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  1. Help me with maps n' stuff, ma'am.

  2. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    Glad to hear we still have players :) I know Psykotika irl so I'll ask her, but I think she's done for now. Too many real life shenanigans taking precedence. *shrug*
  3. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    hiiiii *sheepish look* sorry for the vanishing act
  4. Confession Thread

    I have to be the last one awake at a sleepover Get the last word in a text conversation stay online until I'm absolutely sure everyone else has left Hate the thought of being alone Even for a little while To rest.

    Thanks for the tag, I hadn't realized this ball was rolling. Yeah, I'll jump in.
  6. And Burn it Will

    Khali came forward to meet the stranger, scanning the sands around them as though wary of ambush, and her hand settled on the hilt of her long knife beneath her loosely flowing garb. She did not return the woman's smile, but neither did she scowl. "My home — this land," she replied briefly, and lifted her chin towards the dust storm in the distance. "Your people?" Curiosity got the better of her, and she stepped closer to examine the stranger's giant turtle. She did smile then, a quick and wild thing that showed her teeth. "I like your horse." Their conversation was interrupted by screaming from the tent, echoed by something like a disgruntled roar from her own horse. Taking a few steps back again, Khali whipped her head around and frowned at the tent as the fire-walker-eater emerged. "What you do?" she demanded. "You hurt Hramatta?" In a flash, her knife was in her hand, and though she still carried herself with a limp and smelled as though she were bleeding, she seemed ready to fight at the thought that he might have hurt her horse.
  7. Infiltration (Slaver's Enclave)

    Anger and fear radiated from the slim, black-clad girl in equal measure, and she clenched her fists. She didn't back off as Red approached, but scowled up at her, her slim frame rigid with tension as the older woman stood close enough that Pearl could feel the warmth radiating from her skin. "I'm Pearl," she replied after a long pause that served to underscore her misgivings. "You shouldn't be here. You're going to get us all in trouble. Please, leave before my master wakes up."

    I kinda wanna play some waifus... if anyone has serious plans to bring out the humanity in them :3 I guess the simplest fix would be an operation to remove their suppressant gland? Can the waifus get pregnant? Do they grow/age?
  9. Looking for Partners

    Do you have any character sheets? What kind of things do you like writing about?
  10. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    *cuddles* no worries mate :3
  11. Infiltration (OOC)

    lol not yet
  12. Infiltration (Slaver's Enclave)

    "Okay, uhh! If he wakes up I'll distract him. But let's whisper so he doesn't! Come on, Kitty has to be in one of these other rooms!" "Sasha, come back, we found it." "I think I found her. I'll watch him while you go take a look. Probably better not to surprise her with a strange man waking her up in the middle of the night." The whispered voices were enough to jolt Pearl from her uneasy sleep; unlike her master Jackson, she had had very little to drink, and she had never been one to sleep deeply or long. Not since the night she had been taken. Eyes still closed and laying carefully still, Pearl listened to the whispers and movement for another moment. Asleep in the corner of the darkened room, it seemed she had so far escaped their notice. But that might change if she stirred, and self-preservation (the only inner voice she regarded with any respect) advised she should just let the housebreakers go about their business and be gone. At first she had taken them to be robbers (they weren't nearly coordinated or silent enough to be assassins, and anyway that sort of person generally worked alone), but as her sleepy brain started putting together what she could make out of their words, she realized they were looking for someone - for Kitty, in fact, who had taken to bed with Jackson Junior again. That baffled her, and Pearl did not much like being baffled. Clearly, the new slave had brought trouble of some kind down upon her new family. Some kind of gang involvement perhaps? But she had seemed too green for that kind of connection... someone from her previous life, then. Enemies? Here again she came back to the fact that these people were not behaving at all like proper assassins. Friends? Friends from...outside the Enclave? Pearl couldn't help but open her eyes at last, that thought disturbing her more than any other. If someone was trying to escape with Kitty, they'd all be hung or worse (probably worse), and might well bring down Pearl with them. She sat up, and then stood, scowling at the intruders. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" she demanded in a hissing whisper as she took the measure of the newcomers. "You shouldn't be here!"
  13. Infiltration (OOC)

    I shall!