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  1. P.N.See

    below and beneath [outpost grey]

    Even though Jack’s senses were sharp enough to detect anything that crawls or sneaks behind him or his companions, he was unable to notice any kind of threat. That was at least reassuring – although it wasn’t a reason to keep one’s guard down. Capria had decided to search nearby the entrance, so she would keep an eye for Raven – a wise move indeed. Having acknowledged it would be safe to proceed, Jack returned to the table with a map unrolled. The mercenary examined the map again to make sure there would be the piece of information they were looking for. Once again, he found a map cluster dedicated to the outpost in its entirety. And there it was – the square titled “Medical Block”, just inside R&D cluster and a few blocks away from their current position up north. Jack noted to himself it would be unpractical to bring along the map as it, so he pulled out one of his knives and carved out the required piece. While dealing with the map, Jack noticed a strange slab lying on the floor. He lifted it up and gave a closer look. It appeared to be some kind of tablet, a piece of Terran tech Jack was poorly familiar with. Its screen was broken up to the point some pieces of it were missing. Attempting to turn it on gave no results whatsoever. Displeased with the outcome, Jack threw the tablet away: after all, they had already got what they came for – the outpost map. “I think we’re done here.” – Jack exclaimed, while pulling out the torch from a vase – “A medical facility is located in this sector, not too far away from here.” – He pointed at R&D cluster on the map. – “Now get Raven on foot and make your way to the exit befo--” Suddenly Jack had groaned and bent down in pain, keeping the hold onto his left knee. The infection had crawled up to the joint, corrupting and severing the ligament slowly but surely. Overcoming the pain, Jack rose and limped toward the room’s exit, struggling not to carry full weight onto the infected limb. “D-don’t worry about me! Just keep moving!” [COMPLETED] Find an outpost map/emergency exit plan/something that will help locate some crucial facilities. Find an antidote. And fast. Find Hawke. Better alive, not dead.
  2. P.N.See

    The Cyberpunk City

    Currently I'm away from my PC to respond properly. But you should know that I'm SOOOO into this idea and even have some little plotline in mind. How do I jump in?
  3. P.N.See

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    // Bottom Right: @Dolor Aeternum @Tyler @ChaosLord @Lawman @Akiris @zackrobbman// ...Vlad could sense nothing from without. No numbness of his own body. No coldness of the spear in his palm. No sounds of a wagon destroyed. No words of the reporter who had finally given in to the despair... But from within his senses were at the edge - despite of an excruciating pain. Every single nerve in his body isolated itself from the outer world and focused on the mass of onyx threads writhing within. Soon the chaotic movement of an alien substance had turned into precisely orchestrated swirl around fresh wounds. Vlad watched as bits of lead and blood popped out of holes left by the ranger's gun. The threads jumped across each hole, leaving a thin black trail behind that intersected itself and formed a mass above. In a matter of seconds, each hole had been replaced by a circular scar - a rough and darkened piece of... flesh? Vlad raised his left hand and touched it. The scar was hard and painstakingly cold. The texture of it was completely identical to the material of the spear. The stone of The Spire... When the last wound had been covered in onyx, the spear's threads suddenly rushed downward, along the left side of Vlad's body - toward the bitten leg. The poisonous oily residues had been pushed out from the veins and then from the wound. After that it dried up completely and there was nothing but a stone imprint of the insect's teeth. Finally, the threads had reached Vlad's abdomen where the giant beast had left the first mark. The old scar cracked under pressure, causing additional pain. Yet not a drop of new blood had hit the ground, as the familiar black material was forming a seam on the wound's place. The deed was done. Vlad felt a strange force radiating from the spear; the threads started to retract from his body, still leaving out painful sensations. Only when the last of onyx veins slurped out of his arm and back inside the spear, the pain had gone and he finally regained consciousness... = = = = = The engineer suddenly stood up in confusion as if he was awaken from a lovecraftian nightmare. The battle was still raging on, he was still holding the spear in his hand. He noticed a few cracks on its surface - something he couldn't recall before since he had obtained in back in Tia. He also felt a sudden shift in his state of mind and body. Minutes... no, seconds ago he was bitten, shot and left to bleed out... and yet he stood, more than alive. Vlad could not recall the moment of miraculous healing or the pain it was followed by, yet the black stone marks in place of his wounds were indicating on some powerful magic intrusion... But there was no time to think over the reasons. There was something that affected Vlad's mind, whether it was poison's aftermath or spear's magic. While staying speechless and void of emotions, the engineer still kept the spear in his hand, not showing an intent to back down or regroup. The insects were still skittering menacingly under his feet, yet his thoughts were at the moment fixed on one person. No, not the person anymore. The guy that shot him had grown a couple of limbs, shaping itself into a monstrosity that still held a grotesque human resemblance. A normal Terran would lose his sanity just by looking at this spectacle... Not this one. Not the one that had just risen from the grave that is Yh'mi.
  4. P.N.See

