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  1. The Alexandrian

    Chasing Damaged Threads [Closed]

    [Hell's Gate - Terrenus Military Garrison - Front Office/Reception/Guard Post - 0842] Wraiths whispered throughout the night, penning their tragedy in cold, damp air. Imprisoned on this mortal plane, the vengeful dead gravitated to the cursed blade the debutante stowed on the "gunner's" seat of her family's private airship as she was whisked her across the abandoned countryside for what felt like a short eternity. The whip-poor-whills commiserated, decrying the injustice of the world to all who would listen and many who would not. The muddy road ahead was illuminated only by the searchlights of the airship as she wove through the gnarled forest, the relative silence of the deserted land as comforting as it was intolerable. Anxiously, she gripped the shotgun in her lap and glanced at the magnetically sealed hatch on her right. The comic book she was reading en route to the dark festival had been carelessly brushed into a nearby storage bin. Periodically, she leaned forward and peered past the holographic display in front of her to check the status of the three monsters she had nabbed on her way home. Blindfolded, bound, and gagged, they lied on a plastic tarp in the other compartment, separated from the debutante by a transparent wall. They were secured to the floor with a cable Caeceila's servants used to tie down her luggage when she traveled to Ignatz to shop so they could not roll around the cabin or soil her property. When the light of day banishes the evil lurking in the dark of night, Caeceila relaxes somewhat. She is alone; no crafts, civilian, military, paramilitary, or otherwise, are pursuing her. In the distance, she spies the familiar city of Hell's Gate silhouetted against the rising sun. Ceceila is exhausted from a sleepless night, but she has the good sense to change the bandage wound around her injured leg. She winces as she peels the bloodied bandage from her skin and replaces it with a clean strip of gauze. The same morning, an armored personal airship, shaped like a flying saucer and registered to the well respected Glasmann family, requests permission to dock in a bay typically reserved for military contractors. The pilot, claiming to be Caeceila Glasmann, heiress to Glasmann Cyronics (a company specializing in vitrifying severely wounded individuals wherever adequate medical treatment is not available to prevent their condition from deteriorating during transport to advanced treatment facilities and artificial organ synthesis and storage), insists that Tormo has been sacked, an appalling party was hosted within an encampment erected on Tormo's "lukewarm carcass," and that she is in no mood for games and will eject the three prisoners she captured after her raid on the encampment concluded if the requested docking space is not provided. She informs the operator that he/she "will be responsible for scraping the pancaked matter of these three monsters, who were consuming human flesh in the midst of the depraved festivities, off of the godsdamned floor because I won't have these pissants on my vessel for a minute more than I absolutely have to." Assuming her demands are met, the debutante will dock in the space she desired. The saucer's landing gear will lower and the airship will quickly set down on the platform. A metal ramp extends from the bottom of the vessel. Almost immediately, the three prisoners mentioned above, a female Yuan-Ti, a rat man, and a male Kenku, roll down the ramp and onto the platform. Their faces are caked in blood and their clothing has been ripped off of their bodies, which are in surprisingly good condition considering that it was Caeceila who apprehended them. The reason for their nakedness will be apparent to any observers: human blood is smeared on other parts of the rat man's body and the contents of the dazed Yuan-Ti's stomach are causing it to bulge outward revealing the horrifying outline of something's hand. Caeceila Glasman, sporting a bloodstained pink t-shirt with hearts printed on it, designer jeans, and fitted pink work boots, descends from the vessel. She is armed with a stubby, double-barrelled "super shotgun," etched with smoldering daemonic sigils and a cruel, high-frequency Muramasa-styled katana sheathed in a sleek, black scabbard hanging at her left side. Her shiny blonde hair sweeps down to the small of her back, and her icy blue eyes detract from her more appealing feminine qualities. All the same, she is astonishingly comely for a maniac. She scowls at her payload as she limps past, favoring her right leg over her poorly bandaged, shrapnel-ridden left leg. She stops at the bottom of the ramp to spit in the rat man's left eye before hobbling in the direction of the welcoming party. "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the scum of the earth! You heard me right; I have gen-u-ine murderers, cannibals, and rapists for you to interrogate, and they can be yours today for the low, low price of proper medical treatment and a breakfast sandwich! I would also ask that someone clean the inside of my craft; it reeks of monster in there." @supernal
  2. The Alexandrian

