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  1. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    At long last, I've done it. This sheet will probably undergo a few revisions and expansions later, but I think it's alright for the time being. I decided not to include anything about Ker's history or personality because I figure it'll be more fun for people to discover that IC. I also, after much dispute, added a third form to Ker's list of powers in case of emergency (i.e. in case god-level PCs show up to curb stomp the organization). I intend to stick to the first two forms, the first of which is superior heavy cavalrywoman and the second of which is boss on par with a Sith lord with a greater focus on environmental manipulation than unlimited power. Anyway, I'll post the recruitment thread by Tuesday. Right now, I have to finish a bit of homework.
  2. Ker Anitant

    CONFIDENTIAL REPORT ACTIONABLE MILITARY INTELLIGENCE: KER ANITANT, SHACKLED OVERLORD READ PERMISSION ASSIGNED TO THE GOVERNMENTS OF: TERRENUS, GENESARIS, AND TELLUS MATER Notification: This report contains OoC content. IC, please make use of only the information that your character would be privy to. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF THE SUBJECT: Ker is a female centaur, a monster that appears human from the waist up but equine from the withers down. She is approximately 15.2 hands at the withers and roughly 97 inches high overall. Weighing in at an estimated 1,300 lb with Herculean musculature and a robust skeletal system to match, Ker has been observed toting 200 lb loads in her arms while concurrently balancing 400 lb loads upon her back without displaying any signs of physical exertion. Ker's regal (elevated and rhythmic) gait, well-defined withers, straight profile, immaculate legs, and "white" coloration mark her as a gray-coated Andalusian centauress, a legendary breed renowned "the world over" for its martial prowess and rarity among sovereign tauric tribes. Ker epitomizes the ideal qualities of a horse reared to excel in classical dressage. Her tracks are characterized by overlap to such a degree that they might impress on the gullible minds of novice trackers the risible hypothesis that they are in hot pursuit of the world's only fully-functional bipedal warhorse. Ker's skin pigmentation falls between 12 and 13 on von Luschan's chromatic scale, but her irises are the haunting hue of molten gold, gilded portals to a warped hellscape framed in a bubble of glass. This unnerving feature attracts an onlooker's gaze to Ker's medium-sized, narrow, close-set eyes, long eyelashes, double eyelids, and thin, tapered eyebrows in that order. Ker's symmetric, fox-faced femininity, modeled by her small (in both projection and breadth), straight nose, narrow, angular face, high cheekbones, relatively small mouth, and pastel pink-stained lips, is marred by a deep, jagged scar carved into her right cheek, the ominous, glowing brands adorning her torso, and her brawny build. Her jet black hair is pixie cut with a hair strand length of no more than 2 inches, precluding her foes from seizing it in combat. Unless Ker is resting or critically injured, Ker well-nigh rivets herself into one of two sets of heavy plate armor. These stout assemblies, as a rule, include the following components: a steel cuirass, gorget, modified fauld, and helmet and steel pauldrons, articulated couters, vambraces, and modified barding with reinforced hoof boots (Ker is an outspoken critic of horseshoes and the "unmethodical" practice of shoeing horses). Ker's helmet of choice is a close helmet with a grotesque visor that depicts, in morbid detail, scavengers of every kind combing a battlefield on which still warm corpses lie for anything they might desire. This motif is not present elsewhere on the armor. The armor has been designed to exploit three restraints that are attached to Ker's body. Her lower arms have been clapped in manacles forged from an exotic material that has fused itself to her flesh while her neck is constrained within a radiant collar that Ker cannot or has opted not to remove in spite of the discomfort it undoubtedly causes her. From each of these "tactical assets," lengths of enchanted chain hang. These chains link not only to the three restraints but to mounts attached to Ker's elbows, mounts attached to her shoulders, and a series of sinewy cinches with metal loops tracing the form of her spine. Until Ker's armor suffers sufficient damage, these chains are contained within it. PHYSICAL SUMMARY: Species: Centaur Ethnicity: Andalusian (Gray-Coated)/Asian Sex: Female Height: 15.2 at the Withers - 97 Inches (246 Centimeters) Overall Weight: 1300 lb (590 kg) Eye Color: Molten Gold Hair Color: Jet Black Build (Somatotype): Mesomorph Voice: Dramatic, Resounding Contralto (Sings Behind Locked Doors) Apparent Age: Early Twenties Laterality: Ambidextrous True Name: ??? Occupation: Triumvir of the Abbadon Triumvirate KNOWN COMBAT SKILLS: Ker is armed with a wicked, steel horseman's pick (6 feet long in this case - comparable to the length of a halberd), an unornamented, steel 1796 light cavalry saber (a broad, light, curved sword with a 33 inch long blade, single blood gutters on each side, and, in this case, a custom, barred basket-hilt), a steel-tipped, wooden lance (12 feet long), a plain, steel heater shield, a 92 inch (bow length) yumi (an asymmetric bamboo