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  1. Valuce: Breaking the Fourth Wall

    - - - - - To Sho'Horo's surprise, his idea of searching up for the river was picked up rather quickly. In fact, he remembered how he was crawling across hills during autumn's mushroom hunting. And, of course, there was a little river downhill, flowing casually beneath northern dwarf trees. Ellie, a girl in a dress and one of the newcomers supported the idea to travel downhill. Interesting enough, whatever was calling forth seemed to be pleased with that. "Well, I guess we have more than a company here." - Sho'Horo smirked. - "Wish we could use a mug or a bucket to get some supplies. Still, we find the river - we find the people." And speaking of the people... From outside the grove a crying young woman stepped forward, averting her gaze from the others. Her clothes indicated that she might be "teleported" here as well. Sho'Horo could see she was still unaware of what was happening with her. Initial shock at his worst. Though he wasn't a psychologist, Sho'Horo's tender nature couldn't sustain someone's sorrow that much. He approached her carefully in order not to scare her. "Do not worry, miss. We will do you no harm. Just let me explain what is going on. We've been--" The group, the forest, every living being had been shocked by a roar coming from the opposite site. It didn't take long to recognize Kodiak's distinctive voice. Everyone in the grove suddenly felt compelled to stand up and go help their companion with whatever happened to him. Sho'Horo, still lured by a water yet to be seen, was at first reluctant - he was in the middle of something, for God's sake. And yet, when the sobbing woman followed the group as well, Sho'Horo gave up. ...They arrived at the place, guided by Kodiak's voice, which was becoming louder and more ferocious. The scene revealed was... Well... Seeing exposed blood and guts from the laptop's monitor is one thing. Seeing a bunch of creatures' mangled corpses lying right before you - that's another kind of imagery. The sick one. Sho'Horo didn't felt sick by looking at the blood-stained scene. He was rather terrified by the monstrous being that just a few minutes ago sweared in Russian and had a name "Kodiak". Being in a berserk state, he was single-handedly wrecking the hell out of the pack of wolfes surrounding him. It is truly questionable whether it were really the wolves Sho'Horo should fear... Among this chaos he hadn't noticed a petite feminine creature behind Kodiak. Before Sho'Horo had a chance to take a closer look, The Alaskan Beast had already shoved his boot into her head. Was it a human? It looked like a human, at the very least. Sho'Horo heard something about nymphs and dryads, the spirits of nature, etc. And now one of these majestic deities had been thrown down, then electrocuted... Wait... Electrocuted?! He watched as a newcomer had launched some sort of an energy ball into the dryad, paralyzing her in advance. Why did he do this? How did he do this? Why is there blood everywhere? Aren't her sisters coming for revenge already? There was too many questions; Nick's head started to hurt - either because of smell of blood or his failing senses. "W-what... what the fuck is going on?!" - Sho'Horo let out and grabbed the newcomer's hand (@Hurttoto). - "Cut the crap and explain me all this! That's how you contact with people, huh?!" @Abigail666 @Raspberry LA @Fennis Ursai @Akako Akari
  2. Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Life got me again. Sudden article to send. Tonight. Most definitely. It's still 9am here.
  3. Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    I wished to jump into the "fun" you're having with dryads and wolves, but RL things got me out for a while. I'll try to post as soon as I get myself from work (which is today, anyway)
  4. Wonderland Resort

    Vials, vials, vials. There were nothing but vials containing liquids of any sorts of muddiness. The simulated environment seemed modern enough, even though it was hard for Alice to navigate throughout preparations unknown to her taste. Heck, it was barely a week since her arrival to Valucre, it was natural she was unfamiliar with the local pharmacy. However, she noted some drugs marked with painstakingly familiar labels. If the simulator was able to create old-as-hell Beretta in her bag, it would be safe to assume that it would generate-- "Ah-ha. There you are!" A vial labeled "Morphine" was conveniently lying behind the counter along with an one-use syringe. Time to put hard-learned First Aid skills to practice. She stepped toward Ross, who had regained his consciousness at the moment, and slowly rolled out the sleeve on his injured hand. A briuse had already turned sickly blue while they were repositioning. "Just hold on." - Alice spoke steadily. - "I know, this isn't much help from this. But at least your hand won't bother you for a while." She rubbed the treated place with an alcohol wipe, then she plunged the syringe and pushed it to inject the drug. In a moment, the searing pain would go away - as well as the arm's sensory control. "I wonder if I'm shivering in real life?" - Alice heard as a response. Despite being focused on treatment, she allowed herself to smile a bit. How he got to think about such trivial (for her) stuff in a dreaded situation like this? She tried her best to reassure him. "Nah, that's unlikely. Such systems tend to maintain our bodies in a constant condition while all our feelings here are stimulated inside our brain cells at certain point so our bodies remain mostly unaffected. Think about it as a direct hallucination. This could be made by making an impulse aimed at--" She stopped short. She didn't even noticed how she dived herself into another incomprehensible nerdy mess - a treat that was met by Pioneers with least enthusiasm. "Y-you know what, nevermind." And then they both remained silent, listening to gusts of wind blowing outside. Not a single footstep, not a single bark. Out of boredom, Alice took out her Beretta and pulled out the magazine. The case was relatively heavy and showing a bullet under the magazine spring. It was a good thing there was more than one bullet. It was certainly a good thing. "Now that you've mentioned it..." - Alice said, still unsure what to do next. - "That guy's name is Shivers, right?"
