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  1.   Might be tossing my Blairville based reporter into the mix. While i`m sure events like this might make a good story, I think this will be more in a citizen of Blairville capacity, with saving the gyspy. He also might have had dealings with both guilds and may have known the gypsy in passing through those interactions as he`s both a magic user and someone accepting of the Safeguard rules if Supernal doesn`t mind me retconning that in. Was disappointed I missed my chance to get my Blairville resident involved in the chaos so I'm taking this opportunity. Like Agony asked how do we start this out? Do we work out how we want to start and connect the party amongst ourselves? How exactly should we get everyone together for the rescue mission.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Tyler said:

    Not sure where to put this, but did the site just update? All of a sudden the style/theme is different for the whole site and I can't see a way to return it to the way it was for me this morning. I only have the choice between a "simple" theme that looks kinda like Facebook, and a "Dark Valucre" theme. I don't see any notices of the update anywhere, so I'm confused about whether or not this is something on my end or not.

    Just making a note that my site looks the same with the new style/theme so it`s  not just on you`r end.

  3. Blairville, an old city of magic and wonder. One of the oldest and most powerful magic-based cities in Terrenus. The large and winding cobblestone towers and paths had been of great wonder to the young farm boy since he had stepped off of the Light Rail from Casper. The city was home to older more traditional magic, then the magictech epicenters of Hells Gate and Casper the cities Vonton were most used to due to "uncle" Charles business dealings there. However, the more traditional and ritualistic magic that was embraced here may be more conductive to his learning as the more ritualistic magic of the villages is what he was used to having grown up in an outskirt town in the wilds.  He had always wanted to get out of that little town though and Charles had always fostered his potential. Bringing in the best tutors he could to give Vonton an education beyond that of a turnip farmer. When he achieved the age of free thought at 16 he went after his dreams and applied to the Gaian Academy.  His scores for the academic test while not honor college worthy were good enough and his essay scores were top of the line, but then came the spellcasting test. Which he failed utterly, due to having no experience in magic at all.  This lead to his being denied admission. He could retake the test at the start of the next term but he needed at least a basic magical understanding. They had searched for a tutor when a merchant with ties to Charles`s shipping companies had heard of a poorly advertised school just opening. 

     Vonton, stepped up to the building his eyes scanning the large stone of the walls and taking in everything around him. He was dressed in rather basic clothing and held two bags strapped across his shoulders. He also held a folder in one hand containing his school records and the results o his failed entry exam namely the spellcasting portion of it. He pushed open the doors calling out into the hallways. "Hellllooooo. Is anyone here? My uncle should have sent a letter to me? Vonton!" He called out unsurely into the hallways. 

  4. Day 2

    3:00 pm

    Meat packing distract: Across the street from the 2nd crime scene

       A puff of smoke filled the cold afternoon air, coming from a man standing in a alley across the street from where the second body had been found. Silently, and between drags of his cigarette he watched the uniforms move in and out of the factory. The officials would probably frown on having press to close to the actual crime scene, bringing up some nonsense of obstruction. However there was little laws regarding standing across the street from a crime scene. Not that a looky lou wouldn`t look somewhat suspicious but he was hidden far enough in the alley that the uniforms in there haste to secure and process the horrific crime wouldn`t notice him. Another figure rounded the corner into the alley, as he came into light he was seen to be a uniformed member of the Patian Security Bureau, who Mike granted only by snuffing out his cigarette. “Does you`r offer still stand.” Mike nodded, slightly grinning at the uniforms willingness for compensation.


      “Is it him?” The reporter asked solemnly to wish the uniform nodded slowly.

      “The Marionette Killer! His second victim, only a few years older then the first. Poor girls.”

     “Could he be purposefully targeting a twenty something demographic?” The uniform shrugged.

     “A third would be a pattern, not uncommon for killers to target young women really.” Mike nodded making a mental note of the information.

      “What was the scene like?” This question made the uniform pause and grow pale. Mike stood up straighter at this reaction. Not that he was expecting a murder scene to be roses but the look in this mans eye….it must have been horrific.

     “It it ..” The uniform took slow breaths here, he had been on the job long enough but at a low enough level that sites like this weren`t common enough for him, and his first experience with them had shook him to his core. After a deep breath he went on “Like the first murder a young girl was found naked and hung by muscle fibers.”

    “Is it still assumed he`s a doctor of some sorts?”

    “Who knows, that`s above my pay grade but it would take a certain amount of skill. “

    “Who`s pay grade is it?”

