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  1. MWow, she was good, no, better than good, she was better than better than good. Alas, Jared had very low expectations, and wasn't fine tuned to the musical world either, so it was a good thing Leon showed up. As small a noise as Leon had made, Jared had heard it, although he had no idea how, just another oddball "gift" from dad, like that man hadn't screwed his life up already. They waited till the song ended, and personally he clapped. "That was good! But I have no idea how good, yet it is a good thing Leon is here. Whaddaya say, is she good enough for the Spoons? I'm not sure if you were here for her acting, but my vote's a yes." He smiled at the girl, then a concerned look came across his face, " Hey... i never caught your name now did I?"
  2. As his soon to be team gathered around the front gate, he smiled, shook the first man's hand, Som Basil, and heartily laughed. "Nice to meet y'all! The name's Jagger McFaun, and y'all must be the other blokes here to do whatever it is we doin' here." His voice sounded like that of a noble, broad, deep, and open, but his diction was that of a hick. "Hmm, Som Basil, a rock demon, this city slicker here Beles Hyde, and Alpha Bladestorm. I reckon we gon' have a good lil' adventure up in here." He mused. Strutting around, analyzing each member he at least attempted a handshake. Stopping only to stare at Beles for a good minute, he never really interacted with city slickers before, but this man was an exception. " You sure you can handle yerself out there?" He asked him.
  3. We are currently in the process of wrapping up this thread
  4. Jared sat and watched the girl as she delivered the line quite impressively as cheesy as it was. The girl stood there clutching the booklet. He stared at her for a good 3 and a half minutes. Not ogling or anything, but an analytical gaze just to make her feel generally awkward before he broke into a smile, "I like you already. Okay... sing a song and I'm quite sure you are a fine addition to the Silver Spoons."
  5. Dash walked in, and Jared waved a hand in greeting. Going back to the girl, he replied, "Well, it looks like you have an option to sing and act right now." Jared told her as he ushered her to the empty stage. There was a spot in the middle marked with a large X in tape. "The troupe is out today, off getting rest before the show, so the stage will be free for about the next 12 hours. Anyway," Jared rooted through a file folder off the side of the stage until he pulled out an audition booklet "Do you need music or can you sing acapella?" He handed her the two page stapled audition booklet, someone had written their name, but all that could be read was some girl named Holly ;) who probably didn't do her audition well. "Read from the second page, as Audrey please." He said as he sat down in the front row. The line read as this: Oh no. It's just a day dream of mine. A little development I dream of. Just off the interstate. Not like Levittown. Just a street in a little suburb. Far, far away from urban Skid Row. The sweetest, greenest place, where everybody has the same little lawn out front and the same little flagstone patio out back. And all the houses are so neat and pretty, 'cause they all look just alike. Oh, I dream about it all the time. Just me. And the toaster. And a sweet little guy. Like Seymour...
  6. After his burger and fries, Jared wandered his way for an hour until he reached their hangout spot, where he hung out reading a few newer scripts for a couple plays they might do. This was all interrupted by the door opening, and a new face looking bewildered as she stood in the doorway. "Are you here for something specific miss?" He asked, his lean figure moving to stand up. Jared set down his scripts and walked toward the girl, thrusting his hand out for a handshake. "My name is Jared, Wally is out on business at the moment, but is there anything i can do to help you?"
  7. Oh no no no, im pretty sure you shpuld ride it out with us, just think of it as a prolonged intro into the spoons
  8. A slightly off tune, but happy nonetheless filled the air as a large young man entered the gates of Inn'sth. The world around him seemed to try and devour the sound as fast as it could exit his mouth. When he arrived at the entrance into the wilds of Yh'mi, he lit a cigarette and leaned outward quite surprised at what he saw. "Well I'll be... that there sure looks like a party to me." Jagger gave a hearty laugh. He patted his sword and turned around, leaned back and looked around, slightly discouraged at his surroundings. It was dark and cold, wet as well, but one couldn't worry while adventure was underfoot! Jagger McFaun was not a patient fellow, and you could tell by the way he waited, ill content to sit still until his company arrived.
  9. I shall take #56 and #262 from the 2015 Male folder, thank you!
  10. I'm sure we can accomodate you, although we will have to decide as a group whether to defend or steal
  11. Well, what a wonderful way to learn your way around the site, and around the quest system, a little T1, and roleplay in general! How about it? It will be worth your while!
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