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  1. Hell yeah! I am super awesome, but you haven't seen anything yet! Watch this! Watch! Cassie's flattery went straight to Cammy's head! Excitedly, she clambers up onto an empty table and then, in a flash of dazzling pink light, she disappears. It's obvious that she hasn't turned invisible because her clothes are lying in a jumbled heap atop the table. Within her poncho, something stirs. Cammy the kitty pokes her little head through a large gash in the fabric and meows playfully. See! I'mma white Toyger! And now - Cammy dives back into the poncho. Almost instantly, her garments rise from the table and rip open, fluttering to the ground beside the table as a massive white tiger leaps onto the ground. I'mma white tiger! Rawr! Spooked ya, didn't I? You probably thought I'd shift into a bubbling ooze monster with maws and eyes and tentacles, but I didn't! Proving she can also produce tiger noises, Cammy runs up to Cassie and chuffs. See, I'm a cute tiger, not an abomination violating a covenant between gods by virtue of my very existence on this plane! I'm also really dangerous! I can kill people just by batting them with one of my paws! And I'm so fluffy, you could prop yourself against me and nyap! I bet you'll wanna nyap after you eat lunch! I'm warm too so you won't even need to warm yourself up with that fire! Of course her fangirl wouldn't have thought about hurting her! Such thoughts are unthinkable! What kind of maniac would do such a thing? That'd be terrible! Just terrible! She must have bad circulation or maybe the food is too cold for her tastes. So - Cammy inhales and immediately begins to gag. Her ears slightly turn backward and her tail stiffens behind her. The scent is so rank she can taste the fetid cheese. Reeking and rancid, the nauseating ball of cheese repels her. Gross! My nose! I'll never smell again! Without delay, Cammy dashes approximately fifty feet westward - upwind of the stinky cheese group - while holding her breath. In doing so, she abandons her food. When she comes to a halt, she coughs and gasps, sucking in clean air and plotting her revenge. Eleven feet. Eight and a half feet. Six feet. Six feet. Six feet? Huh. Is Simon's objective moving away from him as he approaches? It is! The table and associated benches aren't quite matching his speed, but they slide over grass like giant skis over snow. The swordswoman Simon seeks is anything but mundane, and it would seem that she doesn't want any company. She pays him exceedingly little heed - until her table bumps into another, knocking over a small glass vial and spilling its contents all over her lap. Freaking unbelievable! Caeceila exclaims, staring at the inky blot bleeding through her outerwear in dismay. She doesn't bother to proceed with daubing at the oil, opting to devote her full attention to him what done it. ARE YOU DAFT? She shouts as her icy reception degenerates into a blistering inferno of misdirected anger. She glares at the black whetstone Simon proffers with such intensity that Simon might get the impression that, if the tool was susceptible to emotion, it might be riven into a thousand grains of sand. Didn't your parents teach you it is rude to sneak up on people? When you approach a lady - a lady - who isn't aware of your presence, you are obligated to announce yourself! "Hail! I am Paul Pry of the Guild of Incorrigible Gossips, and I formally request your company that I may blather on and on and on about the latest Orisian fashions. Tres chic!" You realize you look like a vampire, right? Eventually, you're going to give someone a heart attack and slash or get yourself staked! Caeceila Glasmann rises, snatches the Black Blade from table, and, holding it by the hilt with one hand and and by the blade with the other as if half-swording, positions it so Simon can examine it thoroughly should he so choose. The strange ebony blade is elegant, well-balanced, extraordinarily resilient to damage, and capable of resisting minor spell-work. They also took to holding enchantments or magical empowerments easily, although only for a short time, being supernaturally sensitive weapons. This particular Black Blade features a fuller, ridges, and a traditional crucifix guard. By dint of his background in artificing, Simon may conclude that the custom hilt is an intricate, magitech hilt disguised as a mundane hilt. Furthermore, you cannot sharpen a blade forged from this material with such crude implements! When I have the option, I don't even sharpen steel swords with stones! If you hire metalbenders to maintain your swords, your swords will always be in tip-top condition. Defective maintenance can cost you your life, so I don't cheap out! On a similar note, don't make a habit of trusting your life to creepy strangers that look like vampires. I don't. Caeceila plants her left foot on the bench and continues to glare at Simon and his daffy costume.
