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  1. Jack!   Hi!

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    2. carrionjackal


      Slowly, slowly. It's too nice a job to rush! Can't be hasty with torture. *grins*

    3. Nox


      Ball Gag

      Well then... 

      quietly closes door

    4. carrionjackal
  2. Free agent.

  3. Devil's dead minion...

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    2. Platinum


      Where is she? o.O

    3. Nox


      I'ma hurryin', I'ma hurryin'.


      @ Minchkin: she is off with Pherrond, But Roen doesn't know that. And he is self centered enough to believe that the only thing that would keep her from his side this long is death.

    4. Platinum


      lol that sounds like him

  4. Nox

    They do, don't they. Should be a doozy this time, that's for sure.

  5. Nox

    /hangs head in shame


    I'm sorry.

    In other news... Awesome! Best get a move on then, hadn't I?


  6. Nox

    In my defense, it was Nette's screen name I was writing on muh bewbs. >.> That being said, I started your post just this morning before running out to pay bills aamof. ~.o so... coming soon!

  7. Nox

    Damn, 'Lex! You went in depth on this one. Very nice indeed.

  8. Nox

    They are, aren't they... Lavelle will be a blast to play again. Just be sure to hide when she starts looking for her next meal.

  9. Nox

    I can't think of a more bad ass combination.

  10. Nox

    They are impressive beasts, are they not? It would be hard for a lady, even one as coarse as Nox, to remain unimpressed by such a beautiful and noble beast be it dead or alive.

  11. Nox

    O.O Yes, I'd rather she remain amongst the living. But Death Knights have been known to befriend the living from time to time.

  12. Nox

    Oh hell yes! I'ma have to find a way to make Nox his friend. XD! Though as surly as she can be, he'd likely kill her. >.>

  13. Nox

    Damn right!

  14. Nox

    I shall do that. My schedule has finally normalized so hopefully my muse will be more easily corralled.

  15. Nox


    I'm so sorry about the delay, sweety. my schedule has been crazy lately and I just changed shifts. things should be normalizing within the next week though. I should have a post or three for you next weekend.

  16. Right? Gotta keep muh Pimp hand strong!


  17. XD! I'm trapped in a cage with all kinds of money, surrounded by gamblers, tweakers and drunks. Sleep is not an option!

  18. An excellent point. Touche.

  19. Nox

    my ability to answer pms is seriously hampered by my phone while at work so I shall give a full answer when I get off. but yes, I would love to once again be a member of the dead especially with Aristotle as the new leader. also, I shall get back on that quest asap now that my schedule will shortly be returning to normal.

  20. I always just called him Trevor.

  21. His name is HORATIO?!


  22. Hmm... That could be interesting.

  23. Thank you.

    /sniffle pouty face

    I shall remember next time.

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