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  1. Am I broken? Yes... But I have accepted who I am, and have come to terms with my issues... Does this mean my wounds are mended? Of course not. But what is the point in worrying? The universe is vast, and we are so depressingly small and short-lived. Spending our lives worrying about the opinions of others is foolish, for we must be grateful even for those few years in such pure beauty...

    1. Jay is Back

      Jay is Back

      Are you sure you are a Doc, Doc? 'Cause I am pretty sure you are a true poet man.

    2. Sir Nathaniel

      Sir Nathaniel

      The fact you accept your flaws is the first step to overcoming them. I won't lie. It's a long, hard road to recovery, but it IS worth it. I guarantee, that feeling of happiness and fulfillment that you get after facing down and relieving each of your problems one at a time - nothing really beats it.

      And while I'm at it, you are right - life isn't defined by the thoughts and opinions of others. Be comfortable with who you are. Don't let others' whims and cons...

    3. Dr. Crazyeyes

      Dr. Crazyeyes

      This is true... You are right, Sir. And you are right as well, I never was much of a doctor... But I am quite a horrible poet as well. Either way, philosophy, phyiscs, and poetry are my cup of tea.

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