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  1. The Alexandrian

    From traveling theater to production studio

    Interesting... I suppose it would behoove me to ask what are the film genres this company is looking to specialize in. Also... @Venus Sprite
  2. I love you!

  3. The Alexandrian

    [Event] Darkness and Havoc - Illyria Arrives

    Character: "Nines" Location: A - Amid What Wrack the Horrors Wreak Objective: Survive Time: At the Onset of the Grand Show Background: Erstwhile Ally of Marigold, Kidnapper of Arashi, Compatriot of Agony, Enemy of the Black Queen of Orisia, and Exalted Coffee Critic Ack! Leaping lollies, what on Gaia's green earth are those? If the malformed progeny of a triceratops and a rhino mated with an oversized pink elephant, this had to be the result - that or a mad scientist somewhere is cackling for a reason he/she/it can't quite put his/her/its finger on BECAUSE HE/SHE/IT WOULD BE RUN THROUGH IN THE ATTEMPT! Just, seriously, check out the spikes on that one! When last Nines observed the Black Queen, she was sporting a trendsetting dress that this beast must have inspired. or maybe, just maybe, everything in Orisia prickly. Blood McGush over there, Bimbo 1, and Bimbo 2 certainly were. Then again, the islanders were cultivating, what, avocados, apples, oranges, lemons, and limes within the walls of the city. Those weren't particularly prickly picks of produce, but wait, weren't lemons and limes tropical fruits? Maybe the residents of this ruin-to-be didn't set aside space within city limits to rear pineapples because they managed well-enough without those meddling farmers and their obscene habit of domesticating everything they touched and splicing snippets of dna from blumming insects of all things into the genetic code of fruits and vegetables. Honestly, Nines could go for a home-grown pineapple right about now. A well-placed Terrenus-military-grade grenade or two would provide an effective and speedy solution to all of her problems! Well, maybe not all of her problems but definitely the most pressing, crushing, and impaling of the several dozen she could extemporaneously rattle off with little to no provocation. Shunting her fanciful reverie aside, Nines ponders how she ought to deal with the, um, whoompuras - no, that's not it - the, ah, hunpookas? Oh, sod it, Nines hasn't the faintest clue as to what these beasties are or how the name of their species ought to be pronounced, and if she stands here and drools like a mouthbreather ruminating on matters that could never have a profound effect on her life and livelihood, she's bound to be pancaked by a hampooga! That's not it either, is it? Fine! Outsider take whoever discovered and/or dubbed these - these thingies! Nines cares not what they are called for she knows she cannot outrun them and that they appear to have much in common with elephants. What sort of elephants, you ask? Uh... The type that chicken out if you flail around wildly in front of them, hold the line, and meet their gaze? That settles it, then. Nines lost a precious second or so but formulated a rational plan by which she might overcome the hideous situation she's embroiled in despite inwardly PANICKING like any sane individual with highly-developed self-preservation instincts would in such a situation. All in all, it was a fair exchange, but enough about that, this is the time for action! With spectacular celerity, Nines unzips her leather jacket and - no, its not at all sensual! Her goal isn't to seduce anything! Her mission is to take hold the parted halves of the front of the black jacket and pull them apart to make herself appear wider than she truly is while staring down the rampaging critters with dark red eyes that glow with eerie light, eyes not of the surface but panes that reflect the sinister nature of all that lies beneath. She's going to terminate their advance through sheer intimidation or she's going to be flattened in the attempt! Now, her hasty preparations complete, it is high time for Nines to deliver her coup de grace! "I am the lecher bitch and I call on all who feed on danger!" No! Wait! This isn't metal! This is goth music! Damn it, she's in too deep, and in public too! She must continue with this horrible a cappella cover hers! It was one of those days, godsdammit! Why did it have to be one of those days! At least, at the very least, Bimbo 1 and Bimbo 2 might be run over before they have the opportunity to tell a single soul about the deep guttural grunts and growls that resonate within her throat!
  4. The Alexandrian

