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  1. Death Valley

    Half lidded and head tilted to one side, Shinguri road at the crest of Solomon's saddle, reclined against Paris, his nibbling affection and proprietary caress titillating the water spirit. Unmindful of the eyes of others, she writhed against his lap in a languid fashion, hips curling against prodding fingers. The swell of her buttocks pressed back into his pelvis and down along his lust lined thigh in an attempt to alleviate the slowly building pressure between her own. One web fingered hand lifting to caress the stubble that prickled forth from his chiseled jaw cheek while a soft purr of a moan vibrated in her slender throat. A small shift in the position of her head nudged the pinions of her ear more fully against the lips that suckled there, blunted chin hairs prickling against the soft membranes folded between them. Meanwhile, her gaze remained focused on the silky fur along the curve of Helaine's squirming spine and tail. As curious as the fem-feline was about Shinguri, so too was the little Nymph intrigued about the lovely Wildcat. She did not seem to have skin as humans did, but rather she had fur that fluffed and fluttered in the evening breeze. How soft were the wispy strands, she wondered? Were they as luxurious as the thick fur rug that sat before the fireplace in Paris' bedchamber? Softer perhaps? The hand that had been idly fondling her perpetually wet sex suddenly slid the short distance up her torso, the heel of his hand pressing against her rib cage while long fingers cruelly tweaked one tiny blue bud betwixt their tips, his selfish growl that rumbled in her ear. Shinguri yelped then whimpered softly before quickly stifling any further audible protest with clenched jaw and gritting teeth. Unlike the stretching the Prince had given her arm earlier, compression of any kind was especially painful to the little water Nymph. If it was Paris' want that she suffer his wrath, such was her lot. She'd accepted this to be the central fact of her current life. Her eyes, however, filled with heated water as she did her best not to flinch away from the twisting pinch of pain that shot through her chest. As sudden as it began the prince left off his savage twisting of her nipple leaving the tiny bud red and somewhat swollen. Soft warm lips found her cheek, begging forgiveness with a warm, comforting gesture. As always she accepted his silent apologies, nuzzling her cheek against his lips. Shinguri blinked as Paris suggested that Helaine touch the Nymph's arm, even going so far as to hold her arm out for the feline to touch. If that was what the Master wanted, she thought with a mental shrug, not bothering herself with his contradictory nature. Instead, she smiled an invitation to the lovely feline, accepting the opportunity to satiate her own curiosity. “Not wet.” Shinguri reiterated Paris' reassurance, reaching toward Helaine palm up and webbed fingers splayed to show that she held nothing therein.
  2. More Than a King

    She'd watched her new Lord disrobe with fascination glittering clearly in her green eyes, her gaze momentarily dropping down with the overcoat that held the enchanted ring with its beautiful blue jewel in its inner pocket as clothing rained upon the polished marble floor. Marking its position in the pile, her gaze flickered back to her Master's beautifully sculpted physique. The smooth, rolling hills and planes of his anatomical landscape were pleasing to the sight and strangely stirring to the heightened senses of the little water spirit. Of course her gaze gravitated to the Prince's lust, lingering unabashed upon the engorged organ that she's been seated on only moments before. He was correct in his assumption that she'd never seen its like. Curiosity swept through the inquisitive Naiad. In aquatic life forms, such appendages were used as bait; a lure, as it were. Her informative master was generous in his confirmation, though some of what he had said about keys and locks confused the little Nymph. she'd no experience with such objects and assumed them to be the anatomically correct names for humanoid genitalia. "Feast upon?!" Her eyes grew wide and frightened as Paris took an intimidating, predatory stance and began stalking her. Unable to change form without a direct command, even to protect herself, she took a few hurried steps backward then froze as he closed on her for a gathering of her rather floral scent. Was that his intent? She had indeed felt a deep seated, ravenous hunger emanating from him, but there were many forms of appetite where humans were concerned. Even in her physical form, would such a thing be possible? She did not, could not know. The little Naiad had never before been in such a situation. Alarmed, ear pinions fanned out with an aggressive snap, thin blue membranes spanning the space between each point trembling in dramatic display. And then he stood, as if the previous moment's impression of imminent threat had never been. Feelings of fright began to diminish as soon as the prince had stood, his posture no longer predatory. Paris's large hand palmed her head and brought her cheek flush against his upper thigh, the pressure holding her thus causing full lips to purse, puffing outward as if to kiss. Fanned ears settled as his smooth voice soothed her senses, laying back against her head, green eyes again focusing on the massive appendage that pulsed just inches from her face. The pleasure aspect of which he spoke, was fully understood by the Naiad. It had indeed felt very good when she'd been seated upon the Prince's lust. She could only imagine the effect it had upon her Lord. Even the thought of it gave her little pearl a twitch. She'd not thought to taste of him as of yet but his personal fragrance, that of his manhood in particular was an intoxicating, musky, spice reminiscent of a dark red tree sap known as Dragon's Blood. A substance often used in rites of dark magic, the scent was both ominous and alluring all at once, as was fitting for one such as he. Slender arms lifted as if to wrap about the muscled thigh to which she'd been pressed like a little flower just as he released her head and stepped away, causing her stumble slightly. For one as fluid as she, Shinguri had but to flow with the motion rather than fight it. She let herself fall to her knees, then rolled with the momentum and was back up on the balls of her feet, tiny webbed toes gripping the marble for balance. "Yes, Lord Master." She replied softly, immediately skipping forward on tip toe, plump buttocks bouncing slightly as she moved to assist in her Master's wardrobe selection.
  3. Death Valley

