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  1. For "cure" condition I could offer "winning Grand Prix in Annual Were-people Contest"
  2. "And I would take and ignore your- AAAAAAARGH!" Just when Vlad was about to pull the trigger for a warning shot, a writhing mass of fire, lightning, magic and bullets dropped down on the group from above. The engineer failed to dodge the sudden attack. However, the protective coating successfully absorbed all the damage, and Vlad came out mostly unharmed. Unfortunately, his knightly companions were not as lucky as him. Even with their armor and Tim's coating, they weren't able to withstand consecutive attacks. And speaking of Tim... "Tim!!!" Vlad ran off towards what seconds ago was a turret. A burned out scraps were lying on the pile of bones with no electricity or any source of life. The engineer was in such deep state of shock, he ignored a ratkin family crawling a bit closer to trespassers. He couldn't comprehend what kind of force could eliminate two fully armed knight and completely wreck a turret that was mostly intact. He had a suspicion those who did not fall down and remained up there might have attacked them by mistake. Vlad raised his head and shouted: "Heeeeeeeeey! Is someone up there?! Watch your fi-" Then he shut up, as he had realized his fatal mistake. By his shouting he lured the ratkin, which, despite of their poor sight, have keen ears. And he was the only source of shouting, seemingly the only human alive. He gulped and raised his gun, yet hesitating to pull the trigger... Suddenly he felt something moving beneath his feet. He noticed several gears and tiny details rolling upside the pile where Tim's remains were residing. The larger and larger details - up to gun barrels - started to move and ascend. Then the whole pile of scrap whirled above the pile and reassembled into what looked like a mannequin carrying two gun barrels instead of right arm. Vlad watched the whole metamorphosis, unable to say a word - Yh'mi had many ways to impress the visitor. Needless to say, the mannequin - or rather the golem - was speechless as well. Meanwhile, the ratkin were slowly approaching Vlad and Tim. Vlad hoped their combined firepower would be enough to pin them all down. Suddenly, another riddle resounded in his mind. "So decide now foe from friend, for not all can avoid their end...?" Something flickered before Vlad's eyes. The beasts were still standing before them, yet their visage weren't as threatening as before. For a moment the engineer glanced at each beast and stood in shock. In a split second, instead of rodent mugs, human visages appeared before him. He recognized Soryn, the reporter, his friend. He recognized Challara, the young woman he tried to save back in the giant oven (how long ago was it, anyway?) Then Charlie, Jack Murray, the knights... The newborn had no human traits on its face, yet Vlad assumed it might represent Soryn's camera. This twisted connection between these monsters and people up there made Vlad lower his gun in confusion. But then he heard a faint sound of spinning barrels just near him... He turn around and saw the golem aiming at the ratkin... "DOOOOOOOOOOON'T!" - Vlad screamed and jumped right before the golem's aim. The barrels were still spinning. The head of the construction looked down livelessly upon the human. "Don't shoot. These are our friends! I mean - not exactly our friends - but this is their representations! If we kill them, the people up there will die... This place wants us to kill each other! Wouldn't you understand, you bucket of bolts?!" The golem was not responding for a minute or two. Then it lowered the barrels and stopped them. Vlad sighed in relief. Then he heard another clang and saw another sphere near his legs. Once again, the protective coating covered Vlad's body in all its entirety, as well as knights' bodies and the golem's own carcass. For some reason Tim had lost its ability to speak, but his actions might be interpretated as "I take your point, human, but don't say I did not warn you when those creatures rush at you." [1] Vlad silently nodded in agreement and raised his gun, facing straight toward the ratkin and preparing for the worst... [2]
  3. D3 to decide... If I roll 1, Tim would mass attack those aggresive-looking ratpeople. Otherwise, Tim would NOT mass attack those aggressive looking ratpeople.
  4. Regarding hollow characters... Got a bit confused here. Did you mean by numerical stats health/sanity?
  5. Note to @jaistlyn @Akiris @-Lilium-

    Winter sux.

    Just slipped on ice and got myself a knee dislocation. Now I'm in hospital awaiting for tomography at Monday. Therefore I cannot participate in your correspondent threads at full extent until I fully recover.

    My sincere apologize for any inconvenience.

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      That really sucks! Especially at the joint level like that. Hope you get better as soon as the body allows!

