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  1. Very nice. It was an awesome show back in the day. I've only seen a few episodes here and there after the end of season 5 though.
  2. Right? When said like that, yes it does. But not exactly. Nox is from a Carpathian Gypsy bloodline that specialized in hunting the Vamps and Lycanthropes that infested that particular mountain range. Well, those that took more than their share anyway. Through a curious series of events, she wound up on a world not her own and in the employ of a Dastardly Devil. They became the best of, if often quite contentious, friends. He then brought her here. Loved Supernatural though.
  3. Nice. Nox is/was Hunter as well. She herself is fully human though. Now, however, she acts as the left hand of the Devil.
  4. Your Hunter has Paranormal abilities or he/she hunts Paranormal creatures?
  5. Don't let all all the Mad creatures here frighten you away. They are relatively harmless. Here you find Jokes, friendly banter, copious arguments and even a bit of violence. But nothing permanently damaging. Pop in from time to time.
  6. Jack!   Hi!

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      Slowly, slowly. It's too nice a job to rush! Can't be hasty with torture. *grins*

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  7. I know I have posted it before but... I can not get enough of this song.
  8. An all but silent catch of breath sucked through the little Drow's teeth as a muscle in her right buttock jumped. Heavily suspecting her injured companion to have been the source, Jhulae spun toward him only to find herself caught at the shoulders by his huge paws, the huge man looming over her. Lashes squinted together to fight the early morning glare widened ever so slightly in shared realization. The connection had just been made. The intensity in his expression was somewhat jarring considering how playful he'd just been, but completely understandable. She could find no flaws in the big man's logic. Nor his physical form for that matter. In fact it was a tad bit distracting as her gaze lingered on play of well defined musculature under scarred skin as well as other more prominent attributes for a few seconds longer than might be deemed appropriate. Especially considering his current state of undress. “I have.” Jhulae confirmed as the huge man released his grip upon her shoulders, her gaze traveling down the long curve of his body as the man verbalized his thoughts. He was not wrong. Yet even as she deemed his conclusions quite sound, her eyes settled on what looked to be a dramatic widening of the drainage stain on one of his thigh bandages. “It was quite the little work out.” she mused, with a mirthless laugh, “Lest we forget.” She waved one delicate hand toward his belly wound and moved a bit closer to the massive Storm Spirit in an attempt to get a better look at what she suspected was a reopened wound. “I'm sure I could use a bath, and you really should not even be out of bed.” She chided with a shake of her head. His wolfish smile, while quite charming did not fool her one bit. The slightest slurring of his speech rang in her ears and his hands hand been shaking when they'd gripped her shoulders. Tapered ears flickered and caught the sound of his footsteps on the floorboards. How they slowed and became a stumbling caricature of their former fluidity back in the town square. The growing light of dawn caused Jhulae to narrow thick squinted lashes even more, for without her sundark lenses she was slowly going blind. “As much as I hate to admit it, you are right.” she agreed, still following his movements as best she could. “I'd be recognized almost anywhere I go at this point.” But the longer she hesitated, the more unsafe it would be to return to her favored den. She chewed the lower swell of her lip. There were things she had to retrieve from her usual hideout for even that was now no longer to be considered safe. Sadly the room in which they stood had neither bright enough light nor deep enough shadow for her cloak to work. The thought distracted her momentarily and so it was not until Aquill actually stumbled and fell right in front of her that her suspicions of a reopened wound were alarmingly confirmed. Unable to see properly, the dainty Drow stepped to the bed and groped around for her cloak as the big man struggled back to his feet. Once the precious garment was in hand, she squinted her eyes almost shut and moved toward the huge, if fuzzy, silhouette of what could only be Aquill and the bright glare of the widow beside which he now stood. “Move.” She ordered, rather imperiously, Ebony hands pushing with some force at his hip in effort to move his weakened figure aside. “You're not going to be watching anything if you bleed out.” Once the injured warrior was at least marginally out of the way, she deftly tossed her cloak over the window coverings, the dark mottled fabric cutting off the suns invasion and casting the room into a much more comfortable light. With an audible sigh of relief, Jhulae took Aquill by the hand and pulled him back toward the bed in hopes that he would just come along willingly. The males of any race could be exceedingly stubborn when wounded, even with the hot blood glowing in the dim as it oozed down the muscles of his thigh. “Now let me have a look at this.” She instructed, pushing him to a seated position as she reached across the bed for the medical kit and began the task of re-closing the deep wound in his thigh.