    Shinguri walked lightly at her Lord's side, the pale blue globes of her posterior jiggling ever slightly with each meandering step. Though her erratic path would seem she wandered never did she move so far away that he could not easily fondle her, which he did frequently much to the little Naiad's delight. Large eyes half lidded in a dreamy bliss as the sensation of shifting strands and nails raking along her scalp sent light thrills dancing down her spine. So too did the casual caress of her sensitive ears. Fleshy spines at the end of each tip pulsed against his fingertips and continued as he parted each to from it's sister to expose the silky membrane between. Stopping more than arms distance from both Helaine and Solomon, she smiled reassuringly at the pacing kitten, green eyes glittering in the fading light. The Nymph knew just how thrilling Paris' touch could be should he will it so. In fact, she'd been picked up in the very same fashion on many occasions, though it was not usually on the back of a horse that he was setting her. Still, she could only imagine what exciting chaos might be going on in the lovely kitten's mind at the moment the High Prince laid his hands about her waist. A few steps more and gravity lost all meaning for Shinguri as well. Hoisted high into the air, she was settled, thighs splayed, at the front of the saddle. Her lord wedged himself in behind, his weight causing the saddle to bounce beneath them. Immediately she squirmed her way more into his lap, firm backside nestled against the Price's lust. Leaning forward, she tilted her head left as the young royal arraigned her hair to his liking over her right shoulder. Once settled, the little creature reclined against her Master, thick green lashes fluttering at the delicious sensation of his stubbled cheek against the sensitive spines of her unique ears. The sultry tone in his rich voice had a pleasant ring to them, but there were a couple words she did not quite understand. Friend, being one, and collection, being the other. In any case, the unfamiliar concepts seemed to make Paris happy and so she accepted his statement with a nod. Riding in front of him, she could not see his face, but something about the change in his speaking tone and his ominous promises that she'd get no rest and the predatory rumblings as to her ultimate punishment later in the evening to come made the fine hairs at the base of her skull stand up. The diminutive Naiad had no idea what it meant, but with the High Prince's rather exotic tastes it could only be something decadently creepy. The vague, threatening nature of his statement made her eyes go wide. Not shock, certainly. Anticipation and dread caused her breath quickening, chest heaving her lightly as the dreamy expression dropped away to be replaced by the most exquisite terror.
  4. Death Valley

