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  1. America: Considers a second COVID-19 lockdown Me:
  2. I too am a fan of weird cultural foodstuffs! For instance, one of my mainstays is vermin-based dishes for catpeople. These get progressively stranger the further removed a character is from humanity. Klingon gagh - a dish featuring live insects - started me down that path. I think festival foods are another interesting type of comestible you don't see too often in RP. These don't have to be made of bizarre ingredients; they can be as simple as cookies shaped to resemble certain characters and symbols. Festivals honoring the dead are of especial interest to me because sometimes special food is prepared specifically for the dead. There are also the sin-eaters of the Middle Ages who ritualistically ate meals to take people's sins. Feast foods fall into the same category. Bread plates and the practice of sticking your pinkie out so you didn't get grease and random bits of food in the spices are pretty neat. There's also the converse - observances where food isn't eaten like Yom Kippur - followed by break-fasts. Tea ceremonies, while not a part of festivals, are also of interest because they're a type of cultural drink-related ceremony (versus Oktoberfest which is nowhere near as regimented).
  3. [Violet Room] Genevieve and Tegan dump Kae onto their dodgy fanclub. At once, the White Tigress relocates, protectively inserting herself betwixt the twin vampires and their drugged-out victim. Lady Glasmann, who was waiting in the wings for the outcome of Cammy's intimidation attempt, moves in to assist Cammy in liberating the psion hunter from the men who are accessory to her assault, attempting to retrieve the woman and gently set her on her back on the floor. Even if the fanclub refuses to surrender Kae, Cammy, unperturbed, attempts to assess Kae's condition. She audaciously turns her back to the twins, expressing her disinterest in continuing their exchange or simply acknowledging the threat they pose. Her primary objective - removing Kae from imminent danger - takes precedence over her desire to provoke the twins. Still, she recognizes her actions ought to be perceived as a great and extremely public slight to the two nobles and delights in that fact, cruelly flicking her striped tail, dolled up with all manner of colorful ribbons, at the twins to further antagonize them. Maybe they would challenge her to a duel to defend their honor. What else could Cammy do? She couldn't shut her eyes and pretend nothing was happening. She has firsthand experience with how poorly vampires treat those weaker than they are. They fancy themselves superior creatures, yet their monstrous conduct suggests they are anything but. These unnatural creatures have no space in their hearts for virtue, charity, selflessness, or light. If Gen and Tegan are representative of Gensaris's kindred, they are no different from Terrenus's lot - an assembly of pompous, depraved sociopaths who would resort to diablerie if ever their leadership grew complacent. If this display - this predatory display - is meant to honor Isabella, it is no wonder she tried to drown herself in alcohol when she was human. Is Isabella here of her own volition, Cammy questions, or was she forcibly reunited with Rafael? Cammy doesn't spare Master Servant Emmanuel more than a glance before issuing a command to him. This woman is suffering the aftereffects of vampiric mind control. I need smelling salts to rouse her from her stupor. Send for a bottle, and I will gladly explain how she was cornered by this crowd of men and these two ladies of dubious virtue. If you are willing to examine her pupils yourself and we bring her to consciousness, perhaps I won't have to say much more about it tonight. Either way, if you've subscribed to the Hell's Gate Tribune, you'll have the opportunity to read all about it tomorrow. Sucking someone's blood without consent is one thing, but you can smell there was more to it than that. Even among some of your circles, it's considered unclean for kindred to mate with kine. Cammy sits on her haunches. Her eyes blaze with eldritch energies as she regards Master Servant Emmanuel with an impossibly wide, toothsome grin. There is no malice in her voice when she speaks of tipping off the press. This is Rafael's interpretation of care and respect or a violation of his edict. Let the elite grumble and protest; what happened here is wrong. It doesn't take a philosopher king or an officer of the law to figure out mind control is equivalent to having one's arms bound. The common folk will know the score. Incidentally, the invitation I received made no mention of guests lewding in public. Is there a space for guests who wish to speak with Emperor and Empress Bartolome but don't jive with the fetish club vibe? I don't have a problem with people running around half-clothed or drinking blood, but my almost-girlfriend will straight-up nail me to a wall upside-down if I'm at a place where people are giving each other lap dances or doing more intimate things to each other in public. Plus, I swear I spotted some kids running around earlier... In mock horror, Cammy's eyes widen and she lifts a paw to her mouth. This isn't how sex ed works here, is it? Like, I read a book! There was a test at the end, but I failed it which is good, I guess, because that means I'm not qualified to have babies. Cammy places her paw back on the ground and inspects the victim again. Oh! One more thing. This woman might need her dress repaired. Looks like it was cut apart. I imagine there's a tailor here who can see to it. I'd magic it back together myself, but I don't think casting right now is a good idea. Might scare Thing 1 and Thing 2. Dang! I should've worn a hat!
