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  1. Confused as to what exactly had taken place, Shinguri stared at her Lord Master as she subtly shrank from Paris' quiet fury. Yes, She would do her best to learn the High Prince's likes and dislikes. Already her fear of the beautiful man was quite palpable. In no way was it like the fear she felt in the presence of ChoSun Wex. The tall Magus was infinitely cruel to be sure. His soul shredding ring and his lack of remorse for the creation thereof was proof of that. He was predictable in that cruelty. Yes, he did make use of soothing words and lulling cadence, but his vicious actions as well as his enjoyment of them had immediately established that those words were complete lies. There were no deceptive tender moments with Wex. Nothing to make one believe that the worst that that human kind could do to her was over. Not so with her new Lord. He meant every word he said to her. From his declarations of adoration and praise, to his not so subtle threats of brutal bodily harm. The frightened little creature nodded her head. Her promise to pay attention and continue to learn quickly. No. The captive elemental was no fool. Though she was naive in the ways of the world, unschooled in the subtleties of the humanoid languages as well as unused to human interaction on a more mature level. Rather than cool the fire between her legs, his muted ire just seemed to pour fuel on it, the stiff little bud there once again pulsing with the heart's rhythm. The subtle shift and slide of the sculpted appendages upon which Shinguri sat gave little warning as the Prince's hand found it's way between her thighs once more. The petite Naiad sighed and moaned softly as thick digits titillated sensitive folds, her slender form, euphorically animated for a moment. Then it was over, her chest heaved lightly, the excitement of the moment further spoiling her Lord's costume, soaking through the thin silk. Those very fingers seemed to make note of the fact that her excess of enjoyment left the embossed image of his thick sex against the muscled thigh upon which Shinguri sat. Again the little Nymph watched in bemused confusion as the Prince's fingers trailed thick glistening juices down one trembling leg, the slick liquid sinking ever so slowly into pale blue skin. "It looks like you made something of a mess." She gasped softly then froze, an unfamiliar heat suddenly burning behind her eyes. Had she done something wrong? "Now have to go change." A soft shuddering breath shivered her small frame as Paris' large hands gripped her hips, pressing her wetness down against the distinctly uneven planes of his lap as he slid her from her seat. Set upon her feet, she listened to Paris' bored tone as he spoke of showing her the 'grounds'. That bored tone dropped completely dropped away at his mention of where she would be sleeping, though she could not begin to fathom why. Shinguri had not slept since her capture nor was sleep truly necessary for one such as she. However she had been allowed rest, being able to relax at least partially with the semi return to her natural form while being held in her bowl. "But first..." Peridot eyes widened her expression somewhat alarmed at the sound of rending fabric. "Lets do something about this mess some might call hair." Fear of what he might do with that torn bit of fabric was quicky set aside as the Prince turned her by the shoulders and bound her long tresses behind her head in a neat little package. Manicured hands then moved from their completed task to wander rapaciously over the tiny Nymph's figure, lingering a bit on the curves of her generous lower portions before turning her back around for inspection, his facial expression one of infatuation. Shinguri smiled at his praise, relieved that he seemed pleased with her. Thick lashed drew pale blue lids half over her eyes, the smooth skin of her angelic face tinging deliciously at his slightest caress. Bemused by both his touch and the sweetness of his words, it took a second for her to realize that he'd risen suddenly and was moving down the dais. With a slight squeak of alarmed haste she padded quickly after her Master. Meandering steps sounded like the soft splashing of a childs foot in a summer rain puddle as she trailed after. The crowd made way for their High Prince and his newest pet, chatter following in their wake. The little elemental's eyes were everywhere, taking in the sights and sounds around her. Delicately webbed fingers curiously grazed any person, fabric or surface that came within reach, sampling new textures with childlike delight. However, her inquisitive nature led to some slight dawdling, which in turn forced the small creature to hasten her step from time to time just to keep up with Paris' long strides.
