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  1. Needless to say, it was the first event of such an enormous scale I've ever participated in. And Mother Gaia, it was worth it. Surely, I had so much fun, I've polished my writing skills, I've interacted with many wondrous people here... I roleplayed as a turret. Ain't gonna forget that experience for a long while. It's a bit sad I won't be able to continue Vlad's Yh'mi storyline the way as it is. But still, it was one helluva ride for him and for me.
  2. If you haven't noticed, I've already replied to your initial post. My PGRPG handle is The Th3rd Sergeevich.
  3. Vincent and Jiana were left alone for a while after 007's departure to his team. They had a little time for themselves to assess the situation and have a private conversation before joining the ranks. They started moving at a slow pace. The mage was walking beside ex-first mate with her arms crossed and casting her fiery gaze onto him. She demanded an explanation - a solid one, a reason not to burn him into a crisp. Vincent acknowledged that the sooner he deliver it, the sooner they would just move on. Probably. "Okay, look," he started, "I know what you're thinking. But, in my defense, I didn't know they looked like that either. On the other hand, they have an airship, and that guy could transform, and..." "Vincent," Jiana cut him short, "I'm not mad because you got himself into this venture with complete strangers - who are suspiciously young, by the way - and went out into the ruins of Port City, of all places. I just don't understand, why did you have to drag ME into this?!" "B-because you're a decent spellcaster. And I thought we might find something that might help you and your family." "And that's it? You think my skills would be enough for that little adventure of yours? Haven't you heard the story of those who ventured there yet never return?" "As a matter of fact, I do," Vincent parried, "And I do think there might be something that is heavily guarded and therefore extremely valuable..." "That's know how the things work, Vincent! And besides," the mage pointed at the crew ahead of them, "Just look at them! They may be gifted, but they are just kids. What if the evil that had wrecked our home is still there?" "Oh, here we go again," Vincent groaned, "JIana. Since when did you became so cautious? I've told you, there are NO monsters out there. I checked several times." "How would you know?" Jiana was as hesitant as ever, "Besides, if there are no monsters, so why are people disappearing?! And who guards the treasure then?!" Vincent stumbled. Jiana had just caught him lying. In a desperate attempt to reason with her and calm her down, he had made a contradictory statement regarding whether or not the vile force awaits them in Port City. He tried to correct himself, but they were getting close enough to the airship, so 007's crewmates could hear their conversation. The time for a heart-to-heart was up. "...Nevermind," Vincent sighed, "We'll just come back to this topic next time." "If there would be next time," she replied grimly. Finally, they approached the group and made a short acquaintance with its members. Despite of their age, the kids under 007's command had a decent equipment. While both Jiana and Vincent weren't familiar with the tech they've been using, they assumed that 007 and the company knew how to properly use it. While Vincent was attempting to cut the deal with the kids for a spare gun, Jiana decided to ignore him for a while, get herself together and talk with 007. She was still impressed by the boy's shapeshifting abilities. But right now she was more interested in what they are going to do, now that the "cavalry" has arrived.
  4. Well, there comes one of those posts, I guess. Been here since 2014. Although I'm not much of an active roleplayer (life/study/work complications, also timezones), I found myself comfortable to settle right here to dip my toes into forum RPing. It was (and still is!) a good opportunity to boost up my English, to communicate with others in a verbose way, to express myself. Sure, some of my earliest attempts make me cringe a bit nowadays (many "Did I wrote this?!" moments). But I prefer seeing that as the indication of me just getting more experienced and mature as a roleplay writer. Now, regarding that migration thing. Once I've learned about this, I was shocked and saddened at first. It always hurts when the place you've had so much fun before is no more. I know what it is like. But once I've read the posts of others, I calmed myself. Now I am content that my prior experience wouldn't go without a trace and that I could continue my journey along with my characters. Well, not without some changes, of course. I think this might be the best opportunity to revise my characters from my current perspective, rewrite and/or replace some parts of my personal lore. Heck, maybe I should switch my username! That abbreviation thing was stupid anyway. Now excuse me - I need to dive into the guidelines and see for myself what is Pretty Good site is all about. P.N.See you around.
  5. Oh sorry, did you mean the template for the picture? Just got lost it in translation. Here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/48xyawmjtpdsfnr/cyberpunk_rp_profile.psd?dl=0
  6. Have to come up with it later. It is 2 a.m. @ my timezone and I was going to sleep.
  7. As one very powerful yet responsible urban hero once said, "Let's do this again, one last time." I'm sure you recognize me from the last time you tried to keep this setting up and running two years ago. I don't mind having a second go - my current sessions are on indefinite hiatus right now, and I haven't been practicing with RPing for a while.