  4. Chuck Norris is a martial artist. Kenshiro is a muscle wizard. Harry is a wizard. Martial arts aren't magic. There are conventional martial arts (Karate, Judo, Krav Maga, etc.), Historical European Martial Arts (longswords, rapiers, etc.), and a ton of other real-world martial arts. I've never seen a martial artist "Skadoosh" an opponent outside of works of fiction. Ergo, "Skadoosh" and Hokuto Shinken are muscle wizardry. Magic is a localized suspension/alteration of natural law. Functionally, there is no difference between a monk who can shoot beams of energy and a warlock who can shoot beams of energy. There's even a case that sufficiently advanced technology - teleporters, for instance - are magic because those basically subvert natural law.
  5. Fishies? In that direction? Cammy lies down on a patch of grass so Cassie can climb aboard and squints at Emilio and company. Yeah, no. Cammy is a tiger in the middle of a forest in the late afternoon. If anyone is going to hunt cute woodland creatures, it's gonna be Cammy! Problem is, there probably aren't deer this close to Emilio's house. Then again, this is a remote location. Whatever the case, it doesn't appear there are enough fishies to feed the whole caboodle - gang - mob - whatever this quantity of people is called. Aaand there's a horse, of course. Come to think of it, they could all share the horse, but... Cammy glances back in the direction of Emelio's house. It's more than a little wasteful to leave all that grub sitting out for the bears. Why do they need fish again? Did Igni consume all the food while Cammy was recovering from a malicious and deliberate attempt to poison her? I don't think there are fish over there. If there are, I don't think there are enough of them to go around. After rising from the ground, Cammy begins to amble over to the group gathered at the edge of the lake. During this journey, Cassie will find riding on her back is quite different from riding a horse. For starters, Cammy is far fluffier and warmer than any horse. Secondly, she's closer to the ground on account of her size. Most striking, perhaps, is the way Cammy moves. She is confident, quiet, and graceful. While Cassie can feel her path through the forest - she selects the straightest route to the lake - she generates very little sound. I can always get my paws on fresh fish from the aquarium at my night club, though, so I don't really need any of these fish. I like sharks. You don't get the same rush from killing and eating a tuna fish as you do from killing and eating a shark. They don't flounder n' die; they fight to the finish. And the flavor! Yum! She generates very little sound before she distractedly walks past the site of the campfire and into the lake. She continues forward, as if everything is completely normal (even if she has spooked the living daylights out of Branches). She passes Kimiko and proceeds to splash through the shallows. Sooo I couldn't help but notice you're a pyromancer. I'm also sort of a pyromancer! Did you learn pyromancy because you like listening to the agonized wailing of burning foes or is it a convenience thing? I don't judge. For me, it's a little of Column A and a little of Column B. Vampires burn clean, and they make the most entertaining noises when you set them aflame! Woosh! Haha! Maintaining her black blade fails to improve Caeceila's mood. She huddles over a ragged journal and logs her activities, scribbles back-of-the-envelope calculations and conceptual sketches with explanations and references in the margins, and crosses two dozen names off of a list smeared across a dog-eared, water-stained page. She stands up and sprints around the perimeter of Emilio's homestead, retrieving Cammy's gear in the process, before returning to her seat to review status reports on her mobile device. She stomachs this task for no more than ten minutes. Then, she slumps forward onto the table in front of her and wishes with all her heart that a meteor will plummet from the sky and land on her in the next thirty