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  1. Unfortunately, the contrast between the abandoned sewers and the open space had been slowly washed away, and the former tension fell down upon the group. The streets seemed even more empty and gloomy than before they've descended into underground in search for answers. In total silence the group was following their savior until they've reached the inn, the place where the volunteers had been assembled by the mysterious priestess. The priestess herself had been waiting them at the very entrance. She looked a bit older and more exhausted in comparison to their first meeting. As she had asked Ivas and the company to follow her, The Eyeless ordered Erwik to stay outside until he settle things up and return. The wolfbot without a visible enthusiasm walked beside the entrance and crawled like a simple stray dog - and perhaps the only stray dog around... The Eyeless couldn't help but notice one thing that was bugging him. The inn was completely empty - which was more than unusual even at the nighttime, and the sun was still shining in the sky. There was no residents, no visitors... It was like a malicious curse had been cast upon this place. And on top of that, it was way too dark inside for a human eye. There was no source of light except for a strange aura radiating from the priestess - as bizarre it may seem, The Eyeless didn't bother himself with reaction - the past events in the sewers were bizarre enough to scare Patian tavern townies for about a month. As they have reached the penthouse - the priestess' apartments - her servant walked around the room and touched every wall mark that doesn't quite fit into interior. After that the apartments were suddenly filled with the bright light along with the feeling of temporary safety. Only after that, High Priestess Nieve - that was her name - began to talk. The following ten minutes The Eyeless stood near the entrance and silently watched over the dialog between the serene old lady and the young Ivas who presumably was idealizing her since the very beginning. Some words, however, were addressed to the entire group. The Presence - another, safer name for everlasting Illuminatu. The domain of gods lost and forgotten. The cycle of chaos and destruction in which Dougton had been dragged. The memes, those illusory ideas as the only way to vanquish the eternal evil... Suddenly The Eyeless broke into a rough, muted laugh. Everything he witnessed, everything he heard - it was way beyond his perception of reality. He had realized that he was involved into a conflict between some sort of gods and demons, the epic-scale event he would participate the least. The Eyeless demonstratively coughed and spoke to Nieve thus interrupting her conversation. "Lady Nieve, may I speak with you?" - he asked with pretended politeness. - "First of all - my apologize for all that happened in the inn before. Second - I want to clarify some things regarding this so-called Presence. So you're telling me that Illuminati thing that was bugging you the whole time cannot be killed at all? And the only thing we could do to defeat it is to spread joy and hope?! And what exactly are we going to do?! Kill all rats in everyone's cellars?! Help elders cross the road?! What?! WHAT IS IT?!" As The Eyeless' rant was turning into the scream of frustration, Martin would step up and ask the marksman thief to show some respect to the priestess. But at the moment for The Eyeless there was only two of them in the room: himself and her. So pure, so distant, so unaware of what a broken mortal had to endure. His former self-possession was lost behind the waves of a mental breakdown. He had just to spit it out... "Your gods might have done a terrible job dealing with this unspeakable evil if you're seeking help among strangers! Really, do I look like the people's savior?!" - he continued, pointing at his eye prosthetic. - "I'm just a mere sellsword whose job is to kill, not to save people! When something goes out of control or it is clear that target is literally unkillable - i had to call it quits! That's how I work! And that is the case when I might quit! Yes, I act like a coward! Yes, I act like a selfish soulless son of a bitch! But that's the way I am, because it is my nature! And none all of you could change that!" The Eyeless took a pause in his fiery speech and breathed heavily. It was one of those rare occasions when usually calm and vigilant mercenary loses himself, driven by his inner fire. A minute of awkward silence lasted like an hour. Finally The Eyeless calmed down and concluded his speech. "Sorry that you had to see me in such a bad form, Lady Nieve... And you too, Ivas... Yet I need you to give me the reason... One simple reason why I should give a dime about your godly troubles and this town... Maybe I'll continue to help your cause, but that won't be for free... Either both of us would have profit, or none of us... That is my creed. And what is your answer, milady?"
  2. DNA of soul, eh? MGR vibes, everyone. I think it would be wise enough to go with chapter-based narrative, 'cause I have no idea how to put so much material into a single thread (or maybe there IS such an option, I'm still not that familiar with RPing that much). But I assume we might take this thread a little bit longer, just for the sake of plot. You might convince my character, why it is worth to stay and help (after he makes correspondent statements, of course).
