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  1. Oh look, I've turned 23 yesterday.

    ...Yay, I guess.

    And FYI: still on vacation. Black Sea is cool as always.

    1. supernal


      Happy birthday!

  2. The Darkness in Dougton (OOC)

    <==[To be continued]
  3. The Darkness in Dougton

    As the dust had settled down and the ones who got hit by a blast wave had recovered, Jack listened. There was his own breathing, the voices of his comrades… and no croaking. The dark shroud had vanished, revealing the former interior of the inn's lobby. Finally, the nagging buzz and noise in Jack's prostethic eye had completely disappeared. Jack let out a sigh of relief. Though the odds were against them, they had actually done it: as Lady Nieve could possibly confirm, the Presense had abandoned this place, unable to annihilate or at least convert consolidated humans. It is still debatable yet if it was the right moment to "humbly" ask about reward, Jack considered. Until so-called "bad memes" are destroyed, there would be no rest for Nieve and her followers. Besides, Jack's "awakening", his connection with his inner powers that before were rather curse than blessing… Is it not the greatest reward for overcoming ethereal demons, both outer and inner ones? When Carter accidentally broke through one of the wooden walls, Jack went to help him. He noticed that cyborg's fist was slightly covered by a couple of tiny mushrooms. While sharing the state of a slight confusion, Jack took the glance at a window, which somehow was left unharmed during the blast-out. While the familiar cityscape could be seen throughout the window, there was one detail that stood out. Mushrooms. Mushrooms everywhere. The entire block before Jack's sight was covered in strange growth that resembled something close to fungi. Hell, even the window's glass was covered in some sort of moss, hence the difficulty to see anything distinguishable. "Lady Nieve, Ivas…" - Jack called out. - "You better look at this. My senses might deceive me, but I doubt our common "friend" is behind this…"
  4. The Darkness in Dougton

    "Jack - fire in the hole!" The mercenary turned instinctively toward Ivas' voice to see him guiding a crazed pyromancer that was charging her weapon pointed directly to Jack. The amount of energy gathered was convincing enough: Jack had rolled away before the blast teared apart the shadow wall behind him. From the newfound hole came a glimpse of light everyone was craving for. The reaction of the Presence on breach had been as otherworldly as the entity itself: a mass of soul-sucking frogs started to siphon out from the hole and evaporate under outside light. In response, the space the group was contained in was shrinking progressively like a balloon. Considering the fact that closing dark matter was more than tangible, there was no option to stay there any longer. Several adventurers had already started to further widen the hole as it wasn't suitable for anyone to pass through. Mostly they were attempting to cut away the darkness, tearing bit by bit and revealing more light upon demonic innards. Yet the process of cutting - either by sword, axe or punch - was unacceptably slow as there were less and less room for movement. Had Jack not waste his energy on frogs, he would easily blast the hole away… Blast away… Blast away? But of course! Jack remembered he had two bottle bombs he had made earlier, back at the penthouse. He pulled out one of those bottle and once again concentrated on his hind. Due to being unable to recover within this tense atmosphere, he could generate a faint candle-like flame - even less powerful than before the "awakening". Yet, he managed to lighten the fuse - and that was more than enough. -FSSSST- Now it was the time to act quickly. Jack rushed toward the dark wall adjacent to the hole and made a deep cut within it. As he slit the bomb into it, he quickly stepped away and gave the signal to others to do the same. "Stand back!" - Jack shouted. In a brief moment, a bright flash would illuminate ever-shrinking room. Those unfortunate ones who was too close to explosion would be buried under the pile of rubble, wood and dust. The exit hole would be expanded even more, bringing more light yet intensifying the "shrinking" process.
  5. The Darkness in Dougton (OOC)

    I still have something to say. Thankfully I've got a writing app. The end is near, gentlemen. Give it hell for me.
  6. Hello there. It's your semi-friendly neighborhood P.N.See. As the title suggests, I won't be available for about a month because I'll be set apart from my laptop in exchange for sunny sea shore. I'll be without a stable Internet connection at my disposal, so no posting for you. And because of that: @Robbie Rotten, @amenities, @Al Sa-her, I have to withdraw from your respective threads, which is kind of sad... But hey! One month is not as much long, so... I'll be seeing you all quite soon.
  7. The Darkness in Dougton

