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  1. Since his village had got obliterated by unknown forces during Whispernight events, he is wandering between villages and cities not too far from the western side of Cold Mountain.
  2. Heh. Looks like I've got one hell of a campaign in this town. Sign me in, Robbie.
  3. What coincidence! I just have a blacksmith (Tobruk) at my disposal. I'm a bit busy on my response for Whispernight event, yet I'm open for details on the upcoming story.
  4. Hi I'm back. Sorry for "cutting" in.
  5. Since Lady Nieve's party had left the liberated top floor, Ivas, encouraged by the progress they made, decided to lead the way as a hero he saw himself. The Eyeless met that decision with a silent approval - the idea of everyone able to contribute to their cause at once was more than encouraging. Still, while they were pressing forward there was still a need to support their backs. As the group ventured forward across the corridor, The Eyeless separated from them unnoticed and proceeded to light one of his spare torches. The light radiating from the party was fading away, and the malicious whispers above The Eyeless intensified. Yet they were completely vanished, as the torch soaked in oil blazed out and tearing apart the gloom. Satisfied by his doings, The Eyeless placed the torch into the empty wall handle, where no lesser mindless creature would reach it. He turned away and was about to rejoin the group, but suddenly he tripped over something and crashed on the ground with a loud thud. That was unexpected - despite of a building's age, the floor was in near-perfect condition. The Eyeless turned over and was surprised when he noticed the thing he had tripped over... A stump. A little wooden stump with a shear well-polished. In the middle of the room. This night couldn't get any weirder. Though confused by the presence of a tree stump, The Eyeless attempted to ignore it and proceed into the next room. But his initial intent had been stopped, as a grumpy high-pitched voice came out from down: "Hey you! What the feck you think you're doing?" The Eyeless looked down and noticed a midget-sized birdy creature. Absolutely naked, it stood with its human arms on its sides, tapping its tiny foot nervously. "Hmph... Not the most original illusion." - The Eyeless thought. The perfect solution would be to ignore that strange bird, yet it seemed that it did its best to make the opposite and slow down the mercenary for a bit. "Yo! I'm talking to you!" - it continued to scream. There was a point when The Eyeless had to turn back at the creature - just to appreciate its weirdness for the last time. Having got the much-needed attention, the bird cheerer up a bit and continued its ranting, while pointing at the stump. "Yo! You see that stump? That stump is MINE! And you've touched it. You touch it - you pay up. 1000 coins with no taxes. Me waiting!" After those words the bird extended its arm in a begging, almost demanding manner. A smirk appeared on The Eyeless' face. "Why so much? And most of all ---" - he spoke. - "Where will you store them if you even don't have pants?" The sarcastic tone had obviously pissed the creature off. "Not your fecking business!!!" - it shouted. - "Now hand over your money until I beak your eye out!" It shook its tiny fists in the air and tapped more aggressively. Even though, its attempts to look threatening were both pathetic and hilarious. Out of sheer amusement he demonstratively stepped on the stump - bad idea - to provoke the creature further till the state of a heart attack. But suddenly the stump had dissipated under The Eyeless' boot. With the pea eyes wide open, the bird jumped back and let out a piercing shriek. "D O N T T O U C H T H E S T U M P !" The light from the torch flickered and dimmed, the shadows began to crawl around. From the darkest corners came the same birdy creatures with the same posture and the same attitude. Coming by dozens, they would cackle and shout something like: "DON'T TOUCH THE STUMP!", "WHO TOUCHED THE STUMP?", "ARE YOU THE ONE WHO TOUCHED THE STUMP?". As the amount of critters was becoming quite formidable, The Eyeless decided to stop joking around. The next few seconds felt like an eternity, without any words spoken. Shift. And the black blade had come out of the sheath, showing no reflection under the torch's light. Slash. And several critters had split in two, showing no blood or innards. Splat. And the bodies had disappeared with a black smoke, showing no trace behind. Swing after swing the voices and the numbers were rapidly fading away until one bird remained, trembling before mercenary's wrath. He made the impression of a wide eyed kitten, asking for a hug, but instead he received a cold boot to the head. With the last illusion gone, the torch regained its former brightness, marking the defeat over darkness in this room. The Eyeless noted to himself that he had wasted too much time in this area and hurried to rejoin the group. ------------------------- As The Eyeless had finally reached Lady Nieve's party, he noticed some new faces that came from this floor's other side. There were two girls - one hugging Ivas like they were long-time friends and one with a weird-looking outfit - and two men (if one of them could be described as human at all). With such a bizarre roster it would be safe to assume this was a meeting party from outside. The Eyeless' spirit raised as the chance of success had increased tenfold thanks to newcomers. Unfortunately, not for long. A sudden shout from one of the girls and some sort of demonic voice resounding across the room had caused a disrupt inside the group. Out of uncontrollable anger Ivas pushed away his "girlfriend" and started to threaten Lady Nieve - the very woman he used to admire and worship. The Eyeless was behind of all this mess. He was aching to ask everyone "refrain from violating chat's Code of