  3. Sounds good. Our characters need some rest too, after all.
  4. @Robbie Rotten! @Die Shize! I'm still alive, loves! Had to sort myself between exams and daily drawing challenges. And also Dark Souls, a pitiful fool I am...
  5. Despite of density of fire supported by Erwik's mouth cannon and Parean's pistol, it didn't seem as if the abyssal beast was about to die or at least retreat. The tongue-like tentacles just kept coming and coming out from the maw - literally out of nowhere. Another dozen followed after the one been reduced to bits by fire and swords. There was an uncertain stand-off between assailants with no visible advantage neither for the frog, nor for the party. Yet The Eyeless knew it won't be long enough to end: Erwik's inner batteries are rather finite in term of charge and heat resistance. Soon Erwik stopped firing on to cool down the cannon and the demon quickly took the initiative. One of its tongues managed to evade Ivas' blows and throw him down. But suddenly another charge blasted inside the frog's open mouth causing it to shut down for better times. The Eyeless looked around. That was clearly not Erwik who shocked the demon with such a powerful shot. Thankfully, one artificial eye was still enough to find and recognize a priestess' bodyguard on the other side of the tunnels. The man that was remembered since the meeting in the inn was holding a huge sniper rifle with a faint trail of smoke coming from its muzzle. It was certainly a good fortune to find someone in this tunnels who is not a meta-morphing amphibian. Follow me! We have to get out of here! "You got it!" - The Eyeless replied to the newcomer. - "Erwik, cease fire and follow me! Detective, keep your bullets, that's enough for today!" As he grabbed his equipment and dragged his wolfbot along with him, he took the last glance onto the beast, being held back by guard's consecutive shots. Being the supporter of more traditional way of combat, The Eyeless was impressed by how a couple of firepower could make such a difference. Yet still, Erwik's arms was his only compromise in favor of technological advance - he wouldn't gave up his bow for a loud long rifle - like the guard's one, though it might be much more effective in combination with his prosthetic eye. "Next time we need bigger guns on this one..." - he murmured as he left the demon behind without any trace of fear. The party had been walking throughout the same tunnels they've past before for a couple of minutes. The only difference is the lack of haunting glyphs along the way. As the sunlight burst through the tunnels and the group had finally steeped out of the dungeon's entrance, The Eyeless sighed deeply with a relief. Yes, it was still an uneasy and depressing felling floating down upon Dougton, but the city streets were beacons of safety unlike the underground hell they had just escaped. While the group was walking back into the inn, Ivas and the guard took a conversation about what they managed to discover aside from a demon frog. When Ivas mentioned the strange eyed triangles, a grim guard became even more gloomy, as if some of his fears had been confirmed... The all-seeing triangular eye is the symbol of our ancient enemy, our greatest foe. It is the symbol..... of the Illuminati "Illuminati?" - The Eyeless interrupted. - "Never heard of it. I used to be in touch with local guilds about some sort of cults. Yet no one mentioned that... Do you think it has to do something with that beast?" Then he noticed the guard's anxiety after revealing the name of the enemy unknown before and considered there might be a subject too touchy for the citizens of Dougton. Perhaps, he should keep his core questions until they have a rendezvous with the priestess. "And now I'm down with this esoteric crap..." - The Eyeless thought - "She'd better to double up the reward." If his own life wouldn't be a reward itself, that is.