bow), and a simple, European quiver. Even when Ker is dressed for battle, Ker is capable of performing great feats of agility and strength. Ker can gallop at speeds of about 40 miles per hour when necessary, execute the Parthian shot on treacherous terrain, move laterally while fending off attackers, and change engagement distance in the same turn as she attacks. Ker can accurately track enemies after they exit her field of vision for a minimum of 3 seconds based on their velocity, acceleration, and mental state. At the beginning of combat, Ker instinctively surveys the battlefield to identify routes ingress and egress, structural weaknesses, cover, hazardous conditions and items, and enemy forces. At the beginning of every turn, Ker instinctively checks the status of hazardous conditions and items in her environment if she is not at risk of being wounded in doing so. As the battle continues, Ker instinctively monitors enemy forces for signs of weakness. When applicable, she verbally communicates these weaknesses to her comrades. Ker also monitors any dangerous situations evolving on the battlefield and prioritizes her responses to them in a snap. Ker is not bound by plans, for plans almost never survive contact with the enemy. POWERS: First Form: Black Knight - Ker's chains partially dissipate magical energies, making her first form a physical and magical tank incapable of wielding even the most basic magic. As a destrier and a knight, Ker is still incredibly dangerous in this form. Second Form: Shackled Overlord - In Ker's second form, Ker sacrifices her magical resistance on the altar of magical might. In this form, she can manipulate material objects using mechanical, acoustic, and electromagnetic vibrational phenomena (chiefly resonance). She can use these wondrous powers to bring about the catastrophic failure of material objects (the less complex, the better), mute sounds in her environment, mimic voices and musical instruments, generate shockwaves, dim light, intensify light, generate microwave radiation and ultraviolet radiation (but not gamma radiation), set small fires (that Ker cannot control once they are ignited), and extinguish fires. Third Form: Unshackled Overlord - In the presence of hostile gods and godslayers, Ker is unbound. In this final form, Ker gains the ability to control magical vibrations. This power enables Ker to isolate deities from their demesnes with destructive magical interference, buff compatible spells with constructive magical interference, and overload spells with magical resonance.
  3. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    The Abbadon (or Abbadonian) Triumvirate it is, then. We should probably assign roles after we know who all is interested in the org so we have neither too many nor too few chars in each subgroup. If your char is willing to take responsibility for Roman's actions, I don't see why this wouldn't be allowed. I spent what free time I had yesterday researching horses, obscure gods and goddesses, and resonance of all things. I didn't want to post in this thread until I could report that I had succeeded in that endeavor, which is being executed in tandem with character profile building, and was prepared to post the recruitment thread. I haven't planned the base layout yet. I think the base ought to have dormitories with built-in private bathrooms and basic laundry facilities for villains, at least two kitchen facilities (one for henchmen and one for PC villains - kinda like how they have separate canteens for officers and enlisted in the military), basic (unfurnished) lab facilities (with some decontamination chambers) including a couple of rooms equipped for medical procedures, basic training facilities (sparring room, range, armory, configurable hazard course, weight room, and small swimming pool), and administrative facilities (boardroom, henchman cubicles (unfurnished), security room, janitor's closet, ready room, reception area, backup power generator, and a henchman break room (unfurnished)). I'd like to get at least a vehicle bay, a redundant water treatment system, and an atmospheric treatment system on steroids in addition to hardening the magitech and slapping magical seals in there sometime down the road, but as long as space already exists for them, these projects can be completed once the organization actually has money.
  4. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    Well, aside from villains and power, I'd assume that each founder has reason to believe the others are competent. These reasons may be little more than a hunches, however, because most of the stuff the organization would have done before actively recruiting would probably be business-oriented. We might be able to get away with declaring that Rodan and Agony arrived earlier than the other recruits and thus have seniority even though they don't really know the "leader" (who I'm still building) or each other. That'd allow opinions to develop naturally over the course of a couple of scenes. In my opinion, Prometheus would have been a more fitting name for the Illusive Man's organization because he was obsessed with stealing fire from the gods, so to speak, and used a tech advantage to push his agenda. Here's what I've come up with for names on my end. Abaddon (Christian/Jewish) Surtr (Norse) I favor the latter over the former name-wise. Again, feel free to suggest other names if you wish!