Conduct" in order to not "get banned". Whatever that alien thought meant. But suddenly it disappeared, replaced with a sheer anger, still kept inside and condensing. It seemed that the destructive collective mind, known by many names aside of Illuminati, had a personal grudge over The Eyeless, who posed himself as a threat to it. Instead of tossing him into the common "rage pit", it decided to utilize him as a weapon instead. "...What are you waiting for, Jack?" An ethereal yet painstakingly familiar voice came from behind The Eyeless. He turned back and noticed the figure of the same size and same attire as himself. Basically, that was an exact copy of The Eyeless! The only difference was the sinister crimson glow from the prosthetic eye and wide, almost animal grin. "There she is. Your biggest game." - The twin continued and pointed at Lady Nieve. The Eyeless was confused. He knew his name wasn't Jack - hell, he even doesn't have one. He had no twins, he knew it was just an illusion. Yet, another part of his mind was mesmerized by the impostor's speech. No one had yet noticed The Eyeless, and they were unlikely to see his evil twin - only mercenary himself could see and hear him. "What's the hesitation, brother? Haven't you tired of being this old lady's puppy pet? We are lone wolves. We do what we want. We steal what we want. We KILL who we want!" The Eyeless tried to resist the demon's temptations, but with his thief pride touched, it was harder and harder to keep the control. All of those words were truth. An obvious, striking and undeniable truth. The demon continued to whisper, infecting The Eyeless' mind. "How much will you roll in dirt and get fed up by those promises while she would glide in gold and stuff? Just look at her! Her jewelry, her dress... her body. Just imagine how much treasures her vault holds! How much they will pay for her head at the black market!" Hypnotized by head-turning amount of potential wealth, The Eyeless hadn't noticed as his right hand crawled toward the dagger attached to his belt. He didn't care about Ivas and the others - when her spiritual leader is done for, their formation and spirits will be broken like a house of cards. "Just one stab, Jack." - the demon's voice was fading away along with the visage. - "One stab - and you're rich forever..." The Eyeless silently crawled behind Lady Nieve, while she was busy with angered Ivas. Her back was hidden behind armor plates, while her neck... Her silky slender neck was left wide open. The Eyeless raised his hand with the dagger above Nieve and gave a vicious smile of a monster he was about to become...
  6. Aight. This time... Definitely jumpin' in!
  7. @amenities Finally back from my finals. Deeply sorry for the delay. Posted.
  8. Paranoia and Depression: 3/3 Uncontrollable Excitement: 1/3 (rolled 4) --- The outcome from the first telepathic contact was frighteningly instant, as Shaman turned toward Vlad. Though the face beneath the mask was well-hidden, Vlad felt that both the sight and the mind of Ulway leader was concentrated on him particularly. He could felt a strange sensation, as if someone was digging through his thoughts. The dull feeling of fear had been rekindled. Did he just ask for something forbidden? Is there something of great importance inside that mountain? Vlad's mind couldn't resolve those questions, yet it was harassed again by another one. "Treasure? Are... Are you Ginger God?" A confusion struck Vlad. Ginger God? He wasn't familiar with Ulway pantheon to make assumptions about that moniker. Besides, he wasn't ginger at all. Of course, he would ask islanders about it, but their allegorical speech wouldn't make much sense. It seemed better to ask Dr.Amantis, the man more familiar with the local culture. "Err... Sorry, er, sir." - Vlad spoke to Shaman in more human verbal manner, yet his speech still was projected onto telepathic network. - "I'm neither Ginger, nor God or anything, okay? You are probably mistaken..." "Hey, Doc?" - he turned back at Theodore. - "What do you know about their Ginger God or whatever? Doc, are you heari-- Oh, god." Vlad realized that doctor was too fixed on a certain giant fungus that caught his attention. When he barely touched the surface of the shroom, a cloud of spores ejected from it with loud noise and covered the entire group. Vlad coughed a bit, feeling a tickling sensation both in his nostrils and his throat. Then something else happened. The feeling of everyone's gaze, the fear hidden deep inside Vlad's mind had been shifted away, making place for a inspiring joy, which had no reason whatsoever. The shroud before Vlad's expanded sight had gone, and the entire visage of the uncharted island appeared before him full blown. The wild variety of scents and colors, held before by Vlad's psychic self-defense, had surged like an ocean wave. He couldn't help but let out a laugh full of excitement over the new discovery. Of course, such sensations are aching to be released, to be shared with the ones who feels the same. With that in mind, Vlad placed his hand on Dr. Amantis and Morrin's shoulders like they were old-time friends and joined their heated conversation. "Brothers! Who cares about cataloging knowledge, when we are the knowledge itself? With such complex neural construction we would be able to circulate the knowledge of past without risking to lose it, as every part of this network would keep it as its own. Of course, the process of integration could be difficult, but what opportunities can be brought! On the other hand, we could train ourselves to regulate our interference with the hivemind as well as with our social system. Why wouldn't we decide when to put our mind into the system lightly or at full extent?" Like three philosophers, they would continue descending into discussion over hivemind potential until one of them regains his senses and brings two other demagogues toward the destination.