  8. After Vincent had screamed at the distant figures with a scroll in his hands, there was a short pause. One of those figures suddenly sprouted a pair of wings, then soared above the adventures and toward them. Vincent instinctively drew his pistol. Jiana spoke a quick preparatory spell, and her palms got engulfed in dancing flames. Meanwhile the figure had gracefully landed before them and spoke to them both with the same high-pitched voice they had heard before. "Thank you for coming. I am Number 007. Back there is my team, Sector O. We're ready to go when you are." Before two adults stood a young boy adorning a pair of enormous black wings. Vincent was genuinely shocked - he had never seen such a grotesque image, not even during Whispernight. Jiana, on the other hand, kept her composure - after all, she had some basic knowledge about other kinds of magic before sinking her teeth into the elemental field. And yet she couldn't help but raise her eyebrows in surprise. "A shapeshifter of such age..." she thought. "And in this part of the continent?" Moments later, the confusion had been worn off, and the newcomers lowered their guard. Jiana shook off her hands, and the flames disappeared. Vincent put back his pistol and approached 007 - truly a strange name for a strange kid. "So..." he started, "I bet you were the one who left this ad, weren't you?" He unrolled the scroll and showed the contents to the shapeshifter. Jiana had never seen the contents of the scroll ex-first mate grabbed from the inn. She had to guess whatever has been written there to easily scramble Vincent's weary mind. Vincent continued: "It's good to finally meet you at last. Although, I imagined you and your pals being... erm..." He stuttered. Older? Taller? Beefier? Jiana sighed. The age of their soon-to-be-partners was beyond poor sailor's comprehension. She had decided to take the initiative before he spits out another embarrassing nonsense. "Pardon my friend. He clearly meant that he expected to see someone fitting to his image of mercenaries. But I can see that is not case." She cast her eyes at Vincent, hinting him at further "discussion" between them before they depart. Vincent gulped: that "discussion" would be anything but friendly and lighthearted. "Anyway," she turned back to 007, "I'm Jiana, and he's Vincent. We were raised in this town, so we know every corner of it... Well, at least those corners I could recognize here. I do hope we could be of some use here."
  9. Jiana and Vincent walked toward the airship, while looking for whatever evil might wait them beneath the abandoned houses. For better or worse, the deserted streets were truly deserted. Not a single animal or bird or any living being had revealed itself to unwanted guests. Jiana, still entangled by fond memories of Port City at its peak, followed her partner in treasure hunt with little to no enthusiasm. Vincent sensed that, yet stayed silent. He knew he wouldn't be able to comfort her properly. Vincent decided to break the silence and at least help her concentrate on the upcoming operation. "It is very quiet around here," he remarked. Jiana raised her head. "Are you sure we are well-suited for this?" "Hey, just look at that thing," ex-first mate pointed at the airship, "Those guys sure are pros." "I'm not talking about them," Jiana objected, "It's about us." "Uh... well..." Vincent pulled out his flintlock pistol, the thing he had been keeping and maintaining since the invasion. He looked at his weapon with a slight hint of pride. Jiana, on the other hand, was not impressed. "Couldn't you find any more decent?" "Come on, it's a nice gun. Very popular among the pirates of Great North. If this does not suit your tastes, I could "borrow" something from our partners." "Now he's thinking like a scavenger..." Jiana thought with a slight regret. "In any other case," Vincent continued, "I would always have you by my side." Young mage rolled her eyes. "Am I supposed to be flattered?" "No! I mean..." he stuttered, "Your sword skills are impressive. Moreover, you could fry anyone with your word chanting or whatever it's called..." Jiana sighed. Obviously, Vincent was overestimating her capabilities as a elemental spell-speaker. After all, regulated training ground and monster-infested ghost town aren't in the same league. "Anyway," she decided to change the topic, "About those partners of yours... What do you know about them?" "Not much," Vincent shrugged, "All I know they claimed to be a team of professional bounty hunters looking for volunteers." "Really? And how did you get in touch with them?" "I just got an ad in the tavern and..." Jiana stopped him short. "Wait. So you're telling me that we are traversing into a forsaken city full of dangers... because of an ad, right?!" Vincent noticed a glare in her eyes - she's getting annoyed. "Perhaps I should've told her this back in Aelindra," he thought. Jiana's focus stone, which acted as a pendant, did not flicker. Yet. It is remarkable how she is able not to burst into flames with the fiery temper of hers. "Perhaps if you see this," he replied, "You wouldn't be so harsh in your judgement." Vincent dived his hand under the jacket and pulled out a scroll, held by a knotted lace. He was going to unwrap it, when suddenly a high pitched voice rumbled across the empty streets like a mid-summer thunder. "Okay, identify yourselves. Friendly or no?" The voice was coming from the airship. "I think they saw us." Vincent pointed at several distant figures gathering around the ship. He raised the scroll, waved it and shouted back: "Hey! Don't shoot! We came for the job! Here's the ad!" As two adventurers came closer, Jiana noted that the figures were... inappropriately short for "professional bounty hunters". "Dwarfs? No, they are too slim... Wait a sec... Are those... Are those kids?!"