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Claiming the Furthest Po- oh wait, we're not claiming anything anymore. 😞 Rolling d12 to determine Vlad's healing factor. Not that it might matter, anyway...
  5. P.N.See

    below and beneath [outpost grey]

    Jack watched as Ravenbush attempted to show some conscious activity with words, yet she was too weakened to even keep herself awake. Indeed, those wounds of her were that grave. Capria didn’t hide her pain either, breathing deeply and keeping hold onto her injured stomach. Even Jack felt his movement become slightly sluggish, as the pain in the leg was becoming more and more prominent. From that moment he should be extremely careful… and appropriately armed. He knelt near the slightly opened door and pulled a couple of spare strings for his bow. While he was readjusting them, he watched Capria carefully putting Raven’s body. Even if it was inconceivable to leave her in that condition, he had to admit she would be just a burden for the time being. She’ll be alright here. Capria’s tone was confident, reassuring, as if she knew that for certain. Or was it just a mask to hide her concerns about the deadly repercussions of their disease? “Why are you so sure?” – Jack let out a single question, the one Carpia might expect and the one she might not have a sophisticated answer for. Not waiting for the answer, the mercenary nodded and stood up, bow at ready. “Alright, I’m going in…” --- As a man from the Wastelands, Jack The Eyeless never fully grasped the concept of classroom, whether it was inside a schoolhouse or a training facility. There were several plain desks put in strict order on one side and a single desk on the other side with a huge whiteboard behind. Surely the room didn’t look like a vault or someone’s office with valuable materials inside. Yet Jack managed to cast his eye on a bookshelf in the corner, the one full of brochures and scrolls. Perhaps the map they were looking for should be there. Jack put the torch inside an empty vase, then he pulled out one of the scrolls and unrolled it on the desk. His assumptions were mostly correct: what he’d found was the detailed map of Shiddidark Basin. There were rocky walls surrounding the area, swamps, trail roads… and the outpost itself. Luckily, the map scale was large enough so the building cluster was shown in necessary detail. There was Terrano School of Defense – the facility the group was currently in – then there was R&D Sector, General Services Department and... Suddenly Jack rose his head, looking swiftly around the entire room, then at the exit where Raven lied. Then he ordered Capria by gestures to stop and stay quiet. He pulled an arrow and froze in place, listening. Silence, ever deceitful. Perhaps, Jack was just overly cautious. Perhaps…
  6. P.N.See

    Dice Rolling Thread

    "Below And Beneath", Outpost Grey quest. Breaking inside the abandoned room, rolling D3 to decide its type: D1: Cadet's Room - an apartment of minimalistic design fit rather for taking break between drills than living. -----Reward: None. Threat: None/Low D2: Lecture Hall - a middle-sized classroom for attending lectures on several topics, including outpost defense essentials and basin geography -----Reward: Outpost Map. Threat: Low/Moderate D3: Drill Sergeant's Office - a tight room with shelves full of folders, papers and documents related to school's activity. The sergeant's desk also contains some papers of strategic value. -----Reward: Outpost Detailed Schematic + Drill Sergeant's Log. Threat: Moderate/High (actual obstacle/threat is to be decided by GM)
  7. P.N.See

