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  1. P.N.See

    [GENERAL] Solo RP - What for?

    Okay, so... I'm on vacation now, so technically I'm AFV, but still... There's a question about solo plays. What is the exact purpose of solo RP? When could it be applied? And would it be allowed to make such things in this site? (Why am I asking? Just wanted to freshen up some of my chars that went way too stale for me.)
  2. P.N.See

    Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Still, it would be safe to make a closure by dealing with a bear problem AND encountering village hunters that have been hunting for that particular bear. What do you say?
  3. P.N.See

    Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    It is just the matter of whether we write freely or force ourselves just to make the story flow. Maybe it is general laziness, maybe it's lack of direction. Maybe we we trapped in a perpetual waiting for someone of us to post. Or maybe that concept wasn't THAT interesting in practice... Either way, I'll understand if you call it quits on this one.
  4. P.N.See

    Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Peeps might have been busy (like myself with my diploma). Any way, all in favor of declaring this thread dead, say aye. So that I can grand myself the title of "Storykiller"
  5. P.N.See

    Wonderland Resort

    @Praetorian "No, why would I take advan-- Wait, are you... Hello? Do you copy?" Much to Alice's surprise, Ross' reaction on drug was rather... drastic. Perhaps it was her fault she haven't measured up the required dose out of haste or checked up the contents of a half-frozen long-forgotten vial. Still, the damage had been done: Ross' moves became more sluggish, his speech became less comprehensive. In other words, he was about to black out. From a single shot. So much for a grown-up man. "Alright, big guy!" - she grabbed Ross' face and gazed at his murky eyes. - "I am NOT going to leave you like this. We will get you on your feet in minutes. We will try to flank that Shivers and take him out. Then we exit the simulation and I grab a beer for you, okay? Okay?!" All Alice could hear in response of her inspirational speech was unintelligible mumbling. Alice released her grip and sighed deeply. "A-a-a-a-and he's out of commission." - she thought. - "God damn it, Ross. Just... God damn it." Because of a Ross' condition, Alice couldn't leave the drugstore for scavenging. It would be downright wrong to leave him defenseless, especially when the killer is roaming free. It seemed Alice had to utilize her caretaker skills as well - much to her dismay. On the other hand, however, she felt her own body was slowly giving in to weariness. After all, she couldn't wander around like that all day - not without her supporting nanoaugs. She sat and cuddled near Ross, who apparently was lucky not to feel the cold around. The frost still reigned supreme even in those close quarters, so Alice had to button tight her coat. She sighed, letting out another stream of a warm air. There they were, in the middle of nowhere. Like two old friends under the blanket. Like two doves in the nest. Like two sitting ducks in someone's sights... Alice tried not to think too much about how easily the killer would take them out there in one piece, shot or whatever. So Alice started speaking just to lighten up the mood - even if it seemed she was talking mostly to herself. "You know... They made an impressive effort to recreate a dense city block like that. Cause... um... for your world it's quite... a breakthrough. Yeah, I know, it's just a fake, but... It couldn't be just a decoration. What story lies behind that city? What darkest part of your history does this place reflect?"
  6. P.N.See

    Valuce: Breaking the Fourth Wall

    It had been settled: Sho'Horo would join Ellie in her searchings while the other would take care of Kodiak. There were the reasons that were backing up his decision. First, she was the most active group member besides Kodi, the perk that coincides with Nick's passion toward initiative women. Second, even though it was difficult to explain, Sho'Horo felt some sort of connection between them. No, it wasn't about human relationship and stuff, it was more of... a spiritual affinity, wasn't it? And just before they were about to depart, Ellie took her time to educate Hurttoto about herbs he just picked up. Quite intelligent one, Nick would assume. She might be a year or two older than him, but that doesn't mean they couldn't get acquainted with each other. And just so happened that such an idyllic moment of party bonding had been ruined by one thing. One white-furred thousand pound thing. A bear thing. It was hard to decide which one was the most bizarre and terrifying thing: to meet a giant polar bear in the middle of a green forest or to watch your companion try to communicate with it. "Ellie..." - Sho'Horo spoke nervously. - "I don't think Mr. Bear would like to talk to us. At all." Come to think of it, why should it, Nick thought to himself. They had appeared out of nowhere, they had upset the balance by murdering a dryad... No wonder the entire forest would want them dead. Still, it was suicide to attempt negotiating with potentially hungry bear. The obvious solution would be either to climb onto the nearest tree. ...That is, if they were in the real world. As Sho'Horo had realized before, all the members were possessing extraordinary powers, so it would be safe to assume he had the power as well. Just laying dormant, waiting to burst out in the most critical moment... "Back me up, guys!" - He exclaimed, addressing his words to Ellie and Hurttoto. - "Gotta try something..." He closed his eyes, inhaled deeply and concentrated his mind onto his hands. With palms open wide, he moved away his arms and exerted the muscles as if he was gathering up the energy for the frontal blast. Then with a rapid "...h-h-haaa!" he thrust his hands forward, palms stretching towards the bear, and... Nothing. Literally nothing. Nothing came from Sho'Horo's fingertips. No lightning bolts, no fireballs, no steam, no acid. No cues on any special power. By performing his "power move" Sho'Horo had just dragged the bear's attention toward himself. Now the beast was measuring up the new prey that happened to be more meaty and wiggly than the previous one. Oh, how stupid he was, Nick thought in terror. And now he would be stupid and dead. "Well, fuck." - He mumbled out his possibly famous last words. @Raspberry LA@Hurttoto
  7. P.N.See

