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  1. hmmm

    1. supernal



    2. Ataraxy


      Every time I see your profile picture the pink panther theme song pops into my head lol

  2. Doing my posts today. Starting with the chaos thread because time is of the essence then onto the magic school. Then ill come back later and do the reporting tonight while I unwind. 

    1. supernal


      Drats! Just saw this and sadly the event thread has filled up now

    2. kinzvlle


      I know, I was working on my post right when everybody, started posting. But all`s fair in Roleplay and war. I`ll just stick to the magic school thread and the Daily Weekly articles for now and keep Mike waiting in the wings for that next chaos event thread of for whenever you put up the Blairville tower thing you`ve spoken about.

  3. Know I`ve been highly flakey in the past due to personal issues but gonna try dipping my toes back in here slowly. Only gonna be using two chars for now found in my sig. 

  4. https://www.valucre.com/topic/30626-michelangelo-hathengaffer/

     Still need to revise the char sheet there a bit, add some more about how his magic works and what not but I`m gonna start bringing this character out to play soon if I can find a place to put him. 

  5. May not post at all tonight school and other things taking longer than expected. MAy still lurk here though because, my work ethic is just the best and I never get di...oh shiny.

  6. Today I'm either one year wiser or one year more foolish...not sure yet.

    1. supernal


      Happy age day!

    2. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      Happy Birthday.  :) 

  7. Need a early night for, a big day tomorrow so only on for a bit. Monday`s a free day though so hopefully I can work more on RPing.  I have quite the backlog as allways.

  8. Singing off till next year....stay classy Val.

  9. Happy New Year old friend.

    1. Sir Nathaniel

      Sir Nathaniel

      To you as well, my old buddy!

  10. Here`s to another year under are fearless leader.....lets just hope we can stop that moose and squirrel.

  11. Happy New Year`s Val!

  12. Don`t feelk like posting tonight

  13. calling it a night for Val I suppose!

  14. I have no idea how to start this post..................

  15. Holidays are stressful.

  16. FYI, while I`ll still be lurking about don`t expect anything in the way`s of posts or etc till Monday. May slip one in if I find time but for the most part I probably won`t have the time.

  17. Posted in all group rps. Time to clock out of Val for the night.

  18. Time for another round of bios I suppose.

  19. May not get much time to post tonight.

  20. No real urgent posts, but my academy thread, cleaning up a bio, could squeeze something out in Predators Keep..................or I could scrounge for food and binge on  Netflix...........eternal struggle man.

  21. Watching Lost Girl slightly makes me want to make a incubus char. 

  22. .....sleepy.....

  23. Toradora!Toradora!Toradora!Toradora!Toradora!Toradora!


    ...ahem...sorry couldn`t contain myself. Awesome, just awesome.

    1. Palmtop Tiger

      Palmtop Tiger

      Well someone like the show and hello.

  24. .......can`t wait till the lore articles come back online.

  25. Guess I will start rping here again, I`ll try not to go MIA as much.

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