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  2. Song Sprite Robbie Rotten Kingofgames12 @ODSTDRAGON Trigger2Red Anon Psykotika Sheep
  3. Yes we are all walking, unless any of you have steeds that can get through pathless woods. The ponies are for carrying supplies, not for riding.
  4. Song Sprite Robbie Rotten @Kingofgames12 OdstDragon Trigger2Red Anon Psykotika Sheep
  5. Everyone is travelling together through the forest; the ponies and their burdens are for sharing. Once we get within, say, a day's travel of Kenra lands, we can split up into smaller groups with missions if people want to and if it seems feasible at the time. For now everyone needs to travel together because shy little Breta is the only one who knows the way through the woods. A lot of the trip will not be following a marked path.
  6. (co-written by @Avvercus - your go, mate) Eluvië sat up as he joined her, straddling the beam in most unladylike fashion with her bare, long-toed feet hooked upon each other below it and her spindly hands resting on the rough surface. “Not a bit,” she drawled, her eyes bright with amusement at his levitation. “That be a neat trick -- not wind magic, is it?” Resettling her weight with feline, inhuman grace, she offered him her hand for shaking. “Name’s Eluvië, by the by. Folks call me Elië.” The swordmage leaned against a vertical wooden beam to his left and took the girl’s hand, giving it a firm shake. “A pleasure. I go by Avvercus. Use whatever nicknames you want,” he replied with a small smile. “It was nothing more than magical telekinesis. I’d ask how you got up here yourself, but you seem rather...dexterous. Forgive my curiosity but, are you an elf of some kind?” he asked, cocking his head to one side while grabbing his long braid, which currently dangled rather low past the beam they sat on, and wrapped it around his neck a few times like a scarf. “Avvercus,” she repeated, getting a feel for the name. “Whatever nicknames I want?” She giggled. “That be a dangerous liberty. I’ll havta be thinkin’ of a fine one. Telekinesis, eh… nice trick. Aye, me’n me fingers’n me toes can get nigh anywhere. I am indeedily some kinda elf, though not a proper 'n,” she explained as she curiously watched him wind his braid around his neck. The look in her eyes wasn't unlike a cat looking at string, but she kept her paws to herself for the moment. Instead, she corralled two large handles of her own floofy blond hair and started idly twisting it into a haphazard series of braids. “Halfbreed,” she explained further. “Other half be Wyld Fae.” She puffed her meager chest out a bit as she said it. “You live here?” she asked then. “Last Chance?” The mage pulled a knee up to his chest and turned to face the fae, leaning back against the beam behind him while one leg dangled. Her physiology was interesting, and he had to admit he'd never met a fae/elf mix before. Curiosity took root, especially with her accent. It was one he'd never heard on this planet before and wondered what mix of languages produced it. “I'm just a traveler, but I have a feeling I'm going to be staying in this city for a while. If you'd like, I can braid that for you,” he offered, studying her hair. It was very pretty, and pleasant to the touch he assumed. “Do me hair?” she asked, surprised at the offer from someone she had just met. “Eh, I spose. Fair warning though, it be passing unruly.” She shrugged and scooched closer, swinging her other leg over the bar so that she presented her side to him, and could still see him a bit. “I be a trav’ler too,” she confided as he began, and her glance travelled down to her mistress. “Though I haven’t ben many places, yet. Though more’n most, I s’pose,” she added thoughtfully. “Where be ye from? Do ye have a home out there in the yonder?” Her long-fingered hand waved towards a nearby window. Avvercus’ hands weaved through the girl’s fluffy hair, pulling on it gently and working on making sure there were no knots. “I come from another world, a nice planet called Vulaer. It’s a bit dangerous with all the monsters, but the people there can be even scarier,” he answered, smiling slightly as he began to thread her golden locks into a braid very much like his own. His fingers brushed against her ears and neck as he finished up, completing the braid before withdrawing his hands. “Your hair is