birth control, will be greatly diminished for the foreseeable future. All patients with chronic illnesses, including allergies, are urged to stock up on necessary supplies before they run out. 💊 Caeceila Glasmann @realCaeceilaGlasmann * 7 Hours In a concentrated dose of exceptionally insipid Doughy Propaganda, former regent Jim Jenkins (Doughy Jim) claims "Hell's Gate fat cats are stuffing their faces with our food and issuing edicts to conquer us" and "The royal government is trying to turn our city, that we built with our hands, into a test bed for their experimental weapons." Fake news and a complimentary recipe for disaster. Yum! Doughy Jim can't even decide whether the royal government or House Monroe is pulling the strings in his half-baked delusion; he ought to call it quits, don his tinfoil hat, and commit himself to the nearest sanitarium while he's ahead. 🥳
  13. Cae should be available for random legs of the journey. At times, she'll simply disappear for hours on end and then casually pop back in as though she was always present. Even if someone asks where she has been, she won't give anyone a straight answer. She also won't let anyone hitch a ride on any of her military vehicles, though she may have arranged for the delivery of all-terrain vehicles if no one has furnished a proper means of transportation. Is there a reason the party didn't ride the Lightning Rail to Dougton? I'm guessing Cae and Liz will be the first to learn of former regent Jim Jenkins's sedition. This will make it exceedingly difficult for the party to move around Dougton and the surrounding countryside unnoticed.
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