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  1. Eluvië tilted her head appreciatively into his hand as he petted her, smiling up at him with a twinkle in her eye before her gaze roamed appreciatively over his body. "Routine?" she asked curiously as he walked away, seeming about to leave the room without any clothes. Not that she would have had a problem with that. She squeaked in surprise as he pulled an outfit out of thin air, and hopped lightly off the window to follow him. Her simple shift found its way into her hands on the way out the door, and she wriggled her skinny self into it while already stumbling into the hall. Once they were in the alley, she sat giggling on a barrel for a minute or two, watching his contortions and swinging her heels, and then hopped down and joined in, twisting her body in similar pretzels without any sign of discomfort.
  2. * * * Eluvië woke early the next morning, while the dawn was still no more than a pale grey square of fading stars in the window. For several minutes she lay quite still, curled into the crook of Avvercus's strong arm and listening to his deep, steady breathing. Memories of last night's adventure trickled through her mind, warming her face (and other places). It had been marvellous fun, she decided. What luck that she'd just happened upon such a He hadn't seemed at all bothered by her virginity, which was a relief, and now that was one less thing to bother about. It was the way of the Wyld Fae; she'd seen it often enough, in her young childhood before they abandoned her with the boring, stodgy old Elves. Sex was just another game - and if there were children from it, well, the more the merrier, and they were raised by the whole clan without any real idea who their parents were. Just another way to while away the endless hours gabolling beneath the evening moon. She smiled as she remembered Avvercus howling to the moon. He would surely understand that that was the way of it. Not like the Elves, who mated for life, called it "marriage" and got all kinds of sticky nuisances like love and commitment involved. No, it was surely better without all those things. And yet there was something about the slow creep of cool morning air that threatened the return of her melancholy. Trying not to wake her much larger companion, she extracted her naked self from the bed and went over to sit on the windowsill, gazing down at the early morning street traffic while the light slowly crept across her pale skin.
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  6. Something about the way he looked at her now made her blush, all at once a little shy. She knew (or thought she knew) she was a plain, ugly little thing, bony and awkward as a newlyborn filly. She had no notion at all of her own secret loveliness, the beauty and charm that belongs to lost things and to faerieland. Accepting his gallantly offered jacket with a smile (it draped right down to her toes), she giggled lightly at his words. "Aye, there be nothin' like a new game for brightnin' spirits," she replied cheerily. They had slowed all but to a stop, now, and Eluvië found she quite enjoyed being all wrapped up in her new friend's warm embrace. The breeze had calmed, and they were high enough that even the roar of the surf was little more than a whisper at the edge of hearing. Her sensitive ears tingled and burned as he drew his fingers against their soft edges, and she closed her eyes and leaned into his hands without really thinking about it, chasing the novel sensation as she chased any new source of fun. She shivered a bit beneath his jacket, but it wasn't from the cold. What be this feeling? Excitement? Her skin was a-tremble with it, and her pitty-patty heart thundering in her ears. "It's so quiet up here, now," she whispered. "Quiet as death. Makes me want to howl," she confided. Her eyes opened again to take in what he thought of her saying such nonsense, and the bright green of her merriment was slowly swirling into a rich yellow-gold of pleasure, her eyes dilating to take in the night.
  7. The halfbreed let out a yelp of mingled glee and indignation as he tugged on her ear, and spun about to chase after her new playmate. Gaia, but she hadn't had this much fun since... well, it had been far too long. After all, what good's living without laughing about it? She let out a wild, hoot'n'hollering warcry as she chased him through the spun cream of evening, each featherduster cloud kissing them with wet fingers until they were quite drenched. The fae girl's dress was plastered to her skin where it wasn't whipping in the wind, her hair more wild and bushy with each flip and turn until it was little better than a golden cloud in its own right. She caught up to him at last as they came around a larger cloud, and had mind to pay him out for giving her ear such a tug. She seized his braid again with a grin most wicked and wyld, nearly dragging him about with it as she clung and hung like a spider monkey on a vine and giggled at the face he made. And then she was off again, shooting above his head all unruly with a cry of, "Avvi, Avvi! Look at me!" the game of tag quite forgotten. Instead, she spread her skinny arms to either side, and from them spouted a Seeming of wings. It had been a while since she had spun a glamour, but it was one bit of her birthright still strong in her blood, and as she soared above the clouds and was silhouetted by dark sky and gold sunset, great feathery wings spread over her, white as goosedown. They were broad and far longer than she was tall, and there were not two but six of them all shimmering like starlight, for fae magic is always most beautiful at the time between the times. Two straight out stood still, two more beat a graceful rhythm, and the final pair wrapped around her skinny mismatched body like a cloak. "I be a seraphim!" she crowed, and laughed again to spite the cold.
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  9. Pearl let out a soft, derisive snort at Kitty's words. More quietly, she answered, "You'll never be anything but a slave from now on. Best get used to the notion." As their master entered the room and walked over to her, Pearl stood and bowed to the drunkard. "Good morning, master." She accepted the beautiful dress with a confused expression - why did he have a little girl's dress in his possession? Her mind immediately jumped to all the terrible things that could have happened to the garment's previous owner, and she shivered. In her hands, the fabric was a shimmering, opalescent black. "Thank you very much, master." She eyed him with a sense of cautious optimisim as he turned away and headed to the little kitchenette. "There's coffee made, master. Would you like me to pour you some? I'm afraid there's no milk; I could run and fetch some from the market, if you wish." While she spoke, she slipped into the dress. It fit her almost perfectly, and it was a relief to be dressed in something somewhat alluring again. She was used to being dressed and treated as a pleasure doll, not a person. It was all she knew; all she let herself remember. Enjoying the rustle of soft, loose fabric around her bare legs, she folded up her baggy pants and set them on the shelf with her shirt.
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  11. @Earl of Purple regarding your post just now, Pearl did address Kitty before the Drunken Master came in.
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