lovely. Your way of speaking too. Is there anywhere specific you’d like to go, or something you want to see one day?” - "Ehh, a world-leaper," the little halfbreed marvelled, suitably impressed. She had heard of such creatures, but as far as she knew, hadn't met one personally before. Her huge eyes narrowed with delight as he worked her hair back far more gently than her fellow handmaidens had ever bothered to, and something about the way his warm hands brushed against her ears and neck sent a pleasantly toe-curling tingle through her. Not unlike when Gabi had bit - No, no, don't think on that, she scolded herself mildly as a faint blush warmed her cheeks. You promised, silly. "Thank'ee," she purred at his compliments, finding she half-believed them even though she knew for a fact that her way of speaking was a garbled mess and her hair was as wild and contrary as she was. She shrugged her narrow, bare shoulders at his question. "Nah, just as what comes," she dismissed, though for a moment her thoughts strayed not ahead but back, back to the Mound, to the Wyld Fae and their secret paths from which she had been cast out. "I go's where the winds take me. Or where she does, for the momn't." She nodded down towards Gabriela, and for the first time in a few minutes, paid mind to the conversation taking place below. What she heard quite literally stole the breath from her wee chest. A baby! A bairn for m'lady! But... that would mean it's his... She felt a flash of emotions, quite too many to count or name. Realizing she was gaping like a loon, she snapped her mouth shut. Her mind scrambled unsuccessfully to return to some kind of ordered rational state. How long has she known? Is that why she fled? Why didn't she tell me? Oh come now Elië, she scolded herself for that turn of thought, you're naught to her but a loyal servant; why would she? When has she ever confided in you? Her thoughts turned next to Raspberry, with a bit of an ache in her chest. She could already guess that the childlike vampyre who had once been her charge would not take kindly to the thought of a true babe being born to the creature she had longed to see as a mama. Oh my wildberry... Perhaps I never should have left thee. Who is left to love thee now? And m'lady can't have need of me... she finds friends wherever she goes. The half-elf let out a sigh that was much louder than she had intended, though still beneath the general hubub of the room. She felt all bad and sour now, and knew it was her own fault for eavesdropping, though Gabriela must surely have been aware of her perching up there. The same restlessness that had prompted her to scale the beam on which she sat stirred again, and she stood herself up and scampered away across it, vaulting lightly over Avvercus with two fingers resting on his shoulder as she passed him by. There was a window set into the roof to let in light (and let out the smog that tended to gather thickly in such taverns), already propped open. With a glance back over her shoulder that invited Avvercus to follow if he had a mind, she hopped up through it, long legs swinging behind her as she escaped out into the fresh air of the early evening. Not content even there, she scampered the rest of the way up the roof to its very peak, and leaned against the warm bricks of the chimney as she looked out over the city, arms crossed and resting on the chimneytop, and one pale cheek upon that. Another great sigh escaped her, and she closed her eyes as her spirit ran further, up into the clouds to chase the vagrant moon on its secret errands with the sun. Ever since she had been a child, she had had episodes like this -a longing for she knew not what, but so intense she felt torn and hurt in her spirit from it. When she had been a child in Orolindaria she had climbed up into the forest canopy and run through it like a monkey, run and run through the ancient endless heart of the forest until she couldn't feel her hands and feet and the branches tricked her tired eyes with their distance and girth. And then she would fall, and cry, and hate it because Wyld Fae don't fall, and they certainly don't cry. There was no endless forest here. Just the one roof, and the one chimneytop, and the one lonely girl. I want to go home. But there was no such place. There never was, for someone like her. I want to go home.