    Jigane ga deru | The Steel Appears

    Tobruk didn't find what to say. Everything the Emperor was saying was against his nature. The blacksmith wanted to live in harmony with the world, catering one's needs while upholding the balance. The Emperor, on the other hand, wants to overthrow this balance and build his own world of his own choosing. It was obvious those two men inside the forge wouldn't stray from their paths. So where would be the junction where their interest might coincide? As the Emperor continued sharing his vision on the world, Tobruk observed carefully his visitor's movement, his stature, his voice. Definitely, he was a complete opposite of a village elder, which was an epitome of humbleness. Ambition, selfishness, pride - there were some of those traits old teachers used to take out from the minds of young hotheads who were putting their desires above people's well-being. This particular man in Tobruk's mind had raised them to the absolute. Yet what was truly alarming is that the emperor spoke about humans rather aloof, as if he denied his humanity while being "human". That induced a confusion that rendered Tobruk speechless. In his mind there were only two kind of creature: those of his own kind and those who are not. So who was the emperor? Only when Koji's vision crossed with Tobruk's, only then he had found the answer. The emperor gazed back at Tobruk with his clear ruby-colored eyes. His eye pupils weren't round, as one might expect from a mundane human, but rather narrowed and flattened from the sides. They were more like... reptile ones. It could be a mere hallucination, a careless assumption induced by a forge miasma. But Tobruk's mind was clear as ever, so was his vision. He was staring at the eyes of a dragon. A creature with the viciousness of a man and the bloodlust of a beast - that was what stood before the paralyzed blacksmith. ...When you meet with a beast eye to eye, this is where your skills would be put to the test... Tobruk heard a familiar voice - his voice - echoing from the long past where he used to educate young hunters. ...Dragons are quite intelligent. They won't charge at you - they will observe you, measure you, whether you would be a meal or a threat to them. At such time, do not rush. Observe it as well, watch its every step. It makes a move - you make a move. Misstep - and you're done for... --- "...I find myself lacking the most important ingredient...A blacksmith." So, the Beast King needs a sword. Tobruk rarely made any weapon that has the purpose other than hunting: swords back then were used for training or occasional self-defense. But it was too late. The dragon made its move. Time for Magmahide to make his. "And you've found him." - He stood up slowly before the Emperor, overmatching him by height. - "There is a custom that every hunter is granted by a tool that serves as a continuation of his body and mind. Each tool contains the story of its bearer, holds his power and his weaknesses... And what story would your blade tell me, Emperor?" @Twitterpated
  8. P.N.See

    Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Respond to what?
  9. P.N.See

    Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Boom, done. You can unfasten your seatbelts now... - - - But seriously, my deepest apologize for taking so long (and huge) with my replies.
  10. P.N.See

