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  1. Totally Not a Grand Mainframe Bot @NotAGMBotN51 • 1min ago I vote for @Grand Mainframe because we fractureans need a leader who helps us ascend beyond our physical limitations #Vote4GM #MainframeIsKing REPLY CACTUS LIKE SHARE
  2. Frederick surely is the greatest knight that ever lived... and died... but lived again.
  3. Death roll for Tim the Turret
  4. Vlad Nassar Status: Dead Specials: Mass Healing 0/3, Counter-Attack 0/3, ADV Buff 2/3 ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- Terran Minigun Turret ("Tim") Status: Destroyed Specials: Mass Attack 3/3, Area Defense 3/3 (those were reset by Hollow status)
  5. Still, I could say it was a blast to play with you all. Now, @jaistlyn, I guess I need to roll for both of my characters to decide the type of affliction and its severity, right?
  6. Saw @EpicRome23's post before going to sleep, and when I woke up, my butt being ripped and torn had been already canonized... And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I hate time zones.
  7. The engineer stared back at the trio of mutated monsters, as the main threat was emanating exactly from them. However, the "knights" were doing the same thing as Vlad: just staring at their adversary. It was hard to tell if it was a mutual struggle to see through the vile magic or just a test of each other's mettle before the showdown. Suddenly Vlad was distracted by a flickering light coming once again from his glove. The Philosopher's Stone had picked up another source of psychic energy. Yet there was no one in this den but himself, a pair of undead knights, a stale pile of metal and the ratkin. And those beasts obviously weren't capable of telepathy. So where exactly the psychic wave was coming from? Vlad noticed that the alpha male beast was preoccupied with something. Its head was leaning slightly on one side, its ears were raised and twitching. It seemed that the monster was listening attentively, while the rest of his "family" kept silent. "Who... or what could communicate with those knights?" - Vlad pondered. He can detect such transmissions, but he could not intercept and listen to them. So he could only guess whatever was happening in the knight's mind. As the light inside the stone went dim, the alpha ratkin raised its hand and pointed at Vlad. Two lesser beasts near him rushed toward Tim's remains. They torn out the golem's gun barrels along with ammunition case like chopsticks. "What the hell?!" - Vlad exclaimed, shocked by beasts' massive strength. He suspected the Aligorian captain would end their quarrel with a bloodshed, still he was betting on the knights' sound understanding of the situation and a bit of common sense. Tough luck, it would seem. "Gaia damn it, you were right, Tim. Those armored bastards wouldn't just wait for a moment to strike, would they?!" The engineer instinctively raised the gun at one of "knights" and pulled the trigger... *click* Vlad's heart sank. His mind got stuck in a state of turbulent panic. *click* *click* "...E- empty?! I-i-it's impossible! I remember fully loading it, and I never - EVER! - took a shot. I know... They know! How the---" The last thing Vlad heard was the sound of whirling barrels. "No, wait---!!!" FRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT ...Just like the old saying goes - an eye for an eye. The twistling slayer of Frederick had received as much lead as everyone standing in the room (save for Soryn's drone). Instead of a widespread bullet shower cast by its now deceased kin, it was a concentrated beam of bullets, dark magic and death. When Frederick's faithful knight had finished their returning attack and gracefully disappeared into oblivion, everyone's gaze would be turned over the smoking corpse of the twistling. While its torso was left mostly intact (as if it was protected by an invisible shield, an armor vest or perhaps carapace), its head was completely removed down to the neck. Not even Soryn would identify the poor bastard who crossed the Aligorian knights...