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  6. As Vlad stood silently before the gradually transforming door, he felt another surge of energy. However, the wicked spear was not the source of rejuvenation this time. He turned around and saw a familiar face near him. By the time his sickness and anxiety had magically gone away, and he expressed his emotions with full force. “Soryn! You sly fox!” He hugged the reporter tightly. It might be embarrassing to do that before the groupmates and especially the reporter’s automated recording device, yet Vlad did not care about everyone’s opinions. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for your helping hand…” – he whispered. Over Soryn’s shoulder he noticed Charlie – the one he managed to heal via spear – being engulfed in flames while showing no signs of burning and pain. He spread it across several people in the room – Vlad and Tim included. Vlad felt the remnants of his injuries fading away completely. Needless to say, the turret – or whatever was inside of it – replied with an unusual enthusiasm: “WE FEEL. REBORN. THANKS. HUMAN.” < T H A N K Y O U > Vlad released Soryn. They had a brief time to recollect their thoughts before venturing deep through the doorway. He wiped out a sweat from his forehead and spoke incoherently: “I don’t know what happened back then… First all these beasts were rushing at me. Then the harpy bit me… Then that dragon… thing… tried to squash me. Then I felt like thousands of bombs exploded in my belly. Then…” Vlad stopped speaking for a moment. He realized he was overdriven by those emotions he went through in Coliseum. He let out a long sigh and apologized for a flurry of words. “Why am I babbling about this, you were here too, weren’t you? Well, whatever happened back then, it is irrelevant now. I have a feeling this is our last challenge.” Vlad put his hand on Soryn’s shoulder and smiled. “So let us go through this hell… together.” Suddenly Vlad heard cracks behind him. He turned around and noticed the very ground crumbling down. Most of the groupmates were able to jump away while the turret, on the other hand… < T I M M F A L L > - cried one robotic voice. “EARTH. CRUMBLES. WE FALL. BEHIND.” – whispered another voice. Vlad gasped. Losing the valuable asset was the last thing he would allow himself in this place. “No… no-no-no. No!” He grabbed the turret’s barrel and attempted to pull it back onto solid surface. But due to its weight, Vlad had been dragged down into the abyss. “Soryn! Don’t just stand there and hel—Oh GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa---” “…Ugh. Falling. Why does it always have to be falling?!” Vlad found himself lying in a pile of a rotten flesh. He raised his head and noticed the turret standing conveniently on all its legs. “Lucky bastard…” – the engineer muttered. He also saw a couple of knights from yet another order which wasn’t White Hand or Shadow Guards – such scarce information would have to suffice for now. Other than that, there seemed to be no one else in this cave. The gaping hole above them was a reminder of whatever happened back then. “A helluva service you did for me, pal...” – Vlad glanced at turret with disappointment. He took a deep breath to fully calm his tested nerves, then he stood up and took a good look around. [1] The source of a foul stench dominant in this den wasn’t hard to find: the place was littered with animal corpses, some of them were rotten beyond recognition. Among these corpses Vlad could barely see a few huge lumps of dark grey fur. But when some of them stretched up, Vlad had been petrified in fear and disgust. A group of rat-like humanoids was staring menacingly at him with their glowing red eyes. “Don’t. Move. An inch.” – Vlad whispered, gripping tightly his norkotian shotgun. He silently looked at the ratkin whose orgy they dared to disturb. “Is this… a pack?” – the engineer thought. And then he noticed several younger specimens circling around older ones and the littlest one squeaking in the dark. “Worse. A family.” Vlad stood silent in hopes that the beasts wouldn’t attack the group outright. But then he heard a loud clank. He noticed a metal orb dropping out from the turret’s bottom. “The hell are you doing?!” – he hissed at Tim. The turret replied with both voices: < P R O T E C T T > “CANNOT. TRUST. THEM.” “Indeed, why should they just stand around?” – Vlad thought. – “This is their home… and we are trespassers.” The orb opened up, and Vlad felt a viscous liquid quickly spreading across his skin. The same portion of liquid was attached to the turret’s chassis and knights’ armor. [2] “Reflective coating…” – Vlad smirked. - ”Huh, kinda forgot about that one.” One layer of this substance should be enough to deflect the ratkin’s initial attack, yet no one knows how fiercely they would react. Vlad closed his eyes and quietly muttered the words he had been hearing during his fall: “Gaining at the expense of others is the world we live in, but can we do it and feel no sin? Only the surviving friends stand to gain…”
  7. Tim - Defense Phase - Mass Defense
  8. Vlad - Defense Phase - Meditate