seconds. There is an audible thud as her head hits the table. After those thirty seconds elapse, Caeceila stands up and completes a second lap and a third lap and a fourth lap and - And midway through her tenth lap, Caeceila has a revelation. She is alone in the woods. All of the other celebrants have relocated to a scenic lake a couple of miles away. Caeceila seizes this golden opportunity to fall to her knees on the spot and scream without a shred of restraint. A flurry of blasphemies and general obscenities crashes through the heavens, dispersing flocks of birds up to a mile away. In Undercommon, Terric, and broken Draconic, she curses the gods, immortal rulers, mortal rulers, nobles, merchants, skilled tradespeople, unskilled laborers, college graduates, elderly people, druids, geomancers, mermaids, several species of jellyfish, a host of marine biologists, two geneticists, one biomancer, her parents, the Terrenus Military, Ursa Madeum, Genesaris, those bloody separatists in Dougton, dogs (especially puppies), Dredge, the Legion, the Dead, the Cult of Power, House Monroe, Victory, and the Safeguard Act. She screams and screams and screams until she practically passes out from oxygen deprivation. Dirty from her time on the trail, sweaty from her exercise, and out of breath, she laughs at herself between gasps for air. Then, she sits there silently until she is ready to pick herself up, dust herself off, and scream no more. She decides to bring Cammy's pack to her. She slings Cammy's pack over her left shoulder and hikes down the trail after. She arrives just in time to watch Cammy wade through the shallows. She places Cammy's pack at the foot of an old Sycamore tree, readjusts her hood, and retreats into the shadows of her traveling clothes.
  6. Raisa stares at Mal and silently judges him. You want Night Whiskey or a whiskey cocktail shot... Raisa sighs dejectedly but maintains eye contact with Mal. You don't drink much, do you? Rather than perform tricks for Mal, who doesn't appear to be interested in any of the fun parts of her job, Raisa grabs a crystal shot glass from behind the bar and a bottle of Ol' Dan Haze's Bourbon Whiskey from a tidy, metal shelf. She plunks the shot glass in front of Mal and pours a shot of whiskey into it. Try this on for size. It's 8-Year-Old ODH Bourbon Whiskey - smooth and full-bodied with a hint - and just a hint - of cinnamon. It's a very popular entry-level whiskey, and has won multiple awards for its rich qualities. Unlike shots of - lets call it economical whiskey - you should take time to savor the flavor instead of downing it outright. Her lecture complete, Raisa starts tending to miscellaneous work - cleaning and logging her activities in a journal - as she half-asses makes a genuine attempt to answer his incessant questions about subjects she has a net total of zero interest in. Yeah, I just so happen to have a member of the Rav- Rav- the family you mentioned in a bottle back here somewhere. She chuckles and shakes her head. Listen, I don't know about any Rav-whatsit family, and House Thal'krotr - the Drow - yeah, I don't meddle in their affairs and they don't meddle in mine. It's a kind of - ah - truce. There are a couple of them here right now, but if they haven't approached you, you probably won't find them. You probably won't find them without help, that is, but capable help is pretty hard to come by around here. Raisa has Mal right where she wants him. She moves in for the kill. But I'll tell you what. You make it worth my while and I'll send a message to your Drow pals for you. If the message is good enough, maybe they'll even come down here to see you. Grinning like the cat that ate the canary, Raisa leans against the back counter. So lets hear your message and your offer. And don't cheap out on me. We both know if you're looking for Drow, you have problems money won't buy you out of and seven times out of ten, someone important who wants you dead. If I'm going to chance getting involved in all that, I want fair compensation.