  5. Pictures of Us

    'Tis difficult to make selfies with Nikon. hehe, nick - nikon BTW, these are photos made in March, but don't worry. There's still snow, I've checked today.
  6. Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Allergies is very ambiguous statement. Pick something particular - like flowers or peanuts. Just sayin'
  7. Valuce: Breaking the Fourth Wall

    Eventually, Sho'Horo became bored of standing in the middle of forest. Even being surrounded by total strangers didn't affect his former perception of reality. When all topic have been used, yet discussion is still going on, Nick was tend to dive into some side activities until being called out. And by side activities he meant Internet browsing via his phone. Nick wasn't a slacker, however - as long as he has something to do, he would do his best - even if he overextend himself for doing obviously simple job. At the moment, he had nothing to do except to wait for a detailed plan to come out. Nick would just pull a phone, take a few swipes and... Oh... I forgot. The comm signal couldn't be any more dead than that. The phone showed no trace of any available operator around here. With a deep sign Sho'Horo (now Nick had to be Sho'Horo again) pulled the phone into the pocket and once again embraced the cruel reality... without much emotions. He gave silent nods to Kodiak's effort to search the surroundings for any settlement suitable for their needs. After all, Kodiak's behavior was revealing a character of a man who was accustomed to the wilderness. It was not about "Russian heritage", though - Sho'Horo was quite calm and domestic for an average Slavic. It was something else, but he couldn't put the finger on it. Soon one of the group - that wavy-haired guy (let's just assume he is a guy, okay?) - had decided to join Kodiak. Sho'Horo preferred to let it be that way. He didn't followed them - three is a crowd, they say. So he stood among the rest of the group - Ataraxy, Abigail and Ellie - thinking about their involvement in the searching process. Sho'Horo felt his throat being dried a little. He remembered he had forgotten to get a glass of water back home. He was confident at thinking that way considering the fact he wasn't dreaming. His feeling were real and at the moment they were indicating at the developing thrust. Sho'Horo gulped and closed his eyes. Man, he would do anything... Anything for a glass of water. Water... Water... A boiling stream, passing under the trees. Hovering above the rocky patches. Skipping between shallow ponds and deep pit. Flowing down... Down... Down... "Huh?" Sho'Horo snapped back from the trance-like state standing in the same place. The forest was quest as before - only swishing leafs and party members' gossip could be heard. No sign of river or babbling brook. Yet he stood, facing the direction opposite of where Kodiak went. There was something behind those trees, and Sho'Horo knew it. Or felt it? He scratched his cheek in confusion. He had never had any sort of vision or hallucination. What could it mean? He spoke to drag people's attention - yet mostly trying to calm himself. "You know, they say all the ancient civilizations were created near rivers... So were villages, as far as I could tell. I wonder if we could find any source of water so we could find any sort of settlement... or probably take some liquid to boil and drink." @Abigail666 @Raspberry LA @Ataraxy
  8. Jigane ga deru | The Steel Appears

    As the unwanted visitor had left the forge, Tobruk continued to work on the tool piece. Inside this prison he sought solace in such a trivial work, even though he questioned whether it was worth it. After all, he had never got to know if his craft would do any good to people. By people he meant those strangers, peasants and servants who were seeking for fortune and opportunity to serve the noble cause... and found nothing but misery and monstrosity. Just like Tobruk... The blacksmith shook off his head annoyingly - his sense of discipline could not allow him to bother himself with such derailing thoughts. Not during the work. He grumbled and kept hitting the metal piece. Tobruk got so fixated on this, he didn't noticed that another figure appeared behind him. Once he did, he spoke, not even bothering to turn back: "I said the pickaxes will be ready within two hours. Now get out!" In response, the blacksmith heard a deep vibrating voice, full of energy and imperiousness: "Are you the one the winds whispers call Magmahide? " The hammer had been falling down onto the deformed piece while those words were spoken. And just like that, it stopped a few inches above surface, the hand holding it was slightly trembling. Tobruk felt a