  5. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    Eh, I haven't participated in enough canon quests to bug anyone with tallies yet. The info in useful, though! Ty! I'm not sure how to implement this as villainous characters that would betray others probably wouldn't give a hoot about the charter. The threat of severe punishment might work as a deterrent, but that's debatable. I am, as ever, open to suggestions. I believe, however, that it might be cool to name the organization after an obscure entity from mythology because then we could make use of its iconography. Instead of posting a recruitment thread today, I'll try to work on a new char. Once we deal with the org name and whatever else we deem important, I'll post a recruitment thread. We have the option to hammer out the details of the charter while recruiting, so I don't think we need that finalized before actively recruiting in the Water Cooler.
  6. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    Unless one of the founders has lods of emone, I don't see how the organization can be affluent at its inception. In arriving at this conclusion, I also took the following info into consideration. A class means you'd have to put 45 posts worth of effort to it. Which could mean gathering materials and building it, or could mean finding a treasure map that takes you to it and its stuck underground, or stealing it from someone's yard or something. You can also use "points" which are accrued through the completion of the quest system (higher class quests have a multiplier) and as long as the points equal the necessary number of posts, it's all yours You're free to create your own ship outside of the market but "island" sized is far too big Any airships with weapons systems can only take approved airways to dock at Hell's Gate or else have to dock outside of Terran borders. Terrenus has been attacked by airship in the past and so is very careful about airships moving in their airspace I don't have many points (not that I've been keeping track of 'em), so I'm pretty sure we shouldn't start with an army of power-armored goons and a massive death cannon. That's the Sith Empire I was referencing, yes. I'm not a fan of Darth Bane's rule of two, though, so I'm hoping that the "appeal" of wanton betrayal won't be beset this organization from the get-go. I'm gonna change my username soon-ish because there are other Alexander-based usernames on this forum. I've been procrastinating it, though. It actually has to Hellenization and one of my names IRL. I agree, and I agree. It'd be awesome if we could pick a tentative name quickly so I can post a recruitment thread. I'll take a look at some quest lists to see what's currently on offer. One idea I've been entertaining for awhile is checking out Taen's Xer and offering them a partnership of sorts as they seem to be technologically primitive and violent enough to benefit from a loose partnership with this organization. Y'all are, as always, free to pursue quests and canon artifacts without the org's leader's approval, but I might try running an artifact quest/team building exercise just to put a few characters through their paces.
  7. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    To be honest, I'm interested in naming the organization sooner rather than later so I don't have to write "the organization" all the time. >.< Writing donkey is easier than writing equus africanus asinus, and what's more, I can put a face to the first name. It's difficult to use and discard others of great power when you have next to none. This is a fledgling organization, so I have assumed that it doesn't have an army or a way of supplying itself with a steady income (yet). Assuming that the characters are being paid for their work (as they should), it is necessary to sell the organization's services until we have secured a more reliable stream of cash. This is extremely necessary if we expect to do battle with a powerful faction in the future as a technological advantage will be easier to secure but financially more costly than a manpower advantage. Attaining power by taking advantage of the weakness and oversight of others; this is both the foundation of opportunism and kratocratic government. If one holds that the Kuhnian paradigm is the explanation for and the definition of scientific progress, even science advances through social revolution. By extension of this view, it is power, more accurately people in power and powerful social constructs, not rigorously derived theory, that rules the world. If that power is self-justifying, all the better. World domination is a banal goal, in my opinion. Obliterating Gaianism would be even more difficult than achieving world domination were a party to attempt to do so using violence (cultural programming that substantially modifies a population's worldview, on the other hand, might do the trick over a couple of generations). I concede that acquiring power is a general goal, but I think it's better than destroying all superheroes and taking over the world (which seemed to be the goal of the Legion of Doom). If we had a Valucrean version of He-Man, we could try to take Castle Grayskull, but we don't. I think it is worth mentioning that these specific objectives are just applications of a more general power acquisition motivation. The Sith Empire, on the other hand, is a kratocracy in which power acquisition is the end goal. I didn't want to admit that this is what I have been driving at, but it kinda is. Peace is a lie. There is only passion. Through passion I gain strength. Through strength I gain power. Through power I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall set me free. That is the Sith Code, and I really, really like it. I'm not exactly proposing that we make a Valucrean version of the Sith, but I believe letting power acquisition function as the organization's main goal is tenable. This doctrine should be interpreted by the leadership and applied to specific events, but undermining others (through sabotage, larceny, murder, etc.) is well-within the scope of this goal as what really counts in this philosophy is that you are more powerful than others physically, mentally, or materially.