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    // Bottom Right: @Dolor Aeternum @Moon Owl @Tyler// .yeeAAGGH! While Vlad was distracted by newcomers, one of insects jumped ahead and latched onto his left leg. He instinctively swung it to shake the beast off and attempted to shoot it midair. But he had missed, and the creature had hit the ground mostly unharmed. The engineer took a moment to examine an injured leg. Along with his own blood, there was also an oily liquid oozing from a puncture. Vlad couldn't tell in the midst of chaos if it was just an insect's saliva or something... else. Suddenly, on the other side of the convoy, a giant monster, assaulted by Terrenus' finest warriors, let out a massive roar before hitting the ground. But, unlike previous times (How many of them exactly? Two? Three?), that particular one rang in Vlad's ears with the highest amplitude. The engineer's vision had got engulfed in faint mist, followed by a fleeting dizziness. "W-why do I f-fell funny?" - he though. Then he took a glance at the remaining horde. Something was strange about it. They were making the same skittering noise as they did before, but... That noise... It was more...refined. -chhitti-chhitti-chhit- More prominent. -chhitti-chhitti-chhit- More -chhitti-chhit- dangerous -chhitti-chhit- agressive -chhitti-chhitti-chhit-chhit! "...W-why are they l-looking at me?!" - Vlad gulped as he felt - sensed - a gaze of dozen of unblinking eyes. He heard - could hear - as they skittered closer and closer... not to the wagon... not to Soryn or rangers... but to him! And him alone! Vlad's heart was pumping like crazy, but it wasn't that ferocity from before that was pushing it to the limit. There was another sensation, the first sensation the mankind had ever experienced long before it gained sentience. Fear. "S-STOP! J-JUST GO AWAY!!!" - Vlad shouted. His hand trembled as he tried to aim at beasts. Alas, having being affected by an uncontrollable fear, he only wasted his ammunition. The situation only got worse: the beasts were tightening their circle around the wagon, and it was apparent Soryn and Vlad couldn't repel their assault by alone. Those rangers were the only hope. Vlad rushed toward their leader, struggling to keep his breath. "P-please!! J-Just... do something!" - He pleaded. - "There are... are going to destroy... they are going to... they are going to kill--- me???". The engineer's senses were disrupted and distorted due to affected psyche, but even then he managed to notice a vile, almost inhumane grin on the ranger's face... And a submachine gun pointed at him. TAKATAKATAKATAKATAKATAKA! Vlad's body fell down upon the barrage's impact, virtually separating Soryn from the insects. The blood spurted from multiple holes in the chest, like a water from an old bucket. The engineer gasped in pain, patting his hand for a pistol. Alas, he was too far away from him, and the insects were at eye-level with with... not to mention the "ranger" above. "Why... *cough-cough* why you..." - Vlad hissed. A few drops of blood slipped from his mouth. He knew to well how screwed up he was. He was unarmed, he was outmatched... and, given the amount of bullet holes in his body, he was definitely not going to make it. However, there was one obsessive thought that prevented him to just go silently into the blissful oblivion... "Spear... I still have... the spear..." Vlad crawled backwards to a wagon's side and assumed a sitting position so he could reach the backpack and the parcel on his back. Despite of the constant chest pain and growing numbness in his fingers, he rapidly unwrapped the parcel and grasped the weapon as firmly as he was able to. Vlad grinned through his pain: he could take some of the creatures... and even that backstabbing son-of-a-b***h to hell with him after a-- AAAAGHKH! And then a sharp pain had pierced Vlad's right arm before he could thrust the spear. He noticed several onyx threads sprouted from the pommel and instantly plunged under the skin. Then he watched those blackened veins crawling toward the shoulder and then toward the chest. Each inch traveled by these threads was resounding in Vlad's brain with the unbearable pain. The engineer withered and moaned in agony, as the spear's threads continued to traverse through his body. He was unable to react neither on threat remaining, nor on companions... And as well, he failed to noticed that the chest wounds that supposed to leave him dry and dead... had suddenly stopped bleeding and begun rapidly forming scars of unnatural color of onyx...
  8. P.N.See

    below and beneath [outpost grey]