  2. Caeceila's starlit eyes, now sickles of ice enclosed in primeval, saurian orbs, blaze with chilling cerulean energy as light yields to shadow and gutters out. For an instant, oblivion - absolute darkness and sepulchral silence - engulfs her. Ere long, the lights begin to flicker illuminating a beautiful, squamous creature, coated in iridescent scales and glowing softly in sapphire, silver, and cerulean hues, with a sinuous, tapering body more characteristic of a sea serpent than a dragon. Then, as abruptly as it was conjured, the vision is dispelled. Caeceila curses and tugs on the edges of her black leather gloves. Her voice reflects her derisive attitude as she affirms Stormbreaker's accusations. I am a monster. Read the papers. Tune into a news broadcast. I am the Gore-Spattered Heiress and the Devil of Hell's Gate. If you've only just arrived at that conclusion, you're behind the curve. She inspects her bull polished jump boots. Her black boots and trousers are bloused. She runs a finger over the embossed silver dragons on her cuffs. She retrieves her peaked cap from an aperture as she exits the automated armoire. She gazes at the silver cap badge, a field of skeletal remains and a tattered banner on which the words "Fiat Iustitia Et Pereat Mundus" are printed in in golden lettering. She glances at the blood red stripe running from her silver epaulets to her boots and adjusts the aiguillettes adorning her hip-length, double-breasted greatcoat. She dons her cap, scans her insignia and the nameplate identifying her as Caeceila Glasmann, a Terrenus Military Contractor, and cinches her leather belt with a silver belt buckle featuring iconography of the dragon of House Glasmann. Caeceila Glasmann is a killer, and the morbid symbology of her attire bears testament to her fanatical obsession with death. You are a fool because you overestimate your worth, because you overestimate your power, and because you underestimate me. Turning her back on Stormbreaker, Caeceila studies herself in a full-length mirror affixed to the inside of the armoire. She straightens her cap and berates Stormbreaker for her hubris. You are expendable. If you continue to provoke me and disobey orders, I will sack you at once and replace you within forty-eight hours. I will file a formal complaint condemning you and censuring your actions to date. When I'm finished, no one reputable will hire you. You'll be forced to beg for alms or work part time as a bouncer at a dive bar. Right now, you're living high on the hog. Fuck with me, and I guarantee you'll be living in an alley. She steps to the side to take her longsword from her bunk, tapping Stormbreaker's helmet with the tip of her boots. Meticulously, she straps it to her side. You are weak. You are weak because you don't work with others. I've friends and allies even though I'm a horrible person - or something pretending to be a person. I play games of courtly intrigue. I care for others. Sometimes, I even let people in. You? Nothing. Loner. From what I've pieced together, you and the other two severely wounded schmucks didn't work as a team. That's why you nearly died. Now, you're picking a fight with me. I'm assigning you remedial leadership training, and you're going to thank me for the opportunity, Arashi Sato. If you want to outlive me, you will accept that your ability to punch enemies with such force that you tear your arm apart isn't sufficient. She picks up her shoulder holster and loops it around her torso. Only then does she face Stormbreaker and resume their glaring contest. She doesn't care if Stormbreaker doesn't like her. She requires Stormbreaker's loyalty, not Stormbreaker's love. What's more, you need to fight smart. Use every dirty trick in the book to secure victory. Even if you're fighting a noble, screw honor. When you're in a bind, run. You're of no use to anyone if you're dead, and dying doesn't save anyone. Failure is failure. Death is death. To reinforce her body of argument, Caeceila gestures to Stormbreaker's arm. Useless. Broken. She should have died today. Perhaps Stormbreaker resented her for denying her a good death. Fiction. Legends. The only good death is that of an enemy. More to