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  1. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    A-a-a-and the thread is dead. Good grief... Shall I pull the plug and drag my char. out of this mess? Kinda sucks to leave someone inside a discontinued story...
  2. Hey, I’m back

    Welcome back! It's been a long time...
  3. Alice didn't know what kind of force pulled her back beneath the cold, dirty stacks of wood - rather a mantrap than a tactical cover. And yet there she was - curled down, sporadically breathing and covering her mouth. She couldn't feel her fingers exposed before the cruel frozen air. She couldn't think clearly in the midst of chaos. First a geezer with his staff shoved up throughout his body... Then a woman torn apart by a horde of strange people appeared from nothingness… Too much cracking, too much screaming, too much everything... Please, let it end... Please, let it end... Please, let it end... The faint thought that it was just a game didn't help at all. Alice tried to pinch herself, to close her eyes in hopes to wake up back into a real world. Yet, as if the reality itself was mocking her desperate attempts to escape, the painfully familiar voice had announced a formal victory of the killer, thus giving him a “carte blanche” to cleanse the game zone. The hunt was over. Now here comes the slaughter. Another crack came out from outside Alice’s wooden cover. This time it was frightfully close to her. Throughout the hole Alice watched after a military woman bashing the door leading to a troubled apartment. Thankfully, she hadn’t paid attention to the wooden pile and passed inside, which was an insignificant relief for Alice, but relief nonetheless. Suddenly a cloaked figure appeared in the corner of Alice’s impaired vision. With his blade unsheathed, a man slowly walked toward the entrance, carrying a vicious, almost demonic grin. Alice’s heart pounded heavily, her breath skipped, her vision blurred. It was him! The killer! She hadn’t questioned such an abrupt thought, wherever it might come from. After all, the game had ended, so everyone would expose their roles at will. Alice knew well she was out of league - she hadn’t any particular role at her disposal. This “person” however… He didn’t require any verbal exposition. It was all written on the face. The killer... Once again, Alice felt a sobering cold of metal in her hands. Fingers almost frozen were enveloping the grip of her Beretta. Her breath became more calm and regular. She kept watching after the cloaked man that was closing into the apartment after the military woman. This wolf was probably fixed on his victim so much, he wouldn’t notice another lamb outright kicking out his teeth. Alice knew that she had a factor of surprise and that despite of being stripped out of her supporting tech she still had a formidable aim. She might do it. She was going to do it… ...No, she couldn’t do it. Alice yanked back under the pile, closing her mouth again to at least conceal her breath. Her rational mind was playing a cruel joke with her. If the simulation could model her image without her advantage-giving augmentations, what could stop it to modify the killer image as well? Make him unkillable, intangible, unstoppable… Alice felt that her ruthless effort would only lead to a more gruesome demise - like a mosquito being squashed under the titan’s hand. So she sat, hardly keeping the tears coming out of despair. Broken. Waiting to be squashed… "HEY! Are you alive still!?!" A voice came out from a distance, followed by closing footsteps. Alice gasped. Had he found her? Had he already finished with the people in the apartment? She couldn’t take any longer. With the gun in her hands, she leaned out from right side and screamed, aiming at the adversary: “DON’T COME ANY CLOSER!” To her surprise, the man behind her wasn’t the cloaked one. It was a tall, blond-haired man looking back at her. There was something snobbish in his visage, but for some reason Alice felt as she was calming down just by looking at him. Perhaps, that man was the only one she could trust amidst this madness. She lowered her gun, while still struggling to stay firmly on her cold legs. “I… I’m sorry. I just want to know what is going on.” - she spoke with a tremble in her voice.
  4. Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    This thread might end up being abandoned as well as the previous one, but... Hell, let's at least give it shot. Name: Shourito (disclaimer: i dont speak japanese) Age: 24 Ability: Water Rank: Randomizer (duh) Title: русский xd Otherworlder
  5. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    That is probably my fault. Firstly I suspected you then I shifted my focus on Acies. Just because among you vets he was the most reclusive. We should've probably aim our votes on him. Instead we took out the headmistress and triggered Exterminatus. And everybody died. The end.