  9. I. Will. Return. This Weekend. Watch.
  10. Not gonna happen for a while. I've got a rough week - three exams to go. But after that I'll be free as an eagle.
  11. The flow continued its movement - even without the signal bell that felt under enemy's blast. The pressure within the remnants of refugees was gradually rising - as well as anger among the people. There was a word spreading that the entrance on lone ship's board had been blocked by some kind of redhead. Though she seemed quite feeble, she kept her stand with unveiled rage, spreading swearing and fire bolts toward those mad-driven fools who still hoped to get on board. The one who got hurt and burned had dropped into tantrum and swore back at the assailant. The girl seemingly wasn't in haste to place herself on board - smacking refugees in the face with smoking hot fists was more appropriate activity. As Jiana was delivering punch after punch, captain Bartolomeo stood behind her in shock and silence. In a blink of his ever sharp eyes the good folks of Port Town had instantly turned into a horde of beasts that weren't any better than those unseen creatures conducting this bloody feast. It was even more painful to watch his own daughter to succumb to this disease - there was no other rational explanation to this phenomenon. In this dire situation there was only one thing to do. Yes, he might be affected as well, yet he was afraid to leave Jiana in such state. Before Jiana could conjure another fireball to throw at the angered crowd, Bartolomeo grabbed her by her blouse's collar and pulled her on board. Surprised by her father's action, Jiana tried to break the hold and dive back into the mess. If only she was more or less sane, she wouldn't resist anyway: old captain still had enough strength to pacify his riotous offspring. As they had reached the deck, Bartolomeo ordered his men to pull out the plank, thus cutting out the escape route. As cruel and heartless it may be - to tear apart people's last hope - the captain could not risk his crew and family. The fate of Port Town had already been sealed... Even being restrained, Jiana couldn't calm down and contain her induced anger. "Let me out!!!" - she would yell while trying to escape from Bartolomeo's firm grasp. "What on Valucre has happened to you?" - The captain looked in Jiana's eyes hidden behind the crimson film. "I'm not finished yet!" - She yelled back at Bartolomeo. "Why would you do that?! They are humans! Just like you and me!" - The captain felt as otherworldly feeling was trying to affect his own psyche. "They are just a bunch of pi-" "ENOUGH!" - Captain's yell dragged attention of everyone on board: from confused first mate Vincent to ever silent Lady Endaria who had watched calmly over the ongoing drama. Jiana still hadn't left her tries to get away from the father's hold, yet she swore back with less enthusiasm than before. "I do not know what had gotten into you... But you must fight it! That's enough bloodshed, enough suffering. They're just afraid. But they are good people. We are good people." - The captain voice was trembling as the enraging spark was circulating between him and Jiana, gradually becoming weaker and weaker. Jiana's intense breath was losing its pace and the shroud in her eyes was slowly dissipating, revealing the former reddish tint in her eyes. "I... I... I'm sorry..." - She sobbed quietly. Captain smiled and changed his grip onto Jiana's hands. Then he hugged her tightly, giving the relief much needed. "It's all going to be alright, darling. But next time keep your head cold, okay?" - He spoke with a tender smile. He was glad to see his daughter smile once again in response. But he saw a concern in her expression as if she was worried about something. "Something that bothers you?" - he asked. - "If it is about those people, I understand... But you must know we didn't have other choice." "No, it's not like that... When you pulled me back, I felt something else aside of my anger, as if... Someone was calling me?" "Calling?" - Bartolomeo raised his brow. - "But who might that be? I haven't heard anything..." Jiana didn't answer. Instead she faced back to the harbor where the remaining people were shouting, swearing and crying over their lost ticket to safety. Among the crowd there was one person who stood out. A white-haired woman with the only silken cloth covering her chest and a colaar around her neck passed gracefully throughout the provoked crowd with a couple of hounds as her escort. There was something both beautiful and unsettling in this serene being... "What in the--" "What the hell is this thing?!" "INTRUDER!!!" The unstable peace that had been reigning over the board of La Gaviota had been broken, as a figure of a man in an oriental garment erupted from nowhere, carrying the vicious