  10. "Alright, Jiana. We're almost there." Jiana followed Vincent through the small forest, toward the hill's descent. The ex-first mate was treading carefully, checking his compass after a couple of steps and turn. His companion, on the other hand, wasn't so restrained. As far as she could remember, behind the woods there should be a full view on Port City, from the entrance gates all the way to the harbor. There used to be a spectacular view for anyone coming from the south. Yeah, used to be... She stopped, bemused by her thoughts. Vincent couldn't help but notice it. "What's wrong?", he asked. Jiana averted her gaze, hesitant. "I... I'm not sure if I want to see this." In her memories, Port City was once a lively coastal town, one of jewels of Great North. Even though it wasn't the best coping mechanism, she has been attempting to keep that idyllic image in her mind since her exodus to Aelindra. "It's in the past now." Vincent let out, "We both know we have to get over it." The mage sighed and followed him. They both passed the woods and reached the hill's edge. A cold wind blew in their faces, filled with sea salt and decay. Jiana took a quick glance around and exhaled. Home. The image of a town had disappeared. Before her eyes was now a lifeless husk of Port City. The entrance gates have been destroyed ever since the invasion started. Most of the building were destroyed by fire, ravaged by invaders or just crumbled due to decay. And far from the hill two adventurers were standing, on an abandoned harbor, a giant wave-shaped glacier stood still. Inside that glacier one could see a silhouette of a ship... La Gaviota. This name appeared in minds of Jiana and Vincent simultaneously. Jiana remembered the events of that day, like if they happened not too long ago - up until this point when a massive wave lifted the ship down on people's heads and when Jiana's mother--- "There's their ship!" - Vincent's words disrupted Jiana's thoughts. She lowered her gaze and noticed a small airship hidden within the city walls. "Scavengers..." - she winced. The very concept of someone rummaging in her neighbors' house and even her own house was making her stomach turn. And to think they were about to do the same... "There's a lotta folks gathering stuff from there." Vincent continued, "Some of them are from Port City... just like you. And they are coming down there to retrieve whatever's left in their former household. Perhaps we could dig up something that would help capta-- I mean your father with his fortune." Jiana nodded. She knew how hard it was for her father to accommodate to a harsh new reality. He managed to show himself as a decent carpenter, but his income wasn't enough to provide a lifestyle close to what she had been experiencing in her hometown. By day Jiana helped her father in the workshop, while by night she had been practicing with spells - much to neighbors' dismay. She managed to refine her spell-speaking skills and learned to use all lesser elemental spells without overloading her focus stone. Yet Jiana felt she stagnated and was craving for more knowledge. Unfortunately, The College of the Elementals had been destroyed, and the only viable source of elemental magic would be--- "Jiana? Everything okay?" Vincent once again brought back Jiana into the reality. "Oh, it's nothing. I'm just... getting over it, you know?" She glanced at Vincent. He looked rougher and older - mostly due to his unshaved face - yet his eyes were as clear as a morning sky. He happened to be one of a few crewmen of La Gaviota who hadn't descended into the state of mind that is usually filled with depression, despair and cheap alcohol. "I wonder..." She turned toward the cityscape, "About those monsters... What if they are still here?" "That's unlikely." Vincent replied, "There are mostly wild beasts nowadays, I think. If we don't find anything valuable down there, at least you could freely practice your skills without annoying that old hag next door..." Jiana couldn't help but smirk at Vincent's remark. Ex-first mate noticed a tiny spark in her dark red eyes. Somehow she kept her playful side despite all the hardships she'd endured. "Let's not keep our "partners" waiting, shall we?" Vincent nodded at the hill slide.
  11. Ah. An opportunity to flex my stiff RP muscles. Calling dibs on one seat for Jiana. That could be one hell of a homecoming for her...