    It was a matter of time before the massive beast would taste steel, fire and the powers of light and nature at full extent. As damaged substance had split under Ivas' crushing blow, Jack rushed toward one of already morphing halves with his sword, for he was still feeling vile energy in this pool of darkness. What happened next had surpassed anyone's worst fears: before they could strike, two enormous frogs started to split for themselves, multiplying in quantity. Four, eight, sixteen, thirty two... Soon the party had been surrounded by the infinite swarm of screaming google-eyed reptiles. The density of living mass made even simple walking quite a difficult task. Jack swung his sword back and forth throughout the swarm, throwing out sliced mass away ahead of him. Yet, there was no end of this infestation... Jack noticed that Ivas had been covered in frogs leeching to his body. The same state went as well for several companions beside Lady Nieve. It did not seem, though, that those pest were bloodsuckers. It was rather the direct counter influence against celestial magic. Soon The Eyeless felt as a couple of frogs attached to him as well. Suddenly his senses arose to the maximum, only to gradually fade away. At the peak of senses he had heard a multitude of voices circling in his mind... ...succ...sicc...suck it... ...memes... ...succ...sicc...suck it... ...the dna of soul... ...SUCC...SICC...SUCK IT... ...SWALLOW YOUR SOUL... It was hard to tell without "spiritual vision", yet Jack had to assume those frogs were trying to siphon out his own spirit aside from the connection with the party. In desperation he had released his inner flames in the left hand, instantly burning one of the frogs up to the crisp. With fire and sword Jack attempted to get rid of soul vampires. But with each fiend being chopped and incinerated another one took its place. As the amount of frogs on Jack's body grew exponentially, the flame in his hand started to dim and his vision still maintained by the prosthetic had been filled with a faint static noises and a barrage of random words: ..̵.͢s҉ucc̸..҉.s̷ưcc̨..͢.̸J͠ACK... ҉ ̧ ́..͞.ĺòl̛..҉.k͢ek.͘..͘S̡TO̶P f͘igh̀tíng̢..͜.̴ ̷.̸.͟.҉us͝él̨eşs͟.̀..̨u̡s҉eless͜.̀.͟.̸U͝SELES̸S..͘. ͠ ́ ̀ ̸.̵.͟.̀C̴E͏LES͜TIAL̶...̡p̡ŕies̕t̢es̶s...́o̸l̵d ̀f̶a͞rt͟... ̧..҉.d̨isp͡o̢s̕e̵.̢..KILL.͟.̕.a̕s̵sass͞i̸n̴ate.͜..̶ A vile intent that Jack had failed to fulfill before... It came back like a stormy ocean striking back at the shore. It was crucial to suppress it, but how can you do it, when a horde of demon frogs keep pouring that thought into your brain? As the swarming words in Jack's eye had turned into lettery gibberish, the mercenary felt as his own mind and sanity began to slip away. The constant slashing through neverending dark mass did not help either. Yet, The Eyeless refused to give in. At the brink of a breakdown among the parasitic symbols covering the vision he had found a familiar word. iͧ̐͛́ͬ̈́̌͋̚͏͍̘͉B̪̱̪̦̙̀̚͟x̹̪̼̟̮̲̝ͬ͋͑ͧ͟o̮̲̦̱̓͛͌̿̂͢͡9̯̯̮͕̹͖̐̌o̠͂̓ͤ̏͛ͮ̏͘3͔̟̗̯ͭ̓ͥ̽ͥ̿̀̽̒r̷͖ͨͤ̾ͣ̚ǫ̟̞̋̏ͦͥ̈́̔o̶̶̠͍͓͌ͨ̓ͦ̀̀ͬͬÊ͙͖͉͈̲̭̝̘ͤ͂͊̄͛̚̚͠t̮̝̹̼̙̱̜̍̒̎̌ͣ͢͞ͅj̶͕̠̏ͫ͋̓͊̾͋̾5 ̨̣̺̜̜̲͉͇̏ͪ͝Q̴̨̬̲͙̩͑͌̎̉̂́8̸̢̼̻̔̂̕Y͓͍͕͓̓̂̀͂ͮ̋͡͡A͊̾ͫ̑̾ͧ̃̚͞͏̜͈̗͞p̗̏̐̚C̲̞̖̔̈́̍̊̈́͌́3͓̅͞x͔͇̝͗͌̓͆ͣ̐ͥ̒̀ͅS̴̶̞̞̘̲̬̥̑̄͂͗ͬ̍̍̚͜ͅJ̫͇̘̜̲̞͔̊͛ͪ̃̚͟2̵̼̜͔̳̱̠͂̽̍ͦ̋̾̏͘U̿͊͛͑ͦ̐̑͏̷͎͈̺̹͙̬̤̕1̶͙̩̲̭͙͇̜ͬ͋̄ ̊̊̀̊̋̒̚҉̜̰͙̲̪̦̝͠o̞̦̩̮̠̫̟̼̻ͣ̄͢Gw̷̥̰̤̫ͬ̀RX̦͖̥ͬͭ͛͌ͮ̓̾Yq͔̻̼͓̭̎ͣ̌͛̋͟͜͝LI̢͖̪͈̮͔͆͗ͯ̽̈͛̏Oj̝͉̳ͬ̅̋͆̅̋̅̌͟͠SB̝̮̺̖͎̲̜͓̐ͨͪ̃͆͌̚25 ̣̘̹̭̥̲͚̫͕̆̉i̯̿̒̃ͦê̜ͫ͒ͣ͊̍̆̃ͯ͢k̶͍͕̺̟͈̣̹̹̖̈́ͬ̈ͦͬ̉͛͡u͍̠̲ͯͫ͆͑͌̏̃̆ͭ͡q͍̗͇̭͖̝͕̪̄̔ͮ͊ͥ̿̿̾͂͡͡Z̹̭̤͎̦̪̩͌ͨ͆̔ͤ̏̎͊ͦ̕ͅd̡̟͕̙̣̞ͬ̈́́ͯ̾̏̆̽ͮ͝6̵̦̰̺̖̩̱̘̅ͦ́ͣ̇̚͠h̞͔̬͍̊ͬ̈́ͦ͝c̡̖̖̼̼̙ͬͭ̎ͩ̑͒͐Ĝ̜̰̝͒ͫ̍ͯ̒̒̓8̸̱̹̘͖̋̓̓͒͑́̚͞R̛̞̦̥̲̖̀͐͒̊̊ͤͅ35 ̞̜̦̞̥͙ͣ͝o̵̪͕̝̳͑r͉̟͓̭̗͚͛ͯ͂̋́͡ͅḃ̡̟̺͙̝̮͇͍̝̻ͩͧ̽̾̚͝j̠̲͓͂ͥ́̆̐͊̑̉ͤu̳͇͓̱̎ͯL̯͎̞̜̼͙͒̄͋̐͠hͣ̎ͥ͑͐̀̚͏̴̟̗͇͖̼̖V̘͎̘̭̏̓̃̐̇͌ͧ̋ͅč̴̯̳̻̆̑̆̑͋ͩ͜P̷͍̻̾͋̈́̍̃ͪͮ2̘̳͕̦̙̥̩͎ͦ̌ͬ̏ͅq̯̞̮͚̮̀͌̂ͭ̊̑̚͡͡9̶͚̱͗͌̓ͮ̆̅̿̽aavz RRRRAAAUGH! Having gathered what had left from his spirit energy, Jack with a yell released a rapid heat wave, throwing away all the frogs both from his body and around him. The bloody noise had instantly disappeared, yet now angered voices were still intact. However, among them there was the voice of reason connected with the memes opposed to those that had been just rejected. The voice was calm and straightforward - perfectly in contrast with the yelling crowd. The voice somehow connected with the Influence, yet standing apart from it. His own voice. "---DO NOT LISTEN---" - it spoke. "...silly normie...silly human...silly mortal..." - they replied. "---IGNORE THEM---" "...sss...sss...boom goes the dynamite..." "---ABANDON THIS PLACE---" "...friggin normie...do not want...go away..." "---DON'T FEED THE TROLL---" - the single voice became bolder. "...stop it...stop it...stop it..." - the opposite voices became louder. "---NEED TO BRING THE LIGHT---NEED TO BRING THE LIGHT---" "Need to bring the light..." - As the sentence resounded in Jack's mind, he subconsciously whispered the words as he walked across the dark mass into nothingness. Though the party was contained in the total darkness, they were still physically in the inn. Jack had recalled there was a closed window in the room. He slowly walked toward the place where it supposed to be. Whether it's the bright sunshine or the cold moonlight, any source of light taken from outside would pin down the demon into the trap it set out for itself. Regrettably, his "magic" or weaponry wasn't enough to cut through the shroud. But he might have enough potent magic users by his side, if he just--- ...what are you...don't even...you won't dare... "It seemed pissed... That should do it..." - Jack though. Then he inhaled deeply and let out a cry that outvoiced frogs' shrieking. "I need help to break out the barrier over here! We need to bring the light!"
  8. The Darkness in Dougton