    Terrenus military chatter v.2

    @supernal I've an eyewitness to the events following the sacking of Tormo for you. I don't know where Tormo is located in Terrenus, so I was thinking the debutante might hit up the garrison in Hell's Gate. If another location would make more sense, please let me know or just tag me in the OP if you would like to start.
  3. The Alexandrian

    RP tips and practices

    Newcomers will make mistakes when learning to rp. Correction of these mistakes is necessary, but one's approach should be tactful and encouraging so as to prevent the corrected individual from feeling embarrassed or becoming defensive. Combat is collaborative. Low-powered attacks have a better chance to hit because average PCs won't be insta-gibbed by them. When fighting high-tier combat-oriented PCs in a scene that has been declared competitive, c-c-c-combo if and when appropriate. Terrain, environment, morale, etc. matter and should be factored into your character's actions. Fear, fatigue, confidence, sadness, anger, etc. add drama and realism to combat. Add dimensions to your characters where you can, but avoid adding dimensions you don't want to rp. For instance, a mercenary may be the sole survivor of an expedition into a cavern. Do you really want to rp a character with a fear of the dark long-term? Money and resources matter. We handwave these most of the time, but they are important to the characters themselves. In some locations, a character's ancestry may be as important or more important than a character's personal merit. Some NPCs will discriminate against your character because of your character's species, gender, religion, etc. From time to time, force other characters to make difficult choices. Doing so may help players develop their characters by causing a character to question their beliefs or take the story in an unforeseen direction.
  4. The Alexandrian

    The Red Festival (Dangerous Party)

    Barring additional attacks on my character in this round, my character has successfully withdrawn from Tormo and all associated zones. Thanks for the scene, gang!
  5. The Alexandrian

    The Red Festival (Open)

    "SHIT!" What the hell is that? She- Is that- No, he- How? Power, unfathomable power, undermined the debutante's will to fight. No living vessel could channel so much in so short a time. The dragon, the death knight, the dragon knight, and now this, this other, this terrifying thing disguised as a man - she couldn't take them all at once. She was undamaged, sure, but she was alone. The dragon, that she could put down with a cheap trick. The other champions... She had yet to scratch the dragon knight's paint, and the death knight, well, he hadn't even begun to fight. She had the upper hand. Even when the death knight took to the field, she swore she had the upper hand, but this... The debutante had retained her advantage through strategy, skill, and a generous helping of dumb luck, but she couldn't possibly stay ahead of a tank she couldn't injure and a force she couldn't constrain. It is time to bail. It is time to forget about attacking, countering, restricting options, and everything else that isn't running away from whatever that is. The grenade she launched at the dragon - yeah, she won't pull the pin. That asset would no longer benefit her, so she isn't actively monitoring it anymore. The miniature sun the fat man is, bizarrely enough, pointing at her - it's a problem, but not the problem. The detonations of the rovers, which will bombard Break with pressure waves that could severely impair his ability to aim considering that his sword is a giant lever arm, should buy her enough time to jet back into the forest and away from almost certain death at the hands of four different opponents. The death knight isn't a problem, though that could very well change at any moment. He's just there not really doing anything, Therefore, the keys to the debutante's freedom are breaking line of sight as soon as possible, keeping obstacles between her body and the individuals closer to the center of the encampment than she is, and continuing to move forward until she has returned to her transport. If she flies in the right direction, maintains her barrier, and uses the ruined barn for cover, she might just pull this off. She can then cut through the woods and head off some of the escapees. Ready... Set... Go! The debutante commences her flight by ramming through a charred, wooden wall at high speed. Hovering two inches from the ground with her body parallel to the pool of water beneath her, the debutante zooms toward the treeline as two peculiar, leg-shaped missiles begin closing in on her. Strictly controlling her speed as she soars over the border, the debutante deftly navigates through the forest in an attempt to shake the projectiles. Seconds after the aquamarine glow vanishes into the storm, two explosions and a pained yelp are audible. While various trees in her vicinity absorbed the brunt of the two explosions, several shards of enchanted shrapnel have, ironically, shot through one of her legs. Bleeding, swerving around tree trunks, and cursing internally, the debutante promises to drag at least two of the fleeing monsters, kicking and clawing, back to her city for interrogation and execution. Self-preservation is crucial, but someone is gonna to pay the price for one of his/her/its comrades firing not just one but two godsdamned missiles at her.
  6. The Alexandrian

