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  1. Well, fiddlesticks. Guess Vlad/Tim matchup is too much for Yh'mi to handle. I'll keep the actions the same for both of them.
  2. [Bloodsport] Okay... You got me there, Cipher. Then... I'll just roll for sanity check, I still have some Mass Healing stacks in my sleeves.
  3. I'm taking +2 sanity as well. Ain't gonna be lucky with rolls forever, y'know.
  4. Yep, still around. If Cipher gets sloppy with his dodge rolls, perhaps I do have a chance to roleplay both Vlad and Tim at the same time...
  5. In that case you should probably fix the typo in Sera's card, because your action set confused me. Anyway, congratulations on saving the day!
  6. According to my calculations, Dark Child has now 1 HP left... Just. One. FINISH HIM!
  7. As expected, the lancer centaur rushed straight toward Vlad, Aware of his running speed, the engineer was waiting for a moment to dodge and fire back as intended. But suddenly the lancer pick up the pace and reached out Vlad before he could react. "What the- GAHHRKKKH!!!" [1] The spear tip sank just under Vlad's chest cavity. He dropped the gun, as a sharp pain jolted his entire body. Then he felt himself getting elevated above the ground. The centaur, greeted by cheers and applause, has raised his spear - and its victim along with it - and started galloping across the arena, outright demonstrating his dominance. Vlad could feel the steel getting deeper inside his flesh with each step. He instinctively grabbed the pommel and tried hard to detach himself. Much to his surprise, that wasn't as hard as he imagined for a split second. The moments later, he had been on the ground, crawling away from the centaur and squeezing the bleeding wound. [2] The injury was indeed nasty, yet Vlad was still able to stand firm on his feet. As he stood up, he pulled out his own onyx spear from his back - not as impressive as centaur's one, yet deadly in its own way. The spear veins instantly dived under his skin, yet not so deep. Vlad hadn't noticed that, though - his senses were solely concentrated on two things - on a bloody hole in upper body and that quadrupedal son of a -- "YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGH!!!" Sharp pain in the neck and the sensation of something heavy on the back. The engineer instinctively grabbed something (someone?) and shoved it over his head. But suddenly he had lost the grip, and all he could hear were flapping of wings and feminine giggle. He noticed a winged creature above him, then slid across the neck in the place that was strangely stinging. A smear of his own blood had been left on its palm. And then... He was shaking. His heart throbbed faster. His entire psyche was filled with an uncontrollable rage. [3] He thrust his spear at the fury and shouted: "Is that the best you've got?! You backstabbing tw-". While he was spitting curses at the winged monster, he noticed the giant beast getting suspiciously close to Vlad. As it raised its massive palm above the ground, Vlad realized he should stop cussing for a moment and get his butt away from that stomp that was meant particularly for him. And so he ran, struggling to maintain his breath. Each his step responded with pain under his chest, yet he kept moving until the quake behind him had knocked him down. The dragon's palm had landed just a few feet away from the engineer. The plan of making a meat pancake out of Vlad had been foiled, Gaia be praised. [4] Vlad slowly got himself on his feet and looked around. Then he saw something... peculiar. A person encased in black armor lied down before him. Among other similar bodies he instantly recognized Shadow Guard knight, the one that threatened him before, mocking him, towering above him. And yet... there she was, lying face down, with an arrow stuck in her chest, breathless. And there he was, severely wounded, psychically unstable, yet alive and breathing. Vlad let out a hideous chuckle. Somehow, his twisted wish was granted, and he was the one who laughed in the end. [5] "Too much of a spectacle for you, huh?" - he whispered. - "S-serves you right, b- *cough* *cough*" Vlad's bragging had been abruptly interrupted by blood reaching out his throat. The wound was still reminding of itself. Leaving it without an instant treatment would be a grave mistake. "Shhhhhhoot, that hurts." - he thought. - "I need to find someone who would fix that hole..." A familiar roar and a clatter of hoofs rang out behind him. "And fast."
