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  1. Now that's a serious problem. @Thotification Regarding your turn in Group 3. You cannot move to 2A-17B (a square north of @ChaosLord's position) because @notmuch_23 is there already.
  2. Long Way Down's related question. I'm calculating Vlad's escape route despite the situation being *UBAR as expected, and I want to clarify something... @zackrobbman Do I get 1 dmg if I willingly step into square with The Vise's tendrils? @Thotification Are you still around? Cause if your character in Group 3 could move a little bit, that would be greatly appreciated. Also calling out @Fierach for the same thing. I'm aware about @bfc being inactive, don't know about @ChaosLord, though.
  3. ◄◄◄◄◄ [DP] === TURRET "TIM" === [SP] ►►►►► With no hostile entities in fire range, the turret had stayed mostly dormant, completely indifferent to whatever decision the group leader had come with. It might seem as if it turned itself off to preserve his battery and leaving only crucial sensors active to react on possible threat. But as soon as Shadow Guards had lifted the turret above the ground, it beeped intensely with an alarming tone. His positional sensor had gone awry, making it unable to shoot. Normally the turret would send a warning signal to operator so that the latter would lift it back at solid ground. Unfortunately, the operator was far, far away from this area. And so, the turret would continue piercing the air with its loud sounds so unfamiliar to this place's inhabitants... The turret stopped beeping as soon as it took place alongside archers on a platform. At first it aimed at each archer menacingly, trying to compare their visuals with what was stored in its "friend-or-foe" memory. Ten entities... ten potential targets... all of them were greeted with the low-pitched beep - the same beep it had made during the initial verification process. After marking all archers the turret turned itself forward, facing the other side of the bridge and the flock of winged entities. Many winged entities. As the platform (and the quadrupedal creature under it) had started moving, the turret's rangefinder fixated on the closest entity, and the internal system started calculating the approximate time for target to enter the fire range. T minus 3. T minus 2...
  4. Regarding A Long Way Down thread... I am actually waiting for an opening in Group 3's route because otherwise my character would definitely die this round (skeleton+furnace+tentacle hand+furnace again... you get the point). Not blaming anyone in my group, though. As for Acrophobia thread, I shall stay on the plateau, feeding bird girls with lead, because... y'know... beep boop and no wheels to move with...
  5. I RP'd As A Turret Once. Not a sentient one with HAL-esque AI. Just a simple turret that beeps and boops and shoots.
  6. Regarding the late @Tyler's Grunt... You were good, son, real good. Maybe even the best. Godspeed, you magnificent bastard.
  7. Group 3: @Fierach @bfc @notmuch_23 @ChaosLord @Thotification  5A-20B 5/5 [HP] === VLAD NASSAR === [SP] 5/5 The fire spurted upward from the tubes forced the group to lean closer to the wall and crawl toward the exit. There was no time to get oneself busy with the monsters, as the air was becoming far, far away from being any bearable. Vlad had to deal with the zombie himself, whether he liked that or not. And there it was, crawling with its fiery arms stretched toward him, moaning faintly… Vlad raised the gun, trying to shove in another shell. But suddenly he twisted his body and smashed the zombie's head with gun's stock. [SPECIAL - COUNTER-ATTACK!] - Damage negated The manuever worked. The monster stepped back in shock, its disjointed jaw barely holding on its face. This brief pause was more that enough for Vlad to load the shell. *shk* *chk* *groan* "Oh no, you DON'T!" *BOOM!* 0/3 [HP] === BURNING ZOMBIE === [??] ?/? => DEAD Having received a devastating point-blank shot, the zombie crumbled down with no shoulders to hold arms with and no head to growl from. Satisfied with the overall result, Vlad took his time to replenish the ammo and take a short breath (Gaia, it's too hard to breathe!) before rushing through the eastern exit. He took a glance toward it and --- A hand-like crimson tentacle was slowly approaching from the dark, lurking for something. For reasons unknown, Vlad's throat had stiffened, his eyes had popped out, his gun trembled, his heart had skipped more than a beat or two… his entire body had been petrified in primordial dread. 4/5 [HP] === VLAD NASSAR === [SP] 5/5 - lost 1 HP Only a searing pain from behind had helped Vlad to regain his senses. From the funneling flames of the oven, a skeleton was hissing at him. His claws were covered in blood that was already evaporating. It looked kind of feeble (a shot or two should finish it quickly) yet menacing. "Hey!" - Vlad shouted once again. - "Could you *cough**cough**cough* move up a little?! They almost *cough* got me…!" Vlad had less and less hopes that the group members aching for saving their own hides would ever react to his plea. Yet he had almost no time to react: the last set of fire tubes was already erecting under his feet. Should he wait for opening or deal with the skeleton and rush at that hand thing?
  8. Not sure if I'm able to make post as fancy as previous ones with so little spare time... But still, It would be much appreciated if my 3rd group would leave some space for me to move away from the oven, the skeleton and that tentacle thing.
  9. > heres me on vacation > having a good spot to use mobile internet > aight, lets check valucre > checking last nightmare realm posts > ... > excuse me what the f
  10. Quick announcement: I'm going to vacation and will be AFV until the beginning of August.

    Tagging Nightmare Realm GMs ( @jaistlyn @zackrobbman @Veloci-Rapture ) to inform them that I will be unavailable and unable to make my turns.

    Also tagging @-Lilium- and @Thotification - in case if you're still willing to finish off our Outpost Grey thread - one way or another.

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      Have fun on your vacation!! 

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      I hope you take advantage and enjoy yourself...within reason. =D

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      Take it easy matey!

  11. >> Do NOT leave your super-important bag with super-important stuff
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