the point, how could Stormbreaker expect Caeceila to value her life when she clearly didn't. Last but by no means least, The Gore-Spattered Heiress draws her pistol and aims it at Stormbreaker's head from her position at the foot of Stormbreaker's bed. Her index finger rests on the frame of her weapon, not the trigger, but her action conveys her message unerringly and without omission. I am worse than Dredge, Kahd'Xel, and Lilith combined. You fuck with me, I will bury you. You fuck with the people I care about, I will damn you. If you hurt my sister, I swear I will cut every tendon in your body and leave you floundering like a goddamn jellyfish on your younger self's doorstep. Her eyes narrow dangerously. You want to swap stories about how shit my family treats people? I'll start. I spent nearly half of my life in a cage about eight miles below Hell's Gate because my parents were afraid of me. Until I was twelve, I was raised like a slasher. Controlled environment. Daily simulations. I was an animal in an exhibit. I spent a whole fucking year stuck in a simulated campaign fighting King Levas. One continuous year. Now, I'm trapped in a world teeming with terrorists and polluted by parasites. Fuck my life. The safety is off. Your turn, Arashi Sato. How would my sister benefit from your death? How has my family harmed you? I'm blind and oblivious, so you'll have to explain everything to me. If you lie to me, I'll end more than your career. If you persuade me that you're redeemable, I'll recognize you as my cousin. Those are fair stakes, wouldn't you agree?
  3. Fundamentally, Cae and the Empire have the same objectives. Both Cae and the Empire want to protect the people of Terrenus. Their motivations differ: Cae views protecting people, particularly the people of Hell's Gate, as her duty and attracts entities that urge her to avenge innocent blood/take life whereas the Empire must defend its people because that's how governments stay in business. Their methods differ, but a mutual understanding has evolved between the two parties over the course of several major incidents where Caeceila has lent a hand. I would describe the relationship between the Terrenus Military and Cae as tense, but that's mostly because Cae wants the Terrenus Military to take more drastic actions to shut down terrorists and other enemies of the state - which is something the Terrenus Military cannot do in most cases without major repercussions like sparking wars. On the flip side, Cae is a celebrity renowned for her violent tendencies, is a tad unstable, and has documented problems with her powers and emotions all of which make it risky for the Terrenus Military to officially back her. She also flunked the Empire's psychic training program due to her unwillingness to alter her ideology for fear of losing her humanity. Cae has the Empire's unofficial backing on some of her actions and has worked with various military officials. Were the Enrele disposed of, there would be much more collaboration between the Terrenus Military and House Glasmann, but Cae believes the Terrenus Military is compromised and has consequently become extremely paranoid. To her, this is a They Live scenario but she can't find a pair of sunglasses. While Cae and company have delayed reporting Aeth's condition - how she may or may not have mutated/gained powers as a result of Kahd's curse - that's because they don't know the full extent of her transformation. A lot of the difference is probably in the language - recommending psychic and psychological evaluation of the patient without specifying why rather than pointing out that there's a chance she's one of them now. They've done what they've done because they want to determine if Aeth's treatment was effective and see how she recovers without divulging how they treated her since that's taboo as heck. Their hope is that they can learn from Aeth's injury and develop a much better process for treating other Kahd-cursed individuals. Cammy also recognizes that her assessment of Aeth's condition could ruin Aeth's life and is reluctant to condemn her. There's also the whole paranoia deal since Cae would want someone trustworthy to receive these reports; it