  7. [Violet Room] The appeal of this sordid soiree is utterly lost on her, for no mask, however ostentatious, can conceal her righteous heart. Like the tragic Isabella, this woman is no mere stranger to anonymity and the comforts it lavishes on its manifold lovers - be they purebred monsters or common harlots - but its inexorable adversary. She is scorching light despoiling Rafael's tenebrous domain, scattering the degenerate motes of shadow he collects and harrying them as they withdraw into their sanctuaries with a chilling, saurian glare which pierces their extravagant costumes and well-cultivated facades. Her name is on their lips as she twists the daggers buried hilt-deep in their lifeless chests. Lady Glasmann of Hell's Gate, Caeceila Glasmann, the Gore-Spattered Heiress, or simply Cae - her title, her name, her sobriquet, and her handle - rhythmically sweep ahead of her, a wicked scythe mowing down harvesters and crops alike. Her movements, therefore, are as unobstructed as those of the ferocious weretiger who accompanies her. To look upon her is to face a sapphire wyrm, a child of Whispernight and the Triat. The masses respectfully decline to risk attracting her attention and, consequently, grant her a wide berth. The luckless few who are slow to remove themselves from her view wither and writhe as she sets her eyes on them and the weight - her incorrigible gravitas and boundless rage - threatens to crush them to a bloody pulp. Certainly, a dragon on the warpath is an effective deterrent to obstreperous bloodsuckers and fawning supplicants, and even if she was human, her costume and her companion would discourage undesired company. Her bull polished jump boots shine in the dim light of the expanse as she strides down the sanctimonious hall. Her black boots and trousers are bloused. She runs a gloved finger over the embossed silver dragons on her cuffs and adjusts her peaked cap adorned by a silver cap badge, a field of skeletal remains and a tattered banner on which the words "Fiat Iustitia Et Pereat Mundus" are printed in golden lettering. She glances at the blood red stripe running from her silver epaulets to her boots and the aiguillettes adorning her hip-length, double-breasted greatcoat. Her leather belt is equipped with a silver belt buckle featuring iconography of the dragon of House Glasmann. Caeceila Glasmann is a killer, and the morbid symbology of her attire bears testament to her fanatical obsession with death. A silver domino mask, which is worn solely to satisfy the requirements of the masquerade, completes her outfit. Her golden hair, squamous tail, and singular eyes divulge her identity, and she accepts there is little she can do about that. Weighing in at 675 pounds and over 13 feet between the pegs, the white tigress stalking, wild and unchained, within this Stygian expanse is a nightmare realized. The colossal predator flaunts her ruinous power, baring 3 inch incisors, sharper than needles and backed by a bite force in excess of 1050 psi, in a baleful expression seeped in contempt with little provocation. With her tail lashing behind her, she communicates how little she cares to be here - surrounded by vampires - in the dark - under the roof of a guy called the Blood God. With silky, alabaster fur, partitioned by ebony stripes, she glitters like silver dust swept through a glassy stream. Like Caeceila, she wears a silver domino mask that, against all odds, has yet to pop off. Cae and Cammy are not into this sort of thing and have no desire to rub elbows with the type of people who are. To Cae, the entirety of this ordeal is eerily reminiscent of the Red Festival. To Cammy, vampires are pretentious leeches who abuse other people in various ways to get their sick kicks. Vampires could feed on the blood of beasts - these choose not to. They aren't human. They aren't human at all! She is more human than these parasites, and she isn't especially human! Cammy has slain and devoured their kind before as just recompense for their crimes, and when she hears a pair of them referring to someone as "cattle" and recognizes that their intended victim is exhibiting signs of mental compulsion (pupil dilation, eye movement, sudden change to breathing patterns, changes to unconscious movements, etc.), her forbearance is at an end. Her dazzling pink eyes cross the chamber once and again before a toothsome snarl and the associated mass, and massive it is, glide into position. Her twisted ears display the eyes of the tiger - iconic eyespots located upon tigers' ears - as she prepares to pounce on Genevieve and maul her. Her eyes glow as though she was possessed, and she growls at the offenders with petrifying hostility and heart-stopping intensity. Out of respect for Gabriela, I'm gonna give you ONE opportunity to haul your ugly, pale, room-temperature asses to her - wherever she is - and beg her to punish you for attempting to sexually assault someone before I cut off your heads and shit down your throats! And you! Brainwashed person! Come over here! I need to verify that you're okay and check if those hussies have done anything weird to you - like give you diseases because THEY'RE HORRIBLE EXCUSES FOR PEOPLE AND IF THEY DON'T MOVE QUICKLY, I'M GOING TO MAKE THEM INTO SOMETHING MORE APPROPRIATE LIKE BODY PILLOWS! Perhaps the criminals would sense the terrible power spilling out of this unearthly thing wearing the skin of a tiger and take her up on her "generous" offer.