  6. It was quite foolish to assume that the frog beast would retreat into the depths and leave its victims to live another day. In a moment, a blackened mass arose again before the party taking the form of a giant frog once more. From its maw an enormous tongue came out and entrapped Ivas - or rather his body, for his spirit was somewhere if safety away from this terror. His sword, while extraordinary enough, had assumed the same tentacular form as the tongue and easily sliced through the dark limb, thus freeing the body. Another couple of tentacles had sprouted from the abyss, yet the phantasmagoric sword easily sliced them like a grass. The fact that the weapon had fully taken charge in the whole operation was undisputed. The Eyeless used to have some concerns about Ivas' weapon since he saw it in action back at the orphanage, but now he felt a certain trust in it: even the short monotonous words coming from the possessed boy were encouraging and energizing even. A primal fear before the forgotten beast was slowly replaced by a strong urge to fight, possibly carried throughout the ages by a spirit of the sword... As another pack of tentacles rushed toward The Eyeless to drag him right into the beast's stomach, he swung his own sword in a wide arc. At instant all six tongues had been sliced away with only fizzled edges left. Sealed by an incinerating blade of The Blacksand, these limbs should take some time to regenerate, even for such a reality-warping creep. Then The Eyeless noticed another six of tongues aiming toward detective Parean. He was the only one who presumably didn't have a suitable cutting weapon to defend himself... "Hang on, detective!" - The Eyeless yelled, charging before the detective and reflecting the piercing movements of one of tongues. The tip instantly turned pitch black with fizzle, inflicting additional pain to the monster. Another swing - and two tentacles dropped on the floor and disappeared under the waters. But before the marksman thief could recover after his attack, two limbs quickly wrapped around his right hand and started to pull it toward the maw with unspeakable force. Another pair would do the same to Parean... Unable to move his hand with a sword and resist the force dragging him into his doom, The Eyeless realized it was time to use his four-legged "trump card". "Erwik! Incinerate!!!" - he shouted at the wolfbot that stood aside of the party in low stance. Suddenly another "inner transformation" had been undergone. Semi-artificial feelings and fears in pair with the self-preservation that constrict its actions were rapidly overridden by a master's command. Erwik stood up and slide between The Eyeless and Parean right before the beast's foul mouth. As the wolfbot opened its jaw, two vertically aligned mini-cannons slide out and pointed right at the throat from where tentacles were coming. The upper cannon glowed with pale cyan light and started to hum. After two seconds of charge it shot a small-sized mana ball that flew into the abyss with a whizz. As the charge had reached the depths of beast's innards, it exploded with bursting blue flames coming from the mouth. A painful and knocking screech came out, as The Eyeless had felt the tentacles' grip slowly weakening - not yet enough to break free, but the dragging force had significantly dropped, so The Eyeless could stand still. Two seconds later another charge had been shot from the Erwik's lower cannon, subsequently dragging monster's attention from the group toward the wolfbot...
  7. The Eyeless stood straight behind the wall, waiting for a moment to give a beast his cold steely treat. In a moment, he noticed a tall silhouette passing by - it wasn't looking like a cave troll. The marksman thief was relieved to recognize detective Parean who was presumably following his crumbs. Along with Erwik they quickly rejoined with the detective and walked across several turns until they were stumbled upon another three-way junction and Ivas feverishly scrambling for something above the damped floor. Though The Eyeless' artificial eye wasn't equipped with an advanced tracking system, it was still giving a sharp view in darkened place. Though eagle's sight wasn't necessary to admit there were no crumbs there. It was clear as day above the ground that their saving trail had been cut off and the party was more than likely to die here, in the abandoned tunnels of a dying city. ...And because of Parean's careless decision to use the material far too edible for critters, a half of the imaginary wall called Trust had crumbled, bringing the hope of getting out with it. "Well, why don't we admit that we've lost here?" - he spoke to the group grimly. - "Relying on mere crumbs were stupid as hell. We should have been focused rather on pattern of turns than hose glyphs." At the same time, the detective offered the idea to "count" lefts and rights for tracking purposes. "Why wouldn't you come up with this BEFORE we approach the first fork?!" - He elevated the voice and spoke in Parean's face. The detective's professionalism was something that The Eyeless in other case wouldn't put on question. But when you stand between another damped wall and a lurking beast, such hiccups in movement would be fatal, and the marksman thief knew that well. However, Ivas accepted Parean's idea with an unexpected enthusiasm and walked forward, calling the others to follow. He was humming some king of a counting rhyme, unfamiliar to The Eyeless' rough ears. Although it might be acceptable for Ivas as for the youngest member of party, they were all on the same level of maturity. At first, it seemed to work