    As frog abomination had appeared before the party, a faint feeling of fear, despair and certain death spread across the room. It was, however, barely noticeable, as Nieve's empowering magic that was flowing between the combatants blocked it like an annoying fly. The reveal of Presence's final form might surprise some of them. Some of them, but not those who had faced it before. "It's been a while, Toady..." - Jack murmured. Although his tactics did not differ from those used in sewers, he had enough willpower, determination and - most importantly - partners to oppress the monster. He rapidly unsheathed his sword right at the moment when a couple of familiar tentacles reached out for him. Jack's sword was probably the only one that shown no reflection of a scarce light. With a wide swing, the blackened blade glided through alien tongues, leaving only hissing and evaporating lumps behind. The demon, overwhelmed by an all-out attack, attempted to hit back at all of them, letting out a ear-piercing shriek at the same time. By looking at its gaping mouth, Jack remembered how Erwik, his wolfbot, had been bombarding its throat back at the sewers. Sure, he hadn't have a robot by his side at the moment... Yet he had his magic unchained, waiting to be unleashed. "Hey, blob-head!" - Jack shouted, as a bright luring flame materialized in his left hand. It probably wasn't the best moment to give it all for one shot, but he did not expect for anyone to hold back. As he concentrated his energy onto his hand, the flames were gradually engulfing the entire arm, while the same fiery light was already coming from eyepatch's slits. One could see that the flames on Jack's arm were not burning in chaotic manner, but rather forming a visage of a naked arm. Very muscular, ever-burning naked arm. "I've got your favorite snack!" - He shouted again, dragging some attention onto himself. As the frog had finally gaped its mouth above him, he thrust his charged hand with the words: "SPECIAL DELIVERY! GRYLOS APPROVED!" The inner energy rapidly flown down from the shoulder toward the extended palm. After that, an enormous fire blob - the gathering of energy so volatile it could blast at any moment - blasted right into the frog's wide-open throat. After that, he would rush away both from the demon's bite and explosion, thus giving additional time for him to recover and for others to strike.
  9. The Darkness in Dougton