    The Red Festival (Dangerous Party)

    @Frostbinder Do you wish to post before I post again?
  7. The Alexandrian

    The Red Festival (Dangerous Party)

    Go for it. I just wanted to call attention to visibility to head off potential disagreements over future posts. For all intents and purposes, your characters are firing a missile. You can shoot it at the debutante, but your characters will probably need some sort of magical sight to aim at her. @Tyler Thank you for the map!
  8. The Alexandrian

    The Red Festival (Dangerous Party)

    Might as well bring this up too. @Csl@Zashiii I dunno how your characters are spotting the characters they're spotting through the downpour. I haven't addressed this previously because in other situations it has been flavor text, not the basis of long range attacks. I will note that it has been implied by both one of Dredge's posts and one of Frostbinder's post that the "isolated" sector of the encampment in which combat is occurring takes one turn to reach from the center of camp. At the same time, one of Bureku's posts and another of Frostbinder's posts imply that one can arrive in the combat zone and attack/interact in the same turn. I, however, treated it as though it took them a bit of time to reach the area, reacting to environmental effects that were effected after their posts before their posts themselves. These posts were also written to initiate combat, not while combat was in progress. I don't have a problem with any of the characters being attacked, but your characters probably should be at least as close as the death knight if they aren't using some kind of magic vision to see through the rain. I would like to see both attacks implemented (I'm already scheming about trajectories), but these considerations should be accounted for, at least in my opinion. @Zashiii The locations of the characters, from the center of the camp to the woods, are, to my understanding as follows: Death Knight - Among the Ashes The Debutante - Taking Cover Within a Ruined Barn Dragon Knight/Break - Near the Treeline I don't know how your character will be able to stand next to Break without spending a turn running from one end of the battlefield to the other.
  9. The Alexandrian

    The Red Festival (Dangerous Party)

    You didn't really address the portion of my post in which my character's contingency went into effect. It was acknowledged, but the acknowledgement was so brief that I would like to ensure this was not an accidental omission. @Frostbinder The dragon knight's attack may also threaten the death knight who is likely as close to the epicenter of the explosion as his character.
  10. The Alexandrian

    The Red Festival (Dangerous Party)

    Ah, but they can paraphrase Dredge's message, and that there message tips Dredge's hand. I have use for intelligence of that type, even if it seems relatively minor, especially information on how word of the party spread to monsters in remote areas.
  11. The Alexandrian

    The Red Festival (Dangerous Party)

    While I now know that, my character would have no way of knowing it. Are there any more conspicuous targets available or should my character overlook Khaki and the remaining PCs and abduct retreating NPCs?
  12. The Alexandrian

    The Red Festival (Dangerous Party)

    @Zashiii Is Khaki still alive and on the stage at the center of camp? My character would be interested in kidnapping a witness or two for interrogation, and someone who is on the stage would probably know more than a random person from the crowd by her reasoning. This might also be a good way of getting her out alive considering her condition.
  13. The Alexandrian

    The Red Festival (Open)