  8. Cae brooding over the Enrele epidemic at a table in front of Emelio's house. I sent @Biggie_Smalls a pm offering to resume their interaction, but he appears to be AFV.
  9. It's worth noting that the HGA District is pretty small. There are other buildings close enough to the slaughterhouse that whatever rituals were going on in there were sensed by a dog and some elderly people, and there should be more buildings fairly close to the power plant and the platform. Basically, I think characters are free to start where they want and just run over to the HGA area when things heat up if that's what they wanna do. 2. This is true. If you knock a fist-sized hole in the side of a ship, though, you might have to start up the bilge pumps. The toxic fog is a problem, and while there are a lot of NPCs are in fully enclosed armor/immune, there are a number that aren't. Also, if you had 600 fist-sized holes in your bedroom wall and there were facehuggers outside, would you want to sleep in there? I think the acid corroding away the walls helps with pacing because the attack will cause problems later; it just hasn't killed anyone yet. 4. The Xelken may be able to see through the fog (birds are apparently good at that). They could be flying over the fog or low to the ground so it's difficult to determine where they are. The point is more that they'll probably take some sort of damage and a couple might be forced to land outside of the HGA District and skirmish with the locals. The robots with missile launchers are, perhaps, a tad gratuitous, but they're using the same type of attack as the remaining artillery, so it isn't meant to be more dangerous, just to kind of point out where things are (not that I imagine the contrails can be seen anyway due to the fog).
  10. I think @danzilla3's Li and @Zashiii's Shishi and Shethid are outside of the HGA District, meaning they'll probably get up-close-and-personal with the Xelken before HGA does. If not, y'all are free to describe the parts of the structures your characters are in, add what you want for narrative, ask for description here or in PMs, etc. I think it is also worth noting that these characters don't appear to have arrived with a group of NPCs, so I'll have to explore how we can get some over there. I'm not averse to rping other NPCs, I just can't rp Terrenus Military NPCs because none of my characters are in the Terrenus Military - which could be an issue if Li is expecting orders from the Terrenus Military. I think having some of the Xelken drop in the areas outside of the cleared area would help move characters around, especially since that would force HGA out of its makeshift fort. Heck, I'll even retcon building demolitions if that'd help! The point stands that I was asked OoC about my main secret and the information I provided was disregarded. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth, sure, but the bio-organic weapons I referenced are the five remaining abominations in the slaughterhouse. I nixed the four small abominations because I think having nine abominations total was a bit much, and it seemed like a good opportunity to again point to info I provided OoC being disregarded. I might also have listed too many Silver Eyes. It's difficult to gauge how strong each force is and how much each side should bring to the table. I replaced the word "unsatisfactory" with the word "mixed" which more accurately represents the situation anyway. I mentioned that the acid is eating away at the concrete but has not exposed any weaknesses yet in the original version because the Shriek Arrows as written appear to be made to penetrate a surface with kinetic energy and then release a bunch of acid into whatever they've penetrated. Acid takes time to do its thing and it makes sense for geomancers to construct stone/cement walls. However, the lore on the Shriek Arrows notes that the Shriek Arrows have a homing feature which didn't work and I was focusing on this as an indicator of the primary function of the Shriek Arrows - killing living things. I would be more open to each missile inflicting more damage on each structure if 240-600 of them weren't dropped in one round. Numbers like that diminish the "weight" each missile carries because if they're all super effective with, say, 50% of them actually working, I've got 120 holes - at least fist-sized - compromising the structures from the get-go and we land squarely in "oh my gods, PANIC" territory at the start of Round 2. The Eye Nits failing to appear in the buildings is consistent with the information I provided in this OoC thread (twice). I'll give you Eye Nits in the slaughterhouse and retract the bit about the force cage if you want, but I have been rping Caeceila as so paranoid about the Enrele threat that it causes her problems with the Terrenus Military. Xelken tricks don't seem that different from Enrele tricks. The