  9. Jack hadn’t let out a single word during Capria’s monologue. He knew damn too well how it feels to be cursed by powers that lie beyond one’s comprehension. He gripped the hilt of a sword that carried the name of the sorcerer who stripped him of his natural vision, tainted his soul and erased his past. However, the mention of Witch King did not ring any bells in Jack’s mind. He usually pays little attention to high politics and legends of the past… unless it was among customer’s concerns, which was very rare. Nonetheless, Capria’s answer had satisfied Jack’s curiosity to a certain degree, and they could finally get back to the point. “…We still have a mission to complete.” – Capria stated. - ”Right yourselves and prepare to clear the area and get that damn elevator back online.” “No.” – Jack replied harshly. – “There’s still one thing that remained. Or rather... one man.” He paused for a moment to give his groupmates enough time to remember yet another reason to venture into the abandoned outpost. The boy. The one who met them near the fence and helped them descent. The one who disappeared due to strange circumstances, right before the encounter with zombie monkeys. He continued: “First and foremost, we should find him and take any means necessary if he would be a threat to us. Next…” – he pulled out the outpost map and put it under the light, - "We should traverse toward the building on the other side where the backup elevator resides.” “After that…” – he slid his finger from one edge of a map to another. – “Either we make haste toward the elevator, ignoring everything else, or---” Suddenly Jack fell silent. He held his breath briefly so nothing but his own heartbeat and the breath of Capria and Raven could be heard. It was extremely hard to pick out any suspicious noises, yet Jack’s keen hearing helped him to notice multiple footsteps that were resounding across the hospital’s desolate corridor. He gave both Capria and Raven a sign to speak no more and grabbed his bow. “I don’t think we’re dealing with monkeys anymore.” – Jack thought, while processing Raven's words. – “A bad time for a talk about firepower, lady.”
  10. The first thought that came in Jack’s mind is that he let his guard down. A nasty one for the man of his profession, yet the fact he was alive enough to process that king of thought intrigued him. He found himself lying on the floor along with his companions. He attempted to move his limbs a little. Both his hands felt a bit numb, while his left leg was reminding of itself with a nagging pain. Yet it moved freely and firmly with no restraint. Jack noticed a tight bandage around the left shin and smirked. Now he recalled something… Unlike the rest of the pack, he was conscious most of the time. He managed to lead them inside what happened to be a pharmacy lab. But before they could investigate it for any clues, Capria suddenly collapsed on the floor along with Raven in her hands. Jack rushed to help them, but he tripped and fell down himself. He felt that his left leg… No, he did not felt it at all. It was infected up to the point when Jack wasn’t in control of it anymore. But just when the mercenary was about to prepare for the worst, Capria suddenly arose and walked toward the desk, ignoring her comrades. Strangely enough, he was searching through chemicals with such determination and confidence, as if she were there before. Alas, the memories of her further doings were vague, as Jack’s mind was getting affected by the infection. The only moment he remembered clearly was her applying syringe with a muddy substance to his shin… “Alright, alright, I’m awake.” – Slightly irritated by Raven’s voice, Jack slowly stood up, trying not to put too much weight onto healed leg. Having made sure he was keeping the balance, he turned to Capria, who still suffered from the infection’s aftermath. “Well…” – he spoke softly. – “I guess we are all owe it to you.” The mercenary glanced again across the lab, then looked at the table with a bunch of vials and mixtures. Capria’s behavior, the way she manipulated the concoctions and the fact she got it right in the first try... Needless to say, the path to their salvation seemed to be way too simple… “But there’s one thing that bothers me...” – Jack moved his artificial eye toward Capria’s eyes. – “When you were making that antidote… Was it really you back then, or…?”
  11. I'll refrain from "carried away a bit" jokes (honestly, I hate when that happens) and clarify some of the details that may seem wild without context. 1. The spear in question is the artifact I've received during Spires and Mists event in Tia. It has limited healing capability that is incorporated as a special. Excerpt from Vlad's current character list: 2. The "tentacles coming out from spear" thing originates from Claiming the Furthest Point thread where Vlad being in a critical condition accidentally triggered the artifact's power. That's more of a flavor thing. 3. The turret's behaviour is the direct outcome of "Child's Play" events. It was difficult to describe the sanity loss when roleplaying a machine. Perhaps "Ethereal Spirit Takeover" might be a cheap way to do it, but I did that nonetheless.