    “Some private detective who was called in and a Elemental Knight seems to be running the show. “ Mike scratched his chin here, a EK? Was there a larger military involvement? That would make the headline better but access to information harder. “This murder though…it was worse…hung up by a hook, teeth scattered on the ground, a foot stitched to her calf. It it was.” The uniform got pale again and shook his head. “I`m just lucky I didn`t throw up like I did at the first crime scene. “

     “That`s…horrific.” Part of him was revealed he wasn`t able to access the crime scene, he wasn`t quite sure he`d have the stomach to see that in person. He was slightly wondering if this was to big for him but his career wasn`t quite on the proper track. He had spent a few years as a stringer contributing freelanced (and unaccredited) materials to the Daily Weekly before being hired on as a assistant to a editor in the newspaper division and working production in broadcasting. He finally got on screen as a roving reporter. Corporate wasn`t necessarily a big fan of his segments and he had stepped on one or two toes getting there using family contacts to get the job. Those same toes ended up helping him be resigned to newspaper…working the classifieds. If he could find a good enough lead on this murder case and beat out the local papers he could in the very least be recognized as a stringer again so he wasn`t stuck as just a adjocky. This also meant this was unsanctioned which made his access and resources limited. Patia wasn`t exactly where he wanted to be spending his vacation days, as he wasn`t exactly trusting of The Outsider or his regime. Though he did appreciate inventions such as the Scry Globe, but his superstitious and paranoid nature made this a very awkward place for him to be. Though he did have contacts in Predators Keep which was in between Patia and his home town of Blairville, which had put him onto the murder story in the first place.

      The bribed officer gave him the name of the EK and the detective which he wrote down to research later before heading back to the scene after reassurance that the money would be wired to his account. He made note of there names to research more later before thinking of what the officer had described of the murder. The muscles fibers seemed to indicate he would have some type of background in anatomy, and the foot being stiched to to the calf showed some level of surgical skill maybe. Perhaps he could look into local doctors, or related professions. Once the body was moved to the morgue and the uniforms had moved out a bit he could come back and talk to the factory workers more but it was to hot at the moment. The morgue, that was a consideration. If he could get a copy of the first victims autopsy report it could give him a lead, but he wasn`t sure if he could leverage the coroner. Lower morgue staff might be easier like an assistant or if they had a separate officer in charge of the records. Morgue workers should be public record through a directory, he could add that to his research list. He`d have to run a check on this detective Rookstone but a PI may be easier bought then the EK or any higher ups in the PSB. However the best spot to start would be to go back to the first crime scene and snoop around there, while he waited for the heat to die down around this scene or for information to come in on the morgue staff or investigating team. He stepped out towards the street to grab a coach to the downtown part of the city.

  5. I'll be making a intro post with my reporter today.  Probably won't have him actually entering the crime scene but he'll probably be watching it.  Bribing a officer mabye. 

    Also @ButAHumbleBard reading back through the pic you've talked about maybe having the killer stalk and attack one of us as a option. Just saying if the story does unfold that way, Mike would probably be the easiest target as he's not actually military or police and fits with kinda getting in over his head here.  Just saying if you go that way.

  6.  This still open? Wouldn`t mind having my reporter character snooping around. Nothings gonna get a good byline quite like murder. Bios in the sig for Mike Hathengaffer even if it isn`t much. Would you mind if I brought him into play? Investigating the story, getting in the detective's way maybe joining them depending on how that plays out. Maybe getting himself in over his head a little, putting himself in danger. Can I jump in with my reporter, or do you have enough people for now?


  7. The Tales and Legends of Michelangelo Hathengaffer


      Pre IC:  Born to a prominent Blairville family. Youngest son so not heir to the family. Electromancer and magi tech tinkerer but mainly a Daily Weekly reporter. He has no formal training but, was given job due to family connections. 

      Work: Special report-Live from Predators keep Live report of a new town. Somewhat unprofessional rumors of the reporter being demoted to working the classifieds afterward.


     CURRENT LEGENDS: Looking for a new story, or piece he can pitch to his editors to get him out of the basement and away from creating classified ads all day. 


  8. Bumping the OC but is this still open at all. I was looking through the Gaian Academys lore file and in admissions, there is a spellcasting test required. My little village boy wouldn`t be able to pass that with little experience in magic. I was thinking I could use this to teach him some magic basics, as like a prep school. Would you mind me sending Vonton into the school for this reason? 