slight fever overcoming his body. Magmahide... That was the name he hadn't heard for far too long. Tobruk turned back slowly and saw a tall black-haired man in the attire he had never seen before. Unlike the pale man he knew, this man was relatively young and more lively. However, there was no sincerity and recklessness of youth behind those bright red eyes. Only pure ambition and intimidation brimmed from them. Tobruk was assuming it was one of the emperor's closest people - just like the pale man. But the more he listened to the stranger's voice, the more he felt that powerful aura around him, the closer he was to the understanding that this man was the emperor himself. The "hunter from the forgotten village" didn't know much about the authorities and royalties of outside world. The only person that might be treated as an authority would be a village elder - a retired hunter who harnessed both power and wisdom to guide the people. About kings and emperors Tobruk could recall a few things told by the dwarf - they are "ruling and stuff" and probably "smell weird". However, the person before him was much more than he was supposed to be. Indeed, how an average "emperor" would know about his past and his fate? ...And yet, the blacksmith couldn't find enough will to answer the emperor's generosity. He was supposed to thank the emperor for getting rid of the monstrous quartermaster, for setting him free! But he felt that those benevolent intentions the man were brought with him were just a screen, which covered something that Tobruk could not understand. At last, the blacksmith had broken the silence. He spoke slowly, carefully picking the words from his developing vocabulary. "I know nothing neither about the Order, nor about your cause. But you should know: after I've lost my family, I heeded your call to join your... nation, as you call it. I wished to find my place in this world, but... This was not what I've expected. To see the beasts walking among the people..." Tobruk raised his head, making eye contact - one on two - with the emperor. "You claim to set the people free from whatever holds them, but you seek the help from a simple blacksmith. Was that a true reason of yours to come here? To tell me all about your cause that is unknown to me? Because I sense you are the man that walks many paths, not knowing which one is truly his." @Twitterpated
  9. Valuce: Breaking the Fourth Wall

    The more Nick (or Sho'Horo? If only he knew for sure) looked at the group, the more he acknowledged he had been definitely teleported here. The cast happened to be quite diverse, as far as he could tell by observing and listening. There was a shirtless man of his age who swore in Russian with no particular reason and speaking native English in other cases. In other words, not the best partner for nationality exposure, Nick thought. Then there was a handsome grean-eyed girl in a dress and a blond-haired woman in a uniform clearly not suited for this type of climate. Being put out from their mundane activities to this strangely calm place... Nick managed to consume enough corresponding media material to know where this was going. As the others were talking their way out, Sho'Horo kept his mouth shut. It was clear that despite the current condition he still felt foreign among those potential "partners". With his accent even more distinct that the one of that Alaskan guy, Kodiak, it would be quite a trouble to communicate. Yet, it was crucial to communicate... and cooperate. Nonetheless, Kodiak was right. They needed to orient themselves and find any trace of civilization, no matter how alien it might seem. But first they needed to keep their crap together. Sho'Horo turned to a woman named Ellie who had already disposed of her winter clothes. She seemed to be less accommodated to change of scenery than others, as she was rejecting what happened to her... or basically to all of them. "I'm afraid, miss Ellie," - he spoke, once again exposing his Russian accent. - "that we are, in fact, not dreaming. I may refer to some dream-bubble-type thing, but... In any case, our problem won't be solved if we just stand here, waiting for ourselves to wake up." Sho'Horo stood aside, awaiting for others to offer something that would help the group to find a nearby settlement to progress. Even though, something was bothering him. The occurring seemed way too roleplay-ish to him. Besides, one of those guys, @Ataraxy... Sho'Horo couldn't put his finger on it, yet he had a feeling he had heard this name before. "By the way..." - he spoke again, this time aiming is speech at everyone. - "Aren't those real name you're using? I mean, Ellie seems quite real to me, but you guys..."
