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  1. The ground team had been taken care, all thanks to Delta, the fellow mutant. However, Chrome was left face to face against the mechas, outnumbered and seemingly outpowered. After all the carnage both mutants caused in the hangar, Charlie team would make sure those two wouldn't move past them until promised reinforcements arrive. This one was bearing several ichor-stained scars left on its "armor" by Cyclopes' shots; thus this one was forced to switch to a more deceptive approach. The humanoid mutant gripped tightly a salvaged assault rifle it picked up earlier: by cruel convenience, gene designers considered basic weapon operation on "muscle memory" level. Still sticking to its gene program, Chrome hid beneath stationary mechas, avoiding direct contact while at the same time watching over his "companion" through his pupillless eyes. Once again, the mutant was apprehended by a blade-wielding mecha. There was an audible creak coming from one of its legs - a noticeable weak point for a skillful demolisher. A split second came between the muscle memory kicked in and the trigger being pulled. TRRRRRTRRRRRTRRRRTRRRR! Several bullets smashed into the mecha's metal carcass, leaving a small bulges and dealing practically no harm. Still, it was more than enough to irritate the Charlie team. This one might not hear it, but the radio was filled with new portions of confusion, dread and anger. "What the...?! That sonovabitch is shooting my joints!" "W-where did this guy learned to shoot?!" "Shop whining and take its gray ass down before it gets away!" Yet before the pilots could catch Chrome's low profile on their sensors, there had come another short burst, a bit closer to team's current position. TRRRRRTRRRRRTRRRRTRRRR! Still aimed at melee Cyclopes' joints, still dealing little to no damage. Charlie team reacted swiftly with a barrage of bullets, yet this one slipped away rows of already damaged robots just to fire up again almost behind of the group. TRRRRRTRRRRRTRRRRTRRRR! "He is mocking us!!!" - the team leader spat out. - "Alright, I've had enough of these games! Squad, spread out across the rows and scrape him outta here. And for Gaia's sake, watch out for acid!" Five remaining Cyclopes carried out the order and take their respective places, bayonets at ready. But no matter how vigilant they were, they were too clumsy to get in their sights a human-sized mutant, whose exterior was perfectly blending with armor paint. This one kept hiding, occasionally revealing himself in unexpected location, further confusing the unit until... TRRRRRTRRRRRTR- *click-click* *click* An unnerving silence after a seemingly useless shootout. The melee Cyclopes, "Charlie-7", was mildly annoyed by Chrome's assault, yet the unit couldn't afford letting one's guard down - not with the twitching abomination under the tip of a bayonet. The pilot was unaware that this one had slipped on another side of garage and was at jump distance from him. Chrome silently put down the emptied gun and leapt past two Charlie units. "I see him! Charlie-7, watch your..." Before mechas could react, Chrome clung to the melee Cyclopes' leg and started climbing toward the cockpit. This one left a chunk of acid on a weakened joint, which instantly started to seep through the metal. The pilot attempted to throw the mutant out by spinning the mecha around, but then- CRRRRRRRRRRACK! Unable to withstand both the mecha unit pressure and corrosive liquid, the leg joint burst. The Cyclopes tilted, dragging Chrome down along with it. "Sh-shit!!! I'm losing balance, I..." Amidst all the chaos happening in a split second, the pilot realized he had lost control over other mutant. Delta was once again free to rip and tear along with his "monochrome friend", but first it needed to get out from under the falling mecha lest he would be squashed. Oh, and also brace itself for Charlie team's retaliation in form of a rocket barrage. They did not mind the Charlie-7 pilot stuck in a cockpit: for them he was already dead... But at least they would kill two birds at once, wouldn't they?
  2. (courtesy of good ol' Wikipedia) Isekai (Japanese: 異世界, transl. "different world") is an "accidental travel" genre of light novels, manga, anime and video games that revolve around a normal person from Earth being transported to, reborn or otherwise trapped in a parallel universe or fantasy world. Basically, our characters were experiencing constant "accidental travel" moments during this campaign. Simply put, they were getting isekai'd. Crude use of Japanese, I know. Fun fact: there is a ridiculous abundance of isekai-type fiction in modern Russian literature. It is mostly about officers/conscripts/random guys getting tossed into WWII era. There is also one infamous novel about a boy getting tossed into Neon Genesis Evangelion-esque universe. Also fun fact: there is a thread here on Valucre where we were attempting to play out the isekai scenario with us as PCs.