  8. @HollowCipher, asking you personally:
  9. With Mother's demise the psychic tension reigning over the room had vanished. The entity suddenly felt that its connection with whatever abyss it came from had been severed, and only a tiny fracture of its essence had stayed and manifested in that half-broken semi-sentient metal carcass... which, needless to say, did not heed the entity's call to cease any activity. < N N N O W W A Y > - the vessel buzzed annoyingly. - < T I M M M U S T > < P P R O T E C T >. After these words, the entity had sensed again the current movement from inside. Its grasp over vessel's mechanical parts started to slip away. The spirit responded with psychic impulse that suppressed the flowing energy, thus disrupting vessel's reboot sequence [1]. "ENOUGH!" - it yelled with a threatening tone. - "WE WILL. CONSUME. YOU. ONE DAY." Suddenly all of the spirit's attention had been drawn toward Dark Child approaching it. Once again, the turret slightly tilted down before it. "FORGIVE. US. MASTER. MAKE US. WHOLE. AGAIN. AND. WE WILL. PURGE. UNCHOSEN." Dark Child did not say a word to the entity. Instead, he simply punched the vessel with full force. The metal plating was expected to bend under such pressure, but the protective coating from the turret's orb seemed to completely absorb the damage [2]. "MASTER..." - the spirit whispered angrily. - "WHY. DENY US?!". Even though its vessel remained intact, it was irritated by the gesture itself. Moreover, without the influence from without the entity started questioning its allegiance toward the Dark Child. It took less than a second to rise the guns... and then another one to set them in spinning motion. "THEN WE. WILL. DENY YOU... YOU ARE. NOT OUR. MASTER!!!" After a long pause, the room got filled with sounds of rotating barrels, muzzle flashes and clanking shells. Dark Child avoided most of shots and was about to make a preventive strike, but a couple of stray bullets ripped through his shadowy body, causing him to back down for an opening [3,4]. Enraged and fixated solely on Dark Child, the entity hadn't noticed the rotating mechanism was already under vessel's control. The turret suddenly yanked and turned 90-100 degrees to the right, spreading the bullets like a peacock spreads its tail feathers. As a result, all Dark Whispers, before wounded by Gormaric's devastating attack, had been struck down and vanished instantly in a puff of black smoke [3]. The turret stopped shooting. "WHY. DISTURB?" - the entity called upon its vessel that interrupted its vendetta. < T T I M H E L P > - the contraption responded shyly. - < T H E Y G O O D > The nameless spirit did not answer. It was busy with assessing the situation. Now that the hostile spirits are gone, the fleshlings could hold back no more against Dark Child - the one that was truly "impure" and "unchosen". Though the ethereal entity had no sympathy toward them, they were more than able to carry out the will - its will alone - against the only adversary remained. The turret's speakers rumbled once again: "MORTALS. FINISH. WHAT WE. STARTED."
  10. Vlad barely raises his hand. "Yeah, I would like to get rid of that hole in a stomach. *angry centaur noises* And fast." B.t.w., when I pull myself from the spear, would I lose 1 HP because of being impaled during that action?
  11. I REFUSE TO DIE, CIPHER!!! Had to get 2 sanity damage from the fury. I'm still able to dodge that dragon hand... thing. Don't you die on me, Vladimir!
  12. But what happens when Hollow rolls a nat 1 in your case? Will there be a reroll?
  13. Hey @EpicRome23. If you plan to thrash Dark Whispers, keep in mind that I managed to get successful rolls for my Area Attack. So, y'know, we could both thrash 'em.
  14. Alright, @HollowCipher, you've left me no choice... I challenge you to a duel! Let the Heart of Dice guide me! Vlad! Dodge the spear attack once again! ... I SAID DODGE THE SPEAR, NOT JUMP ON IT! GAIA ******* DAMN IT!
  15. Oh. OH. OOOOOOOHHHHH! Now THAT'S what I'm getting for cussing at Golden Boy's Minecraft server!
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