    "No enterprise is more likely to succeed than one concealed from the enemy until it is ripe for execution." - Niccolò Machiavelli GENTLEMEN! For all his bravado, the approaching challenger proved, in this unfavorable environment, to have the perception of a nearsighted goon who had misplaced his Coke-bottle glasses! The debutante is quite clearly a member of the fairer sex! If the soi-disant death knight, whose sobriquet will suit him far better once the debutante savagely rips his skull from his neck, couldn't identify her sex at this range, he wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell of accurately tracking the aerodynamic sphere that was dwarfed by her prominent secondary sexual characteristics as she pitched it not at him but at the slobbering lizard retreating into the distance. It was improbable that the massive dragon, who gave every impression of being dimmer than her metallic and chromatic cousins, would detect the object as it rocketed toward her rear or treat it as a significant threat. It is, after all, flying extremely low, nearly hidden from view by the roofs of tents and ruins and the sopping banners hanging limply from posts, and it won't be arriving this turn anyway. It's not as though one could slay a giant with a stone and a sling, right? In terms of power and showmanship, the pitch itself is rather underwhelming, so underwhelming, in fact, that any referee would balk at defining it as such. To an observer, it would appear that the debutante, who instinctively shielded herself with a psionic barrier as the temperature plunged, had simply dropped the device whereupon it gently rolled out of sight. This, of course, assumes said observer is positioned such that he/she/it is able to view the debutante's recovery, for you see, the death knight succeeded only in freezing the water that had rained from the sky, most notably the water that must have filled the pits the dragon knight pounded into the earth whenever and wherever he came into contact with it, but not the water that continued to pour from above. The downpour did not abate. What, then, had he accomplished? He had transformed a serviceable battlefield into a giant slip-n-slide. The layer of water that rested on the ice guaranteed that any land-based units would be at a great disadvantage against aerial units (with the caveat that freezing droplets would weigh those down as well). When the debutante pushes her torso off of the ground, which has been spared from the full force of the downpour by scraps of building material dangling above it, with the palm of her left hand, the psychic force she applies to her barrier lifts her body from the ground and into the air above in an upright position. Glaring daggers at the death knight, she antagonizes him, likely pulling his attention from both the disappearing orb and the his unfortunate ally, the dragon knight, as the dragon knight turns away from the treeline and grants her his full attention - not that he can actually see her now that she is behind flimsy cover. "I'm sorry, I didn't quite hear you. Is this where I check my jacket, or wait, have you come to take my order? Oh, I've got an order for you, my waspish little friend - tell your master to kindly remove the **** from his mouth before he tries to communicate! Maybe then he wouldn't have to hire a stooge like you to waddle around and moan about what he wants." 🖕🖕 As debilitating as the sheets of liquid and solid water will be to the dragon knight's movements, he is faced with more pressing challenges at this time. Well, the debutante wouldn't say he is faced with them - quite the opposite, really. He unintentionally exposed his back to them. Recall that there are twelve autonomous vehicles concealed in the treeline. This is when they come into play. As if it wasn't enough that the dragon knight's heat-based attack was negated by his comrade's blunder, he had fallen into a trap. Three half-tracks, each no larger than a planetary rover, converge on his location. Normally, they would have screamed toward him, but inclement weather demands a slower speed. While this is a result of happenstance as opposed to planning, they are still traveling rather fast compared to the speed of an Olympic runner and a reduction of noise accompanies the reduction of speed. At this reduced volume, it may be difficult to hear them over the downpour and the rampaging psychic, the rampaging psychic who outwardly appears to have complied with the death knight's command. When the vehicles are within range of the dragon knight, they will detonate violently. One paths toward him from the left and two path toward him from the right. Though each unit's approach will be staggered, the interval of time between detonations will not exceed three seconds if all goes well. Summary: The debutante: Stealthily threw a nondescript orb at the dragon Appears to have outwardly complied with the death knight's request Is using the conspicuous skill to draw attention to herself Is shielded Did not have to dodge an attack this round due to changing environmental conditions Is pleased by the ambush (triggered when the dragon knight moved past the treeline) and the weather effects
  14. The Alexandrian

    The Red Festival (Dangerous Party)

    😲 Do the monsters at Dredge's party have a chance of dropping purples? Also, I don't know how Dredge is distinguishing between monsters and good guys if he's using a one-way sending spell. Is he employing a two-way sending spell for information assurance purposes?
  15. The Alexandrian

    Small Town Mysteries

    Elaine seems to be making good progress toward standing up and walking inside of the mill under her own power until Jenny appears. As instructed, she has gently placed her hand atop Torie's paw, and she appears to be making an honest effort to prepare to stand up. She kneels on the ground for a quarter of a minute, unsure of whether it would be a sound idea to proceed, before looking up and spotting - "Gah!" Elaine averts her eyes, blushing furiously. "Your undergarments are exposed!" She's... Is she referring to Jenny's tube top? "They don't abduct shirts... Do they? No, no, there's no way. Then... Can I see through people's clothes?" In a flash, Elaine is up on her feet again. She must've forgotten that she was hurled at a wall by some kind of cannon recently. Overcome with curiosity, she extends a finger and moves it closer and closer to Jenny's tube top. "Is your shirt here? How about here? Wait, what - " Elaine's jaw damn near hits the floor as the revelation hits her squarely in the chest. "..." "It stays on without straps!" Snapping back to reality for the briefest of moments, Elaine takes a break from invading Jenny's personal space to voice her support for the course of action Torie proposed. "I mean elders. Yeah. They've got to know something about ti - this." "... Let's go inside!" Without waiting for a response, the embarrassed elf bolts for the interior of the mill.