  12. Previously, in Bloodsport... ...Pain and insanity is thy destined path To fall behind is to incur my wrath *cough* *cough* *cough* The first thing Vlad felt as he had regained his consciousness was the cold stone touching his skin. He slowly crawled up and opened his eyes. For a brief moment he stared blankly at space before them until the realization came in. "...no." - He moaned. - "No... no. No... no... no." Just a few seconds ago he was in the middle of a bloody arena, then he jumped into the portal to the camp. Or did he? Whatever happened after that, now he was stuck with the rest of those unfortunate souls - old and new - in the room where only two grotesque doors were the only piece of interior. Vlad tried to get up, but he stopped short due to a searing pain just down his chest. He moved his hand toward his chest and felt a slit and a steadily flowing liquid. Blood. He was bleeding. Badly. [1] "This is not real..." - His voice trembled. - "This is not real... This... this is not real..." The arena-induced craze had been replaced with sense of dread and impending doom. [2] Struggling to overcome the paralyzing fear, Vlad stood up slowly, using his rifle as a crutch. Suddenly a man's wild scream resounded inside the cube and - BLAM! - the revolver fired across the room, hitting one of the groupmates, the man named Charlie. Surprised by a friendly fire, Vlad lost his balance and fell down again, spilling yet more blood from the wound. As he barely got up on his feet, he looked at the crazed gunman getting tied up by two remaining Norkotian mercenaries. He recognized Jack Murray - or rather a husk of his former self. It seemed like Yh'mi at last did numbers on his psyche. Vlad wondered if he should as well give in to madness and death... But then the engineer sensed as all his attention had been drawn out by the right door at the further side of the cube. He completely ignored the left one - it was too disgusting to look at anyway. Instead, he turned his gaze toward the door that literally consisted of scars and wounds. It radiated a pure, unrefined pain. Mesmerized by it, Vlad strolled toward it. He was still holding the gun he hastily picked up from the arena, while the spear was loosely hanging on thin onyx strands which were melded with his other hand. He walked a few feet ahead mindlessly until he bump into something solid, which he couldn't make out in the darkness. < M M M E T T I M > - a metallic voice spoke before Vlad. The engineer froze in shock. There was a turret standing before him. The same one he worked with and the one he lost contact with since the chaos started. Unit 1 of Terran Minigun Turret series, short for ... "TIM. WE ARE. TIM." - A chilling whisper came out from a half-broken machine. Vlad couldn't comprehend how badly the turret looked in comparison with what he saw in the camp. The mechanical parts were moving with a creak, the lights were off and electronics were seemed to be busted... [3] and yet it was moving on its own, periodically spitting out either synthesized syllables or human-like murmur. < H E L P M E E E > "COMPLETE. US." Vlad stood silently, unable to speak up. Not that he was freaked out by a possessed bivocal turret. He had just witnessed the proof of old-timers' saying that not even the tech could withstand Yh'mi. And what about living beings? Vlad look down upon his yet bleeding wound and sighed. How was he supposed to save this machine if he couldn't save himself? Vlad walked past Tim the Turret toward the scarred door. As he holstered his shotgun, he moved his free hand and slightly touched the door's surface. He could feel every scratch, every bruise, every scar under his fingers. He felt some sort of painful feedback, as if he was touching his own wounds. Then Vlad noticed a small, round hole in the middle of the right half. Although it was merely visible among those crevices it was large enough to fit a couple of fingers or a spear tip... Vlad got a single thought about this particular door and that particular spear he was carrying. In a moment the strings had retracted, and the spear yanked upward, right into Vlad's grasp. He remembered the convoy to Furthest Point. He remembered himself being attacked by a twistling. He recalled those onyx scars he got in place of bullet shots in the chest (seven scars - seven bullets...) and no trace of memory of whatever happened in between. Perhaps, this door would help to unveil it, among other secrets of Yh'mi... Thus, without overthinking of possible consequences, Vlad had plunged the Spiral Spear into the door's hole. *click* Suddenly Vlad felt as some unknown force had grabbed the spear firmly from the other side. No matter how hard he would try to pull it off, it did not budge. Suddenly a writhing mass of dark threads sprouted from the spear's end and rushed downwards toward the trace of blood Vlad had just left behind. Several threads, however, went instead under the engineer's skin and crawled toward the wound of his chest. An excruciating, yet oddly familiar