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  1. Varina had reacted on Tobruk's taunt, but not in the way Tobruk would expect. She hopped from her position toward one of braziers illuminating the arena. Having fixed her strength on its base, she pulled it up and tipped it away in the direction of a boundary void. Immediately the light in the whole area became slightly more dim, yet Varina's distinctive silhouette could still be seen. The intent of Tobruk's opponent was rather malicious: she tried to get rid of any light source to catch him in deep darkness, where she would take a decisive advantage. Tobruk shouldn't let that happen. Tobruk started to look around for a suitable projectile to stop Varina from carrying out her plan. The throwing daggers were out of questions - his lack of depth perception due to his trauma wouldn't allow him to perform a precise throw in the back. Then he found his sword and shield lying not too far away from him. Remembering the swirling motion Varina had launched his shield with, Tobruk assumed he could do the same trick. Putting down Dragonfang for a while, he grabbed the shield by its edge, then took a step spinning his own body counter-clockwise. As he gathered the momentum and faced Varina again, he launched the shield like a giant disc, spinning upward with a slight tilt at high speed. As Varina was fixed on tipping another brazier, she wouldn't notice the spinning projectile, that would hit back at her upper body. The inertia transferred from the shield would cause her to dip her head into the blazing flames or - in the best case - to be dragged along with a brazier into the abyss, thus ending the duel.
  2. Varina skipped away from her upward position and landed onto one of arena bleachers. In a couple of seconds she collapsed on the ground with her mutilated left arm finally taking a human form. She was lying on the edge above Tobruk and shouting back at him, taunting him to climb the wall and finish her already. However, having cooled down a bit, he was more cautious. It seemed strange, that she shifted back at this specific moment as she positioned herself on such height. Remembering her appearance in the beginning, he assumed she was playing a decoy on him: she would demonify any two of her limbs to strike him, not counting her injured left part of her body. On the other hand, Tobruk, despite of his might and endurance, wasn't a good climber, so even without a blood-stained hole in his abdomen he wouldn't have much luck trying to reach for his opponent. The only way to get her was to lure her back onto ground by talking with her. Thus, a test of might was changed by a test of wits. "It is not by your appearance, yet by your actions I judge you. Even the most beautiful man of the land could be rotten inside. Your mask of a victim won't hide a beast that you are." If someone told Tobruk his speech sounded like a philosopher or psychotherapist one, he would raise his brows in confusion. There was no such thing as psychotherapy or something like that in his village. Just a worldly wisdom of his people and the inhabitants of the forgotten island he was originated from. Even though, Tobruk's words would have a disturbing effect onto Varina's psyche, provoking her and making her bursting into uncontrollable anger, which could be satisfied only by blood. "Just as I thought... I expected to see a person, tainted physically, yet not mentally... But now I see a deceitful fiend, hiding in the shadows, waiting for a moment to strike..." Tobruk inhaled deeply and let out a far cry toward Varina: "If you don't want to accept your humanity, then at least face your doom as a human!"
  3. Varina's attempt to distract Tobruk with some cheap talk and even bargain about the outcome of a duel seemed so pathetic. Tobruk had performed another strike, but she managed to evade it by simply jumping away from him - the demonic leg was allowing her to do such things. And she kept talking about splitting the payment and stuff. Tobruk wanted to charge at her with his weapon raised to slay her for good, but he stopped himself. Being enraged by ongoing battle, he found himself lured into the trap aimed to expose his scarce defense, while he would swing the blade and over-exert himself. The duel had been going for a while, and even a brief pause would be beneficial for both combatants. She wanted to talk - she would get it. Tobruk lowered his breathing, trying to calm his heated mind and heart and then spoke to Varina, while still keeping the eye on her movements. "Hmph... Your demands are as petty and hollow as your soul. You haven't learned a single thing from my lesson. A man of iron will cares for no gold or glory - only for a challenge that would bring him to the edge of his skills. Which - I have to admit - I received fully." Then he thrusted his hand, pointing with his halberd toward Varina and giving her the intimidating stare. "But after I've seen your true face, I'm afraid I won't let you leave this arena. You should've have picked a suitable dummy boy for such pathetic threats of yours."
