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Status Updates posted by Nox

  1. O.O!!! I totally spaced that off! I'm so sorry!

    /pea soup

  2. Nox

    Hmm... I suppose I could.

  3. Nox

    Post edited. I shall get more up as soon as I can. Have no fear, I am good at filler.

    /superhero pose

  4. Nox

    Daaamn. Well I don't exactly know how I'm going to write 6 more posts about swimming around a chamber, but alright.

  5. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Bradapalooza again. v.v

    But...I know what you mean. She has exceeded my max level of acceptable stupidity for years now. Somehow she confuses letting off steam, comical antics and general silliness as trash.

  6. Nox

    She just might.


  7. Nox

    Alrighty, I was extra industrious this week and posted my last post in Smoldering Aftermath. I hope I didn't take it too fast. My next will be Jhulae bringing the rings back to Ari, but I go back to work tonight so I might be a couple days before I get that one up. She gonna be popping into Argus in a bikini that is the same color as her skin tone. Nearly nekkid Jhu! XD!!! The llusion of nekkidness anyway. >.>

  8. Nox

    I counter your Butt Cherry with my tomato6m1j9w8g3h.jpg

  9. Nox

    Two. >;3 And I'm glad you are enjoying it. ^^

  10. Nox

    Next post I'll get her in the water and begin the search. I didn't figure that an item like the Ring Gates would be a one post acquisition.

  11. Nox

    Oooo sneaky sneaky. I like it. >3

  12. Nox

    I've been sick for the last few days, but tonight is my last night of work (If they let me come in) for this week, so I'll have plenty of time to get the next part up unless you are gonna jump in and play too. In which case, I shall wait.

  13. Nox

    Thank you. ^^

  14. Nox

    Took me a bit but I posted the beginning of jhu's search for the ring gates in your Smoldering Aftermath thread. If you'd rather, I can take it and make a new one but I figured that there was already one there looking all convenient and sexy so... yeah.

  15. Welcome back, darlin'!

  16. XD! I work 10 hour graveyard shifts at a local casino, so I tend to post little blurbs and videos while on my breaks.

  17. Thankfully, Carlos was able to help me there.

  18. I think I owe you an apology, good sir. I meant to give you positive reps for that post and instead my computer has a seizure or a hiccup or something... and the parting message was "Thank you for detracting rep from this user." So not what I had meant to do. I'm sorry.

  19. Seems we share a similar musical taste. Keep listening. ~.o

  20. So true. I could listen for hours.

  21. You're welcome. :)

  22. Nox

    Wow! That was fast! I shall get to work on a reply asap!

  23. Nox

    Yes. Yes I am. <3

  24. Yes it can. But still, we must try.

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