pain paralyzed him, making unable to release the grip on the spear. As the threads reached down his chest and started to drain blood and sew up the wound, Vlad noticed that the old scars started to shrivel, melt and mend with the newly formed onyx growth. The scars - both new and old - became interconnected and formed a dark crest across his chest area, like an armor piece growing out from host's body. After this sick take on surgery, the spear's threads had left Vlad's body and joined the stream going down the bloody trail. Only after that Vlad was able to release the hold and take the step back. He got pale due to the severe blood loss and felt generally sick, yet he was able to take a few more hits before going down for good. [4] He turned around to watch the onyx threads go to other side of the room and gather his blood for purposes unknown. He noticed several threads branching out and reaching toward several group members - mostly the wounded ones. Among them were Jack Murray, Charlie and a girl he saw back in the first nightmare. Whether they accept it or not, each thread would eventually tackle each one of them and "treat" their wounds in the same manner, leaving undissolvable onyx scar behind. [5, 6, 7] Surprisingly, several threads were crawling toward Tim the Turret. They slid through the cracks of turret's armor plates and went deep into the mainframe. Vlad wondered how spear's dark magic would deal with an entity with no flesh and blood. Suddenly they pop out with a flashing spark and retracted back into the spear in the door. The turret itself started to twitch and rotate uncontrollably. < W H A WH W W W WHA WH WH WH WHAT W H W A A AAAAA > In a matter of seconds the turret stopped. A muffled humming came from inside the chassis and the lights went on. The turret turned slightly toward Vlad - this time it was more organized and machine-like. [8] A whisper came from the internal speaker: "WHAT. DOES IT. ALL MEAN?" Yet another recall to the past. Vlad recognized the phrase he saw inside Spire of Sacrifice in Tia. Although his current struggles weren't tied to these events, Vlad couldn't help but admit that the Spire eventually affected him in a way so a trip to Yh'mi didn't seem like a suicide mission. "What does it all mean, you ask?" - Vlad thought to himself. - "Wish if I knew... But the answer could be right there, behind that door." He turned his sight back to the door. The floor nearby was already dried up and devoid of any blood Vlad had left behind. As the last strands returned back into the spear, another click followed, and the spear popped out from the hole. And then Vlad witnessed another magical occurrence. A thick liquid resembling the blood started to gush out from the hole. But instead of pouring down the floor, it spread out along door's broken surface and started filling each crack and crevice. Vlad noticed how after a few moments, as soon as a single crack had been filled, the liquid would solidify, leaving only a blackened stain on a perfectly smoothed surface. Vlad stepped a few feet back, watching in anticipation of whatever might happen as soon as the entire right half would be, for the lack of better words, healed up. Meanwhile, the turret was gradually adjusting to a new position, a new condition and a new set of entities to mark. Speaking of marking: as a side effect of Spiral Spear's intrusion [9], which fixed some inner circuits in some solder-like fashion, the turret got its power mostly restored, and several combat-oriented sensors went back online. Tim's O.S. went and performed a few successful minor calibrations while accompanying the process with the mixture of bleeps and 4-letter word combinations [10]. At the same time the ethereal entity inhabiting the turret's "body" examined the lone human just ahead of him. A slightest touch of the spear's strand was enough to change entity's disposition toward the human from usually hostile to curious. It murmured again: "YOU BEAR. THE MARK. YOU. MIGHT BE. CHOSEN." It decided to lead its vessel along with that human for the time being. Perhaps he would help it to reconnect with its dimension. For a moment the entity tried to gaze past the scarred door in order to prepare itself for upcoming dangers. But it faced a resisting counter force emanating from the door. The psychic energy not only blocked the entity's waves, but also caused a slight overheat of the vessel's circuits, thus nullifying the spear's healing effect. [11] < O W W W H U R T > - the vessel responded with a slight tone of disappointment. It was good thing, though, that the sensors were still intact. All the entity could do was to warn the human about whatever was hidden behind that door. "BE. CAUTIOUS." The human silently nodded in response.
  13. Tim's 3/2 Action: Rolling D10 for Action Preservation (I just remembered Tim got healed by Vlad's Mass Healing and regained 1 action point due to that)
  14. Tim's 2/2 Action: Rolling D10 for Buff (to himself again)...
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