  3. There was no reason to stay in the infested hospital any longer. Jack and his companions escaped through the same backdoor they came from, leaving the long trail of bodies being sliced, chopped and/or fried. The dark valley was filled with ear-piercing wailing. They were aware the living ones were here. Having memorized the map excerpt, Jack moved swiftly away from the hospital block. He had no second thought about intentions of Capria and Raven – he knew they would follow him no matter what. The mercenary found himself at the beginning of a fork. One road lead toward the emergency elevator, another one lead to the backup generator block. Both destinations were equidistant, both crucial to the group's success. Yet, even with full power they couldn’t make it in time and handle the entire horde if they were all going to the generator first, unless… It is a risky maneuver, but I used to handle such things. I hope my leg doesn’t fail me. Jack turned toward Capria and Raven and explained his plan by using hand gestures - he respected their decision to keep silent during the outbreak. He offered that they would both rush toward the elevator, while he would sneak into the generator block, where he would turn the aux power on. As soon as the elevator gets back online, they would get inside and move up asap, should he fail to come back. As soon as Jack had finished, several zombies crawled outside from adjacent blocks to feast upon intruders’ flesh. The company had seconds to decide.
  4. "Well, I'll be..." Among the pile of egg shells Vlad had found a pair of steel tanks tied together by a belt and an elongated tube. It was a flamethrower of Norkotian design, probably the former possession of one of Jack Murray's goons. Its owner was nowhere to be seen, however - neither alive nor dead. Well, it would be much more useful in the engineer's hands... if only he wasn't much tied by indoctrinated safety measures. Vlad WAS aware he would have find difficult to operate this contraption without his "magitechnical sixth sense" or, at least, without a copy of "Flamethrowers for Dummies". But Tim's bullet barrels were empty, and the only viable piece of equipment he had at the moment was a slimy egg shell. Having clenched his teeth, Vlad lifted the tank pack. The carriage was quite hefty to handle: the tanks were seemingly full, unused even. "Guess who's cooking with gas tonight." - Vlad wheezed, as he was adjusting the straps on his shoulders. Then he attached the tube's hose to tanks and made sure it was fixated properly. That was... easy. Baby steps, Vlad, but nonetheless... He examined the flamethrower's tube and noticed a lever just under his right palm. Something lingered in the engineer's mind. struggling to come out and reveal its purpose without unnecessary and unsafe actions. Unable to figure it out by himself, Vlad had committed the unnecessary and unsafe action. He pulled the trigger and... FSSST. Under the rays of the turret's lamp Vlad saw a cloud shooting out of the tube. The chamber had been filled out with a distinct scent of gasoline. So this one ejects the fuel, huh. Looks decent, but where's the light? He continued the examination and moved his gaze toward a barely noticeable pipe under the main tube. There was a tiny valve and a spark wheel near the end. For some reason such tiny contraption reminded Vlad of a cigarette lighter. He rotated the tube so the ignition pipe would be not too far, opened the valve and instinctively started to flip the wheel with his thumb. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. OUCH! A small blue flame had engulfed Vlad's fingers, and he was forced to take his hand away. Nonetheless, seeing the result of his actions, Vlad carefully lowered the flamethrower and set it into the working position. The flame from the lighter burned steadily, just in front of the main tube's end. The flamethrower was fully operational - at least, that was what Vlad thinking at the moment. Hmm... How much damage this thing could deal if I pull it just... a little... "HELP!" Suddenly Vlad heard a man's voice. It was coming from the cavern's exit, the one that was illuminated by Tim. "Who's there?!" - Vlad exclaimed, weapon at ready. He was mentally prepared for some sort of a booby trap, yet there was a strange, confusing feeling. A sense of familiarity. He somehow recognized the voice... a paladin... a captain from the expedition Vlad came to this place with! What's was his name? Fidel? Fido? ...Fidelitas! So he is alive! ...Or are we both dead? Wherever the case, the paladin, a seemingly experienced warrior, was in the big trouble, devoid of any source of light. And given the fact Vlad had the source of light right in his hands... "Hey! Over here!" - he shouted, moving fast toward the source of Fidelitas' voice. He noticed how difficult it was to traverse with quite a baggage on his back. He took a few turns through the tunnel, while keeping an eye on a light trail left behind. Alas, there was no sight of a paladin. Might've been just an illusion, Vlad thought to himself. When he turned back, however, he froze in shock. The faint light coming from the cavern was off. Fuck! First sensors, now lights... Damn that scam from Ignatz! It was too dangerous to traverse back. Vlad was engulfed in the darkness, and only a flame from the lighter provided some degree of sight. There was an idea to lighten the path with some short bursts, which would be as well helpful to get accustomed to his new Norkotian wartoy. Still, Vlad concluded with unusual prudence that would be a waste of fuel. And it would drag an unwanted attention - not that the lighter wasn't alluring enough. And so, driven partially by instincts, partially by forceful circumstances, Vlad traversed forward, leaving the broken turret behind. Guided by a blue light, he moved slowly toward another cavern, where strange noises - something between the wind's howl or someone's voice - could be heard from...