    Jack... The name now stuck to his ever-broken identity. Sure, it would take some time to accommodate to it, now that the official introduction had been made. Yet, the mercenary's expression showed no puzzlement as Lady Nieve asked him to hold his identity as furious as possible. "I've lost my name and my face before." - Jack replied. - "But deep inside I'm same man with the same principles. Rest assured, milady, they won't be adjusted against you or anyone else by any means." The moment of everyone getting acquainted with each other in common and the moment particularly between Ivas and Ema. That was the true moment of relief. For this moment Jack The Eyeless had calmed down as the voices of fellow adventurers overlapped the noises of burning wood behind them. In fact, the feeling of sound itself began to drown as Jack felt that the calm was getting a bit unsettling... And then the torch that was stalwartly enlightening the meeting room had suddenly blown out, stripping it out of a protective light. Everyone felt the rumble under their feet, yet no one could describe its origin. No matter how long Jack looked down to the floor with his now constantly buzzing prosthetic eye, he couldn't be able to see through it. Or couldn't he? In Jack's mind a memory of his vision had reappeared - the same feeling of blindness in the void that had engulfed the party. His hand reflexively moved toward the eyepatch lock, knowing deep inside that the cursed eye won't burn his hand anymore. As the shutter opened up and the other eye closed, before Jack appeared a picture similar to what he had experienced being in trance. Although there was no grid floor across the void, he could see auras contouring every living man in the room (The brightest one obviously belonged to Lady Nieve). And just under The Eyeless' feet, there was a threatening reddish blob, ascending rapidly from below. The same amorph features, the same gaping mouth, the same ear-piercing shriek... "Looks like our eldritch friend decided to settle the score..." - Jack spoke grimly, shutting the eyepatch lock. His head was slightly buzzing out of unaccustomedness: such "sight beyond sight" was still alien to Jack's psyche. Yet not more alien than a giant shadow frog... There! A signal that tolerated no objections! Jack hadn't complete faith in Nieve's intention as she might expect after what had happened. But the party hadn't much options being without a light aside from hers. Without asking any necessary questions, he grabbed Carter's extended hand and felt a surging jolt. Never able to felt it before, Jack could almost see as the golden stream of divine energy was circulating from Nieve's arm to his, back and forth. A thought appeared and disappeared from The Eyeless' subconscious. Yet he managed to remember the words. Concentrate. Circuit. Complete. "You better do as she says!" - Jack exclaimed and extended his free arm toward the next "element". Only then he noticed that the pyromancer girl was... sleeping?! "SOMEBODY WAKE HER UP!" - he shouted. - "HER NAP WOULD COST US OUR LIVES!"
  10. The Darkness in Dougton