  8. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    @Tyler @Vehement Agony I intend to post a recruitment thread for this organization in the Water Cooler on Thursday. While I love Roen's org name suggestion, I don't want people to confuse this organization and the Gentlemen's Club. That said, for consistency with Patia's theme, we might consider naming the organization after one of the seventy-two demons described in the Ars Goetia and perhaps using an image of that demon as a mascot of sorts. I'm fond of Berith, but I haven't studied the entire list yet. I've read up on the shifts in social temperature, so I'm scheming at present. I'm thinking Hell's Gate might be a good place to recruit henchmen. Were we running a cult, I'd push for us to setup in Hell's Gate pronto as a cult could easily profit from the growing despair. Tia and Blairville seem offer opportunities for smuggling operations, but with a judicious application of well-crafted propaganda, it might be possible to weaken these cities for generations to come (IC). Prolonging and exacerbating the civil conflict in both of these areas might prove advantageous. Refugee politics should also be kept in mind when we plan these actions. @Alexei I've done a little research on Corvinus, and I've discovered that he has a colorful history with Roen. The cult that has sprung up around him is also somewhat problematic, as the leader of this organization would have to be more than a few fries short of a happy meal to consent to the annihilation and persecution of non-humans, mutants, etc. Nevertheless, I assume that this organization would, at least under ordinary circumstances, only be in contact with Corvinus's agents and that it will have no reason to seek out the boss of its immediate employer unless that employer attempts to screw with it. Even then, if the majority of the organization does not know that Corvinus is their employer, the current leader of the organization would probably accept contracts from him (plausible deniability is wonderful). As such, the organization could work for Corvinus as an independent contractor, but it will not kowtow to him. It reserves the right to reject contracts that it deems unreasonable, and it will not recognize Corvinus's agents as members of the organization unless they join the organization in good faith. The organization's services will remain available to other employers as long as the org's leadership does not detect a conflict of interest buried within the contracts or the organizational charter. If these terms are acceptable, this organization and Corvinus's agents can do business.
  9. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    @Tyler @Vehement Agony I agree with Tyler that this organization's objectives (never mind they haven't been set in stone yet) seem to be incompatible with those of the Gentlemen's Club. I could, of course, be wrong, but my assessment of that organization is essentially the same as Tyler's. I disagree that this organization's main objective is to replace Haze's rule with total anarchy, however, as the resultant power vacuum would replace that total anarchy with systems of local governance in the blink of an eye. It is more likely, in my opinion, that the organization's foremost aim is to gain power. This is a motivation that many villains share, I think. Agony, for instance, appears to crave the power to hurt people who have certain physical characteristics. In the same vein, Rodan seems to desire the power to make people rue the day they branded him as a freak and an outcast. I have noted that both Rodan and Agony are willing to serve as unit commanders in the new organization. If a sufficient number of PCs join the new organization, this will be so. I'll send y'all further information when applicable. I don't mind if the organization functions like a kratocracy, but how it will regulate itself is still up for discussion. Likewise, I'm still game for the Halloween party, but I want to try to reach a consensus before we give it a go. One alternative to the Halloween party is a meeting in a boardroom which would allow players to introduce their characters, allow their characters to form opinions of other characters before any missions begin, and allow squads to form semi-naturally. Also, we desperately need a name for this organization. We can decide on a name when we advertise in the Water Cooler again, but it might be advantageous to give it a tentative name for the time being. Be warned that I'm fond of naming organizations using acronyms, so anything I come up with on this front is bound to be absurd. @Tyler @Vehement Agony @Roen I'll try to type up a description of the base this week. Once that's done, I'll send it to Tyler and Vehement Agony for review. Then, I will contact Roen via the PM system and see if it is acceptable or not. This process will be iterated as necessary. And just in case I haven't said it yet, thanks Roen! @supernal I'll have to read up on the shifts in social temperature later this week. Thanks for the tip! @Alexei I've heard of the Witch King, and now, I've heard of Corvinus. I concede that I am at a loss as to why he would be interested in this organization, but I'll bite nonetheless.