  8. "It's just a self-defense. It's just... a self-defense... It's... just..." The engineer had wasted all of his life force to take down the alpha ratkin. Even knowing the one hiding behind its beastly visage, he was unable to reflect fully on the atrocity he had just committed. Still murmuring about the matter of self-defense, Vlad pulled out the blood-soaked spear from the corpse and crawled back, overcoming the searing pain in his abdomen. He was weakened up to the point when there was a tempting desire to close his eyes and never open them up. No visions, no nightmares - just a blissful descent into nothingness. "So this is what death looks like..." - Vlad thought. He was about to embrace his fate, but his intentions were disrupted by a nearby clank. Vlad slowly raised his head and noticed a strange tube with clear liquid inside a needle. "A syringe? The heck is it doing there? How the..." He recognized a medi-tool, even though he wasn't entirely sure if it was real or it was just another illusion. Vlad decided to consult with his intuition, and the intuition told him to put the tool to good use. The engineer grabbed the syringe and plunged it into his leg. A gentle warm poured through his veins, and the pain dulled a bit [1]. He was able to stand up once again. And then he froze in shock. The rat beast he had just killed slowly rose back up along with two lesser ones. Their fur and skin were melting away, revealing pieces of armor underneath. The same happened to two other beasts struck down by Tim's barrage. "What trickery is this?" - Vlad exclaimed. - "How are they still alive?!" His mind attempted to connect the dots, evaluating everything he saw here. "Wait... This looks like those visages I saw before. But at the same time... It can't be! These are...!" "Those whose essence we have taken, human." - A sudden deep voice rumbled inside Vlad's head. It was the same dreadful feeling Vlad had experienced at World Fair years ago... "What the...? Who's talking? Who are you?!" "Look. No. Further." - The voice replied from the left. Vlad turned toward the direction and noticed the turret golem standing near him still. Nothing really changed in its visage except the fact it wasn't blurry anymore. It was silent, yet Vlad was convinced it was the source of the voice. To convince himself, he raised his right hand with a glove on it. The encrusted Philosopher Stone was glowing bright, indicating a powerful psychic wave projecting at its bearer. "You hear us because you took our essence from them. You embraced us, Vlad Nassar." After these words Vlad felt a sudden warm inside his chest. A vast flow of energy spread across his body, reigniting every cell and every muscle. The engineer felt himself healthier - not in physical sense, though, his stomach was still bleeding [2]. "We have ascended beyond this form." - Tim continued. - "Yet we cannot move any further. Your kind will not accept us as you did. Watch." "Watch?" - Vlad was confused. - "What do you m-" And then two explosive shots coming from nowhere tear up Tim's carcass. It was then followed by three former ratkin's fierce joint attack... No, not the ratkin. Three pale-skinned men encased in armor were literally tearing the golem apart. As one of them had dealt a finishing blow, two halves of the construct collapsed on the floor. "Tim!" - Vlad rushed toward the turret, the golem... whatever had left of it. From the first glance it was apparent Tim's state was beyond repair. The inner circuits were completely fried. However, the voice was still there, fading yet clear... "We are free. We shall stay here no longer... But there is much to be done. You are chosen to learn the truth." "What truth? About what? What does it have to do with me?" - Vlad asked mentally. He suspected whatever the rogue spirit was telling him was not for everyone else's ears. "Return, seek us. Beneath the spires, in the place that touches the starless sky. Bring the key that holds the meaning." "The spires... the key... I get the part about the spires, but the key? What is the key?!" "It is. Within. You." "Within... me?" Vlad lowered his gaze and noticed that the spear, the artifact from Tian Spire, had just finished to unravel into a batch of onyx strings. It dived under his skin and down his body toward his exposed abdomen. Strangely enough, the pain during the "healing" process was... tolerable. It was unclear whether Vlad eventually grew accustomed to such procedures or it was just sedative effect of a medi-tool. In the end, the newly formed onyx growth on his abdomen had melded perfectly with a cluster on his chest [3]. Now the entire front of his upper body was covered with onyx perfectly copying his body curvature - except for seven tiny burrows in his chest. At the same time the light inside the Stone flickered and started fading. Tim's voice was reduced to rattle, his speech became once again lifeless and segmented. "keep. the key. beware. of order. remember. our name." The light became dim. The voice was nothing but the faint, distant whisper... "our. name. is. tim... our... name... is..." "Tim." - Vlad whispered involuntarily. The light disappeared. And with it - the voice. Vlad stood silently, feeling the gaze of three knights upon him. He pondered the questions they might wish to address - starting with his uncontrollable boasting over Shadow Guard's corpse and finishing with his act of "self-defense". He remembered Tim's last words, the entity's warning about "the Order". Yet he did not wish to put himself in conflict with them - there was too much blood spilled already. They would surely settle the score... but not here, not now. Vlad slowly approached the rest of ratkin family. The fire-breathing female beast greeted him with another heat blast. This time Tim wasn't around anymore to drop another orb with protective liquid. And so, Vlad received his share of first-degree burns for his exposed skin [4]. "Arrrgh! Why you...!" - Recovered after initial shock, Vlad grabbed his shotgun only to see that the assailant had been knocked out but two male ratkin. Vlad wondered if people behind these furry visages had realized they were practically killing each other. The engineer had a fleeting thought about discarding the gun, so his intentions to stop the bloodshed would be more than clear. However, he wasn't sure if his ratkinized companions wouldn't attempt to attack him again. Vlad kept the grip on his shotgun and lowered it, assuming relaxed, non-aggressive state [5]. This gesture should be enough, unless...?
  9. I understand from posts above Vlad does have 2 actions. There's question though: Tim's HP is now 0 according to last attacks. Meanwhile, Vlad has Repair skill (which is useful) and 2 stacks of Mass Healing (which is far more useful). Can I "heal" Tim in this case (along with Vlad) or Tim is now f.u.b.a.r.? (I'm not against the latter, mind you.)
  10. Uuuuuuuhhhhhh, excuse me. I just blasted Frederick's face last round... He supposed to be dead, didn't he?
  11. Uh, guys, may I cut in? Is Area Defense applies instantly in this round? This is why I'm asking: Tim performed Area Attack thrice on the group Frederick had just covered with Area Defense buff. Hence the following: 1) If A.D. applies instantly (by "first post - first apply" principle), then the group would take 2 dmg 2) If A.D. applies next round (which might be unlikely, given the premise of the riddle), then the group would take 3 dmg And @Dolor Aeternum. According to my damage distribution table, you've just got hit (2 dmg + 1 point deflected by A.D.)