  7. Song Sprite @Robbie Rotten Kingofgames12 OdstDragon Trigger2Red Anon Psykotika Sheep
  8. Ameli cleared her throat. " Anyway even if we don't dig dirt up on them what will we use at the negoataion table? The only thing we have to work with is that they'll have a nation's thanks. That isn't to much if they don't want to work from the goodness of their heart. So what are we allowed to offer if they want something back? Also what if it isn't even the people, but something else nearby causing this? " June turned again as though to exit, before pausing and asking, in a serious tone, "One question, Your Majesty. You've... authorized us to do a lot. But... what would y-you have us do... if events play out such that there is no reachable solution?" "So," Phil tilted his head to the side, allowing the light to catch his face at a good angle to accentuate his most attractive angles, "everyone's going and everyone wants first crack at infiltrating this mystery city none of us have seen, or know really anything about. Sounds like a plan. The bard has a point, however. We should probably have a contingency plan for the worst case scenario." He turned to the queen and raised a questioning brow. The queen inclined her head in answer to the questions that had been posed, and answered them steadily. "As we have said, you may offer them anything we might be able to provide: wealth, friendship, protection...any terms they might ask, save for our lives, our freedom, or our city. If you are unable to resolve this problem..." she trailed off and shook her head. "We cannot impose a rule over you for in that case. Far too much is unknowable. We can only implore you to act according to your conscience, and with bravery and honour." She looked at each member of the party in turn as she spoke, her voice grave. "We are truly sorry that we cannot give you any more guidance or guarantee of your path." Rob shot a furtive glance at Breta to see if Phil's silver tongue had successfully caught her attention, as it had unintentionally snared many before. But Breta wasn't, in fact, looking at Phil at all; she had pulled her gaze up from the table to study Rob again while he was busy observing his brother and the queen, and for a moment, their eyes met. Then she was looking down at her hands again, and her warm blush stretched all the way up to her ears. She listened with her head down as the Kenra woman began to speak again. "Let us first understand them, and I do not think there is anyone other than I here, that can truly understand them. Here is what I suggest: Those of us who can remain undetected at all times, infiltrate. Once we do, we observe, observe someone who is important, a female who holds somewhat of a high place in the Kenrish society, -- not too high though just to be careful. We observe how she moves, how she talks, how she breathes, once we know all that she knows, we replace her…. With me of course. I then, will continue to understand what has caused the Kenra to take such a drastic step. Once I have, we will use whatever we have to change their hearts, for we cannot wish for long lasting peace if we don’t change their hearts. The Thessli will be of use, more than anyone in the room, myself included,” she concluded. With that she grabbed Breta’s hand and began to move outward. Breta was surprised at being singled out for a second time in so many minutes, but she held her peace, and came along willingly enough with the rather forceful-natured Kenra. They followed the bard out the door, and the rest of the party soon followed, some more quickly than others as various aspects of the plan were discussed in quieter tones. As they left the building, the party was equipped with five ponies, loaded with provisions for their journey. The beasts were small, but strong and nimble of foot, and well used to picking a way through trackless woods. They were, in fact, bred and trained for use by the Thessli, and, having a love of animals, Breta knew them each by name, and greeted each one with a kiss on its soft nose, and a few murmured words of Elvish. She seemed instantly calmer in the presence of the animals than while attempting to interact with her fellow humanoids, and as they walked she chose a path that left the steeds between her and the rest of the group, one brown-coated mare brushing shoulders contentedly with her as they walked together. Many Elves watched them as they made their way through the city towards its outskirts, and some raised a hand in blessing as they passed, but none attempted to halt or delay their progress, and soon it was possible to see by the brightening light ahead that they were leaving the densely-canopied hill of the city, and taking one of the paths that skirted downwards into the forest proper. It was not yet midday, and they would have nearly a week of travel through the forests before they reached the territory guarded by the Kenra.
  9. gomenasai, last couple days have been hectic. I have writing time reserved for tonight!
  10. Will try to post before end of day!
  11. "Yeah, of... Of course." Esma shifted and placed a hand on each of Lorial's wrists, and with a small effort of will, the blood-bound restraints snapped open. "There," she murmured, fully awake now, pressing her soft lips to each of the half-nymph's wrists in turn. "There. You're free." She smiled up at her dark angel again, an aching sense of truthfulness in the words. "Lorial... I'm so proud of you, love."
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  13. Welcome back Anon! Updated posting order: Song Sprite Robbie Rotten Kingofgames12 OdstDragon Trigger2Red Anon @Psykotika sheep