  10. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    I was unaware of this! Do you happen to have a list of these players so I can touch bases with them? Thanks for the vote of confidence! Interesting! I guess the new iteration of this organization won't be truly evil, then! That's not a bad thing, mind you; I have a soft spot for sociopathic villains I can sympathize with on some level. For instance, there was a guy named Semmelweis who lived before germ theory was articulated. He discovered that by sanitizing one's hands and surgical tools before a medical procedure, specifically before aiding a woman in labor, doctors could reduce the rate at which fatal infections developed. He implemented this practice in the ward he was in charge of, but other medical institutions of the day called him a quack. He was committed to a sanatorium (or something along those lines) by his wife and died of an infection that resulted from the doctor who was "treating" him refusing to disinfect his hands or tools before operating on him. If Semmelweis had turned to villainy in lieu of being committed to a sanatorium, I probably would have commiserated with him! I have a recommendation for the first topic. If we divide the members of the organization into units under different commanders, those commanders can set the tone for their units. In this way, we can have both serious and humorous villains working together for the greater evil. I am of the opinion that the organization as a whole should have serious objectives, but how those objectives are met should be up to the commanders and other PCs tasked with completing them. On the same note, I figure that it should be up to the players in a base-scene to decide how canon that scene is to their characters. If, however, a base-scene doesn't have a significant impact on the organization as a whole, there's probably not a reason to submit it for canonization. I imagine that the base-scenes won't typically place a heavy emphasis on sabotage/assassination, but ones that do should, I think, require authorization beforehand. I believe it does, though I need confirmation from my compatriots before I can declare that definitively. Do you have something in mind? @Vehement Agony and @Tyler I'd like y'all to vote on the following: Serious Villainy -or- Comic Villainy (for the organization as a whole) Semi-Autonomous Subgroups -or- One Massive Group Under One Leader Halloween Party -or- Something Different Base Thread -or- No Base Thread I'd also like to read any suggestions you have about the Halloween Party (the venue, fun events/games, the plot, etc.) if you're for it and the organization's charter (rules, stated purpose, etc.). To start, I think it might be fun to host the Halloween Party at a haunted carnival populated by undead carnies and riddled with wacky safety violations. In my mind, it looks something like this: If we throw in a sweet soundtrack for the event, a few dice-based carnival games, exotic and spooky cuisine, a costume contest, and allow other players to gm NPCs to play tricks on other characters, I think it'd be pretty entertaining! I've also cooked up a plot for the party itself. I'll put the rough outline in the spoiler below. For the charter, I think one of the objectives should be mutually increasing the power of the organization and its members. We should also have a few rules to keep members from permanently maiming or stealing from each other. Also, if you'd like your character to become one of the organization's unit commanders, please let me know!
  11. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    To be fair, this organization could do with some restructuring anyway. Please allow me to clarify my previous statement. I am of the opinion that the IC leader of any organization needs to be charismatic, if not personable. This I claim because the IC leader has to convince other PCs to cooperate with one another (this is remarkably difficult to achieve when villains, who tend to have bizarre motivations, are involved) and collaborate with external entities to generate income and manpower for the organization. I am not certain that Augur-the-char is suited to this role, doubly so given the statement Code: Augur issued about Augur-the-char's unwillingness to work with the "The Dragon Emperor." Kicking things off by burning down a town with the express and sole purpose of pissing in the Terrenus Military's beer is, in my opinion, an extremely poor choice. It's the kind of thing that makes hero-types dynamically enter your house (usually though a wall or the ceiling) with the express and sole purpose of knocking your teeth down your throat and rearranging your face. There's nothing to be gained from it. Even if it was profitable, I am of the belief that the plot should build up to that sort of thing. Where does a plot lead after a town is sacked if not to war? I also find the rape-bit distasteful, and I know that there much better ways of amassing notoriety than that! We need more members if we plan on doing anything substantial with this organization. I have seen other players post in this thread that they are interesting in joining, but I have not seen responses to many of their posts. I understand that managing a large group of people can be challenging, but there are many, many ways to alleviate this burden. For instance, I would recommend that the somewhat titular leader of the organization employ semi-autonomous sub-leaders who are tasked with managing smaller groups of people. The competition between these groups and their ability to sally forth and complete tasks without the leader's explicit blessing would add an additional dimension to the rp. This would also give characters more leeway to do as they wish than they would have otherwise. A base thread, an open thread in which villains from this organization and perhaps others can chill and engage in romance/drama/comedy scenes, would not go amiss. As I have already brought this up, so I will say little else on this idea. Halloween is just around the bend, and no one is hosting an IC Halloween party yet. If we move quickly, our chars could host a costume party at a spooky venue that might be fun for hero and villain players alike and grant the organization the opportunity to surreptitiously welcome/recruit members into the fold. Please note that if we "reroll" the organization, I will probably make a new, more sociable character to replace Amethana in the new rp.
