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  1. So, I've might have missed that part of conversation, but here's the question: if Zombie applies HOLD status on my character, could I negate it by using Counter-Attack special?
  2. Group 3: 5A-19B ◄◄◄◄◄ [HP] === VLAD NASSAR === [SP] ►►►►► A young white-haired woman was the one that answered Vlad's call for help. With one swift kick she pushed the zombie into the adjacent wall. Upon the impact the burning cadaver crumbled down, unable to rise up back again anymore. Vlad let out a sigh of relief and plunged a shell into his gun, when suddenly he felt a rapid surge of energy flowing through his body. He felt that his scorched shoulders stopped hurting and the charred skin grew back. ◄◄◄◄◄ [HP] === VLAD NASSAR === [SP] ►►►►► Vlad noticed that the healing magic was coming from the same white-haired woman near him, the one that just saved his butt. She smiled at him casually, as if she knew Vlad would owe her for that. Vlad couldn't help but smile back and snap his fingers at her in a way that his hand would form a thumbs-up gesture. He could just spoke out his gratitude, but the air in the chamber was way too hot for holding out long conversations. The engineer was about to join the rest of the group in its escape through the northern corridor, when a faint flicker had been caught in his peripheral vision. He noticed a glow coming from a stone encrusted in the gauntlet on his right hand. Vlad saw that phenomenon already: the Philosopher's Stone he received at the World Fair was able to catch any psychic waves coming at the carrier. The more brighter the stone's light, the more powerful is the psychic signal. So far Vlad wasn't able to figure out the stone's true potential - aside from using it as a detector, that is. So he placed it inside an old leather gauntlet for a basic convenience. And now the stone was figuratively blinding his eyes and burning his hand. By hovering his hand left and right and watching after the flicker frequency, Vlad had discovered that the "psychic source" was hidden not too far away from the group, just behind the entryway they were currently moving through. Suddenly the stone flickered more rapidly, it was going brighter and hotter and... "WATCH OUT!!!" A soul-piercing shriek rumbled throughout the corridor and the entrance and hit the group with full force. Vlad instinctively covered his ears, but the shriek was still stuck in his mind for a brief moment. Thankfully, Vlad wasn't at the shockwave's front and had been left mostly unaffected, The same, however, couldn't be said for the rest. One of the affected - the girl who met Vlad in the dark - tried to rush forward, but according to swears coming from the entryway, her efforts were hardly to be called success. At the same time Vlad's ears catch metallic sounds just near him. He turned around and noticed another set of gas tubes erecting from the floor. Yup, the same tubes as the ones that were already sprouting fire back there. And, as a finishing touch, another flaming zombie was crawling at him from the eastern entrance. The situation had gone from bad to worse to complete f^%k-a-thlon. Both exits are blocked by Gaia knows what, there was something that melts brain with a shriek alone, there is another cadaver crawling from behind and the chamber is gathering the temperature like crazy... Indeed, was was the worst thing that could happen? Vlad decided that in this particular situation the zombie ahead was the lesser evil. "They're coming *cough**cough* from behind!" - Vlad shouted at the group and specifically those two women closest to the eastern exit. - "We need to *cough* we need to... push through!" Mother Gaia, it was so hard to talk when fires are drying your throat! Sweeping off a chunk of sweat from his forehead, Vlad stepped forward a bit to get to required range and aimed his gun at the zombie in the passageway. Now there was no time for witty comments and catchphrases. BOOOOOOM! *shk-chk* BOOOOOOM! *shk-chk* ◄◄◄ [HP] === BURNING ZOMBIE === [??] ►►► Despite the strong feedback from a gun, Vlad couldn't see the same impact on a monster ahead of him. It was fairly messed up by those two shots, but even then it moved forward relentlessly. Now if his allies don't react, Vlad would just "earn" another fiery hug. "Damn." - Vlad thought. - "If only I had enough practice with that thing..."
  3. @notmuch_23 Way to block our only relatively safe exit route. Now either we wait for @bfc's Henschboys to move over at least for two squares or I have to burst my way through the eastern Hall of BBQ Corpse Party.
  4. Tough luck. Available only for Paid supporters.
  5. I just wanted to use my special attack, but @EpicRome23 got ahead of me. I don't blame you, though. I think, my turret and your elephant (crew included) would make an excellent battle duo. I'm already thinking of a spin-off series called "Surus & Tim".
  6. ◄◄◄◄◄ [DP] === TURRET "TIM" === [SP] ►►►►► The turret's senses had gone wild as more and more winged entities came into vicinity. Internal program counted at least twelve targets, save the one entity ahead, which had gone from sight due to irrelevant reasons. Five of them were approaching the plateau, reaching the turret's firing range. It raised still spinning barrels upwards, prepared to shower the incoming entities with bullets... But suddenly the turret's audio sensors had registered a loud shot, while the optical sensors had detected one of the entities being struck down. Then a barrage of arrows flew from behind and took out two more entities. The vitals of remaining targets had been quickly assessed as "severely injured". The turret would thank its companions for fire support and sparing the bullets for it... if it could think and talk, that is. After going through a short decision-making internal routine, the turret had stopped spinning its barrels and switched to semi-auto mode. The threat was too insignificant to be worth wasting bullets. After some trajectory calculations, the turret shot twice, moving rapidly target from target between shots. Both high-caliber bullets had found their corresponding marks. One bullet had hit the leftmost entity into the torso, leaving a gaping hole in chest area behind... ◄◄ [HP] === HARPY "KEENA" === [??] ►► ...while the other one went straight for the rightmost entity's head and reducing it to a lump of steaming flesh. ◄◄ [HP] === HARPY "KIARA" === [??] ►► Two entities pummeled down into the abyss, unable to soar above the plateau any longer. There were still several entities ahead but they were out of turret's range. The only optimal (for a machine) solution was to switch to scanning mode and prepare itself for another surprise attack.