  5. Let's try it again.
  6. I have a few characters who had witnessed the arrival of Koji Datsuzoku, the demon emperor, and the fall of Port City.
  7. My sincere apologizes for the delay. I've been living with the relatives during the lockdown, and I'm not always getting access to my laptop for enough time to post. I've been mostly busy with remote work and chores. Yet I'm not intended to drop off this thread either.
  8. The arrival of the machine squad hadn't gone unnoticed. Chrome assessed the threat coming from those armed mechas and continued traversing in the shadows, further avoiding contact with humans until the situation turns in this one's favor. So far containment squads were in control: two soldiers reached the terminal with no outer interference. But when the garage door reached the floor, something slipped underneath. And then - bang, bang, BANG! - the entire metal mass had fallen down on guards' heads. Everyone in the garage noticed the arrival of another mutant - and Chrome was no exception. Most of Beta and Charlie squads were dealing with the newcomer. It was the right moment for Chrome to act. This one chose one of the vacant Cyclopes and climbed up on its back to get an elevated vantage point. It noted a group of footmen surrounding a "fellow" mutant and a mech unit pressing on. One swift leap - and Chrome had been already attached to a manned Cyclope, fully revealed under the broad light. "Charlie-3! Bogey on your six!" - radio chatter cried out. The mech stopped attacking the intruder and concentrated on knocking Chrome off, while the rest of the ground team were giving the fire support. This one took a few shots and flinched a bit, yet it took a moment before he had recovered and climbed up all the way to the mech's cockpit. This one looked down and through the bulletproof glass it recognized a silhouette of someone inside. Wriggling. Breathing. Living. "What the hell?" - pilot's voice pierced through the chatter. - "It's on me! Get this thing off me!" Chrome smashed several times in the top of the cockpit to break in, but the glass remained virtually untouched. Then it struck the cockpit again, this time with palm open. An oily liquid covered the glass surface, obscuring the pilot's vision. He attempted another spin to throw away the mutant, yet this one was stuck like a fly on an ice cream. Meanwhile, the liquid was melting through the glass with a hiss, and several droplets fell inside the cockpit, hitting the pilot's hips. He twitched slightly, reacting on a sudden pain located in his legs, but before he could identify the source, the molten mass had hit the top of his head. "MYYYYYYYYYYY EEEEEEYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!" - the pilot yelled in agony. His wailing could be heard clearly from the hole made by Chrome's acid. Being in state of shock and unbearable pain, he moved his hands toward the mutilated face and drew them away instantly, further spreading the volatile liquid inside the cockpit and hitting the control panel. "Charlie-3! Your mech has been compromised!" - the radio shouted. - "Eject now! I repeat, your mech has been---" After those words a missile from the damaged mech launched and flew toward the containment team. As it hit one of manned Cyclopes, it blew up in a moderate explosion, effectively destroying the mech and injuring the several of the footmen. The attacking mech was by the moment standing still, with its pilot sitting with his skull melted away down to the neck. Chrome dropped down from the mech and crawled on the other side of the armory, followed by another lead barrage. This one still had a clear view on his ally, who at the moment had more room for maneuver, and on the rest of containment team. Moreover, this one noted an assault rifle left by one of the footmen... "Overwatch, do you copy?" - the man on armory's side of radio chatter started to lose his temper. - "This is Charlie squad. We're taking severe casualties... We've lost two mechs already. Where is our Gaia-damned support?!"