  4. From a simple duel to an oppressing struggle to a just cause against the spawn of evil. That's how Tobruk would describe this battle, should he leave this arena alive. The thick black liquid spurted under Dragonfang's blade, having caught Varina off-guard. After definitive blow, Tobruk straightened his posture and and struck the shaft into the ground, assuming intimidating form. His eye caught Varina's ferocious glimpse, both angered and surprised. He breathed heavily, as his heart was pumping wildly, giving him the adrenaline surge. At this rate it would be difficult to assume sober tactical decisions, but Tobruk was too enraged and blood-boiled for that. It was a challenge, a test of his skills, a stand out against the foe even more deadly than dragons. More blood would spill, that was for sure. After a brief stare-down Varina leaped away from Tobruk at an significant distance. It was obvious she wouldn't confront with him directly, now that the tide had turned. On the other hand, Tobruk wished no longer to stand still and await for another strike. He instantly followed her, carrying the massive weapon like a ripping hook. The flying shield, turned against his master, was deflected by a downward shaft bash, sending it away into flight. Varina was aiming to reach one of throwing knives by loping over to it. Though Tobruk had no clear advantage in running speed, he had a distinct feature that would let him outrun her - a pair of muscular well-proportioned legs. Before she could reach a dagger to grab, he would make a single step before her and swing the halberd in a curving motion at safe distance. The result of this attack would be a devastating cut of her right shoulder or even the right side of her ribcage. She could block it with her demonic limb, yet she might damage further her arm or even lose some talons in the process.
  5. Varina's sudden grip on a shield pulled Tobruk down along with his opponent. As they were stuck in a prone position, Varina started to swing back and forth with her weaponry, striking the areas unprotected by the shield. From slightest scratch of the dagger to deepest cuts of talons - the left shoulder plate had received so much damage it would fall out at any moment. In this very moment Varina looked exactly like a demon, experiencing a delight from dominating over her opponent. The only positive moment was that she wouldn't have enough space in prone position to deal more devastating blows. Seeing as the shield had become useless, Tobruk teared up its straps with his right hand, while under the barrage of attacks. He eventually managed to get rid of the shield, quickly got up and kicked it away from Varina's grasp. Tobruk was in relatively bad shape at the moment. His now exposed left shoulder was covered in scars and bleeding. His home-made armor was covered in scratches and holes, save for the bigger one left before. He was left without any weaponry to defend of attack... except for one. Standing on his feet again, he would take hold with both hands on the halberd's shaft, then with an exertion and resounding roar he would pull it out and swing downward onto Varina's head if she won't block the strike with her arm or leg. That wouldn't be a bad outcome, though: the halberd's blade is sharp enough to pierce and cut through a thick dragon hide, so Varina's scale shouldn't be an exception. However, such act of outrage would come with a horrible price: when Dragonfang is unsheathed, the rings holding armor plates together would shatter and it'll be a matter of time (or enemy's blow) before the armor would deconstruct, revealing scarred torso and stripping out the last line of defense...
  6. When Tobruk swung his sword to chop off Varina's right shoulder, the blade was immediately caught by her mutant hand, fixing the tight grasp onto it. Thus, the combatants found themselves caught in yet another deadly tie. Tobruk tried to clench her right hand being held to severe her nerves, yet no matter how tight he squeezed it, the dagger still remained in place, like nothing had happened. The demon girl's strength knew no known bounds. Hand to hand, blade to blade, they stood before each other like a pair of wrestlers at the training brawl, who used every single limb to overcome the foe. And speaking of limbs... A demon leg, an unconsidered variable in the equation of death, had sprung from the ground toward Tobruk's flesh wound, which was inappropriately revealing. And the dagger in the hand of a demon still posed a threat... The situation was difficult, the defense options are scarce. Nothing is left but to get aggressive. As the demon leg had lifted, Tobruk quickly bent Varina's knife-holding wrist at anatomically impossible angle, hoping that she wouldn't perform a direct hit with mutilated hand. Then he would thrust his shield-wielding hand just in time to let her foot cling onto shield's surface. But instead of letting her get the momentum for a stab, he would also release the hold on sword - to hell with it - and press forward, transferring his weight into pushing force concentrated on her leg. As sturdy and strong it might be, it would cause some balance issues for Varina: her only standing point would be a sole human leg. Should he fall down after this brutal maneuver, Tobruk would have enough time to unsheathe Dragonfang - a halberd that should have been unsheathed since the very beginning.