  2. Bouncing lightly, upon her Lion Lord's thigh, Shinguri's squeals of delight sounded far more indecent than they should have in a public place. However, the little water Nymph remained unconcerned, her limited understanding of such human constructs as 'shame' quite beyond her elemental comprehension. Instead, she thoroughly enjoyed every titillating impact between muscled thigh and thinly covered mound without inhibition, her obvious gratification dampening the leg beneath with a total lack of concern for the finery thereon. Much to her disappointment, the ride was a short one. The full swell of her lower lip protruded slightly in a bit of a pout. Nevertheless, she paid full attention to the words of her Lord master as he lay his chin upon the curve of her shoulder. The long green plate of hair that hung down her back bounced and swayed, the little spiral antlers at the top of her mask bobbing forward and back as she acknowledged both that she saw the person indicated and that she did in fact remember Paris's instruction on accent and inflection in respect to a person's origin. "Yes, Lord Master. I will." The little 'Antelope' promised, glancing back over her shoulder before being set back onto her hoof painted feet. Peridot eyes shifted from her Lord Master to one who appeared to be an old priest as he spoke in the language of hands. The elderly man's hands did not move like those of an aged human, but she smiled at his greeting and favored him with a sweet little "Hello" in return. Previously fumbling fingers flickered with graceful precision. Each gesture denoted a solicitous even friendly nature despite the obvious tension with which he spoke. Shinguri nodded her head in acknowledgement of the day's lesson then quickly added, "The lord Master is very kind, taking the time to teach me." Sadly, even watching as closely as she was the little Nymph could not tell the old man's country of origin; this being her first trip outside if Lorean since coming to the world of humans. Nor had she much in the way of interaction with any but the Royal family and the few members of the court that her jealous lord would allow near his precious jewel. To be sure, the High Prince had pointed out specific details about this dignitary or that and patiently explained why those details were important. But still... Not being as well traveled as some and certainly not as well versed in conversing with strangers, she'd nothing personal with which to compare. There were certain things that the perceptive little creature did note, however. Panic. Fear. The desire to be away from this diabolical Royal and his painted little captive. One such detail that she immediately picked out was how similar the lilt of the old priests gestures was to the Lorean Princess. As well as to that of every other woman who had reason to speak with said Princess in the Nymph and her Lord's presence. It had nothing to do with accent or region of origin. In fact there were not many that would have even seen it. However, being of a more ethereal nature, Shinguri saw it plainly. Much as he tried to hide it, there was something decidedly feminine in the fine micro movements of his hands. Paris had once told her, 'In this world of magic your eyes can and will lie to you'. Yet Shinguri was magic. Trapped. Contained. But elemental magic all the same. And while she could not see through the glamor that the aged Priest wove about himself, his every gesture whispered it's existence. Like everyone else at the Festival, the old man was himself, wearing a mask. Confirmation came in the form of a mistake. The simple misuse of a feminine versus masculine sign. Wide eyes blinked behind her mask, her head cocking to one side as the elder 'man' claimed stupidity before she could answer his question. "Not stupid..." She assured him, not going so far as to call her out in public. "Mistake." She reached out a reassuring hand, tiny webbed fingers snatching back at the last moment to tuck quickly behind her back. "No." She admitted softly, eyes downcast. "I can not tell." Turning her face toward her Lord, she would watch his translation of the previous dialogue carefully. Surely he would notice something was amiss. In any case, the Prince's Water Lily, in her desire to not inconvenience the old man further, chose to wait until they were away to reveal the priests truth to him. @King @Wanderlost
  3. I know a guy who's tough but sweet. He's the kind who can't be beat. He's got everything that I desire. Sets the summer sun on fire. I want Candy.
  4. That song would have been my Dad's theme song when he was younger. He always had a string of girlfriends. They all knew about each other. He was always veru upfront about the arraingement. If they wanted to be with him, those were the terms they accepted. To his credit though, he was always focussed souly on which ever lady was on his arm at any given time. No learingm no flirting unless he was stag for the evening.