    As flaming room had been left behind, both parties - incoming and outcoming - gathered in an isolated lobby to take a breath. Their first acquaintance had happened in hurry and in the midst of chaos. But now that The Presence had been tricked and overcome, they had plenty of time to get to know each other. Although, The Eyeless wasn't in mood to throw out a greeting gesture. His mind hadn't been settled yet since he blacked out back when he tried to stab Lady Nieve. There were changes in him, he knew it. But either they were heavily subtle or his mind was just refusing to notice them. Nieve's bodyguard, Martin, dragged The Eyeless' disturbed attention while the introduction between party members was occurring. It was somewhat fascinating that nobody called him yet by his non-existent name. And though he should do more than that to earn newcomers' trust, he stood up and had his word. "As Martin said, I'm devoid of privilege of having name. Besides, I'm not a type for making friends. Yet, my... "contract" with Lady Nieve compels me to cooperate with all of you so we would reclaim this inn without any problem. And yes... In order to avoid this "no-name guy" nonsense, let's make an agreement that for the duration of his operation my name would be---" Grylos - popped in his head. The Eyeless stopped short. Another glimpse on a vision - the vision he had witnessed before - fogged his mind and threw him off from the trail of thought. The questions left unanswered had arisen again. Who is Grylos? Why that phantom called him that? What was the meaning of a vision at the whole? Confused and slightly embarrassed, The Eyeless barely noticed Carter's manipulation with fire. He had remembered a major detail that everyone had missed during the events in the previous room. They haven't "marked" the territory devoid of The Presence. Having been knocked down back there, he had lost a couple of torches, so the only one was left at his disposal. "...Personally I think it's a bit dark there." - he resumed his monologue. - "I'll bring a light." The Eyeless stood before the wall lamp handle and raised his free hand near the torch to ignite it. The result, however, was not the one he expected. Instead of a small flame coming from his palm, a ball of fire burst out with a spark. It left the flame so big and bright that his arm could easily act as a torch itself. However, as blazing hot it may seem, The Eyeless felt nothing but a tingling warm circulating in his arm. He was speechless. If the vision was true and the fiery spirit before dormant had been finally awakened, then... His head started to spin as he let out the magic flame for too long. He still needed some time to get used to his newfound powers. Besides, he hadn't checked what had happened with his cursed eye behind the eyepatch: he could swear he felt an itch beneath it... As the torch had enlightened the room and the flame in The Eyeless' hand had been extinguished, he turned back toward party members and said with a faint smirk: "You can call me Jack." Jack the Eyeless. The name taken by a nameless. As a trophy from vanquished inner demon.
  11. Shigurui [Port City: Ragnarok]