  7. Varina stopped her circular movements, obviously being provoked by Tobruk's taunt. Then she suddenly grabbed one of knives lying on the ground with long digits of her morphed leg and threw it into her opponent. The motion done with the leg wasn't aimed for a precision strike, though, so Tobruk managed to evade it by a quick sidestep to the left. However, he did not noticed how Varina approached to him by making awkward loping steps, followed by a swing of her another demonic limb toward him. He instinctively raised his shield, but suddenly received a powerful curling blow that broke his guard. His left arm had been drawn away, uncovering Tobruk's defenses, yet the shield's straps kept the equipment in place. In a moment, a dagger sparkled in Varina's human hand and moved rapidly in stabbing motion. Another armor piercing was not an option. Tobruk tried to grab her human hand by his left one from one side, while from another side he raised his right arm behind his left shoulder, making the room for a diagonal slash. His shoulder plate, if aimed by Varina, wouldn't offer as much protection as the shield, yet it should sustain her quick draws, as time was surely needed for her to recover from such a blow. Tobruk's hands, endured by countless days in a forge, could easily crush Varina's soft palm, forcing her to transfer her curse over to injured part. Because her leg was already injured, her left arm would be temporarily liberated, which might give an opportunity to dispose of it with a well-prepared slash. He should be quick, however: having seen the process of limbs' transformation and knowing the consequences of it, he would quickly release the grip and step back before the newly formed talons on her right hand would finish the job.
  8. Impaling Varina's leg was fairly easy, while retrieving the sword back happened to be a problem. Another metamorphose had occured, as the human flesh started to swirl and reform into a demonic black limb that was absurdly twice as long as her other leg. The tissue around the blade was hardened and held it like a blacksmith's clamp. Tobruk had to pull double effort to pull out the blade. As the weapon appeared back in the master's hands, he bluntly smashed the opponent's head without any additional interference and removed the demon's talons. Seconds later, the opponents had been already separated and were slowly walking in a circle, their sights fixed on each other. With transformed leg and ferocious smile Varina looked much less like a sentient normal being - which was the excuse for Tobruk to stop holding back. She crawled around him, holding another dagger in one hand and spreading her fingerblades toward him on another. Yet the demon girl was the least of his problems as his wound was still bleeding. You're not half bad, after all. What else you got?" - she spoke to Tobruk with her grin remained on her blood-stained face. While she was talking, Tobruk attempted to partially straighten the armor indentation that got stuck in the wound. He reached out with his arm covered by a shield and thrust his fingers to pick up a sharp edge of the hole. Normally it would be as easy as straightening a bent nail, yet it was a bit hard to do it with a heavy shield on the arm and a piece of metal in the flesh. Eventually, with grunting and several cuts on his fingers he managed to pull away a couple of edges, easing out the pain in the abdomen and giving Tobruk a chance to take at least one more stab. "Not as much to impress you, monster." - he responded grimly. The current situation and state of combatants would require a revision of tactics. It was clear that Tobruk's right side was a weak point at the moment, so he repositioned himself so his left side covered by a shield would be faced toward Varina. He noted to himself that his opponent could solidify and demonify two limbs at the time, so the other parts of her body would still be vulnerable. Though it wasn't a good position to strike - her left leg wasn't a suitable target anymore - Tobruk still decided to use Varina's contusion in his favor. He stretched out his right arm and started bumping the sword onto the shield, once again taunting her to strike. If he manage to deflect her barrage of attacks, an opening for a quick stab in torso might appear, so Tobruk would hit back.
