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Status Updates posted by kinzvlle

  1. I need to master time management.

    1. Darthgamer101


      Beh, its a slow weekend.

  2. The engineering class is getting a lot of new students if you`r still willing to rp as a teacher.

  3. Playing a mage on dark kingdoms makes me want to make some big robed mage chars.

  4. Don`t be forgetting about the puppies! Joe needs a puppies! What telekinetic boy is complete without a puppie!

    1. DarkFireMoon


      Omg I haven't forgotten, sorry for missing your post XD

  5. Thank you for sending me this way freind. I believe this will be a good long term home for me and my chars.

    1. Sir Nathaniel

      Sir Nathaniel

      Of course my friend. I hope you are well.

  6. Stuffed up smeller one minute and the next it`s running as my eyes pour water like I just watched titanic.

  7. As I feel like I`m more or less settling in here, I wanted to ask (if anyone actually reads this) you`r thoughts on my rping here so far. Any constitutive criticism would be nice.

  8. I`ll post/enter the contest tomorrow since I have off. For now I`ll work on chars. No it`s not needed but I like having char sheets.

  9. Having a sea captain char may come in handy.

  10. I think i`m gonna like it here.

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