  12. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    So, uh, may I post? I ask because my post may be a tad disruptive, so I've been waiting for this and the other flashback to happen before I bring in a good-aligned char to bust through your guys' line. I think it'd be favorable story-wise to have an eyewitness report the event to the military so it is "properly" described.
  13. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    It pains me to admit it but I likely will not be able to post until Friday due to a giant exam and an absurdly large number of reports for the second week of classes. Feel free to skip me this round (and for as many as you can complete before I post - I'll just jump back into the posting order when I'm available again on Friday evening) if you wish. You can assume that Amethana has: A) Chosen to glare at Augur for an indefinite period of time, B) Tried to slip away with her conga line of captives (if they haven't been targeted yet), C) Stormed off without a word, D) Spit in Augur's general direction, E) Been given impromptu implants by Rodan to resolve the boob crisis, Or... F) Anything else you can think of that's entertaining and shows that she's irked. Go nuts! I'm up for anything! If you've read her its profile, invent a few lines for it if you desire! Randomness/awkwardness ahoy!
  14. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    Whoops! I wasn't aware that I was not the last one to post in the scene when I typed the last post up, and I was beginning to worry that my post was not well-received OoC. I had not yet read Augur's response to Amethana's actions, but I wished to provide assurances that Amethana's actions were reasonable from her its point of view. Nevertheless, what I have written above is still food for thought, I feel - doubly so because the last organization of this nature (of which I am aware, at least) made the mistake of attacking the Gaian Temple in Ignatz with only a few men and no exit strategy. We must ensure that the actions of our characters are small and measured at the onset so we can build the organization up over a series of thread, all of which should be fun for all parties involved. In fact, I would go so far as to submit the argument that full-scale war with the Haze's military is the last thing our characters should want - currently, at least. With all due respect, gathering resources and allies IC will be necessary if the overarching plot is to end with a massive battle between the military and this merry band of ne'er-do-wells. I may as well take this opportunity to also propose that we collaboratively create and run something akin to the Tavern of Legends exclusively for villainous characters. This could take the form of a villainous base or pub where our chars and other evil PCs hang out in their time off. I believe that an open environment of that sort would foster dark comedy and character development that will complement that which will occur in the plot quite nicely. It would also give people a place to rp their chars freely while waiting for others to post for various things. I favor the former setting (a villainous base of some sort) as I am accustomed to it and it would be quite different than the extant open settings I know of, but that's just me and stuff. Edit 1: Also, just for future reference, I subscribe to the Lovecraftian school of rites and rituals. In this scheme, sacrifices aren't always necessary, rituals are often risky, and the results aren't always powerful. People are indispensable to this process as they both fuel the ritual with magic they naturally accumulate by some means and give the magic form, typically through the use of some kind of foci. Edit 2: Also also, it may be prudent to put this discussion on hold if necessary so we can (hopefully) welcome new players to the organization.
  15. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    As we do not yet have a dedicated OoC thread, I would like to take a moment to provide additional IC reasons for taking prisoners to supplement the IC reasons for taking prisoners I included in my post. First and foremost, Terran prisoners should be handy assets in any situation in which this organization needs to barter with Terrenus military forces. The members of this organization will likely be classified as terrorists; they are (probably) not be eligible for POW status. This means that the Terrenus military can, to a large extent, treat any members of this organization that are taken prisoner however they wish. In the event that some of the members of this organization are taken prisoner, a prisoner exchange may secure their release. While this benefit is by no means guaranteed, taking prisoners would also give the organization access to forced labor. In select cases, prisoners may also be recruited by the organization. This is Amethana's intent in taking prisoners, though it is not stated as such. From Amethana's perspective, living beings are valuable resources because they can contribute magic points to rituals and pool their skills to conduct research into occult matters at a faster rate than would be possible otherwise. Moreover, people seem to fight harder when they are fighting to save their skins. Showing mercy at times may be a good way of undermining the morale of an enemy force because it weakens their resolve. If they can avoid being put to the sword by the enemy, many will gladly surrender when pressure is properly applied. This is more advantageous than letting them battle to the bitter end as the "merciful" party will not lose men and resources to parties that surrender to them peacefully.