wouldn't do if they discovered something about Kahd and the Xelken that the Dead or the Enrele could use to bolster their forces. That said, Aeth's guards could have already assessed her and reported their findings up the chain. Ultimately, Cae and the Empire appear to have similar stances on this matter, so it's likely the Empire is more interested in evaluating Aeth's condition in person than in reports transmitted over hundreds of miles that enemies might be able to intercept. House Glasmann isn't falsifying reports or denying the Terrenus Military access to Aeth. This is actually yet another example of the parties having the same objectives but different methods. Cae may have even requested that the Bubble and Steel show up to evaluate Aeth's condition because it is physiologically impossible for the Enrele to infect the Bubble and she trusts Steel because Steel was honest with her. I believe Cae is one of the best options for training Aeth. The Terrenus Military is another solid choice, especially the Bubble. There's also the OFM which has a number of psychic characters among its ranks. Undoubtedly, there are other sources I don't know about. I don't know that Aeth would learn the exact same stuff from each source - certain things might be emphasized or de-emphasized depending on the program. Cae, for example, couldn't teach your character about energy constructs while the other sources probably can. Likewise, Cae might focus more on the paranormal than the Terrenus Military or the OFM, but that probably depends on the teacher. Ultimately, it's up to you what your character learns. Personally, I'd opt for training with the Bubble since supernal is offering and the Bubble is a very unique character that will probably shape how you view psychic powers as a player. You're more than welcome to follow-up with Caeceila - especially if Aeth runs into hivemind-related sanity/emotion/identity problems in the middle of the night or wants to learn something that might not go over well with Gaians. The Bubble may have you covered there too since I don't know that the Bubble is Gaian, but it's an option. Aeth could experience the telepathy problems you described above right now and the Bubble could intervene to stabilize her. Might be a good way to introduce the Bubble and give supernal something dramatic to respond to.
  4. Dude! I made some edits in the PMs, check it out.

  5. Caeceila's Motives: Caeceila wants to protect the people of Hell's Gate because she feels this is her duty. Additionally, her powers compels her to combat what she considers evil. She wants to avenge the people Kahd'Xel has slain and, more importantly, scare him away from Hell's Gate. Camelia's Motives: Cammy wants to protect Caeceila because Caeceila is her best friend. Both derive power from and serve as aspects of the same entity, so they have a sense of shared purpose which is rather uncommon even in Valucre. Cammy also wants to scare Kahd'Xel away from Hell's Gate because her people currently reside in Hell's Gate. Plan: Caeceila will guard a strategic objective (a turret, a missile silo, a power plant, etc.). This objective will probably be significant to the outcome of the battle. If no one has plans for Kahd'Xel's severed arm, Cammy will be inside of the objective conducting a ritual to harm Kahd'Xel. Said ritual may involve poppets and other objects associated with witchcraft since she has a large piece of Kahd'Xel's body and, perhaps, Kahd'Xel's true name.
  6. I'm game for this if supernal and Darthgamer are. If we pursue this option, I'm of the opinion that we should debrief Aethelcília first and then tackle this matter. Alternatively, we could accomplish this goal in the Confrontation thread.
  7. 5. That's perfectly fine. 8. Sounds like a plan. Lets say five members of the House Glasmann security force are escorting the Terrenus Military guards, then.
  8. While this is pretty awesome, the extent of my participation will depend on when House Glasmann is notified that an attack on Aspyn is imminent. House Glasmann probably isn't tracking Kahd'Xel's movements, and it will take quite a bit of time to transport soldiers and aircraft from Hell's Gate to Aspyn.