    (Deepest apologize for delaying and sinking this thread. I'm not that good at writing big posts) As one of the first shots had reached the target, the beast growled and retracted back his arm. From it, a thick liquid dripped down the wooden deck. Blood. If the demon bleeds, it could be struck down. Though the spirits of defending crew got slightly up, it did not deny the fact the demon would simply walk toward the shooting party to tear them apart. As was expected, several men instantly died under monster's talons. However, out of his thrill for killing it wouldn't notice another riflemen group and Lady Endaria, whose ice sphere had grown significantly since the beginning of slaughter. "Now is the chance!" - exclaimed Bartolomeo and commanded to his crew. - "Prepare for a final blow!" But before riflemen could raise their loaded weapon, everyone on board could feel that the ship's lean became much more significant. Boxes and barrels rolled freely toward the end and fell down the harbor where even more shocked citizens made way for an incoming collision. It was harder and harder for the crew to keep on their feet and the safe ground was still out of reach. Bartolomeo had abandoned long ago his hopes to escape this cursed land, yet being buried between it and his own ship was out of his plans. There would be still one chance to jump out from La Gaviota, when it leans on a certain angle. Everyone aboard was aware of that chance - except for that enraged beast who was busy slaughtering armed crewmen. "Alright, men!" - The captain exclaimed. - "Change of plans! Hurry up and get out of this bird! Now jump, on three! One..." Motivated by captain's words, several men who weren't engaged in combat quickly rolled down to captain while the latter was preparing to leave his "home" for good. Jiana, however, did not reacted as quickly as the others, as her sight and mind was fixed on her mother's actions. She was still holding her hand, carrying her ice orb in the air while trying to keep balance. There was a tough choice: she would freeze the demon down to its bones, but she wouldn't have enough time to recover and escape before the downfall. On the other hand, she would save her powers yet putting everyone else at risk, leaving the demon mostly unharmed. What path would she choose? "Two..." The line of thought had been cut down, as Jiana felt someone grabbing her hand. The hold firm and unbreakable - just like her father's. The whole ship had leaned dangerously close to the surface and it was matter of time before they would jump out... or go down along with the wooden mass. There were several people still missing, though - the ones inside the ship, the ones battling the fiend, and... "Hey! We forgot about mo--" "THREE!!!" KRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAK! Though Jiana wasn't as acrobatic as she wished to be, the landing was not too rough. Along with her father, while still holding hands, she managed to leap across the port square at the safe distance away from the wreckage. Having made a quick roll-call, Bartolomeo found most of his crew quite injured, yet still alive. The others were no so lucky: several crewman and some unfortunate bystanders had been killed either by debris or by fallen cargo or squashed under the mast. Neither the demon nor Endaria was nowhere to be seen. Though being held back by fear and confusion, several citizens gathered near the shipwreck to help injured. In a certain moment, the suspicious movement under the torn sail had dragged captain's attention. There weren't enough people with rifles to safely check it, yet Bartolomeo took the initiative and walked toward it with his cutlass unsheathed and ready. As he had rapidly lifted the fabric, the tension on his face was replaced by the relief: under the sail there wasn't the demon, but his own wife. With the help of Bartolomeo Lady Endaria slowly stood up. Jiana noticed how she was slightly limping during walking, though she managed to hide that fact with all her grace. "It's just a minor bruise." - that was all she could answer on that matter. "Let's just walk away from the harbor while it's all quiet." - Bartolomeo spoke. - "I have a bad feeling about this..." The Trickfoods and the shard of Bartolomeo's crew started moving away throughout the crown, completely relying on captain's sense of danger. They were trying to keep it civil as possible, saving energy and spirits. Some of the people - Vincent, in particular - had noted it was unnaturally cold around. Jiana didn't have to look for the adequate answer: her gaze had been already fixed on Endaria's amulet that was emanating with a cold blue glow. "OVER THERE!" - someone shouted pointing at the seaside. As Bartolomeo looked back, his face rapidly got frozen in shock and dread. Soon this feeling had spread across everyone whose gaze was fixed on distant ships: an enormous wave arose from the ocean and swallowed both vessels like paper boats. Worse yet, the wave didn't stop its movement, but rather rushed toward the town, aiming to wash away everyone from the town's harbor. "They're gone..." - the old captain whispered. - "We are all... gone..." Chaos arose again among the people who hadn't yet recovered from demon hound assault. All the voices varied by pitch and tone cried out in despair: "It's moving so fast!" "What we gonna do?!" "We should run!" Three... "We can't... We are not going to make it..." - Bartolomeo let out. His doom, doom upon his family, doom upon the entire town was a few seconds away. Two... The wave had already reached the remains of La Gaviota and lifted it with relative ease along with debris from other ships. One... As people shouted prayers to ever-deaf gods, Bartolomeo closed his eyes, ready with body and soul to embrace the cold breeze of death. Zero. SSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRKK. One second. Two seconds. The heart of a captain pumped like crazy... yet it still pumped. Bartolomeo slowly opened his eyes. What he witnessed next was the miracle beyond human comprehension. Here was what happened: the moment before wave hit the square full of terrified people Lady Endaria raised her hands before her amulet gathering the ice energy stored before and with a quick loud chant thrust them toward the wave. A blue ray had struck the water mass, instantly solidifying and crystallizing it upon impact. Within seconds, before shocked refugees a tall wall of ice and frozen wood arose, menacingly hanging from above in petrified state. The upcoming water mass unaffected by the freezing ray had hit the ice barrier and split in two, greatly losing its ramming speed. Luck had smiled upon broken citizens of Port Town again. Yet their shocked state, severed nerves and disbelief of all that was happening didn't allow them to seek and praise the one, who had just saved their lives. The savior herself, Lady Endaria, collapsed right before the ice wall, completely exhausted and drained out of energy. "Mother!" - Jiana shouted. Both her and Bartolomeo rushed to Endaria. Captain knelt before his wife's body and looked at her. Though thin and deadly pale, her face still held such aristocratic grace and slightly fading beauty. "...You shouldn't be so selfless in your age, my love. Yet, I'll give my thanks to you and your great house." With that words he lifted her body and turned back to Jiana. They still needed to find a safehouse before one of those demons would recover or change their mind and continue the slaughter. In addition, the captain worried about that gosh-darned demon's whereabouts...
  12. The Darkness in Dougton