  5. Shinguri did see it. No, she felt it. The fault had been with her instructors. How could supposedly leaned men have missed so simple a concept? The song of the violin permeated her entire being. Within that song, she could feel a distinct beat though it had not made itself audibly known as yet. Much like blood rushing through veins, it lay quiet, felt rather than heard. Yes she could feel it deep within the apex, each slow, rocking rotation of her rounded posterior telegraphing that pulse directly to the Prince's lust beneath. Strong fingers curled and clutched at the flesh of her hips, in time with both the motion of her body and the throbbing beat of the music, holding her tight against his lap. Thrilling shocks surged from those grasping hands, along her supple skin and sank in deep, continuously stirring that curious spot between her thighs. So too did the gyrations of the little Nymphs plump little bottom against the palpitating proof of the Lord Master's approval. Orchestral accompaniment surged with new life, the other instruments rushing to join with the longing notes of the violin like a rising swell in the deep water. Shinguri rose with it in a dramatic body wave, the pulsating tingle in her groin coursing up her spine. The little Nymph's rump rotated hard in the bowl of Paris's lap, her back arching in an upward roll as she leaned back against the Prince's chest. It seemed that he danced with her, strong hands following the rolling momentum of her hips, and holding her firmly against the tumescent perch upon which she gyrated. "I feel it..." Her whisper was clearly audible over soft, almost melodic breaths. A strong pulse from below sent an intensely thrilling jolt to the tiny Nymph's very core. Plump lips dropped open, her breathy gasp audible above the nearby din as a sudden euphoria washed over the enthralled water spirit made flesh, leaving the silk of the Master's breeches stained. A tilt of her head opened course as the deceptively tender nuzzle of his cheek tussled long hair aside. The fine strands at the nape of her neck raised as hot breath, then lips and teeth joined the symphony, singing enticingly into the folded ear tucked into the tresses above. Body in continuous rolling, grinding motion, one willowy arm lifted above and behind her head, delicately webbed digits. Lightly caressed the line of his jaw. It's twin lay with his, her fingers curling along the hand that held so tight against him. "Don't stop..." She echoed, the deep swell within building once more even as the symphony built to crescendo. So caught up was she, that the little water Nymph did not even notice the approach of the stately woman in regal attire. All was ignored save her Lord Master, and the stirring melody of the orchestra. She concentrated oh the music and the way that it encouraged her body to move. On the rhythm. The pulse of the symphony matched so perfectly with her own and that strong beat that thrummed her most sensitive of spots from below. Paris's growling voice in her ears was what turned her head. Initially because the sound of his feral snarl vibrated pleasantly, deep in her ear, pounding like the rushing water in her veins. The baritone purr that caressed her ear with heated breath provided a titillating stimulation that only encouraged a firmer rotation of the little Nymphs already strongly gyrating hips. Pouting lips parted, a heavy sigh escaping as Shinguri's eyes opened to behold the queen. A disdainful gaze greeted the passion clouded, regard of the little water Nymph. Something about that gaze bade her stop. Demanded obedience. For a few seconds, she froze. The spell of the beautiful music seemed broken as well. The throbbing notes did not seem to seize hold of her very being as it had before and the fiery pulse that burned within her precious little pearl began recede but did not go away entirely. She reclined, trembling against Paris's torso, hips shifting ever so slightly and only now as then her Lord Master displayed her pretty little face to the woman he called Mother. The conversation between the Queen and her son baffled the diminutive spirit as well. Shinguri did not understand the word, 'debase' nor the veiled contempt that the Queen seemed to be projecting toward Paris. The subtleties of human relationships still confused her, having never known a mother, nor siblings or even a friend and so she had nothing with which to make comparison. She blinked in confusion as Paris suddenly released his hold on her cheeks. The sense within her was that something was wrong. While she could not identify what that something might be, she was able to surmise that it had to do with her. A sudden cruel digging of strong fingertips into the soft flesh at her hip set her to writhing once more and brought a series of whimpering squeaks from her lips that continued as the High Prince muttered under his breath. Only when his grip lessened did she collapse trembling against his torso, her eyes frightened and focused upon the flying sparks that danced off the polished steel throne. "Your first rule... I am your lord and master; your beginning and end. Never will you speak to me in a manner even remotely similar to that which you just witnessed... Do you understand." Large eyes wide, she sucked the lower swell of her lip between her teeth as she has seen children do so often when hurt or scared, and nodded her head vigorously. "Yes Lord Master." She replied in a small quivering voice. Shinguri barely spoke as it was. Unfamiliarity with the humanoid languages made her a quiet little entity to begin with. Fear would likely keep it that way for a good while longer. "I understand."
  6. It is! Here in the casino, there are no windows and no clocks. It's like a Dr.'s office. They do NOT want people to know how long they have been here. So I see the cursed Day Star briefely in the morning and again in the evening. In winter, I only see it in the morning. I do not miss it. Give me rain or fog any day!