  9. Vlad wasn't pleased that he found himself in some sort of an insect nest. Swarmed with fleshy eggs on the ceiling and on the flood, it looked even more putrid than the ratkin's den he somehow escaped from. And the surrounding smell made his empty stomach turn in disgust. "Me and my friggin' luck, I guess." The engineer, nonetheless, stepped forward, guided by a light provided by a defunct turret. He approached one of the eggs that was broken (or hatched) long time ago. While its rotten contents were out of Vlad's interest, the loose shard of a shell made something in his head tick - an almost forgotten feeling. Vlad carefully grabbed the shell and checked it thoroughly under the light. It was large and sharp, yet its slimey surface makes hard to hold it for long. Vlad took note on some tendrils lying around him. He considered them to be a sufficient linking ingredient, but he need to find something practical to attach the shard to. "Maybe I could find something long and dry? Like a stick, perhaps?" - Vlad pondered. He drove Tim's carcass into the nest to get a better view on the cavern. He noted two passages ahead, yet he was preoccupied with looking for a required piece of his makeshift spear-shovel-pick-or-whatever. During his searching he noticed Tim hadn't made any alerting sound. He knew the turret was in a searching mode, yet so far it hadn't shown any sight of movement or some kind of energy anomaly. "I reckon, his scanner had gone bust." - Vlad thought. He was compelled to walk toward the machine, yet he was aware he couldn't do anything without his instruments. The engineer continued walking across the strange eggs, watching for something out of place. Something that would be suitable for his survival... Something that is shaped like a stick. But what Vlad had found was a surprise for him. And Gaia damn good one.
  10. d10 - Tim - [Search]
  11. d10 - Vlad - [Search]
  12. The vault door ahead of three entities was opening slowly upward, and yet the opening was wide enough for Chrome to slip through. When this one moved ahead, it found itself in a large open area with rising sparking pylons. There was a group of tall bipedal machines and a group of heavily armed soldiers behind those machines. Overall they were... occupied with the entity attacking them from the vents. It was a right moment for this one to assess the situation - pressing head-on was beyond its neural programming. Chrome took a glance at the large hangar doors on the left. Using the containment team's disruption as an advantage, this one ran toward the terminal near the entrance. A panel with a handprint slid forward - an invitation to verification. Without hesitation Chrome put his hand, covered in an oily liquid. At first the panel responded with red light and denial beep. But as soon as acid seeped into terminal's inner circuits, it sparked and glitched out. And then the hangar doors started to move up. "WARNING! Breach in Cyclopes Garage detected." The automated Overwatch response drew attention of the containment team. "What the- They're trying to flank us!" "Beta and Charlie, go through the armory and contain the breach!" "Over there! Humanoid hostile at 1 o'clock!!!" But before the rain of lead poured down Chrome at full force, this one was already inside. Before Chrome's bleak eyes stood several rows of the same bipedal machines it noted before. There were no humans around them or inside them - save for two mechanics calibrating a lone mecha unit. Upon seeing a mutant before them they did they only rational thing in this situation - they ran away. They were about to rush toward the armory entrance, when one of the mechanics stumbled and got behind of his colleague. He tried to get up, but Chrome had already wrapped his "armored" arm around his neck. Unable to break the arm lock, the mechanic wailed and watched helplessly as the other mechanic was making his way toward the safety. Suddenly the armory door opened, and at least eight soldiers stepped forward, weapons at ready. "Contact!" - shouted one of them. They raised their weapon at Chrome and his hostage, whose face was petrified in shock upon realization. "Don't shoot! Don't shoo---" TRRRRRTRRRRRTRRRRTRRRR! A flock of high-caliber bullets went through the living shield, tearing the flesh, the organs, the bones... One of the bullets went for the mechanic's head, causing it to explode. Blood and brain parts covered Chrome's face, forcing it to throw away the remnants and rush into the shadows behind the mechas, attempting to avoid the bullet barrage. However, they got this one as well - several bullets had chipped through a fake shoulder plate, leaving a visible scar and a dark blood stain. They were a different league compared to pen guards, therefore, a different approach was required. Chrome crawled behind the mechas, avoiding the visual contact for now. All this one could hear was the remaining mechanic's sobbing and radio chatter... "Beta-3 and Beta-4, go to the terminal and close the entrance from this side, we've got your six. Beta-2, escort the mechanic to the EP. Group Charlie, follow me and check the Cyclopes, fire at will. This sneaky bastard should be here somewhere..."
  13. Same here. Tearing up between remote work and some household stuff. Still working on the post, though. B.t.w., wanted to ask before working out further my post. There is an entrance leading to the garage, which is present on the map, yet it wasn't mentioned in your post. I thought about how I could go through this garage and try to flank the containment team. Surely, they would send some men through the armory to contain the breach...
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