  9. Interesting! 5. Part of the reason I went with mercy killings is that 29 inhabitants of Treedell were incapacitated during the battle with Kahd'Xel and I thought I read somewhere that only 50 of the inhabitants of Treedell survived meaning those 29 inhabitants died under the knife or something like that. I think I was wrong since I can't find anything in the summary supporting that conclusion. The summary does, however, reference latent fatalities tied to poisoning, so I don't think mercy killings are totally out of the question, especially if it's the corruption, extreme agony, and mutation sort of poisoning used to spawn minions throughout that thread. Another part of it is House Glasmann probably dispatched a flight of aircraft - three to six aircraft - to handle this threat. There definitely weren't enough resources when they arrived to treat everyone. Lets say Caeceila commanded four aircraft and each aircraft is stocked with five cryo-tubes by default. While the first responders might be able to vitrify nineteen people, there are incapacitated people they can't place in stasis and it is heavily implied that all of the inhabitants were poisoned. If medical personnel are triaging the survivors, they'll prioritize saving those they can save with their limited resources and try to keep the deaths of those they cannot save as painless as possible. It's also possible that there were living people who were too far gone in the gore pile referred to throughout that thread. I don't know how long each round was, but it seems to me that individual people were transforming into gribblers in a minute or less. If the poison was as virulent as the mutagen, it is possible that a minute's delay in treatment could result in a fatality. My hope is that that's enough justification to avoid the whole potential war crime bit. 😅 5a. That's very possible. That said, I think that's something the parties would setup in post. My suspicion is that Caeceila and her people jumped into their vessels and launched before they started talking to the Terrenus Military. I also suspect that most of the medical facilities in Hell's Gate are at capacity. This state of affairs might also help explain why Aethelcília would be treated at the Glasmann medical facility rather than a hospital run by the Terrenus Military; it might have resources that are in short supply because Cae probably isn't really helping the patients from Dougton because she's convinced Hasith masterminded the transfer to propagate its hivemind and she wants to stockpile resources the people of Hell's Gate will need instead of doling them out to secessionists. 8. In any case, House Glasmann would have planned to confine all survivors traveling in House Glasmann aircraft to cargo bays so they could isolate survivors from equipment they could tamper with, keep families together, keep contaminants out of clean areas, and vent the cargo bays should something go horribly wrong. Aethelcília would have traveled in Caeceila's aircraft since Caeceila was the first one in and probably the first one out which means Aethelcília and company would have had the cargo bay to themselves if you don't count the arm. I'm not certain what the Terrenus Military would learn about Aethelcília's condition from all that because I don't quite know what my characters know about her condition! Out of curiosity, how many guards would the Terrenus Military assign to Aethelcília? I believe she was a Private during this thread, so I'm assuming it's, like, five people at most. If it's more, perhaps I'll use this opportunity to introduce Replica Soldiers which might add another layer of tension/creepiness to the scene.
  10. I'll make the requested edits. I have asked Darthgamer a couple of questions about how events progressed as well. I intend to make these edits all at once so I don't have to edit the OP twice. Just so we're all on the same page, I don't know the specifics of Aethelcília's curse, how speedily Aethelcília should recover, or the desired extent of Aethelcília's recovery, so I winged it and left Aethelcília's condition in the OP a tad undefined. I assumed that Darthgamer wanted Aethelcília to keep her arm meaning the necrosis had to be dealt with. I don't know if the curse was supposed to transform Aethelcília into a monster and failed, but I'm guessing characters might think that was Kahd'Xel's intent since that's what Kahd appears to have done to a number of Treedell's residents. The full extent of Aethelcília's recovery, the efficacy of the treatment, what my characters know about the curse, etc. will be determined by Darthgamer's response. I propose that the sequence of offscreen events leading up to this point is as follows: End of The Eyes That Shine a