    A few twitches, a bit of pulling and puncturing – and a massive lock dropped onto the ground wide open. Jack never took pride in his burglar skill, but he was content it didn’t take long to get inside, for time wasn’t on their side. As the mercenary had carefully opened the door, he noticed nothing but a staircase leading upwards and to another door just ahead. However, that door was slightly opened, so Jack’s picks wouldn’t be needed for a while. “Stay behind me and tread carefully.” – he spoke quietly to Capria. – “We don’t know what might await us there.” He stepped through the doorway and pushed away the second door. The interior space was engulfed in darkness as closed windows were blocking already scarce light from the outside. It was dangerous to step inside like that; thus, Jack was forced to dispose of one of his fire bombs. The junk lying nearby might do the trick. He picked up a wooden plank from the floor and cut up a fabric piece from his cloak. Then he uncorked the bottle with oily liquid, poured it on his contraption. With a single flick he ignited a self-made torch, and the group had got a much better view on the building’s corridor. It was a long hallway with several doors on each side. Some of them were wide opened, some of them were nailed shut. There were also several pieces of furniture – from metal lockers to tables. However, it was still hard to tell if it was some kind of facility or it was just a dormitory for outpost residents. Jack slowly walked ahead, taking pauses between steps and checking the surroundings. From time to time he lifted a shutter on his eyepatch to “scan” the corridor for any life energy traces. Yet the Awakened Eye revealed nothing so far: it sensed only auras of Capria and Raven, there was nothing but pure darkness ahead. “It seems they abandoned this place at least weeks ago.” – Jack whispered. – I assume they were in a big hurry. So it’s unlikely it could be a hospital. But we might find something that would help us find it. The question is where to start from…”
  9. Before @Tyler rolls this out, I have another question: upon getting Bleed status, do I lose 1 HP the same round I got it or the next one?
  10. Nevermind, I found the post about Bleed. Guess I'll just roll D2 and... EDIT: Actually wait, I found something else...
  11. Quick question: I got hit by a twistling. Should I make a roll for Bleed check or have Tyler done that already?
  12. P.N.See

    below and beneath [outpost grey]

    "Sleeping Beauty, you say?" - Once again, the mercenary had been touched by Capria's caring demeanor. To risk your own life for the sake of someone unacquainted to you - Jack wasn't sure if he would be able to do the same, given his habit of breaking any long-term contacts and changing places. But he remembered they didn't have much choice. There was a killer poison circulating in everyone’s veins. So the cooperation was a cruel necessity for their survival. Suddenly the conversation was interrupted by Raven’s voice. Although it was faint and sounded restrained, her first words were anything but an unconscious raving. Finally, some good news amidst this run of bad luck. “Well, I don’t think the word ‘sleeping’ isn’t appropriate for her anymore.” – Jack smiled at Madame. – “Welcome to the world of living.” Nonetheless, he decided to disturb her no longer, as the toxin was still sapping her health. The group had approached one of the buildings. The entrance was blocked by a metal slide door controlled by a panel nearby. Normally the door would react on anyone’s approach or panel’s input even without main power. But since the reserve generator was disabled as well (that could be told by lack of emergency lights), the door stood before the company as an impenetrable obstacle. Jack saw no reason to attempt melting door with something he could barely call fire magic. “There should be a backdoor somewhere.” – The mercenary concluded. – “It must be there. There might’ve been blackdowns here in the past, so the people needed a way to get inside…” He walked along the wall, calling Capria by gesture to follow him. As he had reached the rear side, a traditional-looking metal door could be seen. A massive rusty lock was hanging on it. Jack carefully lifted it and noticed two keyholes. He tried to pull it out; the lock stood tight. “A reinforced one. Tough nut to crack.” – Jack murmured. He slightly twitched his right arm, and a small lockpick slid from the sleeve right into his palm. That was the familiar territory for him, his passion, his bread and butter. Well, aside from robbery and assassination. “Yet I’ve cracked nuts tougher than that!”
  13. P.N.See