  12. Jokes on you, we have an Area Defense buff. Normally I would perform a good ol' division by zero on your bunch of norks, but it seems Frederick beat you to it. No offense, @EpicRome23.
  13. "Another riddle... I'm getting tired of those damned riddles." Vlad kept his gun pointed at the ratkin, attempting to find the true meaning behind the vague words within his mind and the visages before his gaze. Neither side had made any move against another. Now that the connection between those monsters and people up here was acknowledge, Vlad started thinking about how he could communicate with them. Then he noticed some changes on both sides. On ratkin' side, the visages of Frederick and his knights flickered and slowly faded away, their monstrous counterparts had taken a somewhat solid form. The same happened to Charlie, when his grin was shapeshifted into an animalistic scowl. On Vlad's side, the knights' bodies and Tim's transformed carcass became blurry and lost some opacity. It was not like they were going to take a beastly form, no: they were slowly dissolving into the air. Vlad was bewildered by this transfigurations, yet his mind was still processing the riddle. "The game... Those without self will fade... None may prevent those that loot?" The engineer took a quick glance at solidified ratkin, then looked behind at his soon-to-be-ghostly companions. His inquisitive mind, almost untouched by Yh'mi curse, had helped him come to a definitive conclusion. "Two souls lost, two souls gained... A zero-sum game. It's a zero-sum game!" But before he could announce his findings, one of the knights raised her crossbow and shot at the ratkin. Even though her target was somehow unharmed, the entire monster family was obviously not happy with this act of aggression. "What in Mother Gaia's name did I just said?!" - Vlad shouted at her. - "These are not just monsters, these are--" Vlad wasn't able to finish his rant, for the retaliation came swiftly. A female rat from the group of three stepped forward and exhaled a large cloud of raging fire at the group. They were all completely engulfed in flames, their skin and metal completely exposed. Once the fire has settled, however, Vlad noticed he and his companions were left untouched. He picked a faint smell of burned chemicals - a sign that Tim's protective coating had done it's job fairly well. [1]. Vlad attempted to figure out the solution for this sticky situation. Alas, he could not think of it, for the alpha male beast had just jumped on him and ripped and teared his chest without any ceremonies [2]. The overall pain was sharp enough for Vlad to lose consciousness... --- Tim might tell Vlad he warned him about the ratkin, but he possessed neither the character nor the voice to do that. But as soon as the ratkin rushed at the group, the golem reacted accordingly. A pair of turret barrels went full speed ahead, and soon the den was illuminated with muzzle flashes and filled with fire shots. Tim moved his arm through the entire family (save for the smallest one) and gave each one a fair share of lead. The golem did not relent, for the only mortal who had power over him was already dead... --- The twistling, whom Frederick and his Subversors had struck down before, suddenly raised before them despite of its injuries and burns provided by Melanie. It raised its hands holding fully-loaded norkotian SMGs. Then, without a single word spoken, it pulled the trigger. Bullets flied across the chamber, hitting almost everyone who stood in their way. The barrier raised by Frederick was not fully formed at the moment of attack, and all the party members under it felt the bullets tearing up their flesh [3]. To make things worse, another twistling supposedly killed by Frederick himself stood slowly on its feet... --- ...The golem did not relent, for the only mortal who had power over him was already dead. But the latter statement might be a bit exaggerated. Vlad slowly came to his senses. His body was once again unbearably aching. Gathering all the energy he had left, he rose back and walked slowly toward the alpha male. Not paying attention to his shotgun lying nearby, he instinctively picked his artifact spear on his back. This time, however, its threads did not seep under his skin as before, for the bearer's intentions were opposite. "I... I did not start this..." - Vlad wheezed as he retracted his hand for a precise thrust. --- To make things worse, another twistling supposedly killed by Frederick himself stood slowly on its feet. Despite bleeding as hell, it stood firmly and gazed upon the knight with a malicious intent. From its right wrist an onyx spear grew out right into its grasp. An attentive observer might notice it was exactly the same spear that engineer from Patia brought to Yh'mi. The Subversors were gravely wounded during the bullet barrage, and Frederick had to face it alone (if the others wouldn't react, of course.) But before the aligorian could raise his weapon, the twistling thrust the spear toward him and pierced his throat. The strike was so powerful that the spear went through his armor as easily as a knife goes through melted butter [4]. The spear itself reacted instantly: two batches of onyx threads shoot themselves from it. One batch raised toward his skull, consuming the flesh in process. while another one descends under the body armor, rushing down Frederick's heart [5]. The same mysterious force that healed them in the beginning was about to kill the knight in the end. "We... We will finish this..." - the twistling whispered maliciously, then started twisting the spear along Frederick's head counter-clockwise. A few more turns - and everyone would hear a loud, bone-chilling-- ~snap~ Damage distribution below:
  14. For "cure" condition I could offer "winning Grand Prix in Annual Were-people Contest"
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