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  1. @jaistlyn Looks like you're up first! Would your character have proposed any additional ground rules before this match began?
  2. Rolling 1d2 to determine the turn order for the Feast of Blades Tournament, Volentia versus Caeceila. Outcomes: 1 - Caeceila Goes First 2 - Volentia Goes First
  3. @jaistlyn Would you like to roll to determine the turn order for the first bout?
  4. For the record, if Caeceila ends up killing a PC in this tournament, it'll probably be due to the no helmet stipulation. Could characters equip a helmet as one of their items? I know that, for drama, it is easier not to have helmets, but helmets are pretty standard equipment for sparring.
  5. Ghastly! Simply ghastly! Ilyana's table manners are simply ghastly! Caeceila did not quail at the sight of blood; she was not a stereotypical gentlewoman with delicate sensibilities. The putrid odors of death and decay did not sour her stomach when she stepped onto the battlefield. She did not shy away from conflict nor did she swoon when a risque comment was directed at her. Caeceila's acclimation to death and destruction did nothing, however, to suppress her horror as she bore witness to Ilyana's uncivilized habits. That someone would handle comestibles with unwashed fingers or pilfer morsels from a companion's plate was unthinkable to her! Ilyana dined like an animal, decorum glaringly absent as she feasted on her meal as though it was a fresh kill she had tracked and slaughtered in the woods! Ilyana distinguished herself as an alpha while Aislyn, through her inaction, marked herself as a complacent beta. The implications of such behaviors visibly disturbed Caeceila Glasmann. With eyebrows raised in numbing shock, Caeceila wondered how life in East Hell's Gate could have promoted such unseemly conduct! She knew all too well that Hell's Gate was often unnecessarily cruel, but she had been wholly unaware of the low-key degeneracy rooted in her city. In the throes of this sobering revelation, that she had been so preoccupied with the horde of invaders knocking on the gates that she was blind to the crowd of malefactors residing within the walls, Caeceila seemed to collapse under her own weight, sinking back into the cushions that supported her. Truly, Ilyana and Caeceila hailed from different worlds. Camelia and Iolanda were not so different from Ilyana and Aislyn, but even they were not comfortable with Ilyana's treatment of Aislyn. If Ilyana was starved for sustenance, she could have politely requested a second dish! There is no harm in asking for something, particularly when such an activity could be construed as praise. It wasn't a sign of weakness or unmerited avarice to ask for a second serving of food, and Cammy and Io would have been all too happy to provide. Nines, astonishing no one, cared least of all. Her attitude did not change when Ilyana's silverware clattered to her plate. When Ilyana threatened her, Nines did not exercise her power or challenge Ilyana to make good on her posturing. Nines, characteristically, didn't back down and, uncharacteristically, didn't let Ilyana get under her skin any more than she already had. If Ilyana wanted to tango, fine! They'd tango! Nines learned all about ballroom dance in Patia, and back then, her dance partner was a centaur who weighed a metric ton and wore knee-high hoof boots to every single one of their lessons! Nines survived! Worst case scenario, Ilyana has two left feet; Ker had four left hooves. That said, Ker's fashion sense was pretty spot on. She knew where to draw the line between gucci and gaudy, and she was absolutely ravishing whenever she doffed her armor and donned any of the articles in her seasonal wardrobe. Her skin tone was particularly suited to warm fall colors. Ilyana... If not for her affection for that stupid dress, she might be able to pull of cold, winter colors. If she chose to dance in a gorgeous, wintry gown or - Wait, where was Nines going with this? Yes, *ahem*, Ilyana could verbally threaten Nines until the cows came home, but Nines would not brook a bona fide threat to her person in her own home. That was the long and short of the matter. Camelia's intercession on Nines's behalf was sweet, if childish, but to be honest, Ilyana's promise didn't mean much to Nines. As Nines silently returned to her chair and discontentedly seated herself, she resolved to construct happy little contingencies in case Ilyana and Aislyn sold her team's trade secrets to the highest bidder. Nines didn't trust Ilyana. She was decidedly more neutral where Aislyn was involved. As Cammy and Io serve dessert, fluffy chocolate souffles with scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, made in house, garnished a sprig of mint, the party hears Ilyana's answer to Caeceila's offer. Nines is relieved. Cammy is disappointed, and she struggles to mask her disappointment. Io is completely neutral, seemingly ignorant of how Ilyana's living arrangements would impact their future relationship. Caeceila shrugs. It was worth offering, despite the friction between Ilyana and Nines. When Aislyn announces she accepts Caeceila's offer, Caeceila nods, and when Aislyn reveals