    Small Town Mysteries

    "My animals will be fine, but..." Elaine stands and takes a single step toward the door. "Are you certain your friends will return? Perhaps it would be wise to bar the door now and post a guard...and maybe tie people's arms to something heavy to err on the safe side." Whatever the response, if everyone else is going to sleep, Elaine will simply sit in the corner watching the door until she eventually passes out from exhaustion. She recommended that people tie themselves to pieces of the house so they cannot move in case the disappearances are sleepwalking-related, but she seriously doubts anyone will follow her advice. This does not, however, prevent her from tying herself to a beam with a length of rope. In truth, Elaine was half-expecting the others to gossip about her suggestion, but that would not matter at all if she waltzed off into the night never to be heard from again.
  5. The Alexandrian

    We Can Do Both

    Character: Camelia Sorina Status: Civilian Location: Within Club Euphoria Perhaps "amateur hour" has an appeal all its own, for within the subterranean dungeon, within those filthy cells in which hope and faith are immured adjacent to chambers in which spiritless husks are manufactured, something stirs. As it wakes, rapture draws its final breath and, with nary a murmur or rattle, comes to a most fitting end. In Terrenus, businesses, legitimate or illegitimate, nurtured by abuse and wrongdoing avail themselves not only of heinous opportunities to expand their market share and turn a profit but of concomitant risks that anyone with even a tentative appreciation of statistics would balk at and shrink away from (and rightly so). In this particular "market," proprietors gambled at rigged roulette tables, so fixated on the paltry sums they've won and the wily charms of "Lady Luck" that all other ramifications of their malfeasance are lost on them. They think themselves kings and queens of the underworld and claim, like autocrats, that they are beholden solely to themselves by dint of the authority they wield. Through their power, they maintain their criminal empires. What, then, becomes of these self-proclaimed dictators when they essay to make a slave of individuals whose power and intellect trumps their own? Concrete walls, a metal door with a sliding, metal peephole, and the heavy thump of boots colliding with the floor outside greeted Camelia as she pressed the palms of her hands against the exposed aggregate of a nearby wall and picked herself up off of the ground and out of the puddle of unidentified fluid she was lying in. She could feel flakes of concrete crumble beneath her bare feet as she stepped over to the door which was, to nobody's surprise, locked and quite possibly barred. Knocking on it would do her no good; Camelia could safely conclude that any and all measures of goodwill had been swept off of the table and into some sufficiently shady corner when her kidnappers assaulted her from behind and plunged a needle into her neck. All the same, Camelia was dead chuffed at having located what she hypothesized was the headquarters of the party that was responsible for abducting the daughter of her current client and having played her part so well that the kidnappers thought she could be tamed, trained, and used for the same sordid purposes as their other victims. Why, they had even clamped a tarnished metal collar around her neck. How cute! Judging by its weight and geometric features as she slid her fingers across the surface, it was a slave collar packed with explosives with, maybe, a function allowing the operator to remotely administer electrical shocks for some kind of twisted behavioral reinforcement, wasn't it? An engraving... Yep, it's a model Camelia is familiar with. You've got to love brand recognition; a brand and model make for a practical feast of information regarding the quality and construction of an instrument. There's even a serial number - might be able to trace the reseller with that delectable morsel of intelligence. Funnily enough, this area is obviously warded against all types of magic, but warding magic and whatever magic enables this magitech collar to function are excluded. That's her out. One pulse of her residual magic applied to the collar just so, and... Bingo. The wards have registered her collar's fail-deadly switch as foreign magic and shut it down. Now's the time for a generous application of shear to the locking mechanism... That did the trick! Step one, complete! "Ha-ha! The flimsy devices evildoers employ are no match for the well-manicured hands of justice! I, Doctor Sorina, the Methodical Medic, shall harness my iron will to deliver my fellow inmates from these bawdy villains and in doing so prove once again that I am the world's greatest detective!" Heroic soliloquy, complete! Step two was a resounding success! STEP THREE, COMMENCE! Camelia mounts her collar on the doorknob in such a position that it shall breach the door by blowing a hole through the region in which the lock resides and potentially the bar behind it if detonated. She then takes several steps away from the door, stoops over like a lineman readying himself/herself for the offensive, and bellows at a deafening volume in the most heroic voice she can muster, "TALLY HO!" She's ramming the door. The absolute maniac is flat-out ramming the door. She's not making much progress, admittedly, but she's raising one hell of a ruckus! It's very, very irritating and it becomes that much worse when Camelia starts insulting the guard(s) in the hallway's and hollering about justice's various body parts and the inferiority of evil!
  6. The Alexandrian

    Looking for Mercenaries, Killers, and Operators.