  9. As the blade had penetrated Varina's left leg, several streams of blood - a red human blood - started to soak out and flow down to the ground. Tobruk was about to charge at her to knock her down, but it seemed that his opponent had preceded his movement. She rapidly thrust her arm being held by Tobruk into his abdomen. An armor, designed to sustain several close-quarter stabs, had suddenly folded inward like a napkin in the place of stab. Tobruk barely kept holding on Varina's arm away from his internal organs, as a piercing pain resounded in his brain. He backed off slighty; however, he kept his posture and hold onto both sword and arm, clenching his teeth and enduring the pain in the stomach. Nobody told him he would leave this battlefield unscathed. As the combatants had collided, Varina fell down on her left side, suffering the pain from her leg wound. This clearly demonstrated her "mostly human" side, which might lead to a non-illusory opportunity to vanquish her. They were both tied by blade from one side and claws from another - and Tobruk had a clear advantage in strength. As the shock from the stab faded away, he slightly thrust his sword deeper in Varina's leg, then rapidly pulled it out - such blade's slidings in and out would reinforce the pain. At the same time Tobruk aimed to keep his tight grasp on Varina's arm to prevent her to go deeper into his innards. Using the momentum of a pain shock, Tobruk would raise the sword kept in stabbing position and strike in Varina's left temple with a hilt, hoping to stun her or even knock her unconscious. Should he succeed, he would pull the enemy's arm out of his stomach and jump back several feet away in order to recuperate after the attack. The arm would reveal a hole in the armor, from where Tobruk's blood was already soaking. Though the wound wasn't as deep as Varina would expect, the parts of armor bent inside by force would still rub against opened-up flesh, causing a slight pain and slightly restraining his movements.
  10. A sudden metamorphose occurred before Tobruk's sight. As Varina reached out both of her hands, they started to change from pale mundane ones to blackened disproportional ones with talons on their fingertips. Staggered by a reveal of such monstrosity, Tobruk reflexively swung his sword onto the enemy, yet it was an attack doomed only to graze and be reflected by her forearm covered in black scales. At the same time, another hand rose above Tobruk's face aiming to scratch it out. If inspected closely, the talons, though relatively small, were somehow reminding one of the dragon that happened to carve out his eye ages ago. With another swinging motion Tobruk raised the shield and bashed the hand away with a metal clang, leaving both combatants wide open for the attack. Tobruk could stab Varina in a chest with his sword, yet he hadn't fully recovered from his failed attack, while she was fast enough to prepare for another charge or parry his counter-attack. Considering her newfound defense, Tobruk decided to aim at limbs that weren't affected by this kind of dark magic. Particularly legs or hips. Tobruk released the left hand's hold on his shield, letting it hang freely by straps on his arm. When Varina's left hand extends to perform a stabbing attack after parrying, he would grab tightly her wrist with a free arm while loosely covering his left side with the shield, then quickly thrust his sword into one of her thighs. If she won't "react" by readjusting her "defense", the blade would pierce the flesh not too deep, yet enough to cause a moderate pain. Even if another sword attack fails, a successful grab on Varina's hand would let Tobruk to push her with his body weight, causing her to lose balance.
  11. Witnessing the opponent uncloaking herself, Tobruk admitted that the girl had no intention to leave this forgotten arena without a fight. Though, what definite advantage could possess against the armored man, save for her natural agility? In a moment, a slight reflection blazed in the opponent's hand. Instinctively Tobruk raised his hand holding a shield, and three metal objects clanked into shield's surface. As he had drawn his sight from the fallen daggers toward the opponent, he found her charging at him with no visible weapon at disposal. Was a hidden trick prepared for him? "Alright. I'll teach you a lesson of warfare." - Tobruk spoke. - "Learn it well." He evaluated that he couldn't outrun his opponent. Running toward her straightforward might be risky as she could easily flank them while he try to overcome the inertia of his massive body. Such trick would work only with the sturdy warrior as himself and not the nimble rogue - if she was rogue at all. Besides, Tobruk wanted to examine his opponent closer to develop upcoming tactics against her - there was no difference between duel and war for him. The only visible action from her at the moment was running. Perhaps, she was aiming for face-stabbing or flanking... Tobruk took a defensive posture, slightly lowering his stance and keeping his shield up. He put his right leg behind and drawn his right hand holding the sword aside, aiming for a wide counter swing. Should she continue running toward him - he would slash. Should she try to flank him from right - he would slash. Should she even jump above him - he would slash. His eye was fixed on the opponent's every movement, trying to predict its outcome.