she is skilled with magitech networks, Caeceila brightens somewhat. Well then, Aislyn, you'll have the guest wing all to yourself. I will tell my staff that they should expect you to arrive sometime tomorrow. I'll give you a tour of the grounds, where we may or may not run into my parents, who will automatically assume we're an item because they are infuriating like that, go over some ground rules, and get you all setup so you can perform your work remotely. I program holo-sims from time to time, so I imagine your equipment is compatible with our systems. The kitchen is always open, so you don't have to worry about missing lunch or dinner, and if you are the nocturnal sort, you'll be pleased to know that the night crew is fully staffed and most of the estate is accessible in the late evening and early morning. What else... The arcade and theater are open 24/7, as is the gym, but the spa closes in the late evening. The clinic is always open. The range closes at sunset and reopens at sunrise. Unless you have a personal vehicle you'd like to store at the estate, a chauffeur will drop you off and pick you up if you need to travel within the city. You won't be allowed to take any of the airships out without my express permission, and likewise, you aren't allowed to invite other people to the estate without first receiving my permission to do so. If you have any pets, they will be housed elsewhere on the estate. We've an aviary, an aquarium, and a small menagerie if you like animals but don't want to own one. Oh, if you visit the catfolk, you will run into big cats, but they're all tame. Damn, I know I'm forgetting something... Camelia chimes in. Whenever anyone visits us, we cook for them, so you both should visit whenever you're in the area! We have plenty of food now, and we're delighted to share!
  6. Also, consider toting backup weapons into the arenas and dumping them onto the floor for later use. That's what my character will be doing with her spare sidesword, which may be replaced with something more useful against armored opponents if everyone suddenly switches to "heavy" armor. Have the brackets been posted IC? Do the brackets IC contain any information on the competitors (picture, height, weight, etcetera)?
  7. In the context of this competition, if a character enters the arena armed with "a sword," what type of sword should we assume said character is armed with? I am of the opinion that we need a level of specificity beyond "a sword" to determine the qualities of weapons and attacks that rely on them. Can characters switch weapons/armor between bouts? Is this an elimination-style tournament or one of those tiered events where people move between brackets based on wins and losses?
  8. Oh no! Now, I have to prep all of my attacks if our characters face off against each other! I can't actually figure out how to prep regular melee attacks except by, maybe, chaining or setting up guards in advance.
  9. [Excerpt from Hell's Gate Tribune LIVE's Broadcast - XX/XX/30 AO] Earlier today, Lady Caeceila Glasmann, representing House Glasmann of Hell's Gate, held a press conference condemning Lady Akako Akari, current monarch of Port Caelum, for harboring Dredge, infamous leader of the Legion of Doom. In a rousing speech that showcased her talent as an orator and her concern for the safety of the people of Terrenus, Caeceila demanded justice for the victims of Dredge's numerous atrocities, to date and in future. "Dredge is a rabid beast that we must put down. He infects all he touches with an insatiable lust for blood and flesh. I will see him executed, if only to check the spread of his disease." Caeceila declared with the same aggressive passion that earned her the moniker "Our Gore-Spattered Heiress." While Caeceila voiced her unwillingness to accept anything less than Dredge's head from Lady Akako Akari, her policy on the Legion of Doom was "open to negotiation." "I am of the opinion that the Legion of Doom's rank-and-file have been sorely used. I single-handedly broke up the Red Festival, where Dredge brought his first wave of minions to heel, and from what I observed, most of his forces are either mentally incompetent or mentally ill. I would pity them if I did not despise the evil things they've done. If Lady Akako Akari has her heart set on letting foxes run amok in her hen house, that is her choice, but it is my duty to inform her that she will pay restitution commensurate with the crimes of each criminal she retains." According to Caeceila, if Lady Akako Akari chose to retain all of the members of the Legion of Doom, she would have to pay blood money for each civilian the Legion of Doom slaughtered, the sacking of various villages throughout Terrenus, notably Tormo and Albor, assorted damages to Last Chance, including blood money for each soldier crippled or slain in the line of duty, and the value of the Legion of Doom's ill-named Forgotten Fleet, which was stolen from Last Chance. Though Caeceila Glasmann has no authority to speak for the government of Terrenus, her speech resonated with a number of people within Hell's Gate who have since started a petition to prompt the government to demand extradition of Dredge and key members of