  7. Aight, let me explain. Above is the last update available (without this round's actions reflected here) Our Group 3 is located in Room 7 (the one with giant gas lighters). Currently there is one zombie blocking the northern passage. The one that grabbed my PC, Vlad, was eliminated by him and @Thotification's Middy. However, there are two more zombies in eastern chamber (Room 3, if I'm not mistaken) accompanied by a highly explosive burning skeleton. Refer to the following post for current session situation: And by the way... @jaistlyn, I think you would do everyone a favor, if you update dungeon map's link in the 1st post of the thread.
  8. @notmuch_23, I would say thanks for dealing with that zombie, IC- and OOC-wise, but @Thotification had already taken care of it.
  9. Boy... Do I have a perfect soundtrack for that!
  10. ◄◄◄◄◄ [DP] === TURRET "TIM" === [SP] ►►►►► The conversations and interactions between unwilling castaways bore no valuable info for the turret to process. If the operator is willing to gather a log of all the events occurred there, he would be able to do so by extracting a black-box deep under turret's chassis. For now the turret stood still, sometimes reacting on a strange noise originating from the fog. It would stay at the middle of plateau forever, if group members don't figure out how to haul the contraption across the bridge. Suddenly the optical sensor picked up a strange signal, right above the group. The turret started to scan that newfound entity. The evaluation process was rather short, followed by three high-pitched beeps. Internal program was able to easily separate the entity from group's "visual profiles" - those wing-like limbs were the antagonizing factor there. But before the turret raised its dual barrels to greet the winged entity with lead, it rapidly dived under the bridge, outpacing the machine in reaction and speed. For a living being it would be a reason for frustration, but for machinery it was just nothing but a minor disturbance. After a couple of seconds, the entity reappeared before the group leader on the bridge. The turret kept its artificial eye onto the entity's current location, yet its barrels remained silent. Safety protocol wouldn't allow it to shoot through the friendlies' bodies. Once the entity arose above the bridge, the turret fixed its sensors onto it, gathering enough data to assess and utilize in combat. At the same time, several sounds echoed from within the fog, similar to the sound the entity ahead had just made. A quick comparison analysis and... Yes, a near perfect match. Complete audio-visual profile and approximate amount of winged entities had been formed in turret's memory. Nothing was preventing the turret from winding up its barrels and locking on the entity, calculating and predicting its moves...
  11. Oh, @Thotification, another good news! There's another zombie with 1 HP near your Middy! You know what I mean?
  12. And yeah, help me with that, too. Me turret has no legs, y'know...
  13. Group 3: 5A-19B ◄◄◄◄◄ [HP] === VLAD'S TURN === [SP] ►►►►► A young-looking boy <@ChaosLord>, which seemed to be preoccupied with his own nightmares and had been left behind the rest of the group, managed to gather his senses and rush away before grates spat out fire under his feet. Vlad sighed with a relief and gave a silent nod toward the boy. The engineer was about to rejoin the group pushing through the leftmost entrance, when suddenly he heard a distant roar from behind... and the sound of bare feet slapped onto metal floor. "What in Mother GaiAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGH!" ◄◄◄◄◄ [HP] === VLAD NASSAR === [SP] ►►►►► Caught unprepared, Vlad was entrapped in a fiery embrace and felt the breath of seven hells blowing into his face. A deformed abomination engulfed in flames screeched at him and squeezed him like a housewife would squeeze a lemon. The monster's grip was not only viciously tight, but also unbearably hot. Vlad was already feeling the heat eating away his outerwear and slowly reaching his very flesh... "G-get off me!" - Vlad wheezed. He shifted and leaned rapidly to shake the zombie off - yet all of his attempts were to no avail. And then, in a short moment of clarity, he figured out to use his head for rather risky purpose. He leaned it backward and smashed the molten mug with it. Dazed by a sudden maneuver, the zombie released its deadly hold, yet keeping close distance before Vlad. A point-blank range, to be exact. "Now it's my chance!" Vlad jumped away from the assailant, gritting his teeth in pain and brushed away the flames on his shoulder. Then he raised his shotgun and aimed at his head. "Now try and hug THIS!" *click* "...? Empty?!" - Vlad gasped. Facing the approaching living torch without an ammo was a true nightmare. Not that kind of nightmare with mists and ashen figures, but... The engineer's mind was barely able to recall the moment when he fully loaded the rifle with six shells. And then the mist, the figures, Cain and... Another inhuman roar. The burning zombie got closer. Not willing to be distracted by thoughts unnecessary for the skirmish, Vlad quickly dived his left hand into the pouch and pulled a shell and loaded it. In the following few seconds he raised the gun again, but at the creature's chest level for it was already at arm's length. *shk-chk* BOOOOOOOOOM! ◄◄◄ [HP] === BURNING ZOMBIE === [??] ►►► The point-blank shot teared zombie's chest apart, reducing its left shoulder to a rare-cooked minced meat. However, the monster didn't realize it supposed to drop dead after such injury. And so it continued crawling toward Vlad, still on the feet and still burning. "Crapsters!!!" - the engineer swore. He dived his hand back for a spare shell, yet he understood that before he get his gun ready, that unfinished cadaver would have him for eggs and toast. He shouted: "Could anybody in this grillhouse give me a hand here?!"
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