  10. Wonderland Resort

    @Praetorian (In case if you are still looking for a closure of this thing) ...Ross was silent. So was the killer. Perhaps they do have a chance. Alice walked across the entire quarter dragging her unlikely companion along. It seemed that the killer had lost interest in chasing his victims, though it wasn't a solid reason to let the guard down. The second priority was to find the shelter - there was still gosh-darned cold outside. And just like a guiding star, an old discolored sign just above them creaked under the whiff of wind. The sign said: "Ol' Nick's Drug Store". "Maybe we could find something to patch you up." - Alice spoke, turning her head toward Ross. - "What do you think?" She didn't noticed that she managed to calm down and was attempting to pull out them both from this mess. The minutes ago she was trembling in fetal position, barely keeping her breath out of fear. But now she got accustomed to her aug-less physical condition. She was still at clear disadvantage before the omnipotent killer, but as least she felt more confident and daring than at the beginning. It seemed that the psychic training had finally payed off... Alice carefully pulled the entrance door and slipped inside the drug store with her carriage. The place was abandoned as well, yet several vials, packs and syringes could still be seen on the shelves. The assortment was quite wide - cough remedies, cold medicine, stomach pills - although the age and condition of drugs were uncertain at the first glance. Perhaps, there might be some well-conditioned stock at the storage room just behind the counter. "Wait here." - Alice said, putting Ross under the counter. - "Gonna get some painkillers real quick." She walked behind the stand toward the door. As she pushed it lightly, the door not being held by a lock had opened with dampened creak. "Oh." Behind the door there was nothing. No, the storage room wasn't empty. Rather, it was NO storage room behind the door. Instead, a glowing grid wall was engulfing the corridor, entirely blocking the view behind it. Alice slowly picked a piece of concrete then threw it at the wall. As the stone barely touched the grid wall, it had instantly zapped out of existence. What a way to remind this was all a simulation. Alice scratched her head. It seemed she had to search the counter attentively if she wanted to keep Ross conscious.
  11. Huh... This is something new.

  12. Jigane ga deru | The Steel Appears

    Clang. Clang. Clang. Sparks coming from impact illuminated the dim space of a smithery. All windows and door were closed shut, so not a single sun ray could fall throughout burnt air. The only source of light was the furnace, fading and then again blazing bright with each bellows press. Behind the anvil a tall, muscular man was swinging his hammer at the heated metal piece, giving it the desired shape. He was alone in this dark room, and his thoughts were even darker. Several months have passed after Tobruk had been put into a conflict with the demon quartermaster. A devastating blow in the head was everything he could remember - a significant bruise across the left part of his face hidden behind the bandana was quite a mark to be left. The other details could be remembered only in tiny fractions of his messed-up mind. An axe in his hand. His scream. The scream of something inhuman. A tall figure of a pale man... Yes. Tobruk remembered the pale man. His long, soft face was the first thing the blacksmith saw when he woke up in this very house that soon became his personal forge. The man noted, with the voice carrying the notes both of amusement and disappointment, that the blacksmith "got off lightly with his little outburst" and "it would be better if he stays here for a while and doesn't peek out". Since then, the world have been isolated from Tobruk. Or rather he isolated himself from the world that happened to be far more cruel than Bofrak the dwarf described. As the condition of hard-earned truce between Tobruk and his authority, he spend the entirety of a day inside the stuffy forge, making orders sent from quartermaster by a courier. Orders varied from simple tools - hatchets, shovels, axes - to a certain pieces of militia equipment. Needless to say, Tobruk was making a darn good job making formidable tools that helped make progress in city construction. Even being practically a prisoner and never knowing about being one, a tribal blacksmith never strayed from his calling. Nevertheless, the demon quartermaster took all the credit for himself, while Tobruk mostly stayed in the shadow of his own forge. At his shorts breaks he stayed away from the people of his kind - those unlucky fellows who sought the fortune at devil's den - and watched after those with higher ranks. He noticed a frightening pattern: the closer those "people" were to the emperor, the less "human" they were seemed to be... However, not a single thought of escaping had visited Tobruk's head. Not because he did not feared for his life. Not even because he wasn't yet aware of his dwarven mentor whereabouts. But because there was still work to be done. Lately there weren't any additional orders for quartermaster, so Tobruk dedicated himself