methods that exclude Enrele seem like they'd be effective in excluding the Xelken. If that isn't the case, then I'm missing something. Moreover, it lends weight to the argument that my main secret is public knowledge because the Xelken have been hiding inside of each building for weeks and presumably trying to send info back to their master(s) because the lore article indicates that is their function. This is true. In addition, some characters are also probably able to see through the fog. What is the intent of this statement? If more of the artillery units should have been hit with Shriek Arrows, in your opinion, I'm willing to make that adjustment. If your argument is that the artillery units shouldn't be able to target the Xelken accurately, then they're taking evasive maneuvers or flying low to the ground - the latter of which would expose them to increased fire from units on the ground like (presumably) Li, Shishi, and Shethid. Heck, I don't care if the rockets miss - the contrails showing where the Xelken are matter more because it'll help characters locate the Xelken through the fog (and now that I think on it, this probably wouldn't work out because white against a background of grey is difficult to see during the day, let alone at night). When the Xelken actually get to the HGA district, the fight can begin in earnest. Then, we can have massive casualties and action. Right now, Marcos's Xelken are flying through the sky, if I recall correctly, which makes them difficult to access for characters who cannot fly. There should be something preventing the Xelken from just outflanking the soldiers holding the walls. The walls aren't that helpful in keeping Xelken out of Aspyn if units can just go over them in large numbers from multiple points without incurring some sort of penalty. Striking from a bunch of directions instead of breaking through the line isn't as dramatic as pushing through one area and soldiers on both sides rushing to take the hole. I suspect I have been approaching this scene from a wargame-y perspective even though a different perspective is required. I wanted to capitalize on the conclusion of the Treedell scene, particularly @Darthgamer101's character's curse, and while I still think that's an interesting idea to explore - especially with the Enrele running around - perhaps I was overambitious with it. I can scale that back to the device at the power plant providing a buff to friendly characters within a certain radius instead of using it to attack the Xelken if that would improve the situation. That said, it would be nice if people stop me OoC with a friendly "that's too much" in the future instead of doing weird things IC. If you aren't comfortable expressing that sort of sentiment in a public OoC, feel free to shoot me a PM or something. My thoughts in setting up the scene were pretty simple (in retrospect if not in fact). There are a lot of Gaian geomancers, so I should be able to get a hold of heavily fortified buildings pretty easily if my character is willing to pay for them. My characters don't have enough living people to go toe-to-toe with the Xelken, so they need to remain in their fortified buildings and force the Xelken to come to them if possible. The Xelken can create all sorts of monsters very, very quickly, so I need to consider that in determining how my characters might contribute to the defense of the city. The bulk of the Xelken probably won't "spawn" within the city, but there is a potential for saboteurs. HGA's leader is psychic, paranoid, rich, and extremely aggressive. The Second-In-Command can tank damage,, is bubbly, and is a cultist. From there, I looked at what this faction has to offer. I could have brought in an aircraft carrier I've had in the works for quite some time, but that's part of a plot that's still in the works and has a big prerequisite I need to try to focus my efforts on. What I found is that this faction has cryogenics-related tech, medical tech, armor tech, aircraft, artillery, and not a lot else. Augmenting that with shock troops based on Caeceila's and Camelia's power sets/what I imagine is available in Hell's Gate and adding in some particle beams because I can't have them buy everything from milDot, I put together a pretty formidable force. Perhaps this was also a mistake and I should have left huge gaps for PCs to fill instead of significant gaps. I need to think more on how to balance that with everything else because while I think that PCs definitely have the option to outperform the NPCs I generated for this encounter, there isn't as much of a "you need to this thing right now or we all die" feel to it. There are a lot of ways to help in a major way, but they're prerogatives. That's not to say these NPCs won't lose if the PCs don't perform, merely that players might not feel that their character must be right here right now at this stage.