    Ever the quiet, reticent creature, Shinguri was more than relieved that Paris chose to answer in her stead. Instead the little water Nymph simply looked down at her feet, her expression contrite. Again delicately webbed toes curled and flexed in the rapidly drying sand, the water she'd so generously gifted the earth during her release sinking further away from her with every passing moment. Heaving a small sigh, she turned her gaze upon the gloved hand of her Lord at it seized her tiny wrist. The sensation of rushing water was all she felt as Paris hoisted her hand far higher than an normal arm should have stretched. Not even a hint of discomfort registered on her angelic little face. The compression her mass, on the other hand, had been utterly excruciating. Even the memory of it caused the little Naiad to shudder as her Lord wrapped strong arms around her slight torso and pulled her close. Once he'd settled her into his lap, she could not help but wiggle her well rounded posterior and legs against the thick vein that sought to divide them. A slow deep pulse beat within the apex of smooth, thick thighs bringing on a soft contralto purr that vibrated in her throat as hot, breathy words caressed folded ears, reminding her of the morning's transgression. Nibbling teeth sent a thrilling, musical tingle into her inner ear and down the curve of her neck. A tingle intensified by his ominous offer redemption. “Yes, Lord master.” she breathed, a dreamy smile curled purplish lips as she leaned back into Paris's possessive embrace. Squirming rhythmically against his obvious desire, heavy lidded eyes regarding the lovely feline, her Master's intense interest telegraphing in a vague way to his aqueous pet. She found Helaine to be beautiful, exotic, vocal and excitable. Weary, even skittish as she paced on the opposite side of the small fire, yellow eyes intent upon both she and the imposing Royal Person that held her close. Her questions came rapid fire and flitted curiously from direct inquiry to personal ruminations. Elegance personified, her Lord Master fielded her questions and concerned with urbane aplomb, the dainty Nymph nodding her agreement at his extended invitations to the feline adventurer. She did however answer one query herself and not without a hint of terror around her large green eyes. “No touch...” was all she said, shrinking back against Paris' chest as if yo pull away from even the hint of contact.
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  6. Rin! You clean that up right now!
  7. Death Valley

    Released from her crystal prison, a tangle of limbs and hair tumbled across the sand and came to rest in a ball, a good deal of her water sinking into the parched earth before she could fully adsorb it back into herself. The loss of such a small amount was nothing to one such as herself. She could contain that and more. But the agony of having been compressed in upon herself for so long had made the subsequent loss of volume actually helped her more fully decompress and recover some modicum of composure. Long, dark green hair flowed out around her slight form, standing in contrast to the pale blue form that lay curled and sobbing with relief. The head of the little Naiad lifted slowly, ears down and laid against the curve of her head, submissively. The full purplish swell of her lower lip trembled ever so slightly. large eyes holding a healthy edge of rear as they fixed upon Paris's face. Slowly she nodded her understanding, cherubic face somber. Webbed fingers curled slightly in the mud, reveling for just the barest moment in a familiar sensation, before pushing herself into a kneeling position, Smears and patched mud marred her smooth skin while her long hair clumped together and hung in thick tendril about the small figure like seaweed clinging to rocks exposed by a low tide. Unclad she stood, not bothering to shake the earth from her child-like figure. Nor did she make any move to smooth back her tangled mass of hair. Instead, all moisture on face, body and limbs absorbed into her skin, the muck falling away from her uniquely textured epidermis as if it had never been. From her scalp exuded a mass of water that crawled down her head from front to back, gathering the locks of her hair in it's rippling waves and sweeping them away from her face. The snarled mass was smoothed into a shimmering green river that flowed down the curve of her generous back side, grooming water sinking into the pale blue cheeks as she climbed to her feet. Finally recovered and apparently unconcerned by her nudity, little webbed toes curled and uncurled in the mud as Shinguri turned to gaze upon the strange creature. The grumbling feline hybrid was like nothing that the water nymph had even seen. Fascinated, the little Naiad smiled a sweet little girl smile, eyes of peridot glittering in the dimming light. “Shinguri.” She said, her piping voice soft and musical as she placed one web fingered hand upon the flat of her chest and inclined her head slightly before tucking both small hands behind her back.
  8. Starring Samuel L. Jackson as The Narrator.
  9. That's why you ask about the possibility of stirring up trouble within the government. Most people don't go to the trouble of creating kingdoms, governments and/or organizations just to have thing run smoothly. Drama, action, espionage and terrorism can be a nice kick in the pants. Something to get people excited and active. True, not everyone will be receptive to you, but you never know who is looking for a nice little plot twist until you ask.
  10. Try sending PM's to the people at the head of any government that you think might be ripe for strife. Ask if they'd be interested in having a fly land in their ointment to stir up some interesting rp. You may be pleasantly surprised as to how receptive they might be. Could be that your plot will mesh well with theirs. It couldn't hurt anyway.
  11. Well... For some of us. I can do it. And I've always had fun. But it isn't always easy to get into the mindset. Once there though... Yeah. It's a good time.
  12. Thieves, assassins, part time spies, Bodyguards... Hell, even the odd Succubus or Nymph. ~.o Almost anything can be fun if you make it so. Even Evil. Especially an evil/amoral character, though they are harder to play.