as the group took more straight paths ahead and the rumbles from behind were starting to faint. Then suddenly Ivas mixed up the direction of his movement and hit right into wall, thus taking out time and distance between them and a monster. "Are you blind?!" - he shouted. - "Don't you see the pass is up there?! Quickly get up while we still ca---" REEEEEEEEEE!!!! The familiar roar came out from the tunnel. This time, it was so close and fierce that the party nearly lost its balance. But there were nothing behind or ahead of them. But Erwik could feel it - growling and taking a low posture. Even The Eyeless could feel it with his pounding heart. ...Because of Ivas' infantile behavior they've lost a precious time and the beast have found them. Another half of the imaginary wall called Trust had crumbled, cutting down any chance of survival. The Eyeless was about to scold Ivas for such a fault, yet he preferred to keep the words to himself: first they need to meet their enemy still unseen. Suddenly a dark mass rose from under the water, filling the way out before the group. The mass then took the form of a gigantic amphibian... if you can call the formless abomination an amphibian. It was thrice as tall as The Eyeless and had a jaw big enough to swallow him like a bug. Once stood in a relatively stable posture, the creature opened the mouth and yelled at the group with an inexplicable voice. ...Many people would remember the moments of their lives before they meet their gruesome end. The Eyeless remembered one single moment he witness - not by his eyes, but by his soul. He remembered the pain piercing his brain when the old merchant house was engulfed in dancing flames, the oily liquid was eating through his eyes and the dying pyromancer chanted his final curse upon him. That was the nightmare to behold, yet The Eyeless managed to survive, and Blacksand, despite of his magical prowess, was just a gifted human. This creature was the definition of nightmare itself, the manifestation of some forbidden dark god, aching to swallow very soul of a broken man... Suddenly the illusion wore off, as The Eyeless realized it wasn't him that stood mindlessly before the abysmal beast. It was... "Ivas!!!" - he shouted as the jaws were about to clench together, taking away the boy from the world of living. Then, in a blink of an eye, a bright spark came from Ivas' sword, eventually stopping the beast's teeth to move down upon him. Then with a grace of a painter he swung the sword and cut the upper lip of the frog. Another screech caused either by a surprise or a pain resounded across the sewers. Shocked by a boy's deed, The Eyeless came closer to Ivas and the beast. Whatever he thought at that moment, he gave not the trust he managed to severe one way or another, but the hope. If the beast reacts on a simple cut that way, then a few cuts with The Blacksand would make it go away. Though the marksman thief was concerned about the substance the frog was consisting of. In a couple of seconds the lip had returned to a former state, and the beast itself crawled back into the water deeps. "That's even better..." - The Eyeless thought. - "It would be like a knife through butter." - Then he took a posture and prepared to make a cutting rush toward the frog. But as Ivas turned back to the rest of the group, his aggressive attention had instantly faded away. Before him stood a strange entity surrounded by a warm orange aura that somehow had the appearance of Ivas. He couldn't see the same young boy in this iris-less glowing eyes. Was that the priestess' intervention? Has the sword possessed his soul? What on Valucre had happened? "Follow." - Ivas spoke with the emotionless and intimidating voice and walked away from the beast. The Eyeless was confused. The demon frog was still a threat to be dealt with, yet the voice of Ivas - or whatever had taken his place - sounded persuasive enough to make him follow. He had the feeling this wasn't about the trust anymore...
  8. As the group ventured deeper into the sewers, The Eyeless admitted one mistake he had made. Despite the simplicity and helpfulness of his idea, he couldn't fully put trust into mere breadcrumbs. They could be washed down by sewer waters, they could be eaten by rats. The latter, though, would be unlikely, as no living creature had been appeared before the group since they have descended here. Probably it would be wise to mask those bizarre triangles with knife carvings for backtracking. But, yet again, his actions along with the entire operation were based on the trust in a boy. And that could be the second mistake... The more strange glyphs appeared before the group, the more concerned and worried Ivas was becoming. As they have entered the room full of triangles pointing directly at them, he stopped. The wolfbot that was following his master without any visible enthusiasm suddenly growled faintly at the direction of the tunnel ahead. Nobody could see what was inside because of the darkness: the only source of light was Ivas' sword and the detective's flashlights. Yet someone - or something - aside from the group was here. Something sinister... The Eyeless felt something strange - something close to dread. He had never feared of beasts or guardians or assassins who would come after his head, but the fear of obscurity was the one hiding in every living being, and the marksman thief was no exception. Without any signal or command he pulled out his bow and took a couple of arrows. They were just plain arrows - incendiary ones could just lure whatever was hiding in the dark. An eerie silence fell down upon the group of three