    I was planning on waiting for the plot to progress more before posting, but I'll likely post this weekend in an attempt to move things forward.
  7. The Alexandrian

    Dice System - Roll 12 feedback

    In Burning Wheel, it may. It's not uncommon for characters in Burning Wheel to have 3+ in a skill. Add in some bonuses and the number reaches five pretty quickly. Even if a character only has 1 in a skill, they may roll an extra die for every six they roll if they burn a fate point.
  8. The Alexandrian

    Dice System - Roll 12 feedback

    The dice rolling system in Burning Wheel accomplishes something very similar to this. From what I can recall, you roll a number of dice equal to your characters skill in a relevant category when your character attempts to complete a task. You may add one die for a "fork" (use of a complementary skill to enhance the effect of whatever you're attempting) and one die if another player with a relevant skill assists you. You also specify how your character goes about attempting said task. There are three descriptors you may specify: 1) quickly, 2) patiently, and 3) carefully. Each of these has different benefits and risks. If your character attempts something quickly, for example, your character might perform their action faster than normal but you'll suffer greater penalties for failure. In addition, you may use author and/or fate to add dice to the number you would roll (before you roll) and/or "explode" any sixes you roll (after you roll). I've been having difficulty applying this system to ffrp because we don't have multiple dice and I've genuinely forgotten the penalties for doing something patiently and doing something carefully. I've toyed with the idea of modifying the system for a d100, but I'm finding it a challenge to pull off. Author and fate don't work as well when a player only rolls one die. I've contemplated with replacing author and fate with "perversity points" from Paranoia. In Paranoia, a d20-based system, you can spend perversity points to affect your rolls and the rolls of other players by adding or subtracting whatever you spend from the affected rolls. As with author and fate, the dm may award perversity points to players, though there are actual categories that reward players for good rp in Burning Wheel while the dm in Paranoia doles out perversity points at their discretion. Paranoia also makes extensive use of "secret agendas," something I've been thinking of including in an event I've planned but have yet to post. Anyway, for PvE situations, at least, it might be worth implementing some kind of modifier for how characters attempt a task and some kind of point system by which players can exert more control over what happens to their characters.
  9. The Alexandrian

    STMs (OOC) - Small Town Mysteries

    I don't have much to add at the moment. If everyone else is going to sleep, Elaine will simply sit in the corner watching the door until she eventually passes out from exhaustion. She'd recommend that people tie themselves to pieces of the house they cannot move so if the disappearances are sleepwalking-related they can't just waltz out the door and into the night. If no one bars the door, I propose that everyone wakes up to a house full of sheep. I also propose that a timeskip occur if nothing will disturb the party overnight.
  10. The Alexandrian

    Darkness and Havoc [Apocalyptic Event in Ceyana]

    Probably outside of the castle walls in a nearby hotel for people who have business at the castle and flush tourists, but whichever fits the story best is fine by me.
  11. The Alexandrian

    Looking for Mercenaries, Killers, and Operators.

    I'd like to verify that no one is waiting for me to post as I'd like to introduce my character after everything becomes loud and conspicuous as said character will be arriving as a meddling civilian. I've chosen this route because I think it might be interesting responding to the destruction you all leave in your wake with a character randomly stumbling across a bunch of dead/wounded dudes and people fleeing into the night. It also helps explain away the character's absence at the start of the story and fits the character a little better.
  12. The Alexandrian

    Darkness and Havoc [Apocalyptic Event in Ceyana]

    😱 I mean, uh, I have confidence that Nines is prepared for all eventualities! Yes... 😅
  13. The Alexandrian

    Looking for Mercenaries, Killers, and Operators.

    In that case, I shall assume there is no designated medic and proceed accordingly.
  14. The Alexandrian

    Looking for Mercenaries, Killers, and Operators.

    Will this lead to heists a la Payday/Payday 2? If so, I want in. Out of curiosity, what combat/heister roles have already been filled?
  15. The Alexandrian

    STMs (OOC) - Small Town Mysteries

    I have a question, then, because a timeskip is impending. When should the haunt commence and what should it consist of (as in should it be violent and direct or spooky and mysterious)?