  11. From prologue to curtain call, the Xelken masterfully perform a danse macabre. Caeceila Glasmann is the choreographer, for in their fear of Caeceila's power, the Xelken eagerly forsook their greatest advantage: the ability to coordinate their actions and relay information in real time. A clarion call rings through the bracing evening air - batteries of field guns discharging, volleys of lethal energy erupting from arcane rifles, and explosives thundering as they shred diseased flesh - and is heard the world over. Kahd'Xel and Marcos would charge the line, risking the security of the Xelken high command, to a magnificent symphony of lead punctuated by the staccato of fullerine missiles impacting targets at high velocity. A unified Terrenus interposed itself between the Xelken and the defenseless and brought its might to bear. To a tactician, if not a scientist, bombarding the HGA District with 240-600 Shriek Arrows yields mixed results. Wards against scrying prevent the Shriek Arrows from tracking living beings sheltered within the three standing structures, and these structures weather the missile attack as though they were fortified to withstand heavy bombardment. While several suspiciously rectangular holes are blown through the fourth floor of the power plant, holes in the preexisting superstructure of the platform reveal that HGA reinforced the platform by constructing an overbuilt concrete roof and walls underneath the preexisting set. The slaughterhouse sustains the most damage. A section collapses in on itself, revealing giant metal doors smeared with blood. It appears that Caeceila and Camelia anticipated this area would be subject to extremely heavy fire as HGA's command post within Aspyn and the location of two classified projects and prepared them appropriately. Acid eats away at the concrete, but this exchange has not yet exposed any significant weaknesses in HGA's defenses save, perhaps, in the unmanned turrets, the majority of which incur damage from the explosions and acid and are powered down. As expected, the Spider-Bots fare much better than the stationary turrets, jumping behind cover and skittering beneath sacrificial units to avoid the shower of arrows. Unlike the Xelken, HGA relies on radar systems, spotters, magitech targeting systems, and satellite feeds to inform its firing solutions. Equipped with up-to-date military intelligence, the HGA artillery units and turrets that survive the acid attack mercilessly strike the advancing Xelken, and while approaching from multiple directions might keep HGA from decimating the invaders with concentrated fire, each unit is exposed to more fire from Terrenus Military anti-air weapons and fireteams, adventuring parties, and members of the Aspyn Militia. Cryogenic munitions whistle through space, coating the enemy in scintillating sheets of ice and rime as they detonate midair. Elemental resistances notwithstanding, aerial units plow into the earth, impaired by the weight and geometry of the foreign material collecting on their wings. Fist-sized hailstones whiz out of the fog which conceals the Xelken aggressors, raining down on them like dozens of crystalline meteors glowing with the light of the silvery moon. Accounting for the darkness of night, dense fog, lack of communication, and ungainly forms of some of the aerial Xelken, sight-based (visible light spectrum) evasion might prove challenging, if not impossible, and any Xelken forces that are grounded or slain in this manner will likely be unaccounted for unless other Xelken witness the event. Four Eye Nits apparate within the slaughterhouse inside a tiny force cage proudly labelled "YUMMY EVIL BUG THINGS!!! m^._.^m" There were once thirty of them. It appears Caeceila's paranoia concerning the Enrele (they are everywhere) and investments in Enrele detection equipment are finally paying off as additional Eye Nits fail to appear in the power plant, the platform, or the slaughterhouse - not that they would be of exceptional use given Kahd'Xel's gag order. Eight humanoid HGA Combat Robots covered in heavy, black titanium alloy armor plating with oversized boron carbide shields providing portable cover strapped to their left arms and man-portable air-defense systems loaded with command guidance (command line-of-sight) missiles supported by and wired to their right arms surge forward to plug the gaps on the fourth floor and fire eight guided cryogenic missiles at the encroaching Xelken. Interfacing directly with the missile guidance system and receiving information from the HGA targeting system, these eight units are able to steer the missiles they fire to their targets. The contrails of these missiles trace paths from the power plant to the advancing Xelken. A prerecorded message is transmitted to Central by HGA Support Staff. Central, this is Caeceila Glasmann. I am preparing to release bio-organic weapons. Do not fire on the creatures marked by my crest. Consult the blue force tracking system for their positions.