volunteers, and then--- REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! An inhumane cry rumbled across the tunnels. Suddenly The Eyeless had heard quick footsteps from behind - that was Ivas running away from the cry's source. Erwik growled even louder while slowly backing out of some unnatural fear. Like a mindless machine, The Eyeless shoot three arrows into the dark without aiming at creature's eyes - like if it even had them. Heck, he didn't even know if it could feel pain or be killable at all. When another roar was followed by footfalls so heavy that the walls of the tunnel had rumbled, The Eyeless realized the only available option left. Run. Along with his wolfbot, he rushed back the passage they had come from. The only visible waypoints were, of course, those cursed glyphs that were pointing at the opposite direction. He tried to follow the Ivas' voice coming from one of the tunnels. However, either because of distance between him and the group or because of glyphs' foul magic, he had eventually hit the dead end. Ahead of him was a plain wall with the same pyramid with an eye in the center. "Crap..." - The Eyeless swore silently. Erwik took the place near the master and turned toward the passage without making a single sound. The training had really paid off: the wolfbot knew the moment when it needed to not drag the attention of a lurking beast. And according to the footfalls coming not too far away, it was quite a huge one. Maybe a cave troll or something worse. There was the only question: after whom was it chasing? The Eyeless? Or Ivas along with detective Parean? The Eyeless slowly and silently had drawn his sword, The Blacksand. Its cursed blade could inflict a burning never-ending pain to the living creature. If he still had a luck on his side, he would wait for a suitable moment to backstab the beast. If not... At least, he would stand strong and look at his death in the eyes. If he could find them, at least...
  9. Happy New Year, everybody! Let's hope 2017 won't repeat this glorious 2016 experience.

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  11. A good mercenary always has an escape route in case of disturbing the "bee hive". If there is a forest, there would be a dense forest to hide in. If there is a town - much like Dougton - there might be a sewerage system. As filthy and detestable it might be, it is still the better way to leave the "crime" site than running across the streets away from enraged guards. But it was the first time the company's quest would lead them into the sewers. Just a perfect place to seek something intangible and sinister before it finds them... As The Eyeless expected, the majority of volunteers re-evaluated their capabitilities and took the path of least resistance. Only two men agreed to further follow the desperate young man who was aching to save his family and the town as a whole: a grim mercenary that didn't bother to say his name and a muffin-munching detective with a few expressions for all cases. The party was also accompanied by Erwik, a wolfbot that The Eyeless brought with himself. The construct's nasal sensors could easily block any distractive and nauseous scents floating inside the abandoned sewage. Still, Erwik's unease had grown even more since they came down here. The Eyeless didn't have nasal filters as his companion does, yet his harsh lifestyle made him sustainable to such conditions. It was sufficient to sense by using just a human perception that the atmosphere of death and doom reigning over Dougton was more notable here in comparison with the surface. While the party was moving toward the unknown, The Eyeless noticed strange triangle images resembling some sort of glyphs or runes. They might be a part of some dark ritual that happened right under citizens' noses. But otherwise, it was just an image that was carrying no information valuable for them. However, Ivas, the group leader, paid interest into one of those "eye triangles". He brought his sword over it and suddenly jumped out as if he was about to trigger the trap. But, much to The Eyeless' relief, there was no visible reaction from the pyramid. Nevertheless, the young man left with the expression of bout cautiousness and realization. Then he walked toward the next glyph and did the same thing with his sword - this time without a jumping part. "Edge says they're not dangerous or anything!" - Ivas' voice echoed throughout the damp corridors. The Eyeless sighed deeply as he had a glimpse of the thought that those former comrade might share at that moment. How could you trust a boy who talks with his sword? Not anyone would accept the fact that they had to follow the directions of a weapon that don't even communicate with anyone but its owner. If it is sentient enough to do so, that is... But The Eyeless had put the trust in Ivas. In reality, he had created a near-perfect illusion of trust and kept it on a reasonable level. In order to get to the priestess' treasure hoard, he must ensure the boy would succeed in his talk. Simple as it can be, can't it? The party eventually made it to the three-way junction with no obvious indication of which way might lead. Even Erwik was slighly confused - any available passage seemed to him a death trap. But before anyone could stop and initiate a discussion, Ivas walked forward into one of the passage. Detective Parean, seemingly talkative and tend to make commentaries, kept silent. The Eyeless decided to not object Ivas' decision and thus followed him along with a wolfbot. Once again, the trust in Ivas had been put on test...
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