    Valuce: Breaking the Fourth Wall

    "..." Sho'Horo stood, still holding a newcomer's hand (His name was Hurttoto, was it?). Whether the static current from the last attack had affected him or his own psyche had decided to call it quits, yet for a moment Nick had lost the connection with the outside world. Ellie - a calm adolescent woman - was screaming in anger. The dryad - a victim of someone's misunderstanding - was screaming in agony. Everything in Nick's head was screaming in a terrifying cacophony. He felt himself sinking into a surreal nightmare where the only sentient beings among those faceless power-driven monstrosities was himself and the dryad. And now her corpse was lying right before him. Mutilated. Mangled. Blood-soaking. Blood flowing here and there. Blood... Blood... "..ugh. Ugh! CUT THE CRRRRRRRRAPSTERS!" - Sho'Horo suddenly smashed his palm several times into his head and shook it energetically. Surprisingly, an obtuse pain inflicted by those consecutive slaps made the grim vision go away. Only then Sho'Horo noticed he still had Hurttoto's hand in his own. "S-sorry, pal." - He mumbled, barely catching his breath. - "I just... I had to... just gimme a sec..." His mind, trained by dozens of books in common and forum roleplaying in particular, had played a cruel joke on him. Next time, he thought, he should to keep his head cold, whether he was outside the real world or not. Yet his reaction could be understood at some point. Witnessing dead animals in real life is downright disturbing, yet bearable at some extent. But seeing a sentient being - possibly a human one - being obliterated by punches, zaps and live boiling... That was a lot overboard. Before Sho'Horo could regain consciousness, it was already over. Kodiak, the mischief maker, was thanking his saviors, while struggling not to spit out his own lungs - it is unknown what had truly happened, but it seemed Kodi surely had a hard time. Those who had dealt with the dryad were recovering, while Ellie - that profanity-screaming, steam-streaming gal - had taken the initiative. Sho'Horo chuckled reflexively. Yeah, that was definitely looking like a classic fairy tale. A fairy tale that goes horribly wrong and turns into a surreal gorefest. It's all fun and memes unless you're the hero of this "story". "Oh, is that Narnia? In that case - congratulations. You have just fucking toasted one of its inhabitants. Ah, bravo, Figaro, bravo, bravissimo!" - The last sentence he spoke with the pitch going upside down in a sarcastic manner. - "So if we have some sort of superpowers, we are automatically authorized to kill everything that breathes, aren't we?" Deep inside, though, he was kind of jealous of his companions. So far they had a chance to tap into their "gift", while Sho'Horo felt painstakingly normal - with no inspiration or spark or whatsoever. Perhaps he had no powers at all? Still, Ellie continued her organizational speech. "Excuse me?! How about YOU go f-" It was obvious Nick was out of rescue operation, even though he would be eager to help. But Stupid Spectators?! Okay, miss, that was a low blow. Sho'Horo was about to forsake his manners and spit out all the means of profanity he had learned during the net surfing. Yet, being usually calm and polite, he couldn't do it. After all, the excessive profanity wouldn't heal Kodi's wounds. "Ahem... I mean, there shouldn't be any spectators and idlers. I agree, we should help him as soon as possible." - He took a quick glance at the dryad's corpse. - "We've had enough of death for today..." Some people from the group have picked up their roles. While the woman in a dress would take care of Kodi, Ellie and Hurttoto would go further into the forest to seek materials for handling the injured one. Sho'Horo still had to decide what he should do, where he would go. After all this rush his throat became dry and sore, so his mind turned back to thoughts about water. Water... Water... A fresh, sparkling water. Flowing down, carrying away everything it takes into its grasp... Flowing... Washing... Soothing... "Br-r-r-r!" Why does he keep daydreaming about water?! After shaking off another vision, Sho'Horo considered that looking for a decent water supply might be proven useful: without a fresh water it would be nearly impossible to tend to Kodi's wounds without serious consequences. "I guess we could use some water from the river nearby..." - Sho'Horo said. - "If there is any river around. It is obvious walking deep alone is a suicide. So I might need a helping hand. What do you say, Ellie?" @Fennis Ursai@Hurttoto@Abigail666@Raspberry LA
  11. P.N.See

    Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

  12. P.N.See

    Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    So I've got 2 hrs to post. Okay.
  13. P.N.See

    Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Don't mind it, it's just my stupid language barrier. Not sure when I find some spare time to post (Warframe has been eating my time for a week, what the actual heck). But I'm going to find it, just to redeem myself.
  14. P.N.See

    Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Adding up to the previous post: there was a reaction when the second you friggin' snapped.
  15. P.N.See

    Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    @Raspberry LA Sorry for possibly confusing reaction. I never meant to criticize you OOC-wise. Just... this one confused me. It is happened that other me (IC-wise) is falling under third category and is having sense of humor issues. My reaction just reflected that state. I'm sorry if that's bother you OOC-wise.