  12. ...As the blur in Tobruk's sole eye had vanished, he found himself in a mysterious underground arena, where four giant torches were the only source of light. The place with no announcer, no heralds and no audience, attractive only by an elusive promise of reward. Though it was a mere duel about to happen, Tobruk treated it like a one-battle war where honor and dignity is the prize for victor. Yet, given the overall emptiness, the only witnesses of this battle would be himself and his opponent. He stepped out of the teleportation pad fully armed and equipped. He was holding tight a short sword along with a solid bronze shield. His metal armor decorated with grey wyvern scales carried no insignia of any known barony or local kingdom of Valucre. Though mostly seamless, the armor's bindings was held by a shaft of a huge 8 feet halberd strapped to Tobruk's back. His overall equipment wasn't a standard stock armor made for regular soldiers, but his personal creation. Tobruk used to treat it like children being raised in well-maintained environment so they would help in the most dire situation. As Tobruk looked upon the opposite side of the arena, he noticed a cloaked young woman wearing just a thin tunic. "What sick man could put a child against a man-at-arms?" - Tobruk thought to himself. Something was wrong here, yet he showed no sign of confusion. As an accomplished warrior, he knew no fiend as deceitful and unpredictable as the man itself - even dragons paled in comparison to that. Tobruk nodded silently to his opponent, awaiting for the reaction that might show what to expect from this battle. Perhaps, she just got here by pure accident? @Robbie Rotten
  13. OFFTOP: Since when have we been conducting those Discord battles? I would be glad to participate in one of those. But I'm unfamiliar with the rules and those prep codes like <C, <E and stuff.
  14. "Only reason we’re boating out there is because we haven’t set up a Faux-ton waystation there yet.” "In that case our job is to fix that mistake, if the locals wouldn't object." - Vlad smiled. He admired the design of Amantis' device, which certainly became more refined and "finished" since the first test. But before he attempted to put the device back, a massive limb suddenly arose from the water, raising the waves above the ship. A mass of salty ocean rained down upon Amantis and Nassar. And while the doctor was expressing the genuine excitement from this incidental shower, Vlad was mostly annoyed by it: his clothes just got completely soaked. Yet he was more concerned about the intents of the limb's owner. Thankfully, the giant leg retracted back into the waters underneath the island without ever touching the ship. Yet the problem with clothes still persisted. - - - Under the shades of the coming night the explorers had finally embarked on the surface of the island. Surprisingly enough, the meeting party from the islanders' side was consisted entirely of children wielding spears that were impractically long for their size. It was hard to believe that those midgets were in fact full-fledged inhabitants of the island, but Amantis' speech sounded convincing enough to accept the truth. Ahead of the meeting party went the tallest one in a mask holding a couple of masks for foreigners. Doctor Amantis put one of those masks as he's been told to do so, and the others had followed their leader's example. The last mask - a dark brown wooden headwear decorated with blue feathers - was awaiting for its host. Hive-mind? Sharing the subconscious? Vlad was uncertain. The last mind-inflicting accident was still kept in his memory, so he saw a little risk of ending up getting not the one voice in the head but dozens or even hundreds. Wouldn't that drive him insane? Yet, Amantis and the others coped with their headwear mostly well. Maybe it wouldn't be much dangerous as he thought. Vlad exhaled heavily and put the mask on. When the inward of the mask barely touched Vlad's face, everything in his eyes went black, the sound instantly died out, he stopped feeling his own legs and collapsed on the ground. He had got the grasp on his own senses... Yet a moments later he regained them with the addition of much more. He slowly got up and stood barely, trying to wear off unknown dizziness. Somehow Vlad felt the intense vibration over his legs, as if they were walking without an actual movement. In addition, he felt a few twitch sensations of non-existent scratches and bruises, his ears were filled with subtle wildlife sounds, his mouth could catch a phantom taste of an exotic