to making more tools - just to consider newcomers. The camp was filled with rumors about series of executions. Fed up with high death rate among workers, they said, the ever-present emperor had ordered to behead several "hot-heads". Some people mentioned that the sadistic quartermaster was on the list too - a scent of sulfur from his tent hadn't been coming for a day or two. Yet, as usual, the gossip passed near Tobruk's lair, not bothering even to slip inside. He was still standing, refining the raw parts, deeply focused on his work. Even with the door opened and escort's shadow appeared before his sight, the blacksmith did not react - neither on the appearance of a intruder nor on the voice. "Tell your Emperor that his pickaxes should be ready within two hours." - he spoke roughly, with his throat dried after spending hours near the furnace. He expected the visitor to leave him be: after all, the world needed master's craft, not the master himself. @Twitterpated
  13. Valuce: Breaking the Fourth Wall

    A sturdy lad stands in his bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 7th of March, 2018, is this sturdy lad's another work day. Though it was about twenty three years ago he was given life, it is only today he will be--- Oh, right... I don't have bedroom anymore. Nick scratched his head as he looked around half empty room of his soon-to-be-vacant flat. As a matter of habit, he often came into this room to lie on a sofa during his thought experiments, creative process or just pure lazyness. But instead of sofa Nick could see only a wooden floor. His occasional hums echoes across the walls and dampened only by a lone wardrobe containing his clothes. From the window at the room's end a lovely sight was shown: a snow-covered trees sparkled under the rays of a sun shining above condensed city blocks. Bemused by such sightseeing, Nick hummed a Snowman tune (You know, that one from Earthbound). He traversed from bedroom to his workplace - just to appear again in the bedroom a couple of minutes later. Nobody said that moving from one flat to another was going to be easy. Not to mention being a student and a part-time worker at the same time. And yet, Nick was quite optimistic about his future. He learned a few ways how to live on his own pace despite of all the crap happening worldwide. And knowing the fact that an incredibly fast Internet connection has been already waiting at new apartment, Nick only wished for weekend to finally come. But now he had to live another day. Which was unnecessary bad, at least. After mindless wandering, Nick sat down behind the desk where his laptop was residing. A few clicks, a couple of seconds - and he was already surfing at least three of his favorite websites. Needless to say, Valucre.com was one of those sites. A roleplayer's haven where he can freely develop (or abuse?) his English writing. Occasionally Nick would check the notifications for any responses on RPs he was subscribed to. Recently there was none of that, so he practically wandered across the site, watching character profiles, which pops up almost every day. There were also some browser notifications indicating that someone wrote something. But again, Valucre wasn't the only site Nick usually visits and the internet itself wasn't the main interest. If nothing of interest appears or there is a some kind of artblock, then he simply switches to another computer thing or starts to wander across his flat again. Only a passing notification from Valucre could bring him back. That day, the 7th of March, 2018, was just like other days. Clicking, typing, scrolling and all in-between. Nick was about to close browser - it was minutes away from dinner and preparation for study/work. But a little pop-up window that appeared on one of Val's topic slowed him down a bit. It wasn't simple pop-up with user's pic, name and kind of his action. It was rather a prompt. Gaia has declared you worthy. Do you accept? | YES | NO | "Pfft. Some kind of clickbait ad for another pay-to-win crap." - Nick thought and attempted to close the entire browser. However, another pop-up appeared and blocked the control, as if the scammers were refusing to lose their "client". Please accept this offer! This is you chance of a lifetime! | YES | NO | "Su-u-u-u-ure." Ctrl+Shift+Esc, Processes, Kill Process. And boom! The anonymous plea had disappeared without a trace. With a sense of accomplishment, Nick stood out from his desk and walked toward the kitchen. The soup bowl won't heat itse-- BZZZZZZZT! BZZZZZZZZT! Nick turned around as he had heard a buzzing sound in his room. He knew his phone would receive another broadcasted message from another art group. Yet, the bubble at the top of a phone indicated that was a PM. Without hesitation, Nick swiped back and forth and spent seconds to briefly read the message. It appeared that those seconds were enough. On the screen there was a chat room with an empty field instead of name. A single text blob was written in bold and crimson red font: ESCAPING FROM YOUR PURPOSE IS MEANINGLESS "Oh. Kay..." - Nick mumbled. He didn't know if someone from his friends wanted to prank him with OFF reference or it was a death threat, but such things could get on