smile. While most of the refugees were terrified by the assailant's appearance, some of them were trying to hit him back and drive away from the ship. This task would be simple as the black gaze coming from the intruder's silver eyes could point at his blindness. Much to the shock of the refugees and the crew, the blind man not only easily evaded incoming attacks, but reflected in the most excruciating way. The defenders flew away, torn and mutilated like paper dolls. Bartolomeo and Jiana stood still in fear, witnessing this massacre. The entire crew of La Gaviota was basically entrapped one-on-one with a demon. The assailant swung back and forth with his talons with no hesitation and no mercy. The grin on his face gave a clear statement to everyone: no one will get out of this port alive. Then the captain regained his senses and called out his crew: "Aight, men! Grab the rifles and regroup! Do NOT let this fiend get clo--". Bartolomeo hadn't finished giving the orders, as the assailant's demonic hand sustained yet another metamorphosis. His fingers had been lengthened by an unbelievable extent until they were resembling five firm whips. In a swinging manner the demon wiped out the resisting crew surrounding him, and the blood splattered across the board. "STAND BACK!" - Bartolomeo shouted, then grabbed Jiana's hand and dragged her along with him. It was risky to stand on one place, knowing the demon's superhuman reaction on any source of sound. While the assailant continued his rampage, several men had grabbed a couple of flintlock rifles and spread in relatively wide arc, just a few feet away from whips' reach. They would open fire one after other - if they don't hurt it, they at least would drag his attention until the others would be mobilized. The air above La Gaviata was heated, still and stained with the smell of blood and ripped flesh. Yet, the soft breeze started to circulate around the people. Bartolomeo and Jiana turned toward the source of cold and noticed Lady Endaria holding a glowing blue orb forming from her hands. As she was whispering with her eyes closed, the air around her got colder, the orb inflated more and glowed brighter. The radiating magic would definitely lure the demon, much to Bartolomeo's concern. However, the crew would continue shooting back at the demon, leaving it between fire and ice. Jiana watched after her mother in awe, imagining how she would release the cone of freezing energy right into fiend's face... The ear-piercing scream resounded above the harbor, alerting everyone in sight - even the blind demon would be distracted from his murders. Jiana quickly ran toward left side of the ship and noticed that the scenery changed radically. Paralyzed by fear, people stood away from the familiar white-haired woman, whose visage was much more sinister. She had no demon limbs or talons at her disposal, yet she was striking terror into people's hearts as well as the fiend on board. Captain Bartolomeo also came to witness the demoness' reveal while keeping an eye for the situation: there was still a threat to thwart. "Just how many of these abominations came to feast upon our bones?" - He grunted. "It doesn't seem like she want to" - Jiana stated. - "I think she is sparing us..." "We are just playthings for them, Jiana. Today they will let you live, tomorrow they will roast you in Hell" "Let's go back and help your mother." - Bartolomeo finished his speech and returned back on board to command the counter attack, while Jiana remained alone with her thoughts. The demoness' behavior was definitely standing out, not motivated by a mindless bloodlust. Though she wasn't taught the essentials of demonology, motives behind her and her kin got Jiana curious. But when their sights had crossed, Jiana's heart had skipped a few beats. Just what kind of connection could be between them - aside from "predator-prey" one? In a certain moment anyone on La Gaviota's board felt that the ship started to move with side ahead by itself. The movement had rapidly been held up by an anchor, and every creature and object aboard and inside of ship followed the inertia and suffered the collision. Unaware of what might happen, Bartolomeo quickly stood up and attempted to call out his first mate to revise the situation. However, Vincent had already preceded captain's intent and call him instead toward left side. As he arrived, he noticed that the water in a harbor below the waterline crawled away from the shore, eventually revealing the anchor and the bottom under the ship. "What kind of magic is this?!" - captain exclaimed. Suddenly the ship rumbled and leaned slightly toward the harbor. Without water and proper anchorage the vessel would likely to collapse, bringing everyone outside down on the harsh ground, should a slight push or imbalance occur.