  7. That trecherous day star...
  8. I forgot how much I love this song until it came on the casino radio today.
  9. You're as good a Judge as any, Glory darling. Why don't you don the mantle of MC Judge? XD
  10. Now normally I'm not a fan of Miss Grande but this one... Yeah, somethin' 'bout you.
  11. XD Nerd Goggles. Made me giggle, Jack. Speaking of... I really should make an appointment myself.
  12. Jedi mind trick... *Waves hand* "These aren't the droids you're looking for." >.>
  13. @carrionjackal Get up. Go to the door.... And lock it. Then carry on the enjoyment!
  14. Is it true? Could it be? Finally?! An opportunity to relax?
  15. Shifting her position again, Shinguri sat up a bit, her bottom and thighs pressing firm on her Master's lap as she leaned forward to follow his pointing finger. The first was the dead bride to whom the Prince had been speaking only moments before. The second had a youthful air about her painted visage that the other did not. Looking back over her shoulder, she nodded, her gaze turning back to the women in question as Paris patiently explained the way of things to his new pet. Cocking her head in confusion, she again glanced back over her shoulder at the High Prince. The little Nymph was not understanding the words 'married off'. 'Given', however, she did understand. She herself had been 'given'. She did not understand what 'a high price' was. But she knew that it was something that men greatly desired. “No.” How could she know why? Yet she was certain that he would tell her. Long fingers gripped her thigh sending a warm, tingling pulse up the captured limb to settle in those most hidden folds. Shinguri squirmed, buttocks shifting side to side in her growing agitation. Then again... Eyes wide, she pressed her thighs together tightly in an attempt to stop the fluttering sensation between them. A sharp, audible gasp parted soft lips and held them open in sensual repose as the warmth of his hand engulfed the cool smooth skin of her sex. It was too much, she could not concentrate. In fact, only parts of what he said even registered as he rolled his fingers between suddenly moist folds. “...The truest of all prizes. Especially when untouched...” The helpless little water Nymph writhed in languid display under Paris' manipulations, unable to contain herself. There was no pretense, nor any attempt to hide the erotic squirming in her Master's lap. Shinguri knew no shame and so she displayed none. “...We take pleasure in claiming, not scavenging; in living, not existing; in conquering, not reasoning...” Slow, sighing breaths heaved her slender chest and hung heavy in the air while tiny hands gripped the arms of the royal throne for balance. “...It is their virginity I am selling, their purity, absurd though the concept may seem to you, just as it was your virginity that cost me so greatly...” By the parting squeeze, she was more than a little wet and trembling against his torso, eyes fixed uncomprehending on the glistening trail left by those most devious digits. “If a man is to plow, he seeks land that is rich, fertile, unspoiled, and most importantly, unworked by previous hands. Mm, yes, I would say that the power of a virgin cunt is peerless in this strange world of man, little spirit—never forget that.” Shinguri nodded her head quickly, her body limp in his lap for a brief moment while she recovered her composure. Though she still couldn't quite grasp the true meaning of some of the things he said, she understood the basic gist behind the lesson. Possession, influence and power. The Prince's momentary musing gave her the opportunity to catch a breath and recall her water, though the slick substance that streaked her leg and sat heavy between her thighs didn't exactly feel like water. Baffled, she shivered as the thicker fluid absorbed slowly into her skin. The sound of negative words coming from Paris' mouth startled the little Nymph and turned her sharply in his lap so that she might look more directly at his face. Yet there was no hint of anger. She nodded immediately. Of course she was a water Nymph. She was water and water, she. Again, she nodded, She could see them. And he made an excellent point. One that she could comprehend quite easily. Strong hands grasped the swell of her hips and pulled her tight against his lap, his excitement pressed firmly between the fine cleft in her rounded posterior and causing a stir within her once more. “Now, listen to the music.” He bade softly. “Let it weave in and around and through you; feel it—in your arms, your legs, your fingers, your toes. Let it move you just as the planet moves the rivers.” Water was both melody and motion dictated only by the shapes of the earth from whence it sprang. Thick lashes lay against her cheeks as she listened to the music unhindered by site. No cruel instructors haranguing her to understand notes and timing, beats and measures. Only the Master's smooth, rich voice and the sweet sound of the violin. It was the rush of the river as it tumbled over rapids, or it's tributaries on their winding, dancing paths through valleys and meadows. The song of the birds as they bathed in shallow pools. The chirp of crickets and frogs during their nightly serenade. She could feel it in the longing notes that filled the air, wrapping around the little Nymph in lush invitation. Slowly, her little body began to sway and roll and gyrate rhythmically upon the princes passion with naught but silk between them.