Poisonous Light. Medics cut Aethelcília free of her bindings, assuming said bindings didn't vanish when Kahd fled. Medics note that Aethelcília is afflicted by magical necrosis. Medics relay this information to specialists who report it to Cammy (though this technically happened onscreen). Cammy arrives as Aethelcília is being transported to quarantine. Cae issues an order to mercy-kill some of the dying, mutated survivors. Secretly, some of these poor souls are brought to Cammy so they can be used in a ritual to manipulate Kahd's curse. Terrenus Military troopers arrive on site in force. A small number of guards arrive to secure Aethelcília, potentially following a minor diversion meant to give Cammy time to wrap things up. Cae departs for Hell's Gate with Aethelcília, Cammy, Terrenus Military guards, and about twice as many House Glasmann guards as Terrenus Military guards in tow. It's likely that the Terrenus Military forces are confined to the cargo bay. Other House Glasmann forces begin to pull out about a quarter of an hour later. Aethelcília is transported to a House Glasmann medical facility. While her people are clearing the Terrenus Military forces for entry - which includes extensive biomedical scanning and confiscation of crazy weapons like rocket launchers - Cae briefly examines Aethelcília then leaves to see to other business. Cammy, Aethelcília, guards, and more guards arrive at Aethelcília's room. Terrenus Military brass arrives to debrief/otherwise interact with Aethelcília. Caeceila meets them at the entrance to the Glasmann Zone. They likely undergo the same screening as the rank and file. Cae sends Iolanda ahead to notify Cammy. Start of this scene. Note that it is highly unlikely that Terrenus Military soldiers were transported to the battlefield on House Glasmann vessels. The window for scrambling aircraft is quite tight, and unless the soldiers were screened and waiting near Glasmann hangars just in case the aircraft were scrambled, they probably would've missed their opportunity to hitch a ride. Caeceila is super paranoid about the Enrele, the Dead, the Legion of Doom, etc., so it's quite the process to access the Glasmann Zone even on legitimate business.
  11. Is an OOC thread going up for that as well? 

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      I can create one, but I might not be able to post it until later on.  If you or someone else would like to post one while I'm otherwise occupied, you're more than welcome to do so.

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  12. Well-well-well, look what the cat dragged in! Hi, sis! This is, uh, um, I guess I never caught her name, but she's human - mostly. Rise and shine, miss! If the kittenish banter in which the Sorina sisters indulge doesn't rouse Aethelcília from her drug-induced slumber, the invigorating jolt of arcane energy invested in her as Cammy pokes her face might trigger the desired response. If she opens her eyes, the recuperating soldier will be greeted by a warm, shark-toothed smile and a breathtaking view of Hell's Gate, specifically the House Glasmann Airfield, a private annex adjacent to the Primary Skyport and the Glasmann Shipyard. Twelve stories below, medical staff in hazmat suits are unloading critically-injured patients sealed in cryo-tubes and preparing them for transport to a military hospital within Hell's Gate. Aethelcília might conclude, from the luxurious amenities surrounding her - robotic custodians, leather furniture, a holographic nurse silently monitoring her status, allergy-proof, genetically engineered flora, silver trays on which gourmet snacks are arranged, a holographic entertainment system which presently displays a dozen news feeds, and the monogrammed, black velvet robe and plush black slippers neatly stored in an open closet to her left - that she hasn't been admitted to a military hospital. Aethelcília has been admitted to the Glasmann "Clinic" in the Glasmann zone of influence, a militarized area within Hell's Gate that was recently shored up like a fortress by Caeceila's private army. The catpeople in Aethelcília's chamber are, in all likelihood, total strangers to her. While Cammy tended to her in the field and watched over her as she rested, it's unlikely that Aethelcília was lucid while in Cammy's company. This may be for the best. A devout Gaian would have objected to Camelia's methods no matter how effective they were in preserving her arm and her life. The blasphemous spell the White Tigress wove to save Aethelcília from necrosis was diabolical and inspired. Gaia could not be bothered to bless Aethelcília, so Aethelcília was healed with the waning life force of those she failed to save. In their final moments, the dying repaid