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  1. XD That's ok, I figured as much! Which is great because I am having fun!

  2. Indeed so, my dear.

  3. That sounded sooooo naughty. >;3 but I get'cha! And I look forward to the adventure with great anticipation!

  4. :3 I'm loving the whole open ended contact twist. It leaves open all kinds of intriguing possibilities. Hell yeah!

  5. Nox

    Why thank you, babehdoll. Surprising just how deceptive our little Jhulae has become, eh?

  6. Funny that your were thinking of changing Ark so that he can change his appearance to fit his victims preference. It fits with Lavelle because she has the same ability! Like daddy like daughter!

  7. Thank you for the reps! ^.^

  8. I do, and I shall do that now!

    Edit* I can't find your yahoo so you'll have to add me. noxfatal@yahoo.com

  9. Great! Well, I wanted to get her involved with The Dead anyway, so I was thinking that if she happened to stumble onto a member of the dead who could help her locate a mage with the skill and inclination to repair her precious cloak, she would then be indebted to them and thus more inclined to return to a life of espionage in order to repay the debt. Plus, I have absolutely no idea who might even have a character who could do such a thing nor would Jhulae know where to begin her search to find said mage. Not to mention that it could take years for a Drow who is completely new to the planet to locate/compensate the afore mentioned mage. I suppose that I was hoping that you coulda help me with that when your exams are finished, or push me in the right direction to attain the help I need.

  10. Carlos, darling. I would like to discuss the entrance of Jhulae into Valucre with you. I wanted to transfer her shifting shadows cloak to this site. of course Roen's portals being what they are, would have damaged it. If it is allowable, I would like to make it her first order of business to A) find someone with the ability to repair it, and B) gain the means to pay for such a service.

  11. Who were you on gaia?

  12. Mmmm about a week and a half ago. I think.

  13. Nox

    You are very welcome. ^.^

  14. Of course Beethoven wins! He's got more cock than Smith & Wesson!


  15. Nox

    Sorry hun. While I was at one time, an artist of ay least marginal talent, the art you see in my albums and on my profile is not mine.

  16. Nox

    No problem hun. I have a great love of accurate information when it comes to research. also, here is a link to the first part of that that BBC documentary I mentioned. The entire thing is here as is all but the last episode of their 5 part series. But I think that is only because it hasn't aired in the states. Enjoy. I did.


  17. Nox

    Hola n.n

  18. You do that!


  19. That charming smile, her extra petite frame and angelic face are all part of her deception. People tend to think her sweet and innocent. Quite frequently she is pleasantly charming. especially with those she is close to. She does in fact have something of a tender disposition toward women, children and animals. Actually, while she is not technically evil like her 'mother' Kazark, she is extremely volatile and she has been known to act as both a spy and assassin. She also tends to keep company with rather unsavory characters.

  20. She is rather yummy, isn't she? ^.^

  21. Just my face?! D:

    It's a good thing I an getting my net back soon! :D

  22. Perhaps when I get my net back such an opportunity shall present itself. One can never tell. n.n

  23. Nox

    Why thank you, my dear! <3


  24. Really?! I always worry about my post quality. Thank you so much! <33

  25. I shall do that.

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