    *Gasp* *cough* *cough* The Eyeless suddenly regained his senses as he felt the heat in the room and a bit of smoke. He slowly stood up, trying to keep balance on his somewhat weakened legs. His mind was fogged and shattered, just as if he suffered from a heavy hangover. The only couple of things he could remember was him holding the knife against Lady Nieve (how blasphemous!), the axe swinging at him, the pair of wings enveloping him, the touch...But after that touch something else inside him had been awakened and... There was also some sort of phantasmagorical dream. The Eyeless took a quick look via his mechanical eye, which was slightly buzzing yet working. There were several new faces aside of those he could barely remember, and all of them looking suspiciously at him. It was a solid reason behind it and The Eyeless felt a bit guilty for letting his guard down. Yet there was no time for judgement. The group's attention was fixed on two things: flames on the floor and a weird-looking girl - the source of them. Several people including Lady Nieve and cyborg were trying to subdue her. There was also a faint feeling of uncontrollable rage, but the mysterious power was blocking and subsiding it. It didn't seem as the other would notice that as well. Behind the group there was an open doorway leading to stairwell. Staying in the burning room was not an optimal option. "Let's leave our grudge for better times and get out of here. Ladies first!" - he exclaimed.
  13. Final Words

    Vlad: "Argh... C-crap... b-baskets..." The Eyeless: "Heh... I hope... they've paid you... good enough for that..." Jiana: "I-is that blood?... Oh, I'm going dizzy... Don't... mind... if I... take a nap..." Tobruk: "My ancestors... Your last son... is... finally... coming home..."

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