their debt to Aethelcília before crossing over into a nebulous cosmos waiting beyond the veil of mortal perception. Diseased blood dripping from her dagger, Cammy drew Aethelcília into a fragment of an indescribably beautiful dream. Hey! Hey, what's your name? It's probably in your file over there, but I don't feel like leafing through your file. Excitably, Cammy bounces up and down on the balls of her feet and sets her hands on the side of Aethelcília's bed. She wears a comfortable white hoodie with black stripes, a matching pair of jeans, and a scuffed pair of tennis shoes. Her sister, Iolanda, is clad in a daunting, black and red military uniform beneath a smart, black trench coat. She is armed with multiple staves, a high-powered pneumatic pistol, and a fighting knife. Both of these catpeople appear to be in exceptionally high spirits, and their body language reflects their mental states. FYI, Caeceila is on her way, and some of those Terrenus Military people are with her. I think they want your patient. They don't look very happy, but that's probably nothing to worry about. Probably. I mean, we kind of haven't released any information on her condition - Iolanda motions to Aethelcília. - to her handlers. Cammy swiftly interjects. Because I haven't even told her yet. We should also run some other psycho-whats-its before we tell her boss that she might be compromised. Compromised? Compromised. The enemy was transforming people into monsters. Cammy leans over Aethelcília and attempts to pat her on the head reassuringly. Don't worry, though. I'm positive we reached you in time. Besides, you strike me as an incredibly strong-willed person. I bet that stinger would have killed you before it turned you. Anyway, someone has to tell your boss eventually because something-something liability something-something lawsuit. I don't understand why it really matters given that a bunch of people in your organization were already turned into monsters by the Enrele, but I don't make the rules - or maybe it's more accurate to say I didn't make this rule.
  13. In accordance with James's request, Caeceila locks eyes with him, but she does not reply to him straight away. The grim expression she wears as she mulls his offer over reinforces the gravity of her predicament. She doesn't know how to proceed. She doesn't know how to best this enemy. She weighs the outcomes of a dozen solutions. In every scenario, she purchases freedom at an exorbitant fee. There is no bargaining or divine intervention. There is no sugar-coating, no self-deception. War is inevitable, and thousands will die. At last, she answers him. She unleashes a deluge of courage, rage, and sorrow upon him, at once confident that her strategy is sound and uncertain that her course is unimpeachable. In this conflict, you will never gain the backing you seek. This continent is wholly compromised. The Enrele have even entered Taen and crossed the ocean to infest Genesaris. The people the masses entrusted our future to have failed, and the onus to set things right falls on us. The more I ruminate on our desperate condition and witness how little people care, the more I realize my morals are holding me back, but if I was willing to accept the cost of ridding the world of the Enrele, I wouldn't be me. If you wish to save your kind, let me teach your psychics how to entangle and extricate disparate minds. Few understand the workings of hiveminds like I do. I've experimented with the concept, but I prefer cooperation over control. Caeceila pauses, pondering something. She flicks the safety on her pistol on and sets it on her lap. Psychics who are capable of learning this discipline - not all of them will be - should be able to boost the effectiveness of a squad of soldiers by relaying orders, sensory data, etcetera in real time. I am positive this would help even the playing field when your people engage hiveminds. Moreover, your psychics should be able to disconnect individuals from hiveminds. If they're good enough - and I have yet to meet another psychic good enough to pull this off - they can even spoof the signal of a controlling hivemind. Perhaps your people will teach me something in return, something I can use to liberate Hell's Gate. Energy manipulation? If I could control how energy is moving through a body, spiritual energy, something... I don't know. The Enrele are magic-averse. Perhaps they could teach my second, Camelia, something. To be honest, if the Enrele have an Achilles heel, I don't know what it is. If I can evict the Enrele from Hell's Gate, I can promise you additional air support, combat robots, and medical supplies when the OFM moves against the Enrele. That's not the backing of a nation, I know, but it's all I've got.