the Legion of Doom. Caeceila later expressed her confidence in Emperor Rafael's judgement announcing, "I am convinced that Emperor Rafael understands that Dredge is not an asset but a liability and will see to it that Lady Akari refuses to harbor terrorists in the future. I intend to draw the attention of Emperor Rafael's administration to this issue to ensure it is resolved swiftly." When correspondents questioned how she would react if Lady Akako Akari refused to negotiate on this matter, Caeceila Glasmann chuckled and replied, "I am not a fan of assassins or blackmail, and I freely admit that because I have no intention of applying either to this situation. I am confident that Lady Akako Akari has a modicum of honor and will accept the challenge I am about to issue. Let it be known to all that I am challenging Lady Akako Akari to a duel to settle this matter, provided she finds the terms I've laid out unreasonable and refuses to negotiate. If she declines this challenge, sends another to fight in her stead, attempts to sabotage me and mine, and slash or tries any other rubbish on for size, she dishonors her ancestors, disgraces her city, proves herself a coward, and ultimately relinquishes her claim to nobility. A name and a title don't mean anything if you aren't willing to live up to them." It sounds like a nasty dispute is in the works, folks, and you can be sure that, when it comes, Hell's Gate Tribune LIVE will setup on the sidelines so you can cheer on our very own Gore-Spattered Heiress in real time. And now, a word from our sponsors. [@Akako Akari, @Dredge, @King, @supernal]
  10. That may be so, but if killing isn't banned and the victor is the last one standing, there isn't much of an incentive for most characters to fight with honor.
  11. We coulda been anything that we wanted to be, but don't it make your heart glad that we decided, a fact we take pride in - we became the best at being bad! We coulda been anything that we wanted to be, with all the talent we had. No doubt about it, we whine and we pout it! We're the very best at being bad guys! We're rotten to the core! My congratulations, no one likes you anymore! Bad guys! We're the very worst; each of us contemptible, we're criticized and cursed! We made the big time, malicious and mad! We're the very best at being bad! We coulda been anything that we wanted to be! We took the easy way out! With little training, we mastered complaining! Manners seemed unnecessary; we're so rude its almost scary! We coulda been anything that we wanted to be, with all the talent we had! With little practice, we made every black list! We're the very best at being bad! (x3)
  12. Caeceila Glasmann will be outfitted with the following weapons: (1) Poleaxe (Typical Axe-Blade, Hammer-Blade Construction) (1) Rondel Dagger (1) Sidesword Might as well take three weapons if my character is allowed three weapons. Caeceila will also arrive in the heaviest armor permitted. I can't find another description of half-plate aside from that propounded by D&D. Would I be correct in concluding that the "training armor" is, more or less, a full set (sabatons, greaves, cuisses, cuirass, lower canon, couter, upper canon, bevor, pauldrons, gauntlets, and arming doublet) sans helmet? I'm not sure if items missing from the description in the OP are prohibited or were left out for convenience. For some reason, D&D seems to exclude sabatons from its definition of half-plate. I would also like to add that my character will likely show up in her own suit of armor rather than using the armor provided and insist on using her own suit of armor unless the "training armor" on offer is fitted (because fighting in armor that you haven't adjusted to and that isn't fitted to you is a handicap). Additionally, why aren't characters allowed to wear helmets/why aren't helmets provided by the tournament sponsor? There's an almost paradoxical relationship between the sponsor's "no killing" preference and the sponsor's views on the necessity of helmets in armed combat.
  13. The list of weird, but not necessarily effective, weapons I can think of off the top of my head includes baseball bats, cricket bats, crowbars, pipe wrenches, chainsaws, ice picks, and, if you're a John Wick fan, pencils.
  14. I'll just throw Caeceila Glasmann into the Trueblade contest for funsies. I need to practice combat rp anyway, and to that end, I'd rather engage in PvP than PvE. I noticed that the event stipulates characters must use ordinary melee weapons. What counts as ordinary (like, would a cricket bat be considered an ordinary weapon even though it isn't a common weapon except in Left 4 Dead type video games), and how many weapons could a character bring onto the field? Are shields permitted?
  15. In that case, if you want more characters for a specific event, hit me up. It's difficult to tell which event is the highest priority for recruitment at current, and I don't have a preference when it comes to event participation. I will select a character/characters accordingly. Do you need/want a character sheet for each character entered or is the format of this tournament more flexible in that regard?
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