  9. XD!
  10. XD! The song! Must be my phrasing. People always think I'm talking sex. But then again, I am after And it is GoT.
  11. Oh Yes. I'd love to have a copy someday. It totally fills the head and makes ones heart pound in the chest when you listen to it.
  12. Season 6. Episode 10. A New piece called Light of the Seven. What a build! The perfect lead in for... Well, no spoilers for those who have yet to see season 6 in it's entirety. Needless to say, Oh my gawd!
  13. Being who and what she was, Jhulae was use to being looked at. She was even use to occasionally being pawed. It had never annoyed her in the least, nor did it really displease her now. Even after her embarrassing reaction to the electricity generated by his hand she answered Aquill's leering looks with a charmingly crooked smirk. In fact she gave an amused laugh at his complement of her finely cleft posterior. What unsettled her greatly however, were the small electrifying jolts delivered by each casual seeming tap of his deviously charged fingertips. Every nefarious shock ran through the muscles of her leg, making her thigh as well as other more sensitive areas, spasm with a disturbing intensity. Through sheer force of will, Jhulae's smile remained one of amused calm. Though she did have to look away and bite the swell of her lower lip to continue that facade before turning her deceptively angelic face back toward Aquill. Inwardly the tiny Drow grew more than a little alarmed at her own body's betrayal to what was essentially a strangers touch. A beautifully favored and incredibly well stacked stranger... but stranger nonetheless. That final sentiment sounded insincere in her head as she admired the view with a lascivious glitter in her violet eyes. Sure they'd saved each other's proverbial bacon, she tried to convince herself, but there had to be some marginal level of decorum. Didn't there? It was one thing for her to be flirtatious, even forward. But never in her life had she felt quite so.... Wanton. Aquill's veiled promise of mutual pleasure and advantage prompted Jhulae's full lips to curl even more, one eyebrow lifting in a challenging 'oh really' expression. In fact she was on the verge of saying just that when she was suddenly caught in a rough, ostensibly casual embrace. Warm, electrified lips brushed the tapered tip of her ear causing the sensitive appendage to flicker and drop with flirtatious promises of physical fitness and durability. A sharp inhale sucked through her teeth and immediate tightening of her ebony skin could easily be seen through clinging black spider silk. “So I see.” She chuckled somewhat apprehensively. The tip of her ear still twitching, Jhulae skillfully slipped from his grasp, rose again to all fours and deftly roll ass over end off the bed in a single, swift move. Landing on her feet, the tiny Drow stepped out of arms reach with a casual agility and then began to pace. Clinging spider silk, a garment designed for protection and ease of movement did little to hide the ebb and flow of the lithe musculature beneath, nor the bounce of her more fleshy attributes. “I can't think of anyone.” she mused, his query turning her expression serious. “They seemed to be expecting someone, that's for sure.” Trying to work it out in her head, shared each thought as it came to mind. “They knew I was coming. I'm sure of it. They would never have seen me had they not know what to look for and when to look.” Jhulae's long alabaster braid swung in sinuous opposition to the pendulum sway of her rounded hips as she continued to pace back and forth across the floor beside the bed, agitation evident in the firmness of her usually light step. Finally she stopped, crossed her arms over her breasts and lifted one hand to tap a delicate index finger on her chin. “My only guess would be the client.” she said with a shrug. “I never actually met the him. The contract came to me through...” She broke off, realization dawning in her violet eyes. “Through the same agent that tried to recruit me for...” Again, she didn't finish. Instead she turned back to face her diabolically flirtatious companion, her expression now somewhat confused. “But why would they want me or rather us, dead?” She asked, more to aid in her own thought process. “I mean,” she dropped her arms from their folded position, spreading her hands palm up and shrugging her shoulders in confusing, “After something of an intense philosophical debate we ended negotiations on civil terms... Or so I thought. No real incriminating information had been exchanged.” Again, she shrugged. “I don't get it.”
  14. ^ religious conversion in a nutshell. XD