  14. While Cassie talks, Cammy grins like a Cheshire cat. As she listens to Cassie's petition, the ruinous power that resides within her trickles into the waking world, yet her expression remains an unbroken, impossibly wide smile. A change comes over her. The mischievous glint in her eyes is replaced by an awful, aching emptiness. Darkly, she pronounces judgement against the callous inhabitants of Lagrimosa. Abominations nurtured by the Weaver and the Wyld threaten all that is good in this world, and few take up arms to resist. My companion's frustration is justified; she copes with the situation to the best of her ability. The White Tigress, a wellspring of negative energy and unnatural hunger, advances on Cassie. Aggressively, she attempt to take Cassie's hand and lead her toward the refreshments. Wherever she steps, she stains blades of grass red. I deal with crisis differently. I'm a monster. She's also a monster, but she didn't grow up on the streets. I know that life is short and often miserable, so I try to take pleasure in the little things. Like food! Having arrived at the refreshments (with or without Cassie) Cammy starts to load plates with hot dogs, burgers, and sandwiches. While she is absolutely ravenous, she doesn't pile so much food onto a plate that she risks spilling food onto the floor. This policy results in Cammy stacking hot dogs on one plate, burgers onto a second plate, and sandwiches onto a third plate. Then, she indiscriminately squirts mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce, and other fixings atop each of these mounds of food. I bet you can't eat more than I can. My metabolism is insane. I can eat all day without feeling full. That's why I started taking these diet pills. Cammy reaches into one of her pockets and produces an unlabelled bottle half-full of small, blue pills. They also help with the cravings, y'know, when I don't eat raw meat. Glancing up at Chidi and Igni as she smothers her hot dogs in onions and chili, Cammy has an idea. If your friend can sense danger, I should be triggering all of his alarms right now. If he comes over to confront me, lets challenge him and his friend to an eating contest. Meanwhile, Caeceila walks over to a table, seats herself, unsheathes her sword, and withdraws a small maintenance kit from her bag. She inspects and cleans her sword while keeping an eye on Cammy and Cassie, knowing full well that Cassie has bit off much more than she can chew and half-expecting Cassie to exhibit at least some reluctance in interacting with a beast of Sekhmet.
  15. Fool! I didn't override the triage category you were assigned so you could limp into the woods and die like an animal! Your arm is useless. You have no choice but to accept my hospitality. She stalks the entryway, wrath incarnate, her streamlined, black helmet tucked snugly in the crook of her left arm and an automatic shotgun held loosely in her right hand. She glowers at Stormbreaker, her eyes smoldering with eldritch fury, yet it is evident from how quickly she tires of raking Stormbreaker with her gaze that Stormbreaker is not the object of her hate. Not a second later, she passes Stormbreaker as she enters a station which consists of an array of robotic arms housed in a metal frame that configures itself to match her armor. Upon entering the armory, she surrenders her weapon and her helmet to a host of robot arms whereupon she is locked in place as her powered armor is removed and transferred to the armory's inspection and maintenance center. Beneath her armor is a fitted, white flight suit with House Glasmann Arsenal branding, but she appears to be swapping this garment for an intimidating militarized uniform she selected beforehand. During this process, Caeceila occupies herself by conversing with Stormbreaker. In the time you were unconscious, I authorized over a dozen mercy killings and witnessed the cremation of over one hundred bodies. The world outside Virtus stinks of death, disease, and burnt hair. She exhales, revealing her immense stress to Stormbreaker as she strives to calm herself. I know who you are, Stormbreaker. You're me. Your arm, my leg. Your demon, my psychopath. Your Treedell, my Tormo. You even share my blood. Problem is I don't know why you are who you are. Maybe their torment is your torment. Maybe they haunt you. If so, our line is cursed. Caeceila, still restrained, glares at the ceiling. Stormbreaker might find Caeceila's actions totally bewildering. This Caeceila is much gentler than the Caeceila she knows, and this Caeceila is willing to expose her doubts and vulnerabilities to others - or so it would seem. This is going to be awkward no matter how we broach it, so let's start this interrogation - yes, we'll call it an interrogation - with two questions: how the hell are you related to me and why the hell didn't you walk up to me and explain all this when we first met? All you did was confiscate Rai's weapon, sourpuss. She has a right to bear those, y'know, and a proper lady is always armed!
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