  12. (Though I'm still AFV because of my exams, I'll make my contribution for that) Tobruk -- Tribal blacksmith, skillful in metal crafting, forging, repairing and enhancing equipment
  13. The Eyeless was genuinely surprised as Lady Nieve, her guardian and Ivas had followed him into the dark corridor, bringing their own sources of light with them. He had never used to see himself in a leading position. He was no leader and tactic by any means: all he had done is couple of simple torches from scraps. But there was power in simplicity. The torch in his arms was a powerful symbol, a beacon that called the party forth and tear apart the oppressing darkness. Soon they have left the apartments - this golden prison that held them back for their own demise. As they stepped forward, the dark veil dissipated away from the blazing lights. The remaining shards crawled under the door leading into the common room. From there, a barking could be heard. As the door had been opened, a horde of quadrupedal mutants revealed itself. With a foretaste of a bloodshed The Eyeless put the torch into his left hand and gripped the hilt of his sword by his right one. "Dogs..." - he whispered. "Dogs!" - Ivas exclaimed in surprise. "No. Not dogs..." - The guardian spoke. - "Doggos..." "...Wait, how did you call them?!" The Eyeless' violent intent had been disrupted not by fear, but by sheer confusion. Appearance and terrifying origin aside, it was hard to keep the straight face. Silly names, a psychotic scribbles marked with a familiar triangle. Whatever eldritch force was opposing Nieve and the company, it had some sort of sick sense of humor. Nevertheless, the tainted dogs were still an obstacle. "No offense, my friend..." - he spoke to the guardian. - "But for a celestial being you're pretty bad at naming. You better keep this for a while." - After these words the mercenary gave his torch to the guardian. The thing the mercenary was about to do required both of his hands, a bottle bomb free to reach... And morality put aside. He knelt before the horde and started to whistle. The sounds were short and frequent in a calling manner. Whether his companions would stop The Eyeless from taunting the horde or not, he would continue whistling dragging its attention. Fifty pairs of glowing eyes had fixated their gaze onto the mercenary stepping back and forward. The inner fear of light, the induced rage and and the calling toward "the master" were colliding in each cursed dog's soul. Finally, one of the lesser dogs - the ones with one head instead of three - shyly walked from the horde. A shabby, thin and trembling creature asking speechlessly to end its eternal suffering. He limped toward The Eyeless with a whimper and a little hesitation before multiple light sources. As the creature stepped beyond the doorway, the mercenary extended his hand toward it, shifting the focus from the horde and continuing to call it particularly. It seemed from aside that the creature behaved like a real puppy, despite of its traumatizing appearance. But in a certain moment, as the dog's eye pupils had turned pitch black, it suddenly thrust forward with a gaping mouth. The Eyeless quickly had raised his arm before the curved teeth clenched before it. The beast attempted to make another bite, but it was stunned by the blow in the head from above. The Eyeless pinched its neck with his arm, thus immobilizing its head from curling and biting. Enraged by an aggressive barking from the room, the beast tried to break the hold by whirling and scratching out with its paws, yet with no avail. Meanwhile, The Eyeless was already holding a bottle with improvised explosives with a fuse being lit. A little squeeze down the neck - and the dog's mouth had been gaped with a wheeze. The burning bottle was thrust deep like a cork. Then The Eyeless stood up keeping the hold onto weakened dog's body, rising above the barking horde. "It's chow time!" - He outcried then tossed the dog into the horde, knocking down a few specimen. Obviously provoked, the infernal dogs launched themselves to attack. But not in the direction of the group, no. The poor beast got the foreign smell upon his hide, which made him the first fowl to be eaten alive. Its siblings, followed by some greater three-headed dogs surrounded "the traitor" and with a single move teared it apart like a plush toy. Or rather an explosive plush toy. KA-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The Eyeless didn't know how much mashed gunpowder he had put into each of three bottles. Yet it seemed that the exploded bomb was quite a decent one. Loud, flashy and deadly. About the half of lesser dogs (excluding the decoy) had died instantly. Most of greater dogs had lost a head or two per each, left with blood-soaking lumped mass instead. The rest of the horde had been contused, covered in guts, blood and smoke. The overall formation had been broken - the dogs could be easily be picked one by one at the moment. "Someone had to do the dirty job anyway." - The Eyeless spoke, unsheathing his sword. - "Now let's deal with the rest!"
  14. Post coming. No worries. Will do.