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    // Bottom Right: @Dolor Aeternum @Moon Owl @Tyler// It was still difficult to comprehend how Soryn was able to handle the critters with his scimitar alone... and to lead the report at the same time. Hard to tell if it was broadcasted live or just recorded. The latter option was more or less solid - after all, they were in the midst of uncharted, lifeless plains where each living being crawling and running tries to kill the colonist. But still, the reporter's prowess was undeniable. Vlad though about talking with him about his career, his combat experience, and perhaps some technical things... yet he stood silent. It was definitely not the time for a chit-chat or a smile for the camera, not when insects are crawling beneath your feet. Vlad unloaded a few pistol charges into a couple of beasts, which were visibly separated from the rest. Like many others before them, they exploded into pieces, leaving nothing but puddles of putrid liquid. The engineer exhaled and moved the weapon toward the larger pack... Suddenly Vlad heard a loud crash just behind him, followed by sounds of gunshots, splintering wood and someone's screams The wagon was obscuring his vision, but Vlad knew that the noise had something to do with the wagon just ahead of their position. And that was a bad sign. Their expedition would be a bust, should they lose another wagon... Then Vlad heard a thud of hooves and a gun racket. Several bullets flew across the wagon; most of them crashed into wood. Vlad was glad someone decided to help defending their wagon, now that there was nothing to defend up there. But the arrival of whoever it was made Vlad concern for one's adequacy. What kind of idiot would waste ammo in such a wild manner? He picked out from the wagon and noticed a man with a submachinegun approaching their position on a horseback. Following him were several men, also armed and also rushing with haste. "Cavalry." - Vlad smirked to himself. - "A bit excessive if you ask me." He called the armed man that was was ahead of his group - presumably their leader or the most impatient member: "Hey! You came to help cleaning this mess? We could use a gun or two here! Also, what in Mother Gaia's name happened up there?!"
  14. P.N.See

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Okay... One last time. Yh'mi, Claiming The Furthest Point.
  15. P.N.See

    Jigane ga deru | The Steel Appears

    Silence. The much desired sound of silence was just all what the Emperor left behind. A gust of chill wind whooshed throughout the entryway, freshening up the sizzling hot atmosphere of the field forge. Tobruk inhaled deeply, cherishing this short-lived moment of peace. Having not touched the Emperor’s scroll, he walked outside to cleanse his lungs from the oven smoke – just to fill them with it again. The resources hadn’t arrived yet, so the blacksmith had enough time to gather his thoughts. Making a sword for the Beast King was a problem that wasn’t that easy to settle – from the psychological point of view. With a tribal mindset still strong, Tobruk had vowed to follow the certain code. There used to be an old belief back then: should master craft a tool and give it to one that’s unworthy and foul-minded, he would be forever disgraced and succumbed to the wrath of ancestors. Truth be told, there used to be such men among the villagers and Tobruk had a short talk to them. However, the monster in man’s clothing was different story. The blacksmith had no chance to refuse. He couldn’t escape either – each and every shadow in the camp could hide a spy or two keeping restless eyes onto the man the Emperor was so genuinely interested in. Thus, Tobruk had no choice but to make a proper sword – with no right to make a mistake. They both knew – the man and the beast – that either with good will or by mild force it would be done. And many innocents would die – slain by the dragon’s hand carrying the weapon with the blacksmith’s mark on it. Unless… Tobruk headed back inside and stepped toward the table where the scroll remained untouched. He carefully unrolled it and cast his sole eye on the suggested design. Tobruk had been genuinely mesmerized by how fragile yet elegant this particular weapon seemed to him. The blades he made for polearms were rough and bulky, but sharp enough to pierce a wyvern’s hide. The blade depicted on the scroll, however, looked rather thin and curvy. Tobruk wondered how he would be able to craft such a fine tool within such short period of time. Indeed, it would be difficult to do that without proper resources. But the Emperor promised to provide all that the blacksmith required – and it didn’t seem that he would break the promise. Despite of any outcome, the resources were yet to arrive. Not willing to waste time any longer, Tobruk got himself back to work. He tossed out the unfinished piece of metal and put firewood into a smoldering furnace. Those pickaxes wouldn’t finish themselves after all.