  9. Been a bit, but I'm back again....again. I know I kinda faded away there before and sorry for any left in the lurch with that. I kinda had a bad habit of that. Things were just ...things. I did find myself missing this though so I found my way back. Hopefully, with coming changes, I'll be able to be a bit better at the commitment part of this or at least giving people notice. Won`t be jumping in right off the bat. Gonna wait until the school year and all pressure that comes with the end of that wraps up until I leap back onto the stage one foot at a time but I'll be here for now waiting in the rafters. Lurking, watching. Sorry again to anyone I left in the lurch there. 

  10. Nico sighed and shook his head, as the wizard morphed glass to sand and then to sword for no real reason.“I'd honestly prefer you to show off less, but you seem skilled enough, just don't draw too much attention.”  This man was much to flashy for his tastes but there were no other wizards about and, a scholar of the arcane could be handy. Just as the barkeep was returning from the basement carrying a few documents, and a trunk of sorts, the girl from before, made quite the scene on her way out. He breathed in the air after she left, and made a note of the woodsy and vampiric scent that lingered in the air. A scent like that, he could track her if he needed to, wasn't one he`d be forgetting. The barkeep set the trunk on the counter with a loud THUD, and looked at Nico with suspicion. “What did you say this time?”


    “I said nothing, I promise Rolaf.” Nico, left the bottle on the counter and ran a hand through his greasy hair contemplating the girl, she had sparked his interest even if they had never truly spoken. Rolaf, stroked his chin a bit, before turning back to the wizard and nodding at his glass sword with approval, as he brushed dust off of his red and white striped shirt, with a quick hand motion. Nico glanced up towards the stairs. “You can come down you know. I don't bite.”

    “Humans!” Rolaf added rather unhelpfully bringing a groan to Nico`s lips. He Hadn't been planning on having that talk anytime soon. Rolaf rolled his eyes, and waved the papers in his hand. “Possible nest, rest of you in?”

    @RonTheDriver234 @TheWilySpookster

  11. Susan had went to the Baronesses chamber with an intent to speak to her, not to be  tugged along to montoir some squabbling brats. Red was impressive in her parental respect, Susan would have just threatened them both with imprisonment if they didn`t apologize to each other and walk away. She supposed that wasn't to different to what Red was doing here be nice or face my ultimatum. Susan smiled as Yakob appeared, she had seen his supervisor heading between the keeps forge and it`s armory for most of the evening. He seemed to be less than thrilled at the idea of a party and had left, it in the hands of the boy. That wasn't going so well was it? Granted at least it was something petty and not say Red being murdered on his watch, ya that`d be bad. A monk then showed up, or at least he looked like a monk what with the robes and all decided to ask a baroness for food.While the idea of asking someone of Red`s standing for food baffled her in every regard she was prepared to do her job and direct the man to were the finest noodles from the nearby Weland were being served, but no. The bloody baroness had to go and yell at a monk. They had unnatural in this city, and Red wanted to offend what Suasan assumed was a member of some Gaianism temple? The monk pulled a few useless parlor tricks and headed off either in search of food or some revenge transgression against all that was holy.


    Susan would have liked to take this time to discuss kitchen supplies with the Quartermaster, but after a few discussions that seemed to be slightly out of a quartermasters range, he went off with his own company for the night. That quartermaster was a interesting one, Susan had noted a few things, heard a few things that maybe she shouldn't have heard, and had the sticking suspicion there was more to him then there seemed. Maybe he was stealing from the Baroness, maybe he was a drug lord or a murder, or maybe he was a male model there for the Baroness viewing pleasure.  Susan  didn't know and she hadn't yet decided how much she could care. She liked the Baroness well enough but full loyalty would come over time and not just for giving her free reign of the kitchen..granted it helped. Susan glanced at Red who seemed to be engaging in some exhibition match of sorts. Most nights a fight would have seemed enjoyable but there was far too much to do this evening. Susan quickly retreated to the kitchens shortly before Leon's music began.




    After Red had made her short but sweet speech and Roen had appeared to the starstruck and slightly befuddled masses, an army of servants began throwing down rose petals. The guests more use to city life may be confused at this practice but anyone who`s spent time in the more rural parts of the land will known that fresh rose petals ward of any evil spirit you can think of, or so they say. As they made a path of rosey delight to the stage, Susan accompanied by some hand selected kitchen staff were hauling a large and deluxe cake to the stage. They set the cake and a preset table, while Susan whirled around throwing rose petals about sprinkling them on both the cake and Roen himself. AS she did this, and entertained the crowd here staff moved into positions on the stage where there..other skills..could be used if needed. This was Roen after all. “A devil's food cake, for the devil of Patia!” Susan declared loudly and proudly, glowing in front of the fruit of her labors.

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