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  1. hmmm

    1. supernal
    2. Ataraxy


      Every time I see your profile picture the pink panther theme song pops into my head lol

  2. Doing my posts today. Starting with the chaos thread because time is of the essence then onto the magic school. Then ill come back later and do the reporting tonight while I unwind. 

    1. supernal


      Drats! Just saw this and sadly the event thread has filled up now

    2. kinzvlle


      I know, I was working on my post right when everybody, started posting. But all`s fair in Roleplay and war. I`ll just stick to the magic school thread and the Daily Weekly articles for now and keep Mike waiting in the wings for that next chaos event thread of for whenever you put up the Blairville tower thing you`ve spoken about.

  3. I`m working on it, been swamped with getting school stuff in before break then got a bad cold and that wasn`t fun and lasted a bit. I`ll be working on it now that we`re on break. I quite enjoy doing this stuff, I`ll my one-off article up soon.
  4. Ya it`s Monday and still no word from Bard. I`d be willing to keep this going if Bard comes back but without him this is dead in the water.
  5. Might be tossing my Blairville based reporter into the mix. While i`m sure events like this might make a good story, I think this will be more in a citizen of Blairville capacity, with saving the gyspy. He also might have had dealings with both guilds and may have known the gypsy in passing through those interactions as he`s both a magic user and someone accepting of the Safeguard rules if Supernal doesn`t mind me retconning that in. Was disappointed I missed my chance to get my Blairville resident involved in the chaos so I'm taking this opportunity. Like Agony asked how do we start this out? Do we work out how we want to start and connect the party amongst ourselves? How exactly should we get everyone together for the rescue mission.
  6. kinzvlle

    Ask an admin?

    Just making a note that my site looks the same with the new style/theme so it`s not just on you`r end.
  7. Be patient it hasn't even been a full week yet. We're just waiting for Bard ATM I believe. He hasn't been on since Sunday but it is close to a holiday in RL so he may just be real life busy. Doesn't mean this is done give it a bit.
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