roasted meat... It seemed as if Vlad obtained the senses of the entire population, though he hadn't full control over them, except for his own. "H-how's t-that p-possible?" - A muffled voice came out from the mask. For some reason, Vlad couldn't concentrate on speaking. Suddenly another sensation adds up to the kaleidoscope - a very close and tangible one. A warming glow came from the chest pocket. Vlad took Philosopher's Stone out of it and examined it closely. Since he had got it, he never understood its true purpose, yet he noted an important detail about it: when some sort of mental intrusion occurs, it begins to glow and heat a little. The more powerful the mental attack gets, the more active the stone's reaction will be. As the stone glowed brighter and and the radiating heat was becoming less bearable, Vlad felt as usual life on the island stopped for a moment. The meeting party, their tall leader, the distant and unseen tribesman - all of them seemed to have fixed their attention solely on Vlad and his artifact. A cold sweat appeared on his forehead. It was clear as a moonlight that Ulway were examining him. "W-what a-are t-they d-doing?" - his voice shivered. - "W-what t-they a-are looking at?" But nobody answered, for the answer was already known to everybody... ________________ I rolled 3. Slight immunity. You are affected. (affected for 3 posts, post 1) Well, that could be worse...
  15. The Eyeless silently stood in the darkened corridor, watching as a shadow creature was retracting away from the light area, hissing and barking angrily. Having not taken full form, the creature reduced back to black goo and crawled into the dark abyss ahead of the mercenary. The room's inhabitants had reacted quickly by giving the illumination required to draw the creep away, though they were obviously displeased that the door now was wide open. "They're less dangerous while unformed." - he shouted back at the group. - "It seems light doesn't allow them to finish their metamorphosis." Though one might think that The Eyeless had witnessed something in that creature that scared him the most, he happened to act out of a pure logic. It comes down to a simple question: why those Illuminati fiends prefer a pitch black places like abandoned sewers or blacked-out taverns? Therefore, maintaining the opposite, much brighter conditions would put them in their places for a while. Yet, the most realistic reason for calling for help was the fact that The Eyeless' shoulder was still hurting after countless bumps into the ill-fated door. In other words, he couldn't reflect the incoming attack, should the creature solidify his form. As The Eyeless looked back at the abyss before entering the "safehouse", he felt the gaze of dozens of glowing globs fixed on him. Eyes of various sizes and shapes were moving in the dark while looking at the mercenary. Unintelligible whispers and murmuring could be heard. The Eyeless couldn't help but grin back at them. They probably knew he wouldn't stick to the single sacred meme: the "last man standing" concept did not correlate to his way of work. "They want us to stay here as long as they see fit, yet we have a chance to outsmart them." - he spoke to the group, as he had taken the place behind the large table in the middle of the room. - "We still don't know if there are humans or monsters down there, but it'll be better if we prepare for them." The Eyeless took a quick glimpse at the whole room in search for any valuable material. Gold-frame paintings, high quality metal utensils, gilded ornamental furniture - the apartments were fit for a royal family, not for a group of demon-chased survivors. Still, The Eyeless had already come with the plan - simple yet efficient in the theory. "Lady Nieve..." - he continued the speech. - "All I need from you is your permission to use anything in this room for defensive means. I'll repay for it as soon as it's over." "Ivas!" - the mercenary commanded to the boy. - "I'll need you to help me find at least 10 pieces of wood , a bottle of oil and several pieces of clothes. Make sure they are burning well!" "And... uhh..." - he turned to the priestess' guardian, taking a brief awkward pause. - "Whoever you are, you could do a little favor too. If by any means you have gunpowder and three empty bottles, that would be much appreciated." "What I'm trying to do?" - Preceding any questions about his doings, the mercenary stretched his now-recovered arm at the direction of a blackness outside of the room. - "I just thought we could expand our comfy little nest a bit..."