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Status Updates posted by kinzvlle

    1. Darthgamer101


      I'll get on that, when you post.


    2. kinzvlle


      I`ll do that tomorrow. >> I was gonna tonight but the bio sucked more time then I thought it would.

    3. kinzvlle


      Sharps is scarying me..........

  1. hmmm

    1. supernal



    2. Ataraxy


      Every time I see your profile picture the pink panther theme song pops into my head lol

  2. Today I'm either one year wiser or one year more foolish...not sure yet.

    1. supernal


      Happy age day!

    2. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      Happy Birthday.  :) 

  3. need to read up on some lore tomorrow

    1. Robbie Rotten

      Robbie Rotten

      pfffft no one actually reads lore

    2. kinzvlle


      Some of it's rather interesting actually.

  4. Doing my posts today. Starting with the chaos thread because time is of the essence then onto the magic school. Then ill come back later and do the reporting tonight while I unwind. 

    1. supernal


      Drats! Just saw this and sadly the event thread has filled up now

    2. kinzvlle


      I know, I was working on my post right when everybody, started posting. But all`s fair in Roleplay and war. I`ll just stick to the magic school thread and the Daily Weekly articles for now and keep Mike waiting in the wings for that next chaos event thread of for whenever you put up the Blairville tower thing you`ve spoken about.

  5. Thank you for sending me this way freind. I believe this will be a good long term home for me and my chars.

    1. Sir Nathaniel

      Sir Nathaniel

      Of course my friend. I hope you are well.

  6. .................just lost the whole oov I typed up

  7. Heading home from vacation so I'll be posting a bit more. I do have final exams to tackle so be patient l.

  8. Happy New Year`s Val!

  9. I need to master time management.

    1. Darthgamer101


      Beh, its a slow weekend.

  10. Posted..............finally

    1. Darthgamer101



      I'll post today

  11. Don`t be forgetting about the puppies! Joe needs a puppies! What telekinetic boy is complete without a puppie!

    1. DarkFireMoon


      Omg I haven't forgotten, sorry for missing your post XD

  12. Happy New Year old friend.

    1. Sir Nathaniel

      Sir Nathaniel

      To you as well, my old buddy!

  13. Toradora!Toradora!Toradora!Toradora!Toradora!Toradora!


    ...ahem...sorry couldn`t contain myself. Awesome, just awesome.

    1. Palmtop Tiger

      Palmtop Tiger

      Well someone like the show and hello.

  14. Sit`s down with the intent of being productive.............precedes to do nothing for about a hour.

  15. Planning and plotting for some rps....feels good to be back in the game.

  16. May start rping here again, feel slightly guilty for going mia on ppl so much.

  17. Guess I will start rping here again, I`ll try not to go MIA as much.

  18. .......can`t wait till the lore articles come back online.

  19. .....sleepy.....

  20. Watching Lost Girl slightly makes me want to make a incubus char. 

  21. No real urgent posts, but my academy thread, cleaning up a bio, could squeeze something out in Predators Keep..................or I could scrounge for food and binge on  Netflix...........eternal struggle man.

  22. May not get much time to post tonight.

  23. Time for another round of bios I suppose.

  24. Posted in all group rps. Time to clock out of Val for the night.

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