his nerves. Soon he forgot about grim message and walked away from his room. On the way he turned right to the bedroom, driven by a yet persistent habit. Suddenly, a familiar sofa stood before his eyes. In reality it should be taken apart and lying in another apartment. Yet here it was, fully assembled and prepared for a night's sleep. An instant wearyness fell upon Nick. He didn't questioned how the sofa got here in the first place. He simply walked mindlessly toward it to lay down and take a quick nap, like he always do. With an unexpected grace he jumped out and fell flat onto a blanket. A sofa responded with a soothing wobble. The blanket was so soft and warm, that Nick could not help but roll around and wrap himself with it. Overwhelmed by a somnific sensation, he closed his eyes. ...And then there was nothing but the void. . . . . .. ... *cough* *cough* The first feeling Nick got is the taste of soil in his mouth. He spitted out the stuff and slowly stood up. It was difficult to do, as his vestibular apparatus still haven't restored itself properly after dozing. When Nick finally got himself together, only then he realized, there was no bedroom around. Moreover, there was no flat he was inside. Okay, let's get this straight: it was a forest. A dense, humid, never-ending green forest. It was hard to believe that several minutes ago Nick saw tons of snow outside. Of course, this sudden change of scenery made his heart beat faster than usual. But, needless to say, the surroundings were quite pleasant to the eyes that have been seeing only seventy shades of whites for months. But there was no time to enjoy the forest's refreshing air. Nick needed to do what any millennial would do on his place. Firstly, he checked in his mind all the possibilities of how he got there. Kidnapping? Unlikely. Teleportation? Still early for that. Dreaming? Pinch cheek - ouch! - nope, awake as hell. No possibilities left? Okay, saving that questions for later. Next, Nick checked the tools at his disposal. Luckily, he was still holding his dual-SIM smartphone - perhaps something or someone had brought him along with it. Regrettably, all comms were dead. At least, the battery was full enough to allow Nick get to the highest point of this... place. He looked around. At first glance, there was nothing but trees. A space fulls of trees, with no visible trace of wildlife or civilization. However, he managed to find a clearing in the distance. There were several people wearing casual clothes - much like himself. Even though Nick's outfit was more suitable for domestic purposes: with such intense heating in his flat he could afford a thin gray shirt and black cotton shorts. For some weird reason, he was literally barefooted, so he could feel every stick and stone below. But that didn't matter because it was mandatory to make contact with those people. He make a few steps toward the clearing, when suddenly he tripped over a stone. THUD! Once again, Nick's mouth was full of dirt. He stood up quickly to examine that stone, which presumably appeared out of nowhere. Surprisingly enough, it was a runestone. The surface was covered in glowing symbols that seemed to be familiar. Way too familiar... ~ДОБРО ПОЖАЛОВАТЬ, О ОТВАЖНЫЙ ГЕРОЙ!~ Сама Матерь-Гайя избрала тебя, дабы исполнить древнее пророчество. Долгий и опасный путь лежит пред тобой. Но ты будешь не один. Мечом, магией и дружбой ты проложишь путь к своей судьбе. Nick rapidly took out his glasses and rubbed his face. Nothing. He didn't feel anything on his face but his own palm. No VR headset, no implants, nothing. Nick put his hands onto his head, biting up his lower lip and tight as possible. The flat interior wasn't coming back and the glowing runestone was still before him. This was going wrong in so many directions. He remembered that Disney movie about the guy that got himself into Russian folklore world almost in the same manner. And the resemblance was far too obvious to ignore. It was clear as a day it would be useless to search for embassy in this world. But at least he could search for friends in distress. Nick stepped outside the forest, revealing himself before the group. They would see a tall wide-shouldered man with glasses, carrying the impression of a guy who visits computer classes more often than gyms. A short haircut was made for one purpose: to elevate the rest of dark brown hair with the developing bald spot at forehead. In other words, unlikely hero. He noticed that the people were speaking English and introducing themselves by using something that might count as a nickname. At least, a young short-haired man and the person with long wavy hair (probably a girl, it's hard to tell) were talking that way. Nick thought about using his own nickname, but the name "P.N.See" would sound stupid in live conversation. Struggling to find something suitable, he gulped and spoke to the group with the following words that came into mind: "The name's Sho'Horo. Care to explain what is this place?" - - - - - Name: Shourito Horosaki (Sho'Horo) Age: 23 Ability: Water Manipulation Rank: Randomizer Title: Otherworlder
  14. Kudos to @jaistlyn for magic lesson. Case closed. Carry on.
  15. Test Dunno how that works, but it works!