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  1. I don't know... I just don't know... I am afraid that this might be it for me, I'm not improving, I'm the same shitty writer as I was half a year ago, and I'm afraid I'll never get better... I must clear my head, this might be the last thing I write, but I'll just have to rest, let a rested mind decide wether it is time to depart or not...

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    2. Dr. Crazyeyes

      Dr. Crazyeyes

      Of course, but, people in the physical world, I barely ever actually come into contact with friendly people, that's why I spend so much time here on the internet I guess...

    3. Kingofgames12


      They sat there's some one for everyone, and that applies to friends as well. I'm not to good at words, but this quote below is perfect advise for this situation.


    4. Sir Nathaniel

      Sir Nathaniel

      All will be well, my friend. I realize things may seem bad now, but at least on the Internet - we can be our true selves. We have anonymity - so no one will judge you.

      Inspirational speech time!

      I know, I wax philosophical a lot, especially about hope, compassion, determination, love, generosity, kindness, friendship - all those things that are part of the better aspects of Humanity. But that doesn't mean my words don't have some measure of truth to them.

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