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Status Updates posted by kinzvlle

  1. So you are alive.....good to see the all mighty Carlos still kicking about.

  2. Sit`s down with the intent of being productive.............precedes to do nothing for about a hour.

  3. May start rping here again, feel slightly guilty for going mia on ppl so much.

  4. Pop in one night just to lurk ..and everything looks different.

  5. Gonna be reviing my old grumpy sea captain. If anyone wants to do anything in Last Chance that`s his beat.

  6. Ok settled on the bio ideas I actully wanna use...............now to get off my but and make them.

  7. need to read up on some lore tomorrow

    1. Robbie Rotten

      Robbie Rotten

      pfffft no one actually reads lore

    2. kinzvlle


      Some of it's rather interesting actually.

  8. Need to cacth up on posting

  9. Planning and plotting for some rps....feels good to be back in the game.

  10. Done with my coumptuer classes! The hard finels start tomorrow (sharpens pencil sized battle axe)

  11. Heading home from vacation so I'll be posting a bit more. I do have final exams to tackle so be patient l.

  12. I'll be AFV, Thursday to Tuesday. May pop in but no posting. The pirate ic will be up Monday however.

  13. Need to tinker with some new bios so I can rp more.

  14. Captain Gibs shall sail the seas!

  15. .................just lost the whole oov I typed up

  16. Part of me wants to scrap my old bios and start over.

  17. Project list: SS Snicker doodle, GA, Kane enterprises, Leroy any Joe. Mabye I can get some projects set up this time.

  18. Back for a spell

  19. Tomorrows a homework only day, so I`ll have the mageside thread up monday..

  20. BLeh no posts from me tonight!

  21. Posted..............finally

    1. Darthgamer101



      I'll post today

    1. Darthgamer101


      I'll get on that, when you post.


    2. kinzvlle


      I`ll do that tomorrow. >> I was gonna tonight but the bio sucked more time then I thought it would.

    3. kinzvlle


      Sharps is scarying me..........

  22. I`ll post tomorrow if I have down time durring class.

  23. I aplogize to all those waiting on a post. *glances at impatient darth* this weekend kinda flopped. I`ll work n it durring the week.

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