  12. Oh, Red, you want to show me your fire? Chilling cerulean energy radiates from Caeceila's saurian eyes as she watches Stormbreaker snap her pistol in half. As Caeceila's light contacts Stormbreaker's flesh, a devastating torrent of psychic pressure crashes over her body. A weak-willed moppet could not weather the invisible storm that now rages through the chamber. To Stormbreaker's credit, she mustered the determination to lunge at the source of the unnatural current that promises to grip her by the throat as she faces her adversary directly and concentrates on destroying her. As Stormbreaker charges forward, it is as if Caeceila reshapes reality around her. Viscous air dribbles from vents in the ceiling, pooling on the rusted floor as an opaque, non-Newtonian fluid. Enfeebling cold might envelop her as she presses forward, undaunted or unable to halt her forward motion. She might feel as though her skin has turned to glazed clay, her nails to glass, and her to bones porcelain. Is she so brittle that her arm would shatter on striking Caeceila? No, this is a trick. This must be a trick. Her breath did not frost, though she might shiver. Caeceila seems to drain all energy from the chamber, drawing it into herself. Most telling is the eerie silence that accompanies the change. The rust spiderwebbing across the walls, propagating like a virulent illness, is not as frightful as the rhythmic pounding of Caeceila's heart. Its pace neither quickened nor slowed. It was as steady as a metronome keeping time and as remorseless as grains of sand tumbling from an inverted hourglass. As Stormbreaker's punch connects, she hears the nauseating sound of cracking bone. Caeceila flies backward, slamming into the wall before crumpling to the floor. Stormbreaker can spot exposed bones from no less than two compound fractures as Caeceila's hollow laughter resounds through the empty room. I ordered you to kill me or get the hell of my ship. Stormbreaker can see flesh and bone knit themselves together. Caeceila sets a bloodied hand against the dented wall (leaving a bloody handprint), casually stands, and points her left thumb at herself. Blood still trickles from her wounds. Do I look dead to you? I swear, capable employees are a dying breed. Perhaps it's my fault for providing ambiguous instructions. Suddenly, the door slides open. The doctor who treated Stormbreaker obediently enters the room. His movements are stiff and lifeless, and there is a distant look in his eyes. If Stormbreaker has ever attended a puppet show, she will immediately recognize the doctor for what he is. Caeceila unsheathes her longsword with ease developed from years of rigorous practice and battlefield experience. Allow me to demonstrate.
  13. Are you interested in having your character participate in a televised debate with a heretic? It'd be a slow-moving scene, but it might be entertaining, especially given the year.
  14. You don't have to assume; you asked! The issue with the Xelken knowing everything is that the Enrele should know as much, if not more, than the Xelken, so I'm considering rping Enrele forces and pitting them against everyone if the device is basically public knowledge since I figure they'd want a piece of it too! That's not a bad thing, but it does complicate things. Noted, but meat is meat just like a mind is a mind. Just as Khad Xel can turn any organic material into Xelken without necessarily understanding how it works, Caeceila ought to be able to turn any mind without necessarily understanding how it works - especially the teeny ones. I'll roll a d20 for it if that makes things more interesting, but if I roll a Natural 20, crazy things might happen.
  15. Fair warning, if no control signal whatsoever is being sent to the Xelken, Cae will probably dominate some of them outright in the 3rd Round. I think that's appropriate since her actions are now totally uncontested and quite a few of the Xelken have low intelligence. I don't quite understand how Khad knows so much about House Glasmann's secret psychic project. Nevertheless, I've heavily implied there's also a secret occult project (which will come into play either this round or next round), so I still get to play my trap card! Bwahahaha!
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