  6. Dice Rolling Thread

    Alright. I imagine in my hand a blue d20 dice from Rivals of Ixalan set. Difficulty Class set to 15 (Paralyzing Fear and stuff). Honestly, I don't know anything about D&D, though I wish I could learn a thing or two about it, but anyway... If I roll 15 or more, I'm gonna do it. If not, I'm done. БРОСОК...! --- Well... It's 5... I rolled 2 on my real dice as well. Sorry, Alice, but you're finished.
  7. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    ...It was Shivers, wasn't it?!
  8. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    That's it. That is the end of me. I'm totes going to jail for this. Thank you, autocorrection.
  9. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    Wait, we've lost? Well, damn... I was Innocent. As innocent as a gal with a gal could be. 1. I'm actually a guy 2. I AM innocent. The gun was for the show.
  10. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    inb4 inappropriate jokes
  11. As Alice walked toward the murmurs coming from a seemingly abandoned building, a sudden buzz pierced through her ears. The voice of an announcer, similar to the voice of doctor Whats-His-Name, proclaimed with a note of irony that their Seer had "bit the dust". At the same time the voices from the building's upper floor had turned into screams followed by broken glass, hits and splats. She stopped and hid herself beneath wood scraps near the building's entrance, trying to recollect her thoughts. How "killer" could react that fast was beyond Alice's imagination. But what shocked her the most is that most of the participants (they were definitely in that building, weren't they?) abandoned all their efforts to cooperate and concentrated just on decimating each other. "T-that's not h-how Mafia works..." - she thought, still shivering in the cold and suppressing her growing fear. Suddenly the familiar voice rang out in Alice's head again. The announcer brought terrible news: the players had executed the Maniac, thus giving the Killer a spare kill. That couldn't be good. That wasn't good at all. Alice's breathing intensified, the vapor was coming from her mouth with the intensity of a steam train. She stuck between her feeble wooden shelter and a concrete wall, completely unaware of how she would meet her demise. Alone at the frozen street or crushed between raging people in the apartment up there. Struck by knife or marked by bullet. "Calm down, Lil' Al!" - she hissed to herself angrily. - "Calm down! This is just a game! This is just a--" Alice put her arms around her head and felt a cold steel enveloping her right cheek. Out of terror she instinctively sprung back her right arm. A black Beretta pistol was held in a small, freezing hand. She didn't even notice how she pulled that out from the bag. Shiver ran down her spine, caused just by the looking at her possession. Deep inside Alice knew she had to fight back. She was trained to fight back. Yet she could not do it. Fear was paralyzing her, encasing all of her confidence into an icy prison. What could an average near-sighted blondie from hell-knows-what dimension do against the native players that were literally born to kill? Nothing. The only thing she could do is to--- Once again, the voice came back into Alice's mind. The victims had been chosen: their names were Mickey and Romeo. Alice wasn't sure if they were their real names. But one thing is certain: with the events going that fast, this "game" was really getting out of hand. Suddenly she heard someone murmuring in the middle of the street. Alice peeked out from her cover and saw an old man in monk's clothes slowly walking forward. Out from strange words she could distinct only distant "Wololo". After a few seconds came the realization - along with another "Wololo". Alice's heart skipped a beat... WOLOLOLOLO NO MORE, ROMEO She rapidly stood out from wooden heap and screamed at the top of her lungs: "Hey! Geezer! Over here! They're coming af͕͖̹̖̌̄̓̍̒ͣt̩̞͇̼̭̰͛̆ͬ̄̍͋́ḙͪ
  12. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    Oh... I see. Now you're just pushing me toward the mental breakdown where I burst out laughing and say: "That's right... I am Kira." Nice move, mister "3 out of 5 would not bang again"
  13. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    Pistol was clearly an IC thing, which I might play out if our interest haven't shifted down to OOC. By the way, where is Die Shize? Isn't it supposed to be a death post from them?
  14. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    By the way... Medic, if you're still alive back me up. I'm afraid I might be the next target, now that I've exposed killer's plot regarding myself. Man, this is some meta s**t right there...
  15. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    Their responses were changed, however. As you remember, she was asking for a special someone, i.e. Maniac. I tried to play along and pretend that I am one, though I'm clearly not.