  12. …Before pseudo-Vlad could have a taste of his "father"'s flesh, a sudden help from an unarmed paladin came unexpected. The kick was hard enough to knock out the mutant and stun it for a few seconds. But even those few seconds were enough for Vlad. He quickly got up and raised his flamethrower so the tube's end would be pointed at pseudo-Vlad's maw. And without hesitation, true-Vlad pulled the trigger. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The giant insect twitched, wailing under an enormous fire wave. A scent of burnt flesh hit Vlad's nostrils. There was a humane instinct to puke in disgust, yet the engineer somehow suppressed that nauseous feeling. All he cared about was to not letting any of these bug live. The dormant cruelty, once awakened in Tia, had taken hold of Vlad. And it let him go only after there was nothing but embers left from the doppelganger. Vlad let out a deep sigh, looking from above at his twisted "replacement". He whispered: "No witty punchlines for you, you ugly motherf-" Suddenly his attention had been drawn out by the sounds from the room he hadn't noticed before. Inside it, he saw perhaps the most nature-insulting thing in the history of Valucre: a giant amalgamation. The upper half was a humanoid one that looked like a premium version of now-dead insect females - and not just in a sexual sense. The lower half was a meaty dark blob engulfed in tentacles. Something was suggesting… no, speaking in Vlad's mind that this… thing was THE culprit behind all this dimensional hijinks. The insects were either slashed, burnt or something in-between. And the abomination… was the last one in the list. Vlad readjusted the straps of a gas satchel and prepared to push forward, but two other "prisoners" beat him to it. First, a man rushed toward the monster with exceptional speed. Vlad could swear that the light created by flaming corpses became slightly dim. But it was a Shadow Guard who had completely flabbergasted him. Shadowy tendrils arose around her, absorbing a nearby burning corpse. A barely audible murmur, turning into a powerful shout, and then - one swing, and the wall of black fire moved at the abomination, destroying everything at its way. Vlad gulped nervously. And he had balls to boast above her corpse at the Coliseum! An inhuman wail and a short quake indicated that the attack led by those two shadow casters did some damage. Even though, the monster was still intact. Vlad clenched the flamethrower's tube, getting closer to the source of evil. And then Vlad noticed that his vision suddenly became blurry. He blinked a few times, only to saw several transparent figures appear before his eyes. Among them Vlad recognized those people who went through all the realms alongside him and without him. The engineer stood in shock. Was it an astral projection? Were there the souls of his fallen comrades? Was he unable to grasp all these ethereal forms and just hallucinating? Vlad rose his head and- "Outsider's Tits!!!" He let out an old patian cuss word. Something he had never used since his departure. There was a solid reason for a profanity, though - a giant elephant-shaped specter just floated above by using nothing but its ears as wings… Yep. Definitely hallucinating. But then Vlad's gaze fixed onto the largest specter in the middle. It was the same mutant queen he was seeing in the flesh before him. She was in all her ethereal glory - with extra wings and zero tentacles. A tiny assumption burrowed into Vlad's mind. When Vlad looked upon a dark orb formed by one of specters, that assumption found its confirmation. That was THE chance to strike down the queen both physically and spiritually. If there are no parallel dimensions involved, that is. Fidelitas and the Shadow Guard had contributed their inner magic, spawning white and purple orbs respectively. The other one, Ed, seemed to find a way to slip between the realms. Now there was only him, Vlad. A man with no extraordinary powers or bleeding-edge tech. He was a mostly normal man with scarred body yet untainted mind. He had nothing to offer for help on both sides. He hesitated… but not for long. He was compelled by Fidelitas' commanding voice and partially by his own consciousness. An all-out attack would require an effort from everyone. One does not need to be a technician to understand that. Vlad wasn't willing to spend his last seconds condemning himself for cowardice. And thus, he engulfed his right palm into the orb. "I have nothing to offer but my own flesh and blood" - he murmured, - "but if my will is enough to end this madness… you can have it all." The engineer felt the skin on his palm tingling, feeling the touch of magical energy conjured and combined. Having reached the state of tranquility, he channeled his thoughts inside an orb. A small crimson bubble appeared in his palm and joined the upcoming parade of spheres. Vlad watched it fly and steadily grow. While he was concentrated on the ritual, his subconsciousness noted the feeling of the unnatural warmth in his shoulders, which was becoming more and more apparent. It was just like some unknown force was… …hugging him?
  13. Ahem. Pardon me for the interruption. Got tough week at my workplace, had no time to post. I do hope I'll scrap a few hours to contribute at weekend.
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